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CHAPEL CHIMES growing in faith...sharing God’s love
K E L LY ’ S K O R N E R
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Gary Koster Duane Beichley Dale Langenbau Cindy Ormston Elijah MacBain Koopman Cory Farrington Ryan Lemker Gabriel Handorf Linda Havelka Kyle Reynolds Brett Lemker Ben Little Regan Appelgate Amilliah Kenya Kevin Yungbluth Phillip Fleming Donna Lynch Kerry Lynch Jacob Lynch Steve & Judy Svendsen Angie Bessman !Ron & Lois Groth Selah Gruen Lynn Beichley Vaugn Kloster Mike Plaehn Braydon Arnote Kenneth "Pete# Hoing Michael Burt Brent Havelka Cimber Strayer Myra Appelgate Garrett Groth Dana Rosacker Je$ Koster Martha Bessman Harry Kenya Carter Thomas Kemp Annette "Lynch# Lemker Jerry Gilge Janice Collins

! Happy New Year 2014, Chapel Friends! We are so blessed!! We are back in the pulpit! Who would have thunk it?!?! Thank you so 1! 2! very much!! ! 4! • For inviting us back to Chapel; 5! 6! • For the wonderful care and regiment at the Mayo; ! ! • For your generosity in releasing us to the Sunny South. ! 7! Thank you so very much for your prayers, gifts and cards in this joyous 8! 9! Christmas season. 10! ! We will be back in the pulpit on Easter Sunday Morning, 2014! 11! ! See you soon! 12! ! PS Wear green on St. Patrick’s Day! ! ! ! Pastor Dean, Marvalyn & O’Grady 13! Christmas Eve Service A nice crowd gathered on Christmas Eve at 6 pm to the theme of “Open Your Heart’s Door to God’s Love For You.” Kathryn and Barbara Burt lit the Advent candles. Jennifer Daniel and Dean Messerly were soloists, plus the congregation sang several Christmas carols, accompanied by Marvalyn Kelly. After Pastor Dean’s inspirational message, communion was observed and as candles were lit, the musicians quietly played “Silent Night.” The closing carol, “Joy to the World,” was meaningfully sung as all agreed that our Savior does indeed rule the world with truth and grace. A special thank you to Rick Bessman for providing our traditional apples and candy bars to all of us. Cantata Eighteen singers from our communities performed a Christmas cantata, “Bethlehem Lights,” on Dec. 15 during the worship service at Chapel. Chapel’s participants were Vaugn and Carolyn Kloster. The narrator was Megan Slinglu!, and the director was Dan Lastovka, band and technology director at GMG. It was a very meaningful service performed by talented singers. 14! 15! ! 16! ! 17! ! ! ! 18! 19! ! 22! 23! 25 ! 26! 27! ! 31!





Cha pel N ew s
Chapel Caroling After postponing caroling on December 8 because of bad weather, 43 Christmas carolers sang to about 24 people, plus nursing home residents, on Sunday, December 15, at 2:30 pm. Group I caroled to Harriett Fleming, Bessie Fulster, Gladys Appelgate, Martha Bessman, Edith May Leonard, Vivian Dennis, Marjorie Stubbs, Jean Elliott, Les Beal, Dale Moler & Shirley Ossman. Group II caroled to Melva Vint, Hospice House patients, Elaine Plett, Mildred Estal, Doris Case, Leona Schultz, Ruby Brittian, Mike & Maryetta Wood, and Pete Hoing. The group met at Zeno’s for pizza afterwards. Special appreciation to Karen Handorf and Cindy Ormston for buying the chocolate candy, including for diabetics; Darrel and Barbara Burt for making the list of caroling order and times (not an easy task); Cheri Richter for making new song sheets & reserving Zeno’s; and those who led the caroling. The Volunteers wish everyone a Happy New Year! A Few Descriptions USHERS: Ask two others to help with o!ering. Count all Chapel attendees, including children, and write number on calendar. ACOLYTES: Designated students who have been through confirmation will acolyte each month. Please wear white robe, and light all candles about 10:20 am. Extinguish candles at end of worship. NURSERY: If someone wants their pre-kindergarten child to be in the nursery during the worship service, please check if the nursery attendants are present; if not, contact an usher who will find them. Assignment list is in narthex. MUSIC & FLOWERS: You are responsible for providing or asking someone else to provide special music for your designated Sunday. Also, please bring flowers, real or artificial, to set on the flower stand at the altar or use an arrangement in the room o! the stage or in the overflow closet. Assignment list is in narthex. Thank you!


?? w o n k d you

No “Las Posadas” at Chapel U n f o r t u n a t e l y, b a d w e a t h e r overpowered Chapel’s Christmas mini-VBS, supper, and program that was scheduled for Sunday, December 22. The committee of Ann Jackson, Heidi Langenbau and Janine Anderson made a hard but wise decision in cancelling the program a couple of days early. Who knows, maybe next year we’ll do a repeat performance of “Las Posadas!”

2014 Acolytes Thank you for serving as acolytes for a month during 2014. Pastor Dean would like you to wear the white robes. Please light all the candles between 10:20-10:25 and extinguish them after the sermon or during the last hymn. Please trade with someone if you are unable to be an acolyte during your designated month. January: Logan & Mackenzie Burt February: Tyler Krull, Derek Mann March: Chad Plaehn, Chase Winters April: Summer Langenbau, Noah Winters May: Matt Carlon, Tyson Strayer June: Ella Gruen, Olivia Barritt July: Devan Mann, Cole Langenbau August: Josh Gruen, Mattie Vaske September: Micah Daniel, Jake Hlas October: Jacob Burt, Garrett Groth November: Decker Mann, Kasey Winters December: Mikaela Gruen, McKensie Vaske

• Pastor Dean and Marvalyn will be in Florida Dec 29%mid%April at 5130 Saddlebag Lake Rd, Lake Wales, FL 33898. • We welcome our interim pastors from Chapel during Pastor Dean’s absence. We are blessed! • Thank you, Lois Groth, for coordinating poinsettia orders and arranging them on the altar & Beautiful! • Donna & Darwin Lynch are staying in Mesa, AZ, until March 1! • Stalzer’s Photography received an honorable mention for Logan Burt’s senior picture and first place for one of Caitlin Appelgate’s. • Chapel’s pictorial directories have arrived! See Marla Hlas for your copy. • Thank you to Lynn & Claire Handorf for donating decorations for the north Fellowship Hall tree. They are in memory of Claire’s step% mother who passed away Oct. 22. • Thanks to Ron & Je$ Koster for cleaning snow around Chapel. • Stop any afternoon or evening at Gladbrook’s City Centre’s top floor "elevator# to admire beautifully% decorated Christmas trees and other decorations, including Chapel’s tree. Open through New Years Day. • Thank you for your generous donation of over '3,000 to the House of Compassion! • Parenting class and Angel Tree contributors, as well as others, great job on making other families’ Christmases very special.

Ushers and Acolytes Acolytes, please be in the narthex by at least 10:20 so that you can put on your robes and light all the candles up front by 10:25. Ushers, please make sure this happens so that our worship service can start right at 10:30. Thank you.

Tha n k Y ou, Ch a p e l !
On behalf of the Food Pantry and Angel Tree Committee, I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone in the Gladbrook & Lincoln communities who helped bring the spiritî of Christmas to so many. Through the generosity of students, Scouts, youth groups, organizations, individuals, and families, we helped many families in need this holiday season. Chapel Church donated gifts for 12 children. Besides Chapel, we thank Salem Church, Christ Lutheran Church, Gladbrook UMC, and Peace Church members for donating presents to the children. A very blessed Christmas and a happy and healthy new year. Angel Tree chair, Jeanne Paustian Thank you so much for bringing the beautiful Christmas carols to my house. It was very much appreciated. Sincerely, -Dale Moler

Our C

cern n o C f ircle o

We would like to thank each and every one of you – You are all truly amazing! We are honored to have you as my church family! You have touched me in a way that we cannot even explain. You give me hope. We hope one day to give you what you gave us! Love, -Amy & Nick Niedermann

I want to thank the carolers for coming to Embers and singing Christmas carols. The people enjoyed it very much and are looking forward to next year. Also, thanks for the gift. -Pete Hoing

• Jo Svendsen and family on the loss of Dick Nov. 18 • Sarah Beane, ill health • Pastor Dean, heart health I just! want! to! thank! you! for! • Dee Burt, thyroid challenges coming! to! "Assisted! Living"! here! • Clara Richter, hospitalized recently; in! Gladbrook! and! giving! your! time! John’s mother to! sing! for! us.! ! I! enjoyed! it! so! • Sharon Shouse, recent eye surgery & much! along! with! your! happy! return to hospital; Susan Beichley’s smiles! and! good! wishes.! Merry! mother Christmas! to! all! of! you! and! have! • Tim Handorf, recuperating from colon surgery a! Happy! New! Year,! too.! • Jim Glover, has fallen several times; Claire Handorf’s father -Bess! Fulster! • Family of Paul Daniel’s aunt from Canada, who passed away Dec. 12. Paul P.S.! ! I've! always! felt! you! & Jennifer had her funeral service. were!part of my neighborhood!! ! • Rev. Gene Burry, 83, retired from ministry Dec. 29. Continue praying for Lenora and him. Thank you for your generous • Mike Wood, cancer, Marci Krull’s father donation of $200 to Mid-Iowa • Bob Michels, heart tests Workshop, Inc. It will benefit many • Intentional prayer ministry launching, individuals with disabilities. Chapel pray for volunteer prayer minister Van Orman House, need house mother has remembered us for many years, • Needy families in our communities • and we appreciate your continuing • Youth activities, including Youth support of our program. Merry Fellowship, SNCAL and “One Thing” trip Christmas! to Kansas City Dec 28-30 • Interim pastors through April 13, 2014 Rick Byers, President & CEO • Noah Ohrt, cancer; Susan Beichley’s cousin • Praise: Paul Daniel’s parents recently The Dick Svendsen Family would like celebrated 54th wedding anniversary to thank everyone for the prayers, • PTL Jill Roberts, GMG teacher, cancercards, food and serving the lunch. free • PTL Bill Ormston is substitute teaching We really appreciate it all. after serious health issues a few years ago • PTL that Jerry Hine has had a miraculous reverse in health, Dee Burt’s friend • Family of Hazel Hauser, who passed away December 22. (Sympathy to daughter Donna and Lynn Beichley

Let us rejoice in the birth of our Savior at Christmas and always. Thank you for your gift, I love you all, and God bless you, -Shirley Ossman

Cha pel N ew s
Daniel The Women’s Bible Study group concluded with a salad and soup supper December 11 at Sue Koster’s home. Throughout the twelve weeks, women watched Beth Moore’s DVD entitled “Daniel.” The first six chapters dealt with Daniel’s life and facing pressures that Christians also face today. He modeled integrity while living in an enticing world. The last six chapters explored prophecies from Daniel’s time through the second coming of Christ. It was thrilling to discover that all Biblical prophecies, so far, have come true! We will not meet during the winter but will reconvene next fall. New Members An official Chapel membership welcome goes to Chuck, Dana and Autumn Rosacker. Daughter Brook and they have been attending Chapel for nearly two years, and we are very happy they have joined our church. Welcome to the Chapel Family!


dar n e l a C nuar y

Chris and Marci Krull were married on December 7. It was a private service with only their immediate family present. Chapel celebrated with them by enjoying cake after the worship service December 8. Thank you and God bless your marriage!

Committee Chairs Committees should meet ASAP to elect your chair for 2014, if you have not, and then please tell Ann Jackson. Thank you.

Congratulations to Terri Weitzell on her recent marriage to Joel Meyer. Their address is: Joel and Terri Weitzell-Meyer, 21246 Falcon Ave, Wellsburg, IA 50680

Thurs/Jan 2: No UMW Sun/Jan 5: Dehanging of Greens should be completed before today; 9:30 Sunday School; 10:30 worship service, message by Jennifer Daniel Mon/Jan 6: Epiphany Sun/Jan 12: 9:30 Sunday School; 10:30 worship service, Mission Minute, message by Paul Daniel; Children’s Church "Zach Krull & Brooklyn Smith, treats#; Administrative Council meeting after church "Heidi Langenbau, Marla Hlas & Dee Burt, lunch# Mon/Jan 13: 6 pm Cub Scouts Fri/Jan 17: Newsletter items due to Ann Jackson Sat/Jan 18: 4%H Winter Party, 7 pm Sun/Jan 19: 9:30 Sunday School; 10:30 worship service, message by Jay Beichley Sun/Jan 26: 9:30 Sunday School; 10:30 worship service, message by Gruen’s or Dean Messerly Mon/Jan 27: No newsletter gathering; 6 pm Cub Scouts

hea A g n i Look
Wed, Mar 12: 1:30 pm LCA Thurs, Apr 3: 1:30 pm UMW


ce n a d n e t ip At h s r o W
Nov 17: 87 Nov 24: 120 Dec 1: 100 Dec 8: 115 Dec 15: 117 Dec 22: NA

The Youth Fellowship are posing at Stan and Sue Koster's house for their recent Progressive Supper. (They stopped in five homes for eating tools and food. (Thank you, Marla Hlas, for making it such a fun night!

The beautiful poinsettias that decorated our altar this year were given in honor and in memory of our loved ones. Thank you so much to Lois Groth for again coordinating the poinsettia decorations. They were beautiful!

In Memory Of% Don & Phyllis Mann ! ! ! Our parents Rita & Sidney Handorf Frank Roop, John Broker ! & Jim Svendsen ! Craig Handorf Lyle Esbeck & Emmert Steen ! Jim Svendsen Ginny Glover Richard Fleming Neils & Louice Kloster George & MaryJane Kelly Cli$ & Celia Jensen

In Honor Of% Stan & Sue Koster Our family Jo Svendsen Dick, and our children & grandchildren Myrene Appelgate ! Floyd and our children: ! LaRae, Cheryl, Mark, Merle & LeAnn & families Leon & Carol Lamer! Larry & Janice Collins ! Bill & Cindy Ormston! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! Kathryn Burt ! ! ! ! ! Family Our children Bill, Amy & family Rodney & Tracy Youth Fellowship Chapel Family SNCAL group


Doug & Linda Svendsen! ! ! ! ! ! Karen Handorf! ! Dan & Tricia Steen! Shirley Svendsen!! ! !

Lynn & Claire Handorf! ! Vaugn & Carolyn Kloster ! ! ! ! ! Pastor Dean & Marvalyn Kelly ! ! ! !

The Chris Bland Family Grandparents ! ! Great Grandparent Randy Ferguson Larry Catherwood Frances Jackson! ! Wyatt Jackson! Violet Jackson! ! Marla & Doug Hlas ! ! ! Bill & Cindy Ormston Kathryn Burt ! ! Gayle & Cindy Krull! Randy Beichley Family ! Allen & Dee Burt ! ! ! Duane & Barb Beichley ! ! ! Kenneth Hoing Duane & Barb Beichley ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Lawrence & Brenda Catherwoood ! ! Leon Stamp Ralph Jackson

Gayle & Cindy Krull Randy & Susan Beichley John & Cheri Richter Mike & Cathy Vint Ron & Lois Groth !

Pastor Dean & Marvalyn ! Melva Vint

Ethel Jackson Marian Clark, mother of Marla Marsha Haubach, sister of Doug Parents & loved ones gone home Donald Burt Bobby Krull Harold & Wilma Beichley Barb Woebeking Donald Burt Doris & Les Beichley Aaron Beichley John & Elsie Hoing Greg Stowell

Paul & Jennifer Daniel & family Our parents !

Andrew, Matthew, Michael & ! Jacob! ! ! !

Helen & Robert Harder

IntheSmallStuff... •Prayerchangesthings. •Prayforpeoplewhodislikeyou. •Prayforthepeopleyoudislike. •Prayerwithouteffortwillbeinsincere.Effortwithout prayerwillbeineffective. •Ifyourprayersdon’tmeananythingotyou,theymeaneven lesstoGod. •Don’tprayforalighterload.Prayforastrongerback. •BecomequietbeforeGodinthebusiestandnoisiestpartof yourday. •PrayerinvolveslisteningtoGodaswellasspeakingtoHim. •Praywithperseveranceandexpectancy. •Atitscore,prayerisgivingyourselftoGod. •Thenexttimeyoufeelweakintheknees,tryusingthemto pray. •PeopleofGodmaynottalkabouttheirprayerhabits,buttheir livesspeakvolumes.
For there is born to you this day in the city of David, a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.”

A Blessed New Year, everyone!

Org a n iza t ion M i n u t e s
Administrative Council Special Meeting ! An Administrative Council meeting was held following the Harvest Home potluck, November 24, 2013. President Allen Burt called the meeting to order at 12:55 PM. Regarding Chapel’s Charge Conference report, he said that we needed to correct an error in Form A. Leon Lamer moved, and Sue Koster seconded, that Pastor Dean’s housing allowance be removed and that we designate "150/month for mileage. Motion passed. ! Leon Lamer moved to approve Chapel’s audit completed by Mike Vint. Randy Beichley seconded the motion, and it passed. ! Pastor Dean’s salary adjustment while in Florida was explained. While he is gone, each week’s interim pastor will receive "100/week. Kathryn Burt moved that the interim pastors keep track of extra visits they make, such as for hospital and shut#ins, and Chapel will reimburse them. Randy Beichley seconded the motion, and it carried. ! Jim Fleming and Doug Svendsen have been completing the last few years of 1099 employee forms. They feel the forms are getting very complicated and recommend that we hire a CPA. Jim Fleming moved, and Kathryn Burt seconded, that we hire an independent auditing service. Motion carried. ! There was discussion about who has priority to use Chapel for activities and if there needs to be a fee charged for heat, lights, etc., especially for non#Chapel members. Presently, a fee is charged for the custodian’s extra work before and after the event. The trustees will bring a recommendation to the Administrative Council. Secretary pro#tem, Sue Koster LCA Minutes ! Chapel LCA met Wednesday, December 11, 2013 for their Christmas luncheon at Mama Digrado’s. Kathryn Burt led us in devotions. Roll call was answered by seven members telling of a family Christmas tradition. Kathryn Burt gave the blessing before we ate our delicious lunch. ! Our next meeting will be March 12, 2014, 1:30 pm, at the church. Respectfully submitted, Carolyn Kloster, secretary November meeting were read and approved. Correspondence read was a thank you from the Dick Svendsen family, and Jo Svendsen expressed thanks verbally to our group for thinking of her and her family at the time of Dick’s illness and passing. The treasurer’s report was presented and place on file. There were no bills presented. One card had been sent since last meeting. ! It was reported Chapel packed 41 Christmas Child boxes and donated "105.00 for the postage. Our e$orts were greatly appreciated. ! Kathryn Burt reported from the nurturing committee that 141 were served at Dick Svendsen’s funeral lunch. ! Sue Koster handed out our 2014 program booklets. Prayer requests were received. Susan Beichley read our monthly scripture verse, Isaiah 9:6, and then closed with prayer. ! A delicious lunch was served by Karen Handorf and Cindy Ormston on tables decorated with Nativity scenes. Respectfully submitted, Carolyn Kloster, secretary

UMW Minutes ! Chapel UMW met Thursday, December 5, 2013, at 1:30 pm in the fellowship hall. Sue Koster led the program on “Serving Cups of Christmas Tea:” Christmas Cheer, Christmas Love, Christmas Memories, and Christmas Hope. We sang several Christmas carols. Sue concluded the presentation with this thought, “What are we o$ering in our cup of Christmas tea this year?” ! President Susan Beichley called the meeting to order. Roll call was answered by 12 members describing a memorable Christmas. The minutes of the

RICHARD (DICK) H. SVENDSEN ! Richard H. “Dick” Svendsen, 79, of Conrad passed away November 18 at Oakview Nursing Home. He was born February 17, 1934, to Harry & Rose (Ingledue) Svendsen in Marshalltown. He graduated from Green Mountain High School in 1953. Dick married Joan Crawford on March 2, 1958, in Melbourne. He served his country in the U.S. Army during the Korean Conflict. Along with his wife, he farmed in the rural Green Mountain and Beaman areas for 44 years, retiring in 2001 when they moved to Conrad. He also sold seed for Mycogen. Dick was a member Chapel Church where he had been a trustee. He was also a member of the Farm Bureau, Heart of Iowa Board, Grundy County trustee, and the Beaman Lions Club, American Legion, & Coop Board. " Dick will be missed by his loving wife off 55 years, Joan; his three children, Randy (Donna) Svendsen, Marshalltown; Debra (Alan) Benoit, Menomonie, WI; Steven (Judith) Svendsen, Clive; ten grandchildren, Rebekah, Luke, Jacob, Lydia & Leah Svendsen; Erin & Jena Benoit; Abigail, Nicole & Rachel Svendsen; and a sister, Helen (Clyde) Knoll, Marshalltown. He was preceded in death by his parents, a sister, Doris Svendsen, and a brother, James Svendsen. " ! The Chapel community expresses their sympathy to Dick’s family. He will be missed.

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