Chapter 12 Acronyms

Los Angeles Harbor Department

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Chapter 12



degrees Fahrenheit Assembly Bill asbestos containing materials Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority Anno Domini Aesthetics acutely hazardous materials Ante meridian Air Quality Management District Air Quality Management Plan California Air Resources Board Atlantic Richfield Company American Society for Testing and Materials Best Available Control Measures Best Available Control Technologies Barrel which is 42 gallons Browning Ferris Industries Below ground surface Biology Bureau of Land Management best management practice Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad before present Biological Study Area Building Transportation and Housing Authority Community Oriented Policing Federal Clean Air Act Clean Air Action Plan California Ambient Air Quality Standards California Environmental Protection Agency California Department of Transportation California Air Resources Board California Building Code central business district U.S. Customs and Border Patrol California Building Standards Commission California Coastal Act California Clean Air Act California Code of Regulations California Department of Fish and Game California Division of Mines and Geology Central Dispatch Office California Department of Water Resources California Energy Commission California Environmental Quality Act

Southern California International Gateway Draft EIR


September 2011

Department of Transportation diesel particulate filter diesel particulate matter Dip Slip California Department of Toxic Substance Control Department of Water and Power Department of Water Quality Essential Fish Habitat Environmental Impact Report California Emergency Environmental Management Division Environmental Management System Emergency Medical Service Emergency Medical Technicians Emergency Medical Technicians – Intermediate U. Compensation.S. Liability Act Construction Engineering Research Laboratory Code of Federal Regulations City of Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission Chemically impacted soil California Integrated Waste Management Board Critical Movement Analysis Congestion Management Plan California Natural Diversity Database Community Noise Equivalent Level California Native Plant Society carbon monoxide Commercial and Sport Fishing Cultural Resources City of Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency California Register of Historic Resources State Species of Special Concern (California) Container Security Initiative International California International Gateway California State University at Long Beach California Toxics Rule Certified Unified Program Agency Clean Water Act California Water Code demand-to-capacity decibel A-weighted sound level Dichloroethane Dichloroethylene Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane Draft Environmental Impact Report dissolved oxygen diesel oxidation catalyst Department of Defense Conservation Division of Oil. S.Chapter 12 Acronyms Los Angeles Harbor Department CERCLA CERL CFR CHC CIS CIWMB CMA CMP CNDDB CNEL CNPS CO COMM CR CRA/LA CRHR CSC CSI CSIG CSULB CTR CUPA CWA CWC D/C dB dBA DCA DCE DDT DEIR DO DOC DOD DOGGR DOT DPF DPM DS DTSC DWP DWQ EFH EIR EMA EMD EMS EMS EMT EMT-I EPA EPCRA ESA ESA EST EZ FARS FEMA Comprehensive Environmental Response. Gas. Environmental Protection Agency Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act Endangered Species Act environmental site assessment Estuarine habitat Enterprise Zone Fatality Analysis Reporting System Federal Emergency Management Agency Southern California International Gateway Draft EIR 12-2 September 2011 . and Geothermal Resources U.

Chapter 12 Acronyms Los Angeles Harbor Department FHWA FIL FMCSA FRA ft FTA Fwy g GBV GCASP GIASP GIS gpm GPS GVW HCM HDT HMI HMIS HMSD HMTA HPOZ Hr HRA HSWA HVAC HWCL Hz IBC ICTF ICU IES IFC IRP IS IUCN IUCN:LC kHz km kVA kWh LACD LACDPW LACFD LACM LADHS LADOT LADWP LAFD LAHD LAMC LAMC LAPD LARWQCB LAXT LBFD LBMC LBP Federal Highway Administration Field insertion loss Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Federal Rail Administration feet Federal Transit Administration freeway gram Ground-borne Vibration General Construction Activities Stormwater Permit General Industrial Activities Stormwater Permit Geographical Information System gallons per minute Global positioning System Gross vehicle weight Highway Capacity Manual Heavy Duty Truck Hazardous Materials Inventory Hazardous Materials Information System Hazardous Materials Standards Division Hazardous Material Transportation Act City of Los Angeles Historic Preservation Overlay Zone Hour Health Risk Assessment Hazardous and Solid Waste Amendments heating. and air conditioning Hazardous Waste Control Law Hertz (cycles per second) International Building Code Intermodal Container Terminal Facility Intersection Capacity Utilization Illuminating Engineering Society of North America International Fire Code Integrated Resources Plan Initial Study World Conservation Union World Conservatory Union (LC) kilohertz kilometer kilovolt amps kilowatt hour Los Angeles Customs District Los Angeles County Department of Public Works Los Angeles County Fire Department Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History Los Angeles County Department of Health Services Los Angeles Department of Transportation Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Los Angeles City Fire Department Los Angeles Harbor Department Los Angeles Municipal Code Los Angeles Municipal Code Los Angeles Police Department Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board Los Angeles Export Terminal Long Beach Fired Department Long Beach Municipal Code lead-based paint Southern California International Gateway Draft EIR 12-3 September 2011 . ventilating.

and standards Level of Service The statistical A-weighted noise levels that are exceeded 2%. 50%. ordinances. 8%. L50. and 90% of the time during the measurement period. Lands Management Division liquefied natural gas laws.Chapter 12 Acronyms Los Angeles Harbor Department LCP LCP LCSC Ldn LEED LEPC Leq LH&A Lmax . L08. Lmin LMD LNG LORS LOS Lox. L90 LUD Lxx M MAR MAX MBTA MCMIS MD MEP Metro mgd MH MIGR MM Mmax MM-BIO MOU mph MRZ MS4 MSFCMA MSL MTSA MWD NAAQS NAC NAHC NAV NB NCCP NFPA NHTSA NMFS NO2 NOAA NOI NOP NOx NPDES NRHP O3 Local Coastal Program lead-containing paint lead-containing surface coating day-night noise level Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Local Emergency Planning Committee energy-equivalent noise level Lawrence Headley & Associates The maximum and minimum noise levels during the measurement period. Land Use District The statistical sound level that is exceeded xx % of the time during the measurement period magnitude (as in magnitude on the Richter scale for earthquakes) Marine Habitat Municipal Area Express Migratory Bird Treaty Act Motor Carrier Management Information System Mid day Maximum Extent Practicable Metropolitan Transportation Authority million gallons per day Manufacturing Heavy Migration of Aquatic Organisms Mitigation Measures Maximum Moment Magnitude Mitigation Measures Biology Memorandum of Understanding miles per hour Mineral Resource Zone municipal separate storm sewer system Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act mean sea level Maritime Transportation Security Act Metropolitan Water District of Southern California National Ambient Air Quality Standards Noise Abatement Criteria Native American Heritage Commission Navigation North bound Natural Community Conservation Plan National Fire Protection Association National Highway Traffic Safety Administration National Marine Fisheries Service nitrogen dioxide National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Notice of Intent Notice of Preparation nitrogen oxides National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System National Register of Historic Places Ozone Southern California International Gateway Draft EIR 12-4 September 2011 . regulations.

threatened. or Endangered Species Habitat Regional Comprehensive Plan Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Recreation Recognized environmental conditions Recovering Energy. Occupational Health and Safety Administration Office of Spill Prevention and Response Organic vapor analyzer polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbon polychlorinated biphenyl passenger car equivalent Pacific Coast Highway potential hydrogen ion concentration Photoionization detector particulate matter Post meridian particulate matter less than 10 microns particulate matter less than 2. Los Angeles Region Streambed Alteration Agreement Safety Science Applications International Corporation Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act Senate Bill South Coast Air Basin Southern California Association of Governments South Coast Air Quality Management District Southern California Edison Company Southern California Earthquake Data Center Southern California Gas Company Southern California Intermodal Gateway Significant Ecological Area State Emergency Response Commission Southern California International Gateway Draft EIR 12-5 September 2011 . Natural Resources.Chapter 12 Acronyms Los Angeles Harbor Department OEHHA OS OSHA OSPR OVA PAH PCB PCE PCH pH PID PM PM PM10 PM2.5 microns Port of Los Angeles Port of Long Beach publicly-owned treatment works parts per million parts per million by volume peak particle velocity Public Right of Way Public Resources Code pounds per square inch Project Study Report Rare.5 POLA POLB POTW ppm ppmv PPV PR PRC psi PSR RARE RCP RCRA REC RECs RENEW LA RIMS RL RMG RMP RMPP RMS RPA RRP RSU RTG RTP RWQCB SAA SAF SAIC SARA SB SCAB SCAG SCAQMD SCE SCEDC SCG SCIG SEA SERC Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment Open Space U. and Economic Benefit from Waste for Los Angeles Plan Response Information Management System Rail line Rail-Mounted Gantry Regional Mobility Plan Risk Management and Prevention Program root mean square Register of Professional Archaeologists Release Response Plan Rail Study Update rubber tired gantry cranes Regional Transportation Plan Regional Water Quality Control Board.S.

S. UPPR USACE USC USCG USDA USDOT USEPA USFS USFWS USGS UST UWMP V/C VdB VL VOC WBWG WBWG:H WDR WILD WIP WQ WQS YTD μPa State Fire Marshal The Source Group Incorporated State Implementation Plan State Lands Commission Surface Mining and Reclamation Act of 1975 sulfur dioxide sulfur oxides Southern Pacific Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plan Spawning.S.S.S. Department of Agriculture. Department of Transportation U. Coast Guard U.Chapter 12 Acronyms Los Angeles Harbor Department 1 SFM SGI SIP SLC SMARA SO2 SOx SP SPCC SPWN SR SS SUSMP SVE SWIRP SWPPP SWRCB TAC TEU TIA TICTF TIFA TITP TMDL TMP TransCAD TRANSCAER TRB TSA TWIC ULSD UP.S. Geological Service underground storage tanks Urban Water Management Plan volume to capacity Vibration Decibel Very Limited volatile organic compound Western Bat Working Group Western Bat Working Group (H) Waste Discharge Requirement Wildlife Habitat Wilmington Industrial Park Water Quality Water Quality Standards years to date a measure of underwater sound pressure Southern California International Gateway Draft EIR 12-6 September 2011 .S. Reproduction and/or Early Development State Route Strike Slip Standard Urban Stormwater Mitigation Plan Soil Vapor Extraction Solid Waste Integrated Resources Plan Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan State Water Resources Control Board toxic air contaminant twenty-foot equivalent unit Traffic Impact Analysis Terminal Island Intermodal Container Transfer Facility Trucks Involved in Fatal Accidents Terminal Island Treatment Plant Total Maximum Daily Load Transportation Master Plan Modeling software platform Transportation Community Awareness and Emergency Response Transportation Research Board Transportation Security Administration Transportation Worker Identification Credential ultra-low sulfur diesel Union Pacific Railroad U. Department of Agriculture U.S.S. Army Corps of Engineers United States Code U. Forest Service U. Environmental Protection Agency U. Fish and Wildlife Service U.

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