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News facts
 Scholaiships aie available to all militaiy spouses (active uuty, ieseive, guaiu, ietiieu, suivivois),
ieau moie on Eligibility
 Scholaiships iange fiom $Suu - $2Suu
 Applications aie available online fiom Becembei 1, 2u1S – Febiuaiy S, 2u14
 Scholaiships aie maue possible by oui geneious sponsois
 Scholaiships available incluue:
! Clinical Supeivision Scholaiships – for spouses who have a Master’s degree or higher in
Counseling, Psychology, Social Woik oi Psychiatiy; scholaiship funus aie foi clinical
supeivision houis that aie iequiieu to obtain a clinical licensuie in the mental health fielu
! Begiee Seeking Scholaiships – foi spouses seeking an unueigiauuate oi giauuate uegiee
(associate level to post-uoctoial)
! Bigh School uEB anu ESL Scholaiships – foi spouses seeking uEBs oi ESL tiaining
! vocational anu Ceitification Scholaiships – foi spouses seeking ceitification thiough
vocational piogiams
! Licensuie Scholaiships – foi spouses seeking state-issueu licensuie oi ie-licensuie (ex:
nuising, ieal estate, teaching)
! Spouses of Fallen Scholaiships – foi spouses who have lost a seivice membei in a
combat¡tiaining event post 9¡11
! Spouses of Wounueu Scholaiships - foi spouses of seivice membeis wounueu in a
combat¡tiaining event post 9¡11
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! Don’t miss out on scholarships from @military_family http:¡¡www.militaiyfamily.oig¡oui-
piogiams¡militaiy-spouse-scholaiships¡ #milspouse
! Looking foi scholaiships befoie heauing back to school. Applications open Becembei 1
www.militaiyfamily.oig Çmilitaiy_family #milspouse
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! Apply foi militaiy spouse scholaiships fiom ÇThe National Nilitaiy Family Association.
Application winuow is 12¡1 – 2¡S. All militaiy spouses can apply! uo heie:
http:¡¡www.militaiyfamily.oig¡oui-piogiams¡militaiy-spouse-scholaiships¡ #milspouse

 Spouse euucation iesouice guiue
 NNFA app
 NNFA blog

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 Spouse euucation
 }oanne Bolbiook Patton
 FAQs

The National Nilitaiy Family Association is the leauing nonpiofit committeu to stiengthening anu
piotecting officei anu enlisteu families in the Aimy, Navy, Aii Foice, Naiine Coips, Coast uuaiu, Public
Bealth Seivice, anu National 0ceanic & Atmospheiic Auministiation. 0ui 4u yeais of seivice anu
accomplishments have maue us a tiusteu iesouice foi militaiy families anu the Nation's leaueis. We began
in 1969 with a hanuful of wives bent on ensuiing financial secuiity foi militaiy wiuows, anu oui woik still

The militaiy has changeu uiamatically in 4u yeais, anu so have the lives of its families. We keep abieast of
issues affecting families, auuiess challenges unique to militaiy life, anu piotect benefits vital to them --
incluuing families of the ueployeu, wounueu, anu fallen.

In 2uu4, we launcheu oui }oanne Bolbiook Patton Nilitaiy Spouse Scholaiship Piogiam with only $2u,uuu
in awaius to help level the playing fielu. We hau almost 9,uuu applicants in 2u1S, anu awaiueu moie than
2Su scholaiships. To uate, we have uistiibuteu moie than $2.4 million in militaiy spouse scholaiships.

In an eia when uual-income families aie the noim, the challenges of the highly-mobile militaiy lifestyle
have a majoi impact on militaiy families.

Reseaich (RANB, 2uu4) shows that militaiy spouses iank behinu theii civilian counteipaits in euucational
and employment opportunities and therefore are less able to contribute to the family’s financial well being.
This is uue, in laige pait, to the many peisonal employment oi acauemic saciifices militaiy spouses make
to support service members’ military caieeis.

Fiequent moves, long seivice membei absences, anu chilu caie uilemmas aie exaceibateu by the uistance
from extended family and the unpredictability of service members’ schedules. Also, young service members
often maiiy theii wives out of high school oi befoie completing college uegiees. These spouses then move
too fiequently to obtain all cieuits fiom one college foi a uegiee, anu not all cieuits aie accepteu by the
next school. As one spouse noted, “I am now faced with a hard decision of staying behinu to finish my
degree or go with my husband to the new station where I would have to repeat classes.”

The same can be said for spouses in a field that requires a professional license. As a spouse explains, “Being a
nuise maiiieu to a militaiy membei has hau many challenges anu benefits. I am giateful that my piofession
allows me to finu employment easily uuiing ielocations. The challenge of being a nuise anu a militaiy spouse
has been licensuie anu state specific iequiiements. Buiing my nuising caieei I have hau thiee uiffeient state
licenses anu woikeu in six uiffeient states. I am giateful to have a wiue iange of clinical expeiience, but the
challenge of maintaining licensure is exhausting and costly.”

 Scholaiships open foi application Becembei 1 – Febiuaiy S, 2u14
 Scholaiships aie $Suu - $2Suu
 Scholaiships aie foi the Summei¡Fall 2u14 –Spiing 2u1S school yeai
 Nultiple scholaiship categoiies available
 Stuuents may apply to all eligible categoiies
 Stuuents must ieapply each yeai to be consiueieu eligible
 Noie than 27S scholaiships awaiueu last yeai
 Scholaiships aie foi euucational costs only anu cannot be useu foi piep classes oi books
 Begiee-Seeking Scholaiship
! Associate Degrees or Bachelor’s Degrees
! Master’s Degrees or Doctorate Degrees (includes M.D., J.D. and all PhDs)
 Clinical Supeivision Scholaiship
! Nastei's Begiee in Counseling, Psychology, Social Woik oi Psychiatiy iequiieu
! Seeking clinical licensuie in the mental health fielu
! Nust be ieauy to stait oi have alieauy staiteu clinical supeivision houis
 Licensuie Scholaiship
! Licensuie exams anu fees (foi licensing only, not foi ceitification)
 vocational anu Ceitification Scholaiship
! Ceitification piogiams, vocational oi technical piogiams
 Bigh School uEB oi ESL Scholaiship
 Wounueu anu Fallen Scholaiships
! Spouses of seivice membeis killeu oi wounueu in combat oi militaiy tiaining since
Septembei 11, 2uu1.
 Nust be a militaiy spouse
! Spouses of the seven unifoimeu seivice aie eligible
! Nust be a spouse of active uuty, guaiu, ieseive, ietiieu, wounueu oi fallen
 Scholaiship iecipients must pioviue a copy of theii maiiiage license anu suppoiting uocumentation
to veiify theii militaiy affiliation

Applications aie online anu available beginning Becembei 1
, 2u1S. You have until }anuaiy S1
, 2u14 to
submit youi application.
Within seconus of submitting youi application, you will get an automatic ieply at the email auuiess you use
to cieate youi online scholarship account. Check your spam filter if you don’t see it.

Becisions will be maue by Naich 17, 2u14. You will ieceive an email announcement anu will be askeu to
login to scholaiship managei to view any awaius you have ieceiveu.
Checks aie scheuuleu to be maileu by }une 2u14.
Scholaiships can be useu foi Bigh School uEBs, English-as-a-Seconu-Language (ESL) classes, vocational oi
technical certification programs, licensing fees, and associate, bachelor’s, or graduate degree programs.
Bistance leaining classes (i.e. online piogiams) aie incluueu.
In our program, “licensures” are given only by state or government agencies to individuals. They are a legal
requirement for employment in certain fields. “Certifications” can be given by schools oi othei piogiams,
anu aie not a legal iequiiement foi employment in a ceitain fielu.
No. Scholaiships aie foi couises taken between }une 1, 2u14 anu }uly 1, 2u1S only.
Yes. The license must be a legal iequiiement to woik in a paiticulai occupation (nuising, social woik,
lawyei, etc.). The licensing fee must be paiu to a goveinment agency.
No. Scholaiship funus may only be useu foi tuition, fees, anu school ioom anu boaiu.

Yes. As long as you can email oi fax youi school's name anu mailing auuiess to us by Apiil 1, 2u14, you aie
eligible to apply. If you uo not pioviue youi account anu school infoimation by Apiil 1, 2u14, you aie no
longer eligible for this year’s piogiam.

No. At this time, National Nilitaiy Family Association scholaiships aie only foi 0.S. schools anu piogiams.
!"# %&', howevei, use the funus foi 0.S. schools anu piogiams that opeiate oveiseas.
Yes. If youi spouse is ietiieu uue to yeais-in-seivice oi a meuical ietiiement, you aie eligible.
As long as you aie maiiieu on Apiil 1, 2u14 anu youi spouse is still seiving when we ask foi pioof, you can
apply. If you cannot pioviue a copy of youi maiiiage license oi militaiy affiliation on Apiil 1, 2u14, you will
not be eligible foi a scholaiship.
As long as you aie maiiieu by Apiil 1, 2u14, when we ask foi pioof, you can apply now. If you cannot
pioviue a copy of youi maiiiage license on Apiil 1, 2u14, you will no longei be eligible foi a scholaiship.
No. We uo not have a scholaiship piogiam foi chiluien. Nany scholaiship piogiams aie available foi
militaiy chiluien, incluuing the Befense Commissaiy Agency Scholaiships auministeieu by the Fishei
Bouse Founuation.
Yes, youi piivacy is impoitant to us. Youi infoimation will be enciypteu foi secuiity puiposes anu maue
available only to the people auministeiing the scholaiship piogiam, juuging scholaiship applications, oi
maintaining the National Nilitaiy Family Association website.