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BIO Review 16 - DNA - RNA (17) 1. (2006-7) One strand of DNA o!"d #e as "on$ as a foot#a"" fie"d if it were stret %ed o!t "en$t%wise. One of t%e fa tors a""owin$ DNA to fit inside t%e n! "e!s of a e"" is its a#i"it& to a. denat!re from t%e effe t of an en'&me #. #rea( a)art into se)arate $enes . e*tend to form ver& "on$+ t%in mo"e !"es d. oi" ti$%t"& aro!nd asso iated )roteins

3. (2001-22) A %art of %!man %romosome )airs is a""ed a (ar&ot&)e. 4%at information is revea"ed in t%e (ar&ot&)e a#ove/ a. -ene dominan e #. 2%e a$e . 2%e se* d. 2risom& ,. (2002-,2) 2%e tri)"et ode of #ases for RNA ma& #e re)resented #& a"" of t%e fo""owin$ e* e)t 5 a. .-#. .-2 . .-6 d. .-A

2. (2001-,2) A ordin$ to t%is ta#"e+ a odon A-. is t%e ode for w%i % amino a id/ a. .&steine (.&s) #. 0e! ine (0e!) . 1erine (1er) d. 2&rosine (2&r)

7. (2007-37) 2%is %art om)ares t%e #ase se8!en es of %omo"o$o!s se$ments of DNA from t%ree )rimates. Based on t%is information+ %ow man& differen es in t%e res!"tin$ amino a id se8!en es wo!"d &o! e*)e t to find #etween %!mans and %im)an'ees/ a. 2 #. 3 . , d. 6

;. (200,-7) 2%e )i t!re s%ows a se$ment of DNA from a at. 4%i % of t%ese is most "i(e"& t%e (itten of t%is at/ a. 1 #. 2 . 3 d. , 10. (2007-,3) 4%i % of t%ese is most res)onsi#"e for arr&in$ oded information from t%e n! "e!s/ a. mRNA #. 2%e ri#osomes . A2< d. 2%e e"" mem#rane 11. (2007-13) 2iss!e sam)"es ta(en from t%e %eart and stoma % of a $rass%o))er wo!"d #e e*)e ted to %ave t%e same 5 a. meta#o"i rates #. e"" s%a)e . DNA d. e"" si'e 12. (2003-;) 4%i % of t%e fo""owin$ wo!"d most "i(e"& %an$e t%e !rrent "assifi ation of two "ose"& re"ated f"ower s)e ies to a sin$"e s)e ies/ (1 )oint) a. 2%e dis over& of a new+ re"ated s)e ies #. 2%e o""e tion of seeds from ea % s)e ies . An ana"&sis of )%otos&nt%esis for ea % s)e ies d. An ana"&sis of t%e DNA se8!en e of ea % s)e ies

6. (2002-27) 2%e DNA fin$er)rints were made from #"ood sam)"es ta(en from a )!))& and fo!r )ossi#"e sires of t%is )!))& in an effort to determine t%e )!))&9s )edi$ree. A ordin$ to t%is information+ w%i % sire was )ro#a#"& t%e fat%er of t%is )!))&/ A B . D

7. (2002-6) 2%e )i t!re s%ows an *-ra& diffra tion of DNA. 2%e *-ra& diffra tion of DNA "ed to t%e idea t%at DNA 5 a. is a ver& "on$ mo"e !"e #. an o)& itse"f . ontains )aired #ases d. is a do!#"e %e"i* :. (2003-3:) 2%e )arts of DNA t%at )rovide t%e ode for )roteins are t%e 5 a. )%os)%ates #. s!$ars . %&dro$en #onds d. nitro$eno!s #ases

13. (2003-1) 4%i % of t%ese wi"" om)"ete t%e mRNA strand mat %ed to DNA/ a. A6#. .A. -6. d. 6A. 1,. (200,-30) 2%e )ro ess of DNA re)"i ation is ne essar& #efore a e"" 5 a. ma(es a )rotein #. odes for RNA mo"e !"es . divides into two e""s d. modifies "&sosome en'&mes

--- -- --17. (200,-13) Inversions in %romosomes o !r w%en )art of a %romosome #rea(s o!t and is reinserted !)side down. 4%i % of t%e dia$rams #e"ow re)resents an inversion/ a. A #. B . . d. D

-------------------- -- --- ---- 16. (2001-7) In order to form re om#inant DNA+ s ientists %ave fo!nd a wa& to !t a DNA se$ment !sin$ an en'&me named = oRI. 2%is en'&me !ts DNA w%erever t%e se8!en e .-2-2-A-A-- o !rs #etween t%e A and t%e - #ase. 4%i % of t%ese wo!"d res!"t if = oRI were !sed on t%e DNA in t%e dia$ram to t%e ri$%t/ a. A #. B . . d. D 17. (2001-30) 4%i % of t%ese se$ments o!"d #e !sed to orre t"& om)"ete t%e DNA mo"e !"e in t%e dia$ram a#ove/ a. > #. . ? d. @