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“O you who covers himself [with a garment], arise and warn and glorify your Lord.”
(Al-Quran 74:1-3)
Although this verse was directed towards Rasulullah SAW, it has a broader meaning for the
whole ummah.
Through this verse, Allah SWT commands Muslims to awake and defend and spread Islam, by
glorifying Him.
Muslims have been in great slumber for the last few centuries ― since the collapse of the
Islamic empire. The time now has come for us to arise, and proudly hold up the torch of
Islam and spread the Shiar of Islam.
There is a saying in Tamil: “One, who keeps on receiving knocks on his head, is a fool. One,
who keeps on knocking one’s head, is also a fool.”
Muslims during the last few centuries – more so during the last few decades have been
‘knocked on their heads’ continuously, from all quarters – especially the Westerners; and we
have been bearing the knocks with no reaction, although with great reluctance. So,
according to that saying we Muslims are fools, because we don’t retaliate. All those who
keep on ‘knocking the heads’ of Muslims, to keep them under their thumbs, are also fools;
because, they have failed to realise that a time would come, when the oppressed, being no
longer able to bear the ‘knocks’, would one day retaliate and rebel. The classical example of
this is the uprising and revolt and throwing away of tyrannical rulers in some Mid East
countries – Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, etc.
The onslaught on Muslims worldwide is two-pronged:
1. to create hatred and phobia in non-Muslim masses by attributing all actions of
violence to Muslims; and branding them as ‘terrorists’, and ruthless killers.
2. to detach Muslims from their firm adherence to the principles of Islam.
They have concluded after long and intensive surveillance and studies, that the firm
attachment of Muslims to Al-Quran and mosques are the factors that keep the fervour and
spirit of Islam in the hearts and minds of Muslims. So, they have devised to influence and
deviate the minds of Muslims, so that all their thoughts and interests would be deviated from
Islamic thoughts; because of which the Muslims would be only name-sake ‘Muslims’; and
would be no more interested in Islam. The ways they (non-Muslims – especially the
Westerners and Jews) have devised various means which can be classified as ‘5Fs; and 3s’.
The 5Fs are: fashion; fun; films; food; female.
The 3Ss are: sports; songs; sex.
All, especially the Westerners and Jews, have put in all the efforts, and devised very
attractive ways to influence; and, draw the, attention of Muslims. It needs no elaborate
discussion to show how much Muslims are now engrossed in all the 5Fs! Fashions, that keep
on changing almost every day, exert so much influence on Muslims (both men and women) so
much so they spend much of their time to know and learn the various patterns of fashions.
Then, they spend a lot of time in applying the fashions to themselves! Their thoughts are so
engulfed in various fashions, they do not have time to read and understand Al-Quran; or, go
to mosques to pray, and listen to Islamic discourses.
Fun and films have so much attracted the Muslims – especially of the younger generation –
that they eagerly participate in every sort of fun. The influence of fun and sports on Man is
so very great that he forgoes almost all important things, just to watch the sports (e.g.
football and badminton; cricket and hockey matches; etc.) either in the TV; or, go
personally to those places where they are held. Muslims now are no exception! They too

forgo all important duties – prayers at appointed times; familial duties such as looking into
children’s necessities; buying household things; etc.
Films and TV serials are indeed the other devastating and demoralising factor that blunts the
iman (faith), among Muslims. These keep the Muslims so glued to their seats, that they no
more think of going to mosque. Some may prefer to pray at home, just to fulfill their duty in
the shortest time possible; and then spend much of their time in fun and films. The more the
Muslims keep away from mosque and Al-Quran, and spend much of their time in other
activities, the more their faith is eroded. Worldly pleasure takes precedence in their
thoughts. Spirit of Islam is cast aside ― true to what Allah SWT has said in Al-Quran:
“And when they see some merchandise or some amusement [beating of Tambur (drum) etc.]
they disperse headlong to it, and leave you (Muhammad SAW) standing [while delivering
Jumu'ah's religious talk (Khutbah)]. Say "That which Allâh has is better than any amusement
or merchandise! And Allâh is the Best of providers."
And, this is what the opponents of Islam ― the Westerners and Jews ― aim for: detach the
Muslims from their affinity towards Al-Quran and mosques.
“Let not the free disposal (and affluence) of the disbelievers throughout the land deceive
you. A brief enjoyment; then, their ultimate abode is Hell; and worst indeed is that place for
rest.” (Al-Quran 3:196 and 197)
Islam does not discourage nor condemn sports and fun. No! The Sahabah had involved in
simple sports such as archery and horse-riding; but, only at times when they were free –
after completing all other important duties.
The latest in Afghanistan is a classical example of how the Western media spread their false
propaganda of their wicked and cynical plans to victimise the Muslims, in every possible way.
Anything disastrous that happens is attributed to Muslim terrorists! Some 150 young students,
mostly girls, fell critically ill, after consuming water. On investigation, it was found that the
source of their water-supply was poisoned! Immediately, the news flashed in all media saying
that “the Muslim terrorists poisoned the water”! No human in his right frame of mind, would
ever believe this. Why would the Muslims poison their own children? The so-called ‘Muslim
terrorists’ are fighting to free their countries and their children from the aggressors’ heinous
influence, which only bring about destruction of human values and morality; and sanctity of
Islam. The poisoning of the source of water must have been done by the aggressors
themselves; and the blame put on the Muslims – hoping to create hatred of people against
the Muslim fighters.
The Muslims are only fighting to drive away the Westerners from their soil; thereby
safeguarding their country from being plundered of its wealth; and also safeguarding their
people from the detrimental influence of the Westerners, which only brings about
destruction of their noble culture and their Islamic way of life.
The accusation of ‘poisoning the source of water for the school children’ is a clear example
of planning and execution of their false propaganda; and put all the blame on Muslims to
create disgust and phobia among world society against Muslims. All acts of terrorism that
occurs in any part of the world, are immediately attributed to Muslims.
For example, all ‘acts of terrorism’ which occurred in India were immediately attributed to
Muslims, by all media in India and the world. However, after many years, now it has come to
light that they were all the work of the Hindu extremists, whose sole aim is to create hatred
among Indians, and the world, against Muslims; and marginalise the Muslims in every aspect.

Most unfortunately, the high-ranking police officer, who exposed the plot and execution by
the Hindu extremists was killed, to cover up all the proofs.
All ‘acts of terrorism’ that occur in Afghanistan and Iraq, are actually well-planned atrocities
carried out by Western forces, after which Muslims are blamed for.
Why are the Westerners so against Islam and Muslims? It is simply, FEAR – FEAR OF ISLAM;
Fear that Muslims would again regain their past glory, when they ruled major portions of the
then ‘civilised world’; and Islam had spread to all corners of the earth – China, India, Africa,
East Asian and Far Eastern countries, Spain and its neighbouring countries.
Now, the Western world with the leadership of America, wants to control the whole world in
the form of neo-colonialism; by which, the leaders of the various countries ‘kneel’ in front of
them and obey to whatever commands they (USA) lay down. The reasons in wanting to
dominate and dictate to others, are simply obvious:
1. To plunder the wealth in those countries – petroleum; minerals; agro-products.
2. To destroy the values and cultures of those countries; and impose and spread their
Western culture and values, which they call as ‘Human Rights’; but which, in fact, are
the cause of total collapse of human values and morality.
Almost all nations in the world have most readily accepted America as their ‘master’, and
their submission and obedience – including some Muslim countries. But, some
Muslims leaders have obstinately rejected the Westerners powerful thrust; and rejected the
Westerners supremacy. And they are: Iraq, Iran, Libya, Afghanistan and Syria.
Iraq and Iran have got the wealth of petrol; Afghanistan has got a rich bed of gold. Also, in
these countries, the Islamic values are protected; and practised in full, and thereby human
values are maximally safeguarded. This caused the Westerners – especially the selfproclaimed ‘policeman of the world’ (USA) – anger and great concern against these Muslim
states. They could not ‘colonise’ these countries! They could not impose their orders! They
could not pollute the minds and ways of life of these staunch Muslims! “Something must be
done to bring these Muslims to their knees!” they roared with anger!
They plotted; schemed; mustered all the other enemies of Islam as their partners; and let
loose all weapons of attack on the Muslim states; and Muslims by:
1. Attack by weapons – to kill as many Muslims as possible;
2. Attack through mass media – to create intense hatred against Islam and Muslims, by
branding them with all sorts of heinous terminology.
To implement their first plan, they devised all sorts of false ‘proofs’ to justify their direct
intervention and attack in Muslim countries – as what happened in Iraq and Afghanistan. To
implement their second plan, they used mass media to the maximum having full control of
information technology within their hands, to tarnish Islam and slander Muslims in all
possible ways.
The sole agenda of the Westerners and Jews is to decimate the Muslims in this world to the
maximum; because, they are actually worried and afraid that very soon Muslims will again
dominate the world; and Islam will regain its past glory. So, they try all their best and use all
means within their capacity — sophisticated weaponry, to kill the Muslims under false
pretexts and destroy Muslim countries; and I.T. media — to spread false accusations and
propaganda against Islam, and Muslims.
To let loose all their very-well-planned conspiracies, they started with Iraq. Under a totally
unfounded lie, that Iraq’s Saddam Hussein was amassing ‘weapons of mass
destruction’(WMD), America with its collaborators, forced the UN to approve stringent

sanctions; because of which about 1.7 million Muslims – mostly children and women – died of
starvation. Not being satisfied with that they went further, again forcing the UN to approve
military aggression; by which nearly another million of Muslims were killed; and the country
was totally destroyed. Their aim was to only to kill Muslims; and so, even dropped bombs on
milk depots, destroying them to devoid food for children, to prevent regeneration of new
generations of Muslims.
After all the devastation had been done, they had ‘the cheek’ to say “After intensive
examination and search of every part of Iraq, there is NO EVIDENCE OF PRODUCTION OF
WMD”, and that “America and its allies had waged war against Iraq on wrong information by
CIA.” So simple as that! After the whole country, with great number of its population, and
with its great treasure of Islamic culture and literature, having been reduced to ashes, they
come out with that most arrogant statement: “No WMD found; the attack was because of
wrong information!”
Still, the Western vultures were not satisfied. They wanted some more Muslims and some
more Muslim countries to be destroyed. Again they plotted with the Israelis, and created the
deceptive story behind the ‘complete collapse of WTC’ in 2001. Would anyone in his right
senses believe that the impact by a couple of airplanes at the top of a skyscraper could
cause the total collapse of the massive structure? Many a time, planes have crashed against
tall buildings. Only a floor, or part of the building, collapsed. Never in history had massive
structure such as WTC ever come down totally. Only concomitant blasts at the base, blowing
away the foundation, can bring about total collapse of huge buildings, like WTC.
And that is exactly what happened then. William Rodriguez, who was at the second floor of
the WTC, and the last man to escape out of the tower after saving many people, has this
say: “The basement of WTC 1 exploded before the plane hit.” But, his statement was
ignored and blotted out by officials. But, another maintenance worker also reported the
And surprisingly, all Israeli workers (about 5000 of them) at WTC did not turn up for work on
that day! Does this not raise great suspicion?
Under this pretext of the attack on WTC, again the Americans with their allies waged war
against Afghanistan, giving the excuse that they are hunting for Osama bin Laden and his AlQaeda network; again completely destroying a Muslim country, Afghanistan, and many
thousands of Muslims.
Now, WHO ARE THE TERORRISTS? Is it the most merciless and ruthless Westerners? Or, the
innocent, poorly armed Muslims?
When Muslims attack the foreign forces with whatever means they have, to free their
country from the aggressors, they are immediately labeled as ‘Muslim terrorists’. When the
Westerners attack the innocent Muslims, who fight to liberate their country, they claim to be
‘attacking terrorists to bring peace in that country!’ The simplest way to bring about peace
is to simply withdraw all foreign forces from the respective countries. Why did Osama bin
Laden fight against the Americans? His only demand was to get the Western forces out of the
Holy Land – Saudi Arabia, which has been defiled by the presence of the Kafirs.
The Western forces that are in foreign soil use all sorts of modern weaponry -– drones;
ballistic missiles; cluster-bombs; and other deadly weapons – to kill as many Muslims as
possible, so that the Muslims will not regain their past glory. Muslims, who do not have such
sophisticated weapons; nor any sort of planes, load cars and lorries with explosives; and
sometimes, tie up explosives on their own bodies, and detonate to attack the infiltrators and
cause as much damage as possible. These liberation fighters are labeled as ‘terrorists’!

It is only with the very firm strength of iman, with fear of Allah (taqwa), and total
adherence to Al-Quran and sunnah, we can defeat the enemies of Islam. They may have the
strongest of weapons and the biggest army. But, all that would be no match to the weapons
of iman, taqwa and total belief in His Power, and His Help. One may wonder, and may not
believe this; but please, look back at Islamic history:
Comparatively small forces with inadequate, outdated weaponry have won against huge
army, fully armed with weapons of that time.
Did not the 313 very poorly armed Muslim soldiers win over their enemy who outnumbered
them 3 times more, and were fully ‘armed to the teeth’ in the Battle of Badr? How did that
happen? Their strong iman and total taqwa to Allah helped them win the battle.
But, in the battle of Hunain, the Muslims taking pride in their strength and arms, thought
they could defeat their enemies easily. But, Allah made them be defeated. The Muslims
warriors did not depend on taqwa; but depended on the strength of their army; and thought
they could defeat their enemies easily. However, to their shock and dismay, Allah made
them lose initially. But, very soon, when the Muslims realised their mistake, and pleaded to
Allah, He granted victory. It is NOT the might of weaponry, or the great number of armed
forces that decide victory in a war. It is the Will and Might of Allah that decides the victory.
“Truly Allâh has given you victory on many battle fields, and on the Day of Hunain (battle)
when you rejoiced at your great number but it availed you naught and the earth, vast as it
is, was straitened for you, then you turned back in flight. Then Allâh did send down His
Sakînah (calmness, tranquillity and reassurance, etc.) on the Messenger (Muhammad SAW),
and on the believers, and sent down forces (angels) which you saw not, and punished the
disbelievers. Such is the recompense of disbelievers.” (Al-Quran 9:25 and 26)
Was not the Persian army, which was the superior power of that time, with its great army of
120,000 soldiers, under its most-renowned general, Rustam, defeated by the Muslim army,
which was comparatively small, and in no way equal in arms, under the great commander,
Saad ibni Abi Waqis, in the Battle of Qaathisyya? What made him win the war? It was the
advice given by Khalifah Umar ibnu al-Khatab to his general, while sending him to the
“Always be God-fearing (taqwa). Always follow the sunnah of Rasulullah. Victory will then
kiss you feet. When confronted with hardships, be patient and plead to Allah for His Help
Even now, did not the Russians –- one of the superpowers in the present world, with all the
very highly sophisticated armory and air force –- fail miserably, and were defeated by
Muslims in Afghanistan, who were very poorly armed; and with no air force at all? So much
so, later they even advised the Americans not to go into Afghanistan! Not heeding the
experienced Russians’ advice, America went in; and now, shamefully retreating. Everyone
knows that almost all of Afghanistan has always been in the control of Taliban, excepting a
few major cities. All American and Nato military generals had openly admitted that they
cannot win this war, though they are superior in every aspect.
Failing miserably in their mission, they now try to pitch hatred and war between Afghanistan
and Pakistan, coming out with all sorts of fake stories –- as usual.
As long as the Afghans very strictly follow the ethics of Islam, no power in the world could
defeat them. Russians failed! Americans and its Nato allied forces, shamefully were also
defeated. However, the Westerners have succeeded in sowing the seed of pleasure among
the Afghans -– the 5Fs: fun, song, dance, etc. (view the picture in New Straits Times, July 2,
2012 – World News)

A few Afghan youngsters are now influenced by Western lifestyle -– rock-band, dance, dress;
etc. These, inevitably would lead to their doom, as the signs now show.
O Muslims! Awake! Enemies of Islam are out there to crush Islam and Muslims. They deploy
all sorts of ways and spin webs of deceit to detract Muslims from their faith and the Quran.
They create all sort of false stories, such as they created against Saddam Hussein and Iraq,
saying that he was amassing W.M.D., just as excuse to take over Iraq and control its oil
fields! After the whole country was devastated; and millions of Muslims were massacred,
they then said that they could find no W.M.D.; and the invasion was due to wrong
information! As simple as that!
Afghanistan too has been reduced to ashes. Enmity between Muslims –- the stooges of
Westerners against the loyal Muslim fighters –- has been successfully created.
The Westerners are extremely happy! They have achieved more than they wanted!
Any action by Muslims against the Westerners to free their nation, is sure to be labeled as
‘terrorism’. Let us counter them immediately through all available media –- internet,
newspapers, magazines, etc. – and expose every act of their terrorism. Every accusation by
them must be retaliated.
Let us detach ourselves from their wicked influence of those 5Fs and 3Ss.
Let us follow the great Muslim leaders of the golden era of Islam, by most happily attaching
ourselves to mosques; and the teachings of Al-Quran and Sunnah.
Let every Muslim be sincerely attached to madrasahs (Islamic religious schools), in some
form or other.
No force, however mighty they may be, can then subjugate us; because the Might of Allah is
greater than any might of Man. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO REGAIN THE GLORY OF THE
Allah says in Al-Quran:
“He it is Who sends Salât (His blessings) on you, and His angels too (ask Allâh to bless and
forgive you), that He may bring you out from darkness (of disbelief and polytheism) into light
(of Belief and Islâmic Monotheism). And He is Ever Most Merciful to the believers.” (33:43)
A community that is always being blessed by Allah SWT can NEVER be defeated, as long as
that community very firmly adheres to his commandments.
Islam does not at all prevent or discourage Muslims to work hard in this world and acquire as
much wealth as possible. In fact, it encourages doing so – only after giving
priority to the thought of Allah SWT and, fulfilling all His commandments:
“O you who believe! Let not your properties or your children divert you from the
remembrance of Allâh. And whosoever does that, then they are the losers.” (63:9)
“O you who believe (Muslims)! When the call is proclaimed for the Salât (prayer) on the day
of Friday (Jumu'ah prayer), come to the remembrance of Allâh [Jumu'ah religious talk
(Khutbah) and Salât (prayer)] and leave off business (and every other thing), that is better
for you if you did but know! Then when the (Jumu'ah) Salât (prayer) is finished, you may
disperse through the land, and seek the Bounty of Allâh (by working, etc.), and remember
Allâh much, that you may be successful.” (62:9&10)
It is the remembrance of Allah that would give success in this world; and the Hereafter, as
the Sahabahs succeeded in ruling this world; and also being assured of Paradise by Allah

It is this attitude that Saidina Ali ibn Abi Talib r.a. advocates in a nutshell:
“Live in this world as if you are going to live forever; (go on working hard, and earn as much
as you can) but, with the thought that you may die tomorrow.” (so that you always think of
Allah SWT, and do good deeds).
Whatever may be the concerted conspiracies of anti-Muslims, the bright star of Islam still
shines ― and would always shine ― brilliantly in the sky.
Thousands of ….
Sa‘ad ibn Abi Waqqas ― who defeated Persian empire;
Tariq bin Ziyad ― who conquered Spain;
Muhammad ibn Kassim ― who at the age of 17, conquered all countries up to India;
Salahuddin al-Ayubi ― who defeated the Christian crusaders and liberated Baitul Muqadis;
…. have already emerged all over the world. And, with each and every Muslim’s cooperation
and participation with them, inshaAllah, the world will very soon glow with the glory of