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Amon Tobin- Isam LiveAvant Garde electronica by eduardo fauquembergue
1:03:54 63,849 views

Blba doba - Prague 48 Hour Film Project 2012
7:20 by Tadeá" Dan#k 713 views

Smoke A Lot! - Amon Tobin Mix
1:09:41 by hub23 16,902 views

Amon Tobin - ISAM Live Spectacle $%$ $ &$& $$'() by Sam D *
1:04:02 17,204 views

Hermit - Ivo Sedlacek
by deeva4 1,625 views 13:25

Puppet show videoclip - Matija Solce - TRASH (Amon Tobin - Be!
Ivo Sedlá!ek " 24 videos

3 0

Sofia Högstadius & Matija Solce at UMEFOLK feb. 2013, Umeå Sweden. by Göran Setterberg
10:34 1,023 views

by Ar+om Krukovi! 426 views 15:27




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Published on 25 Mar 2012 Director Matija Solce Performers First Years students from Theater Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts DAMU: Sára Arnsteinová, And#la Bla$ková, Petra Kosková, Pavel Kozohorsk%, Jan Nedbal, Ivo Sedlá&ek, Ji'í (imek, Michaela (védová in Daniel T)ma Trash! An Entertaining Tragedy and Concert in One The End ... and then? Trash!

Buy "Bedtime Stories" on eMusic iTunes Artist Amon Tobin 4:46

feketeseretlek We are going to die
by metka velkavrh 1,726 views

Nano Stern & Matija Solce
by robles2112 3,751 views 6:38

Happy Bones - Matija Solce The end of people, things, thoughts ... Eventually, everything ends up at the dump of time, where the quest for an identity lost begins anew. A former king, former ivy, a former idea, a former light bulb, a former vocation, a former fish, a former hobby, a former marriage, and a former cover all wait in the waiting room of Him, who shall assign a new purpose to each ... A musical and puppet theatre performance that will introduce the audience to object theatre filled with excerpts of humour and the grotesque, with musical interludes, and with cabaret acts bordering on the absurd. Ten performers will switch between their roles as both musicians and puppeteers. They will invite the audience into a world of illusion and attempt to persuade them that the ugly is beautiful, that the tragic is comical, or that the dead is actually alive. And that a human, above all, never knows what and who they are. The students of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague will attempt to conquer the topic of the „musical perspective of puppet theatre," which the musician, puppeteer, and director of the play Trash!, Matija Solce thoroughly studies within the scope of his budding PhD thesis. Don't think too much. Sooner or later, you'll get hit by Trash! With no words and an abundance of music. The play is intended for all audiences, but especially for adults and youths alike who are interested in various expressive means, vivacity, and music. Only once and never again.
Category Licence Music Standard YouTube Licence Show less 4:47 2:02 by Magic Marmelade 3,413 views 5:58

Matija Solce Nano Stern Show de Titeres 3era parte
5:43 by robles2112 677 views

Matija Solce -- Kabaretluknja
by prodoktv 1,144 views 5:17

Matija Solce Nano Stern Show de Titeres 1era parte
10:35 by robles2112 1,840 views

OK - Stiff Upper Lip
by OK The Band 1,989 views 3:55

Vdor lutkarjev na II. gimnazijo Maribor
by ,ivljenje na dotik Lifetouch 270 views

Amon Tobin - "Bedtime Stories" (Extended Live Version) by Yo Tu

Kuharica Micka

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Legends of Prague
by Magic Marmelade 1,579 views


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OK 5:48

Bedtime Stories (Extended Live Version) - Amon Tobin
by dandylionphotography 277 views


Amon Tobin At the End of the Day [Live Performance byPaul TheHlusin London Metropolitan by Orchestra] 18,499 views

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