IS 2971 PART-1 A - Area of foundation in contact with soil (cm2) Cu - Coefficient of elastic uniform compression of soil kg/cm3 m - Mass of vibrating system kg-s2/cm fnz -Vertical resonance frequency of foundation and soil system c/s m - dynamic magnification factor h - frequency ratio = natural frequency / equivalent frequency z = damping factor


Cu = Density of concrete = Acceleration = SBC of soil Type-1 Block Foundation For Compressor Room –C & D SL.NO DETAILS OF PARAMETERS SIZE OF FOUNDATIONS L B= Minimum width= Minimum thickness= H=thickness of raft or block max. cantilever projection beyond machine= Subgrade modulous of soil DIAMETER D IF CIRCULAR Weight of machine dynamic analysis is not required. Power of rating motor dynamic analysis is not required. Max vertical resultant couple= Max hor resultant couple= Natural frequency w fm Total compressor skid weight P= 75 35.8065 Ratio of weight of (Foundation/wt of machine)= Check CG of base with respect to CG of machine CG of base area m CG of machine

50000 0.0025 25 981 20

KN/m3 kg/cm3 kN/cum cm/s2 t/sq.m=

UNITS m m m m m kN/cum lbs/in^3 m kg hp kg-m kg-m cycles/min hertz(cps) kg F kN

PUMP 2 1.5 OK 0.666667 1 OK 0.5 30000 108.1546 2 1500 200 960 284 1500 25

3650 110.8065 7.3871 OK along L along B 1 0.75 1 0.75 OK OK

9355 16.m sq.761 1.Horizontal eccentricity= Area .M.29526 12.010619 14.122059 <SBC Mpa ok 5400 3600 2700 25 75 0.m kN/sq.m Dia of ba r(The minimum size shall be 16 mm ) Area sq.34077 1100.I & Section properties A= Ixx= Zxx= Iyy= Zyy Frequency Calculation: mm (machine) = mf (foundation) = mf+m (foundation+ machine) = fnz-1= 1/(2´P)´Ö(5xA/mf )= 0 0 cm2 sq. shrinkage reinforcement shall be provided @ 600 mm along X.46394 17.m m4 m4 m3 m3 30000 3 0.64877 16 2.21269 Spacing For bothways cm c/c say mm c/c If foundation thickness is over 1 m.059 0.529052 11.46227 290 Min reinforcement= short side face top face Long side face Based on block size Steel/m height= Area of steel Surface area= Steel/sq.161716 36.363083 not ok 1.446 17.m kN/sq.5625 0.m kN/sq.5414 7 13.73114 29.009554 95.m kN/sq.5625 1 1.m kN/m2 Mpa 1.7424 .cm sq.40706 122.m sq.333333 kg-s2/cm kg-s2/cm kg-s2/cm cycles/sec= cycles/min fnz-2= 1/(2´P)´Ö(5xA/(mf+mm) )= cycles/sec= cycles/min η=frequency ratio = natural frequency / equivalent frequency μ=transmissibility= Direct stress due to axial load p1=bending stress due to Mx p2=bending stress due to My Max stress= Min stress= Concrete stresses = kN/sq.Y&Z direction mm² mm² mm² kg/m² kg sq.78604 56.82431 18.452417 not ok 1.

5-0.75% reinforcing bar at the opening The reinforcement shall be extended at least 50φ from edge of opening Minimum cover to reinforcement shall be .mm 75 at bottom mm 50@ other faces Reinforcement at opening Arrange 0.

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