Anima Mundi By Charles Harvey Explores the ways in which individuals influence, mediate and are shaped by the

groups and collectives to which they belong; $35.99.

Apollo’s Chariot By Liz Greene Explores the astrological significance of the Sun in a question/answer format; includes natal and progressed aspects; $32.99.

Astrology, History and Apocalypse By Nicholas Campion Focuses on the theme of astrology’s use as a tool of global prediction; $36.00.

Barriers and Boundaries By Liz Greene Explores the fundamental issues of how people defend themselves against conflict and suffering through psychological mechanisms in the natal chart; $35.99. Earth and Air By Darby Costello Focuses on the earth and air elements and their influence in the horoscope; includes sections on missing elements and singletons; $41.95.

Cycles of Light By Lynn Bell Focuses on solar returns using a psychological approach, along with practical yet philosophical information; $37.95.

Incarnation By Melanie Reinhart Explores the four angles and the lunar Nodes as points of self-expression; $37.95.

Mapping the Psyche, Vol. 1 By Clare Martin Explores planetary expression in the context of signs, elements, qualities, mythology, alchemy; $37.99.

Relationships and How to Survive Them By Liz Greene Explores composite charts through a psychological perspective, and triangular relationships and their natal chart indicators; $35.99.

Mapping the Psyche, Vol. 2 By Clare Martin Explores the planetary aspects and houses, angles, lunar Nodes, missing elements and aspects; $41.99.

Rural Road.99. $35. Tempe AZ 85283 480-838-1751 480-838-8293 fax . $37. natal and progressed planets in water and fire. and its expression in cycles throughout a lifetime. why some people fail to cope with life’s challenges.99. $37. The Family Inheritance By Juliet Sharman-Burke Explores parental patterns in the horoscope and the myths of the signs as expressed through an individual’s parental perceptions. $33. madness and scapegoating as indicated in the natal chart. $37. The Outer Planets and Their Cycles By Liz Greene This work on mundane astrology explores the meaning of outer planets in individual and national charts. sanity.99 The Dark of the Soul By Liz Greene Explores psychopathy. Greene and Reinhart Comprehensive volume on Mars includes Mars in aspect. in signs and houses. Where in the World? By Erin Sullivan In-depth volume on Astro*Carto* 6535 S. and new insights into Chiron. $37. including finding the best locations for specific areas of life. $35. The Astrological Moon By Darby Costello Explores the Moon in the natal chart.99. The Horoscope in Manifestation By Liz Greene Focuses on bridging the gap between psychological and predictive astrology in the context of concrete events.99.The Art of Stealing Fire By Liz Greene Focuses on Uranus and includes sections devoted to the natal chart.99. insights into character expression. $35.astrologers. $41.95. $33. Saturn.99. transits and the Saturn-Uranus cycle. When Chimpanzees Dream Astrology By Alexander Graf von Schlieffen In-dept exploration of the quadrants.99. Water and Fire By Darby Costello Focuses on the water and fire elements and their influence in the horoscope. American Federation of Astrologers www.99. Costello. mythology and developmental stages.99. The Mars Quartet By Bell. elements and signs. $41. Chiron and the Centaurs By Melanie Reinhart Focuses on the importance of Saturn as the boundary between individual and collective realities.

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