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Observations and Checklists

This section includes anecdotal observation forms and checklists that can be used to evaluate student growth and development through service learning. Examples are provided after the blank forms.


Anecdotal Observation Record

Date and Time:

-------------Observer: ---------------Site/Project:
Observations of events and behaviors:



Example: Anecdotal Observation Record

Name: Sara Jones 9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. Date and Time: 4/27/96 Observer: Site/Project: Mr. Waqner Habitat for Humanity

Observations of events and behaviors: Sara began sweeping and picking up small pieces of 2 by 4's in the house immediately after the jobs were assigned. She continued to work without

supervision until her assigned room was clean. Sara then went over to help another girl cleaning paint off the windows. could do to help and followed the girl's directions. She asked what she She worked

cooperatively to help complete this task. Sara and the other girl took a break and got a drink. Then they went and found the supervisor to have another job assigned to them. The supervisor assigned them to stain some molding for around the doors. Sara began this job independently worked until the molding was stained. and

Comments/Summary: Sara show initiative in completing assigned tasks with minimal supervision. She seeks out new tasks upon completion of assigned jobs. She uses time efficiently and puts forth excellent effort to complete her tasks.


Anecdotal Observation Record

This form is used to observe several students at the same time. Predetermined observable behaviors are listed on the left side of the form. The students' names are listed across the top of the chart. The observer watches the targeted students and makes note of their actions with regard to the predetermined behaviors. An example is provided along with a blank form to allow teachers to use their own selected behaviors.


Anecdotal Observation Record

Date and Time: Observer:

Name Name





Example: Anecdotal Observation Record

Date and Time:
Observer: Site/Project:


1:15-2:15 p.m.

Mrs. Fisher Trout River Clean-Up

being asked.


Name J
without supervision.

M .

Works well Sometimes needs with some initiative. written with work al with without without students. others constant others. Gets Excellent Communication shows Works skills! directions new communicate Refuses ideas activities. to to manner. names. Calls when Uses Well. Wastes Does time needed. not time. Excellent. well. Follows follow writte directions activities. or oralfights. good complete job! directions, prefers oral Shows respect supervision. motivated, Respects other Helps with effectively peers. Expresses clearly prompting. in Requires a positive an ideas Asks for hel No problem! complete Leader of grou Gets Unwilling along to wel Picks Highly Independently. effectively. Good Eager Energetic. ability to try to follo directions. Efficiently Manages time assigned tasks supervision.


Checklist for Service-learning Projects

This form allows advisors and/or students to be active participants in the evaluation of progress within the service-learning activity.


Supervisor's Name_: Placement:


------------------------Student's Name: ---------------------Advisor: -------------------------Please list the specific activities in which the student has been involved and the skills that were practiced/learned:

Please update the student's performance below. Use the letter codes: E=Excelient, VG=Very Good, S=Satisfactory, LS=Less than Satisfactory Advisor Attendance/Punctuality: Is consistent in attendance Reports to community site on time Attitude: Accepts responsibility Is enthusiastic and interested Displays appropriate appearance and dress Is courteous and cooperative Displays emotional maturity Exercises good judgment Is sincere Relates well to a variety of people Student


Advisor Learning Process: Shows initiative Assumes responsibility for own learning Asks appropriate questions Performances: Begins work promptly Appreciates suggestions Completes assigned tasks Exhibits competence Progressively requires less supervision Is a dependable worker Follows directions carefully


Other Areas Assessed:


(Adapted from Central Park East Secondary School's Community Service/Learning program)