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first to last. Alpha may be a plan. but to inspire. one can never reach any goal. and celebrate excellence with everyone in the circle. and from start to finish— excellence always! Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet. or intention. From beginning to end. an action. But joining the Circle of Excellence is one of the most important decisions you will ever make in terms of your life’s success. About The GoalsGuy We provide individuals and entrepreneurs with the direction. In our world it has come to signify a beginning. capability. Copyright © The GoalsGuy . The following plan will show you how to start on your path. promote. confidence. the first step on the path to a | GoalsGuy. The Circle of Excellence is a global community of like-minded people dedicated to a common purpose—creating lives of excellence. at ever-increasing levels of skill. along with the freedom and increased income to enjoy a unique quality of life. and focus to get to the next level. You make hundreds of decisions every day. and the expected norm of our community which is best represented by the words Alpha to Omega. a standard. ALPHA TO OMEGA Excellence is a quality.Circle of Excellence By Gary Ryan Blair Welcome to the Circle of Excellence! Congratulations on your decision to commit your life to excellence to ever-increasing accomplishments. You will not be alone. Some matter more than others. but without it. Every member of the Circle of Excellence is committed not only to personal advancement.

You have chosen to join the Circle of Excellence because it is a community of people who all are dedicated to living a life of excellence. You have accomplished what you set out to do and demonstrated excellence throughout the journey. credibility. We all belong to circles of people: some we don’t choose. CIRCLES “Excellence is a form of currency. Reaching it means you have gone through all the steps and reached your goal. but we can expand and contract them as our needs and each circle’s contribution toward meeting our goals changes. much more challenging goal. Omega does not mean the end. A lack of commitment devalues potential. while Omega marks an accomplishment. and reputation!” — Gary Ryan Blair Besides plans and . and our dependable advisors comprise people we have chosen to be in our lives. and setting a new challenge. But in the Circle of Excellence. our schoolmates. we have other circles in our lives. and the people we work with are circles not of our choosing. it is the link between accomplishing one thing. Both types of circles always exist. It is the link that completes and expands the circle of ever-increasing success and excellence. The reaching of one goal. our trusted colleagues. some we do. our loved | GoalsGuy.Omega is the twenty-fourth and last letter of the Greek alphabet. Our friends. frees you to set another. as a commitment to excellence can help you capture true wealth and realize the inherent value of your potential. So. Copyright © The GoalsGuy -3- Info@GoalsGuy. Our families. our neighbors.

dedication. You can inspire others and promote excellence only if others see what having high standards can bring to their lives. You must actively advocate for the practice of virtue. • Inspire. you will inspire others to believe in you.for yourself and for those around you. And why should you care if other people strive for excellence? Will they not become your competitors? No! They will become your inspiration. “Most people are not hard acts to follow and that’s exactly why a commitment to excellence is the ultimate competitive advantage!” — Gary Ryan Blair • Promote. You will also be a beacon that shows those around you that striving for excellence in all of their endeavors is a noble ideal. By always setting the highest standards for each of your goals. promote. Excellence entails achievement and accomplishing goals that can be measured by constantly asking the question. you are not living a life of excellence if you do not bring others along with you. No matter how high your standards. • Celebrate. The final arc that completes the circle is to Celebrate excellence. is first to Inspire. and celebrate . and integrity in the pursuit of excellence. Repeating the three steps in the circle .CIRCLE OF EXCELLENCE (CoE) What is “excellence?” Think of it as the process of continually growing and improving yourself and your life. and that of the community. reason. “Are my goals today more challenging than yesterday’s?” Why should you want to join a “circle” of excellence? Because a circle is infinite.will lead you to ever-higher accomplishments. or how often you meet those . Copyright © The GoalsGuy -4- Info@GoalsGuy.inspire. Your personal goal. The second arc in the Circle of Excellence is to Promote the goal of excellence .com | GoalsGuy.

III. I. admired. The conclusions you draw from them must be ones which you can be constantly faithful. The following are the seven guiding principles of the Circle of Excellence. you must live with nobility and honor. and serves as the triumphant accomplishment of those unwilling to accept anything less than your absolute best. promote and celebrate this most important virtue. as it’s respected. self-interest. not of fear. SEVEN GUIDING PRINCIPLES Excellence is a guilty pleasure. V. even if that truth is unpopular or uncomfortable. They serve as the last building blocks in starting and sustaining the construction of your ideal future. Being part of a qualitatively different world or environment where excellence is expected and practiced is a key to achieving excellence. Copyright © The GoalsGuy -5- Info@GoalsGuy. “Excellence is achieved via qualitative. and celebrate excellence in yourself and in others.” — Gary Ryan Blair IV. You must always choose your actions based on good reasons and good reasoning. or other short-term considerations that compromise long-term opportunities. and it’s a form of currency that helps you both capture material wealth and realize the inherent value of your potential. then to choose the best course of action to inspire. your greatest responsibility is to define excellence in your life. You must always seek out the truth and live with it. You must always rely on principles which stand the test of time and changes of circumstances. promote. | GoalsGuy. It is not enough to just live. Excellence is not a relative term. You must always live a virtuous life. You must always act to . It is the standard by which others judge what you do.As a member of the Circle of Excellence. not quantitative shifts in developing skills.

VII. NOW that you know why you joined the Circle of Excellence. commitment. and habits of other’s that will give you the ability to realize your | GoalsGuy.” — Gary Ryan Blair Copyright © The GoalsGuy -6- Info@GoalsGuy. education. . Your active participation and willingness to constantly raise the bar. You will have access to a collective mastermind. and determination to set a course for Excellence and to help your fellow members attain their goals. or bloodline. and an online community. we will start you on a goal-setting plan that will help you move ever forward. You will have the opportunity to share your knowledge. focus on your core strengths. attitudes. You must always keep your promises and honor your commitments. skills. will lead you to constantly higher goals through content rich lessons. and talents with others to help them reach their goals . “Being “world-class” has nothing to do with size. it has everything to do with decision. You will use your own skills. skills. and create and communicate increasing value in a fast-changing world. grown your confidence. You must always do the right thing and never do wrong willingly. and persistence. WHAT TO EXPECT The Circle of Excellence Program is a practical. action. provided that they are just. VI. results-focused program that brings together the success secrets of high performers from all walks of life. You will also have access to other members of the Circle of Excellence who will be committed to helping you reach your zenith of achievement. where you’ll be able to leverage the knowledge.thereby continuing the Circle of Excellence. even when others have wronged you. knowledge.

and of objectives clearly perceived and intensely pursued. of discipline self-imposed. Excellence . self-pity. Self-respect grows directly from discipline. apply discipline in all the right places and become the example you wish others to emulate. and that important. projects and relationships are the direct result of broken commitments.” Your responsibilities include choosing a career path. what to learn and apply in life.” — Gary Ryan Blair Commitment . A warning of the consequences of .The Principle of Enforcement Your life is going to serve as either a warning or as an example. lack of direction and ambition .com | GoalsGuy.Following are just some of the principled-centered lessons you will have access to as a member of the Circle of Excellence. while all failed or unfinished goals. poor character. You can help yourself with these responsibilities by consistently asking one simple question: How are your thoughts and actions reflective of a life committed to excellence? Discipline . “Excellence is a destination for anyone who appreciates. you will build a stairway to higher and higher attainment.. respects. that profound. Success is the result of making and keeping commitments to yourself and others. deciding what beliefs to adhere to. It’s that simple. or an example of talent put to use.. and what actions to take. and demonstrates hard work and good judgment. By mastering one principle at a time.The Principle of High Standards Each of us must determine the specific achievements we must accomplish in order to deem our own life “excellent. You either honor your commitments or you don’t. Copyright © The GoalsGuy -7- Info@GoalsGuy.The Principle of Follow Through Commitments present themselves in delineations of black and white. Therefore.

Success in any endeavor also requires a consistency between our standards and our actions. “Your greatest responsibility is to define excellence in your life. as well as among our inner desires.Contribution .com .The Principle of Dependability Success requires that there be consistency in our behaviors and in how we apply these behaviors. our contributions to others allow us to do well by doing good. As the key driver of effectiveness. then quality in the broadest sense of the term must become an | GoalsGuy.The Principle of Appreciation It’s quite possible to attain great wealth. sustainable results will only be achieved through an obsession with quality.” — Gary Ryan Blair Quality . Copyright © The GoalsGuy -8- Info@GoalsGuy. services. This is only accomplished by looking outward from our workload and upward towards more noble goals and objectives. Finally. then to choose the best course of action to make it happen. processes and technology. the best education. Success is a process that includes both peaks and valleys. and an exceptional quality of life and still be unhappy. Gratitude .The Principle of Service The focus on contribution places a premium on responsibility.The Principle of Greatness Quality is only achieved through continuous improvement and performance excellence to ensure the highest standards of our products. Dynamic. Consistency . success requires that there be consistency between how we treat ourselves and how we treat others. but the one constant in a truly successful life is gratitude. This occurs when people live with an absence of gratitude. If you have any plans on being competitive.

Failure. attracting talent. The notion that nice guys or gals finish last is not the lesson we want to be passing on to future generations. Passion reflects confidence. and emulated. inspires associates. Failure .The Principle of Social Capital Have you ever wondered why some people are more successful than others at getting bigger promotions. it is the standard by which you must judge what you do!” — Gary Ryan Blair Networking .com .The Principle of Power Whether the issue pertains to growing sales. celebrated. arouses loyalty. focusing on key result areas. Passion . Ethics and values demonstrate what’s right with the world. which spends much of its life in the gulag of public perception. embracing change. Wrongly founded assumptions about failure replace potentially accurate assessments of what is necessary to achieve success. it’s their networking skills. Copyright © The GoalsGuy -9- Info@GoalsGuy. spreads good cheer.The Principle of Honor We must individually and collectively elevate ourselves above the | GoalsGuy. In most cases. and laughs at adversity. or offer a far superior product. “Excellence is not a relative term. cheating and abuse so readily accepted in our society. Often these successful people are explained away as simply being lucky or in the right place at the right time. have more skills. essential to success.The Principle of Perspective People are naive about the benefits of failure.Ethics . or raising our own performance. more sales or just living a better life? This is especially frustrating if you feel you are better qualified. raises morale. adding greater value. by all measures. is. passion is one of the great differentiators as it fosters commitment and determination. and they need to be appreciated. better deals.

which results in mediocrity. community and humanity. Everything Counts! Gary Ryan Blair “Anything less than a commitment to excellence is a compromise of talent. But the Circle of Excellence is committed to continuing improvement. and Celebrate excellence is the beginning of your journey to everincreasing success. quality and standards. By understanding the Circle of Excellence. business.The Principle of Clarity Vision is the capacity to see the invisible that inspires us to do the impossible. Promote. So learning about these principles. by understanding how the omega is not the end alone. In fact. Usually there is a conclusion at the end of a message. and you have already started on that path. that vision can change your life. it’s the only thing that ever has. by identifying the Alpha and Omega of each goal.10 - Info@GoalsGuy. great accomplishments have begun with the vision of a single individual. If compelling. . It gives me great personal pleasure to welcome you to the Circle of Excellence.Vision . about the commitment to Inspire. a community of people who are committed to living a life of excellence and displaying exceptionably high standards. You have chosen your path wisely. but also the beginning of a new goal building toward greater excellence. Throughout history.” — Gary Ryan Blair Copyright © The GoalsGuy . and by adhering to the Seven Guiding Principles. you will lead a life of | GoalsGuy.

com Copyright © The GoalsGuy .11 - Info@GoalsGuy. How to Create Your Own Big Bang .com . Teachers & Coaches Goals education gives young people the tools needed for designing a productive life. It focuses your mind on making large jumps instead of small incremental gains. execute. every time you show up late. It explains how you must think. Personal Strategic Plan Create the ideal life and achieve more in one year than most people do in a lifetime. plan. Become part of a global revolution committed to excellence.GoalsGuy.” — Gary Ryan Blair Blog Everything Counts! . Multimedia and Mp3’s Mind Munchies Enjoy a powerful collection of motivational messages that are designed to make the heart sing. and eventually celebrate your way to success. mind expand and the spirit soar. Books Goal Setting 101 .A Quantum Growth Strategy for Multiplying Your Results The Leapfrogging Strategy sets the stage for achieving breakthrough performance for individuals and companies. Training Programs Got Goals? This world-class training program is getting rave reviews from all over the world. their communities. every time you are unprepared.A Radical Formula for Radical Results Applying the Big Bang formula to your life or career can allow you to create monumental performance and profitability gains that will astound you.How to Set and Achieve a Goal This book introduces you to the fundamentals of goal setting. manage. Leapfrogging . “You commit career malpractice every time you do things in a mediocre manner.A Guide for Parents. For even more great products go to | GoalsGuy.The Art of Exceeding Expectations The distance between those who achieve their goals consistently and those who spend their lives and careers merely following has everything to do with one’s ability to go the extra mile. and for future generations as well. of benefit to themselves.Knowledge Products Special Reports If you’ve enjoyed this special report.The Prosperity Principle Everything Counts! offers a philosophy for running a great business and for enjoying a great quality of life. Going the Extra Mile . Goal Setting for Kids and Teens . then you’ll love our entire suite of world-class knowledge products brought to you by The GoalsGuy. Web Seminars On Demand A revolutionary learning experience that allows you to learn 24/7 on any computer.

our mission has been to . available 24/7 provides an affordable and convenient education alternative. promote. training program. improve performance. retreat or upcoming event. • Books and Self-Study Resources. and inspire peak performance. improve performance. intensify focus. and profits.How We Can Help For over 12 years. and programs are enjoyed by more than 80.GoalsGuy. American Express. DVD’s and self-paced materials that educate and inspire.462.435. or 877. and small group coaching initiatives designed to increase your sense of direction. In fact more than 60% of the Fortune 500 use material from The GoalsGuy to intensify or call 877. our goal is simply to help you achieve yours. training programs and coaching services offer you an energizing.5748 Copyright © The GoalsGuy . The GoalsGuy handbooks. His library of world-class books.12 - Info@GoalsGuy. promote and profit from our programs and trademarks. contact: Info@GoalsGuy.2022 I www. To that end. Apple Computer. Starbucks. • Licensing Opportunities. high-impact training programs designed to enhance productivity and performance. a library of powerful handbooks. motivate. goal-directed lives. performance. a suite of world-class offerings.462. and celebrate excellence.000 companies and over 4 million people worldwide. our assistance includes: • Coaching. • On Demand Web | Gary Ryan Blair Gary Ryan Blair is a visionary and gifted conceptual thinker. and others. customized presentations that energize. Everything Counts! Gary Ryan Blair To book Gary for a speech. Since the day we first opened the door. NASA. tapes. • Keynotes and Retreats. Disney. For Workshops and Retreats: Info@GoalsGuy. • Training Programs. and maintain a competitive edge. and maintain a competitive edge.5748 / Fax 813. If success is your destination. The experience of more than four million people worldwide has proven that what you learn in our programs really can change your life. than let The GoalsGuy guide your journey. effective way to transform your business and your life. we’ve been helping firms like IBM. a turn key cash cow allowing you to customize. As one of the top strategic thinkers in the world he is dedicated to helping his clients win by creating focused. Our motto says it all.

electronic or mechanical. recording or by any information storage and retrieval | GoalsGuy. Copyright © The GoalsGuy . including photocopying. No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means.All rights reserved. without written permission from the author. except for the inclusion of brief quotations in a .13 - Info@GoalsGuy.