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FOREWORD I INTRODUCTION The cost of colonialist Some pertinent historical fac Hi BANTOU PHILOSOPHY 0 Racial discrimination and ies paradoxes 5. IV REASONS FOR PREMATURE INDEPENDENCE CONGO INDEPENDENCE AND THI SECESSION OF KATANGA Reston forthe Katangs rupture The wat of univers Five profesoe for ones AatéLumumbiaecroade THE UNITED NATIONS AND ITS INITIAL TASK IN THE CONGO Lamimba i dea, long tive Lumumba O'Brien, Toobelaine sed Cc the UN agaist THE UNION MINIERE AND KATANGA "The truth about Katanga’ fabulous wealth Political dapliciy Had the Union Minitre acd fm TSHOMBE, HIS MINISTERS AND HIS MERCENARIES Les Affcenx” aginst che UN mercenaties Speculation with the franc, eanaers sed black marl label, the capil of copret L xi L 6 xin THE UNITED STATES AND THE DIS-UNITED NATIONS The UN: the playground of undereveops BLOODY DECEMBER The UN lath P, f. Muaka The Congolese fom the village snd his Katangese tales and UN mena 5 KATANGA ENTERS ITS THIRD YEAR (OF INDEPENDENCE Prop . XV THE THIRD UN MILITARY ACTION The Western Consuls rush to help Tshombe The Central Congolese Governent XVI SOCALLED ANTL-COMMUNISM IN EOPOLDVILLE AND IN KATANGA ‘When Congolese shed cas for Angolan XVIII PROGNOSTICS AND CERTITUDES XIX CONCLUSIONS The Ticket Se The 0 ee | 8 BELCIANS Tae UN Me