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26 Dec 2013 9 Jan 2014 Vol 19 Issue 51

The BEST things in life are


The Voice of the Village

S SINCE 1995 S

At 105, Edythe Kirchmaier might be the worlds oldest licensed driver; Honda heard her story and she now stars in national TV commercial, p. 6



Cover: All photos by Kelly Mahan (Universal)



26 December 2013 9 January 2014

The Premiere Estates of Montecito & Santa Barbara

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26 December 2013 9 January 2014


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5 Editorial  Ins and outs of the NextG-Crown Castle application to install 29 antennas in Montecito 6 Montecito Miscellany  Edythe Kirchmaier stars in Honda commercial; Scandal: A Manual features Bob Burton; SBCC receives check from Donald and Coeta Barker Foundation; Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag come clean; MAW to present Carmen next season; Tierney Gearon releases book; Christmas sing-along at Los Suenos; International Womens Festival bash; Pacic Pride Foundation hosts Holiday Aair; Revels presents The Spirits of Haddon Hall at Lobero; State Street Ballets The Nutcracker; John and Betsy Muller host housewarming soire; Christmas parties around town; sightings 8 Village Beat A roundup of notable happenings from the past year 10 This Week in Montecito  New Yorker discussion group; Contemplative New Years Retreat; restaurants preparing New Years Eve dinners; New Years Eve Pops Concert; Paloma Paige shows sketches at Curious Cup; Snow Much To Do on Linden Avenue in Carpinteria; YMCA open house; Tea Dance at Carrillo Rec Center; MBAR meets; MUS food drive; Casa del Herrero docent training 14 Seen Around Town  Breast Cancer Resource Center hosts annual Tea and Fashion Show at Biltmore; Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara gathers leaders and supporters at Fess Parker DoubleTree Resort; Casa del Herrero volunteer feast 22 Seniority  City of Santa Barbara Parks & Recreation throws birthday bash for local residents aged ninety and up 27 State Street Spin  Texas-born Dallas Clark writes Andrias Harborside: Secret Recipes of a Santa Barbara Icon 32 On Entertainment  A cappella group m-pact brings show to Granada; Dana Lawton is back in Santa Barbara to perform dance piece; Christina Apostolopoulos plays Cambridge Drive Concert Series in Goleta 33 Trail Talk A look back at some of the souls we lost in 2013 34 The Curious Traveler Jerry Dunn explores New York City attractions o the beaten path 44 Book Talk  Shelly Lowenkopf is back with a look at a collection of Krazy Kat strips in A Ragout of Raspberries: Krazy and Ignatz n.o.t.e.s. from downtown Jim Alexander tries his hand at being a serious writer 46 Calendar of Events  Donavon Frankenreiter plays SOhO; Mariel Bildsten Quintet brings jazz to town; Santa Swing takes over Carrillo Rec Center; 1st Thursday of the new year; Forest Whitaker gets honored at Bacara; Vaud & The Villains visit SOhO; SBMA Delacroix exhibit; New Years Eve happenings 49 Legal Advertising 54 Classied Advertising  Our very own Craigslist of classied ads, in which sellers oer everything from summer rentals to estate sales 55 Local Business Directory  Smart business owners place business cards here so readers know where to look when they need what those businesses oer
 26 December 2013 9 January 2014




by Bob Hazard

Mr. Hazard is an Associate Editor of this paper and a former president of Birnam Wood Golf Club

Montecitos Muddled Mess

ome 50 concerned Montecito residents unexpectedly turned up at the Montecito Board of Architectural Review (MBAR) meeting this month for a conceptual review of a NextG-Crown Castle application to install 29 more wireless cell phone antennas in Montecito. Pole-mounted antennas, with their oversized brown or white transmitter boxes (known as vaults, shrouds, or pedestals) are proliferating on Montecitos aesthetically ugly and overloaded utility poles. This unwanted intrusion is changing the character of Montecito neighborhoods. Travel west on San Leandro Lane past Crane Country Day School to see Montecitos pole pollution at its worse. Concerned neighbors argue that the NextG-Crown Castle installations are visually offensive. They lower residential property values, destroy Montecitos rustic, semi-rural residential character, and inhibit any future attempts to bury utility lines.

The invasion of utility pole antennas in Montecito began in 2010, when NextG received approval from the County Board of Supervisors (BOS) to install eight cell phone antennas in Montecito on existing poles. The supervisors overrode a Montecito Planning Commission (MPC) denial that was based on an MPC finding that the NextG antennas and their pole vault boxes created a cumulative negative visual impact. BOS approval was contingent upon NextGs agreement to voluntarily withdraw Santa Rosa Lane and Schoolhouse Road applications near Montecito Union School, and to promise never to reapply for these sites. In April 2012, Crown Castle International acquired NextG Networks for a billion dollars and immediately submitted applications to install 15 additional antennas in Montecito. In January 2013, the Board of Supervisors again unanimously approved Crown Castles plan to mount additional larger antennas on eight poles with existing smaller antennas remaining in place. New locations were added on Sycamore Canyon, East Valley Road, and Santa Rosa Lane, an area that NextG had vowed in 2010 to spare. NextG-Crown Castle is not the only intruder in Montecito. In 2012, Verizon and AT&T Wireless replaced an expired lease on a hilltop cell tower at QAD on Ortega Hill with the installation of rooftop antennas in the upper village at the Verizon switching station at 512 Santa Angela Lane, directly across the street from El Montecito Preschool. In the end, both carriers voluntarily switched from the rooftop location to a disguised cell tower in the back parking lot. A second cell tower was installed on Ortega Ridge Road, just above the Montecito Water District Reservoir. In May 2013, Crown Castle submitted applications for an additional 32 pole antennas in the Romero Canyon, Bella Vista, and Park Lane neighborhoods, and along North Jameson Lane, San Leandro, Sheffield Drive, Lilac, East Valley Road, Orchard, and Veloz Drive, which are now under MBAR review, followed by Montecito Planning and Board approval.

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26 December 2013 9 January 2014

For a Jewish guy, Ive recorded a lot of Christmas albums Barry Manilow


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For better or for worse, cell phone towers and pole antennas have become the central dashboard of our lives. Approvals of more and larger antennas and bigger vault boxes have become more or less routine. The 1996Telecommunications Act governing radio frequency (RF) transmissions prohibits local jurisdictions from denying permits based on radiation health concerns, provided that such emissions comply with FCC standards. Debate continues over whether or not local planning can use aesthetics as a basis for a denial of a permit in a publicright-of-way. The case for denial is stronger when aesthetic concerns are coupled with a failure by NextG to show that additional facilities are needed to close a significant gap in service, or that alternate solutions, such as Verizon and AT&T towers, could not provide the same or better coverage. Denial becomes more feasible when NextG proposes antennas and new poles in areas that have already been undergrounded.

Monte ito Miscellany

by Richard Mineards
Richard covered the Royal Family for Britains Daily Mirror and Daily Mail before moving to New York to write for Rupert Murdochs newly launched Star magazine in 1978; Richard later wrote for New York magazines Intelligencer. He continues to make regular appearances on CBS, ABC, and CNN, and moved to Montecito six years ago.


Edythes Honda Commercial

onda, the giant Japanese automaker, knows a great publicity opportunity when it sees it! Santa Barbara-based Edythe Kirchmaier, who celebrates her 106th birthday next month and is probably the worlds oldest licensed driver, learned her auto skills at the age of 16 in 1924 in a Ford Model T. But last August Edythe, who has volunteered for the international nonprofit Direct Relief for more than 40 years, received a brand new Honda Civic from an anonymous benefactor and it didnt take long for the news to reach the suits in Tokyo. Honda found out about Edythes story through Gerry and Bobbi Rubin, longtime supporters, explains Kerri Murray, veep of marketing and com-

3823 Santa Claus Lane



Edythe Kirchmaier, 105, lands a Honda TV commercial


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26 December 2013 9 January 2014



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26 December 2013 9 January 2014


Village Beat
A Year in Review 2013
Miramar owner Rick Caruso and First District Supervisor Salud Carbajal in January 2013, at a press conference marking the demolition of the Miramar property


by Kelly Mahan


1137 Coast Village Road | Montecito, CA | 805.845.3300
The best little paper in America (Covering the best little community anywhere!)
Publisher Timothy Lennon Buckley Editor Kelly Mahan Managing Editor Jeremy Harbin Design/Production Trent Watanabe Associate Editor Bob Hazard Lily Buckley Associate Publisher Robert Shafer

s we say goodbye to 2013 and hello to a new year, we bring you a recap of Montecito happenings over the last twelve months, from progress on projects and store openings and closings, to retirements, anniversaries, weddings, hellos and goodbyes, and more. While this list is far from all-inclusive, its a snapshot of our village in 2013.

Project Updates

Heres the latest on the major projects coming to Montecito. The Miramar Another year passes and the Miramar property remains quiet. In January 2013, Miramar owner and developer Rick Caruso held a press conference on the grounds of the 16-acre site, marking the end of demolition of the former buildings on the property, which had been vacant and rotting for nearly 12 years. We are still one hundred percent committed to this and one hundred percent excited, Caruso said. The approved plans for the resort call for over 180 guest rooms, a full spa, three restaurants, and full banquet facilities on the property, which boasts 600 square feet of oceanfront real estate. It doesnt get much better than this, Caruso said during that meeting. Caruso said he hoped to break ground on the project in 2014, with doors open by 2016, but that financing remains an unresolved issue. We would love to see this project built sooner rather than later, said Supervisor Salud Carbajal, who noted that talks between the County with the Caruso team regarding the Hotel Incentive Program (HIP), in which the county could pay back hoteliers the Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) 

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earned at their hotel for the first several years of operation, are still in the works. In the meantime, Supervisor Carbajal thanked Caruso for demolishing the buildings, a move many Montecito residents had been asking for. Miramar rep Matt Middlebrook was in Santa Barbara earlier this week, and told us the project is still an active priority for Caruso and his team. The financial markets seem to have shifted in our direction, and we are hoping they stay that way, he explained. He said the team is looking into options which do not involve the Countys HIP. We are actively looking for ways to move forward. Middlebrook says 2014 will likely not bring groundbreaking, but the hope is to solidify design details, secure financing, and continue moving forward on the project. Fire Station 3 The plans for expanding fire coverage in Montecito via a station to serve the eastern portion of the area seemed to be in full force at the beginning of 2013, but by October the project all but fell apart after the owners of the proposed property informed MFPD they would not extend or renegotiate the option to buy the property, which expires at the end of 2013. Fire Station 3 has been in the works for several years; MFPD board of directors originally discussed the idea of a third station in 2003, and in 2004 a resolution was signed to begin looking for a site for the station. The east side of Montecito was found to be underserved by the District; MFPD adheres to a five-minute response time. The area of Sheffield Drive, East Valley Road, and Romero Canyon Road was identified to be the general desirable area to build, and in 2005 the board 26 December 2013 9 January 2014

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Montecito Fire Chief Chip Hickman had his hands full in 2013, while plans for Fire Station 3 have all but fallen apart

began looking for a suitable site. In 2010, a property located on the 2500 block of East Valley Road was identified as the best option. The property is a 2.55-acre portion of the Palmer Jackson Ranch. Earlier this year, the project, which includes parking, living quarters, administrative offices, apparatus bays, a 35-foot hose-drying tower, and two driveways, was slated for the February meeting of the Montecito Planning Commission. But earlier that month the MFPD board voted 3-1 to withdraw their application in order to give the three new board mem-

bers (which were seated in December 2012) a chance to look over the plans, in light of significant changes over the past 10 years in demographics, finances, emergency risk patterns, development, and other material circumstances. In April, after a year of litigation with neighbors and stakeholders calling themselves Montecito Agricultural Foundation, Superior Court Judge Thomas Anderle agreed with the litigants that the Environmental Impact Report for the project was fatally defective, and mandated that the resolutions related to the project be officially rescinded, which occurred in July. At their board meeting in September, the board unanimously agreed to accept an offer from AMEC consulting firm to revise the EIR relating to Fire Station 3. AMEC, the firm that previously completed the EIR, offered to prepare a revised report at no extra cost to the District. Price, Postel & Parma, the Districts legal firm, has also agreed to cover the legal fees associated with the revisions. In October, the District received a letter from James Jackson, the general manager of the Petan Company, the partnership that owns the property, stating the Jackson familys position


3821 Santa Claus Lane - Carpinteria, CA 93013




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26 December 2013 9 January 2014


(If you have a Montecito event, or an event that concerns Montecito, please e-mail or call (805) 565-1860)

This Week in and around Montecito



Casa del Herrero Announces Docent Training Casa del Herrero, the 11-acre National Historic Landmark in Montecito designed by noted architect George Washington Smith in the mid-1920s, announces its 2014 Docent Training. Docents are trained to lead 90 minute walking tours of this community treasure. Docent Training begins on Thursday, January 16th with an orientation and overview, then continues weekly through March 20th on Thursday mornings from 9:30 until 11:30 am. Classes will be conducted by local designers and historians as well as Casa volunteers. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the work of the noted architect, Spanish history and design, antiques, landscape design, and the fascinating Steedman family who lived here for over 60 years. If you would like to participate in the Casa del Herrero Docent Training Program, or would like more information about Volunteer opportunities, please call Susannah Gordon at (805) 565-5653 or e-mail: needed include baby food, cereal, pasta, peanut butter, rice, soup and canned goods. When: 8:15 am to 8:30 am Where: 385 San Ysidro Road ONGOING Art at Pierre Lafond Longtime (approximately 40 years) local artist, author, ex-marine, architect, and builder Bill Dalziel is showing his paintings and prints of African Elephants with Attitude on the walls of Pierre Lafond Wine Bistro in the upper village. Ten percent of sales will be donated to the Save the Elephants charity. When: Ongoing Where: 516 San Ysidro Road Info: 969-7520 MONDAYS AND TUESDAYS Art Classes Beginning and advanced, all ages and by appt, just call Where: Portico Gallery, 1235 Coast Village Road Info: 695-8850 TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS Adventuresome Aging Where: 89 Eucalyptus Lane Info: 969-0859; ask for Susan WEDNESDAYS THRU SATURDAYS Live Entertainment at Cava Where: Cava, 1212 Coast Village Road When: 7 pm to 10 pm Info: 969-8500 MONDAYS Story Time at the Library When: 10:30 to 11 am Where: Montecito Library, 1469 East Valley Road Info: 969-5063 Connections Brain Fitness Program Challenging games, puzzles, and memory enhancement exercises in a friendly environment When: 10 am to 2 pm Where: Friendship Center, 89 Eucalyptus Lane Cost: $50, includes lunch Info: Kai Hoye, 969-0859 TUESDAYS Adventuresome Aging Program Community outings, socialization, and lunch for dependent adults When: 10 am to 2 pm Where: Friendship Center, 89 Eucalyptus Lane Cost: $75, includes lunch, plus one time fee of $35 Info: Kai Hoye, 969-0859 WEDNESDAYS Brain Fitness for Successful Aging Series Learn how to rewire your brain, combat stress and fatigue, and keep your brain strong and healthy When: 12:30 pm to 1 pm (optional power walk), class is 1 pm to 4 pm, until September 25 Where: Friendship Center, 89 Eucalyptus Lane Cost: donation, snacks provided Info: Kai Hoye, 969-0859 THURSDAYS Casual Italian Conversation at the Montecito Library Practice your Italian conversation among a variety of skill levels while learning about Italian culture. Fun for all, and informative, too! When: 1 pm to 2 pm Where: 1469 East Valley Road Info: 969-5063 FRIDAYS Farmers Market When: 8 am to 11:15 am Where: South side of Coast Village Road Local Artisans Market When: 3 to 7 pm Where: La Cumbre Plaza, 121 South Hope Avenue Info: SATURDAYS Meet Your Makers A place to meet independent makers (artists, artisans, designers, crafters, healthy food producers) and other small creative businesses that engage in sustainable, socially and environmentally responsible practices When: 10 am to 3 pm Where: 130 East Cota Street, between Anacapa and Santa Barbara streets Info: Local Artisans Market When: 2 to 6 pm Where: Food Walk Market, 2330-2350 Lillie Avenue, Summerland Info: MJ

New Years Eve Eateries Restaurants in Montecito are preparing specials for the big night, but make sure you have reservations! Bella Vista at the Biltmore, 1260 Channel Drive, 969-2261 Stonehouse and Plow and Angel, 900 San Ysidro Lane, 565-1724 Cava, 1212 Coast Village Road, 969-8500 Stella Mares, 50 Los Patos Way, 969-6705 Luckys, 1270 Coast Village Road, 565-7540 Montecito Wine Bistro, 516 San Ysidro Road, 969-7520 THURSDAY DECEMBER 26 Discussion Group A group gathers to discuss The New Yorker When: 7:30 pm to 9 pm Where: Montecito Library, 1469 East Valley Road SATURDAY DECEMBER 28 Contemplative New Years Retreat The program includes yoga, meditation, discourse, and guided journaling. Two days will be in full silence except for presenters. The keynote speaker is Dr. Michael Lerner, co-founder of Commonweal in Bolinas, California. When: Saturday, December 28, noon, until Tuesday, December 31, 1 pm Where: 800 El Bosque Road Cost: $475-$650, includes accommodations, meals, and the entire program Info: 969-5031 TUESDAY DECEMBER 31 NYE Pops Concert The Santa Barbara Symphony invites the community to ring in the New Year with the New Years Eve Pops Concert. Bob Bernhardt returns with Pops favorites, as well as a few surprises. When: 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm Where: Granada Theatre, 1214 State Street Cost: $38 to $113 Tickets: 898-9386 FRIDAY JANUARY 3 Portraits by Paige Local teen Paloma Paige introduces her black and white sketches based on names Where: Curious Cup Bookstore, 5285 Carpinteria Avenue Info: SATURDAY JANUARY 4 Snow Much to Do Linden Avenue in Carpinteria will be closed to cars from 10 am to 3 pm for Snow Much to Do. There will be a Snow Play Area with 10 tons of snow! The event features outdoor skating ($5 per skater) on the 800 block of Linden, live music featuring Sam n Ash at the Seal Fountain,Bike Safety Obstacle Course for kids, Mobile Bike Shop, and more. Food trucks include Georgias Smokehouse and The Burger Bus, and there will be snow-themed lms at local theaters. When: 10 am to 3 pm Where: Downtown Carpinteria Cost: free or suggested donations Info: Open House at YMCA Try out Montecitos YMCA for free; special membership offers happening today Where: 591 Santa Rosa Lane Info: 969-3288 SUNDAY JANUARY 5 Tea Dance The City of Santa Barbara donates use of the ballroom and volunteers provide music and refreshments for this ongoing, free dance event. Ballroom dance music including the Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Slow Fox Trot, Quick Step, and rhythm dances such as the Cha Cha, Rumba, Swing, Mambo, and Bolero are played, among other dance music. Participants can hone their dancing skills or learn new dance techniques. The Santa Barbara Ballroom Tea Dance is held on the rst Sunday of every month at the Carrillo Rec Center. No partner necessary, but if you can nd one bring him or her along! When: 2 pm to 5 pm Where: 100 E. Carrillo Street Info: 897-2519 Cost: free MONDAY JANUARY 6 MBAR Meeting Montecito Board of Architectural Review seeks to ensure that new projects are harmonious with the unique physical characteristics and character of Montecito When: 2 pm Where: Country Engineering Building, Planning Commission Hearing Room, 123 East Anapamu THURSDAY JANUARY 9 Food Drive at MUS To benet Santa Barbara Foodbank, donations can be left in the schools parking lot in the morning during drop off. Items



26 December 2013 9 January 2014

that they will not extend or renegotiate the option to buy the property, which expires at the end of 2013. The Jackson family entered into negotiations with the District nearly five years ago, and Mr. Jackson cites fluctuations in the value of the property, community controversy over Fire Station 3, and the formation of Montecito Agricultural Foundation, as reasons not to support another option agreement. Given these circumstances it would not be fair to us nor the community to support another option agreement which could easily put parts of our property in limbo for another five years, Jackson wrote. Although Jacksons letter and the decision not to extend the option to buy agreement is a setback for the District, the Board will continue to discuss possibly purchasing the property in a closed session meeting. The directors have asked Fire Chief Chip Hickman to ask Jackson for more clarification about the future of the property, and whether a newer, more flexible agreement between the two entities could be put in place. Cellular Antennas Crown Castle (formerly NextG), a company that builds infrastructure for cellular communications then establishes leases with major cell companies, has been in the news in 2013. In January, the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors unanimously upheld an appeal from the company, which opposed the Montecito Planning Commissions denial of an 11-site antenna project slated for Montecito. The project, an effort to update the cellular network for T-Mobile, entailed adding a whip antenna to ten sites in both the inland and coastal areas of Montecito, as well as erecting one new pole on which to build an antenna. Montecito Planning Commission heard the project in November 2012, and denied it on the grounds of aesthetics. Local government is limited in regulating such a project, as the federal government regulates telecommunications service. County staff suggested the Commission approve the project, given the additional equipment is minimal, and the new pole will be screened by existing vegetation on Santa Rosa Lane. According to planner Megan Lowery, the proposed facilities transmit and receive radio frequency signals, but comply with health and safety standards; the project would operate within 2% of FCC radiofrequency limits. Lowery told the Board of Supervisors that the antenna frequency would be tested every five years. Sharon James, agent for Crown Castle, told the Board her company contends the MPCs decision to deny was inconsistent with provisions of 26 December 2013 9 January 2014

VILLAGE BEAT (Continued from page 9)


Utility poles in Montecito continue to have wireless infrastructure added in the form of antennae and utility boxes

the Countys zoning ordinance, and lacked fairness and impartiality. Weve done everything weve promised to do, James told the Board, saying that since 2009 Crown Castle (NextG) has upheld its promise of community outreach to lessen discord, as well as chosen minimalistic equipment for its antenna projects. The Board of Supervisors agreed, and voted to uphold the appeal, thereby denying the Montecito Planning Commissions decision. The lack of people in this room demonstrate the good faith effort of Crown Castle, said First District Supervisor Salud Carbajal. Ms James, on behalf of Crown Castle, was back in Santa Barbara on December 16 working on another network project, this time for Verizon Wireless. That project consists of 29 Montecito antenna sites. Crown Castle is proposing a Distributed Antenna System (D.A.S), which requires 2-ft long antennas to be placed on the poles, as well as a small utility box, which on most sites will be located underground. MBAR looked at the eleven coastal pole sites, located on Jameson Lane, Ortega Hill Road, Sheffield Drive, and San Leandro Lane. They went through each one individually, giving James and Ms Lowery suggestions on how to lessen the aesthetic impact to the surrounding neighborhoods. The remaining 18 sites will be heard by MBAR in January, followed by the Montecito Planning Commission early next year. Verizon Wireless is also set to install an antenna disguised as a 75-ft pine tree on Santa Angela Lane. In February and March, Ms Lowery was in front of MBAR showing different design alternatives for the project, which was stalled in 2012 when neighbors and El Montecito Presbyterian parishioners and preschool parents complained about its proximity to residences and
Don Gragg 805.453.0518 License #951784

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Let's Ring In The New Year!

Join us at Bella Vista for a decadent celebration of flavors from around the globe. Enjoy an elaborate and interactive buffet-style dinner featuring lively action stations, made-to-order creations, elegant desserts, and much more. December 31st 6-10 pm $125++ per person $150 includes admission to Ty Lounge party, featuring entertainment until 2am and champagne toast ($40 cover charge will apply otherwise)

the preschool. Verizon, in an effort to resolve the appeal, looked at 18 other possible sites in which to locate the antenna, and instead decided to redesign the project on Santa Angela. The new design, which neighbors support, is an antenna disguised as a 75-ft pine tree, rather than mounting the antennas behind a parapet wall on a building on the property. The current antennas on the property will also be relocated to the tree, lowering the radiation levels on the ground. MBAR granted final approval of the projects design in April; it was originally approved by Montecito Planning Commission in May 2012. Lowery tells us she is waiting to issue the final Zoning Clearance on the antenna, which is being held up by a final document that needs signatures from multiple parties. She said it was slowed down by the change to the lease area where the antenna will be located. Construction on the tree is expected early 2014. The YMCA Expected to be on the agenda of the Montecito Planning Commission early in 2014, the YMCA expansion and remodel has been the topic of several Montecito Association Land Use Committee meetings during 2013. In November, the MA held a forum on the expansion to hear from the neighbors and members of the community. About 50 people attended the evening meeting, which followed a site visit of the property. About a dozen residents voiced their opinion about the expansion, with over half saying they fear issues associated with the Ys proposed increase in members and services. The YMCA has served the community of Montecito for almost 60 years. There are currently roughly 1,400 members, with a max of 1,550. The proposed project would expand the membership limit to 2,050; the plans also include an enhanced main building, a new preschool building, a natatorium with a new indoor pool,

VILLAGE BEAT (Continued from page 11)

increased usage hours, and a gymnasium to cover the current outdoor sports court on the 4.25-acre site. Many of the speakers at the forum voiced concern over parking and traffic, saying an expanded facility would result in traffic jams and hazards, parking shortages, and increased noise to the surrounding neighbors. Other speakers spoke on behalf of the YMCA, insisting the dilapidated facility is badly in need of an overhaul. Several speakers stated they support a remodel of the facility, but not an expansion. At their board meeting in December, the MA board of directors voted unanimously to approve a letter to the Montecito Planning Commission opining that the proposed project poses significant issues to the surrounding neighborhood and the Montecito community as a whole. The MA rejects the plans to build a gymnasium, citing aesthetic impact on the community, traffic, parking issues, noise, and the potential overuse of the facility. In their letter, the MA outlines conditions on which to build a gymnasium, which include reducing the overall size and scale of the gym, and requiring certain usage restrictions. The letter goes on to state the Associations position on other items, including membership, facility usage, hours of operation, noise, and parking. Olivers In September, construction commenced on Olivers, the eatery set to be built at the former location of Peabodys on Coast Village Road. Project rep Denise Allec tells us Jamie West has recently been hired as the eaterys new General Manager. West has been Executive Chef at San Ysidro Ranch,Ojai Valley Inn, and the MayflowerInn in Connecticut; he is also the former Executive Chef of Casa Dorinda. Peabodys was a Montecito staple for 34 years before closing in May 2012; the new moniker is new owner

(805) 565 - 8232



26 December 2013 9 January 2014

Olivers is expected to open in 2014

construction as much as is feasible. Construction is expected to take five months. Hot Springs Canyon Following nineteen months of negotiation with government agencies, utility companies and adjacent landowners, the Land Trust for Santa Barbara County hosted a Handing over the Deed Ceremony on November 15, the final step in the Trusts conveyance of 422 acres of land in Hot Springs Canyon to the United States Forest Service. Two-dozen people from various agencies gathered in Montecito to mark and celebrate the transfer of the deed.

The Chevron station will be remodeled in 2014, with work expected to begin in February

low-key scale of the project. In December 2012, Hillstone Restaurant Group Vice President Brian Biel told the Journal the new project would feature a bakery and caf called R+D Kitchen; other R+D Kitchen locations are in Santa Monica, Newport Beach, Dallas, and Yountville, California. The concept of the caf is classic American food; crisp and flavorful cuisine in quintessential indoor-outdoor spaces. Construction is expected to take a year and a half.
Chef Jamie West joins the Olivers team as General Manager

the main building is under remodel. The station will be closed for a few days while the temporary building is being constructed, but Uellner plans to keep the gas pumps open during


In the Land Trusts most complicated acquisition to date, the Hot Springs Canyon property was given to the Forest Service at a ceremony in November

Craig McCaws middle name. The site sat untouched for over a year, as there were delays at the City level. The remodel project includes extensive renovations and upgrades, including a covered patio, outdoor pizza oven, an expanded kitchen, and upgraded interior. The 1700sq-ft building and exterior will also be updated with ADA ramps and access. The kitchen will be expanded to accommodate a new, vegetableforward menu, in which everything will be made from scratch. The Nursery Project In May, demolition and ground breaking began on the corner of Coast Village Road and Coast Village Circle, the future home of a mixed-use project owned by Alberto Valner. The project, which includes two townhome-style residential units, a 42-seat restaurant, commercial office and retail space, and a 40-space underground parking garage, is designed by architect Brian Cearnal. The property had been owned and operated as Turk Hessellund Nursery for over 50 years. Ray Sodomka, who had owned the nursery since 1985 he started working there in 1965 closed the plant emporium in January. It was inevitable that sometime in our lifetime the Turk Hessellund property would be sold and developed, said Santa Barbara City Planning Commissioner Deborah Schwartz in 2012, when the project was approved. She, along with the other commissioners, praised the 26 December 2013 9 January 2014

Chevron Remodel While no visible work has taken place on the Chevron station remodel on Coast Village Road, owner Robert Uellner has been working behind the scenes with City staff, pulling permits and interviewing contractors. Work is expected to begin in early February 2014, Uellner tells us. In March 2012, Santa Barbara City Planning Commission unanimously approved the remodel of the station; the project will replace the existing service bays with a food and convenience mart and will include a drive through tunnel car wash behind the existing building. The extensive remodel includes the demolition of 344-sq-ft of retail floor area, construction of 607-sq-ft of retail floor area, construction of a 1,667-sq-ft car wash tunnel, and the revision of two driveways on the site. The existing gas pumps and canopy will remain. The design of the building will be in a Spanish Colonial style, with native and subtropical plants for landscape. A jacaranda tree on the site will be relocated to accommodate shifting a current driveway. The Uellners have been praised for being involved in the Montecito community for decades, as well as sensitive to Montecito land use. The family has been business owners on Coast Village Road since 1974, when they purchased the Shell station in the Vons Shopping Center. Theyve run the Chevron station since 2002, and the Union 76 station on Olive Mill Road since 2004. Uellner tells us a temporary building will be erected on the site, while


Wishing You A Healthy And Prosperous New Year!

I have found a new home at

Salon Du Mont

1470 East Valley Road, Montecito

In the heart of the upper village

Please call to book your next appointment

I look forward to welcoming you.

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Seen Around Town

by Lynda Millner

BCRC Tea and Fashion Show

Premier event donors Kielle Horton (left) and mom Joan Lindsey (right) with Breast Cancer Resource Center executive director Silvana Kelly at the annual Tea and Fashion Show

Call Planet Solar TODAY (805-692-2700)

Limited Time Promotion

719 East Haley Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93103

reast Cancer Resource Center (BCRC) knows how to appeal to the ladies, especially for their good cause. The annual Tea and Fashion Show at the Biltmore was a sell out with everyone decked out in holiday finery. It began with a Pick and Choose raffle where everyone bought tickets and dropped them by the silent auction items they would most like to win. This can take a long time with so many goodies to choose from, including a jewelry boutique. After everyone was seated for lunch, BCRC executive director Silvana Kelly welcomed guests and presented a new film showing what BCRC does to help women diagnosed with breast cancer. One out of eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime, said Silvana. The American Cancer Society estimates that in California alone, 22,070 women will be diagnosed this year. BCRC is the little house that could, as testified by all those who come to them and need their support. The models in the fashion show were breast cancer survivors, telling us about the moral support they received, along with educational and practical information about what to

Ms. Millner is the author of The Magic Makeover, Tricks for Looking Thinner, Younger and More Confident Instantly. If you have an event that belongs in this column, you are invited to call Lynda at 969-6164.

expect. Reiki and massage are also available, all at no cost. The fashion show was by CAbi, a company that is the clothes version of Tupperware; indiduals can become sellers of the clothing and host a trunk show. The eight models walking the catwalk, with music by pianist John Leonard, were Anne Newman, Anne Odile Thomas, Carrie Macintyre, Constance Thayer, Karla Blackwell, Liz Sekula, Shawna Moore, and Silvia Corral. What a testament to BCRC. While they were strutting their stuff, we were indulging in a salad followed by decadent desserts and tea. Premier sponsors were Joan and Jim Lindsey along with daughter Kielle Horton. More were Dede Nonn and Arnoldis Caf along with

SEEN Page 164

CAbi rep Susan Sinclair and BCRC chair Rose Hodge with Belle Lin and Ana Paula Zwirn, who did makeup from Saks

One season. Lots of little reasons

to celebrate.

Surround yourself and your loved ones with the wonders of this magical time of year. Serenity Season captures the laughter, sharing and gratefulness, from kids activities such as ornament painting to the Inns iconic New Years celebration. Add an event calendar ( including the festive Tree Lighting Ceremony, life-sized gingerbread house and Ojai Youth Symphony concert, and Serenity Season will stay with you for years to come. p 877.713.4931 905 Country Club Road, Ojai California 93023



26 December 2013 9 January 2014

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Coast 2 Coast Collection

Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!
From Luxury to Casual Tableware featuring Bernardaud, Christoe, Hermes, Juliska, Lalique, Match, St.Louis, Vietri, Waterford & Wedgwood Unique Vintage Jewelry & Gifts Bridal Registry Services Available Coast 2 Coast Collection
La Arcada Courtyard 1114 State Street, Suite 10 Santa Barbara, CA 93101 (805) 845-7888

Store Hours Monday thru Saturday: 10am - 6pm Sundays: Noon - 5pm

26 December 2013 9 January 2014



SEEN (Continued from page 14)

Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara student speaker Nicholas Phillips, president and CEO Ron Gallo, and board chair Janet Garufis at the SFSB luncheon

BCRC models strutting their stuff: Liz Sekula, Anne Newman, Shawna Moore, Silvia Corral, Anne-Odile Thomas, Constance Thayer, Carrie Macintyre, and Karla Blackwell

the event chair Rose Hodge. BCRC is located at 525 West Junipero Street. You may call (805) 569-9693 if youd like to make a donation. You can join in the fun next December 7, 2014 and bring your friends.

The Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara (SFSB) gathered almost 400 community leaders and supporters at Fess Parker DoubleTree Resort for a luncheon to celebrate what the Foundation does for deserving students to further their education.

Community Leaders Luncheon

Board president Janet Garufis told the audience, In 51 years the Foundation has awarded 34,500 scholarships totaling $81 million. We also provide financial aid advising services to more than 35,000 students and parents each year. Praise goes to two sponsors in particular: Veneco and Montecito Bank & Trust. The banks CEO and president Janet joked, I couldnt thank myself so instead Ill thank Chairman of the Board Michael Towbes. SFSB also puts its past presidents to work on committees and other various ways to take advantage of their expertise. The Philanthropy Spotlight was

given to Maryan and Dick Schall, who have been involved in the community in many ways since moving here from Minnesota in 1986. As Maryan said, I have been on the SFSB board for twenty-two years. Obviously there are no term limits. She related the story of the wonderful gift from her husband, which was a living legacy funding her name for $1 million. She believes, It is in giving that we receive, so why not leave treasure while living? She has felt great joy in using her fund to help students. The student speaker, Nicholas Phillips, has had a four-year scholarship. He told us how he rose from instability with an alcoholic father and the early death of his mother to live with his aunt and uncle and succeed with the help of the SFSB. The Community Leader speaker this year was president and CEO Ron Gallo himself. He showed photos of

where he grew up in the Bronx, third floor by the subway which roared by every two minutes. So we moved to the back of the building with a view of the wall and clotheslines. We used to gossip about the various items on the lines. We didnt know we were poor. He says they learned a lot with their unsupervised play (which we dont really have today) like negotiation. New York was the land of Oz to Ron, but he had a mentor who introduced him to scholarships and eventually Ron attended Columbia University. He first went to a college in Connecticut that was converting to coed. Thats why they took me with not such great grades. He has since earned many degrees, including one from Harvard. SFSB executive director Colette Hadley addressed the group, We are

SEEN Page 204

SFSB board members Victoria Hazard, Maryan Schall, and Christie Glanville with past speaker Dick Schall at Fess Parker DoubleTree Resort

Joanne Rapp, past president Gordon Crary, and Nancy Schlosser at the SFSB luncheon



26 December 2013 9 January 2014

26 December 2013 9 January 2014



CAMA Conducts the Future of Classical Music

munications. Gerry used to work for Honda and felt the team needed to know about our special volunteer and her new car. They thought she was the perfect story as she has never had a ticket or citation in all her years and represents one of Hondas key values safety. Now Edythe is starring in a new Start Something Special national TV ad campaign as part of Hondas effort to communicate the special relationship people have with their cars. The 90-second ad was shot at Direct Reliefs local HQ and shows Edythe in the office talking to a charity executive while extolling the virtues of her new car, particularly the on-board cameras that make parking a great deal easier than it was 90 years ago. When Edythe renewed her California driving license in January, she not only garnered worldwide publicity, but also appearances on Jay Lenos Tonight Show and Ellen DeGeneres. Her new ad can also be accessed on YouTube...

MISCELLANY (Continued from page 6)

George Rush and Joanna Molly recount their New York gossip heyday with their son, Eamon

A Manual for Scandal Former Montecito-based bounty hunter Bob Burton, who coached actor Robert De Niro in the 1988 film Midnight Run, is back in the spotlight again in a juicy new book, Scandal: A Manual, by two old friends, George Rush and Joanna Molloy, former syndicated gossip columnists at the New York Daily News. The husband and wife twosome, who also used to toil for the New York Posts hugely popular Page Six column, recount the time ace private eye Joe Mullen, who had worked for the likes of Johnny Carson, Walter Cronkite, George Steinbrenner, and Donald Trump, invited George to the celebrity gridlocked Upper Eastside watering hole, Elaines, to meet a few of his friends, including G. Gordon Liddy, the mastermind behind the Watergate burglaries, Robert K. Brown, former Green Beret and publisher of Soldier of Fortune magazine, and Bob. We were all chatting on the sidewalk outside when I noticed that a squirrelly guy who reminded me of

John David Hinckley had insinuated himself into our conversation, recounts George. Bob Brown said, Can I help you, son? The kid had a sinister smile. He started reaching into a bag slung over his shoulder. Bob Burton said, What have you got in that bag? The kid said, You want to see what I have in this bag? Liddy said, Whatever you got in there, you better pull it out nice and slow. Burton, Liddy, Mullen and Brown began reaching for their ankle and shoulder holsters. Finally the kid whipped out his secret weapon an eight-by-ten photo of David Bowie! It seems the young man was a groupie hoping the get an autograph from the English rocker. The macho men looked so let down, says George. Little did the kid know how close hed come to annihilation! Christmas Miracle Just in time for Christmas, Santa Barbara City College has received a check for $400,000. It is the final payment of a $1 million bequest by Montecito philanthropist Coeta Barker, widow of Oregonian entrepreneur Don Barker and a college board member for three years.


Vanessa Patterson, Marianne Kugler, Madeleine Jacobson, Dana Newquist, Lori Gaskin and Marsha Croninger celebrate the final bequest from the Donald and Coeta Barker Foundation



26 December 2013 9 January 2014

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26 December 2013 9 January 2014



SEEN (Continued from page 16)

Co-chair of the Casa del Herrero party Sue Skenderean, Susanne McEwen, Harriet Pitman, and co-chair Jo Thompson

Docent Mary Coslett with her husband, Jay, celebrating at the Casa

Exclusive*Automobile*Club* in*Downtown*Santa*Barbara** Become*a*Member** 805?845?5000*


Grades 6-12 | College Prep

Casa descendants Pharibe Wise and Albert Hinckley, Jr. traveled from the East Coast for the bash

High School Open House Middle School Open House Saturday, January 11 at 3:00PM Saturday, January 18 at 3:00PM
Your school should change your life.
Our teachers inspire students to become joyful learners, sharp thinkers, creative doers and condent leaders. See for yourself how engaging classes and hands-on experiences prepare students for a full life.
A boarding and day school. Now with Santa Barbara transportation. 2 5 55 We st H i g h w ay 15 4 / L o s O l i vo s R S V P to ( 805) 686-4823

proud to enjoy generous support from outstanding community donors and leaders. This luncheon provides an opportunity to bring them together to appreciate them. College affordability remains a challenge for local students and their families. With your support, we can continue to provide them educational opportunities. For information, call director of development Raissa Smorol at (805) 687-7027 x116.

Casa Volunteers Celebrate


There are about 70 volunteers, many of them docents, who give their time to Casa del Herrero all year. Each December there is a co-hosted feast. The board caters an entre and the volunteers set up and bring dessert and wine. Its a charming evening with a buffet laid out in the dining room and the credenza decorated with silver chargers made by the original owner, George Steedman. Then we 

sit down at tables to eat dinner in the living room of this 1920s estate home. George and Carrie Steedman look down on the scene from their portraits on the wall. This house and the 11-acre estate was their pride and joy and is still filled with all the centuries-old furnishings they bought primarily in Spain. Family members still serve on the board, though they live back East. Pharibe Wise and Albert Hinckley, Jr. came out for the fundraising gala and the volunteer party. They also furnished the docents with first-hand stories from when they visited the Casa as children. Executive director Molly Barker and visitor and volunteer coordinator Susannah Gordon want you to know that a new docent training class will begin January 16. If youre interested, call (805) 565-5653 for information or to enroll. Ive loved doing it for the past 13 years. Call the same number if youd like to visit and have a docentled tour. MJ 26 December 2013 9 January 2014


Happy Holidays
2 0 1 3 L I S T I N G S : 1 0 0 % S A L E S R E S U LT S !


I want to thank my wonderful friends & clients for trusting me with their real estate representation this year and always.
Peace, Heath & Happiness in the New Year!







805.565.4014 MARSHA6@ME.COM W W W. SBF I N E E S TAT E S . C O M
d Pe n ing




26 December 2013 9 January 2014



Ninety and Up Birthday Bash
by Patti Teel

Jazz Plus entertains guests at the Carrillo Recreation Center

Fay Learid, age 100

One-hundred-year-old Zena Lewis Patti Teel is the community representative for Senior Helpers, providers of care and comfort at a moments notice. She is also host of the Senior Helpers online video show. www.santabar E-mail: Larry Crandell announcing the arrival of the birthday cake for the guests over ninety years old

he City of Santa Barbara Parks & Recreation threw a birthday party for Santa Barbara residents who are 90 years old and up. Each honoree could bring one guest. The event was held on December 5 at the Carrillo Recreation Center and included a delicious lunch, birthday cake, and live musical entertainment by Zazz Plus a band that specializes in Dixieland, Blues, and Swing music. There were two centurions in attendance Zena Lewis and Fay Learid are each 100 years old. The special honoree was the newest member of the 90+ Club, Larry Crandell, longtime emcee and supporter of this annual birthday party, which just celebrated its 24th year. Larrys son Stephen did a terrific job leading a sing-along of old familiar songs and asked the attendees the same question that is asked every year. The question? What is your secret to longevity? The answers ranged from having a sense of humor, to lots of gardening, and keeping my hands in the earth to a glass of whiskey and a cigar every day. This event was sponsored by the PARC Foundation, HUB International, Hutton Parker Foundation, Santa Barbara Foundation, Garden Court, Casa Magazine, Easy Lift Transportation,

Irene Stanley enjoys herself at the birthday party thrown by the City of Santa Barbara Parks & Recreation department

Howard Hudson, CPA, Montecito Bank & Trust, the Omega Financial Group, Sharon Kennedy Estate Management, Union Bank-Our Gang, and Village Properties. MJ

Linda Hanse with her mom, Ilse Hanse, who taught at San Marcos for 33 years

Pat Farwell and his son, Mike Brady

Ichiban Japanese Restaurant/Sushi Bar

Lunch: Monday through Saturday 11:30am - 2:30pm Dinner: Monday through Sunday: 5pm - 10pm 1812A Cliff Drive Santa Barbara CA 93109 (805)564-7653 Lunch Specials, Bendo boxes. Full Sushi bar, Tatami Seats. Fresh Fish Delivered all week.
Sofia Meznarich and Pat Farwell, two WWII Vets who find a lot to talk about



26 December 2013 9 January 2014

Jason Streatfeild
l u x u r y e s t a t e s


Welcome to 260 Sheffield Drive, this extraordinary Montecito estate is the very picture of southern hospitality. With newly remodeled interiors, this elegant and graceful home is truly a must-see work of architectural art surrounded in stunning natural beauty! Situated on 1.7 meticulously manicured acres, the home features 5 spacious bedrooms, 3 and 1/2 elegant baths, a family-friendly floor plan with formal living room, formal dining room, family room, chefs kitchen and breakfast room. A beautiful 1 bedroom 1 bath guest house designed in the same architectural style completes the property. For more information, virtual tours, floor plans and site plans, visit

BRE: 01834496

Tel: 805.280.9797 Chairmans Circle Platinum - Top 1%


26 December 2013 9 January 2014



The Land Trust purchased 462 acres from its long-time private owners, the McCaslin Family, in March 2012. The Land Trust set out to acquire the property to ensure it would not be developed, and would remain open for public use. The six-parcel property was purchased for $7,600,000, funded by donations from 300 community members and business organizations. For decades visitors have enjoyed hiking, biking, and riding horses in Hot Springs Canyon, though many were unaware the land was privately owned. County zoning would have allowed development of six homes, as well as a private resort and spa on twenty acres with a conditional use permit. The Land Trusts Executive Director Michael Feeney said handing over the property to the Forest Service was a major community effort. Land Trust president Warren Miller added that the acquisition of the 462-acre property is the largest project the Land Trust has ever taken on. Los Padres National Forest Supervisor Peggy Hernandez accepted the deed, joined by First District Supervisor Salud Carbajal, Montecito Trails Foundation president Bobbi King, and a representative of U.S. Rep. Lois Capps.

VILLAGE BEAT (Continued from page 13)


Highway 101 Widening In January, the Montecito Associations Common Sense 101 group launched their alternative for the freeway widening through Montecito. Dubbed the Community Coalition Alternative Plan or (CCAP), the plan calls for keeping the southbound left hand exit at Hot Springs/Cabrillo. Northbound, the plan calls for closing the fast-lane exit at Cabrillo, and replacing it with a right-hand exit at Cabrillo, which would feed into a wider, shifted roundabout. The CCAP plan also includes better signage and longer exit ramps to increase visibility of left-hand exits. The South Coast High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) project, originally expected to break ground in Montecito in 2016, is the fourth phase of a larger HOV project. It will add a third, parttime carpool lane through Carpinteria and Montecito. The entire project, expected to cost $450 million and span almost 11 miles of freeway, will require several interchanges along the freeway to be rebuilt to accommodate a third lane. As part of the project, Caltrans has required all fast-lane exits be removed, including the northbound Cabrillo Blvd off-ramp and southbound Sheffield Drive off-ramp, due to safety concerns. Caltrans originally laid out five possible configurations; an EIR was circulated in 2012. In May, Caltrans rejected the CCAP plan, solidifying their position that

retaining Montecitos left-hand freeway exits is not a viable design strategy. Caltrans Senior Project Engineer Scott Eades told the Santa Barbara County Association of Governments (SBCAG) that the left-hand exit ramps in Montecito are not supported by State and Federal standards due to safety and operational problems. The ramps, which the CCAP maintains in order to lessen construction and monetary impacts in Montecito, require slow moving vehicles and trucks to transition across all lanes, as well as merge with high-speed traffic before exiting. Eades also pointed out other fatal flaws in the CCAP plan. The Common Sense 101 group continues to defend the plan, maintaining that the proposal will save the community up to $60 million in construction costs, two to four years in construction time, and environmental impacts, as well as reducing negative impacts on regional and local business. During the May meeting, SBCAG voted for starting and stopping the HOV lane south of Sheffield, an idea suggested by the Montecito Association. They also voted for including the study of the CCAP plan in the projects EIR, and possibly re-circulating the Environmental Document. The Common Sense 101 group has continued to move forward this past year, meeting with several other officials, including Governor Jerry Browns senior advisor, Jacob Applesmith; Secretary of Californias Business, Transportation, and Housing Agency; Brian Kelly; Santa Barbara Mayor Helene Schneider; and others. In November the group presented findings showing Montecitos lefthand ramps were found to be below the statewide average for accidents. In January 2014 SBCAG is expected to vote on whether or not to proceed with the widening plan. Caltrans has held firm on not building the freeway with left-hand ramps; if SBCAG chooses to reject Caltrans opposition to the ramps and re-circulate the EIR, Caltrans could stop all work on the project. Montecito Union Master Plan Update In August, we sat down with Montecito Union Superintendent Tammy Murphy, who gave us an overview of the proposed renovations and upgrades to take place at the school over the next several years. While still in the very preliminary stages, the schools Facility Improvement Plan would add a multipurpose Common building, an outdoor bowl area, a storage and shed building, realignment of the ball fields, an expanded media center, an area for interior physical education, and more. The renovation plans have been in the works for the last two years, when in an effort to form a long-term plan

Montecito Union School is in need of upgrades; a Facility Improvement Plan is in the works

for the 87-year-old elementary school, MUSD hired an architecture firm to perform a thorough assessment of the campus. Weve kept the campus neat and clean, but there are huge issues, Murphy said. The 4.5-acre campus, which was built in 1926, is significantly outdated, with the youngest building (the 2nd and 3rd grade classrooms) built eighteen years ago. The school was partially upgraded in the 1970s, but contains outdated infrastructure that is not compatible with 21st century technology, according to the Campus Condition Assessment. We have kids using iPads at their desks, while the teachers are using chalk on a chalkboard, Murphy explained. The Assessment, performed by RNT (Roesling Nakamura and Terada Architects), contains hundreds of pages of information outlining the schools deficits and needs. Its an enormous amount of information to take in, said Murphy, who, four years ago helped with a $25 million overhaul of her former school, Ross Elementary School, in Marin County. The RNT report contains maps, pictures, and a complete overview of the schools infrastructure. There is much legally required work needed, including shatterproof windows; asbestos, lead, and mold removal; and an upgraded, campuswide, code-compliant fire alarm system. Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) upgrades are also needed, including ramps, accessible bathrooms, sinks, counters, doors, and more. To bring the campus up to California Building Code, more bathrooms will need to be added, as well as student dining facilities. The main part of the proposed project is The Common, a state-mandated food service facility that will include indoor and outdoor student dining facilities, an upstairs staff lounge with outdoor deck, and an outdoor stage 

with amphitheater seating to support entire-campus gatherings. The twostory building and tiered outdoor area will be located on the back lawn of the campus, where a play structure currently sits. The nearby organic garden would be used for Farm-to-Fork lessons, as the building would be multi-use and multi-purpose, Murphy said. The cafeteria would replace the current food program: a food truck on loan from Santa Barbara County School District, which provides a satellite menu prepared at another school. Other categories of campus improvements include maintenance and repair (roofing, plumbing, site drainage issues), and upgrades and modernization (energy efficiency, utility infrastructure, lighting issues). The Facilities Committee, a think tank of about twenty adults, including teachers, staff, reps from the nearby YMCA, a rep from the Montecito Association, and neighbors, has been digesting the enormous amount of information over the last year. Another component of an upgraded campus is a new traffic schematic, designed to lessen the pick-up and drop-off impact on San Ysidro Road. A new parking lot is planned for the 2.3-acre site to the south of campus, which was acquired in a land swap with the YMCA. The lot would include a longer drop off circle, which would prevent cars from backing up on San Ysidro Road. Also planned for the south property which is not permitted to be used for school use until 2016 is a series of classrooms to be added as school attendance increases. The entire project is expected to cost upwards of $40 million, with legally required work estimated at $10 million. The District is working with a bond advisor, who is looking at how to possibly finance the work with a school bond, which could be on the ballot as early as next year. The Board had set aside $1 million for upgraded facilities; that money has been tapped into to finance the extensive studies and assessments. While remodeling of the campus, which sits on roughly 11 acres of land in total, is exempt from the County planning process, Murphy says the Facilities Committee is planning collaborative community outreach. School House Road neighbors have expressed initial concern over noise, privacy, increased traffic, and visual impacts. More public meetings are likely to be held in 2014, after the School Board and administration review the Campus Condition Assessment.

Montecito Milestones

A look at the celebrations, people, and events that defined our community in 2013. 26 December 2013 9 January 2014


MPC & MBAR One of Montecitos most significant milestones this year was the 10-year anniversary of the Montecito Planning Commission and Montecito Board of Architectural Review. MPC and MBAR were formed 10 years ago in March, after an attempt to annex Montecito as its own city. At that time, Montecito land use issues were heard by the Santa Barbara County Planning Commission, and many Montecito residents felt our community would be better served with a separate planning commission and architectural review board solely for Montecito. Bob Meghreblian and other instrumental Montecito residents formed a group to look into the idea, and after consulting with then First District Supervisor Naomi Schwartz and her staff, the Board of Supervisors granted approval for a Montecito Planning Commission and Montecito Board of Architectural Review for a two-year trial period. Since then MPC and MBAR have helped shape the village feel of Montecito, ensuring projects and builders adhere to the Montecito Community Plan. The establishment of MPC/MBAR ensures that Montecito projects are looked at by two groups of Montecito-minded people, who understand and implement the Community Plan, which was adopted in 1992. At a special celebratory MPC meeting in May, marking the 10th anniversary, MPC Chair Sue Burrows thanked First District Supervisor Salud Carbajal, as well as his dedicated staff, for their ongoing work with Montecito land use issues. Carbajal gave credit to Schwartz, saying the tenacity she displayed was a vital part of the formation of MPC and MBAR. Former and current MPC commissioners include Bob Meghreblian, Joan Wells, Bob Bierig, Dick Thielscher, Michael Phillips, Claire Gottsdanker, Jack Overall, Dan Eidelson, JAmy Brown, and Ms Burrows. Former and current MBAR members include Sam Maphis, Tony Spann, Don Nulty, Ray Ketzel, Peter Edwards, Michelle Michaelson, Hubert Twibell, Marsha Zilles, Derrick Eichelberger, Dave Mendro, Susan Keller, Bill Palladini, John Watson, and Ms Gottsdanker. In March, MPC said goodbye to Claire Gottsdanker, who has been on the commission for over seven years. Taking Claires seat is JAmy Brown, former Montecito Association president and current commissioner on the Historic Landmark Advisory Commission. Gottsdanker returned to MBAR, where she held a seat before joining MPC. Gottsdanker fills one of two vacancies left by new MFPD director Susan Keller and architect Don Nulty. In April, former Land Use 26 December 2013 9 January 2014

fire engine parked in front of each of our homes. We may have to fend for ourselves for a while. A streaming video of the entire emergency planning hearing can be viewed anytime online at www.coun For preparedness tips, visit Montecito Association Happenings In July, Montecito Association pulled off another Village Fourth celebration, organized by Diane Pannkuk. The Grand Marshal of the parade was Dan Eidelson, a community gem who has been a continual supporter of all things Montecito for decades, according to Pannkuk. Close to 40 groups or individuals entered the parade, which made its way down San Ysidro Road onto Santa Rosa Lane; a community gathering with activities for the kids took place at Manning Park following the parade. The winner of the Montecito Cup was again Cold Spring School, which had dozens of students participating in a tug of war, sack races, and a pie-eating contest. Former Cold Spring School student RJ Goligoski won the pie-eating contest. The first Saturday in November, the MA hosted the 28th annual Beautification Day at the Village Green.

Longtime Montecito Planning Commissioner Claire Gottsdanker left her post in 2013 to return to the Montecito Board of Architectural Review

JAmy Brown (right), seen here with Montecito Planning Commission chair Sue Burrows, was appointed to the MPC in March

Committee member John Watson was appointed to MBAR, and in September longtime MBAR chair Tony Spann stepped down from his post, with architect Don Sharpe brought on as his replacement. Burrows and Brown agree that the MPC would not be as successful if not for the work of the Montecito Association, county staff, and input from the public. Since its inception, MPC has held over 100 meetings, with 400 agenda items. MBAR has seen over 850 projects at 173 meetings over the last 10 years. In August, MPC hosted a hearing on Disaster Preparedness in Montecito. Because it was an informational hearing only, the MPC allowed the public to submit questions via email during the hearing a high tech move not used before. Supervisor Salud Carbajal introduced Ryan Rockabrand, the countys new chief of the Office of Emergency Management, who discussed the departments five-year comprehensive emergency management strategic plan. Richard Abrams, director of planning for the County Office of Emergency Planning, explained how the county would assist in a large disaster, should it go beyond the scope of Montecitos capabilities. Montecito Fire Chief Chip Hickman then led the MFPD report, with the aid of Operational Chief Terry McElwee and Public Information Officer Geri Ventura. Chief Hickman noted that Montecito fire district coverage area is 21.7 square miles, and is serviced by two stations. In describing Montecitos somewhat limited resources to fight a major wildfire, Chief McElwee said there are additional resources available via mutual aid, including 22 engines in the front country and aircraft if necessary. PIO Ventura offered a number of specific immediate actions steps to pre-prepare, including creating a fiveminute grab and go kit. Other ideas include clearing brush away from homes, making family evacuation and communication plans, knowing every

way out of your neighborhood, and, if you have a gate, knowing how to open it and lock it in the open position. At the conclusion, Commissioner Dan Eidelson asked Chief Hickman what residents could do to best protect themselves. He responded: Have a plan! I think today we learned we all need an individual plan and we should start preparing that plan today, Commissioner Brown said in closing. We also need to connect with our neighborhood and inventory our nearby resources because, in a large emergency, we probably wont have a



Rotarian of the Month

The RCMs Board is pleased to select Marc Fleischman as our Rotarian of the Month.

arcs youngest daughter, Malerie, led him to the RCM in 2009 when she won RCMs annual Ethics Essay Contest. Marc soon joined the RCM and now serves as club Secretary, VP, President-Elect as well as spearheading the Ethics Essay Contest. A Law Review member and graduate of Pace University School of Law, Marc holds a Certificate in General Management from the Harvard Business School and is a member of both the California State and New York State Bar Associations. Marc launched his career in 1980 and later became Partner at the law firm of Donovan Leisure Newton Irvine. In 1991, upon joining World Minerals Inc. as its VP and General Counsel, Marc and his family moved to Santa Barbara. After World Minerals Inc. was sold, Marc hung out his own eponymous shingle, specializing in corporate, commercial, real estate, and international law. In his 32 year career, Marc has done business just as many countries. He shares his experience and passion for law as an Adjunct Professor at the Santa Barbara Business College, the Brooks Institute and the S. California Institute of Law. Marc got his first glimpse of his wife, Laurie, in an office in Albany, NY in 1976 but before he could introduce himself, she was gone. Eight years later, he turned around at a lecture and there she was again. Marc and Laurie married in 1985. In addition their daughter Malerie, who studies at the U. of Washington, their elder daughter, Danielle works at in NYC. The RCM celebrates its 60th year of community service and supports both local and international humanitarian projects. We are part of Rotary International, a worldwide group of business and professional leaders. The club meets every Tuesday for a delicious, informative, and collegial luncheon at the iconic Montecito Country Club.

For more information about attending a luncheon or joining the RCM, please contact Club President John Glanville at (805) 565-3334

Most people would sooner die than think; in fact, they do so Bertrand Russell

Rotary Club of Montecito MONTECITO JOURNAL


VILLAGE BEAT (Continued from page 25)

Diane Pannkuk, Dana Newquist, and Mindy Denson at the Village Fourth celebration in July

Event chair Cindy Feinberg and her committee chose four Montecito properties to receive this years beautification awards. An award was given to Elizabeth and Jonathan Raith, homeowners on San Ysidro Road who recently re-landscaped their front yard with sustainable shrubbery and herbs. Montecito Water District was also honored, with board member Jan Abel accepting the award on the Districts behalf. MWD beautified the corner of Barker Pass and Sycamore Canyon roads where a water pump was installed in 2011; a pedestrian-friendly footpath was also constructed. El Montecito Verde, the condominium complex on Fairway Road, was honored for sustainable

Montecito Boy Scout Troop 33 returns after a hiatus due to lack of participation

Village Fourth parade Grand Marshal Dan Eidelson, who currently sits on the Montecito Planning Commission

75 years. The group, which is the second oldest in Santa Barbara, was temporarily halted due to lack of youth participation, but a significant surge in new membership has revitalized the group, led by Scoutmaster Dave Cantin. Retirements & Successors As school closed down for the summer break, Montecito Union students, parents, and staff waved their final goodbyes to beloved lead custodian Donald Scottie Morrison, who retired after over 30 years at MUS. Scottie, who is known to be quiet and humble, told the Board the time felt right to move on to the next chapter in his life. Students, parents, teachers, and former teachers and administrators, including former Superintendent Bronte Reynolds, gathered to honor Scottie at the final Flag and Awards Assembly of the school year on Friday, June 7. Reynolds, who hired Scottie in the early 1980s, congratulated the usually shy custodian, who stood on stage during a 10-minute-long standing ovation. Former and current teachers, along with members of the PTA, took turns hugging Scottie and thanking him for his service. MUS students wrote Scottie notes of thanks, which were turned into colorful chain links and hung on either side of the auditorium stage. Scottie thanked the MUS community, and told the kids that his energy comes from seeing their smiling faces every day. I will miss working with the teachers and children that make this place special, he said. Laguna Blanca Head of Lower School Paul Slocombe left his post at the end of the school year in June. Andy Surber was hired as his successor; Mr. Surber brings over 15 years of experience in education, and began his new role at the Montecito campus on July 1, 2013. Laguna Blanca also announced new trustees Mason Farrell, Dawn Lafitte Hani Zeini, and Margaret Baker, who returned to the board for the second time. In February Montecito Trails Foundation announced new board

Montecitos Citizen of the Year 2013, Jean Von Wittenburg

commercial landscaping, while homeowner Jim Ochs was awarded the Charming Cottage Award for his East Pepper Lane cottage. Citizen of the Year was Jean Von Wittenburg, who is an original member of the Montecito Associations Beautification Committee. She is credited with organizing an annual clean-the-community barbeque, which has since turned into the popular Beautification Day event. Jean has also sat on the MA board an unprecedented 12 years. In January 2013, MA president Dick Nordlund was replaced by Dave Kent, while directors Evan Aptaker, Mindy Denson, Gene Sinser, and Peter van Duinwyk retired. (Van Duinwyk was appointed to the Montecito Union School board in October.) MA directors Cindy Feinberg and Jean von Wittenburg were reelected; while new board members include Frank Abatemarco, Barbara Mathews, and Carla Tomson. The annual meeting of the Board of Directors is scheduled for Tuesday, January 14. Troop 33 Returns A bridging ceremony and BBQ in Manning Park took place on June 9, marking the resurgence of Boy Scouts Troop 33, Montecitos troop for over T V V 



26 December 2013 9 January 2014

State Street Spin

Note for Note with Dallas Clark
by Erin Graffy de Garcia

guess you could call Dallas Clark The Quiet Maverick. This quiet, gracious redhead seems like just another pretty face, until you get behind the blue eyes and discover the brains and talent that can switch gears and careers as fast as a musician modulates to a new key. Starting out as the middle child in a family of nine kids from Texas, Dallas went off to work in a time when it wasnt fashionable to be a young, single, and independent woman. She trained as a surgical nurse, and was one of the first Nurse Practitioners in the country (even completing rounds for her doctor when he went on vacation). Leaving the heat in Houston (100!), for a vacation,Dallas packed her bags to go with a gal pal to San Francisco. The invigorating spirit of the West Coast spoke to her sense of independence and adventure. She made the sudden decision to stay. To be honest, I have always stepped forward in fear, Dallas recalled, but my greater fear was that I would never move forward. And so out Dallas stepped out determinedly and decisively and settled in California. She worked as a nurse in San Francisco, and then became a rep for a medical supply company in Los Angeles (when few women were in the industry), covering a huge territory of seven states. Working with hundreds of hospitals led Dallas to meet Edward Wenner, a man who had developed the baby formula used at many of the hospitals. She went to work for his company and immediately began adding new accounts, selling 13 hospitals in almost as many months. They married two years later. With a mind made for business, Dallas moved from medical to mobile homes. Dallas and her husband bought and then developed mobile home parks. Edward wanted Dallas to retire, so she took up tennis.The quietly feisty redhead applied her skill and sense of strategy to her tennis shots and became an outstanding player, competing in international tournaments. After 17 years of marriage, Dallas and Edward parted on very amicable terms. Several years later Dallas was in Palm Springs, where Peter Clark was sitting in on a jazz jam. Peter was smitten with Dallas and swept her off her feet in short order. They married in 1986 and have been a team ever since. She clearly delights in his musical and artistic brilliance, and he is in awe of her levelheaded business acumen and 26 December 2013 9 January 2014

Ms Graffy is author of Society Ladys Guide on How to Santa Barbara, is a longtime Santa Barbara resident and a regular attendee at many society affairs and events; she can be reached at 687-6733

Two redheads, Dallas Clark and Erin Graffy, discuss medicine, music, and the great meals at Dallas and Peter Clarks Andrias Harborside Restaurant

her understanding and appreciation of all things music. For instance, few people know that Dallas actually launched Rolling Stone Magazine. Her stepson Jann Wenner approached her about starting a music industry magazine. She was one of the three original investors who put up the seed money for the publication. The rest is history. Peter and Dallas are the quintessential musical duo, trading off parts with one providing an ostinato for the others florida, and other times they run along as melody and harmony. They have supported, underwritten and produced all kinds of musical adventures. (What great memories my husband and I have of the musical soires at their home with Randy Crawford and other noted singers.) For several years, they produced the popular Santa Barbara Jazz Festival. Dallas also adopted a talented teen from Russia to live with her to study jazz here. More recently Dallas and Peter co-sponsored the Santa Barbara premiere of The Wrecking Crew documentary about the 1960s studio musicians who recorded for major pop stars. Then, just for fun, Dallas and Peter decided to buy and run for ten years what was to become the very popular Andrias Harborside Restaurant. Filled with Peters art and music, and infused with Dallass ability to balance the big business picture with attention to detail, the place became a special spot in Santa Barbara.People loved hanging out at Andrias and mingling with Tito Puente and other great musicians who Peter would attract to sit in and jam just for the jazz of it. Andrias featured outrageous parties (Elizabeth Taylor look-alike night) and unexpected celebrity appearances were part of the ambiance: Bishop Tutu came in twice because his wife loved their BBQ shrimp.

In the midst of her pain and treatment, Jann Wenner asked Dallas to write some memories about his late father, her former husband. Her writing so delighted and impressed Jann, he encouraged her to do more. So life pulled a key change and Dallas is now going in a new direction as a writer. While in chemotherapy, Dallas took stock of her personal positive achievements for her own self-encouragement. She chronicled them in a book, I Did It And You Can Too! (It will be launched at the Santa Barbara Womens Festival in 2014.) And then why not? she wrote another book: Andrias Harborside: Secret Recipes of a Santa Barbara Icon. (Alicia St. John worked as Dallass right-hand manto co-author and produce the book.) It looks like a recipe cookbook of Andrias famous fare: Pistachio Nut Crusted Halibut (yall

remember that one, oh yeah!) and my favorite to-die-for chocolate cheesecake. It has all of Andrias secret sauce recipes, which alone are worth the price of admission. But it is also a memory-book from the restaurant. The book is replete with Peters paintings that everyone remembers adorning the walls.(My favorite is his Pink Piano.) And to complete the aural ambience of Andrias, the book comes with a CD of Peters music. (I was pleasantly surprised to find yours truly as one of the women featured on his Santa Barbara Ballad that I love and recorded a few years ago.) Dallas will be one of the featured authors at CALMs Celebrity Authors Luncheon in spring, 2014, which will highlight her book on Andrias. The Bard wisely encouraged us: If Music be the food of life... play on! And Dallas certainly is. MJ

January is on us!
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January 4


A branch of the Channel Islands YMCA

Key Change

Union Bank will donate $10 to our scholarship fund for every new member!

Two years ago, life seemed to take somewhat of a sour note, when Dallas was diagnosed with cancer. She tackled it with strategy and science, but was left very weak.
The hardest thing to learn in life is which bridge to cross and which to burn Bertrand Russell



VILLAGE BEAT (Continued from page 26)

Scottie Morrison retired from Montecito Union School after over 30 years

Montecito Trails Foundation president Bobbi King, who has sat on the board for more than 25 years

Lisa and Chris Cullen

Montecito Landscape
Landscape Design and Installation for over 40 years For a FREE Consultation Call 805-969-3984
California Contractors License 263156 Since 1970

New Laguna Blanca Head of School Andy Surber

Montecito Library Supervisor Jody Thomas left her post after ten years

New Years Eve POPS

Tuesday, December 31, 2013 8:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.

at the Granada Theatre

Bob Bernhardt Guest Conducto r

Celebrate with the Whole Family!

PRINCIPAL CONCERT SPONSOR Fast becoming a Santa Barbara favorite, The Santa Barbara Center Bob Bernhardt returns with a Pops feast for the Performing Arts of the tunes you and your family will love, ARTIST SPONSOR as well as a few surprises! Ring in the new year at the best party in town, but get your tickets earlythis concert is always a sell-out!

members: Treasurer Kyle Slattery, Administrative Advisor Mike Stein, and Technology Advisor James Aviani. Bobbi King, who has sat on the board for more than 25 years, was elected to serve as the non-profits president. In April, the Montecito Fire Protection District promoted three firefighters with a ceremony during the Board of Directors meeting at Fire District Headquarters. Todd Edwards was promoted to Shift Battalion Chief, Evan Skei was promoted to Captain, and Loren Bass was promoted to Engineer. In August, we said farewell to Montecito Library Supervisor Jody Thomas, who left Montecito to take a full-time librarian position at Santa Barbaras Central Library on Anapamu Street. Jody, who left just shy of her 10-year anniversary at the Montecito Library, spent the last sev-

Sara Doehring is Montecitos new librarian

eral years in Montecito compiling a history of the library and Community Hall. In October, Sara Doehring, former Library Technician at Santa Barbaras Central Library, was chosen as Montecitos new Library Supervisor.

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Purchase Tickets online at or call the Granada Theatre at 805-899-2222

Programming to be announced. Not part of season subscription series.


Visit our Showroom Upstairs at 6351/2 N. Milpas at Ortega 962-3228



26 December 2013 9 January 2014

In Passing Carol Tina Coffin, an active supporter of MERRAG, All Saints bythe-Sea Episcopal Church, Music Academy of the West, Ensemble Theatre Company, Santa Barbara Newcomers, and Planned Parenthood, passed away on January 28. In February, we marked the passing of local author Barnaby Conrad, who died at the age of 90. Conrad was the founder of the Santa Barbara Writers Conference, and admired by many for his generosity and inspirational interviews. Captain Fred Michael Benko passed away March 7, 2013. The Condor Express owner and Santa Barbara Harbor expert was a generous supporter/member of a number of organizations, was named a National Environmental Hero, recognized as a Whale Hero by the American Cetacean Society, honored by the Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network, designated as a Local Hero by the Santa Barbara Independent, and received the Stewardship Award from the Channel Island National Marine Sanctuary. Montecitos very first Grand Marshal, Jonathan Winters, died in April. A memorial held at the Lobero Theatre on May 19 began with a Marine salute, singing of the national anthem, a recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, and the presentation of a U.S. flag to Lucinda Winters, Jonathans daughter. The celebratory affair featured film clips of Mr. Winters from his career dating back to his stand-up comic days. Cork Millner, another writer and mentor, also passed away this year, on August 13. An award-winning playwright and prolific author, the longtime Santa Barbara Polo Club member sold more than 400 magazine articles on travels, wine, and celebrities to the L.A. Times, Playboy, and Santa Barbara Magazine, among many others. Cork was the ex-husband of longtime Journal columnist Lynda Millner. A member of the SB Writers Conference for 20 years, he also taught writing at

Author and Santa Barbara Writers Conference founder Barnaby Conrad passed away in February


DEC 31






Writer and mentor Cork Millner died August 13




City College. Vincent Mezzio, founder of the Montecito Avocado Ranch, a 40-acre avocado and lemon orchard and residential development in the heart of Montecito, also died this year; services were held at Mount Carmel Church on September 9.







Hellos & Goodbyes

Storefront shuffle: business openings and closings in Montecitos upper and lower villages. Montecito Country Mart In March, the Read N Post reopened in its permanent location after being housed in three smaller locations for the better part of a year. A Montecito retail landmark for more than 30 years, Read N Post lost its lease at



JAN 18
4PM & 8PM







JAN 22


26 December 2013 9 January 2014

One must care about a world one will not see Bertrand Russell

12.26.13.MJ.indd 1



VILLAGE BEAT (Continued from page 29)

Space NK Apothecary employees Audrey Adler, manager Kay Matthews, and Shanti Renee opened the London-born boutique in Montecito in July

Glamour House opens pop up location on Coast Village Road; Kayla Picciuto, owner Ann Picciuto, and Mindy Denson run the satellite shop

Read N Post manager Jan Hendrickson and post office clerk Robin Machado re-opened the popular card and gift store in March

Store manager Wendy Figueiredo opened Calypso St. Barth in Montecito Country Mart in September

Allora by Laura owner Laura Dinning opened her store in July

Sharon Egan and Rossell Studer open pop up shop featuring bread and juice


1046 Coast Village Road in April 2012. Managed by Jan Hendrickson, Read N Post features the largest selection of magazines in the Santa Barbara area, as well as greeting cards, gifts, and other items. In April, the Mart welcomed Pressed Juicery, the companys 10th location. The satellite shop is filled with juice made fresh every day in Los Angeles; the store features about three-dozen varieties of juice, water, and other drinks. July marked the opening of Intermix, a mens and womens clothing store with over 35 locations in the United States and Canada. The trendy boutique opened in a section of what used to be Vons Pharmacy, which relocated next to Starbucks last year. Next door, Space NK Apothecary opened its doors in July. Named after founder Nicky Kinnaird, Space NK is a London-based company with twodozen stateside stores and 62 stores in the UK; the store features an edited selection of the worlds best beauty products, according to store manager Kay Matthews. On the other side of Intermix, another new addition to the Mart opened its doors in September: Calypso St. Barth is a boutique featuring a mix of casual and elegant womens clothing, accessories, and fragrance. Known for its upscale resort wear and home goods, the company has close to 40 shops throughout the country. On October 1, a new specialty home and lifestyle shop opened its doors next door to Roris Creamery. The store, Mate Gallery New York, is owned by Ron Brand and Matt Albiani, who say they hope to bring a little East Coast style to Montecito.

Mate Gallery New York proprietors Ron Brand and Matt Albiani

Mate Gallery features vintage pieces, photographs, oil paintings, and more, all sourced from either East Coast vendors or estate sales from around the world. The collection includes vintage books, tabletop accessories, ocean paraphernalia, tapestries, and some new items, including a skincare line by Ursa Major, and Sea Bags, reusable bags recycled from old sails. The stores joins other specialty stores in the Mart, which is also home to Toy Crazy, Malia Mills, One Hour Martinizing, Montecito Barbers, Xanadu Bakery, Little Alexs, Panino, Montecito Natural Foods, James Perse, Roris Artisanal Creamery, and pet store George. There are still two empty spaces next to Mate Gallery New York, and a corner space once slated to be a restaurant is still for lease. Coast Village Road In March, the 1,200-sq-ft building at 1080 Coast Village Road changed hands. The standalone building, once home to Village Pool Supply, and more recently Coast Village Rug Company, was bought by Jeff Menelli

for an undisclosed purchase price. Mr. Menelli plans to use the space to operate his tile and design business; construction is currently taking place on the property. May marked the opening of Sterling Properties & Estates, a Santa Barbarabased real estate service. The new office is located at 1225 Coast Village Road. Owners Michael Humphrey and Staci Caplan and their staff handle multimillion-dollar deals, as well as smaller real estate transactions. After being vacant over a year, the space at 1269 Coast Village Road was filled with a new clothing boutique in July, called Allora by Laura. Owned by Santa Barbara native and former Antoinette creative designer Laura Dinning, the shop offers several European clothing collections. Much of the clothing is Italian knit wear, cashmere, and silks, designed to be styled together to create a casual but refined look. Dinning also carries denim, cashmere tees, and 100% certified Mongolian cashmere scarves. Montecito-based makeup artist Shannon Loar-Cot opened Hello Gorgeous Models, a modeling agency, on Coast Village Road in September. The agency is located within Montecito Aesthetic Institute. Upper Villages Glamour House owner Ann Picciuto opened the doors to a pop up shop on Coast Village Road in October in the former home of Souliers. A satellite store to the main location, Glamour House carries notable and classic high-quality lingerie and loungewear collections such as Celestine, Cosabella, Pluto, Hanro, Calida, Oscar De la Renta, Diamond Tea, Natori, Hanky Panky, BedHead, PJ Salvage, Karen Luu, Jacques Levine, 

Art Gaspar retires from his Coast village Road jewelry store after 32 years in business

Chantelle, and Wacoal, among others. The store is located in Olive Mill Plaza at 1235 Coast Village Road. Another pop up opened December 18 in Olive Mill Plaza: Rossell Studer and Sharon Egan opened Crazy Good Bread Co. and JuiceWell in the former home of Summer For Kids, which closed over the summer. The ladies have both been invited to join the Santa Barbara Public Market when it opens in March 2014. After 32 years in business on Coast Village Road, Gaspar Jewelers will close on December 27. The family-run business is owned by Art Gaspar and managed by Maria Gaspar-Baltieri, while daughter Katie Gaspar, a gemologist, works on the sales floor. Im retiring! said Art enthusiastically. He says he is most looking forward to sleeping in on Saturdays. The jewelry store is Montecitos oldest full service jeweler, featuring diamonds as well as precious gemstones. Art tells us he will spend his retirement traveling, hiking, volunteering, and more. Im looking forward to it, he said. The store is located at 1213 Coast Village Road. 26 December 2013 9 January 2014


Julianne store managers Lauren Reynolds and Amanda Fazio

Stylist Mimi Doll at Jenni Kayne in the Upper Village

Danuta Jewelers has left Montecito, relocating to State Street. The store, owned by jewelry designer Danuta Alyassin, was located at 1185 Coast Village Road; it is now at 1221 State Street in Santa Barbara. Upper Village In April, American Riviera Bank opened its second location in Montecitos Upper Village. The bank was the first tenant to sign a lease in Richard Gunners Pharmacy Project on the corner of San Ysidro and East Valley roads. In July, clothing boutique Julianne opened in the 800-sq-ft stone building located to the left of S.R. Hogue. The store is the second namesake boutique for owner Julieann Stark, whose first shop opened six years ago in Port Washington, New York. The stylist

and fashion buyer cherry picks the best of the best from close to three dozen clothing and accessory designers, offering a select sampling of her favorites in her two stores. Clothing designer Jenni Kayne opened two stores on the Gunner property in September: a clothing boutique, which houses her exclusive clothing collection, and a home store (which features a childrens floor upstairs). Her clothing store features pieces from Kaynes current line, including her signature shoe, the DOrsay, which comes in various styles, materials, and colors. Other items include jewelry, womens clothing, cashmere, and accessories. Stylist Mimi Doll is at the shop Monday through Friday, helping clients with fit, style, and wardrobe tips. The home store, located in the cottage next to

Pharmacy Project tenant Henry Beguelin carries fine Italian-made leather goods, including purses, belts, boots, and more

S.R. Hogue, features home and tabletop pieces, with a natural, earthy feel. The offerings are from a variety of domestic and international vendors. Blankets, candles, cookbooks, serving pieces, utensils, kitchen accessories, and much more are located on the ground floor, while childrens items are located upstairs. Later in September, luxury leather and accessory shop, Henry Beguelin by Cristina Nicoletti, opened. The shop is owned by Paul and Cristina Nicoletti; the Montecito location is the duos seventh store in the United States. Henry Beguelin carries fine Italian-made leather goods, including purses, belts, boots, and more, as well as clothing, jewelry, and other

Janie B owner Jane Barrett will close the home and accessory store at the end of 2013

accessories. The newest shops join San Ysidro Pharmacy, Montecito Coffee Shop, Country House Antiques, S.R. Hogue, Coldwell Banker, and William Laman Antiques. Upper Village gift and home accessory store, Janie B, will close its doors after five years. Owner Jane Barrett tells us the decision to close the popular shop was not easy, but she says she is looking forward to switching gears in her life. The shop, which features gifts and home accessories, will be open until the end of 2013. Janie B is located at 1482 East Valley Road, Studio 36. MJ

Wie Y n Yr Hp Hid Seas n Proru N Ye

L E E & Asoiae

BRE# 01730026


Lori Ebner

Thank You from Lori, Brooke and Brian (Marketing)


Brooke Ebner

26 December 2013 9 January 2014


On Entertainment
A Cappella at Granada
by Steven Libowitz
The a cappella group m-pact will perform the music of Stevie Wonder on January 5 at the Granada

Steven Libowitz has reported on the arts and entertainment for more than 30 years; he has contributed to Montecito Journal for over ten years.

cost $28 to $73. Call (805) 899-2222 or visit

Back in Town for a Moment

eff Smith never imagined himself doing beat-box percussion for an a cappella group for a living. But while studying music and music therapy at University of Kansas on a bassoon scholarship, Smith checked out some vocal groups just to blow off steam and eventually created his own group to sing around campus during study breaks. Having caught the a cappella bug, Smith kept his group measureXmeasure going after college. He stayed around Kansas City, not moving to Los Angeles music mecca until the veteran vocal-sansinstruments group m-pact recruited him in 2004. Now Smith who has lent his voice to major film studios, performed on tons of commercials, and even appeared on an episode of Glee serves as half of the vocal percussion section for m-pact. The sextet is teaming with similar New York City-based group Duwende for a touring tribute to Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. The debut show takes place at the Granada on January 5. Smith talked about vocal pyrotechnics, tributes, and the tour over the phone in mid-December. Q. What was the concept for m-pact? How does it differ from some of the other a cappella groups around? A. Well, not to brag, but what makes us unique is that the level of musicianship is top notch, really in a class by itself, or at least a class of very few. That allows us to do music

thats a lot more complex and interesting than what youd normally hear. Historically, a cappella groups have become a home for mediocre singers; you dont have to be a great soloist, because youre always blending with everyone else. Thats changed a bit with Pentatonix, the group that won Season Three of NBCs The Sing Off, but weve always had great singers. That also means that its hard to schedule a concert tour, because were in demand for other projects all the time. Trist, our bass singer, is currently touring with Manhattan Transfer for the last five months, filling in for one of the members. Thats the main reason we dont do more than 200 dates a year anymore. We also have a very wide vocal range for an all-male group. A couple of our guys can sing in the female soprano range. If theyre not seeing us, they think we have women in the group. But its just us. It seems like m-pact bridges the gap between vocal jazz and modern R&B a cappella groups. Jazz is at the core of everything we do. Imagine the style we do as spokes of a wheel; the hub is jazz. Even when were doing pop or funk or R&B, its all influenced by jazz, at least in the arrangements and harmonic structure. Youre the beat-box guy. For those of us who are, lets just say, in an age group that is not entirely familiar with the genre, how you do it? Chris and I are like the bass and

drums in a rock band. When I first learned how to do it with my voice, I wasnt into beat-box, because its usually part of the hip-hop scene and rap, which isnt my thing either. But those same techniques can be used for jazz and all of the styles that we do. Its pretty much all just using consonant syllables from the alphabet. P is the kick drum, T the cymbals, K the snare drum. I can alter my voice and approximate the sounds of a drum kit. Lets talk about this show and working with Duwende, who already did a Michael Jackson tribute album. Why Stevie Wonder for you guys? Hes been a huge influence on m-pact since the beginning. His music has always been in the repertoire. His songwriting and chord progressions are superb. He jibes with how we write and arrange. It just fits together. But we normally only do two or three of his songs on any given night, because we have a big repertoire and also like to sing some of our originals. So its a bit daunting to embark on a show of this magnitude. But he has such a wide variety and depth to what hes written, were still getting to show the full palette of what we do, even though were only singing one artist. Whats the format? One set after the other or some intermingling? Well both be intertwined throughout the show, doing two to three song mini sets and then switching. For at least a couple of numbers, all 12 singers will be on stage together. And were borrowing their lead vocalist for one of our songs, and well be doing a Michael Jackson song while Duwende does one of Stevies. So there will be mixing and matching throughout the evening. We even have some choreography going on. I Wish... For All Time, an a cappella concert with m-pact and Duwende, will be performed at 3pm Sunday, January 5 at the Granada, 1214 State Street. Tickets

Its been 18 years since Santa Barbara native Dana Lawton (ne McCue) last danced professionally in town. It was during a year off between college at Cal Arts in Los Angeles and grad school up in the Bay Area. Back then, Dana, who had just married Jon Lawton well-known in the area as the leader of the blues-rock band Little Jonny & the Giants was still a fledgling dancer, having only delved into the medium a few years earlier when she took a dance class to fulfill a requirement at SBCC. I got completely enthralled. I just loved it, she recalled over the phone the other day. I wound up taking every single class I could everywhere I could for six years, and Id go dancing somewhere every night. On January 3 to 4, Lawton will appear on stage once again in town this time as the artistic director of her own company, Dana Lawton Dances, which is presenting a modern dance piece called Beyond This Moment at Center Stage Theater. The work is the culmination of more than 18 months of collaboration and rehearsals and represents the biggest undertaking of her eight-member company. Lawtons resum MNJ26S053P since leaving town includes serving as a founding member of Janice Garrett & Dancers and working with several other dance groups before forming her own. Shes been an artist-inresidence at Shawl-Anderson Dance Center and she created Coasting in collaboration with Los Angeles-based composer David Karagianis. Shes also a tenured professor at Saint Marys College in the Performing Arts Department, where she grew the modern dance curriculum from a small program that borrowed the gym to a full-fledged group that now has its own studio. But Beyond This Moment represents both her most personal and longest work to date. The piece itself is also inextricably connected to the company, whose dancers range in age


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License # 01327524

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26 December 2013 9 January 2014

 remember the night and the Tennessee Waltz I Now I know just how much I have lost Yes, I lost my little darlin The night they were playing The beautiful Tennessee Waltz

A Year of Empty Saddles in 2013

by Lynn P. Kirst

Ernie Bryant driving one of the buggies from his extensive carriage collection

lthough the second verse of Tennessee Waltz actually refers to a beau who was lost to an old girlfriend (Warning! Dont let your sweetheart dance with an old friend!), this year it will also serve as the introduction to my annual Empty Saddles column. That the song was made a hit by singer Patti Page, who happens to be part of this years round-up of those who passed away in 2013, is all the more appropriate. Also on this years list is television host Huell Howser, a Tennessee native who also died last January in his beloved California. Regardless of whether a loved one is taken by an opportunistic acquaintance or the Grim Reaper, the sense of loss can be devastating. For a few years now, its been my tradition to devote my last Trail Talk column of the calendar year to the memory of those who have permanently left the trail during the previous twelve months. Its a list that is always incomplete, and a very personal collection of people that I want to remember because of their (however tenuous) connection to horses, trails, or the Western way of life. As always, the list is in alphabetical order.

Although most people associate Fred Benko with the ocean, he enjoyed trail riding and was a member of Los Rancheros Pobres

A museum and travel professional, community volunteer, and lifelong equestrienne, Lynn Kirst is a fourth-generation Californian who grew up in Montecito; she can often be found riding or hiking the local trails

Richard Caldwell demonstrating the use of a hackamore, a basic staple of training horses using traditional vaquero methods

Fred Benko (1939-2013)

He will be forever remembered as the captain of the Condor, and later the Condor Express, but there was a lot more to Fred Benko. Born in Ohio, one of Freds lifetime interests singing was established at an early age when he performed as a boy soprano in a childrens choir. A few years later he joined the U.S. Marine Corps, where his singing acquired enough of a professional polish that he was later able to support himself in a vagabond life as a folksinger accompanied by his own guitar. In one of his more unusual jobs, Fred toured Europe in 1963 in a solo act showcasing American music as directed by his employer, the United States Department of Food and Agriculture. Eventually making his way to California, Fred founded a sport fishing charter business in the Santa Barbara Harbor in 1973. He later built SEA Landing, but began to augment his sport fishing charters with whale watching cruises. In 1979, Fred launched the 125-passenger Condor, 26 December 2013 9 January 2014

and in 2002, its successor, the custombuilt Condor Express. An active member of the Santa Barbara community, Fred supported many worthy non-profits. He was also a founding member of the Santa Barbara Civic Light Opera (which operated from 1984 to 2001), and once played an eye patch-wearing pirate in a production of Gilbert and Sullivans H.M.S. Pinafore. Fred was also involved in athletics most of his life, playing high school football, skiing, and surprisingly to many, horseback riding. Fred was a member of the mens trail riding group Los Rancheros Pobres.

Ernest A. Ernie Bryant III (1931-2013)

Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden; Ernie served on the Garden board for 46 years. Ernie moved to Montecito in 1988 with his second wife, Gay. Their beautiful home on San Leandro Lane was like a smaller version of Rancho Santa Ana, and within its grounds one felt returned to the bygone days of early Californias romantic ranchos. From this base, Ernie carried on his ranching operations in Idaho and California, and indulged his passion for collecting art, antiques, carriages and buggies, saddles and other tack, Indian baskets, and much more. A lifelong horseman, Ernie was a member of the mens riding groups El Viaje de Portol in Orange County and Rancheros Visitadores in Santa Barbara.

A fourth generation Californian, Ernie Bryants wide range of interests and prodigious collecting of art and many other things qualify him as a Renaissance man. Born in Pasadena, Ernie was educated at the Cate School in Carpinteria before heading east to attend Princeton University, graduating in 1953. He then joined the United States Marine Corps as a commissioned officer and served in the Korean War. Ernie followed in his familys ranching footsteps in 1956, starting at Rancho Santa Ana, a 6,000-acre former Mexican land grant located near todays city of Yorba Linda. Originally purchased by Ernies grandparents, John and Susan Bixby, the ranch is also where Ernies mother, Susanna Bixby Bryant, first established the

Richard Caldwell (1957-2013)

across the United States, conducting horsemanship clinics teaching the old vaquero ways. One of his major influences was Ray Ordway, who was recently Honored Vaquero at the Santa Ynez Valley Historical Museums annual Vaquero Show (see Trail Talk, Montecito Journal, #19/46). Richards old school ways included taking great pride in his horses, his tack, and being a man of his word. Richards expertise in training horses lives on in a three-part series of educational DVDs that he filmed, still commercially available, called Jaquima A Freno. Watching him work with young horses reveals a man of profound patience. As Richard stated in one segment, I dont wear a watch. The horse doesnt wear a watch. In other words, Caldwell trained horses by the old Californio adage It takes as long as it takes.

One of the true practitioners of vaquero horsemanship, Richard Caldwell was known as a gentle man who could work magic with horses. Born in the small town of Soda Springs, Idaho, he was from a large family, one of six boys and a lone sister. Richard spent thirty years working cattle and training horses on various ranches throughout the West. With his black, broad-brimmed hat and wispy beard, Richard almost looked like an Amish farmer. Until he stepped on a horse, when it became apparent that he was a consummate horseman with gentle hands and a solid seat. In 2003, Richard and his third wife, Nancy, moved to Alturas, California, which became their base for traveling


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to person who burglarized Montecito home in April. We have fingerprints, but will not prosecute if items are returned.

REWARD for information leading


the curious traveler

by Jerry Camarillo Dunn, Jr.

The Curious Traveler received the 2011 gold medal for Best Travel Column from the Society of American Travel Writers, in a competition organized by the groups western chapter. For Jerrys latest book, see www.

o! Sophisticated New York habitu! Im talkin to you! You know your way around Manhattan. Youre hip to the fact that foodies are thronging Acme in NoHo, where they apparently dont mind paying big bucks for four radishes on a plate with parsley sauce. You can get around the Met without the gallery map. Somehow you scored tickets to see Betrayal starring Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig on Broadway. Youre ready for the next step. So Id like to show you a New York you may not have seen yet: fascinating small museums, select walking tours, and other gems.
In Greenwich Village a food tour tastes cookies while guide Curt Upton cracks jokes

Hidden New York

Tenement Museum

This museum is an authentic Lower East Side tenement, an apartment house whose last residents moved out in 1935. As you tour, stories of immigrant families come to life in the very rooms they lived in. Our small group stood in the entry

hall worn tile floors, wallpaper with a patina of soot, narrow staircase with its original 1863 banister. As we climbed the stairs, guide Mary Ann mused, Imagine how many hands

OUR SHOWROOM 2,500 sq.ft.

Dont trust your home entertainment needs to someone who works out of their trunk. We realize that were in an incredibly fun and exciting business, but we happen to take it quite seriously. Youll get expert advice from our trained staff that is certied and licensed and you get the peace of mind of working with a company thats been in business for over 20 years. When youre ready to check out the possibilities stop by our showroom. From plug-and-play systems to whole house automation you can count on us to deliver and youll always know exactly where to nd us.

13.5 sq.ft.

m ission
T E C H N O LO GY + P E R F O R M A N C E + S E R V I C E


Showroom open Tuesday thru Saturday

1910 De La Vina at Pedregosa, Santa Barbara




26 December 2013 9 January 2014

EDITORIAL (Continued from page 5)

The Lower East Sides Tenement Museum consists of immigrant apartments untouched since 1935

How Do We Solve the Problem?

We dont have difficulty identifying problems in Montecito, but we do have difficulty in resolving them. Whether its gridlock on the 101, increased local traffic congestion, or burying overhead utility lines, Montecito residents seem to have a hard time coming together, reaching a consensus, and acting responsibly. Is there no way to stop the pole pollution in Montecito? Do we continue to protest, but meekly accept the reality of more and more pole antennas and cell towers that run counter to Montecitos character and culture? Big problems call for big solutions. While Montecito may be short of public capital for undergrounding, there is no shortage of intellectual capital. We need to agree on three premises: 1) Montecito residents want world-class leadership in wireless technology and broadband transmission speeds to service its growing appetite for greater speed and more reliable connectivity. 2) Montecito should not and cannot tolerate another 50 years of 19th-century overhead telephone and electrical wire technology that is prone to power outages and the threat of fire and life safety issues. 3) Montecito needs a comprehensive telecommunications plan with an implementation timetable that affordably undergrounds utilities and poles while providing superior cell phone and wireless communication services into the next century.

The Will And The Way

Millionaires Magician Steve Cohen puts on his show in a suite at the legendary Waldorf Astoria hotel

On the Village tour, participants snap up the best slice of pizza in New York

have touched the railing over the past one hundred and fifty years. I took hold of this very human artifact and pictured children sliding down the banister long ago. The Lower East Side began as Little Germany, our guide explained, but by the 1880s was largely Jewish. The first apartment we entered had three rooms in 325 square feet. Bigger than my New York apartment now! said the twenty-something Mary Ann, and not nearly as cramped as Id expected. On the walls, museum researchers have uncovered forty layers of wallpaper, evidence of the high turnover rate among renters as immigrants moved up the economic ladder and out to better neighborhoods. Another apartment, once occupied by a German-Jewish family, lacked a sink. Ten times a day, in all weather, the lady of the house had to go downstairs to a spigot in the backyard and fill a bucket with water for drinking, washing the laundry, and bathing the kids. When her husband abandoned the family during Americas 1873 financial panic, she took up work as a dressmaker, earning $8 a week to support the family. (Their monthly rent was $10.) Our guide showed us photographs of the family and their descendants right up to the present day, including a girl now studying at Georgetown University and a boy at Princeton. With admiration, we saw how the efforts of one mother had blossomed and born fruit an inspiring, very American story that began right in 26 December 2013 9 January 2014

these rooms. (Varied tours I took Hard Times begin at the visitor center, 103 Orchard Street, 212-982-8420,

My wife, Merry, sees fashion as art which I suppose makes Bloomingdales a sort of museum with cash registers. But this exhibition space at a top college of fashion and design proved entertaining and educational even for me, usually found slumped in the husband chair at dress shops, staring into space. Exhibitions draw on FITs collection of 50,000 garments and accessories from the past 250 years. In the RetroSpective show, I learned how fashion continually rings in ideas from the past for instance, large gigot sleeves fashionable in the 1830s reappeared 150 years later on a lavish Yves Saint Laurent evening dress. The Trend-ology exhibit demonstrates that styles come not only from high fashion runways and urban streets but also from art, music, novels, and sociopolitical movements. A single shift in print, color, or silhouette can quickly become a major new trend as seen in an 18th-century yellow silk dress and mans coat that reflected Europes growing taste for Chinoiserie. (Yellow, associated with

Fashion Institute Of Technology Museum

To start the planning process, 1st District Supervisor Salud Carbajal should direct the Chair of the Santa Barbara County Planning Commission, Michael Cooney, to form a Montecito Blue Ribbon Telecommunication Task Force, composed of successful Montecito private sector residents who know how to get things done. Three potential candidates would be Montecito telecommunication giants Craig McCaw, founder and former CEO of McCaw Cellular; Bill Esrey, retired CEO and chair of Sprint; and Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google. Two additional choices might be residents who know how to raise money, including Charles Munger, Warren Buffetts partner at Berkshire Hathaway, and Oprah Winfrey, whose property fronts on a tangled mess of overhead wires that looks like a 1940s trolley car barn. The actual network design work could be performed by the carriers that already share the use of existing poles (Edison, Verizon, Cox Cable, and Crown Castle), along with cell tower representatives, like Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Google. The task force would be well advised to recruit the services of local UCSB expert Jerry Gibson, PhD, Professor of Wireless Communications and Signal Processing, or Ron Litis, Professor of Wireless Networks. Engineering an optimum cell phone and high-speed broadband network, plus the undergrounding of all existing facilities, is an exercise in three-dimensional chess. The big question is: Does Montecito possess the will, the wallet, and the wisdom to get this job done through the intelligent design of a long-range telecommunication strategy or are we content to endure unpleasant attacks from NextG and its equally aggressive competitors? MJ


Division of William J. Dalziel & Assoc., Inc Member of Santa Barbara Contractors Assoc. Member of Calif. State Contractors Board Industry Expert Witness Program Lic#B414749 Bonded & Insured

TRAVEL Page 404

Call 964-3768 and leave message when you will call back.

$5000 reward upon return of items.

to person who burglarized Montecito home in April. We have fingerprints, but will not prosecute if items are returned.

REWARD for information leading

Its not what you are that counts; its what they think you are Andy Warhol


Avoid it! With a daily shot of Neat Wheat Grass. Available@ Biltmore Hotel Coral Casino Resort Montecito Natural Foods Pierre Lafond Visit us @ www. neatwheatgrass. com 805.403.0697

When she died in 2005, she bequested the $1 million to the colleges culinary school. Each year $100,000 has been given to the college, says Dana Newquist, who is on the board of the Donald and Coeta Barker Foundation. But we realized we had enough monies to complete the obligation and just did that. Coeta was very much into fine dining and was a regular at the colleges gourmet dining room. Food for thought, indeed...

MISCELLANY (Continued from page 18)

the altar to drum up ratings. Earlier this month Pratt finally completed his political science degree at USC in Los Angeles. Back to reality at last... Carmen for Marilyn In honor of legendary mezzo soprano Marilyn Hornes 80th birthday the Music Academy of the West is presenting a new production of the popular opera Carmen next season, I learn. Marilyn, who has directed the institutions renowned voice program since 1997, lent her shimmering voice to numerous critically acclaimed performances of George Bizets work throughout her illustrious career, defining the title role as few other singers have before or since. Such was her prowess in the role that Marilyn came to be identified with the character, says Scott Reed, academy president. We cant think of a more fitting tribute to this extraordinary artist and academy advocate. As for Marilyn, whose academy

The Truth Comes Out They were the fame-hungry married couple everyone loved to hate. But Santa Barbara twosome Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag say they have now downsized, as well as mellowed out. Pratt, the 30-year-old TV reality star, reveals that people on the street routinely give him the one-finger salute and try to fight him. He says in an E! special After Shock: Heidi and Spencer that he became an even bigger star after gaining 50 pounds due to his pie addiction. In their hour-long special, Pratt is seen begging his wife to purchase multiple flavors at a local farmers market. Hes since curbed his weight with a personal trainer, which he says has

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag reveal all on E! TV special (photo from Montags Twitter)

Happy New Year!




helped focus and control his notorious rages. I wouldnt want to be Spencer Pratts kid, he says, admitting hes hesitant to have children that might get bullied. Id have a kid if there was no Google or YouTube. Even surgically enhanced Montag, 27, says she wouldnt allow her future daughter to have ten procedures in one day as she did in 2010. I would definitely advise her against it. But Montags own mother, Darlene Egelhoff, famously said she preferred her daughters face before the plastic surgery which caused a two-year estrangement. It was like a knife in my heart, she says. The E! special detailed how MTV producers would orchestrate fake scenarios, shooting 14 to 15 takes of a single action, in order to stir up drama on The Hills, which was cancelled in 2010. I dont think weve ever gotten to be the real Heidi and Spencer on TV, bemoans Pratt. Even the couples televised wedding in 2009 was delayed two hours when he refused to leave Montag at

Marilyn Hornes a Bizet girl





1221 STATE STREET SANTA BARBARA, CA 93101 (805)845-5145

3 bd 3ba + office and detached studio. Private setting. $7500 per mo Phone: 805-966-0891 or Email:
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uyers of Gold, Platinum, Sterling & Diamonds

Specializing in Estate and Insurance Appraisals Free Jewelry Consultations

G.I.A. Graduate Gemologist 30 Years Experience

Associate Buyer

Singing traditional holiday songs is pianist Gil Rosas with Victoria Hines, Gretchen and Robert Lieff, and Ginny Vanocur (photo by Priscilla)

4915 CARPINTERIA AVE., CARPINTERIA, CA 805.684.2719 Wed. - Sat. 10-5:00, Closed Sun., Mon. & Tues. | Lic. #42001058

roots extend back to 1953 when she attended the summer school and festival as a voice fellow, she says many regard Carmen as the perfect opera. It has maintained a place in the repertoire since its premiere in 1875. Her celebrated history with the masterpiece includes singing the title role to open the New York Mets 197273 season. That season, which also featured Leonard Bernstein as conductor, went on to garner a Grammy Award for Best Opera recording in 1974. Whoever sings Carmen has to bring a lot of herself to the character.

Thats one of the reasons shes so interesting.... Tierneys Tome Art photographer Tierney Gearon is clearly a woman of letters! Tierney, who splits her time between Los Angeles and London, has just launched her first childrens book after three previous tomes on photography. The work, simply named Alphabet Book, has come together over the past three or four years. It is an art book for children and

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MISCELLANY (Continued from page 37)

Patty DeDominic, Sloane Reali, Jane Choi, Annie Meyer and Gene Sinser at the International Womens Festival bash (photo credit: Janis Johnson)

Hearing Services of Santa Barbara

Cayetana and Kendall Conrad with author Tierney Gearon

Complimentary Hearing Aid Evaluation Expert Hearing Aid Fitting Management of Repairs and Warranties
Better Business Bureau Customer Service Award

(805) 967-4200

a childrens book for adults, Tierney remarked at a launch bash at fashion designer Kendall Conrads pop-up shop in the Montecito Country Mart. All the images have a story. Once Id started I couldnt stop. Tierney, who has two young children, Walker, 10, and Grace, 7, is now working on her second childrens book, tentatively titled Colorshape. Christmas Carolers Warbling wassailers abounded at Los Suenos, the George Washington Smith estate of powerhouse lawyer Robert Lieff and his wife, Gretchen, for the tony twosomes second annual Christmas Singalong party. With Gil Rosas at the piano and culinary wizard Michael Hutchings preparing the Yuletide fare, the boffo

5333 Hollister Ave, Ste 207

(in the Goleta Valley Medical Building)

bash positively oozed festive cheer with the sprawling manse decorated to the nines and every fireplace blazing away. Gretchen, a former ABC TV affiliate reporter in San Francisco, took on conducting duties with the guests, including composer Norm Gimbel, Corinna Gordon, Carter and Victoria Hines, Gwen Stauffer, Sander and Ginny Vanocur, Erin Graffy, Judi Weisbart, Trish Davis, Mary Ellen Tiffany, Ricardo Calderon, Adam and Penny Bianchi, Doug Margerum, Kimberly Phillips, Carole Ridding and Hilary Burkemper... Womens Festival Soire Gene Sinser and wife, Patty DeDominic, opened the doors of their Montecito home for a festive bash for the International Womens Festival, which celebrates its 7th year in March at the Earl Warren Showgrounds. It has grown in leaps and bounds, says Patty. In the beginning there were less than two hundred people, but we now expect to have at least one thousand attending. Among the 60 guests quaffing the free flowing champers and snaffling the eclectic selection of canaps were Mahri Kerley, Silvio Di Lareto, Alicia St. John, Dana Hansen, Kevin Bourke, Tracy Beard, Brett Tucker, Sloane Reali, Arlene Moody and Amy Grossman... Christmas With a View Santa Barbaras Pacific Pride Foundation hosted an impressive

Holiday Affair at the San Roque aerie of Bob Klein and Lynne Cantlay raising around $20,000 towards their $2.2 million annual budget. The only person missing is Zeus! I quipped to the hosts, as I admired the Olympus-like views from the stunning property. District attorney Joyce Dudley, film festival director Roger Durling, Hiroko Benko, KEYT-TV weatherman Alan Rose, Betty Stephens, Frank Hotchkiss, Bud Baumes, Chris and Mindy Denson, Geoff Green, congresswoman Lois Capps and mayor Helene Schneider were among those admiring the sweeping vistas... Join Them and be Joyous Merry England was back in vogue when the Santa Barbara Revels staged The Spirits of Haddon Hall at the Lobero, about a company of energized ghosts who have celebrated their holidays in the historic house, owned by the dukes of Rutland, for eight centuries. Artistic director and founder Susan Keller, as usual, did a cracking job, with Bill Egan playing His Grace and Jennifer Vogel as his wife, while regular Matt Tavianini plays the very energized fool and larger than life Ken Ryals as Father Christmas keeping it all together. Throw into this delightful mix the Peak District Players and a six-piece troupe, the Bakewell Brass Ensemble, as well as the usual ingredients of the 12 Days of Christmas, mummers and The Lord of the Dance. As Susan, who started the Revels
Bob Klein, Lynne Cantlay, David Selberg, Marco Silva and Jim Dougherty at the Pacific Pride Foundation Holiday Affair (photo by Priscilla)

Ann Burre,

MA, FAAA Dispensing Audiologist

Need help with your holiday libations? Let Jason and Brian at The Grotto assist you! Montecitos only full service beverage store. We Deliver!


Hours: Mon - Sat 10AM - 7PM Sunday 10AM - 6PM
1271 Coast Village Road, Montecito
(Across the street from Los Arroyos Restaurant)

(805) 969-5939



26 December 2013 9 January 2014

State Street Ballet puts the cracker in Nutcracker (photo credit: David Bazemore)

SB Revels Susan Keller put on a most spirited production (photo credit: David Bazemore)

shows at the Marjorie Luke Theatre six years ago, always says: Join us and be joyous! We did and we were.... Notable Nutcracker State Street Ballets production of Tchaikovskys enchanting The Nutcracker at the Granada is always a Christmas highlight. Now with the Opera San Luis Obispo Orchestra, under Brian Asher Alhadeff, for the second year, it has taken on a whole new perspective. Boasting Hermes-style new sets

from Moscow including a magnificent expanding Christmas tree and ornate costumes from Christina Giannini and Anaya Cullen, the dancers, including regular Ryan Camou and Kate Kadow and Brazilian Deise Mendoncaas the Sugar Plum Fairy, shone bright along with 13-year-old Gustafson Dance students Sarah Block and Lola Crist alternately playing Clara. Artistic director Rodney Gustafson and ballet masters Gary McKenzie and Marina Fliagina utilized every available performer nearly 200 dancers in the talented companys arsenal, from the tiniest of tots to the seasoned principal dancers. Always of particular note was Russian-born Sergei Domrachev,


on client success
Hayes Commercial Group has completed 37 SALES of commercial and multifamily property in the past 12 months, totaling $100 million.
Greg Bartholomew Francois DeJohn Steve Hayes Michael Martz Dan Moll 898-4395 898-4365 898-4370 898-4363 898-4380
222 E. Carrillo St, Suite 101 | Santa Barbara, CA 93101 |

Paul Bradford Christos Celmayster James Celmayster Liam Murphy Kristopher Roth Pamela Scott

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26 December 2013 9 January 2014



the emperor, was considered auspicious in China.) Another outfit illustrated a more modern trend, as a placard explained: Hip-hop artists such as Run DMC and Salt-n-Pepa inspired Karl Lagerfelds 1991 Chanel collection, including his version of the gold dookie chain, which he festooned over an iconic Chanel wool suit. After visiting the museum, youll look at New Yorks streets which are fashion runways in themselves with a new perspective. (The Museum at FIT, 7th Ave. at 27th St., 212-217-4558,

TRAVEL (Continued from page 35)

um.asp. Trend-ology runs through April 30, 2014.)

Greenwich Village Food And Culture Tour

About halfway through this culinary walking tour, we visited a tiny olive oil shop called O & Co. on Bleecker Street. Guide Curt Upton, an elfin red-haired guy with the fast, funny patter of a standup comic, did some shtick with the clerk behind the counter, named Sarah. Shed just revealed the alarming fact that ninety percent of the olive oil sold in American grocery stores is

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old and rancid. In contrast, O & Co.s products come fresh and pure from family groves. The olives for commercial oil arent picked by hand, Sarah went on. The tree is shaken mechanically. A claw-like device goes on the base of the tree and throttles it like a British nanny, added Curt. All the olives come flying off, and that cant be good for the olives. Sarah stepped in. Its not. An olive is a fruit . . . . . . like Liza Minnellis last husband! When the olives land on the ground, they get bruised. And so it went, on a tour that both entertained and educated our small group of visitors. Greenwich Village is one of the worlds great culinary and cultural centers, and we were discovering it by foot and mouth. Wed started at Joes Pizza, which Curt rates as New Yorks best slice. It has a crispy, thin crust, he enthused. Like Kate Moss thin! The tomato sauce is from Italy, with a pinch of sugar; theres no oregano, garlic, or basil. Curt explained that New Yorks Italian cooking relies on great ingredients rather than elaborate preparation. Its simple and, I can confirm, delicious. Strolling the sidewalks, we also learned about famous Greenwich Village residents, past and present. At 75 Bedford Street, Curt pointed out New York Citys narrowest house, just nine feet wide and thirty feet deep. In the 1920s it was home to poet Edna St. Vincent Millay. She was an alcoholic, he noted, which means she was a lot of fun, right up until she wasnt. And she was notoriously promiscuous, passing herself around like nuts at Christmas. In the 1960s, the Village was a haven for folk singers and painters, but its no place for starving artists now. A one-bedroom apartment rents for

about $5,000 a month. Other stops on our foodie foray included Palma, an Italian restaurant tucked into the flower-bedecked courtyard of an 1801 farmhouse a place more unexpected in the middle of New York City than the unusual concoction of cauliflower, currents, caramelized onions, and pine nuts that we tasted. Sting had his birthday party at Palma, but its a reasonably affordable spot. (Tip: Have dinner at 6 pm and beat the crowd.) Our tour wound up at Murrays Cheese Shop, which Gourmet magazine called the best in America. The store sells 350 cheese varieties, many of them aged in caves below the sidewalk. We nibbled a sample or two, and like all the food on the tour, it was a taste treat. (Foods of New York Tours, 212-9139964,

The Millionaires Magician

If the word magician makes you think of a guy in a bad tux, with rhinestone lapels and doves stuffed up his sleeves, heres your chance to enjoy magic the way wealthy New Yorkers once did. Theyd invite entertainers to perform in their drawing rooms for small, sophisticated gatherings of family and friends. Today at the Waldorf Towers, in a posh suite where presidents and royalty have stayed, conjuror Steve Cohen performs parlor magic for an audience seated just a few feet away. Formally dressed in a morning suit, he welcomed us to the living room, with its antique inlaid wood furniture, and launched into some astonishing card effects. (Magicians dont call them tricks.) Clever and funny, Cohen then caused a shiny old silver dollar to van-

2014 HAWK:

4 oor redwood home near San Marcos Pass. Big decks with 3-room bottom oor apt. View from Camarillo to Bacara. Giant oaks, drive to Gelsons/Chaucers/ Harrys in 15 minutes.
Tour the property with Sue Irwin (805) 705-6973 (Berkshire Hathaway ) or Michelle Cook (805) 570-3183 (Sothebys) $1,172,000 Soar. Secure. S.B. 93105
 26 December 2013 9 January 2014

805.965.9000 1 S Milpas St

805.642.222 4051 E Main St
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Cocktails at the St. Regis Hotel bar come with a view of Maxfield Parrishs timeless Pied Piper mural

ish from his hands and made a solid brick appear under an empty hat. Next came his signature routine called Think-A-Drink, which dates back to the middle of the last century. The magician asked the audience to name their favorite drinks, and as each was called out, he poured it from a silver tea kettle. Grapefruit juice! Regular or pink? A woman sipped and confirmed the beverage to be pink grapefruit juice. The conjuror proceeded to pour more drinks that people had named, all from the same magic kettle: aged scotch, mango juice, an apple martini, and finally chocolate milk. My favorite part of the show was a mind-reading demonstration with Cohen divining the thoughts of audience members. My wife, Merry, gasped as he told her that she once had a pet possum and had visited Slovenia. Astonishing, elegant, and fun, the show brings old-fashioned parlor magic back to life. (Steve Cohen Chamber Magic, www.


Merry and I also took a walking tour of Brooklyn, starting in the trendy neighborhood called DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass). Here, derelict warehouses tagged with graffiti meet the French patisseries, gourmet chocolate shops, and luxe condos of yuppie culture. Guide Andrew Silverstein pointed out the building where Anne Hathaway

lives, a conversion whose clock tower apartment is on the market for $18 million. In nearby Brooklyn Heights we saw handsome brownstones and a charming yellow house where Truman Capote lived when he wrote Breakfast at Tiffanys. The leafy streets offered a welcome refuge from the grinding sounds of building cranes and construction machinery along the Brooklyn waterfront. (Streetwise New York, 917-693-5491, www.streetwise Tours also visit the superhip Williamsburg neighborhood.) Another day we hit the International Center of Photography, whose exhibitions are smart and focused (so to speak). On view were color shots of gritty South Philadelphia by selftaught photographer Zoe Strauss, and photos by Lewis Hines of New York in the early 1900s. (Ave. of the Americas at 43rd St., 212-857-0000, One last treat: Drop by the bar at the St. Regis Hotel to see a masterpiece by Maxfield Parrish, a mural titled Old King Cole. Painted in 1906 by the celebrated illustrator, the mural affects you like walking into a childrens storybook and you get to have a martini while you enjoy it. Tip: Ask the bartender to reveal the secret of the mural. (St. Regis, 2 E. 55th St., www. Check out all these fascinating but little-known things to see and do, and youll discover a New York City that most visitors never see.  MJ



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The nicer I am, the more people think Im lying Andy Warhol



Pierre Lafond Montecito Wine Bistro

African Elephants with an Attitude

MISCELLANY (Continued from page 39)

Paintings & Prints by : Dalziel Studio | 698-4318 |

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Bring It To...
Where Patients Come First

Children Jack Moller, Holly Hadsall, Grace Blankenhorn and Avery Hughes with (back row) Janet Adderley, Hollye Jacobs, and hosts John and Betsy Muller (photo by Priscilla)

Richard Mineards and his photographic partner, Priscilla, enjoy the SB Beautiful bash (photo by John Whitehurst)

who camps it up magnificently as Mother Ginger... Making Merry at Muller Manse John and Betsy Muller combined a holiday bash and housewarming at their magnificent Ennisbrook manse, which has undergone major renovation over the past ten years since they moved to our rarefied enclave from Pacific Palisades. If we hadnt moved here, I think I might have decided to return to the East Coast, says Betsy, originally from Greenwich, Connecticut. Pacific Palisades can get very congested and its takes hours to go anywhere.

Children from Janet Adderleys SB Youth Ensemble Theatre entertained and are busy rehearsing for former TV talk show titan Oprah Winfreys 60th birthday party in February at her 42-acre estate, which is expected to be socially gridlocked with celebrities for the occasion. Oprah saw us sing at a VIP event for her auction at the Santa Barbara Polo Club and immediately asked us to come on board for her party, says Janet. Were all absolutely thrilled at the prospect. Among the guests at the Muller bash were Barry and Jelinda DeVorzon, Jeff and Hollye Jacobs, Justin Klentner and Amanda Masters, Adam and Penny Bianchi, Chuck Lande, Pat Nesbitt, Arlene Montesano and Glenda Grant...

Fresh Local Cuisine

Santa Barbara Bath PSC

2320 Bath Street, 1st Floor Ste 103 Santa Barbara, CA 93105 Hours: M-F 6:30am-6pm Sat 7am-12noon

Carpinteria PSC
4806 Carpinteria Avenue Carpinteria, CA 93013 Hours: M-Th 8am-12noon & 1pm-4pm, F 8am-1pm

Santa Barbara Pueblo PSC

504 West Pueblo Street, Suite 201A Santa Barbara, CA 93105 Hours: M-F 8am-12:30pm & 1:30pm-5pm

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5333 Hollister Avenue, Suite 117 Goleta, CA 93111 Hours: M-F 7am-5pm, Sat 7am-12noon

Santa Barbara Fletcher PSC

2410 Fletcher Street, 2nd Floor Santa Barbara, CA 93105 Hours: M-F 7am-4pm

Goleta Patterson PSC

334 S. Patterson Avenue, Suite 201 Goleta, CA 93111 Hours: M-F 7am-12noon & 1pm-4pm


Bistro Dining 6:30 a.m. - 3 p.m. Weekends 7 am - 3pm 5050 Carpinteria Avenue Downtown Carpinteria

Justen Alfama, Catering Director 805.319.0155 justencater GRAND PARTIES HORS DOEUVRES SOCIAL & CORPORATE CATERING



26 December 2013 9 January 2014

Dynamic Events. Fascinating People. Captivating Stories.


Joel Sartore

Close Encounters: Grizzlies, Piranhas and Man-Eating Pigs


Journalist, Essayist and Author

John and Mark Whitehurst with Kerry Methner, Dana Morrow, Mayor Helene Schneider and Robert Adams at the CASA magazine offices

Richard Rodriguez
in Conversation with Pico Iyer
MON, JAN 13 / 8 PM / NEW VIc / FREE 33 W. Victoria St., Santa barbara

Holiday Party Roundup Steve and Caroline Thompson, owners of Cabana Home, threw quite a festive party to toast the holiday season, with Robyn Geddes, Burks Hamner, Pam and Terry Valeski, Mary Heebner, Macduff Everton, Brett and Susan Cain, and David and Leesa Goldmuntz checking out the wares. Over at the Santa Barbara Historical Museum it was an Eat, Drink and Be Merry bash for 140 guests with carolers led by voice coach Celeste Tavera. Michael Lopez played Father Christmas for supporters, including Eleanor Van Cott, William Burtness, Lawrence and Astrid Hammett, Warren and Marlene Miller, Hubert and Susan Vos, Jon and Martha Bull, Jack and Sheri Overall, and Bill and Carol Gordon, who each received a two book set on the arts as a gift. And at the downtown offices of CASA magazine, owner Mark Whitehurst and editor Kerry Methner

hosted a reception for the Beautiful People of Santa Barbara Beautiful. Pianist Harold Kono played Christmas tunes while guests, including former mayor Sheila Lodge, current mayor Helene Schneider, Michael and Lori Porter, Leon and Elizabeth Olson, Kate Kurlas and Christie Gallagher got in the festive spirit... Sightings: Former rocker Shaun Cassidy at the New Vic watching his brother, Patrick, in A Little Night Music... Rob Lowe and his wife, Sheryl, checking out the crowd at Luckys... Carol Burnett noshing at Tre Lune Pip! Pip! and Happy Holidays! Readers with tips, sightings and amusing items for Richards column should e-mail him at or send invitations or other correspondence to the Journal MJ

2011-2012 U.S. Poet Laureate and 2013 Wallace Stevens Award Recipient

Philip Levine

An Evening of Poetry
THU, JAN 16 / 8 PM / NEW VIc / FREE 33 W. Victoria St., Santa barbara

Newly Restored Digital Masterpiece Live Piano Accompaniment by Michael Mortilla starring

Harold Lloyd

SUN, JAN 19 / 3 PM / GRANADA THEATRE A FREE community Screening co-presented with The Granada Theatre

Best-selling Author and Humorist

Tile & Grout Natural Stone Carpet and More

The World According to Dave Barry


- Duane Nichols, Facilities Manager, San Ysidro Ranch

Rib-splittingly funny. The Philadelphia Inquirer

Event Sponsors: Meg & Dan Burnham

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Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue

THU, JAN 23 / 8 PM / UcSb cAMPbELL HALL Principal Sponsors: Arlene & Barrie Bergman Education Sponsor: Sonquist Family Endowment

Happy Holidays
Surface Solutions
C A R E 26 December 2013 9 January 2014

Originally founded in 1995



(805) 893-3535

Community Partner:

When I got my first television set, I stopped caring so much about having close relationships Andy Warhol




oconino County drapes across north central Arizona like a winter shawl. Within the warmth of its reach are a major observatory, a huge Ponderosa pine forest, a small university of note, museums, a thriving medical technology industry, and amenities reflecting its closeness to the Grand Canyon. There is yet another Coconino County, neither of Arizona nor lacking the overriding presence of Arizona. This other Coconino County is lit by the same, pellucid northern light of the original; its pine forest, buttes, mesas, and pueblo-like architecture provide a semblance of realism for a vast, imaginative world of inventive whim and explosive, pleasurable surprises. The three major inhabitants of this Coconino County are a nave, lovesmitten cat, a brick-throwing mouse, and a law-enforcement dog who has every bit the focus of Inspector Javert of Victor Hugos Les Miserables. This Coconino County is the surreal, Painted Desert landscape of the comic strip Krazy Kat, an influential force in comic art, with influences in narrative literature from its inception in the Hearst papers from 1913 to its final appearance in 1944, on the death of its creator, George Herriman, and from there into the Valhalla of Culture. Some critics along with many artists and writers have seen Krazy Kat as an influential force on the twentieth century, with arguable incarnations still visible at this remove. The ensemble cast of the Krazy Kat opera begins with the eponymous Krazy, a scruffy, overly optimistic cat with an unquenchable crush on Ignatz, a no-nonsense rebel of a mouse, whose answers to Krazys invitations and to lifes vicissitudes is a well-aimed brick to the noggin, thrown with the conviction of a minor leaguer who believes hes ready for the majors. Krazy believes each thrown brick is a demonstration of Ignatzs affection. The third player in this dramatic triangle is law-and-order personified, Offisa Bull Pupp; his priority is thwarting Ignatz Mouses brickthrowing activities or bringing him to the hoosegow for new infractions. Other recurring denizens of Krazy Kat Coconino County you should know about are the dog, Kolin Kelly, who bakes hand-made bricks in a kiln; Mrs. Kwakk Wakk, a snoop and busybody who often rats out Ignatz to Offisa Pupp, and, on splendid occasion, Milton, Marshall, and Irving, a rebellious trio of mice who may or

n.o.t.e.s. from downtown

by Shelly Lowenkopf

by Jim Alexander

Coconino County
Shelly Lowenkopf blogs @ He is a visiting professor at the UCSB College of Creative Studies. A collection of his short fiction is forthcoming in March, 2014.

A Day In The Life Of A Serious Writer


may not be Ignatzs sons. A contemporary, 9-inch by 12-inch collection of the color, Sunday, Krazy Kat strips from January 5, 1941 to December 27, 1942, A Ragout of Raspberries: Krazy and Ignatz, from Fantagraphic Books, is a splendid introduction to the other Coconino County. A Ragout of Raspberries comes with a thoughtful introductory essay and a lavish two-page reproduction of Krazy, Offissa Pupp, and, brick in hand, Ignatz, intended as a Christmas (1933) gift for Jean Harlow and her then boyfriend, Hal Roach. In the foreground, Harlow and Roach appear to be in the thick of eight Indians with drawn bows, each representing a tribe known to have roots in Coconino County. Because Krazy Kat is characterdriven, A Ragout of Raspberries needs no further introduction; we are transported to this other Coconino County with the first panel of the first strip. Offissa Pupp, seeing two Krazy Kats, realizes he is afflicted with double vision. Seeing two Ignatzes and, a panel later, two bricks, sends him to an ophthalmologist. But of course, there are two of them as well. Next panel, Offissa Pupp tells us, Double Docs double fees. But he got me seeing single again. Midway down the page, his sight back to normal again, Offissa Pupp peers over the edge of a mesa in time to see Ignatz hurling a brick that conks Krazy at the back of the head. And onward to the resolution. Each of the strips in this remarkable series is a standalone. Unlike some of the memorable cartoon artists at George Herrimans level such as Harold Foster (Prince Valiant) or Harold Gray (Little Orphan Annie) or Milton Caniff (Terry and the Pirates, Steve Canyon), Krazy Kat invites comparison with Peanuts, Pogo, and Calvin and Hobbes, all three of whose creators admit the debt to the brick-throwing mouse, the staunch police presence, and the love-struck cat. The works of George Herriman began a hundred years ago. Their contemporary freshness is undiminished. MJ

consider myself a serious writer. And pretty much every day (can a serious writer use the term pretty much every day?), I sit down at my computer to do some serious writing. However, beforehand I have to check my email and reply to my legions of fans. On average this takes a little less time than it takes to melt a Popsicle in a pizza oven. Afterward, the serious author in me wants to get to work on his novel, but the curious toad in me cant get past the Internet headlines. I have no doubt that wed have never heard of the immortal Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, or Eugeniusz Zytomirski if theyd first had to get past AOLs Restaurant Owner Defends Bathroom Camera, or Is There a Link Between Doobies And Man Boobies? or Santa Shoots At Rudolph, Hits (topless) Dancer. After almost eighteen years of penning this column, Ive written about everything from porcupine love to fruitcakes (the ones you eat and the ones who worship navel lint), and occasionally get stumped for ideas. When this happens I search the Internet for column fodder. As I sat down to write this column I saw the headline Penis Size By State: How Does Yours Measure? Now, this is a family newspaper, so I knew this subject was off limits, but I couldnt help but read the piece. Ill tell those who are dying to know, California is number 15, while North Dakota is number 1. Now would be a good time to let everyone know that I was born in the Roughrider state. Then this headline drew my attention: PETA to Johns Hopkins: Stop Using Rodents in Erectile Dysfunction Studies. Again, this is a family publication so I knew I couldnt delve into this too deeply, but it did conjure up several questions. Like, how... oh, never mind. I will say this if I were a laboratory rat, and had a choice between being involved in cancer research, an Alzheimers study, or a cure for Erectile Dysfunction, Id have to say one sounds like a lot more fun than the other two. I scrolled down to the next headline Tippy the Fainting Squirrel. This articles video shows a squirrel eating a nut while standing, until he suddenly freezes and tips over. Then Tippy stands back up and starts eating once more, only to tip over again, and again, and again. The video has become the source of one burning question: what exactly is causing these fainting spells to befall poor Tippy? Answers have varied from orthostatic hypotension, an inner ear infection, and narcolepsy 

Mr. Alexander was part of the team of volunteers all of whom had been diagnosed with full-on adult onset impotency that allowed scientists to successfully compound the first effective erectile dysfunction medication.

(or, in this case nutcolepsy). I think I may be able to help. This identical thing has actually happened to me twice. Once, last Christmas, when I consumed too much fermented fruitcake (now Ive written three articles about fruitcakes), and just this month while I was paying my property taxes. The next headline that popped up

Testicle eating fish in our inland waters horrifies me more than going out drinking with my buddies, and waking up in the morning in bed with a half-clad Barney Frank
was Girl Fight on Black Friday at Victorias Secret. If theres a man out there that can ignore this article he should exchange his Gillette Fusion ProGlide for an Epilady. The only male fantasy more popular than a girl fight in Victorias Secret is being shipwrecked on a deserted island with the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, a case of cocoa butter, and a 24-hour, all-youcan-eat buffet. My fantasy was interrupted when I spied the headline Testicle Eating Fish Caught in United States. Global Warming concerns me, and nukes in Iran are frightening, but testicle eating fish in our inland waters horrifies me more than going out drinking with my buddies, and waking up in the morning in bed with a half-clad Barney Frank. The Pacu is native to the Amazon, but its been showing up in exotic locales like Copenhagen, Paris, and Passaic, New Jersey. Pacu can grow up to four-feet long, and have teeth bigger than Gary Buseys, with strong jaw muscles that allow them to crack open tree nuts. Somewhat terrifyingly, however, the fish have been known to mistake human testicles for tree nuts. The only thing scarier than Pacu with Gray Busey chompers is Pacu with Gary Buseys chompers and Mr. Magoos peepers. I decided to stop fooling around and get back to writing my novel, but then I saw the headline Iowa Cow Learns Spanish. Jeesh, I dont know how serious writers do it. MJ 26 December 2013 9 January 2014


from early 20s to almost 60. That breadth shows up most notably in Ashes, one of the central pieces in the piece. It was written in response to the passing of the mother of one of my closest friends. Someone who is 23 will have a very different relationship with death than a 60-year-old, Lawton said. Moment also investigates other concepts like memory and the nature of relationships of all kinds. To tap into the dancers psyches, the early phases of development involved not movement but writing. I asked them to think about someone they loved or when they had their heart broken, Lawton explained, and then create a movement motif based on what they wrote literal or otherwise. Lawton then videotaped the sessions, culling elements and adding plenty of her own. What also sets Moment apart is that its the first time Lawton worked with live musicians in creating the work. It helped that she knows them all pretty well, beginning with her brother, Sean McCue a singer-songwriter who Santa Barbarans know as one of the founders of Summercamp, a power-pop band in the mid-1990s that scored a minor hit with the song Drawer and her husband Jon. They were augmented by Seans Santa Barbara-based musical partner Michelle Bauchesne, who plays cello, and multi-instrumentalist Bill Flores of Ventura. The quartet will be present for the Center Stage performances. Beyond This Moment premiered in Berkeley in October, where it not only received rave reviews but also sold out the house very quickly. Most of Lawtons friends and family from Santa Barbara couldnt even get in, which is partly what precipitated the shows at Center Stage. Dana Lawton Dances presents Beyond This Moment at 8pm Friday and Saturday, January 3 and 4, at Center Stage Theater, upstairs in Paseo Nuevo. Tickets are $25. Call (805) 963-0408 or visit

ENTERTAINMENT (Continued from page 32)

Dana Lawton brings her dance group to the Center Stage Theater for a performance of Beyond This Moment

Facing Fear with a Guitar

Christina Apostolopoulos, who has just one more semester to go at Berklee School of Music in Boston before earning her degree in guitar performance, was not quite nine years old in 2001 when the terrorists attacks brought down the World Trade Center and changed American life forever. When 9/11 again claimed headlines for the tenth anniversary a couple of years ago, Apostolopoulos composed The Strangest Dream while reflecting on the events. The concept was that the whole idea, the whole experience of 9/11 just felt like a bad dream, she explained. I didnt want it to be real. 26 December 2013 9 January 2014

But that nightmare had an even more frightening counterpart last April, when the Marathon Bombers exploded two homemade devices at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, not very far from her apartment in the city and even closer to the college. The school shut down for a week, and of course we had to stay inside completely when they shut down the whole city, she recalled. It felt very similar, but much closer to home. So when I sing about it now, I have both of the events in my mind, how it felt for me personally. The meaning of that song changed quite a bit. Apostolopoulos also tried to come up with a song more directly in response to the bombing, she said. When they made us stay indoors for those two days, I wanted to write. But when its so real and right there, its hard to approach it from a writing standpoint, because I was still so emotionally affected. There just wasnt enough distance to approach it artistically. More recently, however, she wrote a song about fear in general. But it turned into more of a love song. I guess Im still not ready. Fortunately, Apostolopoulos was back from summer break and deep into her studies again when a more positive experience also brought Boston residents together and resulted in things shutting down. That would be the Red Sox unexpectedly winning the World Series at home at historic Fenway Park for the first time in nearly 100 years. I live very close to Fenway, and the street was blocked off for hours, she said. So I celebrated in the streets with everyone else. It was a great feeling, especially after going through all that stuff last April. To have that bond in a positive way was very healing. Apostolopoulos music has also proved to be something of an elixir for those who have heard her perform locally during breaks from school. She already played at SOhO in December, showing off her jazz chops, and has a completely different sort of gig booked for January 3 as part of the Cambridge Drive Concert Series in Goleta, where shell showcase her singer-songwriter side opening for Cindy Kalmenson. Were likely to hear both of the above-cited songs as well as Sweet Romance, a self-described nice love song she hasnt yet recorded. MJ

PO Box 30040, Santa Barbara, CA 93130 Email: Portfolio Pages: Prices start at $3200 for a 24x36 oil portrait of one person.

Diana Paradise



(Closed New Years Day)

You know its art when the check clears Andy Warhol


Note to readers: This entertainment calendar is a subjective sampling of arts and other events taking place in the Santa Barbara area for the next week. It is by no means comprehensive. Be sure to read feature stories in each issue that complement the calendar. In order to be considered for inclusion in this calendar, information must be submitted no later than noon on the Wednesday eight days prior to publication date. Please send all news releases and digital artwork to

by Steven Libowitz

Donavons due Although hes got a similar story to his friend, UCSB-educated surfer-turned-singer/songwriter Jack Johnson whose family he used to rent a room from in Hawaii as part of his surng forays Donavon Frankenreiters music has never caught on quite as dramatically. Still, the Hawaii-based singerguitarist-songwriter has managed to put out six full-length CDs (plus two EPs of cover songs) in less than a decade, each chock full of his rich vocals, nicely ngerpicked guitar work and laid-back vibes. The latest effort, Start Livin, was recorded in just seven days with his longtime bassist Matt Grundy also toying with ukulele, lap steel guitar, banjo, and, along with Frankenreiter, various found percussion. With Johnson having ascended to big theater appeal (he was at the Arlington in November smack up against the New Noise festival), Frankenreiters your man if you want to hear those soulful acoustic sounds in a more intimate environment, like a return visit to SOhO, the upstairs nightclub in downtown Santa Barbara. Opening is The Mattson 2, a duo who focused on jazz and African studies in college at UC San Diego before putting out three albums of increasingly complex and layered compositions. WHEN: 9pm WHERE: SOhO, 1221 State Street, upstairs in Victoria Court COST: $22 in advance, $25 at the door INFO: 9627776 or

musicians who backed Mahea and Christina Apostolopoulos at SOhO last Monday night. The young jazz cats who rst honed their craft in Santa Barbara high schools before heading out to prestigious music colleges such as Berklee in Boston and elsewhere return to the same venue tonight. The quintet led by trombonist Bildsten with Jared Yee (tenor sax), Ben Huston (piano), Russell Hall (bass), and Matt Raphaelian (drums) will perform a tribute to Horace Silver, the now 85-year-old pianist and composer who was a pioneer of hard pop. Expect to hear some chops and feel way beyond the expected experience for players so young, and some tunes that were performed last year by a similar ensemble at the Montecito Country Club, plus lots more pieces theyve been working on via the grapevine. And with several other college colleagues still in town over the holidays, who knows who might show up as a special guest? WHEN: 7pm WHERE: SOhO, 1221 State Street, upstairs in Victoria Court COST: $12 INFO: 9627776 or Swingin into the new year Swing dances via Jonathan & Sylvia have been held in the Carrillo Ballroom every rst and third Thursday for decades, but the venue usually goes quiet over the holidays. Not anymore. Santa Swing, a convention organized by a few graduates of J & S swing classes with some other Lindy enthusiasts, takes over the ballroom for the third consecutive year with three full nights of dancing, plus classes, competitions, and more. Two of the main dances take place at Carrillo, including New Years Eve, with other programs held at Adderley School, including late night dances on


Chattanooga Choo-Choo OK, we dont really think that Bob Bernhardt who is in his 32nd season as the Principal Pops Director of the Louisville Orchestra and is Music Director Emeritus of the Chattanooga Symphony actually took Amtrak from Tennessee to the South Coast for tonights gig conducting the Santa Barbara Symphonys annual New Years Eve Pops concert. But we also wouldnt be surprised to hear that Swing Era classic on tonights program. However he arrives, Bernhardts return visit is certainly welcome, as the conductor, who is also a frequent guest with the Boston Pops considered the countrys premier orchestra of its kind showed in the past his capability to lead the local ensemble with a sure hand and a light touch, a perfect combination for ringing in 2014. Bernhardt will conduct an array of favorites from Broadway and Hollywood including selections from West Side Story, Pirates of the Caribbean, Lawrence of Arabia, Gone with the Wind, and Pink Panther, plus many more songs and light classics from other genres. Special this year: ballroom dancing by members of the State Street Ballet! Party hats and noisemakers will be available for all. (But please, we beseech you, try to keep the whirlcreated sounds to a minimum outside of encouragement from the stage, and maybe if youre tall, you might want to leave the hat in your lap.) The early ending time means you can still make it home or on to the next party long before the clock strikes midnight. WHEN: 8:30-10:30pm WHERE: Granada Theatre, 1214 State Street COST: $38, $63, $83 & $113 INFO: 8989386/ or 899-2222 or
Sunday at Monday nights (early Monday and Tuesday) from 1-4:30am. And just like at Carrillo, the oors at Adderley are also spring-loaded, cushioning your steps and making you land so your knees wont hate you in the morning. Sundays dance features a battle of NorCal vs. SoCal DJs, Dave Stuckey & The Hot House Gang with special guests ddler Benny Brydem and guitarist John Reynolds (who specialize in Gypsy swing a la Django Reinhardt) play for swingers on Monday evening, and boogie-woogie pianist Carl Sonny Leyland sits in with the Gang on New Years Eve. Classes include introductory and advanced Lindy Hop, footwork for Balboa, routines for Charleston and Lindy, and an intermediate/advanced aerials workshop (yes, thats where the guys toss their partners into the air). WHEN: Tonight through early Wednesday morning WHERE: 100 East Carrillo St. & 316 State St. COST: Full weekend pass $105 in advance, $120 at the door / Dance-only passes (including late night) $30 Sunday & Monday, $40 Tuesday INFO: by mid-2007, Rebelution put out its debut album Courage to Grow, which showed off the bands blend of socially-conscious lyrics with catchy melodies, and earned lots of critical acclaim, hit No. 4 on Billboards Reggae chart, and got played on such inuential stations as San Franciscos Live 105 and Los Angeless KROQ. Two years later, Bright Side of Life released under its own record label 87 Music, named after their address in IV at 6587 Del Playa Drive cemented Rebelutions place as an ascending American reggae band, climbing to the third spot for top albums downloaded on iTunes and making it to No. 34 on Billboards Top 200. Last years Peace Of Mind did even better, debuting at No. 13 on the Top 200 and spawning acoustic and dub remixed versions of the albums dozen tracks. Those styles all show up in Rebelution concerts, which means you can reggae your way to 2014 dub stepping, swaying, or just relaxing as the band rings in the new year at the Ventura Theater, just 40 miles from their IV birthplace. (The group also plays the venue on Monday night, December 30, with tickets reduced to $25-$30). WHEN: 8pm WHERE: 26 Soutn Chestnut Street, Ventura COST: $40-$50 INFO: 653-0732 or www.

Five pieces of Silver The Mariel Bildsten Quintet features a lot of the same

Chase-ing Vaud-ville Vaud & The Villains were a huge hit with the crowds when they made their long-overdue Santa Barbara debut at Chase Palm Park last June as part of the Concerts in the Park series from the citys parks department. The weathers a lot colder, the days are a lot shorter and the dance oor is actually a oor rather than soft grass but you can still re-live a little bit of summer when the 19-piece 1930s New Orleans-style orchestra and cabaret shows up at SOhO tonight. No way theyre going to t all those folks on the club small stage, so the dancers and probably some of the musicians will spillover onto the dance oor. But thats totally cool, as the genre- bending ensemble which mixes Americana Noir with Moulin Rouge, and the Big Easy with Bob Seger does its seedy-andclassy, pretty-and-gritty thing. As the bands bio urges, bring your wretched souls (fairly apt for just a few days after New Years Eve), your sins (more apt?) and your dancing feet. WHEN: 8pm WHERE: SOhO, 1221 State Street, upstairs in Victoria Court COST: $12-$15 INFO: 962-7776 or www.


Reggea-ing in the New Year Reggaeworld music band Rebelution formed in Isla Vista just under a decade ago, when its members were students at UCSB. Consistent gigging and the release of an indie EP helped the band build momentum, and

2014s First 1st Thursday The rst of the monthly art, wine, and culture downtown Santa Barbara events takes



26 December 2013 9 January 2014


Celtic New Years Its the next best thing outside of ying to Dublin. The superenergetic Celtic bluegrassfusion band Sligo Rags are coming back to Ojai to ring in the new year. The group, a two-time winner of the Orange County Music Award for Best Folk Band, presents Celtic folk with a decided bluegrass attitude that uses ddle, acoustic guitar, percussion, and electric bass to create a raucous, foot-stomping sound. Youll hear elements of country, gypsy jazz, and swing, adding color and avor to their repertoire of dozens of Irish songs augmented with quite a few original tunes. After Sligo Rags main set, enjoy elegant and romantic waltzes, as well partake in the potluck, while the music continues until well after midnight. Now in its fth year, Ojai Concert Series Celtic New Years Party is proving popular, as the event combines the show and dancing with a community-building snack and dessert potluck party. The hosts supply the plates, cups, utensils, party favors, and an apple cider or champagne toast at midnight, but dont forget to pick up nger foods or a sweet treat on your way to town. WHEN: 8pm-12:30am WHERE: Ojai Valley Womans Club, 441 Ojai Avenue, Ojai COST: $20 INFO: 665-8852 or
place on just the second day of the year, when many of us will still be recovering from New Years Eve celebrations. But even if you need to lay off the bubbly and other fruits of the vine, there are still plenty of options to warm the artistic soul on a cold and dark winters eve. Photographer Thomas Kelsey holds forth at Bella Rosa Galleries, where the award-winning artists The Spirit of the West exhibit captures the landscape and wildlife of the American West. Kelsey, who studied under Ansel Adams, was inspired by similar vistas of the Sierras to publish his book after 30 years in the eld... Judee Hauer has been an avid dumpster diver/collector since she was an eightyear-old kid hanging around the streets of Brooklyn. Today, Hauer, who lives in Ventura, creates whimsical people gures that are quite ambiguous, defying labels or categorization. Her work, on view this month at Santa Barbara Arts in La Arcada Court, has been shown


King for a year Local retro rock n roll dance band King Bee gets its share of public gigs at clubs and festivals, but theyve been secluded away at private parties on New Years Eve for the last several years. Tonight, though, theyll ring in 2014 with any of their friends, family, and fans that want to head to the Creek Side Inn at the base of San Marcos Pass. The event features a Denim & Diamonds theme, meaning youll feel right at home whether youre dressed up in bling, slumming it in blue jeans, or adventurous enough to try a combination. Lead singer Rachel Thurston otherwise known as a photographer for weddings and portraits as well as a writer and world traveler is alone worth the visit, as she blends exotic looks, a bubbly personality and powerful pipes to please both the eye and ear. Speaking of bubbly, there will be Champagne and drink specials all night long at the joint that usually caters to the country crowd, plus surprise party favors for the rst 100 guests. Were also told there might be some new repertoire, including a few originals, unveiled at the show. Expect lots of dancing and celebrating off the dance oor, too, as both the band and the club which is way off lower State Street both geographically and philosophically draws their own special crowds. WHEN: 8pm WHERE: 4444 Hollister Avenue COST: $20, or $30 per couple INFO: 964-5118 or 26 December 2013 9 January 2014

at Carnegie Museum, Ventura County Museum of History and Art and several galleries in Ventura, Santa Barbara, Ojai, and Cambria... Channing Peake Beyond Cubism, The Anne and Walon Green Collection gets unveiled over at the gallery that bears the famed local artists name. The Greens collected 10 of Peakes modernist paintings and are gifting them to the County of Santa Barbara, while the exhibit also features drawings and paintings from other area collectors that expand on the experimentation of this talented and gifted artist who was a master draftsman and colorist and a modernist force within our midst for many years... At the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Mark Robert Halper signs copies of his new book, Between Seer and Seen: Celebrating the Artists of Santa Barbara County, comprised of 71 artist portraits and 14 still life images that reect on the creative interactions that transform the artists view of the world into the physical reality of art. Each and every image is given a two-page spread in the volume, which also includes an introduction by Barry Spacks, Santa Barbara artist and its rst Poet Laureate... CASA Magazine hosts an exhibition by area artists focused on deep relationships and shared emotions between sentient beings in a variety of mediums, with most of the artists on hand for the opening reception, which also features local author Tracy Shawn signing copies of her debut novel The Grace of Crows... On the performing arts front, SantaBarbara based acoustic quartet Kalinka (clarinet, accordion, bass, and guitar) plays a lively and eclectic blend of Jewish klezmer, gypsy music, vintage jazz, and Eastern European folk music at Paseo Nuevos Center Court. Vic Moraga, a singer-songwriter-guitarist who released two CDs in the 2000s, plays his original mixture of jazz, country, and Latin music on Marshalls Patio, while solo guitarist/ vocalist John Lyle holds forth at Blush Restaurant and Lounge, which will also offer complimentary wine tastings from Firestone... Local folkie Rebecca Troon accompanies an exhibit of photographs by Mike Fish Fisher and wine tasting at Sojourner Caf. Finally, the under-sung Blue Moon Quartet featuring vocals by shop owner Christy Martin and percussion from hugely successful veteran producer Bones Howe takes its usual place in the storefront window at Encanto in La Arcada. WHEN: 5-8pm WHERE: Lower State Street and side streets COST:

free INFO: www.santabarbaradowntown. com/about/1st-thursday

Forest feted Actor-activist Forest Whitaker is no stranger to the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, having been here twice before, most recently in early 2008 to pick up one of the festivals pre-Oscar awards for his role as Idi Amin in The Last King of Scotland, which also earned him the Academy Award. Now, Whitaker returns for one of SBIFFs highest honors, the eighth Kirk Douglas Award for Excellence in Film, created and presented annually by the nonagenarian actor who lives in Montecito. Whitaker joins an impressive roster (Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas, Harrison Ford, Quentin Tarantino, Ed Harris, John Travolta, and Kirk Douglas himself) in receiving the award, which is given for his full body of work although with special notice to his current turn portraying Cecil Gaines, a butler at the White House who served eight different presidents during his long tenure, in Lee Daniels The Butler. Among his co-stars in the true-life movie are Oprah Winfrey, who of course, also makes her home part time in Montecito, so its possible well see her on stage as the special guest making the presentation at the black-tie gala dinner at Bacara Resort & Spa. Whitaker, who also co-produced Fruitvale Station, which won the 2013 Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival and is a frontrunner for an Oscar nomination, also directed Strapped, for which he won the International Critics Award at the Toronto Film Festival, and directed and executive produced Waiting to Exhale and Hope Floats, among many other credits. But Whitaker is also being honored for work away from the world of lm, namely his humanitarian efforts, which include launching PeaceEarth Foundation, co-founding and chairing the International Institute for Peace, and serving as the UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Peace and Reconciliation. The fundraiser features an elegant sitdown dinner, a cocktail pre-reception, and the awards presentation. (The event was originally scheduled for December, but was postponed to tonight so that Whitaker could attend the memorial service for Nelson Mandela in South Africa.) WHEN: 6pm WHERE: 8301 Hollister Avenue, Goleta COST: $275 & up INFO: 963MJ 0023 or

Thinking about divorce? Want a fair resolution without conict? Tired of the legal hassle? I can help. I can work with you or both of you to get it done quickly and ensure your privacy. I am a retired Family Law Judge pro-term and a Family law Attorney with over 30 years experience.








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To banish imperfection is to destroy expression, to check exertion, to paralyze vitality John Ruskin



TRAIL TALK (Continued from page 33)

Harry Carey, Jr. was a well-known character actor who died late last year in Santa Barbara

Cornelia Chapman (1918-2013)

Harry Carey, Jr. (1921-2012)

As Harry Carey, Jr. died in late December last year, I am including him in this years Empty Saddles column. A California native, he was known by the nickname Dobe (pronounced Dobie), which referenced his red hair that some thought was the color of adobe. Born into show business on his familys ranch in Saugus (near Santa Clarita), Dobes father was the well-known character actor Harry Carey (1878-1947); his mother Olive Fuller Carey (1896-1988) was also an actress. Dobe co-starred in over 90 feature films, in addition to appearing in several television shows such as Bonanza and The Lawman. While the vast majority of his work was in Westerns, Carey also landed parts in other films,

such as the Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell classic, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. But it was in Westerns that Dobe Carey worked the most, under famous directors such as John Ford and Howard Hawkes, and with such stars as Ben Johnson, who became a close friend, and John Wayne, with whom he made eleven films. Dobes 1994 autobiography, titled Company of Heroes: My Life as an Actor in the John Ford Stock Company, recounted his experiences with other famous members of the informal group, including Henry Fonda and Victor McLaglen. Dobe Carey wed Marilyn Fix in 1944, and remained married to her for 68 years until his death. He served in the United States Navy during World War II, and died in Santa Barbara at the age of 91.

A fine example of a life well lived was that of Cornelia Chapman, known to all her friends as Cornie. Born in Holland, Cornie learned to love the outdoors while growing up in the English countryside, where she became an accomplished equestrienne and enjoyed riding to the hounds in local fox hunts. Cornie also became involved in farming, and was a member of the Womens Land Army during World War II, which helped provide food for the Allied war effort. Through this she met Roger Chapman, an American navigator in the U.S. Air Force assigned to a nearby air base. She and Roger married in England but came to the United States after the war, settling in Santa Barbara in 1954. Roger taught in the music department at UCSB while Cornie worked at home rearing their four children. Continuing her love affair with horses, Cornie became a member of the Sage Hens, the Hope Ranch Riding and Trails Association, and the Santa Ynez Hunt. She and her husband purchased land in Goleta that was slated for development and created one of the first organic farms in the area Fairview Gardens. They kept honeybees in addition to raising avocados, lemons, and various

In addition to being a lifelong horsewoman, Cornelia Chapman founded Fairview Gardens with her husband

organic vegetable crops. Besides her love of horses and gardening, Cornie was an accomplished artist, and studied with noted painter Ray Strong (1905-2006) at UCSB. She continued to ride horses and make art well into her early 90s, a vibrant woman with a sharp wit.

William P. Bill Clark (1931-2013)

A fifth generation Californian and rancher, Bill Clark was born in Oxnard, where his cattleman father also served as police chief. He grew up attending parochial schools and Stanford University, but left there to enter an Augustinian Novitiate in New York to study for the priesthood. After a year, Clark realized that


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Wednesday, January 8, 2014 at Noon. A light lunch will be served. Wednesday, January 15, 2014 at 6:00 pm. Light refreshments will be served.



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Liv Gonzalez, Admission Assistant, 967-1266, ext. 101 (

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26 December 2013 9 January 2014

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: The following person(s) is/are doing business as: Sams To Go, 6831 Hollister Avenue, Suite AA, Goleta, CA 93117. Anita Sotoodeh Griswold, 1914 Elise Way #D, Goleta, CA 93117. This statement was led with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara County on December 10, 2013. This statement expires ve years from the date it was led in the Ofce of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the original statement on le in my ofce. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL) by Melissa Mercer. Original FBN No. 20130003669. Published December 18, 25, January 8, 15, 2014. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: The following person(s) is/are doing business as: Alvarez Automotive Repair & Smog, 335 North Milpas Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93103. Gaspar Alvarez, 79 La Venta Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93110. This statement was led with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara County on November 25, 2013. This statement expires ve years from the date it was led in the Ofce of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the original statement on le in my ofce. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL) by Andrea Luparello. Original FBN No. 20130003545. Published December 18, 25, January 8, 15, 2014. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: The following person(s) is/are doing business as: Ilventos Proprio Italiano, 1711 East Valley Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93108. Joseph P Ilvento, MD and Judy C Dean, MD, INC, 1711 East Valley Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93108. This statement was led with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara County on December 3, 2013. This statement expires ve years from the date it was led in the Ofce of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the original statement on le in my ofce. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL) by Jan Morales. Original FBN No. 20130003603. Published December 18, 25, January 8, 15, 2014. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: The following person(s) is/ are doing business as: PRESIDENTIALONE.COM, 1072 Casitas Pass Road #223, Carpinteria, CA 93013. James Leeds Ashmore, 1072 Casitas Pass Road #223, Carpinteria, CA 93013. This statement was led with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara County on December 10, 2013. This statement expires ve years from the date it was led in the Ofce of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the original statement on le in my ofce. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL) by Danielle Gomez. Original FBN No. 20130003674. Published December 18, 25, January 8, 15, 2014. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: The following person(s) is/ are doing business as: COLLE G E CON S U LT.OR G, 5446 Eighth Street #6, Carpinteria, CA 93013. Letitia Burns OConnor, 5446 Eighth Street #6, Carpinteria, CA 93013. This statement was led with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara County on October 22, 2013. This statement expires ve years from the date it was led in the Ofce of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the original statement on le in my ofce. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL) by Gabriel Cabello. Original FBN No. 2013-0003226. Published December 4, 11, 18, 25, 2013. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: The following person(s) is/are doing business as: Immaginare Events by Giseli Spera, PO Box 5043, Santa Barbara, CA 93150. Giseli Spera, 452 Scenic Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93103. This statement was led with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara County on December 2, 2013. This statement expires ve years from the date it was led in the Ofce of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the original statement on le in my ofce. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL) by Melissa Mercer. Original FBN No. 2013-0003589. Published December 4, 11, 18, 25, 2013. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: The following person(s) is/are doing business as: Rose Golden Holdings, 89 Humphrey Road, Montecito, CA 93108. Rose Keppler Moradian, 89 Humphrey Road, Montecito, CA 93108. This statement was led with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara County on November 25, 2013. This statement expires ve years from the date it was led in the Ofce of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the original statement on le in my ofce. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL) by Adela Bustos. Original FBN No. 2013-0003556. Published December 4, 11, 18, 25, 2013. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: The following person(s) is/are doing business as: Rabbia Cycling; Rage Cycling, 2664 Montrose Place, Santa Barbara, CA 93105. Santa Barbara Doves, LLC, 2664 Montrose Place, Santa Barbara, CA 93105. This statement was led with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara County on November 26, 2013. This statement expires ve years from the date it was led in the Ofce of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the original statement on le in my ofce. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL) by Adela Bustos. Original FBN No. 2013-0003557. Published December 4, 11, 18, 25, 2013. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: The following person(s) is/are doing business as: Scenic Tours & Taxi Service, PO Box 1954, Santa Barbara, CA 93116. Gloria Jane Grigg, 5085 Oleander Place, Santa Barbara, CA 93111. This statement was led with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara County on November 21, 2013. This statement expires ve years from the date it was led in the Ofce of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the original statement on le in my ofce. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL) by Jan Morales. Original FBN No. 2013-0003530. Published December 4, 11, 18, 25, 2013. ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR CHANGE OF NAME: CASE No. 1458246. To all interested parties: Petitioner Jasper Wayne Morse led a petition with Superior Court of California, County of Santa Barbara, for a decree changing name to Jasper Wayne Burke. The Court orders that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court at the hearing indicated below to show cause, if any, why the petition for change of name should not be granted. Any person objecting to the name changes described about must le a written objection that included the reasons for the objection at least two court days before the matter is scheduled to be heard and must appear at the hearing to show cause why the petition should not be granted. If no written objection is timely led, the court may grant the petition without a hearing. Filed November 22, 2013, by B. Delabra, Deputy Clerk. Hearing date: January 16, 2014 at 9:30 am in Dept. 6, 1100 Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101. Published 12/11, 12/18, 12/25, 1/8 ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR CHANGE OF NAME: CASE No. 1438719. To all interested parties: Petitioner Steven Louis Faoro Reyes led a petition with Superior Court of California, County of Santa Barbara, for a decree changing name to Brewtus Louis Faoro. The Court orders that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court at the hearing indicated below to show cause, if any, why the petition for change of name should not be granted. Any person objecting to the name changes described about must le a written objection that included the reasons for the objection at least two court days before the matter is scheduled to be heard and must appear at the hearing to show cause why the petition should not be granted. If no written objection is timely led, the court may grant the petition without a hearing. Filed November 22, 2013, by Terri Chavez, Deputy Clerk. Hearing date: January 15, 2014 at 9:30 am in Dept. 6, 1100 Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101. Published 12/4, 12/11, 12/18, 12/25

William P. Bill Clark horseback riding with one of his best friends, President Ronald Reagan

George Cooper discovered a talent late in life for building and repairing carriages

he did not have a religious vocation, and returned to college briefly at the University of Santa Clara. He took a break from studying for a twoyear stint in Germany working as a counter-intelligence agent, and then returned to study for the California bar exam on his own, which he passed in 1958. As a registered Democrat working in the private law firm he helped establish, Clark attended a speech by Ronald Reagan in 1964, where the future president was endorsing Barry Goldwaters presidential campaign. Clark was so impressed with Reagan that he became the Ventura County chairman for Reagans California gubernatorial campaign in 1966. The two became as close as brothers, and Reagan eventually appointed Clark to the California Supreme Court. Thereafter known as Judge, Clark also served as Reagans National Security Advisor and is credited with crafting the policies that ultimately led to the fall of the Soviet Union. Judge Clarks Roman Catholic roots enabled him to foster Reagans good relationship with Pope John Paul II. Clark died of complications of Parkinsons disease; his funeral was held at the chapel he built on his ranch in Shandon, California.

23 years. During their years living in Burbank, George had a perfect attendance record for 34 years at his local Rotary Club. He also joined several horseback riding groups, becoming a member of Los Charros, Rancheros Visitadores, Calabasas Mounted Sheriffs Posse, Los Caballeros, and the Saddle and Sirloin Club. Upon moving to the Santa Ynez Valley, George found his retirement calling was more than just riding horses it was restoring and building carriages, wagons, and carts, often created from scratch just by looking at a photograph. He learned to drive his finished products, first with mules, then later with Belgian draft horses and then Belmores (a Belgian/Morgan crossbreed). When he could no longer handle the equine teams, George took up driving antique cars, but always stuck to Fords. George was 96 when he died, predeceased by Marsha, his wife of 69 years.

Ralph H. Good, Jr. (1923-2013)

Born in Bellingham, Washington, George Cooper had two primary interests in his life business and horses. He had to abandon the first company he founded, Plastic Die and Tool Company, when he was drafted into World War II just ten months before the wars end. When he returned from the war to find his company in shambles, he and his wife Marsha moved west, eventually buying a 400-acre ranch in Oregon. From there they moved to Southern California, where they owned and operated Quality Ready Mix in Burbank for 40 years, as well as Webster Concrete Company for 26 December 2013 9 January 2014

George Cooper (1916-2013)

A native Californian, Ralph Good was born in San Diego. As a child his family moved frequently, so among his fondest memories were Boy Scout activities and camping in the Redwoods. After graduating from high school, Ralph joined the United States Marine Corps and served the duration of World War II. He came to the Santa Barbara area when he was stationed in Goleta, to assist in opening a Marine base. After receiving his discharge upon the end of the war, Ralph decided to stay in the area to attend Santa Barbara Business College. It was there that he met his future wife, Mary Jane Dutra, and married her in 1947. Just four years later, Ralph was recalled to active duty and served in the Korean War. After serving in Korea, Ralph worked in Santa Barbara at Home Roofing Company. Then in 1976,


A man wrapped up in himself makes a very small parcel John Ruskin



TRAIL TALK (Continued from page 49)

Former Secret Service agent John Barletta (left) takes Huell Howser on a horseback ride at Ronald Reagans beloved Rancho del Cielo

Ralph Good, Jr., who founded Goletas Boy Scout Troop 105, was also an avid golfer

In addition to being a consummate vaquero, Jay Harney had a talent for training border collies to use in herding cattle

he started a new business in Santa Barbara with his wife and son Tom Buena Tool Company, which is still family owned and run by his sons. It was for his community service that Ralph will be greatly remembered, for he founded Boy Scout Troop 105, which is still based at Saint Rafaels Catholic Church in Goleta. Remembering the good times he had with Scouting as a youth, Ralph nurtured hundreds of boys over the years, who learned to hike the trails because of his influence. Ralph is survived by his wife of 66 years, as well as his daughter and two sons.

Jay Harney (1952-2013)

A California native, Jay was born in Stockton, and dedicated his life to working livestock in the traditional vaquero way. In addition to his ability to train horses, Jay was also noted for using border collies to assist with handling cattle. Their inbred instinct

for herding livestock makes these dogs particularly well suited for ranch work, and Jay was an expert at honing their natural skills. In addition to applying traditional vaquero methods to riding and ranching, Jay was a winning participant at Californio-style cowboy competitions. He excelled at Big Loop roping, wherein the cowboy ropes a steer using a reata no less than fifty feet in length. Jays son, Deeth Harney, often teamed up with his father for team roping events, and is continuing the vaquero traditions that Jay championed in his own quiet but effective way. Jay died of cancer at his home in Mariposa, California at the age of 61. But he lives on in film, as he was featured in the Vaquero Series of DVDs made by local filmmakers Susan Jensen and Paul Singer. Jay and his son Deeth are also the subject of four videos that are available for free online, comprising nearly four hours of oral history related to ranching, horses, border collies, and more.

Huell Burnley Howser (1945-2013)

Helicopter Tours

With his ebullient enthusiasm combined with a Southern drawl, there was simply nobody like Huell Howser. Born in Tennessee, his unusual first name was a combination of his parents names Harold and Jewell. Huell was student body president at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, where he earned his undergraduate degree in history. In 1981, Huell landed a job in Los Angeles as a reporter for KCBS-TV, and eventually started producing Videolog for KCET public television, comprising short pieces about local curiosities. That effort, along with Howsers boundless boosterism for his adopted home of California, led to the inimitable series Californias Gold. Criss-crossing the Golden State with microphone in hand and videographer on his heels, Huell taught Californians about their own home in a way that only an enchanted transplant could. Howser also produced numerous other series and specials about California. Huell seemed to love horses, and focused several episodes on equines. He visited the Wrigley Arabian ranch on Catalina Island, herded cattle on Santa Rosa Island before it became part of Channel Islands National Park, rode horseback at Ronald Reagans beloved Rancho del Cielo, and marveled at the care and training of USCs magnificent white mascot, Traveler. All of these episodes and more can be viewed for free online through the website of Chapman College, where Howser bequeathed his lifes work upon his death from prostate cancer at the age of 67.

Teacher, writer, and rancher Bobby Isaacson with his foal Guapo

Robert Anton Bobby Isaacson (1948-2013) 805-845-4500


A native Barbareo, Bob Isaacson was born in Santa Barbara, and lived most of his life on his El Chorro Ranch near Lompoc. He attended Vista del Mar School near Gaviota as a child, and as an adult served on its board, as well as that of the Land 

Trust of Santa Barbara County. He also attended Dunn School in Los Olivos and The Thacher School in Ojai, before earning his undergraduate degree in English at Claremont Mens College (now Claremont McKenna) and his Masters and teaching credential at UCSB. Isaacson taught English at Allan Hancock College for 32 years, which enabled him to share his passion for literature, especially James Joyce, with hundreds of students. He published two textbooks as well as his own work in Unconsecrated Ground (A Collection of Poems), now a collectors item. Bob was equally passionate about horses, cattle, and the history of the West. He and his wife, Sally, ran a beef cattle operation on their El Chorro Ranch for 35 years. He wrote two other books on the subject, Cattle Upon a Thousand Hills: Ranch Life in Santa Barbara County in the Twentieth Century as Recorded in Family Albums, and The Muleshoe Cattle Company: An Anthology of Memories of Life on an Arizona Cow Ranch, 1906-1928. The Isaacsons placed their El Chorro Ranch in a permanent conservation easement with the California Rangeland Trust (CRT), and in 2011, CRT named Bob Isaacson Conservationist of the Year.


26 December 2013 9 January 2014


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Residences starting at $1,795,000

4677 Via Roblada | Offered at $32,000,000

Montecito Beach Cottages

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Robert Bob Kallman (1925-2013)

TRAIL TALK (Continued from page 50)

Parkinsons disease, and is survived by his wife of 66 years.

Patti Page (1928-2013)

James Oliver Jim McCoy (1931-2013)

there of heart and lung disease at the age of 85. She was awarded a posthumous Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award earlier this year.

Edwin Ramsey (1917-2013)

Robert Bob Kallman was El Presidente of Old Spanish Days in 1968

A consummate Santa Barbaran, Bob Kallman was born at Cottage Hospital, and graduated from both Santa Barbara High School and UCSB. He joined the Navy at the age of 18 and served in both World War II and the Korean War. In between, he found time to marry Ruth Davis, whom he had met as a child while attending Roosevelt School. Bob worked in his familys business, Kallman Nursery, while he and Ruth reared their family of four children. Their son born in 1953, Cliffy Kallman, suffered a severe developmental disability in an era when keeping such a child at home was rarely done. The situation spurred Bob and Ruth to help found the Santa Barbara Council for Retarded Children, now known as Alpha Resource Center, which recently celebrated its 60th anniversary. Bob was serving on the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors at the time, a position he held for eleven years, and was instrumental in obtaining the land where Alpha built its facility. In addition to authoring three books, Bob found time to volunteer for dozens of other Santa Barbara non-profits, and was honored as Man of the Year along with many other awards. Trail riding was one of Bobs favorite activities, and he was a member of Rancheros Visitadores as well as Los Rancheros Pobres. He was also El Presidente of Old Spanish Days in 1968. Bob finally succumbed to

One of popular musics most successful entertainers, The Singin Rage, Miss Patti Page will always be associated with her hit song Tennessee Waltz James Jim McCoy owned McConnells Ice Cream, and served as El Presidente of Old Spanish Days in 1993

Who doesnt love McConnells Ice Cream? While Jim McCoy will always be associated with the local treat, there was much more to his life than frozen dairy products. A native Californian, Jim was born in Los Angeles and graduated from Claremont McKenna College in 1953. While a college student, Jim worked at what he claimed was his favorite job, that of a wrangler at a dude ranch. His love of horses stayed with him his entire life, and while he enjoyed many other sports such as sailing, skiing, and swimming, trail riding remained one of his favorite activities. Jim was a member of Rancheros Visitadores and Los Rancheros Pobres. Jim bought the little ice cream company named McConnells, intending to sell it and reinvest in another venture. But he grew to love it, and built the product into what the Wall Street Journal recently referred to as our new frozen gold standard and our latest, greatest comfort food. As a local businessman, Jim was also involved in many non-profit endeavors, including Kiwanis Club, Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, and Old Spanish Days, for which he served as El Presidente in 1993. Jim died of congestive heart failure, and is survived by his wife, Jeney, and family.

Known as The Singin Rage, Miss Patti Page, she left this world on January 1, 2013 New Years Day. Born in Oklahoma as Clara Ann Fowler, Pages family was so poor that they went without electricity, and her mother and older sisters picked cotton to augment her fathers meager railroad salary. Shortly after graduating from high school in Tulsa, the 18-yearold aspiring singer landed a job on a local radio program sponsored by the Page Milk Company. On the air, young Miss Fowler was known as Patti Page after the sponsor, and the name stuck throughout her life. Pages singing career took off quickly, and in the 1950s, she became the best-selling female artist, selling over 100 million records. While she had 111 hit songs, 15 gold records, and four gold albums, Patti Page will always be remembered for her 1950 ballad called Tennessee Waltz. Originally a 1947 hit for Pee Wee King & His Golden West Cowboys, it still reigns as one of the biggest-selling singles of the twentieth century, and is an official State Song of Tennessee (one of nine!). Later in her career, Page made a crossover from popular music to country music, which lengthened her career appeal. She made the Billboard Country Chart in five separate decades, one of the few artists to attain that longevity. Page eventually settled in San Diego County, and died

Edwin Ramsey, seen here on his beloved horse Bryn Awryn, led the last mounted cavalry charge in U.S. military history

Although he was the subject of my Veterans Day Trail Talk tribute earlier this year (see Montecito Journal, #19/44), Ed Ramseys life was so extraordinary that he must be mentioned again as part of the Empty Saddles group. His complete story can, and should be, read in his fascinating autobiography, Lieutenant Ramseys War: From Horse Soldier to Guerrilla Commander. Ramsey survived a troubled Midwestern childhood largely by enrolling as a teenager in the Oklahoma Military Academy in the late 1930s, where he learned to play polo. Passionate about the sport, Ramseys career in the U.S. Army was largely defined by where he could play polo while in the military during World War II, prompting him to volunteer for the Philippine Scouts of the 26th Cavalry, which was known to have the best polo team in the service. It turned out to be a fateful decision, as while in the Philippines, Ramseys country-club lifestyle turned deadly soon after the Japanese invasion. Ramsey will be remembered for leading the last cavalry charge in U.S. military history, holding off hundreds of Japanese soldiers with a tiny group of 27 mounted scouts. He eventually became the leader of the Philippine resistance movement, commanding



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40,000 guerrilla soldiers while in hiding under Japanese occupation. Multidecorated for his bravery and leadership, Ramsey died of natural causes at age 95, a miracle considering the many times he was in mortal danger during the war.

Nathan S. Rundlett (1936-2013)

Nathan S. Rundlett was a Renaissance man, with interests from hiking to establishing grand opera in Santa Barbara

A native of Massachusetts, Nathan Rundlett is another person to whom the label Renaissance man would be appropriate. After moving to California, Nathan enjoyed a career as a beloved teacher of mathematics and chemistry. He taught at Granada Hills High School and Kennedy High School, where he was one of the founders of the Kennedy SWAS (School Within a School) program. During those years

in the Los Angeles area he met and married Marilyn Gilbert, an attorney with whom he shared his passion for singing, particularly opera. Moving to Santa Barbara in 1981, Nathan was able to showcase his other talents as a craftsman and designer by building a beautiful home in Montecito for Marilyn. He commuted to Camarillo High School, where he continued teaching math and chemistry for eleven years. During the same period, Nathan and his wife embarked on a project that to many would seem insurmountable founding an opera company. With the inaugural New Years Eve performance in 1993, Nathan and Marilyn launched Santa Barbara Grand Opera with a historic presentation of Die Fledermaus in the Lobero Theatre. Their opera company is still going strong today, under its revised name of Opera Santa Barbara. In addition to building exquisite furniture in rare woods, Nathan loved the outdoors, and spent much time camping, backpacking, and hiking the trails. He is survived by Marilyn Gilbert, his wife of 38 years, and an extensive family.

School. He also enjoyed golf, league bowling, and was renowned for his extensive fruit and vegetable gardens. As a horseman, Dick was an active member of Los Padres Trail riders, and he was also a champion barrel racer. He is survived by Sara Tidd, his wife of 38 years, and an extensive family. A warm and generous man, Dick will be sorely missed on the local trails that he MJ loved so well. 

Coastal Hideaways
Richard G. Dick Tidd was an active member of Los Padres Trail Riders

Richard G. Dick Tidd (1936-2013)

Another Santa Barbara native, Dick attended Santa Barbara High School

and Santa Barbara City College before joining the U.S. Navy. Prior to joining the service, Dick worked at Jedlickas, which dovetailed with his lifelong interest in horseback riding. In the military, Dick learned the electrical trade, a career he enjoyed for fifty years. After receiving his honorable discharge, Dick got a job with Murphy Electric, and then worked for Craviotto Electric before becoming a partner and subsequent owner of Wall Electrical Contractors, Inc. Dick was a born mentor, and in addition to teaching many young people the electrical trade, he taught youngsters to water ski and coached football at Bishop Garcia Diego High

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4Ac Hedgerow Compound $8,500,000 Hurst/Anderson 805.680.8216/805.618.8747 Magical compound; 3BD/3.5BA Spanish hm + Pool, Carriage & Guest Houses.

Ojai Valley Estate $8,500,000 Nancy Kogevinas 805.450.6233 50+ Acs in Ojai with income producing orchards. 5BD/7BA Main House.

Beachfront on Padaro Lane $14,500,000 Kathleen Winter 805.451.4663 Montecito Sea Meadow $6,450,000 Bonnymede Beachfront $5,250,000 Rarely available and coveted knoll-top location on Padaro Lane with unsurpassed ocean & cove views, total privacy and easy Kathleen Winter 805.451.4663 Kathleen Winter 805.451.4663 Gorgeous 4/4.5 home in guarded & gated Sea Meadow at the beach. Fabulous redone 2/2.5 condo on the sand in Bonnymede. www. beach access. Wonderful 4BD/4BA w/guest apt.

Big Ocean Views, 5 Acres $4,500,000 Hurst/Switzer 805.680.8216/805.680.4622 Big ocean views from this 5 Ac estate parcel by Padaro Lane, polo elds. New gated community.

175 Olive Mill Ln $4,195,000 Nancy Kogevinas 805.450.6233 Gated, Private 5 bed/5.5 bath, Over 1.3 Flat Acs, Pool/Spa www.

Romantic Montecito Estate $4,950,000 Daniel Encell 805.565.4896 Superbly renovated hedgerow estate with mountain views and 5BD/4.5BA.

810 Toro Canyon Rd $4,950,000 Nancy Kogevinas 805.450.6233 Private 25-Acres, 360 Ocn/Mtn views. 4BD/4BA Main Hse w/pool + GH.

718 Foothill Rd $3,985,000 Nancy Kogevinas 805.450.6233 Historic 4BD/2BA Myron Hunt Swiss Chalet. 1+ ac w/ Pool/Spa, horse corral, w/mtn & valley vws.

Secluded Spanish Hacienda $3,850,000 Joyce Enright 805.570.1360 Spanish 5BD/4BA Hacienda nestled on a 5-acre avocado ranch in Carpinteria with ocean views.

Grand Southern Estate $3,485,000 Jason Streatfeild 805.280.9797 Grand southern estate in Montecito. 5BD/3.5BA + 1BD/1BA guest house.

Enchanting! Mimi Greenberg One level 4BD/3.5BA home tastefully remodeled to perfection! www.

Build Your Dream Home! $2,300,000 Daniel Encell 805.565.4896 $2,395,000 805.570.9585 Build your dream home in Montecito on 1.3 acre lot! Plus 1 bedroom, 1 bath guest house with a pool.

SANTA BARBARA 805.687.2666 | MONTECITO 805.969.5026 | SANTA YNEZ VALLEY 805.688.2969 3868 State Street 1170 Coast Village Road 2933 San Marcos Avenue, Suite 102 Santa Barbara, CA 93105 Montecito, CA 93108 Los Olivos, CA 93441

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