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Joining Process

W.E.F. JAN 2014 1. Purpose The purpose of this document is to explain the joining procedure for new hires at Tele-apps. 2. Scope The Process covers all permanent and direct contract employees joining the organization. 3. Definitions / Acronyms Acronym Recruiter HR I ! # $ P%& 'mp &o (andidate R* + * !,% Description Recruitment Representative. HR Representative. Interview "servation !heet. #ate f $oining. Permanent %ccount &um"er 'mployee &um"er. Prospective employee who has not completed his)her joining formalities. Reporting *anager +nit of *easurement. !ervice ,evel %greement.

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Joining Process
W.E.F. JAN 2014 4. Roles and Responsibilities: Role Recruiter -could "e a mem"er from technical team ) HR.

Responsibilities /orwards the list of reportees to HR at least 0 days prior to the date of joining Provides the I !1 Resume and Reference (hec2 #ocument -wherever applica"le. (onfirms R* details to the HR on the date of joining Informs the prospective candidate a"out the pre-joining formalities "efore the joining date (losure of mandatory documents for which personal underta2ing was su"mitted "y the candidate on the day of joining. (ollects the offer acceptance from the selected candidates who have "een issued an offer. (hec2s for medical fitness for all the candidates who report for joining formalities. (hec2s for the "ac2ground status of the candidate prior to the generation of 'mp &o. *eets the candidates on the date of joining. 'nsures the completion of joining process. 3erifies and collects the documents from the candidates. 4enerates 'mp. no. rganises email I# creation after generating 'mp. &o. !ends the re5uired documents to the accounts department for the creation of employee records and salary processing (reates Personnel /iles. Issues the hard copy of offer letter ) 'mployment agreement to the employee. /acilitates employees6 nomination for the induction program 4ives acceptance and fills all the personal details "efore reporting for joining formalities. (ompletes the pre-employment medical chec2up formalities which are a prere5uisite for the joining formalities. /ills the mandatory forms li2e Provident fund form1 IT declaration form1 I# card form and '!I -if applica"le.. !u"mits all the re5uisite documents as a part of the $oining process. 'nsures that the *edical Test is completed "efore # $. 'nsure the su"mission of pending documents to the $oining Team as per the guidelines indicated in the underta2ing (reates and activates email I#s for all new joiners Provides ,ogin I# and Password to Tele-%pps Intranet Processes salary on receiving documents from HR



!ys %dmin Payroll ) %ccounts

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Joining Process
W.E.F. JAN 2014

5. Hi ! "e#el Process

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Joining Process
W.E.F. JAN 2014
On the date of joining, candidate approaches the HR team with softcopy of the offer letter and other doc ments re! ired per team: the offer letter. "ac# Candidate approaches the as joining papers are recei$ed from the the candidates. On the date of joining, candidate approaches HR team with the soft copy
of the offer letter and other doc ments as specified in the offer letter for completing formalities. -he date of is intimated the 1.1.2 the %n joining case of &on s 'mission ofjoining mandatory doc to ment, candidate 'yHR the admin HR thro needs gh mail. to o'tain appro$al from the %ndia Receipt of back papers: " siness Head and has to ens re the s 'mission of HR recei$es the 'ac# papers of the candidate from the Recr iting team 1 the mandatory doc is"ac# done in ma(im mthe 3) ' siness manager 'efore the date ofment joining. papers consist of %O8 calendar days from date of joining of reference candidate. .%nter$iew O'ser$ation 8heet0 ,res the me of the candidate and chec# On receipt of *ppro$al, HR as#s for the personal doc ment .where$er applica'le 0 on Rs.1 +) non j 'ac# dicial stamp paper, if me0 the are %n the case of nderta#ing trainee candidates freshers, papers .%O8 3 Res recei$ed from recr iting team. 9nless these mentsthe are recei$ed 'y HR, candidate is not a'le to doc s 'mit ed cational joining process of the candidate is not f rthered. certificates or mar#s list and relie$ing letter from Orientation the Candidates: pre$io sto employer. ,oining team orients the candidate 'riefly a'o t -ele2*pps: joining process, c lt re and wor# atmosphere and in! ires him1 her a'o t the completion of 1.1.3 ,oining -eam $erifies the academic certificates and medical chec#2 p and filing the doc mentation for 'ac#gro nd chec#. ,oining employment certificates. the case of completed candidates of the candidate is not f rthered if any of%n the a'o$e is not 'y the joining nder ser$ice agreement .in many candidate. %n the case of negati$e medical report from medical a cases thorities or /reshers0, 'an# gof arantee is e(ec on Rs.1))12 'ac#gro nd discrepancy, joining the candidate is p tted on hold. Receipt documents from the *ll candidates: non of j dicial stamp paper. the employees ha$e to *t the time of joining, recei$es the following doc ments from 3 the sign on HR theadmin %P assignment policy, other policies candidates; proced res and code of cond ct 3 ethics. Photocopies of the ed cational details as per chec#list mentioned in the offer letter < 7ar# lists and 6ertificates 1.1.4 HR admin generates 4mp. &o. and sends the 4mp. Photocopies of the 4mployment details of the employee as per the chec# list &o with %5 card form for the generation of %5 6ard. mentioned in the offer letter .Relie$ing letter from the pre$io s employer 7ail %5 is created 'y thefor sys team. with which the and proof of employment certificates alladmin the companies candidate has wor#ed earlier, p to 3 years comp lsory. 1.1.+ only HR admin sends the .if details of the candidates to the Passport, the rele$ant pages a$aila'le0 payroll %f department for the creation of payroll records. P*& .if a$aila'le0. there is no P*&, an ac#nowledgement is ta#en from the candidate stating the salary wo ld not Personal 'e processed 'y Payroll ntil and *dmin that team creates one /ile for each nless he1she s 'mits the P*&6*R5 candidate and maintains the details of the 4Passportcandidates. si=e color photographs One cancelled che! e of %6%6% 1>>>> 1>>>> 'an#. %f the candidate doesn:t ha$e the 'an# acco nt, acco nt is opened at the time of joining and cancelled che! e is recei$ed from the candidate. -wo post cards si=e 'lac# and white family photographs in case if the salary of the candidate is less than Rs.1+))) per month ./or 48% Registration p rposes0 ?ast drawn pay slip1salary 6ertificate from the pre$io s employer 7edical reports are recei$ed 'y HR directly from the medical a thorities with which the company has a tie p. ppro!a" in case of #on $ubmission of the mandator% documents %n case a candidate is na'le to s 'mit the mandatory doc ments, HR needs to o'tain an appro$al from the ' siness head and has to ens re that the s 'mission of the pending doc ments is done within 3) days from the date of joining of the candidate. &aking persona" undertaking: HR as#s for the personal nderta#ing on Rs. +) non j dicial stamp paper, if the candidate is not a'le to s 'mit the following doc ments; 1. 7isplace of the ed cational certificates or mar#s list 2. &on2s 'mission of relie$ing letter from the pre$io s employer %n the case of misplace of ed cational certificate, personal nderta#ing shall 'e s pported 'y one receipt from college and /%R report. %n this case photocopies of the certificate or mar#s list shall 'e s 'mitted within 3) days from the date of the joining. 3. "ac#gro nd chec# not completed %n the case of non2s 'mission of relie$ing letter, personal nderta#ing shall 'e s pported 'y resignation acceptance letter from the pre$io s employer. %n this case the candidate is re! ired to s 'mit the relie$ing letter within onePage month 4 of 8 from the date of joining. %f the candidate is not a'le to s 'mit the personal nderta#ing with the a'o$e doc ments re! ired, the joining of the candidate is postponed ntil the doc ments are pro$ided 'y the candidate.


$. Detailed Process

Joining Process
W.E.F. JAN 2014

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Joining Process
W.E.F. JAN 2014 'erification of (ocuments: -imelines for s 'mission of mandatory doc ments for the candidates who has joined with nderta#ing %n case any of the following doc ments are not s 'mitted 'y the new ,oinee, a declaration is ta#en from him that he wo ld 'e s 'mitting these doc ments in a gi$en time frame else the company wo ld ha$e the right to ta#e appropriate action; 6ertificate -ime /rame 4(perience 6ertificate Relie$ing ?etter 17onth 17onth

Resignation acceptance letter is a m st from the immediate pre$io s employer. -he candidate needs to also note that in the meantime if the 'ac#gro nd chec# re$eals any negati$e feed'ac#, action will 'e initiated to terminate his1her ser$ices. HR $erifies the doc ments recei$ed from the candidates in the following manner. Photocopies of the *cademic mar#s list and certificates from > 8tandard to highest degree are $erified with the chec#list in offer letter. Photocopy of the Relie$ing letter from the pre$io s employer is $erified 8er$ice 6ertificates or proof of employment certificates from the pre$io s companies with which the candidate has wor#ed. %n the case of trainee engineer 1 freshers, joining team $erifies the A of the mar#s o'tained with the photocopy of the pro$isional certificate )mp"o%ment greement: 8 'se! ent to $erification of doc ments, employment agreement is generated )nter *ank guarantee %n the case of candidates joining nder 'an# g arantee .for freshers0, the candidates are re! ired to e(ec te a 'an# g arantee. %n this case, the candidate is re! ired to s 'mit the re! ired doc ments for e(ec ting the 'ond to the specified "an# officials %n the case of candidates joining nder fresher hiring program, all the candidates are re! ired to e(ec te the 'an# g arantee. -he candidates will s 'mit all the re! ired doc ments to "an# Officials -he 'an# g arantee is drawn on a Rs.1))12 non j dicial stamp paper from the 'an# . "an# B arantee is d ly $erified 'y the HR rep 'efore generating the 4mp &o. $igning of the po"icies + procedures and Code of Conduct and )thics *ll the candidates joining in the company are re! ired to a'ide the policies and 6ode of 6ond ct 3 ethics, %ntellect al Property and confidentiality agreement. ,oining team ens res that all the candidates ha$e signed on these doc ments at the time of joining. $ending the documents to initiate joining process *fter $erification of the academic and employment details, the joining process is initiated. Photocopies of the ed cational mar#s list and 6ertificates .Higher degree0 Photocopies of the employment proofs of last 3 years or respecti$e years "B team cond cts the 'ac# gro nd chec# as per the C"B 6hec# processD 'efore the joining date in case the candidate had initiated the Online $erification. ,eneration of )mp #o. + -( Card HR admin generates the 4mp. &o. for the candidates. 4mp. &o generated is the ni! e n m'er for each candidate. *fter generation of 4mp. &o. proced re to generate %5 card is initiated and %5 card is gi$en to the employee on the date of joining.

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Joining Process
W.E.F. JAN 2014 d!ice $%s admin for creation of .ai" -(: Once the %5 card is generated, joining team creates the mail %5:s for the candidates. 1.1./.1 Comp"etion of Joining 0orma"ities: Once all the a'o$e acti$ities are completed, joining team pro$ides the following to candidates. Felcome 8heet containing the mail id, networ# log in id and password, -ele2apps log in id and password. Hard copy of offer letter %5 6ard 4mployment agreement Fith this all the acti$ities pertaining to joining of the candidate are completed. 1.1./.2 $ending information to pa%ro"" for creation of pa%ro"" records: ,oining team sends the following doc ments to the Payroll team for creating the payroll records of the candidates. -hese doc ments are sent on the following date of joining. Hard copy offer letter d ly signed 'y the employee ,oining report Photocopy of P*& card or P*& *c#nowledgement Pro$ident f nd form 6ancelled 6he! e /orm 12" 48% form with family photograph .where applica'le0 ,oining team maintains a standard chec# list for pro$iding the a'o$e details to payroll. Fhile sending the a'o$e details, the chec# list is tic#ed and enclosed with the a'o$e details. 1.1./.3 Creation of Personne" 0i"e: *fter completion of all the joining formalities, joining team creates a Gpersonnel file: for all the candidates. Personnel file contains the following details. ,oining Report Photocopies of ed cational mar#s list and certificates Photocopies of employment details 8igned copies of 6ode of 6ond ct and 4thics 8igned copies of Policies and %P agreement 6onfidentiality *greement "an# g arantee of employees joining nder ser$ice agreement B7%P .Bro p 7edical %ns rance Premi m0 /orm BP*% .Bro p Personal *ccident ins rance0 form Brat ity &omination /orm < /orm B P/ &omination /orm 12" P*& *c#nowledgement 1 Photocopy of P*&1no P*& nderta#ing 48% /orm for the candidates joining with salary HI 'elow Rs.1+))) P7. -he personnel file maintained is the e$idence for all the details of the candidates joining in the company. *ll the personnel files are maintained 'y HR admin 1.1./.4 $ending conso"idated )mp #o. 0i"e to Pa%ro"": ,oining team sends the 4mp. no of the candidates to Payroll -eam

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Joining Process
W.E.F. JAN 2014 %. &easurements SLAs S. No. i. ii. SLA %llot I# num"er (reation of *ail I# I# cards Payroll Processing /ile (reation (ycle time (losure of mandatory documents SLA Description %llocation of 4lo"al I# after the $oining formalities. (!3 files sent to location %dmin where the employee would "e operating from after the $oining formalities. I# (ard form to "e sent to I# (ard generation Team. Re5uired documents sent to payroll after joining formalities. #ocuments sent for personnel file creation. (ycle time to complete the joining formalities HR admin needs to ensure su"mission of pending documents from the candidates UOM Hrs Hrs Preferred Direction 7 7 Tar et 8 8

iii. iv. v. vi. 3ii.

9or2ing #ays 9or2ing #ays 9or2ing #ays Hours (alendar days

: 8 days form # $ 8 #ays from # $ ; =>

7 7 7 <

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