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Instruction to the tenderers willing to download the tender document for subsequent use of the same for submission

of offer 1) Tenderer may also download the tender document available in website:, for participation of the tender process. The printout of the downloaded tender document from the website shall be taken on A-4 si e paper and the details are to be entered as per the re!uirement of the tender. "t is advisable that the downloaded tender document to be printed throu#h a laser printer. $) This tender document %in full) downloaded alon#with various documents re!uired as per the pre-!ualifications and &eneral 'onditions of 'ontract and other details as per tender is re!uired to be submitted as per the tender conditions duly subscribin# with the (ame of the work, Tender (o., )ue date of submission, *ubmission of tender downloaded from "nternet etc. and the same shall be dropped in the tender bo+ within the due date and time stipulated in the tender ("T. ,) The cost of the tender document is re!uired to be deposited as a separate )) at the time of submission of tender failin# which tender will be liable for re-ection. The )) shall be drawn in favour of .The Accounts /fficer, &u-arat 0efinery., payable at 1adodara. 4) Tenderers are advised to make separate )) for the cost of tender document and 23). 4) Tenderers are advised to download tender document well in advance and submit the tender within the stipulated time. "/'5 shall not be responsible for any delay 6 difficulties 6 inaccessibility of any downloadin# facility for any reason whatsoever. 7) All bidders who download the tender document are advised to visit our website very often for any chan#es or addendums. "t is the bidder.s sole responsibility to access this webpa#e and download any chan#es or addendums to the tender. Any bid received that do not include posted addendums shall be liable for re-ection. 8) The total tender document is to be downloaded for submission of the offer otherwise the document shall be treated incomplete and the offer shall be liable for re-ection. 9) :hile submittin# offer, tenderers shall submit the total downloaded tender document alon#with all addendums 6 corri#endums %if any) duly si#ned and stamped as a token of acceptance. ;) Tenderers please note if any chan#e 6 deletion is made by the Tenderer6contractor in the downloaded document and same is detected at any sta#e even after the award of the tender, full 23) will be forfeited and the contract will be terminated at his 6 their risk and cost. 1<) "t shall be responsibility of the tenderer submittin# the offer to ensure that the tender have been submitted in the formats and as per the terms and conditions prescribed in the tender document available in the website and no chan#e is made therein. "n the event of any doubt re#ardin# the tender terms and conditions 6 formats, the tenderer may seek clarifications from the tender issuin# authority. "n case any tamperin# 6 unauthorised alteration is noticed in the tender submitted by the tenderer from the tender document available on "/'5 website, the said tender shall be summarily re-ected and the owner shall have no liability whatsoever on the matter. =owever, deviation if any proposed by the tenderer may be separately indicated for acceptance or otherwise by /wner. *uch proposed deviation will not be treated as tamperin# for the purpose of application of this clause.

11) Tenderer6s may download tender document at their own risk and cost, for the purpose of perusal as well as for usin# the same as tender document for submittin# the offer. 3aster copy of the tender document is available in the /ffice as mentioned in the tender notice 6 tender document. After award of work an a#reement will be prepared based on the master copy of tender document available in the above mentioned office. "n case, any discrepancy between the tender document downloaded from the internet and the master copy, the latter shall prevail and will be bindin# on the tenderer6s. (o claim on this account will be entertained. 1$) The followin# declaration should be #iven by the tenderer while submittin# the tender : )2'5A0AT"/( a) "6:e have downloaded the tender form from the internet site and "6we have not tampered 6 modified the tender forms in any manner. "n case, if the same is found to be tampered 6 modified, " 6 we understand that my 6 our tender will be summarily re-ected and full earnest money deposit will be forfeited and "6we am6are liable to be banned from doin# business with and6or prosecuted. b) "6we am 6 are submittin# a demand draft (o. >>>>>>>>>>>>>> dated >>>>>>>>>> issued by >>>>>>>>>>>>> for 0s.>>>>>>>>>>> towards the cost of tender document.

*i#nature of tenderer with rubber stamp )ate :