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Random Fantasy Adventure Generator

By Gareth-Michael Skarka Introduction

This generator is intended as a tool that gives a Game Master the bare outline of an adventure. A quick series of die rolls will give you the basic theme of an adventure, which can then by be tailored for your specific campaign style. For example, a campaign centered in the High Fantasy tradition will have very specific needs, and differ greatly from a swords-and-sorcery campaign which is run with Conan as its primary inspiration.

Learning from Screenwriting

The basic format for the random adventure seed is the dramatic core taken from screenwriting: all plots can be boiled down the following sentence: The main characters must [DO SOMETHING], but have to contend with [COMPLICATIONS] while being confronted by [OPPOSITION]. This is the basic structure of any story, whether it is filmed, written, presented in a comic book, or roleplayed. The variables change, providing a wide array of possibilities. For this Adventure Seed Generator, however, well expand that basic structure even further, allowing for a wider variation. So, the basic dramatic structure of our RPG adventures will read more like this: The main characters must [DO] [SOMETHING], at [LOCATION], but have to contend with [COMPLICATIONS] while being confronted by [OPPOSITION].

The main difference between the standard format and the one presented above is that the location of the adventure has been added as a variable, and, more importantly, [DO SOMETHING] has been split into [DO] [SOMETHING]. Lets explain that a little bit further. The do something is the focus of the adventure -- its what drives the action. Making it a single category under this system will only result in 64 possibilities (by cross referencing two d8 rolls). However, after splitting the do (the verb) and the something (the subject) into two categories, that means that each have 64 possibilities, and can combine for a total of 4096 different results. For example, take these: Rescue the Princess, Find the Treasure, and Defeat the Demon. Under this new system, these three focii can be split, giving you those same results, but also additional ones such as Find the Princess, Rescue the Demon etc. This can, admittedly, lead to some odd results, such as Rescue the Demon....but fantasy stories are filled with strange stories and bizarre plots. As a GM, that phrase, which on its surface seems odd, begins to generate all sorts of ideas for me. Why would the PCs have to rescue a demon? Who would they be rescusing it from? Is the demon truly evil? What of his captors?

How to Use this Generator

This type of system provides the Game Master with a framework...a springboard for the development of the Game Masters own ideas. The adventure concepts generated by this system will still need to be fully fleshed out, populated with statted NPCs, etc...but this system will give you a starting point from which to work. To use the Random Adventure Seed Generator, the Game Master rolls two eight-sided dice, and cross-referencing the results on each of 5 category tables: Do, Something, Location, Complications and Opposition. As stated before, Do provides you with the verb, Something provides you with the subject. Together, they form the focus of the adventure. Location gives you where the adventure takes place, Complications are those things that arise during the adventure to hinder the player-characters progress, and Opposition is the force or individual that is actively going against the PCs efforts. Each category has 64 possibilities, so this system allows for 1,073,741,824 different combinations...more than enough to give any fantasy campaign ideas to last for its entire run.

Assist Discover Avenge Quest For Travel with Track Obliterate Reveal Beset Shield Contend with Infiltrate Encounter Oppose Speak with Observe Aid Assault Get Past Fight Deliver Defeat Investigate Support Escort Rescue Meet Resist Repel Destroy Protect Fight Kill Liberate Foil Guard Explore Journey to/with Protect Attack Serve Defend Take Find Retrieve Race Negotiate with Join Steal Escape From Create Safeguard Battle Trap Locate Save







2 3 4 5 6 7 8



Magical Event Organization Enemy Gem or Jewel Ally Village Giant Warlord Secret Merchant Demon Barbarian Warrior Stranger Woman Item Treasure Wizard

Magic Artifact Noble Man God

Dragon Kingdom Dungeon Army

Monster Guards Humanoid Child Weapon Castle

Government Abberation Love Interest Outsider New Race



Magical Beast Undead Villain Rogue




Secret Rival Peasants

Construct Priest Oracle

Creature Ruler Map


Sorcerer Magic Item Monster

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


Humanoid Prophecy


Juntle Castle Distant Kingdom Village Keep Hamlet Trade Route The South Dungeon The West Manor Woods Hills Fane Town Catacombs Port Cave Border Temple Tavern Evil Land Subterranean City Outlands Forest Palace Wizards Tower City Cavern Monsters Lair Swamp Guild Hall Sepulcher Across the sea The East Villains Lair Desert Ocean Dungeon Plains Battlefield Frontier Wasteland Fortress City

Underground Nearby Kingdom Stronghold


The North

Another Plane


Tomb Dungeon Lost City Sky Vault

2 3 4 5 6
Ship Secret Location Foreign Land





Betrayal Squabbling Race Power Struggle Battle Attention Getting Lost Legal Trouble Weather Exploration Red Herring Lack of trust Enemy Monsters Distractions Rivalry Trap Abduction

Royal influence Barriers Theft Criminals Misdirection Military influence

Magical Event War Mystery Superstition Bureaucracy God(s)

Trickery Diplomacy Vendetta Drugs Insanity Invasion

Relgion Ambush Fear Construct Enemies Money



1 2 3 4 5 6

Magic Mistaken Identity Language


Politics Travel problem Side-tracked Equipment failure Disaster Desperation


Guild Influence Love Interest

Interested Parties Puzzles

Recurring NPC Double-Cross

Differing PC motivations Riddles


Barbarian Villain Wizard Watchmen Thief Enemy Magical Beast Artifact Puzzle Adventurer Enemy Champion Nation Hazardous Environment Monster Lunatic Recurring NPC Magic-User Demon/Devil Merchant Military Veteran None Giants Invader Gods Humanoid Immortal Warrior Humanoid Warlord Undead Criminals Dragon Outsider Assassin Gang Mercenary Spy Sorcerer Construct Guild Monster Abberation Outlaw Traitor Cult Time Roll Twice

Enemy Shadowy Figure Stranger Priest War Conspiracy Mastermind

2 3

Government official



Former Ally



6 7 8




Grabbing a couple 8-sided dice, I come up with the following results using the Random Fantasy Adventure Generator: My first set of rolls: 1-4, 1-3, 2-6, 7-2, 6-1 This gives me the following result: The main characters must [RETRIEVE] [A TREASURE], at [A DUNGEON], but have to contend with [GETTING LOST] while being confronted by [A DRAGON]. Pretty straightforward fantasy adventure there -- the standard dungeon-crawl for treasure, with the added problems of the party getting lost, and the main opposition of the dungeon being a Dragon. Lets see if we can come up with something a bit more unusual. Our next set of rolls: 5-4, 8-8, 1-6, 3-4, 8-4. This gives me the following result: The main characters must [DEFEAT] [A PROPHECY], at [A FORTRESS], but have to contend with [POLITICS] while being confronted by [AN ARTIFACT]. Thats definitely more unusual! Giving some thought to the result, I come up with the following idea for an adventure:

The PCs are hired to bring supplies to a Fortress on the frontier. When they arrive, they discover that the garrison posted at the fortress is preparing to abandon their post. They have received word of a Barbarian horde approaching, and that the Barbarian warlord is armed with an Artifact -- the Lance of Alatyr. There is a prophecy that the wielder of the lance shall become the ruler of the world, and as such, the soldiers are afraid to stand against the horde. The PCs must figure out a way to convince the soldiers to remain at their posts, and to defeat not only the oncoming barbarians, but their artifact-wielding warlord as well. One last set of rolls: 2-8, 4-7, 1-5, 8-3, 1-1 This gives me the following result: The main characters must [ESCAPE FROM [A CASTLE], at [A WASTELAND, but have to contend with [LACK OF TRUST] while being confronted by [GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL]. This is a good alternative to the PCs meet in a tavern method of kicking off a campaign: The PCs are captives at a prison on the middle of a wasteland, where the Kingdom puts Enemies of the State. They must overcome their distrust of their fellow prisoners and figure out a way to escape, all the while contending with the Governor of the Prison. So there you have it. Grab some dice and start rolling!

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