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" thi có 06 trang)

!" THI TH# TUY$N SINH !%I H&C N'M 2011 Môn: TI(NG ANH; Kh)i: D Th#i gian làm bài: 90 phút, không k$ th#i gian phát %"
Mã -. thi 112

H*, tên thí sinh:……………………………………………………… S) báo danh:…………………………………………………………. !" THI G+M 80 CÂU (T, QUESTION 1 !(N QUESTION 80)

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word that differs from the rest in the position of the main stress in each of the following questions. Question 1: A. devastate B. desperate C. deficient D. desolate Question 2: A. inference B. conference C. inferior D. redundant Question 3: A. contribute B. variety C. sanctuary D. spectacular Question 4: A. musician B. museum C. multitude D. municipal Question 5: A. destructive B. commemorate C. commercial D. commentator Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions. Question 6: Taxis don’t follow any schedule: they come and go ________. A. at random B. chronologically C. in sequence D. punctually Question 7: We may win, we may lose – it is just the ________ of the draw! A. strike B. odds C. chance D. luck Question 8: I’d rather you ________ the tickets before they are all sold out. A. had bought B. buy C. bought D. buying Question 9: He works for UNESCO in a purely _________ role. A. advisable B. advising C. advisory D. advice Question 10: The sun and the moon are often _________ in poetry. A. personified B. personalize C. personal D. privatized Question 11: - “Would you mind moving your bag from the seat?” - “_________.” A. Yes, I wouldn’t B. No, I wouldn’t C. Oh, sorry D. You may not Question 12: - “How kind, you really shouldn’t have bothered” - “_________.” A. It was nothing, really B. Don’t worry, I didn’t bother C. Why not? I was happy D. It was a very good thing Question 13: - “Shall we eat out tonight?” - “________” A. You are very welcome. B. That is understandable. C. What a great idea! D. No, we shan’t. Question 14: - “________.” - “No. I can manage. Thank you.” A. Can you give me a hand with this please? B. Do you need their support? C. Can you manage the job? D. Let me carry the big bag for you. Question 15: Designers are experimenting with a new material ________ flexibly with lightness. A. is combining B. combining C. combines D. combination of Question 16: He was very disappointed ________ his application for the job was turned down. A. although B. when C. nevertheless D. while Question 17: As the secretary ________ the meeting room, she dropped a pack of paper. A. was leaving B. left C. had been leaving D. had left Question 18: Soon ________ she had closed the lid and pushed the “start” button, the washing machine made a big noise and stopped working. A. hardly B. scarcely C. as D. after Question 19: ________ official statistics, more than 60,000 blindness operations are performed in Vietnam each year. A. With regard to B. On behalf of C. According to D. On account of Question 20: The completion of the New Town Hall has been ________ owing to a strike. A. held off B. held down C. held up D. held on

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petered out D. that runs off Question 32: The plan received _________ support although none of the committee spoke openly in its favor. prepare D. summoned D. quoted C. Private companies hired to dispose of this waste complete with each other to offer the lowest prices to these industries. requesting D. A. had left D. *** Trang 2/6 – Mã !" thi 112 . Were I C. participates C. Together with industry. B. more B. would be leaving C. If I am B. he ________ on the train when the girl came. A. relatively (39) ________ is done to reduce the volume of waste generated. In this system. mustn’t have allowed C. A. profit C. by C. interferes B. but he is now _______ to having to retake the exam. Their father teachers them at home. efficient C. A. tacit B. found C. help B. just C. take D. Alice always supports her friends. C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct word for each of the blanks from 36 to 45. limited C. has a (44) ________ on waste disposal. prosper Question 39: A. have C. In the US. was leaving B. excluded B. shouldn’t allow Question 24: He was disappointed by his result. operate B. solution B. the less the amount of annual precipitation ________. composed B. make lots of expressions C. mightn’t have allowed D. Question 36: A. (37) ________ to guarantee safety. runs it off C. finale Question 28: During adolescence many young people begins to questions _________ held by their family. require Question 34: When the fund finally _________ they had to abandon the scheme. because disposal costs (40) ________ relatively modest. These companies usually send waste to landfills because this is cheaper than recycling or incineration. of D. ever goes D. at Question 43: A. The government does not get involved beyond setting minimum safety standards. recycling D. the (36) ________ of companies that generate and dispose of waste is not to save money. had been leaving Question 26: The students were told to ________. requirement C. This company. industries that generate hazardous wastes want to dispose them as cheaply as possible. must ***English teaching centre – Contact us at smartiecentre@gmai. connected C. remain D. secured Question 31: The more arid the continent. are the values Question 29: The transport minister _________ recent statistics to support the case for a reduction in the speed limit. generate Question 44: A. There the government (41) ________ in the waste disposal process beginning (42) ________ the front end. dependent D. Unfortunately. shouldn’t have allowed B. Should I have been C. has ever been Question 23: It’s your own fault. A. have ever been C. survive B.Question 21: ________ interested in that subject. mute C. speak freely D. the government formed a corporation to establish and (43) ________ waste disposal facilities. You _______ them to go out on alone so late at night. controls Question 42: A. not B. gain D. submitted C. clamped down C. crunch C. importance D. of the values C. talk all they wanted B. the values B. license C. A. something Question 38: A. to B. responsibility Question 45: A. cheap Question 41: A. has never been B. monopoly D. there is not price competition in the waste disposal business. power B. crisis D. talk with their minds open Question 27: When it comes to the ________. A. A. disposal C. faded away B. the values are D. confined D. point B. subdued Question 25: Just a minute too late. this C. A. goal Question 37: A. reconciled D. At the same time. A. A. named B. request B. A. silent D. claimed Question 30: The amount Sarah earned was _________ on how much she sold. Things are different in Denmark. I would try to learn more about it. involves D. If only I am Question 22: Neither Jim nor his brother _______ to school. runs off that B. related B. A. Generators of hazardous waste (45) _________ ship their waste to one of Kommunichem’s disposal facilities. little Question 40: A. called Kommunichem. restricted Read the following passage and mark the letter A. still B. A. that runs it off D. fobbed out Question 35: The junior staff were __________ from all aspects of decision making. Disposal firms who want to increase their business must cut corners to lower costs and (38) ________ customers. besides D. quiet Question 33: Single rooms are available on _________.

when does the writer suggest that you do it? A.. we will be dealing with those of you taking a real step on the career ladder. Question 53: The word “incidentally” in paragraph 4 is closest in meaning to ________. Whatever you decide. C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions from 46 to 55. C. they were very supportive people. In this article we consider the move to a second job. B. and are not likely to go off again. learnt my way around an office and improve my word processing skills. You needn’t find a permanent job as soon as you come back from your travelling. One day. It was the perfect first job in that “ OK . when you are unable to find a permanent job C. application D. coming from chairmen of large companies to people wanting to know how to start their own business. surprisingly Question 54: How did Juliette Davidson benefit from the experience of her first job? A. However. students who have just finished their studies B. D. We are not concerned with those looking for a second temporary position while hunting for a permanent job. the Chief Executive of business in the Community. You have planned your career sensibly. You are an experienced traveller. those who are interested in establishing a career D. A. Nor are we concerned with those leaving an unsatisfactory job within the first few weeks. ***English teaching centre – Contact us at smartiecentre@gmai. Question 55: In what way is Juliet’s current job better than her first job? A. work your way up to higher levels of responsibility or out of your current employment into a broader field. should be totally different from your first job B. D. It will last longer than your first job. I have progressed to doing most of the correspondence and budgets. It should show evidence of serious career planning. people who change jobs regularly Question 47: According to the writer. D. D. why is the choice of your second job important? A.. My job title is the same as it was when I started but the duties have changed. should give you more chances to prove yourself Question 52: According to the writer. “ In two and a half years I have become more able and my job has really grown. I also have to deal with a variety of queries. after you have done some temporary work D. B. C. A. Most important. A lot of advice is available for college leavers heading for their first job. you can still continue with what you were doing at the time you left. which of the following is NOT true? A. Juliette Davidson spend her first year after leaving St. “ Right from the beginning my boss was very keen to develop me. people who are unhappy with their current job C. She learnt how to use a word processor. I gave my notice. B. Employers have high opinion of candidates who left previous jobs to satisfy their wish to travel. acquired some skills and have some idea of where you want to go. It should give you the opportunity to study. pick up where you left off and get the second job then. C. B. A. She has a more impressive job title. C.Read the following passage and mark the letter A. Question 48: The word “it” in paragraph 4 refers to your _______. You should be aiming to stay in it for two or three years. bought an air ticket and travelled for a year. your second job ________. Incidentally. D. You can do temporary work for a while when you return. B. You have learned to look after yourself. B. straight after you have left college B. first job B. there was no scope for advancement. This job will be studied very carefully when you send your letter of application for your next job. You need to ask yourself whether you want to specialise in a particular field. It was good introduction to working in an office. It enabled her to earn enough money to travel. “ Juliette now works as a Personal Assistant to Brenda Cleverdon. Aldate’s College working for three lawyers. After your journey. should be the advancement of your previous one D. now is the time to pack up and go. choosing a job to fit in with your ambitions now that you have learnt your way around. unfortunately D. It will be difficult to change if you don’t like it. Future potential employers will be relieved to see that you have got it out of your system. if you are interested in travelling. I was gently introduced to the work. C. From mainly typing and telephone work. second job C. She has been able to extend her skills. deliberately C. Your first job will be of greater importance than the second one in case you want to change your job again. Brenda involves me in all her work but also gives me specific projects to do and events to organise. It will affect your future job prospects. Instead. She now knows how to start her own business. develop you and give you increasing responsibility. between the first and second job Question 50: What is meant by “you have got it out of your system” in paragraph 4? A. What sort of job should you look for? Much depends on your long-term aim. You have satisfied your wish to travel. coincidently *** Trang 3/6 – Mã !" thi 112 . She is more involved in the community. you should choose your second job very carefully. career Question 49: If you have a desire to travel. Question 51: According to the writer. it should extend you. should give you more time to relax C.” Question 46: Who is intended to benefit from the advice given in the article? A. “ she says. She met a variety of interesting people.

They are more inclined to be late than older people D. with suggestion including public transport and traffic information and doctors’ text messages to remind patients of appointments. A B C D Question 60: The police detained the criminal when he was trying to cross the border. Question 56: So irrelevant issues are unworthy of mention during this discussion. The close relationship between user and phone is most pronounced among teenagers. Modern social life relies significantly on the use of mobile phones B. The report calls on government to put more effort into the delivery of services by mobile phone. A B C D Question 57: The judge said the man was guilty of committing the crime and sent him to the prison. A B C D Read the following passage and mark the letter A. B. At a recent trade fair in Sweden. new mobile technologies C. Even the language of texting in one area can be incomprehensible to anybody from another area. has been local rather than global. a recent report claims that the long-term effects of new mobile technologies will be entirely positive so long as the public can be convinced to make use of them. providing gains throughout the economy. pictures and maps as they drive. long-term effects B. They feel independent when they use them B. B. A group of teachers in Britain use third generation phones to provide fast internet service to children who live beyond the reach of terrestrial broadband services and can have no access to online information. benefits Question 63: What is the connection between social life and mobile phones? A. They tend to feel uncomfortable in many situations ***English teaching centre – Contact us at smartiecentre@gmai. We can’t live without them. from love affairs to friendship to work. Mobile phones makes romantic communication easier C. these devices will also be able to plan around congestion and road works in real time. especially text messaging was seen as a way of overcoming shyness. We have contradictory feelings about them. In Britain scientists are developing an asthma management solution using mobiles to detect early signs of an attack. Third generation phones will also allow for remote monitoring of patients by doctors. C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions from 71 to 80. C. Question 61: What does the writer suggest in the first paragraph about our attitudes to mobile phones? A. D. yet we worry that they are a threat to our privacy. But the researchers suggest that another reason may be that mobiles. Research about users of mobile phones reveals that the mobile has already moved beyond being a mere practical communications tool to become the backbone of modern social life. A B C D Question 58: My neighbours are quite good-off. In future. We rely on them more than the Internet to cope with modern life. yet many of us don’t believe advertisements saying we need more advanced services. the social potential of the vastly increase. who regard their mobiles as an expression of their identity.’ the report argues. however. yet we are increasingly concerned that we cannot escape their electronic reach. a route is automatically downloaded to their mobile and presented by voiced. We are worried about using them so much. The impact of phones. supporting existing friendship and *** Trang 4/6 – Mã !" thi 112 . MOBILE PHONES: are they about to transform our lives? We love them so much that some of us sleep with them under the pillow. We use them to convey our most intimate secrets. They can afford to travel abroad every year. Mobile phones encourage people to make friends. When the user enters a destination. Among the most important benefits of using mobiles phones. They sent him in jail. the report says. D. will be a vastly improved mobile infrastructure. They use text messages more than any other group C. A B C D Question 59: There were many factors that contributed to your illness and smoking was certainly one of it. ‘As the new generation of mobile technologies takes off. doubts D. This is partly because mobiles are seen as being beyond the control of parents.Mark the letter on your answer sheet to show the underlined part that needs correcting. Mobile phones enable people to communicate while moving around Question 64: Why do teenagers have such a close relationship with their mobile phones? A. There are many possibilities. the report claims. a mobile navigation product was launched. rather than opening users to a new broader community. We need them more than anything else to deal with modern life. Question 62: What does “them” in paragraph 2 refer to? A. and the provision of a more sophisticated location-based services for users. Mobile phones can be used in education. Sweeping aside the doubts that many people feel about the benefits of new third generations phones and fears over the health effects of phone masts.

Male insurance agents outnumber female agents. People tend to communicate with people they already know. B. B. C. B. A. Women are twice as likely as men to have insurance. Question 73: “If I were you. Question 71: The teacher said to his students: “Never leave the room without asking for my permission. If it had been for your organization. Question 75: Twice as many men as women are insurance agents. D. D. The phone networks use different systems. C. The teacher ordered the students to ask for his permission before leaving the room. There are problems with mobile phones that cannot be overcome. Anne ordered her husband to accept the offer of the company right away. D. Question 76: This conference wouldn't have been possible without your organization. B. People can overcome shyness by using texting to communicating things that make them uncomfortable. The teacher encouraged the students to leave the room but they should ask for his permission first. overwhelmed Mark the letter A. It depends on local dialects. The rate of inflation has been brought under control. If you didn’t organize. Ann suggested that her husband reply to the offer of the company right away. It’s possible that your organization made this conference impossible. B. B. Mobile phones are playing a wide range of roles in people’s life. To arrange deliveries D.” the professor said to his students. To give the address of the nearest doctor’s surgery B. A.Question 65: Which of the following is NOT true? A.” A. Mobile phone is considered as a means for the youth to show their characters. C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct sentence which is closest in meaning to each of the ones given before. C. A. The teacher banned the students from leaving the room. Insurance is twice as difficult to sell to women as to men. Question 67: How might mobile phones be used in the future? A. Mobile phones can have a variety of very useful applications. The professor wished he could finish the pre-lab report for his students. it can suggest the best way to get to a place B. D. A. Question 72: “Why don’t you reply to the offer of the company right now?” said Anne to her husband. There is no need to suspect the harmfulness of mobile phones. C. Ann asked her husband the reason why he didn’t reply to the offer of the company immediately. Question 74: The rate of inflation has fallen steadily during recent months. this conference wouldn’t have been possible. A. There has been an unacceptable degradation in the rate of inflation during recent month. B. A. this conference wouldn’t have been *** Trang 5/6 – Mã !" thi 112 . C. More men than women have insurance. To cure diseases Question 68: The navigation product launched in Sweden is helpful for drivers because ________. I would try to finish the pre-lab report before carrying out the experiment. The professor regretted that his students didn’t do things in the right way. voiced D. Ann told her husband not to respond to the offer of the company. Users generally phone people who live in the same neighborhood. D. The rate of inflation has been on the rise during recent months. C. Question 66: In what sense has the impact of phones been “local” in paragraph 3? A. C. it provides directions orally C. B. The professor advised his students to finish the pre-lab report before carrying out the experiment. A. B. obvious B. To show bus and train timetables C. There has been a steady decline in the rate of inflation during recent months. Your organization made it possible for this conference to take place. it tells them which roads are congested D. Question 70: The word “pronounced” in paragraph 3 is closest in meaning to ______. C. The professor advised his students to carry out the experiments and then write the pre-lab report. The government should take over the mobile phone networks. B. it shows them how to avoid road works Question 69: What is the general attitude of the report described here? A. ***English teaching centre – Contact us at smartiecentre@gmai. D. C. Manufacturers need to produce better equipment. D. D. The teacher suggested the students leave the room in case of necessity. serious C. D.

com. there might still be some mistakes. Whatever Jean does is all right with Frank. A. C. A. We will send back your rough score over eighty and the score after converting into a 10-point scheme. Therefore. A. B. We knew almost every person at the party. D. D. A detailed list of your wrong choices will also be available if required. *** Trang 6/6 – Mã !" thi 112 . Francis didn’t try as hard as he should have to find his brother. Jean will stay. I only called the police when I had tried everything else. It is necessary for Francis to try harder of he wants to locate his brother. Francis has to make the effort himself if he wishes to find his brother. We hope that you can help us better this test. I only called the police when it was special. You can contact us at smartiecentre@gmail.Question 77: Frank doesn’t care if Jean leaves or stays. We knew none of the people at the party. Francis must have worked hard in order to locate his brother. ----------THE END---------- NOTICE: To the students: In case you are a student and you want to know your score on this test. We guess we had a better time at the party than the other people. Any contribution is welcome. Jean wants to leave unless Frank stays. Frank wants Jean to stay. C. but Frank wants her to leave. for example. C. B. D. Thank you so much! ***English teaching centre – Contact us at smartiecentre@gmai. I only called the police at the last moment. Question 79: We would have had a better time at the party if we had known some of the other guests. Question 78: I only called the police as a last resort. B. I only called the police at last. Question 80: Francis ought to have made more effort to locate his brother. We had a good time with the guests at the party. in spelling. you can type your answer into a Microsoft Word file and send it smartiecentre@gmail. B. A. To the teachers: We have just finished preparing this test and we are still working on the key to it. D.