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12/28/2013 10 simple principles on managing seminars | Trilok Kumar Jain TKJAIN’S

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AN A!A$#%I!IAN&S '(I$# T) %ANA'IN' S#%INA S* !)N+# #N!#S* !)N,#NTI)NS* S-%P)SI(%S AN$ .) KS/)PS
10 simple principles on managing seminars
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Trilok Kumar Jain
Pro8essor an9 :ri2er o8 %anagemen2* #n2repreneurs;ip an9 Spiri2uali21 Jain<2k=gmail<com %o>ile 6 ?@1@@30AB3
For whom: Teachers, Scholars, Faculty members, Writers, Social workers who wish to organise seminars and workshops for knowledge dissemination.

About the author: T;e au2;or ;as e3perience o8 orgainsing an9 managing ;un9re9s o8 seminars* con8erences* :orks;ops* pla1s* puppe2 s;o:s* %$Ps* specialise9 2alk s;o:s e2c< T;e au2;or :as par2 o8 2;e organising 2eam :;en Tom Al2er’s pla1s :ere organise9 in 5ikaner Corganise9 >1 2;e ADi2 +oun9a2ion 8or Social $eEelopmen2F< T;e au2;or :as 2;e par2 o8 2;e organising 2eam o8 a series o8 seminars >1 'an9;i esearc; +oun9a2ion in 5ikaner< T;e au2;or :as 2;e organising c;air 9uring !3. 2012 an9 2013 C!3. s2an9s 8or !onEen2ion on !lima2e !;ange an9 .a2er !risis* :;ic; a22rac2e9 oEer 1B0 enEironmen2alis2s* N') represen2a2iEes* !orpora2es an9 ac2iEis2sF< T;e au2;or >elieEes 2;a2 2;ere s;oul9 >e con2inui21 o8 seminars< T;e con2inui21 o8 seminars :ill ena>le success in 2;e seminars an9 people :ill remem>er an9 :ai2 8or 2;e seminar C8or e3ample* !3. is organise9 eEer1 1ear an9 2;ere8ore people :ai2 8or i2F<

10 simple principles on managing seminars

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tk ain!s "# principles series: About tk ain$s "# %rinciple Series As an au2;or o8 managemen2* I ;aEe :ri22en e7>ooks on 10 principles G :;ic; are simple* eas1 2o remem>er* eas1 2o un9ers2an9 an9 can re8lec2 2;e mos2 impor2an2 aspec2s< T;ese e7>ooks are 8reel1 aEaila>le on in2erne2< Some o8 2;ese are as un9er 6 7 #n2repreneurs’ gui9e 2o %anaging /uman esource
Time %anagemen2 Pro>lem SolEing an9 $ecision %aking Tec;niHues 8or A9minis2ra2ors Strategic &ecision 'aking &igital 'arketing and Webpreneurship (dupreneur$s )uide Administration to Academic (*cellence and (ducational

tk ain!s "# principles for managing seminars, conferences, symposia, con+entions, workshops, street plays: -

1. s2u9en2 organising 2eam 2. sponsors;ip 3. s2a1 arrangemen2s* logis2ics* recep2ions an9 oEerall ;ospi2ali21 arrangemen2s 4. online marke2ing 8or regis2ra2ions 5. glo>alisa2ion

10 simple principles on managing seminars

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6. session planning 7. pu>lica2ions 8. amaIing re:ar9s >ase9 on researc; paper per8ormance* presen2a2ion*
par2icipa2ion an9 in2erac2ions

9. concre2e resul2s 10. en2er2ainmen2* e3;i>i2ions* 8ilms* sig;2 seeing* ne2:orking an9 o2;er
a22rac2ions 5rie8 9escrip2ions o8 all 2;ese is 9iscusse9 as un9er 6 7

11. s2u9en2 organising 2eam 6 T;ere s;oul9 >e a s2rong s2u9en2s

organising 2eam< T;e s2u9en2s learn a lo2 >1 organising 2;ese eEen2s< In !3. 2013* :e ;a9 a 8our s2u9en2 2eam* :;ic; con2inuousl1 :orke9 an9 9i9n2 sleep 8or A2 ;ours non7 s2op an9 9i9 an amaIing :ork o8 ;ospi2ali21 2o 1B0J 9elega2es un9er 2;e gui9ance o8 one senior 8acul21 C:;o :as !#) o8 2;e conEen2ionF< T;ese 8our s2u9en2s 9i9n2 sa1 2;a2 2;e1 :ere 2ire9* ra2;er 2;e1 sai9 2;a2 2;e1 :ere ;ig;l1 sa2is8ie9 as 2;e1 learne9 a lo2 in managing 2;e ;ospi2ali21 Clogis2ics* s2a1 arrangemen2s* ;ospi2ali21 e2c<F< T;ese 8our s2u9en2s ;aEe gro:n in 2;eir ma2uri21* personali21 an9 presen2a2ion >1 2;e orginsing an eEen2< 2;e s2u9en2 organising 2eam s;ol9 ;aEe lo2 o8 9iscussions an9 lo2 o8 9e>a2es regar9ing ;o: 2o orgnise i2* 2;is :ill ;elp 2;em in 2;eir o:n 9eEelopmen2< T;e organising 2eam s;oul9 >e prepare9 2o spen9 sleepless nig;2s 8or ensuring success in

10 simple principles on managing seminars

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2;e eEen2<
12. sponsors;ip 6 T;ere s;oul9 >e a core group 8or securing

sponsors;ip o8 2;e eEen2< T;e core commi22e o8 2;e sponsors;ip s;oul9 use emails an9 con2ac2 ('!* AI!T#* I!SS * +or2une K00 companies* local companies Ccompanies o8 neig;>ouring regionF* In2erna2ional 8un9ing agencies like (N$P* #!* e2c an9 s;oul9 also con2ac2 goEernmen2 9epar2men2s like %inis2ries e2c< A Eer1 responsi>le person s;oul9 >e a par2 o8 2;is commi22ee< All 2;e me9ium / large companies an9 organisa2ions 8rom 2;e neig;>ouring region s;oul9 >e inEi2e9 2o >e sponsor o8 some or o2;er eEen2< %e9ia par2ners;ip is Eer1 impor2an2< )ne ne:spaper s;oul9 >e 2;e me9ia par2ner 8rom 2;e >eginning 2o ;ig;lig;2 2;e progress an9 proper pu>lici21 s;oul9 >e 2;ere 8or 10 mon2;s 8or success< InEi2a2ion commi22ee s;oul9 :ork in close associa2ion :i2; sponsors;ip commi22ee as man1 sponsors :ill >e reHues2e9 2o sen9 some nominees 8or 2;e seminar<
13. s2a1

arrangemen2s* logis2ics* recep2ions an9 oEerall ;ospi2ali21 arrangemen2s 6 7 In !3. 2013* :i2; 1K0 9elega2es* our ;ospi2ali21 2eam ;a9 sleepless nig;2s 8or A2 ;ours< T;e ;o2els s;oul9 >e >ooke9 in a9Eance an9 logis2ics* ;ospi2ali21 an9 arrangemen2s s;oul9 >e ou2source9 2;roug; some eEen2 managemen2 compan1< T;e 9elega2es s;oul9 kno: in a9Eance a>ou2 2;e name o8 ;o2el* 2;e a99ress o8 2;e ;o2el* 2;e con2ac2 persons* 2;e appro3ima2e 9is2ance 8rom ail:a1 S2a2ion / Airpor2 2o 2;e ;o2el an9 2o 2;e (niEersi21 so
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10 simple principles on managing seminars

2;a2 2;e1 ma1 ;ire 2a3is an9 reac; on 2;eir o:n C2;e1 s;oul9 >e proEi9e9 9e2aile9 map s;o:ing 2;e Eenue* 2;e ;o2el* 2;e impor2an2 loca2ions :i2; ;elp line num>ersF< All 2;e 9elega2es s;oul9 >e proEi9e9 :i2; ample 8oo9 coupons so 2;a2 2;e1 can 2ake 2ea* >reak8as2* lunc; an9 9inner as per 2;eir c;oice 8rom 2;e +oo9 #3;i>i2ion / +oo9 !oun2ers< T;ere s;oul9 >e large num>er o8 8oo9 s;ops / coun2ers :i2; Earie2ies o8 8oo9 an9 2;e 9elega2es s;oul9 ;aEe ample c;oice 8or 2;e 8oo9 C2;e1 s;oul9 ;aEe coupons :;ic; 2;e1 can use in an1 coun2erF<
14. online marke2ing 8or regis2ra2ions 6 I2 s;oul9 >e s2ar2e9 18

mon2;s >e8ore 2;e eEen2< T;e con8erence s;oul9 >e properl1 pu>licise9 2;roug; online marke2ing using Earious :e>si2es like :::<!on8erencealer2s<com e2c< so 2;a2 sc;olars an9 researc;ers can come 2o kno: a>ou2 i2 :ell in a9Eance< $o pos2 1our seminar’s ;omepage on :e>si2es like :::<linke9in<com* :::<2:i22er<com* :::<8ace>ook<com <T;e regis2ra2ion 8ees s;oul9 >e 9i88eren2 8or 2;e 8ollo:ing ca2egories 6 7 a< !orpora2e $elega2es >< InEi2e9 Par2icipan2s c< Aca9emicians 9< esearc; Sc;olars* 8< N') represen2a2iEes g< S2u9en2s 8rom Sc;ools ;< S2u9en2s 8rom !olleges /(niEersi2ies< +ollo:ing s;oul9 no2 ;aEe 2o pa1 an1 regis2ra2ion 8ees 6 7 a< InEi2e9 speakers >< InEi2e9 9elega2es c< InEi2e9 innoEa2ors 9< InEi2e9 ,,IPs e< InEi2e9 social ac2iEis2s* :ri2ers* Dournalis2s* me9ia represen2a2iEes* 8ilm makers* 9rama2is2s an9 ar2is2s< I recommen9 2o use 2;e 8ollo:ing :e>si2e 8or s2ar2ing regis2ra2ion panel 8or 2;e seminar6 7 ;22p6//cm2<researc;<microso82<com/cm2/
15. glo>alisa2ion 6 In 2o9a1&s 2ime eEer1 con8erence* seminar*

:orks;op s;oul9 >e glo>alise9< Par2ners;ip :i2; 8oreign uniEersi2ies* e9uca2ional an9 researc; ins2i2u2ions :ill improEe 2;e Huali21 o8 2;e seminar procee9ings<

10 simple principles on managing seminars

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16. InEi2a2ions 8or sessions* e3;i>i2ions an9 eEen2 planning6 7

Along :i2; a seminar* 8ollo:ing e3;i>i2ions s;oul9 >e organise9 6 a #3;i>i2ion o8 rela2e9 pro9uc2s/ serEices >< #3;i>i2ion o8 e2;nic 8oo9 / 8oo9 8es2iEal c< #3;i>i2ion o8 la2es2 2ec;nologies/ goE2< 9epar2men2s on rela2e9 2;emes 9< #3;i>i2ion o8 8olk pro9uc2s / local pro9uc2s 8rom 2;a2 region e< #3;i>i2ion o8 ne: 2ra9i2ional pro9uc2s / 8olk pro9uc2s e< S2u9en2s& scien2i8ic proDec2s< T;ese e3;i>i2ions / s;o:s s;oul9 >e open 2o 2;e pu>lic an9 a me9ia par2ner s;oul9 regularl1 giEe in8orma2ion on 2;ese< T;ese s;oul9 >e properl1 pu>licise9 so 2;a2 people ma1 come 2o a22en9 2;ese e3;i>i2ions< !ompanies :ill also >ene8i2 >1 par2icipa2ion in 2;ese eEen2s< An eEen2 managemen2 compan1 ma1 >e ;ire9 8or ;elping in success in 2;ese ac2iEi2ies<
17. pu>lica2ions 6

7 2;e procee9ings o8 eac; session s;oul9 >e pu>lis;e9 imme9ia2el1 on 1ou2u>e / :e>pos2s / :e>inar 8orma2 so 2;a2 2;ese are liEe ins2an2l1 an9 :a2c;e9 >1 people 8rom across 2;e glo>e< T;e 2e32s o8 2;e sessions s;oul9 also >e uploa9e9 on 2;e :e>si2e regularl1< In a99i2ion a seminar ne:sle22er s;oul9 >e s2ar2e9 >1 2;e s2u9en2s ;ig;lig;2ing 2;e progress / ac;ieEemen2s / par2icipa2ion< re:ar9s >ase9 on per8ormance* presen2a2ion* par2icipa2ion an9 in2erac2ions 6 7 2;ere s;oul9 >e a22rac2iEe a:ar9s an9 re:ar9s on goo9 presen2a2ion* goo9 con2en2s 7 like 5es2 Paper A:ar9* LuiIes* #nEironmen2 orien2e9 pla1 a:ar9s* 5es2 Presen2a2ion A:ar9* 5es2 InnoEa2ion A:ar9* 5es2 P;o2ograp;1 / !oEerage o8 seminar A:ar9< resul2s an9 s;oul9 ena>le 2;e par2icipan2s 2o go :i2; some grea2 >ene8i2s< T;ese concre2e resul2s coul9 >e in 2;e 8orm o8 accep2ance o8 proDec2s >1 8un9ing agencies / goEernmen2 / >anks or 9eEelopmen2 o8 some co9e o8 con9uc2 C9uring !3.

18. amaIing

19. concre2e resul2s 6 7 #Eer1 seminar s;oul9 resul2 in concre2e

10 simple principles on managing seminars

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2012 :e ;a9 9eEelope9 a co9e o8 con9uc2 a>ou2 !orpora2e Social esponsi>ili21F<
20. en2er2ainmen2* e3;i>i2ions* 8ilms* sig;2 seeing* ne2:orking

an9 o2;er a22rac2ions 6 7 par2icipan2s also :is; 2o par2icipa2e in en2er2aining eEen2s< $uring 2;e !3. 2;ere :ere !rea2iEe !ul2ural Nig;2s* :;ic; :ere e32remel1 like9 >1 2;e par2icipan2s< T;ere s;oul9 >e en2ries 8rom o2;er colleges* sc;ools* ins2i2u2ions* 8ilm makers* pla1 groups an9 ar2is2s 8or cul2ural nig;2s< All 2;e en2er2ainmen2 eEen2s s;oul9 >e 2;eme >ase9 7 an9 2;e 2;eme s;oul9 >e rela2e9 2o 2;e 2;eme o8 2;e seminar< +ea2ure +ilms / Ar2 +ilms on 2;e 2;eme o8 2;e seminar s;oul9 also >e s;o:n< In 2;e mornings 2;ere s;oul9 >e /eri2age :alk :i2; a Eisi2 2o impor2an2 places 8or sig;2 seeing an9 8or apprecia2ing 2;e cul2ural ;eri2age o8 2;e ci21< T;e cur2ain raiser eEen2 s;oul9 >e organise9 in Doin2 colla>ora2ion :i2; all 2;e in9us2r1 associa2ions :i2; inEi2a2ion 2o all impor2an2 persons* lea9ers inclu9ing poli2ical lea9ers so 2;a2 2;e eEen2 giEes an oppor2uni21 2o in2erac2<
Sen9 1our 8ee>ack* 1our commen2s an9 1our suppor2 2o Dain<2k=gmail<com

10 simple principles on managing seminars

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