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I hereby declare that the work presented in this internship report is a genuine work done originally by me and has not been submitted elsewhere for the award of any degree. All sources of information have been specifically acknowledged by reference to the author(s) or institution(s).

….………………….. Anand Kumar Yadav 20th Dec, 2013




Letter of Approval


Internship certificate


ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS As this report is completely based on my practical experience during my six months training in Hotel Soaltee Crowne Plaza, Tahachal, Kathmandu, Nepal in four major departments of hotel that includes Food Production, Food and Beverage Service, Housekeeping and Front Office First of all I would like to place my sincere gratitude and whole hearted thanks to Soaltee Crowne Plaza Hotels and Resorts, Training Manager and entire management team who thought we are capable for doing this training as well as the staff who have imparted knowledge and skills, advice during my six months training period where I just didn’t felt myself as a trainee but as a member of this hotel. As well as I would also like to thanks my collage Ritz Hospitality Management Collage, Balkumari, Lalitpur-9 for appreciating and selecting the hotel for our internship. It has been a great opportunity to be as a part of Soaltee Crowne Plaza. Through my six month of training, the friendly environment and kindly support that they build around us has made my entire period a very good learning experience which I have gathered here will be a way of success and support in my life. Once again, I would like to thank Hotel Soaltee Crowne Plaza for opening its door to us and our college Ritz Hospitality Management Collage for the guidance in selecting the hotel.

Anand Kumar Yadav 20th Dec, 2013


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Declaration Recommendation Letter of Approval Internship Certificate Acknowledgement 1. Brief Introduction of Nepal 1.1. History of Hotel Industry in Nepal 1.2. Possibilities of Hospitality Industry in Nepal 1.3. Hotels in Nepal: Hotels in Kathmandu 1.4. Tourist Activities in Nepal 1.5. Some Famous Tourist Destination in Nepal 2. Brief Introduction and History of Intercontinental Hotel Group 2.1. Overview 2.2. What are winning ways? 3. Introduction to Soaltee Crowne Plaza 3.1. Brief Information About the Hotel 3.2. Restaurants 3.3. Soaltee Amenities/ Facilities/ Special Features 3.4. Room Configuration Chart 3.5. Dimensions of the Rooms 4. Front Office Department: Introduction 4.1. Hierarchy of the Front Office Department 4.2. Front Office Sections and Functions 4.3. Standard Salutation for Front Office Department 4.4. Reservation Process 4.5. Primary Functions of Front Office Department 4.6. Action Plan of Front Office Department 4.7. Duties and Responsibilities of Front Office 4.8. Arrival and Departure Procedure 4.9. Discount Rates of Soaltee Hotel 5. Housekeeping Department: Introduction 5.1. Areas to be Cleaned and Maintained by Housekeeping Department 5.2. Organizational Chart of Housekeeping Department 5.3. Major functions of Executive Housekeeper

5.4. 20 Steps Sequences 5.5. The Functional Sections of Housekeeping 5.6. Room Supplies and Amenities 5.7. Division of Soaltee Hotel Rooms 5.8. Room details 5.9. Types of Rooms at Soaltee Crowne Plaza 5.10. Cleaning Products used in Housekeeping 6. Food And Beverage (Service) Department: Introduction 6.1. Organizational Chart of F&B Department 6.2. Duties and Responsibilities of F&B Staffs 6.3. F&B Outlets at Soaltee Crowne Plaza 7. Food Production Department: Introduction 7.1. The Various Types of Kitchen at Soaltee Crowne Plaza 7.2. Brief Introduction of LSG Sky Chefs 7.3. LSG Sky Chefs-Kathmandu 7.4. Halal Certification for LSG Sky Chefs Facility in Kathmandu 7.5. LSG Sky Chefs-Kathmandu Customers 7.6. Food Safety Standards at LSG Sky Chefs-Kathmandu 7.7. Food Safety Practice 7.8. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point 7.9. Responsibilities of Quality Manager at LSG Sky Chefs-Kathmandu Conclusion

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LIST OF TABLES Page No. Table 1: Brief Information about the Hotel Table 2 Himalayan Wing room chart Table 3: Princep Wing room chart Table 4: Regal suites room chart Table 5: Discount rates of soaltee crowne plaza Table 6: Cleaning and maintenance areas Table 7: Himalayan Wing room details Table 8: Princep Wing room details Table 9: Regal suites room details Table 10: Banquet hall details Table 11: Banquet setup details 14 20 21 21 30 32 41 41 42 56 57

LIST OF FIGURES Figure 1: Bass red triangle logo Figure 2: Hierarchy of the Front Office Department Figure 3: Organizational Chart of Housekeeping Department Figure 4: Organizational Chart of F&B Service Department Figure 5: Flow chart of a flight kitchen 5 23 32 46 65


ACRONYMS AND ABBREVIATIONS IHG: Intercontinental Hotel Group SPHC: Southern Pacific Hotels Group HPT: Hospitality Properties Trust ANP: All Nippon Airways F&B: Food and Beverage LSG: Lufthansa Service Holding AG HCS: Halal Certification Services GQS: Global Quality System FSP: Food Safety Practices HACCP: Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points GMP: Good Manufacturing Practice CMCP: Critical Manufacturing Control Point CCP: Critical Control Points