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Name _____________________ Date Biology Review - Energy-Photosynthesis and Respiration 1. (200 -!

"# $n the h%man &ody' m%s(le (ells have an in(reased need )or energy d%ring e*er(ise. +o help s%pply this energy' the &ody will immediately in(rease , a. )ood inta-e to in(rease the s%&stan(es availa&le )or respiration &. a(tivity in the nervo%s system to stim%late inta-e o) (ar&on dio*ide (. the need )or waste prod%(ts to &e retained d. the &reathing rate to s%pply more o*ygen to (ells )or the release o) energy 2. (200 -!.# /hi(h o) the )ollowing is most e))e(tive in helping rain )orest plants trap s%nlight so that light energy (an &e (onverted to (hemi(al energy0 a. 1arge root si2e &. (. d. 3mall seed si2e 1arge lea) si2e 3mall stem

. (200 -!1# +he pi(t%re models a (ell%lar meta&oli( pro(ess. +he main p%rpose o) this pro(ess is to prod%(e ,

a. &. (. d.

%sa&le energy 6DP phosphate gro%ps 728

4. (2004-.# +he pro(ess o) photosynthesis %ltimately (onverts light energy into , a. me(hani(al energy &. (. d. n%(lear energy (hemi(al energy ele(tri(al energy

!. (2002-!5# Photosynthesis is important )or almost all li)e on Earth &e(a%se it , a. %ses simple elements &. (. d. is responsi&le )or most de(ay prod%(es o*ygen releases %sa&le )orms o) nitrogen ". (2001-2 # +he graph shows how dissolved 82 and 982 levels (hanged in a pond over a 2!-ho%r period. /hat (a%sed the de(rease in 82 (on(entration d%ring the night0 a. &. (. d. $n(reased evaporation De(reased photosynthesis $n(reased respiration De(reased temperat%res

.. (200.-21# 6lgae and m%lti(ell%lar plants are a%totrophs &e(a%se they , a. a&sor& n%trients )rom soil &. (. d. (apt%re s%nlight to prod%(e s%gars &rea- down star(hes to gl%(ose de(ompose dead organisms


(200 -20# 3(ientists hypothesi2e that o*ygen &egan to a((%m%late in Earth;s atmosphere a)ter the appearan(e o) living things with the a&ility to , a. &reathe air &. photosynthesi2e (. reprod%(e se*%ally d. )orm tiss%es

5. (2001-44# +he pro(esses o) photosynthesis and respiration (an &e tho%ght o) as a (y(le &e(a%sea. one is %sed only &y plants and the other is %sed only &y animals &. &oth give o)) o*ygen to &e %sed &y animals (. the prod%(ts o) one are %sed as the raw materials o) the other d. they &oth have the same p%rpose 10. Photosynthesis is important )or almost all li)e on Earth &e(a%se it , a. is responsi&le )or most de(ay &. (. d. %ses simple elements prod%(es o*ygen releases %sa&le )orms o) nitrogen 1!. (200.-!5# <nli-e plants' )%ngi (annot ma-e their own )ood &e(a%se they do not have , a. spores &. roots (. (hlorophyll d. hyphae

14. (200!-4!# /hi(h statement is s%pported &y the diagram0 a. 9ar&ohydrates are (onverted into 6+P &y the mito(hondrion. &. +he mito(hondrion %ses the s%n;s energy dire(tly. (. +he main so%r(e o) energy )or photosynthesis is (ar&ohydrates. d. +he end prod%(ts o) photosynthesis do not provide energy )or (ell%lar respiration.

11. (2002-24# /hi(h o) these pro(esses is (arried o%t in the same way in &oth plants and animals0 a. E*(retion o) meta&oli( waste &. (. d. 9ir(%lation o) &ody )l%ids 6se*%al reprod%(tion 9ell%lar respiration

12. (200.-5# +he energy in the )ood prod%(ed &y a%totrophs or ta-en into the &odies o) heterotrophs m%st &e (hanged into a )orm that (ells (an %se. +he energy-trans)erring mole(%le %sed &y (ells is , a. 982 &. (. d. RN6 6+P DN6