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3GPP TSG-RAN WG2 Meeting #63bis Prague, Czech Repub ic, 2!

Septe"ber - 3 #ct$ber 2%%&


C'ANG( R()*(ST 2+,33- CR 3./& re0 - Current version: &,.,%

For HELP on using this form look at the pop-up text over the symbols. Comprehensive instructions on how to use this form can be found at http !!www."!specs!CR.htm. Proposed change affects: Title: Source to !: Source to TS!: %ategor&: UICC apps ME 1 Radio Access Network Core Network

Clarification to the use of "F- !C" slot for#at" IE Nokia Corporation$ Nokia %ie#ens Networks R& $ate: '()*')&''+ Release: Rel-+ A

or" ite# code: RANi#p-C!C

#se one of the following categories #se one of the following releases ' $correction% R99 $Release '999% ( $corresponds to a correction in an earlier release% Rel-4 $Release 4% ) $addition of feature%& Rel-( $Release (% % $functional modification of feature% Rel-) $Release )% $ $editorial modification% Rel-* $Release *% etailed e,planations of the a-ove cate.ories can Rel-+ $Release +% -e found in (/!! 0R &*12''1 Rel-9 $Release 9%

Reason for change:

0he current specification is a#-i.uous as to which slot for#at should -e applied for F- !C" after a reconfi.uration$ when the IE is not present1 0he convention in the specification is that UE should continue with the previousl3 confi.ured value if the IE is not present$ however in order that the -ehaviour of a UE supportin. enhanced F- !C" is consistent for initial setup and reconfi.uration it should -e clarified that 4not present5 alwa3s #eans to appl3 the rel-6 F- !C" slot for#at 7 slot for#at 8 ' 9 the sa#e as a UE not supportin. enhanced F- !C" would need to do1

Su##ar& of change: UE -ehaviour is clarified in order that when the IE is not present$ UE applies slot for#at 8' 7 sa#e slot for#at which would -e applied -3 a UE not supportin. enhanced F- !C" 9 %onse*uences if not appro+ed: %lauses affected: ,ther specs affected: UE #a3 use une,pected F- !C" slot for#at after a reconfi.uration1 *'1(161&(o 2 N 1 :ther core specifications 1 0est specifications 1 :;M %pecifications

,ther co##ents:


ownlink F- !C" info for each R<

For FDD only.

Nee6 M! Mu ti T7pe an6 re4erence !ri#ar3 C!IC" usa.e for channel esti#ation *'1(1616& 7'11(+*== -3 step of &>69 Se"antics 6escripti$n 8ersi$n RE<-6

3n4$r"ati$n ( e"ent5Gr$up na"e !ri#ar3 C!IC" usa.e for channel esti#ation F- !C" fra#e offset


F- !C" slot for#at

:! 7'112 -3 steps of *9

:ffset 7in nu#-er of chips9 -etween the -e.innin. of the !CC!C" fra#e and the -e.innin. of the F- !C" fra#e 0his is called F- !C"$n in ?&6@ %lot for#at used -3 F!C" in ?&6@1 A-sence of this ele#ent #eans that slot for#at ' is applied1 efault is the sa#e scra#-lin. code as for the !ri#ar3 C!IC"



%econdar3 C!IC" info %econdar3 scra#-lin. code Code nu#-er 0!C co#-ination inde, %00 indication

:! M

%econdar3 C!IC" info *'1(161A( %econdar3 scra#-lin. code *'1(161A= 7'11&>>9 0!C co#-ination inde, *'1(161+> Enu#erated 7true9

RE<-6 RE<-6

M! M! CB, ,

RE<-6 RE<-6 0his IE shall -e set to 0RUE when %00 is used1 A-sence of this ele#ent #eans %00 is not used1 RE<-6

C$n6iti$n ,,

(9p anati$n 0his IE is not needed in the "AN :BER 0: U0RAN C:MMAN and it is optional in all the other in which the IE " ownlink F- !C" info for each R<" can -e included1