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BV INDIA Communiqué

Bureau Veritas India In-house Newsletter For Private Circulation Only Apr - Jun 2013


ear Colleagues,

We continue our growth and investments in India. I am pleased to inform that Bureau Veritas has completed acquisition of Sievert Group at the beginning of Q3 2013. Sievert is a leading provider of Non Destructive Testing (NDT) with presence in India, Middle East and South East Asia.

We have positive development in BV Bangladesh with execution of sizeable contracts from Walmart and C&A for IVS services. I wish to congratulate BV Bangladesh team for this challenging performance.

Our financial results of H1 are short of budget. We need to enhance our market reach and be more customer centric to accelerate the sales growth importantly in some geographies wherein improvement potential is high.

Naresh Gupta Regional Chief Executive, South Asia Region


ear Readers,

The second quarter of this year witnessed significant events and achievements such as successful audits of COFRAC and NABCB in Ahmedabad. World Environment Day was celebrated across all the offices in South Asia Region with theme “ THINK-EAT-SAVE” to reduce foodprint and create awareness on foodwaste.

Congratulations to the children of our staff for their meritorious performance in various examinations ! We hope you will enjoy reading this.
Bharat PAWAR – Editor & Mahendrakumar YADAV – Associate Editor

BV INDIA Communiqué

Apr-Jun 2013


In second and third picture above. GM-South Region (Right). KANDPAL (GM – WCR). B. Ganesh IYER (TQR Manager). 2013 at a function held at SRM Hotel. M/s. Ganesh IYER. NABCB AUDIT ORGANIZED AT AHMEDABAD Bureau Veritas West Centre Region’s Industry division successfully demonstrated compliance towards the requirements for ISO 17020 in the audit carried out by NABCB Audit team on 26th & 27th April 2013 at Ahmedabad office for the scope Pressure Vessels. S. Mr. Ms. S. V VISWANATHAN. Gas generation and distribution and Civil Structure. Water Pipe distribution. Abhijeet RANADIVE (left . Mr. successful 03 Nonfindings by suggested COFRAC to be closed. V VISWANATHAN. Mr. 1st picture) & (Right-2nd picture) seen conducting the internal audits division was successfully BV INDIA Communiqué Apr-Jun 2013 2 . B. Rajagopal. Trichy. The Audit was with critical In first picture aboove. IMS AWARDED TO GEECO ENERCON GEECO Enercon has been awarded with IMS on 02nd September. seen awarding the certificate INTERNAL AUDITS ORGANIZED AT AHMEDABAD & BARODA Internal Audit of Bureau Veritas Baroda Certification Mr. Anand BHATT (Industry Manager-WCR) with NABCB Auditor & WCR Industry team Electrical & Instrumentation. GEECO Enercon by Mr. Mr. BV Chennai. Ranjit NAIK and Mr. General Manager. Chairman & Managing Director. Mr. IMS Certificate was handed over to Mr V. KANDPAL & BV Ahmedabad Industry team with auditors from France for COFRAC Audit. Machinery. The news flashed in leading local newspapers with Bureau Veritas reference on 3rd & 4th September 2013. 2013 to verify the compliance against the requirements of NF EN ISO/IEC 17020 for all PED/TPED/QMOS activities being carried out in India.COFRAC AUDIT HELD AT AHMEDABAD OFFICE A Surveillance Audit by COFRAC was conducted at Ahmedabad office from 3-5th April.Radia BALA who visited from BV France for COFRAC Audit.

Bureau Veritas presented the Certificate of Compliance to HIMT. ServiceGangamma Par & Chairman.S. 2013. C. Hubert MIGNOT. HIMT. Hearty Congratulations to Dr. and found to have fulfilled all the conditions for the award in respect of over 40 DGS approved courses.S. 2013 at Ahmedabad office. Principal Architect – Vishwanath Associates. Regional Marine Chief Executive of Bureau Veritas in South Asia presented the certificate of compliance to the representatives of HIMT. CHAIRMAN-CIVIL AID. Internal Audit of Bureau Veritas Ahmedabad and Baroda for Industry division was successfully carried out by Mr. individually. HIMT is the first Institute in the world to have voluntarily opted for this kind of an audit in terms of maximum number of courses by a single IACS member classification 'Bureau Veritas’. Vishwanath.carried out by Mr. Sarbajeet MUKHERJEE on 25th June at Baroda and 26th & 27th June. Deputy Technical Manager. from BVCI Mumbai on 2nd & 3rd May 2013. on having been audited by Bureau Veritas. C. DR.S.S. Hubert MIGNOT (Right). Excellence Shri Civil-Aid Award Subramanyam Memorial Rolling Shield for year 2011-12 for his contributions in Civil Engineering to our country. VISWANATHA. C. with and Holla VISWANATHA. John’s Research Institute – Auditorium designed by the President of Rotary Bangalore Orchards .R. Padma Vibhushana Prof. the Regional Marine Chief Executive of Bureau Veritas in South Asia seen presenting the certificate of compliance to the representatives of HIMT The event was held at HIMT College campus at Vengambakkam. Abhijeet RANADIVE. C.V. BV INDIA Communiqué Apr-Jun 2013 3 . VISWANATHA on 4th June 2013 at the St.S. Mr. Roddam Dr. VISWANATHA on these achievements and for making BV India proud! BUREAU VERITAS PRESENTED CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE TO HIMT COLLEGE B ureau Veritas presented the certificate of compliance to HIMT College In a grand ceremony held on February 8.S was a chief guest to Honour Dr. C. Mr. VISWANATHA (seated) seen with the honors presented to him by Rotary Bangalore Orchards Narasimha F. HONOURED BY ROTARY BANGALORE ORCHARDS The Board of Directors and Members of Rotary Bangalore Orchards honoured Dr.

the Managing Director.2013. The Organization implements its programmes of technical learning through its learning Center located at Aurangabad and sub centers at Pune. providing a wide array of insurance solutions for individuals as well as corporates in the country. Under Ministry of MSME) for ISO 29990: 2010 in June 2013. BV CERTIFICATION INDIA CERTIFIES INDO GERMAN TOOL ROOM (IGTR). General Manager-Sales & Marketing (3rd from Right) seen presenting the certificate of compliance to Ms. IGTR is concentrating on an integrated development of the related segments of the industry by way of providing Trained Personnel. AURANGABAD FOR ISO 29990: 2010 (FIRST EVER CERTIFICATION FOR BV INDIA) B ureau Veritas India certified IGTR – Aurangabad (A Govt. It is the first Insurance Company in Sri Lanka to be awarded ISO 9001:2008 certificate for both Life & General business categories. Of India Society. Janashakthi Mr. BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFIES JANASHAKTHI INSURANCE. development and delivery of non-formal education. BV INDIA Communiqué Apr-Jun 2013 4 . Sri Lanka at function held on 21st March. It is one of the fastest growing insurance companies in Sri Lanka. Richard QUADROS. SRI LANKA FOR ISO 9001:2008 B ureau Vertias handed over ISO 9001:2008 Certificate to Janashakthi Insurance. This International Standard shares some similarities with many of the Management System standards published by ISO.Janshakthi Insurance) alongwith the teams from both the sides is positioned as the 3rd largest insurer in the General Insurance category and amongst the top 5 insurers overall. Aurangabad was conducted in two stages (initial and main audit) by Pune team. Currently.HIMT has been acknowledged and accepted by the seafaring community as the pioneer and leader in maritime training under the leadership of Mr. Nilupul Chandrasena (Senior Manager. Certification of IGTR. Sanjeev S VAKIL. and a common reference for Learning Service Providers (LSPs) and their clients in the design. This international standard provides a generic model for quality professional practice and performance. This is a first ever certification for BV India for this standard. HIMT has sown the seeds for ISO 14000 for being environment friendly and ISO 50000 for energy efficient campus and have installed solar street-lights in the entire campus. training and development. International Quality Tools and Consultancy in Tooling & Related Areas & is constantly crossing new frontiers in quest for excellence & beyond. particularly ISO 9001. Mumbai & Nagpur.

North Region. Construction Business Line has won Contracts with Oberoi Realty (OASIS). General Manager .) for Cluster Certification on 24th April 2013. Twenty-two representatives from 14 different organisations attended the event. BRING YOUR BUDDY (BYB-EMPLOYEE REFERRAL SCHEME) he BYB success is summarized (Q2. Richard QUADROS. VGN Developers & Prestige Estate Projects Ltd. Mr. Technip. Industry Business Line won major contracts with Essar Projects (India) Ltd. Ltd.K. 25 employees are recipient of this award upto June 2013 including 11 awardees in Q2. CLIENT MEET HELD AT BADDI (HIMACHAL PRADESH) A client meet was held at Baddi (Himachal Pradesh) on 31st May 2013 Visibility to & enhance Market Awareness on various services being offered by us. M. Panchkula & Baddi were invited for the event. Mohali. General Manager – Sales & Marketing and their respective teams organised this event. VINODKUMAR. seen making the presentation BV INDIA Communiqué Apr-Jun 2013 5 . BUREAU VERITAS CHENNAI CONDUCTED SEMINAR ON ISO 9001:2008 AT CLIENT’S PLANT B V Chennai Office had conducted half a day seminar at Plant of Toshiba Machine (Chennai) Pvt. Dhoot Transmission Quest Global & Roots Corp (Ginger Hotels). A glimpse of the clients seen at the meet held at Baddi Clients and consultants from various industries from Chandigarh.SOME OF THE MAJOR CONTRACTS WON BY US: C T ertification Business Line won major Contracts with Bharat Electronics Limited. Total 10 joined during the quarter. 2013) as: 106 CVs received through the scheme.South Region. Sarbajeet MUKHERJEE. As a result of this meeting. (formerly known as L&T Plastics Machinery Ltd. we certified 10 suppliers to ISO 9001:2008 in the first batch and about 13 suppliers have shown interest for certification. Mr. Reliance & L&T. Certification Manager .

the employees have actively involved themselves to spread the awareness to their children and encouraged them to plant trees at their residential premises. Environment Pledge Reading. Observing Meat-Free Day. 2013 at all India offices including Civil-Aid and Bhagavathi Ana Labs offices. Following are some photos of the same. greener and brighter outlook for themselves and future generations. To create awareness and enthusiasm amongst our employees and to mark the beginning of celebration we organized various events & competitions on World Environment Day. This included celebrations at all Regional and Area Offices including Civil-AID and Bhagavathi Ana Labs Offices and Labs and BV SAR Countries. Sri Lanka & Pakistan) celebrated World Environment Day from 1st June -8th June 2013 for the fifth consecutive year.BV INDIA CELEBRATES WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY 2013 ON 5TH JUNE 2013 AT ALL THE OFFICES A ll BV offices in South Asia Region (India. World Environment Day is also a day for all employees to come together to ensure a cleaner.26th April. The World Environment Day 2013 objectives were part of an overall goal for creating and strengthening HSE culture in our workplace and integrating the same with the BV values. Speech Competition were conducted and prizes were distributed to the winners). The events included activities like Display of Banners.EAT. The theme for this year’s World Environment Day celebrations was THINK. Bangladesh. Mumbai HO Shared Services Centre-Mumbai Civil-AID. A series of activities held from 1st June-8th June 2013. Competitions (Environment Poster Competition. These Cardinal Safety Rules were communicated to all Bureau Veritas employees through a safety campaign from BV INDIA Communiqué Apr-Jun 2013 6 . We are happy to mention that apart from the above. observing Print-Free Day on 1st June 2013. A young enthusiastic family member of an employee from Delhi office seen planting a tree with a lot of dedication BV INDIA CELEBRATED FIRST CAMPAIGN ON “CARDINAL SAFETY RULES” First “Cardinal Safety Rules” Campaign was celebrated from 1st . Suggestions and views on how to save environment and Environment Friendly Practices. Bangalore Delhi Bureau Veritas established its Cardinal Safety Rules to provide landmarks to our safety program. Switch-off Lights for one Hour from 3rd -08th June 2013. Slogan Competition.SAVE which represents an anti-food waste and food loss campaign that encourages reducing foodprint. Environment Day Awareness Trainings through presentations to groups and briefings by the respective Regional Heads.

Proprietor of M M/s Wearefire. Also First Aid Awareness Training was conducted on 30th May. Cardinal Safety rules will be promoted frequently at planned intervals. Kacher (Ex. 2013. 2013 by Dr. drive long-term behavioral change and contribute to performance improvement. to 26th 2013. FIRE FIGHTING & FIRST-AID TRAININGS CARRIED OUT AT DELHI OFFICE ock Drill & fire-fighting was carried out at Bureau Veritas Noida office by Mr.K.  GSIT (Back office + SSC) held 1 programme (Module 1) on 08th June. Not to forget that "Safety: it is our responsibility"! SHELL AND BUREAU VERITAS SAFETY DAY CELEBRATED AT MUMBAI Shell and Bureau Veritas Safety Day was celebrated on 19th June 2013 with a theme. EMERGENCY MOCK DRILL. 2013 at Mumbai. Sahu. BV INDIA Communiqué Apr-Jun 2013 7 . These engagements should generate understanding and more importantly. 19 employees attended the programme. Employees seen learning & actively participating in fire-fighting training Employees seen participating in first-aid training programme INDUCTION PROCESS PROGRAMMES – A CONTINUOUS C entre West region held Module-1 & 2 programme on 19th to 21st June. “Time For Safety”. 08 employees for Module 1 and 08 for Module 2.April 1st. 27 employees attended the programme. Safety Day is a key engagement for our team and event on our journey to Goal Zero. 57 employees took active participation in the mock drill which was organized on 31 st May 2013. It’s a great way to challenge assumptions and check everyone is working in a way that is as safe as possible and supporting the Goal Zero journey. Similar induction programmes were also organized by various Regions as under:  West region held programme (Module 1) on 25th April. 2013 at Ahmedabad.BHEL) in which 41 employees participated. R.

S Lavanya. BV Bangalore tied knot on 29th May 2013 with Ms. Anju. C. Certification South Region. 11 employees attended the programme. Chennai office. 2. Regional Sales & Marketing Manager. Arun Savita. Mohammed Ghani. S/o Mr. G. Field Inspector.Prasoon. Mr. BV INDIA Communiqué Apr-Jun 2013 8 . Mohammed Ghani 3. Assistant Manager-Administration.V. Gowdhamshankar. Surveyor. 6. Nishant (Right). M Ganga Rao. C. s/o Mr.V.Jacob Thadikaran. Divya. Mr. Gowdhamshankar Mr. ACHIEVEMENTS : C ongratulations to Master Francis Jacob THADIKARAN (Left). Congratulations to Master N. Mr. Chennai office. NARAYAN. Varsha. 2013 at Jharsuguda. Field Inspector. BV Chennai tied knot on 23rd May 2013 with Ms. East region held 1 Programme (Module 2) on 11th & 12th May. Krishnapatnam th (12 April 2013) Mr. 4. BV Chennai tied knot on 29th May 2013 with Ms. C. C. Vaibhav Sharma. who scored 1129/1200 (94%) marks in same exam. Prasoon 1. GN Senthilkumar Mr. Surveyor.G. Field Inspector in BV Noida office tied knot on 29th April 2013 with Ms. Mr. Ranjini Raj. Field Inspector. Field Inspector in BV Noida office tied knot on 25th May 2013 with Ms. BV Hyderabad tied knot on 02nd June 2013 with Ms. son of Mr. Farhath Unnisaj. Mr. who scored 1180 / 1200 (98%) marks in the Tamilnadu HSE Exam held in March 2013 for XII standard. Arun Savita Mr. Mr. 5. Mr. Vaibhav Sharma Mr. GN Senthil Kumar.

Sr. K M Marg. Daughter of Mr. Pallavi RAJPUT and Mr.Baroda who have cracked GATE exam with 98. Mumbai .7% for research in Biotechnology / cracked JEE exam with ranking of 224 for engineering from NIT and score 91. Andheri (E).co.Congratulations to Ms. Congratulations to Ms.. Anuradha KARANDIKAR (Right). Hitesh KARANDIKAR. Kalgi SHAH (Left) Daughter of Mr. Off: Saki Vihar Road. INDIA Telephone :+91 22 6695 6300 Website: www.44% in 12th Commerce exam. Bureau Veritas India. HSE Engineer. WCR scored 99. Congratulations to Ms.bureauveritas. Lead Verifier Climate Change Baroda stood 1st in her school and got 99. Ketan SHAH Sales & Marketing Manager BV INDIA Communiqué Apr-Jun 2013 9 . Shivrajsingh RAJPUT.400 072.8%in 12th exam respectively. Marwah Centre. MUMBAI 6th Floor.56 percentile with A1 grade in SSC Board Exams (State Board) conducted in March 2013. Mitesh RAJPUT children of Mr.