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Selected Promises Of God In Each Book Of The Bible

Old Testament
GENESIS and the promises of God
• • • • • • God made man in his image, in his likeness, and gave him dominion over the earth and all its creatures (1:26-28). God blessed the descendants of them (12:2-"# 18:18). braham, and all !eo!les on earth have been blessed through

$hen %e believe the &ord, he credits it to us as righteousness (1':6). God established his covenant %ith braham and greatl( increased his numbers, so that he became a father of man( nations (1):2, '). *othing is too hard for the &ord (18:1+). God chose braham, ,so that he %ill direct his children and his household after him to kee! the %a( of the &ord b( doing %hat is right and -ust, so that the &ord %ill bring about for braham %hat he has !romised him. (18:1/). 0he 1udge of all the earth %ill al%a(s do right (18:2'). God !romised to bless braham and make his descendants as numerous as the stars in the sk( and as the sand on the seashore. 0hrough his offs!ring, all nations on earth %ould be blessed, because he obe(ed God (22:1)-18).

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EXODUS and the promises of God
• • • • • • • • 0he &ord is the God of braham, the God of 2saac, and the God of 1acob (":6). 0he &ord took the 2sraelites as his o%n !eo!le, became their God, and brought them out from under the (oke of the 3g(!tians (6:)). 0he &ord raised u! 4haraoh to sho% him his !o%er and to cause his name to be !roclaimed in all the earth (/:16). 0he &ord is faithful to his covenant !romises and delivers his !eo!le through his !o%erful right hand (1+-1'). ,$ho among the gods is like (ou, 5 &ord6 $ho is like (ou7ma-estic in holiness, a%esome in glor(, %orking %onders6. (1':11). God brought his !eo!le in and !lanted them on the mountain of his inheritance (1':1)). 0he &ord is our 8anner (1):1'). God !romised that if his !eo!le %ould obe( him full( and kee! his covenant, than out of all nations the( %ould be his treasured !ossession. lthough the %hole earth is his, the( %ould be for him a kingdom of !riests and a hol( nation (1/:'-6). ,9( 4resence %ill go %ith (ou, and 2 %ill give (ou rest. ("":1+). 0he &ord, the &ord, the com!assionate and gracious God, is slo% to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness, maintaining love to thousands, and forgiving %ickedness, rebellion and sin ("+:6-)).

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LE ITI!US and the promises of God
• mong those %ho a!!roach God he %ill sho% himself hol(, and in the sight of all the !eo!le God %ill be honored (1::").
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,2 am the &ord (our God# consecrate (ourselves and be hol(, because 2 am hol(. (11:++). ,;or the life of a creature is in the blood, and 2 have given it to (ou to make atonement for (ourselves on the altar# it is the blood that makes atonement for one<s life. (1):11). ,=ee! m( decrees and la%s, for the man %ho obe(s them %ill live b( them. 2 am the &ord. (18:'). ,>onsecrate (ourselves and be hol(, because 2 am the &ord (our God. =ee! m( decrees and follo% them. 2 am the &ord, %ho makes (ou hol(. (2::)-8). ,?ou are to be hol( to me because 2, the &ord, am hol(, and 2 have set (ou a!art from the nations to b( m( o%n. (2::26). ,2 %ill %alk among (ou and be (our God, and (ou %ill be m( !eo!le. 2 am the &ord (our God, %ho brought (ou out of 3g(!t so that (ou %ould no longer be slaves to the 3g(!tians# 2 broke the bars of (our (oke and enabled (ou to %alk %ith heads held high. (26:12-1").

NU"BE#S and the promises of God
• • • • • ,0he &ord bless (ou and kee! (ou# the &ord make his face shine u!on (ou and be gracious to (ou# the &ord turn his face to%ard (ou and give (ou !eace. (6:2+-26). ,0he &ord ans%ered 9oses, @2s the &ord<s arm too short6 ?ou %ill no% see %hether or not %hat 2 sa( %ill come true for (ou<. (11:2"). 0he &ord is slo% to anger, abounding in love and forgiving sin and rebellion (1+:1)). ,2 am the &ord (our God, %ho brought (ou out of 3g(!t to be (our God. 2 am the &ord (our God. (1':+1). ,God is not a man, that he should lie, nor a son of man, that he should change his mind. Aoes he s!eak and then not act6 Aoes he !romise and not fulfill6. (2":1/).

DEUTE#ONO"$ and the promises of God
• ,0he &ord (our God has increased (our numbers so that toda( (ou are as man( as the stars in the sk(. 9a( the &ord, the God of (our fathers, increase (ou a thousand times and bless (ou as he has !romisedB. (1:1:-11). ,0he &ord (our God, %ho is going before (ou, %ill fight for (ou, as he did for (ou in 3g(!t, before (our ver( e(es, and in the desert. 0here (ou sa% ho% the &ord (our God carried (ou, as a father carries his son, all the %a( (ou %ent until (ou reached this !lace. (1:":-"1). ,0he &ord (our God has blessed (ou in all the %ork of (our hands. Ce has %atched over (our -ourne( through this vast desert. 0hese fort( (ears the &ord (our God has been %ith (ou, and (ou have not lacked an(thing. (2:)). ,Ao not be afraid of them# the &ord (our God himself %ill fight for (ou. (":22). ,5 Dovereign &ord, (ou have begun to sho% to (our servant (our greatness and (our strong hand. ;or %hat god is there in heaven or on earth %ho can do the deeds and might( %orks (ou do6. (":2+). ,$hat other nation is so great as to have their gods near them the %a( the &ord our God is near us %henever %e !ra( to him6. (+:)). ,2f . . . (ou seek the &ord (our God, (ou %ill find him if (ou look for him %ith all (our heart and %ith all (our soul. (+:2/). ,;or the &ord (our God is a merciful God# he %ill not abandon or destro( (ou or forget the covenant %ith (our forefathers, %hich he confirmed to them b( oath. (+:"1). 0he &ord is God# besides him there is no other (+:"', "/). 0he &ord is God# he is the faithful God, kee!ing his covenant of love to a thousand generations of those %ho love him and kee! his commands ():/).
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8e strong and courageous. 0he &ord our God is God in heaven above and on the earth belo% (2:11). $hen s!iritual.0he secret things belong to the &ord our God. (21:+"-+'). but the %icked %ill be silenced in darkness (2:/). and the( took !ossession of it and settled there. . 3ver( !romise has been fulfilled# not one has failed. (1:8). (2:6-8). (2:12). (18:1)-18). God<s righteousness and saving acts are al%a(s life-giving and creative ("-16). Ce raises the !oor from the dust and lifts the need( from the ash hea!# he seats them %ith !rinces and has them inherit a throne of honor.Ao not let this 8ook of the &a% de!art from (our mouth# meditate on it da( and night.alse gods cannot deliver in save us %hen %e are in trouble# it is onl( the &ord %ho can rescue us from the hands of our enemies on ever( side (8:"+# 1::1+). . (2::+). 0he &ord gave them rest on ever( side. and he %ill tell them ever(thing 2 command him. but its c(cles are monotonous# b( contrast. *ot one of their enemies %ithstood them# the &ord handed all their enemies over to them. . but those %ho des!ise me %ill be disdained. #UT& and the promises of God • • • 4ersonal commitment to follo%ing the &ord al%a(s leads to redem!tion and life (1:16-1)). and seEual im!urit( Summer 2005 .0he &ord (our God is the one %ho goes %ith (ou to fight for (ou against (our enemies to give (ou victor(. 0he &ord %ill guard the feet of his saints.4raise be to the &ord.9a( the &ord re!a( (ou for %hat (ou have done.?ou kno% %ith all (our heart and soul that not one of the good !romises the &ord (our God gave (ou has failed. (1:/). (2:":).0he &ord brings death and makes alive# he brings do%n to the grave and raises u!.bible.2 %ill raise u! for them a !ro!het like (ou from among their brothers# 2 %ill !ut m( %ords in his mouth. (+:1+). . Ao not be terrified# do not be discouraged. for the &ord (our God %ill be %ith (ou %herever (ou go. . but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever. . so that (ou ma( be careful to do ever(thing %ritten in it. God<s name and %a(s are be(ond understanding (1":18). the God of 2srael. • • • • (UDGES and the promises of God • • • • Din is not onl( destructive. under %hose %ings (ou have come to take refuge. . 0hen (ou %ill be !ros!erous and successful. (2:2). -ust as he had s%orn to their forefathers.• • • . )I#ST S'"UEL and the promises of God • • . . %ho this da( has not left (ou %ithout a kinsman-redeemer. %OS&U' and the promises of God • . (2/:2/).Do the &ord gave 2srael all the land he had s%orn to give their forefathers. moral. *ot one of all the &ord<s good !romises to the house of 2srael failed# ever( one %as fulfilled. (2":1+). . 9a( (ou be richl( re%arded b( the &ord. • • © The Biblical Studies Foundation (www. the onl( ho!e for a !eo!le is re!entance and return to the %a(s of the &ord ("-16). . 0he &ord sends !overt( and %ealth# he humbles and he eEalts.0hose %ho honor me 2 %ill honor.0here is no one hol( like the &ord# there is no one besides (ou# there is no Fock like our God.

and 2 %ill establish the throne of his kingdom forever.or the sake of his great name the &ord %ill not re-ect his !eo!le. ():2+). but the &ord looks at the heart. (22:"1-"").*othing can hinder the &ord from saving. that he should change his mind. there is no God like (ou in heaven above or on earth belo%7(ou %ho kee! (our covenant of love %ith (our servants %ho continue %holeheartedl( in (our %a(.Ao not turn a%a( after useless idols. he %ill deliver us out of bondage ():"). . and 2 %ill establish his kingdom. . God devises %a(s so that a banished !erson ma( not remain estranged from him (1+:1+). . Ce is a shield for all %ho take refuge in him. so that (ou ma( !ros!er in all (ou do and %herever (ou go. . . 5 Dovereign &ordB 0here is no one like (ou. . (1):+)). (1+:6). 2 %ill be his .Do be strong. . (16:)). sho% (ourself a man. (26:2"). 0he &ord %ill do %hat is good in his sight.or %ho is God besides the &ord6 nd %ho is the Fock eEce!t our God6 2t is God %ho arms me %ith strength and makes m( %a( !erfect. 9a( he turn our Summer 2005 • • © The Biblical Studies Foundation (www. 9an looks at the out%ard a!!earance.Co% great (ou (1::12). %ho %ill come from (our o%n bod(. . as %ritten in the &a% of 9oses. (22:+). ():11-1+). %ho has given rest to his !eo!le 2srael -ust as he !romised.?ou have established (our !eo!le 2srael as (our ver( o%n forever. .0he &ord does not look at the things man looks at. and he %ill give all of (ou into our hands. Ce is the one %ho %ill build a house for m( *ame. . his la%s and reGuirements. (12:21-22). (ou are GodB ?our %ords are trust%orth(. . his %a( is !erfect# the %ord of the &ord is fla%less. and 2 am saved from m( enemies. nor can the( rescue (ou. 9a( the &ord our God be %ith us as he %as %ith our fathers# ma( he never leave or forsake us. %hether b( man( or b( fe%. and (ou. because the( are useless. (2:2-"). and kee! his decrees and commands. . ():28).0he &ord declares to (ou that the &ord himself %ill establish a house for (ou: $hen (our da(s are over and (ou rest %ith (our fathers. God if 2srael. s for God.0he &ord re%ards ever( man for his righteousness and faithfulness. 2t is God alone %ho saves us out of all our calamities and distresses (1::1/). (1':2/). as %e have heard %ith our o%n ears.2 call to the &ord.5 Dovereign &ord. . because the &ord %as !leased to make (ou his o%n. (8:2"). 0he( can do (ou no good. and observe %hat the &ord (our God reGuires: $alk in his %a(s.Ce %ho is the Glor( of 2srael does not lie or change his mind# for he is not a man. .• • • 2f %e return to the &ord %ith all our hearts and rid ourselves of idolatr( and commit ourselves to the &ord and serve him onl(. and he %ill be m( son. • • • • • • • • )I#ST *INGS and the promises of God • . . ():22).?our house and (our kingdom %ill endure forever before me# (our throne %ill be established forever.8e strong and let us fight bravel( for our !eo!le and the cities of our God. • • • • • SE!OND S'"UEL and the promises of God • . 2 %ill raise u! (our offs!ring to succeed (ou. . 5 &ord. %ho is %orth( of !raise. *ot one %ord has failed of all the good !romises he gave through his servant 9oses. and (ou have given this good !romise to (our servant. ():16).4raise be to the &ord. and there is no God but (ou. have become their God. .5 &ord.2t is not b( s%ord or s!ear that the &ord saves# for the battle is the &ord<s.

(28:/).8ut the &ord %as gracious to them and had com!assion and sho%ed concern for them because of his covenant %ith braham. . 2saac and 1acob. .Cave (ou not heard6 &ong ago 2 ordained it. 2 %ill raise u! (our offs!ring to succeed (ou.or all the gods of the nations are idols. . Ce is the one %ho %ill build a house for m( *ame.hearts to him. as %e have heard %ith our o%n ears. (+:1:). and do not %orshi! other gods. . • • • • • • • • © The Biblical Studies Foundation (www. . (22:/-1:). but the &ord made the heavens. and (ou. and 2 %ill give him rest from all his enemies on ever( side. 2 %ill be his father.5nce more a remnant of the house of 1udah %ill take root belo% and bear fruit above.2 declare to (ou that the &ord %ill build a house for (ou.< nd God granted his reGuest. 5 &ord. and 2 %ill establish his kingdom.Give thanks to the &ord. (1):1:-1+). 2 %ill set him over m( house and m( kingdom forever# his throne %ill be established forever. 0he &ord searches ever( heart and understands ever( motive behind the thoughts. (16:1:-12). one of (our o%n sons. (16:2'-2)). . and %e have given (ou onl( %hat comes from (our hand. his miracles. for he is good# his love endures forever. 2n da(s of old 2 !lanned it# no% 2 have brought it to !ass. @5h that (ou %ould bless me and enlarge m( territor(B &et (our hand be %ith me. the &ord %as not %illing to destro( 1udah. &ook to the &ord and his strength# seek his face al%a(s. (8:'6-'8).0here is no one like (ou. have become their God. %orshi! the &ord (our God# it is he %ho %ill deliver (ou from the hand of all (our enemies. D!lendor and ma-est( are before him# strength and -o( in his d%elling !lace. SE!OND *INGS and the promises of God • • • • 0here is no God in all the %orld eEce!t in 2srael (':1'). nd 2 %ill establish the throne of his kingdom over 2srael forever. $hen (our da(s are over and (ou go to be %ith (our fathers.Ao not forget the covenant 2 have made %ith (ou. Ce is the one %ho %ill build a house fore me. (1):"/). (8:1/)... • • • )I#ST !&#ONI!LES and the promises of God • . ?ou made (our !eo!le 2srael (our ver( o%n forever. he %ill be found b( (ou# but if (ou forsake him. . Cis name %ill be Dolomon. (1":2"). and kee! me from harm so that 2 %ill be free from !ain.1abeH cried out to the God of 2srael.3ver(thing comes from (ou. 2 %ill never take m( love a%a( from him. Femember the %onders he has done. 0o this da( he has been un%illing to destro( them or banish them from his !resence. . as 2 took it a%a( from (our !redecessor. . and 2 %ill establish his throne forever.or great is the &ord and most %orth( of !raise# he is to be feared above all gods. (1/:":). (1/:2').bible. and there is no God but (ou. (16:"+). 2f (ou seek him. and 2 %ill grant 2srael !eace and Guiet during his reign. to %alk in all his %a(s and to kee! the commands. 22). (1):2:. and he %ill be m( son. . 5 &ord. . (2/:1+). . 0hose %ho are %ith us are more than those %ho are %ith them (6:16). Father. he %ill re-ect (ou forever.or the sake of his servant Aavid.Glor( in his hol( name# let the hearts of those %ho seek the &ord re-oice. Ce %ill be m( son.8ut (ou %ill have a son %ho %ill be a man of !eace and Summer 2005 . . Ce had !romised to maintain a lam! for Aavid and his descendants forever. and 2 %ill be his father. and the -udgments he !ronounced. decrees and regulations he gave our fathers.

for %ith the &ord our God there is no in-ustice or !artialit( or briber(.Cave faith in the &ord (our God and (ou %ill be u!held# have faith in his !ro!hets and (ou %ill be successful. . • • • • • • • • • • • E+#' and the promises of God • • • . he %ill be found b( (ou. for there is a greater !o%er %ith us than %ith him. . ():1+-16). . and in (our name %e have come against this vast arm(.org) Summer 2005 .5 &ord. but God<s. then %ill 2 hear from heaven and %ill forgive their sin and %ill heal their land. . (2::1'). but if (ou forsake him. (16:/). and to teaching its decrees and la%s in 2srael.Ao not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast arm(. 5 &ord. . $ith him is onl( the arm of flesh. our God has not deserted us in our bondage. . 1udge carefull(. he %ill forsake (ou. and so our God gives light to our e(es and a little relief in our bondage. © The Biblical Studies Foundation (www. s for (ou. but %ith us is the &ord our God to hel! us and to fight our battles. 0hough %e are slaves. %ill humble themselves and !ra( and seek m( face and turn from their %icked %a(s. (1+:11). ("::/). (1':)). the &ord our God has been gracious in leaving us a remnant and giving us a firm !lace in his sanctuar(. the God of 2srael. . (6:1+-1'). (/:8-/). (1/:)). 9( e(es and m( heart %ill al%a(s be there. (1':+).2f m( !eo!le. but his great anger is against all %ho forsake him.or the battle is not (ours. Cel! us. (2::2:).8ut no%. 2 have chosen and consecrated this tem!le so that m( *ame ma( be there forever.*o% let the fear of the &ord be u!on (ou. .bible. 2f (ou seek him. . Ce has sho%n us kindness in the sight of the kings of 4ersia: Ce has granted us ne% life to rebuild the house of our God and re!air its ruins. .2n their distress the( turned to the &ord. be strong and do not give u!. . (ou are our God# do not let man !revail against (ou<.0he &ord (our God is gracious and com!assionate. . . God of 2srael. . there is no one like (ou to hel! the !o%erless against the might(. Ce %ill not turn his face from (ou if (ou return to him. (8:22). %ho are called b( m( name. for %e rel( on (ou.0he good hand of our God is on ever(one %ho looks to him. and he %as found b( them. *o% m( e(es %ill be o!en and m( ears attentive to the !ra(ers offered in this !lace. @&ord.Ao not be afraid or discouraged because of the king of ss(ria and the vast arm( %ith him.3Hra had devoted himself to the stud( and observance of the &a% of the &ord. ():1:). 5 &ord our God. for (our %ork %ill be re%arded.0hen sa called to the &ord his God and said. ("2:)-8). (1':2). there is no God like (ou in heaven or on earth7(ou %ho kee! (our covenant of love %ith (our servants %ho continue %holeheartedl( in (our %a(.0he &ord is %ith (ou %hen (our are %ith him.0he e(es of the &ord range throughout the earth to strengthen those %hose hearts are full( committed to him. for a brief moment.SE!OND !&#ONI!LES and the promises of God • . and sought him. and he has given us a %all of !rotection in 1udah and 1erusalem. ?ou have ke!t (our !romise to (our servant Aavid m( father# %ith (our mouth (ou have !romised and %ith (our hand (ou have fulfilled it7as it is toda(.

his !o%er is vast.Ao not think that because (ou are in the king<s house (ou alone of all the 1e%s %ill esca!e.NE&E"I'& and the promises of God • . nd after m( skin has been destro(ed. (/:8). and ma( it be eEalted above all blessing and !raise. (12:1"-1+). (our sons and (our daughters. relief and deliverance for the 1e%s %ill arise from another !lace.3ven no% m( %itness is in heaven# m( advocate is on high. . . and fight for (our brothers. (1/:2'-2)). and all their starr( host. 0he &ord gave and the &ord has taken a%a(# ma( the name of the &ord be !raised. .?ou gave me life and sho%ed me kindness. (et %ill 2 ho!e in him. gladness and honor. God of heaven. even the highest heavens. . that (ou give him so much attention. and that in the end he %ill stand u!on the earth. (2:2:).or the 1e%s it %as a time of ha!!iness and -o(. (8:16). (/:2-+). .or if (ou remain silent at this time.0his da( is sacred to our &ord. . ?ou alone are the &ord. and in (our !rovidence %atched over m( s!irit. . (et in m( flesh 2 %ill see God# 2 m(self %ill see him %ith m( o%n e(es72. and naked 2 %ill de!art.Co% can a mortal be righteous before God6 0hough one %ished to dis!ute %ith him. the seas and all that is in them. Femember the &ord.Femember the instruction (ou gave (our servant 9oses. that (ou eEamine him ever( morning and test him ever( moment6. . he could not ans%er him one time out of a thousand. ?ou give life to ever(thing. and not another. nd %ho kno%s but that (ou have come to ro(al !osition for such a time as this6. ll the da(s of m( hard service 2 %ill %ait for m( rene%al to • • • • • • . let (our ear be attentive and (our e(es o!en to hear the !ra(er (our servant is !ra(ing before (ou da( and night for (our servants. . . .0hough he sla( me. (1+:1+).org) . Summer 2005 © The Biblical Studies Foundation (www. (1:'-6).. (1:8-/). ():1)-18). (':6). %ill he live again6 come.2 kno% that m( Fedeemer lives. (1":1'). $hat he tears do%n cannot be rebuilt# the man he im!risons cannot be released. (+:1"-1+).8lessed is the man %hom God corrects# so do not des!ise the disci!line of the lmight(. but if (ou return to me and obe( m( commands. (8:1:). for the -o( of the &ord is (our strength. 2 %ill gather them from there and bring them to the !lace 2 have chosen as a d%elling for m( *ame. (/:'-6). (16:1/).0he God of heaven %ill give us success. . the earth and all that is on it. ?ou made the heavens. (1::12). then even if (our eEiled !eo!le are at the farthest horiHon.0o God belong %isdom and !o%er# counsel and understanding are his. the !eo!le of 2srael. Co% m( heart (earns %ithin meB. sa(ing. $e his servants %ill start rebuilding. .$hat is man that (ou make so much of him. 2 %ill scatter (ou among the nations. • (OB and the promises of God • • • • • .8lessed be (our glorious name. . (2:1:). %ho kee!s his covenant of love %ith those %ho love him and obe( his commands. . the great and a%esome God. %ho is great and a%esome. • • • • • • EST&E# and the promises of God • .?ou have ke!t (our !romise because (ou are righteous. . .5 &ord.2f a man dies.*aked 2 came from m( mother<s %omb.Dhall %e acce!t good from God. $ho has resisted him and come out unscathed6. but (ou and (our father<s famil( %ill !erish. and not trouble6. @2f (ou are unfaithful. (our %ives and (our homes. Cis %isdom is !rofound. and the multitudes of heaven %orshi! (ou. (+:1+). Ao not grieve. (1:21).Aon<t be afraid of

0he lmight( is be(ond our reach and eEalted in !o%er# in his -ustice and great righteousness. . 0herefore. . ("):+).0he &ord redeems his servants# no one %ho takes refuge in him %ill be condemned. . 8ut his delight is in the la% of the &ord. s high as the heavens are above the earth. ('':22). Ce is like a tree !lanted b( streams of %ater. .8ut he kno%s the %a( that 2 take# %hen he has tested me. .Aelight (ourself in the &ord and he %ill give (ou the desires of (our heart. 5 &ord lmight(. . . (+:"). . his %a( is !erfect# the %ord of the &ord is fla%less. . . for (ou.9an( are the %oes of the %icked.2 %ill instruct (ou and teach (ou in the %a( (ou should go# 2 %ill counsel (ou and %atch over (ou.0he fear of the &ord is the beginning of kno%ledge. 0he &ord is near to all %ho call on him. &ord.0he &ord is righteous in all his %a(s and loving to%ard all he has made. 2 %ill come forth as gold. . . ("2:1:). (/:/-1:). (2":1:).0he &ord besto%s favor and honor# no good thing does he %ithhold from those %hose %alk is blameless.or surel(. so great is his love for those %ho fear him# as far as the east is from the %est. have never forsaken those %ho seek (ou.8lessed are all %ho take refuge in him. (8+:11-12). (+2:2). he loves -ustice# u!right men %ill see his face. .0he &ord %ill %atch over (our coming and going both no% and forevermore.. (2:12).>ast (our cares on the &ord and he %ill sustain (ou# he %ill never let the righteous (1:":11-12). $hatever he does !ros!ers.=no% that the &ord has set a!art the godl( for himself# the &ord %ill hear %hen 2 call to him. (2':12). (':12). (1+':1)-2:). (121:8). but the &ord<s unfailing love surrounds the man %ho trusts in him. . ("2:8). blessed is the man %ho trusts in (ou. (28:28). 5 &ord. . so far has he removed our transgressions from us. (1:1-"). for does he not have regard for all the %ise in heart6. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • P#O E#BS and the promises of God • . (18:":). and to shun evil is understanding. is the man that fears the &ord6 Ce %ill instruct him in the %a( chosen for him. Ce fulfills the desires of those %ho fear him# he hears their cr( and saves them. • PS'L"S and the promises of God • . . but all the %icked he %ill destro(. men revere him. . (ou bless the righteous# (ou surround them %ith (our favor as %ith a shield. and on his la% he meditates da( and night. a stronghold in times of trouble. ("+:22). %hich (ields its fruit in season and %hose leaf does not %ither. 0hose %ho kno% (our name %ill trust in (ou. s for God. but fools des!ise %isdom and disci!line. (1:)). Ce is a shield for all %ho take refuge in him. to all %ho call on him in truth.0he &ord is righteous.0he fear of the &ord7that is %isdom.2 kno% that (ou can do all things# no !lan of (ours can be th%arted.$ Summer 2005 . . he does not o!!ress.• • • . . © The Biblical Studies Foundation (www.8lessed is the man %ho does not %alk in the counsel of the %icked or stand in the %a( of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers. then. ("):2"-2+).0he &ord is a refuge for the o!!ressed. 0he &ord %atches over all %ho love him. (11:)).

and his banner over me is love. (6:"). . . and humilit( comes before honor. no insight.Cumilit( and the fear of the &ord bring %ealth and honor and life. . (8:12). (8:1).0here is no %isdom. (2:16). man can do nothing better than to eat and drink and find satisfaction in his %ork. . is from the hand of God. God gives %isdom. and those %ho seek me find me.0he fear of the &ord leads to life: 0hen one rests content. 2 see. . . so men %ill revere him. but it is the &ord<s !ur!ose that !revails.0he fear of the &ord is a fountain of life. . %ho can eat or find en-o(ment6 0o the man %ho !leases him. and to find satisfaction in his toilsome labor under the sun during the fe% da(s of life God has given him7for this is his lot.0he &ord gives %isdom. . God does it.*o% all has been heard# here is the conclusion of the matter: . . (1/:2"). . (2:6-8).2 belong to m( lover. Ce has also set eternit( in the hearts of men# (et the( cannot fathom %hat God has done from beginning to end. (":11). (2:2+-26). . (2:+). (16:"). no !lan that can succeed against the &ord. Ce holds victor( in store for the u!right.0he fear of the &ord teaches a man %isdom. (':18-1/). for he guards the course of the -ust and !rotects the %a( of his faithful ones. and his desire is for me. (1':""). . (":'-6). (/:1:).0hen 2 realiHed that it is good and !ro!er for a man to eat and drink. and kno%ledge of the Col( 5ne is understanding. (":11-12). ():1:). and from his mouth come kno%ledge and understanding. lthough a %icked man commits a hundred crimes and still lives a long time.9( lover is mine and 2 am his. he is a shield to those %hose %alk is blameless. (18:1:). (1+:2)).bible. (1/:21). to acce!t his lot and be ha!!( in his %ork7this is a gift of God. as a father the son he delights in. . . • • • • • • • • • • • • E!!LESI'STES and the promises of God • . . . 8ut %hoever fails to find me harms himself# all %ho hate me love death.2 love those %ho love me. (21:":). (12:1"-1+).9( son. untouched b( trouble.Ce has taken me to the banGuet hall.9an( are the !lans in a man<s heart.or %hoever finds me finds life and receives favor from the &ord. %ho are reverent before God. kno%ledge and ha!!iness.or God %ill bring ever( deed into -udgment. and enables him to en-o( Summer 2005 .0he fear of the &ord is the beginning of %isdom.0rust in the &ord %ith all (our heart and lean not on (our o%n understanding# in all (our %a(s ackno%ledge him. 0his too. and he %ill make (our !aths straight. (22:+). including ever( hidden thing. for %ithout him. 9oreover. do not des!ise the &ord<s disci!line and do not resent his rebuke.0he name of the &ord is a strong to%er# the righteous run to it and are safe. . for this is the %hole dut( of man.• . © The Biblical Studies Foundation (www. • • • • • SONG O) SONGS and the promises of God • • • • . .2 kno% that ever(thing God does %ill endure forever# nothing can be added to it and nothing taken from it.ear God and kee! his commandments. %hether it is good or evil. because the &ord disci!lines those he loves. and (our !lans %ill succeed.Ce has made ever(thing beautiful in its time. (":1+). . . . . turning a man from the snares of death. 2 kno% that it %ill go better %ith God-fearing men. "'-"6). %hen God gives an( man %ealth and !ossessions.2 am m( lover<s and m( lover is mine.>ommit to the &ord %hatever (ou do.

Ce %ill reign on Aavid<s throne and over his kingdom.ather. .Ce %ill -udge bet%een the nations and %ill settle dis!utes for man( !eo!les. 0he( %ill neither harm nor destro( on all m( hol( mountain.or the &ord lmight( has !ur!osed.. . 8ut he %as !ierced for our transgressions.Durel( God is m( salvation# 2 %ill trust and not be afraid.. (+:2).• . and the (oung child !ut his hand into the vi!er<s nest. . the( shall be as %hite as sno%# though the( are red as crimson. 0he &ord.0hose %ho ho!e in the &ord %ill rene% their strength. smitten b( him. (+1:1:). 2f one %ere to give all the %ealth of his house for love. ("::18). it %ould be utterl( scorned. . . .org) Summer 2005 . . 0he co% %ill feed %ith the bear.2n that da( the 8ranch of the &ord %ill be beautiful and glorious. each of us has turned to his o%n %a(# and the &ord has laid on him the iniGuit( of us all. . 0he( %ill beat their s%ords into !lo%shares and their s!ears into !runing hooks. ("::1'). . . $e all. have gone astra(. . IS'I'& and the promises of God • • . .?et the &ord longs to be gracious to (ou# he rises to sho% (ou com!assion. let us reason together. nor %ill the( train for %ar an(more. 3verlasting . 8lessed are all %ho %ait for himB. 0he D!irit of the &ord %ill rest on him7the D!irit of %isdom and of understanding. (1:18). (+8:1)). .Ao not fear. he %as crushed for our iniGuities# the !unishment that brought us !eace %as u!on him. 2 %ill strengthen (ou and hel! (ou# 2 %ill u!hold (ou %ith m( righteous right hand. the &ord.2n re!entance and rest is (our salvation. (+::"1). and afflicted. (12:2). 9ight( God. 0he( %ill soar on %ings like eagles# the( %ill run and not gro% %ear(. the D!irit of counsel and of !o%er. 9an( %aters cannot Guench love# rivers cannot %ash it a%a(. 4rince of 4eace. (et %e considered him stricken b( God. because he trusts in (ou. %ho teaches (ou %hat is best for (ou. . for 2 am %ith (ou# do not be disma(ed. for 2 am (our God. (26:"). (8:6-)). . and the government %ill be on his shoulders.0he %olf %ill live %ith the lamb. to us a son is given. (11:6-/). %ho directs (ou in the %a( (ou should go. and the lion %ill eat stra% like the oE. . *ation %ill not take u! s%ord against nation. like a seal over (our arm# for love is as strong as death . • • • • • • • • • • • • • • © The Biblical Studies Foundation (>ome no%.4lace me like a seal over (our heart. and %ho can th%art him6 Cis hand is stretched out. the calf and the lion and the (earling together# and a little child %ill lead them. .Durel( he took u! our infirmities and carried our sorro%s. (11:1-"). (/:6-)). and %ill call him 2mmanuel. shoot %ill come u! from the stum! of 1esse# from his roots a 8ranch %ill bear fruit. for the earth %ill be full of the kno%ledge of the &ord as the %aters cover the sea. . ('":+-6).or the &ord is a God of -ustice. the leo!ard %ill lie do%n %ith the goat. is m( strength and m( song# he has become m( salvation.2 am the &ord (our God. @0hough (our sins are like scarlet. nd he %ill be called $onderful >ounselor. (1+:2)). . in Guietness and trust is (our strength. 0he infant %ill !la( near the hole of the cobra. and %ho can turn it back6.or to us a child is born. ():1+).?ou %ill kee! in !erfect !eace him %hose mind is steadfast. like shee!. (2:+). and the fruit of the land %ill be the !ride and glor( of the survivors in 2srael. 5f the increase of his government and !eace there %ill be no end.< sa(s the &ord. the( shall be like %ool<.0herefore the &ord himself %ill give (ou a sign: 0he virgin %ill be %ith child and %ill give birth to a son. and b( his %ounds %e are healed. the D!irit of kno%ledge and of the fear of the &ord7and he %ill delight in the fear of the &ord. establishing and u!holding it %ith -ustice and righteousness from that time on and forever. the( %ill %alk and not be faint. their (oung %ill lie do%n together.

2n his da(s 1udah %ill be saved and 2srael %ill live in safet(.< declares the &ord. ("1:""-"+). ('):1'). !lans to give (ou ho!e and a future. (1):1:). if (ou do not o!!ress the alien. (E#E"I'& and the promises of God • • . . fter 2 u!root them. 0he( %ill be m( !eo!le.@ m 2 onl( a God nearb(.< declares the &ord. 2 %ill be their God. 0his is the name b( %hich he %ill be called: 0he &ord 5ur Fighteousness. @%hen 2 %ill raise u! to Aavid a righteous 8ranch. . and all nations %ill gather in 1erusalem to honor the name of the &ord. that a man<s life is not his o%n# it is not for men to direct his ste!s.@0he da(s are coming. . 2 %ill create ne% heavens and a ne% earth.• • . . because the( %ill all kno% me. (2":'-6). • • • • • • • • • • • • © The Biblical Studies Foundation (www. . $alk in all the %a(s 2 command (ou.8ehold. (":1)). 5 &ord. . for in these 2 delight. %hose confidence is in him. ():2"). . according to %hat his deeds deserve. . that 2 am the &ord.< declares the &ord. nor %ill the( come to mind. . and if (ou do not follo% other gods to (our o%n harm. .bible. and 2 %ill listen to (ou. (12:1'). 2 %ill build them u! and not tear them do%n# 2 %ill !lant them and not u!root them. . @. and 2 %ill be their God. ?ou %ill seek me and find me %hen (ou seek me %ith all (our heart<. or a man his brother. )). in the land 2 gave (our forefathers for ever and ever. then 2 %ill let (ou live in this !lace. that 2 am the &ord. sa(ing. that it ma( go %ell %ith (ou.=no% the &ord. 8ut blessed is the man %ho trusts in the &ord.9( e(es %ill %atch over them for their good. @2 %ill !ut m( la% in their minds and %rite it on their Summer 2005 . from the least of them to the greatest.2f (ou reall( change (our %a(s and (our actions and deal %ith each other -ustl(. before (ou %ere born 2 set (ou a!art. a =ing %ho %ill reign %isel( and do %hat is -ust and right in the land. (1):'. (2+:6-)). -ustice and righteousness on the earth. (2":2"-2+). but also %ith him %ho is contrite and lo%l( in s!irit.@2 kno% the !lans 2 have for (ou.< declares the &ord. for the( %ill return to me %ith all their heart. ():'-)). 2 %ill give them a heart to kno% me. *o longer %ill a man teach his neighbor.2 kno%. .@0his is the covenant 2 %ill make %ith the house of 2srael after that time.. *o longer %ill the( follo% the stubbornness of their evil hearts.>ursed is the one %ho trusts in man. 0hen (ou %ill call u!on me and come and !ra( to me. to re%ard a man according to his conduct. (1::2"). to revive the s!irit of the lo%l( and to revive the heart of the contrite.or 2 %ill forgive their %ickedness and %ill remember their sins no more<. . and 2 %ill be (our God and (ou %ill be m( !eo!le.2 the &ord search the heart and eEamine the mind. %ho eEercises kindness. 0he former things %ill not be remembered.5be( me. but let him %ho boasts boast about this: that he understands and kno%s me. .&et not the %ise man boast of his %isdom or the strong man boast of his strength or the rich man boast of his riches.8efore 2 formed (ou in the %omb 2 kne% (ou. (/:2"-2+). . and 2 %ill bring them back to this land. @and not a God far a%a(6 >an an(one hide in secret !laces so that 2 cannot see him6< declares the &ord.2 live in a high and hol( !lace. 2 %ill again have com!assion and %ill bring each of them back to his o%n inheritance and his o%n countr(. %ho de!ends on flesh for his strength and %hose heart turns a%a( from the &ord.< declares the &ord. and the( %ill be m( !eo!le. (6':1)). (2/:11-1"). the fatherless or the %ido% and do not shed innocent blood in this !lace. (1:'). @Ao not 2 fill heaven and earth6< declares the &ord. @!lans to !ros!er (ou and not to harm (ou. t that time the( %ill call 1erusalem 0he 0hrone of the &ord.

. ("+:11-16). (2:1)).2 %ill acce!t (ou as fragrant incense %hen 2 bring (ou out from the nations and gather (ou from the countries %here (ou have been scattered. ("+:2"-2+). am 2 not !leased %hen the( turn from their %a(s and live6. Father. 2 %ill she!herd the flock %ith -ustice. . 2 take no !leasure in the death of the %icked. (2::+1-+2.>all to me and 2 %ill ans%er (ou and tell (ou great and unsearchable things (ou do not kno%. . 0here the( %ill lie do%n in good graHing land. (":"2-""). . 2 %ill bring them out from the nations and gather them from the countries. for his com!assions never fail. 2 %ill search for the lost and bring back the stra(s.0he &ord has done %hat he !lanned# he has fulfilled his %ord. (11:1/-2:). 5 house of 2srael6.?et this 2 call to mind and therefore 2 have ho!e: 8ecause of the &ord<s great love %e are not consumed. 0he( are ne% ever( morning# great is (our faithfulness.or he does not %illingl( bring affliction or grief to the children of men.2 m(self %ill search for m( shee! and look after them. and 2 %ill be (our God.• . nd 2 %ill !ut m( D!irit in (ou and move (ou to follo% m( decrees and be careful to kee! m( la%s. ?ou %ill kno% that 2 am the &ord. . %hen 2 bring (ou into the land of 2srael. ?ou %ill live in the land 2 gave (our forefathers# (ou %ill be m( !eo!le. 0hen the( %ill follo% m( decrees and be careful to kee! m( la%s.2 %ill give (ou a ne% heart and !ut a ne% s!irit in (ou # 2 %ill remove from (ou (our heart of stone and give (ou a heart of flesh. and m( servant Aavid %ill be !rince among them. and there the( %ill feed in a rich !asture on the mountains of 2srael. 2 the &ord %ill be their God. and he %ill tend them# he %ill tend them and be their she!herd. m( servant Aavid.$ho can s!eak and have it ha!!en if the &ord has not decreed it6 2s it not from the mouth of the 9ost Cigh that both calamities and good things Summer 2005 . and 2 %ill be their God. 0hen (ou %ill kno% that 2 am the &ord. ("":11). in the ravines and in all the settlements in the land. the land 2 had s%orn %ith u!lifted hand to give to (our fathers. ("":").< 0he &ord is good to those %hose ho!e is in him. declares the Dovereign &ord. 2 m(self %ill tend m( shee! and have them lie do%n. but rather that the( turn from their %a(s and live. and the mountain heights of 2srael %ill be their graHing land.Ao 2 take an( !leasure in the death of the %icked6 Aeclares the Dovereign &ord. ("6:26-28). (18:"2). %hen 2 deal %ith (ou for m( name<s sake and not according to (our evil %a(s and (our corru!t !ractices. so great is his unfailing love. . s a she!herd looks after his scattered flock %hen he is %ith them. . • • • • • • © The Biblical Studies Foundation (www. 2 %ill bind u! the in-ured and strengthen the %eak. and 2 %ill sho% m(self hol( among (ou in the sight of the nations. . and 2 %ill bring them into their o%n land. declares the Dovereign &ord. (":2+-26). s surel( as 2 live. 2 %ill tend them in a good !asture. 2 %ill rescue them from all the !laces %here the( %ere scattered on a da( of clouds and darkness. he %ill sho% com!assion. (":")-"8). but the sleek and the strong 2 %ill destro(. 0he( %ill be m( !eo!le. 2 %ill !asture them on the mountains of 2srael. • • • E+E*IEL and the promises of God • . .2 %ill give them an undivided heart and !ut a ne% s!irit in them# 2 %ill remove from them their heart of stone and give them a heart of flesh. L'"ENT'TIONS and the promises of God • • . 5 house of 2srael. so %ill 2 look after m( shee!. (":21-2").0hough he brings 0urnB 0urn from (our evil %a(sB $h( %ill (ou die.2 sa( to m(self. ++). . to the one %ho seeks him# it is good to %ait Guietl( for the salvation of the &ord. %hich he decreed long ago. @0he &ord is m( !ortion# therefore 2 %ill %ait for him.2 %ill !lace over them one she!herd. .

(+:")). Ce reveals dee! and hidden things# he kno%s %hat lies in darkness. nations and men of ever( language %orshi!ed him. for ever and ever. (+:"+-"').< the( %ill be called @sons of the living God.*o% 2. like the stars for ever and ever. . nd those %ho %alk in !ride he is able to humble. Ce changes times and seasons# he sets u! kings and de!oses them. Cis dominion is an eternal dominion# his kingdom endures from generation to generation. ("):1"-1+). %hich cannot be measured or counted. and his kingdom is one that %ill never be destro(ed. *o one can hold back his hand or sa( to him: @$hat have (ou done6<. s%ord or battle. ():18). and all rulers %ill %orshi! and obe( him. others to shame and everlasting contem!t. and those %ho lead man( to Summer 2005 . or b( horses and horsemen. ():2)). glor( and sovereign !o%er# all !eo!les. • • • • • • • • • • &OSE' and the promises of God • • .0he saints of the 9ost Cigh %ill receive the kingdom and %ill !ossess it forever7(es. . 2 %ill !ut m( D!irit in (ou and (ou %ill live. . (1:)). ("/:2/). ll the !eo!les of the earth are regarded as nothing. m( !eo!le. Cis dominion is an everlasting dominion that %ill not !ass a%a(. his dominion %ill never end. .• . %ho kee!s his covenant of love %ith all %ho love him and obe( his commands.the great and a%esome God. (2:++). 0he &ord is .0he 9ost Cigh is sovereign over the kingdoms of men and gives them to an(one he %ishes and sets over them the lo%liest of men. and the( %ill a!!oint one leader and %ill come u! out of the land. Ce does as he !leases %ith the !o%ers of heaven and the !eo!les of the earth.0hen (ou. (1:1:-11). . © The Biblical Studies Foundation (www. (12:2-").Ce %as given authorit(. the God of heaven %ill set u! a kingdom that %ill never be destro(ed. (/:+). ():1+). the !eo!le of the 9ost Cigh. %hen 2 o!en (our graves and bring (ou u! from them.2 %ill no longer hide m( face from them.0he 2sraelites %ill be like the sand on the seashore. but b( the &ord their God. and light d%ells %ith him. 2t %ill crush all those kingdoms and bring them to an end. *ebuchadneHHar. (+:1)). . and 2 %ill settle (ou in (our o%n land. declares the Dovereign &ord. but it %ill itself endure forever. .0hen the sovereignt(.4raise be to the name of God for ever and ever# %isdom and !o%er are his. Cis kingdom %ill be an everlasting kingdom. • D'NIEL and the promises of God • . . 2n the !lace %here it %as said to them.or he is the living God and he endures forever# his kingdom %ill not be destro(ed. @?ou are not m( !eo!le.2n the time of those kings. . %ill kno% that 2 am the &ord.< 0he !eo!le of 1udah and the !eo!le of 2srael %ill be reunited. (2:2:-22). Ce gives %isdom to the %ise and kno%ledge to the discerning. . because ever(thing he does is right and all his %a(s are -ust. (6:26-2)).bible. .2 issue a decree that in ever( !art of m( kingdom !eo!le must fear and reverence the God of Aaniel. 0hose %ho are %ise %ill shine like the brightness of the heavens. .2 %ill sho% love to the house of 1udah# and 2 %ill save them7not b( bo%. Ce rescues and saves# he !erforms signs and %onders in the heavens and on the earth.0hen 2 !raised the 9ost Cigh# 2 honored and glorified him %ho lives forever. for 2 %ill !our out m( D!irit on the house of 2srael. !o%er and greatness of the kingdoms under the %hole heaven %ill be handed over to the saints. nor %ill it be left to another !eo!le. !raise and eEalt and glorif( the =ing of heaven.9ultitudes %ho slee! in the dust of the earth %ill a%ake: some to everlasting life.

. 2 %ill !our out m( D!irit in those da(s. Feturn to the &ord (our God.Ce %ho made the 4leiades and 5rion.2 %ill ransom them from the !o%er of the grave# 2 %ill redeem them from death.• • . and (ou %ill ackno%ledge the &ord. until (ou are full. . . 2 %ill betroth (ou in . the &ord (our God. . (":16-18). d%ell in Iion.0he da( of the &ord is great# it is dreadful. blood and fire and billo%s of smoke. m( hol( hill. • • • • • (OEL and the promises of God • .< declares the &ord. 2 %ill have no regard for them. .Durel( the Dovereign &ord does nothing %ithout revealing his !lan to his servants the !ro!hets. creates the %ind. ?our sons and daughters %ill !ro!hes(. .2 %ill betroth (ou to me forever# 2 %ill betroth (ou in righteousness and -ustice. %ho has %orked %onders for (ou# never again %ill m( !eo!le be shamed. . (2:11-1"). (6:6). and the hills %ill flo% %ith milk# all the ravines of 1udah %ill run %ith %ater.2 %ill !our out m( D!irit on all !eo!le. both men and %omen. 5 grave. (2:1/-2:). . 2 %ill sho% %onders in the heavens and on the earth. 0hen (ou %ill kno% that 2 am in 2srael. are (our !lagues6 $here. 3ven though (ou bring me burnt offerings and grain offerings.Ce %ho forms the mountains. $ho can endure it6 @3ven no%. (':8). $ and not man7the Col( 5ne among (ou. %a( %ith the noise of (our songsB 2 %ill Summer 2005 • • • © The Biblical Studies Foundation (www. and ackno%ledgment of God rather than burnt offerings. not sacrifice. 2 des!ise (our religious feasts# 2 cannot stand (our assemblies.2 %ill !lant her for m(self in the land# 2 %ill sho% m( love to the one 2 called @*ot m( loved one. (2:28-"2). @?ou are m( God<. ?ou %ill have !lent( to eat. he %ho turns da%n to darkness. for he is gracious and com!assionate. @return to me %ith all (our heart.< @?ou are m( !eo!le<# and the( %ill sa(. a stronghold for the !eo!le of 2srael. • • • '"OS and the promises of God • . (11:+).2 %ill re!a( (ou for the (ears the locusts have eaten. and that there is no other# never again %ill m( !eo!le be shamed. . (our (oung men %ill see visions. . and treads the high !laces of the earth7the &ord God lmight( is his name. and reveals his thoughts to man. 5 death. 2 %ill not acce!t them.2 hate. (2:2'-2)). 0he lion has roared7%ho %ill not fear6 0he Dovereign &ord has s!oken7%ho can but !ro!hes(6. (":)-8).0he &ord %ill roar from Iion and thunder from 1erusalem# the earth and the sk( %ill tremble.2 led them %ith cords of human kindness. (our old men %ill dream dreams. . 3ven on m( servants.< 2 %ill sa( to those called @*ot m( !eo!le. 8ut the &ord %ill be a refuge for his !eo!le. is (our destruction6. 1erusalem %ill be hol(# never again %ill foreigners invade her. (2:2"). . and he relents from sending calamit(. 2n that da( the mountains %ill dri! ne% %ine. 0he %a(s of the &ord are right# the righteous %alk in them.2 am God.2 desire merc(. $ho is discerning6 Ce %ill understand them. but the rebellious stumble in them. in love and com!assion. %ho turns blackness into da%n and darkens da( into night. (11:/). fountain %ill flo% out of the &ord<s house and %ill %ater the valle( of acacias. (+:1"). %ith ties of love# 2 lifted the (oke from their neck and bent do%n to feed them. (1+:/). 0hough (ou bring choice fello%shi! offerings. 0he sun %ill be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful da( of the &ord. (1":1+). slo% to anger and abounding in love. %ith fasting and %ee!ing and mourning. 0hen (ou %ill kno% that 2. nd ever(one %ho calls on the name of the &ord %ill be saved. that 2 am the &ord (our God. %ho calls for the %aters of the sea and !ours them out over the face of the land7the &ord is his name.< Fend (our heart and not (our garments. and (ou %ill !raise the name of the &ord (our God.$ho is %ise6 Ce %ill realiHe these things.

$hat 2 have vo%ed 2 %ill make good. 0he house of 1acob %ill be a fire and the house of 1ose!h a flame# the house of 3sau %ill be stubble. OB'DI'& and the promises of God • • . (1)-18). from ancient Summer 2005 . %ith a song of thanksgiving. (':+-'). 2 remembered (ou. and (ou listened to m( cr(. to the house of the God of 1acob. %ill sacrifice to (ou. (1'). it %ill be done to (ou# (our deeds %ill return u!on (our o%n head. (6:8). nd %hat does the &ord reGuire of (ou6 0o act -ustl( and to love merc( and to %alk humbl( %ith (our God. • • • • • © The Biblical Studies Foundation (www. 2 %ill bring back m( eEiled !eo!le 2srael# the( %ill rebuild the ruined cities and live in them. and !eo!les %ill stream to it. a God %ho relents from sending calamit(. righteousness like a never-failing streamB. Dalvation comes from the &ord.8ut on 9ount Iion %ill be deliverance# it %ill be hol(. nd the( %ill live securel(. for then his greatness %ill reach to the ends of the earth. (2:)-/). 0he( %ill !lant vine(ards and drink their %ine# the( %ill make gardens and eat their fruit.Ce has sho%ed (ou. slo% to anger and abounding in love. *ation %ill not take u! s%ord against nation. out of (ou %ill come for me one %ho %ill be ruler over 2srael. .Aeliverers %ill go u! on 9ount Iion to govern the mountains of 3sau. (2:)).2 kne% that (ou are a gracious and com!assionate God. be the &ord<s. 0hose %ho cling to %orthless idols forfeit the grace that could be theirs. 2 %ill !lant 2srael in their o%n land.< sa(s the &ord (our God.Ce %ill -udge bet%een man( !eo!les and %ill settle dis!utes for strong nations far and %ide. 5 man.0he da( of the &ord is near for all nations. s (ou have done. (+:1-2). 8ethlehem 3!hrathah. (':2). and the( %ill set it on fire and consume it. *e% %ine %ill dri! from the mountains and flo% from all the hills.$hen m( life %as ebbing a%a(.< 0he la% %ill go out from Iion.3ver( man %ill sit under his o%n vine and under his o%n fig tree. . . &ord. never again to be u!rooted from the land 2 have given them. (':21-2+). to (our hol( tem!le.2n m( distress 2 called to the &ord.not listen to the music of (our har!s.Ce %ill stand and she!herd his flock in the strength of the &ord. nor %ill the( train for %ar an(more. . .Ao not m( %ords do good to him %ho is u!right6. . • . (+:2). . • "I!'& and the promises of God • • . nd the kingdom %ill • (ON'& and the promises of God • • . %hat is good. (+:+-'). 0he( %ill beat their s%ords into !lo%shares and their s!ears into !runing hooks. (2:2). Ce %ill teach us his %a(s so that %e ma( %alk in his !aths. @>ome. nd he %ill be their !eace. .rom the de!ths of the grave 2 called for hel!. and m( !ra(er rose to (ou. .8ut (ou. (/:1"-1'). @%hen the rea!er %ill be overtaken b( the !lo%man and the !lanter b( the one treading gra!es. in the ma-est( of the name of the &ord his God. . the %ord of the &ord from 1erusalem. 8ut 2. . though (ou are small among the clans of 1udah. and no one %ill make them afraid. 9an( nations %ill come and sa(.bible. 8ut let -ustice roll on like a river. for the &ord lmight( has s!oken. (+:").2n the last da(s the mountain of the &ord<s tem!le %ill be established as chief among the mountains# it %ill be raised above the hills.< declares the &ord.@0he da(s are coming. and the house of 1acob %ill !ossess its inheritance. let us go u! to the mountain of the &ord. %hose origins are from of old. and he ans%ered me. (21). ll the nations ma( %alk in the name of their gods# %e %ill %alk in the name of the &ord our God for ever and ever.

the sea and the dr( land. . %ho !ardons sin and forgives the transgression of the remnant of his inheritance6 ?ou do not sta( angr( forever but delight to sho% merc(. and 2 %ill fill this house %ith glor(.< sa(s the &ord lmight(.< declares the &ord lmight(. and clouds are the dust of his feet. . (1:2-").0he great da( of the &ord is near7near and coming Guickl(. (":18-1/).8ut as for me. 0he &ord is slo% to anger and great in !o%er# he %ill not leave the guilt( un!unished.0he %hole %orld %ill be consumed b( the fire of m( -ealous anger. . . (2:'). Ao not fear. @0he glor( of this !resent house %ill be greater than © The Biblical Studies Foundation (www. ?ou %ill again have com!assion on us# (ou %ill tread our sins underfoot and hurl all our iniGuities into the de!ths of the sea. (2:+). *o% 2 %ill break their (oke from (our neck and tear (our shackles a%a(. Ce %ill take great delight in (ou.0his is %hat 2 covenanted %ith (ou %hen (ou %hen (ou came out of 3g(!t. 0he &ord takes vengeance on his foes and maintains his %rath against his enemies. Fene% them in our da(. a da( of darkness and gloom. 5 1udah. .bible. . remains among ( Summer 2005 . @0he silver is mine and the gold is mine. (1:1"). and the desired of all nations %ill come. (2:1+).0he &ord is a -ealous and avenging God# the &ord takes vengeance and is filled %ith %rath. Cis %a( is in the %hirl%ind and the storm.2 %ill leave %ithin (ou the meek and humble. 2 %ill shake all nations. . 5 &ord. 0hat da( %ill be a da( of %rath. he enables me to go on the heights. the shouting of the %arrior there. %ho trust in the name of &ord. he %ill re-oice over (ou %ith singing. +EP&'NI'& and the promises of God • .$ho is a God like (ou. nd m( D!irit . .&ord. • • • &'GG'I and the promises of God • • . a da( of trouble and ruin.0he &ord is good.Dee. (":2). (1:)).0he earth %ill be filled %ith the kno%ledge of the glor( of the &ord as the %aters cover the sea. 0he Dovereign &ord is m( strength# he makes m( feet like the feet of a deer. (2:2:). 2 %ait in ho!e for God m( Davior# m( God %ill hear me. ():)). &istenB 0he cr( on the da( of the &ord %ill be bitter. 2 kee! %atch for the &ord. a da( of distress and anguish.0he &ord (our God is %ith (ou. the( %ill be cut do%n and !ass a%a(. 2 %ill afflict (ou no more. he is might( to save. in our time make them kno%n# in %rath remember merc(. a da( of clouds and blackness.$hatever the( !lot against the &ord he %ill bring to an end# trouble %ill not come a second time. 2 %ill be -o(ful in God m( Davior. (1:1+-1'). he is !uffed u!# his desires are not u!right7but the righteous %ill live b( his faith. . N'&U" and the promises of God • . Ce cares for those %ho trust in him. • • • &'B'**U* and the promises of God • • • • • • . .?our e(es are too !ure to look on evil# (ou cannot tolerate %rong. lthough 2 have afflicted (ou. (":1)).0he &ord is in his hol( tem!le# let all the earth be silent before him.• • . lthough the( are unscathed and numerous. 2 have heard of (our fame# 2 stand in a%e of (our deeds. (1:/). . (1:12-1"). he %ill Guiet (ou %ith his love.2 %ill re-oice in the &ord. ():18-1/). a refuge in times of trouble. (":12). (":8) .0his is %hat the &ord lmight( sa(s: @2n a little %hile 2 %ill once more shake the heavens and the earth.

lmight(. . Do (ou. (8:)). 0hen the &ord m( God %ill come.0his is %hat the &ord sa(s: @2 %ill return to Iion and d%ell in 1erusalem. 0hen suddenl( the &ord (ou are seeking %ill come to his tem!le# the messenger of the covenant. righteous and having salvation. . (":1"). and there m( house %ill be rebuilt. • • • • • "'L'!&I and the promises of God • . (12:1:). @9an( nations %ill be -oined %ith the &ord in that da( and %ill become m( !eo!le. (2:+-').bible. and 2 %ill be faithful and righteous to them as their God.@9( name %ill be great among the nations. lmight(. (/:/-1:). .< sa(s the &ord lmight(. 0hen 1erusalem %ill be called 0he >it( of 0ruth. . 2 %ill send m( messenger. @and 2 %ill .< sa(s the &ord lmight(. (+:6). (2:8).< sa(s the &ord declares the &ord lmight(. 5 Aaughter of IionB Dhout. the foal of a donke(. and 2 %ill live among (ou.$hoever touches (ou touches the a!!le of his e(e.or he %ill be like a refiner<s fire or a launderer<s soa!. are not destro(ed. nd the measuring line %ill be stretched out over 1erusalem. • • • • • . (2:6-/). the one the( have !ierced. 8ut %ho can endure the da( of his coming6 $ho can stand %hen he a!!ears6 .0he &ord %ill be king over the %hole earth. . .@1erusalem %ill be a cit( %ithout %alls because of the great number of men and livestock in it.@Dhout and be glad. . Ce %ill sit as a refiner and !urifier of silver# he %ill !urif( the &evites and refine them like gold and silver.2 the &ord do not change.< declares the &ord. east of 1erusalem. (":6). @and 2 %ill be its glor( %ithin<. and the mountain of the &ord lmight( %ill be called 0he Col( 9ountain<. and grieve bitterl( for him as one grieves for a firstborn son. .@Dee. . (8:"). %hom (ou desire. all mankind. because he has roused himself from his hol( d%elling<. . (our king comes to (ou. (":)). (1+:+-'). . Cis rule %ill eEtend from sea to sea and from the Fiver to the ends of the earth. . . . from the rising to the setting of the sun. %ho %ill !re!are the %a( before me. (1+:/).< sa(s the &ord lmight(. .2 %ill !our out on the house of Aavid and the inhabitants of 1erusalem a s!irit of grace and su!!lication. (1:"). (2:1:-1"). gentle and riding on a donke(. 5 descendants of 1acob. 0he &ord %ill inherit 1udah as his !ortion in the hol( land and %ill again choose 1erusalem.Fe-oice greatl(. @ nd in this !lace 2 %ill grant !eace. 8e still before the &ord.< +E!&'#I'& and the promises of God • • .org) . 2n ever( !lace incense and !ure offerings %ill be brought to m( name. (1:16).@Feturn to me.< declares the &ord return to (ou. and mourn for him as one mourns for an onl( child. (1:11).@*ot b( might nor b( !o%er.the glor( of the former house.< sa(s the &ord lmight(. . and all the hol( ones %ith him. and the 9ount of 5lives %ill be s!lit in t%o from east to %est. 5n that da( there %ill be one &ord.< declares the &ord. @2 %ill return to 1erusalem %ith merc(. nd 2 m(self %ill be a %all of fire around it. because m( name %ill be great among the nations. and 2 %ill return to (ou. .< declares the &ord lmight(. %ill come. 0he( %ill look on me.0his is %hat the &ord sa(s. Summer 2005 • • • © The Biblical Studies Foundation (www.5n that da( his feet %ill stand on the 9ount of 5lives. daughter of 1erusalemB Dee.or 2 am coming. Ce %ill !roclaim !eace to the nations. but b( m( D!irit. 5 Aaughter of Iion.0his is %hat the &ord lmight( sa(s: @Feturn to me. and his name the onl( name. on a colt.2 %ill bring them back to live in 1erusalem# the( %ill be m( !eo!le. . 2 %ill live among (ou and (ou %ill kno% that the &ord lmight( has sent me to (ou.< sa(s the &ord lmight(. .

8( God<s grace. • • • • (O&N and the promises of GOD • • • $hoever receives >hrist becomes a child of God. (+:2). ll authorit( in heaven and on earth has been given to 1esus.and the promises of God • God is al%a(s faithful to his covenant !romises. $hen %e lose our lives for >hrist<s sake. 1esus came as the good she!herd to offer his shee! rich !asture and fullness of life (1::/-1:). 0he !eo!le %ere ho!ing for freedom from !h(sical and !olitical bondage.or m( (oke is eas( and m( burden is light. $hen %e hear >hrist<s %ords and act on them. • • • "'#* and the promises of GOD • God has identified %ith us in our humanit( through the humilit( and servanthood of the incarnation. and (ou %ill find rest for (our Summer 2005 . (ou %ill go out and lea! like calves released from the stall. but 1esus offered something far greater7freedom from the bondage of sin and of death. for 2 am gentle and humble in heart. Ce %ho believes in 1esus >hrist %ill live. s children of God. Testament "'TT&E.>ome to me. • • • LU*E and the promises of GOD • • 0he &ord God %ill give his Don the throne of Aavid. and his fulfillment of the messianic !ro!hecies far eEceeds %hat an(one could have imagined. and has crossed over from death to life (1:12# ":16# ':2+). is given eternal life. $hen %e !ersevere in !ra(er. is no longer under condemnation. the Don of the living God (16:16). and %hoever lives and believes in him %ill never die (11:2'-26). . 1ust as 1esus sho%ed com!assion b( la(ing his hands on le!ers and delivering !eo!le from their afflictions. . even though he dies. >hrist eE!erienced the conditions of human limitations including his encounters %ith the tem!tations %e face (1:12# 1+:"2-+1). $e serve a seeking God %ho values each !erson and re-oices %hen %e return to him (1').or (ou %ho revere m( name. 1esus offers the glorious gift of the forgiveness of sins (2:1-12) so that %e can be cleansed and lifted u! into a relationshi! %ith him. © The Biblical Studies Foundation (www. and 2 %ill give (ou rest. he is bigger than our !roblems and %orth( of our su!reme trust and obedience. %e can re-oice that our names are %ritten in heaven (1::2:). (11:28-":). 8ecause 1esus is the > and he has em!o%ered each believer to manifest and share the good ne%s of ne% life in him (28:18-2:). %e are building on a foundation that %ell never be shaken ():+)-+/).. and he %ill reign over the house of 1acob forever# his kingdom %ill never end (1:"2-""). %e have the inestimable !rivilege of kno%ing true greatness b( follo%ing our &ord in the !ath of servanthood to others (1::+2-+'). so he is !ersonall( concerned for each of us and read( to meet our needs (+-'# 12:22-"+). God %ill ans%er our !etitions (18:1-8). 0ake m( (oke u!on (ou and learn from me. %e find our lives for the first time (8:"+-")). all (ou %ho are %ear( and burdened. the sun of righteousness %ill rise %ith healing in its %ings.• . nd Ne.

God has fulfilled his !romise to his !eo!le b( raising u! 1esus and b( granting through him the forgiveness of sins. the Don of God. %e are given the !o%er to bear lasting s!iritual fruit that %ill glorif( the . 2n all things God %orks for the good of those %ho love him.• • $hen %e abide in >hrist. '!TS and the promises of GOD • • • God has given us the !o%er of the ind%elling Col( D!irit to enable us to be %itnesses of the good ne%s of forgiveness and life in >hrist (1:8# 1::+:-+"). 2t is through the resurrected Don of God that %e are reci!ients of God<s abundant grace and !o%er (+:12. for in him %e live and move and have our being (1):2)-28). • #O"'NS and the promises of GOD • • • • • • 0he gos!el is the !o%er of God for salvation to ever(one %ho believes in 1esus >hrist# the gift of righteousness comes through faith in him and not through human effort (1:16-1)). %e are given the gift of life in his name (2::":-"1). God al%a(s leads us in trium!hal !rocession in >hrist and through us s!reads ever(%here the fragrance of the kno%ledge of him (2:1+). 0he things that God has !re!ared for those %ho love him are be(ond human com!rehension and imagination (2:/). but to us %ho are being saved it is the !o%er of God (1:18). so that %e can comfort those in an( trouble %ith the comfort %e ourselves have received from him (1:"-+). so in >hrist all %ill be made alive# because %e %ill be resurrected. %e are -ustified (declared righteous) b( his grace through the redem!tion that %as made !ossible through his blood (":2"-2'). %hom %e have received from God. s in dam all die. Summer 2005 • © The Biblical Studies Foundation (www. 5ur bodies are tem!les of the Col( D!irit %ho is in us. and >hrist is of God (":22-2"). )I#ST !O#INT&I'NS and the promises of GOD • • • • • • $e have been sanctified in >hrist 1esus and have been called to be hol( (1:2). %hich is to be conformed to the likeness of his Don (8:28-2/).0hrough him ever(one %ho believes is -ustified from ever(thing (ou could not be -ustified from b( the la% of 9oses. and !erfect (12:2). '8). Dince %e have been united %ith >hrist in his death.ather (1':1-8). s God<s children. "").ather of com!assion and the God of all s believers in >hrist. %ho comforts us in all our troubles. 0he message of the cross is foolishness to those %ho are !erishing. !leasing. God is not far from each one of us. %e kno% that our labor in the &ord is not in vain (1':22. (1":"2-"/# 16:":). %e %ill also be united %ith him in his resurrection# thus %e can count ourselves dead to sin but alive to God in >hrist 1esus (6:'-11). . all things7%hether the %orld or life or death or the !resent or the future7all are ours. and %e are not our o%n# %e %ere bought at a !rice (6:1/-2:). SE!OND !O#INT&I'NS and the promises of GOD • God is the . 5ur !resent sufferings are not %orth com!aring %ith the glor( that %ill be revealed in us (8:18). God<s %ill for us is al%a(s good. %ho have been called according to his !ur!ose. and %e are of > . $hen %e come to believe that 1esus is the >hrist.

male nor female. and it is no longer %e %ho live. 2'). according to his !o%er that is at %ork %ithin us (":2:). G'L'TI'NS and the promises of GOD • • >hrist 1esus gave himself for our sins to rescue us from the !resent evil age (1:"-+). for %e are all one in >hrist gentleness and self-control (':22-2"). 2t is b( grace %e have been saved through God<s gift of faith (2:8). $e %ere once darkness. %hich comes from the &ord. $e have the treasure of >hrist in us. God has chosen us in >hrist before the creation of the %orld to be hol( and blameless in his sight (1:+). to the glor( of God the . . -o(. • • • • EP&ESI'NS and the promises of GOD • • • • • • • $e have been blessed in the heavenl( realms %ith ever( s!iritual blessing in >hrist (1:"). $e %ho have been ba!tiHed into >hrist have been clothed %ith >hrist. but no% %e are light in the &ord (':8). then %e are braham<s seed. s believers in >hrist. goodness. %e live b( faith in the Don of God. $hen %e live b( the D!irit. %ho loved us and gave himself for us (2:2:). in heaven and on earth and under the earth. !atience.or those %ho kno% him. 2f %e belong to >hrist. $e are God<s %orkmanshi!. he is a ne% creation# the old has gone. God is able to do immeasurabl( more than all %e ask or imagine. slave nor free. having all that %e need. $hoever so%s s!aringl( %ill also rea! s!aringl(. and %hoever so%s generousl( %ill also rea! generousl(# %e should not give under com!ulsion. %e are called to kee! in ste! %ith the D!irit (' . %hich God !re!ared in advance for us to do (2:1:). nd God is able to make all grace abound to us. and heirs according to the !romise (":2)-2/). 5ur ne% identit( in >hrist %as created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness (+:2+). God %orks in us to %ill and to act according to his good !ur!ose (2:1"). so that in all things at all times. 0he fruit of the D!irit is love. 0he life %e live in the bod(. P&ILIPPI'NS and the promises of GOD • • • • • Ce %ho began a good %ork in us %ill carr( it on to com!letion until the da( of >hrist 1esus (1:6). t the name of 1esus ever( knee %ill bo%. Summer 2005 © The Biblical Studies Foundation (www. %ho %ith unveiled faces all reflect the &ord<s glor(. 0he fruit of righteousness comes through 1esus >hrist to the glor( and !raise of God (1:/-11). Dince %e live b( the D!irit. and this all-sur!assing ind%elling !o%er is from God and not from us (+:)). 0here is neither 1e% nor Greek. kindness. %e have been crucified %ith him. God made >hrist %ho had no sin to be sin for us. but >hrist lives in us.ather (2:1:-11). so that in him %e might become the righteousness of God (':21). for God loves a cheerful giver. %e %ill abound in ever( good %ork (/:6-8). to live is >hrist and to die is gain (1:21). %ho is the D!irit (":18). !eace. >hrist redeemed us from the curse of the la% b( becoming a curse for us (":1"). faithfulness. %e %ill not gratif( the desires of the flesh. the ne% has come (':1)). and ever( tongue %ill confess that 1esus >hrist is &ord. 2f an(one is in >hrist.• • • • • $e. created in >hrist 1esus to do good %orks. are being transformed into his likeness %ith ever-increasing glor(.

$hen >hrist. %ho is our life. $e have been raised %ith >hrist# %e died. God<s !ur!ose for us is that %e glorif( the name of our &ord 1esus (1:11-12). and bod( %ill be ke!t blameless at the coming of our &ord 1esus >hrist (':2"). the forgiveness of sins (1:1"). 0he &ord himself %ill come do%n from heaven. fter that. 0he God of !eace desires to sanctif( us com!letel(. and the cro%n in %hich %e %ill glor( in the !resence of our &ord 1esus %hen he comes are the !eo!le %hom %e have loved and served in his name (2:1/-2:). Ce died for us so that. %ithout blemish and free from accusation (1:22).bible. %ith a loud command. our anEieties are re!laced b( the !eace of God %hich transcends all understanding (+:6-)). %hether %e are a%ake or aslee!. %ith the voice of the archangel and %ith the trum!et call of God. $hen %e %ere dead in our sins. in %hom %e have redem!tion. the ho!e of glor( (1:2)). $e have been reconciled to God through >hrist<s death so that %e can be !resented as hol( in his sight. then %e also %ill a!!ear %ith him in glor( (":1-+). 5ur ho!e. soul. Ce has called us to this through the gos!el. %e are hol( and dearl( loved (":12).ather has chosen those %ho ho!e in >hrist to be saved through the sanctif(ing %ork of the D!irit and through belief in the truth. 0he &ord desires to direct our hearts into his love and >hrist<s !erseverance (":').• $hen %e offer ever(thing to God in !ra(er and !etition %ith thanksgiving. our -o(. 5ur God and . and %e have been given fullness in >hrist. and the dead in >hrist %ill rise first. so that our %hole s!irit.ather has called us to be blameless and hol( in his !resence %hen our &ord 1esus comes %ith all his hol( ones (":1"). 0he . $e are %aiting for God<s Don from . %e %ho are still alive and are left %ill be caught u! %ith them in the clouds to meet the &ord in the air. %hom he raised from the dead71esus. a!!ears. %e ma( live together %ith him (':/1:). God did not a!!oint us to suffer %rath but to receive salvation through our &ord 1esus >hrist. 2n >hrist all the fullness of the Aeit( lives in bodil( form. 0he riches of God<s m(ster( are >hrist in us. Summer 2005 • © The Biblical Studies Foundation (www. and our life is no% hidden %ith >hrist in God. s God<s chosen !eo!le.ather has Gualified us to share in the inheritance of the saints in the kingdom of light (1:12) God has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of his beloved Don. so that %e might share in the glor( of our &ord 1esus >hrist (2:1"-1+). %ho rescues us from the coming %rath (1:1:). God %ill meet all our needs according to his glorious riches in >hrist 1esus (+:1/). God made us alive %ith >hrist and forgave us all our sins (2:1"). )I#ST T&ESS'LONI'NS and the promises of GOD • • • • • s brothers in >hrist. and !resent our reGuests to him. %e are loved b( God %ho has chosen us (1:+). • !OLOSSI'NS and the promises of GOD • • • • • • • • 0he . %ho is the head over ever( !o%er and authorit( (2:1:). • • SE!OND T&ESS'LONI'NS and the promises of GOD • • • God %ill ultimatel( re%ard all believers %ho suffer for the sake of the gos!el (1:'-1:). nd so %e %ill be %ith the &ord forever (+:16-1)).

bible. %ho gave himself for us to redeem us from all %ickedness and to !urif( for himself a !eo!le that are his ver( o%n. %hom he !oured out on us generousl( through 1esus Summer 2005 • © The Biblical Studies Foundation (www. SE!OND TI"OT&$ and the promises of GOD • • • • • God did not give us a s!irit of timidit(. of love and of self-disci!line (1:)). %hich is so uncertain. >hrist 1esus. 0he grace of God that brings salvation has a!!eared to all men (2:11). 0he grace of our &ord %as !oured out on us abundantl(. Godliness %ith contentment is great gain (6:6). %hich comes from a !ure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith (1:').)I#ST TI"OT&$ and the promises of GOD • • • • • • • • • 0he goal of God<s commands is . !romised before the beginning of time (1:1-2). but because of his merc(. %ho does not lie. $e are not to !ut our ho!e in %ealth. not because of righteous things %e had done. $e %ait for the blessed ho!e7the glorious a!!earing of our great God and Davior. but to !ut our ho!e in God. 0he grace of God has been revealed through the a!!earing of our Davior. but a s!irit of !o%er. for he cannot diso%n himself (2:11-1"). the man >hrist 1esus. 2f %e diso%n him. holding !romise for both the !resent life and the life to come (+:8). %ho deserves honor and glor( for ever and ever (1:1)). God our Davior %ants all men to be saved and to come to a kno%ledge of the truth (2:+). the onl( God. • • • TITUS and the promises of GOD • • • faith and kno%ledge of the truth that leads to godliness rests on the ho!e of eternal life. so that the man of God ma( be thoroughl( eGui!!ed for ever( good %ork (":161)). 0here is one God and one mediator bet%een God and men. he saved us. %e %ill also reign %ith him. God has saved us and called us to a hol( life7not because of an(thing %e have done but because of his o%n !ur!ose and grace (1:/). immortal. %e %ill also live %ith him# if %e endure. eager to do %hat is good (2:1"-1+). rebuking. 4h(sical training is of some value. 0he &ord %ill rescue us from ever( evil attack and %ill bring us safel( to his heavenl( kingdom (+:18). >hrist 1esus came into the %orld to save sinners. correcting and training in righteousness. %ho richl( !rovides us %ith ever(thing for our en-o(ment (6:1)). 0he &ord %ill a%ard the cro%n of righteousness to all %ho have longed for his a!!earing (+:8). %ho has destro(ed death and has brought life and immortalit( to light through the gos!el (1:1:). $hen the kindness and love of God our Davior a!!eared. %ho gave himself as a ransom for all men (2:'). %hich God. 1esus >hrist. he %ill also diso%n us# if %e are faithless. but godliness has value for all things. 0he &ord is the =ing eternal. invisible. along %ith the faith and love that are in >hrist 1esus (1:1+). God is able to guard %hat %e have entrusted to him for the da( %hen %e see him (1:12). Ce saved us through the %ashing of rebirth and rene%al b( the Col( D!irit. so that those %ho believe on him %ill receive eternal life (1:1'-16). ll Dcri!ture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching. he %ill remain faithful. 2f %e died %ith >hrist.

&EB#E-S and the promises of GOD • 1esus %as made a little lo%er than the angels and is no% cro%ned %ith glor( and honor because he suffered death. so that. he is able to hel! those %ho are being tem!ted (2:18). -ust as %e are7(et %as %ithout sin (+:1').org) . • • • • • • • • • ('"ES and the promises of GOD • • • • • • • 0he testing of our faith develo!s !erseverance. 1ust as %e have received God<s love. 1esus is able to save com!letel( those %ho come to God through him. $hen %e come near to God. he no% em!o%ers us to offer the same to others (1)-21). submissive. because an(one %ho comes to him must believe that he eEists and that he re%ards those %ho earnestl( seek him (11:1. having been -ustified b( his grace. but %e have one %ho has been tem!ted in ever( %a(. not forgetting %hat he has heard. but doing it7he %ill be blessed in %hat he does (1:2'). full of merc( and good fruit. and !erseverance leads to maturit( and com!letion (1:"-+). God %ants us to gro% into a full understanding of ever( good thing %e have in >hrist (6). $hen %e submit ourselves to God and resist the devil. and continues to do this. $e can a!!roach the throne of grace %ith confidence. because he al%a(s lives to intercede for them ():2').aith is being sure of %hat %e ho!e for and certain of %hat %e do not see. $e do not have a high !riest %ho is unable to s(m!athiHe %ith our %eaknesses. that those %ho are called ma( receive the !romised eternal inheritance (/:1').>hrist our Davior. >hrist is the mediator of a ne% covenant. 5ur ho!e in >hrist is an anchor for the soul. nd %ithout faith it is im!ossible to !lease God. 0he %ord of God is living and active. im!artial and sincere (":1)). firm and secure (6:1/). 0he %isdom that comes from heaven is first of all !ure# then !eace loving. so that %e ma( receive merc( and find grace to hel! us in our time of need (+:16). %ho does not change like shifting shado%s (1:1)). 8ecause >hrist himself suffered %hen he %as tem!ted. 1esus >hrist is the same (esterda( and toda( and forever (1":8). Summer 2005 © The Biblical Studies Foundation (www. %e might become heirs having the ho!e of eternal life (":+-)). Dhar!er than an( double-edged s%ord. grace. he %ill flee from us (+:)). 6).ather of the heavenl( so that b( the grace of God he might taste death for ever(one (2:/). it !enetrates even to dividing soul and s!irit. considerate. -oints and marro%# it -udges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart (+:12). . 0he grace of the &ord 1esus >hrist is %ith our s!irits (2'). 3ver( good and !erfect gift is from above. coming do%n from the . 0he man %ho looks intentl( into the !erfect la% that gives freedom. P&ILE"ON and the promises of GOD • • • • $e have received grace and !eace from God our . 9erc( trium!hs over -udgment (2:1"). he %ill come near to us (+:8). and forgiveness.ather and the &ord 1esus >hrist (").

the Fighteous 5ne. 0he God of all grace. %ill himself restore us and make us strong. a hol( nation. (2:1-2). . 2f %e sin. 2n God<s great merc( he has given us ne% birth into a living ho!e through the resurrection of 1esus >hrist from the dead. to bring us to God (":18). and a thousand (ears are like a da(. (1:'). goodness.0he %orld and its desires !ass a%a(. so that through them %e ma( !artici!ate in the divine nature and esca!e the corru!tion in the %orld caused b( evil desires (1:+). and into an inheritance that can never !erish.%e have one %ho s!eaks to the . %ho called us to his eternal glor( in >hrist.• $hoever turns a sinner a%a( from his error %ill save him from death and cover over a multitude of sins (':2:). !urifies us from ever( sin. not %anting an(one to !erish. $e can cast all our anEiet( on God because he cares for us (':)). for obedience to 1esus >hrist and s!rinkling b( his blood (1:2). the righteous for the unrighteous. s %e gro% in faith. godliness.2f %e %alk in the light. b( the sanctif(ing %ork of the D!irit.God is light# in him there is no darkness at all. >hrist died for sins once for all. • • • • • • SE!OND PETE# and the promises of GOD • • God has given us ever(thing %e need for life and godliness through our kno%ledge of him %ho called us b( his o%n glor( and goodness (1:"). 0he &ord is not slo% in kee!ing his !romise. >hrist bore our sins in his bod( on the tree. as he is in the after %e have suffered a little %hile. the home of righteousness (":1"). a ro(al !riesthood. !erseverance. Ce is the atoning sacrifice for our sins. (1:/).ather in our defense71esus >hrist. and not onl( for ours but also for the sins of the %hole %orld. Ce is !atient %ith us. %e %ill make our calling and election sure and %ill receive a rich %elcome into the eternal kingdom of our &ord and Davior 1esus >hrist (1:'-11). self-control. . s!oil or fade (1:"-+). 2t %as not %ith !erishable things such as silver or gold that %e %ere redeemed from the em!t( %a( of life %e !reviousl( kne%. a lamb %ithout blemish or defect (1:18-1/).2f %e confess our sins. • • • )I#ST (O&N and the promises of GOD • • • • . $e have been born again. (2:1)). . but %ith the !recious blood of >hrist. but ever(one to come to re!entance (":8-/). he is faithful and -ust and %ill forgive us our sins and !urif( us from all unrighteousness. $ith the &ord a da( is like a thousand (ears. firm and steadfast (':1:). $e are looking for%ard to a ne% heaven and a ne% earth. .org) . $e are a chosen !eo!le. his Don. that %e ma( declare the !raises of him %ho called us out of darkness into his %onderful light (2:/). and the blood of 1esus. kno%ledge. but of im!erishable. )I#ST PETE# and the promises of GOD • • • $e have been chosen according to the forekno%ledge of God the . so that %e might die to sins and live for righteousness# b( his %ounds %e have been healed (2:2+). $e have received God<s great and !recious !romises. a !eo!le belonging to God. through the living and enduring %ord of God (1:2").ather. brotherl( kindness. not of !erishable seed. (1:)). and love. as some understand slo%ness. %e have fello%shi! %ith one another. Summer 2005 • © The Biblical Studies Foundation (www. but the man %ho does the %ill of God lives forever.

ather has lavished on us. (':1+-1'). 8ut %e kno% that %hen he a!!ears. 2). . . %e become colaborers %ith them and !artici!ants in their ministr( (vv.ather<s Don (v.ather and from 1esus >hrist.0his is the assurance %e have in a!!roaching God: that if %e ask an(thing according to his %ill. 21).bible. merc(. © The Biblical Studies Foundation (www. . Ce %ho has the Don has life# he %ho does not have the Don of God does not have life. "). !eace.• • • • . and authorit( through 1esus >hrist our &ord before all ages. '-8). (2:2").0here is no fear in love. n(one %ho does %hat is good is from God (v. $hen %e serve and su!!ort those %ho are ambassadors of the truth of 1esus >hrist .ather and ke!t b( 1esus >hrist (v.ather and the Don (v.lives in us and %ill be %ith us forever. the . 11). nd if %e kno% that he hears us7%hatever %e ask7%e kno% that %e have %hat %e asked of him. for %e shall see him as he is. s %e kee! ourselves in God<s love. 0he &ord is able to kee! us from falling and to !resent us before his glorious !resence %ithout fault and %ith great -o( (v.*o% %e are children of God.ather# %hoever ackno%ledges the Don has the . s those %ho kno% > Summer 2005 .God has given us eternal life. (+:/-1:). %e shall be like him.ather also.0his is ho% God sho%ed his love among us: Ce sent his one and onl( Don into the %orld that %e might live through him. 0he onl( God our Davior %ill receive glor(. . (UDE and the promises of GOD • • • • • • 0hose %ho have been called are loved b( God the . %e can %ait for the merc( of our &ord 1esus >hrist to bring us to eternal life (v. 0he man %ho fears is not made !erfect in love.Co% great is the love the . 6). . 2). (':11-12). ma-est(. /). and love (v. %e have received grace.3ver(one %ho believes that 1esus is the >hrist is born of God. $hen %e %alk in obedience to God<s commands. T&I#D (O&N and the promises of GOD • • • . but that he loved us and sent his Don as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. (+:18). and forevermore (v. because fear has to do %ith !unishment. $hoever abides in the true teaching of the incarnate >hrist has both the . (":1).aithfulness to the truth of the gos!el of 1esus >hrist is a great source of -o( to other believers (vv. and ever(one %ho loves the father loves his child as %ell.*o one %ho denies the Don has the . and !eace from God the . 0he &ord gives us the !o%er to build ourselves u! in our most hol( faith and to !ra( in the Col( D!irit (v. . 1). . • • • • SE!OND (O&N and the promises of GOD • • • • 0he truth of the gos!el of 1esus >hrist . 2'). 0his is love: not that %e loved God. 2:). !o%er. 8ut !erfect love drives out fear. (':1). no%. that %e should be called children of GodB nd that is %hat %e areB. God offers believers the abundance of his merc(. %e are %alking in the truth and in love (v. (":2). (v. "-+). and this life is in his Don. and %hat %e %ill be has not (et been made kno%n. he hears us. 2+).

the 8eginning and the 3nd. let him come# and %hoever %ishes. 0o him %ho overcomes. and he %ill reign for ever and ever.ather (1:'-6). @>omeB. and 2 %ill be his God and he %ill be m( son. and %ith his blood he !urchased men for God from ever( tribe and language and !eo!le and nation (':/). .Ce %ill %i!e ever( tear from their e(es. . >hrist is the &iving 5ne %ho %as dead.0he D!irit and the bride sa(. 0here %ill be no more death or mourning or cr(ing or !ain.0he kingdom of the %orld has become the kingdom of our &ord and of his >hrist. (":2:-21). . $hoever is thirst(.#E EL'TION and the promises of GOD • • • • 0hose %ho read the %ords of this !ro!hec( and %ho hear it and take to heart %hat is %ritten in it %ill be blessed (1:"). 1esus >hrist loves us and has freed us from our sins b( his blood. (11:1'). let him take the free gift of the %ater of and has made us to be a kingdom and !riests to serve his God and . (21:6-)). 2 %ill give the right to sit %ith me on m( throne. 2 %ill go in and eat %ith him. 0o him %ho is thirst( 2 %ill give to drink %ithout cost from the s!ring of the %ater of life. but is alive for ever and ever. -ust as 2 overcame and sat do%n %ith m( . .org) Summer 2005 .2 am the l!ha and the 5mega. for the old order of things has !assed a%a(.2 stand at the door and knock. >hrist %as slain. .8lessed and hol( are those %ho have !art in the first resurrection. 2f an(one hears m( voice and o!ens the door. (2::6). but the( %ill be !riests of God and of >hrist and %ill reign %ith him for a thousand (ears. • • • • • • © The Biblical Studies Foundation (www. @>omeB< nd let him %ho hears sa(. . (22:1)). (21:+). 0he second death has no !o%er over them. and holds the ke(s of death and Cades (1:18).ather on his throne. Ce %ho overcomes %ill inherit all this. and he %ith me.