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ADVICE OF A RABBIT Early one morning I asked a rabbit, Is recycling good? Should I make it a habit?

Of course, he cried, start recycling NOW! What ill it do for me? I asked, and ho ? !e said, "educe, reuse, recycle soon! #he trash dum$%s becoming as big as the moon! &uy good and dandy recyclable things, No more dis$osable dia$ers and $lastic rings' If $eo$le recycle, they ill feel glad' #he earth ill be $retty and I on%t be sad' I%ll recycle no , I $romised gaily' If it%s really that good, I%ll recycle daily! (ennifer !eine)*rade + Orange ,-enue School, .ranford

LETS RECYCLE #his is the ay e $rotect the Earth each day &y recycling $roducts in so many ays &y collecting bottles, $a$ers, and cans /ou can sa-e the Earth and lend a hel$ing hand /ou can donate your com$uter, radio, or t'-' #his ill cut the amount of aste that there ill be When you buy recycled $roducts you sho that you care /ou conser-e and sa-e money for all to share #his is the ay e do our $art you see It ill kee$ the Earth as clean as can be Shannon 0ero$at)*rade + St'.atharine School, S$ring 1ake

RECYCLING "ecycle glass, recycle cans 2on%t thro out your $ots and $ans Sa-e our $lanet, sa-e our trees Sa-e our ater, on%t you $lease? When the ne s is read and you go to bed &undle and tie the $a$er instead 3aga4ines are really cool "ecycle them too, don%t be a fool When dad changes the oil in his car We bring it to the recycling center, It%s not too far One day soon e all might find We can lea-e our trash behind &ut till that day for hat it%s orth We can all ork together and sa-e our earth 5ictoria 2e1ena)*rade + St' 0eter School, 0t' 0leasant &each

RECYCLING "ecycling is the thing to do, "ecycled things can make something ne ' We need to recycle our $a$ers and cans, When recycle e%re sa-ing the land' We need to recycle e-ery$lace, When e don%t it is a disgrace' We all can hel$ at school and at home, So let%s all recycle to kee$ Ne (ersey clean to roam' One $erson%s 6unk is another $erson%s treasure, When you go to the landfill you%ll find tons to measure' Ne (ersey is home to me, So let%s kee$ it clean for all to see !annah Seasock)*rade 7 !oly Sa-iour "egional School, Westmont

RECYCLE TO SAVE THE EARTH We must recycle to sa-e the earth, 2o the best you can for hat it%s orth' Sa-e your bottles and your cans, *i-e Earth a hel$ing hand' #ie your ne s$a$ers in a $ile, /ou ill see it on the ne sstand again after a hile' 1ook for the recycling symbol on each $roduct, ,nd you ill be using $ro$er conduct' When you ha-e garbage to thro a ay 0ut it in the right container before recycling day' 3y recycling bucket is full as I s$eak, #he recycling truck ill $ick u$ at the end of the eek' So $re$are yourself to do your best, Sa-e the earth for you and the rest' 2aniel .hedid)*rade 7 St' ,ugustine of .anterbury School, 8endall 0ark

RECYCLING When you recycle you sa-e our trees, It $reser-es habitats for our birds and bees' We recycle to use things o-er again, So our natural resources ill ne-er end' When buying to $rotect the Earth, be sly like e fo9, &uy things bigger instead of in one small bo9' &e careful before you thro electronics a ay, 0eo$le can reuse them almost e-eryday' 0lease remember to recycle $a$er, $lastic, and glass, &ecause some $eo$le forget and $ut our en-ironment last' &atteries, cell $hones, com$uters, s$orts stuff, and .hristmas trees too, ,ll can be donated, reused, and recycled at a center near you' Nicole Sandoli)*rade : St' #homas the ,$ostle School, Old &ridge

I AM A PIECE OF PAPER I am a $iece of $a$er, I ha-e been $rocessed from a tree, I can be used again, If you recycle me' I can be a ne s$a$er, If you $ut me in that blue bin, I can be a $iece of cardboard, If you $ut me in a bucket ith bright yello skin' If you recycle me, I can be changed to something ne , Instead of being dum$ed in the trash, ,nd becoming useless goo' E-eryone can make a difference, E-an a small kid, So $lease recycle me, /ou%ll be ha$$y that you did! Nick 0erkons)*rade : St' ,ugustine of .anterbury School, 8endall 0ark

What Did I Do Wrong

by 2arren "eick

#o Whom It 3ay .oncern; <I ho$e this on=t be returned> We ha-e kno n each other for thousands of years' No I come to you eyes filled ith tears Stinging from colors you $ut in my sky .logging my lungs as they come to lie' .ausing tem$erature changes, first cold then hot by clear)cutting my trees? here=s the ne9t s$ot? #his is getting me di44y, no I=m starting to feel faint, 2rinking from ri-ers @ lakes, hich chemicals taint' Aor so many years I thought e got along' What ha$$ened? What did I do rong? 0lease, 0lease get this on time /our $recious resources are my -ital signs'