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The Devil's Secret Form
Authored by Neil Chuma 5.0" x 8.0" (12.70 x 20.32 cm) Black & White on Cream paper 204 pages ISBN-13: 9781491043707 ISBN-10: 1491043709
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The Devil’s Secret Form Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum

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Neil Chuma

The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum

Writing has always been something I am passionate about but above all, I have always found it therapeutic and stress relieving. I was always fascinated by other peoples definitions and theories of life and that is what partly inspired some of my ideas. To me “Life is a series of pieces of paper….”

You meet a woman and you love her but wait….you must first get a piece of paper to say you are married or else you are fornicating before marriage You marry her and now want to go on a honey moon but once again…..wait you have to get another piece of paper called a passport to say this man is allowed to travel. !" so now you are ready to en#oy life with your woman…..but wait you have to get another piece of paper called a visa to go to $awaii for your honeymoon and don%t forget the other piece of paper called a tic"et. You continue to go through life with your pieces of paper. You are tired and want someone else to continue your #ourney so you have a son and he too must begin the long #ourney to acquire his pieces of paper, at least he gets his first piece of paper as soon as he comes into your world…..his birth certificate. You watch him grow and one day comes when he finally sees his father get his final piece of paper……your death certificate

At birth you are given a piece of paper to say you were born….a birth certificate. You grow a little and you go to school to learn in order to gain a piece of paper to say you are educated. As you grow you may want to get around faster so you get another piece of paper to say you are allowed to drive but before you enter the car you must acquire another piece of paper that says you are insured so you can be a safe driver.


Neil Chuma

The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum

Copyright © 2013 Neil Chuma All rights reserve .



$e too" me into his home and sat me down on a wooden chair and served me a cup of water. I am definitely still sleeping and dreaming away. $ave you ever had a dream so familiar that you felt li"e you were having a reoccurring dream yet you could swear you have never dreamt or done such a thing+ It%s li"e having a . Your mind wor"s in mysterious ways. I thin" they call those vivid dreams…..-#. so I better ma"e the most of it and #ust see where it goes. I was wal"ing along a long and wide road and the road led me to a house. I used to be somewhat…. $e said 0)eality is not what you ma"e of it but rather what your inner mind decides to tell your wa"ing mind. 1 " .but is it possible to have . my . There I entered the house and a man in white robes met me.mmm.Neil Chuma &$A'T() !*( $e sat in front of me and began to tell me about reality.-#.. vu moment in a sleeping state yet I could swear I was wide awa"e. for it is li"e a "ey to many doors that lead to many worlds.-#. 0a powerful dream is so strong it can come to life and become reality1. Your mind simply chooses to give you access to one door and this door is what forms your reality as you "now it and it chooses to do so because everyone around you has accepted the very same "ey to the same reality as the norm in life. I for one simply refuse to accept one life and one "ey when I can have the option to live as many beings and in many worlds that allow me to e2plore realities li"e never before. I thin" they call them lucid dreams. I guess it%s one of those dreams when the dreamer has more control over his actions in the dream world.1 At this point I%m thin"ing to myself 0…. I guess that old man was right.normal but since my great revelation and e2perience of the powerful dream I have now realised that a single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities.. vu moment in your sleeping state….no. no. vu in your sleep+ /et me tell you about my long dream.

1 Who could this man be+ 7Who are you…. a chance to be enlightened whilst doing a favour for humanity. 5y heart is pounding with fear yet I feel partially e2cited and pu88led. I could move. ever wonder why+ Their chosen members have been given the chance to visit and e2plore these worlds and realities.. 6ecret societies e2ist to shield you from reality and from the truth about who you really are and worst of all. (ver wonder where some of these great technical inventions originate+ We even helped to build the pyramids but in those times our e2istence and presence was well "nown and witnessed by many humans who we tried to advance too fast at the time # $ . what her mom could offer3 oh this dream is going to be awesome. 0Why choose me+1 I felt as if my body had been struc" with a sudden case of rigor mortis. We have been around for millions of years and in time we have watched your civilisation grow from star dust to what it is today.evil to hide his true form. they help the . I #ust wanted to listen.1 4ust as I began to try and magically create scenarios involving my inner most fantasies. I%m sure in your time you have heard of secret societies such as the illuminati or 5asons that call themselves the enlightened ones. it hit me right there……it%s all real and it%s happening. Along the way we have slowly showed man"ind the way to progression by paving the path through the inspiration and sharing of new inventions.+ +% 'art of me #ust hoped this was all a big pran" pulled on me by my friends. It is believed that some of these so called 7enlightened ones% are fully aware of the true location of the . 0We didn%t choose you……your mind chose you and it is unique. The man in front of me is as real as the white clouds in the s"y. a chance to e2pose the truth.evil%s true form.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma $a I guess I should #ust imagine that hot girl from across the street and see what she can offer her new master or better yet. What could possibly be happening+ 0Imagine you had the "eys to all the other realities+ A chance to e2plore wonders. If that be the truth then it would be a shame to "now that fellow humans have been corrupted by power to this point1. 0I belong to the order of 'y2idis.

1 across the "nown universe and I sat down on the wooden chair behind the altar in disbelief3 I was slowly drawing towards a completely blan" mind.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma but realised it would be much simpler to act as an invisible father figure to nurse the human race into advancement. their fate is shortened by the forces that be. a threat from beyond !rion%s belt. 0Your mind does not need to be trained to open other doors nor does it need "eys to open them. $is eyes #ust opened up and he could see. 6o we searched for centuries for the answer and you revealed yourself to us. 6he said I had a teacher who was once blind but now can see. !ur sole purpose is to create equilibriums of advanced races that will help to spread universal "nowledge dimensions. 9or the past : thousand years we have tried to stop our enemies from poisoning the human psyche into believing that we are their enemy. /i"e who+1 5y mind is in overdrive as I am trying to ma"e sense of what 5ar" is telling me..1 What could this man be tal"ing about when he says the others+ 0The others…. I feel li"e a blind person who has #ust opened his eyes and saw the world for the first time. In time we have stood by earth and watched your civilisation rise from infancy to maturity but now as we stand in the final hour of growth into full maturity. All of a sudden that story my girlfriend told me about her blind teacher came rushing bac" into my head. years of his life living as a blind man but one day things changed. !ur battle has begun to reach a clima2 point where some of our leaders are beginning to lose faith in the human race and we now believe change can only come from within the human race. it simply opens them #ust by believing (very now and then minds li"e yours come along and try to challenge the norm by introducing reality to the people but as we have learnt. $e was born blind and spent the first :. $e saw his hands and feet for the first time and all % & . In my order I stand as a teacher and mentor for other world leaders. I remember it li"e it was yesterday. we face a threat from beyond the stars.

That fear of feeling insecure and being afraid of what 5ar" and his men may bring to my life once I become enlightened. If the .1 0I serve as a master trainer under the order of 'y2idis. he made many changes to his life. he didn%t "now what anything was with his eyes open. !ur order has occupied vast parts of your "nown universe and other dimensions. In history there have been many coincidences but many of them are planned. ' ( . $e saw his wife%s face and met his children for the first time and realised that things were never as he had imagined them when he was blind. helping to progress civili8ations much li"e yours here on earth. 0We have had others in various positions and some even more significant than others. /i"e that blind man I myself feel li"e I am standing on the edge of opening my eyes but there is fear in my heart. then his powers and all his evils are destroyed. years of that big reali8ation. 'resident <ennedy and 'resident /incoln were two of our infamous members. At first he had difficulty identifying things with his eyes open so to ma"e it to the shops he even had to close his eyes so things felt normal and after sometime had passed he began to see other people and began to recognise and understand things as they stood.evil into revealing his true form. 5ar" loo"ed at me with a rather pu88ling e2pression on his face yet he still spo"e and answered my questions as if I were a child who was blind and now could see. Yet I feel a part of me that is rushing to #ump over the edge and accept the truth as it should be and reali8e the lies. $e divorced his wife who had squandered his money and when he loo"ed at his children he realised they were poor and the clothes they were in were nothing but mere rugs and that his whole life that he was living was a mere audio illusion that was based on what he had been told by those around him.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma of a sudden he closed his eyes because everything was too much to ta"e in. They signified the change required to awa"en the masses in order to challenge the . Within .evil reveals his true form.

I was always into the odd conspiracy theory stuff.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma $owever. All you have to do is travel through different realities and worlds and find out where the . They say the greatest tric" the devil ever pulled was to convince everyone that he did not e2ist but he does. There are those who call themselves the bringers of truth. it was in blac" in". the ones from beyond !rion belt. a stature that led you into curiosity. for it is a life without "nowledge that is truly death in disguise. we have begun to face challenges in our mission to spread progress. I was imagining what my adversaries would loo" li"e from his rather convincingly fierce and scheming description of them. in many forms and realms.evil and help to stop our good wor" by poisoning worlds into a cycle of deceit. and the ones who serve the . Your #ob is simple young 4ames. every time he spo"e3 he did it with utmost certainty and prudence. 0What are those numbers on your stic" for+1 In a naAve sounding voice. I noticed a compass rose tattoo that covered the bac" of his right hand. ?@ and >? are also our code words for certain things. 0BC>? and BD>? were the E years that signified change. after college I would usually get high and watch a load of videos with my friends but never thought the truth would hit me in the face li"e this. Your enemies surround you in disguise in your world. they were the years /incoln and <ennedy were elected to the $ouse of )epresentatives and BC?@ and BD?@ were the years they were both elected president. I felt a bit li"e a child.evil%s true form lies and you will e2pose his lies for all man"ind to see. 5ar" seemed to be a well composed man. As 5ar" continued to tell me of his role as the master trainer in the order of 'y2idis. more recently. =e wary young 4ames. Throughout your time with us you will learn many tric"s of the trade and learn to put your fears aside in times of great challenge. ) 1* .1 5ar" seemed to hold a sense of mystery. As I loo"ed at 5ar"%s wal"ing stic" it had the numbers >? and ?@ on it. They bring a sense of hope that the more we try the closer we get.

the devil decided to do an e2periment. The .evil recreated earth as it was when Fod stood as the almighty ruler. 6o the devil began to create worlds. 0A wise man once told me that F!.evil only travels in other worlds in spirit form yet he has his true embodiment hidden in a world somewhere1. went to war with the devil and the devil destroyed him. As time went by the . At first the devil thought he was happy to be alone. 6o he loo"ed bac" into his past and realised that he could recreate humans. After the devil destroyed him he realised he was truly alone……alone in the entire universe. The devil always believed Fod had manipulated the humans in to choosing to worship him. from the creation of religion in its pagan form to recreating 11 1" . universes and gala2ies to ma"e himself feel less lonely. !n this occasion as the only powerful entity left in the universe.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma To tell you the truth I only "now of a few stories about why the . he wanted to see if humans could grow to worship and love him in the same way as they did with Fod. 5ar" began his ritual by spea"ing slowly into the vorte2 as it swirled. the very thing that led to the destruction of everything including Fod. there was something missing. 6oon the slow "iller that is loneliness started to creep in to his dar" spirit li"e a slow burning candle. As we sat down. The devil never stood against Fod simply because he believed he was more powerful that Fod but also because he believed he could equally gain love from the humans #ust as Fod did. I was rela2ed yet alert to every word that was falling into my ears and I felt li"e I was drin"ing from the fountain of "nowledge. 5ar" drew his wal"ing stic" and open a small vorte2 in front of me and as"ed me to stare into its swirl as he enlightened me on how to open doors to other worlds and to share some of his "nowledge. It was li"e falling into a hypnotic trance. *o matter how many stars or quasars he created. There was nothing but blac"ness. an empty universe with nothing but him.evil began to recreate the preconditions of reality that had previously persisted in the past. happy to have won.

the devil began to reali8e that he did not need to manipulate or push too hard for the humans to worship him but rather do nothing or even the opposite and they would come running to him.evil has more friends than enemies on this earth. so he too may have recreated a companion much li"e the one he had destroyed in his past life thus ma"ing him part of a perpetual cycle of 0&reation turns on master1. The devil had only previously managed to witness the evolution and growth of humanity up to the point when he went to war with god. to turn on the great 6atan+ &ould they be evolving to love and truly care for one another+ It could be the paranoia and the obsession of wanting to be the only powerful deity in e2istence that is ma"ing the devil feel so paranoid of his puny creations. the . The humans blindly worship Fod.evil started to question his own e2istence3 he thought maybe Fod too had a creator whom he disposed of. It was the . #ust as he had. As time progressed.evil who brought this concept of worshipping a Fod unto them in order to see if they were only ever created to love only Fod but it seems the . As the ma#or controlling and influential force behind the evolution and progression of humans. It is almost as if the . As time went by the devil began to feel less lonely and more intrigued by what was happening on earth.evils% aura had fallen amongst these creations as their choice of worship was merely in vain for they were as sinful as their father /ucifer was from birth. yet in this realm Fod is simply an idea or story of a past ruler who was destroyed by the . !n earth they worship Fod in many ways through many religious practices but the people commit more evil than ever before. &ould the humans be slowly evolving This time things were different…….evil began to reali8e that Fod may have felt that 0loneliness1. 1# 1$ .evil. the humans.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma and reGenacting the Adam and (ve story from the day the serpent deceived eve. The .things too" a rather devious but intriguing turn.

Fod is the man of light.evil slowly introduced religions and sometimes even con#ured up miracles in order to get the humans believing. It seems as if those on earth must do evil in order to nurture their souls because good is not the way to pay homage to the true lord. there was once peace. 5ar"s words began to ta"e me into a world where I saw all the events as they happened. I want you to ta"e your past life and loo" at it as if it was a person and say. a world of good and evil.1 1% 1& . If faith were as true as Fod believed it was. the omega after the alpha. There are other ways to live and follow without falling into eternal sunshine or dar"ness.evil%s creations were cursed with his spirit in their hearts. &an a man pass proper #udgment when he is only able to see reality through the eyes of two+ Food or evil. It was an out of body li"e e2perience. the beast who spo"e of a hell before the dar". 7I am now a man and I am putting away my childish things%. the day wal"er.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma Through the ages the . The day wal"er describes the night as a hell and the night wal"er describes the day as a burning hell. so they evolved to hate and to practice wic"ed deeds. there are other paths and the signs are even written in the world of two. I was wal"ing through doors that led to worlds and doors that led to other doors whilst I could still hear every word 5ar" was saying. &ould it be the devil has deceived himself or did Fod create the $umans with love in his heart so they too could grow to love his ways. There was a time when silence ruled and happiness was eternal. then the . part of them was filled with hate. =efore the great deceit that is your world was built. Yet I remember a beast before the sun.evil surely had a new way to test his sub#ects and a true guarantee that he will "eep his true form hidden in another world somewhere. It seemed as if the . I once met a man in the sunshine of day yet he met me before the sun. 0The devil simply showed that not every way is complicit with neither Fod%s way nor the devils way.evil is the night wal"er. *ow 4ames. the alpha before the omega and the .1 As the vorte2 spun and swirled.

$ere on earth we have believed that our that our inventions and path of progression is simply coincidental and due to scientific brilliance but what if it was all part of what our scout li"e race was built to do+ What if all those satellite messages we "eep sending into outer space were what our race was intended to do+ Are we #ust telling our alien masters who planted us here that this planet is in a habitable 8one that is ready to be ta"en over+ It seems to ma"e more sense to me. the universe is a vast and endless place whereby our masters have for a long time used us as a means to conquer all the habitable places within their reach in this vast and endless space. we were sat down on a 6aturday night drin"ing and smo"ing weed whilst theori8ing and debating the e2istence of man"ind. a story of the e2istence of man"ind which was once told to me by my friend. I have lived by this story as the closest thing to the truth about humanity. If I was a superior alien race loo"ing to ta"e over vast amounts of habitable 8ones and planets I would probably create a life form similar to myself but less advanced yet advanced enough to the point where it notifies me if a planet is habitable.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma As I murmured the phrase I started to loo" bac" at all the things I did in my life and how I lived as a person and for some reason there was a story that seemed to stic" in my mind. We are simply scouts I tell you 7!h here he goes 1' 1( . 9or you see. I remember my friend telling me the story as if it was yesterday. I believe that the human race is planted in different parts of the universe and allowed to evolve and grow in this way to detect if a planet is habitable and if it allows for the growth and evolution of our species then our masters come and ta"e it over after we evolve far enough to send them a message. 5y friend said 0We are simply a scout li"e race. (ver wonder why it is that we seem to have no memory of our origin+ Why it is we seem to evolve the way we do and why it is that we have all of a sudden begun to send signals out to space in the hope for alien contact+ Well here is my theory in plain and simple language.

the /enny has had too much of the dream plant in his body%. Those who wa"e up and see the world for what it truly is and re#ect it by trying to fi2 it are terrorists. Those who wa"e up and see the world for what it truly is and accept it are simply left to be. 5an alone was never strong enough to build a world alone. 6aid Feorge. 7We already "now the truth of our world.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma again….. begin to resemble hell. I remember when I heard of the age old agreement that 6atan formed with man. The story basically stipulated that 6atan allowed demons to live inside man so the world could be built from strength but this may have cost man more than he bargained for as he has seen the world he wanted to resemble heaven. The reason why we have so many demons in our world is due to the fact that man"ind could not progress far enough on his strength alone. The demons are building hell not heaven. as we sat up on the roof on a 6aturday night smo"ing late into the early hours of the morning. 6ometimes I feel as though man is intentionally frustrating god so he can correct us. 1) "* .

0&an you feel it+ (mbrace it as if you were opening the door and letting in the truth into your house. 0. 0Are you prepared to ta"e the great step+1 says 5ar". As we wal"ed through the door I had #ust opened I wondered why 5ar" had as"ed "" . 9or the first time I felt li"e I was in control. "1 5y first door. 0Yes I believe we are all destined for something I guess1. In life I always felt li"e I was a passenger in a driverless car that was heading to a predetermined destination but now I felt li"e everything was right.1 6aid 5ar". Wise words were spo"en and my mind was ta"en in and now is the time to embrace the words and see their meaning before me.Neil Chuma I stood up and reached out with my right hand and imagined there was a door in front of me. 06tand up and open the door to the truth and I shall wal" with you1. 0Yes….I am fully prepared1. as I replied with a sudden burst of confidence. There I was in a slight moment of panic thin"ing to myself. much li"e I was in charge of my destiny. with my fate in my hands. &$A'T() TW! when I felt a door handle in my hands and as if by magic.o you believe in 9ate or . 7oh no . there it was. nothing seems to be happening. Was I really prepared to let my past #ust go away li"e that+ /oo"ing at some of the things I have seen and what I am being offered. my first feeling of control. a door ready to be pushed open by me. I guess I really was putting away my childish things and embracing manhood.estiny 4ames+1 9or a moment I thought he had #ust read into my mind as I was #ust thin"ing about my destiny changing. I had always been uncertain about the notion of fate and destiny and always wondered what the real difference was.

I felt li"e I was in a ghost witnessing someone living their life as I watched. It is the world that spea"s to your mind and sees deep into the soul. 0This is the beginning of enlightenment 4ames. <arma was in the form of a beautiful man who roamed free and lived by a simple principle of 7cause and effect%. It can be manipulated and made to loo" #ust as you desire. way before things had been changed. The other doors are the reality doors and when you open them. 04ust watch. /et me start you off with a simple story. 0What is happening 5ar"+1 I felt a bit scared but somehow I felt at ease as 5ar" had a voice that made everything sound perfect. A universal type of world which is defined by dimensions and parallel universes in order to form a reality or an empty white void much li"e this one now. a story about fate and destiny. The empty white void world is what you can control.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma me such a question. all is well. A long time ago before a third of the stars fell. it is called the 5agnesis. the world we were stood in began to ta"e form and it seemed as if he was the narrator in a real world scenario. *ow where was I+ Ah…The age old story of 9ate and . We entered and it was an allGwhite place. #ust an empty white void.1 As 5ar" spo"e. and there e2isted a world occupied by Angels and . the 5agnesis is simply illustrating my words to you so you can see everything with your eyes.estiny.eities who lived as one in a simple society much li"e the human world stands today. things become more real and are defined by the normal rules of that specific reality. I can simply open a 5agnesis and my thoughts can be played into a moving story. Your mind has access to two types of worlds. It was almost as if we had time travelled and were witnessing events unfold and 5ar" was narrating through them as we watched them. It is a world where you can train your mind to move between realities. much li"e an endless sea of white with no s"ies and no ground. <arma was popular with the "# "$ . Ta"e for e2ample if I want to share a story with you.

estiny so he "ept on two timing until the inevitable happened. $e thought he was in love and he began ma"ing plans to settle down and ta"e things seriously but as things were.estiny was to try and correct the mista"es that <arma had made.estiny%s child and .estiny%s child along with 9ate%s child out on a wal" to show his children to his friends who already "new the truth. $e could not choose between 9ate and . The Fods were deeply angered by what they saw and when 9ate and . 9ate raised .estiny raised 9ate%s child.estiny who too" his heart by surprise. <arma visited 9ate to see his new born son and he decided to ta"e him out to celebrate and whilst he was out he foolishly decided to visit his other wife.estiny and 9ate bore children during a full moon and the Fods saw what <arma had done so they cast <arma down and transformed him into a spiritual entity that served as a bringer of #ustice to humans for an eternity but all this was after <arma had made a terrible mista"e after the birth of his children by these two women. feel and live you pain Your 6uffering will forever be felt by the plight of man though the ages % The hardest thing to do for <arma and . who also too" his heart by surprise. The Fods made thunder roar from the s"ies and said unto them 7/et every man and woman "now. <arma was caught between two worlds.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma ladies but never seemed to stay in one place and pretty soon things were bound to change. he met another beautiful woman called 9ate.estiny and lied to her by saying the child he was holding belonged to a friend. Whilst showing off the children. <arma met a beautiful woman named . . . <arma realised that both sons were in the same attire and he could not tell them apart so he #ust too" a guess and returned the children to their mothers without ever reali8ing that he had mista"enly e2change the children.estiny cried out they loo"ed on at <arma with pain in their hearts at what he had done. &ould they e2change the children bac" to another after all these years and passed+ What about all the love and emotional attachment "% "& . $e then too" .

yes. You see. That can be an e2ample of how 9ate or .The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma given+1 I loo"ed on at the events as they played out in the 5agnesis.evils secret form3 after all I was confronting the most feared thing. 0The story of . 6tart off with something simple and #ust let you voice paint a picture and you will see the 5agnesis illustrating it as if your mind was an open boo". well a poem in fact. some people are born into poverty and become wealthy and then end up bac" in poverty.estiny and 9ate represents the plight of man in the sense that it is a curse and a blessing all in one. if a man is born into poverty and then one day he ends up becoming wealthy. <arma acts as a ruling force in life3 it is the father that is trying to put things right by ta"ing the children it misplaced bac" into the rightful mother%s arms.1 I was now debating to myself whether or not I should tell that poem. 6ometimes some people are born into wealth and end up in poverty that too is an e2ample of 9ate%s children being returned from the house of destiny into the rightful house of 9ate. and see what you have to tell us. 0(rm…. what if the 5agnesis illustrated my story in a cheesy location or showed something embarrassing+ I guess I had to ta"e a chance if my new #ob was to find the . It was now time to put my fears and quibbles behind me and to become a man anew. 6ometimes however.estiny refuse to return the children they raised even though the children are not rightfully theirs.1 5y nerves were starting to e2pose my disli"e for "' "( . the that man represents a child who was raised in the wrong house but was later given bac" to the right house where he truly belongs. I wrote it a while ago but I still remember most of it. are all 5agnesis illustrations li"e this+1 9or some reason I started to thin" of the poem I once wrote for my girlfriend and wondered how it would loo" in the 5agnesis. 0You may need a bit of practice using the 5agnesis so now I would li"e to hear a story from you. 0That is an ama8ing story 5ar". I have a story a story.

0(nlighten me young 4ames1 as he loo"ed on with a slight grin on his face. ") #* . 6ome men steal partially carved stones to save themselves the time to carve a stone from scratch so they end up with a woman who is caught between men. for she is an incomplete woman. A man with the ability to carve a beautiful ob#ect will carve himself a beautiful woman. 0!"ay. her heart is not fully committed to one man so she ends up moving from man to man as she is loo"ing for someone to complete her. when I see other women this is what my mind says to me3 a woman is li"e a stone waiting to be carved into any ob#ect of desire by a man. it began to play an illustration of a stone being carved by an artist into a beautiful lady figure. I still couldn%t believe I was e2posing my life in front of a stranger #ust li"e that but deep down I felt li"e it was a stranger I "new.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma being put on the spot. it was as if the 5agnesis could read my mind before words were spo"en. A while bac" I said to my girlfriend. 4ust as I began to tell him my poem. one must be careful for it is the wor"ing of deceit as such stones are mere entrapments into a life of slavery whereby the man must serve this stone which will represent his servitude to a woman who abuses men. a friend from my past life. These women represent bro"en hearts for they were already carved by another man%s hands and their hearts are forever bro"en so the men who end up with these women end up alone or in a false relationship. therefore an incomplete wor" of art. 6ome men carve whores so the women they end up with are whores and some men carve money out of the stones they find so they end up with materialistic women who end up using them. 6ome stones come already carved as beautiful ob#ects and these can present easy wor" for la8y men who want their women readyGmade. There are those rare time when a man wal"s into the wild and finds himself a perfectly carved stone almost as if the stone was already made by god%s hands alone.

This represents infidelity and the desire for women that are not of the same stature as the man. from choosing the most precious stones to choosing the rarest stones. I thin" about the time and loyalty you have given to me. it would bear your name. I feel li"e I have put some wor" into your heart and I have created a beautiful and desirable woman of good stature with a warm heart. for it is a good stone with patience and attention to detail that will bear a good woman who will show loyalty to the man.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma A wise man always ta"es his time to carve a good woman from a good stone. If a man is la8y he usually #ust finds a stone from anywhere and carves himself a woman. whilst you were busy telling me your story. 0You have shown me that your mind has the untamed ability to create and outthin" your adversary. the 5agnesis also communicates with me and my chosen disciple 4oseph and tells us how strong your mind really is and according to the 5agnesis you are truly a remar"able man 4ames1. I was eager to start travelling around through doors to e2plore other worlds. I was thirsty for "nowledge and wanted to see more #1 #" . I write these words and metaphors because this is how I feel inside when I loo" at other women. such stones will fall apart li"e chal" for they are not made to be women of good standings. I felt li"e I had #ust passed an e2am in school. 0=ravo =ravo 1 (2claimed 5ar" as he slowly reached out to open a door that led bac" to the temple. In life a man gets many choices. You see. I chose you because I believe you are a stone that represents my desire and also because I believe you are precious enough to ma"e me sacrifice my time to sit beside you for an eternity whilst I carve these few words into your heart 7I love you%. 6ometimes some men desire more than they can carry so they end up carrying many stones or carrying a heavy stone that will ta"e more than a lifetime to carve. If a perfect stone had another name. When I am far away from you I "now your heart is always singing my name.

something important. 0You may return home1. In order to see his true form you must carry out a blood sacrifice in order to nurture your soul according to the . 0Yes. 6omehow I was convinced I had #ust ta"en the wrong route as I was unfamiliar with the temple.evil%s will. I started to wonder why it is 5ar" and the other members of 'y2idis never tried to infiltrate the illuminati or other secret societies in order to gain an advantage over their adversary. I felt at ease as 5ar" confidently addressed my burning questions li"e a man at peace with himself and the world. but yours saved the world.evil%s true form+1 As I loo"ed at 5ar" curiously I wondered if I had also missed something. We share information with certain insiders whose identity will always remain a secret1. 0&uriosity "illed the cat. said 4oseph. A voice shouted bac" at me. 0Where is the e2it+1 I shouted. as if the temple was built with us already inside. a world un"nown to many but a few. This will ta"e you into the hidden world that is cast away from your mind. 0Hse your imagination1. I turned bac" to face the wall and tried to feel my way through the curtains and realised it was all #ust bric".The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma but part of me was still feeling wary. a door is opened and it has a path that will lead you to see his true form. 0$ow is it possible for you to "now so much about the secret societies+1 I thought he would mention his past. I turned ## #$ .1 $ow could 5ar" "now so much yet has never been part of these rituals.evil%s form. We then proceeded to part ways. I stood up and proceeded to wal" towards the e2it of the temple and as I approached the e2it I realised there was no door. there was #ust a bric" wall behind the long curtains that had been drawn against the walls. 5ar" seemed to have been pleased to finally meet me and 4oseph was eager to spread the word to other members. 0$ave any of the others ever seen the . I e2pected him to say he was once a member of the illuminati. it is believed that those who #oin these so called secret orders and societies that choose to follow a dar" path have a few chosen senior members who are chosen and shown the .

what could that possibly mean+ 6o I reached out towards the wall as if to open the door and thought maybe this is what I am e2pected to do if I am to leave this place. I was rationali8ing my decision to follow through with 5ar" and 4oseph%s plans. my friends. *othing happened. 5y imagination…. Were they playing a #o"e+ 5aybe they had #ust gone out to gather the others. I imagined a door and as I reached out to open it there was nothing. 5aybe I didn%t try hard enough. I am stuc" here in this temple where no one can see me or hear me. I #ust imagined I could open a door that could ma"e all this a dream and without even reaching out a door handle appeared on the wall and I rushed to open it. $ow can I escape this+ I started to imagine what would happen to me if I didn%t ma"e it home. I stood up and headed from my bedroom straight to the bathroom. family and girlfriend and the life I had and all the beautiful things I had. What do I do. part of me was angry. I was beginning to panic and my heart started to pound. I thought of my pet dog Tibby.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma around to face 5ar" and 4oseph only to reali8e they had left the temple.. I am in trouble now. I was feeling frustrated as time was tic"ing away with me trapped there. 0=y the powers that be I command you to open a door 1 I e2claimed. 5y naivety. I e2pected things to #ust happen smoothly as they did when I open the 5agnesis for the first time.1 5aybe I had a dream that was influenced by all those magic mushrooms I ate coupled with weed and alcohol. my curiosity and how easy it is to mislead someone li"e me. 09inally 1 I opened it and rushed in and the ne2t thing I remember is wa"ing up in the morning with my *eapolitan mastiff TG=one lic"ing my face. 0It was all a dream…. What if all this was an illusion+ I hope it%s #ust a dream. !nce again nothing happened. I did my usual routine. maybe it%s a test. too" a piss and shoo" my third leg in the toilet and as I brushed my teeth I loo"ed in the mirror and saw a man with a wal"ing stic". Was that 5ar"+ Am I still tripping after B>hours+ What is happening+ I loo"ed bac" and #% #& .

$er love for staying alive always "ept her enthusiastic about wor". I was scared but partly thrilled that I was not cra8y after last night%s episode of wonders. 0Are you o"ay 4ay+ You loo" li"e you have #ust seen a ghost.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma there was nothing3 I could swear I saw something. 5ar". I passed through a patch of woodland and as I passed between the tall trees a gust of wind engulfed the path with leaves and a miniature twister began to spin in front of me and as it disappeared slowly. I went to the "itchen and let TGbone out to the garden before returning to the dining room to eat my brea"fast. 0It is time for you to begin your mission. I could smell the bacon as I marched down the stairs.1 I #' #( . 4ames. 0I%m fine mum. It was as if all the inhabitants that surrounded the par" had vanished into the ether. 6he believed wor"ing gave her a sense of pride and purpose. I had my headphones on with my favorite e2ercise regime music blasting through my ears. 0$eGhello+1 suddenly day turned to night in the blin" of an eye. I always supported her views but deep inside I felt her hidden pain. 6he raised me all by herself in the absence of my father who had passed away whilst serving his country at war. I used to love all the great stories she shared with me about him. there stood a brown door with a golden handle in front of me. After brea"fast I shot out of the house and went for a #og at my local country par". how is wor"+1 6he smiled and somehow I "new she would #ust assume it%s the usual 7girl trouble% phase. I suppose all those stories "ept me in line as I always dreamed of becoming this heroic figure my father was portrayed as by friends and family. I reached out to open the handle but the door swung open before I could touch the handle.1 That was my mother shouting for me to come downstairs. The years had served my mother well3 she was .1 I quic"ly tried to disguise my pu88led face by shifting the sub#ect. There in front of me he stood. 04ames. I slowly approached the door with my heart beating li"e a drum. brea"fast is ready.C and still doing yoga.

#) $* left me there. If I could escape the temple then I could pretty much escape any other place. $e will lead you to your purpose. 0/ast night at the temple…. I continued my #og until I tired myself out and returned home for a shower. 0It was a short test to see how you would see through situations.1 I was prepared to travel and finally see what was out there for me but after feeling trapped and scared when they left me in that temple really put my nerves on the edge. 04ust do what feels right1 5ar" slowly wal"ed bac"wards through the door he came through and slowly closed it and as soon as the door closed. $ow do I find this man+1 5y mind was occupied with how I could summon this door to find this man. I was e2periencing reality as it you not see yourself through+1 I guess it%s pretty easy to calm me down as I am usually put at ease by a preGemptive stri"e. it was not a dream or a drug fuelled trip. 0Yes. . 6elfGreassurance always pays. his *ame is 5athew.1 I felt li"e a teenage girl throwing a tantrum. a sudden gust of wind began to swirl another miniature twister with leaves. 0Yes. As the twister slowly withered away3 the door had vanished and night became day once again.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma finally began to accept it. You acted wisely. I felt betrayed and confused. open the doors to a world of possibilities3 it is a world where anything is possible. 05y mission+1 I felt li"e a secret agent for a moment there. If you use your imagination you will get through any door. There is a man waiting for you in a bar.

I%m 5athew. I decided to give the door opening a try. 0I%ll have what he is having1 he said. 5athew began to tell me about his role within the 'y2idis order. I imagined what a world of possibilities would loo" li"e.1 5athew was a tall man of Arabic origin. Another hour passed and it was si2 o%cloc" and the news anchors began their usual reports on TI as I sat on the sofa. I entered and there he was at the bar. was I going to encounter anything abnormal+ I left the lounge and went upstairs to my room and sat on the bed and began to imagine a world of possibilities drawing from all the things 5ar" said. !ne day he was a regular man in his early $" . As I reached out to open the closet door I was starting to cheer up as smo"ing weed always made $1 secretly living there. debating to myself about how to open the door to the right world. so I opened the closet to find my secret weed stash to build a #oint. As we dran" the second pint of beer he ordered. 04ames.Neil Chuma me feel at ease with myself when I am worried &$A'T() T$)(( about something. sat there alone engaging in a brief conversation with the bar man. I realised I had #ust opened the door to find 5athew. $e said he became a member #ust li"e me. I thought I could do with some recreational inspiration. $e seemed to have a sense of youth to his character. It was as if my closet door led to a world of people who were I spent a few hour rethin"ing how I was going to find this man and what my purpose was. $e seemed much younger and more active that his counterparts I met earlier. I opened the closet door and behind it was a bar with people in it. 0$ello there I%m…1 before I could finish my sentence he finished it for me. $e loo"ed well composed and wore smart but casual clothing. could there be the same rules of physics there. a pair of brown shoes with beige #eans that had the same colour coding as the shoes and a leather #ac"et.

let me as" you this. the physical world which is the physical. 6ometimes a 5agnesis can be used as a trap by dar" forces. the 5agnesis uses it as a template for what is manifested in the physical plane of e2istence thus the 5agnesis can transport or emulate one to a realm. It functions on : planes of e2istence. All of a sudden I realised we were bac" in that empty white void. The spiritual plane of e2istence is the level of reality where there are no boundaries of tangibility. If an alien was stood in front of you what would it loo" li"e+1 In my mind I would normally imagine a small green man or some other worldly shape #ust as I grew up believing but the truth is far more trivial than meets the eye. the 5agnesis. time or space as it is beyond the need for form and loo"s much less li"e the physical world than the astral plane of reality does. What was happening. $# $$ . 04ames…. was this another test+ 0Are you an alien+ Why did you as" me that+1 I thought maybe he was an alien. the bar the chairs and even the people around us. The astral plane is nonGphysical. I placed my glass on the bar table and it vanished right before my eyes. $ow could that be possible+ I thought it was only accessible for use as a place of safety and to loo" for answers though illustration. 0The 5agnesis is a training ground for the mind3 it can be manipulated to emulate any reality or world. he cannot tell the difference between a manipulated 5agnesis built to trap him or the world he chose to enter. (verything around us started to vanish into the ether. visible and solid manifestation.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma twenties and the ne2t moment he was a new man with a new purpose. you are in the 5agnesis1. 04ames. I pic"ed up the glass of beer and too" a last gulp in preparation to hear what he had to say. This is a great way to train you before entering certain worlds. They can enter other worlds and absorb them entirely and when a traveller li"e you enters.

Well advanced they maybe but they are human #ust =e wary of deceit when you open doors.. $umans have ruled and fought over the "nown universe and planets for millions of years. !ur belief here on earth is that we are a lone species and that somewhere out there is a far more advanced civili8ation... 0The truth is there is no such thing as a small green man or other worldly shaped figure because all li"e us and believe it or not they have already visited us many times and some of you have encountered them without even "nowing it. What is so unique about earth+ Well here is where it gets a bit shady. At least I was preparing for the worst case scenario. I also started to wonder what 5athew%s perception of reality was and why he was eager to tell me about aliens. beings across the universe are the same.*A we collected from a bit of hair you left behind... (ver wonder where racism originated+ To us here on sheltered and controlled earth racism $% $& .. The best way to chec" is to always try and loo" beyond what is surrounding the world you enter3 If in doubt always rush to open another door. I programmed the 5agnesis to lead you to me the ne2t time you open a door. The "nown universe or vast parts of it is occupied by humans and there are many planets with various systems in place but for millions of years there has been a race war between humans to see which race would rule the whole universe.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma When 5ar" told you to find me I "new you were going to imagine a world un"nown to you yet a world of possibilities and with that information coupled with a part of your .1 I started to understand the ris"s involved in what I was about to engage some point in your life an alien was stood in front of you.. I never doubted their e2istence but rather left that page of my theories in life open to suggestions.but I will try and e2plain it as much as I can.

.. I wondered if they had paired me up with 5athew because he too was new and would be easier to get along with since we both had similar bac"grounds and were seen as the new guys in the order of $' $( . A while ago I recall having a deep thin"ing session and wondered if our planet was simply an e2periment to finally end the war.1 )ather e2treme yet plausible in thought. (urope whites....The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma is simply a small manJs way of differentiating and hating another but outside this gala2y and on other planets lie the truth where some planets and regions are run by order of race and the war continues to go on. A8tec pyramids in the Americas and many other citations of visitations from other worldly people. !ur planet has many une2plained mysteries such as the pyramids in Africa. Africa had blac" e2periment to see if we could all really live together on a planet and in a universe.. 5athew now started to paint a picture of himself to me. 'erhaps the race war was declared over before it too" place here on earth or perhaps it did in some way which would e2plain the disappearance of many civilisations here on earth. I wondered if he had e2perienced such a thing or perhaps he was one of those he was describing in the story. It may be the catalyst for change across many fronts from planets that use captured soldiers as slaves to planets that are ethnically cleansed.what if it was the truth. &ould it all be a coincidence+ If you consider this. If aliens visited often and integrated into our society you would never "now because their minds and appearances were #ust li"e yours and some of them may even be as racist as the ne2t person and you would simply view it as small mindedness but consider this.. Asia Asians and so forth #ust as if it was a military occupation or a base set up on earth with a view to conquering the planet.. Thin" about it. when the early e2plorers began wal"ing the earth and discovering various places did anyone notice that each region on earth was occupied by different races.

I of course will show you around a few doors here and there but the rest is up to you. for some reason I couldn%t help but smile li"e it was my first day at school and I #ust made a new friend. strange yet intrusive in to my sense of privacy in a way. The devil%s true form is not a man or a boo" it is what is in the boo". It contains a selfGgenerated evil that must be destroyed.everyone in the order has a role to play and it is better that everyone "eeps a distance to avoid losing too many members all at once. The manuscript must be found and its harbourer destroyed. We as the order of 'y2idis are here to advance humanity with technology and even share the same faith and perhaps create a form of unity in the universe that will lessen the threat of destruction from the great selfGgenerated evil that is awaiting all if the order of 5inoseum is able to get its hands on the devils true from%. 7Yes I do…% I wondered if 5athew was only trying to "eep the $) %* . I started to thin" bac" to my surrounding in life and realised that it could be anywhere.% $e made it 6ound rather simple but how would I "now if I have found what I am loo"ing for+ 7Where do I loo" and what does the devil%s true form loo" li"e+% 7Who are those you spea" of from beyond !rion%s belt+% I wondered if these so called enemies of the order of 'y2idis were to be a hindrance to be rec"oned with. The order of 5inoseum re#ects the truth that Fod created humans and everything there is because they believe that 6a"las created humanity. It is the devils true form and must be handed over to 5ar".The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma 'y2idis. near yet so far. 7There e2ist an order in direct opposition to our own and it is "nown as the order of 5inoseum. 76o I hear you live on $ope 6treet%. $e even "nows where I live. 76o will I be travelling to other worlds with you then+% As I loo"ed at him. 7*ot quite…. Its members are actually e2iles from 5inoseum and they believe in 4udas because they believe his version of the story of humanity and the 5agnesis was the acceptable way.

&ould the devils form be closer to home than I thought+ 7Well that is the simpler version of the true purpose behind these two monumental structures in such a small city%. I guess even they were not immune to sin but then again who was+ As I loo"ed bac" I then wondered why the catholic church would build such a monumental cathedral on $ope street.o you "now the story behind the two cathedrals+% I "new of the reason behind their location on $ope street and the here say and rumours that had been prevalent in my neighbourhood. 7Are you catholic or !f course after some growing up I realised there were other ways and many of my friends even too" me along to their own places of worship and showed me a few other ways. What I remember most is the fact that during 6unday school there was always a certain room in the cathedral that certain high ran"ing priest and sisters went into to congregate and carry out certain 0secret duties1. 7*o…. was it a stunt to say we have better builders or a better Fods+ 7The other version of the story behind these two protestant+% I e2pected him to "now yet I still answered with ease. !verloo"ing the view from my window was the /iverpool 5etropolitan &athedral =uilding. the very same street where the opposing monumental Anglican cathedral is located.#ust that they were built on $ope 6treet as a symbol of hope of unity between the &atholics and 'rotestants%. Why do you as"+% $e smiled. I guess I am that guy who is still in between. As a child growing up I remember the 6undays and (aster service we used to spend going there. 7&atholic by family tradition and faith but I consider myself a bit of an atheist slash protestant.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma conversation going. I used to as" what went on but they always told me the same thing 0it%s Fod%s room for telling off the priest and sisters when they have been naughty1. 7. I suppose I grew up on the notion of discovery as I always discovered new ways of doing things or practicing things. %1 %" . As a roman catholic I always used to believe our version of &hristianity was the true and only way to practice worshipping Fod.

I thought it was rather odd to have a pyramid and obelis"s in a graveyard in the city centre. I did not want to tell 5athew much about my days of curiosity when I stumble upon a strange loo"ing site on )odney 6treet. 7…. 6omehow I "new he was not willing to tell me the significance of such a it read 05agno 6e Feneratur %# %$ . I remember the days from my childhood when I used to play hide and see" on $alloween with my friends and I hid in that very graveyard. I wondered what purpose it served and why 5athew did not seem at ease to mention it. #ust from the e2pression on his face. The location of the graveyard created an almost equidistance half divide between the Anglican cathedral and the catholic metropolitan cathedral. The Anglican cathedral harbours a gateway to a location on 5inoseum where the secret of the true whereabouts of the devil%s true form is located and the 5etropolitan catholic cathedral harbours a door which leads to the temple of the order of 'y2idis.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma buildings is that they harbour two doors that lead to two worlds. It was rather scary yet mysterious but as I headed towards the pyramid I saw some inscriptions on the small obelis" and from some photographs I saw recently I remembered )evertentur1. 7I see. it is not related or connected in any way to the war that is raging on beyond our realm%. so is there a connection to the pyramid on )odney street+% 5athew seemed silent for a moment there and began to smile as if to say he had something to hide. the distance to each of the cathedrals was about a quarter of a mile from the graveyard. I "new that he would not mention the truth. yet they were located in such a quiet part of town. I guess it%s true what they say 7actions spea" louder than words%. 9rom memory. It is believed that the real purpose of these two doors is to form a sense of hope that Fod and the devil may one day pass through those doors and form a union and once and for all undo all the evils that were caused when the great selfGgenerated left the universe into an un"nown realm%.the graveyard on )odney 6treet is #ust li"e any other graveyard on earth.

75y name is (dgar &ayce and this is the realm of the $ermetic order of the golden dawn.% $e shoo" my hand and led me into a small library at the corner of the village. 7Than" you.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma monument and so I set out to find out by myself soon or later. 79rom here onwards you are on your own……#ust remember what we taught you and stay safe. We entered the cottage and there was a narrow hallway that seemed to go somewhere.% I wal"ed over to meet a tall figure who was wearing reading glassed and had a moustache. !ur order has occupied this world since our great move from earth when the new millennium of the year E@@@ fell upon us. The village seemed rather medieval loo"ing. I felt li"e I had #ust graduated from a great school and was embar"ing on a great #ourney to selfGdiscovery. The citi8ens seemed to be clothed in old robes and the absence of the sun during a bright and yet day with no clouds in the s"y seemed rather pu88ling. As I approached a small mar"et stall a voice shouted over from across the street. I was pretty sure we had #ust s"ipped a few continents through those doors we had #ust wal"ed through. I heard you calling me…. 5athew. some with bread and mil" in #ars. As I entered through the narrow passage that led to a door at the end I wondered why it was that 5ar" chose to stay behind. We choose to remain traditional in order to preserve and live in harmony with the creatures of this realm %% %& . I got to the other side and came out in a small village with a number of occupants. 5ar" stopped at the entrance. I entered through the wooden door which seemed to be a bit old and crea"y as I flung it open. 7I%m 4ames. There were cottage styled houses and a few horses and carts travelling around. 74ames !ver here.% 5athew seemed rather pleased to see me ta"e my first steps of discovery alone. As you can see we are a very traditional people with little or no attachment to materialistic means of technology that has consumed modern day man on (arth. 5ar" led me to a small cottage in a rural area somewhere.

great "nowledge and discoveries are but the wor" of an evil force with an ulterior motive thus fulfilling our great belief that there is indeed a price to pay for all these great revelations. 6ome say Aquarius may be the age of deceit and great evil and that these scientific brea"throughs. 5any speculated that the age had already dawned upon us but our calculations and ancient "nowledge say the Age of Aquarius will begin in the year EB?@.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma for we are the foreigners in a strange land. !ur members have long since been preparing for the new age of Aquarius to arrive. li"e why there was no sun yet it was bright. 7We see ourselves as a neutral organisation and our role is mainly observatory much li"e a logboo". 5any societies and believers in this new age of enlightenment that will follow after the Age of 'isces is over say the great disillusionment and scientism will be ended once the shift to Aquarius begins.% I was rather curious and wondered why it is that his order seemed to be interlin"ed with the order of 'y2idis yet a few other less important thoughts were running through my mind.evil and undoing all the evils. it is believed the great selfG generated will return to end the war between the order of 5inoseum and the order of 'y2idis thus forming a truce between Fod and the . !ur order has moved here not #ust for the sole purpose of gaining independence from humanity and to stay away from the war but rather to stand as an observing force that will await the new age to see what it brings to the universe. we simply record event as they occur and formulate predictions that forewarn others of any dangers that may come. Aquarius is believed to herald revolutionary change upon humanity. 7Is your order a branch of the order of 'y2idis+% (dgar smiled as he sipped the cup of tea he had served as we sat down on a table in the small empty library. We were once part of the order of 'erfectibilist which was established in BKK? by grand master Adam Weishaupt and =aron von <nigge who %' %( .

% $e seemed to ma"e sense as I reflected bac" and wondered if the signing of power devolving contracts such as the 5agna &arta had something to do with the order of 'y2idis trying to gain more power and stopping monarchy from imposing the rules set by the order of 5inoseum. It is perfectly normal to have no sun here. #ust li"e every other monarchy in every nation was at the time. I felt rela2ed as I too began to sip away at my cup of tea with this rather peculiar gentleman in his new found realm.% It sounded rather li"e a fairyGtale3 I smiled li"e a satisfied child who had #ust had a favourite story read to him. 7This realm e2ists predominantly in the astral planes of reality so some things may appear a little aw"ward and unusual. 7Why is there no sign of the sun in the s"y here+% I loo"ed out at the s"y as I still couldn%t help but wonder how it manages to be so bright.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma served the sole purpose of instilling power to members of the order of 'y2idis in order to drive away from the monarchy which at the time was heavily influenced by the order of 5inoseum. when night time approaches a bird from beyond those hills in the valley appears and sings a song before it gets dar". %) &* .

than" you (dgar. a time of peace. 74ames….% I sat bac" down as he began to elaborate.% (dgar was rather wary loo"ing as he told me about the dar" realms which I had not e2perienced yet.evil%s true form when (dgar prompted me to stay for a little while longer as he had something to tell me. !ur historical records and ancient "nowledge passed on to us spea" of a time before the great war began.@@@ years ago there was a si2th continent located in the Indian !cean.evil%s true form but our efforts were plagued in sabotage and to add to the problem we are still left with mystery over the true whereabouts of this illusive form. 7Yes…. Around E. If I could be of assistance I would probably #ust tell you to search in as many realms as possible but be sure to avoid the dar" realms for they can be dangers that lead to an early demise..have you ever heard of the 5H+% I wondered what he could have been possibly spea"ing of.evil%s true form+% (dgar drew a serious loo"ing e2pression on his face as he dropped the half empty cup of tea on the table.% I was now preparing to move on to another realm on &1 &" . !ur order has never sought to see" the . 7I understand. when the earth was still a training ground for deities and the great selfG generated was still in the cosmos creating worlds in various gala2ies. 7*o…. is not as it was many aeons ago. 6ome of course may say the earth is as it is today due to a continental drift but our records indicate that there were certain events that may contradict such happenings. The earth as it stands has as you may "now from some historical conte2tual teachings in your world. It was called /umeria and its inhabitants were a third root race or hermaphrodites as they are better 7What do you "now of the . I see.evil%s true form for the sole reason that we chose to remain neutral and our status as observers meant that we did try to accumulate as much information as possible about the .that.Neil Chuma &$A'T() 9!H) my quest to find the .

they were less culturally advanced than the inhabitants of Atlantis who had not yet come into being at that time.evil%s true form after the great divide between the order of 'y2idis and the order of 5inoseum. I guess I no longer required his services and I was a little pleased that he had left because it instilled that sense of trust that somehow I had made 5athew fell confident enough to trust me on my own. They were an eggGlaying species of ape li"e men with four arms and an eye in the bac" of their heads. so I set out to visit )odney 6treet the minute I wal"ed through &# &$ . The continent of /umeria was destroyed in a great flood and volcanic eruptions that then led to its sin"ing into the depths of the ocean. 5athew had left. I then wal"ed through that bar and opened the toilet door which led me bac" home. Although their civilisation was regarded as the pinnacle of higher levels of enlightenment and advanced society.% The 5agnesis began to seem even more mysterious to me than ever before but how could I find these beings that have not been seen or heard from since the great destruction of /umeria. Their role in creating the 5agnesis to hide the . The hermaphrodites had highly developed psychic powers and communicated telepathically. I was always a today person and never understood why some people waited to do things on a tomorrow basis. $owever it is believed that a clan of 5u survived and left for another realm where they are rumoured too still e2ist with the "nowledge of where they hid the . I left with a feeling of intrigue still occupying my mind yet I still had that feeling that I should begin by loo"ing closer to home so I set out to visit that site on )odney 6treet along with the two cathedrals to see what I could find out. I opened the door bac" to where 5athew had left me and when I arrived.evil%s true form led to their demise after the great selfGgenerated left the universe. I than"ed (dgar and wal"ed bac" to the small cottage that had the door way out of that realm.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma "nown.

7$ere pic" one but don%t loo" at it%. $e smiled and drew his dec" of cards and as"ed me to pic" out a card. What could he possibly want+ 76ell what e2actly…% I stopped in my trac"s as he slowly approached me whilst navigating through the grass which was still wet from the rains of the previous night.% $is words changed my thoughts within a moment. 7It%s an ace of spades%. I hate to disappoint you but the . 6o why are you here+% $e seemed rela2ed in every possible manner #ust by the way he "ept a soft posture and smiled slowly as if he had all the time in the world. 7*ot quite but I am here for some clues as to where I can find the one who ta"es souls…can you help me%. &% && . 7Your soul of course.evil would "eep his distance from such a place.evil%s true form is not here. I returned home and quic"ly made my way to )odney 6treet. 7Freat tric". This is probably the only place in the world that the . You are 4ames.evil may not set foot. I pic"ed out a card and as soon as I did so he called it out. especially when the gates were loc"ed and the area was almost completely shrouded in grass and weeds that had been allowed to grow out of control due to the lac" of maintenance.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma to my world. 7I live here. I wondered why he did so3 maybe he was #ust another wandering man with no purpose or life goal to pursue li"e most people in this world these days. I "now who you are. )ather strange for him to be wal"ing around in this graveyard. This is my resting place. I could not access the site as it was loc"ed so I climbed over the gates and headed towards the pyramid structure when a voice whispered behind me. I got to the site which seemed rather ancient in appearance yet the site had only been there since the late BC@@s. It was indeed. 7.% I was pu88led for a moment but thought maybe playing along would help me to find out a few things or two. I was eager to "now who he was and why it is the .id you also sell yours to him+% It was an old loo"ing gentleman in a suit and had a wal"ing stic" and a dec" of cards to hand. I "now that%s why you are here.

I once used to be a member of the /iverpool universities society of church bell ringers and as far as my e2perience with them as a society they were a mere minor youth group that had a few leading adults helping us to engage with religion and celebrate the city as well as meeting new people. I am starting to see that there was perhaps something far more sinister going on at the society.% $ow can this be.evil which is a symbol of betrayal and lac" of faith in the great selfGgenerated. I was never really deeply engaged in their other &' &( . 7What is that inscription on the obelis" and various gravestones here and why does it read 05agno 6e Feneratur )evertentur1+% William pointed towards the Anglican cathedral which was on $ope 6treet. As you may "now the . 7Those church bell ringers are to blame They scribbled their rubbish here a while bac" in protest at my actions. 9ortunately for me I won that game but only on the condition that I stay here with my full winning dec" of cards to protect me and to serve as evidence for my winnings. I in fact won and was simply a victim of the tric"ery of the great 6atan and his antiques.evil is the father of lies and can tric" you into anything. They say I will perish when the Freat selfGgenerated returns because I made a bet with the .id I miscalculate the truth so bad+ /oo"ing bac" at some of the secretive meetings that too" place between chosen members and these so called leaders of the society.evil in e2change for eternal life.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma 7Who are you+% $e wal"ed over to the 'yramid and opened the door which led us to a room with a table where there was another dec" of playing cards.% William seemed pleased to tell me of his victory but in a way I could somehow sense that he was a lonely soul who had perhaps spent too much time in such a disheveled loo"ing place. Although some people speculate that I lost. . It loo"ed as if someone had been playing a game of po"er with another person who had #ust left in a hurry. 75y name is William 5ac"en8ie3 I once played po"er with the .

some lecturers and senior member of the Anglican &hurch.. At the end some students left and some stayed and that%s when the truth began to materialise. It was the change ringers% society meeting day. The truth is there #ust loo" closely and you shall find it. 7Yes…the society of change ringers is deeply rooted in the belief that when the great selfGgenerated returns he will somehow ma"e them the rightful rulers of the human race. 7!h great one guide us through this ritual gathering in your honour as we once again ta"e pleasure in your offerings and celebrate your greatest creations in your honour and pray that you may one day return to give us true salvation.% I felt li"e I had missed out on something great yet I now "new that the truth was now drawing closer to home so I set out to try and reG#oin the /iverpool universities society of change ringers. The priest was singing what seemed to be an opening ceremony song. made him feel uneasy. The meeting was the usual social gathering of university students. 7Would you say it was wise that I #oin the society to find out what I needed…+% William ob#ected as the notion of me #oining such a secretive yet fun sounding society.% As he sung. It is #ust a means to engage in the unacceptable in the name of something they "now little of. I decided to do some investigating alone and stayed in the cathedral hall way until the meeting was over. 7*o 6urely there must be other means. % I left the graveyard and made my way to the Anglican cathedral and to my surprise the bells were ringing.always loo" beyond what is before your eyes. Word to the wise young 4ames…. 7The great selfGgenerated+% William seemed rather upset at the mention of his name.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma social gathering or meeting as I was only a member for a few wee"s during my wild years at university. They are a shambles $ave you seen what goes on in those secret gatherings+ !rgies and debauchery. the women began to undress in unison as the men ga8ed &) '* . I hid behind the benches in the main hall and loo"ed on towards the altar where the members were gathered as they began to spea" of the great selfGgenerated.

I spent the ne2t day feeling lost in a da8e of ama8ement and wonder yet I was still feeling some level of shoc" at the very sight of an orgy ta"ing place at the Anglican cathedral. I went through the entrance of the small par" which once used to be a graveyard. I was in awe at what I saw.evil%s true form.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma at the priest. li"e the women.evil%s true form and if the society of change ringers had something to hide then I had the duty to do so by any means necessary. The area seemed a little creepy at times I guess all graveyards always did to me as I used to be scared of the idea of ghost. That night I left the cathedral after the members had finished their orgy. #ust the thought of it made feel li"e I was somehow getting cheap thrills at wanting to be part of something so esoteric and adventurous yet I still felt li"e I had to uphold my responsibility and pledge to help the !rder of 'y2idis in see"ing out the . It was always 7that place I would visit later% but I never really got the chance to until now of course that I had a purpose to be there. The men then proceeded in unison. to undress and slowly meet the women to "iss as the priest began to pic" up a large #ar of what seemed li"e thin" red wine or even blood which they lic"ed from one another%s bodies as they fornicated into the night. I had to find out more. I left the house early in the morning and decided to go for a stroll around the small par" that surrounded the hope street side of the Anglican cathedral. some were at higher levels than others as the cathedral builders had e2cavated the ground and created an area of varying levels of depth to accommodate and ma"e the cathedral stand out and be stable. I continued wal"ing through and reached a fountain at the centre of the par" and there was a woman sitting there in a flowery dress and as I approached I realised those rather colourful flowers were poppies '1 '" . 'art of me was scared yet aroused at the thought of what I could have been part of yet I "new this was only the beginning of my search for the . There were still grave stones and various monuments all around the area.

7I "now you were watching us last night%. especially if they are cute.% 6he reached into her bag and too" out a cigarette from a small bo2 along with a lighter.. 7You were at our summer gathering for change ringers some time ago. 5aybe you should consider learning to hide in a better place. 6he was the one giving the speech at the Anglican cathedral during the secret meeting. 6he placed the cigarette in her mouth almost as if she was ma"ing a se2ual innuendo gesture as she placed the cigarette in her mouth. 6aint 4ames.% 6he started to gently move her hand towards my '# '$ . 7I never really forget a face and I%m pretty good with names. 7You remember me from all those years ago+ I was only there for a few wee"s. 7$ahaha funny too. 4ames%.% I smiled #ust at the thought of flattery as I was pretty sure she was coming on to me. It hit me there and then.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma and dandelions. 7Yes you.I guess you could say my name is pretty easy to remember if you are religious of course. 6he "new my name I could not for the life of me remember ever seeing this woman before yet I could swear I had heard that voice somewhere. What an aw"ward mi2ture of colours…. 5y memory instantly reverted bac" to what I had witnessed the night before and realised she was one of the members of the society of change ringers.rather hip or even beyond that yet I still proceeded to calmly wal" past her without starring too much or ma"ing her feel as if I was loo"ing too much at her. It was the lady by the fountain.% 6he laughed as she blew a cloud of smo"e towards me. 4ames. 6he was the one engaging in the orgy with the other members. 7Yes…(rm…. 7Where do you "now me from+% 6he smiled as she prompted me to sit down ne2t to her on the bench which was fitted on to the small hut.% I could barely recall much of what we did in those few wee"s as I was in and out of consciousness due to all the mushrooms and weed I had smo"ed during university. 75e+% I stopped momentarily and wal"ed a few steps towards her.

she quic"ly gripped my testicles into the clasp of her hand and placed her lips right on my ears and in an angry voice she groaned. I "new I still had a lot to uncover and this new threat from the society of change ringers was only another mystery to add to the intrigue surrounding the city of /iverpool and its historic connection to the . =esides. It was still early into the morning and the sun was still barely over the 5ersey )iver as I hastily retreated into the metropolitan cathedral with the hope that I would somehow find some clues as to what was going on with the society of change ringers. 76tay the fuc" away from this place or you will end up losing more than #ust a nut % I was scared. if anyone was willing to e2pose them. then it would definitely be their religious opposition. the &atholics at the metropolitan cathedral. I quic"ly caught my breath after wal"ing up the seemingly endless stone carved stairs that led to the entrance.evil%s true form. 6he seemed more muscular than I had anticipated and my rising =onner died immediately from the shoc"ing threat she made as she quic"ly stood up and put out her cigarette butt between my legs on the bench. I felt li"e I had indeed played with fire. than it usually does. As I warmed up to her hand drawing slowly closer to my genitalia. The glass doors were closed. I guess I still had the fear factor still in me from that brief encounter with the cra8ed woman from the society of change ringers. It too" me less time to wal" the quarter mile distance from the Anglican cathedral to the metropolitan cathedral. I made my way hastily towards the 5etropolitan catholic cathedral3 surely it was much more secure to be around there since they were on opposite ends of the scale on religious grounds. 5y philandering days were numbered but I was not prepared to give up that easily. 7It%s only Tuesday % I decided to wal" around and try to see if '% '& .The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma groin area and I began feeling a little uneasy as we were in a public place and I was feeling a little uncomfortable yet a little turned on as I never e2pected to end up being so close and personal with one of the members of the change ringers.

I heard some voices. (t ego vitam abstinentia et castitas erit…%. perhaps its early morning prayers. I could barely watch anymore as the whipping was beginning to ta"e on sadistic levels when the hooded figure began to rub the blood of the si2 men against his own face with his leather blac" which seemed to please him as the men began to chant the same phrase faster and faster with each whipping interval. The bac" entrance was very different from the rest of the building3 it was li"e a completely separate church from the cathedral itself. There were candles near the altar and I could hear the sounds of what sounded li"e whipping noises. 7(t ego vitam abstinentia et castitas erit…….evil%s castle wish to ma"e you one of theirs They say the Anglican cathedral being on $ope 6treet is the way forward for us…yet they choose to worship idols and fornicate li"e harlots !ur way of '' '( . The hooded figure began to spea". I decided I%d peep through the glass opening on the passage doors. I did not want my presence to affect any usual goings on in case I missed out on crucial happenings due to my e2posure. facing the alter with their hands dipped in bowls of hot water reciting the same phrase over and over again whilst being whipped repeatedly by hooded figure behind them.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma the bac" door was still accessible and as I turned the corner. so I waited for them to enter and as the doors were about to slam shut I rushed over and held them open and snuc" in. There must be some gathering of some sort. there were si2 na"ed men "neeling down in front of him. 9inally he stopped. <eeping my distance from the members of the clan. It was a clan of members ma"ing their way in. As I loo"ed on at a figure that was dressed in blac" robes with what appeared to resemble a livery collar made from gold. 7You must practice the art of purity 6elfG mortification should be second nature to your life as servants of the almighty Those from the . I hid behind a set of doors which led into the main cathedral where some of the members were beginning to congregate.

The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma purity is the true way. Why of all places did I decide to go there+ I somehow felt as if William had some more answers to tell me.. It was the orange order.I was feeling a rush of adrenaline through my body as I ran towards )odney 6treet. I heard a noise from behind me and quic"ly leapt out through the bac" doors…. They ate up every word. They were up to their usual parade around the city march. I continued and as I turned the corner at &larence 6treet to enter )odney 6treet the road was bloc"ed off by a large crowd playing drums and trumpets. ') (* . As I tried to loo" push my way through the crowded street to see William I noticed there was a small gathering at the graveyard. They dare worship falsehoods such as the sacred feminine and forget the original sin It was the sacred feminine who ate from the tree of "nowledge % It was as if these si2 men were in a trance li"e state as they glared at their robed master%s lips. We must never let the wea" ones eat our souls. (nGroute to see William on )odney 6treet I could hear faint sounds of drums being played and with each step I too" I seemed to draw closer to them. 5aybe the pain made them lose their minds.

laughed as they answered. 0This is the resting place of Frand 5aster William 5ac"en8ie of the !range order1. 7. 6urely you must "now that our Frand master William 5ac"en8ie is buried here. 76aw what+% .Neil Chuma you "now+ It%s common "nowledge. 7William 5ac"en8ie I saw…. A few minutes passed by and there was still no sign of him.% I wondered who could have been buried there.% &$A'T() 9II( I couldn%t even finish my sentence.on%t "new earlier.who is buried here+% A group of youths dressed in what seemed to be li"e a sect uniform.. It seemed to wor". 75ay a true grand master rest in peace.nothing I thought I saw someone I The gates had been opened and the orange order members began to congregate around the pyramid shaped grave. I could hear chants of commemoration as the members of the orange order began to pay their respects. I returned to the now empty site and the gates were now loc"ed again. 7$ello there…. I #umped over the gates and returned waited by the pyramid where I had met William. !f course I "now about Frand 5aster William 5ac"en8ie.% I tried to play along as if I was ma"ing a #o"e. I left )odney 6treet and went home for a few hours and decided I would return after the !range order had left. I loo"ed closely at the pyramid and there it hit me as I read the te2t engraved above the small door. (1 (" . so I tried to pull the usual 0approach with a friendly smile1 approach to some members of the orange order in order to ma"e sense of what it is they were doing. Are you not with the order+% I fro8e in shoc" as soon as I heard the name William 5ac" I have a conversation with a ghost+ 7*othing….

The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma I was having a bit of a reality shoc". $ow are your travels+ $as your search paid off+% 5athew always seemed optimistic. I loo"ed around and could see that whoever was around had only #ust left as the candles were still alight and the wa2 had only #ust began to flow. $e use the candles to burn the tips. Where is 5ar"+% 5athew began pacing around and drew some incense stic"s from behind the altar. Though rich in many cultures. &ould I have been misled or was I #ust not prepared for the realisation of the truth+ I needed to "now why the orange order was not closely affiliated with the Anglican cathedral society of change ringers yet they advocated similar principles under 'rotestantism. I wal"ed into the temple and 5ar" was nowhere to be seen. I could see only a few reasons thus my decision to see 5ar". 7I%m fine than"s3 I still haven%t found it yet. I heard an echo of movements behind me and assumed it was 5ar". There was too much going on in the seemingly quiet city of /iverpool. It was hard for a regular person to loo" beyond the simple gestures such as secret handsha"es or secret gatherings that were ta"ing place all around /iverpool as the level of secrecy was far too much for the average 4oe to comprehend. each time he smiled I couldn%t help but follow suit. To my surprise it was 5athew. I am also your counsellor. I decided to visit 5ar" for some guidance at the temple. $ow could this be when I was not in the 5agnesis or even in another realm+ I was certain it was not a dream yet I had somehow managed to spea" to a man who had been dead for at least a century.% (# ($ . $is smile was infectious. the city was still rooted to its dar" past from slavery to the now rampant plethora of secret societies that seemed to be everywhere I loo"ed. The smell consumed the room with the fruity flavour of watermelons. Although thin"ing deductively. 7Yes…. $ow can I be of assistance. 74ames .5ar" is attending to some important matters at our newly opened temple. As I opened the door to lead me to the temple of the order of 'y2idis. I had many questions running through my mind.

The society of change ringers and the orange order have made great contribution to our order and your claims may fall upon deaf ears and even cause the upset of some of our members. Your e2periences ma"e you a better #udge if you ma"e decisions yourself and see the truth for what it is.. I "now you may have witnessed and e2perienced the paranormal at times but you must also understand that all the various societies you may stumble upon are in some way lin"ed to the order of 'y2idis. partly because I felt li"e 5athew was #ust li"e me due to the way he started off with the order #ust li"e me. 5athew had an infectious aura that made me feel as if I could confide in him a lot more than I could with 5ar". while I was loo"ing around at the 5etropolitan cathedral. Try to loo" at things (% (& . 79irst thing…. whereby a robed man was beating si2 men into submission. I saw a horrifying site.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma I hesitated for a moment3 my sudden burst of confidence in qui88ing 5ar" was diluted by the presence of 5athew.4ames…. 7I have recently been loo"ing around /iverpool for some clues and realised that there are some strange goings on…. I did not want him to "now of my worries yet I began to soften up inside with each passing moment I spent in his presence. As a member of our order we offer you the best training and protection as well as offering you the ability to be the best #udge. I even had a conversation with the ghost of William 5ac"en8ie on )odney 6treet I am so confused…. 7I see well can you tell me e2actly what you encountered+% I let it all out I guess part of me was missing that companion to share all the great and mysterious things I had e2perienced.on%t tell 5ar" any of what you saw.% 5athew smiled almost as if he was not surprised at the notion of 0strange goings the orange order on our side+% 5athew sat me down on the front row bench in the Temple and began to e2plain a few things. 7I was at the Anglican cathedral an saw members of the society of change ringers ta"ing part in a ritualistic practice that involved se2ual orgies and to ma"e thing even stranger. Yes.

evil%s true form.% I entered the temple+ 5aybe the endless questions were #ust another product of my paranoid nature. 74ames.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma from a different perspective and remember that you yourself are a contributing factor in helping us to find the . I thought it was for the best that I remain quiet and try to act through the use of my own initiative and besides. 5ar" returned to the Temple #ust as I was preparing to leave. especially when he seems to always be there each time I arrive and how could it be that 5athew arrived as soon as (' (( . The paranoia that developed from that moment began to eat me up inside slowly. #ust in case I overstepped the boundary by ta"ing 5athew%s words a little too I decided I%d return to the temple of the order of 'y2idis to see 5ar". I went through the usual door opening routine and arrived at the temple and to my surprise it was once again empty. I could no longer bring myself to saying anything as I wanted to see how far I could go by following 5athew%s words. What if 5ar" set all this up so 5athew could diffuse the situation and stop me from questioning the obvious+ Why was 5ar" not there when I arrived.% I opened the e2it door and returned to my realm. I came to see how you are and to see if you had any further development yourself. I waited a while there As disturbing as his words were. Than" you 5athew for your guidance. earth. 7*o…. I now felt li"e I could at least confide in someone. What brings you here+ $ave you got any news+% 6omehow I could tell he was not e2pecting me to say anything. !f course now I can see you are wor"ing #ust as hard as I am so I won%t disturb you any further. I was beginning to get a change of heart about returning here so soon. at least if I went home I could at least feel a little safer even if I was in a city that was only #ust beginning to unravel itself as a secret society within a society. 75aybe I should turn bac" and do as 5athew advised%.

9or a moment there I felt li"e I was in the presence of a grand wi8ard of some sort.% I left the temple and opened a door into a rather mysterious world that the map had pointed me towards. What brings you here+% 5ar" was in his usual white robes accompanied by a wal"ing stic" and a bible li"e scripture in his hand.ta"e this map and find these ob#ects and when you find them.% 5ar" smiled as he showed me how to use the map. maybe you have been loo"ing in the wrong place. I feel li"e the closer I loo" the further away I am from the truth and things are becoming too strange for me to even comprehend. 7$ow do I find these orbs. I loo"ed at the map and it seemed rather trivial in appearance. red and blac". I had all the time in the world to travel around and e2plore.evil%s true form. there he was. It was as if the rain was in reverse. I too" the map and decided I%d ta"e up the tas" of finding these orbs and besides. It appeared to have been scribbled by someone in a hurry in what seemed li"e blood.% 5ar" handed over an old loo"ing map with pictures of : orbs. It was raining but the rain was coming from the ground into the s"y. I cannot decipher or read what the map says. The orbs were green. 7You must use the map as a cloth to cover the door handle you are about to open so the map will redirect you to the world that harbours each orb. 74ames $ow nice of you to grace us with a visit. $e seemed amused at the way I behaved li"e a clueless amateur.% 5ar" loo"ed at me with a rather wic"ed loo"ing smile on his face.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma and as I was preparing to leave. 7I #ust wanted to "now if you could help me by giving me some guidance as to where I could go to get some real ground on this matter regarding the . 7I see. As I too" a few more steps in what seemed to be () )* . you will be closer to finding out the truth. 5ar" was stood in front of almost as if he had #ust magically appeared from nowhere. I entered the world which felt li"e a vivid dream. $ere….

.id 5ar" lead me into a trap+ I was starting to feel scared and with one burst of energy I rose up and began to run towards the entrance door that led me into this scary world. it was almost as if everything was in reverse. As I ran I began to feel better. )1 )" . I came across a small la"e li"e water reservoir with a cloudy mist forming over it and li"e the ground. As I continued wal"ing towards an opening in the woodlands I felt a little worn out. I was once again out of breath by the time I grabbed the orb so I had to run in order to get my breath bac" again so I ran bac" towards the door and made my way bac" to the temple where I handed over the orb to 5ar" who quic"ly placed it into a wooden bo2 with : circular voids that seemed to have been solely designed to house these orbs.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma li"e a small patch of woodland. I wal"ed over to the orb which was now at arm%s length and grabbed it. I stopped to ta"e a quic" breather and as I stopped I began to sweat heavily. I had to find another way and as I slowed down I noticed I was barely out of breath li"e I had been when I first arrived. weird. I decided I%d stay and loo" for this orb so I tried to "eep myself running as somehow this was now a way of wal"ing without becoming too tired to continue. I started wal"ing towards the hori8on in search of the orb and as I wal"ed slowly I realised I was starting to ma"e ground with the orb and soon understood that if I did everything in reverse then I would easily get to the orb. I chased it and the faster I ran the further away it got. I began to panic as I did not "now what was happening. When I began running I felt li"e I was wal"ing slowly and was able to breathe and felt better. I began pacing towards the la"e and as I did so a loud supersonic li"e sound boomed from above my head and a small ring of clouds formed as an orb appeared. almost as if I had been running on a treadmill. It was the green orb and it was shiny as it flew at speed towards the hori8on in this rather bac"ward realm. A strange feeling as I was starting to breathe heavily and out of breath with each step I too". there were water droplets rising towards the clear blue s"y. It was raining in reverse.

6omehow the absence of males in this realm was rather une2plainable. They will return in a few days% time in time for the great feast%. I opened the door in a rush and it led me into a rather lively world inhabited by fairy tale li"e creatures. I guess it was inevitable. I managed to stop a lady riding past me on a bicycle and she said her name was 4ane. 6he said I was a nice loo"ing man. I finished my cup of tea and 4anet invited me up to her room for a viewing of the house which quic"ly turned into a fumble. I wal"ed through to find someone I could spea" to and I guess I could say I was not short for choice as the ladies here were simply too beautiful for one to hold bac". 9or a moment there I felt li"e I had completely parted with my ob#ectives to find the remaining orbs. Would you li"e to come for a cup of tea+% I was pleased to accept her offer but as we made our way towards her cottage I somehow began to get that strange feeling of 0it%s too good to be true1. 5aybe the males are off to wor" somewhere and how is it possible she was able to "now I was a man. 6he was a beautiful loo"ing blonde haired woman with rather long nails that seemed well polished. I came out of what seemed to be a small ba"ery in a town occupied by really beautiful loo"ing women. rushing in my head. 7I live in a cottage not far away from here.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma I was curious to "now what would happen when the orbs are placed together so I made my way once again to the ne2t realm and hoped things would be much easier to figure out than before. 76o 4anet… where do you live+% It seemed li"e a happy place to be and I was eager to see more. 76o where are all the guys+% 6he smiled and I was lost in those beautiful loo"ing blue eyes. We arrived at her home and as I sat down in the tidy loo"ing place I couldn%t help but as" her about the absence of men. 7They are off to wor" at the mines. )# )$ . I couldn%t help but let my eyes wonder as I felt li"e I could stay in this realm forever. I was somehow not completely satisfied with her answer but smiled away the insecurity as I was hoping I could en#oy some female company.

feed us and on the EC th day they gather together to eat us. Hpset the balance….The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma I left the cottage and made my way through the valleys of that realm and as I made my way I noticed there were : moons in the s"y. I had to find a way to do it. $is clothes were torn and he loo"ed bruised. a man appeared and seemed to be in a state of shoc".% That e2plains the great absence of males. 7A man told me that if you remove a woman from this realm then her absence would upset the balance of the blood moon and cause it to fall from the s"y%. 7$ow can I find a way to stop the moon+% 5ortimer seemed to be cradling himself in fear as he was sha"ing from what he had seen. They loo" after us. I emulated a bar with men and the $is eyes loo"ed li"e they were filled with fear. with the e2ception of you3 I am probably the last man alive in this realm. the arrival of a third moon in the s"y the women have begun to eat the men every ECdays. 6ince )% )& . 7Are you o"ay+ &an I help you+ There is a town a few miles away from here I can ta"e you there. The third moon was blood red much li"e the orb I was loo"ing for. 7Who+ What%s going on+% $e quic"ly caught his breath and began spea"ing. Their teeth become sharpened and their eyes glow red li"e ravenous wolves. 6hould I "ill one of them+ $ow could I+ I%d never "illed and these women were far too attractive to even thin" about "illing.% I tried to stand him upright as he was barely able to stand up. he was breathing heavily li"e he had #ust spent the whole day running from something. That moon in the cause and it must be destroyed. 75y name is 5ortimer.As if the last realm wasn%t hard enough to deal with. I had to be brave so I decided I%d leave 5ortimer in a safe place by ta"ing him through a door that led to the 5agnesis. I felt li"e I was luc"y to have escaped. 7)un They "now you are here % 5y heart raced instantly as I wondered what he was tal"ing about. $ow could I reach up that high+ I continued on my way and as I approached a small hill incline. momentarily since they "now where I am.

=y the time I stood in the centre. As I ran towards the door I could hear loud roars heading towards me and 4anet somehow started to feel li"e a muscular figure and as I opened the door and tried to push her into another realm I realised she had begun to transform into a wolf li"e creature but I was courageous enough to drag her through. made 5ortimer feel less scared. I told 5ortimer I%d return for him once I%d sorted this so I left the 5agnesis which I was now using as a temporary place of safety for 5ortimer. 7)avenous wolves%.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma usual goings on in a real bar bac" on earth. I did not want to be eaten by beautiful creatures. I guess the presence of other men. to try and disturb the balance of the blood red moon which was causing all the havoc in this realm. 7What is going on 4anet+% 6he had started to dance wildly as the rest of the women begun to fall into a trance li"e state whilst the blood red moon was beginning to dar"en into a thic"er concentrated red. though #ust holograms emulated by the 5agnesis. I was relieved I%d survived and when I )' )( .. I tried to ma"e 5ortimer feel more secure whilst I figured out how I could deal with the new problem I had encountered. We fell through an almost void realm which seemed li"e an endless sheet of white yet there was a s"y with stars. I grabbed 4anet%s hands and headed for the ba"ery door which was a few steps from the gathering. I whispered to myself as I began to tremble in fear of what was about to happen. 74anet….what is this festival for+% 6he too" my hand and dragged me through to the centre of the crowd and as we swept through the women begun to touch me all over almost as if I was a divine being blessing the common people with my holy presence. my clothes had almost been completely ripped from me by what seemed to be li"e madly horny women yet they had a menacing loo" in their eyes. I had to act quic"ly before I became another meal. I returned to the small town and met up with 4anet who was now in a small crowd of women who had begun to gather up in time for the town festival.

% 5ortimer smiled as it was now obvious from his smile. 75ortimer. I opened the door bac" to their realm and when we arrived. 4ust as before. 6he was not as menacing as she had been when we left her realm in a hurry. 6he could not remember all the evil deeds she had enacted upon the men of her world as all the women had been in a trance or hypnotic li"e state when they attac"ed. I was lost in her beautiful eyes and before we "new it. 7I have ta"en you out of your world #ust to stop you from eating all the men.% 5ortimer smiled as he was obviously more than pleased to accept the tas" at hand. especially with the women being so stunningly beautiful+ 7Yes I would be more than happy to begin as soon as possible%. who was now the last man left alive from her realm. I decided I%d ta"e her to see 5ortimer. 5ortimer e2claimed. Was she still a ravenous wolf+ I quic"ly "ept my distance #ust in case she was ready to tear me up.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma got on my feet I realised 4anet had passed out. we were once again ma"ing sweet love in the eternal white void of the un"nown realm I had entered. Who could turn such an offer down. 7Are you o"ay+% 6he seemed lost. 7What happened. some of the women were still recovering )) 1** . this is 4anet. $e didn%t have a clue of course that he had in fact been tal"ing to himself all along. I waited a few moments and then she wo"e up. 7It loo"s li"e 5ortimer has a great duty in your realm now. I opened a doorway through to the 5agnesis and there he was. I never thought I%d ever have beautiful women ripping my clothes off li"e I was food. 5ortimer.% I was happy to cut out the whole introductory aw"wardness and move on.we have already met. (ating the men+% 6he laughed. $e has to repopulate the entire world alone. I told her what had happened and she couldn%t believe what I told her. 4ames+ Where am I+% I couldn%t help but laugh as I loo"ed at my torn clothes. tal"ing to the imaginary men being pro#ected by the 5agnesis. 7Yes…. that he too had already been acquainted with 4anet.

The blood red moon had vanished from the s"y. it was the red orb I had come to find and that very orb was in fact the very moon that was causing all the problems here. he did not travel to 4anet%s realm to 1*1 1*" . &$A'T() 6IL As I got closer I realised the moon had shrun" down to a small orb. I quic"ly rushed over to see what was causing the moon to be so cruel.. 7The moon…. 6he cried but still tried to "eep her smile as she return to her people to help pic" up the pieces of the great tragedy that had fell There it is on the ground % It was a woman who was #ust preparing to stand up who shouted over to me about where the moon had fallen. I was a little furious that 5ar" did not warn me and even worse. I opened the door bac" to the temple and returned to 5ar". I could feel that 4anet did not want me to leave so soon but I promised her I%d return every now and then. I quic"ly pic"ed it up and put it in my poc"et.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum and wa"ing up from the trance li"e state they had fallen in.

here is the red orb.% 5ar" placed the orb into the wooden bo2 which now only needed the blac" orb to be filled. I opened the door though to the final realm containing the third orb. 7I understand…. yet I was tempted to visit 4anet before going bac" home. It was close to the edge of a cliff that had a steep drop. I was now no longer as eager to find the third orb as I did not want to face more horrifying revelations li"e I had seen in 4anet%s realm. The best thing you can do is try to find the . I moved the light around and as I navigated it through to try and point towards the land I realised the ship was following the light 1*# 1*$ . I proceeded to wal" up the stairs of the lighthouse until I reached the top to where the light was. I moved the light around to loo" for people on board the ship but it too seemed deserted. The place was empty. The s"y was filled with stars and loo"ed rather shiny yet there was very little visibility on the ground. I guess this was another empty realm. it seemed deserted and the light was fi2ed at one point in the sea. There was a small ship which was anchored there. 7I "now you are disturbed by what you saw. Was I in love+ 5aybe it was #ust lust. Why did he leave it to me+ As I wal"ed through the temple towards 5ar" he had his bac" to me as he was lighting some candles.% $e already "new how I was feeling. I could not see much as I wal"ed through what seemed li"e a pathway towards a lighthouse a few miles away.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma save her people earlier. (ven if I had sent you to help those people earlier it would have made no difference because others elsewhere are still dying or suffering. I e2pected to arrive to a world with a bright s"y but to my surprise it was dar". I could barely see the ground from the top. I was lost for words and decided to #ust hand over the orb. but I want you to "now that there are far too many realms with greater problems than those you encountered. I opened the door and #ust decided I%d find the third and final orb and maybe I%d even get a chance to save more people.evil%s true form and reverse all the evil. I arrived at the lighthouse which was by the sea.

we are still in the temple. 5ar" flew over in front of me and he seemed to have been transformed into a dragon li"e being who was #ust floating. $ow could I reach the orb+ The ship was a good mile away and the tide seemed pretty strong and to add to the problem I was not much of a good swimmer. I was feeling euphoric yet I was still in control of my movements or at least I thought. We flew around for a few moments before a compass appeared before me and almost as if by magic it entered my mind and the whole hallucinogenic li"e state we had entered was over and I wo"e up in the temple with 5ar". To use it as a guide you simply need to sit down and meditate and it will give you guidance and lead you to what you see". I loo"ed closely only to realise it was the blac" orb. 7The compass is part of your meditative state. I felt li"e I had got off easy on this one and was pleased to at least be rewarded with an easy tas". We were in green pastures almost in a state of bliss. I too was in the same state. 5ar" placed the orb into the wooden bo2 and it began to sha"e wildly and almost as if someone had let off a grenade. our bodies have entered a temporary elevated state of 6amadhi. 7$ow will I "now if the compass wor"s and how will I use it+% 5ar" touched my head. a loud e2plosion engulfed the temple and when I opened my eyes we were now in a different place. I had a (ure"a moment I got up and quic"ly gripped the light and began to steer the ship towards the orb which then moved on to the ship and within a few moments I managed to beach the ship and retrieve the orb.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma wherever it moved. I returned to the temple and handed over the third orb. I 1*% 1*& . 79ollow me 4ames. We are here to find the blac" compass that will help you get closer to your goal%. As I loo"ed closer I notice a spar"ling spherical ob#ect off in a distance behind the ship. 4ust as I sat down ready to call it a day. what if there were people still on board somewhere.% I was pleased to at least have another helping tool. I no longer wanted to guide the ship towards shipwrec".

it always seemed to be night. 4anet never really as"ed much about my mission but somehow I "new she understood I had a #ob to do and she was happy to #ust have me visit her whenever I could. I en#oyed some worlds and visited 4anet a few times but most times I spent travelling to other worlds to see other women and new friends I had met. 7It is rumoured that <ing William of orange once met a man who appeared before him in his castle. It was as if the Temple was the only building in that realm and the only way in or out was through the travel doors.evil%s true form. As I entered the temple. I decided I would ma"e this visit to the temple my chance to discover the truth or at least to some capacity part of it. 5ar" began e2plaining his order%s ties to the !range order. $e described it as heaven and thus founded the faith of the orange lodge under the premise that heaven is an orange 1*' 1*( . 6ome say William was mad after speculating that he had seen a world with !range people in place where everything was orange yet peaceful. a thought entered my mind.evil%s true form. as I opened door after door in search of the . Time was starting to fly past and I had encountered many strange things from unicorn don"eys to flying people and even parallel li"e world much li"e earth itself. (verything #ust seemed to become more routine. William was asleep alone when a door appeared out of nowhere and a man too" him through to a mysterious world. yet I was not feeling li"e I was drawing any closer to the . I still had the thought that I had somehow allowed 5athew to undermine my ability to follow things through by not going directly to 5ar" in regards to the strange events and occurrences that I had witnessed at the cathedrals.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma left the temple and returned home that night and rela2ed for a few days before I began to travel from realm to realm. it was the fact that I had never actually been outside the temple and the windows seemed to be too dar" coloured to allow light to pass through and each time I visited.

most of whom had strong ties to the order of 'y2idis. some truths were lost and allegiances began switching from the !range order being originally an open order to both &atholics and protestant. I must stipulate that we are in no part. to becoming a protestant only order as some high ran"ing grand masters began to stipulate that the great orange realm they had branded as 0heaven1 was only open to protestants only. As the years went by. This also helped to distance the 5onarchy from their masters who belonged to the order of 5inoseum thus helping to perpetuate a continuous devolution of power from the 5onarchy to 'arliament relation parliamentary members. we reserve the belief that our order is here for the sole purpose of finding the .evil%s secret form before it%s too late for all across the universe. /i"e all other beings. I was now able to begin drawing out an 1*) 11* . although allegiances continue to change as members leave or strengthen their pledge to our own order. !n the notion of the level of sectarian division or violence that has ta"en place over the years. which granted civil and religious liberties on 'rotestant sub#ects. who were pure of heart. To further e2clude &atholics from the orange order. and the events such as the Florious in )evolution to the strengthened 5onarchy. 5ar" no longer seemed li"e the supreme leader he made out to be when I first met him. !ur order has not always followed a clear path to success. some members from the order of 'y2idis managed to convince those in government to pass on the B?CD =ill of )ights. Although he still maintained that charismatic stature about him.% 6uddenly. we too have made mista"es in the past but now see" to ensure that the future is prepared for whilst history is compensated for in our actions. that is of course to my "nowledge orchestrating or encouraging it as the orange order is now a completely distinct organisation with its own ethos.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma place not the white cloud above the s"y we have all been misled into believing.

a disturbing revelation. I had to "now where the change ringer stood in this endless web of secrecy and strange goings on. our decision to banish them and "eep their beliefs separate from our order is a necessity of the utmost urgency. 'erhaps I had overestimated their abilities…. Although their belief in the great selfGgenerated.what if I was required to ta"e part+ 'erhaps I was over reacting and besides.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma image of the order of 'y2idis. =efore I could even mutter the ne2t question which was in relation to the selfGmortification I had witnessed at the metropolitan cathedral. I still had the feeling that the change ringers were hiding something far more sinister than an orgy. he may have had a point. 7*o The change ringers are #ust as delusional as those from the order of 5inoseum. who had ris"ed all to find me as their sole saviour and hope in finding the . though still unsure of what to ma"e of it. I was at least gaining some level of confidence over the fact that they too had made mista"es and were neither perfect or infallible as I had originally thought.evil%s true form. if it was the case then 5ar" would have 111 11" . I had to admit. They are a force of madness which stands alone.% 9rom his reaction as well as my personal e2perience with that fierce woman at the cathedral. 5aybe they were covering up their wounds and even more disturbing…. has been rumoured to have garnered support from former and even current grand masters of the orange order. (specially when I was to be the ambassador and so called 0student1 to the order of 'y2idis. I had a rather dar" thought. What if the order of 'y2idis was also engaged in selfG mortification and connected to those men I saw being whipped li"e slaves at the metropolitan cathedral+ I had only ever seen 5ar" and all the other members in robes ad clothes that covered their bac"s.. 7What about the society of change ringers+ Are they also involved with the order+% 5ar" was quic" to reply as the e2pression on his face shifted.but how could I+.

.% At least I felt some level of comfort.evil%s true form.selfGmortification is part of their daily practice. 5aybe I had bought 5ar" #ust enough time to come up with a reasonable e2planation for what I had witnessed…. I smiled as I opened the e2it 11# 11$ ... 7I don%t "now what to ma"e of what you are saying….evil%s true form. from the fact that I did not ta"e 5athew%s word as gospel. there would at least be an answer somewhere or a solution in one form or another. 9or the first time in a while. I felt a little more secure after that selfG reassurance I had in my mind.. 7I saw some rather brutal rituals ta"ing place at the metropolitan cathedral….I wondered if they were prepared for someone li"e me to begin challenging them for any inconsistences I had seen whilst in the field.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma as"ed me to or better yet. 7A while ago there was an underground order whose practices and beliefs were so secretive that even to this day many still belief their e2istence is a mere myth.are you certain+% Was he testing me+ I nodded my head as if to say yes.% 5ar" paused for a moment3 somehow he was now starting to understand the scope of my search and how far I had gone in loo"ing for the . Their practices were thought to be barbaric and li"e you mentioned…. We do not "now much about this secretive order but what we do "now is that they congregate once every so often at the metropolitan cathedral to worship and initiate new members before returning to their realm for sacrifices. 5athew would have shown some signs. I left the temple of 'y2idis with a feeling of being content inside with myself more than I usually did in other instances.there were several men "nelt down in the nude with their hands dipped in hot water whilst a robed figure whipped them severely. I "new that no matter what I unravelled. Their origins are said to have begun in a dar" realm where the inhabitants live li"e common peasants from the medieval age. !f course I may be wrong about some facts but your words ring true as I too have witnessed a selfG mortification ritual during my early days searching for the .

I continued to loo" around and noticed that 5ar" was observing my every move as he began to follow me around in silence. to tell me that I had been asleep for too long and that it was time to see the world for what it truly is. now would be the time. I guess if there was a time to ta"e a closer loo". he li"e many of his counterparts defected from the order of 5inoseum after they had a great revelation……a great realisation of the truth and tra#ectory of their lives if they were to follow through with the plans of the order of 5inoseum. 7$e was raised on your planet and li"e all men from 5inoseum he soon realised he was of different blood and found ways to e2press that.% The 5agnesis began to play scenes of past speeches as well as some scenery from riots that I had watched on television. $e prompted me to wal" through with him.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma door. I wondered why that was. $is name was 5artin /uther < free. At least he did it in such a way that allowed a people to be equal or to some capacity…. the order of 'y2idis has not always been perfect. 75alcolm L was the son of a luminary from 5inoseum. /oo"ing closely at the te2t inscribed on the wooden altar. Although I had already been there several times. We had a grand master who was originally a member of the order of 5inoseum. I heard a door opening. I notice the names of 5alcolm 2 and 5artin /uther <ing in a paragraph. 5ar" had opened the door way to the 5agnesis. As I have already pointed out to you in previous meetings. I was fascinated by the patterns on the stained glass and as I turned my bac" towards 5ar". *ow I was beginning to fully comprehend how deep the rabbit hole really went. I entered the Temple of 'y2idis with a feeling of intrigue that day. It was a wa"eup call. It was almost as if the whole world was implicated in some way or another. 5artin always believed that all men were equal but 11% 11& . I had never actually ta"en the time to loo" around in detail as there was always a distraction in one form or another.

the slave trade was established and ended up lasting longer than anticipate. 6o in desperation to halt the trade.% It was as if history was being rewritten by 5ar"%s every word as he continued to share his "nowledge with me. Hsing the treaty as ploy to stop the order of 5inoseum wor"ed very well for the first decade or so but when prospectors from outside the order of 'y2idis along with the regular man realised that the enslavement of these men was a profitable trade. senior members of the order of 'y2idis congregated and decided on the abolition of slavery as a whole as their main ob#ective of rooting out the men from 5inoseum had long been achieved. The treaty was imposed as a way of stopping those from 5inoseum from corrupting and mi2ing with people from earth. 7A band of men arrived from 5inoseum and settled in Africa for a few centuries before being cast out and sold as slaves to (uropeans under secret deals imposed by a treaty by the order of 'y2idis. civil rights groups under the watchful guise and control of the order of 'y2idis began to campaign for equality amongst all. he would only ever be a pawn. 6ome men began to loo" into the order of 'y2idis as a way to perhaps try to see" #ustice and as a result of this. 7What do you mean by #ust a pawn+% 5ar" began to elaborate further. The order of 5inoseum has always had a vindictive 11' 11( . As a result a lot of innocent people were caught up and enslaved as all the men from 5inoseum had already been removed from the continent of Africa.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma under the order of 5inoseum he saw no way of ever rising through the ran"s and becoming as revered as a luminary as he was only #ust a man and his status as a man especially with his historical lin"s to the great treaty. =y the time this had happened some of those men had already defected and bred with humans from earth so their cause was now being felt and supported by many. As time went by and we began to see men from 5inoseum defecting from their origins and denouncing their membership and allegiance to the order of 5inoseum as they felt that the order of 5inoseum had abandoned them by allowing them to be sub#ected to inhumane treatment on earth.

which he never seems to leave.evil%s true form…. prohibit me from accepting your offer. hear what they have to say about such allegations+ The 5agnesis halted the illustrations as 5ar" opened the e2it door bac" into the temple. I decided I would leave the matter to rest. *elson 5andela was a wellG"nown defector after denouncing his membership to the order of 5inoseum for supporting the apartheid movement.% (ven if 5ar" was only trying to demonise the order of 5inoseum. 11) 1"* . 7I would be delighted to but I have far too much to do and my responsibility as the guardian of the temple as well as my many other duties. 7I would be happy if you could accompany me on my search in another realm…% $e smiled and somehow I "new he would re#ect the offer. he was imprisoned for decades but as years went by. I was beginning to develop distaste for this so called dar" order.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma way of dealing with defectors. $ow could I develop a second opinion when I have not had the chance to encounter them or better yet. I had only ever seen 5ar" outside of the temple when we first met but since then I had only ever seen him in the temple of 'y2idis.we also serve the purpose of preserving universal peace and stability. I prepared to leave and decided that I would invite 5ar" to accompany me on a search in another realm or even a visit to earth. I felt that I had somehow allowed one perspective of them allow me to develop a slightly pre#udiced point of view.% 9eeling a little re#ected yet with some level of content at his decision and understanding of my role as well as the limitations to 5ar"%s role. the order of 'y2idis strengthened its presence and support for all those who had been sub#ected to such treatment by a dar" order. It would also be more beneficial for you to carry on the search alone as you are less e2posed to danger due to the fact that you are not recognisable as a member of our grand order. The order of 'y2idis is not #ust a secretive order for the sole purpose of finding the .

It was a realm much li"e earth small town of alcoholics1. I guess drin"ing was not a social or recreational activity for them as it was simply a way to stay alive. I left after a few pints and 1"1 1"" . pub or strip club of some form. 5y favourite place was a small bar at the corner of the town centre where I dran" a sweet tasting beer which was freshly brewed using methods I could only describe as 0unconventional1. I never really engaged with the people there as I did not want to attract any unwanted attention but the people seemed very passive in mannerism as they simply dran" and left #ust as I did. e2cept for the fact that the people there lived on alcohol and almost every building was a bar. $e seemed drun" and the more he dran". It was fun to be there. I was still ma"ing a note of returning there for a pint of two before ma"ing a return home. I wondered what would happen if the people did not drin" but then I remembered seeing a man who was &$A'T() 6(I(* thirsty a few months earlier. though sanitary by means.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma 'erhaps I was as"ing for far too much and he was right to turn down the offer. the more sober he became. what if something terrible happened to 5ar"+ I would probably be held responsible or even worse3 if something also happens to me then it truly is the end. I guess I should have really labelled this world 0the I made a quic" stop to a realm I had labelled as my 0quic" stop1 world.

If I dran" too much. It felt li"e I had an addiction to substituting reality by travelling to other realms. $ow could I+ I rarely spent any time with many people I "new after #oining the order of 'y2idis3 perhaps I needed to reGestablish that connection. 7You have been very quiet today 4ames…. for a while as I was constantly in other worlds searching. 0$ey mister I thin" you need a few more pints. 7*othing…. I dare not fathom myself after five more pints and then having to pass their bac"ward sobriety test only to be told I must drin" a lot more before returning to earth to be told I have drun" too much I began to feel li"e I was too caught up in this shroud of secrecy to the point where I had almost forgotten my personal identity. which in this instance I did. I "new I couldn%t tell them about what I had seen and what was truly happening in my life but I needed that feeling of being part……being part of what e2actly+ 9rom the point I wo"e. I was feeling li"e reality was becoming substituted to the point where I was no longer able to differentiate what was real and what wasn%t or better yet what was of this world and what was not+ I visited a good friend of mine.what%s bothering you+% Was it obvious+ (ven if there was something bothering me.% !f course being from earth where if I drin" too much the complete opposite would happen. I would become drun". I quic"ly e2ited before I was made to drin" myself to death as I had also remembered that it was law in that realm to drin" at least ..The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma began heading for the e2it door and as I did so a voice shouted over to me. 'aul.evil%s secret form. I could not even say it. Who am I+ I was no longer able to thin" as I normally would. he was tal"ative as usual and we #oined another group of friends on a day out at the local bar for some drin"s. I had not socialised. I wanted to return to normal or at least to some capacity where I felt I had control over my personal life. You seem unstable. with friends from earth. pints if I didn%t appear to have drun" enough. I decided I would try and stay on earth for the day. e2ploring and trying to find this illusive .I am #ust 1"# 1"$ .

without a warning. I was always good at "eeping secrets but this one was far too much for me to hide. I wo"e up feeling a little more cheerful. I was now in standing in an endless ocean of blue 1"% 1"& . At first. much li"e I had a life full of purpose. all I could see was an endless sea of dar"ness. I sat down with the thought of that strange compass that 5ar" had managed to embed into my mind..% (veryone smiled as if to ac"nowledge the fact that I had indeed been absent from their social circle for some time. I was now feeling in control of everything that was ta"ing place. Fradually. the sea of dar"ness began to lighten up as I could now see white light all around me. 6uddenly. The ne2t morning.why was I feeling li"e this+ What was even more surprising was the fact that I was feeling li"e I wanted to let them "now about the door opening and the other worlds.hahaha there he goes again hahaha are you eyeing up that girl from across the road+% 'hew At least that covered up the aw"wardness that was beginning to consume me. We dran" late into the night and I returned home feeling a little more cheerful and happy to have spent some time with friends. 7$ey…. I had to try and leave.. As comfortable as I felt in their presence I was still getting the urge to get up and go and discover more…. I spent the day at home with that content feeling still in my mind but as time went by I was beginning to feel the boredom slowly creeping in so I decided I would try out the compass 5ar" had given me. I sat down in my bedroom to begin a meditation session. 76ee what 4ames.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma happy to see you guys. A few moments passed and I began to deepen my focus.. as I had my eyes closed. it has been a while.o you want to see something ama8ing+% What was I saying+ I stopped myself before it was too late.have you ever…. 5y mood was elevated. It felt li"e a lucid meditation whereby I had power over all the elements within my mind. a large metallic silver cased compass fell from above my head. It had been a while since I had meditated so it too" me some time to get into the mood.

74ust listen and witness…% I #ust decided I would follow through. I realised that I was no longer feeling in control of my meditation as I thought at first. When the compass hit the surface it did not ma"e much of a splash despite its si8e. I noticed a world was materialising around me. because the level of technological marvel below me was simply 1"' 1"( .The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma water. 7/isten and witness history as it happens%. It was as if I was muted. 6uddenly I was no longer floating above water. It was rather comical to loo" at him at first but I tried to reserve a level of seriousness. The compass san" momentarily but then resurfaced to float above the water. I tried to spea" but somehow I could not get my voice to ma"e a sound. A few drops of water splashed and several rings of water in waves moved in unison away from the point of impact. We were circulating a few metres above the city. It was as if I was a ghost. I felt as if I had been transported into the future or was bac" on 5inoseum astonishing. As I accelerated towards a seemingly infinite ocean of blue water. Around his nec" was a compass on a nec"lace. a square mat appeared and carried us above the city. $e said. so I began to fly towards the direction where the arrow was pointing. $e wore a blue bla8er with rings around the shoulders and blue trousers to match. I reached the large compass and loo"ed at the arrow which was pointing southwest. We continued wal"ing around a futuristic loo"ing city and almost as if out of nowhere. I could not feel my feet and when I loo"ed down I was in a blue robe which covered the area where my feet where. somehow. I I wal"ed towards it and realised I was hovering above the was now wal"ing on solid ground and in the company of a bearded man in strange loo"ing attire. It was not fi2ed at this point but was moving between southwest and south almost as if it was vibrating. I decided I would head southwest as the compass had indicated. water. $is shoes were pointed much li"e a genie in the bottle%s shoes.

a time lapse had ta"en place and Atlantis had been swallowed by the sea but by the time it swallowed up. soon caught up with them and wiped them off the face of planet earth. $e ruled Atlantis for a century. 7=ehold…. We reached a building comple2 with several monuments surrounding the area. The man continued to narrate as the scenery of events unfolded below. the citi8en had already been wiped out by strange loo"ing space crafts and lasers from space.% As the comical loo"ing man spo"e. Filgamesh was a half breed whose mother was a native human from this planet. I was still in the same muted state whereby I could not use my voice. 'oseidon the master of Atlantis was a full breed of early settling colonists from beyond this world. $owever the forces of destruction seemed merciful upon the human race as they spared all native humans who were already on this planet long before the inception of Atlantis.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma There were levitating cars everywhere and people seemed to #ust beam in and out of e2istence as if they were teleporting around the city. !ver centuries the story of Atlantis remained in many civilisations but the true cause of their destruction was never revealed to many. 7Atlantis was a colony of outside beings that had fled destruction from their home planet and had settled here on earth. $is son.'oseidon In all his glory.% =y the time he stopped narrating. I had seen a similar paly of events in the 5agnesis but this felt more realistic than ever before. The mat halted and #ust hovered above a large statue of a Fod li"e figure. 'oseidon was destroyed and so were Filgamesh and all the other half breeds that had been created. the event he spo"e of began to unfold almost as if he was narrating a play. It is said the Atlantans were a parasitic race who would eventually ta"e over the earth within a few decades so the forces that be intervened to save earth. 1") 1#* . They wanted to advance and develop the rest of humanity #ust as they were in the first city they had built but their world was short lived as the force of destruction that had incinerated their home planet out of e2istence.

The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum

Neil Chuma

The flood which san" Atlantis was #ust the aftermath of the destruction that had already ta"en place. I loo"ed on as the sea water devoured Atlantis. After the scene was over, the mat carried us at speed towards the hori8on and as we sped through the sea, the man with the compass had vanished into the ether and only his compass was left on the mat. I pic"ed it up and loo"ed to see where it was pointing. The arrow was now pointing east. The mat continued to accelerate towards the hori8on and without warning, it too vanished from underneath me and I began to fall. I was not falling towards the ground but rather towards the hori8on almost as if I was flying there at speed. A few moments passed and a loud thunder sounded and once again another world began to materialise around me. I was no longer falling. I was now stood on my feet which were now visible, in the middle of a desert. It was hot and I was wearing a turban and a white robe along with wooden high heeled sandals. I loo"ed at the compass and followed it east which

is where it seemed to point me towards. !ff in a distance appeared to be what seemed li"e a man on a camel. Though his visibility was still being made to loo" more li"e a mirage formation by the ba"ing hot sun, I could still ma"e out the shape of his camel and his dar" coloured outfit. $e finally approached me and there he was, a short man, in blac" robes covering his face from the desert winds that carried dust with them. $e leapt off the camel and requested that I hand over the compass to him. 7I will be your guide through history now. /et me ta"e you to the centre of human history. Witness life as it happens.% 4ust li"e the last web of events I was to be a spectator of historical events as they occurred. We rode the camel for what seemed li"e a warped time lapse. It felt li"e the camel had leaped at an ama8ing speed and arrived at the pyramids of (gypt. There were people moving about and ta"ing part in their daily lives. It was almost as if we had time travelled to ancient (gyptian times and was witnessing the citi8ens of (gypt as they lived their



The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum

Neil Chuma

lives. The strange thing is that each time people wal"ed past me, they could not see me. 6ome were even wal"ing through me almost as if I was a ghost. 7=ehold the great civilisation of man. =eyond the Ialley of the <ings lies a forgotten "ing. The "ing of "ings, the father of giant architecture here in these lands7. As he spo"e we were immediately transported to a burial site where there was what seemed to be a giant s"eleton of what was once a giant human being. *e2t to this site was a host of other giant s"eletons. It was a secret burial site that harboured giant s"eletons. 7The great "ing *ephilim of the *ephilites was a giant #ust li"e his people. They built these pyramids as monuments and to commemorate a peace treaty between the *ephelites and the smaller man who lived beyond the valleys. After the 'yramids had been built, the average si8ed man began to feud with the *ephelites and spar"ed a war that lasted decades. As you may have heard in stories passed on through the ages, the story of ,avid and Foliath was not #ust

spea"ing of a great battle between two very different people but a race division between the giants and the small man. The war caused a lot of destruction but the small man was victorious due to having large armies in greater numbers whilst the few remaining *ephelites who were already on the brin" of e2tinction retreated to land afar and eventually died out in isolation. After this great victory, the small man too" over the giant%s monuments and claimed all the land thus declaring himself the "ing of a mighty empire. !ver time, of course, stories were altered and some were even forgotten but the truth shall always remain alive and ready to be found by those who see" it.% I witnessed a great scenery of events unfold as the short man spo"e. I was giants building the pyramids along with the 6phin2 and many great monuments. The wars were bloody and the desert shifted from a thriving green forest li"e it was a stage, bac" to a brown sandy hot place as the scenery progressed.



The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum

Neil Chuma

After I had witnessed the giants% plight, the short man handed bac" the compass to me and gave me his camel. 7You may go now. $ead south and you shall find what you see". Freat revelations are in your path.% I got on the camel and began to ride towards the south as instructed and when I turned my head to loo" at the site for the last time, everything was gone It was desert once again. 9or a moment there I thought I had #ust wal"ed into a mirage of some form. I "new it was all a vision. I continued heading south with the camel. !nce again I was soon in another place as the camel vanished from beneath me and I was now flying over a vast plane of land. I was at least a few hundred feet from the ground and a voice that seemed to echo from a patch of clouds above me began to narrate another web of events to me. 7/oo" at the giant wor"s of art below. They are the wor" of the last surviving *ephelite giant child who fled the war in (gypt. $e drew many images to appeal to the Fods in the s"y but his prayer went unanswered as he was later

ambushed by an army of (gyptians.% I loo"ed at the large s"etches that covered entire mountains and valleys. !ne particular drawing caught my attention as it had a compass that pointed north and above the arrow there was a door that was open and showed a figure with horns much li"e the ancient depiction of the ,evil. Was I drawing closer to finding the ,evil%s true form+ The voice in the clouds stopped narrating after I had witnessed a giant child ma"ing s"etches below me. I then transported bac" to the endless ocean and once again I was stood above the water and the compass was now floating away into the s"y. I fell bac" into a rela2ed and tranquil state before opening my eyes and wa"ing up in my bedroom. I had finished my meditation and I was still sitting down. I was ama8ed at how intense my meditation was. The compass had somehow ta"en me to new levels of deep thin"ing. I decided I would try to decipher the e2act meaning behind the giant s"etches I had



What was happening+ I had to "now why I was thrown out. I quic"ly dug it out of its shallow grave of sand and realised that it had strange loo"ing inscriptions written on it.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma seen in my meditative state. I began to loo" around the vast plane and soon discovered faint patterns that spread over a large area and realised that I was standing in the centre of the drawing of the door that had the . inscribed in a s"etch in the centre of the tablet. It was a vast plane of hills and mountain ranges in all directions as far as the eye could see. I opened the 5agnesis and began recapping on the events I had seen.evilish loo"ing figure and the 5agnesis began to blur the image pro#ections. I tripped on what seemed to be a buried stone tablet.evil li"e figure. I too" the tablet with me and decided to ta"e it to 5ar" and see if he could assist me in deciphering 1#' 1#( . 6ome of the giant s"etches which I could not properly ma"e out as I was on ground level. were fading out due to the growth of grass and trees. When I arrived. I tried to reopen the 5agnesis and try again but I was once again thrown out as soon as I reached the point where I was about to loo" at the large s"etch of the door to the . so I focused my mind on what I had seen and opened a door way that too" me to the area where the giant s"etches were.evilish loo"ing figure. 'erhaps it meant something. I decided I would transport myself to the location of the drawing through the doors. This drove my curiosity further. I began to try to ma"e out the pattern with my feet and as I did so. The 5agnesis began to play bac" the scenes directly from my thoughts. The strange thing is that there was the very same compass that I was using in my meditative state. I then reached the point where I had seen the giant s"etches of the doorway to the . 6urely there was a fault somewhere along the line or maybe I was no focusing enough. The images were not as clear and I could barely ma"e out anything as I was immediately thrown bac" into my bedroom straight from the 5agnesis. the area was not as it was in the meditation.

The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum

Neil Chuma

the big mystery behind it. I went straight to the temple of the order of 'y2idis and found 5ar" congregating with other members of the order. I had the tablet to hand and as soon as I entered the temple, 5ar" could see I was holding something significant and as I drew closer to him he realised what it was and so did the other members. 7It%s the tablet of the lost *ephelites $e found it % It was a member of the congregation who shouted over to the rest of the crowd as they began to gather around 5ar" who had now ta"en the tablet into his tight grip. 7What is the tablet for+% 5ar" seemed to be ta"en in by the stone tablet. 7It is a clue of great significance. A piece of historical evidence that proves that the ,evil%s true form is indeed buried in a realm somewhere. The inscription is in *ephilim tongue. It says 0The ,evil%s true form is buried in a realm un"nown to man, only the compass of destiny can reveal its true location1. 5ar" quic"ly too" the tablet to a room in the temple and several members followed him. I then left the temple as I "new I was

now drawing closer in my search. I felt a sense of reward from discovering such an item of significance and my thirst to find more was further fuelled by the satisfied loo" on 5ar"%s face. I still had a disturbing thought circulating my mind…..why would the 5agnesis not show me the remainder of the giant%s drawings+ After going to the site, I could barely ma"e out much of the drawing which was now lying in ruins. What was so significant about the stone tablet+ (verything seemed to sound so simplified from the start. All I had to do was find the ,evil%s true form and all would be undone but things have now become more comple2 and allegiances seem to be changing within the order of 'y2idis. I wondered if this so called ,evil%s true form was really the catalyst for positive change. 5aybe I was #ust another pawn, one of many, who had dedicated their lives to a cause I understood so little about. I was in too deep to give up now and I felt as if I had no one to truly confide in without worrying about who was watching me.



The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum

I left earth and went through a series of #ourneys of discovery. I first visited the now nonGe2istent site where Atlantis had once stood. It was #ust another point in the vast seemingly endless sea of water. I was no longer sure what I was really loo"ing for but part of me felt the need to loo" everywhere for anything I thought would bring some attention to me from 5ar". I went through to a strange realm where the people worshipped the 7great selfGgenerated%. I approached a mount outside a town square where there were worshipping crowds throwing coins in a large well believed to be a gateway to the realm occupied by the great selfGgenerated. I went for a closer loo" and too" a close loo" at the well and realised it was shallow with very little water and a heap of coins at the bottom. There was a figure of seniority ma"ing announcements at the centre of the crowd. Assuming he was the priest or religious leader of those worshippers, I approached him. 7$ello, good sir…..may I "now if you are the priest here+% The crowd suddenly shifted and its attention from the well to me. The crowd silenced as soon as the figure of seniority lifted his right arm up. 7I am not a priest I am the divine prophet…..the voice of the great selfGgenerated in this realm of the fallen. What is the purpose of your visit here+ ,on%t you "now that the well is for the chosen ones+% $e was very dictatorial by means of direction towards me. $e immediately ordered two members of the crowd to grab me by the arms. I was feeling intimidated yet I still had to "now why the great selfGgenerated was so revered here. I was ta"en to a large building with dar" statues of men with thorns wrapped around their nec"s. There I was sat down and
1$1 1$"

&$A'T() (IF$T

The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum

Neil Chuma

questioned by the leader. 7Who sent you here and what do you want+% I could feel the adrenaline beginning to run through my system as I was starting to thin" this may be the end for me. 5aybe I had finally met the so called dar" ones that I had been told to avoid. 7I am #ust a traveller from earth I was #ust loo"ing around for new places to draw……I am an artist.% 6omehow, my rela2ed tone of voice, despite the sweat running down my face, had managed to convince them that I was not a threat to them. The men who had brought me in to where I was bac"ed off and stood outside leaving me and their leader to spea" alone. 7Why do you thin" coming to the realm of the fallen will help you to paint a good wor" of art+ ,on%t you "now that we are the only occupants of this realm+ We are waiting for the day the great selfGgenerated will return to ta"e us to a realm of eternal happiness and purity. We are the fallen angels that have made an attempt to redeem ourselves.

/oo" around… can see that we have been triumphant over our enemies who we managed to wipe out a few centuries ago. The only ones left alive are the faithful believers of the great selfG generated%. As delusional as he sounded he seemed very much convinced that the great selfGgenerated would somehow redeem their souls and save them from this realm. 9rom loo"ing around all I could see were paintings and literary descriptions of a past victory over the nonGbelievers. /oo"ing beyond the words of the leader of these people I could see that these so called fallen angels had murdered many people all under the belief that they were somehow the chosen ones. $ow could murdering everyone else in your world bring you closer to a deity who claims to be pure of heart and good+ These people had to be under some form of great delusion but I "new I had to be careful in my words as their authoritarian leader was not a merciful character. $e seemed li"e a character with a brutal and



% 5ar" seemed to be content with his words as I loo"ed on 1$% 1$& . where one of our senior members. We have a great mission for you.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma unforgiving nature. were ma"ing an effort to "eep their faces and identities disguised from me as I approached them. I was learning and preparing for what was to come. !ur greatest ally of all time will always be the order of the <nights Templar and their loyalty. 6t =ernard of &lair Iau2 was laid to rest. !ur order is opening a new temple and we need you to open the door through to a realm called the great Templum .omini. 74ames Welcome. It seemed as if these other individuals. I arrived though the usual door pathway and there several other members dressed in white robes and had their faces covered by the hooded robes which seemed to have been tied at the waist by a robe composed of brown fibres much li"e mon"s. They were encircling the small fountain of water behind the altar. 7I guess I was lost but I will be on my way now. I returned to the great temple of the order of 'y2idis to meet with 5ar" after he had called me. (very move I made seemed to aggravate him a little. with the e2ception of 5ar" of course. 5ost of our great temples and &athedrals were built by the great 6t =ernard who helped to share great "nowledge with man"ind through some of his great monumental structures. I decided I%d leave and return to earth before things changed for the worst. some of whom you see here with us. 9rom the dangers to the rewards of realm visitations. with the great ob#ective of leading man"ind to salvation through great enlightenment and acceptance of the true Fod. Than" you…% I stood up and left as soon as he allowed me to. Through the ages our organisation has grown stronger through the sharing of "nowledge that helped others to see that our purpose is a great and divine one thus helping us to gain their allegiance. $is great service to the order of 'y2idis helped to align the &istercian order of mon"s. The reality of what I was doing began to sin" in more and more each time I travelled to certain realms.

omini as instructed by 5ar" and led the robed men through.omine. *on *obis . *on *obis. I wondered what it was they were doing.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma in fascination at the group of hooded mon"s whilst they chanted strange phrases. 7Why was I not permitted to enter the 1$' 1$( . (ach time I tried to converse or loo" at their face they simply prompted me to focus on the ob#ective as they quic"ly covered up their faces.a Floiam. their esoteric nature was beginning to spoo" me a little yet I still believed that I was somehow going through some form of initiation stage whereby I must gain their trust order to become an accepted member. They were spraying water from the fountain at one another%s heads as they worshipped in unison. $e seemed uneasy about answering my questions and I started to feel li"e I was perhaps becoming a force of irritability so I eased off a little as I believed I perhaps had some sort of chance to see progression through the ran"s in the order of 'y2idis. A few moments passed as I waited for the strange but fascinating ritual to end. 7Iive . 5ar" then preceded to hand me a boo" with empty pages and as"ed me to hand it over to the temple guardian in the other realm upon arrival. he sounded li"e they were two people inside him saying the same thing at delayed intervals with a loud bass. We entered the realm and upon arrival I handed over the boo" to man in blac" robes and I scythe. I returned to the temple and qui88ed 5ar". The men all entered the temple and as I proceeded to enter. *on *obis. 6ed *omini Tuo . 6ed *omini Tuo .omine. perhaps 5ar" could answer a few things or two. I was sha"en for a moment there and decided I%d leave and return to the temple. Iive .a Floiam%. I wondered why 5ar" and his people were so secretive.ieu 6aint Amour……. *on *obis . I then proceeded to open the door to the great Templum . the man in blac" robes placed his scythe in my path and stopped me from entering. $is voice was rather scary.ieu 6aint Amour. 7You may return home now%.

feeling rather sleepy. It was Dam. I somehow "new that in good time all would be revealed and that I would one day get all the answer. It had been some time since I last did some physical e2ercise in my world3 my mind needed a brea" from all the reality sha"e ups. I had not seen 5ar" for a few wee"s and besides he would probably be busy loo"ing for the same thing. Almost ? months had passed3 I needed a brea" from the door opening and besides. I ate and helped my mom to clear the table. I decided I%d spend some time at home. It seemed li"e a regular day. 7The temple is newly built and needs to be sanctified. 7Ahhh What is that noise+% It was my alarm ringing. 1$) 1%* . so I wo"e up and had my morning shower and after brea"fast I decided to go for a #og at my local par". Then I watched some television and returned to my bedroom. I needed a deto2 from world travel and I felt li"e I was suffering from reality shoc". almost as if all the things I had encountered had somehow been part of a cra8y dream. I had e2plored many empty worlds and even ate from worlds similar to my own. I marched up the stairs and returned to my bedroom. That night I entered into my usual routines almost as if my previously predictable life had caught up with me li"e I had obsessive compulsive disorder. I had not yet come across the .The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma temple+% 5ar" was once again li"e always tending to the candles and flowering that surrounded the temple.evil%s form. I drifted off slowly to sleep with memories of the things I had encountered. It was ?pm and I stepped out of my bedroom for dinner which was waiting for me on the table. that meal felt li"e a siesta. such as the beautiful flowers and even fairy tale li"e creatures that I had seen in other worlds. I felt li"e I had been put bac" in my place as I did not understand much so chose to leave things the way they were for that moment and returned home. Those men in robes will stay in the temple for a period of : days without leaving as they wait for the divine blessing and messages for the future from Fod%.

I stopped and waited for him to #og past so I could see who it was but he seemed to have #ust vanished. I was a little furious as I wanted to "now who it was. What could he possibly want+ I was feeling li"e I had a stal"er.evil%s true form+% 1%1 1%" . Why were you following me yesterday+% $e seemed rather tall. I thought.% 9inally. I am a friend…. was he a figure from TI or something+ 7I%m <hepri. I slowed down to allow him to #og past but he also slowed down. 7Why are you following me+% he seemed rather familiar yet I could swear I%d never met him before.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma I arrived at my local par" and began #ogging through the E mile path that too" me around from the play area bac" to the entrance. I would say around ?feet tall. if anything happened I could #ust hide in the 5agnesis or another world until things calm down.are you alone+% why would he want to "now that+ 7(rm…yeah I%m #ust doing some laps but I live across the road. !nce again the same figure appeared out of nowhere and began following me. close enough to hear his breathing. $e bumped into me and there he was. I continued my #og and returned home that morning. I continued #ogging as if to ta"e no notice of him and as I approached the water fountain to have a drin" and a quic" brea" I thought it would be a great time to use the brea" at the fountain as an e2cuse to start a conversation with my stal"er. As I covered the first half a mile I noticed a shadow approaching from behind me.evils true form+ I felt a little scared but a rush of e2citement came flooding through me and I was feeling li"e a secret agent. 7The . I thought it was #ust another #ogger going past me but realised this figure "ept the same pace and distance behind me. I stopped instantly li"e a car that had #ust slammed on its bra"es. I felt a sense of paranoia but was still at ease with myself. I am here to help you to find what you have spent all this time searching for. )ather strange. &ould he have something to do with the . 7Yes…I wanted to spea" to you. The day went on swiftly and the ne2t morning I returned for another #og.

It sounded too good to be true but it was worth a try. the door that you see" is not li"e any other door and can only be open by one man and that is you.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma $e seemed rather calm for someone who was about to share such a secret. rather synthetic loo"ing. We entered into a library which was empty of people or other beings3 there were #ust boo"s which seemed to have gathered a lot of dust. my endless search had almost paid off and this time the answer came to me. We need to go somewhere quiet. 7We have been loo"ing for you for some time. 9inally I thought to myself. This world was rather similar to earth much li"e many other worlds. 7$ow do I use it+% $e didn%t seem too bothered by the way I quic"ly grabbed the device and put it in my poc"et.what if he tries something. As I loo"ed closer at his s"in he loo"ed as if he had tanned his s"in with cream or something to dar"en it to a light brown. 7Yes but you have to come with me. We sat down and he blew away the dust from the des" which still had open boo"s that had accumulated cob webs over time. 7Are you from the order of 'y2idis+ . The lights were neon. 7What will be there+ Will I need to be armed+ $ow can you "now all this+% $e seemed rather unconcerned about anything I was as"ing but was rather more concerned that I follow through with what he told me to do. I hope I he is telling the truth and besides why would he lie+ What could he possibly gain from me+ 7Where would you li"e to go+% As I was about to suggest that we go to a library or somewhere a little less crowded he opened a door right there by the trees and we entered into another world. To open it you must use this device%. 7When you open the 5agnesis #ust simply place this device on the ground and a door will open in front of you. I quic"ly put the device in my poc"et and was "een to use it. which is where you will find what you are searching 5ar" send you here+% As soon as I mentioned 5ar" and the order of 1%# 1%$ .% 6omewhere quiet he says…. perhaps he understood how much I wanted to find the door. $e handed over a dis" li"e device with : flashing lights that were installed to form a triangle. red and green.

<hepri opened the e2it door bac" to earth and I e2ited. . $ow thoughtful and to thin" about it. Was he from beyond !rion%s belt+ $e had to be but my instincts somehow told me to trust him. a door opened and there he was. I was eager to open that door but part of me still remained wary. I guess that added more points that led me to trust him further since he didn%t brea" in before our encounter at the par".The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma 'y2idis. on 5ar"%s face. $e immediately diverted his attention to me from that point. the e2pression on his face shifted slightly. 7What did <hepri say and did he harm you in any way+% I wondered why he reacted in such a way.nothing happened he #ust wanted to tal" about stuff…. 5ar". 7What news do you bear+% he sat down with me on the front row benches. I have some news about our search%. then I opened the door to the temple of the order of 'y2idis and there I waited briefly for the huge cloc" on the wall to hit BEocloc". as this was usually the time of gathering for the order of 'y2idis. 7*o…. I decided I%d "eep it a secret and ta"e a chance and e2plore the truth alone. 7I was at my local par" #ogging and a man named <hepri…. it seemed the name <hepri brought about that very same facial e2pression I had seen on <hepri%s face at the par".% before I could continue telling him about my encounter. so I decided to pay 5ar" a visit to see if he could accompany me. A few minutes before twelve o%cloc". Hsually he would come through the door and spea" to me generally as he prepared the temple by lighting candles and preparing sermons. 7<hepri belongs to the dar" side3 he serves forces from beyond !rion%s% belt.. I showered and prepared myself. The e2it door too" me straight to the bathroom of my house.% I no longer felt comfortable telling 5ar" the truth about the events of that day.o not enter the 1%% 1%& . he even "new where my house was. 75ar"…/ong time my good friend. 6tay away from him and all the others that approach you in the name of peace for they are the true enemy. $e seemed rather disturbed or angry.

whether or not to go alone or to return to the temple and to tell 5ar" the truth. much li"e somebody engaging in the art of constructive lies.much li"e those days as a child 1%' 1%( . I was so close yet so afraid at that moment in time but my heart somehow grew stronger and I entered. 5y heart was pounding through my chest.. 5aybe I placed the device on the floor the wrong way.evil%s true form. I told 5ar" I had a few engagements to attend to bac" at home as it was my mother%s birthday but the truth is I was really rushing to visit the 5agnesis. 6o I reached down at my feet to pic" it up and place it on the reverse side to see if something would happen. I reached my house and sat down in my bedroom for a few minutes to calm my nerves. As I entered into the mysterious world that held the devil%s secret form. the door to the . The walls seemed to be made from limestone.% 5ar" seemed rather trivial in his mannerisms. 9or a moment nothing happened so I waited. it began to get brighter. I felt a sense of e2citement yet I still felt afraid. I left the temple in a bit of a hurry. I returned to my room and opened the door through to the 5agnesis and there I was. I suppose I still had the upper hand if he was lying because I did not mention what had really happened. about to ta"e that huge leap of faith. As I put my hand down to pic" it up the device became a door handle and there it was. I was having a debate in my mind. I couldn%t turn bac" now. I started to feel more secure…. I decided to follow my instincts and quic"ly rushed downstairs and opened the "nife drawer and pic"ed out a small paring "nife and tuc"ed it into my waist. I thought if I had to ta"e such a ris" at least I would go down with a fighting chance.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma 5agnesis with such a man. I wal"ed through a dar" hall that had walls paved in what loo"ed li"e (gyptian hieroglyphs. As I approached the end of the seemingly endless hallway. I reached into my poc"et and too" out the dis" shaped device and placed it on the floor at my feet.

04ames…. far from the devilish descriptions and rumours of a monstrous creature. $is voice was gentle. Those people who you spent time following and believing have misled you. and the room was empty. you should be happy1.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma when I would wa"e up and have to switch the lights on so I could go to the toilet. I calmly sat down on the stool in front of him with my heart racing.. he removed it slowly to e2pose a pearlescent white s"inned face. I tried to hide my nerves under a smile yet I could feel that he could read me li"e a boo". I noticed he had three blac" dots that were vertically arranged almost as if they were birth mar"s.evil+ Was I finally about to meet my demise+ At least I would meet my end with an answer. I could not see a seat anywhere else. You have travelled this far to see me. Was this the ... (ach and every time I thought I "new something. 0I am neither the devil nor his true form. another event changed it all. The hallway led me to a room where there was a figure in white robes. 0What is happening+ 1%) 1&* . I loo"ed around and wondered what this man meant. 06it where+ I cannot see a.. $e was rather shiny and as I studied him from chin to forehead. The room was bright from the white limestone that seemed to have been carved into a rounded dome li"e shape to form an igloo li"e room. he had his face covered but left his hands e2posed. 0.on%t be afraid.1 )ight before my eyes and before I could even tell him there is no seat. $is hands were very pale white. I am the bearer of the truth. the bearer of water that quenches man"ind%s thirst for "nowledge.Ta"e a seat1. Was he deceiving me+ 0What are you+ Why do you hide+1 $is robe had a hood that covered his face and as he proceeded to answer me. a limestone stool appeared right in front of me. They are your true enemies.1 &ould this be+ I was beginning to enter what seemed li"e a permanent state of confusion. much li"e the limestone room that I stood in.

These other aliens from beyond !rion%s belt set out to e2pose the true ulterior motive behind these so called 7helpers% from another world. They promised that they would help to cure diseases. They would wor" collaboratively with your leaders and share many discoveries as they slowly nursed our civilisation into progression. This seemed li"e a very attractive offer for a race that had only #ust begun to advance. !f course as we have now learned there are two sides to every story and nothing is for free…. They stated that earth should be wary of these so called helpers and loo" closely beyond their glamorised offers and consider them an enemy more than a friend.. They stated that these 7helpers% were &$A'T() *I*( 1&1 1&" . These outsiders only required man"ind to welcome them secretly as they stated that their operations were to remain clandestine as they were other forces that threatened their wor" across the universe as well as the balance of things. 6ometime passed and these aliens had started to integrate into human society when another band of aliens arrived from elsewhere in the solar system with a very different agenda. 06ome time ago a race of aliens came to earth with advance technology and made promises to man"ind that they would bring about change.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Why is there so much mystery and secrecy+1 I felt li"e I was caught between worlds and did not "now who or what to believe. eradicate poverty and even end wars. These outsiders whom you have already seen called themselves the order of 'y2idis.

That is why those from the order of 'y2idis instructed you to destroy he blin"ed a lot less than the average human being. This man seemed to be very different in mannerism. There were those that questioned the offerings given to them. I began falling.. 0$ow long have you been here for+1 $e smiled and loo"ed at the roof as if there was something there and as I moved my head to loo". It was a secret battlefield where wars too" place in secrecy right before my eyes. me on site in order to bury the truth.1 I was finally beginning to understand what the world really was.. 6o a clandestine war began to ta"e place. .The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma intergalactic colonist who slowly too" over other civilisations and enslaved them. 0$ow did you "now I would not try to "ill you before you spo"e+1 I felt a sense of relief that my curiosity allowed me to discover the truth. Fovernments representing the 7helpers% were declaring war upon those governments that were in support of the 7*ew visitors% from beyond !rion%s belt. The leaders of the earth were divided. It felt li"e one of those dreams I have of when I am falling and screaming then I wa"e up as I hit the ground. It is believed that the 7new visitors% were in fact not new to earth itself but had stood guard for thousands of years and even wrote the bible as a forewarning to man"ind of their true adversary whom they labelled the could a civilisation #ust offer to advance us without ever needing anything bac"+ 6ecret wars were ta"ing place without the ma#ority of the humans ever "nowing what was going on. The notion of terrorism began to ta"e form as those who supported the 7new visitors% were seen as antiGprogressive. 0I trusted that you were going to do the right thing1. 1&# 1&$ . and he almost had his eyes wide open the whole time I was in the room. The room vanished and I was falling through the stars with my arms flapping as if I had #ust #umped out of an aeroplane.

I was one of the new visitors from beyond !rin%s belt.1 As I wal"ed in towards what seemed li"e a hub of controls. I wanted it all to myself. 0Where are we+1 I as"ed. I come from a planet called 5inoseum. I was now in a spaceship en route to a foreign planet. I thought I had finally e2perienced the final frontier in e2ploring new paradigms but it seems the truth is always ever changing. 5y name is )aG$ora"hty I am the son of )a. we had re enforcements based on the moon and all around your solar system but our council on our home planet decided to retrench all operations on earth as they decided that it may be too dangerous to intervene using our strategy of confrontation with the enemy1. A few moments passed as I was day dreaming into the possibilities of what was to come. 0This is my ship. !n your left is <hnum and to your right is =es who is our ship medic1. It felt as if my whole world had been turned upside down once more. 0&aptain. oh I wish I could share this e2perience with somebody yet I still felt a little selfish for a moment there. I could now finally begin to understand why it is that those who have "nowledge seem to hoard it and never share. I guess it is true what they say. 0Are there only three of you+ 6urely you must have a bigger presence in order to confront the order of 'y2idis1. As I loo"ed around. there were two other pearlescent men. the stars I was falling through had vanished and we were in a craft. It loo"ed li"e something from a movie3 the entire craft was shaped li"e a triangle with grey and silver interior accompanied by shiny neon lights inside. 0Those two are my crewmen and fellow guardians. 0Yes.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma I loo"ed beside me and realised the man was stood still on solid ground. may I ta"e 4ames on a tour+1 1&% 1&& . those who "now don%t spea" and those who don%t "now spea" of possibilities. a female voice from behind me disturbed my train of thought. I e2pected a full armada of ships #ust as I had grown up believing that every alien invasion had mother ships surrounding the host planet.

0!n your home planet the atmospheric pressure causes the your positions1. A voice announced loudly. It had a house li"e setup whereby there was a series of rooms that had various functions from the captain%s quarters to the lavatory and even a meeting room. We too" a tour of the upper dec"3 the ship was divided in two.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma 6aid <hnum. 0All crew. As robotic as <hnum sounded. if they wanted to harm me then they would have done it bac" on earth. I hoped I was in good hands as I could feel my defences slowly being bro"en down by every conversation we had. The view from the glass windows on the roof grabbed my attention. I #oined them as they rushed to their positions and what I was about to witness was far more fascinating than the stars themselves. The stars had lost their flic"er and the entire view was glowing in all colours. It was )aG$ora"hty. requesting that his crewmen return to the piloting dec" to prepare for something. 0Yes1 said )aG$ora"hty. 0The stars loo" beautiful3 they are colourful and are not flic"ering li"e they do bac" home1. The ship somehow manifested a wormhole and we entered through its eye and began flying through it at what seemed to be unimaginable speeds. (verything outside seemed chaotic yet the inside of the ship was calm although by then we were all strapped in to our seats as if we were about to ta"e off in an aeroplane. Was it my over fascination+ 5aybe I was #ust being insecure for a moment there and besides. distortion of your view of the stars1. report to I was fascinated by the stars and how they loo"ed very different from space as they did on earth. I tried to "eep that level of diplomacy with these guys but somehow my fascination and ama8ement at what I was e2periencing had slowly dissolved my stature and made me loo" li"e a novice. Iery earth li"e or could this term be vice versa since they taught us to be li"e them. much li"e flying in a rainbow. I felt li"e an amateur. 1&' 1&( .

It felt rather aw"ward as I did not "now whether I would be welcome or be met with hostility. 7!h great son of )a. The ship landed on 5inoseum and entered an underground landing pad where we were met by an elder from the council of 5inoseum. As we entered I could hear slight whispers and stares directed towards me. 1&) 1'* . welcome home%. The elder led us through to a passage from the entrance of what seemed to be a building incorporated into a cave. The entire planet was almost grey but rather futuristic loo"ing as it was covered in various devices. from space crafts that were flying to and from 5inoseum to what appeared to be satellites above its atmosphere. their practices are no different to those on earth. 7We are here% said =es. )aG$ora"hty proceeded to ta"e centre stage and we followed his lead and stood behind him and he was greeted by a somewhat now cheerful crowd. so his association with me #ust ironed out the tensions that were beginning to rise as we came in. everything was rather alien yet so familiar. almost as if my presence was unannounced and was causing a stir of some form amongst the crowd. The #ourney was rather short for such a long distance but my e2pectations made me feel blasabout things as I would have e2pected such an advanced species to be capable of space travel. As he reached out to "iss )aG$ora"hty on the forehead.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma It was a gesture of respect3 I guess one could say We arrived on 5inoseum within an hour of departing from earth. li"e a penny in a room of pounds. I felt insignificant. The planet 5inoseum was in a gala2y much similar to that of earth but things were rather different from the point we shot out through that wormhole. surrounded by seats in a circular shape. There we entered a gathering room which resembled a theatre with a stage at the centre. The room was loud from all the elders and members of the council who were settling in. I suppose they had placed their trust in him.

This earthling stood here with me is the catalyst for change in our long battle with the order of 'y2idis. who is 1'" . I need to spea" to him alone%. I still "new a few things or two from my 6unday school days and school lessons in religious studies. 7I "now you are confused about who you are and what is truly happening to your world. it felt as if not all was as it seemed. The room began to slowly empty as everyone left the gathering room and I still had many unanswered questions. )a. $e is the fulfilment of a great prophecy from the manuscript of 4udas. This #ust fuelled my curiosity further. There was a slight echo of sound from the whispers of )a%s voice as he tried to be discreet whilst he spo"e to me.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma At least his status had dissolved those whispers about bringing an earthling to their gathering. A symbol of hope if humans should rise to the occasion and stand with us. not that I was religious in any sense. 5any aeons ago a man called 4udas. all "inds can feel the aesthetic of our race and say it is 1'1 progression. $ow could they be uncomfortable with my presence yet they claim to be trying to save us+ 79ellow councilmen I enter this room with news and with hope 'lease open your minds and hear me out. As we prepared to return to earth. )a pulled me to one side and dismissed everyone else. Was it not he M4udasN who once said 09rom earth to the infinite worlds and beyond To greatness from our humble beginnings as star dust and gases We rise triumphantly from generation to generation !ur message is clear to all in the universe We bring you peace and love $ear our heart beat as we progress. What could these people possibly have to do with some biblical figure named 4udas.1 The councilmen rose up and clapped their hands as )aG$ora"hty handed over to his father. our saviour and salvation. We sat down on the front row seats alone in the big theatre. 7/eave us.

4esus defected in secret and #oined the order of 'y2idis and slowly began to poison the minds of the other councilmen into becoming his disciples. $e "new of the true way but was branded the traitor by the order of 'y2idis and caused the crucifi2ion of unity between the people of 5inoseum and the people of earth. whose e2tent no generation of 1'# 1'$ . It was made from a leather cover with thin pages much li"e the bible and on the cover were strange inscriptions that resembled (gyptian hieroglyphs. he was a well revered councilman and leader of our order here on 5inoseum. 4udas taught the people about cosmology. 74udas prophesied that I will teach you about secrets no person has ever seen. he pulled out a boo" with a rose compass symbol on the cover. At the time those on earth were not advanced enough to comprehend the technology he was using to perform the so called miracles and acts that deluded many into following his order. began to spea" with people on earth about the mysteries beyond the world and what would ta"e place after the great enlightenment. for there e2ist a great and boundless realm. 4udas was isolated and had to try and use what he had left on the planet as he now had 4esus and his former councilmen to face.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma mentioned on your planet as a traitor. Although by the time the great standGoff had begun. As I sat down listening to )a. In time they defected from 4udas and he was left isolated when &ouncilman 4esus decided he be the one to lead the group on earth to his ideologies of Fod who was the leader of the order of 'y2idis. 4udas had managed to share many things with man"ind.% 9or a moment I thought of how religion had been used as a mind control tool on earth and realised how far things had come. Amongst him during his time on earth were fellow councilmen whom are better "nown as the disciples of 4esus. $e believed that enlightening those on earth and advancing them slowly as they progressed in time would bring about universal unity and help us to e2plore other worlds with more help from earth.

progression and scientific thought came into being. $e said. to reign over 5inoseum.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma those from 5inoseum or those from the order of 'y2idis has seen. $e created the second luminary. The door to this world can only be opened by the man from earth whose heart can cause the 5agnesis to show him the way. $e made the incorruptible generation of 6eth become the servants of the order of 'y2idis. no thought of the heart has ever comprehended and it was never called by any name. In which there is a great invisible 6pirit of enlightenment. the enlightened divine 6elfG Fenerated. as the true origins of the 5agnesis lies with a few chosen luminaries. That is how he created the rest of the enlightened aeons. It is however the great delusion that 7Fod% created the 5agnesis that is a real threat to all. four other men came into being from another door. A great leader. to reign over his creations. emerged from a door that appeared in the s"y. 6eshat. because of him. 0/et 5inoseans come into being to serve him1 and myriads without number came into being. Aten. and they became councilmen for the 6elfGFenerated. It is still hard to decipher as to why one of our first luminaries *ebro whose name has now become synonymous with the word rebel or Yaldabaoth as (ven /uminaries that had appeared in the incorruptible generation of 6eth fell in accordance with the will of 7Fod%. which no eye of man or any "ind has ever seen. $e said. to offer service. 4udas stated that he and 4esus had seen among all those called 7Fod% and realised that he was the leader of the order of 'y2idis and had misled many into a cycle of delusion. $e created the first luminary. together with myriads of followers without number. 0/et 5inoseum come into being1 and it came into being. In the great cosmos lies chaos and une2plored worlds. 1'% 1'& . The 6elfG Fenerated said. 0/et an enlightened aeon come into being1 and an age of enlightenment.

with each one receiving a portion of the universe and entire worlds were enslaved. Ooe. 1'' 1'( . 6a"las. 4udas once confronted 6a"las about his plans for humanity and their fate. $e said unto him 0What is the longest duration of time that the human being will live+1 6a"las said. was the first to #oin the order of 'y2idis. The strange thing is your greatest enemy is also your creator. Falila. that Adam. who all openly defected after accepting a portion of the universe with entire worlds serving them as slaves. 0Why are you wondering about this. After 6a"las had defected. In our council we had many traitors wal"ing amongst us. It is believed 6a"las fashioned Adam and his wife (ve. To them it is a symbol of becoming more enlightened than the 6elfGgenerated creator. Yobel and Adonaios. for her treachery and consumption from the tree of "nowledge represents the /uminaries and their defection from the great council to becoming members of the order of 'y2idis. who is called.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma we call him. also came to 5inoseum and defected to #oin *ebro who also corrupted si2 other /uminaries to be assistants of the order of 'y2idis and these assistants colluded with twelve other members who were leaders of planets in other parts of the universe. on 5inoseum. $ere on 5inoseum we have long lives and can live for up to E:@@@ earth years. We had $armathoth. This is also part of the reason why our wars last for so many aeons as our enemies too can live #ust as long as we do. Another luminary. he decided to use his powers to create more followers so he gathered with the order of 'y2idis and created a human being after the li"eness and after the image of himself. $umans on the other hand were created with many flaws yet were still gifted with a spirit and a soul. 9or by this name all the generations see" the man and each of the luminaries% calls the woman by her true name.

with longevity with his ruler+1 (ven today we still struggle to get the true facts about the true reasons for the creation of humanity and why it that they live short lives. <$A. $umans are composed of a mortal body. soul and body. great "nowledge from the words of the great selfGgenerated and the truth about the spirit. we sought to teach humanity about spiritualism and the <$H. whilst the 6oul which is the =A. transcends towards the immortal pole stars which never set and becomes part of a universal force that instils balance in the universe.s. These clearly define the soul and spirit as distinct from one another. I was curious to "now more about whether or not I really had an eternal soul. consciousness and can sometimes be reincarnated to fulfil past life goals that were left uncompleted or can be emancipated dependent upon the will of the Fods. 4udas for some time could not understand why the humans were gifted with a spirit by 6a"las yet he was serving an evil order that despised anything pure or independent of its control%. These are "nown as the <A. The <A is "nown as the afterlife version of A long time ago when the great luminaries of 5inoseum still had influence upon the human race. has lived his span of life in the place where he has received his "ingdom. =A and <$H. 6ince )a had mentioned humanity. It is the radiant shining entity3 the transfigured dead that ascends to heaven and dwells among the F!. 6ome say 6a"las did not have enough strength to create long lasting beings. It is sometimes seen as the part of the human spiritual consciousness that carries all past deeds and bears their burdens or misdeeds into the ne2t life. 1') 1(* . The <$H is the human spirit which dwells in the 6A$H as a spiritual body and cannot die. We shared with your ancient (gyptian ancestors. and three immortal elements that are able to survive bodily death.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma with his generation.

The truth is rather unsettling if you loo" at it in more depth. It seemed to them that their creations were free willed and even chose rebel against the notion of Fod. )a loo"ed at me with a smile on his face. In time 6a"las and Fod began to fight to control the human soul by using faith as a tool to ma"e them believe them as the righteous rulers. the order of 'y2idis.oes the human spirit die+1 as I loo"ed into his focused eyes. for you see……humans were created by both good and evil and yet they must choose one%. almost as if he was as"ing me to choose between good and evil there and then.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma 0. Fod and 6a"las could not understand why the humans did not serve them as they wished. The most interesting thing to remember here is that 7Fod% ordered 6a"las to give the humans a spirit as a loan so that they might offer service to the order of 'y2idis but the Freat selfG generated ordered Aten to grant spirits to give each human a soul so they may gain an independent mind from the spirit so when this happened. &$A'T() T(* 1(1 1(" .

They both shared the same origins yet they opposed one another. )a closed the boo" and seemed to be content with what he had #ust told me. I had not yet made up my mind about whether or not to trust the order of 5inoseum or the order of 'y2idis.I wondered why they needed to protect it so much yet they openly shared some of its contents with me. I see. The 1(# 1($ . it was li"e choosing to "eep my right eye or my left eye. my son. 7What do I have to do about 5ar" and the order of 'y2idis+1 he loo"ed at me with a smile. This here in my hand is the boo" of 4udas our the manuscript without approval and consent from the council. much li"e a dog and its bone. 4ust as quic" as he unravelled his story from that very strange loo"ing scripture. 7It is forbidden for a human or any being to open Their plan was to use you to find out the true whereabouts of this very manuscript I have read to you.% All this for a boo"….The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma At this point. councilman and early /uminary from aeons ago. for me. 9or a moment there I was baffled as to what my role in all this was. Its powers and secrets can bring about dangerous manifestations upon the universe. 7*othing for the time being. We used to hide the manuscript in a world un"nown to many with )aG$ora"hty staying there to "eep guard of its precious content but as time progressed we decided to return the manuscript bac" to 5inoseum here with me. As you already "now they have already tried to deceive you into destroying )aG $ora"hty. I #ust played along as if what )a was telling me became gospel to my ears. )a suddenly changed his facial e2pression from a smiling man to a rather angry and protective one. $is writings and prophecies have led us to a great future and protected us from the order of 'y2idis. A hard decision because they both see the same things yet they are on two different sides of my body but still connected to the same mind. 5ay I ta"e a loo" at the manuscript+% =efore I could even put my hands out to see if he was prepared to hand it over. 7Ah.

7What was said bac" on 5inoseum was for you and you only. I did not as" <hepri to bring you here for the sa"e of forcing you to side with us. I was procrastinated. It felt li"e he could read my mind somehow. 7I will stand by your side. 7When you return to earth your duty is to help us by showing <hepri and other guardians the way to the temple of the order of 'y2idis.% )aG$ora"hty interrupted.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma power of the great selfGgenerated can be summoned from this manuscript.% I then than"ed him and we boarded the ship bac" to earth. !n the way bac" there was a moment of silence until I decided I%d brea" the water and spea". We are here to help you through your mission. We believe in you. I Was he really telling the truth+ I started to question his story. I thin" )a could see it. We must find the gateway to their universe where 6a"las and Fod are creating armies to prepare to conquer 5inoseum and the entire universe.% I felt a lot calmer. 5y indecision was starting to pour out of my eyes. Time is becoming limited%. was he hiding more than he told+ !f course he had to be hiding something.% As I stood up to prepare to board the ship bac" to earth. 7)a said….well apart from the small part of me that still had doubts I had 1(% 1(& . I had clarity….% I tried to remain calm in order to let them believe I was still on their side. maybe it was the fact that I was no longer scouring worlds for the nonGe2istent devil%s true form or the fact that I was no longer travelling through doors alone. 7I understand…. Was I really going to betray 5ar"+ What if )a was right and I had been misled+ 5y mind was stuc" in a debate. 4ust let you guess my tone and nerves had e2posed my thoughts. 7When the time is right you will "now which side to follow. )a stood up and placed his right hand over my shoulder and said 7=e wary of the world you live in for it is not what it seems. I #ust did not "now what to believe.% heart decide%. I had a team to wor" with me and best of all.

% <hepri seemed at ease as he told me his side of the story yet I felt li"e both the order of 5inoseum and the order of 'y2idis had manipulated their versions of the truth to somehow suit their purpose. If only she had not threatened to e2pose the order of 'y2idis and the true role of <ennedy. then she may have met an easier demise. <hepri smiled as he began to elaborate. 7Is it true then+% I wanted to "now if what 5ar" had told me was true and to see what <hepri had to say. As we returned to earth I sat down and had a moment of brief silence on the ship as I started to recap to myself about some of the things I had been told by 5athew and mar" earlier and to my surprise it was as if <hepri had #ust read my mind and as if by coincidence he as"ed about some of the stories 5ar" had told me.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma started to side with )a%s people. 7. 7Well not e2actly you see……5arylyn 5onroe suffered a reality shoc" after being e2posed to the doors and other worlds. 6he wanted to e2pose <ennedy for being part of the order of 'y2idis after she had met with some members from the order of 5inoseum who had as"ed her to become an undercover agent in order to infiltrate the order of 'y2idis as they prepared to alter the course of history. It felt right and I felt li"e I had a true they tell you all that stuff about <ennedy+% I loo"ed at him as if to say how could you possibly "now+ Although part of me e2pected someone of his calibre to already "now a few things about the nature of the order of 'y2idis. Was I #ust a pawn or a means to an end once their 1(' 1(( . If you loo" at things from an ob#ective perspective you can probably say 5arylyn was never really part of any order to begin with but her role ended up becoming pivotal it determining the course of earth%s history as she helped the order of 5inoseum to father enough information against the order of 'y2idis.

I remembered that there was still one chance to ma"e something happen or at least reveal all and somehow restore order without ris"ing too much but even that was too much of a ris" to underta"e as I did not "now much about it. fit. (ven if I could get near.evil himself to answer to when the inevitable happened. I had come too far to give up and give in to my own emotions and new influences. I spent the ne2t few days at home soul searching and thin"ing of all the things I had been through.evil%s true form ma"e everything better instantly+ I had to "now that if I ris"ed my nec" and limb to retrieve that boo" from )a.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma true missions had been accomplished+ I guess the constant feeling of paranoia was beginning to slowly plague me as I could hear the questions pacing in my mind as I tried to ma"e the pieces of the little evidence I had. then it would indeed pay off to both my advantage and to secure the future of earth. I "new I could not #ust go bac" to 5inoseum and somehow convince )a to hand over the boo" which he cherished and protective so much. the people of earth as well as the . I returned home that day feeling lost in a whirlwind of thoughts. $ow could finding the . I realised how much of earth%s history had been rewritten and shaped by this seemingly endless war between two order which had once been one at some point in their history. I was still willing to ta"e the chance to see the outcome however. I was pretty certain I would be unable to decipher the te2t on the pages and there was certainly no way I could bring 5ar" or someone from the order of 'y2idis especially with the fact that I was still unsure of whether or not to even return to the temple of 'y2idis and share my new discovery. The great selfGgenerated I remembered how the 1() 1)* . If I was wrong and had indeed aided the true enemy of earth then I would have the order of 5inoseum. I was not going to let my procrastination stop me from ma"ing a necessary and crucial decision all because I was uncertain or too afraid.

. I decided I would give myself sometime before beginning the pursuit of the boo". vu moment. I #ust continued to wonder with a rather pu88ling smile on my face as my new student loo"ed at me with wonder.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma society of change ringers and the orange order still reserved the belief that the great selfGgenerated was the only hope for salvation and restoration of order across the universe for all. $ow could I even begin to summon such a mythical yet un"nown force+ I could barely squee8e through the doors of the Anglican cathedral to #oin the society of change ringers. they seemed very cautious as to what they said and were quic" to dismiss my enquiries. At last I felt at ease yet my mind still wondered if the great transformation I had e2perienced had something to do with that dream I had. /oo"ing bac" from memory I could remember that strange encounter I had with the ghost of grand master William 5ac"en8ie at the pyramid graveyard on )odney 6treet. As public as their order seemed during their marches. I decided I would give my one last shot a chance……The orange order.I was going to go through with the acquisition of the boo" that )a and his people were harbouring…. 1)1 1)" . I visited 5ar" a few times at the Temple to clear my mind and went through some realms that made me feel more at ease.evil%s true form.for now.. To me he was #ust another version of me. I made up my mind…. I still felt hesitant at first as I tried not to give away any information in regard to <hepri and his people. I could not somehow find many or if any bases or churches these marches started from and each time I tried to find out some information from members. I guess this is what it felt li"e to be in 5athew%s shoes.the "ey to the . so I continued as if all was well….-#. If #oining the orange order was impossibility then I had to try ma"ing my original plan come to life. 9or a moment there I felt li"e I was having a . a version of me waiting to be awo"en from the slumber he calls reality.

The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma $e was no longer this mysterious version of me with differing views of reality and new things to show me but rather #ust another version of me #ust passing on "nowledge in order to fulfil a continuous cycle that had been perpetuated by the order of 'y2idis in search of the devils secret form. Fod and the . Fod was a grey cloud li"e shadow and much li"e the devil. much li"e what you would see when you pour mil" into dar" coffee. a loud thunder struc" at my feet by the window.evil secretly share the same secret. /et me tell you about a dream……. If only I had "nown what was awaiting me in my slumber……a few minutes into my sleep I felt li"e I was sweating heavily so I removed the blan"et that was covering me and as I did so a loud noise that sounded li"e a strong hiss sounded at my feet and there he was…. It was Fod. $is shadow li"e formation was li"e a dar" cloud that was forming over the room. $e was not as dar" as I e2pected him to be yet he was fiercer in appearance than those stories from 6unday school I grew up believing in.evil in the form of a dar" shadow. I returned home one night and everything was normal #ust as you would e2pect it and I remember how I had decided to go to sleep early that night as I had a few things to do the ne2t morning. $e came in a similar fashion to the devil3 his sudden appearance almost dissolved the shadow li"e figure of the devil that was beginning to consume my entire bedroom into a dar" realm. It forms a cloudy mi2ture as 1)# 1)$ .evils secret rather is also Fod%s secret. It absorbed all the light that was about and began to form a shadow li"e figure of a man and #ust as he approached me as if to drag me by my feet.. What is most strange yet true is the fact that the . he appeared cloud li"e. 9or once my grounded belief that Fod was this pure spirit or white figure that would be in clear white robes had been sha"en. The devil is and has always been consumed and frustrated by this secret #ust as much as Fod. Fod seems to "now how to hide it better.a dream that felt so familiar yet so real that it became reality and formed a truth that was shrouded in secrecy.the .

himself. 6omehow I had a feeling that their presence meant something.evil is the evil one. I did not want to meet a similar fate. 0&hoose1. I made a decision. What could I possibly do to these omnipresent beings+ As my fear stric"en eyes loo"ed on at the two figures at my feet while I was in my bed lying on my bac" with my hands slowly reaching for the blan"ets to hide under I somehow got the courage and realised that I had to see what it is they wanted.evil was quic" to answer with a rather deep voice.evil. yet a part of me still felt li"e I owed allegiance to the order of 5inoseum. I "new I had to ma"e a decision but it was not easy.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma you pour. If I chose Fod I would be choosing to side with the order of 'y2idis and if I chose the . The order of 5inoseum had already ta"en me in with their version of the truth and it seemed so right yet I had grown up and spent most of my life believing and being told that the . he #ust smiled and watched me as I was in a state of shoc" yet I felt compelled to stand up and do something. I shouted to the devil in a loud roaring voice 0I 1)% 1)& .evil and realised they were not very different from one another at all. I felt li"e my decision was only to satisfy that moment in time as I did not want to anger my inner child and to let Fod down in front of his greatest adversary. I started to thin" bac" to the time when I met William on )odney 6treet and realised that he too had encountered such and his chosen method of burial was #ust a way for him to disguise and protect him from the fact that he lost out to the . 0Why now+ What do you want+1 The . The devil did not leave. 5ost stories that tell their story seem to have an e2aggerated notion of binary opposition that emphasises that the devil and god are the ultimate binary opposites that represent universal division between things but when I loo"ed at them they #ust loo"ed li"e part of one being. I chose Fod. I loo"ed left at Fod and then loo"ed right at the . I #ust thought to myself if I am going to ma"e a decision then It was better that I based it on what my life has been shaped by.evil I would be pledging allegiance to the order of 5inoseum.

!rite to the author" *eil &huma Hnit BA. =o2 E:?. 1)' 1)( . 5erseyside. I wo"e up in the morning with my pillow covered in sweat. /iverpool.The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum Neil Chuma denounce you as my leader and I pledge allegiance to Fod 1 The devil formed a vorte2 around my feet that began to pull everything in and vanished as Fod stuc" him into the ether. my home. What a strange dream. I loo"ed at Fod and #ust before I could say a word he vanished and it felt li"e everything was bac" to normal. 0Ah it was the heating 1 I had forgotten to turn off the heating last night. I decided I%d go and see some friends and try to reconnect myself bac" into the so called 7normal society% and see what "ind of mental therapy I could get before ma"ing a decision. I thought the best idea was to loo" for someone who is not connected to any order……I chose to stay on earth. I had to see someone about all that was ta"ing place in my life. Imperial &ourt.. /E :A= #mail" elitePtradersQroc"etmail. her beautiful face……. my realm. it had been a while since I saw Copyright © 2013 Neil Chuma All rights reserve .com I was not sure I was going bac" to my door opening days anytime soon yet part of me wanted to ma"e off and visit 4anet. (2change street (ast. I felt li"e the dream I had was so disturbing.

The Devil’s Secret Form: Volume 1: Diaboli Forma Secretum 1)) .

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