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A Semblance

Jack Galmitz

Poems for the ordinary mind

Dirt under my nails all year

The way he ran his limbs an antelope

On the boardwalk So many people walking Their shadows mingle

I listen to the sea hoping to catch where something begins

Far from the city Christmas lights on a wind turbine

Sing, sparrow, sing for everything my heart is not in it

Sunsetlosing you bit by bit

meanwhile there is rain.. and dandelions

Snowfallmay I die while it snows and I fall out of the world

hospital halls sometimes all you see are machines

English plantain a weed with a funny name

The savior showed up the day after

An old movie spinning off its spool I love you still

A cupboard full of spices and a hand

Looking down the well I have thoughts that a voice dispels

In the orchestra I am the one Who plays the triangle

Which reminds methe first fish I caught I put in the bathtub

The cat dreams of blood look at it run look at it run

Dogs dream, too regress howl en masse

I needed red to draw a field for black trees and a bog with chairs

How paint moves in water like a ribbon or a web to build a Coliseum

Candle flame has it studied Dervish ways

She comes in waves I ride them in

A waterfall where we left off

I watch her walk until she disappears then have a smoke

That homeless man with an empty eye socketa field of buddhas

The movie starlet decapitated in an accident a field of buddhas

The charred bodies of those who could not escape a buddha field

Take off your shoes before you enter the house it is courteous

Ebb tidemachine parts and seaweed combine

Grievances set aside between estranged friends So the year ends