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I had quite a feedback after the first one went on GameFAQs, especially from people from the US who wanted the whole walkthrough of the game. Everything in this document is mine, you can distribute but no charge must be made except for the disk it's on. Charge for printing and I'll send my rabid mate Elum round. And no "But it cost me 50 honest guv" type saying to try and sell it on. It's bloody illegal and p's everybody off. I hope to see this go global, just like the game. If it goes official, then I'll have copyright, and I'll call back all the copies I sent out to various FAQ sites. There might not be another one of these. Thanks to for putting it on their site, look out for the next update soon!

Thanks to James Stevens also for putting on his site. Thanks to Morgan Marks ( and Alex Macfarlane Smith ( for their information on the game which they gave me. Thank also to Blockbuster video for selling the game so cheap! Oddworld Inhabitants Abe's Oddysee and Abe's Exoddus are TM and Oddworld Inhabitants Inc. All Rights Reserved. Published and Distributed by GT Interactive Software Corp. GT is TM, and the GT logo is a registered trademark of GT Interactive Software Corp. All other names are copyright to their relative companies. That's the rant and the legal mumbo-jumbo over, now on with the FAQ! ============================================================================ Well, what is Abe's Exoddus all about? Abe's Exoddus is the follow up to the hugely popular Oddworld: Abe's Odyssee. Abe's Exoddus is /not/ the next Oddworld game, but uses the same game engine as the first. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Who is Abe? Abe is part of a race known as the Mudokons. He is humanoid, and has a distinguishing head comb not unlike a hen. Other bodily changes are his feet, hands and his body mass. I guess you could describe him as a skinny wimp. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------What is Abe's Oddysee? This story is in the game manual: "You are Abe, an ignorant, happy floor-waxer in RuptureFarms, the most dangerous slaughterhouse on Oddworld. You and the rest of the blue guys are Mudokons. You've been a slave all your life for your boss, Molluck The Glukkon. Molluck represents the Magog Cartel, the meanest bunch of corporate weasels you'll ever meet. You start the game chained up in a cell, awaiting interrogation by Molluck The Glukkon. You've done something Bad ... something very, very Bad. What have you done? You'll have to play the game to find out, because Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee is a flashback. That means it happened in the past, even though you'll be playing it in the present. Or something like that. Look, just play the lousy game, all right ?!? Because RuptureFarms has driven Meeches, Scrabs, and Paramites to the edge of extinction, the only way to boost profits is to turn Abe and his pals into lunch. That's right - Abe's on the menu! You've got to escape from RuptureFarms. The guards (those squid-head guys, called Sligs) are on the look-out for you, so you'll be on your toes if you want to sneak past them. Once you'e safely away from RuptureFarms, you'll learn more about your true destiny. We'd write it down here, but that would be telling. Suffice it to say that your mission is a lot more complicated than just running away from

RuptureFarms. You'll have to brave haunted temples, rescue your buddies, survive weir ritual mutilation at the hands of BigFace, learn secret moves, outwit monsters, and turn into a monster yourself before your Oddysee is complete ... and even then you'll probably get the bad game ending because you missed so much stuff the first time through. You see, there are these secrets scattered all over the place, and everything you do influences you reputation, which has a direct effect on whether your buddies will come to your rescue when you need them most. The key to success is ... oops! Out of room!" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------What kind of game was Abe's Oddysee, and is Abe's Exoddus the same? Abe's Oddysee was a 2 dimensional platform game. Each level was made up of several screens, which could scroll either up, down, left or right considering which way Abe went. Abe himself could walk, sneak, run, jump, roll and hoist himself in a series of increasingly difficult levels. What they did'nt tell you was that you have to solve a lot of puzzles along the way, like throwing a switch to open a door, or throwing a stone to alert a Slig and then running like hell. Abe can also possess people by chanting. By holding down L2 and R2, he would chant, and you would be able to become a Slig. Everything the Slig does is controlled by you. Abe's Oddysee also used a never before seen act of gamepley which enabled you to communicate to another person or a Slig. You could say Hello to another Mudokon, and then tell him to Follow Me. You could then lead him to a Bird Portal, and with a quick chant open that Bird Portal, and let him escape. Abe's Exoddus is almost exactly the same. The story behind it is quite interesting, and the game is rumoured to have another opening for another Abe game when you complete it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Bird Portals, Sligs, blimey, it sounds complicated. Is it? Well actually no. When I first started playing it, I already had a good knowledge of the game as I had extensively played the demo that came with my Playstation. The same thing applies to Abe's Exoddus. The demo available on the Official Playstation Magazine CD 38 introduces you well to the game. The controls are easy to get to grips with, and LED boards tell you all you need to do with a few pointers. The scrolling messages tell you to jump, climb or crouch, or to even draw the attention of a Slig. This time round things are not that different, but there are quite a few little surprises, which include new monsters, new scenery, new gamespeak, and also some rather cool gaming effects. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Like what then? Well, the new monsters I have seen are Fleetches and Slurgs. Fleetches are little worms that look quite harmless, but if Abe goes near them, SNAP! It tries to lash at you with it's long tongue. Get a bit more closer, and the thing will swallow Abe, get fatter, and belch! Slurgs you will find under Fleetch nests, as they feed on the droppings of the Fleetch. From the pictures I have seen of them, you can't really see what the smeg they are, but apparently they squeek loudly if you walk on them. Another monster I have seen looks like a Flying Slig. He is slightly more hard to avoid. He will chase you, dropping grenades in a vain attempt to kill you. You can hear him coming as his engine coughs and splutters as he moves about.

Other game features and improvements to be included in the full game are that they have extended the game speak and included character emotions. For example, you could slap another Mudokon (Another feature!) and tell him to follow you, and he would refuse! You would then have to apologize to him for giving him such a slapping, and then have to grovel a bit to get him to follow you. Other features to be added are door locks and laughing gas. The former are quite simple, just stand infront of a steel wheel, and push up to turn it. To indicate that the door is open, a green light flashes above the wheel. To indicate that whatever it is your trying to open is still locked, the light flashes red. If there are two wheels, you will have to rope in another Mudokon and tell him to work. He should then turn the wheel, whilst you do the same, and both lights should flash green. Emotions also interfere with the game by making some Mudokons walking Mood Rings. If they are green and ducking down holding their heads, it means they are depressed, and suicidal. If they are red, they are angry, and slap you whenever they get the chance. Green Mudokons are the normal ones who are effected the most by Laughing Gas. Laughing gas is a different feature altogether. Any Mudokons that inhale Laughing Gas will turn into utter twits. They will laugh, and joke around, and even attempt to run through bombs. Saying Stop That will stop them, or giving them a quick slap then apologizing will get them back to normal. According to rumours (Probably started by Play Magazine) Abe can even turn himself invisible! Oh, and yes, you can possess your own farts. It's absolutely essential in some parts of the game apparently. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Anything else I should be aware of? Well, there is now a quicksave facility, where you can save the game whenever you like. In theory, this could make the game a lot easier, but will most certainly make it less annoying when you get blown away, and have to do half of a level again. You can also control every character now too, and there is also a special feature which let's you use items I think. This could be the same old stone or grenade throwing action though, there aren't any items to pick up in the demo. There is also a status option which awaits you when you pause. It tells you how many Mudokons there are in the game, how many you've rescued and how many there are on the current level. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------What kind of weapons does Abe have? None, why would you need them if you can possess a Slig? I think that Oddworld Inhabitants who made the game thought that the game would be far more appealling to a larger bandwidth of Playstation players if they kept lots of guns, gore and (not much) violence out of the game. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------What's Abe's Exoddus all about then? Abe's Exoddus picks up more or less where the last game left off. I suppose Abe's Exoddus will have a nice rolling intro FMV which explains it well (Just like the demo). In Abe's Oddysee, Abe killed Mullock The Glukkon, his evil boss. He also destroyed RuptureFarms (By blowing it up I think). He also inadvertantly destroyed the main ingredient for the Glukkon's addictive depressing, soft drink: SoulStorm Brew. There is a place on Oddworld called Necrum, where Mudokons used to bring there dead. Then, rumours started

spreading that the Glukkons and RuptureFarms had relocated to Necrum in order to mine fresh bones from the Mudokon dead. Everything that took place in this mine is secret, and nobody dared spread false rumours for fear of the Magog Cartel paying them a visit in the middle of the night. Even the workers, the humble Mudokons, did'nt know what took place, and, for fear of an information leak, the Glukkons employed blind Mudokons, who can't see what they are mining. So, Abe, our hero, sets off for Necrum with a few other Mudokons. After a couple of days, the group get lost in the vast expanse of desert near Necrum. Suddenly, a monorail zooms past overhead, spilling it's cargo everywhere. Abe picks it up and examines it. The rumours are true, the Glukkons /are/ using Mudokon bones! The group follow the train all the way to Necrum, and when they get there they break in by jumping over a wooden barricade. All the group land safely on the other side of this huge barrier, except one, yup you guessed it, Abe! He wanders too close to the edge as he lands and falls! He slips and slides all the way down to the bottom (Just like the end of the Stockyard Escape in Abe's Oddysee). Landing with a thump, his mission seems clear, rescue the mudokons, kill the Glukkons and destroy RuptureFarms once and for all! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Are there any cheats? The game has'nt been released yet, so I would'nt know. I suppose that the movie and level select cheats will stay though. One cheat that won't be there is the green air fart cheat, the one that makes Abe fart green dust. The cheat is now the default, which makes for more engrossing (Geddit?) gameplay. There are already GameShark codes available, so go to Surfing with the Sharks for them (There's a link on the Abe's Exoddus page of ---------------------------------------------------------------------------You mentioned earlier that the Oddworld games are part of a series, explain. Oddworld is a Quintology of games, which means that there will be 5 of them. The next in the Oddworld series will be called Munch's Oddysee, and will feature a big ugly rabbit and 64-bit technology. Little is known about the next game(s), but you can be sure that next time I update this I'll include any information I find. Each game will have a different plot, a different hero, different enemies, even different cheats, but some characters that you overlook in the first game could have quite a bigger, significant role. Little is known about this idea too, but I think that the same programming team will be used for each and every game. When you complete Abe's Oddysee you get a picture of all the people who programmed the game dressed up as butchers from RuptureFarms (Covered in blood and stuff). You get a slightly altered photograph of the programming team when you complete the demo of Abe's Exoddus. By comparing photographs, everyone is present in the same place, so I suppose we'll just have to wait and see the game manual for the credits of who made the game. At the back of the manual, it further enlightens you on the Oddworld Quintology, and states that each 'regular' game, like Abe's Oddysee, will have a bonus game, like Abe's Exoddus. It also says that there might be more than one bonus game, so I suppose we'll just have to see. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------When was Abe's Oddysee released?

Abe's Oddysee was released in the Autumn of 1997. It is now a year after it's release, and it carries on selling plenty of copies a day. I can see this one being a huge hit when it is released on Platinum. The game has stayed at the same price since it came out, and still it sells. Sony must have known they were on to a winner. Luckily, I bought my copy from Dixons for 44.99 which was bundled with Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown. I would have been happy to buy it at the full price, but you can't take any chances these days can you? You can now get Abe's Oddysee in Woolworths for 20 nicker now too. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------When will Abe's Exoddus be released? I have got a finalised date from Sony Europe which says October 23, but it is now October 28, and it has still not hit the shelves. According to Game in the Kingston Bentall's Centre, the game is due for a Christmas release. According to the message you get when you complete the Abe's Exoddus demo, the game is due to be released in the Fall of 1998. as it is now Winter, I would think that a Christmas release is a safe bet. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------How many players did Abe's Oddysee have, and is Abe's Exoddus the same? In Abe's Oddysee, one or two players could take on the Glukkons, but not simultaneously. Anything the 1 Player did the 2 Player had to do too, and vice-versa. I'm not sure what happens when you complete it with 2 Players, or even if you still have to rescue 99 Mudokons. Abe's Exoddus will be the same. You have an unlimited lives. In my opinion, this is quite a big let down. Just by modifying the game engine slightly, it would be possible for two players to effect what they other is doing, by closing a door or pulling a switch etc. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------I'm stuck on the demo, who can help? OK, I got enough requests! Below is the walkthrough of Tunnels 1 and 2 in Abe's Exoddus. This is the tried and tested way /I/ did it. You might want to familiarise yourself with the level layout before you attempt to rescue any Mudokons. I don't think that anyone puts demo solutions on their cheats sites. As demos go of adventure puzzle games, Abe's Exoddus is a toughy. It retains some of Abe's Oddysee tricky parts, with the not-so-obvious solutions. Some of the puzzles, especially the first one, are truly evil, but this means that the average player can get more involved, and in my opinion it is more fulfilling when you solve a puzzling enigma. Unlike Abe's Oddysee's demo there are even some secret areas. You also get to possess the Flying Slig, and fly about dropping grenades to get to one of the secret areas. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------On Abe's Oddysee, when you get to the end, you don't have to face a big boss, which is a bit disappointing. Is the same true with Abe's Exoddus? I really do not know. It is going to end on another cliffhanger apparently, so anything is possible. In my opinion, Abe's Oddysee did not end on a cliffhanger, but the end was perfectly fitting in the story. If you were good to your fellow Mudokons, and you rescued 50 or more, they would rescue

you just as you're about to go into the meat-o-matic. If you were bad to your buddies, and you rescued 49 or less or shot or killed too many of them, they would let you die. If you rescued 99 Mudokons, you get the cool ending, and a list of cheats you could use. I'm guessing that this is the same with Abe's Exoddus. More information will be available next time I update this FAQ, so I might be able to fill you in. Besides, in my opinion, using the Shrykull and killing 5 Glukkons and 5 Sligs is a good and fitting ending to the game. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------In the full game, will there be a few pointers on the way? Yes, just like Abe's Oddysee, Rune Stones and Map Directories will exist on many levels. There is even a couple in the demo for Abe's Exoddus, the main one being at the end just after you find the depressed Mudokons that you need to turn some wheel locks. The Rune Stone there tells you that you need to go to the Paramite and Scrab areas and return there later on. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Earlier on, you mention the new monsters. What kind of old monsters are there? In order of appearance in the game, there are... SLIGS: Gunned up slugs in mechanical pants, with itchy trigger-fingers and room temperature IQ's. Cruel taskmasters of the sadistic playpen that is RuptureFarms. These are the only enemies you can possess. SLOGS: They bark, eat live flesh, and definitely not good with children, but they're a Slig's best friend. Their favourite bone is in Abe's leg. They are basically alien dogs! PARAMITES: On their own, they're cute in a stomach-churning way, but put them in packs and they get vicious. Kind of like children. You will first meet them in Paromonia, they're own section of Oddworld. They are fond of meat, can be easily tricked, and might attack you if you get they're backs to the wall. SCRABS: These relentless nightmares reside in the dusty vaults of a lost desert temple. Not much to look at, but terrific dancers. Get two together, and they'll fight to the death! GLUKKONS: Sharp-dressed, cigar-smoking, merciless corporate masters of RuptureFarms. When these creeps make a killing in the market, they use a butcher, not a stockbroker. Out of all the Glukkons, Mullock has to be the worst. He is the boss of RuptureFarms. Don't take it personally when he sells your guts for fertilizer - it's only business. ANTI-CHANT DROIDS: Glowing spheres who don't like you trying to possess the Sligs. They'll zap you, so you must find another way round them, either make the Slig follow you onto the next screen, or blow it up with a grenade from the Boom Machine. MEECHES: Well, they're classed as an enemy, but are more ex-inhabitants of Oddworld. RuptureFarms has led the Meech race to extinction by making more Meech Munchies than ever.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------What other characters are there? Other than Abe and the other Mudokons, and the enemies, there are quite a lot of characters. ELUM: Abe's "pet" is cranky, stubborn, selfish, and smells like a burst sewer pipe, and those are his good points. Fortunately, chicks dig him. Elum plays quite a large part on the game, as you will need him several times to jump large gaps that Abe normally would'nt be able to get across. Elum also likes honey, so to stop him eating, you better put him off bees and honey. You call him normally by ringing a bell, but God knows how you call him in Abe's Exoddus. It is'nt even certain that he will be in Abe's Exoddus. BIGFACE: Mysterious spiritual leader of the Mudokons. Already a shamen, healer and teacher, add "miracle worker" to his CV: He has to make a hero out of Abe. Abe first meets him after he dies after falling down the cliff after the Stockyard Escape. He shows Abe why he should try and save the Mudokon race. After Abe returns from Paramonia and Scrabania Bigface gives him a tattoo relating to the worlds he has just survived. He also gives Abe a Shrykull Spirit Ring, so he can pass a nasty screen littered with Sligs, Mines and Anti-Chant Droids. SHRYKULL: Half-Mudokon, half-God, all trouble. If Abe survives his quest, he gets to turn into this bad boy and kick some tail. Life is good. Shrykull kind of looks like a cross between a Scrab and a Paramite. NATIVE MUDOKONS: Not all Mudokons are enslaved in RuptureFarms, but those that live in the wild are a vanishing breed. They don't take kindly to city-folk, so expect some hostility. You will first meet them in the wilderness that is the Monsaic Lines. They will threaten you with a catapult if you tread towards them to much, so give them a password you donut! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------So what are the new monsters then? Glukkons: --------There are a couple of Glukkons this time around. VICE-PRESIDENT ASLIK: Glukkon in charge of FeeCo Depot, the Trains will run on time. GENERAL DRIPIK: Stern taskmaster of the Slig Barracks. DIRECTOR PHLEG: Head boner at the Bonewerks. BREWMASTER GLUKKON: Half the heart and twice the flavour. Sligs: -----There are two more variations of the Slig this time. FLYING SLIGS: Half-mad Slig flyboy who chases you whilst firing grenades. CRAWLING SLIGS: Sligs without their robotic legs. Slogs: ------

SLOGGIES: Cuter than their grown-up cousins, but just as vicious. These are basically little ickly Slogs. The other new monsters are: FLEECHES: Starting life as happy Glukkon pets, these vicous little worms rapidly grow too big to cuddle, and are eliminated by flushing them down the toilet. Whose colonies infest Oddworld's Underworld. SLURGS: The lowest form of life on Oddworld, they feed on the offal of Fleeches. GREETERS: A public-relations nightmare made right! Glukkons were aghast when these marketing and P.R. machines began attacking the customers. Now, they make perfect security guards. These appear to be a talking vat on wheels. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------How do the levels from Abe's Oddysee compare to the Abe's Exoddus levels? Well, as they are quite different games based on the same idea, you should expect the levels, or environments, to be different. The scenery of each level in both games is breathtaking, so obviously there is plenty to look at, but the path your supposed to follow is still very clear. For a 2D platformer, Oddworld Inhabitants did an absolutely supreme job in decorating each level with colourful 3D scenery, each one different. Every level has a different path to follow, and corresponding scenery. Rupturefarms had the dirty meat plant look, whilst Paromonia opts for the countryside look. The following will explain each level in Abe's Oddysee, and each level in Abe's Exoddus. They are all in order. Abes Oddysee: ------------RUPTUREFARMS The most dangerous meat packing plant in the world. Anything that comes out of this plant is certified BSE positive, that's for sure. Avoid patrolling Sligs, rescue your fellow Mudokons, solve simple puzzles and most importantly escape in order to continue your adventure. The scenery is most impressive, and fits the mood perfectly. Meat grinders and falling meat are two of the best effects of the level. In order to go on to the next section, or Zulag, or RuptureFarms you have to travel by monorail. This in turn lets you view a magnificent cinematic sequence showing your short journey. The backgound scenery here consists of grimy walkways and some cool barrel packing machines. To enter the next Zulag, you have to possess yourself a Slig and say the correct thing into the voice recognition sensor. In order to escape from RuptureFarms, Abe hitches a ride in a barrel, and falls out just in time for his escape through the Stockyards. ESCAPING THROUGH THE STOCKYARDS AND THE FREE-FIRE ZONE The deadly no-man's land surrounding RuptureFarms. You must cunningly avoid Sligs and Scrabs in order to slip past them. As you escape, the evening approaches, and you quickly find that it is dark. This is one level that is truly surprising in both it's layout and scenery. The Stockyards have a sunset backround, and the Free-Fire Zone has a nice moonlit look about it. loom our for bats, and the rather helpful fire-flies who give you help if you need it. When you get to the end, you will have your first encounter with a Slog, who will chase you instantly. He sounds suspiciously like

Sparky, the gay dog from South Park in my opinion. When you get to the end, a beautifully rendered FMV will show you the Mudokon moon, then Abe falls down the cliff and dies! Don't worry though, as the BigFace patches him up, and sends him back out again. MONSAIC LINES/MONSAIC AWAKENED This level is based around the holy caves of the native Mudokons, and looks like a jungle. There are plenty of good backgrounds, mostly based around Scrabs and Paramites, the so-called holy creatures (In reality, they are actually vicious b*****ds). When you reach the end of the Lines (Geddit?) you get to choose which part of Oddworld you want to go to next, either Paramonia or Scrabania, so hop into the corresponding well to be transported there! SCRABANIA This is quite a trackless wasteland and also a heavy test of courage. It is a rocky desert, with plenty of cacti and giant red stones and cliffs as scenery. Get ready to meet Elum for the first time too! In order to gain true Mudokon enlightenment, Abe must venture into the holy Scrabanian Temple... SCRABANIAN TEMPLE Abe's biggest test occurs here, as he must survive the temple, solve some taxing puzzles, and avoid tonnes of Scrabs in order to escape! After the Temple comes the Scrabanian Nests. SCRABANIAN NESTS Like the Paramonian Nests, this level takes part entirely in the shadows. Abe must run, jump and scramble his was to safety. Timing is everything, miss just one jump, and Abe is lunch! After Abe passes this level, he gets a painful Scrab tattoo from the BigFace on his hand. It can only make him stronger as we see later on. PARAMONIA Paramonia is part of Oddworld's vanishing wilderness, and you can see this in the scenery. Plenty of trees, shrubs and dirt walkways are the norm here. Just like Scrabania, you must pass through the Temple and the Nests before you can get your tattoo. PARAMONIAN TEMPLE Just like last time, except the puzzle solutions are a lot less obvious! This level also features an Indiana Jones style rolling boulder! Paramites are on your tail, so keep them occupied by using meat you can get froma meat sack. PARAMONIAN NESTS You better put on some track spikes if you want to outrun those pesky Paramites! Make sure nothing slows you down here, it would mean life or death. After this you get a cool new tattoo depicting a Paramite. Joinig the tattoo makes Abe turn into Shrykull and fire Spirit Rings at the hazards that approach him when he gets back to the Monsaic Lines. Abe is now enlightened, and must go back in to RuptureFarms to rescue more of his mates. STOCKYARD RETURN Abe must sneak back into RuptureFarms. Security around the Plant has stepped up a bit, there are Slogs and Sligs everywhere, motion detectors, floating mines, land mines and more Bats then you could shake a stick at. RUPTUREFARMS 2 (ZULAG 1, ZULAG 2, ZULAG 3, ZULAG 4)

Abe returns to RuptureFarms, and this time he has access to the other Zulags. After he has rescued everybody he can, Abe get's set for the final encounter with his evil boss Mullock The Glukkon. THE BOARDROOM By now, Mullock had saw what Abe was doing, so he threatened to gas any Mudokons who dared to try and escape, including Abe! This level has a time limit, and a tricky set of screens full of mines and meat grinders. Before you go into the boardroom, there is still one dedicated Mudokon scrubbing away! When Abe is in the Boardroom, he chants, joins the two tattoo's together, and destroys the Glukkons and Sligs in there! He gets caught by 2 Sligs though, and is strung up above the Meat-O-Matic. This is where the Oddysee begins, but this time, you get and ending as explained above. Abes Exoddus: ------------NECRUM MINES Rupture Farms going Underground! This is where the Glukkons have decided to steal Mudokon bones from. Is'nt it enough that they exploit those poor little blue guys? NECRUM Most of Necrum remains untouched by the Glukkons...but for how long? Necrum, just like Paramonia is part of Oddworlds quickly vanishing wilderness. MUNDANCHEE VAULTS This is the Necrum equivalent of Scrabania - it's overrun with Scrabs! MUDOMO VAULTS This other vault is overrun with Paramites... FEECO DEPOT Transportation hub of the Magog Cartel. This is like a giant train network. BONEWERKS This is where the Mudokon bones are processed into the raw materials of SoulStor m Brew. SLIG BARRACKS Well, those Sligs had to come from somewhere, right? Expect to meet a whole /army/ of Sligs here! SOULSTORM BREWERY This ain't your usual brewery, this is where Abe will find out the secret ingredient of the SoulStorm Brew, or die trying. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------You mention earlier on that Oddworld games feature 'GameSpeak'. What this all about then? GameSpeak gives you the ability to communicate to other people during the game. in Abe's Oddysee, Abe and the Sligs were the only characters who could use GameSpeak. This time, every character that Abe can possess can speak. The only characters Abe can't possess are Greeters and Sloggies. GameSpeak is typically enabled by holding down either L1 or R1 and pressing different buttons for the corresponding speak you want Abe to say. In Abe's Exoddus

---------------------------------------------------------------------------What different stuff could Abe or a Slig say in Abe's Oddysee? This next bit gives you a full guide to the GameSpeak of Abe or a Slig in Abe's Oddysee. ABE: ---L2 L2 L2 L2 L1 L1 L1 L1 L2 L1 + + + + + + + + + + Circle Triangle Square X Circle Triangle Square X R2 R1 = = = = = = = = = = Fart High pitched whistle Stop it! Low pitched whistle Work! Hello Follow me Wait Chant / Use Spirit Rings Chant / Use Spirit Rings

SLIG: ----L2 L2 L2 L2 L1 L1 L1 L1 L2 L1 + + + + + + + + + + Circle Triangle Square X Circle Triangle Square X R2 L2 = = = = = = = = = = Look out! (Useful for making Mudokons duck) Grunt Laugh Grunt Freeze Hi! Here Boy! (For summoning a Slog) Get 'im (Order for Slog's attacking another Slig) Explode your host! Explode your host!

---------------------------------------------------------------------------You mention that Abe's Oddysee and Abe's Exoddus is a platform game. What sort of actions can Abe or a Slig do? It would be easier if I just list them thus... ABE: ---Right on Directional Buttons = Walk right Left on Directional Buttons = Walk left Up on Directional Buttons = Jump up, Hoist, press button on Boom Machine, enter door and work lift. Down on Directional Buttons = Crouch, drop, and work lift. Circle = Arm grenade or getting ready to throw stone Triangle = Jump left or right (depends which way Abe is looking) Square = Action (pull switch or push button on Boom Machine) X = Fart :o) Right or Left + R1 = Run Right or Left Right or Left + R2 = Sneak Right or Left Right or Left + R1 + Triangle= Running Jump

Right or Left + R1 + X = Running roll Down + Left or Right = Roll Circle + Left/Right/Up/Down = Throw grenade or stone SLIG: ----Right on Directional Buttons Left on Directional Buttons Right or Left + R1 Right or left + R2 Up Down Circle Square X = = = = = = = = = Walk right Walk Left Run Right of Left Walk Right or Left Work lift, Sligspeak: Grunt Work lift, Sligspeak: Grunt Fire gun Pull switch Attack Mudokon

---------------------------------------------------------------------------You mention earlier that you could possess other monsters like Glukkons and Paramites. what new GameSpeak is there? There are a couple of new phrases for Abe, and the Slig stays the same. Other than those two differences, there are also possessible characters like Glukkons, Scrabs, Paramites ABE'S GAMESPEAK: ---------------L2 L2 L2 L2 L1 L1 L1 L1 X + + + + + + + + Circle Triangle Square X Circle Triangle Square X = = = = = = = = = Sympathy All of ya' (Used for alerting a group of Mudokons) Stop it! Anger Work Hello Follow me Wait Fart

GLUKKONSPEAK: ------------L2 L2 L2 L2 L1 L1 L1 L1 + + + + + + + + Circle Triangle Square X Circle Triangle Square X = = = = = = = = Help! All o'ya' (used for alerting a group of Sligs) Cruel Laugh Kill 'em! Do it! Hey! Commere! Stay here!

SCRABSPEAK: ----------L1 + Triangle = Shred Power L1 + Square = Howl PARAMITESPEAK: --------------

In the style of South park's Starvin' Marvin style clicking while he speaks, ParamiteSpeak is probably the hadrest to understand. L2 L2 L1 L1 L1 L1 + + + + + + Triangle X Circle Triangle Square X = = = = = = All a ya! Attack! (For sending other Paramites into Battle) Do it! Howdy C'mon Stay

---------------------------------------------------------------------------What new actions does Abe have? Well, he can now possess his own Farts! Other than that, his actions stay more or less the same, though a different button is needed for some. Oh, and you can't press Circle to Crouch now, as that is now Fart. To possess your Farts, drink some SoulStorm Brew which you can get from a Boom Machine style machine, then just Fart and Chant to possess the cloud of your stench! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Is the story of Abe's Exoddus presented neatly again in the manual, just like Abe's Oddysee? Yes, below is the full story from the Abe's Exoddus game manual. "When we last saw Abe, he'd just rescued ninety-nine Mudokons from RuptureFarms(tm), and struck a serious blow to the Glukkons of the rapacious Magog Cartel. once and ignorant, happy floor-waxer, Abe now found himself a hero to his people. You think Abe had earned a vacation... ...but that was before he fell on his head and had a vision. Three restless ghosts let Abe in on a shocking secret. RuptureFarms was just one of many slaughterhouses the Glukkons are using to exploit the Mudokons. Even worse is the SoulStorm Brewery, where super-addictive SoulStorm Brew(tm) is made from the bones of the dead Mudokons mined from Necrum, the ancient Mudokon city of the dead! Abe, being a schmuck - uh, hero - set out across the desert with five friends to find Necrum. When the game opens, Abe and his pals have snuck into the Necrum Mines. Your mission is to destroy the Mines by sabotaging the boilers that power the place. You'll have to find your friends, too...but keep them away from SoulStorm Brew(tm)! One slug of that stuff and they'll get sick, and be no use to anyone...unless you can find a way to heal them. And how do you do that? I bet those three restless ghosts might have an idea. They're probably hanging around their tomb. If you find the ghosts, maybe you can get them to confirm the rumour that Scrabs and Paramites are running free in the Vaults of Necrum. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------How many disks will Abe's Exoddus come on? It is on 2 disks this time round. GT and Oddworld Inhabitants really

excelled themselves with the graphics, which probably fill one disk on their own. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------How long will it take me to complete? A very long time. It took me about an hour and a half to get all the way past the Necrum Mines, plus another 1 and a half hours of finishing every secret, so there is a lot of replay value. --------------------------------------------------------------------------I've heard that Abe is able to fly in his next adventure, is that true? Yes, you can, but it seems to me that this is a bad idea to Possessing a Flying Slig and flying everywhere would make the game awfully easy, don't you think? Maybe you would need it for a really vital part of a level, and you had to avoid the sharp-shooting of the Sligs as you fly who are in the background. Maybe you would need the Flying Slig to drop grenades for you somewhere. Dunno. In the demo, you don't need the Flying Slig for anything constructive, it's just a decoration. You might need him to blow a Slig away to get to the last secret containing the Mudokons though. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Am I the only one who thinks that Abe is sexy? Well, me being perfectly normal, and you being a bit current-cakey in the brain department, anything could happen. Just answer me this, if Abe is so damn sexy, why has'nt he been in those magazines that short people can't reach? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------You mention a demo available on the PSM CD 38. What kind of demo is it? Well, Alex Macfarlane Smith estimates that the demo is roughly 1/8th of first level, and there are 4 levels on the first CD and 4 on the second which means that the demo is roughly 1/64th of the full game. The demo Abe's Oddysee is 1/16th of the full game, which means the full game has more depth, detail, and involvement. the CD, for much

---------------------------------------------------------------------------I bought the game on it's release, and I've been stuck in ???????? for weeks. How do I do it? After I beat the first game getting the good ending, I popped along to Sinjin's Lair and downloaded the most comprehensible Walkthrough on the game to date. The bloke behind this is writing/has written an FAQ for Exoddus too. It will probably be on his web-site at: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------My mate said that it's possible to possess your own farts. How can I tell him that he's wrong? You can't, according to Morgan Marks, possession of farts is the key solution to a couple of puzzles in the game.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------On the back of the game box, it says the game is suitable for 3-10 year olds. Will Abe's Exoddus be the same? No, Abe's Exoddus, according to ELSPA, is only suitable for ages 11-14 and over. I doubt that GT Interactive or ELSPA would have done this about the violence and gore, more the involvement of the game. The puzzles in Abe's Exoddus are even trickier than Abe's Oddysee, especially with the addition of moods and Blind Mudokons. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Blind Mudokons? Moods? What's that all about then? OK, remember in Abe's Oddysee, those people like you? Yes Mudokons. Well, this time around, they have more feelings. If they flash a certain colour, then they have a different mood, and will react different to Mudokon who is, say, flashing a different colour. Sounds complicated? Let me explain... ANGRY MUDOKONS They won't listen to you, unless you tell them you're sorry. They'll sometimes retaliate and take a swing at you, so be careful. They flash red. WIRED MUDOKONS Oddworld's equivalent of a junkie, these guys are all hopped up and out of control. They are usually high on Laughing Gas, which the Glukkons have put in the mines and in other locations. A good slap will sort them out, just remember to apologise! They stay the same colour, but won't listen to Abe. They'll run and lark about, making them the perfect Slig fodder! DEPRESSED MUDOKONS These blokes are so upset about being slaves that they'll scarcely acknowledge Abe is there. One good shock can push them over the edge into suicide, so show them some sympathy when you meet them. My only advice is to leave them well alone until you can clear any danger out of the way (Including big drops and mining equipment). They flash a purple hue. SICK MUDOKONS These poor people will be kneeling down, groaning and holding their head. They are drunk from SoulStorm Brew, so you will need to find a helper Mudokon to give you a healing ring before the sick Mudokons can recover. They stay the same colour, but any attempt of communication by Abe will just make them groan. BLIND MUDOKONS Brought in by the Glukkons to stop people knowing what the Glukkons were up to, these guys can't see on top of eveyrthing else, so you'll have to use the 'Wait' command to stop them walking off edges or into walls. Be especially careful of drills and big drops! They are more pale then the regular Mudokons. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------What sort of reviews did Abe's Exoddus get in the Playstation magazines?

The Official Playstation Magazine said that it improved on Abe's Oddysee which was a "colourful and worthy edition to the genre". Play magazine said that they looked forward to the release of the game. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Is it worth getting then? YES!!! This has to be one of the most essential titles you should have in your collection. If you can't afford Abe's Exoddus, either save up or but Abe's Oddysee which is available now for 19.99! ============================================================================ Well, that's about it, if you want any questions answered, just post them to me at and I will do my best to answer them. If you haven't already read/got it, go and get my Twisted Metal World Tour FAQ at: and follow the links. The TM2 FAQ boasts the most accurate information about the game, and would no doubt be a help if your stuck on the game or want to venture in being an expert on the game. I'm also working on the most comprehensive Grand Theft Auto Mission and Secret Guide. Available soon from soon! Be seeing you next time around, Rob White, London, England. -Jim White Wimbledon London England Millennium Smug with Acorn@Heart

You don't really need a strategy guide to bypass a Voicelock. Respond to its gre eting with a "Hi", wait for it to give you the ENTIRE sequence, and then replica te it - don't echo it as it gives it to you. R1 + triangle for the high-pitched sound, R1 + x for the low. All Voicelock sequences end with a laugh, so don't fo rget that, either

Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus PC/Playstation Warning: The following contains information that will help you solve Oddworld: A be's Exoddus. Please, DO NOT READ FROM START TO FINISH. You'll ruin the game. No w get cracking - you've got quite a few Mudokons to save. ODDWORLD: ABE'S EXODDUS AUTHOR: George K. Ison TIP: hit Esc to see your room number. This walkthrough takes into account all th e secret areas. Just before a secret area, "Split path" will be shown. SAVE here , and if a particular secret area proves too difficult, RESTORE and jump ahead t o the section titled "After secret area." But you really ought to do this first secret area to release 3 Mudokons and have access to 9 more. LEVEL 1. MINES 1: MIP01C04. "Split path." SAVE! Climb down behind the mine car f ull of bones. SECRET MINES 1. MIP01C22. Go through the door, quickly step left o nce, climb down twice and roll under right barrier. MIP07C12. Just as flying Sli g is out of sight, say ALL YA and FOLLOW ME. Roll to next screen left. Quickly s ay WAIT before Mudokons get fried. In this area, or any other during the game, it helps to Quick Save every time yo u accomplish a difficult task. This way, you avoid doing it over again. MIP07C13. Roll under left ledge to hide. When it's safe, stand at lever, tell Mu dokons to follow and pull to let them safely pass through (it's safer to do one at a time.) Finally, jump into the well. MIP07C14. Use gamespeak commands to pos ition the 3 Mudokons next to the 3 valves and tell them ALL to work. The barrier opens. Chant to release the Mudokons and walk to the left. MIP07C37. Go to the left. MIP07C15. Keep chanting to free 9 Mudokons. After you' re done, be careful of flying Sligs as you backtrack to the beginning of this le vel and back to C04. MIP01C04. "After secret area." Go to the right. In C05, climb down gap to next a rea. MIP01C25. Drop to bottom and roll to the right. MIP01C26. Read the story st one then work your way to the upper left ledge and pull up. TIP: to run/jump, ho ld down speed key, then press and hold left arrow and tap jump key at last insta nt.

MIP01C06. Continue chanting to hold open bird , the right barrier vanishes. Continue right. old up controller (PC arrow) to open barrier. y (7 on a PC.) Continue right. MIP01C08. Hold ird portal. Continue to the right.

portal. When Mudokon jumps through MIP01C07. In front of the valve, h Mudokon get drenched. Tell it sorr chant till Mudokon jumps through b

MIP01C32. Open the barrier and two Mudokons are gassed. Lead the to next screen right. MIP01C33. Slap (anger button) each Mudokon to bring them to their senses. Say "all a ya" then "follow" and continue right. MIP01C34. With the two Mudokon s lined up with the valves, say WORK and the barrier to the right will open. Sla p a Mudokon more than once, it'll slap back. You have to say SORRY. Lead the Mudokons to next screen right. MIP01C16. Chant to free the two, then cl imb over the ledge and go up the lift to the next screen. C24. Read the sign. Co ntinue to the top and go right to MIP01C21. To avoid gassing the Mudokons above, say ALL YA then FOLLOW and go left a screen. Tell them WAIT, then go back, pull the lever and enter the bottom doorway. Return to the Mudokons. Tell them ALL YA and FOLLOW. Sneak (Alt and left controller) through C19 past th e Slig. MIP01C18. With everyone at a wheel each, say ALL YA and WORK, then hit u p controller. All three valves should be turned at the same time. Go below and p ull the ring to open left barrier. Move to next screen left. MIP01C17. Chant to free the four Mudokons, then climb down two cliff ledges. MIP01C34. Sneak left and barely enter next screen, standing in the shadows. MIP0 1C33. When Slig turns to walk away, sneak behind it and wait in shadows on the l eft side. When Slig turns away again, keep sneaking left two screens to just ent er the shadow. MIP01C08. When Slig leaves again, sneak to shadow on the left side. Call Mudokon and take it to just enter shadow in next area (C07) and say WAIT. When it's saf e, take it to the shadow on the left side of C07 and say WAIT. When it's safe, t ake it to just inside next screen and say WAIT. MIP01C06. Crouch next to first b omb (alternating RRGRG) and slap it just as it turns green. Ease to next bomb an d disarm it, and so on. With all bombs disarmed, take all the Mudokons (ALL YA and FOLLOW) left two scre ens to C04 and free them. Now return right one to C05 and pull up to next area. Here you can Quicksave. M1P01C10. Climb to ledge, jump across and into the well. Go left. MIP01C03. Possess Slig and walk it left. MIP01C28. With Slig in front of teleport gate, have it pull the lever. Slig appears in background. Walk it ri ght to C03 and use next teleport gate. Walk it right all the way to C07. MIP01C07. If you didn't get rid of the Slig in C08, wait for it to walk by, then shoot to the foreground (PC: down arrow plus Z.) You can do the same thing by t eleporting your Slig to C33 and shoot the Slig when it is past the Mudokon. Chan t to destroy the remaining Slig. To free any missed Mudokons, climb to C02. MIP0 1C02. "Split path." SAVE! Jump across and climb down the left side where you see the falling debris. SECRET MINES 2. You land in C03 where the Slig was near the bottles. Continue to the left. MIP01C28. Pull the lever to use the teleport, then run right and use the next gate. C05. Run to the right, bring the Mudokons back to C05 and free th em. Now run right again and use another teleport. Free one more Mudokon, then ju mp in the well and return to C02. MIP01C02. "After secret area." Jump in the well. MIP01C01. Walk to the right thr ough C09. The Slig below can be taken care of later. MIP01C35. Six valves! On th e bottom path, sneak back through C09. Continue to C01 and climb the right side to MIP01C36. Five Mudokons! Tell them ALL YA and FOLLOW, then sneak back past th

e Slig. With everyone at a wheel, including Abe, say ALL YA and WORK. Quickly ha ve Abe to turn his wheel (up arrow on PC.) All 6 valves should be turned togethe r. Watch a movie. MINES 2. MIP02C16. Jump the gap and go right. MIP02C17. Roll right and drop into lower area. MIP02C04. Roll along the passages until you get to the bottom. "Spl it path." SAVE! Climb down the hidden ledge behind the rock on the right edge an d drop into the next area. SECRET MINES 3. MIP02C05. Roll to the well and jump in. MIP02C19. Talk to all Mu dokons and have them follow you to next screen right. MIP02C20. Chant to release the Mudokons, jump the gap, then into the well on the right. MIP02C16. Jump the gap and go right. In C17, roll right and drop into C04. "After secret area." Ro ll along the passages again to the bottom. This time, climb up the right ledges and carefully roll right to just enter MIP02C18. Here's a flying Slig. Carefully consider the following before trying i t: run/roll to right through 19 and 20, jumping a gap, and roll into tunnel in C 02. Keep rolling through next screen and fall to hang on a ledge. MIP02C27. "Spl it path." SAVE! Pull up, stand on the extreme right and face left. Run/jump and land in a well at a lower screen. You're bounced to the left. Go left to next area. SECRET MINES 4. MIP02C31. Ente r door to background. Briefly enter area to right, run back and enter door. A Sl ig follows. Safely in foreground, chant to possess Slig. Send it to shoot other Slig, then chant to destroy final Slig. Go through the door to the background, t hen go right. MIP02C27. Enter door in background. MIP02C21. Possess Slig, walk it down onto the mine to destroy it, then enter low er door. MIP02C22. Get three Mudokons on lower level and chant to free them. Ent er the well to return to C27. "After secret area." Enter the door. MIP02C18. Cha nt to possess flying Slig and fly it up to MIP02C15. Drop a couple of grenades o n the Sligs, then carefully fly to the left. MIP02C14. Carefully time your flight past the drills. MIP02C13. Fly to just abov e the Slig and drop a grenade on it. You can explore a bit, then just destroy th e flying Slig. MIP02C18. Back in Abe's body, run back to C16 and jump in the upp er well. MIP02C11. "Split path." SAVE! Climb down to the area below. SECRET MINE S 5. MIP02C13. Roll to the left. MIP02C12. Chant to free the Mudokons, slowly ro ll right and climb to C11. MIP02C11. "After secret area." Roll to the left. MIP02C10. You can't do anything with the sick Mudokons. Climb to the next screen up and jump across. MIP02C06. If you've left anyone behind, you can use the Return to 2 tunnel. Otherwise, jum p in the Boiler Access well. BOILER 1. MIP03C01. Slogs! Start running to the right. You'll be using a series of lifts down and continually running to the right to new areas, increasing the pack of Slogs as you go. MIP03C11. The Slogs and their pups are on the upper pat h right now. MIP03C12. Here's a switch that temporarily turns on an electrical b arrier! Just enter next screen right, run back and pull lever at correct time to kill some Slogs. After you're successful with the big ones, go back and lead the slower little on es back to kill them. Now return to MIP03C13. Turn the valve to open the door; i t closes the trap above. Go in the door. MINES 3. MIP04C01. Get under rock sack and use up controller to get 9 rocks at o nce. Roll to the right. MIP04C02. Stand where the sign says so and face right. T hrow with the controller down. While still facing right, throw again with the le

ft controller. Turn on the spot to face left. Throw a rock with the right contro ller to get the final bomb. Switch the two levers, then on the lower path carefu lly roll right. MIP04C03. Stand at the left side of the screen and throw a rock with controller forward (to the right.) If necessary, move two steps forward and throw another r ock to get the final bomb. "Split path." SAVE! Stand on the left edge of the gap while facing screen right. Hop to hang on the right edge. Drop down and land on a platform in C31. Jump down and go through the door. SECRET MINES 6. MIP04C19. Jump into the well. MIP04C17. Here are Mudokons, mines , drills, levers, and trap doors. Blow up the mine with a rock. Move the lever t o raise the left trap door nearest the Mudokons. Play it safe and take one at a time past the right trap door. Finally, lead the Mudokons to the next screen, do wn to the lower path, then back to C17 and to the area below by using the lever one more time. Use the lever again and run through the trap door to join the Mud okons below. MIP04C19. DON'T free them yet! Take the Mudokons back left to MIP04C21. Each Mud okon should stop at a valve. Climb to the upper valve, say WORK (everyone turn a valve.) Take the Mudokons up on the lift. MIP04C20. Here's more Mudokons. Diffe rent colored ones are blind and they keep moving till you say WAIT. Use FOLLOW M E, WAIT, and WORK to best control them. Sometimes you might have to move one at a time. Hold chant to free all Mudokons. Take the lift down to C21 then go right to C19, and through the door to C31. Jum p in the well. MIP04C03. "After secret area." Climb to the upper path, go left a nd through the door in C02. MIP04C32. Go down the stepped path and barriers appe ar behind you. Carefully continue right. MIP04C33. If you're out of rocks, jump over the bomb and get more rocks. From a safe distance, blow up the mine and car efully roll to the right. MIP04C34. From left edge, use rock to blow up a mine. One step closer and blow u p another mine. Get too close and you're history. With all mines gone, make sure you have a new batch of rocks (if you have one, throw it away and get more.) Co ntinue on. MIP04C35. Bombs and a drill that comes at you. Start throwing from a safe distance, then roll back left away from the drill. Destroy all bombs. Notice the drill only goes a certain distance left. Carefully follow it and climb the left ledge and pull up. Jump the gap and pull lever to stop drill. Drop back down and climb down either side to next area below. MIP04C 36. More bombs and rocks. Clear the area and continue left along bottom path. MI P04C37. Pull lever to lower barrier, then backtrack and enter this area on the u pper path. You don't have to clear all bombs, just the ones in your way (get a fresh supply of 9 rocks before leaving.) Jump over remaining bombs and go through the door. BLIND MUDOKON ZONE. MIP04C22. You have to be extra careful saving these Mudokons . First tell the Mudokon FOLLOW ME, and pull lever to let it fall to lower path. Chant to free the Mudokon and the lower door opens. Run through the trap door ( stand just left of the lever and face right, hold Shift, hit Ctrl and quickly ho ld down right arrow.) Go through to MIP04C23. Pull the lever to turn off the dri ll. Continue right. MIP04C24. Consider the following before trying it; Roll unde r the drill, stand up, pull lever, kneel (down controller.) Roll on. MIP04C25. Roll to just next to lever. Stand and pull it. When safe, roll on. MIP 04C26. Pull lever on upper ledge, backtrack and bring Mudokon here, chant to fre e it, then enter doorway.

MINES 5. MIP04C27. Use a rock to blow up the mine. If you don't have any rocks, roll under the first saw, jump over the mine, and roll under the second saw. MIP 04C28. Stand in left shady area of the large boulder and throw a rock (control u p), then step forward and throw again. Continue to next area. MIP04C29. The valv e removes the upper barrier. Return to previous area C28 and take the upper path right and you can get more rocks. Return left to C28, climb down to lower path, jump across and climb up. Return along the upper path to C27 and pull the two levers to stop the e the Mudokon to C28 and quickly chant to free it. The lift rises. Now et the remaining Mudokon and take it down with you. MIP04C30. Chant to Mudokon and the door opens. Go on through. MIP04C04. More saws. "Split VE! saws. Tak you can g free the path." SA

Get on the extreme right of the door and face left. Run/jump to the left. You'll catch an unseen platform. Pull up. SECRET MINES 7. MIP04C06. Chant to free the Mudokons, then carefully drop back to MIP04C04. "After secret area." Make your w ay to the small mesa in the middle of the screen. As the saw goes up, jump under the saw; a simple jump takes you safely across. Pull up and carefully roll left . MIP04C05. This time you have to time it so you can roll to the ledge, stand up, and climb before you get ground up. Or roll/run/jump to the ledge (it's faster.) "Split path." SAVE! Look to the right of the vertical saw. Notice anything? Whe n the saw is out of the way, Run/jump across and pull up. MIP04C10. Jump and grab the ring to turn off the saw. If you missed the previous secret, walk to the right and chant to free the Mudokons. Drop back to MIP04C05 . Step left 1 step at a time till you just become visible. Time it, leap and pul l up. Jump back across to the upper path. "After secret area." Continue to the l eft. MIP04C07. Roll under 3 saws and continue. MIP04C08. Jump the gap and contin ue. MIP04C12. Continue on. MIP04C11. DON'T pull the lever. Take the Mudokons right one screen to C12 and te ll them to wait, till you figure a way to free them. Now in C11 pull the lever a nd go down 2 areas on the lift. MIP04C14. Stop at the first platform with the bl ue splotch. Wait until the Slig leaves the area. Get the Mudokon to FOLLOW, then WAIT before he gets to the edge. When Slig is under the saw, jump and pull the ring. Take the lift down the rest of the way, them go to the next area. MIP04C15. Clim b to upper path and return to C14. Climb up to next area. MIP04C13. Climb and ju mp to the well and into it. MIP04C12. Walk to the right and pull the lever in C0 8. Return to well and back to C13. Make your way back to the lift in C14, collec t the Mudokon and take it all the way up the lift. Leave him in C12 with other w orking Mudokons. Go right to MIP04C08. Ride the lift to upper path and return right to MIP04C07. Turn off the saws. Cli mb the ledge where dust is falling. MIP04C09. Run/jump across the gap and roll u nder the saw. Jump to catch ring and turn off the saws. Back across the gap, tak e the three Mudokons with you, down to the 3 levers in C08 to wait. Take them on e at a time left to wait at the lift. Don't forget the 3 Mudokons in C12. With a ll Mudokons collected around this area, free them in C07. You might have to look for strays; blind Mudokons tend to get lost from the grou p. Once you clear this area, go back left to C11 and take the lift down. Go righ t, jump gap in C15 and continue to the door in C16 to exit. MINES 6. MIP05C27. Carefully just enter the next screen. MIP05C01. Sneak to the right past the Slig, and stop when the motion sensor is near you. When it's safe

, drop to the next level (C02) and sneak right to just enter next screen. MIP05C 03. Sneak past Slig and avoid the motion sensor. C04. Another motion sensor and bombs. Drop down and disarm the two left bombs. Sneak on lower path, through C03 to MIP05C02. A slow motion sensor this time. Jump over the bombs, stand in front of the mine car and press your up control. Roll the car to the right, blowing up bombs and m ashing Sligs. Keep riding to MIP05C06 where there's a Slig and 3 Mudokons below. Wait till Slig walks below you, to far left of Mudokons, then press square (Ctrl for pc) to drop car on Slig. Hit Ctrl to exit the car, take Mudokons to C07 on the right, quickly chant to free them. Get back in the mine car and take it over the edge in C07 and down to C08 to mash another Slig. MIP05C08. Hit Ctrl to climb out of the car, then walk to right edge of screen. R oll to the bomb in the next screen, disable it without activating the motion sen sor. Wait too long and Slig appears. Use platform to hide and try again. After b omb is disabled, return left and tell Mudokon to follow, then return to C08. Mak e sure Mudokon is on left side of car. Make sure there aren't any Mudokons hidin g in the shadows. Get in the mine car and roll right to mash some more Sligs in MIP05C09. Leave th e car and sneak into C10. Roll up to the mine and disable it without triggering the motion sensor. Roll left, tell both Mudokons to follow, and quickly return t o C09. Position Mudokons safely out of way, then use mine car to roll over anoth er Slig. Collect all remaining Mudokons and take them to MIP05C11. Disable bombs, then chant to free the Mudokons. Get in car and go to MIP05C15. L eave the car, climb to upper path and go left to MIP05C14. Roll along the path, then stand and carefully lower down the left side ledges. MIP05C12. Enter the do or to appear on other side of tracks. Tell Mudokons to follow, and continue righ t. MIP05C13. Free the Mudokons, return through the door, climb up then return to C1 5. At the mine car, sneak into next area right. MIP05C16. Sneak behind Slig, who 's busy beating a Mudokon. Disable bomb before you're seen, and roll back to pre vious area. Get in the car. Slig has followed so roll over him. Get 3 Mudokons, free them in C17, then go through the door. MINES 7. MIP10C18. You enter the tunnel in the background. The exit's in the for eground. Sneak into next area right. MIP10C19. Sneak past Slig, pulling lever on your way. Climb small platform on right and chant to possess Slig. Walk it all the way right and shoot Slig in foreground when it's directly in front of your S lig. TIP: press down control and Circle (pc, down arrow and z) simultaneously fo r short burst when Slig in foreground is also on right edge of screen. Destroy your Slig and continue right. MIP10C20. several screens before continuing: jump in the p running. In C23, drop down the ledges (or run ing right, past a lever, and jump onto platform appears, and possess it. Carefully consider the following well, RUN right, pull lever, kee over them) to next area. Keep go at end. MIP10C26. Wait till Slig

Bring it back left, killing all Sligs in background and in the foreground. Then have Slig pull the lever in C25. Finally, chant to destroy your Slig. Yourself a gain, stand in front of the teleport gate and pull lever to return to foreground . Go left. MIP10C25. Enter the car and roll left. Blow up some mines in C22, the n continue left and carefully down to just reach the bottom in MIP10C20. Get out of the car, collect Mudokons in C20 and C19 and free them all in C18. En ter the door.

RETURN TO BOILERS. MIP06C10. When you appear from door, run/jump to left. MIP06C 09. Run/jump to the left and make your way to upper path. Careful! There's a fly ing Slig here. Try to stay out of its way. You're going to play cat and mouse wi th it. Use shadows to hide, and jump between them to confuse flying Slig as you continually climb up and to the left. MIP06C01. Pull lever, run right, run/jump to upper right in C02. Turn on valve. As pressure starts to rise, jump down and continue right. Listen for sound of fl ying Slig and hide. MIP06C04. Run/jump, turn on another valve, jump down, contin ue right. MIP06C06. Run/jump, turn on third valve and a counter starts. Keep RUN NING right through about 8 screens and roll under a ledge in C07. You just make it as everything blows up. LEVEL 2. Necrum: NEP02C01. Go left to C02. NEP02C02. Jump across left to the low er central platform. "Split Path." SAVE! Turn around on the right edge and jump right to fall into a well and fly to another screen. NEP02C08. Without getting s hot, jump the gap and continue right (try chanting to temporarily confuse the Sl igs.) NE2P02C09. You have to pause behind each of the 9 columns (quick saving) a s you work your way right and left to exit at the top-right. NEP02C10. Immediately SAVE GAME! Quickly tell 3 Mudokons ALL YA and FOLLOW, imme diately say WAIT before they hit the bombs. Carefully drop next to the bombs and disable them. Climb next to the well, then rum/jump left. Return briefly to C09 , come back to C10 and chant to free the Mudokons. Go to the well, jump in. NEP0 2C01. Go left and jump across to lower ledge. NEP02C02. "After secret area." Jum p left across to the ledge. NEP02C03. Jump gaps and climb to C04. NEP02C04. Get on the upper path and climb down the left edge to fall in a well. NEP02C05. Hop to the right, down to lower path, and keep going right. NEP02C11. Read the stone. Chant to open portal, walk to within one step of it and jump thr ough. Walk right to C07 and jump in the well. NEP03C01. Go right to C02, roll un der tree and fall. NEP03C03. Two shut doors here. Climb down the left side. NEP0 3C04. Go left along the upper path, jump in the well, read the stone. Jump in th e well back to C04. Now go right along the upper path and read the stone. Go back left and continue left along the lower path. Go down the lift and read the stone. Go back up the l ift and right one screen. From C04, roll right along the lower path. NEP03C07. R oll over the ledge to land in a well. NEP03C08. Read another stone, then lower f rom ledge and into the left well back to C04. Climb to C03 and enter the upper d oor. NEP03C09. Go to the right. NEP03C10. Read the stone. Go through the door to the right. NEP03C03. Chant and go through the bird portal. C19. Climb the right ledge and c ontinue right. C11. Enter the door. NEP01C05. Climb ledge and go right. NEP01C01 . The sleeping green things are Fleeches who like snacking on Mudokons. The craw ling oil puddles are Slurgs, rather harmless, but they make lots of noise when s tepped on. Roll to the right and read the stone. Leap across and drop to the nex t screen. NEP01C02. The next area down has no protective walls. On the left side, continue down. NEP01C03. Jump down, run/jump to ledge and into well. NEP01C04. Read the stone about ghost traps, then hit the trap, climb and go through the door. NEP06 C01. Sneak to the left ledge and pull the lever. Without landing on a Slurg, jum p down and carefully jump to the right. Climb up and pull the second lever. Before the Fleech can get you, go down and e nter the door.

NOTE: In the following areas, make good use of your quick save at strategic time s. NEP06C02. Sneak to left lever. When it's pulled, Fleech awakens. Turn, hop, pull second lever. Run/jump and pull third lever. Jump down, enter door before getti ng caught. NEP06C03. Same routine; pull left lever, turn, hop right, pull next l ever. Walk?, hop to right, pull third lever. Go down and enter door. NEP06C04. Carefully sneak right, pulling each of the 3 rings. Sneak to left, cli mb up and pull lever. Run/jump to right, pull second lever and go for the door. NEP04C01. Sneak left and read the stone. Sneak to right ledge and drop into a we ll. NEP04C02. Read the stone, sneak left one step and down. NEP04C03. Slap the G host Trap to see a large green ring of invisibility. You'll use it shortly. Quic k Save! Jump in the well. NEP04C01. Quickly run left and carefully lower twice to C03. At bottom, chant fo r invisibility, run/roll to right. NEP04C07. Climb ledges and go back left on up per path. NEP04C03. Climb to next screen. NEP04C02. Chant again to stay invisibl e, climb to C01 and enter open door. NEP04C04. Go left and enter door in next sc reen. NEP05C06. Run/jump over left gap, continue left. NEP05C05. Chant to open bird po rtal. Jump in to clear gap. Continue left. NEP05C04. Jump in the well to the bac kground and go right. NEP05C05. Background. Read the stone. Then, jump in the we ll. NEP05C02. Walk to the left. NEP05C01. "Split path." SAVE! (This secret area is difficult and you only lose a couple of Mudokons, should you decide to jump i n the well and go directly to Level 3.) Roll left to secret area. NEP06C10. Chant and jump through the portal. NEP05C11. Sleeping Sligs. Pull up and jump to right. Pull lever and jump gap to hang. Sneak left. NEP05C12. Run/jump to ledge. Roll onto trap doors, disarm bomb s, quickly roll forward. Pull lever, carefully drop down, crouch at right side o f bomb, face left and arm it. When Greeter's motion detector hits you, roll to t he right. Get the Mudokons and free them. Finally, jump in the well back to main path. NEP05C01. "After secret area." Jump in the well. LEVEL 3. Mudanchee (Scrabs): SVP06C23. Run to the right and through the door in next screen. SVP06C03. Read the stone. Walk right to next screen, pull lever, re turn left and jump in well. C01. Continue to next screen right. C02. Read the st one. Possess Scrab in background and use it to destroy the Fleech (1 then Ctrl f or PC.) Explode the Scrab, jump the gap, then climb down. C04. Pull the ring, then pull lever. Return left to C03. Slap Ghost Trap, then g o through door. SVP06C09. Quickly go left several screens to C05 and jump in wel l. Slap the trap, chant, then run right to C06. Pull lever and continue running right. C07. Pull lever, run/roll, continue to exit door on ledge in C09 (hopeful ly you're still invisible!) C13. Go across the gap, go right, jump in well, clim b up. SVP06C11. Carefully climb to top path and sneak left. C10. Run/jump to left ledg e, read stone, then pull lever. Possess Scrab, move it right to C11, kill Fleech and return Scrab to C10 and chant to un-possess it. Pull lever and trap it agai n. Return to C11. Drop, pull lever and slap Ghost Trap. Climb over small mesa. D rop to C14 and continue right. C15. Sneak to well, fly up to small mesa. Chant a nd run right. SVP06C16. Quickly climb ledges and keep going (you may not have to use Scrab to kill Fleeches.) C12. Slap trap, go down and through the door. C18. Read the ston

e. Walk right. C19. Possess Scrab, take it left to C18, make it Howl; L1+T (2 on PC), step on pressure plate, Shred (1 then Ctrl on PC) other Scrab. C20/C21. Walk Scrab right, lower next barrier, Shred another Scrab. Run Scrab al l the way left to C17 and release it. SVP06C19. Climb down, go one screen left a nd along top path to C17, slap Trap. Run right, avoid Fleech in C21 and slap Tra p. Run back to C19 and through the door. C22. Run left, enter door in C25. SVP07 C01. Run left to SVP07C02. "Split path." SAVE! Roll under ledge, drop to area be low. SVP07C07. Avoid Scrab, chant and run/jump through portal. C08. Be quick and care ful. Say ALL YA, pull lever, say FOLLOW. Run right, drop to area below. C09. Pul l lever, go left, drop to lower path. Roll under saws, climb carefully to third lever area. When safe, climb, roll under saw, stand and pull lever to stop lower saws. Roll to safety, get Mudokons to walk off left side, and chant to free them. To r eturn to C08, climb down, return past saws, climb to C09, go right and climb to C08. Jump in the well to return to main path. SVP07C02. "After secret area." Cli mb up, chant and jump through the bird portal. C04. Read the stone. Possess back ground Scrab and practice Scrabing (1 then Ctrl.) When you're through fooling ar ound, release it and jump in the well. SVP07C03. Mudanchee Scrab Nests. Enter the second level screen-left foreground d oor. SVP02C02. Background. Go left, climb mesa, jump gap and roll to next screen . C01. "Split path." SAVE! Make your way left, then down and back right. On the right edge of the green bottles, lower off an invisible ledge. C05. Run and jump into well, then chant and jump through portal. SVP02C06. When Scrab is on right, run/jump to left ledge. Possess Scrab and put it in box on the right. Un-possess it and quickly pull lever. Say ALL YA, jump d own and lower barrier. Say WAIT, then Quick Save. Go down lift to first stop at portal. Say ALL YA, FOLLOW, WAIT. Collect all Mudokons, chant to free them, then jump in well at right. C05. Climb up. SVP02C01. "After secret area." Pull the lever, wait till Fleeches start at you, then run/roll to Ghost Trap and slap it. Jump in well and fly to top. Jump right , then roll right to C02. Climb down to the bottom path and roll right past the well. Climb down last platform to another screen. SVP02C03. Notice the well. Rol l right to next screen. C04. Lure both Fleeches to the middle path in C03, then jump in the well there. Run/roll back right and slap the Ghost Trap. Now jump in the well or run/roll to C03 and jump in that well. Roll left, climb to C02 and enter the left exit door back to the many door screen. SVP07C03. Enter the ground level door at screen-right. SVP01C01. Climb to upper path and roll right. C02. Right now, ignore the Scrab. Jump the gap and roll to the right. C03. Continue rolling right. C04. You have to slap 2 Ghost Traps to o pen the door. Drop to lower path and walk left to previous screen. C03. Pull lever, run right to C04, jump to upper path and roll left. Continue to C01 and as you get near the Scrab in C02, the Fleeches stop. Possess Scrab and stomp Fleeches before it's eaten. Un-possess the Scrab. Return to C03, slap the Trap and return to C02. Chant for invisibility, go down and pull lever. Slap tha t Trap and climb before Scrab sees you. Return to C04 and exit the door. SVP01C06. Walk left. C05. Say ALL YA. When Fleeches are grouped at right of scre en, go right to C06. Jump into foreground well. In background, run and jump in l eft well. C05. Quick turn. When Fleeches start at you, jump to Trap, slap it and jump in well. C06. Return to foreground and run left to C05. Chant for invisibi lity, run right to C06 jump in well. Continue right and jump in another well.

SVP01C07. Slap Trap and back to well before you're visible. C06. Go through door back to SVP07C03. Jump in right well. Go across to left side. Enter the screenleft top level door. SVP05C02. Carefully notice everything in this screen. Run r ight to P05C03. Stand on upper platform edge. When Scrab approaches, hang from e dge. After Scrab jumps down, pull up and run left to C01 and pull lever. Walk and roll left. Quick Save and wait at edge till a second Scrab approaches. As they fight, drop to lower path, slap Trap and climb back up. Roll right to C0 2. Stand at top well. When Scrab leaves screen, jump in well and enter the door. SVP05C04. Run right to C05. Jump in well to foreground. If Scrab is near, wait till it go to other screen. Drop down, slap Trap then stand at well. When Scrab runs back, jump in well to screen C04. Run/jump to ledge, wait for Scrab to start going away. Slap the Trap, then stand at well. When Scrab runs back, jump in well. C05. When safe, jump to upper ledg e and enter it's well. Go through door in the background. SVP05C07. Jump in the bottom well back to foreground. Quick Save. When Scrab is on the right, run left and immediately jump to ledge by trap in C06. DON'T slap it yet. When Scrab is at far left with back turned, slap Trap to drop , run right and jump in well. You're in background of C07. Climb to top. Go righ t to C08. Jump in well, run to C09, slap Trap and jump in another well. Go right to C09 and through exit door. SVP07C03. Go through the door directly in the mid dle of the background, surrounded by the other doors. SVP03C06. Go left to C05. Jump in well, keep running. C03. Jump in well. Slap Trap and start running again. C01. Stand at well. When foreground Slurg is out of way, jump in well and avoid stepping on Slurg. C01 Foreground. Continue r ight, careful not to awaken Fleeches. C03. Jump off cliff, slap Trap, jump in we ll. C02. Slap Trap, jump in well and fly to C03 and C04. Run right avoiding Scra b. SVP03C05. Jump onto ledge, run right, come back on lower path and slap Trap. Run right, jump onto ledge, and through door in C06. SVP07C03. Go through the very top door in the background. SVP08C01. Walk right, ignoring the lever. C03. Avoid the well, lower from the edge, and carefully roll left. C01. Carefully lower of f the right ledge. SVP08C05. Sneak/drop to bottom. "Split path." SAVE! Without stepping on Slurg, d rop down a secret ledge on the right. C06. Chant and jump in the portal. SVP08C0 7. Roll right. C08. Pull lever, quickly jump to upper path and roll left to C07. Use lever to sizzle Fleeches. Take Mudokons right, and free them in C08. Jump i n the well. C06. Climb. C05. "After secret area." Sneak without stepping on the Slurg, slap Trap and run into the well. SVP08C01. Run right to C03 and jump in well. C02. Walk to first lever, chant for invisibility, then pull lever. Quickly pull second lever when you drop. SVP03C0 3. Run right to C04. Slap Trap, run/jump to ledge at right and hurry back left o n middle path and through door in C03. SVP07C03. Go through the far right door, just above the very bottom one. SVP04C01. Run right (jumping 2 gaps) and quickly get past Fleeches. C02. Jump in well. When Scrab is to the right, pull lever to trap it. Jump down and sneak le ft. C01. Pull lever and sneak right. C02. Sneak/jump onto ledge, sneak/pull leve r, and chant to possess Scrab. Use it to kill Fleeches, then return it right and trap it again. Climb down, go left to C01. Slap Trap and return right to C02. Again release Scrab, chant for invisibility and go through door. SVP04C05. Drop down to lower path and roll left to C03. Pull lever and roll back to C05. Quickl y possess Scrab. Kill Fleeches. Send Scrab all the way left to C03 and leave it

there. Roll back to C03 and pull lever to trap Scrab. Return to C05, get on uppe r path and return to C04. SVP04C04. Jump in well, sneak to lever and pull it. Sneak back to well and jump in. Return to C03 on lower path. Pull lever to open barrier in foreground and ba ckground. If Scrab in foreground is in the way, possess it and move it to C05 an d leave it there. Then possess Scrab in background and kill the Fleeches. Bring Scrab back to C03 and release it. Bring other Scrab all the way back left to C03 . Roll there and pull the lever to trap both Scrabs behind the barriers. Return to background and slap Trap. You have to open the barriers a final time. In C05, get on the platform, ready to go left on the upper path. Chant for invis ibility and run left through the exit. Jump in the well, then the left bottom we ll. SVP07C04. Go through the door. SVP09C04. Run left to C01. Walk to teleport d oor. Quickly run/roll to right. C02. Roll under beam and enter the teleporter. R un/roll to the right. C03. Keep rolling and fall off ledge. Go back left and int o teleport ahead of Scrab. You land to the right, keep going. C04. Jump in well. From top of mesa, roll right and drop into teleporter. C06. Q uickly go left. Go into the teleporter in C05, then run/jump right onto ledge. A gain jump right and return to C06. Drop to lower path and head back to teleporte r ahead of Scrab. Go right to C07. Run over pressure plates and protective barri ers rise. Consider the following paragraph before doing it: Walk off ledge to SVP10C02. Run/jump left to ledge away from Slog. Jump/run over Slog and through teleporter in C03. Roll under beam. You land on a ledge and co ntinue rolling right. C04. Quickly stand up, possess Slig, take it through telep orter and shoot many Slogs. RUN right from Fleech. C05. Go through teleporter, s lap Trap and chant for invisibility. Climb, quickly go right and slap 2 more tra ps. Run through another teleporter before becoming visible. SVP10C01. Quick save. Take 2 steps toward door. As Fleeches start, climb and sla p Trap. Turn and run/jump to pull up on opposite ledge. Jump back and enter door . SVP11C02. Go to the left. SVP11C01. Slap Trap to turn off electric barrier. Co llect all the Mudokons, take them back to C02 and chant to free them. Finally, g o through door. NEP05C08. Walk right to C09 and jump in the well. LEVEL 4. Mudomo (Paramites): PVP01C01. Go right and climb ledges in C15. Continu e right. C16. Read the stone. Go right and the Paramite will retreat. C17. Run/j ump to the ledge and continue. Read all Story Stones throughout the area! PVP01C 18. Run/jump to right, keep running to next screen and jump on low ledge. C02. C ontinue right. C03. Read the stone. Possess the Paramite and make it eat the Slu rgs. Move Paramite under the ring and push up for it to pull the ring and lower the barrier. Un-possess the Paramite. Continue right. C04. Possess a background Paramite, climb the web and pull that ring. Un-possess the Paramite and continue right. PVP01C05. Stand on trapdoor and chant. Use Paramite to climb web and pull ring. Release Paramite and continue right. C06. Climb over ledges and down to next are a (C07) and run/roll left. C08. Possess Paramite, climb and pull ring to lower t he lift. Release Paramite. You'll have to quickly pull a lever (2 areas below in C10) before Paramites attack. Continue down lift to C09 and climb down to next screen. Quickly turn, pull lever. Get on lift and go down. PVP01C11. Pull lever, quickly run/jump to right ledge. NEVER corner a Paramite! Continue right. C13. Pull lever, RUN right, through C14 and leap up on ledge in C19. Continue right. C12. Enter door and walk right. PVP07C07. Jump in well, con tinue right in background. C08. Keep going and roll all the way to C10. Jump in well and go back to C09. Read the stone to learn about speaking Paramite.

Possess a Paramite and get others to follow (6 then 2 on PC.) Go left. At Fleech es in C08, say ATTACK (5 on PC) to kill all Fleeches. Get possessed Paramite to pull ring and open doors. Release Paramite. Go through doors. Walk left to C07. Drop through hole and jump in well. C11. Run/roll to right before Paramites get you. C12. Enter door. PVP10C01. Go left and climb over in C02. Continue left to barely enter C03. Carefully walk under first ledge and climb up. Read stone. DON'T crowd Paramite. Climb over to meat sack and jump up to release meat. Crouc h just left of the meat and hit Ctrl to pick it up (when an item is on an edge, you have to use this method to pick it up.) Continue left. C04. You have to get the Paramite away from the Ghost Trap. Throw meat to the right. Jump down and sl ap the Trap. Climb and continue left. C05. Read stone. Chant for invisibility an d run left to C06. Drop down, slap Trap, run/jump to left ledge before becoming visible. Go through door and continue left in the background. PVP10C07. Slap 3 Traps and go through door. PVP07C01. From the door, RUN! to nex t screen, jump onto ledge, chant and jump through portal. Mudomo 1: PVP08C01. Re ad stone, then jump in well. At screen left, go through the lower door. PVP09C01 . Slap first Ghost Trap. Possess a Paramite. Have it jump and pull ring to relea se it from the barrier. Carefully move Paramite to next screen left. PVP09C02. Eat all Slurgs, without stepping on them, and Fleeches continue to sle ep. Continue left. C03. Have Paramite pull ring to lower lift. Continue Paramite left. C04. Quick save. Run it left and use Space bar to make it jump the gap. I f it's killed in the attempt, kill yourself and try again, or get the extra Para mite in C01 and try again. Climb it down the left hand ledge. C05. Use Paramite to pull ring that raises lift. Move Paramite over the edge. C01. Yourself again, sneak left past Fleeches in C02. PVP09C03. Slap Trap and continue left. C04. Take lift down to C05 and go right t o C06. Get on center mesa, leap left then to Trap and slap it. Leap back right t wice. Go left and take the lift up to C04. Go right sneak past Fleeches in C02. In C01, go through the door. Mudomo 2: PVP08C01. Go through the lower right door . PVP05C01. Climb down and roll right. C02. Climb, pull lever. Possess Paramite in background, move it right to barely enter next screen. PVP05C03. SAVE! Move Paramite across the gaps, up the webs to ring at upper righ t and pull it. Move Paramite right. If it's killed, another appears in C02. Just try again. C04. Move Paramite down the long web and jump it to small area in mi ddle. Jump and pull ring to open barrier above. Continue up other web and to the right. PVP05C05. Jump gaps and avoid falling boulders. Pull the ring. Finally, release Paramite. C02. Climb down. Roll right to C04. Ca refully climb and leap, slap the Trap (you're safe.) Continue to C05 and exit. M udomo 3: PVP08C01. Enter the left door on the middle level. PVP12C01. Drop off t he ledge and fall 3 screens to C05. Fast, slap Trap and chant for invisibility. Climb ledges on right, then center to next area. C04. "Split path." SAVE! Slap t he Trap, get on lower ledge at right. Roll to C08. Chant for invisibility, climb and enter left door. PVP15C06. Sneak! Wait till sa w below is directly under you, going left, pull ring and roll right, then drop d own. C07. Quick save. Time your way through saws to left, crouch and quickly rol l to just left of the vertical saw at ground level. When Fleeches appear, roll a bout to get them into the vertical saw. Now you have to work your way back up th e right hand ledges to screen above: Time your move and roll right just past edge of center platform and face left. ontrol to pull up. Leap right and climb (5 on PC), then say SORRY (7.) You have vertical saw. Carefully roll under right Time your move and quickly hold you up c up. Climb to Mudokon at wheel, slap him to reposition yourself several times to

get Mudokon to follow over the edges to screen below. PVP15C07. Get all Mudokons to floor and free them. Return to C06 and jump in the well. In C08, roll left to land on the center of PVP12C04. "After secret area." Quick save! Slap trap and chant for invisibility. Climb to next area. C03. Hop to each occupied mesa and climb to next area. C02. Climb to second ledge, hop ri ght, slap Trap, take 2 more steps and hop into well. C01. Exit the door. Mudomo 4: PVP08C01. Enter right hand door on middle level. Walk off the ledge into the well. Sneak right. C02. Sneak ight. C03. Jump onto ledges and ignore Trap right now. Get other side of rocks, then go back across pressure plates, ap Trap, return to C02 and go up the lift. PVP04C01. Quick save! and pull lever. Run r Fleeches to follow to trapping Fleeches. Sl

PVP04C05. At left-hand meat sack, knock some loose but DON'T pick it up. While P aramite eats, run to other sack and pick up some meat. Take lift up to next area . C06. Throw meat right to get both Paramites there, then quickly climb and RUN left. C07. Jump to ledge and go through door. Mudomo 5: PVP08C01. Enter left-han d door of top level. PVP11C01. Walk left in the background. PVP11C02. Ignore lever, go left. C03. Jump in first well to land all the way lef t. Pull lever and Paramite appears in foreground. Continue left. C04. Slap Trap and return to C03. Possess Paramite and let it get eaten by Fleeches. Jump in le ft-hand well, continue right. C02. Pull lever and continue right. C01. Jump in w ell to foreground. Drop to bottom path and walk left. C02. As Paramite retreats, it drives Fleeches away. Slap Trap. This raises protective barriers farther left. Quick save! Poss ess Paramite and have it eat the Fleeches there, including the ones in C04 (you' ll have to play cat and mouse with this bunch.) Finally, release Paramite and continue left. C03. Slap final Trap and go left. C 04. Jump in well and exit. Mudomo 6: PVP08C01. Stand on right edge of middle lev el, leap right, pull up. Enter right-hand door of top level. PVP03C01. Slap Trap . When Paramites appear, run/roll 2 screens right to C03. Jump in well and land in C04. Slap Trap and roll right. C05. Run off ledge and roll in narrow space. K eep rolling to fall off ledge. PVP03C07. "Split path." SAVE! Ignore the door for now. Jump right to tiny ledge and roll right. C08. Roll right. Pressure plate causes rocks to fall. Quickly po ssess Paramite and hide it under ledge till rocks stop. Move Paramite to pull ri ng that activates the well. Release Paramite and jump in well. FVP14C10. Quickly possess Paramite, move it left across webs and pull ring. Quickly move Paramite up. PVP14C09. Have Paramite quickly say ALL YA-6 then DO IT?-4, ALL YA-6 then C'MON3, finally ALL YA-6 and DO IT?-4. Then release the Paramite. C10. Abe again, jum p in well. C09. Free the Mudokons, then jump in the well. PVP03C07 "After secret area?" Jump in background well. In foreground, lower down from right edge by th e Story stone. Go through door. PVP13C01. SAVE GAME! This is one of the more dif ficult segments of the game. Just keep trying and you eventually start to get a little farther along as you roll, jump, and climb, continually to the right. Pull lever, quickly run/climb ledge and run/roll through next screen and on to C 03. Climb, roll and keep running right. C04. Roll off ledge to drop. C05. Quickl y roll right. C06. Roll off ledge, keep rolling. C07. Roll under overhangs and j ump at last second to catch ledge. Quickly continue right. C08. Roll and jump ac ross gap and jump into the well. C09. Keep rolling right. C10. Roll to ring and pull it before Paramite appears. Keep rolling right. C11. Roll under low rocks.

PVP13C12. Jump gap, quickly continue. 13. Jump at last second to Ghost Trap. Sla p it, turn and jump into well. Run left. 12. Jump gap, keep rolling back to C09 and exit. C14. Run right, jump to door ahead of Paramites. Watch a movie (you ge t the healing power.) You're returned to end of mines where you'll heal the sick Mudokons. NEP03C10. Read the stone, then chant and jump through portal. NEP03C17. Chant to heal the Mudokons. Then take them to next screen to operate a ll valves at once. Take them back right and chant to free them. Finally, go left and jump in the activated well (when all valves were turned at once.) Watch a m ovie. LEVEL 5. Feeco Depot: FDP01C01. "Split path." SAVE! On the bottom path, roll rig ht to fall in a well. FDP01C09. When it's safe, hop from the ledge into first sh adow below. Sneak behind Sligs to shadows as you go right. From the shadows, try slapping a Slig when none of the others are looking. C10. Make sure the Sligs a re off screen, pull up onto ledge with Mudokons and chant to free them. Face left and when it's safe, leap to first shadow. Sneak to shadows going left to previous screen. Sneak to shadow under left ledge, and when it's safe, pull u p and jump in the well. Climb up through C08. Roll left. "After secret area." FD P01C01. Climb onto ledge and watch a movie on the monitor. The barrier opens. Co ntinue right one screen. C02. Read stone. Drink some brew at the dispenser. Quick save. Let off some gas and quickly possess it (it usually counts down to 2 before it's possessed.) Send it down on the bomb and un-possess it to explode. Go through the door. C03. Rea d stone. In C04, explode the mines with a couple of gassers. Send a stink bomb t o C05 and destroy the floating security orb, then get rid of Sligs by chanting. In C05, go through the door. FDP07C01. Drink some more brew. Pull lever and drop below trapdoor. SAVE, in case you fail the next gas attack. Possess a gasser an d send it down to next area. C02. Position gas just below and left of the securi ty orb. When both Sligs are near it, explode everything. That should clear the w ay. Climb down to C02 and be ready to run in next screen down. FDP07C03. When you land, quickly drop off, and run right. C04. Jump two mines, t hen another and keep running. C05. Jump mine, and climb left ledge of platform a nd keep climbing to next area up. C06. Climb, go left, climb. C07. Pull lever, turn and hop across gap. Go back to C01. Get another drink and Quick save. Send the gas to C07 and get rid of the four bombs at the lever. Get another drink and return to C07 and through the door. FDP02C08. Check the map an d go right. FDP02C07. Quick save. Stand under the security orb. You'll get zappe d when you chant but that's ok. Possess a stink and leave it under the orb. Get out of the way and explode it or let it count down and self destruct. Two gassers should take care of the mines on the upper path and left at C08. Send some gas through C08, up, right, up and right to kill Slig at Bonewerkz ent rance in C04. Send another gasser down below C07 and blow up the Greeter. Go bac k to C08 and up to FDP02C06. Walk right to C05 and up the right side to C03 to e nter door that says Employees Only. FDP09C02. In background, roll left and pull lever in C01. Go back through door. FDP02C03. Read stone. Quick save! Go through door Slig Barracks. FDP09C02. Foreg round. Before Sligs return to this area, sneak through, then sneak through C01. Sneak and run, if Sligs are gone, and enter the door. FDP03C01. Read stone. Go l eft to C02 and down to C03. Take lift to C04. Jump in well on right. Go left to C05 and through the door. In background, continue left to C07. Slap Trap, Pull l ever and jump in well.

FDP03C04. Climb onto ledge. Quick save. Walk to left edge of screen, briefly cha nt, then run through next screen, run across platform in C06 then run/roll, and jump to ledge in C07. Climb up two screens to C09 and Quick save. Climb up to C1 0, up to lever and pull it. Possess Slig and walk it right. C11. Say Hi (1) and quickly repeat the sounds (5, 6, 8 on PC.) Walk him to the teleporter and pull l ever. Walk him right again. C12. Walk Slig off shelf and start firing. If he's killed, pull lever and send a nother until all enemy Sligs are killed. Walk him right again. C13. Shoot any Sl igs and use possessed Slig to lower the lift. C02. After giving password (6, 5, 8), walk Slig off edge. C10. Yourself again, go right and use the portal. Go rig ht 2 screens to C13. Pull the lever and go down the lift to C02 and enter the do or. FDP03C14. Go through the door and take a train ride. BAP0103. Go through the door. Level 6. Slig Barracks: BAP01C02. TIP: hold X while running toward low places. R un/roll left to next screen and through the door. BAP01C04. On entering next scr een, immediately get under low space. Carefully run/roll right to shadow directl y below security orb. C05. When Slig leaves, roll and pull lever, then hoist ont o ledge above. Carefully roll right. C06. As right-hand Slig turns away, roll to hang from lower-right ledge. As right-hand Slig turns away again, pull up, run/jump to ledge and pull up. Pul l lever, leap to elevator and take it up. BAP01C07. As Slig turns away, climb on to right platform, run off right side. Pull lever and Slig falls. Quickly pull u p on platform. When Slig walks to right, run left and run/jump onto left ledge. Jump in the well. BAP01C09. Soon as Slig flies away, pull up, jumps gaps to right and climb up. Po ssess flying Slig and slowly send it up. C10. When trigger happy Sligs backs are turned, fly to just above the top Slig. If the flyer goofs, another can be poss essed. Kill the Sligs with grenades. Continue up. C11. Kill left Slig, pull leve r and kill the one that falls. Pull right lever and fly up above last Slig on th e left. Drop grenade on that Slig. Position flyer near orb, chant to destroy Slig and or b. C09. Avoid flying Slig and climb. C10. Run/jump wide left gap or climb and ju mp narrow gap. Continue up. C11. Climb to door and enter. C12. Sneak forward onc e and climb. When bottom Slig is out of the way with back turned, sneak left 2 s teps to drop into shadows. Sneak behind Slig to next area. BAP01C13. When safe, climb to upper platform, sneak to left edge. When just 1 Sl ig is in area with back turned, hop into shadows at grenade machine. CAREFULLY d ispense a grenade. While crouched in shadow next to grenade on floor, hit Ctrl t o pick it up. Stand and sneak to left of grenade machine, face right and crouch. Time it and toss on beep 5 to kill left Slig (while right Slig is out of screen .) Get another grenade and kill other Slig. Finally, get another grenade and return to BAP01C12. Stand in shadow to left of Slig on low platform, face right and Qu ick save. Throw grenade on beep 5 with up control to get him. Go get another gre nade and stand at left edge of middle platform. When Slig moves left, throw gren ade with controller back and quickly crouch. Go get another grenade (this is abs olutely critical), come back and turn the wheel, then exit the door. BAP13C14. Possess Slig and destroy it (save your grenade.) Take the lift down. C 15. Turn off electrical barriers. Say HI (1) then SORRY (7) to each Mudokon. Tak e them up lift to C14.

TIP: you can move a Mudokon a step right or left by standing on opposite side an d letting off some gas! Position 4 Mudokons at the valves and tell them WORK (4) to open door. Get all M udokons on the lift. Go down to C15 and free them. Go back up to the valves and exit the door. BAP02C01. BARRACKS HUB. SAVE! Carefully drop down. Check the map on the left. Ch eck the monitor on the right to view a short movie. This activates the wells. St art with Well 1. Enter the door. RIFLE RANGE. BAP10C01. Go up the lift, take 1 s tep left, crouch and roll to hide just left of door behind large pipe. Stand, le ap and take a step to next pipe. Continue left 1 step. C02. Crouch and roll to a rea under grenade machine. You should already have a grenade (briefly tap Z to see a 1, to be certain.) If you don't already have a grenade, then you'll have to do this: quickly climb, ge t grenade, hop across and get behind pipe. Anyhow, behind the pipe is where you need to be with grenade in your possession. BAP10C03. Use Mudokon targets (life size cutouts) to hide behind. Time it and ge t to left edge and to next area. When Sligs in distance are turned away, run/jum p/roll to second target. Then run/jump to ledge and get behind pipe. C04. Hop ac ross gap and quickly get under narrow ledge just left. Roll to pipe at left to h ide. In next screen left (C05) quickly get on platform with Mudokon and destroy orb with a grenade. Possess and destroy Sligs in background. Continue left. C06. Hide as you go left to the lever and pull it. Say HI (1) SORRY (7) then WAIT (3) to the Mudokon. Cl imb down and say HI (1) SORRY (7) WAIT (3) to other Mudokons. For safety, move l ower Mudokons behind the rocks. Go back to lift and lower it. Call all Mudokons to the lift and take them up. Get them to follow and run right. BAP10C05. Call all of them to bottom and free them. Carefully go back left and e xit the door. BAP02C01. Jump in well to come to foreground. Jump in Well 2 then go through door. WORKER CAMPUS. BAP05C01. SAVE! Jump over floating mine and roll to next area. C02. When mine is going up, jump gap. When it comes back toward y ou, pull up on ledge, take 1 step and crouch. Carefully on left edge, when it's safe, jump to the lift and take it all the way down to C04. Jump to second lift, take it down, then pull lever to raise another lift. Walk a cross to the right. BAP05C05. Go to lever at upper left, pull it then go to the Mudokon and say SORRY (7) and take it back to C04. You can wait till the mines a re synchronized and run past them, otherwise be extremely careful. BAP05C04. Tak e Mudokon down to C06. Jump across left, climb and pull lever to raise another l ift. Free Mudokon, then take the right lift down to C07. Go left. BAP05C08. Quick save here! Run/jump left and hang on platform. Disable the bomb. Stand and hop left, disable another bomb. Stand and hop right. Hop again to cat ch upper platform. Disable bombs there. Say HI (1) SORRY (7) Get Mudokon to foll ow back right to the lift and up to C06 to free it. Return down lift, then left to C08 and continue left 2 screens to C17. Exit the door. BAP05C16. Jump down and sneak right into next screen. C19. Sneak to ledge, posse ss Slig and walk it into the mine. "Split path." SAVE! Roll right. BAP05C24. Han g on left side of platform. When the mine is not a threat, pull up, run across a nd crouch at the wells. Roll to front of right well. Before mine arrives, stand and jump in right-hand well. BAP05C23. You're hanging from a ledge. Sometimes if you hang long enough, the Sl ig is destroyed by the upper mine!

When Slig turns away, and far mine is not a threat, hoist into the shadows. Hold down Space bar to hop across and hang from far ledge. Before mine arrives, pull up and sneak behind Slig and hide in shadows of next screen. BAP05C25. When Slig is not looking, sneak to edge and hop 3 times to land next t o Mudokons. Quickly say ALL YA (6) AND FOLLOW (2) to call them to you before ano ther mine gets them. Possess Slig and use it to destroy mine in C24. Jump in wel l and make your way back here again (C25) Above, chant to free Mudokons then jum p in well and go back to main path. "After secret area." BAP05C19. Climb to next area (C20) and go left through C21 and C09 to BAP05C10. Disable the bombs, watch out for floating bomb above, climb, take one step and c rouch. When mine is out of way, stand, pull lever, crouch and roll off ledge. Sl ap (5) each Mudokon and tell each sorry (7), then take all of them back to lift in C09. Take Mudokons up through C11, past floating mines, to C12. Make sure the y wait there. Work your way right and left till you reach the upper lift. Take it down, gather the Mudokons and take them up to C13. Quick save. Take them left to C14 and not ice a 3 floating in the Bird Ring. There's another Mudokon. Free all 3 at same t ime to get the Shrykull power. Climb and go to the next area. BAP05C15. Continuo usly chant to destroy everything. Turn the wheel valve and Quickly exit. BAP02C0 1. Come to foreground, jump in well 3 and exit that door. SLIG BUNKS. BAP0707. Climb and read the stone to learn that Sligs can separate t heir tops from their legs. Sneak left into the next room. C06. Wait for crawling Sligs to go after their legs. Possess Slig on upper platform, bring it down and go right to shoot all manner of Sligs. Take your Slig right to C08, shooting Sl igs along the way. Use Slig to open barrier (6568) and shoot crawling Sligs. The n, destroy your Slig. BAP07C06. Abe again, climb and turn valve, then go right to C08. Possess flying Slig, move it up to C09. Kill second flying Slig there. If both die, you get ano ther in C09. If yours survives, position it just above the security monitor. Mak e it give the correct answer (5568) to open the barrier. Then move Slig back dow n and left to C07. Then fly it up to C05 and 4, destroying all mines and Sligs i n those areas. Then destroy your flyer. C08. Abe again, climb to C09. BAP07C09. If your flyer was killed in the above paragraph and didn't finish thos e instructions, you can get another by pulling the lever, quickly drop back to p revious area and possess the new flyer. Use it to destroy all Sligs and mines in C05 and C04 if not already. Finally, here in C09, turn the valve B. Go down to C08 and left to C07. Climb up to BAP07C05. Run jump to door A and enter. BAP15C01. Possess Slig, pull lever for door, un-po ssess Slig. Get Mudokons to lower path to wait. Exit to right and return to get bird portal again. Free the Mudokons, then climb to exit. BAP07C05. Climb and ge t to left. Run/jump right to door B. BAP15C02. Possess Slig. Pull lever and shoo t Slig that drops. Do this as often as you like-it's meaningless but revengeful. TIP: pull lever to get Slig and quickly run off ledge before it shoots you. Poss ess it and bring it down to respond to voice check (66568) for electrical barrie r, then release it. On upper path, Walk left to reset portal, then come back and free the Mudokon. Exit the door. Climb to BAP07C05. Climb to C04. Get on left l edge above door C. Climb to C02 and hang on left ledge. When Slig leaves, climb onto upper ledge and sneak left to hide in shadows. Then continue into C01. If you don't have a grenade, make sure Slig isn't lookin g, dispense a grenade and quickly sneak right to shadows. Sneak to pick up grena de and hide in narrow shadows left of grenade machine. Quick save. Hold grenade

for a count of 5 and toss it with controller back or right arrow. This should ge t Slig AND orb. If you have trouble throwing just right, try throwing with the down control! Possess Sligs below and destroy them. Get another grenade, jump down, pull lever , turn valve. Climb and return to BAP07C02. Quick save. When Slig starts walking away, throw grenade with controller forward. It rolls into next screen and Slig is killed. OR, drop to bottom path, time it so you can throw straight up at las t count when Slig is on the edge. Get another grenade, return to C02, climb and continue right. BAP07C03. Quick save. Blow up security orb, then possess a crawling Slig below. Move it right to front of green circle device. Press up controller (up arrow) to open barriers. After other crawlers leave, move to small post at left and press up controller to get Slig legs. Quickly shoot other Sligs if you can. Abe again , turn valve D. Return on upper path to C01 for another grenade. BAP07C02. Throw grenade to kill left over Sligs. Get another grenade, then go do wn to C04. Enter Door C. BAP15C03. Pull lever to shut off fields, then possess a nd destroy Slig that falls. Say SORRY (7) to the Mudokons. Get them to bottom pa th, leave and return to get portal again and release the Mudokons. Now exit door C. BAP07C04. Enter door D. BAP15C04. When lever is pulled, Slig appears. Either hide in narrow shadow, or r un while it's back is still turned. From bottom path, possess Slig and walk it t o security device (56558) to turn off electrical barriers. Destroy Slig, then fr ee Mudokons and exit. BAP07C04. Climb back to C02. All lights on door should be on. Exit door to complete this area. BAP02C01. Return to foreground and jump in Well 4 and its door. BOMBING RANGE. B AP09C04. Sneak then jump to the teleporter. When bottom Slig is away, pull handl e then carefully climb and sneak to top ledge. Once at top, you're safe in shado w. Sneak and roll to left, through C03. BAP09C02. Hopefully you have a grenade (briefly tap Z to see a 1.) With it, you can more easily kill the Slig below. Or if you don't have a grenade: When it's safe, roll down and slap middle Trap. You'll get zapped but chant for invisibility, then run right. C03. Stop at lever. When Sligs are under electrica l field, pull lever to kill them. Return left to C02 and slap the other 2 traps. Say SORRY (7) to each Mudokon and take all right to C03 and free them. Now go l eft, climb and go left to door in C01 and exit. BAP14C02. Run/jump to left, sneak left to shadows in next screen. C01. When flyi ng Slig is high up, roll down and walk to lever, pull it and run right through o pen trapdoor. C06. Keep going left till you reach C03. Pull lever to release fly er, then jump in the well. You're in cage with Mudokon. Possess flying Slig and send it right. C04. Blow up other flyer here and continue right. BAP14C05. Blow up another flyer, and continue right again. C06. Pull lever to re lease Mudokons. Go back pulling any levers and destroy any flying Sligs. With al l Mudokons released and dangers over, un-possess your Slig. C03. Abe again, let off some gas to make the Mudokon leave the cage. Take all Mudokons to C05 and fr ee them. Return to C03 and free last Mudokon. "Split path." SAVE! Return to C05. BAP14C05. On the right side, drop down from the small hidden spot in the path ju st behind the rocks. C11. Chant and jump through portal. C07. Possess flying Sli g. Quick save. Have it pull lever and quickly fly up and right while being chase d by floating mines. C09. Go through narrow gap and continue right. C10. Have Sl

ig pull lever and quickly crash into mines. Something else you can try, pull lever and pause, one mine goes through gap, qui ck fly up and right to pause in gap. Other mine gets zapped in electric barrier. Slowly fly right and pause before getting to the next floating mine above. A bi t of cat and mouse will cause it to drop down and continue on. Now you should be able to fly on without too much difficulty. In C10, pull lever and quickly fly into any mines. C07. Abe again, quickly run and jump through portal. BAP14C10. Free Mudokons, then jump into well. C11. Climb to C05 and return left on bottom path to C03. "After secret area." Climb and go through exit door. BAP0 2C01. Now that you've finished the 4 barracks areas, jump in well to foreground and go through bottom door. WAR ROOM. BAP11C05. Climb down and read the stone to view several screens you'll be going through. Pull lever, quickly run/jump to l eft ledge. Roll to next screen. BAP11C06. Roll down, pull lever. You drop to fone area. Jump in well to C06. Cli mb and return right to C05 and go up. BAP11C10. Continue right. C01. Quick save. Stand on left side at edge. Hop twice, step once, pull lever. Turn, hop, step, jump in well before crawling Slig gets armed. Hang until top Slig turns away, pu ll up, walk forward and roll once to crouch in shadows. Each time it's safe, rol l one step at a time till you're nearly on the right side. When it's save, roll the rest of the way into the next screen. C02. At the edge on the left side, Quick save. Hop twice, step, pull lever. Turn, hop and enter t he well. Roll to right. C03. Stand on edge of left side and Quick save. When Sli g leaves screen, hop into the well. You're hanging, quickly pull up and wait til l Slig leaves. Walk off ledge, take 1 step left, hop to right and pull lever. Ho p left and jump into right-hand well. C04. Quick save. Carefully sneak avoiding motion sensors. Sneak left to lever and pull it to acti vate the well. Sneak right to well and hop in. Pull upper right lever. Then poss ess Glukkon. Have him talk to the security monitor; HEY (1) then DO IT (4), and he's teleported to C03. BAP11C03. Have Glukkon say HELP (7) to call Slig, then HEY (1) and COMMERE (2) t o blow up Slig. Yell for another Slig and blow it up. Use same method to blow up all the mines. Then walk Glukkon off ledge and take him left to C02. Jump gap i n floor and continue left. C10. Walk Glukkon off the ledge into C05. Go along bo ttom path to C06. Stand behind barrier and yell for Sligs and blow them up till one mine is left. Yell for a Slig and when it's walking to the last mine, get the Glukkon back out of the way. Yell for one last Slig and get it pull lever to lower barrier (hey1, commere-2, do it-4.) Stand on trap to left and have Slig pull that lever to d rop Glukkon to Security Fone area. Speak to fone (hey-1, do it-4) to cause Slig at other end to shut off the gas. Un-possess Glukkon. C04. Abe again, Quick save. When it's safe, roll off ledge and exit door. BAP16C 02. Go left to C01. Pull lever to shut off electric barriers. Get Mudokons onto floor, take them right and free them. Exit the door. LEVEL 7. BONEWERKZ. FEECO DEPOT: Main Lobby. FDP02C08. Go right to C07. Drink so me brew and Quick save. As before, even though you'll get zapped, let one and po ssess it. Leave it under the security orb and get away fast. With orb out of the way, send a couple more stinks along upper path left to C08 and blow up the min es there. Send another gasser left through C08, then up, right, up, and right to C04 and blow up Slig at Bonewerkz entrance.

Go up to C04 and get some bones just left of the Bonewerkz sign. Then enter door. FDP09C11. Throw a bone to the Sloggies, then pull lever to open trap. y before it closes. Jump across gap and Quick save. Sneak into next screen. Throw bone with down controller and make Sloggie run to pressure plate and off electrical barrier. Or throw bone onto the switch. Careful of Sligs in ty, you can throw a en't looking, climb p mines and roll to neak forward, climb

the Hurr C12. turn

the distance. Make your way to exit door and enter. For safe second bone. FDP04C01. Walk to the right. C03. When Sligs ar onto platform, walk forward, crouch. When it's safe, run/jum cover. C04. "Split path." SAVE! When Sligs aren't looking, s down next to bottles.

FDP04C18. Stand 2 steps left of ledge. When Sligs aren't looking, hop to ground, crouch, roll 1 step to cover. Roll behind column to the right. When it's safe, jump in well. C19. Get Slog to follow all the way right to next screen. C20. Qui ckly hide just inside cover on left side of screen. Possess Slig and have it sho ot to the foreground (down control and Z) to kill the Slog. THAT WAS THE EASY WAY! The hard way; Slowly return to C19 and pull right lever t o trap Slog on right side of the green barrier. Call Mudokon to green barrier to work. Now Slog won't attack. Lower the green barrier. When safe, go to the left side and trap Slog behind blue barrier. When safe, get to cover on right side o f upper path. Regardless of which method you use, You eventually have to call th e Mudokon, take it to C20 and free him. C19. When safe, jump in well and make yo ur way back past Sligs in C18. Quickly climb to C04 and crouch/hide just left of bottles. FDP04C04. Quick save! If you still have bones, throw to destroy the mines. When safe, roll right across screen to cover. If you don't have bones, you'll have to stand, run/jump, then roll across screen to cover. C05. Carefully roll to lift and take it down 2 screens to C07. Take the left-hand lift up to get nine bones in C06. Then go down lift to C08. Jump onto the left ledge. Carefully enter C09. Throw bone down, then run/jump to next upper ledge and continue. C10. Throw bon e down and start running. C11. Jump onto ledge and continue left. FDP04C15. The Sloggie will follow back to C11. Throw a bone right, drop and retu rn to C15. Climb to next area. C16. Walk right. C12. Go up lift. C13. Pull both levers and bring 2 Mudokons down to C12 to wait. Mudokons in these areas are hig hly excitable and hard to manage. Remember, you can stand to either side of them and let a stink to move a Mudokon 1 step in the other direction! Go left to C16, then climb down to C15. If the barrier is up at the lever, you'l l have to go up to C13 and pull the bottom lever. In C15, stand on left edge of center platform, throw a bone right, walk left, pull lever, quickly run/jump bac k onto center platform. Jump left and climb to C16, go right to C12. If the righ t hand lift isn't there, go up to C13 and pull the upper lever. In C12, get all Mudokons to right-hand lift, including the ones almost hidden to the right. Remember, these guys are high-wired and your stinks come in handy to move them a step at a time. Take all Mudokons down to C11 and free them. Return to C12 and make sure you didn't forget any Mudokons. Finally, go up to C13 and exit the door to C14. Go through final door for another train ride. BONEWERKZ. C18. Enter the door. BWP01C01. Avoid falling boulder as you hop acros s gaps, pull lever and hop back. Take lift down 2 screens. C03. Avoid boulders, hop right, run/jump to ledge avoiding mine and sneak to next screen. C04. Sneak to edge, climb down, quickly run/jump to ledge as Slig awakens. Pull lever and s tand even with it. While Slig isn't looking, hop to lift and go down. C11. Watch movie on monitor, then exit door 1 Annex. BWP07C05. Hang from ledge.

As Sligs start left, sneak behind them and hide in shadows. When they return, sn eak to next screen. C06. "Split path." SAVE! Walk left to one step from wall and climb to secret area. C19. Stand in front of teleporter and face right. As Slig goes left, pull lever at teleporter, hop right and pull next lever. BWP07C20. Hop and pull lever. In background, slap Slig, run/jump right onto ledg e, pull teleporter lever. C21. Run off right ledge into teleporter. From the upp er right, teleport to background of C21. Possess a Slig and destroy it. Possess other Slig and move it through teleporter to background. Walk Slig left to C20 a nd Quick Save! Be careful of the Mudokons. Stand background Slig at extreme left and shoot to foreground (down arrow and Z on PC) to kill lower Slig. Then stand your Slig next to obstruction, where you b arely see your Slig through the teleporter, and shoot the upper Slig. Finally, u n-possess your Slig. Abe again, carefully return to foreground C20 on upper path . The first Mudokon is easy to reach and say sorry to, then lead it slightly right . For the other one, you have to time it so the background Slig Doesn't shoot yo u. Take both Mudokons to C21 and free them. Jump in well to C19, then through the door. BWP07C06. "After secret area." Pull lever to sound alarm and lower a barrier in previous screen. Stand in one of the shadows while Sligs go crazy. Using the shadows, sneak back to C05. When safe, run right onto lower path. As Sligs leave to the left, quickly bring Mudokon to lower path, then take him back to C06, and position him at right-hand lever to W AIT. Hop to left lever, say WORK and pull lever just as Mudokon pulls his lever. Elec trical barriers kill Sligs above and the trap door closes. Free Mudokon, and go back right through C05 and you'll soon have to run for it. BWP07C07. Run right a head of Slog. C08. Jump onto ledge to safety. Get some meat and throw it to mash Slog with boulders. "Split path." SAVE! Roll under wall where boulders fall. C15. Run/jump gap and pull lever. Free the Mudokons, return to C08, then along upper path to C07. "After secret area." Pull lever to lower lift. Go back to previous screen, jump down, go left and up lift to exit in C12. Enter door 2 Annex. BWP01C09. In background, SAVE! Wait till Slig is out of scre en. Sneak to teleporter, pull lever, then sneak in the foreground door to get 5 bones. Sneak past sleeping Slog. C10. Carefully roll from cover to cover till yo u can exit the door. BWP02C17. Walk left, enter doorway. 3 Annex. BWP02C01. Walk right. C02. Quick save! Avoid movement in the motion detectors as you hop over the mines. Sneak into next screen. BWP02C03. Sneak to enter mine car and start upward. Destroy everything till you get to the end in C18. Exit the car (Ctrl on PC) and go through door. 4 Annex. B WP02C04. Walk right, climb and watch out for Sligs in background of next screen. Return left on the upper path to C04 and continue left on lower path. C05. Quic k save! Wait till background Sligs are out of the screen, then possess foregroun d Slig and move it through the teleporter. Shoot Sligs on the way to C06. Have Slig pull each lever in C06, then destroy him. C05. Abe again, go back righ t through C04 and climb down to lower path. Go left to C06 and exit the door. 5 Annex. BWP02C07. In the background, wait till flying Slig leaves, then go throug h the door. Walk to the first mine and quickly hop over all of them. BWP02C08. W alk to first mine, then keep hopping through 2 screens of mines to exit door in C19.

6 Annex. BWP02C09. Run/roll left. C10. Pull lever to activate well, then return right to C09 and climb to C11. Go right through C16 and sneak into C14. Hop over pressure plate, then run over it to lower barrier. Keep running and jump gap in C11 and hide in shadows. Slogs fall through gap. Wait till slow Sloggie to fall . Return right to C14. Hop over the pressure plate, enter the door and jump in well in C10. 7 Annex. BW P03C15. Read the stone. Avoid the falling crates, pull each of the 3 levers, go right along bottom path. C12. Notice the barrier high up on the right. Make your way up platforms and pull lever at top to open barrier. Briefly tap your throw key (Z on PC) to see if you have more than 1 bone. Don't throw them away because the sack only gives 1. Roll to bring Mudokon to safety on lower path. Go across opening, where barrier was, to next screen. BWP03C11. Hop from edge. Pull lever to raise lift (boulders start falling.) Brin g Mudokons down lift. Line them up behind you and Quick Save! You MUST get these Mudokons to safety! Time it and roll under boulders with Mudokons following. On bottom path, take Mudokons back to C11 and down the lift. C10. Make sure Mudoko ns wait. Jump gap, pull lever and call Mudokons to you and have them wait. Retur n up lift, go left to C12, get on first low ledge to C11 middle path. BWP03C11. Middle path. Go to right side of screen, through low gap, and climb do wn to C10. Pull lever to raise lift and take it down. C09. Call Mudokons onto li ft and take them up to C10 to WAIT with the other 2. "Split path." SAVE! There's only 1 Mudokon in the secret area and it's DIFFICULT! Work your way on the left side ledges and drop from the bottom left ledge to land in a secret area. C22. Run left. C20. Climb, hang, hop and hang. As Slig is turned away, pull lever to get him with the drill and raise a lift. Immediately take it up, get Mudokon to follow back right (DON'T pull upper lever.) BWP03C22. When saws are in safe position, free Mudokon. Get past saws and jump i n well. C21. Jump in well to the right. C09. Go up to C10. Free the Mudokons to get the Shrykull power. If left lift is not here, leap across left and climb to pull lever. Go up the lift. C11. Keep chanting to destroy everything and clear p ath to right exit. Go left to C12 and take that Mudokon down to C10 and free it. Back up lift, left to C12, right on ledge to C11. Make your way up right and ou t to next area. C13. Free Mudokons, then go to exit door. 8 Annex. C17. Walk right, jump gap in C18 and exit the door. BWP04C24. Continue right. C06. Keep climbing to C01. Read the stone. Lower down from the opposite side of the column you just came up. Wa tch out for the lower drill in C03. In C06, roll under saws and avoid boulders. Enter Boiler door 1. C07. Run/jump, keep running right. C08. Jump onto ledge and keep running. C09. Keep running. C10. Go under saws and onto ledge. Turn valve to reduce press ure gauge. When saws stop, pull ring to open barrier, exit the door. C06. Climb up right side. C03. Enter Boiler door 2. Throw meat to explode the mines (stand under mines, on upper path, and throw straight up.) Get some bones. BWP04C17. Stand to left and throw bone down to get first mine. Move forward and throw down again to get the others. When throwing close to falling crates, quick ly move away to avoid an accident. Jump gap and continue right. Before entering next screen, crouch and throw bone to destroy mine there, and continue. C18. Throw meat to destroy all mines in this screen, then continue right. C19. G et the upper mines with straight up throws. Get other two mines with long, and h igh throws. Get more meat. "Split path." SAVE! Jump gap to lower right platform. Lower off edge to drop. C20. Get all Mudokons to lower path and free them. Retu rn to C19.

"After secret area." Make sure you have some meat. Climb to upper path and retur n to C18. Turn valve to shut off power, then enter door. BWP04C03. Watch out for the bottom drill. Climb up. C01. Enter Boiler door 3/4. C12. Sneak left past sn oring Slogs. C13. Climb platforms and continue up. C14. Run, operate valve, then return down and sneak right to C12. Walk under left hand platform and call Slogs. When they start running around, pu ll up just as the Slogs jump down. Now jump the platforms and climb up. C15. Avo id getting mashed and go left to enter a door. C14. Operate valve, then go back to C15. Carefully time your move, run/jump from first platform and careful not t o slide off other platform. Crouch and roll off edge to land on lowest platform. Drop down to C12. Throw bone high and to the left so that it lands on ground. Exit through door wh ile Slogs eat. BWP04C01. Climb down to C06. Enter door 5. C21. Sneak right. C22. Operate valve, quickly run left and jump in well. C23. Keep running right 2 scr eens to ledge and door in C25. BWP14C10. Carefully roll under saws and jump into well. C01. Read stone. Run through saws and roll right to C04. Jump on ledge be fore you're seen. Continue right. C06. Jump over mines to platform, and jump in well. BWP09C09. Im mediately run right, jump onto ledge. Possess Glukkon. Use Slig to open barrier, then take it to the right. C17. Go up lift and give kill command to get rid of Slog. Now go down and talk to monitor to teleport. BWP09C14. Open barriers, shoot Slogs and keep giving order to kill until all Slo gs are gone. Continue down. C07. Tell Slig to go up on the lift, then walk Glukk on to the right and drop down. This way you avoid a kennel of Slogs. Call anothe r Slig and have it shoot Slogs. Quickly, drills are getting closer. Go down lift . C08. Kill more Slogs before drills get Glukkon, then continue. C15. Talk to fone , watch movie, then a timer starts. Un-possess Glukkon. C09. Abe again, quickly through door. C08. Run right. C15. Roll under saws and continue. C13. Pull lever twice to drop drills on Sligs, and they shut off. Jump in well. BWP12C02. Run r ight. C01. Free 9 Mudokons, then pull lever. Return to C02 and through door. LEVEL 5A: Feeco Main Lobby. FDP02C08. Go right to C07 and climb down to bottom p ath in C10. Go right to C24. Watch a movie on the monitor. Enter door Executive Office. FDP11C01. Go to door at upper right and come to foreground. Pull lever t o open barrier in background, return there and run/roll right. C02. Avoid flying Slig and run right on top path. C03. Continue right. C04. Pull lever to open ba rrier near Trap and drop baggage on Sligs below. Return left to C02. Quick save! Slap Trap, go over to left and chant, then run on bottom path to C04, jump in we ll. C05. Quick save! When safe, sneak 1 step and read stone. Use shadows and wal k through. Go to lever at upper right. Slap Slig and pull lever. After barriers lower, go right along bottom path. C06. Wait till Slig is on left, hop to lever and pull it to raise barrier. Walk right into bathroom-Glukkon's office! FDP11C07. Jump onto ledge and SAVE! Possess Glukkon. At machine, have him say HE Y and DO IT to teleport to C06. Say HELP and use Slig to open barrier. Say ALL A YA then COMMERE and take all Sligs to the left side of the screen in C05. Quick save! Say ALL A YA and COMMERE to get all Sligs grouped right where Glukkon sta nds. Then say KILL EM to make Sligs kill each other. Then teleport to C08. Quick Save! Use the security fone. C07. Abe again, immediately roll left to C05 and e nter door. C08. Jump in well. FDP14C02. Climb ledges and go left. C01. Free 10 M udokons, then go back to C02 and through the door. FDP02C08. Feeco Lobby. Go rig ht, climb down to C10 and avoid motion detectors on bottom path. Go left to C09.

"Split path." SAVE! On the left, climb down the hidden ledge. C17. Go to bottom, avoid 2 Greeters, j ump in well. C23. As Slig is at his right most position, enter door and sneak be hind him. Climb to ledge and sneak left. C22. When both Sligs aren't looking, ho p and hang in shadows. When bottom Slig isn't looking, drop. Sneak behind him to left. When both Sligs aren't looking, sneak, pull up, and pull ring to drop Sli g, AND you to bottom. STAND STILL! When it's safe, sneak to upper path and possess Sligs. Get survivor to pull leve r. Quick save! Careful of Mudokons in next screen. Move Slig past the drill on t he right. C23. Quickly say LOOK OUT (7 on PC) carefully shoot other Slig, then u n-possess your Slig. Abe again, go to C23 and Quick Save! In this next part, if Abe goofs, kill him and try again. Bring Mudokons one at a time right next to th e saw in C24 to wait. Get on opposite side of saw and about 3 steps away. You ha ve to say FOLLOW ME when the saw is about half way going up. Every time you brin g a Mudokon to safety on the left side of the drill, Quick Save! Then free all o f them. Return to main path. Carefully return right to C23 and exit the door to the background. Jump in well to C17. Behind the left barrels, climb toC09. "After secret area." Enter door to Brewery. FDP05C01. Go to the left. C02. Operate valve to lower barrier. Climb d own; you can't help the Mudokons behind the wall right now. Continue to C03. Tel l Mudokon to follow, then work so that he lowers the two barriers. Free him, the n jump down and go through door. FDP10C04. Get past Greeters and continue left. C05. When it's safe, roll and hid e till you're through this screen. C06. When motion detector is left, run/jump t o shelf and go through door. FDP05C07. Notice things in this screen? Take the li ft up. C08. Read stone then run/jump to left and keep climbing. C09. Pull lever, then leap to left and get a drink of brew. Possess a stink and send it up to next screen and blow up the security orb. Take right hand lift up. C10. Roll through little cage at left and possess flying Slig. Fly it right. C1 1. Blow up all mines with grenades, then continue. Also get rid of all mines in C12 and C13, then destroy the flyer. C10. Abe again, go right to C13 (DON'T pull lever in C11.) In C13, pull lever to raise lift and ride down. C02. These Mudokons are high-wired. Use your stinks to move each one, or as a gr oup, 1 step at a time till they're where you want them. Get 2 lower Mudokons on the lift, then get all of them on the top-right lift. Take all of them up, then all the way left to C10. Take them down all the lifts to C07. Position them at t he valves and tell them to work, to lower the right barrier. Go pull the lever o n the right to raise the lift. Get Mudokons to lower path and free them. The left barrier will lower. Now, go i n the door on the bottom left. C14. Go through door for another train ride. BRP1 6C01. Go through door. C06. Watch movie on the monitor. Go through the door. LEVEL 8. Soulstorm Brewery. BRP16C02. Go through the door to come to the foregro und. Get on right edge of screen. Notice sleeping Slig high up on right. Say HI to wake it. Quickly enter next screen. C03. Climb to lever and wait. When Slig c omes into screen, pull lever to trap it in this screen. Possess Slig, move it on to lift and face it left. Take lift up through 1 screen and barely enter below ledge in C04. When top Slig is facing away, go on up and shoot it. Then, destroy your Slig. C03. Abe again, open the left barrier then go up the lift to get a brew, then back down to C03. Possess a stink then send it into C02 and blow up the security orb. Abe again, go left and to the background.

C02. Possess Glukkon and place it at the security machine. Say HEY and DO IT to ride the short lift down. Walk to right. C03. Speak to machine and say DO IT to ride up. Get upper machine to DO IT and un-possess Glukkon. C02. Abe again, come back to foreground, go right to C03 and up the lift to C04, then jump in the we ll. BREWERY CENTRAL 1. BRP23C01. Read stone map. SAVE! On middle level, enter the sc reen-left door. ZULAG 1. BRP01C01. Sneak right to shadows C02 and crouch. When S lig leaves, time your roll all the way across to hang off ledge. As Slig walks a way again, sneak behind him and into shadow inside next screen. C03. When Slig leaves, roll right through cage and carefully stand and leap over mine to hang. When safe, carefully enter next screen. C04. Quick save. Roll to first mine and stand up. As trap doors come up, continuously jump over the mines and trapdoors. Continue right. C05. When Slig leaves, roll through tunnel to ca tch a ledge and hang. When safe, run right go catch a ledge. When safe, climb to upper path and go right. C06. Pull lever to call Glukkon, th en possess it. Get him to cause one Slig to shoot the other, then get second Sli g onto lift and say DO IT. On the upper path, take the Slig left. C05. Quick sav e. Have Glukkon jump the gap. Slig falls. Continue left. C04. Get machine to DO IT and open barrier. Say HELP, if necessary to get a Slig. Get it to follow left . BRP01C02. Open another barrier and lure bottom Slig off ledge. Continue to C01. Jump Glukkon over mines. Slig follows to blow up itself and Glukkon. C06. Abe ag ain. If both mines were not destroyed in C01, lower the lift, go to C05 and clim b to upper path. Go back to C06 and send another Glukkon up and left to C01 to f inish off the mines. After all mines in C01 are gone, send another Glukkon on the upper path to C04 a nd say HELP to get another Slig. Take it to C01 and have it pull the lever. Jump down and get Slig down. Take Slig right and stand at the trapdoor. Wait awhile and Slig will fall. BRP01C01. Have Glukkon get the machine to DO IT, and jump onto trapdoor as it op ens. C09. Keep talking to machines and jumping through trapdoors to C07. Quick s ave. Say HELP for a Slig to pull lever that opens trapdoor. Say HELP for another Slig. Get them to face one another, then say KILL to get them to shoot each oth er. Now destroy the Glukkon. You might not get another Slig. This seems to be random. When Abe comes down, th e remaining Slig should be gone. C06. Abe again, take Mudokons all the way left and down the trapdoors to C07. Ta ke them right and free them. Turn the wheel and return to Brewery Central. BRP23 C01. On the middle level, go through the screen right door. ZULAG 2. BRP02C16. G o right to C15 and through door. C09. Walk right to C01 and take the lift down 2 screens to C03. Quick save. When the electrical barrier is off, run past it and go right along the lower pat h. C04. Jump the mines. C05/C06. Run/jump mines in these 2 screens. C07. Face ri ght, pull lever and run to next screen. C08. Possess flying Slig. If there's 2, destroy one with the other. Use your flyer to destroy all mines in the areas you came through. Then get it safely past bottom electric field of C03 and down. Pull lever in C10 . Fly up to C02 and destroy flying Slig there. Then fly up right-hand opening an d through cage to C12. Pull lever to turn on electrical barrier and wait for ano

ther to get electrocuted. Now turn off field and return to C01. Fly up left-hand path and go to C13. BRP02C13. Bomb another flyer, then pull the lever. Then, un -possess your flyer. If Abe loses his flyer, he can get another by pulling lever in C08, but quickly hide under ledge. C08. Abe again, work your way left back to C03. On upper path, go right to C04 a nd through door. Free Mudokons, then return to C03. Get Mudokons to bottom path and right to C07 and free them. Continue right to C14. Use valve to open door an d exit. BRP23C01. Enter the bottom screen-left door. ZULAG 3. BRP12C01. Quick sa ve. Carefully time your move and roll under the drills. Get up to the lever and turn off the drills. Continue to C02 and roll under drills. BRP12C03. Quick save. Roll under drills and continue. C04. Quick save. Note the first 3 drills are in step. Carefully roll to fourth drill, pause briefly and ro ll on by. You can also time it and try to roll straight through. C05. Roll under drills and climb to upper Mudokons. Face each one and say HI and SORRY to get t hem to stop, then do the same for the Mudokons below. Climb to upper path in C05 and run/jump gaps back left to turn off all drills in previous areas, then take Mudokons, in C05, carefully back through slow moving drills to C01 to work; DON'T free them just yet. Stand a Mudokon at the left val ve to wait. Stand at right valve, say WORK, and turn your valve at the same time to open a door. Free the Mudokons, then exit the door. BRP23C01. Enter the bottom screen-right door. ZULAG 4. BRP18C02. Read the stone to see a couple of screens, then drop to C03. Carefully roll left to C01. Carefu lly drop, avoid motion detectors and go right. C03. Avoid Greeters and continue right. BRP18C04. Pull lever to lower barrier, g et Mudokons to other side, then raise barrier. Slap each one, then say ALL YA an d WAIT. Go back past Greeters and return to C04 on upper path. Quick save! Pull lever to get Slig, quickly hang off ledge. As Slig jumps to floor, quickly pull up. Quick save! Say ALL YA, WORK then before barrier is lowered possess Slig. Use Slig to shoot all Greeters but not too close, Greeters explode when destroyed. Finally, un-pos sess Slig. Now collect all Mudokons, get them to C03 and free them. Then, at led ge next to out-of-order well, drop to area below. C05. Go right BRP18C05. Ignore lever. Go right. C07. Quick save. Run/jump gap, pull up and rol l right. C08. Pull first lever, roll back to C07, jump gap and Sloggies fall. Ri ght to C08 again and Quick save! Pull second lever, run right and hang. As Slig drops to bottom, pull up and possess it. Have him pull lever, immediately say HE RE BOY (2 on PC) to Slogs and Sloggies before they get Mudokons. Lead the pack left to C07 and shoot them. Run back to C08 and quickly return to C03, pull lever to fry Sloggies. Then turn off the barrier. Now un-possess Slig. Go left on upper ledge to C05, and lower the barrier. Bring that Mudokon back, then take all Mudokons to wait in C07. Climb to upper path and carefully roll ri ght to C08. Continuously chant and the Mudokons will come running to escape. Exi t the door. BRP19C01. Background, roll right to C02, climb to next screen. C03. Keep climbing, then roll right. C04. Run/jump to middle ledge and pull lever. Im mediately face left and possess Slig. Use it to get rid of Greeters, then un-pos sess Slig. Continue right. BRP19C05. Quick save! As upper Slig turns away, roll forward a bit and stop. Do this till you get to the ledge. When safe, stand and hop gap into shadows and wa it. When both Sligs face away, sneak and hop again. Do this till you get to the

bottom. Pull lever to activate well. When Sligs aren't looking, pull up and jump in well, quickly enter the door. Watch a movie. BRP19C04. Roll left. C03. Pull lever to release Mudokons. Leave them and drop to next screen. C02. Pull lever, Slig drops, immediately lower, run left to C01 an d jump in well. Possess Slig and use it to answer the machine (65668) to open th e barrier, then un-possess Slig. Return to foreground C02. Drop from right ledge , say HI to background Mudokon and get healing power. Climb up to C03. Chant to heal Mudokons, then get them to follow down to C01. Fr ee them, then operate the valve and exit the door. BRP23C01. Enter the very top door. ZULAG 5. BRP14C08. Go left to C06 and through the door. C07. Go left 1 scr een, then sneak into shadow in C02. Sneak behind 2 Sligs to middle shadow and pu ll ring to drop them through trapdoors. Say SORRY to Mudokon to stop it from pulling lever. Continue left on upper path. C03. Quick save! Say SORRY to Mudokon and jump right; Sloggies follow. Tell Mud okon WORK to raise barrier. Stand under ring in middle and tell Mudokon WORK and immediately pull ring to drop Sloggies through trapdoor. Continue left on upper path. C04. Quick save. Run/jump left to release bones and get on platform with Mudokon . Run/jump back, get bones and throw through tube on left. While Slog is eating, jump down and pull lever to trap him. Stand left of lever and face screen right . Quick save! Throw bone to right with down control. Quickly pull lever twice th en run to C03 and pull ring to drop Slog. Take 3 Mudokons back right to C01. Position each at a valve and stand at fourth valve. Say WORK and operate your valve at same time to open door. Take Mudokons back left to C05 and free them. Return to C01 and exit the door. BRP23C01. Enter the final bottom door. BREWERY CENTRAL 2. BRP24C01. SAVE! Read the map stone, then jump in well, jump b ack in middle level well to top level and enter screen-left door. ZULAG 6. BRP05 C10. Climb and go to the left. C07. Go in door. C06. Go right to C11 and through another door. C03. Quick save. Get past the electrical barriers. Say SORRY to g et Mudokon to stop operating the electrical barriers. Pull the ring to lower the barriers. Take Mudokons to next screen. C02. Free Mudokons, then go through tel eporter and go left. C01 in background. Pull lever to activate well. Quickly go past electrical barriers and jump in well. Say STOP IT to break up a Mudokon fight. If you don't stop them, they'll become severely depressed and kill themselves. After stopping the Mudokons, leave them where they are. Go right to C02. Slowly take the lift up to barely enter C04. Qu ick save. Time yourself, and when Electrical barriers are down and traps are up, run on across. Continue, avoid getting shot and jump in well. BRP05C08. Read the monitor, then use lever to zap the Slig above (he yells HELP when you get him.) Go left. C09. Say SORRY to Mudokon, and read the monitor abou t electrical barriers above. If they're on, pull lever to turn them off. Take Mu dokon to the right and free him. Jump back in well, get Mudokons in C01 and take them up lift to C04. Put Mudokons on right-hand flap of trapdoor to WAIT. Go right to C05 and jump in the well. Go left to C09, pull lever. Now take the Mudokons to C08 and free the m. Jump in well. Return on the upper path to C04, operate the valve and exit the door. BRP24C01. On top level, enter screen-right door. ZULAG 7. BRP06C01. Quick save. Get between drills, time it and call blind Mudokon through. Use FOLLOW ME and WAIT to get him to safety a step at a time.

Take Mudokon to the right. C02. Get second Mudokon and take him down. C03. Get b oth Mudokons onto right lift, then onto lower path to WAIT. Quick save. Slowly t ake the lift down. C11. Carefully take lift past horizontal drill, then take Mud okon past two vertical drills. Take him up to other two in C03. Take all three t o the right. C04. Get some bones, then take Mudokons down. C05. Face left. Tell Mudokons ALL YA and FOLLOW, immediately throw a bone left, then run to ring on left and pull it to raise barrier. Possibly only 2 Mudokons followed but that's OK. You can co me back later for the third one. Go down lift. C06. Tell Mudokons to follow, throw wn lift. C07. Get Mudokons to follow, throw bone, on the lift. Continue down. C08. Get Mudokons to and go right. C09. Get the Mudokons onto lift and l them WAIT. If you don't have 3 Mudokons at this other one. bone, run and pull ring. Go do run and pull ring when they're follow, throw bone, pull ring take it up. Go right. C10. Tel point, you have to go get the

Go back up lifts by placing a bone at each barrier, pull ring, Slog goes for bon e first. Run/jump to next lift. Finally, bring third Mudokon down to C10 and fre e all 3 at same time to get Shrykull power. Go back to C09 and down the lift. C12. Chant to destroy everything, then go righ t. C13. Free the Mudokons. Now go left to C12, up lift to C09, then right to C10 . Turn valve and exit the door. BRP24C01. On middle level, enter screen-left doo r. ZULAG 8. BRP03C01. Walk right. C02. Pull lever, run back to previous screen, jump on ledge, run back and jump on right ledge in C02. Continue. C03. Walk right. C04. Pull lever, run. Repeat run/jump strategy and continue. C0 6. Pull lever, jump over Sloggie and continue right. C11. Operate wheel valve to open door. Pull lever to release flying Slig. Possess it, have it pull lever, g o back and bomb all Slogs and the Sloggie. If you lose the flyer, Abe can get an other in C11 at the lever. Continue flying left to C02. Fly up at the arrow. C07 . Pull lever to lower barrier. Blow up Sloggies here and C08. Back in C07, fly down into cage. C02. Pull lever to release Mudokon. C08. Pull lever, bomb Slogs, then fly down to C03. Pull leve r to release Mudokon. Go back up and continue right. C09. Pull lever, fly down a nd release Mudokon. Go back up and right. C10. Bomb partially hidden Slog, then fly through tube and down to C05. Release Mudokon. Finally, un-possess the flyer. C11. Abe again, collect all Mudokons and take them back to C01 and free them. Sloggies wake up. Outrun them back to C11 and exit the door. BRP24C01. On middle level, enter screen-right door. ZULAG 9. BRP17C01. Tell Mudo kon WORK. He pulls lever to open trap door to left. Get positioned, jump and rol l through opening ahead of Slig. Fall a long way and land in wells. C06. Read th e stone. When Slig isn't looking, sneak/lower and sneak to shadow. When safe, ro ll to shadow next to brew machine. When safe, get a drink. When safe, roll back to previous shadow. When safe, climb to ledge. Stink directly below security orb and crouch in corner. Possess Slig, then un-possess him. Quick save. Send stinks up long shaft on the left above the large 2. Destroy Sligs on each floor EXCEPT floor 5 at C03. Leave that Slig. Pull lever to activate well and jump in. C01. Pull lever to get Mudo kon, then pull lever again. Stand Mudokon on bottom right-hand trapdoor and pull lever to drop him. C02. Read the stone. Position both Mudokons on trapdoor and pull lever.

C03. Place Mudokons on trapdoor, then enter right-hand door. C09. Walk left. C13 . You should have a good stink remaining. Use it to blow up Slig. Get another dr ink and use it to get rid of security orb back right in C09. Return there. Pull lower lever, then upper lever. Possess Glukkon. Have him take Slig back left to C13. At machine, say HEY and DO IT. C03. Get machine to open trap door and get Slig to go down. C04. Get Glukkon to open another trapdoor and drop. C05. Have Glukkon make Slig pull lever to open t rapdoor. Then walk Glukkon down and use machine to open another trapdoor. Have S lig follow and walk Glukkon down again through trapdoors. C06. Talk to another m achine to open another trapdoor, then un-possess Glukkon. Slig is left at the bo ttom of this screen. C09. Abe again, return to C13. Get a brew if you don't have one. Exit the door. C03. Go through left-hand door. C08. Walk right. C12. Pull lever and possess Glu kkon. Have him drop and talk to machine to lower barrier. Return left to C08. Us e Glukkon to open upper barrier and an exit door. Call Slig and have it pull lev er to turn on electrical barrier. Say KILL and Slig starts shooting, which zaps him. Un-possess Glukkon. Abe again, go left and get Mudokon onto lower path of C08 an d free it in C12. Then in C08, exit the door. C03. Enter door on lower left in s hadow. C10. Walk left. C11. Quick save. Pull lever and run/jump to ledge. Posses s Glukkon, take him down to stand directly in front of machine and talk to open trapdoor. Jump the gap and continue to C10. Have Slig operate lever, then call h im down through gap. Take Slig back to C11 and drop him through hole. Finally, e again, collect Mudokons, free them in C11, then in C10, ould be waiting in C03 or C04. Take them down, picking up ntinue to C07. Use them to open barriers, then free them. e door. dispose of Glukkon. exit. C03. Mudokons another in C06, and Finally, go through Ab sh co th

BRP21C01. Walk right. C02. Slap each Mudokon to calm them, then take them to C01 to WAIT at the barrier. Get on right side of screen, face right and Quick save! Say ALL YA and WORK. Immediately chant to free Mudokons, then run back along lo wer path to C02. Stand to the right of the lever and face left. Pull lever, quic kly run/jump to ledge and exit the door. C14. Operate valve, then exit the door. BRP24C01. On the middle level, enter the center door. ZULAG 10. BRP10C19. Go rig ht to C17 and enter door. C18. Go right to C04. Go through door to C05 and pull lever to shut off electrical barriers. Go back through door to C04. Jump on ledg e and pull lever. Possess Slig, run him right to C07. Shoot Sligs and continue. C08. Go down lift. C09. Teleport to C10, jump down and teleport again. C11. From extreme left in ba ckground, wait for 2 of the Sligs to go left and get each with a single shoot to foreground (use down key.) From extreme right, get other Slig with a single sho t. Finally, teleport back to C10. Walk Slig left 2 screens to C12 and walk him off the ledge. C13. Use teleporter. C14. When 2 Sligs are on the right side of the screen, shoot them. Teleport bac k to C13. Continue left in foreground. C14. Pull lever to lower lift and take ri de it up. C15. Walk left to C16 and teleport. C04. Have Slig pull right lever to turn off electrical barrier, and drills turn on. Abe again, jump down and go right and carefully enter C07. When Slig enters on t he upper path, hold down chant button. It'll take awhile but you eventually poss ess the Slig. Finally, un-possess the Slig. Continue right past drills to C08.

Use teleporter, get Mudokons on upper path and free them. Return through telepor ter. C08. Quick save. Raise the lift and carefully ride it down. C09. Cautiously , use teleporter back to C10. Get Mudokon in C11 and get him past drill in C10 a nd free him. Continue left. C12. Roll down to C13 and go left. Get Mudokon in C1 4 and free him. Then, in C14, lower the lift and take it up to C15, then go right to C16. Get 3 Mudokons and take them back to C15 to operate valves and open a door. Then take them down to C14 and right to free them. Return up lift to C15 and exit the door . BRP24C01. Go through the foreground screen-right bottom door. BREWERY CENTRAL 3. BRP25C01. SAVE! Jump in well. Read the map stone in the foreg round. Jump back in well. On the middle level, enter screen-left door. ZULAG 11. BRP09C14. Run/jump to the right. C01. Climb, pull lever, possess flying Slig. T ake it to the right. C02. Go around and down. C03. Bomb other flyer, and continu e down. If you lose your flyer, get another in C01. C04. Bomb another Slig, then on down to C06/7? Watch out for shooters in backgro und! Destroy Sligs in C07 and right in C08, then fly up past lift. C09. Destroy enemy flyer. Then, pull lever. Un-possess your flyer. C01. Possess another Slig and have it pull lever in C02 to raise lift if necessary. Un-possess your flyer and go to C02. Say HI to Mudokon and get healing power. Go down, healing Mudokons in C03, C04, and C05 (get healing power in C02 each ti me.) Collect all Mudokons, take them down lift to C05 and over edge at down arro w under lift. On the way right to C08, get to cover when Sligs aren't looking. C 08. When safe, quickly roll to lift and take Mudokons up to C09, then to the rig ht. C10. Free Mudokons, then turn valve and go through the door. BRP25C01. On bottom level in background, go through screen-left door. ZULAG 12. BRP11C01. Get past Greeters and go left. C02. Drink a brew and send a stink back to C01 and destroy the Greeters. Send an other stink through upper left passage and destroy Slig in C03. Get another brew and send stink left to destroy Slig in C04. Get another drink and go to C04. Cl imb over ledges and operate valve. Drop through gap at down arrow. C06. Say HI t o Sloggies till all of them jump to bottom path. Send a stink to the right along upper path and destroy the top Slig. C07. Posses s bottom Slig and have him answer the security machine (665658) When Slogs arriv e, get them to follow right. C09. Use Slogs to attack Slig on other side of barr ier. Call Slogs back, shoot them, then un-possess Slig. C07. Abe again, go jump into well on the upper-left in C06. C05. Say HI to Mudokon and get healing power. Jump in well, then drop through at down arrow in C04. Go right to C09. Turn valve to release Mudokons, then chant to heal them. Take Mudokons to C06 and free them. Jump into upper-left well, jum p in well in C05, go back right to C01 and exit the door. BRP25C01. On the botto m level, enter screen-right door. ZULAG 14. Worry about Zulag 13 later. BRP20C01 . SAVE GAME! Caged Mudokons. Pull lever to drop them and walk right. C02. 5 high-wired Mudokons! Continue right. C03. Get these 5 Mudokons through th e barriers. C04. With the Mudokons in tow, avoid stepping on pressure plates and get past the electrical barriers. C05. Going back and forth will get these guys through. C06. Be careful here. C07. Take the 5 Mudokons to last barrier, then g o to the right. Come back to C07 from C08 and use last pressure plate, if necessary, to get the Mudokons. Take them to lift in C08 and up to C09. Continuously chant to release 5 Mudokons and get Shrykull power, then operate valve to open door below you. Go

back down to C08, go left on bottom path to C02 and jump in the well. C11. Care fully go right. C12. Use your Shrykull power to get rid of everything in this sc reen. Exit the door. ZULAG 13. BRP15C01. Quick save. Drop down and hide in shadow. Sneak behind Slig to next screen. C02. Keep sneaking till you're in a shadow. When Sligs turn to l eave, sneak right to shadow in C03. Quick Save! When left Slig isn't looking, an d before a third Slig comes from the right, sneak behind right Slig to shadow. T ime your move and run or roll right through C04. C05. Jump onto ledge and return left on upper path to C04. Pull lever and posses s Glukkon. Quick save. Have Glukkon call Sligs. Get any two to kill one another (all ya, kill em.) Any remaining, take them to C01 and send them over the edge. Talk to machine in C02 to release Mudokons, then un-possess Glukkon. C04. Abe ag ain, go to C03 on bottom path. Say HI to get healing power. Go left to C02. Heal Mudokons, take them right to C05 and free them. Exit the do or. BRP25C01. SAVE GAME! Enter the very top door. BRP04C05. Climb down, go left to C02 and through door. C18. Carefully go left to see wide gap in C03. Come bac k right to C18 and Quick Save! Run left, jump at last instant to hang in C03, th en pull up and continue left. C04. Climb up left and turn valve. Quick save. Time it, run back right, jump wid e gap to hang. Quick save. As soon as Slig's back is turned, pull up, step twice , pull up onto upper ledge. Possess Slig, take it to machine in C04. Say HI, qui ckly give code (556568) to lower barrier. Take Slig down lift 2 screens. C08. Qu ick save. Quickly drop, turn left, shoot Slig. Go left, quickly shoot Slig in C09. Quick Save! Go K OUT (7), shoot Slig. Then, un-possess Slig. C03. t half way into C18, face left and Quick save. Run p and continue left to C04. Operate valve to raise s to C08. Go left to C11, climb to valve and turn it. Possess say HEY and DO IT to lower barrier and raise lift. ine to drop Mudokons. Go right to C08 and yell HELP lift in C11 and say DO IT to go down the lift. C13. gs (ALL YA and COMMERE.) left 2 screens, quick say LOO Abe again, go back right abou left and jump to hang. Pull u lift. Take lift down 2 screen Glukkon. Talk to machine and Go right to C09 and get mach to get Slig. Take it to the Go right, collecting all Sli

Take all Sligs left to C13 to stand on same spot as Glukkon. Say KILL EM to get Sligs to shoot one another. Take Glukkon and remaining Slig right to C15 and dro p to lower path. Have Glukkon talk to machine and lower the barrier. Then, un-po ssess Glukkon. C11. Abe again, collect 2 Mudokons in C09, bring them to C11 to W AIT. Raise the lift and take the 3 Mudokons down to C13. Collect all Mudokons on uppe r path and get them to lower path in C15. Take them left to C13 and position the m at the valves. Say ALL YA and WORK to open a door. Take all Mudokons right to C16 and free them. Go back left to C13 and exit the door. BRP25C01. Jump in well to foreground. Enter final door. BREWERY END. BMP01C01. SAVE GAME! Run/roll right. C10. Continu e right. C02. Read stone, then go through door. C14. You're about to start a tim er. Carefully climb up to valve and Quick Save! Operate wheel valve. Quickly 1 s tep left, climb, hold X and roll through first cage. Face right, crouch, hold X and time it through second cage, when you hit ground, keep rolling right before third saw gets you. Go through doorway. C19. Operate valve in background, then e nter door to the right. C02. Run/roll right, keep going to C04, off edge and ent er door without stopping. In foreground immediately go left. C03. Roll past dril

ls and disarm bombs. Say ALL YA and SORRY to Mudokon. Tell him FOLLOW and stop w hen he's even with left valve, tell him WAIT. Roll back past drills, stand at ri ght valve, say WORK and turn your valve at same time to stop drills. Take Mudokon back to C04 and down lift. C05. Get Mudokon to follow and just as l ifts are even, RUN right and Mudokon will follow. Take him down. C06. Operate 2 right valves and enter doorway. Run left in background. C07. Quickly get to door and enter. In foreground, run right. C06. Operate valve to lower barrier. Get Mudokon to follow left to C07. Roll and get Mudokon past drills, keep going left. C08. Watch trapdoor! Stand Mudokon at lower valve, climb to upper valve, say WORK and turn your valve at same time. T ell second Mudokon SORRY, then quickly take both up the lift. C09. Stand them at 2 lower valves. Climb to upper valve, say WORK, turn your valve simultaneously. Immediately say ALL YA and FOLLOW. Run right and jump onto lift. Everyone ride up. C02. Free Mud okons to get Shrykull power. Run/roll left. C10. Chant to destroy everything in this screen. FINALLY, go turn the valve. GAMESPEAK FOR PC. ...................1...............2...............3...........4.............5.. ...........6.............7............8............0. Abe..........hello....follow a ya.....s orry......stop it....chant. boy.....freeze...git `im....s' mo .look out....laugh. it.....kill em....all ya........ help.......laugh. Paramite..howdy....c' it.......attack.......all ya. Scrab..shred power...howl. CHEATS FOR WINDOWS ONLY. At the Main Menu: TO PLAY ANY LEVEL: (with no Mudokons saved up to that level) hold down Shift, and press; DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, UP. TO VIEW ALL MOVIES: hold down Shift, and on the arrow keys, press; UP, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEF T, RIGHT, DOWN. AUTHOR: George K. Ison GameBoomers Walkthroughs and Solutions

Level Skip To enable the level skip hold the shift key at the main menu and press the corre sponding cursor keys: Down, Right Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Up. Contributed By: IAX. 00 Next Path Enter the following code at the Gameplay menu while holding the ''shift'' key: L

eft, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right Contributed By: MT0. 00 View Next FMV Sequence Enter the following code at the main menu while holding the ''shift'' key: Up, L eft, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Down

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