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UNIT 9 MUSIC EXERCISE 1 Answer the following questions about the interview.

1) What does Jeff mention about music? (1st speaker) A. ituations when he listens !. "is favorite band #. $usic he does not like %) What does hibika love to listen to? (%nd speaker) A. &ap and "ip'hop !. (nglish podcasts #. )ndian music *) What is +red,s favorite music? (*rd speaker) A. !lues !. Ja-#. +olk .) What does /upe have? (.th speaker) A. +avorite genres !. +avorite singers #. +avorite songs 0) What does &ebecca prefer? (0th speaker) A. /ive music !. /ocal radio #. #lassic rock 1) What does winki like to listen to? (1th speaker) A. 2he sounds of weather !. 2he sounds of whales #. 3nl4 &5! and hip'hopes Jeff mention about music?
Jeff, Canada What kind of music do I listen to? I listen to all kinds of music, every genre of music I have and the type of music I listen to depends on the type of mood I'm in, so if it's night time and I want to relax, I listen to classical. If I'm doing work, I want to listen to something mellow or if I'm exercising, I listen to something more upbeat so I love all kinds of music and it just depends on my mood. Shibika, India I like listening to Indian music in fact, all kinds of Indian music, and I like listening to nglish music as well but I don't prefer to listen to rap. Fred, Canada !y favorite music would have to be "a##. I love "a## from the bottom of my heart. I think it's music that's suits me. It really brings out so many great emotions in me. It's also a way for me to relax and just enjoy my time and I just really love it. It makes me feel good.

Lupe, United States / Mexico I'm a music lover so when people ask me what my favorite type of music is I really never have a straight answer. I love to listen to all types of music and I love listening to $panish music, nglish !usic. I have favorite singers, not necessarily a favorite genre. I really listen to whatever I'm in the mood for. If I'm going out I love fast music so that I can dance. If I just want to relax, I'll listen maybe to a little bit of ja##, blues, or just lounging music. Rebecca. Austra ia What kind of music do I like? %he music the I like best is the bands that play live in the pubs. &enerally, they are really good to go and watch. We have a lot of bands come through my town where I live. &enerally every $aturday night we go to a band and watch it. It's better than listening to it on the radio. S!ink", #en"a What kind of music do I like? !y tastes are so diverse. I can't really point out what kind of music I like but I'm more inclined to '() and you know nature music, like listening to whales listening to each other and I also like )ollywood music and reggae, some styles of reggae are really enjoyable.

*b 0a %c .b 1b 1a EXERCISE 2 1) !esides the violin6 what else can she do well? A. #ook !. 7ance #. ing %) "ow did she learn to pla4? A. he had private lessons !. he went to group lessons #. he did both *) When did she begin to pla4? A. % 4ears old !. * 4ears old #. . 4ears old .) 7oes she pla4 the violin in Japan? A. 8es6 all the time !. 9o that often #. 9ever: 9o violin 0) What does she compare her famil4 to? A. A 2; show !. A group #. A movie Show Text / Hide Text Todd: OK, Adrienne, let's talk about abilities. What are you good at? Adrienne: Um, I don't know. Todd: You don't know?

Adrienne: I really don't know! Todd: Well, I was looking at your photos, and you can play the violin. Adrienne: That's true! Todd: And you can sing very well. Adrienne: Ah, I can sing some. Todd: OK, so, tell us about playing the violin. Adrienne: I really enjoy playing the violin. I've been playing for many, many years since I was a little girl and everyone in my family plays an instrument so it's part of what we do together as a family. Todd: So when you were little you practiced every day? Adrienne: I did. My mom made me. I didn't have a choice. It's good for discipline though, or at least that's what she told me. Todd: So, how would you practice? Did you have a tutor come over to your house? Adrienne: No, I had a violin teacher once a week and when I was really small I went to group lessons also, so it was once a week with a private and once a week with a group. Todd: Wow! That's a lot. What did you think about the violin when you were little? Adrienne: I don't remember thinking about it. I don't even remember learning how to play. I was only two so (so young) I know. I was still in diapers, but my mom said that when I had my first recital that I really wanted to play in the recital and she said I absolutely could not play on stage in a diaper so that's basically how she got me out of my diapers. So she says! Todd: When did you stop playing? Adrienne: I haven't stopped. Todd: Oh, you still practice. Adrienne: I still play although I don't have my violin here in Japan, right now. I'm kind of on a break I guess. I just don't like to carry it around overseas. Todd: Is it hard to be away from your violin? Adrienne: It is sometimes. I miss it. I miss playing with my family too, cause we're kind of like the Van Trap family, which you know from the movie The Sound of Music. Todd: No, no, I don't. I've never seen the movie. Adrienne: Oh, you haven't? The Sound of Music is about a family in, I think it's Austria and they all play an instrument or sing and it's a World War II movie and that's how they escape the Nazis, from singing or something. It's kind of like that, except for without the war. Todd: Well, I have to see the movie so! Adrienne: Yeah, you should. Todd: So are you going to play the violin for me sometime? Adrienne: Sure! If you can find a violin I will. 1c 2c3 a 4c 5c


7ecide whether each of these statements is 2rue or +alse 1. <<<<<<< =aren went to the movies on aturda4 night. %. <<<<<<< 7an invited =aren to go karaoke singing. *. <<<<<<< 7an>s never sung karaoke before. .. <<<<<<< 2hat was the first time =aren go karaoke singing. 0. <<<<<<< 2he4 sang with the strangers in a small private room. 1. <<<<<<< =aren likes singing karaoke6 and so does 7an.

Unit 16 Karaoke M: Its nice to see you, Karen. How have you been? W: Ive been very well, thank you. How are you, Dan? M: Im fine, thanks. I went to the movies Saturday night. I wanted to invite you, but you werent home. W: Thats right, I went karaoke singing with some friends on Saturday night. M: Really? Ive never sung karaoke. Whats it like? W: I had never gone karaoke singing before either, but I had a great time. My friends were experienced karaoke singers, so they showed me what to do. M: Did you have to sing in front of a lot of strangers? W: No, the place we went to rented out small private rooms. Nobody else could hear us. They even gave us free sodas! M: Cool! What kind of music did they have? W: They had hundreds of different songs to choose from. They had both new songs and old songs. They had songs in English and songs in several other languages, too. It was really fun! M: I think Ill go karaoke singing next weekend!

EXERCISE 4 Answer the questions below. ome questions have more than one answer. 1) he sa4s each wedding is <<<<<< . A. a memorable event !. a lot of stress #. a chance to dress up %) he sa4s she feels nervous about <<<<<<< . A. singing !. speaking #. dancing *) he sa4s she works for <<<<<<< . A. wedding companies !. local hotels #. various venues .) he sa4s the weddings are often <<<<<<< . A. swank !. orchestrated #. long

0) he often sings <<<<<<. A. before the meal !. when the bride changes #. after a speech $odd% *ow, $hirley you are a wedding singer, so you actually go to people's weddings and you sing, correct?
Shir e"% +eah, that's right? $odd% What's it like being a wedding singer? Shir e"% Well, it's an opportunity for me to get dressed up and to get to see lots of other people dress beautifully too. ,nd I think it's an honor to be able to be at an event where someone's having a very special day, so for the bride and groom it's a memorable event and we try to add to that experience. %o give them something to add to their memory of that day. $odd% +ou must feel a lot of pressure though because, I mean, it's such a big day for everybody and there would be a ot ridin& on it. -o you feel like nerves? Shir e"% ,ctually, what I feel nervous about usually is the speaking part. *ot so much the singing. $odd% Interesting. Shir e"% +eah, as you know I live in "apan and so when I go to weddings they're in "apanese. !y "apanese skills are not that great, so I have to say a little bit, and I usually like to address the bride and groom directly at some point and say something nice to them and congratulate them on their day and wish them the best for the future, and I get kind of stressed about doing that in "apanese so it's almost a relief when I get to just sing. I feel that I can express myself a little bit more freely once I'm actually singing. $odd% $o what kind of experience? Where do you normally do these weddings? Shir e"% Well, at the moment I'm living and working in a place called .ita and in "apan it's fairly common for entertainers to sign up with a wedding company, so it's usually wedding companies that actually plan the weddings so you don't really dea direct "with venues or individual people, so I've got a couple of connections with the two companies here they connect me or they'ake a bookin&. /sually, they'll be planning weddings and they'll make a booking for who they think will be appropriate and in the past I worked in another city in 0ukuoka and I sang and at weddings at the &rand 1yatt 1otel there and it was great. $odd% 2retty swank? Shir e"% It was very swank. ,nd "apanese weddings are very formal and really choreo&raphed to a certain degree.

$odd% What do you mean they're choreographed? Shir e"% Well, you know everything is planned from the very first step to the very last step so there's someone there to take the bride and groom to everything that they need to do, and every thing that's happening when for example the bride might leave to change her clothing, her outfit, and they have planned events happening during then and that's a pretty common time for the music or for the singer to perform. $odd% Wow, sounds like they have it down. Shir e"% %hey ha(e it do!n pat.

EXERCISE 5 Listen to John explaining ho !"si# #an a$$e#t the a% e $eel& Co!plete the notes 'elo &

How does music affect our emotions? Three important human emotions: 1. happiness 2. sadness 3. anger

How we feel affects the way we speak, e.g. 1. happy speak faster higher 2. sad speak more slowly/ lower 3. angry raise voice / shout How music copies this, e.g. 1. fast high music sounds happy 2. slow music with falling pitches 3. loud music with irregular rhythms !"amples #usic that sounds $ 3 Happy Seventh Symphony, Beethoven 3 %ngry Mars, Holst 3 &ad Adagio for strings, Albinoni This is especially e"ploited in film soundtracks