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Lesson 1: Laptops Could 'Toast' Your Lap

People who work with their laptops on their lap may end up suffering from "toasted skin syndrome" and in some rare cases skin cancer, a new study reveals. According to the study by a team of researchers at Switzerland's niversity !ospital "asel, putting a laptop on the lap or e#posed skin for long periods can cause burns and toasted skin syndrome, in which the skin is permanently darkened. $he study was published in the %ournal of Pediatrics in the .S. on &onday.

Lesson 2: Tourist Information Centers Lack Language Services
'espite the increasing number of foreign tourists every year, ()* or about +, percent of all -(. nationwide tourist information centers set up for them are offering inade/uate language services. 0f all these centers, ),+, or *+.( percent, have no guides who can speak 1hinese, while (., 23*.* percent4 have no 5nglish6speaking guides and (*. 23).. percent4 no %apanese6speaking guides, 7rand 8ational Party lawmaker 9ee 1heol6uoo said &onday during an audit of the &inistry of 1ulture, Sports and $ourism by the 8ational Assembly.

Lesson 3: Napa Ca $ising %rices

ages to !e Imported from C"ina #ue to

:ith the price of napa ca age skyrocketing due to a poor harvest this year, the government is making efforts to stabilize the market by importing cabbages from 1hina. $he Agriculture &inistry says it plans to import around (,, tons of cabbage from 1hina in 8ovember as part of the government's direct procurement efforts. &eanwhile, ;orea's largest supermarket chain 9otte &art announced plans to import &'(''' heads of napa cabbage from 1hina's Shandong Province early ne#t month, and sell them at one6fourth the price of domestic cabbage. 8apa cabbage is the main ingredient in ;imchi, the staple spicy delicacy of ;orea, and the recent five6 to si#6 fold price increase is dealing a heavy blow to consumers nationwide.

Lesson ): 1 in 3 of *+,'s Special -eat"er .orecasts -rong
Special weather forecasts by the ;orea &eteorological Administration this year were <ust **.3 percent accurate so far this year. $his was revealed during an audit of the ;&A after it failed to predict torrential rains that

orea &eteorological Administration. it issued (. )). and ++. "ut it is e#pected to grow. typhoons. and gales. Special forecasts are issued to warn people of nine meteorological phenomena 66 torrential rain. or --. )(. of them.oundation #a/ Cele rated Sunda/ Sunday marked the +. 0ne was held in downtown Seoul at the Se<ong 1enter for the Performing Arts. Lesson 1: National .-+)nd anniversary of the mythical founding of . 5ven if it makes landfall in 1hina. A . by the legendary god6king 'angun.&A report revealed $hursday by 7rand 8ational Party lawmaker Shin =oung6soo..ravaged many parts of the country during the 1huseok holidays.&A was least accurate in predicting gales 66 of (>. $he holiday is known as "7aecheon<eol.-(3 special forecasts this year from %anuary until August.3 percent. people in attendance including newly appointed Prime &inister .m. sandstorms. particularly on Sept.1.. with a likelihood of rain around 1huseok on Sept. 1urrently.&A official said ?anapi's path depends on changes of air pressure. including the re6enactment of symbolic sacrificial rituals. . it is classified as a "small" typhoon with central pressure of (." meaning "the day when the sky opens. though its future path is uncertain. feeding on energy from the sea as it advances to waters )3. and a wind radius of (3. Lesson &: $ain/ C"useok Looms as T/p"oon . only +).im !wang6sik.. According to a . snowstorm..special gale warnings. heat waves.orea in ). it is pushing rain clouds ahead that will affect . aridity. seismic waves. ?anapi became a typhoon *). km southwest of 0kinawa by Saturday afternoon and strikes southern 1hina. According to the .--.anapi !uilds 0p at Sea $he ((th typhoon of the year ?anapi formed in the sea south of 0kinawa and is advancing northward. km south of 0kinawa at around > p." A variety of commemorative events took place throughout the nation to mark the occasion. with some -.".3 percent were accurate. were wrong.. km. $he . cold snaps. ma#imum wind speed in the eye of (@ mAs.orea. hPa. on :ednesday..

a <oint research team from the . .Lesson 2: Spic/ 3lement in C"ili %eppers Linked to Cancer 1apsaicin. and ?inland said educated people are better able to cope with brain damage caused by dementia and thus are less affected by it. the 8ew =ork $imes warned $uesday citing research by the niversity of 1alifornia. "ut scientists are still uncertain why this is the case. "&ore education is not associated with any differences in the damage to the brain. causing infection and producing proteins that play a critical role in skin cancer. $his means while education cannot prevent the physical aging of the brain. the brain lost its ability to retain information and learning skills weakened. $he study suggests that adults with relatively weaker cancer immune systems are more susceptible to the disease if they take in large amounts of capsaicin. but people with higher education can cope with that damage better. has been linked to cancer. the team said. Besearch on mice showed improved memory capacity after the brain got some rest.atigue' People could e#perience diminished memory and learning difficulties if their brains are e#posed to an endless onslaught of digital information. 0ne e#tra year of schooling after finishing compulsory education can lower the risk of developing the disease by (( percent. San 'iego.devices and head outside for a walk at a set time every day to let the brain rest." said !anna . $he best remedy was to stash away smartphones and &P. but when e#posed to endless digital stimuli. Cn the study published &onday in the latest issue of the <ournal "rain.onkuk niversity headed by professor 9ee ..i6won found through tests on mice that capsaicin stimulates cancer cells to be more active.eage from 1ambridge niversity.. A biotechnology team at . Lesson 4: #igital 5adgets 'Can Cause !rain . Lesson 6: 3ducation 7elps $educe $isk of #ementia $hose who study longer in their youth have a lower risk of developing dementia. a study suggests.@) donors who had participated in long6term 5uropean studies on aging. Among brains that showed similar levels of change associated with dementia. $he team e#amined the brains of . sub<ects with better educations had showed fewer symptoms of the disease. which included information on their educational levels and lifestyles. it does help enhance one's ability to handle brain problems caused by old age. who worked on the study. researchers were /uoted as saying. an active element in chili peppers which is also used as a painkiller.

(. hours4 performed worse in a vocabulary test already at the baseline study. 'o you think stress plays a big part in affecting oneGs memoryD (. !ow many participated in the studyD +. $he team said it was not yet known why long working hours have adverse effect on cognitive function. depression.)(+ middle6aged "ritish civil servants participated in the study which was a part of the :hitehall CC study." it said.. unhealthy lifestyle and cardiovascular diseases. :hat is the result of this studyD +. :hat is dementiaD -. According to the article. :ho and how many people participated in this studyD ). a study suggests. including short6term cognitive function. employees working very long hours 2over 33 hours per week4 and those with an average length of working week 2+. who can cope up better with dementiaD ). :hat are some things that we should do to keep our memory sharpD ." it adds. including decline in cognitive function. :hy do you think that working for longer hours affects oneGs memoryD >. !ave you ever forgotten something at workD *. the results show. "All these factors together may have an effect to the brain function which eventually is shown as a decline in cognitive function. !ave the scientists proven Lesson 1': Long -orking 7ours Linked to +emor/ Loss 9ong working hours among middle6aged people increase the risk of dementia. ":hen compared with employees with normal working hours 2-36+. According to this study. $he longer the working hours. the lower the vocabulary and cognitive reasoning abilities. $est sub<ects in different groups who work different weekly working hours took five different cognitive tests. !ow much time do you spend at workD @. what are some of the factors that contribute to loss of memory to those who work for longer hoursD P08'5B 08 $!CSF 3. E 5S$C08S ?0B 10&PB5!58SC08 (. and a cognitive reasoning test. $he paper carried in the &arch issue of the American %ournal of 5pidemiology by the ?innish Cnstitute of 0ccupational !ealth said ). per week4. a vocabulary test. !ow sharp is your memory nowD .. but several factors may contribute to the process. for e#ample increased sleeping problems. !ow many tests do they have to takeD :hat kind of tests are theyD -.

$roublesome students had more e#perience than ordinary students in )) out of -> dangerous types of behavior. and there were more boys 2)*.3 percent4 than girls 2)(. $he study was conducted among @. the total number of troublesome students was (.+ percent4..orean schoolchildren cannot ad<ust to life in the classroom.) percent4. !ow many percent were considered Hhigh6riskD +. (. down from +( percent in ). :hen was this study conductedD 3. According to the study. including drinking 2+@.* percent4... Science and $echnology by 1ha &yung6 ho. the number of students placed in the bottom two levels rose to +) .. :hy do you think boys are more troublesome than girlsD Lesson 12: *orean Youngsters 5etting +ore 0nfit 0nly -( percent of schoolchildren in . depression6related problems 2)..Lesson 11: 2)8 of *ids 7ave Toug" Time ..)*) students at .> percent of all students in the country.* percent4 in the category. Around --.> percent4. which was conducted on behalf of the &inistry of 5ducation. a professor at the 7raduate School of 5ducation at Pyeongtaek niversity.@@ million. Science and $echnology on :ednesday. cursing at parents 2)(..3 percent4 and kids with low academic grades 2+-. 1hildren from broken marriages 2+..3 percent at general high schools and +). :hich of the dangerous types of behavior has the highest percentageD *. Cnternet addiction 2-.3.( percent at vocational high schools. :hy do you think children from broken marriages are becoming troublesomeD @.. how many students were considered troublesomeD -. while the proportion was ).orea were placed in the top two levels in the annual fitness test in the last five years.. stealing money from parents 2).) percent4. Cn elementary schools. and running away from home 2(. or +.( percent4..( elementary.+ percent4. kissing 2)). (+. )-. -(. gambling 2+-.percent4 were more prone to be trouble.( percent4. percent4.) percent4.3 percent in <unior high schools.@ percent4. smoking 2)@.+ percent4. :ho conducted the studyD ).percent of students were classified as troublesome.d9usting to Sc"ool A study shows that )+ percent of . According to the study. watching pornography 2+.3 percent were considered "high6risk" and unable to achieve their educational goals without academic or psychological intervention. middle and high schools between 0ctober and 8ovember last year. destruction of public property 2)... suicide attempts 2(>. According to a report released by the &inistry of 5ducation..

$hey reach a top speed of up to (3. "$oday's high6 school students prefer to study in a classroom or do some rela#ing indoor activities during their lunch break. Asked why.*." said :oo 0k6yeong from !ealth 5ducation ?orum. E 5S$C08SF (. Should we put the blame on their parentsD -." a school principal in Seoul said.* percent of respondents said they took part in no physical activity other than physical education at school.. !ow many students participated in the survey made by the &inistry of 1ulture. A full6speed electric car with a registered name plate runs on a road in &t. what seems to be the reasons for this deteriorationD -. the more unfit they became. the ma<ority of the students cited lack of time. 8am in Seoul on &onday. Students now resort to playing computer and video games rather than outdoor activities. "Students' body cycle has deteriorated.percent last year. !ow many percent of schoolchildren were placed in the top two levels in the annual fitness test in the last five yearsD ). recorded . minutes (* seconds in the (. $hose born in (>>. :hat could be the number one reason why kids are becoming more unfitD ). m run when they were freshmen. :hat were the usual reasons for children not doing any physical activitiesD P08'5B 08 $!CSF (. worsening to . Ct also plans to use them to support the 7). Sports and $ourism last year.kmAh with <ust a /uarter of the fuel of engine6operated vehicles of the same size. the older they were. $he deterioration seems to be due to diminishing e#ercise as the pressures of study increase. "Ct's not only due to increased college entrance competition but also changes in the way they relieve stress. $he Seoul &etropolitan 7overnment on &onday said it modified five e#isting !yundai 1arnival S Is and turned them into full6speed electric cars for use by the city government from &onday.ull:Speed 3lectric Cars Take to Seoul Streets ?ull6speed electric cars have started running in the streets of Seoul with full vehicle registration plates." Cn a survey of +. As they go to after6school crammers they are forced to live on fast food and stay up late. Sports and $ourism last yearD +. A=onhap . up (( points from eight years ago. minutes and +.>+* students at (+( schools nationwide by the &inistry of 1ulture. seconds as they became <uniors.. Among male high6school students. Summit in 8ovember. :hat can suggest on this matterD Lesson 13: . *. According to the article.

"Belevant laws will be amended as early as 8ovember this year so that ordinary people can drive full6speed electric cars made by modifying e#isting vehicles..orea $ransportation Safety Authority by modifying e#isting engine6operated vehicles.oot:and:+out" . !ow fast can these electric cars runD ). Cn your opinion. km on a single charge.orea is +( km. $he Agriculture &inistry said the :orld 0rganization for Animal !ealth restored . but the development of technology over time will make it possible for more and more electric vehicles to run on the streets of Seoul in the future. nlike former models that could carry only two passengers. $he cost would be twice or three times that of normal cars at the early stage. :hy electric cars slower than engine operated vehiclesD ). a month assuming that the car runs +. As the daily average driving distance for sedans in .4 per kilometer. ..orea has been declared free of foot6and6mouth disease. five months after the last case of the highly6contagious disease was reported in the nation in &ay. "ut they are environment6friendly as they do not produce engine noise and greenhouse gas.. Are these electric cars e#pensiveD P08'5B 08 $!CS (.ree of . $he electric cars were made in collaboration between the city and the . $he cost of fuel is merely :)@ 2 SJ(K:(... it takes only nine seconds to speed up to (. these new electric vehicles can carry up to si# passengers plus luggage comfortably. which is only ). According to the article. it is e#pected that recharging the car overnight once every two or three days would be enough for most drivers.oo A6mi of the Seoul &etropolitan 7overnment. having electric cars or engine operated carsD -. said." E 5S$C08S (. . :hat are the advantages and disadvantages of having electric carsD +.(+.3 percent of diesel6operated cars of the same size.. which is faster. km a day. :hich is more economical. Cn addition. which affects cloven6hoofed animals.orea's disease6free status on &onday.$hese electric vehicles are still slower than engine6operated cars in terms of the ma#imum speed. costing about :+. boasting much faster acceleration capacity than other recreational vehicles that re/uire an average of (3 seconds to reach that speed.kmAh. is it a good idea to convert your engine operated car to an electric carD :hyD Lesson 1): *orea Certified . electric cars or engine operated carsD -. and can only cover (+. and will now seek to resume e#ports of pork.

S.. and 1ambodia 2(). South %eolla.). and .. according to a survey by the Cnternational $ransport ?orum.).> totaled )3@...+4 and &alaysia 2(@... $he . and @-.. and has said it would try to do the same for the . Euoting a survey by the Paris6based forum.ide for $oad #eat"s . took place as burial sites of the deceased were moved.. @>. more than doubling from +(. "usan. :hich animals carry foot and mouth diseaseD ). for foetuses.. 'aily &ail on :ednesday said .orean roads are the fifth deadly in the world.. $he .. Argentina 2(. "ut four provinces 66 8orth and South 1hungcheong.. Ct tails &alaysia 2)-.4. and %e<u 66 had rates of less than 3.. followed by the 1zech Bepublic 2(>. the ........ . market after receiving the disease6free designation. in ). was the safest with a mere -..( deaths and %apan tied with Switzerland at )@th with +. percent. ranked seventh with ((. 7reece 2(-. were for deceased people. $he &inistry of !ealth and :elfare announced on $hursday that the cremation rate reached *3 percent last year... the animal health organization recognized the nation's /uarantine efforts in the aftermath of the outbreak and its follow6up steps to eliminate the disease..orea saw motorcycle deaths drop by -> percent over the last decade and was cited as e#emplary in that respect alongside Portugal.. more than double the -. ..S.@. in )..*4.orea resumed pork e#ports to %apan in %uly.. "ut .. Cncheon and lsan had the highest rates of cremation with .orea topped the list in terms of annual road fatalities per billion km driven with ).. Some ... $he number of cremation cases in ).3. where motorcycle deaths fell +3 percent. percent.@4. up )@ percent from ). deaths4..( deaths... and indicating a growing preference for the method among the families in need of relocating their ancestors' graves. respectively....According to the ministry. Among last year's cases.+.percent in (>>>. . E 5S$C08SF (.<or countries with () road deaths per (.3... Lesson 1&: *orea $anks &t" -orld.orea ranked fifth among -. (*(. Lesson 11: Cremation $ate #ou les <ver %ast #ecade 1remation is rapidly replacing burial as the standard funeral method.+4....

!igh school tuition for a second child born after ).(( will also be fully covered by the government..>. :hich provinces have less than 3. what is the percentage of cremation last yearD -. get paid more during their maternity leave and receive subsidies for their children's school tuition.orean military has some ). :hat is cremationD ). including doubling the pay for maternity leave to up to :( million a month 2 SJ(K:(. According to the &inistry of !ealth and :elfare.A ministry official said. A defense ministry official attributed the high level of interest from women's colleges to a stagnant <ob market and growing interest among women in a military career. si# of the nationGs seven women's schools have applied to open the program under which *. According to the &inistry of 'efense. female cadets will enter the Beserve 0fficer $raining 1orps. women have not been allowed to enroll in the B0$1 program until now. Also. mothers can work as little as three to four hours a day to spend more time at home and still receive partial payment for the hours they don't work. ":e plan to increase the number of incinerators from the current )*3 in 3( cremation facilities nationwide to -(* in 33 sites by the end of ne#t year.L cremation rateD :hy do you think they only have 3. . $hey cite pressures and promotion disadvantages at work as reasons preventing them from taking time off. :hat are the advantages and disadvantages of cremation Lesson 12: -orking +ot"ers to 5et +ore !enefits :orking mothers can e#pect to spend less time at work. Lesson 14: -omen's Colleges to <ffer $<TC %rogram :omen's universities are showing interest in a new pilot program to train female army officers. :hile the ." E 5S$C08SF (.L cremation rateM +. female officers.(*34. $he government announced these and other measures to tackle the country's low birthrate. "ut some mothers say the measures only look good on paper.

use to !e Toug"ened $he government is moving to add prison sentences as possible punishment for those convicted of abusing animals. $he figure was around (. nder a new bill introduced on :ednesday by the &inistry for ?ood.. %ung 'a6bin. "Cmpulsive and emotionally unstable adolescents seem to have been affected by the ':erther 5ffect' with the increasing number of suicides committed by celebrities.Lesson 16: =uvenile Suicide on t"e $ise $he number of suicides among youngsters is on a steep rise. .(( will also re/uire owners who abuse their animals to cover the costs of shelter and medical treatment. Among reasons for <uvenile suicides. $he move comes after a Seoul woman was indicted last ?riday for beating her neighbor's cat and then throwing it from a (.6floor window.. Science and $echnology said Sunday.) people who killed themselves were still at school. ?orestry and ?isheries.nimal ..3. said. actors Ahn %ae6hwan.)4.. 1hoi %in6sil. 9ast year ).. but surpassed ). to (+. 1hoi %in6 young. convicted animal abusers will be fined a ma#imum of :(. followed by 3* middle school students and * elementary school children. family conflict accounted for *> casesN depression for )@N poor performance at school )-N romantic relationships ()N illness or physical problems @N and bullying or violence +.>. Lesson 2': %enalties for . up from the current :3 million. $he measure to go into effect in the latter half of ).(. for the first time in ). Penalties for habitual offenders will be strengthened as well." Since )... million. the &inistry of 5ducation. a ministry official. !igh school students made up the largest share or (+.. up +@ percent from (-@ in ).. Park !ee6keun. or sentenced to up to one year in <ail 2 SJ(K:(. many celebrities including actresses 9ee 5un6<oo.. until ). Agriculture. Park =ong6ha and singer =uni committed suicide.