From the four people who gave you Middletown's


Pat Mallon, Chairman Board of Supervisors

George Leonhauser Township Supervisor

Drew Kreiling Township Supervisor

Stephanie Teoli Kuhls Township Manager

That's right, they've given you a special gift in 2014 ... It's a brand new

! ! 1%Earned Income Tax!
And they are s00000 excited to give you this special gift that they completely ignored two alternative proposals that would have virtually eliminated any tax increase at all. However, WE aren't quite as thrilled by this gift as they are. In fact, we want to RETURN it! Want to join us? This fight is not over! There is still time to reopen the 2014 budget! ,-_ -What: MTTU Rally When: Monday, January 6th, 7pm Where: Outside the Municipal Bldg
3 Municipal Way, Langhorne, PA 19047

j R"' ~°°~ ~ ~ ~:__~ ~` :~ ~~ '~ ' ;~ ~

Come out to welcome our newest supervisor, Bill Oettinger who, along with incumbent Leonhauser, misled November voters into believing they would hold the line on taxes!

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