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Dear Friends and Compatriots, Over the past two years, the Khmer Post Radio has provided

invaluable news that does not make it to the televised media within Cambodia or the International News. For those who may not be aware, televised media is highly censured much like the newspapers and other publications in Cambodia. The Cambodia’s People’s Party (CPP) have controlled the televised media with an iron fist, and anyone who risk reporting news that undermines or could be damaging to the CPP, risk losing their lives. In fact, many reporters and civil servants have already lost their lives without the perpetrators held accountable. Thus that is justice in Cambodia, where the scale is outright biased towards the side with wealth, power, and individuals connected to the CPP. Without free media, citizens will be kept oblivious to their rights to liberty, freedom of speech, and to peacefully assemble as guaranteed by any truly democratic country. Anyone who has an understanding of Cambodian history over the past 30 years, can peace together why the country is still in its current state of turmoil, despite the international communities’ help through hundreds of formed NGOs, relief efforts and projects, and international policies to stimulate economic growth within Cambodia. Instead of seizing these opportunities to better the lives of its citizens, the CPP leadership has turned a blind eye to its own peoples’ sufferings and has left the duties of caring for its citizens to these organizations. To make matters worse, high ranking officials have amassed fortunes for themselves, embezzling millions of dollars from funds meant to provide relief for the people. For example, the Khmer Rouge Trial is a farce and a circus act to bilk the international community out of hundreds of millions of dollars. Even a noble organization such as the Red Cross has become a CPP political tool for propaganda. Those who have visited or revisited Cambodia will see that Cambodia is one of the most beautiful but yet the most poverty stricken and corrupt countries in the world. Yet given the size of the country, population, wealth of natural resources, influx of foreign aid, and all the international policies set in place to promote economic growth, by now it should be a prosperous and economic thriving country. Reality is that it is not. Through deductive reasoning, only the following conclusions can be drawn: either the CPP leadership is incompetent, self-serving and uncaring to the plight of its own people, or both incompetent and self-serving. Corruption within the high leadership ranks is like a contagious disease that has spread to all lower ranks event to the village chief…and the consequence is that the everyday citizens suffer. Policies where title, degrees, and government positions can be bought will only favor the rich and well connected, but not individuals with intellect and integrity. On the contrary, intelligent and capable citizens without the money to buy a position or backing of those in power will not have the opportunities that they so deserve. Such policies will breed future generations of self-serving, incompetent, and immoral officials whom will adopt policies of self-serving, incompetent, and immoral governance. To break this vicious cycle, all Cambodian nationals within Cambodia and abroad must continue to stand united to incite change, for the risk in not doing so will possibly result in the complete destruction of our beloved country. Critical to any change movement is free and unbiased media. To the international communities, Cambodia is already Democratic; however, in reality it is Democratic only on paper. In fact, it is more dictatorship where all powers in the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the government are controlled by one political party, under the direction of one man. Without free media to help incite change, true democracy cannot be realized in our lifetime or our children’s life time. Fortunately, the

momentum of change is on our side. Never has there been a time in recent history, where our Cambodian Nationals, both within Cambodia and outside of Cambodia have united to DEMAND for change. The Khmer Post Radio has been a significant part of this movement, providing up-to-date and unbiased news to the Cambodian civilians and Nationals, domestically and internationally. Unfortunately, the funds that have been generously allocated to establish the Khmer Post Radio to broadcast in Cambodia have dwindled and will run out by the end of 2013. The benefactor(s) have set aside funding for 4 years so that the general public can have access to free media so that they can help themselves by exercising their rights to vote in Cambodia’s July 2013 National Election. As a result, the citizens of Cambodia had fulfilled their duties in voting with intention of changing the leadership; but unfortunately, the election outcome was contradictory what the majority had desired, resulting in the current unresolved political stalemate in Cambodia. With this knowledge, it would be very irresponsible that we would allow such an invaluable service to expire and cease to exist. Therefore, it behooves ALL of us who listens to Khmer Post Radio to support it. I am seeking to enlist a minimum of another 999 nationals who would be able to help me fund the Khmer Post Radio in 2014. Together we will be at least 1000 strong. The total operating cost for employees and broadcasting throughout the different provinces within Cambodia is ~$100,000/year. Therefore, I solemnly ask that we ALL commit to $10 a month or $100 a year. Please join me in this noteworthy movement. Together, we can make a difference and incite positive change by helping to bring about true Democracy to our beloved Cambodia and our people. -Don Nguon