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Nokia Siemens WiMAX Network Design Service

................................ 3 1.......Table of Contents 1 Wimax Network Design Service________________________________________3 1.....................3 Wimax Initial Optimisation.............4 2 © Nokia 2004 !"40 44#$%oc Confi%ential ................................................................. 4 1................................................................1 Wimax High-level Design.............................................................................................................2 Wimax Detailed Design.................................................

s strateg* for -1 base% transmission network an% site sol)tions.s re()irements.1 Wimax High-level Design Network assessment 5 t'e sco+e of network assessment +'ase is to anal*se an% collect all t'e re()ire% information abo)t t'e e&isting ra%io access an% transmission network infrastr)ct)re t'at will be )se% for Wima&$ T'e network is mainl* access transmission network. in or%er to co+e wit' t'e c)stomer e&isting infra an% general +ro6ect re()irements$ -n t'e case of an e&isting network. constr)ction an% maintenance costs$ Nokia Siemens will invest 'eavil* %)ring t'e +lanning an% ac()isition +'ase. t'ese two activities nee% to be re+eate% )ntil a satisfactor* sol)tion is fo)n%$ Wimax topology design 5 to+olog* of t'e network is %esigne%. since it is going to 'eavil* affect for e&am+le to arc'itect)re %esign$ T'e %imensioning is in +arallel wit' a to+olog* %esign$ T'e to+olog* %esign normall* re()ire some %imensioning c'anges.s bran%$ Nokia Siemens also recognises t'at in an increasingl* com+etitive environment cost benefits 'ave to be realise%$ T'e greatest infl)ence in re%)cing total site costs is %)ring t'e ra%io +lanning an% site selection +rocess$ -t is +aramo)nt t'at %)ring site selection. t'e Nokia Siemens sol)tion %escribes t'e network +lanning an% o+timisation +rocess$ T'e %etaile% +lanning service covers t'e Wima& access network 3/AN4. w'ic' incl)%es bot' t'e ra%io interface an% access transmission network$ 1.Wima& Network Design Service Nokia Siemens recognises t'at network ()alit* 'as a strategic im+ortance an% is a wa* to strengt'en t'e c)stomer. 'aving taken into consi%eration /0 coverage. +otential reven)e. t'is means )sing t'e o)t+)t of t'e network assessment to fin% t'e most efficient wa* of re5)sing t'e infrastr)ct)re$ T'is is also t'e +'ase w'ic' %eci%es t'e trans+ort network )tilisation if at all$ 7 © Nokia 2004 !"40 44#$%oc Confi%ential . to ens)re a smoot'. t'e o)t+)t of t'e network assessment an% t'e Wima& s*stem sol)tion c)rrentl* available$ 1artic)larl* im+ortant is t'e c)stomer. t'e o+tim)m site is c'osen. b)t can also be trans+ort network in core networks$ T'is information is nee%e% in t'e s)bse()ent +'ases. base% on t'e o)tcome of t'e network assessment$ -t incl)%es t'e traffic mo%elling an% ca+acit* re()irement +lanning for t'e Wima& ra%io access an% transmission network infrastr)ct)re an% re()ire% network elements alrea%* in e&isting network or new elements$ -t is combination of c)stomer.s b)siness +lans an% growt' forecasts$ T'e main o)tcome of t'is +'ase is a %escri+tion of t'e e&isting infrastr)ct)re$ Wimax network dimensioning 5 %imensioning of t'e network elements nee%e% is +erforme%. efficient an% safe integration of t'e new elements$ All t'is information is t'e weig'te% against o+erator. to ens)re t'e most s)itable an% cost effective site is selecte%$ T'e aim of t'is activit* is to %e+lo* a network t'at combines 'ig' ()alit* wit' minimise% CA12X$ Starting in t'e initial +lanning +'ase.

ke* to earl* reven)e generation$ More refine% o+timisation will take +lace once t'e site is live an% t'ro)g'o)t its lifetime 9loball*.s re()irements are being met$ Detailed access transmission planning 5 as t'e /0 coverage +lan begins to take s'a+e. ac()isition an% im+lementation. availabilit* an% fre()enc* interference in line wit' ()alit* of service %efinitions as %ifferent site o+tions are eval)ate%$ As a res)lt of t'is work a finel* t)ne% +lan is +ro%)ce%$ T'is information will f)rt'er fine t)ne t'e s*stem %esign %oc)ment an% coverage +lanning tool$ All t'e necessar* cit* +lots of re()ire% coverage.2 Wimax Detailed Design Detailed planning 5 t'e sco+e of %etaile% +lanning is to manage an% +lan activities sim)ltaneo)sl*. an% incl)%es coor%ination between +lanning. refinement of t'e access transmission +lan will begin$ -t is im+ortant to commence t'is work at t'e earliest +ossible stage to ens)re t'e most cost effective sol)tion. site s)rve*s of +referre% can%i%ates an% final selection$ T'e ne&t ste+ is to )+%ate t'e /0 %ata in t'e coverage mo%elling an% service +re%iction tool an% +rogress tracking %ata in t'e -MS$ D)ring t'is stage t'ere will be m)c' iteration of ra%io network +erformance calc)lations an% traffic mo%elling to anal*se coverage. as lea% times for microwave links an% lease% lines can %ela* rollo)t$ T'e %imensioning an% nominal +lanning res)lts are +rogresse% into t'e %etaile% +lanning +'ase.TS$ T'e :AC2 +rocess )ses Nokia Siemens NetAct to create site s+ecific %atab)il% for all network elements$ T'is re%)ces t'e nee% for man)al intervention an% makes on5site activities faster an% +arameters error free$ T'is +arameter integrit* can give better network +erformance$ 1. ca+acit*. %etaile% +lans an% %oc)ments will be create% to facilitate transmission network element commissioning an% integration$ Detaile% microwave fre()enc* +lanning will be com+lete% in line wit' /a%io Comm)nications Agenc* g)i%elines$ Detailed Parameter Planning 5 t'is %etaile% +lanning ens)res t'at sites are set5)+ to receive t'e correct initial +arameter set$ T'is +rocess of working to an initial %efa)lt +arameter set allows a site to be bro)g't on air imme%iatel* it is available. site s+ecific +arameters an% antenna config)ration$ Detailed cell planning 5 at t'is stage t'e nominal +lan is %evelo+e% into t'e act)al network +lan$ T'is involves %etaile% vali%ation of t'e i%entifie% site can%i%ates in association wit' t'e ac()isition team.3 Wimax nitial !ptimisation 4 © Nokia 2004 !"40 44#$%oc Confi%ential . to manage t'e tra%e5off 3time8+erformance4 of site selection. an% %etaile% site5s+ecific network +lans for t'e access transmission network are create%$ At t'is stage lease% line re()irements will be %isc)sse% wit' C)stomer$ D)ring t'is stage. o+timal site la*o)t. ca+acit* an% availabilit* will also be +ro%)ce%$ As s)itable can%i%ates are +rogresse% t'ro)g' to integration t'e /0 +lan will be f)rt'er refine% an% eval)ate% to ens)re t'at C)stomer.Designing t'e to+olog* is also a wa* of ens)ring a more effective re5)se of t'e e&isting network 'ar%ware in case of migration$ 1. Nokia Siemens 'as )se% t'e :AC2 +rocess 3:ig'tl* A)tomate% Commissioning 2nvironment4 to o+timise t'e commissioning an% integration of t'e .

t'e sol)tion offers t'e fle&ibilit* an% ca+abilit* to +rovi%e +erformance im+rovement$ -n overview t'e sol)tion incl)%es= fiel% meas)rement s)rve*. taking into acco)nt an* s+ecific C)stomer re()irements Site o+timisation concentrates on eac' in%ivi%)al site an% 'ow it +erforms wit'in t'e s)rro)n%ing cl)ster$ Area verification takes a broa%er a++roac' b* foc)sing on network +erformance over t'e entire area an% begins w'en all site cl)sters in t'e area 'ave been o+timise%$ At t'is stage t'e site +erformance will be assesse% in accor%ance wit' t'e ()alit* of service %efinitions %efine%$ !ptimisation" capacity and #pgrade management 5 Nokia Siemens will )se re+orts base% on t'e C)stomer ()alit* of service re()irements to i%entif* w'ere t'e network nee%s im+rovement or to be )+gra%e%$ An im+ortant consi%eration is t'e lea% time vers)s t'e )+gra%e t*+e i$e$ a ban%wi%t' increase will not re()ire ac()isition involvement b)t an infill site will$ Nokia Siemens will t'erefore manage )+gra%es an% lea% times to ens)re t'at network ()alit* is maintaine%$ T'e Nokia Siemens sol)tion is %imensione% an% str)ct)re% to %eliver a 'ig' ()alit* access network aime% at satisf*ing t'e <1. ra%io o+timisation an% s+ecial investigation w'ic' w'en combine% +rovi%e a rob)st +erformance anal*sis an% o+timisation f)nction$ T'e main tasks an% activities +erforme% incl)%e b)t are not limite% to= > © Nokia 2004 !"40 44#$%oc Confi%ential .nitial optimisation phase 5 t'e sco+e of initial o+timisation is to ens)re goo% network +erformance is ac'ieve% w'en t'e site or cl)ster of sites are integrate% into t'e live network$ -t is +erforme% t'ro)g' %rive meas)rement an% t'e )se of network statistics followe% b* reme%ial action to im+rove +erformance to meet <1-s$ T'is information will be +rovi%e% to C)stomer as +art of t'e site 'an%over +ack$ T'is is ac'ieve% t'ro)g' t'e o+timisation of 'ar%ware an% software +arameters$ T'is is s'own below= !ptimisation 9oo% Network ?)alit* @ Preparation Drive Test Anal*sis $es -m+lement nitial C 'anges !ptimisation Action C orrective No T'e initial o+timisation +rocess incl)%es a +re+aration +' are met$ T'is +re+aration incl)%es= • • Consistenc* c'ecks between site b)il% an% +lanning %oc)mentation an% NetAct %ata Defining %rive test ro)tes. secon% line +erformance fi&. w'ic' is followe% b* an iterative o+timisation +rocess$ T'is contin)es )ntil t'e <1.commitments$ -f t'e b)siness re()ires it.

t'ere is a re()irement to manage t'e ever5c'anging config)ration %atabases ens)ring t'e act)al network config)ration follows t'e %etaile% %esign for bot' t'e /a%io an% Transmission network Per&ormance indicators development ()P * P + 5 t'ese in%icators +rovi%e t'e fo)n%ation of +erformance an% ca+acit* monitoring$ C'anges in tec'nolog* an% feat)re en'ancements re()ire t'eir contin)al %evelo+ment 'overage and inter&erence optimisation 5 )sing network an% %rive %ata i%entif* ra%io +lan s'ortfalls s)c' as res)rgence. 'an%over between cells will re()ire contin)al neig'bo)r +lanning an% )+%ate as an essential to ens)re o+tim)m +erformance /eporting Mont'l* <1. w'ic' carries mobile AB-1.s re()irements$ T'ese re+orts will be backe% )+ b* in %e+t' anal*sis w'ere a++licable an% +rovi%e t'e basis for reg)lar tec'nical review meetings$ # © Nokia 2004 !"40 44#$%oc Confi%ential .acency planning 5 in a WiMa& network.Network monitoring and pro%lem resol#tion 5 network fa)lts t'at im+act en% )ser +erformance nee% %e%icate% foc)s to ens)re t'e time to resol)tion is minimise%$ T'e Nokia Siemens sol)tion incl)%es t'is f)nction as it is an essential +art of o+erational o+timisation Network per&ormance improvement process 5 anal*sis of network statistics an% fiel% s)rve* %ata to i%entif* +erformance im+rovement o++ort)nities 'ontin#o#s network con&ig#ration assessment 5 in an evolving planning 5 fre()enc* +lanning can be a ma6or contrib)tor to t'e ()alit* of t'e ra%io network an% re()ires reg)lar review after e&tensive new site integration or )+gra%e$ 0re()enc* +lanning is t*+icall* +erforme% )sing bot' network %ata an% +lanning tool sim)lations Parameter t#ning 5 t'e %etaile% +arameter %esign sets are reviewe% an% t)ne% as nee%e% to ens)re o+tim)m +erformance$ T'e +arameter t)ning will take into consi%eration feat)re inter working an% network be'avio)r as it mat)res$ Neigh%o#r will be +rovi%e% b* Nokia Siemens covering t'e following ma6or areas= • • • Network evol)tion B+erations C maintenance Network +erformance T'ese re+orts will be +resente% in a %as'boar% t*+e format base% on C)stomer. overw'elming cells an% limite% coverage cells an% o+timise b* c'anges to t'e +'*sical site config)ration . fre()enc* interference.