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Five ways workforce planners can support data-driven decisions


it is still physically impossible to store all of the data that businesses generate. Karen. you may need to train your peers to develop analysis capabilities. The HR Factbook 2011: Benchmarks and Trends in HR Spending. although this area will see growth of 133 percent over the next three years. your work must be you may be regarded by some people in your organization as a bit of a unicorn.000 positions by 2 CedarCrestone 2011-2012 HR Systems Survey. It’s up to you to sift through all the meaningless data to focus on the right data. These enterprises are seeking a clearer view of the pivotal roles within their business — the roles that can create (or destroy) disproportionate business value. So how can you. Simply doing something will put you ahead of the pack. To download. Expect others to not understand what you do and why your role is vitally important. recruitment. To see the future. although this area will see growth of 133 percent over the next three years. To download this report. and Resource Allocations. Today. Bersin & Associates.cedarcrestone. data mining and predictive modeling can offer insight into retention. then get the right answers. But within HR. visit http://www. Even if you have deep analytical talent. 5 Data experts in finance and operations may be able to help. as a workforce manager. business leaders want to believe that the information and the answers already exist within their organizations. shorten the journey to data-driven decision making about talent? 2011. Your job will be as much about teaching them as it will be interpreting for them. Recruiting for these roles will be difficult — McKinsey predicts that demand will exceed supply by 150. The reality is far more complex. just 16 percent of organizations are adopting workforce analytics and planning tools.1 As someone responsible for workforce planning. leadership. 4 Ibid 5 O’ Staffing. 2 You’ll have a significant advantage if your company can make the right recruiting. others around you in HR.S. Library of Congress. Big Data: The Next Frontier for Innovation.php 3 McKinsey Global Institute. and succession moves before your competition.000 times all of the information in the U. visit http://www. development.Best practices: Five ways workforce planners can support data-driven decisions Will the people you need for your future workforce be there when you need them? Smart organizations are already asking this question. Today. Even though we live in a world where it is possible to purchase a disk drive for $600 that can store all of the music in the world. June 2011. 3 Enterprises globally store about 7 exabytes of new data on a disk each year — the equivalent of 28. In the Age of Big Data. and Productivity.bersin. only 16 percent of organizations are adopting workforce analytics and planning tools. You must identify and address gaps created by demographic shifts and skills gaps. 4 You’ll need to help business leaders to develop a baseline understanding of analytical techniques to become effective users of the analytics you produce. Your job is to focus on the right data and deliver relevant insights. visit http://www. Embrace your teaching role. As a workforce manager.aspx?id=14059 2 .pwc. visit http://www. To purchase this report. and analyst roles may not. and productivity.000 to 190. development. To download this paper. 1 PWC 15th Annual Global CEO Survey 2012.

Josh. And. only around 20 percent of CEOs and managers say they get comprehensive data. 6 PWC 7 SuccessFactors Success Story: Greater Baltimore Medical Center. who are ready to partner with you to develop the future of your workforce. Close the information gap. and $9 million in three years. Seamless integration of these functions means they’re more likely to be adopted by your workforce — and more likely to yield results at a far lower cost. 8. 13 Making fact-based decisions that improve short. Filling skills gaps will take on many forms — from moving experienced people from one market to another to moving top performers in emerging markets into developed markets for a short time to build experience. make for an unbeatable combination.9 Part of the reason for this failure is a lack of understanding in HR about how to interpret data. HR leaders surveyed by Bersin & Associates ranked developing workforce analytics as one of the areas in which they felt least capable. For Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC). 12 the SuccessFactors platform can be your secret weapon. You should partner with experience. development. and 10 years into the future. 4. and other workforce initiatives aren’t skills that you develop overnight. Talent must be looked at as a mobile asset as you develop people for the long term. 6 Many businesses already understand where the skills gaps exist. succession. 2012.and long-term recruiting. Give stakeholders what they need. Big Trends in Talent. and 78 percent say they are making direct investments in workforce development. 10 You’ll need to show them the way. Find out what information your leaders really need and deliver it to them. 8 PWC 9 CedarCrestone 10 Bersin. The key is focusing on a select few bellwether metrics. your objectives have a longer time horizon. You’ll need insight from capturing skills and interests in talent profiles. we have more than 30 years of expertise in defining. You are looking three. At SuccessFactors.bersin. five. In most crucial areas for business reports. Most CEOs believe business has a role in upgrading and fostering skills outside their own companies. you must understand the value of having your GBMC’s team made sure to explain the business impact: Vacancy rates fell from 14 percent to 4. but it also comes from our people. and BigData: The Convergence of HR Measurement and BigData Is Here. their solutions to nurse shortages addressed the direct financial cost of reduced patient capacity. and the effect on the quality of care. the shortage of registered nurses (RNs) is well-known in the healthcare industry. Even if you’re not the only decision maker. When you develop solutions for these business problems. Much of this expertise is built directly into the product. and analytics on the same platform.aspx?id=15356 11 CedarCrestone 12 McKinsey 13 PWC 3 . with workforce planning and analytics bolstered with SAP’s HANA in-memory database. Speak the language of business. It isn’t necessary to boil the ocean and analyze all of the talent data available. The gap between what business leaders want and what they get is alarming. integrating. Contact us today. talent management solutions.7 percent in 12 months. learning. Your solutions will be centered less on individuals on a depth chart and more on talent pools of employees who will be developed over time. 11 Recent enhancements to SuccessFactors’ Employee Central. Understand the power of talent mobility. HR Measurement.Best practices: Five ways workforce planners can support data-driven decisions 2. visit http://www. To purchase this report. For example. 7 3. Find out for yourself why no one knows workforce planning like SuccessFactors. which generated more than $4 million the first year. it’s possible to process workforce data in minutes as opposed to days or even weeks. In a world where the need for on-demand information continues to increase and the amount of business data is growing 40 percent each year. combined with its comprehensive suite of industry-leading talent management solutions. Bersin & Associates. Push for a common platform. As a workforce planning manager. 5. you must frame them in the language of the business. and interpreting workforce information and designing workforce plans. When new initiatives reduced RN turnover from 18 percent to 14 percent.

and best practices insights from serving our broad and diverse customer base.500 customers in more than 168 countries using our application suite in 35 languages. team execution. Today.About SuccessFactors. Suite 300 San Mateo. content and analytics. CA 94404. we have more than 3. USA 15 TOLL-FREE    800 809 9920 PHONE    650 645 2000 FAX    650 645 2099 EMEA    +45 33 349 349 APAC    +612 9238 6680 successfactors. we strive to delight our customers by delivering innovative solutions. people performance. With approximately 15 million subscription seats globally. process expertise. an SAP Company SuccessFactors. and learning management solutions to organizations of all sizes across more than 60 industries.. and delivers business alignment. an SAP company. SuccessFactors Global Headquarters 1500 Fashion Island . is the leading provider of cloud-based Business Execution Software.