501 Anchor Towers 2 Plein Street JHB 2001 Mobile +27747819858• E-mail vivianklaas@yahoo.co.uk Profile An enthusiastic, dedicated, reliable, responsible, prioritize tasks, meet deadlines set, very friendly, flexible, willing to learn open to change and criticisms. Tolerant, accommodative, accountable, loyal, punctual, co-operative, go-getter, full of initiatives, performs best under pressure, adjust fast and easier, very observant and pay attention to details. An excellent team player also performs well individually with less supervision, exercise professionalism, polite and modest. Possesses inter-personal coupled with superb communication skills. Welcome challenges without stressing and enjoy working with people to provide assistance at all times. Skills & Abilities 1 All rounder administrator and co-ordinator 2 Switchboard operating answering small, medium to large busy boards. 3 Computer literate, Microsoft Windows 95, Excel, Intra and Internet, Outlook Express and multi tasked, franking machine, scanner, photocopier, binding machine, typing 4 Listening to others 5 Encourages and motivates others 6 Resolves conflicts 7 Deals assertively with people at all levels 8 Coaching, mentoring, counseling and negotiating expertise 9 Effective and efficient communicator at all levels 10 Excellent interpersonal skills 11 Organizational skills

4 Order and distribute stationary. conference room bookings. Community Careers Centre (United Kingdom) June 2004 – 7thJanuary 2005 Project Administrator/Mentor 1 Assist clients to complete intra registration forms. faxing. stationery and stocktaking. provide careers and training advice on one on one basis. 3 Filing. sorting and distributing in coming mail. photocopying. data entry. distribute minutes. ordering stationary. 2 Liaise with partners and associates on behalf of clients. drafting letters on behalf of clients where necessary. stock taking. manual & electronic diary management. 3 Assist clients to compile CVs. 12 Train junior administrators. 8 Conduct exit interview liaise with employees and line managers. also provide refreshments. 5 Update the job board enforce internal procedures and policies to be adhered to. 9 Prepare for disciplinary hearings.WORK EXPERIENCE Brook Street (UK) Limited November 2008 – June 2010 Freelance Project Manager Aid projects with serious troubles moving from one project to the other. 7th January 2005 – January 2007 Recovering from a serious traffic road accident undergoing occupational therapy hence sensation was completely lost. data in putting on a computer in house program. . typing. photocopying. 10 Organise meetings for executives. help them to log on to the computers for job search and potential business venture. Finsbury Park Homeless Families Project (United Kingdom) March 2004 – June 2004 Project Support Administrator 1 Answering telephone and handle enquiries pertaining to the service provision. 14 Meeting arrangements. sort and distribute in coming mail. 13 Purchase orders. 6 Prepare training material and travel arrangements. minute taking. faxing. keep clients confidential information. 2 Typing. filing. 4 Liaise with government departments on behalf of service users provide advice. 11 Report writing and distribute it to all stakeholders. manual and electronic diary keeping. 7 Provide personal assistance to Directors. open.

Offer refreshments and also talk to clients to ease the stress level. attend and greet walk in clients. 7 Handle all other general administration duties.  Organise foreign exchange and visas where required.  Train switchboard relievers how to operate the board.  Booking air tickets. white board and markers are available. telephone and video conferences for internal and external clients also ensure necessary equipment and stationary projectors.  Travel account reconciliation.  Keep reception area tidy at all times. bags etc ensure courier stuff is collected every afternoon.  Taking accurate messages immediately post them into intranet message pad. keeping clients updated with their respective matters. . Assist the advice department with all administrative requirements. track down lost property with the courier companies for local and international. 9 All logistical issues for the efficient and effective running of the project. collecting information regarding their problems.  Assist debtors division with statements and invoices for mailing every month.  Screen calls then transfer to relevant departments.  Overflow typing provide refreshments. homeless and vulnerable end users. sort and distributing in coming mail as per departments. car hire companies and airlines. follow ups. book conference rooms. Prepare statistics report for presentation to donors and other stakeholders. 8 Overall providing personal assistant to the advisors. labels. UUNET South Africa (PTY) Ltd November 1999 . flip charts.5 Deal with walk in service users for drop in sessions.  Preparing payment for travel account. identify short comings and forward feedback to IT department.  Negotiate corporate rates with hotels.  Keep records of hand delivered and personally collected cheques.July 2002 Senior receptionist switchboard operator promoted to Travel Coordinator  Answering large electronic extremely busy board.  Administer expense claim and travel forms.  Keep sufficient stock of courier material. 6 Phone hostels and housing association to get accommodation for destitute.  Manage in house IT booking program.  Liaising with in-house travel agents. hiring cars and hotels for all staff and subsidiaries globally.

Very conversant with the country’s labour law implement them as a guideline to employees and employers in resolving their disputes. Aid with purchase orders to be approved by head office help with overflowing issues that can be done at the reception such as inserting invoices and statements in envelopes. Aiding provincial organising officers with issues pose to challenge their expertise issue directives where appropriate. In between work also conducted research as a field worker for South African Civil Organisation.  Banking. car hire companies and airlines. attending negotiation forums.  Make suggestions and recommendations to the IT division for the effective and efficient service provision of the in house program in charge of. data capturing of invoices into the accounting program. Democratic Media Trust/COSATU November 1993 -October 1995.  Police and Prison Civil Rights Union (POPCRU) February 1997 – October 1999 Head of Organising department  Handle all complaints from members from all provinces. Embark upon campaigns like crime free festive season. acting as a mediator between the parties.  Enforce financial policies and procedures are adhered to by all staff members. late payment and over charge penalties. Liaise with the credit card company for all interest charges.  Prepare report and necessary documents for auditors. attend disciplinary action meetings between the department and employees. Senior receptionist.  Hotel visitation to inspect and assess the standard of the service and neatness before engaging them into business. manage IT in house travel booking and expense claims.  Keep updating other junior travel coordinators in other branches about the matters relating to traveling to have uniform approach globally also address their enquiries and concerns.  Prepare pread sheet. update data base.  Nedcor Financial Planning Division November 1995 – January 1997. . give guidance where necessary as a way forward toward healthy employee employer relationship.  Ensure the travel account is within monthly budget limit and director's credit cards do no accumulate interest by processing payment before the due date. memo writing informing staff members about any changes pertaining to expense claims and travel issues. Witwaterstand university department of Sociology and many more played a pivotal role in interpreting the results into a document for what the research wanted to establish. Senior receptionist – . COPE.  Handle complaints after trip and do follow ups with hotels.

To provide support with every basic fundamental human right issues considered highly to human dignity. Statistics. Commercial Law. From time to time address worker’s meeting on behalf of the secretariat provide training to regional administrators to ensure uniform approach in addressing union issues. centre of information. issues of significant sensitivity not to insult in the process is culture. Introduction to Economic Management.APMG Group – PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner certificates.Directly involved and exposed to all projects we had community radio station. Impala Rand Coach Tours December 1987 – February 1989 Tour Consultant/Guide  Arranging both none and educational tours around the country for schools and any groups also explain on the route the most significant and historical background of certain places to sightseeing areas when reaching the final destiny. procedures governing rent. lease. the components and the techniques taking cognizance of starting. religion. directing. Marketing Management. . ethics. February 1995 – November 2002 University of South Africa –UNISA Bachelor of Commerce Degree (BCOMM) Accounting. An introduction to PRINCE2 covering the processes. Consumer Psychology. Financial Management. Provide support to all directors. Overseeing every aspect of the union including fund raising during strikes. Industrial Psychology. tradition etc. flats. Assist them to integrate hassle free in their respective communities be a mediator between government and the clients to ensure their needs are met at all times from financial. magazine and newspaper. refugee seekers people with school going children to adapt and settle in the new environment. Economics. initiating. Organisational Behaviour. compile reports to account for funds usage. HUMAN Resources management. managing product delivery. food. February 2007 to October 2008 Community Computer Centre . Personnel Psychology. controlling. Ergonomics and Compensation Management. child benefits and housing. prepare for National Executive Committee meetings. television and video. Micro & Macro Economics. Labour Law. town houses and commercial properties. purchase and sell of property houses. National Education Health and Allied Workers Union March 1989 – October 1993 Head of Administration To start the trade union head quarters afresh after encountered an ordeal putting in place necessary infrastructure to function effectively and efficiently. June 2004 – July 2004 The African Child – Mentoring Certificate Getting insight about vulnerable asylum. language. December 2002 – July 2003 Estate Agency Affairs Board Estate Agency Certificate  Policies. Industrial Psychology. Industrial Relations.

Community Career Centre landline: +44(0)2072426448 fax: +44(0)2072426449 email: princeit@aol. singing and dancing. management of risk.com Cell: +27828536409 3. controls. product-based planning. change control. Business Associate Email: ikage@telkomsa. change control technique.com 2. keeping fit exercises and walking. components and techniques focusing on business case. Democratic Media Trust/CDC Email: dawetijm@gmail. Mr Tom Mphagi. listening to music.Watching television. plans. Practitioner extensively utilizes processes. organization. writing scripts and reading. closing and planning projects.net Cell: +27829303400 . REFERENCES 1. quality in a controlled project environment. configuration management.managing stage boundaries. Mr Jimmy Oloidi. Mr Mlungisi Daweti. HOBBIES . quality review technique etc.

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