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COMMUNICATION 1101 PUBLIC SPEAKING Instructor: Jeanette Wall Office: F2218 Office Hours: M 12-1:50 W 11-11:50 Th 11-12:50 And by appointment Fall, 2013

Office Phone: (952) 358-8357 Messages can be left 24 hours a day Mailbox: F2201 Canceled Classes: (952) 358-8300 E-mail:

Required Materials: Textbook: A Pocket Guide to Public Speaking, by O’Hair, Rubenstein and Stewart. 3rd edition. 2GB (Gigabyte) Hi-speed USB 2.0 Flash Drive. Packet purchased in bookstore. Course Description: Instruction and practical experience in the basic fundamentals of public speaking with each student expected to perform several speeches throughout the course. Course Content Areas: Speech presentation preparedness and performance Audience analysis Research techniques Organizational techniques Topic selection Effective vocal and physical delivery Critical listening and feedback. Learning Outcomes: The student will: 1. Learn and demonstrate appropriate topic selection, audience analysis, organization and research techniques in a speaker audience setting. 2. Practice and exhibit effective delivery techniques in prepared and impromptu speeches. 3. Apply communication strategies for different audiences and contexts, including personal, emotional and logical arguments. 4. Students will understand and demonstrate proper and constructive listening.

Locate and apply research material from diverse sources. Behaviors that disrupt other students. You are responsible for obtaining any materials or assignments made while you were absent from class. 4. NO MAKE-UPS! Quizzes will be taken during the first 20 minutes of class. etc. 4. late arrival. Demonstrate effect evidence analysis through critical and reflective thinking. Students arriving after that time will not be allowed to take the quiz. are not acceptable. Grading Procedures and Assignments: QUIZZES: Quizzes will be based on the reading and lecture material. Computers: Problems with computers. DO NOT ENTER OR LEAVE THE CLASSROOM WHILE SOMEONE IS SPEAKING. 5. Demonstrate effective audience analysis through listening and responding. 3. Disruptive behavior includes. As indicated in the Normandale Community College Code of Conduct. Academic dishonesty (cheating or plagiarism) will result in a zero for the exam or assignment/speech in question and possible referral to the Dean for disciplinary action. are to be TURNED OFF AND PUT AWAY during class. Evaluate. respectful classroom behavior is expected at all times. but is not limited to. Come to class prepared. Participation in class is important and expected. Unauthorized visitors (including children) are NOT allowed in class. inappropriate talking during class. 2. Select appropriate communication choices for specific audiences. All phones. decisions regarding disruptive behavior and academic dishonesty reside with the professor.MNTC Competencies: Goal 1 – Communication 1. or the instructor. (100 points possible) . If you don't understand something. early departure. the use of profanity or other aggressive actions. The dropbox will close on the due date at 11:59 PM – D2L TIME. pagers. 2. Laptops may be used only for class work. ask questions. 2. Questions will be primarily multiple choice and true-false. synthesize. Assignments can be submitted through the dropbox in D2L. printers and/or e-mails are not acceptable excuses for late work. revision. 3. Feel free to see me if you need help. It is your responsibility to plan ahead far enough so if any problems arise you will have time to correct them. Student Responsibilities: 1. Goal 2 – Critical Thinking 1. editing and presentation. Civil. Understand and demonstrate the written and speaking processes of organization of a speech through drafting. and apply research material from diverse sources.

will be posted on NCC Online (D2L). ASSIGNMENTS ARE DUE ON THE DATES ANNOUNCED IN CLASS OR SHOWN IN THE SYLLABUS. MAKE-UP SPEECHES WILL BE ALLOWED ONLY IF TIME PERMITS. Please include the time and day of your class on everything you turn in.395 297 .DAILY WORK: Peer evaluations. ONCE YOU HAVE CHOSEN A DATE TO GIVE YOUR SPEECH IT MAY BE CHANGED ONLY IF YOU FIND ANOTHER STUDENT WHO IS WILLING TO SWITCH.445 347 . (20 points possible) Grading Scale: 446 . If you do not sign the attendance sheet you will considered absent regardless. (50 points possible) SPEECHES: Students will complete several different types of speeches including informative. MAKE-UP SPEECHES MUST BE COMPLETED BY THE LAST REGULAR CLASS SESSION. THE CHANGE SHOULD THEN BE NOTED ON THE MASTER SCHEDULE. WITH THE EXCEPTION OF SPEECHES LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Two points will be deducted for each class missed.346 0 – 296 A B C D F Grades for all assignments. (250 points possible) OUTLINES: Each student will submit an outline for designated speeches. self-analysis. homework assignments.495 396 . quizzes. Outlines are due on the day you give your speech. It is your responsibility to see you sign it. etc. ALL MAKE-UP SPEECHES WILL BE PENALIZED 15%. etc. . There is no extra credit. persuasive and impromptu. (75 points possible) ATTENDANCE: Your signature on the attendance sheet during each class period will be the official record. Your signature will not be added at a later time.

thesis. support Do H/W 6-7 9/12. Tuesday Lecture – organization. main points Do H/W 1-5 WEEK 2 9/3. Thursday Quiz – Part 2 H/W 6-7 due Rough draft of outline for Bag Speech due WEEK 4 9/17. Tuesday Icebreaker Activity Lecture – attention getters H/W 1-5 due 9/5. conclusions. Tuesday Bag Speeches Lecture – delivery. Tuesday Review Syllabus Lecture – plagiarism. anxiety 8-29. Thursday Quiz – Part 4 Do H/W 8-10 Rough draft of outline for Demonstration Speech due . Tuesday Bag Speeches 9/19. introductions. types of speeches. Thursday Lecture – general purpose. visual aids.TENTATIVE SCHEDULE WEEK 1 8-27. steps to prepare. Thursday Quiz – Part 3 Bag Speeches WEEK 5 9/24. informative speaking 9/26. Thursday Quiz – Part 1 Icebreaker Speeches WEEK 3 9/10. specific purpose.

Tuesday Informative Speeches H/W 11-12 due 10/24. Thursday Quiz – Part 5 Demonstration Speeches WEEK 7 10/8. Thursday Quiz – Part 7 Informative Speeches WEEK 10 10/29. Thursday NO CLASS WEEK 9 10/22. Thursday Informative Speeches WEEK 11 11/5. Tuesday Demonstration Speeches H/W 8-10 due 10/3. Thursday Quiz – Part 6 Demonstration Speeches WEEK 8 10/15. Tuesday Commercial Speeches 11/7. Tuesday Informative Speeches 10/31. Thursday Impromptu Speech Work Day . Tuesday Demonstration Speeches Lecture – persuasive speaking 10/10. Tuesday Do H/W 11-12 Rough draft of outline for Informative Speech due 10/17.WEEK 6 10/1.

Tuesday Persuasive Speeches #1 Rough draft of Persuasive Speech #2 due 11/28. DEC. Tuesday Persuasive Speeches #2 12/5. 19 – IMPROMPTU SPEECHES – 8:00AM CLASS WILL NOT MEET ON THESE DAYS October 17 – MEA November 29 – Holiday . Tuesday Persuasive Speeches #1 11/21. Tuesday Persuasive Speeches #2 12/12.WEEK 12 11/12. Thursday Persuasive Speeches #2 FINAL EXAM 8TuTh Class – TUESDAY. Thursday Persuasive Speeches #1 WEEK 13 11/19. DEC. Thursday Persuasive Speeches #1 WEEK 14 11/26. Tuesday Rough draft of Persuasive Speech #1 due 11/14. 17 – IMPROMPTU SPEECHES – 8:00 AM 9:30TuTh Class – THURSDAY. Thursday NO CLASS WEEK 15 12/3. Thursday Persuasive Speeches #2 Self-Evaluation due WEEK 16 12/10.

Please contact Debbie Tillman. the OSD Director at 952-358-8623 or to discuss how accommodations may be implemented in your Normandale courses. Normandale Community College is committed to equal access for students with disabilities through the services provided by the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD). possibly requiring the student to return funds already received. This syllabus is available in alternate formats by request. This report automatically assigns a failing grade to the student and may cause a recalculation in student’s financial aid award. 2013 .Federal law requires faculty to report students who never show up or who stop attending class. PS – Syllabus – Fall.