Which of the following types of device is used with microprocessors to supply special voltage levels for different types of microprocessors that might be installed?
A. B. C. Voltmeter RAM Voltage module regulator Voltage regulator module


2. Which portion of the PC system is responsible for controlling the operating temperature of the microprocessor?
A. B. C. The Health Management portion of the PCI chipset The Health Management portion of the microprocessor The Health Management portion of the operating system The Health Management portion of the BIOS

A. B. C.

Which of the following connectors are used for devices that can be hot-swapped?
❑ a. 5-pin DIN connector ❑ b. 6-pin PS/2 mini-DIN connector ❑ c. RS-232C serial port ❑ d. USB port


Which term does not describe the dot information produced by a color monitor? A. Bit-mapped B. Pixel C. Triad D. Picture element What are the security integration adopted in Wireless technology? A. Authentication, Acquisition and Authorization B. Accountability, Authentication and Authority C. Authentication, Authorization and Accountability D. Security, Authentication and authorization
What type of expansion slot is the defector standard for notebook PCs?
❑ a. SCSI slots ❑ b. PC Card slots ❑ c. PCI slots ❑ d. ISA slots

How can you upgrade an older computer system that uses a non-removable, non-Flash ROM BIOS?
❑ a. Replace the motherboard. ❑ b. Install more RAM. ❑ c. Replace the CPU. ❑ d. Install a larger hard drive.

How many devices can be attached to a single Universal Serial Bus (USB) host?
❑ a. 32 ❑ b. 64 ❑ c. 127 ❑ d. 255

Which PCMCIA slot supports a removable hard drive?
❑ a. Type I ❑ b. Type II

Alkaline B. the contents of the BIOS are copied to faster CMOS RAM. CMOS RAM is read-only memory that stores CMOS information. Type III ❑ d. It is slow. SIMM D. Which statements are true for an active-matrix LCD? (Select all that apply. IDE C. B. DIMM B. FSB What is the purpose of CMOS RAM? A. Each pixel is supported by its own transistor. The terms "red book". Ground strap ❑ d. ❑ d. It displays dull images. which of the following toolsshould you never use? ❑ a. CMOS RAM is memory used to store the CMOS information. The drive is not formatted. The MBR is missing or corrupt. On system boot. It displays low-quality pictures. B. and "orange book" refer to: A. High-voltage regulator ❑ c. C.) A. Which type of memory module supports 32-bit data chunks? A. NiCad C. SCSI B. Floppy Drive Technology D. Operating system files are missing or corrupt. Type II and Type III When discharging a monitor. CMOS RAM maintains its information by using a battery found on the motherboard. ❑ c. Leather insulated shoes ❑ b. E. Images are easy to view from angles. Li-Ion D. CMOS RAM is the amount of memory that is registered into CMOS. Video E. "yellow book". Surge suppressor What condition is indicated by the Hard Drive Boot Failure error messages? ❑ a. CD-ROM standards E. None of the above Which battery type is the best battery type for laptops? A. Cache C. C. D. ❑ b. D. The HDD cable is not attached.❑ c. NiMH .

CD ROM Drives . Memory E. CPU temperature deviations C. Electrostatic Discharge Between Components D. SISC Which of the following components supports hot swapping? (select that all applies) A. A. RISC C. Hyper Threading B. Magnetic media D. SODIMM C. leaks around PCB chips B. PCMCIA cards D. Keyboard B.) A. Hard drives B. an overheated CPU What components can be tested by BIOS self-tests? (Select all that apply. NIC Ports A problem that can occur in areas of high humidity is _______.The basic type of Processors used in Pentium and above generation? A. CISC D. loose chips on the motherboard C.

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