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A társas kapcsolatokról angolul

1.Szerepek a családban Is the mother’s place in the home? No, I don’t think so. If woman were involved (lefoglalja vmi) only in domestic affairs (há i teend!k), it wo"ld mean their leading separate lives from their h"s#ands. $"t when they too have a jo#, they have more to share (megos t) with their h"s#ands in other ways and can e%pect (elvár) help from them in the home and with the children. &o" can’t deprive (megfos t) a woman of her right to earn her own living, find pleas"re in her work and keep in to"ch (kapcsolatot tart) with real life. 'ho"ld ho"sewives #e paid in the same way as other people are? (here is no way (nincs rá m)d) yo" co"ld pay a ho"sewife now. 'he is doing a#o"t *+ jo#s. ,amilies sho"ld have a woman (#ejár)n!je van) in for some ho"rs every day to do the ho"sework. -ow many jo#s are women responsi#le for? If a woman goes o"t to work (eljár dolgo ni), she is responsi#le for at least three jo#s. 'ome women hold high positions (magas #eos tása van) and are good mothers and ho"sewives at the same time. .an a woman f"lfil (teljes/t) the d"ty (k0teless1g) of a wife, a mother and a career woman? It all depends on the h"s#and’s attit"de (viselked1s). If he shares the responsi#ility of #ringing "p a child and caring for (t0r!dik vele) the family with his wife, which sho"ld ideally happen in every family, women will #e less e%ha"sted and more efficient #oth at work and at home. 2ho wears the tro"sers in yo"r family? 3y mother does as my parents are divorced so decisions are always made #y her. 2hat jo#s are typically the h"s#and’s responsi#ility? 3en are "s"ally good at decorating the flat and repairing ho"sehold devices (há tartási es k0 0k). 4 handyman (e ermester) can fi% a dripping (cs0p0g!) tap, replace a #"rnt5 o"t light #"l#, stick on wallpaper, repair a leaking waterpipe (foly) v/ ve et1k). 2ho can stay at home on child care leave? 4ccording to an act passed some years ago, it is either the mother or the father who can stay at home with the new5#orn #a#y. In practise, however, it is still the mother who goes on maternity leave (s 6let1si s a#adság) for one, two or sometimes three years. Is it worth staying at home "ntil the child is three years old? &es. 7efinitely. (he first few years of a child’s life are cr"cially (l1tfontosság8an) important. (his is the time creating contact #etween parent and child. (here can’t #e anything more important for a mother than attending to (gondo ) a child d"ring the first few years of its life. 2.Férfi-nő kapcsolat 7o yo" think a pren"ptial agreement sho"ld #e signed #etween a man and woman? In my opinion, a pren"ptial agreement r"ins (lerom#ol) the romance of a marriage. It shows that the groom and the #ride don’t tr"st each other and think a#o"t what if something goes wrong. I think marriage is sacred (s ent). It’s when two people agree to live together in good and #ad no matter what will happen. 2hat is yo"r opinion a#o"t pre5arranged marriages? 9re5arranged marriages are very pop"lar in some other c"lt"res, for e%ample in India. It’s when the parents of the co"ple agree on the marriage of their children. I don’t

-owever. It has #een widely practised at vario"s times in many societies thro"gho"t the world. In the >nited 'tates it is also common in some 3ormon comm"nities in >tah. or yo"r wife cannot even prepare the most #asic dish for yo". . $eing faithf"l does not mean too m"ch for yo"ng people. we have to have a clear pict"re a#o"t what the two words derive from (ered). It is very diffic"lt to make ends meet (kij0n a fi et1s1#!l) witho"t the s"pport of the whole family. (hat is the time when yo" get familiar with yo"r girl or #oyfriend. &o" have time to decide whether she:he is the person yo" can imagine yo"r whole life yo" imagine having more spo"ses? I don’t think I co"ld live with more than one spo"se at the same time. I #elieve it’s very important to get to know and coha#it (egy6tt 1l) with the person yo" want to esta#lish a family with. yo" have no chance to decide a#o"t it and it can also happen that a very yo"ng girl is given to an elderly man. (his is the only way yo" can get familiar with yo"r spo"se’s ha#its. 9eople might think that it is normal as they see it on television all the time. 2hat do yo" know of polygamy and polyandry? In order to make j"dgements (/t1let) a#o"t polygamy (t0##nej=s1g) and polyandry (t0##f1rj=s1g). ad"ltery (há asságt0r1s) is a very common iss"e in o"r world. (he advantage of an early marriage is that the generation gap #etween the parents and the children wo"ld #e not so large. 4s far as the h"s#and is concerned (1rdekelt). Is coha#iting #efore marriage important? I firmly #elieve that people sho"ld not get married witho"t living together for at least a year. let them #e good or #ad. 9olygamy may also prove (#i ony"l) attractive to women #eca"se it provides a role for women in societies in which there is no accepted social role ascri#ed (t"lajdon/t) to "nmarried women@ and it means shared child5 rearing (gyereknevel1s) and domestic la#o"r (há im"nka). -owever. polygamy is an attractive form of marriage for several reasons? it means greate economic contri#"tions (ho ájár"lás) from the wives to the ho"sehold income@ it provides increased se%"al availa#ility and companionship@ and it attracts greater social stat"s and prestige to #e a#le to afford to look after more than one wife. 2hat can #e the pros and cons of getting married at an early age? I #elieve that getting married early is not very fashiona#le nowadays. a lot of people have partners or mistresses (s eret!) who they cheat on their spo"se with. 4ltho"gh laws prohi#it (megtilt) polygamy. (he period of co"rtship ("dvarlás) #efore one gets married is vital (alapvet!). (hey think that they sho"ld enjoy life "ntil they can and it is eno"gh to find a f"t"re h"s#and or wife at the age of <+. In a pre5arranged marriage.think that I wo"ld #e a#le to live with someone who is not chosen #y me. which wo"ld pro#a#ly not happen "nder normal circ"mstances. It can #e . . 4ll they want is se%"al satisfaction and not a normal relationship."ite shocking to realise after the honeymoon that yo"r h"s#and snores and his feet smell. 9olygamy is a form of marriage in which a man has more than one wife at the same time. I think that coha#itation red"ces the risks of a #ad marriage and this way the n"m#er of divorces will also decrease. It can have several advantages and disadvantages. tho"sands of people practise it. these people are not mat"re eno"gh to #ring "p children and to provide them with the necessary financial #ackgro"nd. &o"ng people want to go on to higher ed"cation instead of starting a family. most early marriages ends in divorce. >nfort"nately. and it is still common (gyakori) in 3"slim co"ntries and in some parts of 4frica where it is legal "nder Islamic law. In most cases.

2omen wanted to avoid remaining spinsters (hajadon) and they tho"ght it was a shame if no one choose them. (hey need someone they can rely on. 4lso. an ideal period can #e after grad"ating from higher ed"cation.Munkahelyi kapcsolatrendszerek I can’t speak a#o"t this topic #eca"se I have never worked yet. It was o#vio"s (nyilvánval)) that two people from different levels of society do not match each other. as more and more people go to "niversity. It was . If it happened. 2hat was the sit"ation a h"ndred years ago? Aven in the middle of the twentieth cent"ry. (oday it is a trend among yo"ng women to choose a man who has already achieved something in life. (hey #elieve that having a child is a #"rden (teher) on them. it is almost impossi#le for one person to earn the money for the whole family. . Nowadays. It was considered a#normal if a girl who was over B+ was still single. 4nother important factor was the social stat"s of the yo"ng. whether yo" are ready to s"pport a family or not is the most important . his:her mat"rity and way of thinking. yo"ng men were sometimes disinherited (kitagadták) #y their fathers if they dared (mer1s elt) to marry someone inferior (als)##rend=) to their ranks (rang). plenty of iss"es to consider (fontol)ra ves ) when fo"nding a family? 4re yo" ready for a serio"s relationship or do yo" want to enjoy life a little more? 3ost people wo"ld say that enjoying life a #it is a good choice."ite rare for people with different #ackgro"nds to get married.2hat is the ideal age to start a family? I don’t think that there is an ideal age to start a family."estion to answer. well5paid jo#. It depends on the person. however. (here are. someone who wo"ld #e faithf"l and a caring h"s#and. there were "s"ally family fe"ds (családi vis ály). 4nother iss"e is the age difference #etween the h"s#and and the wife. &o"ng co"ples str"ggled (igyeke ett) together to make end meet and to #ring "p their children. If yo" don’t have a good. 3. In every workplace there are a #oss and the s"#altern who have to o#ey the #oss and comply with the dateline. most people got married right after high school.