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Building Emergency Evacuation Plan Guidance Document

Revised: Novem er !"#$1 Occupational and Environmental Safety %&e attac&ed plan can e used y 'uilding (oordinators to develop t&eir emergency plans for t&eir 'uildings) Eac& 1) !) 0) uilding (oordinator s&ould revie* t&eir emergency plan on an annual asis to ensure: %&e plan is accurate# Emergency E+uipment ,fire e-tinguis&ers# .larm panels# etc)/ function properly and Evacuation 1onitors and uilding occupants are trained in t&e plan and proper emergency response)

%&e 2uidance document is in 3OR4 format so t&at one can 5cut and paste6 in order to 5fill in t&e lan7s)6 .ny 8uestions# please contact Occupational Safety and 9ealt&)

a) 'asement =loor i) 4oor near East Stair*ay ..t&ese are e-it doors t&at you typically see in 1a>or 1erc&andi?ing stores t&at sound an alarm *&en someone e-its) Only ma7e note of doors it if you &ave in your uilding) 4.describe and list components of emergency system including alarm pull stations. “near door to stairway (outside room 152)” ii....LSU-Occupational and Environmental Safety- Page ! of 6 Emergency Response Plan ...directly connected to t&e alarm control panel *&ic& sounds t&e uilding<s alarms and also activates t&e alarm panel at t&e LSU police department/ (starting with bottom floor and working up...ctivate y pulling t&e pin# aiming t&e no??le# s+uee?ing t&e &andle to disc&arge t&e e-tinguis&ing agent) . describe exit doorways from the building) 'elo*# are t&e e-it door*ays from t&e uilding to t&e outside) %&ese e-it door*ays must e 7ept clear at all times and uno structed) "ever use an elevator i# t!e alarm sounds...ctivate y ..... pull down handle”) ) 'asement locations i..location/ in t&e event of fire or ot&er internal emergency) System Components: includes alarm pull stations# alarms# alarm doors and fire e-tinguis&ers as descri ed elo*: .. Alarms (Describe alarm sound and location of alarms) a) 'asement locations ) =irst =loor Locations c) Second =loor Locations d) %&ird =loor Locations 0) Alarm Doors ... fire extinguishers. Fire E tinguis!ers (starting with bottom floor and working up...... describe locations) a) . alarm locations. describe locations and describe type of extinguishers) a) . alarming exit doors. (describe activation ex: “lift at t&e ase of t&e fire and s*eep from side to side) ) 'asement Locations: 4escription 1) Outside of room 1@! 4ry (&emical !) :nside of room 1@! 4ry (&emical 56 56 c) =irst floor Locations d) Second =loor Locations e) %&ird =loor Locations @) E its:(starting with the bottom floor and working up. emergency exits) 1) Alarm Pull stations ....2uidance 4ocument/ Purpose: %&e :nternal emergency response plan is designed to facilitate t&e safe evacuation of all occupants from t&e . “east exit door (outside room 125)” c) =irst =loor Locations d) Second =loor Locations e) %&ird =loor Locations 2.

LSU Police/ report name# location# description of emergency# iii) :f trained# use fire e-tinguis&ers to aid in evacuation and to confine t&e area of t&e fire iv) Remove victims in t&e immediate area of t&e fire v) (onfine fire y closing doors and *indo*s in vicinity of fire 2... Sc&ematic dra*ing posted in eac& corridorA&all*ay# *&ic& illustrates t&e floor plan and locations of evacuation pat&s and e-its) B) %t!er special Sa#ety or emergency e&uipment: 7its# stretc&ers# respirators etc/ C) '"uilding #ame” Sta## (esponsi)ilities: :t is t&e responsi ility of eac& staff mem er to 7no* t&e location of alarm pull stations and fire e-tinguis&ers# especially t&ose in &is or &er immediate vicinity) :t is also t&e responsi ility of all staff to 7no* t&eir appropriate evacuation route and assem ly location) . .. and is the basic means to communicate to the public safe routes of exit) ...rea Ste*ards# *ill supervise t&e evacuation of t&e uilding) ) %&e .Suc& as first . Evacuation Procedures: ....'uilding coordinator normally/# or &is or &er designee) 4rills are necessary to train and prepare uilding occupants for safe evacuation s&ould an internal emergency occur) All #ire alarms s!ould )e treated as 'real+ and proper evacuation conducted...rea Ste*ards *ill assist in ensuring evacuation and report to t&e 'uilding (oordinator any persons missing or unaccounted for) c) Re-entry into t&e uilding after a fire s&all only e upon aut&ori?ation y t&e LSU Police or (ampus Safety 4epartment) (NOTE: The number of rea !tewards is determined by the "ui#din$ %oordinator and is de&endent u&on the number of f#oors' %orridors' or de&artments within a bui#din$....) Person discovering a #ire: a) Recruit assistance from persons in vicinity if possi le to: i) Pull =ire alarms at nearest o-) %&ese alarms *ill automatically sound alarms t&roug&out t&e uilding) ii) (all "11 .rea Ste*ards *ill revie* and discuss t&is plan *it& staff associated *it& &is or &er assigned area periodically) ") *nternal Emergency Drills: Evacuation drills are conducted under t&e supervision of t&e .... Supervision during t!e Emergency: a) %&e 'uilding (oordinator or &is designee# assisted y t&e .LSU-Occupational and Environmental Safety- Page 0 of 6 ii) 4oor near 3est Stair*ay ) =irst =loor c) Second =loor d) %&ird =loor 6) Evacuation Floor Plan$ (an example is attached !his is an essential part of the plan......

s/ presumed to e in t&e uilding to LSU Police# (ampus safety# or =ire 4epartment) g) Remain in assem ly area until receiving instructions from 'uilding coordinator or LSU Police or (ampus Safety to re-enter uilding) &) :f . "E..rea Ste*ard e a sent) >) %rain personnel and staff *it&in assigned area in t&is procedure) Evacuation: /E4E.-!T .E( /SE E0E. .-T! N/ T+E-0 /E!-1N TE/ !!E2".O(.lternates to aid in clearing rooms# including restrooms# of assigned area) :f possi le# s&ut off air &andling units in assigned area) ) (lose smo7e earing doors in assigned area) c) 4irect persons to assigned e-its and assem ly areas) d) Eerify assigned area is evacuated) e) (&ec7 all persons in assem ly area and identify missing persons) f) Report missing person.ssem ly areas are determined y t&e e-it location of t&e uilding: E5*1 ASSE3B04 A(EA (est exit (est bi%y%#e ra%) East Exit East *uad sidewa#) by +i## #ibrary (. 7.ll uilding occupants *ill e-it t&e uilding upon announcement y t&e .rea Ste*ard) f) .ssem ly area ecomes unsafe# relocate as a group to anot&er assem ly area) i) Select a staff mem er in same location to serve as ac7 up s&ould .A1%( D/(*"G A F*(E %( %12E( E3E(GE"C4.O5 E4 67 T-ON N/ 0E !TE( 0/ !!-1N2ENT 6+ 0T ! NOTE/ "E. All Personnel: a) .ssist all in>ured or disa led persons from t&e uilding) e) Report to t&e appropriate assem ly area) :f designated assem ly area is involved *it& smo7e# report to one of t&e ot&er designated assem ly areas) Remain *it& and listen to instructions from t&e .rea Ste*ards or sounding of t&e fire alarm) ). E.3 0E !) D) Area Ste6ards responsi)ilities: a) :dentify . c) (lose doors# corridor smo7e arrier doors# and *indo*s in t&e vicinity) S&ut off potentially dangerous e+uipment# reactions or e-periments in t&e *or7 area) d) .LSU-Occupational and Environmental Safety- Page D of 6 -.

lt) Foe 9itt &ohn 'oldman .lt: :) 'eltum (%%3S E5*1 ASSE3B04 A(EA East bi%y%#e ra%) BASE3E"1 881'882'889 et% Exit Northeast 885'88:'88. Exit !outheast 2%/ona#ds First #loor .LSU-Occupational and Environmental Safety- Page @ of 6 F0%%( A(EA S1E8A(D $at %est .

4 .(9 =LOOR 3:%9 EE..9 .9: Gou are 9ere E it sout!east .. .9= restrooms E it Sout!$ 6est ...2 .LSU-Occupational and Environmental Safety-4R.. C.=% AvarA***AappsAconversionAtmpAscratc&.9< .97 .. (estrooms E it "ort!east . :$299.92 . =LOORPL.9..N POS%E4 ON E.7 .(U.6A1"CD$0"0")doc Page 6 of 6 NEE4 %O 9.9. *# Building Alarm Sounds> ta?e t!e #ollo6ing actions: • • • • • • E it Building per attac!ed #loor diagram> Do "ot (un> /se Stairs> Do not use elevators Assist ot!ers as needed Do not re$enter )uilding until t!e 'All Clear+ is given )y Campus Police *# you !ave &uestions contact: Building coordinator$ 8..%:ON ROU%ES NO%E4) E it "ort! 6est . .EE .. Fields e t. .94 Emergency Evacuation Plan$rev 299. :$9922 %r Floor Ste6ard$ @ane Seymour e t.99 ..