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WORSHIP TRANSCRIPTS Key to Worship Transcripts:

Most of the code I use has been de-coded for the reader. Blue type (usually italicized) is the stream of consciousness of J.P. Kok (sometimes during the service) As I began practicing constant prayer, sometimes in the form of somebody needs Jesus, Jesus needs Somebody As I practiced blessing rather than cursing. And often I would recite the name of that person backwards, and occasionally You will find it that way herein. Also in Blue Italics are the sacks and mini-sacks I sent (not all, but a lot), Sacks or S.A.C.K.s is a term I picked Up from Jim Koks International Care & Kindness Conference (albeit he himself did not coin the idea, just highlighted it). It Means Simple Act of Care & Kindness, and sometimes that meant just a little note, hence mini Sack. As I began my own ministry, Mustard Seed Ministries, I did so at the ground level. A lot of my evangelism was done through the mail to people I met along the way, very often clerks in convenience stores. And I would keep the receipts and often their names are on the receipts or I notice it on their name tag and write it on the back of it. Then, later, I send them an invitation to be accepted by Jesus Christ, or at least encourage them to find a church. I would also try to record when and where I sent the sacks from occasionally with a specific time next to it. For a while I was vigorously doing video sack evangelism i.e. sending out copies of for Christ videos I had made to a lot of people, hence vidsacks. For a while I would put my Philippines for Christ video under windshield wipers during the worship service and I would write down the name of the license plate on the car to make sure I didnt put it on the same car again the next week. Hence, LP means license plate. And periodically I would also notice license plate numbers while I drove for one reason or another and write them down. For a while I also was keeping track of the different vanity plates I saw, which is recorded elsewhere. I also would read the Cathedral bulletin every Sunday morning and jot down the names of those who were sick or passed away and say a prayer for them and/or their family. And you will see some of the notes I made either from a book I was reading at the time, or a verse from the Bible, or what have you.

You will see some of the current news for that particular day or week, most often as reported by AP which I pick up on a special line. Youll also see the names of Cities & States in blue. These are often pastor letters that I sent out on a weekly basis and continue to do so. You will see the word graciohs here and there in blue italics. This refers to letters I sent to people from Grand Rapids Christian High. You may see the word TWILABD. This means Thy Will be Done Sometimes youll see me reading off the names of store signs and things I see as I drive. You may also see IBYNFSHG. This means I baptize you in the name of the Father, Son, & Holy Ghost something I would recite mentally as a practiceanother way of training my mind to see in people their God-given potential if they would only accept and be accepted by Jesus Christ, but knowing I couldnt go around, by and large, saying this out loud to people. I occasionally refer to Bellflower as Yellowflower. TT1 is Jim Kok. TT2 is Linda Kok, God bless the two of them. Note: After I stopped going up to the 10th floor early on Sunday mornings I no longer had a bulletin so sometimes I would only hear the names of the people involved in the worship service and would try to spell them as best as I could, accordingly. Some names may be mis-spelled. You will also notice a lot of connector dots (what do you call those things i.e. ?). This indicates that not all words are recorded in that portion of the text. IN editing I sometimes could not decipher my own typing. Other times I couldnt hear what was said. Rather than guess or assume I preferred to make the transcripts verbatim as much as possible or indicate that I was not sure what was said by . Finally, at some point I cut some of these service transcripts and inadvertently double pasted parts. Therefore There may be repeats in here although I have done my best to re-cut that which is repetitive. Also, the dates are not all specified. For some reason I did not always have the date of which specific Sunday worship this was, but tried to assign them to their month or season as best as I could based on the chronology of the text, or cues from the service.

Mustard Seed Ministries makes no guarantees of the accuracy of the following. There are numerous spelling errors and omissions. It is for your interest only.

Mar 2001 to April 2001

Special Guest: Funk at 9:49 a.m who favor my vindication unsurpassed private K-8 academy 12 fulltime pastors... "kept busy?' encouraged 2nd hour of involvement 14 different options welcome all of you...Michelle Cavandar close up ...and our minister to whim they loved you I love them...that means more than anything to me... David Dunn married to my daughter... blocking voices this best year ever... 200 to 300 volunteers... if somebody dies someone to cry ... havent seen J. Hermann in a while 10:00 am choir ends CHRISTMAS 99... bank at desk doing work HPR gift for bankers vehicle name on bottom R. Funk...good morning Billion dollar company started from scratch... enter the year governor wife mansion Oklahoma City...speak breakfast nation conference come be my guest... lights still on true story recreation vehicle. gratitude attitude... they ...she scrubbed my head... my limousine cattle large pure breed and red fun watching them grow make $$$ not always International personnel business to try to give hope. centers of hope...opportunity to give up life...2 degrees in theology be a minister or missionary wherever whatever...born in to Christian family back pew in a shoe box... B. Graham 1 years old in Seattle whatever wherever "not a great pulpiteer"' ""you're a secular company... we're secular, but we serve Christ... help others build great companies built co 1 billion annually first to go into Russia theology 1) earn all can 2) invest) 3) share... promised to bless us greatest pride peace joy longsuffering satisfaction now CEOS hours and hours you give... marriage and family 37 years... wife is here he father came as pastor when she was five experience salvation wants forgiveness Marilyn McKoo w are you? 10:12 am Ps 141 Oh Lord I call up on hasten to me give ear to my voice and when I call to you set a gourd oH lord over my mouth... MM M. Mckoo and Billy Davis a door opened standing ovation "don't leave me defenseless 10:25 am I am ""I AM echoing the words of God who spoke to Moses in the burning bush (Ken did not shake hand??")festival of tabernacles..." in the courtyard light huge candelabras... so much light... at this "I Am" the light of the I am the light of the world hear words ... Ill my experience as English education major at Calvin English department living life great late bishop Fulton Sheen told story went to leprosy camp in Africa I had on tiny silver crucifix give to each one... 500 ... first approached almost got left hand stump on other gross ... see that leprosy s... the population grew by one... the most infected leper was the moment those who me will regret it someday... love of God to penetrate 499 and thats my life...that follow me light of life find it in God enthusiasm...en teos... in

God'' I get asked question never been there what how about"heaven on earth I AM '" the light of the word... know and does ... .....he entered dying sir I have heard a story about the last lost sheep... I came to pray for that day...may seeing things over and over"good shepherd " follow me."'she said away that day many on I am the light of the world follow we come beauty of the light of Christ... carry out into the light word D. J. Hoover always present and left exit... LP "put the fun back in funeral"" then eh ...he entered the site worship site upper center aisle droflah needs Jesus need droflah needs Jesus s I care about droflah...droflah need Jesus lady gal l 9:14 a.m well get it we'll get it right Hebrews 11 faith com run with perseverance fix eyes on Jesus was she a coquette birds singing harvest strength...make level path... BLD need Jesus need BLd need Jesus need BLd needs Jesus need Bld Need Jesus n Bld Need Jesus beld Need Jesus sne Bld eee nNBled Bld need Jesus imprison center choir MM level G HW altogether the great hazel Wright organ MM music scripture music scripture and music scripture and music.....USHER CALVIN NASH...USHER CALVIN NASH... 12:38 pm Ashtabula... toccano on ""Cry stall""...this is the "cry stall"" cathedral. Alex ice nice gent told me about his wife in a wheel chair...step out of ... she has ... have to meet her ... ---Barbara ... tell us story how ..... history ...certain hard to diagnose ... can attack anything 33 minutes J Herman on life...slurred speech cane and go dizziness no predictability 8 years old-- make ...So I prayer for her... incarnational presence BLD's bld s' need Jesus Incaranational presence incarnational presence... the drums had stopped none of this stream of consciousness--- when the ... did work next work response gave up care motion ... beautiful enough of what Holy Spirit can do allow Holy Spirit of God to strengthen God his 10:03 am...motion to -- what Zo girl Zo life yes one half means had trembling I be hand trembling I believe a lot of people ... 4 four for some people wow MM Real ... none of this stream of consciousness ... knew living at UCLA med center two daughters in ... 7 month old daughter in neonatal IC U...issue his strange change of-- a lot of people challenge God who cares this is what Lord I will send my flock out of sheep in first in ... 10:14 am blessings yield blessing at that I am the Leo I am not are my sheep ..... gives me hope my God power cares for me lead me s lost m job almost lost my wife eagle express from... saw ground breaking 2001 eagles could... different between police tow ..."'that makes sense, if you take steak ., borrow, or what have, you the internal vision. off. a person and make as it if it is your own... you are really assaulting that person whom owns the particular... or angle ...a tortfeasor...""" faith hope love... grace peace... Oh Lord o Oh Lord God of w hosts who o is like you? how about a letter to Bill Hybels...stolen discs are good.because who ever took them and is delighting in them cannot subsequently have a good conscience ...condemn yjf... this like being...there's an "obvious problem with the pr faith practice of TT1 Robert A. Schuller maybe even Robert H. Schuller... but less likely so... and how did I slowly but surely drift into oblivion?. the nebulous of tt the authority weight he carried per title but the lack of relevant operative presence per se...? Jesus Paul sent a letter to Rome sending to persuade them towards Jesus but instead whom ... they ... book come out. trinity into a blame you for that would be like blind

man for tripping over a bump like blaming a blind man for tripping over a bump you probably did not really know what we're doing .the security guard... alone at 6:43 am ..., driving in a white car. care capsule... ""A Treasury of Tips they invite they invite people into ministry In order to change them so he spent three hours preparing prayer sack ...endorse me for the virtues of the present, Spirit was not yet given because Jesus was not yet glorified, If... were your father you would love me for I preceded forth and have come form God, and not on my own initiative, but He sent me John 8.42... But because I speak the truth, you don you do not believe me... how often I wanted to gather your children together hen gathers her chicks under her wings and you were unwillingseventy sevens are reopened for your Holy people city to finish transgressions to put an end to sin, to atone for wickedness to bring everlasting righteousness to vision and prophecy, to anoint the most Holy . everlasting righteousness that's strange I have more affection for those who , Spiritbeing dishonest, are pursuing life, versus those"honest' are not where those closer to me despite being "honest in a certain sense , are suppressing life...John De Kok.s Jesus needs Jesus a basket of ripe fruit the time is ripe for my people Israel...I will make the sun go down at noon woe to those who make unjust laws the simple diet of those who lived off the landImmanuelGod is with usreading Isaiah... I face friend I have friends and I have friends... ""I will make justice the makemeasuring line and righteousness the plumb line..."your many enemies will become like fine dust, the ruthless shordes, like blown chaff" their worship of me is made up only of rules taught by men Is. 20.13... can the pot say of the potter"...he knows nothing'""deceitful children... we will ride off on swift horses The man who wills dwell on the heights..."he who walks righteous and speaks what is right... ..... who rejects gain from extortion, and he keeps his hand from accepting brides...shuts his eyes againstevilthis is the man who will dwell on the heights, whose refuge will be in the mountain fortress...the desert and the parched land will be glad, the wilderness will rejoice, like the crocus it will burst into bloom... you restore to life and let me live, gives strength to the weary increases the power of the weak... sing to the Lord a new song... his praise...mountain the ends of the earth... sing for joy , the Lord will march out like a mighty man....... 8:48 am the day was moving quickly Burst into song, shout for joy, light of life a reference to the resurrection of Christ, '"You will forget the shame of your youth...""he Will swallow up death, for all time and will wipe away tears ''He will remove the reproach of his people then he entered the 9:20 am there was J. Herman on center.gather them together like a fishing net, pluck the strings skillfully sing many songs...the righteous will live by faith...have faith in God, whoever sings to this be taken up and cast into the sea...metaphorical...Jesus needs will forget the shame of your youth... the son of Man is coming at an hour when you will think the think do not think He will... grand tarentello..., flight of bumblebeee.Maria Perez Goodman wow...that was something else... sort of get the feeling that it would be those fingers wow! eve cotton wood H.S. a Capella Choir form Salt Lake City Utah to have some sort of g...get brief feeling of euphoria... as he descended the steps a with a 7 up can in hand because is not only law but Spirit, you will forget the shame of your youth... at the helm of the Crystal Cathedral needs Jesus needs a woman

Christ Christ h bell, Rebecca Caldwell, jack Cassidy Steve Compton, Adele cooper, Lonnie c Ben Davis Jimmy Foccocio receive the ... and now Lord ...Kcah ... ... 2h Hour prayer... Jesus Kcaj namreh ...kcaj m namreh... needs Jesus our son Jesus Christ JESUS ., ....... ... Jesus... Jesus multiplatinum Warren Wilcox needs Jesus you will forget the shame of your Jesus needs Tim Meand vice president of Anaheim Angels and Mighty Ducks... thrilled he said you're an icon .....xocliw kid 60years old married to wife for 42 years part of the TRC Roman Catholic ... tell me oh lord keep me going I love it WWJD.what kept you from that ... I did get into all that ... Im alive well... lots of poor will forget the shame of your blessed I've been ... ... that CD that when it all began I know he lives no... project till 13... in a project... in a ... that it was ...never got into trouble Jesus is a friend of mine' 1st with Linda Ronstadt now with Rachel Lamp discover give peace a chance sister on knees sure allow the work building last building its' been walks p hobby wall of fame guess believe still a dream to believe still a hope.sad voice...sad voice...take very other day take that with you 10:09 am you will forget the shame of your ... ... life of joy... life God want to you ... live... short ... take that with you... life of joy still Paul Philippians letter of joy reference to joy rejoice Paul and grace and peace go God faith Lord Jesus Christ my prayer your partnership being confident that God will carry it to completionJoy not just for happiness it is a state of being.realize the who are as an individual kid ... we are some of Jesus discover a path that gave us joy not just a fleeting memory ...head ofshe escaped Germany father passed away left real estate business of which she knew nothing you cant run this business you know nothing'" teach me...I will...... teach ... age of being of not to change to serve or not Paul a slave...a father of joy a servant of teach me and I will learn will follow sense sinful things happen slave of being Holy being good incarceratedevery Sunday thank God MM Wow believe it...saints some from pulpits "you are sinners repent""gospel tells me not to sin we are sins...we read Bible to Children Old Testament he rewrote it ...that a it became known as the Living Bible God success in Jesus Christ thank God everywhere with joy because of your partnership works lot so drink of watermust keep something my faith will be upset when you father grace and peace not cruelty we realize heavenly father comes cares for us life of joy. saints successful and the email form to get going to her shrine confession for first time in 14 years...fear of God realize that God has meand what is faith for loving father, grace peace for mountain that our take on joy intended through my God every time being care of this God will come to 10:27 am of for we can succeed God will so Holy fragrance

some then he left he Worship Site ...we have peace joy ...a in our live. and continue downward it was a cold day Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow 11:21 am Sunday morning t metamorphism into a new person, you remain the same albeit more committed, all new cells actual physical truth to the idea of new creation seems to be what Robert A. Schuller was driving at...then there are those who are not regeneration new cells at all... was this previously thought of as evidence of degeneration -

-then he entered the Worship Site center site haltingly received a bulletin Howard & Marjorie Kelly Ray & Dorothy Van Beek Howard & Helen ashon . Elizabeth Edwards, Carole Barran, Walt Bosko...Themla Carey, Jason Coleman, Dora Deleon, Larry Egberts, Ernie Ernsipke, Jimmy Forcucci, Adrienne Healy , John Lotspecih, Lea Manstrom, Camille Metzger, Celeste Moore, Nancy Obrecht, Peter Prizio, Howard Prane, Ken & Lon Ricks, Emily Thomas, Dorothy Van Beek , Howard Voglar, lots of mission ...Bible study ... stay night in Missouri way to Tennessee... MM Fathers day singer,, ""been greater friend"" "Real Christianity""man I want to be...""my hero. shes an incredible ... Holy Spirit God can use her, Eva Beach . Oahu...having tough time she prayed, but gave her an idea he end faith ... God's Photo Album Shelly McGrew aloha this is a dream come true an answer to prayer, my little school a beacon of hope powered by love, fueled by prayer , by God soaking bath ready children writing dolphins splash shocked by death of closed the dolphins splash...God's photo all but began with ''its a book '"I Knew shut school down to go on a search for God armed with cameras and you know where God lives? Hardrock cafe, let an entire busload of children use the restroom, helicopter submarine, couldnt cost the school a dime six weeks 7 days before the event , no busses not going anywhere I would turn in fill me with confidence ... BOOK Hurts into Halos... needed prayers, they pulled her out had everything but not the busses ''''Youll get the your busses'' "" Roberts gave us 14 luxury motor coaches if God can give us ''"turn it over to Him with in an hour call came in take children on search for God , cut sugarcane down ... work 3 jobs to survive ,, called boss asked if father could have day off...they came back euphoric, God's everywhere 4000 photos age 5 "'my brother because I love him , in the ocean ...walking and to talk to daughter, ""saved 85% of proceeds goes to this school first preschool by time finished will have college the Notre Dame of the Pacific... cant even claim that, never lose hope, new publisher. MCgrew H. pm needing talent final train... life of joy wants o us to live one verse from Philippians 1.21 ""for me to live is Christ""... asked why more so why music so cheerful...cannot he otherwise God heart full of joy, cheerful Spirit, relation to heavenly father,have heart of joy in prison in Rom other one was Nero Hedonism ..... what lies philosopher life for me is thinking great ...others making money capitalism unbelievable hunger for $$$$$ joy is dont $$ in favor of Christian capitalism but ...shock, fear pleasure... principles nobody built a monument ... a principle inject principles inject integrity...have...remember whats life let me tell you about its' joy from faith in Christ joy in Robert H. Schuller life deep down I sense the presence of Christ find it faith, friends family those in Christ 10:13 am dogmatism sacraments today judgment he read it in the middle of the service $615.00 wow yes!! tremendous help emotion extreme for ... reset facets of faith ... for it is familial family my five children also people setting down here ... lot of the when families can gather and hear the story, I peaked over the fence we'll get it, big hole ...pieces of steel roots tied in cement the crevice peek through the crevice no one will ever know the roots are there cannot be seen family priests church ushers...gorgeous compare now added to Disneylands official tour now see the faith beneath familiar of

the may...sure not well in some are very ... in e loose in ecclesiastic calm behavior Christ with sense of belonging to family he stop ... may to June 2001 Worship Site stead 9:24 am "Greg Ferguson vocalist Jennifer Goodwin Cincinnati Boy choir Randal N. Wolf Bryan K. mock cathedral Choir the boys choir no Bible Jesus needs Christian ... Wanda Batian Olive Barley Bobby Basset Virginal Blooms Bev. Combs Kevin Evelyn ... Jasmine Fernando Jimmy Forcucci Bruce Fox Bruce Goodrich Marge ...Joan Haugk...Jane hookier...Jime Jameson Clyde Kelly... Barbara Morgan Claudi Munic Joe Ortiz Pendleton Dan shocy...--- the smile ear to ear Bill Hybells...Center upper...hard strength because of my salvation dot die this is the day give thanks mercy endures forever gruff man "... boy choir tanks for coming go ahead...MM 9:40 a.m in ---- 9:40 a.m... day angel tiger acropolis... so "crown Him with Many Crowns""Randall N. Wolfe director ... und Missy walker Avella Schuller on sat the 19th... chuck Omremski chaplain for angels & Rams former miss America MM future miss America turquoise blue tank to plant ,,, stops last week ... nice meeting you'" no don ... Mendelssohn..... endure to end anthem by Mendelssohn letter 1000's every week ...needs Jesus one day after reading... and the ... lost... the word I see took a heart hope a ... void in Spirit a need for place to call hi home...10:05 am void in SPIRIT MM birds singing very athletic action never thought I was special oh ok to do everything try everything close enough ok anorexia Karen carpenter ...Sometimes a lot of people dont like to talk about 20 beats per minute - was hope I would wake up and kept wok up horrible ... Wouldnt wake up and I kept waking up it was a horrible experience made a turned out message ministry so important going to die or be chronic God box... overcome manual for life. angel ega.10:09 ... come home never heard Billy beels Jeannie student at Wheaton college baby sit...first for Church next week Bishop Lake 18,0000 around reception in the Netherlands 1000's of them maybe you so California welcome 26 yrs age this month ... prompting of the Holy Spirit make sense of the Christian faith 10:1 am. Robert H. Schuller ""real possibilities'" Garden Grove Community Church into crystals and cathedrals...couldn't find Garden Grove Community Church stay on look for Cross saw cross need forget telling people walk the path...will look for the cross reveals himself demonstrate walks stand in shadow sort out sort this is not as ...walk life Gods ...whom made the God plants as though wondering if God agenda countable Some people exchange truth for a lie...-- all see is random collisionif that's all no accountability Im God made this made you I believe the relational road Am I the only oneI think Mom must be dad must be brother relationship with functional family reships good beings 8 day sailing vacation went to sleep under the stars thank you dad--dangerous mom didn't care.some men dangerous disillusion maybe God life is relational though were gone ... I cant take you for real relation stop ... mission Im see her for 6 months... Christ follower tank top left early God shows up Im open see where God takes you moral path no all people good some dangerous evil streak of darkness in you ., cantankerous humbling profession like what do God term use stay at career come to a point wake up you'll say is being successful enough I dont think I have what it takes - can help -- ... cantankerous stop at

career come to a point wake up you say is be I provide power come alongside deliver help overcome 12 step... walk in my name is powerless need Higher power and they get it no prideful Spirit streak serious wrong will power do you CEO Growing dynamically up 15% wake up why?only reason million of trust funds for kids of owner and I dont even like the people who need help hateful long addicted liberated greedy generous racist irrationally inclusive.they get pow er looks to cross need help Christ asks "'success to significance'more than #'s targets just a cog? soul a change way job functions today less $ less perks but has significance and satisfaction look to God skill how help add value not just $$$ mortality pathway... speedboat 55 mph dancing on skip on water flop all over...--- on dock conversation put boat away "Why?"is all he said could have killed self just a buzz...walked path Vietnam body bags... friend president senior class bullet in head 20 sit down dad died heart attack mortality bell rung death rate has always been 100%..... no exception life beyond grave? Spirit in this life is of eternity Bible says Goodness on this cross send sack to Anaheim angels owner know and love below that down to kingdom of heavenis open pray with me reveal self reading book for car everyone all listening learn in leansteps of trust hope ... Special Guest: Man who Invented the Club 5-6-01 this is Sunday 5-6-01... yes flowers... Robert A. Schuller at 9:37 am God add blessing Eliz Stefanko 9:38 Elizabeth Stefano needs Jesus then he entered the Worship site interesting quote week after Kent 2 week of DC x6 Jesus offering Becky Caselinese Becky late arrival watch one watch over shoulder her in everybody's heat 11 years old has own CD ... that's because you're one of a kind Sing me to Sleep choir half full Moms took day off MM Robert H. Schuller and in the Choir ""The Club "" James Winner holdings any time 5 yrs old Hope College mini sack at 9:50 am... MM Bread Of Heaven ah that was fun... PhD... poor hungry and determined on farm and the way of life filthy church fundamental catholic..... tithing church talked a lot mom died at 49 .reveling in at army at age 17... brothers farm at 4:00 am...(x2)00 prayer line ... by 3 weeks ago broke leg without crutch no cane invention how come about? Cadillac stolen In Korea they put chain on steering wheel market all my life Club 1st small farm PA very poor 5:00 am every day milking cows a mother charity integrity, economically rich Spiritually poor or vice versa... commitment to Jesus Christ every Dollar God bless send v wealth whatevergoes to me to the business for you or person need for Christ Retire? sell some business start cranking down... stress in voice of father running business walk on beach sunrise at AM rededicate yourself... small public co... new slate of officers why? Now its the most active stock on NASDAQ James Winner guest sat down after didnt ask R. Williams theres another service I drove out 12 members Winner "From a Distance God is watching " but also here Crystal Cathedral the church doesn't allow for a change 10:09 am walks toward Mm James winner Can I check what I wrote of course absolutely 10:12 am exciting Sunday Nor Wilkes Broke leg special to climb and won here in person General Lee Butler push the button how to live with todays MG day take day off realized hope can translate come home know make up with perfection wife scar there shambles mess kitchen mess concerned she didnt' in bed glasses readying ...

what happened what happened today I didnt do what I do every other day the expense of check dont got in a cab you gal 42 year of age she had hard life it showed few people go to church in Holland I will be coming rented large hall 750 at the reception 1000's more would to come in 9:30 of 12 stations we have largest audience text favorite Psalm 118 v 1 Lord is my strength and my salvation just come back from Europe started in Holland 14 days after euthanasia law passed I trying to control have a love you copy of new book Book Hurts into Halos here's my calling card she read that tile and lost control started sobbing Kok now leader of Holland taxi owner and I see a steeple good what church said child good faith never been to Church I belong to my church television eyes filled with tears theyre afraid to sing because of Adolf Hitler they're afraid to sing because of Adolf Hitler the Lord is my strength wow left smile shes 78 yrs old life without faith life faith power life is empty Lord is my strength become my salvation Holland to Germany never recovered from WWII ... they would you bet couldnt live without faith wife children that much on television doesnt know who I am envelope with name I open to nothing inside wow Lord is my strength how often smile power by Mike Nason and shes right call em over puton clerk lot they was she bought it I paid do you have faith stock paper through wood and life thank you Robert H. Schuller for HP had putting in German language in totally deaf thank you touched me so much tried to catch them tuned around how then peace faith smile power soul power.300 people supports by man and wife who to marry us In your blessing do it now CP look in eyes Christ wow do Sometimes kiss wife with God's blessing mean smile went to give opening prayer at small party there was Sybil Brand a publicist for Paramount most powerful person HWD... go in speed singing back to Germany smile power soul power young man CP told they needed a new building... super building for war Sybil Brand Institute need food work revolutionize birthday party for her she's 101 years old...a Sybil Brand humanity ..."humanitarian of the century" nobody would take it see womans jail 4 quarts 50 at second quarter 75 Sybil Brand single largest rather 100 year old I can sing Holland old people dont dare to go to a hospital they are scared because a family member can terminate death consciousness e embrace Christ Jesus start reading about him saying if not a believer would you be if you knew it was the truth 10:40 am Hallelujah... life answer Christ as all I a know about Christ what [Warren Wilcox with a beard] 5.13.01? [ 9:200 am there was J. Herman on center] .gather them together like a fishing net, pluck the strings skillfully sing many songs...the righteous will live by faith...have faith in God, whoever sings to this be taken up and cast into the sea...metaphorical...JEsus needs will forget the shame of your youth... the Son of Man is coming at an hour when you will think the think do not think flight of bumblebeee.Maria Perez Goodman wow...that was something else... sort of get the feeling that it would be those fingers wow! This evening Cotton wood H.S. a Capella Choir from Salt Lake city Utah to have some sort of get [[brief feeling of euphoria... as he descended the steps with a 7 up can in hand because is not only law but Spirit, you will forget the shame of your will forget the

shame of your Jesus needs Tim Meand vice president of Anaheim Angels and Mighty Ducks thrilled he said you're an icon ... feel like kid 60 years old married to wife for 42 years part of the Roman Catholic tell me oh Lord keep me going I love it WWJD. What kept you from that I did get into all that ... Im alive well... lot of poor will forget the shame of your blessed I've been ... ... that CD that when it all began I know he lives no . project till 13... project... . never got into trouble Jesus is a friend of mine'"" 1st with Linda Ronstadt now with Rachel Lamp is name discover give peace a chance sister on knees sure allow the work building last building its been walks hobby wall of fame guess believe still a dream to believe still a hope.sad voice...sad voice...take very other day take that with you 10:09 am you will forget the shame of your ... ... life of joy... life God want to you to live... take that with you... life of joy still Paul to Philippians a letter of joy reference to joy rejoice Paul and grace and peace go God faith Lord Jesus Christ my prayer your partnership being confident God will carry it to completion Sherry Lansing head of ...paramount pictures... Joy not just for happiness it is a state of being.realize who you are as an individual we are some of Jesus discover a path that gave us joy not just a fleeting memory ...head of she ...escaped Germany he with her father passed away left real estate business of which she knew nothing you cant run this business you know nothing'" teach me'" I will...... teach ... age of being of not to change to serve or not ...a father of joy """ servant of teach me and I will learnhand will followsinful things happen slave of being Holy being good incarcerated top every Sunday thank God MM Wow would he see her it believe it...saints some from pulpits... celestial ... lived near each other youth renewed like an eagle great light sing praise Ps. 103 bless the Lord all my Soul all that is within me bless His holy name oh My Soul... forget not the benefits...Your youth renewed like an eagle. 5-20-01..... diving September 24 2000 first I since 1964 boot university of Texas smile Ps 101.7 He who speaks falsehoods shall not maintain his position before me. he who practices deceit shall not dwell with my put on display Laura Wilkinson heavy had ... adrenal 6 ms before 3 months before dry land training, but I made it up the ladder tennis shoe walk on rock the bone saw September 24 then threw it to the coach trying not to hit anyone ... repeated the Bible verse from Philippians..."I Can do all things through Christ when the verse on T-shirt had to let go control... 10:00 am first time t 38 years I took gold fifth or 6th from 8th to 5th from 5th to first, this is the dive when she broke foot, 4th round 2nd to last dive no idea medal contention, thought maybe bronze... accident only for me Like had nothing to lose with me... good... off self trying not to cry... say... strengthen me Philippians get to a point... use me'''how feel to win the gold"? surgery on foot one semester at U. OF Texas Hope so... sky is the Limit ..... is here blue & white fellow blue & white fellow Spirit faith wow God loves...late ... 10:06 ..... here MM My journey begins with a go ...go anywhere sky is the Limit 10:08 am Robert H. Schuller standing up MM Sky is the Limit from Denmark typical sound in group from Japan group from Denmark exciting month... time celebrate weddings give St I know I hope is true not finished write autobiography... Bible verse feeling he will Is 52.12... born house dead end of dirt road o somewhere do something made a difference you s can start with nothing 3 -D faith de drive direction definition

...determination I salute you graduate you ... the rest will follow Scott Coleman from High school p graduate of 5... 3-d faith positive expectations knowledge confidence supervise deck gas meters beat you to the car ... lady running behind... Dr. Peale not sure the o of 3 people lets test expectations write down seal it, expect some negative positive woman looked out okay run race to truck ran head behind woman if I see 2 gas men running I better run too... ... beyond... opened envelopes only 2 of three really do not know what expect so much ...Jeremiah 29.11 play for good future hope trust next ... yes late direction a whole o lot of ...MM personal relationship with Christ Choking up almost want to cry...take one to know one ask Jesus to come in, ...My life is the promise you didnt the Lord is divine destiny Laura Wilkins 10:22 am hopes drove... connection direct who am I gifts , talents, for achieve fulfilling life top degrees bronze believers a Christ New ... lost lift you up . personal the world past to that will impart prophecy that gift carry you the phenomenon 330 students... no audition have a dream a desire all of our kids went to the public school system no more ...played violin... gifts of music so started academy attract people with dream to become an artist...some not direction definition just to make more money saw give more people... love go to wards ... helping others Lorenz o twig 10:28 do Later arrivers incarnational presence Book Practicing the Presence of God... this is not a dead tree its frozen ...It is God, Im DFEh.EEOC Sacs x7...DFEh.EEOC sacks x7 ...11:11 am Lucia at food cal sack lines about action fro for fraud against T. Pensis Judge sacks x17...consul U.S. Dept of state... court sacks from Newport PO at 11:34 am the best can not only fool people , but makes people think the person deserved it or worse that the person is the con man himself.?! I wonder if tt2's cancer might not also have been contributed by TT1's passivity ...?an inability to provide action along with reflection... June to August 2001

(JOHN ASHCROFT)Worship Site and the gal ...lady said "Took the scenic route this morning eh?'' and YJF sat down in the upper site regular people present he prepared a profusely Christian candy sack... card sack... a profusely Christian card sack... '"you are in what is called a church as he was standing there late fellows behind late fellow in front '' this mission for Ps 23... ...names of all the people injured or sick and hurting... most impressive resume Ive ever seen first place etc h HW gal behind him Wilkes in evening HW lady in back, whoever wishes to be great shall be your servant, it is for these whom it has been prepared by my Father allowed to be a own... he got the last clap ... always whenever you stand praying forgive... a friend of Christ of God my friend last clap again ""come and speak to us for free... most famous preachers is blessed to come from a Christian home seen it many times on television... not sure television does it justice... found cold body go on into morgue roller coaster would in my 40's morning knock bother killed in auto accident thats our Spirit too it is the Spirit how has faith helped you participate over 400 guests in our house that year mother was heart of hospitality redemption recovery forgiveness reconciliation inspired to participate of purpose to God... tour of campus gave him tour of campus this morning statute of Job...on

the other ...just saw the front side Faith Should not be imposed its inspiration'""cometh by hearing... praying for HW l [John Ashcroft: I always hope that if I am accused of being Christian there will be enough evidence to convict me... tour of campus gave him this morning son has sermon joy greatest since joy reconciled restore divide low reconciling gun vs. money... may not be euphoric at the time but joy will be with you... participate with redemption ... created relationship Trinity is a relationship broken out to heal people here don't operate with prejudice or disdain the Creator Equal sense of love if we expect the with Joy it was getting noisy people practicing a cacophony of music... focus on person of God not on great lay preach going to ask you... faith not strong... senate quarter... Tom what message to the word , kind invitation meaning of life, seek meaning fulfill the reason for what you were manifested that you are a letter of Christ dont Lord it over your faith I smile when I think about... Russ lee at 10:11 am... WOW ...Russ Lee at 10:11 am establishes us with you in Christ . and gave us the Spirit our hearts as a pledge.conclude "rejoice always"camp song"" rejoice always heard him seeing respect him join me rejoice some of you could join the choir and to rejoice always mother suffered heart attack in Sicily a dire straits sclerosis S. blocked arteries... fantastic job , how to prevent hardening of the ... heart, the Spirit Lord is the Spirit stint in arteries hypo glycerin tablets...may have saved her life... sclerosis more prevalent... Paul say by everything, by prayer, with thanksgiving you can feel it can't you see the elect random uncles farm elect rubber sole shoes whoever takes shoes off first gets jolt... Paul says by everything by prayer with thanksgiving elect cannot see it feel presence of God help do add life to years life possibility living power and work of the Holy Spirit Spiritual bypasses time for a bypass when a person turns to the Lord, the veil is taken and science rather than Spiritual realty of presence of God" "Show me God "'the skeptic sys, flower can do that in a test tube" " feel the pressure God way of perfecting peace of cool the way we are... se o the chunk of coal... his voice cracked HE at diamond sales all time high if you do not you do retail you'd do better wholesale...if you do retail, youll do better wholesale... cardio direction action Bennet secretary of education talking to wife Elaine used to "need to keep teaching " Im a wholesale educator... need to keep teaching " if you do retail, you'll do better wholesale. I'm in the wholesale business now..."' golfing with friends heard parrot, did not think much of it at the time ... ""shut up max""repeat what hear person in foursome missed by a fraction word came out..."d---" in the distance I heard the parrot repeat us. fill our minds position we become like parrots glory surpasses "we're like parrots, but we can choose get rejuvenated. Inputs positive people think about these things T that which is true, noble..., worthy... he repeated it x3... 1955 not missed one Sunday since 1955 10:37 prayer... at 10:37 am he prayed, then he left the Worship site

Aug 2001 to November 2001 NEW SEPTEMBER 2001

at least 97 countries... Usher Peter Gobbo at least 97 countries... people died in ........ contribute tithes , and offering 714---971004012 privilege of giving back... not prepared for attack we for a purpose ...special book...we are a ...terrorists what ...remind of experience manifest of evil, but also good... would me to life a fullfillled...face something t unexpected no prepared acknowledge that God saved me for a purpose... age of 16 cars of cattle . mother Hungarian ...gypsy MM the old lady stood up --- keep what has hope for humanity hope in hopelessness... differently strength people deep breath ... integrate feelings faith in humanity ...celebration of terrorist can take away one's hope for life...please keep coming be together grieving in is natural...move beyond anger ...beyond fear... Isaac Stern --- guide people closed my eyes when find strength comes from within the ...the guards were the ones in the prison ... changed hatred to pity..... tried in Auschwitz ... closed my eyes power within me..... no one can ..... ..... no one can take away the defiant power of the Spirit..... ..... people from 9-1101 allow grieve allow to the allow self to feel...feelings anger feel anger ...dont allow self to be controlled by it... ship started to ...----- ..... one of the four chaplains... WWII Dan Coley pastor lost his son... faith can defeat fear..... --- only sit this week... the night the president gave his address... chronicle freedom & fear at 2 war..... ....... no other institution that specializes in faith... ultimate weapon..... people church pews church synagogue..... watched a lot of ward, but none like today... ..... the Watch generation...have to defeat fear through faith... we are victims but don't have to --... day extraordinaire hope you the Edith God loves you ... Im so grateful 4 chaplains take of Capitol Building the U.S. chapel of the four chaplains... the way I got the power to hold n tell self I believe even when id it didn't make sense... every morning at sunrise ...go to window... preach to myself. packed with faith give some affirmation holding on power without faith and with professor takes him out ...canoe leaf trees, 25 % life...another 25% life... water I dont know 25% life... I hear water rumbling of a waterfall current get out to swim what know about swimming you just lost 100%....... what know about faith... American Academy of Achievement most Nobel Prize winners are members... what know about faith? about God? you dont know you just lost 100%...... dialogue with many are believers world declared by president freedom against fear... Book My autobiography...Isaac Stern died at age 81... great musician how she want through holding on power ... a 3rd to stop now own ... lost son & daughter ...husband lose everything except one thing..... I still have my faith... 3rd... God's people..... ready to ... come at night... ... can new be defeated because I'll never give supposed to Give up... ...if supposed to give up ...God will take up you up...God will give you up... 2nd God expects tough-minded in that God shall do great exploits... 4th ... all have ex calls people encouraging..... blood... his people lined up... 5th God is stronger than the strongest... Jeremiah felt called by God... Jeremiah 1.18 God speaks to the people Jeremiah will awake I will make you an iron pillar... 7--- if today dedicated to God if totally dedicated to God I will eventually win...people cookies smile...thats what helped us...letter from SB K... somebody Kansas...said "God still loves you..." ..... boy died in drowning accident I affirm I was follow from God' God's love...found God Gods... million of people... never seen by the is now see the world never seen the world unified as it is

today...never seen the country unified as it is today that are a God's stronger ... wow Hmm WWII was about to Hitler was about to step on to England soil...Churchill gave a great speech...we will fight and we will win... 50 years -the goal of the terrorist is to create fear... faith overcomes fear... things ... so 50 years ... church was struggling... ..... the goal of the terrorist is fear... things we are manufacturing weapons of faith ... weapons of faith ...we are manufacturing weapons of faith with heart Spirit. the church is on the front lines... calling people to become followers of Christ become committed members of a church... choose a faith... I don't care what faith... is that a good point any faith better than no faith at all...? it might be ... conviction is in something positive... is be even if it is not the ultimate --- truth... thats interesting ... choose faith give generously no apology I thought they might be a poor ... struggling was a Presbyterian ... the windows were all stained most expensive kind...the powers...carved black walnut... the pulpit... Bible still ...there beautiful carved leather...inside it was a big dead June bug... no life left... the church was closed... churches are closing... in Germany, In Holland, In all need when I was in seminary was sent to Preston MN... assigned to try to re-start kick start the church into life... ...the our churches are closing and are being turned into restaurants, nightclubs ... can't let the churches close. if theres a Protestant cathedral what the - ...there was Granger "how ya been stranger""he said... ... the headlines read "LAX plan grounded..." ... - you Oh God are strong... Shelter... Happy Birthday to Robert A. Schuller... ""like little landmines... ""born in Chicago ...he's 47..." right now... launched attack on Afghan Missiles... 48 ministries... kings he's 47 Ken Duncan... Australia... all the county is pretty good... God's handprints on America...Edith ...June Scooby Rogers... wife of Explorer commander... womens conference this weekend building with new Jerusalem... self ... St. Patricks Cathedral... NY... Islamic Center... ... by all means go to the Crystal Cathedral..."" friend of Hubert Humphrey... the pres moments ago... mm...the president moments ago..."" I didnt know that ....."" I was on capital hill at the time..."" the Boeing 767 ... 351 capacity..... ... only 92 in it ... ... 74 % of the seats were empty... ... the other plane... ... a Boeing 757 289 capacity only 64 passengers... another 289 capacity only 45 passengers 81% empty..... ..... tragedy of 9-11-01... pentagon ... 23, 000 people only 123 killed. WTC 50, 000 use it on a regular day... 90% survived... Galatians 5... though every one of these sins is legal... try to make them illegal... the Taliban ...wants to dictate morality... the problem is you can t do it... God blesses freedom... love freedom joy... more proud to be American today than ever before... America has foundation, which just threatens those without same foundations...unique..... likes of which ...cannot be allowed to exist... --What does Islam believe about the Holy Spirit..... ? ... a foundation of freedom ... founded on freedom... our mere existence frightens them... our mere existence frightens ... them... we ... have try to eliminate freedom because our mere existence threatens them... I wrote a book called In Search of Morality...... total 74, 000 potential deaths possible... they were only 7% successful... ..... Lt . Commander O'Hare...for whom the O'Hare airport was named... first he was the first ace of WW@..... he show down 5 planes... he took off from an aircraft carrier... and realized he was low on fuel ...had to turn back...on way back he noticed a squadron

of Japanese planes heading for the aircraft carrier... ..... Lt commander ..... ... Lexington... good ran in evil loses... Pastor at the marble collegiate church... how many members killed? NONE... ... easy Eddie... an attorney who would did well for himself... defending Al Capone... in Chicago... his son he had one passion ...his son... but the one thing he couldn't give his son was a good name... decides to do so... and turns state evidence against Al Capone... ...he was gunned down a few months later... as it turns out Easy Eddie was the father of O'Hare... from dust to dust... only found a belt buckle badge and a few bones... where are the bodies? then he left the Worship Site site...back sore...he walked past the pie site...and habitat for humanity ...the Taliban offered to try Bin Laden if U.s. Made a formal request, but it was rejected... on that Sunday morning... as yjf was sitting in church..... the pastor announced that the U.S. had begun bombing Afghanistan... ... . ...later several times that day... he heard updates... B-52's, B-1's, B-2's... some flown from the U.S. ... power glide... ... Echoes of Faith... ... there are two ways to prosper... 1) find a need and fill it... 2) create a need and fill it... there is a big difference between the two... . pray for peace... pray for those who lost the day we bombed Afghanistan... it was a Sunday cool fall day... 2 X today I've seen WWJD..... ..... angels lose to Oakland... their final record 75.87 win loss..... ....... tigers lose to KC. their final win loss record is 66.96... disrupt afghan as a terrorist base... many other operations not so visible... cruise missile... Tony Blair ...outspoken and with reason to resolve... Osama Bin Laden...the most wanted man... videotape... the problem is that some of the... ---- U.S. Strikes back... "what culture are you from?'"Christ Low... the Semi... non-denominational vs. Multi-denominational(?)...Brooks Knapp... in rehab... the Presbyterians learn "Tulip " too-.....;Adam Grossman from Friends University in Wichita Kansas---Lady Juliana of Norwich.....wrote about prayer...Capistrano...a town in.Italy...Juan Giovani...was born there ...educated as a lawyer... History of the Franciscan Order by R.H.Mouman

Elizabeth Stefananko...[opps...he messed up] ... in 26 years I have never done this..... state champion out of 38 possible points she got 37.150... Support group for veterans...let them give glory to the Lord...the Lord will go forth like a warrior... exciting to news to find about .He will arouse His zeal like a man of war... support group for veterans... Broadway Musical star...Carol Lawrence holidays on parade...he will utter a .yes he will raise He will raise a a war cry... WWII they didn't even mention Johnny Carl...didn't even validate his ... interruption. Revenge of the Pink Panther, Christie 4 Chaplains... after... "still America after..."'wow a surprise announcement in my 26 years here...when the tears are gone Elizabeth Stefanko...United We Stand... justice for all...let freedom ring...our nation will hear... saves his a story thats 60 years old dont forget the story chaplains four saying the Lords prayer 23rd Psalm dad was a pastor 53 great today homage...thank you for the and ministry just ready to leave 4 men without life jackets they took off their own .....Ken Wales... Ken Wales ...producer of the Revenge of the Pink Panther...b 4 chaplains 900 men jammed on the ship 13 day journey...they were within one day of land ... and the submarine German sub arose with torpedo... red beacon on jacket...the boat went down in 25

minutes... these 4 men are one day from their destination...greenland...George Fontes father figure...,Alex Good rabbi... Harvard, Clark Polling Dutch Reformed classmate of my father at Yale Div. School, John Washington Catholic priest sequel to the Chariots of Fire...never forget...Wesley Adams "the jerk" begins anew...Novel...storytelling at its best...write honor tell story before too late... you Born Free life is a worth living no need to free and beauty astounds you...stay free no walls divide...David Polling four chaplains learn anything for the John 15.143... lay down life for a friend. home base walk in the fullness of God. incredible dedication 50 years pledge bend young girl ... she came up...want glad... stand up next to you... defend her still today thanksgiving only a few days way...dare to live again... we need a Thanksgiving and Christmas like we never needed before... of the gate... no relatives at the gate...econcourse... "'felt totally safe""born free Isaiah 77...'"when I remembered God then I am disturbed ... when I sign books longest line I've ever seen for a Schuller book...down the block alway be able to be in the ...worst of times dimensions of past added to the faith never before were needed youll do it again...such expense...vociferous lip...talking son agrees with me... alway be able to be think the worst of time waitress ...enthusiastic... 2 teens Hilton Hotel Michigan Avenue...what happened ...the rest of you retired... the rest of you are retired...? bestseller list first book ...million copies ...Tough Times Never Last... but Tough People Do every Sunday HP fantastic 3000 people...will be in chapter 11 before the year is over... that's six dozen cookies in each chair...or 84 cookies per chair..... applaud I prayed then I prayed what to do ... dont go up there with famous smile lets Robert H. Schuller my wife my daughter sad story now foundation give it all away $15, 000... six minutes all vets ...reading Isaiah... ... raise'll come back to you...speech when lose thought the dramatic pause... be patient Vietnam section only 2 more Stanley USMC weisman...1944 hurry up stand post she preferred to take the road to the gate...USMC widow first one was my father, second one was my husband ... third was his son Vietnam driving vehicle was a woman had flowers...getting ready close to the gate 2 marines in charge of the cemetery ...have there been ...wanted to go get their beer... they thought they would skip Thanksgiving service ...heard me last week this piece when I was ...crying ready my auto bio 10:31 ... saw a salute returned...thought I saw a salute returned can you be thankful in terrible times... Thanksgiving church of whats left...look at whats left...not what lost... South disaster... all cut off wind storm 120 acres... she drove up never blinked an eye...gave her the sendoff she deserved... then he left Worship Site site...sitting in the church...biggest crowd... all poor farmers...biggest collection . SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO...

God bank teller wrote "Im praying for you..." Alberto Rivera former Jesuit priest... From an Iowa farm to the Cathedral of Dreams Friday November 23 3:00 pm Robert H. Schuller...a bookstore signing books at 11090 Foothill Blvd. Rancho Cucamonga CA 91730...letter to TT1..."'God loves you..."" ---letter to TT1 re the mutability of God and 3 PB cookies nothing worse then when people from the church or Christian education turn away from and it and use their "insider"

knowledge against the church ...really... "all radio transmissions... all mobile display terminal records...all mobile digital terminal printouts of communications...'all administrative messages & daily work ...shift messages ...from the vehicles..." ... threat of nuclear weapons is credible... . 86 countries at edge of attack site... Johnny Carl has been here since 1975. actor Sam Elliot VP Dick Cheney placed wreath on the tomb of the unknown...if we have intelligence issue ...take it out... Muslim , Jewish, and Catholic Liturgy...why not Protestant? Veterans day November 11... the WTC is was in lower Manhattan... --- the library Sl...was closed same lady at copy shop... cases...he printed out the one something sickeningly sweet about her... "dont takeaway my heaven on the radio... st.Joseph...10:42 a.m......... at one point in his career, Marx affirmed Christ... (p...246)... "'One cannot be religious and truly free at the same time " 248 Marx...""religion for Marx is simply cowardice , abasement , and submission: 252... ...he was influence day Engel's "scientific atheism" 1) science over religion 2) philosophy materialism is the necessary basis for all science...the Spirit of ...early Christianity and modern socialism had a lot in common... militia atheism was Lenin... the answer to the problem of capitalism n is not Marxism, but to repair capitalism ""the rejection of all mediation seems to me to be at the very root of Marx's intellectual work" p.72. Miguez-Bonino Christians and Marxists Eerdmans 1976 Christian must necessarily appear as reactionary in this light because the very heart of the Christian faith, that there is one mediator is the root of Marx's rejection of religion" ..."to put it briefly, in the Bible it is God who demystifies man; for Marx it is man who de-mystifies God" (73) ."'if the suspects were anyone but officers they would have been locked up long ago..."'D.A. Gil Garcetti, Public Defender Michael Judge. L.A. Civil Rights Attorney ...Stephen Yagman... it was 3:30 he was still there barko was still there...he couldnt go I yet referral... 877--437--3337...then he left the Tl...he couldn't pick up the printed paper ...bark o was there meteron...the meter on... ...but he got plenty of other information 4:07 pm t Subway... Garden patty then he returned to the TL...strident woman...4:50 pm Book By Jefferson D. Edwards...Kok v. CVUSD at state... appeal was filed on 5-5-99 racism... over two years ago... he came across a book by Jefferson D.Edwards... re racism... still an obvious issue... then he looked over the printout the things he did about Kok v CVUSD... it stretched a long time... 7-15-99 received.7-16-99 settlement conference considered. 7-19-99 returned documents

October 2001 to Jan 2002 BOOK ... Stereotypes and Social Reality Blackwell Publishers 1994--- by Penelope J. Oakes, S. Alexander Haslam, and John C. Turner... ""Hamilton and Trolier comment that 'we categorize people into groups to reduce the amount of information we must contend with (1986, p. 128), general terms , most social cognitive researches suggest that categorizations a process designed to reduce the amount of information flowing through the information processing system (P.106)... Brewers model contrasts top down category based processing with bottom up person based processing in which specific behaviors are first encoded at a relatively concrete level (1988, 24) attribute-by-attribute consideration of isolated pieces of information (Fiske et. al ,

1987, p. 401) with no attempt to establish relationships between these pieces of information; that is, no attempt to categorize the final impression... is the relatively uncontaminated by category based generalizations (Fiske and Neuberg, 1990 p. 8)..... . In these models then interpersonal perceptions represent an accurate, almost unmediated appreciation of people's true characteristics in contrast with stereotyping which is category based. . Dr. Solomon 310--850--2666 no words on casualties more than 1000 detained kings vs. grizzlies... he wolfed down 2 chicken sandwiches and an eggnog was good. --, good enough... 6:50 pm $119.86 for approx 200 pages... the number is 714-545--9444...the superficialism of that culture...he woke in the middle of the night...... "the superficialism of that culture, the temptation to "cave" the ethnic aspect...the tendency to want the children to "succeed" above all else ...the emphasis on "success"'...or the pseudoemphasis on success...both tend to be a departure from the Biblical Norm... then allusion that is a quick fix...then of that one of these days Jesus is going to come along with a quick fix of cheap grace...the easy way out...tt12 pushes him to the limit but everyat time cow to the "beautiful baby" syndrome..... ..."'gave in school to logically apply then and but you slowly but surely pick up one that ... really matter or they learn logic doesnt matter because "you're white" or "you're beautiful"... this or that you name the superficial characteristic ...we have an older generation who has been tempted and may have in part, to cave to such temptation...the anti-iconoclasm temptation of the earlier part of the century may have been unbalanced by an over reaction the other direction... a reaction against the seemingly stern setting of the 50's still a segregated society , a wistful yearning for "relief" other than a refusal to change both tendencies are.were lacking... the clingers to the many things versus the abandonment of any form of the past... so you end up with two extremes...the clingers who refuse to allow anything to change... versus those who would abandon all aspects of the past ...if they could... both sides fail... because neither knows what it means to be "in Christ"'...when I complain of TT1 toward it was an over compensation of touching me too much it probably was an overcompensation for the relative lack of affection he received from his maternal side... TT1 (as well as tt2) knew not a mother ...and knew not affection... he displaced it in an appropriate manner...overly so towards his own children...and maybe not all of them as... TT1 simply over compensated...he may have caved into the liberal tendency ... he guessed the other way... other way to say the problem being not knowing Jesus Christ not truly or fully knowing Jesus Christ as Savior so he guessed... and tt12 "'we gotta be tough..."they said to themselvesthe for the next period of time... so then after reflecting on the past ...they decided, categorically, to say "we were too easy on him..."'... and so for the next decade or so...the shift is in a conscious opposite direction whereby they say "we gotta be tough on him..." categorically,... who's sending these messages...TT5 is controlling a milieu in Grand Rapids...that is for sure... because it is a quasi scientificreduce the attempt to solve things...its the need for categorization... and it may have something to do with giving in to a complete abandonment to feelings... to a promiscuous abandonment... ...the path towards such paved by industrialization and technology ... obviously cannot

be ignoredI was in a classroom at a school called Porter Middle School on 11-26-01 and it was a science class... and there were several science books and science magazines sitting on a table in the back...and I flipped through it and was reminded of the promises of science that our people are bombarded with on a regular basis..... so many new inventions...all intended to make life easier...but do they...or do they eliminate a genuine level...well it's not either most things it depends on whose hand it is in..... NEW Then he entered the Worship Site site...left and noticed upper middle was he went upper left...fellow in the rafters.......Ramona Blackwood, Walt Bosko...,Kay Brennement, Dottie Clark, Rev.Spence Dejong...Patricia Demory, Rosalie Doherty..... h..... ...Natalie Dotson,Bernice Duff, Mildred Fairchild...... ... 5 left hand shakes... ... "in the MM "in the presence of mine enemies... "'Carol Aspling... ...thesbian lady ..."'do not imitate what is evil, but what is good... Ps 23...3 Jn 11... You heart my her with cup runs over surely goodness and mercy shall follow me... --- offering wow the trumpet... MM...we desperately need some help...""November 11 ...veterans day...""I told you that I am He...Jn 18.8... ...You have a colors you have a new cd ...? colors in brass...elders to pray with you...near 2 weeks it will be available......then he moved upward..... coffee in the arboretum... ....... beautiful little bell..... ...... transform lives.....long time sweetheart Ellie wife BOOK Touch the Top of the World... blind man with dog thing a lot of faith friends ...God good place to visit...... I'll have to remember that... this man...a ... all seven of the highest peaks... reached five of the seven... Blind since 13... story truly vision to dream big... ...My father will be in Chicago..... Villa Park Illinois...October 24 ...Minneapolis... Detroit Chicago Wheaton Illinois...Border bookstores... ... realized I needed to start using my cane when I ran to the end of a dock to do a flip and ended up on a boat deck...blind from a rare eye disease...didn't want to be swept aside...the food fights, wanted family...though 13 years old son... slow begrudgingly accepted the killed in car accident a few years later...moved to a center for the blind...took to rock climbing... no baseball in head...find holds..... ... didn't buy into doomsday expectations... 19 people oldest person...64 years old...first father-son... family wife friends taken a huge risk...I had the skill & talent...couldnt drive a car...climbing rock wall.19 people ...went on 11 friends make it real take a pretty sure is, but its internal...the summit is symbolic..... first blind person to stand up on top of North America...lots of snow... years of climbing climb biggerMcKinley..... ... tell us about your faith...when Im not can sense...feel when standing I know theres a power .....I know that wasn't me...something made me... son and daughter.....we got married half-way up Mountain... Kilmanjaro... African laypastor...Tanzanian cloth married again for her mom... climbs tallest peak in Europe... Australia party at top... faithhope...standing ovation... welcome to the Cathedral Choir at 10:05am... ""this is my story...this is my song..."'. process 500 pages... 3 years... book tours... tell people bring book ... thrill & honor...title improve my has his story true... "journey on the today

show... ""the most inspiring guest..."' finally married a blonde left too... that was not ...made so much money he's a rock star... a journey...they were on an escapade... (I.e.escape...) for others its an adventure.. meaningful goal...Odyssey......Odysseus.....Ithaca...after war 10 years before he returned to Greece he was looking for Spiritual truth...some people like that 10:10 am...whole life a search...what now for kicks...? pilgrimmage...specific visit site with reputation for a positive symbol... ...lifes year he not the same ...have to be called on a journey...starts with a call a passion a dream...until purpose intentional measurable...meaningful power... sense of direction doesnt want persistent hes never out...until the destiny is reached...beautiful... sense love lighting my pathway...lf purpose. intentional, measureable...meaningful...powerful... ...God Almightymy man wave almost didn't go through with it...friend in seminary I was his best man drove to South Dakota..... stood up...she was too friendly with some of the other fellows ... another fellow the... song was "I Surrender All...imagine that at a wedding... my wife and I drove home she was so excited... I was quiet... she wondered why...dont know if I should get married... you're going to be ordained...she preached and I went through with's journey..... sure ...share of pain... 75 years...heard that truly there is a scar ...when little boy ...we had horses horsesnecking...rubbing necks...walk between break it up...flying though every flying through the air...kicked bleeding egg yolks and shells all over... my first scar...still have to break never try to break up two horses in love...every scar... ... Caitlin got thrown from a horse once...didn't she? ...June Scobie Rogers...her husband Dick was killed in the shuttle... for child shattered your crashing plane who did this...small voice...first fight of the century..... happen first war of the new century... 24 hours coverage...suddenly then they are again... history the you will see it...... the TV for months and... years on the television...didn't want to see the specatcle...died one hundred times...'s not history if the media only knew how much pain it caused to some people strange dreams or nightmares..... remembering the last things spoken... asked 2 days prayer to . the tone of my autobiography rush it morebecome steller... ...journey shoes me is a life hidden possibility... behind every painful... filled with hope... sign your book...November 18 1995 Lincoln..... one leg ar he and beautiful face...visiting my daughter in the hospital...they choose the life Carol just got her leg amputated.....Carol ... little child...unforgettable it uses crutches and fact plays violin...November 18, 1995... string broke... swiped sweat from brow...closed eyes... conduct began again ,played with passion,, presence...purity ...3 strings recomposed... there was silence...then the crowd erupted...rose cheered...wiped brow said ... it is the artists task to find out how much music you can make with what you have left........ MM man with cross... 19 pastor sacks... you need a call... Gods waiting to call you story of my journey... need a call... God's waiting to call you........ then he sent out a letter to the commissioner ...letter to J. Scott Tiedemann... 3) Boysaw... at 11:35 am... RkTT...super shuttle 310---782---6606 ... Tool... a group named "Tool"' playing on 11-1-01... OH God then he entered the Worship site thats your problem with your superstition so for people 25 people in the balcony... I will not be put to shame

but will with all boldness Ps 121 I will lift up my eyes...I dont want groupies here... he said... dont want groupies here... I will get point of a pon ...I will start my own church so that the son of man be glorified... the service was not moving me anymore... Im Holland Dutch ill take it... 18,000 dozen. "Super sheep"' over million Muslims every week...started 46 years ago ... $500 no church with a budget as large as ours... its special Schuller coffee..... played three years ago with Angels...""team up for downs syndrome..."'large vessel brain hemorrage...after first game of seasons deep pains cold sweat...the ambulance ... not a normal headache got going get some help... lobby send someone up... everythings fine...when they were wheeling me out I was the ambulance kid there I saw the features of a down syndrome...kid we have a son who has downs syndrome...they pushed him aside...he tried to get in. hes going to be alright"' he yelled. .we call it Up syndrome... sitting in front row "'we drove 1500 miles''worth the distance... 2 months old...4 mos old...Rex a celebrity...whose going to ...diamondbacks... 1500 miles no news from ... ...happy birthday... by Yankees in 1978...18th pick...talked to steinbrenner...2 daughters cerebral palsy... ... San Jose Ca... the Barnes & Noble...Friday November 23... Rancho Cucamonga on Foothill at 3:00 pm.....I remember a young man single male educated turned into Hour of Power... offer ...guess what he did dollar for every week Hour of Power on the air since he was converted... $1560 Tim Alorri......offer copy of book for $52.00 special binding gold...special message with autograph... we're good friends great travel deals...La Paz. Baja village...sea of Cortez... ... my island in the Caribbeansave a dive shop...married 17 years ago...dive excursions Baja hole... see fish hammerheads... absolutely ..... my with .bought my first house at house at 19 years old.....because were afraid shark swimming everywhere... how many lawyers...present? never a perfect ... that does require some risk...never a better time to buy a house... ... buyer rent today the interest rate is below 7%...... some people wont do it because of fear ...look at Facts God will bless you he's waiting...he's waiting to bless you... be willing to swim with the sharks...beautiful...fear not act not calm down trust God.....its an acrostic... God is our refuge and strength ... we will not fear...We will not fear... did you hear that world...? we will not fear...we will not fear... we will not ...fear...MM ... nothing to fear... we're going to act now...make a difference ...look at the journey that Moses took 28 years here it is spies to find out they can come back you know Moses will... two out often said "we can take them""... the other 8 said no... 20 years later...God brought them back...then Moses ..... now entered now they entered in what changed ? nothing...Joshua and Caleb knew they could knock down the wall... . ... God is to bring you pray accept the promises of God...accept the Promises of God... turn fear into faith...calm down...nothing there this is it a few other professional divers...first sitting ...tank of air. ready to out of air...calm down take it easy ...take it easy...nice fish... reach the bottom look around pass a corner...there they were... ...calm down...nice fish...beautiful bodies they were interested in us... the beauty...2nd dive...looked time just much longer just calm down. rarely ever right MD's guilty insurance policy 30 days to live...Jer 29... if listen to them all day long take a ...launch God not fear fear not... Jer 7.11 ... the peace and prosperity of the city to which I ... if it prospers ...

you Trust God ...take [Halloween] pumpkin washed it God does that with you face... cheer you up...take it all out takes all seeds of negotiation new face just. believe God does for you... ..... ...then he left the Worship Site and there were the Cards...!! ... there were the cards... are fear not... nice fish ... the light will shine through...... ... pumpkin...light inside... that's what Jesus does for you.....prepared the sacks gave dog a bone...Pastor DurangoLittleton, Zeeland, Dorr, Grosse Pt Park...Delavan,WI...Demotte IN... LP Barterm...Des Moines ...Dalllas, Cawker City KS....... ...Denver Co...,Dearbron MI...Aurora CO...Darien IL...Westminster CO...,Davenport IA...valley view ...Orangethorpe... all the years of practicing the horn... ...and the piano..... most kids didn't even do that...TT1 never played an instrument...TT1 has never had his faith challenged his comfort zone challenged stretched...and you're always gotten away ... and he always got away with everything... the goal in marriage is not to think alike , but to think together... most people go through life ...with a sense of obligation responsibility you...have a much greater sense of entitlement... ... most people go though life with a sense of obligation and responsibility... you TT1...have a much greater sense of entitlement... ... Lp dont let the car fool you my treasure is in heaven... you do not know how to care you know how to produce... you dont\ know how to care you know how to produce... yellowflower...11:20 drop... ... ..... sacks at Yellowflower...... ...corner of Park and Bellflower at 11:24 am on a wet rainy Sunday ... Bellflower Hotel.....empty lot. Bixby walnut... I drive past the Bethany CHRISTIAN REFORMED CHURCH... ... Sign "America Bless God""...interesting... drove down the Midway extension off of Chicago Avenue... very modern looking ...and then a little further down the way... is a gated community called Tremont... International. Bank of CA...truth is always the strongest argument... "'doing your homework" in there... MM "doing your homework in there..."' mach yellflower drop at made yellowflower drop at 11:20 am... its been too easy for TT1...11:51 am bridgford quality foods. Adams steel....... ...then he sent out the Droflah letter at 12:10 pm faith fellowship Bible Church Mark Williams pastor...Kim at Toms Farm ...took his sandwich order.--- Sunday November. 11.12:30 pm Toms Farm 909--277--9463 order ahead... order ahead... ... the deliberative process of the sensual HMS person may be almost identical to the deliberative process of the sensual HT person...both are thinking solely in terms of making it feel good... ... of physical pleasure...that is different than the HT or HM who thinks in terms of companionship...and relational...qualities... thats a big difference age while we wait for the blessed hope the glorious appearance of our great God and Saviour Jesus Christ do not let anyone despise you...

NEW then he entered the Worship Site how beautiful you are ... seek Him with the soul low I hold to Him and would not let go eyes like doves on my bed night after night I sought him whom my soul loves but did not find him h must arise and go about city...Jack Herman, Jeff Nelson... .the I am the Lord your Holy one and I am God even from eternity I am He ...I act and who can reverse it? Godman with the U.S.

flag tie...look to the Lord His strength , His face...It is I who have declared save proclaim...good morning let them give glory to the Lord please grateful we are..."take it out of my hands..."Isaiah...I am the Lord ...there is no Saviour besides me... Elizabeth Stefananko...oops...messed up 26 years ... in 26 years I have never done this..... state champion out of 38 possible points she got 37.150... Support group for veterans...let them give glory to the Lord...the Lord will go forth like a warrior......He will arouse His zeal like a man of war... support group for veterans... Broadway Musical star...Carol Lawrence Holidays on Parade...he will utter a .yes he will raise a war cry... WWII they didn't even mention Johnny Carl...didn't even validate his ... interruption...Revenge of the Pink Panther, Christie 4 Chaplains... after... "still America after..."'wow a surprise announcement in my 26 years here.when the tears are gone Elizabeth Stefanko...United We Stand... justice for all...let freedom ring... our nation will hear... saves his a story thats 60 years old dont forget the story Four Chaplains saying the Lords prayer 23 Psalm dad was a pastor 53 great today homage...thank you for the and ministry just ready to leave 4 men life jackets they took off their own .....Ken Wales... Ken Wales ...producer of the Revenge of the Pink Panther... Four Chaplains 900 men jammed on the ship 13 day journey...they were within one day of land ... and the submarine German sub arose with torpedo... red beacon on jacket...the boat went down in 25 minutes... these 4 men are one day from their destinationGreenland...George Fontes father figure...,Alex Good rabbi... Harvard, Clark Polling Dutch Reformed classmate of my father at Yale Div. School, John Washington Catholic priest sequel to the Chariots of Fire...never forget...Wesley Adams "the jerk"'begins anew...Novel...storytelling at its best...write honor to tell story before too late... you Born Free life is a worth living no need to free and beauty astounds you...stay free no walls divide...David Polling Four Chaplains learn anything for the John

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO... several pastor sacks IreneSpirit judge sacks mission springs...rancho Mission Viejo ...headquarters hazardous fire area... Oaks at 11:59 Upper San Juan at 11:54 ... Ronald Caspers at 11:40 am ...El Cariso Campground at 12:01 leaving Cleveland National Forest...Look at at 12:02 .Honey truck at 12:09........Grand .I may not be complete until I do something with and for the Crystal Cathedral ...on a formal basis... 8:45 am... pre-Thanksgiving service... Colossians "Be wise in the way you act towards outsiders'"theme of Colossians is the complete adequacy of Christ... ... I've gone through entire cases without ever having personally spoken with the opposing attorney... ... the Heidelberg Catechism, the Belgic Confession, the Canons of Dordt... Titus 1.15 "'to the pure all things are pure, but to those who are corrupt and do not believe , nothing is pure...""...Footnote says "unbelievers, especially ascetics with unbiblical scruples, against certain foods...marriage and the like...they set up arbitrary man made prohibitions.....the editors of this book are Kenneth Barker, Donald Burdick, John Stek, Walter Wessel, Ronald Youngblood, ...the NIV study Bible 1995.neither Hebrew, Aramaic, Or Greek uses special pronouns for the persons of the Godhead

(xii)...the Masoretic text was the primary Old Testament source... --... NIV...IBS 1820 Jet Stream Drive Colorado Springs 80921-3696" Ive been doing PC.PR ...for the Crystal Cathedral for some time can you believe when you receive glory from one another and you do not seek the glory that is from the one and only God? Donald Nuen monologue..." Jn 5.4 "how can you believe when you receive glory from one another and you do not seek the glory that is from the one and only God? Jn 5.44. 11-18-01 fax to pastor Jim from pastor John... ""he was the lamp that was burning and shining and willing to rejoice for a while in His light...the field an will its fruit the ...

you make your own report card...they will no longer be a prey to the nations or the beasts of the earth will not devour them. Several flock Ezek 34.19 'as for my flock they must eat what you tread down with your foot and what you foul with your feet'" oh No OK Oh no Im not going to raise my hand..."...sarcastic... offering man at 9:48 am... came once a month regularlyparticipation in small group... .make gift of talents tangible expression of faith... $ contribution... ... legal needs twila bee... an angel coming done on the wire...not very inspiring MM the beautiful singing of the Crystal Cathedral Choir... MM the letter from Jim Grimmis that Donna's Amanda an SMU student plans to open her own art gallery...when you who are stiffened and uncircumcised in heart and ears...always resisting the Holy Spirit 8.51 self-taught child prodigy 1) French style, 2) American abstract 3) expressionism... the word he was looking for was surreal... I will establish for them a renowned planting place and they will not ever again be victims of famine in the land ...and they will not endure insults of nations anymore Ezek 34.29 6 x . fill the seats six times, thats a lot of cookies... ... we're going to give you the chocolate chips. You were touched by Columbine werent you? done before September 11painting is thick... you feel guided ... a little angel... the painting says "hope"' Amanda Dunbar... 13 took art class, teacher cool, just paint, awkward stage...just sat down and it was immediate Im just a messenger of soul talks to another soul... the hands represent all genders, all races, all ages... I see symbol of the Holy Spirit of God..., angels are God's messengers sometimes message transcending something transcends all...transcends all language ,all barriers... ... ... an attitude of gratitude...Thessalonians says "rejoice pray constantly , give thanks"' for 75 years... foundation, art gallery ... business flourishingAmanda thank you... raspy voice building faith ... if we ask anything according to His willHe Hears us...1 Jn 5.14 to you who believes in the Name of the Son of God have eternal life... "tis a gift"" Robert Sims " Book Guided by Angels, autograph Copy... beautiful Spirit what I sense an openness . s a special talent ... for the sake of truth , which abides in us and will be with us forever all people...fax to TT1... 400 in the death camp never forget the day saw tanks ... an American flag .rescued us...why did I live... the . Dr. asked ...what did you eat... soup or bread..... I traded soup for bread ... thats why you lived ...soup did not have the nutrients that the bread had... he lived because he knew how to give... he lived because he knew how to give... ... what do you want for your birthday? " I want to be six again" ... so he took her to an amusement park put her on the rides

fed her hot dogs took her home she was sick in bad shape... he asked her "how does it feel to be six again?" she responded "not age six, size six"" ..... attitude of gratitude... get a copy read it... amazing experiences... very encouraging ... thats ... ... we have many Catholics ...Robert H. Schuller doesnt preach profundity... ...just good smile. mother Theresa "smile is the beginning of peace people teach the people to smile. thank you mother Theresa an evening Ill never forget... Jews Catholics Muslims ... Chris have audience Im the first Christian to have an audience of over a million every Sunday. dont believe that all Muslims are wicked and are going to hell, not a man who How know ...we all about you...never preached interest in doing what I have to do for Him...the grand mufti...he said "religion is like rain, falls fresh from God, "'causes flowers to bloom crops to grown ...fragrances etc... photo of Grand Mufti in my book...we cannot live without rain...something happens to Catholic, Protestant Buddhist... to everybody extremist... thats the think they have the last word ...they pollute the water ""says the grand mufti..... the people say all religion is bad... people today are saying ...about Jesus? My parents were simple...common, but simple... some evangelists have stories about being born again I was born again shortly after I was born ... sit on the piano bench sing the hymns... that what I said to SF ... 4 sisters brothers brother survived great farmer I was you can make a living talking you'll never make a living farming I hope so Or I wont be doing and you wouldnt have to check out sister have full my sisters house is full of eagles...they buy an eagle very year... Margaret Hope College for app H.S. graduate Bob dont have the $ ... dont think you'll be able to go to about elder deacon Sunday school teacher. theyre all ministers..... next morning Margaret the teacher ... ...she was the only one who went to college couldnt tell me he where the money was coming from... I'll buy an eagle every year Bob Henry didn't know until he read this book two weeks ago... Margaret paid for it ...she's in her 80's..... crashed three hours after found letter he mailed it back to the return address ...made the newspaper...sent check for $50.00 for the book... Phyllis of Ma I'll never meet all or even most of you...Im a part of all who I've ever met... thats a statute of Billy Graham... ...her daughter lost husband 20 years ago one year two boys HP kept her we were help we need more help than you can imagine... positive protestant , Peale...and a Catholic , Fulton Sheen I want to give the best give I can give new book the best book I've ever written Im telling the truth, not bragging, its phenomenal, read every word what I went through ... this book ...selling all over gold hardcover copy...special handwritten message give you of how I get the faith Jesus Christ ... I remember Roger Craig... he was married just before Vietnam well, just before he was about to come home he hit a mine...blew off legs and arms ... spent four years in the Hanoi Hilton...finally released got out at Edwards AFB... wife child boy take down back ... carried him down pushing to the fence ... little boy said momma he has no arms. ...momma he has no legs... .Momma said "Lets not tell him" ... 250 came down except Roger Craig ...he couldn't walk... wife , five kids spouses looking for positive a Im a part of all of whom I 've ever met... from Jesus church not pain look at what you have left dont meant to you dont need to change religion, Just bring Christ in

...then he left the Worship site ... both tt12 and similar in that regard...high function high production people... high performance team .....9:25 am... ...she was right some people see the forest...some people see the trees...unhealthy too see only one and or the other...only only one or the other... some predominantly se trees specks...others see the forests at large... it's healthy to be able to see both accordingly... its like being on the its a comfortable sickness...but still a sickness...his to be spit out... BOOK When Fear and Faith Collide... ...get behind me Satan...shrinking safety ...shrinking for safety... the HW parade tonight... song...sing Nol. December 9 6:00 pm ... messiah in the pack... famous hit "Christmas Shoes"'...sing noel...for I have no one else ...of Spirit who will be genuinely concerned for your welfare... ----- angels on lapels...she's tearful... and Trudy... Scottie and Bryan... tough on crime... 17 year old ...went to the conference for John Ashcroft... came back to testify..... he's tough on crime... tears on my husbands sickhe said "Im the head writer for Jay Leno ...let me help you..." 18, 000 people murdered every year... amazing what you can do with your life if you just show up... Christmas season...cant take the memories..... met in second grade...just had 50th wedding anniversary..... life was in didnt my age 75 TT12 dont feel care or care about .for anybody... dont weep and pass sorrow...but rejoice in Christ... I dont love to punish...discovers to here lineage...Gods big idea to put heaven on earth...ultimate journey...negative will say "There's hell on earth and thats true... Angels God and son the Son meet in heavendramatic sermon by Sam Shoemaker...friend of N. V. Peale... God made a big move to put heaven on earth... ... he tells Jesus ''You'll be born in a barn... to a poor family... because I love the'll be lineage... given up...tough strict, unforgiving if to Iowa get back... never known we're gone you'll experience'll die between 2 criminals...a new faith will bloom... turn that time a bit o you'll have left a bit of heaven behind... so we come back Tuesday morning rule against doing that ...faked it... Robert H. Schuller yes why not in class on Monday...there was no class on Monday... that was cancelled. I was here... you had no permission to go to Iowa...told us read this book my life...a journey ...give in the thank you Sam shoemaker...ultimate journey... risk engaged to be married... girls in Iowa...president of the seminary class on Monday...the journey prep heaven on to earth many things to many people around gift Spirit works, nothing more than forgiveness no indictment ...friends Victor Frankl...Menninger... BultmannGerman into Hitlers Army ...grew up without faith... never seen a Bible sister gave me a poem book of poems by Faust... see enemy tanks battle didn't suffer a God why...Germans wouldn't burn people in overmy heroes were Einstein... this is Bultmann speaking..... Im a p.o.w. shipped me to Scotland... pictures of Auschwitz...its all propagandathey killed a lot of us in was a horror that experience...shame was horrible in prison camp Scottish...handed me a book... I knew nothing about Jesus ...why forsaken me... Something happened to me...Jesus could understand what shame was ...called the Bible...never seen it before Psalms Jesus ...he could understand Shame...Jesus could understand shame... I notice ...the police...they did not add to my shame... they never accused but they forgave get forgiveness when we knew we deserved hell...they were forgiving me...... Jesus

came " ...can you relate...I reacted reached out to them...still a teenager...Jesus Christ ...they called themselves Christians... the Gestapo terror...we know we came from in came a Dutchmangathered...visiting people from Holland book of love build a new bridge...but one more special your hearts our hearts...Jesus Christ... I wanted to be like them BECAUSE introduced to the Bible.....MM trying to keep pants up as Im walking out... [the snap broke] pastor sacks plus special pastor internship 11:13... roof...Sunday post---Thanksgiving sacks to 1)Melissa... People of little faith... a sack to MelissaLP CBT SAPR.were Caspars at 12:03 pm "'care"' thats self-gratification sexual euphoria... called "CARE" thats not care thats lust...they look at you like an object its almost enough to make you puke uuuuuck... they misunderstand the law completely...upper San Juan closed...thank theres something profound about the law itself...12:29 mountain 12:30 mystic at 12:30 shore acres mobile home park lots of kids on the road...the Meyers group... mothering a proud profession...white balloons... Lp 123 Cruise Air III...LP Jetts Petting zoo. Santa Ana Wheel...Safari by Airstream ...bought new pants...east bridge...Jersey #80... be quiet...quiet down... police on horses 4CCn942... 2:22 60 degrees F...droflah needs Jesus drofla needs Jesus needs Jesus needs Droflah... location location location...Ramon Lower Azusa...Los Angeles street... Pasadena Ford ...has a billboard at the 605.210 Santa Fe Dam street road drags and car show Dec 8Oak Meadow south canon Mountain trail...sierra orange grove... lima park open houseMichillinda Flats closed for with 3 dogs... Crary st...Eaton canyon at 3:18 pm LAUSD under consent decree super c... stamp books at 3:36 pm soccer girls at the rose bowl... bleacher up...girl smile west side... of the rose bowl...the girl smiled Jesus is the reason for the season...Gelsons supermarket...stats.....Warren Miller Orca furniture.....then he left the application for writ...with Clifford to be bound. at 5:04 pm application for writ of mandate to compel just get it topped off...they were one time for the ... then when he pulled in. Anthony at the oil shop ...topped it off... --then he picked up the co bound application for 5:31 pm ...Clifford said "sir" then about a danger of personifying a car... I am not a car I am not a car..... and the driver within becomes they the type of car he or she is driving...there was Libomand another ... the Mobil girl was from ... sophisticatedly simple TT2... I have no idea... what TT2 approves or disapproves of... I have no idea what TT2 approves or disapproves of ...they what does she approve of or disapprove of... I would have to know the deliberative process for such assertion..... the deliberative process does matter... sunset pastor sacks...AP Bryan Thomas... ... peaceful surrender. east intellectual...hear to improve the image of the Muslim in the west... newly goofs from today is 11-25-01 USC beating UCLA for the third time accepted Mission possible ...KOW Gardener Trucking...he's an electrician...from Burma...Pete Petunia Patch nursery...canals bleachers up...78...

Worship Site ...said goal mens pre-Worship Site...simply this soul out to the Lord "" Paul...Chris Gerkin, Tom Gill, Ann Hamilton, Martha Heaston, Bill Hughes, Jackie ...Marten, John Mavra, Shelby Mc Pheus...,Ethel Moon, Lisa Neun, Alana Ridgeway, Beckergorsin Silbe, Donna Sinachenko, Rene Tijerina, Grace Whiteacre, ... Rosalie

Doherty, Natalie Dotson, Bernice Duff, Mildred Fairchild, Emily Fields, Ramona Blackwood, Walt Bosko, Ka ., Dottie Clark..., Patrice Demory Ruth ... Elise Graham, Barbar..., Joe Haupt, Winnie ..., Marian Hood, Sidney Horst...Virgina Jones, Linus Keating, Rosemary King.Gary Kohn, Billie Lofland, Margaret Lutz, Lea Manstrom, Isabel McKarna, Mari Mattle, Maria Mitchell, Elva morrow, Betty Murphy... she came in with coffee... Leona Renfro..., Elvera Reuss, Ellen Richards, Alana Ridgeway... Herb Ruecker, Archie Scott. Beatrues Daniel , Pauline Shaw, Jack Simmons, Bea Sullivan, Margaret Tanner, Emily thonse Isabel ...Rosetta Mystrom Yvette Null, Rosand Number, Anna D. Norm Osborne, Larry Parkhurst, Jack Pringle, Louise Ratliff.MM fruit fly...he killed it B. J. Wagoner, Evelyn Watson, Ruth WIlliams, Peggy John Woelke, Esther Wolford,Jean Inez Wright... Im an audolearner...and visual... 3 weeks before Christmas 2001 Daniel McGrew... what can I give them... ...MM Manheim Steamroller... 3 Sundays to Christmas...the Pearl Harbor...long time member Richard Higgins...a stellar member of the church...Tuesday Dec 4......National Day of Reconciliationthey wouldn't let us out...what wakes you up...jumped out of bed... Christmas eve services... 3:00 pm ; 4:30 pm, 6:00 pm, 7:30 pm, 9:00 pm, 10:30 pm, 12:00 midnight...Crystal Cathedral fullwhytoday... Little Asian gal sitting next to him... come to stand in pictures on jumbotron...transitions...Clarence Burroughs, Adelaide Alma Ruth Hilgenfield, Robert Matthew... Vera Wyman, Dolores Winterton, Marvin McLaughlin, Nicholas Sanserven, Bonnie Skar, Noreno Smith, Leslie Tait... Mary Kay Wagner Ash (founder of Mary Kay cosmetics)..... --put on show of force..."he said... he was present at Pearl Harbor we tried to of all people killed did you know any of them I didn't know any of them...only one... founded five churches... gala banquet in honor of J.C. Ortiz in 1990 ... established the Crystal Cathedral Hispanic 650 members... you will become and remain a beautiful person...last closely... E.C. U... E.MM...MM "ECU..."' look at his Spirit ...the eyes... "I started out in a southern Baptist churchJuan Carlos Ortiz ...pastor of the largest evangelical church in Buenos Aires from 1966-1978...he has preached on five continents...and taught at the Bible Institute of Plata... also produced La Hora De Poder...BKs ...Disciple.,Call to Discipleship, This Gospel Will Be Preached... Cry of the Human Heart...Living with Jesus Today...God is Closer than you Think...Pastor emeritus...gala banquet Friday December 7, 2001..... 9:15 am... they were practicing the "Odyssey."" at Granada hills H.S...we need to preserve classical music... save the value... of our music...enormous contributioncreative ...17, 000 pipes... standing ovation for Manheim Steam Roller. 3rd generation musician...piano teacher...U.of M... both parents music teachers...did you ever hear of hope...of coursedidn't rehearse that...not so much different than thrilled when you called...because we couldn't afford you...then he broke the flaming arrows... come in late yesterday from Atlanta GA...tell about it next week... has phone in the back seat of the car... Your way Oh God is Holy God is great... like Our are the God who works have your strength ... look at that Mary tookJourney our way of saying thank you......latest masterpiece sculpture..... not too long......she felt the tangible... hope allows us to feel the invisible, realize the intangible... will be accomplished... Mary had to believe in the invisible... no pregnancy like having a wedding...later he picks her scientific way to

prove it...she had to believe the angels... journey to cousin Elizabeth...journey that Mary took...going to he not only just betrothed just like a marriage ...the betrothed... I discovered my calling when I was five years old...I always knew I wanted to be a preacherI was the most terrified to get up in frontif teacher called me...didn't want to talk...never raised hand ...never ask get was a tormenting experience...sermon... Nazarene church...dont. ... five minutes later first point... old preachers never die...they just go on and on and on... ...on the other hand ... I was done in five minutes...yet I believed in spite of my terror... because of visible..... no evidence ...felt the tangibleits real...I am going to have.she felt the tangible...more formal God's truth would be revealed feel the tangible...scared to get in front of anybody... ladies group asked me to speak... not afraid of people any more... God cured me... Im not afraid of people...Im afraid of Pharisees... not until Son did He give me the voicedid he give me the voice to speak... to the ...tangible can achieve the impossible faith...diligence...Elizabeth tried toMary sent nothing is impossible with God...Mary to orphanage... God has called you for a reasons... ...old Russian fable...too busy to ... .care...with Russian Story...intention of telling Christmas stories...that for the vision of the heart of Muslim use cardboard... kids all doing this... saw one little boy...2 babies in manger... stop the searching...yes Jesus I give what I have... I put baby Jesus in then andbaby Jesus said would you like to. ... warm lie with me in the mangerI would like to but nothing to give baby Jesus ...I could make you warm...he said, yes I would love it... thank you God LPS don't have to believe, just believe that I believe...LP hey Ms.K...... 10:51 a.m. 11:02 am LPS I look like a freaking people person? count how many cars have tint-- a lot... there goes one LP MYGR8 48, LP 4EAH146, Ray Fladeboe...Metropolix... Oak Brook Village...LP Alekat. ..... Jim Wiedenaar...Thats his name... Mission woods...shade tree...San Juan Creek, Ladera Ranch... la pata Avenue...many cycles parked...D & M Nursery...Pastor sacks re police prayers...prayer... caspars...San Juan Creek risk low...the Ortega oaks. mattress... tram ride... tram ride... stopped...lag pulled trihs half way...what a sky ...!! look at that sky!!!..... 3 lady officers on horses... the lookout at 12:16 ...loose gravel...Jameson Lucy Jesus ... at the farm he had a mini pizza. Tracy Webb... Santa Ana r...Kcaj thought I was a wej... ...Detroit St. Orange County ... looked like a pile of oranges... Haven Avenue... Otma Ihop acco N. America... Calico Brands. American furniture store... .....San Jose flood channel... 1:44 communion pizza.... vega Trucking 800--258--7564.......Crown Victoria 4Ruz 310 Rock conveyor.....Datsun 510... LP V85Ten... 3 very wise man... ...veterans of foreign wars...Sanjay...toms farm... Mountain. Olive self storage... Lp RxFr Joel... HOt rod fabrication... LP Ln ESQ . theres the LMC's....... then he entered the Worship Site ... welcome back said the fellow ...he walked past T.N. and wife. angels had Lutheran Church of Joy, Bruce Wilkinson, Bill Hybels, Willow Creekthen Robert H. Schuller spoke T Sc also there yaj and yaram needs

Jesus droflah needs Jesus needs Jesus needs Jesus wasyob wasyon prayng for wasyob needs Jesus needs Jesus ..."up here with the birds...droflah needs Jesus needs Jesus needs Jesus wasyob wasyob reading truth day after personal note to Robert H. Schuller on his limo not first year, fifth year... Tabitha Yim ... dad died 2 years ago...leader of Asian-American ministry, made promise to father 2 years ago...Holy Spirit fell upon all those listening to the messageChristmas Eve on a Monday..... I will rebuke the devourer for that it will not destroy the fruitsall the nations will call you blessed Mal 3.10... test me now...says the lord... test me now... you are cursed with a curse for you are robbing me the whole nation of your... how have you robbed me...? in tithes and offerings...

Skating p.m gym 6 hour...Olympics not until daughter Kristina is out us to the airport on time...found his cell phone in the back seat...from Florida who was he are you Schuller Yes...picked up, just dropped him off ... problem with didn't show up... her father told her "never give up"" publishers send limo...catch plane to Atlanta...stayed at Renaissance Hotel, Parade Magazine publishers pay the bill...Birmingham ,Ala 16th St. Baptist church 4 black girls got murdered... journey...angels from heaven to Bethlehem..."This day a Savior..." scares into Birmingham private plane airport closed...first time thought we would not land.....from hills to cave... 200 people steep hill Bethlehem, from hills to cave...for troops when war is over... journey how doing Jesus save us...did you pray? I said no...later a the week the joint chiefs of staff...its called grace, by faith... thats why Muhammad Ali...we believe everyone has life...girls attract me, matches see girl strike it, hold to finger..... soul goal role...not to feel eternal flame... wasyob needs Jesus needs Jesus needs Jesus needs Jesus needs wasyob needs Jesus needs Jesus needs droflah needs Jesus needs droflah needs Jesus needs Jesus needs droflah needs Jesus ...lesso the lesser blessed by the greater Heb 7.7 Jesus has to come to me...that was go Devon Guthrie... 10:25 am...praying for wasyob wasyob needs Jesus needs Jesus needs droflah needs Jesus 2 Corinthians 4.10 life of Jesus manifested in the body..... hes a good man, don't hurt him... Juan Carlos Ortiz took off shoes... gave them to him... kill me now...let me die on you know Jesus Christ...relationship with Him, come to Him...God live the later me life saw H.O.P...friends killer at age... embassy communists... ...stop preaching I not quench Spirit, give thanks, pray without ceasing, rejoice always, Christ appeared as a high priest...note change from self to past Friday night retirement ceremony for Juan Carlos Ortiz...founded ministry at 1:00 pm Christ can change values, morals, become believers in self...52 years old multimillionaire... leaving company to become a preacher...everythings changed ...changes when Christ really comes into your life...amazing stories... grow cant go in there no money... curtain, closed door...mister dont have another nickel... here it is didn't have to pay1st time student Muskegon, MI welcoming

people too urge to buy it you gave me strength to-do what my story is all about...and I will inspire them to fear me that they will never turn away from me, I will rejoice in doing them good and they will be my people ...I will be their God, I will never stop doing good to them ... assured by them in this Land with all my heart and soul...... ...son of Man eat the scroll...I am you and fill your stomach with it...Mountain. 5.10... Blessed are those who persecute... Mountain 5.12 Persecute the prophets... Jn 15.20... if they persecute me, they will persecute you 1 Corinthians 15.9 because I persecute the church of God... 2 Corinthians 4.9 in despair persecuted, but not abandoned, 1 Th 3.4 kept telling you that we would be persecuted. 2 Tim 312 Life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted ... Heb 11.37 destitute , persecuted, mistreated...--... that in everything you were enriched in Him in all speech and knowledge...who will also confirm you to the end blameless in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ 1 Corinthians 1.8---- God has chosen the foolish things of this world to shame the wise... and the weak things to shame the strong... (James Brittson, Rollie Cain, Jim Coyer, Stuart Farquahar, Michael Gil)--, then the Robert H. Schuller stood up and read the story... Robert H. Schuller --breathing loudly MM go tell it on the mountain..., preach the gospel, not in cleverness of speech so that the cross of Christ would not be made void..... Rom 12.10 "give preference to one another in honor..." I.e. hierarchy... --- welcome to people from other countries... from Him, through Him to Him, are all things... Rom 11.36 "we who are many are one body in Christ" Rom 12.5 Homogeneous... ...and individually members of one another...but if you do what is evil, be afraid, for it does not bear the sword for nothing., for it is a minister of God, avenger who brings wrath on the one who practices evil (Ro. 13.5)... we didn't know for several days Ro. 13.3 rules are not a cause not a cause of fear for good behavior, but for evil. Do you want to have no fear of authority? what is good, and you will have praise from the same... heard when the alarm went off in the morning not sure whether affected or not. he was there on business. , works for firm in Orange County... I'm a pastor vocationally... God sent His son... Jesus Christ came to earth... Sunday School 18 years little league coach, quick wit ...into physical mentor... he would have seen them and helped them out... I would like to think so... although we thought his death was instantaneous ... that he was on the floor that the plane hit..... on September 12 ...he was still not located. re God's list... survivors list ... I know what list he 's on ... Patty Cabrera... 1996 People Magazine, prettiest girl in America..... God blesses everyone... who was that lady in the CIS... ...season to be jolly... MM great song... Deck the Halls... ... everyone looks so wonderful I see so much red... Inez & Bob Paskins will be speaking at the care conference... -- God revealed in the life of Jesus.....the Bible interpreted by the Word which is Jesus Christ, the incarnational Christ... would you be today if Jesus Christ never born? intuitive hunger for Spirituality... define? progressive revelation...revealed the true God, but in ...glory of the Lord not revealed in the prophets, not revealed until Christ was born... God said . sent heaven on earth... prophecies fulfilled Messiah, eyes heart... P if God isolated, God could come across as a king, punitive... different aspects of God revealed... , in purity, knowledge, patience, kindness, Holy Spirit ... prodigal son Rembrandts painting in Amsterdam... He revealed the nature of God and of every person on earth... stirring up your sincere mind by way

of reminder... God would die on the cross for you if you were the only one who needed it... no sheep found... the boy had to eat pigs food... he was disheveled, wanted to come home... 100 sheep ...going to find that lost sheep... finally found and rescued him --- the church fed 300 sellemoh's (homeless) ... twice monthly... 500,000 meals... say it ...say "I am Special" ... I come from bad family what his Jesus Christ had not been born... what if Jesus Christ had not been born...? if God can be mad and punitive then I can ... justify violence in your faith ... 18,000 children from inner city come here for the glory of Christmas... Tower of Hope, first telephone counseling center... 420 suicidal calls... 350 New Hope... 3, 800 volunteers..., Time Magazine said we have 30,000,000 people watching weekly... WIJCHNBB?? ... no love or interest in bad people only good people..... position possibilities ... If God can be mad and punitive then you can justify violence in your faith...beautiful person on payroll... down syndrome...worked here for 40 hours per week... ...the glory of the Lord would never have been revealed ... what are these possibility thinkers... Naomi Judd..... 3 gals late sit behind him... Leonard... he got a box of cookies for 13 years... , 2000 cookies... , finally first church in state of CA ... to send Christmas boxes to prisoners... state of CA trusts us... open box of cookies..... Christmas card God loves you do we , love Paul age 7..... ... surprised to hear that kind of language at church surprised to hear that kind of language at church

December 30, 2001 Robert A. Schuller, Davis, Wilkes, Demaster, Nyhuis, Robert H. Schuller, ... 11:15 am -this is rose weektomorrow is NY's eve... the abusive personality I ie...TT1 is but people return to their abuse over and over again...why? building up the strength... it's 5:00 pm in New York... seven hours to New Yearsbuilding up the strength to deal with TT1... Titus 1.14 -- to malign no one ., to be peaceable, gentle, showing every consideration for all men washing of regeneration and remembering the Holy Spirit ...then he entered the Worship Site 9:20 am... limping... Robert A. Schuller called it "last chance Sunday"" shout joyfully heights of the ... sea is His he made it ...sing a new song? GLENN DEMASTER lived in Omaha for six years... ... prayer of Jabez... ...last chance Sunday... join me ... keep praying for droflah droflah drolfah drolfah ... trebor... and also for Katherine snyder...keep praying for Katherine ... Jesus needs Katherine ...Jesus needs Katherine snydner...Jesus needs Katherine Snyder... needs Jesus needs Katherine Snyder needs Jesus... ... join me ... ...commit ask for God's blessing the ... at 9:40 am... the late arriver's still came in at the last moment receive not the Spirit of the world but the Spirit who is from we may know the things freely given to us by God... Jesus needs Nrohrok... Nrohrok... nrohrok...needs Jesus...needs Jesus... .it's New Years Eve Day and I am praying for ... -- the thought of God no one knows except the Spirit of God... MM the Millenium prayer ... by Mandy Pinto..... skinny lag at 10:55 am... last chance ...go back to the beautiful marble... in the room of the SL... there were two fellows one with green shirt jeans, another at same table...he blew his nose... ... so we may know the things freely given to us by Godnot honor not

friends, seeking not fame we are the... poem Texas Rick Thompson... can you remember the names of the people in your first grade class? The thoughts of God no one knows except the Spirit of God..... they don't realize I had a life ...prior to the Christian system... head knowledge vs. heart knowledge... the sky led them to Bethlehem... the star went across... the times line up exactly ... Kempler figured out the confluence of Saturn and Jupiter... 1925..... Babylonia1613(?) Boiled down to the existence of God...all of their science and math... so what do you do? discovered I was a minister ...they wanted to talk about God we are God's fellow workers you are God's field, God's building... star... dignitaries, corporate CEOs large banquet place to sit... seeking not a mere human, but God of ages...true story... they looked like simple people... they were all... Nobel peace prize winners... Lord Nelson British fleet overcame incredible battle ... ... sword first. then we recognize his lordship...gave gift of goldto be a kingthere was a star magnificent ...enough , brilliant, enough to get the attention of the Levites...the three kings...who traveled 1000's of miles following the star... gold frankincense and myrrh... never saw it like that before today a different star AHA!..... he is the king, the priest and the one who died for you and me... myrrh, symbolic for death, frankincense, symbolic for priest, and gold, symbolic for king, epiphany... we not have to I will be the ...priest pontifux...bridge builder... God has come to test you... the people trembled with fear... do not have God speak to us or we will die... and the men terrified 10 commandments were audibly spoken by God... king Casper, frankincense, ruddy complex priest---full power of God... enriched in Him in all speech and knowledge... I gave everything I have... I surrender all to you... 10:10 am. he restructures manipulates Jesus asks us to give our power to Him ... lay it all before Him before he gives it back... 1 Ti. 31.6 Stand for Jesus. great is the mystery of Godliness... have opportunity to present your gifts... a ... star leading to... health... loneliness. some bankruptcy... as Jesus Christ did every journey wildest imagination... it may be tough..... but .Lucy Cheap... Peanuts Charlie Brown piggy bank... of $10.11 cents from the piggy bank... Lucy said those will be cheap gifts... Charlie Brown said "it's not cheap if it costs you everything you have..." the gifts of kings, king, priest, savior... aromac gum... myrrh is an aromic gun, ...from the cactus rose... beauty, wine, pain remover, ...Belthazar, dark-skinnned beard... . 1 Thess 2.18... Satan hindered us...then he left the Worship Site the end there was the invitation to accept and re-affirm Christ, then strangely there was tentative applause... after an invitation to accept Christ, there was applause. Roeda Greidanus, Pastor --Ethel, Pastor--Cascade, Pastor--Jefferson, Pastor KZoo--, Clerk GARDEN GROVE, Clerk Holy Bible, Paola-- in Pasadena, Virginia00---Pasadena Office Mate, ... Judy --Brea Copy, Clerk Elsinu..., Brenda Pollo GARDEN GROVE, Ericka, J Box ANaheim..., Clerk Coachella, Clerk --San Dimas,, ALicia---Whole foods..., Clerk Anaheim... Nrohrok----Buccaneer Dr... sent another one to Nrohrok... at Buccaneer Drive...and then to J. Holwerda Jr... , and to Mr. A. Kok, ... and to Mr. D. white... in Alaska... at 11:05 am...12-30-01... he brings an POC to philosophy to Pasadena Droflah needs Jesus needs Jesus needs Jesus needs Jesus needs Droflah needs Jesus needs yessam yess needs Jesus needs Jesus needs Jesus needs. droflah is a good example of a person technocrat...

January 6 2002 (WIFE OF Steve Allen?) Worship Site... it was the first new year service. the organ was really thundering. He gave a left hand shake (x2)... we welcome special guest... and friend Steve Allen passed away only a few months ago really ... trustees... vocalist Nita Whitaker... he was breathing heavy... Hour of Power orchestra... series of messages on the Psalms... ... Christmas--record attendance 22, 678...... if everybody put in 10 dollars thats $226,780... that's fairly significant... strength, security, serenity... this is the day, let's all rejoice... 20 unpolluted with negativity we find optimism ...thank you Lord... MM ...Nita Whitaker Morning has Broken... I know you... is to him who lacks might He increases power... the friends I had were critical, they sapped strength... ... they were best selling economics books, Verita Harris... MM the southern twang... who also going to be our visitors center what we might do ... Hour of Power you are the lender never had Nancy Harris... the sister? to --- same as the ... your sister ...Nancy Harris... precious delightful person. should they do this in such or robe, drape, robe or arm... we welcome you 47 years ago...Lord lead us to the person in to speak to today Im no MM Im no flake....... comeback next week Mariah Shriver and her husband... ... great book... precious we welcome...last ... Sundaythe Prayer of Jabez sold 7,000,000 copies... ... Institute for Successful Church Leadership... I'll be coming in late from Rome... home of St. Francis Assisi , Jan 24... spend day prayer after visiting troops Jan big month... ... joy of giving wonderful ministry because of you ...most go unheralded, unrecognized...secular they have you here theyre saying thanks now... Bill Gautierre... share story inspire you... man named John called 714new hope... you can answer a call only 4 hours 2 x per week classes starting this Saturday morning 10:00 am started September, 1968... over 425 would be suicides..... Michelle Cavinder... head of womens ministry good ... happy new years walk-a-thon for the RCA our own Arvella... honorary chair person ...walk with Donna and Arvella...discovery class...fabulous vision... need new members... 50th anniversary... phenomenalJews & Christians you who live with the of the rock, the loftiness of your dwelling place... Obadiah 1.3... I will bring you down "declares the Lord, this church is going to change the face of faith in this world its that important... beautiful Elizabeth Stefanko --Jeff Wagner... play lead in roles in play at Sister of St. Joseph Auditorium Christian school performing, acting, singing , Jayne meadows...married to ...the kite will fly me... book ... the day finished the book the day he diedhe was kooky... use... they would feel to ask him questions... after years... he heard the same question...what do you have to say about our culture today... 1000s of e-mails from all over the country, Praise God, things are changing for the better, HW ...they rate the movies... biggest money maker was family pictures this year... Star Wars... couldnt even say the word dam ... instead of Hoover Dam it was Hoover bridge... had to get permission...Mary Tyler Moore , St. Elsewhere, Hill St. looked like the pioneer of the entertainment industry, what kind of society, quick break... or me that truly

reflects media violence serious problem 700,000 ... get involved decency that's why I sued the industry... Roman Catholic or Protestant, Muslim real moral , television all or having be this per day ...harm or good... can be used for harm or good... yes... like a gun I thought to myself... International relationsthey worried about their children 46 years to S. Allen married... was planning our 50th wedding anniversary and your father must ...knowing him as an entertained 4 sons... he took genuine trust in raising children, a little league coach fair play ... feeling good about self. 3 grandchildren the flying angels...Amanda just loved available...all maybe worth reading enlightening inspiring ... Vulgarias... he the word obscene... your husband was a word parents were missionaries in China, when I was born where I was born and raised... they made it easier for Nixon to get into China because of my parents ... they will be here to autograph on the plaza---Nita (or Nina) Whitaker... Climb every mountain...follow every rainbow... every path, climb every mountain ... every stream Nita Whitaker that love of life... droflah needs Jesus needs droflah needs Jesus needs droflah needs Jesus needs droflah needs Jesus needs droflah Kathy Snyder Kathy Snyder needs Jesus needs Jesus needs...park shirt ... oink shirt... wife droflah needs Jesus needs prosper the lord knows the way of the righteous... one voice strength serenity... going through the Psalms ... first psalm, 1st word blessed is... prosper the lord knows the way of the righteous... droflah needs Jesus needs Jesus needs Jesus needs Jesus... --read . .the thing for the get bogged down in... knowing growing sowing... negativity dont get bogged down pre Ronald Reagan ''with the ... covers of one single book are all the answers to all the problems we face today, if only we open read itopen the life of Jesus Christ...see the reality ... Not that difficult 15 minutes... pray one year to read cover to covermeditate on the day and night dont get bogged down... youll read every word within one year ...Blessed is the delight , meditates, day and night... Sometimes return ... Vietnam Magazine... p.ow... what I think about this when died they would "If " and when ... pessimist vs. optimist... when I get to the foreign wars field God loves to assist...strengthen, security... know grow in the laws of God, I took an entire... course on the Psalms ... semester on the Psalms book of Psalms ...possibility living... her quick ... heart of mental health... Michael Avery Miller health and well-being... Intuitively obvious... outlook health... more flexibility effect the impulsive...positive disposition... goal for physical health...grow in the laws of God...not just change since 1970... to 2000 ... 1970 long hair acid rock, kool, pot, John Glen with parents, Marilyn Brando, Elizabeth Taylor --look like... , Rolling Stones, Peace sign, driver test, grateful dead. 2000 ...longing for hair, acid reflex, warm potbelly, not trying to look like, kidney stones, Mercedes, vision test, Dr. Death... change big change, mean doesnt necessarily mean grown... ... these are changes but they don't necessarily mean growth... 15 minutes... tomorrow read for 15 minutes... know grow sow...yield prosperous... sower seed, reap what you sow... other felt without died other good soil, finally in when today if me that God has a gift ability to use these gifts $5.00 block of

steel...horseshoes, sewing... Swiss watch springs. $500,000... same raw material, God has given you special gifts, you're pray philosophy. French atheist Voltaire predicted the Bible would be forgotten inyears... today his home is occupied by the Geneva Bible Society... read for 15 minutes... --then he left the Worship site... and continued onward... piano... Steinway... Bob Engen... 7 pastor sacks 6 local sacks plus the Korhorn special 11:30 am ...praying for knohrock needs Jesus needs Jesus needs Jesus needs Jesus needs Jesus campus quest LP power of love.San Diego Creek channel... tea fished Oceanside... --Droflah needs Jesus ...she worked in Irvine for five years... that was machinery mind...there seems to be a fear of me of the thing will ... Lp T. Plns 2 ...there was Ednolb with son at post o

January 13, 2002 (MARIA SHRIVER)then he entered the Worship site and he ... passed by T. Nyhuis at 9:25 am. "'good morning " he said and then "HMMMM" responded the colleague pastor... halfway down up on Ps 8.5... wrong we are not a little lower than angels... 1 Cor. 6.3 "do you not know that we will judge the angels? 1 Corinthians 11.10 "cover head because of the angels..." , Col 2.18, "no one defraud you with _______- of angels, Heb 1.4 "Better than the angels, ""Jesus was ... we watched the sunset... very pretty...... Jesus worship site better than the Heb 2.16 He does not give help to the angels... daughter of a billionaire... Annie , sisters of St. Joseph Auditorium, how long that hand is... 7:00 pm... ... angels who did not keep their own domain and abandoned their proper abode, God did not spare angels when they sinned. , the spark of God is in every living creature . Imago Deo ...My daughter Katherine is here today...daughter Katherine Shriver... I have found children, Robert H. Schuller and mother of Maria Shriver went to the funeral of Mother Theresa... my mother started special Olympics... , Book What's Wrong with Timmy, she is also the author of What's Heaven... she's on dateline NBECAUSE, and a correspondent for NBECAUSE News, has won the Peabody & Emmy award... Heb 13.2 some had entertained angels without knowing it... ... Noah Gray Cabez, pianist...MM Jesus loves the Little Children... Heb 12. 22 myriad of angels... she got a BA from Georgetown...thats it... born in Chicago.....10:05 am something effect children if dont raise children well, nothing else matters. the jury is still out for me...they're still young... angels trip tothen troops in Germany... do you stop to think... Book signing here...promoting the family as a institution, sticking together, fight, but dont stay mad, family loyalty wow!, wow!, wow !, standing on the promises of God, leave for London and Madrid...... I think all of us can identify with not being included. last kid being preschool, my book, children with disabilities, I wouldnt get a word in edgewise if he was here. ""Best Buddies" "Special Olympics""... he broke six ribs... "you cant get a man to stop what he doesnt want to do..."met in Hawaii last year, they all work for you no fighting, home school them all... no fighting, I feel like a total failure... . the Shrivers and the Kennedys practicing Catholics... ... ...

"we can all make a difference, might not build a Cathedral, but we can all make a difference, beautiful robe, Peace Corps, Job Corp Legal Services for the poor... my dad started all these things, something much bigger than ourselves. .given them a way, convert of the Sacred heart -- you dont' believe you can do anything, be anybody...and he comes here become hop, born in pits, got to the top, they spoke other... poverty you want to talk poverty talk to me... he was teased, he didn't have matching shoes." who? MM ...reading genealogies, self-conceited, opposite extreme far worse, self-contempt, that is ruinous... self-contempt , that is ruinous...I've been there... Dave Thomas , orphan... accept selves. Believe in selves. healthy Christian will never go out of style... ambassador to . thats demon... his father was alcoholic, he was born in Sully , IA... advance in psychology, median technology, what could be a major breakthrough, ? cure for cold cancer? we'll probably see that aids? probably...suggest something, if Ham... how about discovering how to be a human, it still insult ...still humiliate...we live with the penalty of that... God crowned us with glory ... the crown... argue human is average human is restlessappears opens refrigerator, doesnt know what he wants, 12th tower, Victor Frankl and I talked for several hours... self-respect , dignity, healthy pride, we dont have the strength a little episode throws us off ... to be human,, ... even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light 2 Corinthians 11.14... Orange county lost a great person last week...he was on the plane that went down. .....

May to November 2002 NEW (LUIS LEMOS)9:30 am good morning wonderful to be here in the place of the flow and to flow through the God's Spirit--- "God Loves you , so do I '" the Holy Spirit is working special day 20th anniversary of the Hazel Wright organ 20 years go you hears CHRIS Pardini, morning special Oz Guinness Robert H. Schuller at the University of Beijing,, we can find the ... of our conviction of our touch our hearts, minds, actions, to give , respond with kindness and goodness, than you amen, bread together peace like a river, peace like a river in my soul new pastor for Hispanic ministries wonderful Luis Lamos , New Hispanic Pastor for Hispanic ministries Ephesians Beseech you have a have a walk worthy of which you were called Spirit and bond of peace one body, one Spirit one Hope, one Lord, one faith, and one baptism Lord above all to all in all by the Work of the causes growth be kind as God in Christ forgave you, Dear Children as Christ has loved us may God add His blessing to the Word Lord that we may grant peace praise lord you have given us your peace she tried to use condemnation years to come amen 9:47 am Glenn Demaster welcome you

here doesnt say who he is ""get to know you" wonderful gift Something special see our newest offer beautiful new key chain ...guys you can sneak over there and get your mothers day gift... Vocalist Wilkes New members class, line up at the plaza table next mothers day wonderful time Next Sunday Carol Schuller Milner will be bringing the message every week opportunity to worship faith and offering your generous gifts the midst advance you have promised gift of life, eternity grace, fullness of life come bring our gifts, faith good new our prayers Jesus 6 week mini series possibility living Donna Schuller, story stop at the Kiosk , New Hope Bill Gaultierre, you have thought about volunteering it happens time and time again volunteer time and again God uses you... comfort other with comfort you received just show up you can make a different how to be good listeners training class tomorrow night from your home computer... also, in two weeks the Arvela Schuller scholarship night fantastic fund raiser entertainment 3 students Jeff Wagener, MaryChoralehey Charlie Brown at the Arvela Schuller center, blockhead, right around the corner, good grief of course Annie Wizard of Oz... Tommy Lasordaits free will offering to better ourselves thank you great opportunity don't miss it Robert, Don Nuen ... then came to UCLA for doctoral degreeoratio on life and prophet Elihab by Mendl [Nuen:] They had turned their back on God what to do to get back in the graces of God rend your hearts o people repent seek me surely you will find Him or he will find us... yet truly seek thee He will surely find me thus saith our God Oh that I knew where I might find Him His presence that I knew where I might find Him come before his presence that I knew where I might find Him if with all your heart, you truly seek me ye shall find me thus saith our Lord, shall surely find me thus saith Our Lord the radio is clear now. Godspeed congratulation , Thank you my guest is Oz Guinness. ...writer of 30 years of experience born in China , educated in England Oxford, Dr. of Philosophy ...Woodrow WilsonSenior fellow at Virginia? Guiness God loves you so do we... a guide directly for seekers for people seeking suspected brain tumor I was having an MRI scan and claustrophobic the coffin machine tried to describe seeker quests for meaning did you go through the search, my family was Christian, buy ... but they were under arrest in China sense of ID , purpose, meaning is faith... faith in Jesus... stages talk about what new.? objective by "...people" confusion concerning Jesus Seminar 9-11 as to substance of faith the deeper the challenges of evil is actually 3rd challenge is Christ our contradictory behavior how old were you when you left China survived 5 million people died including my two brothers... trauma with young children you would be a shining example of a somebody who came out shining like a start a positive that you came out of tragedy some people see the and a life as cruise control... my mother faith in the midst of famine the would be life faith is a journey a ... four years and they turned around and went back to China... you continued to study faith, came to Christ in the 60's Christian faith does not ... questions used to work for the BECAUSE now in Washington can be ... true not private... each of life to religion why choose smorgasbord at heart

1)deeper answers 2) true 3) intro to Jesus s11---1 religions but only three big ones... 1) families of faith (Eastern--Hindu , Buddhist, 2nd--Secularist 3rd--Biblical God...what gives the deepest answers... who is Jesus most influence Jesus said "I am the way, truth, and the life" a guide is your reach "home" when we die and see God face to face follow Jesus ...God loves you so do well 20th anniversary of the Hazel Wright organ with by C.Pardini... Amazing grace then or without your hands and feet playing it eve of May 24, 7:00 pm all the all the former organists of the church will be here. staccato on amazing grace beep beep... 10:19 am America we blessed to have him as our organist... arent we... teachers asked the students to give list of the seven wonders some said Taj Mahal, others said Acropolis, others said Pantheon things touch ... still another said the things we can touch, see, feel...cry, speak, hear... love...everyone was silent, the greatest thing in the world are not things...the greatest things are intangible...the emotional Spiritual... am to JesusTHE KEY TO THE Spirit WOULD IS LOVE, FAITH, HOPE, LOVE, THE greatest is love look at various Corinthians 13... chapter of love everything first greatest of these is love love endure, love believes, love rejoices, what else, love never fails. today we call it... ... an anybody else ever heard of that the healthier choice love is kind love is virtuous. this is an acrostic I wrote to help you follow its very simple K is for Knowledge... I is for investment of Time and Energy N is for Need Fulfillment, and D is for Decision to Act... starting with knowledge... a toddler still gets diapers on grabbing says "Mine"" no terror for a nephew my youngest child was 14 time when house was child safe. when nephew comes over ""Mine mine, gimme, gimme'" totally normal part of being toddler, comes time when we grow up other people have needs not a consumer ... but a contributor... pooh and eeeyore...pooh going nowhere there's eeeyore. in the river ...eeeyore its cold to be in the water isn't it...yeah is a little cold pooch ... on eeyore its dangerous... youre sinking ...excuse me pooh cold you rescue me.? pooh rescues him realize that Eeeoyore needed to be rescued an a little totally oblivious to be kind must take blinders off the studied Greek for many years... need challenge so I started taking it in college had difficulty first semester gave me a passing grade went back ... was being kind you're not prepared I gave you a nice grade so you would leave when I explained to him that I had to do it... he tutored me... he hammered me through the Greek ... my Greek knowledge became very proficient an learned to read it orally t, the word for kindness is Christos...Christo... its the same as the Word Christ, only one letter different the difference between e " and an "I...only one letter difference Christians means ""person of Kindess''Not counted simple a "person of kindness' today understanding to live is kind be a '"must be """kind'"must grow up , mature, not our own wants ...started doing random acts of Kindness, the book itself is ... by several authors, different stories thats what Christian spirit is all about, requires investment 10:34 am walking through small saw handicap people toy store -- Jacob of sorts... they have gained a bowl of soup... we sidestepped them in exchange for a greater inheritance, then the door clicked the

assurance of Gods Spirit must grow must grow up, mature, beyond our own wants, start doing random acts of Kindness, the book itself is by several authors. Jesus tells us to be good Samaritan that is the law. Jesus says do this... I got to use my glasses. I've been putting this off ...if then why were my arms were longer Teacher what must I do to earn eternal life, Jesus says "what is written in the law?" love neighbor as self, do this and you will live ... who is my neighbor...a man going down to Jerusalem from Jericho a Levite passes him by the Samaritan took pity bandaged him, took care of him...look after him I'll reimburse you which of these men was the neighborhe said the Samaritan Jesus said go, and do likewise..." need-fulfillment find need, altruistic behavior altruistic is an impossibility do to do something without intentions if of a return, the article says its impossible to do that because while you what you put back in returned, incredible feeling back the gift of no longer altruistic, give because need to give us a healthy pride. sense of accomplishment well being God has used me 20 years ago Hazel Wright donated one million dollars for this organ altruistic, but name on organ its blessed so many people she hasn't received one dollar back... being kind, must time $$$ energy decision to ... to do something to make choice , funniest story, my father he preaching one in a while...her in China he was Christmas shopping one day in Laguna beach ... and he noticed a meter maid... well the parking enforcement he felt bad put $4 in the meter to help them out..... we recently decided to move to Laguna Beach all the people are encouraged to buy a parking sticker for he put &$$ in the meter for cars that didn't need it... because they had stickers...difficult to be kind, never told it would be easy...poem ""so many Gods, many creeds, just the act of being kind is all this world needs..."" my sister Carol is going to speak next week on "Love believes" Dear Heavenly Father , constantly in process Help us Lord to do of Kindness give us an idea something never thought of beforethe implications the ripples the position thank you lord amen glory glory amen now may the Lord bless you and keep you peace tears...

(Milner clip) will come to participate... Spirit not reserved for strong leaders completely pious, not biased not racist not rude sophisticated. just is so very simple beautifully organically is just is bipartisan person roll at a few perfect frankly you should see I am said beauty love come upon us... fill us, not carry in Spiritual element not reserved for perfect strong with in fact abandoned girl who had his baby jumbotron... responsible bussing tables. and only responsibility promotion hurrah for me... now make a cup of coffee... no then who? myself look up to myself as a father you have the . a seven year old objection compound Q they loved Lucy I love Lucy Mr. Dawson didn't have to answer Q's make think you can raise a 10 year old 13 year old... thank all you can do I have had a lot of time... to think of what makes a good parent about patience listening, even when you cant and its about love whistle clap... play ball Simon & Garfunkle... playing

ball were going home long as you an chasing paper getting nowhere on way back home 1026 am see running around the field God does with us like that next time reservoir of ... he did that for us try so hard just the visceral raw untrained pure just so cool heaven and earth what we et... out of the way God comes Spiritually with pencil...... pure and simple really..... ... cannot sum it true untrained love before people got hands on it sanctify purify Holy Spirit come fill us up visit at night day pleasure upon us involve over children teach tear down... raise up you are this not that show us God... how to do go now wit us be with each of us in Jesus name new tomorrow on ... o with grace and Love power and fellowship of the Holy Spirit... NEW CHUCK TROUT?6:00 pm have gift of music evening service praise worship Bible study morning offering respond as an act of worship , Neda Mcdonald, keep bud & family in prayer for those members prayer for those was the... side privilege and ... special needs power of your Spirit gathered have more out and touch when we hear , without shadow of doubt, presence leading us act of our love and ... our gifts offerings bless gift and giver offering monthly basis ministry 100 1 ... 1900 hour Tuesday night Colonel Chuck Trout how found healing in an art gallery how he found healing in an art gallery, home improvement powerful couples Michelle I Bob Cavinder, good morning marriage retreat awesome experience an each other funeral marriage retreat went together that always help ...of fun took to use Dave Stoop and Janet Stoop maker marriage Christian what makes a marriage Christian, Marilyn Mc Koo thanks you Bob & Michelle here were are August summer is slipping by Glory of Christmas jumbo tron Christmas just around the corner ... Christmas pageant tickets on sale 714 54 glory Oh come... o to thank about neighbors part of your ministry glory of Christmas Crystal Cathedral. a academy students Dorothy in Wizard of OZ sing of us II am problem possibility, promise, prophet to be capital P l o a bundle of potentiality making the right choice I can go anywhere be anything climb a high mountain , great promise , possibility with a capital P potentiality ,, leaning to make the right choice listening to hear God's voice promise to be anything he wants me to be applause thank you Sara Home improvements no guest? each Sunday different children different drama selection Missy Walker, Brent Slack "'raising dad" tell me what you think raising my parents by myself, quite the week with dad , want wont he ever grow up so susceptible to peer pressure all he ever wears is a suit & tie, he's afraid they wont like him if he looks different , he listens to the worst music from 50's to 60's all his friends of all your friends told you to jump off a bridge would you do it? this is this is different I want him to grow up, so much pressure to conform definition of success cant' live their life for them I should go now keep their hair this is an extremely important series, Archibald Hart next Sunday Robert H. Schuller, is coming just to be a part of this series Nancy & I have been married for 46 years we were having a marriage seminar happened to fall told how ... I am Im not going by the way today N birthday

blew candles out , it set off the smoke ... God l the I ..... Archibald Hart, if next Sunday Robert H. Schuller is coming home just to be a part of the series . I m aim not going by the way today is Gods first thing was establishment of home man out of dust of earth he created woman took a rib from Adams' side ,not out of head or foot this inspired the discovery of chloroform to put people during surgery eve says do you love me who else ? family unit, mini-kingdom , father is the king, mother is the queen operates independently, St Prince can cause embarrassment boy age 4-5 wrestling next day he blurted out "my dad sure beat me up last nigh" whats physically impossible to swallow a man what about Jonah when I get to heaven Im ask if what if m he went to hell then you ask him 4 qualities of marriage ... on a rock house that remains past house does survive ... interesting passage 2 kinds of people 1) believer 2) nonbelievers marriage or ... proper footings storms do come 1) decide that you give going to be happy my parents , commitment never speak negative, when my son finished seminary to stayed at ... on we've internal problem sons voice was quivering , well Jeff challenge I've never talk about them , raised naive the judgments pastor in Salem Oregon ... would you court come be happy do to list of questions whats best age for teens to get married? Most important thing there what I would tell matrimony (throw away key ) will come times ... when rattle door known through situation make marriage happy 2nd found 2 ...10 decide 2) determine , ... 2 people both so right and wrong at the same time at home mom... I can hardly wait to get home til he gets home the talk with some he's thinking I cant' wait to get home be quite Laundromat please remove all clothes when light out" bargain basement up stairs after tea break safari el elephant please stay in you anybody who has children and doesn't know it nursery, keep ..... right God #1 Jesus seek 1st then all other things will be added family ahead of church if not proper relationship then church loses value have b-ball game have letter that they wonderful ... Spiritual y family ahead of anything else family de kept in place husband wife in proper place amazing how consideration opening car door apolizs #12 or own side considerations San Diego Church against married to went off with sailor husband care cam to pastor I didn't figure it out, redecorated new , car gave everything e he look a lot of like she just wanted attention husband --I can't .... me... married to... looks a lot like she just you owe husband consideration....also immaculately dressed women then sees you with bathrobe kiss me give me a break work both ways owe consideration letters to Philip . Letters to Karen to dad you've married 100's I need your counsel you know much that is letter Philip getting married series telling how to be a good husband spend time go hunting , alwaysnew marriage duck blind beautiful barrel glistened ... gun rusty shameful to invest to not take care of it may intent on cleaning put gun in corner put arm around wife he's got a nice gun lost marriage I got poor gun but nice marriage stone of love TI M when child does something good pat him on the back commend correct boundaries example great imitators guest speaker sit front row he'd station himself arms folded five ear old same way I folded arms in laps

crossed legs other ways... he did the same God he whos watching you, will be exactly we . ... underserved Liking undeserved licking SB somebody told a lie about it dad gave me a spanking he came and apologized that he believed story I was embarrassed never forget honest enough to apologize , that was a sign of strength final foundation dedicate self to God your family will never love God more than you Dad in him church was meaningless to him 10:2 am girl on lap teach today about heaven we wanted to go to him go and daddy goes closed door sat down on knee asked Christ to come into his life lead families end up in presence of living God you are the author of happiness our home abundant life... in Jesus Christ, Joy family leader look deep those who are asking you to come the head of life, you to bring in Jesus name in Jesus name LP Jehovah Man in black convertible MM the trophy truck it could have been heterophobia, excessive irrational fear of "the man ..........-------- -------the word ""impossible" was never a part of my vocabulary 2 animals have to show that you are doing immediately happened sagging boys on freeway did TT1 ever play an instrument? But I am too big for my britches

NEW (ARCH HART)Good morning Robert A. Schuller allow the Holy Spirit of God to ... work through you cut hair short my alma mater, Fuller Theological Seminary Dr. Arch Hart, Russ... singing angles ...worship service this is the this is the day that God has made, stand in your presence , you called in this hour , touch hearts,, minds, really, thank you Lord praise Your name ... count your blessings count your blessings be seated Bob & Michelle Cavinder, don't need an Intro, ask you family very important, how meet? I was a bellman, she was my boss, friendship five years later we were married I was 17 when we met, correctly do mens ministry family ministry what things womens conference Lisa from facts of life lot of Mom's ... of all ages walker men conference personally professionally Spiritually thing friend for life, marriage retreat coming up Mandy McKoo Bill y Davis Jr, Not to o late to get involved, get connected , encourage you , love the church & ministry what you f care doing or called to do, get involved hear these Words Spirit nobler character confidence brings good clothes in scarlet respected speaks with wisdom matches .... who loves the Lord my the lord all blessing because my salvation wonderful service of Psalm & praise give thanks unto the Lord give thanks wow ... Michael Skidgell, no commitment just show up , fabulous ministry on with I dont have my wings on robe different hair cuts Crystal Cathedral is not air condition we believe in being conservativeTruth is we can't afford it have a cup of coffee Building behind you visitor center great cup , starbucks in there... like its free join us coffee Hispanic serve hear the angels sing pre-service at 6:00 came back no give something back gift from you the Lord touch good news thank you Lord amen dynamic relationship singles couple Dr. Deb Hutchinson sign up

dynamic relationship worship all church s picnic, August 12'30 4:00 pm food fun glory of Christmas were' too early never too early, plant to attend wet your appetite summer glory begging November 29 ... 8 Stores over hear tickets on sale 714--54 -glory Oh come let us adore Bust October et your tickets hard to get feeling pleased to all there Paul Kim Russian song of Reconciliation Tour thought o U.S. Russia singing angels He is our king He is our King He is our king He is our King , peace like river, IT is well with my with my soul it is well with my soul thank you for the tradition dressed for the CD available 2 other announcements 1)Bud Ridder passed away funeral in Grand Rapids Michigan 2) Neda McDonald, child her says in choir usually chemo therapy found another spot surgery this week after maybe wrong with cat scan because of braces, Mark Relly summer orchestra, part of summer series ministry of drama special drama Nick Coleman and Jessica Spraggins depth of relationship ""do you love me" ... Gilda ...seem to be fond of each other . I am the very rich uncle good men I like him a little crazy , but I like him father likes you love you Gilda so what do you love me, do I love you , I'm asking you , do you love me? Do I love you 25 years cooked, milked cows for first time I Met was wedding day , nervous scared shy Gilda, do you love me? Im your wife, I know for 25 years my Bed is His thats not love what is? then I suppose I love you too, after 25 years its my [applause] thank you nick and Jessica they're doing Alice in Wonderland, my pleasure to welcome Archibald Hart senior senior professor of Psychology at Fuller Theological Seminary ))AA Christian Counselor 50,000 members person life and clinical practice Habit of... ten exercises -please welcome thank you Robert a thrill not first time womens conference home improvement power tools asking myself what power tool because love and unconditional acceptance strengthening families powerful tool is to help our family know how to deal with failure one of the most neglected parenting tasks ...Gospel 21.3 "And that night they caught nothing" we want to succeed in our marriage as parents , as grandparents children want to succeed what happens if we don't the God were set sooner or later, failure is going to raise its ugly ear...s my rejection disappointment dismissal from job, discontent, led to feelings of failure, how to deal , how to respond, don' teach it , that night you caught no fish, after ... Jesus had already appeared supposed to be a glorious time , new time , new era feeling of success , but these were bleak moments helpless & hapless, they though the promise of Jesus were not going to come true Peters says Im going fishing" they caught nothing' adding insult to injury happens in our families what to do? when I failed an exam my late 20's engineer calculus Boss suggests I get advance course in math studied for while then British system not quarter system Ever seen Mr. Bean goes in to take exam 100s' of students first problem 30 minutes later going nowhere move to next Oh slow realization I'm going to fail--feel the sweat, tremor, remind my name couldn't remember realized it was hopeless quietly closed the book pushed down walked out into the sunlight long walk on grounds of UNV. long I was a lay preacher, a deacon why wasn't God letting me catch fish, went into deep depression love

stories of the apparent failures which are actually not, he not of great intellect suggest let him work on farm she home schooled him when everybody else is quitting I was just beginning Edison seminary student climbed stairs opened Bible forgot the text, he panicked ran down the stairs, Im a failure Ill never be able to preach , 1970's in Rhodesia by the Zambezi river, walk past wild animals, theres a bigger than life statute of a man who could not preach, his name was David Livingstone... ""apparent why failure "devastated by failure points out our feet of clay ... our... lack of courage to Habits of mind we irrationally confuse failure with being a failure failing with v fail failing versus being a failure, my fail a lot but doesnt make me a failure, failure only when I stop trying what do? teach receive it as from the hand of God not that God does bad things to us , thats bad theology... 1) when bad things happen can turn init into something good 2- learn all you can from it, to grow by God that only the HE knows the way that I learn who success but built upon a of fail ...I'd make more mistakes , I met Westminster Fuller --builder of domes, he would tell me design it so that it would fail, learn all you can from it, then forget it, failure can imprison you if you let it ...want there is Jesus tending a fire on the shore, put nets out on the other side, and they filled the nets when Jesus is on shore if life , never failure, only forced growth, let me finish my story , what tell my wife, my boss, didnt talk to God opened up the catalog , dept. of Psych , begin to read about it, my heart is warmed 8 nine years later, off to being in Pasadena California failing math was encouragement to go in a different direction apparent failure that God they did catch fish Give us courage to face failure with courage hope , glory repentance love for Jesus on the shore of life Amen

NEW (DR. DEBBIE HUTCINSON) I never ... that before 9:2- am ... joyful joyful we adore you tat God put together, , Debbie an expert on the family that the day that God has put together for all of us God becomes re more real to us the power of His holy Spirit this is the, day that the Lord has made this is the day I will rejoice and be glad rejoice and be glad in it, this is the day that the Lord has made this is the day that the Lord has made please be seated nice to have you here community ministry mission we dont neglect the community some may RCA partner find need ...mature teen kids club in house literacy program, , partner with Wal-Mart prison cookie bake muffin making cookies to be the strength in your Spirit inner person grounded in love width , height , length to know the love of Christ exceeding abundantly act to , the power of Him who works in us we will celebrate His presence God is our refuge & strength He' is our king celebrate His presence all day long viva la king than you summer Choir Im Terry Nyhuis, welcome, t in the arboretum you will find free cup of coffee heck off areas you may be interested in the arboretum ... new hummingbird offer opportunity to ...worshipping the father with offerings through music our hearts the rough glory bless the gift and the giver, , filled with worship coming Friday well be hosting an organs first recital opportunity thought it fitting excellent player might skinner arboretum come join us 714 54 glory was a fun sat morning new hop drive to prevent suicide, live oldies, ,

new hope suicide prevention program inform to get involved discovery invite to why we do things encourage to stop discovery classes rancho p possibility living seminar chance to become healthy cause from inside out it international womens conference thank you Teri how warm it is 4 days aside sep for the to equip invite you to possibility ... played ... in the facts of life jam is an October 16 19 how to soar like an eagle when you feel like a chicken nugget can I come to that chicken nugget thing, Matthew Loeb 12 year old Avella Schuller scholarship cellos ay guitar first grade Crystal Cathedral academy choir studying organ under tutelage of professional musicians chi have children encourage you to inquire welcome Dr. Debbie Hutchinson licensed professional MFT, last 9 years involve reading inquire style ... others to what types of challenges we hear their feeling depressed, death, loss of relationship, dead specific with relationship to be ... more needy couples are paralleled each other 3 rd interdependent, to be in relationship with also enjoy privacy ... kids adults speak 2 different language teenage years figure who we are parents in them own development stage pass it on to the next generation Im because dependent, Good never it doesnt end there it continues absolutely critical so involved integrate grandparents living their forget about themselves learn how to have fun how to play , love each other drifted apart, anger back of faith how he have fun play enjoy life on average marriage last years 7.5, 35, ...33 not staying together loving enough 7 year itch what principles solidify marriage Christ such a important role God is a part Gal. 5.22 early each and every family member love joy peace patience kindness self control how strange family ... Christ involves, get through challenges look at your relationship if not movement toward change thats a tip off, blesses us as a church leading God loves you Kelly Marsh as me for and my house we will serve the Lord staying together praying together need each other harmony with love t to as for me and my house we will serve the Lord we will serve the Lord, staying together praying together is in harmony and love harmony me and my house we will serve the Lord we will serve the Lord we will serve the Lord we will serve the Lord applause what an appropriate song home improvement a few Sundays as key to marriage is consideration of young minister dresser drawer and snoop dont criticize my sermons, my sermons looked in the drawer found a box opened the box 3 eggs underneath 10, 000 dollars that evening his guilt overwhelmed him he peaked in the drawer never criticized your sermons everytime I heard a bad sermon I put an egg in the box, thats not bad , only three eggs. I've been selling them Nancy box is full of eggs. Labor day frightening statistics blaming lack of sleep tired because overworked, two people left to do the work you and me , if you're tired now you have an excuse , good marriage doesnt just happen it takes work attitude or change job new Book does Divorce make people happy, , unhappy spouses who divorce are no happier than those who split up, those who stay together get happy again, In an abusive situation must get out one of the Bible from Eugene Peterson headline instruction for Christian household wives understand and support husbands go all out parents dont come down too hard and crush their Spirit, servants do what your told to dopaid in full ultimate shoddy work, being Christian doesnt cover up for shoddy work business of work in job jobs and in homes parallel between home improvement and close terrible thing to do 150, 000 hours at job 40% of working life, stay at homes, even moms even more

pastor happily married nothing like it unhappily married nothing like it, such a significant part of our lives and careers hard to see people the joy of the Lord learn 2 things being baseball in the God created work not a late invention an integral part of God's plan work the garden, tend it, only one perfect marriage , Adam & Eve, he didn't have to hear, her talk about all the men she could have married, and she didn't have to hear him talk about bracelet WWJD what would Jesus do, I love that in everything we do work from your heart to please the maker talking to bondage what do you do to please God if grass appears greener then water bill is higher, mothers Miss Indiana or Miss America in Children baby born every two her mother has had a baby born every two years she was one of eleven, she has a one year old sibling, quality of Christian Character still has babies in diapers Dennis the Menace take bath make it worth the trouble they do grow up, cultivating a positive winning attitude church at Philippi whoever is noble , think about these things look like the drivers license picture, attitude catch us smile e miles and miles of smiles keep growing anyone brain dead , of proverbs folly news report average workers do book a month type 5% intelligent total committed 10:25 totally committed to hobby , job, relationship and stay involved pray read for the Word, principle that Jesus spoke about a minister good news bad news good news we have enough money, the bad news its still in your pockets marooned on island one said "Im desperate" , the other said I make 100,000 a year, my pastor will find it since I lst study group tour in Europe John Wesley leadership Wesley s chapel his last chair rode 250, 000 miles on horseback great monument , grave of mother, open up gate, went in Suzanne Wesley, mother of 19 children, one hour week with each child instill them righteousness morality Wesley entered the room had to hear the alphabet reading assignment first book of Bible husband said " I wonder you told him 20 times that I satisfied myself with only 19 times, 20th time that crowed the she didn't say " I dont' do children"" Wesley didn't say "I dont' do fields' Noah didn't say "I don't do boats", Mother Theresa didn't say "I don't do poor people" , the Virgin Mary didn't say " I dont' do virgin births", Jesus didn't say "I dont' do crosses" I remember joy cross because of Living Christ make real life for all of us I hope today He is the center of your life your home let us pray, the may has m been made open, fulfillment of Christ every mountain represent truly has how that will ... to God TT1 , Pastor sacks etc. 1)MO 2) Dr. Valentine 3) Rock Valley IA, 4) Rudyard, MI 5) Round Rock TX, 6) St. Joseph Mi, 7) Zeeland MI 8) Ocheyedan , IA, ...Monica Moore , copy of , Pastor a Manhattan , MOUNTAIN, (x2) , Parker S.D. , Judge House, Chief Melenkian, Judge Byrne, Pastor, Midland Park NJ, Chapter one 1) Byrne 2) Arie Vanderweide 3) Volf, then prepared Supreme Court Copy to McKinster, , 2) Fletcher, , Nelson & Hollenhorst, The WHO September 15?? Body of Christ is like a net each the body of Christ is like a net, H How does that matter for me. Pastor Cedar Springs Chandler NM , Ada MI, Falmouth MI, Alameda CA, Allendale MI, Ames IA, Alamosa Co, Anacortes WA CHRISTIAN REFORMED CHURCH Allendale a CHRISTIAN REFORMED CHURCH town 9;17 am sacks for clerk Pasadena, Kathy toms Farm Zarni --7-011 L.A. Mow MM near the billbaboard clerk San Dimas Clerk Coachella, Rosella at Fazolis at Norco, Office Dept Monrovia Clerk Temecula, Clerk Lake

Elsinore, Supervisor Siggys Temecula, Kawasi Copy Shop Beverly Hills CA . Arab Clerk Lake Elsinore, Michael Davis, Cedars Sinale padre nuestro

NEW (KEN DUNCAN I Sunday?) Amen amen 9:35 am good morning welcome to the crystal cathedral sprit of God protecting you, healing you opportunity to say God loves you so do I ...I thank you Glenn this is a very special Sunday, continue to pray a year after recovery vocalist from Corpus Christy Teas Chelani summer choir and C. Pardini is back on the organ Corpus Christi means body of Christ this is the day, we will rejoice will be glad reflect upon your goodness we realize not by might nor by power thank that the opportunity to praise God bless America droflah needs Jesus needs needs Jesus needs for mountain the mountain to the ocean to the prairie G. BA. A my home sweet home God bless America I love stand beside her guide from mountain he night into the ocean white with forma God bless America my home sweet home 9:40 am last ... year when hear of the tragic events he turned to Psalm 46 God is our refuge & strength a very present help in trouble waters roar God is in the midst God shall ... the lord of hosts is with us our refuge behold the works of the Lord be still , know that I am God will be exalted that nation my God 9:42 am summer choir amen amen thank you choir Glenn Demaster my privilege special welcome getting to know you tear it off fill it out after the service visitors reception refreshment great m ministry many things happen list of events opportunities to get involve read the fall season, invite to come back president asked us to remember tonight free concert Gary Bonner singers from Azusa Pacific at 6 pm day of remembrance wed 8 to 8 pasts prepare podium with name of the victims at noon playing all the church bells organ concern pastors elder pray with pray for enjoy the time sanctuary of God flower in memory this wed now join me in a word of prayer God we are grateful you are our rock our .. refuge if you're for us who can be against us world comes apart you are directing thank you for surrounding us with your love this week tragic day your presence power in the midst of hand of blessing gifts give your community bless pray in Jesus name very special guest Chelani Jiong welcome peace on earth let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me, let it begin with me eternally let there be peace on earth and let it being with me begin we with me you can't lose in a court of law even when you lose thank thank you come from the hear tone year anniversary horrific and destroy . jumbo tron visual Judge Stafford "You only get on one chance here'this is the week the world was shocked (music from the Titanic) on board please call the authorities hang up called 911 from each phone call lasted one minute or less anything else I can do pray pray whoever you are I believe can't stay democracy our nation was stunned we will rise again Jesus is here with God on our side we will rise again deliver us from evil we will rise again feared, fought, prayed and bled, God is our leader take to it to the heart we will rise again man tragic, atrocities am military capacity ready able capable fly flight complete missions 4 3 3 words count on it, 3 words count on it applause God bless land that I love through the night with light from mountains to prairies to ocean white with foam God bless America home sweet home God Bless America my home sweet home God Bless America land

that I love stand beside her and guide her through the night from the mountain to the prairie ocean white with foam God BLESS AMERICA my home sweet home God BLESS AMERICA my home sweet home 10:02 am moment of silence Nancy Cooke not a dream God will make us God is the or which I he build vanish eternal suddenly the music came in very clearly [ suddenly the music came in very clearly] no more tears, never crying again praise great I am we will live In the light of the risen lamb all around that nations bow down the only sound is in the name of the book I read the king no need no more tears never crying again great I am . [does he live with you?] will live in the light prepare for me favor eternally no more never crying again praise to the great I am we will live in the light of the risen lamb live in the light of the risen lord lamp 10:06 am Nancy God bless you we will never forget the events of 9-11 they will be etched in our history books children monuments people told never forget Osama Bin laden, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Genghis Khan we'll never forget out as is will you remember the power of God teach child the power of God we are one nation under God it is in God that we trust from Australia Ken Duncan In God we trust America our calendar for year 2003, time to see the beauty of our country look and reentry of nation beautiful April May June July august September October November December isn't at beautiful this is our country where we live proud to be American never more proud 2 Chron 7 if my people call on my name humble self forgive their sins heal their remember that the power of God is here to lead our nation to protect to prosper our nation begin with prayer serves is an act of prayer, broaden the though think the emotion is in our heart communion with God our Spirit every act we take temple cathedral act of prayer he will heal our land possible fly we went to Washington DC the pentagon men in uniform young boys age of my son I was praying mortician group from Dominican republic FBI hand had finished investigation, we prayed, day before chairmen of the joint chief of staff Dick Meyers held hands we prayed , we prayed with Red cross , with the firefighters, police officer from there to Capital Hill Orrin Hatch J. Ashcroft went to the white house prayed with president G.W. Bush asked to pray thy jumped to their feet prayed with him not a moment of hesitation under siege we are united , strengthened God takes the negative and horrible turn it into good I will heal their lands and so we pray people flock a packed house for prayed 112 yrs old Hilary Start grief of losing father it feels like being schizophrenia all these faces one for those who dont know you, one for those who really know you, like mom I add {I add, like God] My prayer with bring our grief our sorrow, our hopelessness our challenges, our struggles to God lay at His feet His Infinite ability to do anything prophet Isaiah who has the dust of the earth in balance who then will you what Image have you not heart have you not understood he sits enthroned people like grasshoppers can ...tent dwelling who created all these one by one great power no one is mission not know not hears? the Lord is everlasting God He will not grow tired or weary no one can Fathom understanding His wisdom He will never understand we will never understand we do know the power Of God , He will heal our nation , protection our nation Janel Goozam Mac Millan she' s a miracle , an illegal alien working illegally for the port authority on the 64th floor visa expired in 2000 she was quiet a party girl every Saturday night shed go "clubbing" out till dawn Sunday she would sleep to

recuperate then do job on 64th floor shes and a few others hung around not sure what to do they have the nerve to run downstairs remember passing the 13th floor fireman going upstairs billiard ball being tossed about leg rushed but alive under rubble for 24 hours last living survivor when people say youre lucky to be alive not about luck God had a plan God will reveal when God calls you have to answer she goes to church now three days a week boyfriend she was living with, married him brush with death suddenly realize all the security body growls protected but the biggest killer is not a bullet or terrorist attack , it is still heart failure, God protects us and calls us every day is a gift it if 9-11 does nothing else prompt you to call made this world a better place, remember the power of God to protect prosper said that . market survived God wants to prosper our nation weeding out the evil the deception , any greed heals protect greater blessings process new perception paradigms new heroes I wanted to be foreman or police man I lead my children say that never heart never heard my children say that theyre heroes were baseball players, rock stars 8 year old after Mets played saw policeman "will you sign my glove" I went your signature, you helped save the world new heroes today firefighters real heroes men in uniform for our freedom our security be one nation under God never forget 9-011 never forget the power of God to heal protect prosper our nation next week exciting "positive power of One "God savior though action one youll want to hear it Come back Dear Heavenly Father pray united touched by your precious gift your promise 2 or 3 together you also tear chuckle thank you God for day to day see your blessing everyday is a gift clerk oh beautiful oh beautiful for spacious skies amber waves of grain purple mountain majesties God shed his grace on thee crown thy good from sea to shining sea oh beautiful he took the F" off Ford and wrote Jesus is Lord"' to R.A. S at 12:08 p.m. from Capistrano men thou make you suspect because you have a title I dont know too many place like Pasadena ... they make you suspect because of your title rather than in spite of a title and degree is se should be evidence of character and integrity perseverance by and large from an accredited institution it attests to our person who we are for what we stand it doesnt matter that process where

NEW? This is the day you chose us to be here in this place, give us word, direction understanding power of your Holy Spirit presence, motivated inspired inspired invigorate us to be the persons you called us to be, you may be seated, in preparation Oh God , listen to my prayer, I call to you, ye have been my refuge I ever sing praises day after day, my salvation comes from Him He is my fortress I will never be shaken 9"45 am, my country tis of thee, personal the kidnapping he calls it, oh Lord he my Oh God call the upon my knees forever, woke up with a lump in my throat my father is in Germany applause, incredibly thank you don Nuen, warm welcome to our visitor , tear off you can fill out, also if you like some information special prayer concern prayer team gift of prayer, offering plate to the arboretum, special gift, answer Q's invite to come back to communion service, preservice, organ concert with C. Pardini, next week Mandy Pinto , Blake Ewing, New members discover mission ministry meet pastoral staff next morning at 9:00 that a the white building the Robert H. Schuller bldg. this is the opportunity to give of our

abundance, right alongside with parter with you in ministry, shame wnderful news of Jesus Bill Goatear, a ChP forwarded a crisis call to us a traumatized woman, in the ER her husband had tried to kill self by standing in front of a train, but it stopped in time, they were only married 6 months ago, she married him she needed the listening ear and comfort of John I'm so proud, you can join the group of heroes, we'll train you Hers another way to prevent suicide, 100's of beautiful classic cars, sno cones, krispy creme, public free, all proceeds to support new Hope look on the back, next to the classic cars, thank you see the 2 cars check em out, family night September 29 hear Robert A. Schuller, Robert H. Schuller share the dream & goals of this ministry, what God has in mind for us, Michelle Cavinder, International. womens conference, October 16-19... if from a international womens conference October 16-19 day set aside just for you sat October 19. for the locals Squire Rushnell, pulpit guest author of God Winks Patty Page How much is that doggy in the window call 714 took a walk around the room at 9:17 a.m. day extraordinaire thin Jesus were very fortunate, Nancy welcome , may I ask you a Q, she kept having contractions, try to keep the baby in, cause she's only 8 months. there's not like has anything to do in the hospital but... you know how sisters are... it's Yom Kippur, its a high holiday, hello she takes every Jewish holiday off, this isn't their Christmas, this is their time of atonement, Hanukah is around the same time as Christmas... that was an interesting pastor letter I sent--beginning with mention of the Transfiguration of Jesus at the Mount of Olives? was it? I didn't mention a place, but what I did segue to was my interpretation of Peter's comment "lets build a booth" to be irrelevant and out of place at the time, and I connected that to the same thing that happened when Jesus was at the house of Mary and how Jesus "scolded the scolder" for not letting her sit with Jesus, rather than tend to house keeping, the point was that we need to believe in "justification by faith" and let the "works" that spontaneously arise from such faith occur naturally rather than artificially create an illusion of work or housekeeping. Maxwell Daniel Im singing "It is well" it is well, when peace like a river and ... and whatever my Lord then I say it is well with my soul 9:53 am It is well , it is well with my soul ...and then it is well with my soul it is well with my soul, it is well , without affect, unnatural , without pretense, without guile, without a wink of the eye 9:55 am God bless you thank you for coming and sharing the music author.composer, was at the U.S. waiting for family to come, it had sunk its a power song, and Im going to interview this morning of his character 1998 the 11th sheriff of O.C. first from outside the county , 5th largest P.D. in the nation, 3rd largest in California, make national news 5 days later, arrested the prime suspect, advantage to of your people of California council on crime, justices personal friend welcome, applause, we stood together the last time in the C. for the funeral of Samantha Runion, standing O, you were devastated, the cameras turned, you turned away , and began to sob, saying, "not about me, Not about me."" its about Samantha... what you get courage to make a pledge, her mother 10 days Birthday was only 10 days away , little girl, She and family could celebrate her 6th birthday, picture promised to return , were able to make an arrest we did celebrate with her mother on July 26 dedicated command post Samantha I and Samantha II, in her honor, never anticipate Something like this most of us desire to give back to help out work with the community, take bad guys off the

street to work with others in a positive manner, a calling much like ministry is to you ("exactly" responds Robert A. Schuller), pinnacle of my career of Orange County sheriff of Orange County country where find strength to do what you do, like Samantha Runion accepted Jesus when I was 16 yrs old unless and unless have hope did hope I didn't come off as arrogant or cocky, finest professionals , tiger Woods hitting golf balls, making that call, you have faith in your men & women you're experiencing faith since time you were 16 years old, you're an advocate for law enforcement # of things federal level, # of at risk youth education programs with Arnold prop 49, biggest impact ready and to parents volunteer basis, mentoring every for every child we touch won't end up in my jail, IN a utopian society we wouldn't need your services, what can we ...this a better place, need public to engage eyes & ears on a daily basis, terrorism abduction, made some ... sure neighborhood isn't burglarized, part put me out of a job, I'd love that, unfortunately we wont do that... dedicate thank you from the bottom of our hearts, thank you 10:07 am... trusting Jesus every day, Trusting Jesus every day, trusting Jesus every day, trusting Bob Brummeller you may be seated get your exercise feeling better up & down pos message went away for a few days when our phones wouldnt work put our heads together wonderful service to help you , entitled "Positive Power of One" .keep tuned positive messages, powerful positive, persona so come here week after week positive power of one as it one is an incredible number 1 is an enormous # think of it one 253 billion x zero equals zero, zero x anything is zero. 3 Trillion, 456 billion, 253 million, 463 thousand, 285 x zero equals zero. [not another example[ zero times anything is still zero, zero to one zero x God - Zero, But God x 1 , can't even count the #... c on God Zillion Judges 6, story about men saw self as tiny # of Israelis shelter in caves, Planted crops Midianites invaded, didn't spare a living thing, impossible to ... Midianites no impoverished the Israelites, Midianites practice the scorched earth policy go and to plunder everything ravage, steal, murder Israelites, no sooner than ... and the Midianites would come again God came sat under an Oak came to Gideon the ... is was mighty warrior he's inside a cave , afraid the Midianites, might see his spear. shaft, Gideon "who me? How can I save Israel my clan is the weakest and Im the least youre telling me that I am a "mighty warrior" the one I cam is the least, The Lord answered "I'll be with you. " God was one of the with one of the least, God zillion God the very smallest God zillion Gideon realized, fleece wet fleece dry, just the opposite the second time, Gideon defeated the Midianites, all the army are not God zillion the positive power of One you know all the power in the world is not good if its negative, the series is powerful not Pollyanna ... with my dad filled up car, clink my goodness forgot the gas cap I'll find one, or SB else's found one, put it on click, it's even better, it locks, Im just kidding , it didn't really happen fun to think of it, not Pollyanna, positive see beauty in everything God will take the negative turn it into beauty, waited to paint face at the fair, boy had lots of freckles, grandma says (I wish I had freckles think of more beautiful , boy says I can think of one thing, a wrinkle, he gave her a big hug , series of messages powerful, positive personal ready do touch us guide the never forget city slickers , Billy Crystal, Cow camp, theres curly palled played by Jackal Pallanc, Jack, my good friend, and curly riding through says no ""ONE thing" because just dumbfounded whats the one thing,

personal discovery what our one thing is 1981 started R. Capistrano, used whatever resources I could use mainly mailing address all of those who supported the Crystal Cathedral, from those we gathered 25 people September 25, 1981, at the drive in at R. Cap unable to start that first Sunday s one man showed up, helped us greet people, not allowed to hold service here, TBA his name was Nate Morrison, worked for DeWalt Hardware every Sunday even before that first service he showedhis one thing and he did...he found he found his one thing ... and all of has that one thing we will find. the positive power of one, makes us tick, find out that God x anything equaled Godzillion Joseph Ramos wrote poem "less than zero, no, I am more than one, more than one-half, mother father all people of world, one brother sister more than one world every manifest my beliefs more than all parts my present half nature, half nurture, half free will more choice chosen chose the life more past present future less than zero I can more than one more than one infant I choose the infants I am more than one so are you for power of One , conclude with prayer, Lord helps us to remember that jerk who cut us off in traffic was a single mother, hurrying to get home to cook , the pierced disinterested clerk is a 19 year old student worrying about getting the student loan , the scary looking bum is enslaved to addiction, worst nightmare , old couple annoyingly slow, based on Biopsy report, last years the can spend together and the greatest gift of all is love, open hearts to all humanity slow to judge quick to patience love, 10:33

NEW(Derek FISHER) AM finishes...can you feel it, the light he who walks in the me shall not walk in darkness, but in light, Derek fisher, 3 time world champion, from Crystal Cathedral academy , Johnny Carl, Don Nuen, Cathedral Choir, 9;34 am C. Pardini at the hazel Wright Organ and my son, , Robert, and you whoever you are, , when where you come from as astonished, the new prime minister of the Netherlands, you he tells me he was there a few here a few months ago. I said You were? Are there any presidents here? Let us rejoice, Let us have fun, people at the day you have made we are glad..., expecting a miracle, in your presence impact us , our hearts open Scripture ready Romans selected verse just as, each of us has one body with many members different giftsaccording to grace given to us people service teaching contributions, leaderships mercy , love must be incense cling to what is good, joyful, a hope faithful, in prayer , God bless you, , Alleluia, the glory of you now Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, Allelujah, Allelujah, Hallelujah thank you Crystal Cathedral 9;42 am. , thank you Don Nuen, so faithful contribution to the ministry visitors from all over the world offices if in different countries stand up for traveling 1000's of miles, look at all the people he drawls, hear the drawl all for those who dont speak English and didn't stand up we understand why, ...... Arboretum, specific request, for prayer, perforated, tear it off, use this fill it out ... pass it in the offering so opportunity for you to meet others in the arboretum even 6:00 special they called "Experiencing God, Mandy Pinto , Blake Ewing H.S. & Colleges in your own youth choir, no charge, new hope Opportunity to receive become a New Hope Counselor free training skills valuable information as a parent,

relationship untold # of ways, and if you came, get 100's of suicide calls, New Hope Tuesday 24th, called collect morning tithes and gifts..., physically prepares time privilege honor to express thanks wise with your good name faith 4th annual daughter Father dance, live Do, make reservations today, Family night , Next Sun Night Special night my father and I will be there make note of it, Michelle Cavinder, Shes' giver her a hand, soar like a chicken nugget , like a an eagle when you feel like a chicken nugget, inspired by Dr. Robert A. Schuller, Robert H. Schuller, Lisa Welchel , who played Blair on facts of Life special conference set seaside for you ... How God dos wonderful things, Saturday extraordinaire, come and dare to soar with us , Michelle you n terrific preparing us for the punch line, Sara mars Ell. "I am a promise, I'm sol glad you 're going to sin that for us, with a capital P. l.....Im a possibility anything God wants me to beIm to hear God's voice I can go anywherebe anything Climb a high mountain , promise, with a capital P. potentiality, and I am learning to Hear God's voice, promise to be keep on listening trying to right choice anything God wants me to be 9:52 am, applause, as any Laker fans here, always wear Laker colors, some of you failed, , stand up and turn around dad, he's a die hard Laker fan, Derek Fisher, Just completed 6th season 3rd straight NBA Title, In addition statistical success yet or tired career highs 28 against the bulls, 143 3 pointers, greater than 40% in his career, he had 28 against the bulls ?! 6 foot 1 inches, champion on and off, American Cancer Society Big Brother 7 Sister, , getting ready for a 4-Peat, champion , whistles & Applause, wow wonderful experience, grew up in Little Rock Arkansas, looking forward to a four time not limited to So. Cal Laker Fans worldwide, how w we how do we look for 4th, keeping Shaw healthy , his big toe, we're all going to be some so motivated to make another successful act, our fans wants us to be , loss of Chick Hearn for Chick do it for Chick on your ... while on your wrist, wearing WWJD... Just about every day, , take them off once in a while so they wont stink ...Amy g all my games & competition , love my fans, love my fans my teammates, but this is who I play for, on a day-to -day basis... 2 inches shorter than me, must be taught ... a 6 ' 1" point guard, I dont worry , taller bigger, learn to play with heart & energy on the floor so RAs is 6'3" this that thats the way to do it , lots of stories & testimony re the negative side of the NBA, Big Bros, ... Little rock pride in children benefit kids, group benefits a child anythings possible belief in self, those around you Im a living testament pep people ever told you couldn't be NBA, father & mother always in Church in Bible which plan God had for me whether in pulpit on in the NBA, my wife & family , w... so there you people who are watching today 10:02 am Im a living proof, beautiful healthy Christian life, then you hear message special gift, supporting ministry his 23rd Psalm or it picture of Good Shepherd, sculpture by Henry Wolf, picture of the good shepherd sculptured by Henry Wolf Im going to give this gift , shepherd to our children , thank you God loves you and so do I stand and sing Lord 7 Savior, Lord & Savior 10:04 am , Feeling Alol feeding alol y maybe seated wow thank you TREBOR, great interview , next week Arnold Schwarzenagager a move actor, a flutist , who had a rebirth of faith after playing here, now attending, and from Jerusalem, a friend of mine wants to come here, Im amazed the friends we have spent an afternoon with Mikhail Gorbachev, he wants me to write a book about him result of the power of pone person, not the guy ho is

talking to you, Im astonished at how God finds people and empowers them to change the world more often , I than not , they dont live long enough o see it, the I've lived most of my life under the shadow of the cold war, fear of WWII fear of WWIII, then came along Gorbachev, Armand hammer called me occidental offer says "hes different, he's married he has an educated wife, hope for world peace, flying condominium condominium, ate caviar and a gained a pound or two ... Armand hammer accept so I could preach , the Berlin wall came down 13 years ago I sensed Something... Jesus Christ in that mans heart said soul & Spirit, Gorbachev, You say you are an Atheist, but you're you are not an atheist in your heart, you're a cultural atheist, , but Christ lives in you, in your heart, But if he cant proclaim Christ, theres a problem, peace peace , without real peace is not a sign of Christ, In .U.S. we have people say they are Christian but they are cultural Christians try to trave, he was baptized by his mother in secret, if Christian mother God promise to hear the prayers of the mother them he makes who brought communism to an end, became a rare person , the power of one person Mother of Mikhail Gorbachev would we have saved from thermo nuclear war, Americas first 24 hour prevention line started in 1968, Allan Walker In Australia started the worlds first 24 hour line I was there heard about it, and but a few weeks before he said he was prompted to start the 24 hour line due to somebody committing suicide who they knew in minis hour all possible because people gave heart & mind to it anything thats significant not political I was a history major, his history not shaped by the masses, not by army shaped by some one person Napoleon Joan of Arc, Hitler, Churchill, the list goes on and on, seldom more often from simple places, often times poor, back of Audience poor widows mite, no person gave more than her (it has motivated philanthropy, immortalized message more appropriately present Tianneman Square one boy who is whats his name where is he today ... simple standing us speak out wow funeral two weeks ago, W. Clement Stone, Million dollar challenge gift, published book called Self Esteem bought 250, 000 copies to every minister in the U.S. at that time, the richest man in the U .S. whats it like to be rich ... Power I got nervous, because I always heard that absolute power corrupts, , but then he said power to be good, one goal of mine is to live to 100 he read reached his 100th birthday, this past May, Russia under control of Stalin, China 's Mao Tse Tung, Insurance salesman from Chicago gave person to open the door to China, He wrote a Check to R. Nixon for 4 million dollars, Nixon opened up China, made it possible for me to go there, now , the largest publishing company in Beijing is publishing my book you can be what you dream Clement Stone, force for good invited to Moscow to the tenth anniversary of a religious program, the Hour of Power, pope of Russia, never appears on a platform with another religious leader, sell newspaper to buy bread, simple people Illiterate like mother of Gorbacheve, Clems Stone Or poor or nameless in Tianhammen Square your life is making a difference, rich , poor, religious or not, circle of person, circle of influence, young children school "do something say something your stood Be rebellious against the multitude of kids, no longer living right, youre gonna say no, they may mock you, 10:24 the power of one 3 qualities empower a person 1) insight, ...see something that others don't see, hear what others dont hear, what did you see, hear, 3000 different answers if 3000 were here, some are asking, we live in a

dying civilization a in Jewish faith, 10 commandments, in New Testament teaching of Jesus, a 20 million dollar gift to Harvard , to endow a chair on western civilization ...the university rejected it, they dont want western civilization taught anymore only human values can re-create civilization, only human values can create or re-create human values, major institutions don't want classes taught on human values because thats religion you say , I dont make a difference you're wrong lots of impact, small gifts, 10,000 windows, 500 dollars Im on social security, you wont miss my gift, let me ask you this, "if there are any windows mission will we know it, every person is important, God is using you... 1) Insight, 2) Integrity-honest , humble, egotism wipes out integrity, integrity means honesty, 3) Involvement--don't just volunteer, send offering, tithes, gifts, phenomenon, I'll tell you , one person responsible if for her... at the drive in totally paralyzed, every week they come Built a little chapel, elder said , Rosie Gray what about Rosie Gray, she didn't pass away, that woman just would not die, finally, we'll have to sell the little chapel, build church where we can slide the window open 3rd week in 1959, September 3 days later, Rosie died, the message of was trying to give me never again to go to a church where I can't see the sky, Power John 15...16 I chose you and appointed you , thats true if of every person , only one , all it takes is one step 10:33, power of. you really are important, with Gorbachev, and daughter important of position and Dr. Arch Polit whats the most important professor Dr. Says Medical took tribe out of Adam arch this world was chaos until architects came in the politician steps up and says we were first, where do you think the chaos came from, ..... whats the most important profession . what was the first profession he says he said whats the most important profession, it was supposed to be what was the first profession... one man says doctors, they took the first rib out of Adam, the other man says architects, the world was chaos until we came, then the politician says we were first, where do you think the chaos came from, each of us, rich or poor, well-connected or non connected He uses us to change the world 11:32 am . .

ARNOLD SUNDAY 9(9:30 A.M.)9:33 am joyful joyful joyful we adore you , ... , wow good morning that day presence of God warmth extend we say God love you so do I too we have very exciting morning plan, Arnold, at next sermon power of one Hour of Power Orchestra of... that God has made positive power of one amen the crown Him crown Him, ... 9:38 am you may be seated as my as my father prepares his message and heart, the positive power of one question , Jesus ask and it will be given , seek find, knock , the door opens, , which of you bread stone, fish , snake, you gifts to children, oh how much more in heaven will give good gifts let them prepare and sing, blessed , finest choir in the word and Don Nuen your contribution visitors look glad to have you here, arboretum behind you , warmth, live in area new members class, church for you , receiving tithes & offerings tonight family night service music and opportunity to talk about things were planning on doing and long term and plans taken morning the prayer heavenly father, have is a gift from you as my people possible POs message, October 7-11 , Retreat center we

have possibility living seminar, examine ourselves surveys where want to go plants steps to make it happen, possible, living Monday Friday energize day extraordinaire my mother is speaking at the womens conference shes the power behind the scenes, Sir James Galloway , recording artist, RCA Victor 50 albums, prestigious orchestra, Irelands foremost, classical & many times at the white house, Tonight Show, the Today Show and Sesame Street, sold over 30 million albums, recently knighted by the queen, 9:50 am Janne, exciting with queen first time came here 10;05 am Descended down, to the prayer 2 and entered prayer 2 applause for James Galloway, Flautist the greatest , fortunate friends around the world volunteer they love us, we love them, , excited about this ministry were excited about them the power of one will impact your life I guarantee it, grab hold, message is fundamental, because instead of negative the power of one have you notice intelligent , sophisticated still and with education judgmental, opinionated, egotistical , people slow to ask questions ,quick to express opinion, swift judgment bold, consider religion, new an never studied it at a deep level, I'm astonished rare to begin by asking questions, before making opinion or statements, because we tend to be instantly-impressioned people, accept impress accept first impressions a reality, issues, drive driven by assumptions single, decision driven by assumption may not ever aware may be negative or positive perception driven limited experience study causes prejudicestudy causes prejudice, also driven by pride lack of humility, lack of ask question deeply easily intimidated insecure quick to be manipulated insecurity Questions cultural politics, conventionally politically smart, afraid of the answers, deep changes, permanent right wrongs never thought of that ... get involved, massive epidemic ... making statements instead of asking ... experts supposed to be so informed ignores prejudice , medical health, theological, social injustice preach sermons declaration answer are right out with in a reality need to be to ask leave to ask questions, quietly humbly openly honestly wonder will listen to you ask question on a deeper level, preach a sermon questioning people value rooted questions, most important how can I make a difference, that one single value drive question motive only God where that can lead you prepare listen to what people would saying cry at night hurt in shadow moans and groan people in troubleokay to suddenly something can happen what can I do to make a difference listenhear see problem state word wowreminder of "Ryans well" January 1998, a six year old lived in Canada heard he could butwell for kids in Africa so that they could have clean water to drink what can I do to help 70 dollars, per well told mom he would dig a well in Africa mom said thats a lot of money Ill give you two dollars for every chore, washing windows, pine cones, cleaning 3 months raised mother was impressed gave money to a non-profit org , 70 would only buy a hand pump , 2000 for a well, , Canadian organization, , match 2 for one if raise 700 gove would match the rest emailed friends donation by August had raised 700 , or 2000 20 people, digging for 10 days with hand auger, but if had motorized drill, one day , but that's 25, 000 needed 8000 made news when doing something great neighbor surprised him with two free tickets 5000 kids applauding him "Ryan you made a difference" cause to change your life what can I do to help , the power of one, Bab McCormick, raised poor family, father an alcoholic, mother worked hard, lived in apartment above

garage in Long Beach, jumped off bridge, into Naples, loved to dive 1948 trying out for the Olympics, here two days ago Santa Ana she tried and failed head in towel sobbing failure motivated her the team came with two medals and then two more medals, what can I do with my success 10:25 am. it's 9:21 a.m on September 30, 2002 I'm at Fremont High School she was at Madison Elementary in Santa Ana, mini-Olympics, 5 steps to success 70 year old #1 dream #2 work #3 ouch---expect failure, #4 be with good people #5 help others, Pat Im so proud of you , Questions dare to ask , dont know when answers where the answers may lead to, not just were a church motivated group not just a security motivated group while , so say "Who do you say that I am "follow those who are wiser than you , follow Christ if he's in your heart you'll be humbled most important Spiritual question studied for the sermon 6 years old going to Dutch Reformed Church, Catechism pedagogy create Questions & Answers ,very interesting education nobody is tempted to argue with a person asking questions,... or quarrel with as one would quarrel with an argumentative person Heidelberg Catechism first question you should know what is your only comfort in life & death that I am body and soul not my own but belong to my faithful Savior Jesus Christ how did that Question & Answer shape a little boy name Dr. H Schuller, critics who accuse me of being, , , comfort theology, comfort only comfort at a board meeting off the Horatio Alger foundation 10:31 ... friend named Dennis Washington , a billionaire (plus Bob . I had to give a eulogy for a friend at a Catholic church, his ashes in it . I have to do eulogy Dennis when he ca to end whats left, body, bone ashes, soul? HW Where go? , I had no eulogy only comfort with body and soul, am not my own but belong to Jesus Christ, Amen , awesome p[positive power of one praying Lord inquisition creative people thank your Jesus Christ 10L30 a , 10;30 am Lord and Savior Lord whose presence you felt, , shine upon you God give you peace lying down labor leisure laughter tears, until you come . .s Brooten , MN, Clark City, MN, Byron Center, MI, 10:38 am service ends, pastor Britt . IA Britt IA, Pastor sacks, Brooten , Min, Clara City MN, Byron Center MI, Britt IA, Broomall, PA, , Burke, VA, Burbank, CA, Brigham City, UT, 10:40 am , our special guest needs no introduction, childrens advocate sire James Galloway and wife Jean grey haired old man, fire department will not allow any further 100's of people outside be invigorated renewed of your Spirit 11:09 am crown with kings, , please be seated you may be seated if you like...

ARNOLD SUNDAY you may be seated if you like [laughter] positive power of one question it will be given seek-find , knock , door will be open to the one who knocks door will be open bread stone, fish snake... father in heaven to those who ask, word penetrate minds, hearts, let all of the word world prepare 11:14 am Local sacks , Kirk Haslam, Cecilia Garden grove, Kristy Toth Jamba juice, Clerk Anaheim , Clerk in Pasadena x2, Clerk in Anaheim, Marcela office max, Supervisor 7-11 , West Los Angeles, , prayer thank you for the privilege to give back who need to hear the

positive power of one, our retreat center I'll be there Squire Rushnell, I won't bore you, any more, Dr. Arvella Schuller, my mother is the power behind, we were in Northwest Iowa, gas station attendant, mother talking to him, father went to the restroom, 11:21 am father comes back , we leave, father says, "you were pretty friendly with him, what were you talking about? He was my high school boyfriend, dad says, "Boy, I'll bet you are glad you married me, otherwise you would have been the wife of a gas station attendant" Mom replies, "No, if I had married him he would have been the pastor of the Crystal Cathedral, and you would have been a gas station attendant..." 50 albums Ireland Sir James classical and crossover, Tonight today, Sesame Street knighted by the queen and wife Jeannie, 11:22 am , People walking away, I'm still praying for droflah needs Jesus needs droflah needs Jesus needs Jesus needs droflah need Jesus needs EdDroflah need Jesus need Jesus need Droflah , 32 years every week lots of letters, received letter August 1985, in his own hand writing, "a great to" you're doing a great job, keep up the good work..." four darling children, actor, a children activist, Arnold S. great American thank you last time here in the darkness of the glory of Easter with family and in-laws Schriver, family tradition , glory of Christmas we'll be back, they know your lines well, only keep first to be here honored to be here at the Crystal Cathedral I've been a greater admirer , entire family spectacular here the people ought to know we've been pen pals for 20 years, wonderful letters from Dr. Schuller, all of our movies, 1st just watched "Commando" he didn't watch this, killed 240 people wonder men didn't mention anything about that, start saying , the character you portrayed, powerful influence, positive dialogue motivation to do film absolutely right, Austria, grew up poor had nothing, love & attention strictness and discipline soccer player, weight lifting, club train in weights, strength increased, winning championship big dream to come to America thanks to God, powerful vision , champion on body building and moves and the rest is and the rest is history dream re tomorrows children , our future, but or else our future will fall apart, , special Olympics, mother-in -law started or inner-city children schools after school programs Crusades millions of children have a love home alone after school half of kids, single parents or two parents both at work prevent teenage pregnancy no one there to love them do something productive every school need s after school programs, and applause 11:35 am when did you get this idea? 10 years ago, not just inner city , any neighborhood statistics millions because of the problems, did not do their job in Sacramento constitution, our legislators did not do their job in Sacramento constitutional lawyers vote yes on prop 49, you must know political initiative, can't imagine who wouldn't economic recession thank you no new taxes you are a Republican, thank you, that's right, that's right, this was is a miracle, married to a democrat, love is more powerful, we're going to do the sequel to Sleeping with the Enemy, but this is a bipartisan issue, both parties to come together funded through future growth of revenue, trigger initiative if $ is not available then it wont get funded, not to take away anything from existing programs, possibilities are great, not until 2004, economy will come back wait until following year this is America 200 countries, other countries as well... follow California, other states, Europe, Spain talks about crime increase amongst, juveniles, totally forget its about lack of parenting, need to fill the vacuum, after

school world wide after school 49 passes in tidal wave , after school [applause] he's an an illustration of my sermon, , the power of one, what can I do important thing, influence over children positive way school to school, look at them in the eyes, no one by drugs or violence, education self get strong physically, education tell kids, you are so active , wife so active, do you get to sit down , every day ...Just about every day Maria grew up like that Important for parents children talk about specific things learn Something new in school ...unlike In Austria where parents get very angry if children talk at the table... Arnold keep eyes open, genes & chromosomes abilities , talents, Spirit when... Know and loves our Saviour, Jesus Christ, applause, thank you thank you you're seen watching for 20 years give ... to people who send their support, plate, it says the Lord is my Shepherd, find a place for it, or give it to somebody for Christmas, thank you for listening, I would not be where I am today if not for the guidance of God our Lordthank you for everythingthis is not the place to be stamping your 9:36 am choir joyful joyful we adore you... God of heaven God of love, stand beside us and ad n feel good, after watching the Angels !!! our special guest Sue Thomas former deaf FBI agent, Bel Canto Direct David Hughes, Elizabeth Stefanko I am feeling distracted I'm here too... Blessed are those whose ways are blameless, Keep the statutes, your ways make made me world wide communion Sunday, Steve Velez, Hour of Power cellist, and violinist wonderful night you're not going to disturb my prayer if you do it during the prayer, Martha Bolten A. Schwarz, I'll be back HE said I'll be back, actually he said "Arnold: We'll be back'' comedy writer for Bob Hope Lisa Welch Blair from facts of Life Cross Jumbotron Crystal Cross pray for this ornament 10, 000 others sitting on a ship somewhere at a dock, waiting to be unloaded four ready to go Bel Canto Choir Azusa Pacific Jesus my firm foundation put my hope in your Holy word, Jesus Jesus my firm foundation hope in Your Holy Word God will deliver me Jesus my firm foundation Jesus my firm foundation speak and lip read, skating rink Ohio St champion free style skater, watching television I turned it up , next morning totally oblivious, read lips so well vibration so feel in her throat voice coach, B flat amina voice lessons therapy English Teacher restaurants ... you have a really neat accent hear any sounds, totally reading lips embarrassing, hearing dog, alarm clock smoke alarm for the dog fingerprint examiner, see over seen one seen them all since early childhood, parent instilled in a belief in God and Jesus I went my own way, but He was waiting for me a message delivered, hope, parent struggling with a child, may be able to see it, tough love, child faced with class bully or feels different was wont always be this way, for even education on never give up , life will be truly changed, Im on this platform by God's grace, f or every years not my series for all the people out there making a difference are you gonna be theI havent transformed to a tall beautiful blonde, like a little sister can't wait for the world to see, how long has he been here? step out of car please, get out now, whats he doing there, put both hands on roof, nice and easy nice & easy , tell me why you couldnt stop, Special Guest: "I'm deaf, I have an I. D, to verify,dog whats matter with dog, ma'am abused, not by me, I just goI apologize, no way of knowing, I read lips, cannot communicate unless see no longer with the FBI, after that fulfilling my dream full-time speaker walking with him leading 100% allow me to go nation speak love Frankfurt Germany

appreciate them Sueyou know we truly appreciate remaining prayers new Television Series speak series will blossom thanks for breaking the sound barrier, Welcome to the Crystal Cathedral Elizabeth stefnanko, pastor, sack conran mountain, Comstock Park Mi, Grand Rapids Cutler Ville , Byron Center, Mi, ... Caledonia, Cadillac MI, , Crown Point Indiana, Corvallis Oregon, Cedar IA, Corsica SD TT78, TT56 TT23, Ticket master Coopersville MI, local sacks Kristy Toth J Juice, See Sometimes Im lonely but never alone Elizabeth Stefnanko, Clerk No 2117 San Dimas, H Gabriel at Websters Clerk at El Toro Candace at Fazolis, Nicole at Newport Beach PO Idolina at Chipotle, Eddie at Mail Boxes Clerk at Pasadena Supervisor at 71 ... Gene Autry invited to sit in his box free enjoy hot food out from winning one out from winning the pennant in 1986, the hit and he lost , how he reacted had hat on floor left side his cane he reaches for the case Im sitting watching him, puts hat on head, turns and looked at me Bob "Were still in the major leagues", Kirk Haslam, Advance Muffler, Message today , Sometimes Im lonely but never alone Ps 119, you Your Word opened my eyes How I love Your Word Po the Positive power of one book, one person on the this one book mo more than any other maybe not Christian not nor even from am Abrahamic religion , very non-scientific, this book It will never go away, always here, translated in a language, awesome power to lead people to God Brilliant man in China received opportunity to study at MIT no relationship between China and America, MIT study brought bright brilliant atheist, nodding his head yes, in Christ tried to reach out if connect free food what they made him upset him he didn't want a Bible very upset, that book in his hand, power of one book, time he opened it, God came to him through this book he became a Christian, thats how we met had Ph. d from MIT taught at UC Irvine because member, elder, voted for a lot of progress, wife children Dr. Bob Lee, bob Lee, these stories are true, stand up Betty, how we love you, positive power of one book all of us have seen Peales Book dreamed dream same denomination we became friends sold 30 million copies nothing more than the teaching of the Bible service man called I had to be home 29 years old born and raised in Orange County, never heard the Word Bible, no religion I asked him are you Jewish? No , Catholic. Maybe, God? he laughed ever seen a Bible, I've heard of it, no extra Bible paper back copy of my book, better book its Bible how many introduced to the most awesome power book God through Sovereign providence Truth forms are remarkable book 2 most fundamental Questions...Does God exist? really a God, answer Anybodys opinion Just 2 cents he want reliable answer true, shape substance, get our hands on him touch him somebody book doesnt die, no life span, any language any culture, divine idea, this book answers question Does God exist ?your atheist from China word come out Bob Lee comes alive he knows God , everything else changes, leap of faith , difficult culture world still 2nd second question, does God know me? does God know me? whatever mountain God speaks fearful 10:34 am life or death cancer open the book and he speaksthough I walk guilty joyful anxious, everybody needs the Bible everybody needs God, positive power of body life beyond death, fantasy true can we trust it, you bet, awesome power of one book today troubled financially listen to somebody retirement put 10 stock only worth so much today really something started not muchLou Stuybens our accountant we pay small salaries, a month with a surplus,weak of a

lot of older lost God knows we need it140 TitleLou Stuyben got bad news he needed heart surgery it would cost 9000, but he had to pay 20 %, Amelio Bruno, Not much today, he had insurance needed %1800 more to me with tears Dr. where to get the 20 Percent cant finance pay per month Dr. says I can't promise it, but leave it up to the board, a bunch of doctors , expenditure, 240 house payment 140 tithe, whats a tithe, happened to be a Christian, take 1st ten percent to Dr. told board, thats what he gives to the church, take tithe 12 months 1800 wonder another if that man think s enough of God, even before his own life, I say we forget the 20 % and they all agreed Yes, tell stories like that for 100 years, this Bible he got it theproblem not with Bible, do you have the courage to believe it? created world talk to you receive the truth restored forever and positive power of one book the Holy Bible, an 10:42 am Now my Lord bless keep peace going out coming labor leisure , the Angels first post-season series victorythey play the Twins

PLAYOFFS in PROGRESS got three runs in the top of the 9th and so did Oakland , but they neededto tie, and 5 to win, and couldnt do, Giants God loves you so do I , unusual collection of person, some rejoicing, some depressed, Twins are here and I am consoling you, I was close to Gene Autry when founded the team I didn't know I was so old, forty one years, so they were founded in 1951 around the same time that the cathedral was founded. ...bassists music guestsI tried to get on his show, I never got to first base, Shelly Marsh, Bassists, Musical prodigy Sebastian, Trabuco Canyon, Just behind where I live, just came back from Washington D.C. the power of one affirmation, applaud God for bringing us all together, now time for poetry, hymns were designed to put poetry into worship Allelujah Son is here I always felt were stronger when we're together, Allelujah, please be seated.9:41 am Ps 96-97 Selected verses sing to the Lord a new song, all the earth, proclaim good news day to day, greatly to be praised, honor majesty , strength, beauty, heaven earth field joyful...trees rejoice, let the earth rejoice multitudes be glad ...may the reading of his Holy Word penetrate your hearts and mind... Gods power Lord eternal we've come to the house of the Lord to praise His Holy name , worthy to be praised Praise His Holy Name, Praise the Lord , mighty Jesus worthy to be praised, worthy to be praise, send copy of Chapter One to J Douma, 406 kasan APOB 109 Volga S.D 57071 worthy to be praised to be praised applause, wow I dont know about you . I saw a new side to Don Nuen, He's go got soul, that was fun, a fun place, even if you're from Minnesota Im a diehard angels fan, my father may be wishy-washy tonight they should sew it up tonight, group from the Netherlands welcome to the Crystal Cathedral applause you may be seated, takes a while Father could have made that announcement in Dutch group from New Zeeland, stand stood up right away, group from Oklahoma ? pleased to have you any other group I promised the Schuller family reunion, great big group God's family reunion welcome cup of coffee soon to be visitors center arboretum follow the cups of coffee sad announcement Rogers Williams his wife Louise passed away, he's in mourning difficult time for him ever Beverly Muffin praise team Cathedral Choir, receive morning offerings in the plate, this ministry needs the you give we dont' have extra money, think its a rich church, no extra cash in

the bank ,we've living completely on faith, if place plate comes up empty , we have to close the doors, your gifts and generosity privilege acting in faith, tangible gifts, a percentage of which was give to thank you Lord organ concert October 25, 8 pm 2 consoles both playing simultaneously twice as much music duet of organs 8 pm free call reservation center 7 pm RSC terry Nyhuis, verse by verse Bible study book of Acts no registration required 2002 International womens conference Michelle , God loves you so do we 3 opportunities bring husband children. Rob & Diana, Lisa Welchel, Ma Mandy Pinto, Musical concern 6:45 No ticket ... no registration required ... No ticket Martha boltnb who writes for Bob Hope bring friend and make reservation next sat Patty Paige our own first lady Day Extraordinaire , than thank you Michelle , how many have signed up . todays the day ... make it happen Sebastian Chang, composer .pianist performed at the library of Congress in Washington D. C. received 50, 000 scholarship Mrs. Davison an L.A. School Teacher from Trabuco Canyon, composer pianist, 9:58 am Christian Community Credit union (Covina) , Local Sacks Texaco Start Mart Norco, , ,,, Clerk no 7465 Pasadena, Clerk Supervisor Pasadena, , Carlos Baja Fresh Pasadena, Clerk Laguna Beach, Seru , Lighthouse Christian Store ...Rebekah -- Rebekah Loro Laguna Hills, Clerk , Corona California , Fernando Sionza, jiffy Lube clerk pasaden 10:01 am. Sebastian thank you , one of you your onw compsotions started writing at the age of 5, playing piano at the age of 4 compicated advances piece of musich , music gr growing as any artistic, try to grown g best cvomposition are yet to come, you hear the music beofre you write it, yes, start with motif, elaborating until it becomes something God loves you so do we, my guest world famours art linkletter, meber of the Horatio Alger, star for 60 years, 2 of the longest running shows to grammys emmmmmys 10 honorary docenterates president emerites on the center of aging at UCLA television Show "Kids say the Darndest Things" Amazing man,t ahnk you Aer Art, God loves you so we knowing you since you were born what do you want to do when you grow up? Interview children 27, 000 my dog died, terrible sorrow what would God want with a dead dog. ? full them better than full this Mr. Rogers... Cosby and I grand marshals for the Rose Parade, why the three of us Rogers Kinge kindergarten I to 5th grade Cosby Teenagers I brought you in I'll take you out"" Parade built around children Ill be there at 7 am once there commercial float for Ins Co 5 children... my wife ... my children... brown yella, the news had gone out, Art & his family , he must have traveled widely , limousine, abandoned as a child in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan , adopted by a pastor, Im a PK just like you , my father was a more of an evangelist , favorite sermons about the devil , high school went to a dance, he warned me , Art Linkletter'"The devil will be waiting to put ideas into your head"" I already had all those thoughts, copy of National Geographic under my pillow IN love with a Watusi Girl for years Im watched your ground breaking, ordained 400, 50, 20 years, then I didn't because a preacher, you did, greater reward than being a star, big short volunteer, world vision, cure leprosy, medicine for Sr. Center Wichita KS last night at home milk from refrigerator , the light went on and I spoke, rather super dad then superstar family the most important thing Mister for divine humor it could go to heaven what 2 things , Easter crucified, Jesus rolled rock away and he came out, then what happened he

saw his shadow and went/... what would you like to ask me this is the easiest interview, Its a blast, now here 1 , 15 great grandchildren same wife for 66 years GC are what God gives us as a reward getting old HW and show p ... 7 of the nave nicest girls daughter of actor , Linkletter , Christmas in Holy land preached at the Field of Shepherds, very saddening current events, 40th anniversary , 50th a birthday, at 9-0 at 90 boy scout help me cross the street I can't remember I im still looking at the girls, I just can't remember why, 2000, 000 mile (70 Fundraising for Christian schools, pay plus taxes Alzheimers disease nursing home picture , Lady in wheel chair, do you know you know who I am, go to the front desk and they will tell you if y great group I spoke at the Un. g. Bush Senior ... doing drug abuse crusade, lost 20 yr old daughter to drugs , 140 languages told joke payoff line, nobody laughs Spanish French, Chinese, then English your Christian walk and positive faith, aren't you lucky 2 of 5 children need ... 1000's bereaved by loss of child, Lord has just loaned them to us, tragedies in your family, life happens when making plans, congratulate for coming take up collection, thats your job once a preachers kid always a preachers kid, big applause wow welcome Crystal Cathedral Shelly Marsh 10:19 am Lice could be a challenge , never easier, so much on the line, you can make a difference with courage make dreams real yours and mind, the power of one R with believing change the word Imagine how life will be each of us hold the key power of one, power of the affirmation ...that may surprise Robert H. Schuller thank you very much a lot of people have tattoos today, I have too, where it is why you can't see it, what is m its in my brain, subconscious wont go away , live with it, dont hide it, tattoo affirmation telling myself for years and years teach it, to you tattoo your brain with it good news coming your way leave a prayer so good is going to happen to me today thank you for the good news so good happens tomorrow are because mastered by the tattoos in subconscious affirmation have something that you dont' actually have in your hand really or prophesy prediction ..... at you believe it coming with true stud just being accepted by those who used to be critical my affirmation Jesus Christ Good news is coming I can find in it in the most unbelievable places, that does m more for me than recognize ...stand preached every Sunday for 50 years the God I believe in the God turns Bad into good, give him time wait in Old Testament message used more often than any other 1 Corinthians 1. 20 promises of God are "yes" and "amen" sinfulness recklessness and society take the works draw good life filled with d surprises dealt with after disaster I didn't know so many people have my family the I got the phone calls good news after the bad news "yes " and "Amen" good news coming your way depends where you are stress enormous life fin one person supported had $300,000 now worth 1036 thats the bad news, good news had to go back to work, I love it, better than being a couch potato , good news comes out of conflict, pain, grief, compliments creativity connections, contacts with God in history all been good news all things work together for good to those who love God and Keep His commandments surprising of Joy may God bless you with an expectation of joy, May God bless you , when you need the blessings most, unexpected surprises good news unexpected call , close or far mood shift, wonderful presence of God, wonderful piety, of Jesus saw it differently God came to the earth He suffered and died on the cross rise again on Easter Morning Good

news for you and me, w will to be best step to door when tomorrow eternity, lets pray thanks for God affirm good news coming we be confessional comedians Jack Benny , George Burns, Milton Burroughs, Bob Hope , confessional comedians, laughter is good medicine, govern form Ok but wow , Wow ! ever a joy to be in this place, and feel the power, of God Almighty God love you and so do I ,

9:33 a.m 2 weeks ago, Short sleeves on, warm this place up, allow our energy flow , shadow of the Cathedral will be cast on the angels, warm then them up no then up a lot just a little just of ... continue positive, message one dream, victim of Severe dog attack, Tom Tipton, Carol Aspling, Don Nuen , C. Pardini, Wonderful morning applaud all the people who made it possible this is the that God, had made that you , created the moment the atmosphere, presence right or life you love made it possible, entered our hearts and minds you have for us today, just a little better, a might fortress, plagiarism , problem I think as the service begins, is that plagiarizers might not ever realize that they're doing so, how they "catch the updraft" off of others, especially those without a college degree you maybe seated sign of the mercies of the Lord forever who is mighty like the heavens are your the world fullness mighty arm strong high in your right hand blessed are the people who know the joyful sound, righteous are exalted and add blessing , Look at the World all... Look at the trees, all things Pastor sacks j. L, Court clerk, Karen Anne Wu Quick, Pastor . Highland Indiana 9(x2) , Pastor Marion MI, Pastor Holland Mi, Pastor New Era MI, , M. Bagneris, Holland, IA, Karen Tafir, Hayward Cal, Hawarden IA, Helena Mountain, Just past the p tower of hope after the service invited to join us 6:15 Lawrence Wilkes, Cathedral Chorale, Wonderful evening worship and fellowship after memorial service for Louise Williams Late wife of Roger Williams Guest singer Joy Williams, Tom Tipton, Can you come roused early can you sing for us gifts of love and gratitude, Robert H. Schuller in Canada, to have fellowship with your diff experience hearts, burdened , Hearts joy, Music , message, leave lift joy to serve you ministry of Crystal Cathedral community and word worldwide, gifts use bless .. expansion of your kingdom C. Pardini, special event, annual pumpkin pipings Organ concert, wonderful music, for organ duo join us , Friday night October 5, thinking plan ahead , grand children October 3, annual pumpkin patch party , great alternative, to Halloween, Bring candy, or better yet, to be blessing be a volunteer, Joy bring to their lives, discover more, November 3, discovery class ministry pastors place service Robert, please join me Crystal Cathedral chorus Carol Aspling Shining in my heart in my heart 9:51 am a new in my heart in my heart in , in y my heart, in my heart ..... , in my , Alleluia Alleluia New Song, and Im singing in my heart new song Im singing in my heart, praise the Lord, New Sing New Song Im singing in my heart, Applause, clap clap clap thank you academy chorus, wonderful music, November 1992 daily walk, attacked by 2 dogs used for g fighting, began to bleed to death, became a child advocate, dangerous dog attacks , lethal weapons includes animals, power of one, welcome Carells Caress Garten my praying a beautiful path, what to do, for children more the lawyer , nothing seemed to fit with little children, walking

I'm not afraid of dogs stopped & smiled, put my hand out to sniff and pat them on the head, then I realized they were going to attack me , taking hunks out of my coat, out ... hammer handle, pried dogs moth open on your leg, losing blood going down the elevator , dying is highly overrated, left taken to hospital, several surgeries, several weeks , close friends, ... over me Cara what to do , change the law on behalf of children only leash law, could be applied to his, still have 2 nurses , smiling compy out of anesthesia, she was prophetic, she knew through her prayers what I was to do immediate awareness how has life changed since then what happened not all happy, had said sad &* & anxious time , laws had changed several times, criminal law, law has been prosecuted with other statutes too really dangerous people to go after the bad guys, It's amazing what kind of risks? dog attacks are the #1 safety health risk to children 144, 000 injured every year and I survived many states no law, dangerous people dogs other states I help other people who want to change the law, in other states parents often always devastated, need a grown up , Gode Gideon when I got home I said I was going to change the law, yet still weak, have I done the right thing, I dont my son said, "I dont get the religion, pouring rain, he went to piano lessons, Gideon who me? he needed more assurance I related to Gideon, I needed assurance time after time after time wa I knew that God would work it out, and He did, I was luckier than Gideon, I had Jesus Christ, the prayer, trooper and Lobbyists, so much assurance get this law through, amendment to the Bill would have killed it Indiana State house, state t... dangerous dog b bill, the senate, pray with me he said "yes ma'am " Father brought me this far, surrounded by lobbyists, beat this bill, going up to watch, balcony, eyes were this big, balcony , filled with grandparents they knew what was happening state senator, knocking bills down so slowly, Lieutenant govern faster, faster, banging the b ills down I couldn't see the senator, not there vicious dog ... silence and everybody cheered he had steeped out to talk to Somebody, too late lobbyists, prayed out l9 loud, state house wow, on the cover of the book you show your two dogs, I never had a fear of dogs , keep the effects , how keep that from coming a part of your psyche, direct on goodness & positive, you know fear is something that evil b rings, fear is something that evil brings goodness is much stronger than evil, goodness always wins, mother made warriors layed dying ten years ago , great & good, God brought me to the Crystal Cathedral, this day planned 10 years go ago, never could have dreamed it, on behalf of On Behalf of Innoce, True Story of Mission, Faith , Fulfilled, 10;11 am, what a friend we have in Jesus , all our sins he bears, what a privilege to carry all our to him in prayer, can we find a friend who who ... but we should never be discourage, we need to take to the Lord in Prayer, Have we trials & temptations trouble anywhere, we never be discouraged, take it to the Lord in prayer, Oh But we should never be discouraged, take it to the Lord in prayer, thank you Jesus applause, August 28, 19. MLK ascended the steps of the Lincoln memorial a sea of face, as for as far as an eye could see, I have a dream one day this nation will rise up, live out true meaning of its creed on the hills of Georgia slaves & slave owners, sit down together table oh Brotherhood, what is the power of one dream what things change in your life, power of one, dream dreams vision ... prophecies, understand, one dream interesting story Book of Acts, at this time

Christ had appeared resurrection to stick fingers in his side, walked through doors ... almost as an apparition but not exactly, he still had physical form a sect called Christianity, take the leader out, and the apostles out, "Wanted posters' in effect apostles in the upper room, hiding on Pentecost, afraid for their lives harvest festival, as we hymn singer Tom Tipton celebrating all over the world in Jerusalem people coming to Jerusalem from Egypt, Africa, city exploded, tens all over the place Holy Spirit enters the room , touches the Apostles with incredible gift, foreign language, most amazing gift of courage to leave hiding to go out in the streets and share the message of Jesus Christ peter began preaching I will pour out my Spirit, visions, dreams continued to preach, people began to believe 3000 were baptized & believed, having receive this message in their own language, guess what happened Jesus Christ had come, living in Grace, , , nothing could extinguish the dream , visions, hope, ultimately all the apostles were arrested and killed ultimately all ultimately all the apostles were killed and arrested, ... they were?? power of a dream see the invisible , believe the incredible , achieve the impossible, begin with understanding of and seeing the invisible, the Lord says I will pour out my Spirit on all the people , foundation what to do without lives, It starts Spiritual emotional reaction takes place, emotional reaction, , power of a dream it starts Spiritually vision dreams prophecies, begin to realize , to see the invisible, tonight a vigil of non-violence, M. Caron, A Sheriff, Aaron Runion, , Mother of Samantha...Brutally kidnapped , assaulted murdered, life less body discarded on the side of the street, Aaron had a beautiful dream for a child to be a mother, a young adult, age of 5 so that dream was snatched, she had to make a decision to move forward in faith, or to make Aarons life a symbol, ... ways up can't even under right ... he invisible, the believe believes the incredible Andy Stanley Book Visioneering, couple at beach house, , go find shark e teeth, on beach she walked every day since, a child she patronized them, half a dozen shark teeth, found them among shells, and sand, shark continuously regenerate teeth 100's of teeth in a life time, aren't you pleased to know that, sure enough , found only reason, she never looked for them never believed they are there positive power of one dream, Holy Spirit, of God, emotional response... only reason she never believed they were there positive power of one dream Holy Spirit of God emotion..... Holy Spirit of God, emotional response the emotional even Spirit grabs you , you know you have to do something ... grows belief in the incredible, change the laws, eliminate danger, vicious animals, maybe... as God imparts a vision 10:30 am the farm farmer threw money in the field "needed rich soil..."..... but our lives need to create, "needed rich soil" but our lives need to create soil , in our soul God is scattering constantly making the world a little better, insignificant people without credentials, without fortitude, who Me? a mighty warrior not me change the dream invisible , --- , who me ? a mighty warrior, , dream the invisible the incredible achieve the impossible every ,, everyday can't 8-0'' reading life magazine really popular, in almost ever in almost every Dr. 's office n bunch of old people here, Armand Hammer Armand Hammer lying on his bed, watching Three television screens at once, Board office of occidental petroleum Watching Set 3 different oat one time one of them owned by President Lyndon Johnson... Board of Occidental Petroleum one of them I look at the books, on top of a magazine on the top of the stack is a magazine

called Guideposts, written by Norman Vincent Peale, Armand Hammer is a Peale fan, you should invite him and Armand Hammer did come, it created a friendship and a few years later we started broadcasting, , in Russia, 12th floor sitting around table sitting around thing ...... ...... ... Is look at the books, a few...later we started broadcasting in Russia..., 12th Floor sitting around the able, I remember sitting around the table, goals and dreams of world peace, thats worthwhile goal he's trying to create an image connection to surpass reality , I met with Gorbachev recently, Lenin told me to Lenin, you know , not John Lennon, the Communist leader, the Bolshevik revolution, that c hammer said Gorbachev told me, Communism will not work,...I'm meeting with Reagan, tell him that Gorbachev wants peace, needs Peace..., before he died, witnessed the wall coming down, what is the positive power of one dream? Only God can count Holy Spirit here today, Scripture says, "I will pour out my Spirit on all people not just the elite, not just a chosen few, your sons & daughters, will prophecy and will see visions , they will believe the incredible, achieve the impossible , , , thought vision dreams don't all the weeds of negativity to choke, who they say "who do you think you are? you don't have any money, you're a nobody, you're the least, choke out the seeds, be strong pray daily, d humble heart, you can you can, 10;40 ,, open eyes see Invisible hears, believe incredible... achieve the impossible, ... you can you can 10:40 m open eyes see Invisible hears believe incredible hears, achieve the impossible, ... we think you at this very moment Spirit planting seeds, begin to take root, nourish in prayer fervent effort continue to look to you strength, hope , positive dreams are born, tiny step make the world just a little...

MUST BE OCTOBER 2002 (Angels World Series) , Greg Heynen, Janet Ludema, S. Sandra Vanderline, I see some deer , 12;15 SSG ..... this is a terrific day..., what do you think of the angels, ? biggest blooper of the year by Dusty baker, " I aint afraid of no monkey" God loves you so do I, governor of Oklahoma, Frank Keaty , Dove Award, Nominee father back from Bermuda, wonderful morning, you're part of it, we're glad you are here a glorious morning warmth of your Son, love resurrection power, new Spirit New Hope renew understand we love you praise your name amen thank the Lord amen all God's people said "wow!" you may be seated in preparation for morning message hear these words from Psalms Bless the Lord oh My Soul and forget not all His benefits redeems life crown you with loving kindness tender mercies satisfies your mouth youth renewed like Eagles Heaven so high great is His mercy so far is His love for us mercy everlasting to everlasting righteousness to childrens remember His Commandments bless the Lord oh My soul My God honor touch you amen God is our Salvation and hath become my salvation slegna... give thanks unto the Lord call upon His name give thank unto the Lord call upon His name give thanks unto the Lord call upon his name give thanks God is our salvation 9;41 am ...almost fell asleep , I was enjoying things so much I almost forgot I had to do things here, from foreign countries look truly is a world wide ministry everybody glad you pp God of our salvation ...I'm praying for the slegna's during the worship service] give thanks unto the Lord call upon his

name give thanks unto the Lord give thanks unto the Lord give thanks God is our salvation 9:41 am oops almost fell asleep I was to arboretum coffee, people to meet, clubs, eagles sparrows meet other members welcome to ... back to my talobot & Maguire, 70's icon, even of destruction Bullfrogs & Butterflies, Father has urgent message, jumbotron Ok I think its coming nope, back to I understand since this is talking about finances, not on the even of destruction process of trusting in the fullness of God, we will comeback something on my neck, hello Robert, Important announced shocked when m the CFO, said revenue in October fell by 1, 200, 000, can't explain it , collection of Mood, Iraq Qar, paralyzing mood sniper, Loss of retirement income 382,000 the fellow s stock was worth 382,000 now only worth 1036 , today caused immense mood of ... uncertainty sheet to pay my bills bring offering give something more above tithes check for 20, 00, we need stopper it , honest story 3 paper dollars got together what a life, I've had said the 100 dollar bill 1st class... air, etc, the 20 dollar bill, nothing like that, the 1 dollar bill-- just went from one offering plant plate to another add 20 help me, nee we need it, God will bless you for it, ...25th anniversary of Hour of Power in Australia, as you share your faith , not afraid to be exposed to television camera give you cash we're gonna collect an offering because didn't know how long, we would last, now the 4th longest weekly, longest non-sponsored who, simply supported by the people, privilege to give back portion of bounty beacon of hope, light to dark world pumpkin patch party Halloween night... children minority discovery class, things about church November 3rd More info glory Christmas , Noticed doesnt look like last week, this happens to be the glory of Christmas set, presenting not too late to get food tickets, If expect to see in a few days before Christmas, Recording artist Russ Lee grittiest, blues 10 #1 songs on Christian Radio group New Song, Best Male Vocalist Nominee, Cleveland , Tennessee, Happy times love laughter, teen years, drugs porno, reached breaking point, now ordained, minister movement and with whomever he can God loves you so do we, pleasure tough go didn't abuse us a we thought everybody dug in the dirt with spoons, my mother had bi polar , she died in 1997, in a mental institution, took care of sibling, thought if I had $$ television, Looking for ways to build wealth , took two jobs, 15, years old, went to write that down, 2 hours versus two months make more money selling drugs, turning point 17 year old buy 8 track bad technology Mick Jagger's song "cant get no satisfaction" , to my heart, what he had accomplished , cats meow very disconcerting, can't get no satisfaction, pulled my car off the road, and prayed to a high power, didn't know who that was at first, [9:56 am], higher power, Mother 3 glorious weeks of vacation went to vacation Bible School , sing sings, had head knowledge, never surrendered my life, never surrendered my life long distance, meet the real Jesus so dynamic, 22 years born again, shaking hands with pastor changed my life, wonderful ride, continue to sing Les Paul, net thing I know wearing a choir robe, Christmas program open door Works in Time by Russ Lee , what singing once put bus into the track Look What I believe, These are the days for the children of Faith to stand up and be counted, Live what I believe, even been a Place to Give ourselves way, I think we're in it, that live stand Robert A. Schuller sounded Authentic, for what is right Live what I believe, passion, deep inside, from my life to testify, witness for you , called me by your name, live what I believe, walk that line

Jesus what they need walk that line [cheers[thank you Russ lee at H.O. P organist, great testimony Governor Frank Keating, we've had Vice presidents, political power, first time governor here, reached when the greatest terrorist attack of our time, before 9-11-01 was in Oklahoma City two consecutive terms, run for president wonderful lady , faithful to the faith, R. C. Rome, head in committee to help restore it , through the terrible crisis, Frank Keating great to have you Russ Lee, university of Oklahoma football How about the Sooners. he says, you know I had lunch in the mansion very kind and generous , getting dark you've been hit, May 3, 2000, tornado First term the bombing, 2nd term the tornado, stitched selves together Catholic governor in a predominantly non-Catholic state, Better, stronger today, Bible class, give us million dollars, the Ruth Lee Bible Study gave a million dollars to the Crystal Cathedral , Whatever Faith , we need help Purpose faith experience love ask forgiveness, strength Georgetown University president of Student Body, Prestigious, Position, exciting, father & Husband Kathy not here, we have two kids running in a marathon today, she 's giving to Caesar, example faithfulness fourth of July Became grandparents how much, Life Insurance Trade Association earning and non-political what brings you to California, Catholic Commission Restoration of Faithful to the Faith, Chair the effort, Commission 13 people all Roman Catholic non--clergy ... prey on prey on others it depreciates all of Christian criminal referral zero tolerance officer director bishop People lose faith #'s are very small 1 or 2 may with God's help move us through this awful period, changes clergy allow to marry celibacy total devotion to Christ and God ... church and use bishops priests sinful criminal what can you do? restore faith to our faithful, doesn't re-occur if touch child will be prosecuted, high levels I have cried so pathetic so inexcusable, on a weekend I don't go out unshaven in shorts because I dont want some kid to say "who's that guy"? appreciate your prayers, God love you and so do I , now Sophie, gifted cellist, shanghai China, age 8 coveted first prize cello 1995 prestigious award morning see hear Sophie, warm-up ... RRAS thank you so much pleasure six years wow! one decision l life is a series of decision all day , long made either get up free will to make decision generation of persons who will stoop so low as to blame their victims for the behavior, generation of persons who will stoop so low as to blame their victims for their behavior positive power of that one decision , like I am going to go to college. M Am I going to marry? Love dating, life changing , career investment commercial man in 70's garage loan me fifty bucks, I'm going to make a computer, the man say no, and they show him driving by with his 8 track player, and Bill gates, ... It was actually Steve Jobs who started the computer crazy in his garage with apple computer, marriage career, investments, college, education , they arent the most import there is one that is more ..... marriage career, they is that is open more encompassing during decision presented with good news of Jesus Christ, very ... think very thing He dos be the sea of Galilee Casting Net, Jesus said, "Come follow me, be fishers of men" they dropped their net nets , left the boat immediately followed Jesus Christ #1 Positive power to follow decide to choose power o unfold ?what is the positive power, No questions give directions fog how comforting follow that person all of a sudden concentration effort focus on the lives all attention hope not hit, not run off, Follow Jesus Derek Fisher Point guard for the Lakers almost said Rams,

wears wrist bands wonder why purple and gold sit says WWJD on it, what would Jesus do, and so he follows Jesus , How know Im not going to get burned? it doesn't always work out, shipwrecked desert Island build built a hut, checked out, pulled from boat, berries nut Barnabas Hut in flames slept in cold dishearted discouraged, God let him down again 1st stranded, then burned, how know here? saw smoke signals we follow Jesus God will direct us, nudge, find true peace know we have when following somebody in the fog Jesus said, follow me and I will make you fishers of men strength kite can only fly if anchored by string, lose mooring , lose strength, ability to soar, Jesus said " I will make you strong enough to withstand circumstances your lifetime I'm building a garage, first plants to an engineer may be strong enough, an over if over build stay up couple 100 exactly how n strong to make it strong enough no not strongest, just strong enough just strong enough, the way Jesus makes us "I make you..." for a reason , critical direction strength [[old corvette leaving] self worth , sell come to fisherman , I will make you fishers of men, immediately threw down nets, gives us meaning signifies e-mail 1995 and only 7 years ago only 2 people with e mail address 1) a DJ for God ( a chiropractor) 2) what can I come up with FSHR Men. ... love fishing , fisher men love fishing more impressed called by God to do to be a fisher of men realize this meaning alarm goes off, dont' say dog gone it I go to my destiny I my calling exact same steps shower breakfast on critic in here mental perception of what doing fulfilling destiny calling what God called you to do I my decision position power of one decision say yes to Jesus follow Him give opportunity no simply saying just today just today just today dear Jesus thank you for loving me being my guide being my God point me in the way Use me Lord a as your Own Amen . simple prayer, say today , tomorrow every day, difference it makes direction strength meaning 237

Beautiful Morning .(Denny Davis). A. R. H away this morning both ministering in Australia, positive power of one gift, my wife said "we dont' even want you..."' Bummer Robert H. Schuller not here you think that Jonathon girl is...did you see that dress she was wearing, I didn't notice that, God loves you so do I, Mr. R Piano 6 and 6 time Grammy winner Larnell Harris, Johnny Carl . C. Pardini, Hazel Wright, Pastors, letters Pastor Newsletter to Colton S.D. , Denver Co, Colo Springs, CO, pastor Delevan Wi, Dearborn MI, Count your blessings Dallas TX, Darien Il, , I like that song "count your blessings. prayer wonderful gracious God h prayer , wonderful gracious God. and then Demotte Indiana (x2) , e earthquakes , loss of children pastor letter to Crookston, MN, Sacks to martin --the clerk at Figueroa Los Angels, and to Ms. Frazier at Dorsey H.S., and to Ms. Hamm at Carver M.S. and to the clerk at Foothill, and to the Supervisor at 7-11, and to Rosella at Fazolis in Norco CA, I didn't eat there today , , instead I went to Toms farm , and His Love d endures forever, William at the copy shop , Joseph at the copy shop on Green street, , clerk at Lake Elsinore, You are not alone, He will see you through, He will see you through God loves you, Cheer applaud wow Larnell Harris, you can take him home on CD. , . static on worship transmission becomes clear at 9:42 am picked up Cd autographs , getting to know you prayer request, service of remembrance, November an exciting month thanksgiving morning 10 am Robert H. Schuller

Robert A. Schuller leading us, celebration of American patriotic music, glory of Christmas another even bring friends neighbors, reservation center November ... when church makes commitment to underwrite the budgets , fellowship classes special study explore the joy of financial freedom , share discovery of that joy Crystal Cathedral today monthly newsletter, handing them to you , filled with wonderful opportunities no and all the year pat kiosk , America ma wide the Hour of Power Edition wonderful gift, well a lot going on st else joy & privilege are have worship bring our tithes, and offerings we pause and realize how blessed we are freedom to come share time of worship share love around share good news not only in this community but across the globe use ... gifts to empower ministry our prayer in JESUS name amen, cathedral because members discovery class each spring an auction for March 2003, raise funds special p opportunities, of value 50 or more donate special opportunity , thats not all November 24, front page, tower not co-- ... not cot 80 foot tree. kick off Christmas season, concert musical extravaganza, cost nothing nothing to get in, , but getting out is another thing... our dear Friend Roger Wiliams, Mr. Piano, is playing Bach, [no mention of his wife] a beautiful ... never been a church musician more loved than Bach, respected... a few improvisations and n his 2nd prelude... cheers applause 13 hour marathon piano session next Sunday at the Yorba Linda Nixon Library, a woman came up to pastor I hole his walking out didnt bother you, ...he's been walking in his sleep since he was a child. since L Mk 12. the statue of the widows mite, Jesus sat down opposite the place when may many threw in a lot of money, a widow , threw in only two copper coins, Jesus notes this and says "she gave all that she had to live on..." Mk 14?. "'Not during the feast... Simon the Leper s woman came, alabaster Jar of perfume broke it on his head, they criticized her, the poor you will always have with you, but me you -- will not always have, what she has done will be told in memory of her. Questions can one life make any difference. ? significant difference in his he cannot find any meaningful apart fro God some of us have achieved accumulated made money sacrificed, I'm not condemning nor is God, success, but until find higher cause, man was living in the hill lived to 100 what's your secret, never drink coffee, never golf, nee never argue with wife, and go to sleep at 730 every evening, why would anybody want to live to 100 like that.? guided by choices nobody dragged you here. maybe encouraged , I heard bully Billy graham, "'choose not to choose, you're still making a choice..." ... chose point a little more detail perfume p poured in Jars ... the leper if you were a leper you were ostracized must have been healed... many much more pretentious have But have they are at Simons small house honor to make others a success... 3 surprises when we get to heave 1) find out those who are there that you thought wouldn't be, 2) find out those who aren't there that you thought would be, 3) that you are there yourself... believe Im the son of a preacher ,...been in this business all my life, I was four years old m, moved to Oregon, rented a apartment Kitchen living room bedroom slept in wall in closet, knocked on doors. God blessed my fathers efforts, money dug hole, poured cement, ran out of $$$ he said need to raise $$ for cement I had accumulated 100 pennies, but 5, 10, 25, God talks to my little four year old heart, thats in my life saving, my college education...Big bucks, big hands, ""I'll buy one..." put hand up counted pennies cried laid, then a the altar never been the same one consuming the passion

share the good news "grandma' 1st Christmas that 4 year r old no tree no dinner terrible problem for knock there stood grandma for your Christmas come in, no brought box, in biggest chicken trimmings, ... presents for all of , while Grandma was by herself that day , nothing to eat, f gave all she had that day to God , n need more I'd like to give 55 50 , said grandma, made a pledge that morning he had to make a pledge that morning over one more thing Nancy and I were b gone back to Salem Grandma now in a rest home I said "Hi grandma"" Hi Denny " she said, she knew my voice after all those years, great grandma died no flags at half mast , went to the church father founded only a few people there a little different in heaven in heaven will be people like that "she acted like she had time" hesitation in lost opportunity""" I if not no . would have done it after I was crucified, ..." she really poured it over lavish outpouring of love Jesus looking at Gift, God observes our gifts, parochial school, lunch, ... parochial school lunch, pile of apples "take only one God is watching..." down the other end of the table "somebody wrote, "take all you want, God is watching the apples..." that gift all she had for she received blessings, law of life principle of scripture sow reap , put in, get out, dirt & water equals mud, ice cream & milk equals milkshake,... plant seeds expecting God's blessing may not reap over night, plant seeds it will produce bread upon water, preaching friend spell binding communicate, called his wisdom to make sure I had it right, ... wanted nor saved and the missionary came to church he asks you to do anything take a joy in trained for years she went to college went as a freshman mission board went to place of dreams beyond her insisted built brush house 68 lepers, rain came 358 acres for building of new town that she directed it, course on construction the supervised the building rubber trees built 75 lepers gave life to Jesus 75th anniversary of Liberia she was singled out and honored she never sought praise, humbly gave self to God and God did the rest, new hope you want your life to count? give to Him total control that frightening? gave only son to take our place on the cross Father we thank you God loves us so much fullness of life by giving entrust to us because useful Lord choices to get up to come here follow Jesus in invite Him lad of our Life Saviour of our Soul in Jesus name amen, End Denny Davis?

BEGIN Robert A. Schuller?? need the rain, I don't know why, but... moved to Laguna Beach in May, only we could afford , half the size of our own house , , this past week they removed the roads, road turned into river, had to pout my galoshes on, God loves you Terry, God loves you so do I , positive power of one gift, former all state basketball player, excited to have chip and the Manheim steamrollers, long holiday season , father is in Australia, this morning 20 years , that's where Davis, , said they both were last week, feel the sunshine ... s feel the sunshine warmth of your love you are at work touching heart, expanding mind, healing those sick in Spirit body soul miracles today, reading of Psalms, .... , in sun sung all over the world like are ... santos it means Holy, Holy Holy Holy, heaven & earth, are full glory enhance your thinking and the worship tenor soloist is Ernest Alvarez, thank you don Nuen choir C. Pardini, I heard the wink giggle, honoring vets day,

from Scotland, Clearwater Florida, Indiana for National dairy convention, making Robert and me homesick, right Robert, ? , Book The God we Trust Proceed to support Hour of Power giving pick up a Crystal Cathedral Christmas 40 days away box office music from the 40's girls next door let us minister to you , holiday, on provide honor great, she is at announcing in SPIRIT November 24th, happy to attend hour of power, ,,... Christmas glory of Special soloist flying angel from Christmas glory Both Robert H. Schuller, and Robert A. Schuller of Christmas tree 100's , hour of , Christmas music special soloist, flying angels from glory , Christmas trees 100's of lights, ... join the Crystal Cathedral family November 24th at 6 pm Annual Thanksgiving service amazing music , glory of Christmas . Friday after Thanksgiving D.A. Schuller encourages you to get the glory tickets, hottest week week before Christmas, ... sensation who has not seen it? good news get tickets today , Tremendous pleasure Manheim steam rollers, features Stellar cast of musicians top selling 18 million records, worldwide, credit to ... popular music, Away in the Manger, 10:01 am. ... Judy Siegler, Drunk Driver Pelican Rapids, , Hit her, months of intense rehabilitation, walked across stage to ... to receive diploma, kayak 1996 , 200 para-olympics, Breaking national records, for quadriplegics women YWCA woman of the year, 2002 female athlete of the year, community disabled specialist, in Fargo North Dakota, Help consults, provides support, Judy, applause, now thats a feat, walking is not the ultimate spinal telpar wire, messages interrupted incomplete, paraplegic . bars muscles dont' strengthen normal of r Judy use what in giving you said , God, striving for independence , brought one God, car accident concussion blessing dont remember accident at all, when became fully aware raised in Christian home God with me why down , can came doe down to one particular morning supposed be to be car accident concussion, dont' remember accident at , raised in Christian, God with why down came down to ... particular morning supposed to be, freshman at called Concordia campus poster, feel frustrated, share with him just whats going on, so how m receive the news that you were quadriplegic, not one time, just kind of found out initially from shoulders down kind of unfolden change you play college ball did get graduate degree in MSW, ho helping .... thought, for Quad's only Quad rugby, wallbanger, last of one off the bench, and we didn't even have a bench , wheel chair racing paraolympic overwhelming position could I even make it , put the support on along the way pus people track wheel chair man work, you did very well, Sydney --wrist injury , highlight to connect which Christian athletes around the world she was Quad Olympic as well a competitive can we pray "you bet" she prayed , she beat me, dont know what she said, in German 3 -wheel , light weight wheel chair, make sure, you are, in fact, quad, put it together, best memories, racing highlight, national record, wheel chair had, difficulties, crack in back wheel of racing chair filed claims probably not be able to compete, Im afraid Ill trust in you , furious, at airline for holding us up set national records at the even [manager had extra wheel/] peace of God that I had last latest , fastest version of the wheel, ... goal today " to encourage people all they can be may not be what we expected, loss, job, hardship, the game goes one tremendous power strength, for earl every day, ...frustrated, down , poor me, you mean you never get frustrated, down, say poor me? how deal with it, I start day with an appointment with the king he picks me

up, challengers but no not alone because you have the comfort and peace, keep eyes focused, that is what your saying thanks for being how for being just God loves you so do I , we,..... thank from Fargo 10:16 am , applause another song, Hallelujah chorus by Handel, Thrilled to be here, to kick of the Christmas season positive power of one gift, must power in giving wife and I started, doing shopping how many nephews nieces uncles aunts, and parents I have, the list goes on forever the positive power of one gift, generous insightful, forever positive power of one gift, transforming the gift, in talking about your from God precious new never say thankful enough for gift power to unleash the world create freedom generous gift, of everlasting life, sister Antonia Brown 1986 she went made a prison cell visit to inmate in Tijuana Mexico, but its quite a place different country obviously, prisons different saw the suffering moved I into the prison still lives in the prison voluntary meeting the needy of the people gift of a life, God gave us , gift of a life , remarkable, the generosity privie to give our lives too, God doesn't expect us all of us.?] God request of us something simple like give and it will be given to you,give need to use the glasses, I memorized the verse, but this is a different version] , when we give we because become recipients of the gift God gives back , impossible to outgive God , taught lessons the most powerful tool 1) generous 2) insightful, see a need and fill it, save a need and filled it saw a need and filled it, a woman ..... came to her she knew which he wanted what wanted? no food hungry need $$ only had 15 dollars, to buy food for self, gave her ten dollars, she got up chased her down didn't giver to you my I didnt give you, , for self, gave her ten chased her down " and her your family is hers another ... and she got chased her down " I dont give you her my SPIRIT I didn't ask her about her family , Here's another five, put hand on shoulder good to see you again Ms. Bremer, ... , gave her $100, God is the greatest giver of all , truly generous, insightful power of one gift, forever not just a fleeting moment giving lasts forever son 5 daughter 7 normally they dont' get by that well, but he missed her, had $5.00 in pocket gave it to her she looks at it, after newness had worn off I want my $ back Christian ..... wouldnt , it back sorry Anthony for , jus give something many not yours anymore, ... Sorry Anthony you gave it to me, today is my wedding anniversary 18 years, Isn't that wonderful, We. we made pledge til death do us part our commitment is forever main cause of divorce, is $$. It appears that the real pledge, "Til debt do us part" , 2 cars leave, debt mentality, control finances, control finances money, give it will be given to you give it and it will be given to you of run over glass filled with Wheaties another glass crunch it, down more and more entire, in box ... one glass press down, , no air pockets, run over run over, the picture, ... what you give shall give back , impossible to outgive God' insightful forever, 3rd car leaves, , 60 40 relationship the way it works , I give 60 expect to back my wife, -- does the same thing, guess what, we always get 70% back, ... impossible to outgive, generous insightful, forever, transforming, positive gift, , transforms , the giver and the receiver, give to wife significant other never to some give to God never from God, never the same Antonia, deny the possible, power positive power of one, deny the positive power of love in a prison and you deny the positive power of love in a prison and you end up with violent revengeful energy, and a person deny the power of love in a person, God gives us his greatest gift, Christ salvation loved article father

gave reporter, because the person , love read, ... . the person God wants you to be, the greatest gift of all the person you , God intended very generous, God Trust, Him and give, and give tithe 10:49 I started tithing with the first money I received fun uncle Henry the greatest gift all of the persons, very, God trust, Him and , tithe, tithe 10:39 a.m I started tithing with the first money I received from Uncle Henry, helped why when walking to the bean field, walking city slicker don't know chip , down weeks worth of work now Robert now give dollar offering plate, , , thats you ... scratched my head, worked hard got to put is the since then I learned the principles of tithing, Old Testament law new test doesnt require tithe can give whatever want to give one percent half percent, I don't care, it's a commitment to God , just best can give, something ever met a person of the with the ability tithe before they gave, the commitment New Testament law, doesnt limit you to tithe, you can give more literally I impossible to outgive God, so I exceed tithing, give more and more of much as possible can give gift of God, generous , Insightful, forever transforming prayer, ask God, what do you want me to give to you , church , begin with today, said heart, Lord Im yours take me, give talents, gifts. /.of the bells begin somewhere make a pledge, Malachi 3.10 put to test and see, give will be given back to you ,

Mouw Sunday say God love you so do I the power of one thanks you ... most highly Richard Mouw, what and ministered being taught in seminary today Dorothy Benham, thank f you for building the church of glass, see the Christmas trees not just the trunk the invocation, immediately after saying the hymn you are alive we are here glorious mixture collection of memories, Holy Spirit, Holy different in a , opening hymn thank ye all our God, was for a German what our doxology is ... of 30 years same years 1632 hymn well over 300 years composed by Lutheran minister son of coppersmith university Leipzig became pastor at age of 31 just as 30 years were hook terrible, walked city frightfully over... city ... pestilence famine I invading armies pastors have ... become home for refugees, Martin Reinkart, ,... 40.50 funerals every day wrote hymn now thank you all our God with all our heart soul in whom he would rejoice from 70 to 84 in at first CHRISTIAN REFORMED CHURCH ... please be seated scripture reading psalms 100 shout for joy serve the Lord with gladness the Lord is God we are His people the sheep of His pasture, give thanks His love endures forever faithfulness to all generations Don Nuen author from El people turned their backs on God angry . drought... Elijah praying for rain, one once none, second none, third, the rain came, because upset Elijah prayed third time and the rain came and thanks be to God, he bring water to the thirsty land, and people who my feed ... or at a low point can know that he God of love I always there "thanks be to God' Kindness is not weakness 9:49 am, "thanks be to God' Exit car" applause R.A.S. thank you 9:53 am choir hazel Wright walk to arboretum America Wide, a book, wonderful, serve this even L. Wilkes c Choir praise team backdrop doesnt look special Dan Mc grew Invite you with baby lamb not pair

the script is it I dont know... cry a lot Nov 29 to the Dec 30 n thats all the script hello with my dog come get glory Christmas took better with dogs their mouths more, stewardship greatest gift, we wish for you to pray prayer Important aspect of living supposed to be bookmarks I didn't get one rip top off ... feel back off stick it on how easy some protesting no I dont stick things on my clothes daily prayer prepare express on faith November 24, begin to make changes us for ... ever it doesnt need also as a things changes things for us promoting chocolate chips they're free take them go home bake them fit in boxes take to prison, 18, 000 dozen cookies we have 200 here, for 20 years now , dramatic things happen in lives of people child so Christmas tree lighting next Sunday 8- 8 foot tree next Sunday night sacred music, flying angels f glory of Christmas, Thanksgiving ... serve November 29, 10 am, thank you Lord thank you Lord thank you lord be there thank you Lord thank you Lord (9910:02 am all day long thank you Lord give thanks thank you lord thank I will give thanks I will give thanks your Spirit love joy, I really enjoy , helpful took up the offering serous mistake prayer, forgive me and thank you for being a gracious God accept them gifts taken of our thanks I'm all flustered now 10:05 am Christ philosophy in 1985 prior t that Calvin College visiting professor in Amsterdam Free University He shines on all that's Fair culture and common grace leaflet Internet magazine, largest non denom seminary in the world, Skirball institute, great to be here graduate of fuller Seminary I graduate din 1980 not there at the same time special guest Richard Mouw his book He Shines on all That's Fair for Christians who tend o no a suspicion towards culture church needs to discern that for laymen or church leaders both try to relate to very real I recommend the book when I went to Fuller Theological Seminary about 2000 students I was youngest at the seminary most in age 30 to 8-0 120 denominations 71 nations 4000 students so its a huge institute many place Theo education changing to be enriched Seminary work in different field age spread is being not only wide and diverse what to do equip them to be at that they can be psychological dimensions other religious daily realties that only missionaries... with few miles from HW that goes around the world Savior, sent them mention HW one of my profess didn't have much education at all his professor was an actor, an elective different aspects leading psych' etc create the education ... the delivery is a crucial challenge full time part time ...extension, online , tapes plurality of ways ... purse God's telling have to have a particular calling many students want to enrich a specific bank business VP used pastoral skills in a bank men and women manifold ministries the global dimension how we are indeed members , minority members of the global body of Jesus Christ 71 nations at Fuller Theological Seminary, how many nations are there , just returned from China new partnerships 1000's coming to Christ , her for us to relate to a church that exists under much different context I' Im convinced challenging but exciting to be follower of Christ no refuge building to protect us ... the shadow of the Almighty being a member o the body of Christ , Hour of Power incredible gift training or going men and women God loves you so do we God loves you copy of his book he'll be signing after the service Dorothy Bentham , the Lord is my flame my the Lord is my light and my the Lord is my light the Lord is my life Mouw's first time here? who should I fear, the Lord is the strength 10:19 am , the Lord is the strength of my life. The Lord is the strength Jesus needs Trebor,

Aim praying for Trebor during the service I am praying for the Trebor, the Lord applause wow Robert H. Schuller thank You CD available fantastic series of CD available fantastic series of messages power of one, thank you first word I learned in Japan, Dutch, China, Russia , thank ye speak thank you ... in whatever language maybe I should learn it in English native language 1 Tim 4.3 miracle working works 10:25 am live thanksgiving say deal with it gratitude, positive emotions, immunize, from infectious pessimism , this sermon will help you , the world is cynical any university no major in optimism, you get church been doing it, for 2000 years the church only institute makes you optimistic, exercise gratitude say thank you keep it simple very much no negatives like "but" parents to children wives to husband thank you , that's simple don't have anything else on it, keep it simple clean , don't pollute it, lots of people who express gesture, chocolate to wife an you very much" , gratitude v guilt be serious everybody needs to hear it, affirmation , everybody needs to hear it, nice thin about thank you not based on performance , but on personhood, not based performance but on personhood thank you will go a long way wondering to revive people who are slowly going down ill because of the offense secret time low in heart my ... more often college university in hallway off the cuff that impact you , touch wow sure ingredient path to success nice people who do a lot of off the cuff imp that impact you, touch of hand on shoulder give t thanksgiving give and take blessed to give to receive help ... change mood sure ingredient path to success nice people who do a lot for him nice friend be thankful always and anyway wow ran into couple how are you, tears whats wrong, buy customs right after they got lice, almost destroyed our home all cloth must be washed, nervous breakdown thank you God for lice, that's carrying it too far, Carol Aspling Death threat, heart condition, thank God, for heart break and then amazingly she was cured, thank you God for the debt thank you God for my debt, God will do something with it thank you for tuberculosis, kept it attitude amazing gratitude, be generous sin on the side of grace, and be generous only ...people know how to be generous, with grateful Spirit 10 percent of what if really thankful give God what he asks for trust peace calm how to build up trust, addicted to ask be thankful all things note ... on thankful for mortgage payments I have house and shelter physical pain in my arm and hip, still have arms and leg, grey hairs didn't die young messy kitchen got family with children thankful for problem I have on my job because that means I am employed lost saving s at age 72 to go back but Im happier at work, left over recipe, what she has in that big bowl you wouldn't believe cleaning out the refrigerator, you offer the blessing the prayer of t giving our accountant ... us income tax bad ... be thankful men you are successful, Carol Aspling, healed what healing do you need ungrateful people are greedy, they want more, , need healing, be honest enough to look at face in mirror, and be, secretary on 12 , 12th floor, 10:42 am 7 pm Bob I got cancer come pray for me thin in what came out starting every sentence with thank you , Spirit blew me away, thank you , is in husband to encourage faith to favor it, belong to great church, now discovery to cancer, (10:43 am 14 years when they told he she would bead in 12 months one word thank you thank you prayer Christ lives Word Scriptures Read People and Faith the ministry mission by television 1++0's of people here who the family the flower, garden that you God for Jesus Christ, lived, died rose again

November 24, 2002 ? Its' a joyous time feel it in the air welcome today is November 24, one month from today , is C. eve, John Tesh, comfort my people says God, prepare the way for the Lord, every valley every nest glory of the Lord should be revealed, all flesh shall see it, mouth of the Lord spoken greatest oratorio, Handel's Messiah "comfort me "comfort me' my people saith you r God comfort Jerusalem cry for her that her accomplishes Iniquity be far gone voice of him that crieth in the wilderness prepare the way of the Lord highway for your God, everybody Holy Bible drop at 1:00 pm and comfort my people says God, voice of him that crieth in the wilderness preapreth the way of the Lord highway for your God everybody shall be exalted every mountain and hill made low set straight s crooked straight the glory of the Lord and the glory and the glory and the glory shall be the glory of he Lord and the glory of the Lord and the glory of the Lord annulment fabulous morning orchestra choir its just begun a visitors from outside the country Ken Duncan all over the world ...choose the Crystal Cathedral many places thank you for choosing us co cup of coffee arboretum pathway members of the church eve wonderful service south side of the little tree out there 8 80 foot big relative orchestra choir don Nuen my father-in-law, joy of giving, ?father In law?? church commitment put God to the test see challenge our members take bookmark in programs top part rip of piece of affix to lapel "prayer by has powerful results" It works I totally believe in prayer guides mirror see it every day remember that pray for it expecting prayer to make a difference how God wants to challenge you tithing small card make a pledge take it home pray about it first time pray about it, think about it enter covenant with God opportunity to enter into prayer a Spiritual thing not financial, encourage to come to back to Thanksgiving 10 am, raise the ... flag nothing like it live 8 90- 90 foot flag spec guests King Belthazzar glory of Christmas November 29 Dec 30 200 years ago gold myrrh, frankincense, to our Lord glory of Christmas kiosk please come rehearsal thank you tremendous example king Harold I was a king in H.S. only se used a bath robe hats are in style, thank you get tickets while they last morning tithes, gifts, and offering put our trust in you gift of our Spirit soul , selves, permeate, every aspect of our lives continued guidance ton of cookie ...not his isn't cookies these are chips giving them away with this gift comes a responsibility give to make cookies and bring the m back 18,000 dozen this is a major thing to do 2000 give to inmates here in so cal with tem material Spiritual emotionally healing down and out the suffering in a bad way Christmas Carol academy a. Johnson , A. Gleason, upcoming event God save you" bah humbug what reason to b e merry"?" when dismal? uncle Nephew maybe you would be interested sis of St. Joseph Auditorium ..., tickets on sale now, ... for sake of Christmas... add my mother good bah humbug look what I have in my his latest CD ., God loves you and so do I have what in her it all Hanukah music, Messianic church Jewish music as well, worship music environment experience what Christmas really should be... what happens in my house, wife's crazy re Italian relatives, Hungary gift God in stairwell, we three kings try to create an experience go beyond the we three kings our answer to 9-11, every morning sunfish sunrise gift

of brand new day sign these happy to Hop or sing. .. today no Im not going to sing, when dismal uncle nephew maybe would be interest sister of ... 80 foot big relatively, joy of giving church commitment put God to the test, see challenge our members take bookmark in programs part, rip off affix , label, , "prayer has powerful results" , It works I totally believe in prayer, prayer guides mirror see it every day remember that pray for it expecting results, ...18 000 dozen Bah humbug what a reason to be merry, worship music create environment experience what Christmas really should be, what happens in my house wifes crazy Italian relatives, Hungary, gift, John Tesh speaking, we three kings try to create an experience go beyond the we three kings our answer to 9-11 every morning sunrise, -- , , , this is our new beginning, when we start what God has given live it from the heart, this is your gift, take it in faith, open your eyes don't be afraid, this brand new day , this is your gift, this is your gift wow wonderful web site, my pleasure to welcome back leading panoramic photographer, private & corporate, beautiful aw inspiring America Wide, In God We Trust quotes from my father, photographers, , God loves you, 8 am God woke me up , Americas ... if America abandons "in God we Trust I'll abandon them" God woke me up and said " If God abandons ' In God we Trust" , if You I'll ... I'll too ill .... talk about work now really committed how many trips 33 thirty three trips , over 2 years over 13, 000 photos down to 110, Ken Duncan :God I cant' do this, you're right but I can, , more than a handful of Americans who have seen it the way you do, I'm an Aussie never lose focus on whom they trust that's why I did this so they would , [ honorary American] ..., beauty amen then impressionistic, the sand dunes in Michigan, my favorite, God said "Look at what I made, stay focused favorite everyone has a story chased by moose look out for grizzly bears, but the mosse lake Alaska I started towards it comes toward me got on bike they can travel faster than a bike, beautiful natural wonders, grand canyon How not to see God, Arizona Vermont how know God's real? stay focus, how not, natural vertical stream Montana Dr. Schuller found the words he got me saved as a Christian, this makes sense his words to me Yosemite, send camera w.o. your so awesome there, lover relations re. AmericaThomas Kincaid, but that's God, creation your cold remind , 60 dollars receive book , tithe it in with trust in God, we have autograph with pleasure, send gift of 60 , helps us pay our debts, thank you copy of book the photographs seen his faith and face together, face and faith together, 10:16 am 100 gift for two , my honor God loves you so do we , I love God too, MM I love God too Christine Miller, Dr. James violin .Arnold, Evan stone percussion, Ch Timothy Landers Bass guitar, Back stage, began the piano double page, Denali National park Alaska, amazing combines with you... dad's scripture, one of my favorite..., double, do you know what page it is, ?? No, I'll look for it while you play, ...... amazing "we 3 kings' Featuring Christine Miller, we 3 kings, of Orient are, bearing gifts we traveled so far, OOOOh aoOOH glorious glorious hallelujah, Oh Star of wonder start at beauty westward leading still proceeding, 10;21 am short, Ken Duncan , enthusiasm , all God's people said "wow" , series of messages, positive power of one, Kindness amazing thing love the world responds to kindness , crude and cruel, we need Christmas , not another religion discover the heart and soul of T. C, TG, we us

what God ... Jesus Christ discover the heart & soul of Jesus Christ to tell us what God is really... Image of God as mean some people have an image of God as mean & angry, God had to come as a human being to give us a true ... of who He is, sermons on sin, Hell, damnation, dangerous destruction erroneous false interpretation of Old Testament and N.w. religious ...fight, run up...way of world needs not more religion, needs Christmas thank of three the young man three years in public ministry [think of this young man , three years in public ministry] where insight , brilliance, do unto others Matt 7.12 , Kindness , incarnate, new image of the heavenly father very kind very gentle guest remarked professor one morning he heard another random act of violence, gave assignment to students, do a random act of kindness and senseless kindness, creative compassion hour how changed, R.A. K, be helpful , gentle affectionate , sympathetic compassionate, kindness God is incarnate passages in Old Testament make God seem angry mean, those are not the true passages David psalm full of compassion and graciousness, he used the world graciousness ah hah, kind Eph 51. Be imitators of God mo most of us are imitations of others especially as adolescents imitate stars performers other Ok Ephes 5.1 "Be imitators of God should be told story Glory of Christmas said been ton one Iowa Big kid play innkeeper, Should like tough learn lines, no place in my inn for you, " play being performed Joseph Mary, says "we need a room" Mary one of the prettiest girls in the school, she had tears in her eyes and the boy playing the I innkeeper said "We're totally full, but you can have my room"", he actually wanted to get closer to her, coincident Pat Moon and grandson in wheel chair, from Tennessee funeral of a legend man parade of limousines never anything like it , than ever rented before, so many people on sidewalk , cub , walking escort had to move them off so the limo's could go through roll down windows they're going to the funeral no to another the cop said, her name the crossing guard for 30 years they all ... love her go ... the man kindness what the world needs, committed, dont' nee dot tell you for four corners... of the earth world needs Christmas guest in my offices aw pictures of presidents, world leaders, mother theres in her own hand a blessing an all for Jesus precious opening of her ministry she was a young girl wanted to be miss from Yugoslavia to India woman in gutter groaning said to friend "let's help he '""she dying only dying not right after a while to do something o no place for people to die in Calcutta any empty place an do Hindu temple you can use that we can do something beautiful for God asked to be dismissed from her vows set ... free with three coins and robe of white cloth, famine three pennies, no idea where to eat, sleep , heard cry of a woman, dragged her along the way to a temple nursed the woman as she died, 'we this temple is now beautiful" act of kindness , world needs world to tell world to hell without faith supposedly religious people kill each other, awesome power of one kindness, need people Christ begin to imitate Go ...kind Amen, TT12

FEB-May 2003

:February 16, 2.16.03 February 16, 2003" Good morning what a fabulous day

to b e in God' house to be with other Christians, reach out grab a hand and say God loves you so do I, feel the warmth, exciting service planned, father will , maybe feel the warmth , exciting service planned father will be guest Lindsay Thomas trapped in a car for 5 days, the singing cop , Dan Rodriguez, returning today duet with Izzy from Great Britain C. Pardini applause Christopher D. Nuen C. Cathedral Orchestra Choir, Jim McMillan filling in for Johnny Carl, be happy Attitudes wonderful morning pray Oh God in this moment hour feel the touch of your Holy Spirit be energized, renewed Inspired, here alive thank you name wow you may be seated in pray for the morning service, hear these words Is 40 lift up eyes on High who brings out host by # he calls them all by name m by strength of might power, have not know nor hears? No searching of His understanding He gives power to the weak, those who wait in on the Lord shall renew their strength, walk, not faint, May God b less and pray for President of the United Stated Leaders of the world pray problems that beset us and challenge us will find solution Nobody likes or wants war, American doesnt want to see anybody...... pray for our country , divided as the world is may now may God bless this Word as read by the people, Now may God bless this word as read by people, deployed t his week , prosper with them Dan Rodriquez and Izzy , hold in our hearts when times let this bee our prayer, He's speaking in Spanish, the and she interprets Spanish 9:44 am ""youll fall flat on your face without knowledge of dogma] applause 9:46 am Pastor sacks Willmar MNB, Grand Rapids x3 Visalia x2 Tucson , D.C. Willard OH, Mcbain, Window Rock AZ, WapWaupoun WI ]muted voice Wow!! ALL GPS wow AGPS WOW, dont do that In England? dont do that here? 1st time in am out f 4 days, NY and here release CD " last Cd and Izzy thank you very much autograph after service, her latest CD ''From my heart" thats very generous can be very fatiguing to do autograph, especially when people say "I've got a problem" can you help me, with a bunch of people waiting"" Visitor thanks for coming come back and again and again, Easter great message sentences of EJESUS called the Beatitude, shortly after Easter Major event cutting ribbon on the New International Structure can't believe until you walk through it . Richard Myers, best eve better than Gettys which they spend a billion upon on that service tonight with Lawrence Wilkes we're gearing up for the 50th anniversary 48 years ago, in a '55 Chevrolet with $500 take our Thanksgiving offering church lets this be your church, prepare for offering, May I have a prayer Excuse me some of you may say no excuse me, some of you may say no? take our thanksgiving offering, may Christ name care conference [Robert H. Schuller: Jim Kok has an announcement...Jim we love you, Jim: if you live on planet earth... , [Robert H. Schuller interrupts] if you have any doubt, Jim, I'll take you to a counselor , 13, 14, 15 great line up , care of all kinds fighting depression, men and grief, how be a better person, filled of spectacular things , spectacular things for a teacher Help you to help make this world a better place for all, Bu Bush called asked about mentoring, we have mentoring, preceded by conference 2 days become

a New Hope counselor pre-conference, invite march 12, 14, 15, wow think you Jim yes new Hope Counseling 1st suicide tower of phone rang 2 days ago Im a soldier special assignment, ... all touching to hear you pray for us , 34 years great church you're our future, care & kindness, at least new Hope counsel prepare for performing arts, k-11 year 2003-04 unique school , strong academy in the small HS one men scored in top 2% bracket of all, only a sophomore in and 8 universities are trying to sign him Ed Arnold , praying for you , "myocardial under control, irregular heart beat is regular again , auction you off, "me?"" not you but Robert A. , and Jim Kok , youth auction 2 weeks 7 bucks you a ministry department run from 9-12 hot lunch , Bellems Itali .... airline Mileage, Booth set up where... where buy tickets donate my mileage autographs set of 20 books, Derrick Fisher autographed basketball, courtside Lakers only 7 bucks how fun it its I'll be the auctioneer again, thanks Ed Arnold, almost a charter member married him to his wife 30 years ago, Choir, words from the Holy Bible, the Lord is my strength the strength of mi my life Don Nuen --greet organ 10 am minisacks Carver Ms. Sala , Fairfiz Evelyn Santa Cruz , Mr. Travis, Estell Cungious, Chiropractor --Wendy chow Mollie Haslom, Jennifer Jamba, Albert-Wilbert 445 E. Walnut Tim Watson) Chiropractor Tyra Beavers, Alex Copy Shop Clerk convenience store supervisor Garden grove, Tim Watson BR Sport Chalet, John Circle K.76 LA. Supervisor .7 Eleven West Los Angeles, M prison fellowship Pastor Sauk Village Il, Savage MN, Sheldon IA, Sioux Center, IA, South Windsor Ct, . Spokane WA, Western Springs , IL, Wellsburg IA, Westminster CA, West Olive MI, Whitinsville MA, Wheaton Il, Read in People Magazine remarkable 18 years old 5 days, Before discovered amazed she survived, received letter, thrived, double amputee, not let lifes obstacles get her down, please welcome Lindsay Thomas [applause]Lindsay , lifes full of obstacles for many people you're not an exception, left as an infant on a doorstep in Korea, as well ... do adopted at 7 and one half m half months grew up in Iowa , they're Christian...just graduated from HS April 25, 2001 Community college, take part-time roofing job, leave in the evening 2 on half hours to Waverly IA, traveling missed exit didn't panic, no choice but go to the next exit and turn around, fell asleep behind the wheel, crashed into embankment no food , no water except the water flowing from the creek flowing things to car to stay hydrated, didnt know anybody... looking for me, pray that someone would let them know I wasn't at the job, they sent out missing flyers, people looking all over for me in the Midwest reality of the shock , how important, how short found by 2 depart of trans, works, saw 2 time tracks tire tracks going off, Mickey mouse my hero simple heroes, heroes are those department of transportation workers, they climbed down and found the car, and said "Can you hear me?."' I thought Is this what its like to die, body cold and weak over night anybody in there. Madam can you hear me, He almost fell off the car, airlifted me lose both legs infected with gangrene [[Robert H. Schuller interrupts saying you had gangrene] kidneys fail, I was an athlete, loved to run, swim all that matted to me now was to see my family impatient hard to sit still and be patient God has a script for everybody , experience I believe in each and everyone of you erase memories of past, live for today short wonderful God is with all of you Wow! you told y me you read a book in High school Tough times Jr. In HS going through tough times , trials , tribulations tough times Dont last, String

people strong people do God always remembers it God loves you so do I, prosthesis God bless you Keep in touch, I sure will [applause] [Dan Rodriquez again] Daniel you've been an eagle to many of us, make you an honorary member of the Eagles Club Oh my God, thank your for your generosity, He promises to stay until every CD is signed Hour of Power org, wonderful in pure of Spirit incredible human being, thrilled to see the Spirit of the American people History of America know why they have ht Spirit they have , freedom of religion , ... into boats the ... wonderful man pure of Spirit incredible human being thrilled to see the Spirit of the American people History of America know why they have the Spirit History of America know why they have the Spirit freedom f religion won crowded unto boats, set sail ocean came to America truth is it was a wilderness filled with huge bears, mountain lions, tough times, came with established the calling, Spirit of ... passed through the generation today , still Lee the Pioneer, Spirit I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, greatest series ever preached Jesus stands over city of Galilee, sees mass of people 1st words are "'Blessed America' conquer demons red ... in Spirit fruit of Spirit love, self control I dont know youre the preacher M conquer demons, "poor is the Spirit confounding family 15 year old son, Anthony reads the Bible Sunday school, blessed are the poor in Spirit, brain clicking, fruit of the Spirit, love , self control, finally he says "I don't know youre the preacher" Look at incredible passage Jesus established as His foundation what does he mean by "poor in the Spirit" void poverty stricken Sophie tucker , Vaudeville Comedian, ... West "I've been rich, I've been poor, I choose rich" I don't believe he wants us to be Spiritually poor, for us to have the humility of heart, the humbling of Spirit to realize we are humans in our humanity we cannot succeed and inherit the Kingdom of God, alone, we need Jesus needs almighty hand of God to lift us up can't ear can't accomplish on own, acquire humility of Spirit I need Jesus ... recover in today tragedy of people striving to overcome addiction alcohol drugs eating across board, recovery group have to realize "I can't do it on my own" Melissa Stevens from San Diego , 2 kids raised in an extremely dysfunctional home, mother in 3rd marriage step brother same age, fighting allowed to smoke pot in home, confused lonely heartbroken, avoid getting heavy she would eat & purge, became bulimic anorexic age 16 hospital 19 mental hospital mineral depletion body couldn't function age 24 finally learned two powerful words "I can't do it on my own , tried over and over again some of you know what Im talking about, drink say last time purge last time, not tell get to realize "I can't " will ever break bondage and lie that holds you to the addiction , prison of emotion difficult ones and freedoms comes through Jesus Christ, I can't but CJESUS Can , Daniel say the words "I'll lean on Him forever He'll forsake me never"' rest on powerful God help cant do it alone age 24 received freedom Maris Stevens is helping others with thus incredibly horrible disease incredible passage poor in Spirit, humble enough to ask for help w hat to do if "all things through Christ who strengthens me"' I can but. I cant but, I can't but matt 7.7 couple chapels late knock door open, seek find, ask because response to give seek others to help response to give after College I wanted to find wilderness, hut

fish in Michigan spend time in wilderness wasn't any [here] house of after house, finally I found it, it was the Pacific Ocean, get got out there, Nobody there discovered marlin in our local hunters, doggon gonna catch one of them fishing is my hobby caught marlin in tip of Baja, 8 to 10 knots reel me in simple started ong that of there gotta catch went out 2 or 3 times per month jigs 3 years caught O America Spirit Response to give seek others to help accomplish goals, years ago after College I wanted f... 8 to 10 knots reel them in simple started doing that of there gotta catch went out 2 or 3 times per month jigs 3 years caught nothing, America's SPIRIT and attitudes keep on keepin on , finally sank through my thick skull, I need help , makes huge difference SB in So. California expert on fishing caught one last another the first time out, next c year caught ten marlin, True story foundations humble heart willing to say ' I ca 't I need help today come to realize no way I n a million years you alone work enough to figure out some , and some , snazzy way to get into the kingdom of heaven become poor in Spirit humble self. Jesus I need you Jesus thy will come fill the void renewed Spirit, find the blessings of God, Invite you to pray ask Jesus into heart Spirit of God, Almighty God himself close your eyes, Dear Jesus Think Dear Jesus you that you heave in my heart right now can't do it on my own Dear Jesus no way without you So Jesus forgive my sins Soul Spirit renew my presence you an all past john Wayne Airport,... Divine Visitation spark triggered fire storms decade after decade Impossible task 200 years California Spiritual history , great battlefield very critical, God here Bill Bright Campus Crusade, Jesus Film based on the Billy Graham, Henrietta Mears, God wants something fro mountain eh California, last century mayor Chicago designed Pentecost without Jesus , top religious gurus , to teach that all roads lead to God, doesn't matter, exhibition caught fire, Mayor died, San Francisco worst quake 216 bonnie Brae St. , 1906 Black middle aged just kicked man out of church , came to Los Angeles 10 day fast, near Easter week God got what , ... largest multi-cultural mixed city in world L.A Gift he note from Native American girl--wig with gift of healing of out of this awakening roots of 80 5 of mission today , Willie one ... Seymour, , revival in 1949, radical met , toss in mi young fellow lost his girlfriend who refused to marry him, was about to toss in the ministry, got down on his knees, but then realized that nothing could or would come between him and God, it was Billy Graham, exploded began preaching he ran out of sermons 72 meetings, 350, 000 people Shock wave Olympic runner met Jesus Holly wood shocked celebration turned to Christ, Red Harper--music --father of in law of pat Boone, America was drawn into war, America lost about being dependent on God, another enemy arose , People protested, worse ... and terrible sense of disaster, America questions survival, Spiritual leader called for prayer meting, New generation -Spiritual radicals, 330 pm God save world repentance, not just mission community originally called Holy Wood, Jesus movement began, Church Smith, long hair freaky people came, Calvary Maranath, Andre Crouch, changed the world, Christian contemporary movement . David Wilkinson . Melody Land, Jack Hayford, righteous brothers, John Wimber, ---Vineyard 27 minutes 340 pm Cunningham Korean Son Lauren largest mission (YWAM?? )0 wood Ad most traveled man preached the Gospel even in countries except Antarctica he nation by God for His glory , every culture for His greatness, God owns it, ... Imagine him out

give image hHim out, give back to the world this is the time, Fuller foudnaiton US Center world Mission, Bud winer, Maranatha Campus, John from new Zeeland, made California Home victory outreach God wants Something From California will give me up You are good and y our love endures forever William Seymour ... the revival a again Abba Father His un hunger for God, didn't let misunderstanding of his motivations stop him, revival is coming Holy Spirit pour out remind of great heritage, as African American Devil thought was evil you had eternal purpose, Demon who takes great pleasure in us standing here arguing with you IM leaving and everybody else follows 4;15 pm . Aimee McPherson--they exalt Chuck Smith (teaches kill self go to heave, teachers you can kill self and go to heaven ---Pastor Edgerton Palmyra NY, E. Lansing, MI, E. Islip NY, Dorr Mi, Denver CO (x3) West Chester, OH, Chicago IL, Cedar Falls, IA, Charlotte, Mi,

February 23, 2003...2.23.03 good morning give a blessing, God loves you so do I, changed all of a part impacted changed all a part of every person we ever met part of every Michael Guillen--ABC television, Munich Germany, Harmonic Brass, every person we every met Michael Guillen --ABC television Munich Germany , Harmonic Brass from our own congregation, stopper Dan McGrew, My son, this morning brief moment to pray for peace, read report wont' see them very clearly in house, Nita Armstrong, gun carries at front, they've been deployed 937 am peaceful resolution without gunshots pray for peace, ... must path of peace requires way let it be swift style , and a blessing to the to the people of .... to the people of that country TITD that gal my made rejoice hopeful glad Jesus Jesus perpetual motion ministry, , you may be seated, hear those words Psalm 23 ""even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, am my HW oil I will praise the Lord Oh Lord Gloria Cathedral Choir, welcome to all of your whenever wherever your from, Tasha Nelson is here man I truly admire a scientist ... I consider myself a scientist, Dr. Michael Guillen, to share, welcome thank you wonderful , 3 3rd time here , welcome where you from Tasha Nelson is here, a alpine sky Olympic personality good luck in Olympics, a man I truly admire, a scientist, welcome thank you wonderful 3rd time here 14 years decided to leave ABC, Good Morning Newsline wetted my appetite deserve an hour or more because of complexity, challenge social religious beliefs, cloning, therapeutic, reproduction foods, couldnt deal with them and spectacular science production, documentaries, feature length, God first no matter what Wow! Robert H. Schuller, AS different as it was after praying left Los Angeles to go to school to Cornell. Leave Harvard to television. Dont sit on talents keep refreshing. Travel all over. Inevitable for me to keep growing, manuscript, basically as stopper you know intense Spirit, Father Grandfather, Minister CLADIC, Pentecostal Grand father president Spanish speaker churches Pentecost went to Cornell from Spiritual & Intellectual, reconcile Spiritual & Intellectual side coming together of Religion and Science, yes youre and one of them Dr. Robert H. Schuller, what I learned story once concerning Tunnel under the English Channel, French side, English side, most people dig for God , Spiritually discover God by digging with science, do both digging from opposite ends, most exciting time

mountain ... met with Mi within millimeters of each other by GPS. Me we sometimes better, we call upon God , find more exciting, 2 together both science and religion light comes through shaft, double your pleasure, fantastic wow [applause] happens so many realms materials with spiritual, Norman Kuhn...hard catch plane CEO of American architects nominated board lifetime aid hard to catch plane CEO of American architects nominated board lifetimescience effect how architect effects mood neuroscientists are studying physicists because more spiritual, one tiny example story of Sarah becomes pregnant at 99 scientist re ridiculous, guess what, so many advances quiet conceivable, 63 years old science converging with religion law larger implications ... that universe had always existed steady state, then big bang more compatible with Bible, because it teaches that earth has a beginning, what science calls truth we call God after come back that ...story of Sarah became pregnant at 99 scientists ridiculous guess what so many advances , quite conceivable, 63 year old pregnant, science converging with religion, larger implications believed that that universe had always existed, steady state, then big bang, more compatible with Bible because it teaches that earth has a beginning what science calls truth we call God . After snow, maybe I will come back from east coast, come again if you have a message to share, meanwhile autograph BOOK Bridges to Infinity and 5 Equations that Changed the World. Making you an associate minister, Glenn Demaster ., great church exciting things happening, welcome visitors reception in arboretum, wonderful people, reception welcome visitors reception in arboretum ... 1 pm Hispanic service... back tonight at 6 pm musical concert Bel Canto 1100 Strong, concert every week morning tithes and offerings response to Gods love and beautiful day warmth of the sun shine, how blessed we are called to be blessed Old Testament. Use these gifts to share Good News offering taking next week after 2nd service David Chow, thanks Glennno response auction off your...make difference gold hotel sports Bel American Italian free pasta lunch, seven dollar ticket price, after today ten dollars thank you in advance, God bless whole crowd , Robert & Donna are also on the list, don't look puzzled, you're gonna be there whole crowd have dinner, got his attention\ discovery class march 9 discover more about it want more information membership information R. Schuller center love to skate ... attend come to next discovery class march 9 discover more about it, want more information children of youth and youth R. Schuler center love to skate, family skate night kids team parents section as well children 1st comm...parents and you children all kinds o info a ...few weeks... new Hope counselor are care & kindness conference... 10:03 am March 12, Welcome harmonic brass a hearty welcome [applause]10:08 am --tremendous pleasure to have you here, Dan Mc Grew ""there's quite enough love" in this room, joy, quite enough, love, hope, Jesus Oh Jesus "in this very room" in this very Room" for all of us, quite enough hope, chase away gloom in this very room , 10:11 am --in this very room chase away gloom Jesus Jesus sis in this very room , thank you Daniel [big applause] Im ten , 4th grade, umhumm have a great day thank you for coming series of message beatitudes of Jesus Christ foundation of ministry, last week 1st ea beatitude "" the poor in Spirit" today those who mourn, shall be comforted, discover who has dealt with grief, death of parent , brother sister, child please stand gone through divorce, been fired, bankruptcy, lost business, people have no grief is

real , Christian doesnt say we wont experience sadness, you will be challenged but you can find happiness s tough times, past week Chicago , and fire in New Jersey [In New Jersey] chase away gloom Jesus in this very room [in New Jersey, how about Rhode Island] I reports of tragedies that take place easy to discovered words of Jesus those who mourn, not just a period of sadness word in grief 9 stages from stub bed to ... loss of loved on . Richard French , synonym of NTC to grieve that takes possession of the whole being that can't be hid gut wrenching, horror something precious ripped from you never forget the grief, July 20 ...this cathedral was packed with grieving people couldn't get, it peering in the window 5 year old child abducted, molested, killed... thrown in side of street, people cried, grieved, side of Jesus said "Blessed are those who mourn"" how find the blessing that God is talking about does Jesus know what He is saying Jesus felt some kind of game kind of grief with Lazarus who became sick place your hands and heel heal him (9 a few days later)) Lazarus had died, Jesus saw the weeping of the women, Jesus he was deeply moved, where? Jesus wept, ?MM Jesus said ""See how he loves him"" felt the horror and of grief, the grief process, turn into tremendous fore, strength to do what God has intended us to do, ""Lazarus come forward!" take off the grave clothes let him go time for us , to take off or grace clothes, incredible power of healing to __ power and strength... 4 stages of grief 1) Denial , maybe Dr's not right child missing maybe not gone through process 2) angry, why God allow? Dr. Mg mfg driver at anybody who looks at us wrong... --3) sorrow stage they people get stuck , 4 )ac stage of acceptance , heed the Holy Spirit of God, the comforter removes the grave clothes 10:25 am )discover knowledge truth of his incredible grace, and goodness , blessed are those who mourn, they will be comforted, 2 sways to ignite a gallon of gasoline on way light it and it goes kaboom, , don't want to be anywhere around it, Other way, pour into gas tank at 2 dollars per gallon, smart to pour into take rather than play with pyrotechnics, then can ten mils to 50 miles Holy Spirit is that, calling us St move us to action, mourners are comforted to the point of action, the minus sign the tragedy turned they will be... the ten miles to 50 mils a holy the minus sign turned into plus sign by the Holy Spirit the cross gives us the ability to turn tragedy Holy more log on reed the Colleen Campbell from SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, her son was murdered thrown out of airplane over the Pacific Ocean, Mickey Thomson famous for auto racing, ginned down in driveway , she know grief used that to motivate presents bills before vi before congress, victims, the mi minus sign the tragedy present bless before congress, using ... using gallons to thrust her forward, scars --to stars recipients beautiful new building, shining example turned them into plusses, Holy Spirit of God to empower Holy Spirit of God to empower, them today , feel incredible power of the Holy Spirit some stuck in this journey perhaps stuck in sorrow m, move into acceptance, to forgive, to ask for forgiveness, goodness of God at work at the moment invite you to pray that Spirit of God will come fill with fuel of Holy Spirit to empower strength you t then he descended downward 933 am ,

March 2, 2003??3.2.03? God morning welcome what a beautiful day stake may and possibly Say God loves you so do I, Well he on Ash Wednesday only a year days begin lent Prepare for death of and resurrection of Jesus Christ, give up St a sacrificial act, encourage to do , this Left el negative thinking your like that?. 936 am getting ready for Lent open up with glory of Easter Allie key author wife Heroes at Home:health & Hope for Military Families, Welcome you mean ash Wednesday, Back J. Carl it with his father , not doing very well D. Nuen C. Pardini Hour of Power orchestra, wonderful day, father with us Be Happy Attitudes wonderful day too this is the day we will rejoices think you gathers us altogether feet feel peace, pres reality of your grace in our lives eliminate negative incorporate the positive shining examples in your sons name Amen 939 am -- pastor New Holland Sd, Nashville, TN, Bothell, Washington, Muskegon, MI , Bloomington, MN, Midland Park NJ, North Haledon , NJ, New Lenox IL, , the Block, Tyra Beaver, Merced, CAl, Miami Fl, Middleville MI, waiting for script to be read, D. Nuen, Ludwig Van Beethoven misery lonely frustrated, so deep raise fists to God New to joy , but says it was his mission to bring joy, to others lives, joyful joyful we adore You hallelujah, "'Sing praise to the Lord Holy Joy positive aspect although he had his own ... but was his mission to bring joy to her lives, joyful joyful we adore you Hallelujah , ''Sing praises to the Lord, , "holy joyful positive aspect although had now his own mission and have praise God with holy songs of Joy, peace on earth [ here we are gathered to worship and remember God]Tremendous words and joy the Holy joy positive aspect although he had now his own mission have unwavering confidence, praise God with Holy Songs of Joy, peace on earth peace on earth Here we are gathered to worship are and remember God] Tremendous words from the aspect although praise God with Holy songs of Joy peace on earth peace on earth [here we are gathered to worship and remember God] tremendous words from Beethoven can't --turn can't reading now did one this share you with your ... music box, Ode to Joy Beautiful box, there more caution in the Old Testament re those who prophecy peace & prosperity than those who do otherwise, the more caution in the Old Testament re those who prophesy peace & prosperity than those who do otherwise]------- ...Here we are gathered to worship are and remember God, ...tremendous words, from Beethoven, can't turn it off, No now done this share with your music box, ode to joy, , what I could hear distracting verses from Jesus positive , anthem sun words of joy find joy in the toughest time Here hear these words----- do not more than her food, more than clothing, , Birds neither sow nor read are seek find knock open good measure back to You "'I am the good Shepherd, know my sheep lay down life friends peace peace not as the world gives, but let heart not be troubled my words by no mens will pass away , live by find strength, Lt lieutenant Nita Whitaker, emailed some pictures from front the beauty and joy she finds even in the toughest times, Analog washing machine danger next ... build those scud bunkers, even Lt. Colonel, digs bunkers, and fills sandbags, like challenge join Marine Corps bean bag toss continues ... the support she gives to all of us as a Lt. Colonel, eagerly awaiting their return 11 mo 13 years 7 children author of Health & Hope Ellie Kaye God loves you so do I, honored to have you today, health & hope nothing on the to his ... is hard 3 decades as a Military wife, Home on wheels Air Force gives us off

opportunity to perfect, How children cope? get older more aware more difficult cute 2 year old said" Daddys gone to work" 6 and one half "daddys gone to war" capture the essence of military families home left behind 20 or 18 hour days, wrote this to assist them been tow more ...deliver babies with dad gone, yet because of the things I recommend in my book anything as civilian come alongside military families be practical, not just "let us know" be specific and they should accepts lots of hands, use this book as a civilian bring this book autographs give it to personnel affected now simple way go out and buy extreme help he things we can do prayer for Ellie, families affected military personnel double duty pray for all of our military personnel extra hours protective shield, each and every one individual person give extra strength vitality , bodies homes through JESUS Christ s who strengthens us, Holy Spirit prevails IN some Sons name Eagles club Sparrows club offer give gifts that those who support our ministry , honorary sparrows club member "ode to joy"' thank you for coming God Bless you tithes, thank you for what you are able to give special gifts, 2 different groups national farms union a here ... students of professor at Bridgewa College in VA, pleasant many guests welcome all in the area, not an arboretum in tent not a guest , he's a volunteer, Ed Arnold God loves you so do I, not really a guest he's a volunteer for 30 years... How ya doing buddy? arboretum? you know it ((Auction) we sold out, can ibid items Jay Johnston Sports memorabilia, Set up for it 1 pm line auction, incredible messenger of God, blessed 20 books RA got tired of fishing golfing ,thing but dont look at me like that young o bid we have want to do when courts tell us we can recite the pledge, not tired of fishing & golfing , But I like eating too, West Seminary--Dennis Vosquill, thank you for coming , C. Cathedral Acad K-10 Christian values a Carol Aspling Wind blowing 10:07 am thank you for you people Honor to welcome earnest Alvarez, from Mendelssohn, Elijah with all your heart you shall seek me you shall find me, thank you very much IM Robert H. Schuller, the first he's the 2nd why come to church, on Sunday all bless the same faith, same creeds come together same wavelength, and to Praise and worship variety of faiths, some agnostic, some believe in God, come to shape, faith torch, those around then young man only 30 years old, Uneducated, without academic studies come up 8 principles that psychiatry recognized to be part ... cant find in Old Testament principles on the ... the because tog together miraculously , Victor Frankl, Memminger, study under them wrote book that sold 1,500,000 copies, 8 beatitudes infrastructure for successful living because the person God wanted you to be, creative , redemptive glorifies, God ... an mountain. If only 8 beatitudes still no other could match "poor in Spirit" which in the world successes can't do it alone, You need I need help some of my answers are wrong, start then dont' go any further, Mourn-expert no pain no gain everybody has a problem pains a given, death a is a reality come in life, expect hardships and cemeteries, with those two fundamentals, no new attitudes go for it, 3rd beatitudes where get the principles I wrote, these books "cool calm corrected" If theres ...pain , and suffering God knows its why we have cemetery in the middle of the campus... Blessed are the meek, they shall inherit the earth, 3rd principle, 2 who ?Not better illustration than Fred Rogers, applaud God for that wonderful person , never forget time together lectured

at his seminary in Pittsburgh, almost as close to perfect persona s you'll find, he and I had some interesting times w ho are the meek behavior controllable only the meek truly succeed because they command the respect of the people thats why the meek inherit the earth, the affection and love of the people in the world they live in who are the meek? Not the weak not simply not easily intimidated, or manipulated, not a doormat, not shy or inferiority ten points go with the meek are cool people [all ten begin with "co" , not intentional] #2---they're CALM , wait on the Lord, be still, face of hurt, illegitimate attacks, calm face of hurt, danger, love these pictures face of danger , conflict, not just international, racial , financial, "dont need to go one face of defeat meek calm 0---looks for detours and starts again #3 CONTROLLED SELF CONTROLLED, HOLD TONGUE, PRONBABLY WANT TO WONT SEND LETTER OFF , SURELY NOT FOR A WHILE, LAW AND ORDER BY A HIGH Spirit OF ...,,, Calm looks for detours, starts again ... dont hear the meek say I do my own thing I'll do what I want wont hurt anybody if enjoyed ok that success requires success principles ..... Controlled dont the I do my own thing I'll do what I want wont #4 Coached ... well coached Beverly sills. on Johnny Carson show tonight then tomorrow I meet with my coach, at time #1 in the world of course I need a coach, [window with name on it] tomorrow my body wont' be the same as yesterday, my is my breathing my tone, so the meek recognize, #5QUESTIONING--- they ask questions dont assume their answers are right, get to be humble, very few or are or they would ask more questions my at pronouncements leading Q's that they know thank in advance youll se some of the problems you have #6CHARITABLE . you doing find meek people-greedy my mother never held a position of influence "just a wife and a mother" she would say"' I'd say cut that out, "just a janitor" important nobody all wants to go to church if its dirty, mother would give a piece of pie to people, #7COURTESY Bill from NY city sends out a report Americas concerned we're not longer well mannered, easy as highway even in lives country town of Iowa, polite nod heads tip hats as Christianity loses hold, civility will diminish meek and courteous #8 KIND-[[that's not a C either] power to help not hurt , #9 Grateful--not boastful, except of others the teacher, blessed are the meek, bricks still have a few to sell , had so much fun 1031 am Hope college went down list,...professor carved in brick, engraved permanently God gave me the capacity to remember them #10 CHRISTLIKE---- so may ... needs new movement of revival no other religious leader who can match Jesus Christ at age 30-33 gave 8 principles without which you may bomb would bomb great wealth ,success people see you coming they dont cross the street, they huge start before we finish whos running your life, my coach is Jesus stopper catch it, trying to teach you He has last word Blessed meek, shall inherit the earth, the world respect, admire me love son 4 daughters , fairly loves each other, support each other seen me at my worst how have you respected me -- 48 years wild ideas gave to us because he knew we wouldnt throw them away Im a Christian a follower of Jesus Christ, little town of Nazareth, only 30 years of age, how come up with ? became a success #1 cant do it alone #2 expect hurt #3 be humble enough to be meek, died on a cross for us resurrection for use for some one who his near a Jesus Christ "I accept you Jesus have an "" Romana wolf sisters , copy of Chapter one to the wolf sisters. and to Chris Eberle , and to Laura and Raquell, wolf the

problem of that model wher some Christian take it upon themselves to make sure the world keep waking u asking when the "clue " real times to apply such to the true Christian then he descended down the way, dropped Holy Bible along the way, all been in prayer for our country one of our elders then sending a greeting e-mail received before war deadline",...our minister on the frontline"" Dear Friends & Family, ""how lucky I am to have friends and family like you , you have made huge efforts to feel loved well pray for cant thank you enough presidents speech, Jake come very hard to do this job well, again thank you so much cant' wait to see you at home, safe the marines are here we got it!!! Godspeed Nital play when is right now God dont know represents our faith church ministry swift peace dignity hope beloved country of Iraq, America unselfish enough cant remain silent when hear a scream in the night, this is the day that the Lord was had Made! Amen, singing of the hymn, , And All Gods people said Wow! Is 43.1 Powerful words protecting no fear Not I have redeemed you called you by name and you are mind, when the waiting in with isnt... nore ... scorched the nations gather together, know believe understand, tat I am God, before Me I ...the Lord the Lord your Holy One I will do a new thing road in wilderness river in desert .A Mighty fortress is our God"" wow 944 am A mighty fortress is our God, Allelujah , pastor sacks to Church ROcn NM . Burke VA, Clifton, NU, Corsica Sd, Brookfield Wi, Mike van Denend, Dale Igo Reach , point in the Hour of Power call to God for prayer for blessing church gathering of people of faith for four corners video to troops in desert, God touch every person , listening to these words courage l, loneliness, what is it lord, forgiveness grace courage to face tomorrow long after open in other parts of globe, people sitting here only ones how urgently we need your Light, figs offering gift to make work strong called it us here to be you troops be all we can make world peaceful , ... on progress, ushers , morning gifts go to Hr... arboretum coffee tea, meet services all day first at 930 , overflow at 1100 , Spanish at 130, and evening at 6 prayer at Bell tower its' open 34 .7 Only prayer chapel to my knowledge open 24.7 only door with no lock , no door knob, planned that way God cannot be locked out, , Christian men in security pray feel safe, freeway hub doesnt make difference what faith once Bible verse "my house shall be called a house of prayer for all people ""Heart of Gospel to the world, written and produced from Paul David Dunn, generosity of so many pl people plant to come to the Glory of Easter but several buy several tickets only for weeks plan to be there Easter event Avella Schuller Donna April 12... three weeks from now Easter April 20

3.23.03 I'll play it safe with silence fort, 15 years in light of whats happened I think we need this message, [Pastors Brooten, MN, Broomall, PA, Crownpoint NM, Champaign IL, Clara City MN, Byron Center,MI] get away from CNN April l 4-19 Plug in for CNN I watch KBOX.? [Applause] 1st Crystal Cathedral academy Bobby Polanco Memorial Golf tournament 6th grader in gym, sat down by the wall and was gone [oooops] into golf nice thing to do , my guest Jennifer Rothschild, not a part of the worlds wealthiest family but a wealth of faith age 15, Jennifer began to lose eyesight, drastic changes thou through dark found contentment and peace, ,

Lessons I learned in the Dark: Steps to walking by Faith not Fear, you've got a great story people wallowing in pity or fear by Gods' grace you talked to them like I can't here she is to share with us, wow is right Dr. Schuller 15 normal teen artist , began having difficulty seeing, classmates could see, prompted trip to the . much of ... Retinitis pigmantosis, total loss? very limited light perception, I can tell the difference between day and night, but not useful for navigation, best things God In all mercy world became dark deep lasting principles God has taught me , lifes circumstances, difficult many ways God mercy take me deeper so much intimacy in darkness makes sense to them 2 greatest questions emotions 1) prayer presence of Jesus , close eyes, 2) Kiss the one you love, usually eyes are closed, , eyes closed when Lips join, hardest lesson 15 year old gal early on greatest concern wouldn't drive car, navigate self-esteem awful couldn't look in the bathroom mirror, Joy Jeremiah 29.11 Hope of future regardless Baptist Preacher good to me even in disappointed mountain cant' see children husband he could tell you anything Have you numbered the lesson? Fantastic, thank you for the manuscript, strong endorsement HP ... what do you say to people today challenges? what say? Life is hard, no poet Neal Thurston greatest lesson fear is a feeling, faith is a condition what elevates in life will govern us, God has so captivated my heart right kind of fear, fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, fear will bow to faith, submit emotions to higher calling God's people said wow! applause favorite hymn Well with my soul" may not circumstance what is this? beautiful "Ode to Joy" 50 Sentences of Jesus Memorize one per week sparrows, thank you so much it is well with my soul with my soul with my soul, applause 10:12 am Be Happy Attitude #6, , Be Happy Attitude #6, wonderful statement of Jesus Christ allowing to make impact, sharing with you this topic pure in heart, they will see God, wrote a paraphrase, take verse re-write in your own words wrote, your will find positive emotions , miraculous power of God, positive loving person He created you to be pure in heart, will see God open our lives to see the power of God Midland Michigan tells story at age of fifty after blind for 30 years, had surgery removed cloths from eyes, could see for the first time in 30 years again sad part, surgery was available 20 years ago, waited 20 years today I believe there are those who are living in darkness who havent seen or heard of the glory of God, In Exodus 20, receive Ten Commandments after sharing word what was recorded in Exodus smoking mountain people trembled Moses spoke to us and hear literal voice of God terrifying didnt' want to hear it God has been very selective when He speaks see God feel His reality experience His love witness His cleansing power Truth is God is real always been always will be wanted family created Adam and Eve wants you to realize He is real, many dont understand there is God, Atheism is an abnormality a few days ago the swallows returned to San Juan Capistrano from South America, an incredible migration, every spring, same with salmon, go upstream Animals instinct Lord has planted in you the instinct to believe there is God cruise Chapman college cultural anthropology South Pacific went to New Guinea, entered primitive country DC 3 flew to highland drive out to Bush, meet individuals hw had never seen a white face before, wearing native clothes or should I say not wearing, but what to look for re ideology see their idols they were wore appease the Gods, never seen or experienced western culture where did the idea of God come from? instinctual

knowledge of the Deity normal character it is abnormal not to believe in God, dont see because cannot physically see or hear Him God has to be experienced on a dynamic dimension electricity plug in feel it, cant see it or smell it, but stick finger in socket you'll know it, Feel His reality experience His love God wants to give us the incredible realization of His love for us, like parent to a child, ... mother of marine who was killed in Battle mom if I dont come home Know I did died doing what I was called to do, feel the anguish of mothers love for child puts him on shoulder, thats what God wants to meet you , Gods looking for you too New Years friends house family just hanging meet anybody you have never met who would it be? Muhammad Ali, incredible respect for that man heavyweight champ 1st 2nd , 3rd time, battle with Parkinsons fighting valiantly six weeks later, Phoenix, fight night hosted by Ali for Parkinsons meet Ali?could work something out. Last Saturday, you may have notice I wasn't here, I was playing hooky, hanging out with my friend Muhammad, so there's private reception before the even, make my way to meet him, no one to introduce us MR. Ali ...Im Robert A. Schuller, he grabbed my arm put my cheek against his "you can preach' Oh didn't know what he would say, invocation, regardless of what, call God Yahweh, Allah, Jesus Christ, Our names for God dont change God one bit our names for God are a reflection of Us I said that Ali said "preach it" people looking for God, when meet God, if looking you will find Him He's going to whisper, hard to imagine never good enough piece of paper see a dog? A dot only 1% of paper, one little black dot, never see the negative, what happens we have dot in our own life, see that Little black dot dont' know whats going to happen when I see Jesus blessed are the Pure in heart, But I have a black dot rated PG 13, yes no tell it, Ok ""we can always edit it out guy with counselor see Naked woman man and woman making love, , problem with sex we youre the me? Youre the one showing the dirty pictures, see beautiful piece of paper black dot all kinds of things to self recollect gonna happen when Meet God, when Meet God witness incredible cleansing power, spent summers on uncles farm uncles farm, same farm my father was raised on , same farm rebuilt after tornado, sometime my grandfather started to fill the gully with enough junk plow it over people dump, rummage through the dump usually garbage something of interest back to machine shop take it a part clean it, back together it works clocks motors God does that incredible power, pure in heart will see God, transform your life into the positive loving person He created you to be experience and so today we pray ... prayer for Robert H. Schuller.Robert A. Schuller at 10:38 am on the car next to me Our Father Kingdom come will be done on earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors not into temptation is the kingdom and the power .,,, glory forever and aver ever amen 1039 am now my Lord, , may the Lord bless you, and he left, ." we have elder of this church front lines in Iraq-- Nita Armstrong--- writes to us each week e--mail, new piz shave todays letter quick note to let everyone know we're ok, heard missile overhead tour of camp everyone taking naps good night ,... from the Kuwait desert, pray for this is the ay, the Lord his Made Nita song together hymn...

3/30/03 811 am Troop s Here Hear those words we know that all things work together for God if God if God for us who can be against us freely give us all things, who shall separate us from love of Christ in all these things more than .... death nor life, ..... Troops names of troops Nita Armstrong, R.S Caster, Lance Day, Walter Fulton, Casey Grondahl, JIm Kennedy, John Lana, Jason Meadows, Randal need ham, Jeremiah Otis, Steven Priest, Steen Schweitzer, Todd Slack thon Taylor, Jessica Waldowski nothing should be able to separate us from the love of God, in Jesus Christ, Hymn ,...thick wad of $$$ bills, OOOOPP, give something back to you everything we have is a gift, of God from you wonderful... way come forward 1 pm Latin o service, 6 pm Azusa mens choral 1 week glory of Easter begins incredible visitors spectaculars invite you to come see the Glory of Easter, cast of 100's April 4.-19 ... 714---54 glory-- is that bunch of fun E-ticket, best you could buy funniest thing remember once come down right on top of his head, get your tickets to Glory of Easter, ... gift of God from you wonder ushers come forward 1 pm Latino service, 76 pm Azusa mens choral , one week cast of 100's April 4-19 tickets today 714--54-glory is that . fun bunch of fun, E-Ticket best you could but funniest thing remember, once come down right on top of his head, get your tickets to GOF E. dozens of angel beautiful rendition of passion week say something need help of everybody to keep G of E alive Stand prospect of closing $$ because tours are canceling because of war, terror fears buy ticket give to neighbors, funeral divorce, grief recovery class, led by team of trained facilitators, M. Cavinder, warm Crystal Cathedral welcome thank you two opportunities to share, been here on Easter morning enjoy beautiful flowers, be part participate box office 714--54 glory now 2nd exciting opportunity begin Holy week one day early Easter brunch Donna and Avella Saturday April 12, 2003, arboretum thank you Michelle, we have been in Russia for over 14 years, incredible things, Costco I was at Costco, showed my membership card, the clerk said "I used to watch you in Russia"" She immigrated from years ago American name Tax trio Pianist violinist husband playing clarinet, Euro-state conservation close to Siberia, big welcome to Tri 954 am, "" ...When true simplicity is gained"" --the Cat Trio ...the America name actually from Asia ? 2000 years without archaeological evidence of Jesus and His family until today--ossuary brother of Jesus, James Burial box, says "Jams son of Joseph, brother of Jesus, "'considered authentic , implications are monumental, . Ben Witherington III, Asbury Seminary, Ben God loves you so do I, actually from Asia ooops, thank you for coming Book Brother of Jesus picture on cover thats it, cant read the inscription in Aramaic, amazing what glasses will do you know, found in Jerusalem now a Palestinian village, may be somebody's background Indiana Jones --no Burial Item unclean quietly took it to antiquities dealer mi- mid -70's Collectors already had 20 some ossuaries, plane, not plain not ornate, for $5000 he bought it and it sat in his living room for years ...somebody asked him , list of girlfriends phone 3 , Tel Aviv invited to House I've got this other collection, ancient Aramaic, my brain went tick, that James, that Joseph, that Jesus, , got very brought it out of a shed, I got very excited, think we have an actual ... AD 63 reburied, oldest piece before this was about 125 ad, this takes us 60 years closer, good practicing Jews, prominent and famous only 2 ossuaries known that mentions a brother, brother more famous than the deceased..., statistical #'s 4 families with that permutation,

but slim that they had brother famous as Jesus, wow! show how get all of this I'm the New Testament writer for Bible review, direct ""think we got something big"" look decide if import news conference October writing Romans commentary thats the Herodian outline yes, when talk went to Washington Dc Press conference enormous response of press get information facts out now, no wife during just came out significant with James Peter led to Roman Catholic tradition James got lost in the shuffle, Jewish heritage, Paul- ... practicing Jews who believed in Jesus as Jews still committed Christine Petrine, Pauline Jamesian all kinds of Christians be united inter-faith dialogue with Jews ... part of their heritage brother mother...sister father Jewish thinks of family Jesus had 4 brothers, 2 sisters, large Jewish family , James was head of household, Learning same interest o authenticity of Christ text without context is pretext, --our faith built on nothing less than Jesus birth, concrete piece of evidence foundation bedrock Easter coming glory here this piece of archaeological evidence Jesus '... passion real ... James became head worship site because Jesus personally appeared to James, ...... thank you ... God loves you so do I...New CD, Deeper Life"" By Natalie Grant""this little light of mine, Im gonna let it shine!1"10:14 am AGPSW remember the country house exact spot in the road, half mile wise of country house, I was 12 where do wars come from? I asked my dad, ? Two people join sides, ...not profound but told a joke people wanting power, control ego, Lion through jungle, whose king? you are ..." Elk said '"you are", Elephant ""Lifted up lion with trunk, Lion recovered just because you didn't know the answer didn't have to get so mad ,w here does violence com from ?peacemaker child of God my ordinate 52 years ago ""you should be called the repairer of the breech restorer of the faith " to dwell in Master bridge builder repairer of the breech best know title prince of peace, gives us this peacemaker children of God, mother Theresa children of God, what is a peacemaker not necessarily a pacifist and I'm not being anti-pacifist, only goal to stop violence if stop war , what have build bridges build relationships get connected, help each other , not just stop killing, letters, soldiers, feel guilty about killing share of insight Elton Trueblood at didn't believe in killing of any kind Alternative to Futility he was a Quaker and he wrote this book he had always believed in pacifism, then he wrote Alternative to Futility he said we're asking the wrong question --for ... for good soldier wrong Question right question--who should have the privilege of continuing to live... if about to kill my wife my daughter...If I dont step them I have made decision to let the murder kill and live no one wants to kill , what to do to contribute to social system to let the best people live.? wars of oppression , Dictators allowed to live, remember--Not extreme nor wimp, the other turn the other cheek, let anyone get by join left or right..... pacifists or opponents neutralize or polarize repair the breach ...try to be neutralizer difficult to convince everyone that my side is right, and that they're side is wrong, true peacemaker, Slow to take sides, slow to polarize, dealt all life with conflicts no profession with more conflicts than religion Im a committed follow of Jesus Christ in classical Christian terms, built bridge over Niagara falls, they said impossible fly kite across , tied bigger rope, then bigger and bigger, conflict wherever you live, in your own internal conflicts build a bridge look upon somebody's baby look upon people h who get hungry lose loved one, life will be lonely . go back to basics How can I help a kite blessed are the peacemakers always look for possibility of reducing the conflict, Roland Hayes, Black man father died tree fall, go back to basics I social system to let best people live?. Wars of oppression--dictators allowed to live, peacemakers not extreme ... remember join neutralize or slow to take sides, polarize, deal all life with conflicts profession more conflict take religion Im a committed follower of Jesus Christ,, in classical Christian terms Built bridge fly kite across go back to basics, How can I help , fly a kite, blessed peacemakers always look for possibility of reducing the conflict, Roland Hayes, Black man father died tree ... tried to raise cotton go to Nashville, Cows only from him steps ... action dont' worry be happy action that saps our energy high sugar foods makes feel real good for a little while energy ...--- horse wagon -- 60 miles went to school, recording music, never heads, sounds ... that ..... singer moved to Boston, red rent auditorium most prestigious $1.50 tickets d sold out house, went to Africa, find tribe, royal blood ran out of $$4 in London friend knew pastor saint , guess who was in audience, king & queen ---- command audience 2 person who inspired Beethoven ... Hall in Berlin, the man said you can't sing because of France versus Germany , soldiers all black, you'll have to cancel , but he held the concerts standing room only... soldiers all black, you'll have to cancel... but he held the concert standing room only pianist also black hissing booing , throwing things looked up and prayed, made signal while hissing still going, the piano started, my piece, deep voice then the people got up , to their feel started applause, His goal was to bring peace, always in conflict, but I tried to bring peace, those who wear uniform in Iraq are peacemakers they're making war, they're making decisions who should have the privilege to continue to live, those who respect freedom to live shall never forget Olympics, my daughter in the group, she won the gold but what inspired me was Kim Colefield, race the same runs as regular skiers she was blind how go through the 44 gates, somebody in front calling out signals , blind follows last gate, Kim go straight ahead, go for it, hit a rut, blindly fell had to get across finish line started swimming go for it you made it she didn't hear us, ---- but she fell, and then she started "swimming" towards the finish line, and she crawled over... even her competitors were cheering for her, yyaaaaah you made it Kim she jumped to her feet , yeah!!! then mom a few hours ago last-email this no morning --- a few hours ago , last e-mail, from Anita direct going to believe this Sgt Macintyre the one with the sore lips, his sister works at the Crystal Cathedral?? #2 -- 3 Birds who sent the birds, a white dove, a blue bird, and a sparrow ... missile alert, I needed to hear, Somebody asked "'whats the big deal? "' I Sing because Im happy I sing because Im free, I my eye is on the sparrow and I know he cares for me"""..... Faith path to peace thing that the war zone thank you God if Somebody doesnt' know him Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, for thing is the kingdom and he power and the glory for ever and ever amen before benediction Autograph books, , wish to share with you the blessings of God, Father. his prophetic wisdom , doing the right thing, 2 teenagers nothing more painful than ... of popular right shoes label think the totally tortuous need for acceptance so strong what I teach fight the tide of popular opinion not for immediate popularity but ... respect righteousness doing the right thing tide of popular opinion went against Jesus stripped him of everything

auctioned off never forget listening to Corrie Ten Boem come here have a picture 70's ... my hair was long down to my shoulder sharing her message Billy Graham did a move on ""the Hiding Place"' the most h humiliating terrifying she was stripped of everything, not once but seven times, they thought did something to Jesus if Jesus could do it I could do it , wave of peace came over he she realized she was being..... persecuted? challenges tide of popular opinion seems to happen to anyone from time to time,, can't be avoided unless you flow everybody else, never take a stand just like Jessica Lynch, applaud the men and women who saved Private Jessica Lynch another gentleman who faced persecution wet to visit wife he heard there was a woman pow saw commander hitting her in the face and walked through enemy lines to US troops gave info they needed, he did the right thing Mohammad and Mohammand blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness do the right thing face persecution of popular opinion probably mocked pretended hw as king of Jews mocked threw purple robe on his shoulder blood ran down his face, eyes tasted his own blood .m in ... he is nothing distinct from the principles that are operative in the universe" (171)) "" A true method of apologetics must seek to tear off the iron mask" (131 "' ""the doctrine of [supernatural]original rightness arose out of the semi-pelagianism of the church of Rome and was designed to sustain it" (91) ... ""it was only in -------Calvinism that the Protestant principle that salvation is of God alone has come to its consistent expression" 99),, ""non-Calvinist protestants frequently spoken of as threw purple robe on his shoulders blood ran down his face, eyes tasted his won blood people continued to mock him portrayed as a liar as a cheat believed this would seal the fate of the sect, no longer blessed are those who are persecuted because o f righteousness, sake, Kingdom of God is at hand today , Easter is coming resurrection takes place, death cannot prevail, life prevails 1036 am, Sail never moved a ship it only catches the wind, wind moves ships raise your sails allow the Holy Spirit to Catch your sail --- until you come too the kingdom of God, struggles tough times, but I knew I know I know Jesus Christ greatest leader of all, leads by example no one ever suffers more ,we know him get free catch wind of the Holy Spirit of God grace of His mercy in our lives symbol of raising sails stand up catch Holy Spirit of God stand up for conviction of ... reality of ... make a stand for Jesus Christ standing to receive your blessing incredible journey everlasting life, incredible power , transform lives see through persecution we pray amen 1039 am Our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name they kingdom come twilabd, and owe forgive our debts as we forgive our debtors for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever amen may the Lord bless and keep you lord grant his peace labor. Leisure laughter of day no sunset no dawning , ... .Beverly muffin letter to 1) Lawrence Wilkes 2) TT1, 30 Beverly Muffin 4) Glenn Demaster ...NLT Pastor Penfield NY 2( Inwood IA, Pomonia,CA Scottsdale Az, San Diego CA, Platte SD, Long beach CA, Scheverville, IN , Holland mi, Round Rock Tx, Hudsonville mi Holland mi , 1056 am praying for niffum niffum niffum veb needs Jesus needs niffum niffum veb niffum bveb needs Jesus needs niffum veb niffum veb, needs Jesus enec Cass stage mgr. 1109 am Steve Scheweitzer,

4/6/03 dear friend I am up form because of language barrier no one spoke hugged children kissed me shook hands high 5's, use that experience I will remember the rest of my life and if... it is worth it because of that hour and one half from Anita another letter, you can applaud that first day 0100 degree season front lines black jacket drinking water hot pray for safety pray for Iraq to freeze over, sightings of dove as military aircraft did fly by everyone thought it was staged some of us understand it better than other, others, mission of peace, persecution suffered tremendously , there because is its the right thing find peace and comfort mission will be successful peace may abound our prayers Answer our prayers today always amen this is the day we will rejoice will be glad, Scripture ready, gospel of St. Matt beatitude profound wisdom that came Jewish boy hear these words blessed are the poor in Spirit, blessed are those who mourn shall b e comforted, hunger and thirst for righteousness shall be satisfied, pour in heart shall be called the children of God, persecuted for righteousness sake, you are the salt of the , earth the light of the world so shine before people glorify God may God bless the ... as for back as the Old Testament in Isaiah record of people going astray Messiah oh we like are we like sheep have gone astray repeats words over and over go astray go over way the Lord has laid, on Him Lord on Christ the iniquity of us all, great choir greatest tin Southern California have greatest choir director professor of choral conducting think of offering receive needs thank you God used then tithes and other offerings Easter season earlier service, service, I wont tell you r pastor you overslept hen you what do you like? animals area amazing the things they do on stage, this my 14th year, I'm a trumpeter, disciple ... runs between now and April 19th, get tickets, , at box office never before cathedral with angels to fly heaven because am ...part of it baby goat, Looks potty trained ?I dont think so did you see ahh green pet that goat? I'll . thats pretty kool 1129 am making first wife pregnant at peace brought new love palm Sunday beginning people from all over the country , Check your details 8 Easter services invite them to be the guest just gorgeous music cannot be surpassed violinist Crystal Lee 13 or 12 years old accomp he is 14 year old Andra please welcome APPLAUSE, 1137 am thank you God loves you so do I guest ac green NBA all star, 3 time world champion , Bob Knoor, retiring last year 1054 consecutive games so well respected humanitarian hall of fame, because of his his faith shows, Ac green youth foundation teaching sexual abstinence executive producer of final solution based on the story of racial reconstruction in Apartheid S. Africa A. C green in person all Gods people said "wow" 1140 always outspoken came from family 2 siblings always went to church didn't take heart until after high school started at age 17 , sex abst, ac green cents on abstinent unfortunate , underprivileged abstinent message gave game plan benefits of abstinence in marriage, living example, , same player bra some players brag about how many affairs they've had ... some people say "" abstinence in the NBA is an oxymoron " do extraordinary tings in peculiar living situation 2 years NBA interested in psych before theology people who abstained from SI before marriage they're happier when they make love, with wife rather not to have those memories so much better when virgin no comparison final solution center on forgiveness clip persecuted beat up constantly trying to reconcile relationship with Moses let 's see the clip am I going to r forgive or not? 1145 am, Moses God then cannot forgive us

forgiving you went take away Im sorry about all these things give me a chance its a beginning Moses a new beginning thats what life sis about Christ forgiveness us for what we did to him , go abroad, movies.come winner best picture, Crystal Hugh every family should have it, not sep kids from parents , recover healing call 800---661---9167 final solution or www.hour of power .org, give us a call, listen didn't know if I should ask, sobering everybody draw courage will the Lakers go for a four peat?? Theyll do it thank you ... Randy Stonehill, an icon, celebrate this heartbeat everyday is a gift from the Lord as High on high goes by so fast Im not shy wouldnt hide happy way I feel inside true cant' lie more he the meets the eye faithfully celebrate, , the heartbeat, everyday a gift from the Lord on high live the real thing celebrate heart beat a typical day in paradise Hawaii Feb. 9 2001 routine drills things they had done many times before , this time they hit a Japanese,...killed ...found ... the court found him innocent but he still feel responsible, 9 crewman---live the real thing celebrate heart b eat, a t typical Feb. 9 day in paradise Hawaii routine drill things they had down many times before they a Japanese a crewman killed found him innocent but still responsible against the advice of his attorney he met with ...families tried to be a builder of Bridges wrote book The Right Thing otherwise people are telling you I believe that what Jesus is talking about when he says blessed are the who are persecuted , Greek special tense in English a dozen of tenses, in the tense is passive perfect participle , willingness to accept a continuous action , thats the tense Jesus uses here, Puritans definition was OUGHT... what we ought to do, or "the right things'' the prophetic verse words and reality of Jesus Jesus Christ is the living example blessed are those who are persecuted approached Easter witness and experience realize what tis means a the life of Jesus Christ? next week... ----- off crown of thorns ..... mocked Jesus ,,, persecuted for ,, doing the that ... popular opinion, ,, Teens , inning, admire of ... in the wash may God find your heart open for a special message today!

4/13/03? hosanna hosanna Hosanna hosanna applause thank you f glory of Easter with Joy my message is, l be rejoice applaud God for. mercy and grace e mail from Nita Armstrong people ask what I do ... Iraq when Abraham was called the camouflage cathedral several chaplains as accident ... of rust ,, dust, marine stood up thanked God for extreme circumstances, pushed to Lin limits of physical and mental ability turnings scars into stars praying so hard for me I'll never get shot at it wonderful ... to come to church on Palm Sunday join in singing and crown with many crowns please be seated Gospel of Jon may disciples shall know truth shall make free, I am the Light the ..... Shall never thirst I am the door enter by me good Shepherd gives life for sheep I know my sheep and am known, wanted life no one comes to Father except through me believe in me though die shall... penetrate hearts minds souls, unending due enduring love because I care, Jerusalem applause tank top man MM wow not another choir like it few short minutes collect offering God will truly bless you group from Canada please stand welcome to the Crystal Cathedral please to have your ...students, salvation army ... invite to reception right behind your warm reception coffee privilege we have token of love appreciation today tomorrows serve all day long Luis Lemos Hispanics 6 p.m. Bible

study marine Hunter girl choir from England in Arboretum because the glory of Easter is her ... tickets inquire or reservation, Center, Holy Seek special ... at noon good Friday two serves at ... in programs wish to reiterate decorate church with flowers and lilies buy special lily in honor of loved one, spouse military anyone can think of you , many different ways decorate church on Easter Sunday Bob Cavinder men's ministry exciting to h at Crystal Cathedral may International mens conference astronaut Bernard Harris 1st African American zig Ziegler the ... many exciting, opportunities be a light beneficial and helpful positive feelings wonderful training league city Texas High school chorale director ... Psalm, Polen MM 666 on odometer almost ...applause clear creek High school symphonic chorale thank you for sharing about to have a story that has changed many lives mane and ... wife expecting triplets shoes dashed when wife died with triplets, mark had new life with Dianne tell children for price of postage stamp created the "'letter Box"'captured power story The Letter B ox , Mark and Dianne nuttas God loves you so do we pleasure to have you honored and humbled tell us about it,, living American dream married 78 years, Kush ball company what do with it, 5 countries around the world, ==== expecting 3 but God had different plans on mothers day deep dark place for me I wanted to go with them one breath at a time brought a friend into my life friendship romance different dream 3 children at home in Hawaii dark time my own difficulties pregnant single not working both of u s vulnerable brought together for healing o no ...first dates, , really first the romance crying on 1st 20 dates daughter born day filled with mixed emotions giving birth down the hall from where his first wife died, write Carly a letter kept writing sealed it open when first child is born postage created time capsule toy industry what she did open ... at birth of your first child leave a legacy for your love done guaranteed youll get it for Carly wedding graduation 30th 40th,, her mom and dad celebrates 60th anniversary ... her in audience love on inside carly called it" the Letter box well be there incredible capsule to a child for anywhere leave a legacy precious uncertain, tell us about faith in Jesus Christ Leaps and bounds everyday way express our love constantly step out of selves thats right leaps and bounds one day at a time Christs resurrection,... have a plan God has a place reflect gift makes boxes anyone to leave a legacy of love make it easy for mother brother sister spoke with Mrs. Schuller I didn't know that, thank you lives of People God loves you so do we, applause aaaah about do what do with this, warm welcome to the Crystal Cathedral student Sarah Martel he come for your Our father does not know when afraid..... you need, birds of the air, flowers everywhere He cares for you and me and you K I know its true he cares for you and me and you applause thank you Sara youre beautiful great private school academy interested in performing arts, Palm Sunday share some thought on joy rejoice the be exceeding lad Im astounded 8 fundamental principles on joyful living, , he taught them He was It truly believe the divine son of God reality religion ... versus fantasy religion I embrace a reality religious person who lived name Jesus Christ Ossuary with His name on it, No doubt not fantasy dont want to believe in reality in God He lived reality not fantasy he as a believer in a sovereign God intelligent , not just cosmic, believe ...bad way intelligent if my of you me dubious, , ... about God whom should I trust why I cant be an atheist, why I can't be an unbeliever, Jesus was a believer, Im a success because I 've learned to believe in

people smarter than I am...Jesus was teaching into profound psychological behavior God ... glad God led me from psychology to theology..... share with you the beautiful self- help books in 40 years, Jesus did this 200 years ago with e the beatitude, poor in Spirit dont have all, the answers Jesus a profound teach of psychological insight reality religion reality therapy despair to joy disappointment to optimism, died young chapel beautiful stainless steel bell tower, all of marble, 33 he die young one for every year of his life ... to turn most horrific symbol into positive like no other teach had ever taught it, --turned death into saving power, Jesus lives you might say I agree,...but not that He still lives today come on Schuller m more than are focused on resurrection we have studied , we believe He Lives today,, faith most amazing war ever I dreaded it WWII I think of how half a million died ooopps only half a million died in WWI or WWII US Troops,, Korean war 10,000 Vietnam 10,000 worked re Iraq war WMD weapons of mass destruction we were victorious Iraqi people have thanked us applaud God only about 100 Americans died ... oops should say Coalition and applaud British troops as well... only talking reporter new marine at foxhole, how marines took care of him used his videophone to call home I get my platoon sgt, wifes ... has not talked to her in three months, ran off to get seargtn.saveage asked which first like to call parents of a buddy ?who was killed save savage broke down unable to speak recovered enough when get young man like this? answer same place as in WWII, Korea from mountain...heart of America where Jesus Christ is respected and loved where the Bible is read, Jesus changes peoples lives, faith joy, tears in eyes, love kind of faith I have Spiritual presence ..... happiest faith that God will have the first last work it was good, thanks palm Sunday Easter years ago wonderful family our daughter was at Berkeley got into drugs not going to church I found something better she said, its called LSD, ... we thank God helped straighten her out Holy week almost pushed the blond girl into my office pretty gal, eyes round sullen Mary how ya doing? she didn't answer, Mary your folks tell me you are into drugs, LSD.?why?Why that doesnt bring happiness better than being bored, Mary Mary its dangerous high...without soul as I dont know the shell past ... Califor Rose park Nj Palos Heights, Il Rapid City Sd, Jacksonville Fl, Palo Alto California Munster In, Howard City Mi, Chapter 3 Virgin Holy week Euclid packages if spaced out, let me tell you about a high I had the other day I told her praying think beautiful dreams... man mowing lawn hour change lives let me tell you what happened ye filled with tears emotion high bet couldnt match that with any chem... reality religion eyes getting round mist your eyes are misty, they're warm healthy et it flow she let it all out started weeping finger picked up tears, I love you Jesus I do love you she met and married a Christina man gave birth to three children, ... Jesus lived reality died reality rose again reality rejoice in the Lord always dear God thank you Spirit whose relig today touched so many lives SB right now hnking about accepting you embracing change lives Holy week 1032 m H hallowed be thy name Twoia b D, on earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread, forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors,..., --- kingdom power and the glory forever amen , every morning serve led by pastors next week 8 Easter serve if believe if a believer bring a neighbor ,,,... war in Vietnam ill find last soon may gracious until you..... ooooops again he said Vietnam, not Iraq labor leisure laughter tears

4/20/03 Happy Easter in the ancient church secret greeting , He is risen he is risen indeed so we are here this morning to witness tee beauty and power of the miraculous God He is Risen!! this is the day that God has made... let us rejoice and be glad in it hear ... so is that Spirit of God love peace morning of victory . success of life miracles powers released today for us..... peace be seated now after the Sabbath first day of week ha... s seek Jesus He has risen ... as He said... going before you into Galilee... went out to the tomb JESUS met them saying rejoice come and held them and worshipped Truth of Easter 8:08 a.m. Christ was risen Allelujah Allelujah Allelujah Allelujah thats a wow isn't it!! better you are the go together early bird plenty of comfort, no problem finding parking spot watch the poor suckers try to find a parking spot have day to ......... have day to yourself give best offering give back a small portion pray for our armed service .....feel warmth and love of Christ, the risen savior heavenly Father, ...than you as we sit here, in comfort not everybody is in such comfort thank you for the privilege of Jesus Christ... really Easter we love you lord Amen applause wonderful to have this incredible music than k wonderful comfort wonderful service, wonderful reception, leave through those doors , don't get stampeded enjoyable morning, last performance of the Glory o Easter Last night, since 930 the place was decorated, Easter Brunch, extended family brother wife niece nephews, they helped you have a programs assuming you have one feel nice come in handy several announcements, numerous guests, motivating inspiring to grow in Spirit, emotion grow in ... Dorothy bentham 8:20 am...was it like a morning like this? --- that Cathedral Choir stand and sing its Easter its Easter its Easter 4 lilies placed wit note 5, 9, 10, 11 Be seated good morning Im r. H Schuller happy Easter ... it answers lifes ultimate question is there really a God? Intelligent affectionate connect with us , care about us life beyond this life? justice?. reward heaven?.all answered thoroughly , intellectually solidly many times if no Easter I'd be an atheist, cannot believe in God who did not reveal Himself morally obligated to reveal self , if thats' the end of life of human race, than something is messed up , Justice Jesus Christ came claimed to be God, died rose again I believe taught as a child, embraced it live I wonders for me, books pamphlets telecast 100's of 1000's of letters, said "you saved my life' this is a life saving ministry strong devoted Christian at Harvard in Boston breakfast small club specialized teaching Sigmund Freud with C.S. Lewis , was an atheist materialist came to me this other day said no longer can they accept an atheist world view, then C.S. Lewis came to accept Jesus Christ... mythology ... originally ,, he believed only in mythology...too many people telling the Jesus story, didn't have mythic qualities, he began to wonder, started when I was young..... . something other missing in my life, a desire empty calling out o m to recognize embrace another chous? subject? God inside me calling out trying to grasp ask me to listen recognize, extreme being within me, pause sop have you had that kind of feeling? materialists Gnostic secularist. even ever had that feeling? the God urge? C.S. Lewis said three things can do, he claimed to be God no doubt about that either ) crazy...... Armand Nicolai... deluded absolutely nothing to support that ; or 2) smart clever, con man

Jesus Christ cannot be called a liar, because he lived such an honest life ... ; 3) only one conclusion forced to accept it son of God why does Easter make it all come together? crazy telling truth...Easter came Christ came back to life! how don't know can explain 2000 yeas been told he lives still alive I have preached it for 48 years in Garden grove millions globally Easter I have in my time building church doing ministry it works consider this morning, embrace J.C. a real follower believer say yes, I think its true what you really need is to embrace Jesus Christ need something more than you have today how many heard about David blooms e. mail...... not in press what Iraq war , 38 years old great corresp embolism great correspondent had an embolism, . .Jo Rosenbaum correspondent for World magazine in recent years had become Christian this relationship more important than his glamorous assignment, email 000 to 2000 others, Brokaw, Katy Couric, St. Patrick Cathedral, the night before he died decided NCAA final 4 scores called have talk to wife 3 daughters hope and pray all get out in one piece I am at peace a peak of success , but nothing compared to the relationship with wife daughters Jesus almost afraid to say this but I ready..... played central part in his life Bible study... New haven Connecticut I love my wife children Jesus, 842 am are you ready for whatever life I puts in front of you, He's alive shocks wealthy prominent super wealthy , something missing God? born again alive out of tomb is Easter out of doubt skepticism simply say Jesus there a lot I don't know thought lot of these Christians if you Ill be ready Here I come Lord see little see faith being born if you're alive do good work Hallelujah now my may the Lord bless you keep you shine upon you no sunset no dawning amen amen ... cool breeze feel so God if have warm jacket on God loves you so do I celebration spring Easter Crystal Cathedral so cal our nation letter from Nita Armstrong her ... Easter greetings fresh plums at breakfast steak for dinner he is risen he is risen He risen... indeed Chaplain calls out I can't hear the cup for communion glory Easter in mail the Saturday before Easter really enjoyed it marines and sailors sang along with Mary isn't that wonderful? April 27 2003.....4.27.03 applause plan of beauty Hear God's voice... let us rejoice and be glad . blessed touched Hear special word from Holy Spirit worship with whole being body mind Spirit... standing on the promises of God Michelle Can Cavinder reading scripture... 938 am ends of the earth the lord has delivered His people be joyful be faith hallelujah applause choir directed by Nora understand young people from Greensberg PA... warm Crystal Cathedral welcome thank you for coming an choosing the Crystal Cathedral to worship Michelle Cavinder thank you Robert ushers morning offering privilege to give back pray gracious heavenly Father blessed the giver and the gift multiple praise Honor glory reception free gift ... building behind you beautiful Crystal Cathedral Luis Lemos at 6 pm Wilkes Lawrence exciting opportunity new Hope a few weeks light be somebody life

#1 man in my life Bob can Cavinder , share some same last name, my wonderful wife scale 1-10 rate may 16 Zig Ziegler smoking Robert H. Schuller Robert A. Schuller be here international mens conference brochure booklet even sign up impact through faith thank you Bob encourage you more opportunities during the week national day of prayer... opportunities be connected back to RA. thank you Bob Micelle greet people aren't they wonderful nice b treat by C. Pardini for the beauty of the earth C. Pardini on Hazel Wright organ... thank you so much a little we subdued then when I saw you with Rod Steward you're a little more subdued than when I saw you with Rod Stewart bullied internationally recognized speaker Barbara Corrolose expert, U.S. Canada. ... I parent teach a school disciple 4.27.03 The Bully bullied and the Bystander BOOK... God loves you so do I... from pre-school to HS. a horrific problem we ignore it not innocent bystanders Join in Blind eyes cheer bully on see harms injustice, even hen ...define bully everyone's been bullied or bully kids... how to respond non violently kind with arm behind back little one gets message keep mouth shut blame target saw daughter smiling as she gave other blame target saw daughter smiling as she gave brother pain , was extremely hurtful... girls gossip painful hurts per pressure HS girls subs is tat bullying ...sticks and stone , great wallop common forever few girls actually physically bully... exclusion become new bright short tall race religion targeting exclude at lunch then gossip....... snicker get up and move over, I hear you targeted kids need to know we won't turn blind eye anger hurt kill self solution can't minimize rational... can't rush in even thou don't avoid bully don't fight back bullies are cowards children targeted can not handle this alone 3rd party bystander even if burden is heavy ... raise children to be the one to step in ill not exclude how do that walk talk treat one another with dignity regard go back to Micah walk humbly Micah the prophet wonderful words be example talk the walk guide them to treat one another with dignity show always when bully and can stand up overcome fear of targeting... create enc [without fear] bullies have big egos no sense of self how to get out act with faith... in the book it's in there good, former Franciscan nun obviously former, because I am married with three children get kid out of local jail foundation raised leaned in faith nun during civil rights burden heavy... do not turn blind eye faith gives power not bystander ... when ... reward when cost when say goody 2 shoes modeling teaching... been a pleasure God loves you so do I. available afterward for signing... appreciate it, name of the book Bully Bullied Bystander online at 2 www . with what welcome sited singer songwriter Jim Whittey he was a carpenter. hammer nails glue watch Him working stop turn away . If he put his hammer don just walked out wouldn't come this far, did what he had to do... when be right now if He put his hammer down whisper to my daddy who...carry out God's plan If he put his hammer down... and just walked out wouldn't care for the ... just couldn't do where be right now if he put hammer down wow !11 applause title of CD "forgiveness""

then I stood up and walked around the room 9:21 am... at marina del ray middle school Hp co org make sure you put org not come or it will mess p up your hole day Crystal Cathedral academy principal my older sister 4 y years older... Mrs. Coleman my older sis and I played tricks on parents favorite memories April fools principal do such a thing swapped sugar & salt teaspoon of sugar salt and eggs and back on busted up laughing after but isn't that terrible... I promise except on April fools day expect a certain flavor sweet salty egg like eggs not like candy..... wrong with picture all end up in same place if tastes wrong doesn't work..... going SPIRITually abundant life you are the salt of the earth if salt loses flavor [saltiness] good or nothing, you are the salt of the earth and as such gifted by God can flavor the world gifted by God in special way brother in-law avid sports memorabilia baseball bats oldest son Wayne Gretsky fan autographed puck thumbing threw the pucks got 24 of them , like one, big hitter name won' men ion mention autographed jersey balls signed after game waited by the exit to get autograph handed hi a baseball player sneered at him and walked away his hero. he went home and sold it all, nothing to do with him flavor left, makes huge difference... you are the salt of the earth if salt loses saltiness looking at website. all different uses for salt so many different uses cleaning products stain ... boil down o to three things 1) flavors, 2) purifies 3) creates thirst. Spiritual life abundant life critically important be flavorful gave fun create a better place, create thirst worship adore salt flavor enhancing things Chinese restaurant concerned about consumption ... is Chinese food with no MSg ... food no good... kids c sentences... here today gone deaf... strike strike... while the bug is close dont bite hand that looks dirty... don't put off tomorrow what you want today ...2 ... 3 musketeers laugh world laugh cry the world blows its nose, always darkest before daylight savings time... food earth tasteless food eaten without salt... taste good as God's people exp positive reality tough times succeed salt purifies cleaning pots and pan mixed with vinegar stain off mugs ea tea... salt purifies cleanses create better place another author Tim Brown went to visit leukemia patient destroys immune system plastic room world plastic gloves how doing life isn't like a VCR can't fast forward past the bad part God is n every frame constantly remind... salt of earth to purify difficult changes God is in the business of purifying whole new thirst, whole new summers and uncles farm bi white block of salt taste it you're kidding? went over there it is can you believe it... like that block salt is essential livestock needs it also creates thirst so they dont become hydrated... themselves... keeps them health disciples called to be... draw into family participate some... manner can't help creating thirst ... Jesus was thirsty woman for a drink Samaritan woman the well is deep thirst again later I give you never thirst again j Jesus Christ abundant life Jesus ... great sermons lilies birds ye of little faith how much more he cares for you ...for draw ... family participate some with manner can't help creating thirst ... creating thirst... [[aha! this is a rare -- epiphany moment from the sermon every now and then he gives one... Samaritan women the well is deep thirst

IBYNFSHG ibynSFSHG IBYNfSGIbynfShg IYfSG ibynFSHG IBYNFSHG... I never thirst again Jesus Christ abundant life Jesus continue great sermons lilies birds ye of little faith how much He cares for you will never thirst again Howard Thurman African American theologian dont ask what world needs ask self what makes you come alive salt is not a luxury but a necessity just as God is essential so God essential for us to function with ... life. you are not can be not maybe you are the salt of the earth you ..., not cant not maybe you are the slat of the earth this salt remains in container ... or choose to become the person God called you to be ... purify the water create thirst... stand up for Jesus Christ shining example of God' love Spiritual growth it ... works my father we have been touched by your flavor world in such a way with this thanks glory praise amen...go give us this day and how may the Lord bless you keep you God grant you his peace labor leisure laughter ears .

MOTHERS DAY Sunday 5.3.03 or 5.11.03 check stub to TT1... Good morning and happy mothers day two very special mothers dick wife of dick Rogers, and wife of Rick Husband honor them this morning fabulous young soloist Devon Guthrie message '"faith our mothers taught us' this is the day well b glad felt touch of peace knowledge assurance all things are possible thank you for mother give you thanks amen you may be seated words of Jesus Christ Mother come blessed inherit the kingdom I was hungry you gave me food thirsty drink you took me in naked sick imprisoned you came righteous will enter when you se see you? when you do this to the least of me you did it to me may God bless the reading of His Holy Word, thank you Michael skidgel Don Nuen back east with mother greatest young pipe organist Pardini visitors reception arboretum greeted be by church members volunteer one of them absent Nita Armstrong Baghdad missed the envoy lance corporal out possibility think me,,...went to Babylon chaplains morale was low , gave him a dose of possibility thinking took him to Babylon ushers come forward s Sunday services, Luis Lemos , Child choir music Oh Jonah , dare to Dream Bob Cavinder next weekend extraordinary I zig Ziegler Robert A. Schuller from around the world celebrity wonderful week missy walker you've grown up special event, Russ Lee every not want to mess see you there dreaming dedicator weekend not really dedicate it don't have that religious ritual ,, ribbon cutting mortgage on it, exhibit motivational museum ..... trumpeters will blow Richard Myers archaeologist world already talking about it--animal convention buzzing about it,, annual arch convention already buzzing about it ... award honorary member but the world is talking about the beauty Friday men Saturday Avella fund last building in my 48 years involved ... my wife here and o a lot of you... June Scobie Rogers, fantastic excited focus on trying to inspire you to do and believe what God has planed for you. Welcome back to the Crystal Cathedral, 953 am thank you again Jan 28, 198 ... Jun ... Dick Scobie... Husband Feb 2003,, again

horror 2 great commander her husband... fathers Dick Scobie, Evelyn Husband courage with faith salute them as courageous 958 am m hero to all of us strength faith give this 2nd or 3rd time a new friend firs time here how inspired we all were when you showed your faith landing a Florida site minute before it was scheduled they took us to headquarters briefed us television's off call my dad on the cell phone Bad. yes it is, you can repeat it without emotion I cry very well children dong Ok living to the Word He's got a hold of us 3 months Jude how did you meet Evelyn day of accident heard about loss of communication knew at that moment just like it ya 17 years before Challenger evelyn and other Columbia families memorial services huge support great woman greatness comes from God within you my children doing well growing up well in spite of their mother, blessed with faith tough times turbulent times nothing more imp grandma of 9 they were teens on careers son a F-1 pilot daughter public relations with Chattanooga. the of a living memorial learning center 50 of them invited the Columbia families to participate children bringing gin message how deal with pressures like probably Rick and I had a tremendous marriage 21 years no guilt no regrets 10:04 pastor told me left a note, remembered Jesus at NASA sheet to fill out in case as Ricky Sheet personal don note "'tell them about Jesus , he's real to me"" thank you for coming Gods' blessing happy Mother day [applause] nothing overly excessive thank you Devon how ... survivor serve 6 married men dropped don island one car 4 kids 4 weeks 2 sports each one must take care with all four kids cook do laundry Television only when kids sleep remote control lost in sofa shave legs wear makeup apply PTA clean up at 3 am Indian ... model get 4 year old to eat peas the kids vote them off the island intimate with spouse at a moments notice if last man does... play over 18 to 35 earn right to be called mother realize first mothers day 95 years ago 1908 Anna Jarvis anniversary of mothers death Virginia event continued to spread faith our mothers gave us faith a result of deeds action such impact creates us cultivate us thank ful to my mother ... thin specially talk the talk '"walk the walk talk the walk but talk the walk giving our faith away Jesus disciple taught everything he knew He ascend Jesus what next ? tell others ... Angel said what if they dont' tell others I have no other plant need to gift the faith away talk the ... sub culture has their own language even my children as we become the children of God we learn talk the talk ...started golfing learned the talk before Gold birdie .bogie... equal number of birdies and bogies youre good tacked place to be football h of p 8 what to church faith all about how HS impacts our lives positive impact on children neighbor talk the talk if only talk but need to walk beyond spectators become a player certain things best of and ... faith is a great spectator of football...wouldn't recommend anybody over 70 playing tackle football. 70 year olds can walk a ... golf course though talk talk walk talk talk the walk playing the game traveling around the meeting people who... Hour of Power alive beautiful community in New jersey ... luncheon incredible woman 600 children shes accumulate them through Sunday school class mailing list 600 birthday cards .50 weddings these are her children this is her walk called

to be Sunday school teacher love re Jesus they can do anything how God works in SPIRIT of our failures Annie Dillard parents dropped her off at church they would go to the country club father at noon would drive by and say 'hop in quick so no one sees his khaki pants sunny side Presbyterian in Pittsburgh because Spiritual ... Harry Emerson Fosdick the love my mother gave me without how can believe in Loving God begins by talking the talk understand possibility thinking taking step actually walk the talk say Christians go to church express walk the talk fruit of the Spirit is exemplify participate o... walk talk talk walk express with children assoc friends build self esteem respect only a few years ago talking with wife re family dynamics my mother father dont know much not much about Spiritual life only farmer never told tem about me about grandpa Robert there was a time when it wasn't all pretty in grandpas life, came home one day ,, fishing with buddies mother .wife smelled alcohol on his breath , she said 'ever come home like this again 9 I won be around the next day--""he got his act together got to point not a single person ... who would come to their house who would no get cornered by him -- he would say "are you going to go to heaven when you die. strongest evangelist she talked the walk with me, the saints the great people we can discover my hobby fishing golf 2 days, no more ...preach the more I want to ... fish on once in a while golf once in a while 4 years ago signed up for Marlin Tournament Catalina Island ... boat fish 60 miles away at 7 am 70-70- thats 140 wouldnt be able to get there and back in time stayed close to Catalina Island wit was a snotty day , big waves, wind rocking we stayed in the lee of... island lo and behold half hour ... feeding on the surface hard time to even discuss this when you dont know the lingo...throw baits couldnt get to ... surrounded by Marlin I m bit Im bit boat to set hook guy boat ... line goes ripping out comes a seal... 2 marlin at same time 10:31 am best in local water ever 2 at same time one going one way , the other boat cuts the line up to boat, gaffe in fish to bring a on bard went under boat pop cuts line gone end of day one fisherman ... you have to talk the walk normally always share information on a day like that very valuable we ... the only ones who knew Robert I didn't like... Mike stay here and fish ,, guess what we saw in the morning --nothing-- a afternoon one fish a "jumper'' ""jump out gun the boat get to bite bait miles complaining come over here got coffee we . my line still out, suddenly my reel goes off hook a fish land it, get back pulled us ten miles offshore weighing in the sand dig a g hole to weigh I, we knew we won share with others whats happening what had God done in your life what dong inspire others encourage others build the kingdom God my mothers integrity sold through and through outside.inside true individual through and through can't live without it, convinced as continue to receive wonderful blessing share walk the walk the word continue t while every single mother God bless our mother give her a hand clap thank you for precious woman though you all things possible seek will have faith thank you ... walk the talk , confidence conviction how done it encourage inspire thank you ...

May18, 2003 (?) ... then he went down the steps there was a camera set up for the ribbon cutting ceremony moving excited to be here excited anticipation shake hands God loves you so do I special guest the . Richard Meyers joins us for this special presentation against and our organist emeritus Fred Swann. loud applause also have this morning star search finalist Lisa Tucker and Roger Williams and Nick Coleman, grandfather 's favorite piece, the impossible dream""this is t day let us rejoice and be glad in it, Holy Spirit alive and real ... saved called dreams ideas being hatched... through faith watered nurture groomed power to make impossible possible reality of your goodness. you low the day let us rejoice and be glad in it, Holy Spirit alive and real, depositing positive seeds called dreams, ideas being hatched... through faith watered nurtured groomed power to make impossible dream real...of your goodness gracious your accept you love tomorrow for ... Please be seated I very cordial thank you to Fred Swann who led us in psalm ... hymn or psalm oops] dedication Psalm 84 or 184 how lovely is your dwelling place whole being even the sparrow finds home Oh Lord Almighty Kind and God happy those who live in your house single day ... h o is glory do what is right Oh Lord Almighty trust in you tremendous psalms couch your hearts and minds, Pastor sacks to Oak Harbor, Wa, Oakdale, CA, Oak forest, Il, Pella IA (x2) Paw paw, mi, Northridge, CA, Pease , Mn, Port st. Lucie, FL, Beaverton, Or, Sheboygan, WI, Sacramento, , Flo... Minisacks clerk in Oceanside, brim Brian and the Jamba ion Pico, Juan at Juans' auto Clerk in L.A. Market at Jamba,, supervisor. at Clafoutis, Isid at Los dos Amigos, amarjeet 7-11 Venice, A Jessica Baja Fresh, Supervisor shell, San Diego Habtam at 711 San dieo, CA, Supervisor Shell--Hollywood CA, Alfredo , subway Shop Farida ,circle K, Supervisor bel Air Sell.--- wow all God's people said wow ribbon cutting after eleven oclock dont stay in your seat oops other people want to come and worship ... dream it do, it special gift for $2000 book do it you and the tremendous wall how purchased a 10,000 bricks will be sold this week guarantee you, which to made dedication to God and this ministry faith possible you can do that me moment of prayer thanks to give back beauty wonder splendor beautiful edifice copy dream it wonderful participate ribbon see glass may brick 1800 left will be sold this week . I guarantee you... decades, to come 1 oclock Hispanic 6 oclock , evening service Crystal Cathedral academy Velveteen Rabbit, memorial day service next Sunday floral flag planted in garden special announcement re my son Robert Vernon Schuller III, pain to ... three of us running around. he's getting married here at the end of the month bride to be Hannah invite the congregation to participate will be honored young nallia in L.A. premier of Lion King finalist Star search Lisa Tucker.-God loves you so do we, deep within each ...down of strength of I can people of all nature nothing ordinary special part will play place for beauty must learn hop power of dream stand apart from rest power of the dream 956 am so much strength in all of us discover you can reaching ... bring us power...dream wow power of dreams brigs us near we can her the power of the dream ... always be feel the power

of the dream ... woo 958 am realize the power of the dream to realize the power of the dream!! ... applause, thank you for coming and sharing that music God bless you Im 13 years old, come again Ok, when the construction began time-lapse camera took a picture every mi five minutes for two years, w 2 minutes segment appreciate love dear God for your major ... with which we would not be today ... global mission we're you thank you bring faith Oh God how they nee d it must be a clip showing the building going up, 1001 am because I care 22:17 22 hours, 17 minutes after "the incident "10 am minus 22 hours 17 minutes I thought it took a lot longer to build it architect Richard Meyer wish we had more time with respect my friend [applause]remember meeting you with American academy of achievement I'll do it it's all happened most ecstatic experience of my life ,, at the great spec thinking was it cline build once at most respect my build twice bore extraordinary is didn't know had already visited ... the Johnson Cathedral , little did I know St sometime later app opportunity to work together,, because of you r, your vision your dream what do you think Its unbelievable make models think you'll know but nothing like congregating together that doesnt exist here in that says come in have a seat southern California climate amazing relationship between inside and outside is continues ""nothing like other part of the world freedom of in out with t walls stainless steel came from whats here stainless steel material doesnt' look like wow! anything you see that surprised you stands out is it ... without... sis on landscape teach you about archaeology view,, the ... tower chapel ocean cathedral sky with you '"everything around you hope you enjoy Reformed Church Manhattan Island bought from the Indians last a 1000 years, thank you o many people 100's who have contributed, owe a great debt applaud self, God ... God loves you so do I,, thank you thank you thank you at every milestone famous church member Mr. Piano roger Williams with us again today 10:10 am bird whilst ... the bird whistle, moving morning has broken morning has broken 10:11 am morning has broken blackbirds have spoken praise for the ...officer Sgt Caruthers, j. Larson j. Peak, halt pause for a moment birds whistling again 10;14 am outdoor collection man thank we love you will welcome support from all over precede me visitor center welcome center , become encourage support no say what said by other failure orphan success s1000 ... you because we have something that people need , Mar 27, 1995,, we offer "welcome" so we build today a welcome center Seoul 1986 ...I think good friends been on television 200 y... long time Olympics summer what say the big wow welcome may... predominantly English grand opening every spectacular welcome all around us thats the heart of soul faith we try to live and proclaim produces graciousness 1955 new church man young man 27 years old photo young preach slim black hair, smile on ... c beautiful young gal, 27 years old his wife, on trailer n organ , take a picture life size today who were first church like no members but my wife ... Chapman and harbor Bel aisles, Two fellas supporters one worked for the phone co. the o wever would you do that? believed in me before knew me trusted me before I had earned trust ticket until passed with a few years

ago... 5 years at drive in big welcome to a dream that would put ...passion, purpose, power I life, welcome you ribbon cutting last building to be build Theos wife will be with us, daughter Sheila will be there and somebody else, thinking of Vern, hopefully physically can make it otherwise great grandson will cut the ribbon dream of keeping the drive ingoing needed group ground, ten acres cost $66,000 barely made the small down payment check for $100 every week paid it off $400 mortgage from Vern Drop had polio iron lung couldnt work wife got job selling Tupperware put 10% in offering plate nothing but the title was always there paid for entire ten acres chapel at top expensive increased tithe to $100,000 per year, the tithe was always there, paid for the entire en acres chapel at top expensive, increase tithe to 100, 000 per year paid for it, then the family life center h gymnasium one million applaud them 10:27 m great great grandson part of ribbon cutting powerful life, his dream for our life thank you Cathedral build large ... his dream for our lives... welcome to visit from beyond our #'s thought it worship site finished need visitor center something to say welcome thats what our ministry is , believe the unbelievable my religion thus faith welcomes you I resisted but finally no more, bought the houses last ten acres 40 houses not the story you no Richard M ... I wont tell the whole story, you know it, Richard Meyer concept in international center, call it what you want this congregation had campaign to raise a few million first gift from a friend in Florida Ruby Rinker Olobby Ruby came to the drive in church 40 years ago young school teacher 3 kids, marriage didn't go well no money 3 kids, she followed her Lord then she drifted to Florida ''sid ""can I walk with you?"' my wife died not long ago Im lonely , year of life loved ... gem of life loved each other married Marshall Rinker Palm beach Florida, no name more known he 's paid for hospitals chapels started out milking cows like me make gift wrote check for one million dollars I cried and since then have received over forty gifts in the 7 figure bracket, many sitting here, anonymous, life make a difference faith to say ayes accept invitation invite you to become a believer , faith power, welcome you party something else fantastic through I all is love one who stands out is Jesus Christ, his word first word that reach out have faith with grain of mustard seed it will move ...Nothing impossible welcome to that kind of faith pray darkness to light teaching of Jesus Christ our savior thank you do people you called and welcomed as Amen amen 035 am Mr. Piano again...Born Free...?? this is my guest flow the ...far fight for the right be willing to heavenly call I know if be true glorious guest my heart When I'm laid to ... rest and the world live reach beyond star 038 am [applause]... thank you Nick Coleman older voice , tenor becoming better enjoy the grounds coffee arboretum ribbon cutting doors open have cup of Starbucks, come across as a commercial going... and coming I laughter tears till you come to stand before... Abraham savanna high school John Erick... music San Clemente pipe band..... Joe drum major, Jason woodard... Pipe major...award winning Leonel Harris national anthem... Chris Pardini hazel Wright organ ... Johnny Carl hour of power

orchestra... and so... this is the day that God has made... let us rejoice and be glad in it... music..... drum roll... oh God we remember them... give me Hawaii... Europe around the world the best of our sons and daughters if need be give up their lives... parents loved ones... freedom and peace that is ours today we salute all of those. the true peacemakers, we honor them as you greater love... has a man than that lay down life for friends... this is a memory day Hallelujah. amen... words from Psalm 16 --keep me safe oh God I said to my lord you are my Lord all the good things I have are from you... I take pleasure in them you are alone are my inheritance my cup of blessing the land you gave me is a pleasant land, I will bless the Lord who guides me... even at night the lord is always with me...I will not be forsaken he is right beside wonder my heart is filled with joy, may God add His blessing to the reading of the word... ... Music...

this morning I invite you all to enjoy the family environment crossing the patio... go to the arboretum...enjoy a world of greeting from us...let us pray... oH God we are thankful people this is truly a thanksgiving service... thank you fro the freedom we enjoy...the freedom based on our faith support it with out and gifts... hallelujah amen...well we have Sunday services all day long at the Crystal Cathedral campus continuing with the Latino service with pastor Luis Lemos...relatives friends Spanish speaking Spanish speaking people have a cathedral here its called the Crystal Cathedral...every Sunday its a wonderful service... coming Saturday never lived through it before,, my first grandchild is getting married, Pause, and uh... I m very proud of him great young man intelligent gifted called to a life of ministry where and how remains to be seen for God to show... his name is Robert SKuller, the third..... invite all the people to church not at the reception can't afford to feed them all 5 pm Saturday summer programs for all areas. sports dance... fun filled... welcome to register your child to be par to the summer fun sponsored by the Crystal Cathedral academy prestigious schools of its kind in America... exciting kiosk... this morning... this morning... favorite friends Larnell Harris new CD...get it in the bookstore... good excuse... to get husband with you to the bookstore... and the Scotch have a new cd out. arent they fantastic... orange county tradition...dont mistake the kilts they're all-Americans thats what makes America so great, people have lived and died .Scotchman and Dutchman people from every nation of the world makes America so distinctive so unique pleasure to welcome the San clement scotch pipe band Like m MAY 25, 2003 Good morning among what happens Chris walker march given Harris ... San clemente pipe band Jason wooden. Lionel Harris... Johnny Carl Hour of Power orchestra so this is the day God has made let us rejoice and be glad God

we remember them buried in Hawaiian orient ... intent committed selves to enter harms way so that we could enjoy the freedom we have today no greater love .memory day, hallelujah God bless America 943 am God bless America that I love may be seated captain rich givens... Ps 16 --keep me safe. to Lord you are the Lord time here my intentions cop of cup of blessing pr bless Lord who guides me enjoy most of greetings pray thankful people thanksgiving service... freedom based on faith Sunday service all ay...long 1:00 Latino service with Luis Lemos... .coming Saturday never lived through it before first grandchild the married very proud. talented gifted his name is Robert Schuller, the III... come to the wedding not to the reception can't afford to feed them all... summer fun sponsored by Crystal Cathedral academy most prestigious school of it ... in America Leonel Harris new Cd get n Brooklyn ...good excuse to get husband to go into the book store, Scots have their own cd Dont mistake their kilts their all Americans... scotch, Dutch...nations from all over the world San Clemente scotch pipe bowl...I one once was lost but now found was blind but now see 955 am applause, thank you very much another number? cutting in too early...scotch ... French German Dutch. English ... Japanese Chinese pacific islanders central American south American united country... applaud God for our nation, m my guest Captain Christ walker U.S. air force show support for price--served or currently serving stand up so that we may thank my guest one of many heroes not saluating war only supporting those doing duty of God and country captain Chris walker, United states Air Force with elite squadron T-Birds--doolitle ... same as that of Pearl Harbor...Pilot of the B1 who dropped the bomb on the restaurant that Saddam Hussein was supposed to be... got the ... fling cross... ? flying?. USAF pilot captain Chris walker, welcome home to good to be back wonderful immensely proud of our country feels great to be back sir. a little over three months sir, hardest part being away from people you love had dont eh tings we do ... to ... it is evil we hate... fight for equality freedom ... all fighting for preservation horrors from that country immensely proud to remove that regime or person ...pleasure to work with big ...... 2000 four 2000 pound bombs dropped on restaurant suspects that Hussein was there just God got done searching for scud missiles so that Sadam didn't launch the ... n... plane crew of four weapons system operator alone in our plane the only plane ---proceed to new coordinates not authority to release bombs yet called back confirm coordinates what bombs wanted --no this might be the big one.okay no problem other planes to defend us flying in again check coordinates again deal dead center of Baghdad wasnt that new to us, might be one of those types of targets 2 minutes from release 2 acronyms --these ... the two big fellas say "dont miss" check coordinates one more time B! performed flawlessly--seen end result, precision of weapons hit target go out and tak e out units ...civilian population ... home didn't tell us landed sir rank what did you do?. I Checked coordinates you hit Saddam and 2 sons--spread like wildfire,, been a ... 9 why havent we heard... been on cloud nine, why haven't we heard Saddam is dead? haven't heard from him or seen him , seen two days later people pulling down the statute, lives open to world freedom eleven years old wrote paper /... mom remembered I where will you be in 1 2010 write headline bizarre really is lucky ones go goal dream since early age grace of God fulfilled personal relationship with Jesus Christ have to servants of it wonderful

chaplains large ... starts out with prayer with chaplains always there without faith wouldn't be here stand up pleasure... [applause] 10:10 am announcement Anita Armstrong communion coming back in a month she will be my guest"'4th of July thank you thank you ... beautiful spacious skies amber waves of grain purple mountain majesties fruit... America God shed his grace on thee sea shiny sea minisacks cleyvee G. at Ralphs, Charlie C. --whole food. Lis -whole food, Allan Kinkos Chino, Nazma--Anaheim Circle K, Raquel --Shell norco.molly Jamba Manhattan Beach...Arlete-Verizon all Gods people said wow never memorial day created after darkest day of country History ... originally decoration day...were killed in civil war and all wars more killed in the civil war than all wars combined... decoration day decorate cemeteries past passed aw memorial day more not ... dad but for the living part that dies o we might live? unfinished work here? rather for be here dedicated to the great task before us, gave last measure of devotion dead shall not have died in vain by people for people Abram Lincoln 1863 Gettysburg address memorial day not for deceased but for us responsibility tremendous honor and privilege responsibly found din text Gal 2.20 I no longer live but Christ lives in me...body body faith crucified with Christ I no longer live, tremendous opening tremendous text remember Gives us freedom to live verse outline ... poem heard before reality ... yesterday is history tomorrow a mystery today is a gift, called the present today-look at yesterday in his bring past is dead, evil task on history crucified negative side of self through Jesus Christ John 3--Nicodeumus what Must I do, must be born again--must enter mothers womb?Jesus Spiritual reborn--time to remember our history yesterday tomorrow mystery today is a gift mystery of Christianity suffered plight not long ago 1519 Woman and husband were executed for teaching the Lords prayer in English... Tyndale was execute for translating the Bible into English prayed ""open eyes of the kig"'history of our lives our ... self crucify negative self with Christ, Spiritual birth, see beauty splendor tomorrow in a mystery life I live in body I live by faith spend more time worrying about things that never happen things that never take place, sermon on the mount do not worry lie body more important than you your heavenly father fees them the birds, single hour to life, tomorrow a mystery... not complete part of tomorrow eternal presence with Jesus Christ, I know when I am where I am gong because I have my ticket to heaven passed out 2000 7000 tickets to heaven anyone who comes to me I will in no way cast out...Jesus said it I accept it, my money clip next to my I.D. tomorrows a mystery plan for tomorrow what I think I'll ... I do not know living by faith in body yesterday is history today a mystery today is a gift the present ... I no lover live but Christ lives in me Christ lives in me struggles challenging time frustration worries but Christ lives in me people divorce Christ lives in them get through the valleys tough times Christ lives in me may be divorce but Christ lives in me bankruptcy , children running away allots job mother passed away, Children to war, remember precious words no I no longer live but Chi Christ lives in me past week I was in Missoula Montana participate in Special Olympics held they eventful day young lady crossing finish line victor Amanda garland of Dillon Mountain. 1000's of special athletes ho much impact, Closing day sitting in stands 36 year old man special needs enjoy? oh Yes Mean a Lot. Oh Yes. I'm 36 so it meant a lot ? ooops more than you ever know almost me cry ---moment just grabbed and touched him

counting the days wife and I behind him coach said sit down why I sit down you stand.? as tear member do what rest of the tar is doing the is doing he was a member of the team I wasn't good enough to be on his team God has special people special needs unique join this team say ""I cant live for myself old me passed away live for Jesus Christ I've on his team Life I live and body I live by faith blessings of God yesterday History tomorrow mystery today a gift present faces of precious people ... you and I receive precious medallion race Christ has told us to run face to face with Jesus Christ heavenly father precious grace thank you this day no only our land over days gone by b put away old put on new reality of the moment thank God praise him forever man serve M. Ralphs Rob always there fellow , John the Grump, Pastor sacks Crookston MN, Crown Point IN, gr. Lombard Il, Leighton IA, Jamestown MI, Highland IN, Byron Center MI, Jenison mi, Kanawhahi IA, Corvallis, OR, Las Vegas NV...Glory glory hallelujah... glory hallelujah... His truth is marching on..... marching on... applause 1037 am and now may the blessings of God ... alight father son and Holy Spirit always God bless . bagpipes audio portion continued..... the bagpipes am ... cutting in too early? hello?... what?? click click...? silence... what a wonderful country made up of scotch German Dutch Swiss Russian Chinese Japanese..... Japanese pacific islander central and south ...all together all got together here become a united country... this is truly that only God could put together let us applause God for our nations..... my guest this morning Captain Chris Rockter US air force every year like to salute everybody in the armed forces... hard to do the things we to do . kind of wish we could all get along...unfortunately there are evil people. .dont like freedom for all, I have said from this pulpit...issue not right to kill but whose life should be preserved you are fighting for the preservation for families and good people In Iraq... under that regime makes me proud to rid such an awful person great pleasure men and women of marine corp. we could help them... big news ... when four two thousand bombs..... dropped on restaurant where suspected sad dam Hussein was, that cal came to you where were you when that call came... our primary mission was to search for scud missiles take those out ... so Saddam wouldnt launch them indiscriminately like he did... refueled in mid-air... preceding north going to do a strike on an airfield crew of our copilot two weapons system operator one a bombardier...the other... ... we were alone in our plane the only plane at the time wanted to go strike our airfield... no... precede directly to U coordinate as soon as you can dont have authority to release the bomb but will give command as soon as I can ...want to confirm those coordinates read them to me read them back again wanted four of these bombs I go this other target over here. go directly to this one this might be the big one that was kind of odd... dont usually perk our ears yup..... talked to other planes so they could cover us... third time check those coordinates again oh Man told you twice we're good to go...right again... targets dead center of Baghad... it wasnt that new to us... we knew that was where Saddam had special forces to protect him two look down two minutes from release... okay two military acronyms ... generals Tommie franks... other head o... these two say dont miss..... check those coordinates one more time... the B-1 a wonderful aircraft performed flawlessly. as you've seen the end result... happy with the precision of these weapons...go out and take out... army units... dont hit civilian populace...really proud... didn't really sink one... we knew

we had this... the big one but we didnt know what it was... they dont tell us in the air... you really screws up ... checked the coordinates...three times hit Saddam and his two sons... you did... spread like wild fire through the base, the country and the world..... been on cloud nine... applause..... why haven't we ... hear...... ... sixth grade... wrote paper...turned out to be prophetic I forgot about it, my mom quickly remembered...where would you be 2010... I'll be flying planes... defending our countries and freedom... one of the lucky bizarre wanted to fly since a young age... parents really helped how has faith helped you through all of this , personal relationship with Christ... of have to with what you're doing...and the seriousness of it, we have wonderful chaplains,, before every mission we have a briefing targets classified information but before that starts out with prayer from chaplain... always there... needed the support without faith... wouldnt' be there. your mom and dad are here this morning , they're here would they stand up please... applause..... I is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great tasks remaining before us... increased devotion tot ht course. whom... measure of devotion highly resolve these dead shall not have died in vain...let this nation under God shall have a new ... of freedom by the people fro the people shall not perish from the earth. Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg address November 19, 1863...... memorial day is not for deceased it is for resume the responsibility tremendous privilege and honor that we have been given by our forefathers developed into what it is... responsibility today Galatians 2.20 I know longer live... but Christ lives in me... the life I live... is the body I live by faith... I have been crucified with Christ... and I no longer live... thats the opening of that tremendous statement by St. Paul Tyndale translated the Bible in to English the first time... 1542?? executed ""Open the eyes of the King of England"" his last words I in one year Henry the 8th gave official approval of Tyndales Bible. this history of our live the negative self. crucify that negative self...witness and experience the resurrection of a new birth... Goodness of the positive self... ability too see the beauty... Gods grace in our lives. tomorrow is a mystery do not know what tomorrow holds... St. Paul said it...I live by faith... mystery spend more time worrying about things that have never append how many hours in every day , week year spend worrying about things that ... take place,, Jesus tells us...Sermon on the mount... do not worry about you r life. what you eat or drink... is not life more important that food. body more important than clothes... look at the birds your heavenly father feeds them are you not much more valuable than they who of you by worrying ca add a single hour to his lie... life...?? work... trumpets taps..... come have to see the glory of the Lord... grace ... rising ... his Truth is marching on... His truth is marching on..... glory glory glory glory glory hallelujah... glory glory hallelujah... glory glory hallelujah...... allelujah... his truth is marching on..... ---6:48 p.m. on Memorial Day May 26, 2003.....

Like Romanism. evangelicals think of humans self-conscious and consciousness of objects as to some extent intelligible without the consciousness of ... is to be expected that evangelicals will be in agreement with Rome on he question of point of contact. Both forms of theology are colored by elements of an underlying naturalism both are therefore unwilling to challenge natural mans basic presupposition with respect to himself as the ultimate reference point in interpretation (100 vantill) Room 208... sex is a mens to an end not an end in itself degenerates see degenerates and fail to enliven others...degenerates create a self fulfilling prophesy because they fail to motivate their students instead... they blame the student , accuse,, insult regularly crying out "lazy" ""hasn't changed '"etc... stupid how hard can it be professor to be at Calvin College. or south Christian you're have primarily "'good "kids at least they have everything going for them and will listen... pick pick would get so...then he space with lovey... spoke with lovey at the sub desk... gave the key to Mr. Fox, the plant manager at 635 am on 5-22-03... --then he arrived at the assembly Audience cite. .and did a BYNFShg... over the crows #2 a school is only as good as those who attend it talk talk walk video on the wall Beatles poster, JMLk jr. sent out letter to Mr. Kessler at 425 pm on 5.22.03... the tsnamea medallion Jill no signo f C. Cochioni cociovivious... Ralston Notslar... Ycan at 5455 ... y ... okram closed the TLCL at 608 pm sell pot sites silver reign... foreplay 2238 Cotner Avenue w. la...the new headquarters of the eastern outfitting company started by Claude Beelmas 8495 s. Broadway opened on September 12, 1930... , trimmed with deep blue and gold terra cotta. go Bev Shea... NlT re rogation Sunday left the new seed on the hood of the car and then went onward at 712 am ... got the Hbs's order more HBS 1 co

JUNE 1, 2003 steps good morning Robert H. Schuller... give blessing God loves you so do I--well welcome back to order... that you sow great music Gods singer Moses sang Israel sing in wilderness David Psalms... last supper Paul in prison children ... sings, Dr Laura Slessinger Book "here's God?'" Son here ..... Children ..... dr. Laura book "Where God.?'' Son here Im preaching b Bob recovering wedding from wedding last night son married Rejoice be glad help People Oh God easy to worship happy hearts all gas well ... happy hearts ... that... so much great music Gods singer Moses Im preaching bob recovering from the wedding last night son married rejoice be glad, help people... ---- that u so ... rejoice be glad help people Oh God easy tow worship..... Oh God easy to worship happy harts all goes well loud heavy... Oh God easy to worship... happy hearts all goes well lo heavy close to you... close to who are prayer-- loud heavy close to you close to those who are prayer music in hearts and soul those rejoicing I will sing all the mercies of the Lord forever you may be seated reading psalms special day children who sing of glorification psalms meant to be sung... David loved music had a harp 4000 incidents hear these words Ps 147... How good to sing praises..... counts stars... calls them by name... ... how ... great power absolute understand... being comprehension cover heaven... makes green grass grow Lords delight praise the Lord strength blessed sent peace PTL!! words

continue to ring in hearts and minds peace like a river children choir love like a river love like a river... in m joy like a river in my soul applause 945 am is that a real starbucks go to starbucks school Hispanic at 1:00 pm earphones into en...see headphones on new instant translation... 6 again come back contemporary hymn titles gifts offerings... -- Oh God ... to worship happy hearts all goes well load heavy close to you close to those who are praying music in heads of as did those rejoicing "'I will sing all the mercies I will sing... you may be seated...reading psalms special day children will sing glorification psalms meant to be sung David loved music had a harp 4-- incidents hear these words Psalm 147 How good to sing praises counts stars calls them by name how great power absolute understand begin comprehension covers heavens wakes green grass grow Lords delight praise the Lord strength and blessed sent peace PTL!1 words continue to ring in hearts and minds Peace like a river childrens choir love like a river love like a river in my joy like a river joy like a river in my soul, applause 945 a.m. Is that a real starbucks go to starbucks school Hispanics at 1 pm Earphones Spanish into English see headphones one new ... instant "translation six ...come back contemporaneous films titles ... gifts offerings Give back to you think tangible may Crystal Cathedral academy summer programs rancho cap 30 miles south s. campus R. rancho cap keep children occupied Johnny Carl ... orchestra look at different comers I dont want to look at a camera I want to look at you guys ever played in HS bad even Jr. High band... OOOP.-- aww come on cut it off at High school...some experiences open case join first Sunday of July Join us last year 92 people this year anticipate 150 come back up singer just for fun jumbo tron come up here music ministry look practice done by 1230... practice join July ... thank you Johnny put together team try to find... ringers Crystal Cathedral ringers make it happen applause He's got the whole world ...,y my pleasure privilege my guest applause her if you will one of most popular every weekday moral values 12,000,000 listeners dr. Laura Schlessinger fond series of childrens books "wheres God'"... God loves you so do we... your latest ,, 4th in a series of childrens books run down of other three why do you love me did all that showed love what we think we are communicating to them in their own space hank they have to earn from deep inside not cartwheel but But I want it?""'out of store value of things growing up hard put up in kitchen teacher being held accountably for not taking out the garbage before cartoon crisis of faith... back of... dont discuss tiny kids young age direction meaning catch up as an adult its harder do you have place for more? dont have inspiration yet ocean on itty bitty boat.would have fortunate get a revelation Sammys mom in hospital . freaked out GPA's farm cut it off at the pass get mom home but remember prayed to God still got in trouble pray figured he didn't pray right... GPA explaining what its all about... keep the end a surprise dont ruin that adults versus children pagers dont ..... Prayers dont repeat I tend to be concentrate got to have playfulness respond to where a child is simply profoundly think reregister to a child more and ... adults that need the ids m book my 15 year old put on knee read your book ...

blanket brigade.abused and neglected beaten abused nothing come crass hostile cut that cycle my stuff audience to help build from newborn to ... toiletry wonderful things not bought in individuals helped letter assisting. Dr. Laura sends enclosed material to familiarize you 193 blankets 395 stuffed animals toothpaste... numerous others need al toothbrush kids who share toothbrush...blown out by toothbrush... kids hold like a treasure... simple things still need new blankets toiletries toys crayons socks pants . journal non-religious different places different t rules web site laura.come 866-3... or send it here deep gratitude for your folks new projects more of the same clarity prayer for you thank you for Laura incredible things for children lives ... touch insight willingness touch success amen God loves you so do we. 10:12 am. 10:15 am what choir is that? applause cocksomb.good morning peace of mind though possibility thinking even the gifts offering beautiful lamp exquisite walk through gardens grounds committed to art difficult summer mouths white dove lamp looks like carved ... peace lamp... b but it in a store base of it a text peace I give to you... not as the world ... give ... not your heart be troubled every year deed supp need support $150.00 thinks so focusing on peace whole month of June .may I ... peace I give to you ...He's a young man... 33 years... and he's gone got confidence to thinks we can give you peace... was not peaceful world sword chariot was not the peaceful world as today marriages not .,... then either always precarious... peace of mind ... though possibility thinking Jesus more insight than all psychiatrists put together...what offer then ... think about then try to grasp. my age... lifetime Jesus Christ peace 1)serenity 2) security ... inner security 30 stimulation peace of mind isn't absence of stimulation 4) satisfaction start with serenity wonderful weak hear anything about always fascinated first prize four years ago... go got 32nd net year in 16th . last year 7th... this year try again would not give up one of two the word spelling bee the word...... spell world ... . nice common word I didn't even know what it meant... "be calm" this too shall pass. got a little through Jesus Christ s. serenity, stimulation spelling 2 guys bitterly fought... one died Peter said spell word-that's easy "'love"' 2 weeks later competitor at ... "" I died" get in?' old companion spell word Czechoslovakia started to write it down how spell my peace I give ...not the world peace of mind possibility thinking serenity. absence of stress... no not for me?. accomplishment of remaining calm heard cut story --eleven people from rope. helicopter couldn't hold ... men or women I'm going t let go... lived all my life men had last world ... did all housework... and of with that all ten men applauded serenity what to carry ... to let go... last year the white knight high looking glass white knight big white house holiday bees catch them protect myself saw on horse collective of mouse traps mice be prepared she ... saw one legs of horse knives ... . ... will protect them from sharks ready to go , the horse was overloaded and collapsed learn to travel light learn ... e-mail not much paper overloaded brain stile serenity e ...clutter in head put down ...paper ... brain by God to work cleverly in garden no radio television telephone fax living simply in serenity racing a pacing self not a rush live by ... this week courage slowly serenity security nice guy prom student 10 command mountain n nobody will expose ... I've done God guides me. leads me, loves me serenity, security serene secure then what stimulated pa peace of mind no t opposite of stimulation ...suffers from tension of boredom why retirees die dying 4th ... sense of contentment God has blessed great

year old to his architect do it right 48th year. a few weeks ago International center for possibility thinking open for ten days Sunday w I was in the lobby flew in from Ireland... go man said I got my dreams back boy does it preach got to experience the building never built working like can't believe. last night joyous 1st grandchildren married all 5 married... . all Christian spouses... going to church God please help my GC turn out first of 18 got married greatest joy see grandson embrace... Robert Schuller --the faith-- the ... of those 5 years ago they have Jesus Christ called to ministry married ... an encourage to him ... GC come in Jesus Christ make the great difference daughter Carol in ministry in Colorado she was n both pressed Carl Im follower of Jesus Christ me too, not for long... something missing got into new age teaching beautiful... environmental cosmos but a few years ago I met Jesus Christ accepted Him Difference new age--foggy beautiful cal... comforting... with Jesus Christ the sun broke through... could see the light..... that changed everything emotional ... test live with serenity... ... S June 8, 2003 joy ful joyful we adore you immortal gladness amen amen wow all God's people said wow! what a day to be in the presence of other people glorious hardships Say God loves you so do I 935 am well we have a wonderful worship planned, interviewing Sheila Walsh Paul Spencer Atkins gospel medley continue message series... peace possibility Crystal Cathedral cir beautiful ...wonders Hour of Power rejoice and be glad thank you we know feel your presence peace love goodness Spirit of Jesus Chris as this place... we know cannot fail called help us to feel your presence direction guidance, faith to move forward how this is my Fathers world you my b may be seated followers of Jesus Christ Holy book the Bible. always read from the Holy book connected to message book of Proverbs Solomon teachings best guide to success keeping of Gods' commandments Proverbs 3.1 do not forget my teachings let heart keep my command trust Lord all heart fear not on lean not on own understanding acknowledge Him he will lead your path wisdom more precious than by wisdom of ... earth my people keep sound wisdom and discretion walk safely in ways of ... not stumble lie down not afraid... sleep we will be sweet 15 pastors from South Korea please stand--from the Netherlands get free gift an cup of coffee gorgeous talked about Japanese. photographers it for journal Dutchman stay in arboretum downstairs starbucks ... their open every day tithes and offerings generosity we need it, everything thats nice has its price enlargement more grass utility gifts to increase your beauty at... I dont believe in summer slump exciting opportunity Donna Schuller building healthy temple certified nutritionist UBS parent volunteers needed. put not its free child from 6th grade down impact their lives I urge it. C. Pardini Dr. David Oliver Moorhouse college Crystal Cathedral-Friday June 22nd purchase tickets at doors fabulous player bet never heard before fort to have biggest pipe organ inspired ... to put in pipe organ we revived pipe organ interest thank you very much another exciting thing summer Hour of Power sing in choir Johnny will be directing the volunteer orchestra. , ... fabulous morning here elder hero elder Nita Armstrong give her a rousing welcome back plus instruments that ... only one not locked in for several week and not stuck with talent we dont want volunteer choir something else now my greet pleasure welcome

back ...... wonderful friend... ""let my people go for you are loved her respected loved Sheila Walsh respect Christian female speakers 700 club psychiatric hospital severe depression born and raised in Scotland blazed at top speed extended leave long ho journey back later ... l depression role love of family ?God desire to do HI ... through writing music new book All that Really Matters applause Jesus simple plan, complicated list of do's and don'ts love neighbor not fix neighbor make husband into Godly man "you love I'll fix" see yourself a fixer ...our frailty were human psych ... best thing that ever happened psych hospital best thing that ever happened to me your 'e in a bathrobe... bunch of Drs' "who are you? what no thats' what you do. Who are you ? KFK why write book biggest sin? prejudice list of things "not loving God keeps you from the light" my son six and one half years old love... God love neighbor not first in anything not even eat all of your lunch what a mother...who gets first word... .- absorb all that's going on paradigm open God's word no matter what say on news paradigm of sovereign God how see ... everywhere you sunrise sunset child football God is all-round us not just one hour on Sunday psych clinical depression. just need to read Bible more, medicating reluctant accepted it tremendous eleven years ago blue pill every morning ---good for you time magazine should not be embarrassed favorite ... hmns.16th century... Before ... book in stores chapter 5 prince of peace make you... a gift dependent on gifts for expensive ministry l lamp shade not ivory dove Bible verse ""Peace I leave with you"' generosity so professional gift to you peace through possibly thinking... the mind is constantly invading. making our though like the birds that fly can't stop them from flying overhead, like negative thoughts but can keep them from building a nest in one's hair,--- interior of your heart, God allows them to generate fear anxiety jealously hatred bitterness. or lack of self-esteem keep negative thoughts from Bible verse to share Philippians 4: 4-7 says clearly "rejoice in Lord always ... gentleness evident tat Lords near peace of God that transcends all understanding will ... your hearts and mind step by step act revelation the points the text 4:4begins by saying rejoice in the Lord always not just once in a while but always have to hard to with negative thoughts good news isnt' newsworthy..... news bad what get bad news no such thing as good news [ with the news media] so ... is to give ... rejoice that in the Lord always an again I say rejoice ... singing in theres singing in..... he's singing in the pulpit] 1017 am sing all forever thats the way the song goes probably 6 stanzas is that right not that much time near the words --rejoice again I say rejoice negative birds rejoice always you're clapping ... negative thought stay away dont sin them roots sin our heads young big Florida school hot day swimsuit lake mother saw alligators... approaching the boat--true story ran out the front door screaming yelling swimming back alligator behind hi alligator grabs his leg as the mother pulls him up on to the dock tug of war... man shoos alligator boy in hospital has as many cuts on arms as on legs. Mothers love was so great she was not going to let go... on... smothers love... ... guard our mind God took care of me toughest times... will not allow through negative thoughts to grow protect hearts and minds rejoice dont be anxious a about anything no anxious about anything Jack Tar friends for years I said you want to go get a cup of coffee an he said anxiety attacks ten years ago Dr gonna give me a pill ...but I looked on the internet told me about the side affects so sever coffee on fire. first quit drinking coffee...

haven't had anxiety attack since great get reports from people "me to"simple things we can do, ... scientifically, physically , emotionally ,, o of our human existence dont worry dont be afraid angel appears fear not. I bring you good news good tiding 365 Fear not I suspect maybe... fear not we are not all the good news might be stock market could plunge glass half empty or full stocks on sale. anxious about nothing ... petition and prayers thanksgiving to God prayer I antidote of for worry Thursday six years word getting around first Thursday every June worldwide cancer prayer day sp pray for families touched by cancer rarely even family not touched. by cancer mother just the word itself generates fear antidote for anxiety prayer and petition thanksgiving prayer ... understanding of prayer no sit down fold hands talk to God I consider it state of being consciousness aware pr of presence of God all around us in the midst, air we breath nowhere Where God is not outer spaces nowhere to escape the presence of the Love of God... that presence things we can do petition God ask God, knock doors will open yet times we do not ... so petition time when come to God in prayer knock give thanks actually taking step of faith cognizant of reality that God will give us what we need dalai lama -remember hat not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck God knows he holds it back gives what need not like a genie in a bottle protect us from negative... peace July 1976 air France j hijacked to Uganda 103 Jews on the plan Israelis responded in 15 minutes barded plan, yelled in Hebrew "get down" -the Jews understood--the terrorists. hijackers did not, only three Jews were killed because they didnt respond... they were frozen by fear... the plan almost flawless... or disobeyed shot with the terrorists, presence of Christ Jesus knowing the voice of our shepherd know His call tells us to watch out, rejoice always pray petition give thanks always Christ Jesus doesnt say never had bad things happen says the Oppose opposite, blessed when persecute, when accuse all was Christ will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. rejoice say again gentleness the ... evident do not be anxious present thoughts for God wiling heart and in alms Jesus ... ...prayer prayer in filtering out negative thoughts eradicating roots to shape our hearts, bitterness jealousy frustration ... presence... hearts and minds with peace F God ... of shepherd love Lord amen lying down rising up laughter tears, before JESUS ......

...I JUNE 15, 2003??joyful joyful we immortal ... amen amen amen good morning happy fathers day had one. celebration of family --unusual day in California sun is shining. thought we lost it wonderful morning God loves you so do I 937 am wonderful Sunday June gloom power QB led team to super bowl love them even though they o no they're no longer here in Anaheim... next eek woman who is famous because of her faith attempt to rescue failed saw husband shot to death--she survived week after POW Sunday 70 P.O.W.s' chose to have reunion here 30th anniversary of the Hanoi Hilton July 6... our own elder Nita Armstrong back back from America OOPs grateful you came today Lord has made let us rejoice be glad 940 pianist Andrew ...pray thank God salute fathers father family powerful institution in society together Oh . rededicate to Jesus Christ 1005 capacity affection devotion make a difference -- your hour hallelujah amen you may be seated pay

tribute to close wonderful friend Gregory peck --great actor HW first good man? Finest good man , true lived true t the Christian faith...dear friend of the ministry... with... Read but 1 . [MM Reading of the Word by Gregory Peck]-- charity, . have not charity have nothing have not charity kind longsuffering not puffed up. thicket no evil bears all things endureth all things charity fails not knowledge shall vanish know in ... prophesy put ..... as a child... see things glass darkly ...then know as know faith hope charity ...the greatest of these is charity... [Music] To every day turn turn turn, there is a season turn turn turn... reap kill ... laugh weep turn turn turn season turn turn to turn to every purpose... build break down to mourn cast away stones gather stones together turn turn turn season turn to every purpose under heaven thing ... turn season turn turn time every purpose under heaven [extra applause] thank you Jim & Rosaly--his daughter not wife really appreciate on CD "forgiveness" get the CD and listen to it while youre on the 5 parking lot ... copy of Cd Hour of Power org forgiveness with Jim Whitter cordial welcome visitors from around the world season ...foreign country please raise hand welcome all traveled beyond boundaries of U.S. why called International Center of possibility thinking reception arboretum doors -arboretum cup of coffee free gift, participate summer dove --symbol of peace heart not be troubled. called offering announcements another after the Hispanic at 1 p.m instant translation no instead as I think on give something back gift from you symbol of faith reach Goodness Friday concert organ concert 16, 000 pipes one person pl whole thing David Oliver...--enjoy instrument call reserve center-- VBS begins school ending soon get rid of kids for morning frustration monsters in house... what to do to get them out of your hair fu enjoyable personal instructions VBS 2 weeks join staff from professional counseling center "path to vibrant living" --heath mood great attitude Johnny Carl orchestra correction not in G minor in G sharp minor July 6 volunteer orchestra group picked up 35 string played another 40 100-125 ... happy and music out week practice a little. Schuller singing in the choir nice ... conduct agree? invitation ... a son in 4 years D. Nuen announcement volunteer member take a vacation open I ,,, if you read music sing an anther for u like to join us thank you [applause] what ...feed me 958 am feed me applause I dont thin even any with so much Spirit before God people said wow my guest , powerful Kirk & Brenda Warner 2 greatest seasons ever Super bowl win prestigious... MVP charity work on field dominance 1st things 1st foundation...ministry releasing first in a series of Childrens video a faith fair play ... hello everybody ... ...very first Kirk Warner super bowl champ 3 time MVP... good sports MVP Most valuable pal... good spot important mission help a kid find his talent. ---- charity work on field fist things first ministry releasing first in series of children video faith fair play and fun hello everybody ... first Kirk Warner super bowl champ 3 time MVP important mission help a kind find his lent we welcome Kirk 7 & Brenda Warner kier Brenda thank you for coming exciting important ... daughter see a few rams jerseys out there God blessing us left and right 3 others and one on the way 5th month 5th child spectacular hear this about on way home long way long way to go couple of war to win the game of all games wish could bottle up moving in this lady go through something like that greatest moment defining player person proclaim for the defining ... as a person right there with you Bible says give

and both of you how long married almost 6 years going strong pressures difficult and awesome ... easy to think no problems no challenges look back touch lives remember St we said God loves you...Good stuff bad stuff great plan hold on extra right awesome God blind brain damage special needs divorce food stamps tornado killed parents hold non to God thats the toughest for them Bib when storms comes up there face to face cards 1999 church in St. Louis share love tract cards look like football cards different story people take their home way to share faith childrens video... what motivated you to move in this direction share the love of Jesus with as many people as possible dont wait to hear you God's message b God... animated put out there great response first things first foundation give praise and story to Jesus among ... fund ... Kyle gook is a Korean word for counting country (262) Vietnamese restaurant noodle soup chai go like egg rolls ... eclectic religion -Vietnamese new year... hands on creative ways to reach out no doubt will share incredible message buy video give card pass it on exactly Jesus Christ through trials the Hand is healed as good as ever _--_Tremendous year, want to write off how about a super bowl? champions on and off the file incredible faith love God bless you all out there 10:13 am Big ovation get card wonderful place to go fathers day gift Hour of Power org wonderful opportunity at this time and... welcome back 14 year old... orange H.S. accomplished pianist opera L.A. Music center. applause 10;20 am All God's people said wow What does it was it like playing in L.A. Center with Placido Domingo all ... still come and visit that nice thank you very much 53rd wedding anniversary today major connection not " correction not "I" its' We" ... happy to be alive close ones God has blessed us wow no more beautiful testimony thank Kirk and Brenda Warner peace of mind through possibility thinking messages sermons loud and clear though guest guerilla jungles see husband shot 7...70 P.O.W.'s one will share testimony for all of them back to today peace of mind through possibility body Spirit OT.New Testament. contradiction injustice mercy. contradiction... paradox ... ... or nothing happens until dare stand between contract contradiction carpet rock tactical touch l living in real world graduation from teal seminary in school 20 years plus when graduate from school formal education 23 years no more term papers no more ..... F in one English professor said stick to talking dont' try writing degree in ... pocket wife on arm ..... call to church in suburb of Chicago 35 members 18 to 17 split angry..... after 0 months first Sheila Arvella in hospital got house cleaned up sweep the floor parsonage no vacuum cleaner no refrigerator saw Avella clean not noting straw broom on the carpet unsuccessfully more time suds before she came home play welcome home first day mad dinner never cooked cans in pantry beans ice box kept stuff fresh ground beef with beans like chili I can't do that... then in bear the in hamburger mistake let me tell you beans burned hamburger raw... didn't know what to do, door bell rang no hotels ... no play welcome home first day mad... do door no hotels superintend... of the denomination with wife expect to be guest for dinner wife hour before he came waves of smoke crying spell... putting behind successful gesture patting the behind as successful gesture to get baby ... stop crying... sudden miracle looked at wife ""Well we should be going" they were gone what telling when graduated ... free at thought free at last no more tension , experienced tension never known just wanted to share some up the summing up the tensions 1) inability

... all have it at one time or another 20 inferiority not good something handsome, attractive, 3) adversity --real problems business 4) Instability-temptation pull out pack up quit and partnership in marriage never lead any such I had any such inclinations by grace of God Peale invited me to be on staff at Marble Collegiate Church--not... willing to make deep commitment wrote creed possibility thinking "never quit" but not le last but not least scarcity not enough and for food for vitals . thought I was free at least we for greatest shock graduates greatest shock no more report cards. test scores. didn't know who was doing 2 semester college knew my grade profession no report cards they dont vote on any score mystery Winston Churchill "'accept anything worst of news but Not a mystery -""--come her to begin new church hook up trailer organ orange Drive I theatre photo of car.organ preaching drive In... enlarged life size Sunday before March 20...went to Hollywood Presbyterian... heard Ray Renquist ...imagine tension come together bundle one negative ball self-confidence dr. Lindquist --what God begins will complete it... gave me confidence register it on ... floor 3 its confidence ... tension in challenger ... 1030 set goal there is a report card make it public... measure the goal manage manipulate goal ... passing grade passion failing goal setting driven ---peace m of mind through possibility boys grace her scar to star award swollen years of chemo therapy... party girls found dress nails gorgeous boys tuxedo graduate of greatest accomplishment 8th grade Nita Mc Donald in caught she got a must most proud... survived cancer give away roses to people to help us ... to father mother to grandmother fetal position 8th grade salute them then said wish had 1000 roses to every person who prayed turn tension to challenge 3rd grade connect with God ... God me thank you stillness of Spirit. beautiful challenge... better more beautiful trials troubles quiet confidence you will work everything out...

June 22, 2003 (coming in from No.Cal) because of Sars fast for 40 days 40 breakfasts ..... in sars fast food for 40 days 40 breakfasts sars many churches coming together to pray and fast called it embraces HK, dick Martin at 950 ""This is not a legal parking place" write a letter to your supervisor, get a life..... like to give you a warm welcome 85 voice youth choir peace prayer time when we all come together pray together giving of gifts to you now amen 2 weeks arrival 4th of July 3rd July enjoy fireworks immediately following the game at Edison Field best choral conductor in America world best choir even the choir you have best the to ... part ministry o part of this ministry to 1)serve Christ 2) believe in Him 3) family life center 40 July 20 930 to 1030 family level I was going to wait for someone to pull out my guest family made world news prisoners in the Philippines like to be my page stuck together closes you came to being cut out turn eyes on Jesus Cathedral Choir H he had no idea how far I had driven to get here on time turn your eyes upon Jesus... applause well I guess 18 young people from Minnesota Im pretty well known around here even if you don't know me. stand up applaud you great state of Minnesota mean that sincerely family from where was you hello thank you very important my guest Gracie and her husband serving in the Philippines... celebrate wedding anniversary on island turned into nightmare. spent next 12 months hostages martin did not live to return[I BYNFSHG (x29) at

1136 am on June 23, 2003 @ Adams Middle School] martin did not live to return home "in the presence of Mine enemies' boo about how good person responds to evil please welcome Gracie applause[wow first of all have grateful I am had to be written powerful book very thank you . you are young enough to be my daughter now your wedding anniversary Island resort dos ... before dawn , bang bang Bang Before I could get there broke down door had M16's took Martin out didn't know pointing guns go go go,, got something on... took to speedboat 18 passengers allah akbar. household name terrorist Muslim extremist group 12 months different places. ... found us 16 gun battles 17th one... running for lifes or safe places away from military boredom diarrhea intestinal problems tell what do kill? finance jihad... for ransom try to exhort told us we will treat you different take care of you maybe release become clear take ransom always the all the time money Stockholm syndrome empathize with captors would after talk to each other about who was good guys bad guys try to keep that straight ""lived for a year about their hardships their dreams I pray for those who spitefully use you pray Lord Easter ... came in fed better m money arrived, ransom paid will not turn well asked for more money hardened hearts every scenario and it was didn't know following in is unwritten rule rain dark every afternoon set up hammock d military following opened fire martin shot immediately I was hit too as I dropped came to rest besides martin he was bleeding from chest deeply sigh nobody sagged against m mine river language of military moving hands knew alive drug me up the hill [wavering voice] Lord gave us his grace felt God's grace wonderful youre faith deeper than ever never wish that on anyone well autograph first for you scars into stars [[applause== now Bryan Duncan back 10:17 am open up my eyes all I need all I ever needed I can see like a shimmering light barefoot on water calling my name Dick martin a living stone water Hi over everything sinking no longer rise upon do I just let the water plan keep eyes on me hold hands up high wind in hair take breath of fresh air Hi over everything water sinking sinking water Hi over everything going on the water sinking no longer ride upon the do it know when my where my strength comes from OOH [applause] 10:20 am Robert A. Schuller Bryan Duncan God bless than ... you for wonderful message ""last time I was here" coming full circle the desert before Getting a clue CD--sign up for e-mail to summer supports had done on it dove symbol of peace pray for he wean my family not feeling to peaceful wasn't planning on announcing this , my summer plans wheelchair foundation worldwide discovered cannot afford a wheel chair for 75 dollars give donation wonderful heel chair I want to go with you when July take family in Africa set up a trip all around East Africa... every single country we're going to is on the tourists warning advisor against entering on nervous Donna Christiana they're getting Bruce Willis pray for us Africa Egypt people come blessed dove symbol of peace since days of Noah floating around after 10 months with animals looking for land releases again comes back with olive branch symbol of peace... with olive branch in mouth why dove a symbol of peace?. suddenly an international symbol of peace makes no sense realize that Noah and hi s family was making peace with God. ... ... ... O forest and ..... God 2nd illustration come to New Testament Jesus is baptized heavens opened wide --dove descended unto Jesus symbol of peace from God Jesus our pathway to peace Jesus makes God approachable heaven opened up

see the symbol f realty peace been reading Charlotte Johnson except excerpt from commencement address first --ignore ... to get in touch with your inner child wouldn't want to make headlines get in touch with your inner adult world needs grown up balance checkbook spire to higher e be happy be grateful "later due" is not adult...Rejoice now learn another language... retire somebody lack of inspiration be kind to parents siblings Let in at 3 am collect calls buy at least one suit practice commission be the change you want to see in the world call at least one once every two weeks so they wont forget your name in the will Trust Mr. Rogers trusted foundation very being child of God home in God house Jesus loves you good advice or what? [[Applause}} when the dove of peace descended into ... Jesus God wants to have a relationship with you heavens opened wide ripping in half of the curtain God wants relationship with you beginning to end see dove. peace ... having relationship with God until it will be here today gone tomorrow 3rd symbol power of Holy spirit of God 2nd Chapter of Acts Holy Spirit ascended incredible events in making put you there Jesus ascended o longer with apostles crucifix and death of leader power of wanted to eliminate started with leader every single one of Jesus apostles particular day in upper room looking out for self wind at ... suddenly acknowledge the Gospel of Jesus Christ Christianity was established symbol Holy Spirit dove unity with God is done invite you pray this symbol in your home incredible ...voltage lit all day long consume little electricity use this lamp to communicate see these in windows to communicate drive down street home symbol of who we are faith and I traveling different cities 30 cities already 11 or 12 sweeping the nation meeting with people who Christianity was established symbol Of Holy Spirit dove unity with God is done invite your pray this symbol in your home incredible lamp low voltage lit all day long... Hour of Power viewers Holy Spirit with lamp in window know communicate. share with you a poem by Longfellow soul ... that slumbers ... real life earnest .the soul life of great men make life sublime up and still achieving still pursuing with Holy Spirit of God courage ... and do what God called them to do... not as a needle but as a threat. ... thread follows needle thread does the work not the needle is the presence of God we're the thread just like spare tire. or steering wheel. faith ...spare tire emergency steering wheel all the time directing our lives way ahead the dove is a symbol of peace peace of God symbol of Holy Spirit empowering strengthening this morning... step forward 1051 am moved around the lot reception ... worse on west side of arboretum but improves as you circle around the new building towards the north Ap 1053 am grenade attack kills American no further details... U...S soldier hurt. humvee its land mine could have been sabotage Iraq resumes oil expert more attacks threatens king Abdullah of Jordan thinks Hussein may be alive so many stories A BECAUSE's this week hams killing of stopped short of condoning action Dick Martin needs Jesus needs Jesus needs Jesus need..... hear vague welcome to the Crystal Cathedral mill to Hour of Power our k Don Nuen not her to listen to please welcome don Russian author sacred to survival back music 500 anthem over destroyed by to devastated ... over Russia today Jesus Christ salvation is created --hallelujah like not to applaud priestly brotherhood 1109 am foun ... up 11:14 am doors no ... fountain up not doors Joyful we adore you sound of love amen amen amen amen all welcome to the Crystal Cathedral wonderful dong wonderful

surrounded b to Say God Loves you so do I. 11:15 am wonderful morning worship planned by father the gentleman gray hair special guest sharing with us her new book... accosted in the Philippines Board Member Hour of Power Bryan Duncan serios ... of message peace of mind possibility thinking ..... presence pray then ... lift up your heart say rejoice I say rejoice lift up your hearts and voice say rejoice thank you be seated the morning members of the Crystal Cathedral congregation... 3500 volunteers we are need thank you unbelievable therefore have accepted Jesus Christ promise to love encourage people with when you were encourage to talk... Hope usher Sunday school teacher welcome invite T. Nyhuis will you baptize hopes dreams shortcomings qualities beautiful people ... live laugh work play present beauty Chi Chris Jesus Christ through our personality leave fragrance behind her this prayer some of you have witness be bright light dark world bring joy invite you to become part of ... church believe in positive thinking 2 words faith positive faith invite come to next class 4th floor 9 - 030 p.m. [oopps?] re prepare self t grow invite you sign up at table recognize same young from Hong Kong met few years ago HK Successful businessman ... with heads of government who not just a little leader nobody ever met born in more bitter poverty came from main mainland china 70 sq feet unbelievable would believe plan good possible make impossible possible Bible chapter verse... most successful ... people CEO of city praying re sars good news... very sars no n new cases today very important for HK people no new case HK ... who and there are no new heave have health checks tell the world hate to see Hk tell world its safe I was supposed to there today regional because of Sars in Future HK people love your tough time never last speech come to HK to motivate minisacks under redwood trails resort fair oaks CA, Minisacks under redwood Trails Resort Fair Oaks, Ca under Top Tires Sacramento , supervisor Shell --Dreka Ca, supervisor shell Mc KinleyVille, CA, Supervisor Jamba Chico Supervisor 7-11 Petaluma CA, Dick Martin ... Garberville Shell Super visor Circle K Sacramento Ca, Supervisor Shell , NewhallCA, Elo Jamba Pasadena Supervisor S.f. Shell , Supervisor Subway San Jose supervisor Pelican Plaza Bodega Bay ... Rdwood traisl 227 pm ..........

June 30, 2003 t joyful joyful ...there was a truck with a statute onit... Immortal good morning hard God loves you so do I thank you wonderful greeting proud ... came from son Robert interviews Norman McDaniel former POW 6 1.2 years... group of 70 from Vietnam or Nampows 30th anniversary 11:00 four time Grammy Denise Williams guest choir national Lutheran from MN... Jim McMillan for Johnny Carl C. Pardini at the Hazel Wright special message inspiration by pow's rules of engagement summertime communion share bread cup this is the day that God has made dear God you planned it all. put the pieces together had a plan Holy ... to Spiritual nutrition enjoy food o morning 9:40 am you may be sated today welcome special guests Norman McDaniel air fore plane shot down 6 1.2 years ago personal story of strength and faith God loves you so do I amen applause a lot of young people

drafted or enlisted volunteers reserve 1959 getting among training elect warfare officer July 20.1966 Feb 1973 release op homecoming first group released on Feb 12. 973... understatement isn't it? how old...28 years old one week away from 29th... came back 36 ...6.12 years torture deprivation ... kow if live Lord small cells like a cage very small first ten months solitary confinement cell mate 2 months back to solitary 2 months confined close quarter ...forbidden to exercise isolated communication tap code tap code--pain of torture incur torture covert mysterious way what kind of thigs?.attempt to divide propaganda into wanted to uphold oath return with honor strength to withstand o stranger to God accepted Christ at age 12 ... POW called the Lord right away Spiritual anguish helped me through faith in my ... true to my country...not let fellow prisoners down left family prime in life MIA tough touted to extent. reached deep down by for the strength in God when God didn't deliver my me physically Lord are you listening you see the whole picture, come to acceptance reached feeling of peace trust in Hi in all circumstances amen wow ha ha ha... how notified be released Vietnam gave us propaganda bombing in 72 picked up provision of Paris peace accord notify prisoners jump up? so many ups and down didn't believe I feel when finally opened the doors didn't feel ... control so much torture ... extend we couldn't talk express . ...after euphoria Hanoi Philippines father sister died I captivity reaction to re-entry from Jungles yet another voice ... resurrecting coming back to life almost 2 years what is normal ...?.blessed me through that incarceration re-adjustment tougher with honor military marriage ... took me through incarceration helped me to adjustment say to our congregation. reason here because of mercy and goodness o the Lord why me. why me dont' have all the answers--same me though that need each other standing on the promises of God 1 Corinthians 13 no temptation but that which is common to God He knows he Knows 3:5-6 want to be in control what profit a man to go I the world l nothing can compare trust God all ways acknowledge him dont' go anywhere not done yet you normal yet? praise the Lord for that relate to Job have you come back and preach amen ... God bless you Dr. Schuller... have a little fun here television stuff ... not introduce Denice Williams for television she's not going to come applaud fun listen to remarkable Denise Williams 4 time Grammy winner Denise Williams auditioning for movie role pretty soon she knows how much you appreciate her, free cup of coffee in arboretum...more information about the church more information about church in opportunity read bulletin new members class wonderful answer questions whether to join having Bible study at 1 pm Luis Lemos ... if dint speak Spanish stuff still attend translate into English offering this morning God will bless you for what you're able to give July 20...special session 4th floor meet pastor discover what this ministry offers, join this church if you're so inclined, thank you that you are here worship tithes , gifts offering worship you with them gifts July may super Sunday Nita Armstrong welcome tremendous may form Iraq , chaplain also Michael guile ... other July Sundays incredible series come back Nashville Lutheran choir Minneapolis .MN national Lutheran choir...when True simplicity thank you national Lutheran choir Minneapolis Minnesota my message titles Rules of Engagement in series understating discipline of military establishment very important soldiers bet in the battled controlled by rules of engagement don't have freedom with go do whatever rule of eng fine unless fire unless if fired upon

strong in Vietnam then vary from on one war one battle for good reasons peace living always require pass through danger zones maybe evil maybe midpoint army requires risk need rules of engagement every time we go through conflict families get together speak respect treat parents children close knit conflict engagement even controversial need rues rules of engagement ... her is our family need in living challenges pursuits--career... goal mgt... personal private rules of engagement not go over all of the Bible verses "fought the good fight kept the faith even if lose lost means they didn't ... f... fight contrary to rules of engagement kept faith didn't abandon others shall inherit the crown of righteousness. be proud of what id didn't do that I lived with 10:08 am 1) keep focused o mission vision rises out of values produces mission statement violating rules clouding keep eye on mission eye of tiger ][must tell you happens in lie ministry tiger eyes. a that...] dot' shift her behind dont turn around and look God . so beautiful why put Christ out? and let training for second .,. be consumed in their lives distraction of music television with eye on missions #2 follows the book there is a book ...there for the military rules sent down bylaws. corporate employees our life as Christ... Christian living... everybody listening ever to has to have a book more territory... never been before faith called living make decision confront conflict without book wile we have a book -ignores the wisdom of the centuries dont give me a book with without Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus... Paul--the lives of those if we have lithe path keep eye on mission... follow the book dont' try to write you ... part of church 48 years heroes in ... ... seminary next to my uncle Henry going to be a preacher students at Princeton Henry come home because of loss of child but Henry Poppin stayed Mao Tse Tung hand tea with Mao Tse Tung...completed great march had Henry arrested --small no window ... same for ... was eyeball food slipped through store floor planned to weaken his resistance wonderful conversations simple to honor Mao but he held on to one Bible verse lift me up eyes to hill strength come from ?the Lord lift up my eyes to the Hill keep eye on mission to follow the book Bible verse didn't help called to God ...take up home wept knock on door, suddenly it opened then ... somebody followed the men going to water get on boat dont' look back wont stop until Hong Kong dont look back thats exactly what happened keep eye on mission define your own role and responsibility you dont have total authority ...body does limit your to ego break it and your in trouble blessing to preaching at drive in theatre snack bar, cut the piece out, don't tear a piece off we'll have to cover it...embarrassing production for hearing weather is not your department havent u put enough time on your sermon helped me through the past 48 years worry about thing that are not your responsibility 4th--live b the rules don't revise, not authority to choose, very simple none of us have that much freedom freedom ... by Jesus Christ institutional corp. don't like it freedom to start our O corp ...or days... out of but rules live by #5 command doesn't stop with you there is a supreme commander maybe admiral 4 star general chairman joint chief president youre not the commander when frustrated where the buck tops he will make right decision he will rescue you with Carol in Colorado these rescued know how it feels, lost leg tourniquet...the ditch rescued youre not supreme commander... faith in God step in airplanes didn't se door never opens... year 2008 complete ... humans control takeoff smooth elevator human takes over 10:244 announcement just discovered lost did no come pilot d not

come on board... if atheism is right can't live. there is a pilot on every plane on board deepest darkest plights reached a point dreams being obstructed by power people depressed God what ... I do dont know what to do Bible verse memorized Ii will build my church I will build my cur this isnt my church he's dont a good job dont' you ...ultimate commander rules of engagement you don' have the freedom to quit without his approval keep eye on mission follow Book define role and responsibility live by the rules respect the commander if too tough he'll rescue you 10:27 thank you God please be seated participate in Holy Communion mass Eucharist Lords supper Last supper celebration for Holy Communion dont' participate in closed communion anybody who believes in Jesus Christ as Savior Bread is the body we break remember of ... body of Jesus Cup in remembrance of the Blood eat break, ...all partake together...why should I feel discourage...?contents of cup and bread will become a part of us, our deepest personality and soul go out with bright light dark world giving light love so Christ may be ... communion with His ...amen l body eating the body 1039 am ,... it as it is in heaven give us the this day our daily bread ...thank you for coming... you'll be surprised even if you... didnt plan it...bless you ... for labor .leisure... teach stand before Jesus will be life abundant...

July 6, 2003 Johnny Carl: beg you r indulge... my parade. reenlist, Washington post marc good morning happy holiday weekend orchestra fantastic All God's People Said Wow. turn and shake a hand God loves you so do I... 937 am well. we've got a special guest ...nit Armstrong shes' back applause and cheers black outfit formal promised ... familiar face Iraq as well Schweitzer thank you full uniform also surely missed you missed the bad saw you directing band at left mother of lt Col right? we love you did you fly in from the east?. she didn't fly the plane 80th Birthday she flew solo you feel energy n the air fait welcome summer volunteer choir Dallas Symphony orchestra from Germany conduct now in Graduate study Crystal Cathedral-welcome new member Shawn Rumridge at organ C. Pardini on vacation past part of team Hour of Power orchestra 125 ...[applause{[and this is the first 4th of July weekend that Ive been her in 33 years vacations starts 1st of July had to be back because Nita's coming home favorite preachers another Dutchmen rejoice be gad in it wore uniform thank you God for joy & happiness... smiling happy faces twinkle in eye joy packed without you Jesus Christ we would not be the happy people we are so bless America to amen 943 am Oh beautiful spacious skies amber waves of grain fruit plan plait God shed grace on thee crown they good with brotherhood --Dick Martin Oh beautiful America America you may be seated psalm 25 let us sing to the Lord to rock of our salvation God's presence with thanksgiving king above all ,, heights of mountain come worship bow down. you r God sing to the Lord a new song. Bless His name tell of His salvation marvelous

works great is the Lord greatly to be praised, bless the reading God BLESS AMERICA Jesus dick martins need sjsue sneed sjesu eneds dick martin needs Jesus needs Jesus needs Jesuss ndick marti sweet home applause and All God's people said wow thank you thank you thank you . Shawn what a happy morning call church show up read music invitation recognize those who have served thank you with roar applause wow!! her for first time welcome home after next service stop I arboretum and say hello join other service ...they run all day--Latino serve largest looking or church 85 voice youth choir "singing angels" wonderful ministry beautiful church bring tithes generously tremendous blessing boost peoples give generously amen --offering received invite to become a member of a growing ministry 4th floor of RSC pastors friend working worlds of in worlds in Orange County the gardens grounds love encourage make ... bob Cavinder --director of mens ministry shorter half -Michelle Gary Smalley marriage retreat infomercials with John Tesh. remember the cook in bulletins first time ever ... the CCC July 6 July 26 live marriage conference I think they agree if I understand you correctly I think we can go Gary Smalley or time in Orange County. new international center for possibility thinking 19 [[[It's Thursday, July 10, 2003 . ,, 10:44 a.m.) great things for women for men secret of happy marriage "yes dear" aw now volunteers orchestra J J. Carl -message esteemed director pins different store 29 years ... my wife is someplace else . armed force salute. coast guard plus 1 year 6 months in army almost got drafted enlisted with all kids would go for two years think were might be... 10:01 am song ends thank you Johnny ... we're awing for and elder of this church [applause] wow she's crying we've been praying for you picture e-mail greeting thank you got letters from allover the country praying the warmth wonderful representation paced on elder a female--special events tat stand out in your memory--my e-mail re the sparrow --one every several miss le attacks woke up in night one attacked where a sparrow flew in big deal o--come to visit us--thank you my angels here why excited about sparrow ''His eye is on the sparrow..." several things going on mortuary affairs team wasn't expecting back in the rear to bring heroes home do processing, paperwork what mean? look for dog tags. tattoo. to positively identify if no marks DN testing so calm? funny shielded the signs sights normally bother able to handle very calm collected slept well ., sparrow there until the morning actually came n during the attack 2o2 wow! wow what worship site homecoming like? great to be home loaded question outgoing personality dont want to be WWII solders is military talk through difficult Vietnam share with each other --effects differently wasnt' a fro on front lines Steve was on the front Steve Schweitzer. on the front ...did the two of you get to meet ... had lunch went to that camp , like we had known each other all our lives. tomorrow like group inspector here at camp Pendleton minister for Jesus Christ,...really inspired ... generate the kind of person you are-your mom flew in she's something else on 8 80th birthday ., flew solo stand up. thank you younger brother left for Korea promoted to Lt col. wow! still a lot of people there friend there need prayers long time constant thoughts need most read most mail going in they know it permeates thank you she's home safe without scars or wounds... face never more compassionate pray for conflict resolution security peace, all can come home brave to be ... thank you she honored Jesus Christ while she was there--showed OP in the tent saw Hour of Power today --Easter morning

gathered together copy of glory of Eater on Easter day 110 degrees thank you God bless you 1013 am product never more important than process Devon Guthrie ...back pray a prayer for the troops over there. pray a prayer for the troops over there... [applause]can't believe you're only 17 years old sensational guest speaker graduate of Calvin College, I graduated from Hoe RCA 0---ordained din 30 years as naval chaplain 14 admirals 3 legion of merit Donald Van Dolk or Polk on behalf of military spirit supported Hop inspiration give him a big hand Dr. Schuller committed as young boy to ministry ))Uncle said you'll be a minister Newkirk IA, got job at general store "man shall not live by bread alone" suffer the little children come u on to me" Dutch needs a ... blanket much ten dollars special ...doubled the price thoroughbred red blanket 50 dollars what use for text "he was a stranger and I took him in '" Our gospel form John 8.2 Beautifully brought out early in morning Jesus came to temple scribes and Pharisees woman caught in adultery the very act --Moses stoned testing him to accuse him Jesus wrote on ground ""he without sin throw the first stone"...those who be convicted by conscience Jesus left alone Jesus saw no the ... woman where was are your accusers neither do I condemn gospel of Jesus Christ insurance company repetition repetitious accidents--using auto for suicide. got to thinking make up deliver lectures re suicide prevention brig to point live any longer not want to live any longer job quit relationship terminate school--so many weeks when can what happens no longer live with self--Dr. Schuller met with Victor Frankl logotherapy mans' basic drive to find meaning Robert H. Schuller St more"self esteem" no longer here have sense of self-esteem .''Cant' live with self Jesus teachers a great truth about how to live with self--leaders of religious community who come with the woman caught in the act of adultery--wanted open shut case to test JESUS ...we caught her" Moses said Bible says...stone her Pilate had taken away the right to do capital punishment had to ask him first, If Jesus said yes. roman solders take him or her of if take him... If or her...If Jesus said no--then he loses his audience what to do? whoever is without sin --cast first stone ... do you do you live before a Holy God? wow ! you talk about putting it exactly where it belongs walked away eldest to youngest all alone with this woman ...imagine how she felt. want to live with herself -all alone with Jesus says '' where are your accusers" Lord they are all gone words of freedom neither do I condemn ... sin no more. wow! talk about freedom sin no more wait something wrong... you get it? go your want to live with herself-- all alone with Jesus... says ""where are your accusers... Lord theyre all gone words of freedom--neither do I condemn thee-- sin no! talk about freedom sin no more... want wait something wrong you get it... go your way...wait Jesus but I'm a human I'm not sure I could live with that folks good news the rest of the good news... Remember Peter, Jesus so much different teaching life different how often forgive, Jewish rule 3... who are we to exceed God. Jesus life filled with mercy , doubles it plus one Jesus says 70 x7... same as year of jubilee forgive... freedom that Gospel offers go out celebrate independence you get from the Lord Jesus Christ 10:33 a.m now may the Lord bless you ... shine b be gracious unto you peace lying down rising up...peace be with you... add to brief also July 13, 2003

---- Michael Guillen ... five faces of faith ... bring sunshine,, focus of faith ask your blessings these challenges power of prayer, you are with us,, dr. Schuller tribute to you in this book... allelujah... allelujah... oh Praise Him hallelujah allelujah Psalm 66 How as awesome your praise be you praise to you He rules from Praise God people May God of Bless thats a $5.00 letter t the chevron supervisor oh summer choir wonderful music don Nuen thank you previous Sunday worship for choral conductors 3 days Last 3 of July st day of August try to teach choral instruction audience appeal music ministries 100 people thank you today pleased to welcome back Victoria Burnett a cancer survivor please welcome Victoria Burnett what happened when discovered cancer, very frightening at time when not spoken only open the BIG ... drove me to the cross to Christ immediately comfort 93 breast cancer bilateral mastectomy chemo therapy no such thing as a light brushing of quite difficult 6 surgeries just at end rejoicing praise report last check found a little bit... same spot ... no what kept you going knowing God loved me the shaker all things work together for those called according to His purpose smack dab just knowing for my good as I walked through eight years and found out last diagram I can not every see opportunity to share story How God cared about little old me..., all care with love, didnt know me opened hearts LB memorial home church this church family ... always SB special caregivers that you want to single out my husband, wonderful support fixed take me out anything collie stuck with me . cancer survivors what advice gave say God loves you not a punishment that God loves you walk you through wit on this side ... or other side look magnificent doing great d r. Appointment ho great you look after radiation lose lung capacity as singer its important glad you didn't believe the statistics opened other ministries professor s, story teller born again ladies and gent thank you so much born again who how wonderful "His Child" by Victoria Burnete unsolicited plugs new Hospitality center visitors reception bookstore, get a cop of Latino service L. Wilkes. ... even praise offertory prayer tithes and morning offering guide us faith grow stronger , reach out gifts precious name become member new members class comply to bring me from me go to pastors class near for read involves 2 person Jack and Kathy Stroebel she's wondering why clapping Im Kathy He's jack married 26 years help our relationship educate selves opportunity to get information Gary smalley wonderful support bond together and son Michael funny information use on daily basis reservation center sign up 49 dollars per person bonded in marriage thank you both so involved great to have them ... to talk with church in area, around the clock callers on hold not enough to counselors volunteer counselor now only 13 incredible singer Elizabeth Stefanko 1001 am show a faith as not happing I can imagine living life without you know not having you around or you I can depend nothing to even bury bring me down again goes around ... faith as miracles happen when you believe come ... you believe when you believe shining lights will to fight do anything dont be afraid very in a way dont need t wings to help me fly show dreams come to life 1004 when you believe applause Elizabeth ... thank you very much academy performing arts this summer singing ... studying multi-talented enters 8th grade 2 broadcasters in pulpit is rare. I've been broadcasting for 50 year for dont know about it in "shop "never shied away theoretical physicist 5 faces of faith 50 years

dont look that old good morning all have faith in Something or someone wife laurel in choir today declared faith in God as it increases showered in blessings ... I us in the process thank RH for inviting me humbled and overwhelmed bless Robert H. Schuller has his son Robert A. Schuller volunteers bless as work on his behalf and all Gods children said WOW remember 1st time fell in love head over heels in love magical moment keep it in me mind before Laura I also junk food all the time turkey sausage however b falling in love with Laurel didn't just change my eating habits, it gave me wow bounce in step thats love more than a state of mind its a state of being thats true faith also faith in God like falling l in love magical l mighty force changes life 5 ways s first trust God like never before Jn 1 14.27 Become fearless neither be afraid 75 years old retiree living in Beverly Hills, feel agitated ...move to boonies , senile. Abraham did it... he trusted God's power of faith shaping us b making Him fearless mother Theresa afraid of but she ministered to every contagious diseases... tak kingdom prepared for you I was hungry stranger invited in faith shaping relationships fearless Mel Gibson making a movie about Jesus in Aramaic , without subtitles, movie moguls think it will ruin him, power of faith, fearless, dont be like fearless ... verse a""and Judas went out and hanged himself" , "go and do likewise' ... to ... "do quickly' tell difference between fearless and reckless--demonstrate what I mean--wrecking ball find out fifty pouts of pig iron-different point, being in tune to God's will press up against face , 3, 2, 1, what to know Im not moving a muscle mot blinking an eye yes there is a God okay what think all about?.kids adults, dont do that at hoe years o studying, I... to objects friction , air resistance willing to put life, straight in eye without flinching, studying creating beautiful , creation attuned to God's will big scary movie like Abraham state country or selfless like mother Theresa, take care of sick down on luck ridicule like Mel Gibson in tune to God's will trust Him willing to put life on line, danger discomfort, ... stand ground with flinching power of faith, makes ou insightful, no scientific evidence that random purposeless everything has a reason Jn 12.46 come as light on no one who believes in me shall stay in darkness kid groin up in East Los Angels attended Pentecostal ... claddix...father director of seminary and father was the president father resigned what now? ambition to become a lawyer, a minister why? how ? wife children confusion with fearlessness step into faith day cabinet maker a at night law school working with dad, quietly ... insane schedule...passed bar on first try become chief counsel of clasddix all ... insight decades later... change in Mexican Constitution 1990 danger of losing 100 churches dad no win late 60's found right man right place right ... got Mexican government to do an about face, protected rights of Mexicans t worship dad died of melanoma at age 72 disastrous turn of event turned to a blessing credible since accomplishment ... trust through thick, have faith in God, fearless attuned to His 2 will 4th become transcendent find self ... find self feeling unbelievably realized ... Jn 14.27 Peace leave with you not as the world give peace is transcendence young man fiance father in law takes him aside what are your plans?... . the theology student said God will provide, ... afford children? God will provide, Later wife says , how was the conversation... well he has no money or job, but on the other hand he does think I'm God... when Trust God really put confidence in Him transcend supernatural not passively waiting give up . stop controlling everything, try a little experiment rose ...

suppose Rose Bud, suppose I ask you to figure o y out a way to open the petals without breaking if you re a control freak you'll tear your hair out. water plant protect form insects, control freak wouldnt imagine turning to God for help. powerful collaboration trans believers will wait for God... amazing ... the hands open rose naturally told to take down so could be in the way 5t... Trust like never before will become healthier good for health prevent substance abuse teen pregnancy and suicide success believers live sincere believers live longer, have lower blood pressure worship regularly live 7 years longer ...African Americans 14 years longer thats only here on earth .benefits carry on to the next life believe in me with never ...since sincere act o belief in God changes our lives... as for ... bell says you can fly profound changes by believing no tie for ... details quantum mechanics, string theory, inflation theory, exciting time faith is like a satellite dish see things ever seen or heard before, like computer program double click if only you have faith do not doubt say to a mountain move and it will move... ...this morning I ask you who love who trust no God on top of ... dish If not trust with all heart mind soul then take it from me you are not connected to the most powerful... first seek His kingdom and righteousness then ... ... health like ever before have faith in faith trust hi heavenly father exciting and profound thank you God bless applause ... 1031 am.. special thank you faith strength powers Lord Bless keep face peace lying down rising up out in labor leisure tears before JESUS ...that was good you accepted the

July 20, 2003 sin and sadness immortal gladness amen amen amen good morning my name is Glen Demaster Schuller I is out of town writing a new book Schuller II with Ken Bering around the world will hear when he returns invited Herman Cain founder of Godfathers pizza, associate minister Baptist church delighted your here Herman great music, soprano hour power orchestra C. Pardini organist glad you came, let us rejoice be glad in it, this is the day this is the day I will rejoice and be glad in it, day Lord hes made this is the day Lord has made pray this is the day beautiful experience your touch heavy burdens concern lighten load, new measure, Evenly Atwood ... great and small crown Him Robert Cavinder Herman Cain ""your purposes in life...Ron Freeman Irvine regional Wyndell Hughes d... thank you such enthusiasm and energy now let us continue with such enthusiasm words of praise comforted me God my salvation Lord is my strength my salvation give thanks make know what He has done sing to the Lord glorious things great is our God--add his blessing Don Nuen before we sing, written for this cathedral symbol to the world, message God lives here, welcomes all who come--window, lamp, shine light Breeze Gods peace and love, God spoken God's people new refuge pain comfort at last, God our guiding light star of new hope to the Lord thank you this summer choir choral institute in a few weeks July 29, to August 1 get word to choir director, very inexpensive, great choirs, --thank you don experienced new Hospitality center, wonderful building lower level. wonderful people to greet you

free gift, visitor reception remind you, more services at Latino service Luis Lamos, s. balcony headsets into English six pm gift of music and l. Wilkes. offertory prayer, prayer concerns pray terrible tragedy in the farmers market in LA [oops] ... thank you gift o of love, gratitude, abundant way you have blessed touched lives pray in Jesus name amen remind you chock full of opportunities small .,,, Sunday school ... self and go teach Bob Cavinder will assist , with his wife Michele exciting opportunity Thanks you glen... exciting opportunity Gary Smalley invites you to sing up today way for you to be involved opportunity available door hanger walk init h them to become involved people havent me to hands up pick up own pick up also with summer in full swing children stir crazy Jr. highers lake water hotel palm springs cal youth ministry also wonderful opportunity Bill Gaultier, light up peoples lives pray with someone bowed heads prayed you know what a blessing to be used by God volunteer as a new hope counselor 24 hour s shifts no 12 people call new hope wanting prayer for people who are hurting volunteers from home co computer, four days 2 weeks away new hop table life changing training program wonderful opportunity to serve the Lord --real treat Hop orchestra an interpreter all-time favorite down by the riverside, down by the riverside down by the riverside down by the riverside thank you says Bob Cavinder having started life with little else than good parents turn turn around purchase of Godfathers pizza unparalleled integrity marriage to wife Gloria Antioch Baptist church ""your purpose in life, thanks Bob first that Dr. Schuller honored and excited so excited ... hour message as long as you can do it in 20 minutes the proverbial question why me? bad good to you all inclined to ask "'why me""part of your purpose 2 dimensions finding living it finding purpose in a continuous process reveals where we are when we are ready God is ready is a decision where Jesus challenges His disciples and us an the ... shall profit man gain world lose soul all have a purpose God does not create junk... his purpose reveals in phases when he's ready for us to see that particular purpose out of bondage surprise to Moses God God him ready engaged cowboy movies Ronald Reagan became president Reagan one of the greatest presidents applause, yes life is a challenge filled with complexity and confusion filled with complexity challenge confusion words to Olympic can seem impossible, never easy when so much is on the line, you make a difference mission for you just look inside for what you can do ... or small God given talents build great Crystal Cathedral ministry some to put smile on face of a lonely child Jesus baptized wilderness forty days tested by God tested by the devil resisted the temptation recruit twelve disciples Jesus recruited about teaching preaching healing Jesus ability for miracles never seen before such things conduct Bible study class Mark 9 eight verses thirty three Jesus took the ... study opportunity that time would come soon must be reject must suffer ... agonizingly death will rise again disciples found this troubling new found pastor pulled Jesus aside begin to refute him a rebuke _peter said s something good master good thing gong on preaching effective huge crowds feeding them with fish and biscuits make in the lame weak sight to blind walk on water skip the suffering dying keep on Jesus looked could se Jesus then rebuked peter --he relaxed from the faces of the disciples devil had shown up uninvited "get thee behind me Satan' thou of men not of God Jesus realized the devil was using Peter try to get him off purpose, but Jesus stayed on purpose no

which what life is all about fame fortune success material living check to check what do with what little we have ... making success ... to ... him off purpose...what do with little we have...cant take stuff with you will be her when long gone life supposed to be a ..... stuff n life tempted us to lose our soul Jesus challenges us "what profit us to gain world but lose soul, make ... of what the of God ...1 1016 am ... faith hope charity will be revealed through faith hope in your heart, inspire other Dr. Cain Alexander pastor of Antioch Baptist talented intersects with human need you're on purpose, faith hope charity satisfying human need, helping on purposes clothes on back man in missing clothes bon back better family is determined to achieve I' a better start three jobs 1)food, 20 Roof 3) save for mean on mission give a better start buy home in Atlanta half house 3 rooms on one side three rooms n the other a duplex life in half of it ... dad on a mission to fulfill his purpose to give us a better start , he said get in car, dad drove west, brick house whole house announced it was our new home what? shocked, Saturday for ride brother jumped out ran inside shocked mother so excited in tears didn't know dad saved, dad bought, try ... dont try that today, not a good idea, you'll be living by yourself, he could get away with it, he exceeded his own ... dad found his purpose when he decided to walk off sweat equity purpose in life, dad experienced the same things when decided to live purpose three things 1) uphill 2) uncertain 3) uplifting, when talent intersects human need you are on purpose God has for you... joy of knowing Jesus Christ fulfilled his purpose for us. 10 1023 am 4 years ago, my new purpose 2 kids grown and gone,, national restaurant association daughter Melanie first grandchild conduct board meeting receive call in labor" you made wise decision ended Wednesday three days baby still hadn't been born Vincent my son 3 days still not born rental car 930 pm on that Friday found son, no baby yet , Saturday in waiting room wasn't sweating then 15 minutes later wife came out you have a granddaughter wonderful whats with the routine? over joyed? fine? why the attitude for three days you no baby then you show, and in 15 minutes the baby is born... said to my wife, I know I have to hear thats story for the rest of my life, baby daughter fine dad hold new granddaughter... 15 minutes old baby little face not what I do I do so help me God looked on that face what do to use my talents make this a better world unexpected moment begin with faith hope charity living in purpose uphill and climbing on rough side of mountain ... tomorrow a mystery unlock mysteries day by day intersection of talent and human need wondering where beg look inside find what can do, dr. Benjamin Mays challenge born in mind tragedy lies in not having any goals to reach for calamity to have no dream no purpose pray thanks for son Jesus Christ, fulfills His purpose for us... Stir in each of us our purpose for ... thank you Herman Cain wonderful book store CEO of Self may the living Lord Jesus Christ above, behind, beside within and before You His way for your purpose

Daily Living Evelyn Atwood Re Charles Eckman St. Jude Hospital Loud Hadley Hoag Hospital... Great and small crown Him Lord of all Robert Cavinder Herman Cain "your purpose my life ""Ron Freeman Irvine Regional Hospital Louw Hadly Hoag Hospital Victoria Anaheim Terrace Care Center...

Lynette Tapia... Wendell Hughes Driftwood Care Center Torrance Shirley Jones UCi Med Center. Orange... Henry Visser Hoag hospital NB August 3, 2003 Good morning Im Glen Demaster... Robert H. Schuller Robert A. Schuller returning you 're here God's here Home Improvement Building blocks Michael smalley son of smalley son of Gary I've known Michael since this tall at Forest Home diving in to DNA of Healthy relationships this is the day that the Lord hath made... lord you brought us together... Lord melt sin and sadness drive our doubts out prepare us for coming boy baseball team if hit ball I'd get real big hug ... come If I struck out or tripped no Sundays for the beauty of the earth and ... Lord we pray of grateful praise for the... our hymn o grateful praise for the hymn grateful praise amen maybe sated Sunday family series. crystal cathedral student ... team English Jeff LSlack..Turn to jumbotron experience of Amy turner HS students attended Crystal Cathedral all my life each, roller and ice skating youth ministry joy to see God at work in our church go to HS college called to life of ministry attend my alma mater and also ... joyful say God He made us...we are His people... Enter course Lord is good love endures forever God add blessings to reading of the Holy Word 941 am Edith hil Hoag hospital NB... James Hopt Garden Grove MEd Center Shirly JOnes UCI ORange Ellen Simmons Orange County Memoria Ft Valley Jim Young NB Thank you summer Coir come at 8 am .concourse very Sunday to end of august...invite you to fill that out to come to ... new hope center go down to lower level . gift for you all questions answered visitors reception joy & privilege tithes and offerings father we thank you blessed day to day share good news bring those giftsmultiply to ... the hearts and live .... Jesus Christ in a personal way invite all you women... time out ministered to ...ages 6 to 8 a whole weekend just for moms 3 R's rest relax renewal other ... grandma funeral with newborn lots of money ... if planning to come October 3-5 forest home above Yucaipa matching robes... exciting opportunities every week family theme pastor emeritus Juan Carlos Ortiz, new Hope trans for something go for everyone take opportunity to be involved special feature ... dept faith inspired drama kindness show ...self... influenced by parents and Jesus Christ when I was little had imaginary friend secrets never told she liked me one day morn said I didn't need imaginary...said play with other friend might not understand me Mom made me say goodbye baseball team if hit ball I'd get real big hug ... if I struck out or tripped no sno con for that sorry dad... then somebody told me about Jesus dad will only love you if you hit home runs... what then Jesus not pretty Jesus will love me ... feel pretty out of my head boy taking black ... bob Cavinder LIz By Movie Painted house...we had real love real world Luther Gary smalley give welcome Michael small ...Missouri relationship center books counselor seminary Michael holds master in ....psychology... energetic ... practical insights wife 3 children kick off series... the DNA of healthy family relationship nodding heads ... almost out of body watched HP dad friends with Schullers outside of self Oh I am right there ... jumbo tron hope groomed self well DNA healthy relationship building blocks spouse co-workers child and our savior ...DnA code of healthy relationship ... give one of them saved my trip were kidney donor transplants dad in need of kidney see if I matched couldn't be better exciting news [applause] 24 hour urinalysis not every excited

about Drs office no better match give exam be on way x ray room kidney 2 of them seed the Dr. knew what he was doing I'm ADhD... n energetic style ADHD wasn't painful just cant stay still ticklish line me up I'd laugh everything God quote " you have beautiful kidneys women used to tell me in high school" exam real quick x ray big open room stethoscope BB knows breath in out lifts up my shorts sticking hands down pants... private parts no idea what that has to do with my kidney turn on side check prostrate hold b on before you do that whats your name funny talk a lot Im talking lets get gong ha for a hug of I share this not to gross you out, every nig right to get upset ruin day you're lucky I didn't know about prostrate exam could have made a lot of choices DNA personal responsibility power of one God has give us his word Galatians 6.5 personal responsibility Christ overcame by sin you should gently humbly right then if think you are too important fooling self and be a nobody want need to compare self we are responsible for self... personal responsibility doesnt mean we dont' have to worry about others satisfying wife children extended family satisfied with lie as choices are choices happy move on miserably dr. didn't make me miserable he didn't ruin my week n California if was my choice counseling pointing fingers people because He, Because She Because parents... get those fingers pointing back bad things happen to kids God calls us to be grown up make relationship better get finger pointed back man of us message interact look closely no looking if fight maybe awkward Dad's not even looking you really need this message play this game no me my wife surely no me Im wonderful... perfect cracked Bible know we have all sinned and fallen short of glory of God ...butter --How Be the best you can be Bible is ultimately we nee to be a servant Christ came not as a conquering warlord came as a servant got down on knees washed feet of His disciples this was not a conquering king, b put need family higher wife more important than myself wife she's extra Perfect cracked Bible know we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God BUTR how Be the best you can be Bible is manual ultimately we need to be a servant, Christ came not as a conquering warlord , he came as a servant got down on knees washed feet of His disciples this was not a conquering king... put needs of family higher wife more important than myself she's extra valuable when make choice concept of servant hood stay at home father men stay at home 1, 2, 3, 4, thers a mock not a pock babys in diapers not biologically equipped to feed my middle child at internship got to go breastfeed made sacrifices still reaping benefits. how much my wife appreciated ` Take risks once in a while die to self to serve you ... that I will die to self suck me dry take never give all sinned fallen short relationship eternal life how get accept Christ, dying to self, great talks so illogical counter culture eternal life must die wife that serves values honors me if remotely healthy relationship person will reciprocate ...? never again can't believe you . gall return it R recognize your choice in response to people action events not your childs fault year 4 Iowa prayer breakfast big deal year before John Ashcroft letter Ozarks post lady put it in my jeep because she knows me cordially invited at governors mansion dinner, hit by big time rushed home to bride log cabin, vacuuming scrubbing the floor wont believe dinner in my honor with the governor, are you sure they didn't mean to invite your father? back to vacuum mean thing to say, she didn't mean it, say cruel things or "Amy excuse me" you kow that really hurt it hurt her running down stairs, hurry

and me work it out patience kind understand loving 1022 am take that home you have a choice thank Michael Smally for kicking off our summer series 80 to smalley online posting the ... other our living Lord behind beside within

August 10, 2003, or ? w have a very special guest, Carol Schuller Milner continue summer family series spirituality in the family bring us the message of the morning--rejoice glad, sense of expectation heart gratitude to be used in your kingdom work to be filled ... bless each person in Jesus Name amen --whole world in His hand you may be seated every Sunday introduce family ministries joy and privilege Sandi Herron reading ... jumbo tron impacted life of Dorothy Marlow ten years ago heartbroken lonely joined divorce recovery really love the lord really care abut me God of second chances taught . d practical God looks down and smiles everything we do points back to Him Here these record words Book of Psalm, give thanks to Him sin g praise glory in His name rejoice look to the Lord remember the wonders praise the Lord his love endures forever add be blessing to reading of the Holy Word, ...all things are possible be here by 8 am on the concourse mo more through the summer months thanks for generous prayer thank you for wonderful opportunity not only people in community but across the glove tithes gifts, offerings use and multiply in Jesus name... amen special group from St. Louis Missouri, in San Berdu... stand up... special welcome [applause] thank you delight first time visitor hospitality visitor reception come to hospitality center food over meet wonderful people, gift coffee wonderful time tonight Crystal Cathedral Juan Carlos Ortiz top Spiritual speaker emeritus you're invited encouraged special even t for music lovers enjoy by coming this Friday wonderful program music by ...first ...organ on first half skinner organ , second half ... organ Becky Castenheim giver our women a special invitation Becky 2 young children 6- 6-8 whole weekend just for R R R, forest Home retreat center Deluxe Lodge for Carol too great speakers encourage invite my mom mother to four, lots of moms gift perfect back to school space limited reservation center hope to see you there men stay home summer serves drama department faith-inspired Jeff slack Morgan Lines o God can turn negative in to positive warm welcome cant' believe outplayed me... Tyler everyone played bad, but you played the worst, did wrong? sure do Avenue another ... tomorrow game tomorrow night not total loss , learn from mistakes play better tomorrow bike fall off what not to do something with ball game losing makes o you wish you made more mistakes, .thank you Brent & Moran Teri Nyhuis Im here and Glenn Demaster now teaching a class Eric Reyes home with flu Lisa Tucker star search winer runner up sang at Ribbon cutting ceremony the things you have doe. to God be the glory thank you Lisa welcome guest speakers age of 13 lost leg 4th of the Robert H. Schuller kids, in motorcycle accident, last year moved to Boulder CO to start a church good morning unusual 25 years first day on crutches really like to say cool ski accident but not ...interest

thing happen Rebecca drove out from Colorado kids love to visit just Rebecca she's 16 Wendy ... all fine not held back by amputation at all, getting the flu, swam laps for exercise noon got out of pool, gosh hardly able to get to the lounge sports chaise lounge sat down looked leg bright pink, splotches so the California sun out of it, horrible folks out of town locked self out go get key from Gretchen not feeling good God chilled to the bone worse and worse no not good Dr. one look at me allergic to penicillin? staff infection shot in butt so weird mobile oldest 16 youngest 8 2 boys in between used to being one legged wait til stump gets better weird word "stump" how heck come up with that word --tree without a limb word usage Spirituality so used to that term in lot of ways Boulder Spiritual eclecticism Spirit talking to Daoist, what do you believe in a nutshell I believe that Jesus came so we could have a connection to heaven m not want to go tot be...Comforted feel God's presence at any time if there were the no Spirit realm if not many Spirits out there then why would Caucasian converted to other religion raise din Roman Catholic presb some sort of Christian base Trinity whey would the Holy Spirit n be name holy if not different kool thing--reason called Holy all Holy al good all right not bound by nature what makes Jesus Christ unique what I deal with a lot He came a human so that we could know SPIRIT supposed to do what Christ did for us He became human he bridged the natural and the supernatural he's here brought heaven to earth , just so cool dont have separation high-water maker mark make movies visceral love simple form tenderness so stinking hard, really hard colicky baby o not so easy Spiritual attribute love is God, God is love 1 john Spiritual attribute to love to have tenderness mystery up perfect life for kids don't have money contribute to society wonderful things bless kids in you guys of Spiritual resonance you know ... loving presence of God come can't love because I don't know God no not at all bothers me when Christiandom does that he breathed life into us, ... on just and unjust believers more prolific you know ought to expect Spirit to be a lot of time we dont go about life do our best to do they honor God expect God to be near you can but please dont compartmentalize the Spirit ... devotional Sunday 1009 am very beauty of it is lost Spirit knows no bunds infused Spiritually permeated paper towel oozes out.not compartmentalistic forming just to be enjoy the nearness of Him suggested re family devotions not very good at that where w e live do all the time love to pray and sing over them last thing it mind not video games hear "lift up my eyes comes from How ii need you only hope o prayer quite frankly you are my only so hop and prayer being in the Spirit God is guarding ... we sow our own garden need to ask eyes to see His garden blow upon the... sees you ... Jesus unique? 1 became human and why not take it all for all its worth? He became less s we could become more. human Spirit do that for kids , less more my job to become les so he could become more, little... such a blast 8 years old all in public school I want to buy a doggie dont want to ... so give me wisdom ... be a doggie I go you know people do take care of dogs make them to not have babies looked at her ... really year know what were Spirituality kicked in angels really cook but

guess what Bible says angels servants no longer servants were friends how get smart less for more he conquered though abandonment of might called to be more Zech 4.6 Not by might or power but by God speech when by truth all truth He will speak will glorify all things Father has is mine declare it you to you really God news dong have to rely on my leg good news that God will whisper secrets ... my heart at night pray for them in the dark fight for kids God will click in us engage the SPIRIT valuable August 17, 2003 932 am joyful amen good morning Glen Demaster ...Schuller 1 & 2 away on summer break September 7 continue home improvement series becoming an unselfish family drama...this is the day that the Lord has made rejoice be glad beautiful day , privilege love worship pains strengthen encourage. Prepare for the week Jesus name amen Jesus loves the little children Jesus loves the little children yellow black and white may be seated family ministry serves introductory highlights children ministry Adam Reyes join me Adam warm welcome 2 months new ministry what excites you working with children home improvement they are precious to church and world running on church in ten to what why come ?at Crystal Cathedral in Schuler Center not sure how for many opportunity grow in Christ integrate truth caring people Adam we're delighted share with us, scripture, this morning hear with PS 145 will praise you God and king great worth each generation Lord is kind and merciful shower compassion 939 am and dominion ... God ads bless to the reading of the word dick martin with overalls with straps amen amen [applause] thank you summer choir vocal experience empty chairs at 8 am Sunday morning at ... be part of choir Don Nuen back surgery Before offering attention to are and prayer requests many needs Mark Salanger tragic accident this week great opportunity to bring morning offerings and tithes join me in prayer, father thank you way openly share good news privilege and opportunity Hour of Power and the word multiply work of kingdom welcome visitors special guests Doc Richardson 2 time Olympic medallist softball she all first time visitors segment as right hand side hospitality ... lower level food court great people welcome you wonderful fellowship friends ... relatives Spanish speaking Luis Lemos pastor at 6 pm music Bible study praise music concluded this Lords Day opportunity next few months international womens conference possibility living se. sign up sat at plaza reservation center part of family series ... department for ... tea matt McLaughlin Rob Navarro etc boy in tree blessings of sharing the giving tree once a tree eat apples ... hide seek king of forest I love you tree happy boy older tree alone need money so boy got apples to sell tree was happy . boy came back climb trunk swing branches need house cut down branches built house long time boy returned so happy be seemed sad need boat give me a boat cut trunk make boat tree not really happy boy returned no apples no branches no trunk stump to sit and rest tree was happy whats the point? thank you Jennifer Austin brown 12-year-old Aliso Viejo Interlochen in Michigan warm welcome... a little bit of laughter a little belief 953 am applause thank

you Austin takes faith of mustard seed GP Jennifer Rothschild age 15 losing eyesight... found strength faith Book Lessons Learned in the Dark married mother "'How to be an unselfish family...give warm welcome to Jennifer Rothschild good morning thank you... drama team in California y'all you all its quicker happy to be here several months ago walking out both towering men ... in front they' in robes such a presence felt diminutive Schuller sandwich such great respect for the Schuller family privilege and joy my family not with me, 17th wedding anniversary husband Bil Phil preSchuler pre-teen pre menopausal unselfish family learned in home great opportunity... for ..... or dissonance selfishness discord focus on family make dinner still cook but making spaghetti that hour not well hurrying dad will be home boys ... their way in theyre picking at each other theyre e fighting blood sugar pressure big explosion husband phi barely greeted leave in an hour letter can wait Dr. Dobson While boys at table reads letter. Dr. Dobson Phil boys at table verbal sparring sit breathing so hard spitting boys thats it, they got quiet he said concluding comment sweet and gracious Spirit hung my head very ashamed all very different create dissonance and selflessness Biblical principle Philippians 2 Cd or tape duff version hybrid version quote scripture Holy Spirit to you part of the letter Philippi Apostle Paul Philippines believer Paul if any encouragement fellowship make my joy complete like ... one in Spirit biblical principle of family of God belief in Jesus Christian family applies to nuclear family Paul saying precise interpretation of "if " in since 10:03 make my joy complete elevator top floor take it up a notch same mind like mindedness one in Spirit having mad unity different diverse same o similar minded different passions but same love cohesive unit harmony nature ports blend together beautifully on sound we need harmony need humility unselfish remembered just married one year Phil sports and recreation come home one night bike for 2 sit on back got all ready in theory great discomfort Im not in charge of this journey totally impractical wanted to be on front gripped handle bars so ... if can't be in charge with Pal Beach FLA be careful bike behind us Phil let right phi stopped Jennifer dont mountain me how to ride the bike I was mad ... had violated myself self... prayer more quickly realized not as next night please he me ride on back of bike let him be in charge Journey 2nd night resisted urge to exert myself water smell squeaking wheels what changed not the path the person chatter of chi home improvement great world seminary Kathryn Sylvia Sharon arch hart & wife bless them receive from them your presence weariness excitement vacation your presence lift us pup better qualified to be your servant ... I was selfish before all about me, I was the antithesis of humility is and is not Philip 2.3 "'do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain deceit verse 4 each one of you not only your own interests dissonance discord If they then if humility introspect not vain deceit humility in humility others better v 3. humility from Greek deep sense of ones moral littleness lowliness of mind Im not morally little compared to God in control to God relative t him concept not men self-abasing wretch like me no initial recognition humility no low self esteem lowliness of mind who he is God the

loving father clothes self in humanity stand Israel ... Palestine Road healing gather you in his arms humility never excuses for low self esteem low self image somebody honored not doormat to wipe feet on you , humility choosing to kneel down each of us responsible to obey trust truth f fruition great joy this is what it feels like regard others as more important St dont count others as more import fiercely promoting and protecting self I-he he I look out for teenage interest each will fulfill trust truth fourteen children parents sat in eye hospital 15 years old 1015 am heart racing looked at parents didnt know what feelings to draw from I imitated ... son 8 ms old 1st word Ball Dear The God such Spiritual baby called me God. it was hilarious ... dad God Hilarious in public upset could not figure out, not God ..., why seeing make "Dear God dinner thank you " didn't understand started calling me mommy illustrate children may never call you God guarantee it in hearts minds trying t create image of God they're watching you...who God is. behooves us to be like our Savior grasped form of servant humbled self trust truth to humble self willing to regard others as more important pride selfishness ... 1 Pet 5.5 ... subject one to another clothe elf with humility grandparent gone so quickly song not that longer clothe self with humility crucify selfishness watch grace of God Holy Father you can give us this grace abundant life designed 10:20 am [applause] Build a new tomorrow , plans we make today Jennifer thank you sharing heart and a family to challenge us to respond different this week Invite back arch hart wife and 3 daughters go in peace love of God Father Holy Spirit. Lambert exit 322 Orange Break Citibank abundant harvest Christ church Anthony Mc Farland 626--797--6056..... 10:34 am attorney for Anthony McFarland... or attorney Anthony McFarland... at Mynors at 1070 J & G 1071 Test only 1076 Mechanic Prayer all on East Walnut Mynors at 1070, J & G at 1071 ,, Test Only at 1076 Markham ..... Scher at 1171 ACAR at 1160 Advance at 1234... Crown at 1320,, test Only at 1323 Crown II at 1373...... Jiffy at 1420... Albertos at 1436, BMW at 1485 Tune up at 1516 , Saruds Upholstery at 1567 , Volvo at 1599, 1640 Whities... , 1641 3-Star , 1700 Unicar, Scientific at 1727, Konno at 1835 E. Walnut... Jacks body at 2248 Foothill...935 am joyful we adore you God of glory ... before you sin and sadness immortal gladness amen amen good morning minister of care coach of care of kindness look good expectant with God's Help of course Robert I & II on sabbatical... home improvement great world seminary Kathryn Sylva ... arch hart & wife bless them receive from them your presence weariness excitement vacation your presence lift us up better qualify to be your servant peace like a river peace like a river worlds great seminary??"""" like a mountain like a mountain in my soul you may be seated organ choir beauty who organ theres dick martin 942 am amen applause thank you summer choir Michael Skidgell we come all of you and especially first time visitors take that gift cup of coffee ... afternoon Latino 10 o'clock wonderful time 6 explosions prayer praise Nyhuis tonight now this morning guests testimony Shawn Beth Groen arrived from Toronto blackout new musical staff tremendous privilege wonderful place the Crystal Cathedral ... my ways ... intimately involve Canadian parents missionaries in

brazil ... rains minister sun god take care f my physical need s send Jesus Christ to connect me with God HS in with Canada moved to tell love in fell in love in with music moody BECAUSE study voice... kitcheners great lakes God knocked on the door Beth said let me reiterate worshipping this expression of the B of C ... vacation year ... chorale see whats her path in marriage Oregon started praying Lord open close immigrations sell homer see work with know your address our hope house sold immigration quick reduced to few week crossed border miraculous hospitality thank you so much worship time praise ten great and mighty things all the details than you Shawn and Beth welcome silence music stand and join us come and see the glory of the Lord come and see come behold the lamb mercies of our king Lord of all ... angels worthy to be severed Hallelujah... Hallelujah come and sin in the glory of the Lord come and sing praise for King Lord of heaven and earth to be served Hallelujah Hallelujah hallelujah 952 am majesty worship His majesty worship His majesty authority praise so name of Jesus magnify glorify Christ Jesus the king now glorified king of all kings steadfast love f Lord never ceases 954 am great is your faithfulness oh Lord never comes to an end, new every morning Oh Lord great is faithfulness great is your faithfulness [applause] please join me in prayer for the offering to be received thank you abundant gifts token me give to you appreciate for goodness of life offering received taken off our coat my own water, ...sure for m e dollar for water? supposed to be flee free Anne of Green Gables in the evening sister St. Joe auditorium wonderful beautiful in Orange touched by dramatic T. Nyhuis thank you Jim no mercy about the coat ... overview what to make of it Old Testament overview how passages love together one thats course challenge where fit best Carol Schaeffer enters at 844 am Sunday afternoon Kiosk which work best M.A. T. Ministry association training theological Biblical understanding leadership cove thank you Jim you fans are here wonderful educational opportunities upcoming international womens conference education inspire ---- -------- theological Biblical understanding leadership care thank you Jim your farms are here wonderful educational opportunities International womens conference education inspiring entertain possibility living seminar Rob A. Schuller near future park part of program does ... special treat brass quintet blessed to hear them ready poised quintet amazing grace how sweet the sound 10:05 am restrained applause so as not to heart the place up Dr. Arch hart professor of psychology--Fuller which is does fill up special treat brass quintet blessed to hear them ready poised quintet amazing grace, how sweet the sound 10:05 am restrained applause so as not to heat up the place heat the place up [that's a dangling modifier] [more proper to say heat up the place] dr. Arch hart professor of psychology at Fuller which is in Pasadena powerful Kathleen Hart successful family Sharon Hart licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Sylvia Hart Freed ministry of music Kathryn Hart Webber PhD marriage & family welcome these underachievers good morning Philippians 2.1-8 any encouragement comfort lone fellowship spirit make my joy complete like minded not selfish ambition consider others better than self attitude like

CHRISTJESUS... taking nature of servant obedient to death 10:08 am playing hide n seek base of staircase safe place run to couldn't be together God designed our relationship to be with him safe emotional valued someone really believes in us Relationship at home bravely venture out become who we are , relationship vital importance close & meaningful or death children warm flourish ... when caught with spouse relationship imperfect human beings often misunderstood judged criticized in our own homes wondering how to make up... and teen at it , ten ready to leave .more sibling argument still tense difficult relationships yelled scolded criticized blamed cant' get them to understand physically present emotionally far away, hope will see how hurting you... more emotion disconnection blaming because one who says "best not to lean"' be self sufficient stay at arms length do more pleas complain how listen... not ... safe heaven Philippines look not only to own interest but of others when hurt others can run to you . hut hurt would you hair...... nurture safe place off or other live with work with family mom joy to be back joy , homes not always an emotionally safe place, marriages family decide how to act towards each other S. Africa not let everybody choose how I will react perpetual reactant my practice decided greatest freedom reaction unpredictable Winnie pooh or Hitler... ...Mother Theresa or jezebel simple & childlike, how act towards each other control of action. Attitudes Luke 7 makes big difference do good bless pray for and forgive, none of us deserve it set free not slowly comes back to you meet Jesus One liners--heard Dr. Schuller parts of ... changes my life... family should receive more smiles than anybody else don't know how long will have on loan say terrible things to each other what happens learned from parents they weren't Christian... act no t not react .can never take worked ..... take back words back think before speak words leave impression what can people say about you so wonderful amazing change right now. learn to act --... never reach keep mouth shut God can make such a change child let me get you free 10:22 am shes got a CD in bookstore proceeds to send 13 year old to Bosnia quickly working self out of JB secret to happy married life be right or be happy but can't be right and happy at same time s follow up ended with a lasting impression yourselves are our letter written on our hearts known and read by everybody Corinth questioning whether Paul was approved apostle letter of recommendation you are our leer written on hearts known by everybody lift up before you this metaphor writing a letter relation essential building blocks for family country each of us writing on each other heart ... letter St later to stop and go ask yourself 3 Q's can I list 3 people in my family who have helped me through difficult times name three friends who have written in heart 3rd are three significant people and ministry write the letter people who care follow through on that exercise not people with great academic ... wealthiest the people also have ... that they care for you above all else safe place happy go an find some joy help to shape who you are you are lasting impression as a parent writing that letter in their heart not with ink , but the Spirit nothing ...the living God prayer that you will let those who love you write their letter on heart our prayer 3

daughters to join in prayer thank you for letter write on hearts of each other gift of Spirit go safe places Jesus name ...

August 24, 2003 am joyful we adore you God of glory hearts unfold above immortal amen good morning Robert A. Schuller mikes on isn't it... . God of glory hearts unfold sounds above immortal amen good morning [says R.A. Schuller] mikes on isnt it pleasure to be here 2 months around the world delivery wheel chairs no ... robes decided not to wear one either [applause] hope you're comfortable maybe realized it natural breeze wind Holy Spirit of God here today presence of reality of Jesus Christ thanks for glorious day stand in presence thank you privilege surrounded with love special gift beautiful dramatic way amen band sunshine in my soul summer band this sunshine six day may be seated every Sunday family ministry Crystal Cathedral at Crystal Cathedral joy and privilege professional counseling services Debbie Hutchinson lets talk Debbie I know you've been director tell us much m..... Schuller incurred vision 30 yeas ago succeeded f Freed stuck wanting to get on with life everyone... physical checking what about emotional checkup good question thank something wrong something serious 2 years several trauma because suicidal worked closely a park integrate theology with psychology past week ago want went into garage put gun into mouth, but one thing stopped me you worked with me patience just need a tune up challenge improve specific team of counselors services ... variety of reasons work with children couple passed couple years ask for suggestion career development stuck discuss psychiatrists on s utilize medical Nutritional Specialist Donna Schuller remember these services available Debbie thank you share the morning scripture psalm 103 bless Holy name forget not all benefits h... forgives crowns heaven high great is mercy towards those who love him righteousness childrens children bless the Lord bless the Lord they thinking strictly career professional image 947 am applause thank you Michael Skidgell summer choir appreciate gifts of love and gratitude summer ministry keeps going forward strictly think you special ... week o week family with special needs David chow wife Laurie also a surgeon has a tumor in pituitary glad September 12 delicate surgery side complication lift up David Daniel along with all the other prayers pray father good to come joy long list of needs ask reach out tender mercy healing encouragement tremendous gift and offering bless each gift and giver Jesus' name amen welcome visitor now Arturo is gone and went to get a part for his sons car, an they're saying it could be much longer before they complete the job graham hunter UK officer volunteer thank you for all you do in the UK open bulletin welcome visitors fill that out after service Hospitality food court are wonderful people need meet wonderful people neighbor friends family speak speaks on speak have inter encourage to join at pm music ... sanctuary ..... ... Every week discovery class meet pastors ministry of mission all about in front of sign up today summer almost over. now he ...saying the parts would come around 11 or 12, but that the job takes three hours

parable... sanctuary Crystal Cathedral another even three week more know discovery class meet pastors ministry and mission n all about in front of...sign up today summer almost over invite women possible large seminary great even u friend serve drama dept faith inspired 2 students Jeff Slack Natash... such a dumb, you cheated such dumb Q passage by one SB got 98 % ruined the curve if not listen to you dont want to study History can't expect grades without work he knows if you know the material chemistry test forgot about it great then I ca p thank you Natasha and Brent wonderful guest ... McIntyre age 14 ... state ... of music visually impaired read note by note numerous awards bookstore, pickup up CD welcome Scott McIntyre not an option an imperative ... amerkah wuom nes Amekrah needs Jesus needs wuom needs Nislow need wuom need Jesus needs Refeik need sYcnan needs Jesus applause applause wow all Gods people said wow. thank you Scott come back again weakest wow thats better lets get [physical tiger woods arm pump now to turn to person next to you say God loves you so do I ha thank you Glenn ... allowed to come to Crystal Cathedral without having that to ... unbelievable summer bang may 31st son Robbie gets married standing in front of altar he got married not bad met gal of his dreams Hannah Presley no relation whatsoever piece of pie no fabulous woman live together sleep together get married and so they did legacies give to children pass on front generation fable Christ died and went to heaven angels says Jesus what now Told disciples everything 3 years all will know b my name what if they dont tell I have no other plan. we are a generation away from the extinction of Christianity if we do not give the legacy of faith to children critical to give this faith to our children share text fits in Eph 6.19-20 ... for m when open mouth words maybe given me fearlessly make known pray declare fearlessly prayers we all need share with children, grandchildren , great grandchildren anybody with great grandchildren ... generation away good news new generation receiving the legacy more traditional ... names focus on legacies of success wife wrote book hope for tomorrow building legacies of success found some Amazon for 70 cents why so cheap written by my father and me and Robbie wonderful book online collection of short stores and son the three of us I borrowed her title family must pass on their legacy wife and children never dreamed I would ever do Ken Behring philanthropist millionaire make money use if it for good give away wheel chair million cant afford they lay in huts any possible way boxer ...boxes skateboard wheels most ... for family member to come figured out my wheel chair for 75 dollars make deal match raised almost $200,000 applause that just like that 2000 wheel chairs want to help where. Africa words just came out left in July for Africa took wife and three children not Robbie took eldest daughters 25 Christ 17, and Anthony who is 15 plane all over world started with turkey Istanbul Patriarch of greed Orthodox church Moscow Egypt His beatitudes patriarch Zimbabwe they thee w we had distributed by farm most touching experience Zimbabwe impoverished but beautiful Victoria falls miles away see steam cloud water falling into ravine smoke that thunders expand bridge likes Zaire and Zimbabwe decided to bring queen

started arriving saw condition appalled and stirred and motivated here they come on a flatbed truck family members lay them in the dirt all these people old lame deformed serious diseases whole family started to help Angie Krista cant lay her in the dirt carried to wheel chair close to half mile long decided not set in dirt halfway arms full all got to she lay in chair just lit up firs time ever treated with dignity respect lost limbs because of leprosy terrible disease reason lose have no pain lose feeling burned wouldn't heal Richard De Haan asked for help from greatest things gave infirmity asked for strength made weak asked for ... given poverty all things might enjoy given life to nothing ... but everything I needed God's given whats best must feel to protect pain is Gods given ability to avoid 10:18 am wonder based on wheel chairs summer of hope legacies summer privileges of witness legacy of commitment giving Angie gave something precious then to Congo most impoverished when arrived busses hotel more of a hostel street curbs with no sidewalk streets shop asphalt dirt to why no sidewalk, discovered why. saw somebody selling ... chunks of concrete sidewalk broken up to see ... sell it make money stole sidewalk here in Congo small hotel heavily secured 12 feet tall guard at gate thievery common I Congo somebody said "extra Bible?." ... around Angie, Extra. He waited... a Bible handed him the Bible all her notes... in it I wasn't prepared I was telling her to do it, You're giving this to me? Daughter stunned realized he probably doesnt have an extra Bible always wanted a Bible in English heart sunk just wanted an extra one hes going to sell it she worship site crying so precious to m all my personal notes she was devastated Email for her she forwarded it In the reception. Stayed in Congo enjoy? Good trip English Bible missed the words to express in my ...hears please Angie have... dont care about n ... he probably doesnt have an extra Bible always wanted a Bible in English heart sunk just wanted an extra one hes going to sell it h she was crying so precious to me all my personal notes, she was devastated e mail to her she forwarded it In the reception stayed I Congo enjoy? God trip English Bibles missed the words to express in my hearts please Angie have mail dont care about in English Angie said it makes it all worthwhile most previous I think about legacies of success lives of my children giving to my children 10:24 inherit legacy today beyond $ and things my wedding ... back on pull chins ups pull-ups wedding ring cuts my finger came close to losing finger, de-gloving injury cut ring out of finger gave back in long back sewed finger back up rounded my ring again leaving gap ring sharp enough left cut so I would lose...instead of finger back workout put in pocket looked for ring gone hooked on to key pulled ring out go buy a new ring tried to do it last night but all the stores were closed [oops] most precious things on earth things come....go father today we gave our children memories 100 times never lose them nobody can steal them cant be destroyed or ruined till the day you die Gods greatest gift legacy gave son Robbie legacy of commitment legacy of giving legacy of service carried leper woman ... son Anthony been given the gift of tolerance he lived in a small hotel room with 2 women for three weeks halfway through "cant take it anymore" cant get in restroom girlie stuff , make greatest husband in

the whole word give our children lives ... forever one more thing daily survival kit wherever travel toothpick and good qualities in others rubber bad --flexible... Band-aid --heal feelings pencils--list blessings, eraser --we all make mistakes, ...gum--stick with it, mint--were All worth a mint, kiss-everybody needs a hug & kiss , ... tea bag--relax daily Dear God thank you incredible legacy everlasting life incredible grace privilege and opportunity to share good news with children living example living word faith , conviction legacy we give thank you Lord 10:33 am ...

ineffective Amen men good morning glen August 31, 2003 good morning Im Glenn Demaster I'm one of the pastors here, great program for you RSH will be back next Sunday todays special guest Juan Carlos Ortiz, final message in Home improvement great music drams this is the day let us rejoice be glad praise of that awesome God come for us bless us move through our this sanctuary touching live sin Jesus Name amen standing on the promises of God our Savior standing on the promises of God standing on the promises of God standing ... may be seated every Sunday Part of our family series Bob Cavinder reading morning scripture ... But turn to the jumbotron now ministry how ministry impacts the lives of our members Pastor Bob intimate relationship with Christ friend for life every Sunday meets together share hopes dreams understand caring opportunity to minister to other couples every Sunday 11:00 am... look forward welcome to pulpit Bob working together Both with me what excites you most couples like the Valdezs their 2 children at end of summer launch into the Fall program think about opportunities for me and woman plug into discovery class find out more free breakfast pancake on playground womens conference church ministry world Bob Love and appreciate share the scriptures Romans --all things work together for those who love God if God is for us who can be against us freely give us all things shall separate ... work more than conquerors neither death life powers height depths can separate us from the love of Christ ... praise be to God Lord Jesus Our ... Jesus Christ Lord the love on 944 am Ac on beautiful much praise be to God for the Our Lord Jesus to the o Lord [applause] thank you Michael Stidgel summer choir fantastic the man before offering prayer join prayer for Don Nuen back additional surgery and wife sue God answers prayer lord so appreciation before throne of grace love for you music healing in life special n ed you are aware of grateful blessed joy express faith gratitude gifts of love for us for what you've done through Jesus Christ and special need you are aware of grateful blessed joy express faith gratitude gifts of faith love for us for what you've done through Jesus Christ and to the Hour of power know... I n a special way 949 am Christian tours east coast stand up ... Cathedral welcome 1:21 p.m. I'm going to go over to the library if you need me, I tell Carla Hughes...Volleyball Sioux Falls South Dakota volleyball stand up delighted you're here South Dakota, I used to live in Northwest Iowa delighted you're here welcome visitors tear it off, head out to Hosp center. meet wonderful people, coffee cold drink meet people hear

more make way... over offer table for O Hour of Power wonderful candlestick food court ...remind you at 1:00 Spanish speaking service Luis Lemos Neighbor c-worker wonderful congregation tonight at 6:00 pm music Bible study praise music wonderful way to end the day discovery class become members discover what the ministry is about a place for you in the congregation say "I'd like to attend wonderful church members 24 hour 35 years celebrates 35th anniversary ministry to hurting people more calls that people to than people to receive tables here , bless u Lydia bless us with music 953 am ad I can see you changing me into I can see you changing me into what them I'm meant to be" thank you Lydia God is certainly in the lifechanging business... Grace Edmundson any help me of course an ... sweetheart #1 family the people who live in my home sister---a girl who goes into my room without asking father grown up who is a parent mother grown up who is a parent and a girl grandmother what does grand mother mean grand mean look it up in dictionary says her means fie, good splendid excellent or admirable... why and yes my grand mother you mothers parent tucks you in learned everything from grandma how to be a mom I suppose she did think you sweetheart back to homework #5 a very good fine excellent grown up parent and a girl [laughter] 10:00 am lessons I need to do cores friends give advice kick off my shoes at grandmas house always welcome without a doubt welcome to grandmas house shes' never mad se laughs at my jokes to be at grandmas house I'm always welcome without a doubt no chores ... of grandmas and grandpas. looking for grandkids so much me can grandmas house Im always welcome without a doubt welcome ... grandmas house... end song [10:03 am] applause thank you ... brother Daniel 1st time singer group of wonderful young people grace Calvin Sarah blessed specially blessed pastor emeritus still on a leash not too far away couldn't find retirement in Bible then told me an hour ago about how wonderful retirement is thank you how can do whatever want can say No can't say no when worked here... had to do what I was told to do , very busy taking care of Martha to Korea etc. purpose of message forgiven not that difficult learned from mother childrens able to forgive and keep on being friends mother very loving ;..... as very disciplined took a tangerine off a tree branch hanging over the fence neighbor branch she said you are a stealer back to house to forgiven work in garden a whole week never took anything else loving and forgiven anything forgiven not that difficult children become lots of e confrontation when children shut up they do when teen they dont want to be bedroom angry were' fighting every day knock listen my son love you very much forgive all the things you do what you 're don is wrong the peace of our house is in danger hug.kiss come in?. to hug and kiss but not that I agree I think you're old fashioned and wrong but still a great dad forgiven a loving is possible close family lover her and forgive doesnt mean we approve what others do who said you have to approve to forgive, what earn wrong full resentment ... intelligence intention not to hate to bless instead of cursing every night blessed in every of bedroom asked God to change hi m reason God gave me to forgive wipe out transgressions

for my sake want peace how hard business without peace wipe out transgression will not remember your sins await to have clear mind cannot own sake will forgive remember sins no more because we love selves we should forgive those who offend don't care about you... the whole universe, ... doesnt like you if you can and forget will o yourself hurting killing self for God's sake will forgive doesnt mean you approve doesnt mean to waive the consequence suppose you a believer ask for $100,000 so go to banker for forgive our debts .....bankers says I love you and forgive you, but still have to pay, will show that that I forgive in visit to jail provide job so maintain family pastor well known brother pastor killed by robber well known in my country fighting with hatred jail murder life in sentence the intentionally decided to forgive with bitterness talk to you about Jesus kept coming ill still has to be in jail my friend Has peace as the murder peace too in Ecuador another friend 5 missionaries killed by Indian tribe wife later won o the lord the Indians who killed her husband Luzanne Switzerland introduced the elder in church in Buenos Aires elder part of church one more himself for ht lord 200 person in the bock one day committed sin denomination decided h had to be disciplined separated from job of elder until repent will ... my 200 start a new church you are going to disobey, But I love you anywise, I will preach at the opening of your new church, then he accepted the discipline, forgiven and loving does not mean you approve greatest example God, Adam and even he forgave but we suffer the consequence suffer sin but will be forgiven ... eternal life this body pain .consequence complete cycle of life painful though we are forgiven life in garden eternal nice but not as nice as eternal life... In garden still in flesh , when die rid of this body see mars fly universe no special space suit, infinite universe life in peace and joy forever 10:22 prefer this eternal life the garden of Eden keep eating tree of life put an anger around tree of life we ourselves know suffer consequence of nurture nature ... suffer consequences though God loves us the suffer are not worth the ... ... freedom and glory children of God bodies end up smelling don't like to sit ...gonna be better when forgive doesnt mean approve for this means you are going to be delivered from resentment... the golden of --somebody said a story believe that story church despises her ... to with...minority so offended city knew problem she suffered because of wrong story 7 years some day shall live like this forever wrote letters back to church everybody forgotten forgave person suffer forgot the benefit for herself when we dont forgive we damage self for our peace and well being a calculated decision hatred forgiven the ... anymore about us father shine on good and evil still have... still have sun causes of believer will still be there... consequences will still be there but we have peace 1027 am to forget our sin you on sin ...dont forgive self as east for from west so placed sins far from you glad dint' say as north from south because you can get to north or south, but east never get there also have to forget and ,,, guilt pray Lord same us ... difficult to forgive understand resentment bitterness... divorce those resentments hurt me more than all decide to forgive name of Jesus amen. for

think you Jesus Christ Juan Ortiz still grateful part of team keep on leash..... your own sins ask God for forgiveness forget it now , no

then he descended downward September 7, 20039-7-03... and arrived at the Worship Site... no cars next him . . strange very good morning beautiful. to the Hoy Spirit Good LYSDI... [well we have a ] w..... fabulous [ I guessed wonderful] Hour of Power set and planned for you today, Jon Voder, 0-daughter of heroin addiction John Tesh father and I my moving mountain moving faith C. Pardini, J Carl Hour of Power orchestra, M. Skidgell, directing choir sitting in for Dr. Nuen, 2 surgeries already tough summer prayers with wife keep in prayers, [[do you have a magic marker I can use for the board...Ms. Saundres. you can write gooobleygook, and still pass English class]]] houses of power packed our heavenly called us as chose us to be here sit in presence multitude touch and transform lives homes family nations privilege praise your name amen may be seated... ma before I read scripture prayer for Lori chow word and prayer before scripture preparing surgeons arms of love & grace feel your presence healing in way you choose Isaiah 40 to whom there will like me to whom equal created these things calls them all by name ... might power not known heard God neither faints no is weary power ... weak want you Lord shall renew strength ... walk God add His blessing Minisack Carla Hughes, Armstrong Nursery Lupe at Gel sons Market Ashley at Fazolis, Nasmaz at Anaheims clerk... Altadena hank at CPHS,,, Pastor Fife WA, , Flanders NJ, Flagstaff AZ, Kalamazoo, MI, Pipestone, MN, Plainwell, MI, Plate SD, Oskaloosa IA, Pomona, CA Spring Lake Mi, Fennville M, Gary Indiana SPG, -pastor with Heroin addict daughters 945 m hear the horn [applause applause[ thank you literally from around the world foreign visitors some here thank you for coming visitors reception go for coffee met life of church money tithes gift prepared moments of prayer... tangible expressions of faith use these gifts change hearts fill with the power of the Holy Spirit, really really exciting houses of power..... gathered together at home going through program announced on May 16... change the world... infrastructure support grow as God called you jumbotron 48 1.2 28 years old started from nothing...impact the world no more land building new dream houses of power asking you... open house 6 to 10 people to visit you..... smile be a friend , live around you maybe never go to church one heart one mine send DIGITAL VIDEO DISC give material you need $50.00 help be nice... look like you houses mind church... o service... people with heart love houses of power communities of the world... 10's 1000's all over the world start today charter member houses of power I've earned your trust, interesting conclusion...ha ha ha I've earned your trust... houses of power 2 or three together there I will be God does incredible things to... [basically cell churches] to table set up for houses of power see how participate God ca do His work... welcome been there many times... heart for Jesus big as this Cathedral, dear friend John Tesh... no

vocals for first 20 plus ... [the whole thing] violin? then some vocals background ... [importance of college] minutes piano and strings...[the two cars pulled in next to me] wow applause 5 minute song 958 am great instrumental... we do too we can tell better the scales more than just that Grammys two nominations 6 Emmys 7 Emmys---... piano and strings ... 958 am... make sure the others don't pray then we have to make sure the others don't pray... that's an interesting theological dilemma... says RAS... written 6 books or written a book... met my wife Branson MO amp Betty el real Beth el real in Sherman Oaks... power of prayers mistakes I made Im sure theres a God taking good care of me... Im sure theres a God taken good care of me CD "Deeper Faith II" describes what Im looking for red rocks. amphitheatre in Denver Co... can I get tickets $25.00 per... we want a copy Hour of Power org. org or go on website bookstore make sure you get it... out at book store another song Christine Miller, Christine ... Janet Arnold Jim Landers "I can only imagine" I can only imagine... "---night walk by sight eyes we will see when before me. only imagine yeah yeah surrounded by your glory... dance for you JESUS Jesus will I stand in your presence...sing Hallelujah I can only imagine I can only imagine... --find myself standing in the sun what I will do, forever worship you I can only imagine surrounded by your glory dance for you Jesus stand in Your presence sing Hallelujah speak at all only imagine only imagine surrounded by your glory heart feel dance for you Jesus stand in your presence... will I speak at all, only imagine [beautiful] only imagine only imagine when Ill do is forever worship you... only imagine yeah [applause] John Tesh & Co thank you... (x4) more this coming James 34th international successful church leaderspastors challengers John Roder Minneapolis western seminary president of western seminary ...Phoenix... president of Susan 23 year old son Michael called told them 25 year old daughter Stephanie was a heroin addict Hit by a Ton of Bricks: Not Alone when Child is on Drugs God loves you so do we... left presidency at Phoenix 30th anniversary sitting down said change life Stephanie is a heroin addict... .Denver responses I had my physical system broke down we sat and held each other couldn't pray... a long time, ... God can help usdetective found her the next night unannounced lying to us ...come get help ok response tried to quit ten times cold turkey she learned we learned can't beat it on your own... how did Michael discover in Denver at college... enroll drop... at 15 Minneapolis young man in church gave her marijuana lost three uncles... to alcoholism... Russian roulette... experiences... positive went back to it heavier drugs... girlfriend immediately looked after treatment after all no idea how many times good standing in room ok where from their retrospect... 2 week period 7 died of heroin overdose... how good standing in room ok where from their retrospect 2 week period 7 die of heroin overdose detox center chose to come to Phoenix St. Lukes Hospital... elated to Dr. Voen chief of staff of cardiology asking the preacher or the cardiologist ..... excellent prognosis award the chemicals replace chemicals in brain guarantee that the natural chemicals will come back ... its a miracle verge of miracle

not every family is as fortunate 5'10" stately daughter shoots finger in her face.....only 3 % of heroin addicts make it--Q--what % of Christian homes infected George Barnes 17% have kids abusing drugs or alcohol ... as many as 39% school Christian what % of Christian homes infected... George Barnes 1% have kids abusing drugs or alcohol... as man as 39% school Christian better chance be vigilant any symptoms clues no symptoms after treatment year I didn't realize successfully addict successful liar missed signal guilt lie better than discern I lie better than you can discern ...Hit by a Ton Bricks I edited the book, now have conferences for ...19 stores put them in the book parents dont cause alcohol or drug addiction cap for child p pastor kids who have abused ...also for blameless parents 1) rebellion 2) fun 3) medical medicate self against emotional pain... adjunct to al-anon... supporting parents rather than the addicts... ...unless family member are healthy wont' have fortitude to help others how to deal with the pain... related to brother... not ashamed or embarrassed this is not about you. ... sadly ad to cut relationship s with people wanted to pray about how we were bad parents... regret past nor seek to change it... dont regret past nor seek to change it... w think about forgiveness every time...shot up wondered if grandpa was sad in heaven God kept His presence around her... Dr. Jon ... thank you so much 10:19 am ---[applause[[ name of book Hour of Power organization this time stood and sin friend we have in Jesus... friend and grief to bear... what a friend we have in Jesus... what is take it to the Lord in prayer [I was a celebrity when I arrived here] mountain moving faith ...I like them moving mountains with faith... act of Jesus mouth it will move and nothing will be we'll be talking about faith of God's people say in filtrate... faith grows... contagious people realize power makes difference power of God in this way outline message what language how now wow pow... How now wow Pow. four points fast foreign language begins... say it fast it sounds like a foreign language...possibility thinking How ? if true say the negative... thinker see told you it wouldnt move possibility thinker say let me show you how its done... how make it possible history of world in last century... flight to moon, internet, cell technology a few decades ago... impossible today we see how the impossible is possible... al things possible if believe incredible MOUNTAIN. before us dont know how but then there is a way HowChurch property Smoky Mountains built church there inspector said not adequate parking no service until adequate parking ribbon cutting the following Sunday impossibility situation additional land a hill behind the church how raise money to dig it simply call a prayer meeting prayer meeting moving faith join me until mountain is moved doors are locked till move this mountain didnt know how but could pray turn into now surely something to move the mountains in my life Dr. John Voder daughter heroin addict first reaction how ? are can do unveil the lies... secrecy move the mountains how non being to unveil nothing defeated impossible becomes possible... church pray Dr. John visits daughter you have your own worked way through school no notice of downsizing ... kids through school paid taxes golden... face its drill packages... we cannot guide God follow His

lead how now then wow! some remember I interviewed Ken Be..... the wheel chair foundation... trip to Africa ...this summer... one place was DRC. Congo. impoverished say the least ... so big mountain so possible every move beyond hope ..... past week... Toronto Canada pictures on laptop sign I read on front of house, walked through jungle of Congo... mile 1.2 little boy deformed his third ... than I than barefoot... bottom of my feet wheel chair mountain moved words in French... what this sign means took picture no not good grammar says nothing is impossible with o God wow! thank you family of the heart of the jungle of the ... 1035 above doorway nothing is impossible' with God' 'see little boy on hands ... and suddenly out of nowhere. comes a wheel chair God is in business o..... ... God is in business of... moving mountains all God's people said wow power they this little church in smoky mountains unbelievable ... they the little church in smoky mountains unbelievable ... still h old services somehow somewhere contractor we w fill dirt well of it from behind you ... churches need it... immediately 5... 60 ... take truck in today cubic yard...--..... ....... September 14, 2003 . ...September 14, 2003 ...September l4 the answers open house your life your home turn home in to house of power... fill our form an on program collect in a while brought pen shook hands yet dont say God loves you so do I, God take the 952 am borrow a pen nows the time just said they love you , fill the ,,...even if 1000 miles from here... participate houses f power, movement training seminary December 21st... now Lauri chow. is married to our director of ... ministries... unfortunately not as success removed 90% of tumor continuing to need our payers pray for miracle power stay dont know if it is malignant or not month away womans conference fireball beautiful Spiritual person Michelle Cavinder Thank you Robert. excited International womens conference dates October 15-18 Dr. Robert A. Schuller kick off conference Ken Medema radco ornaments sue Thomas the FBI agent... bring a friend... possibly packed joy ... on playground pancakes breakfast thank you Michelle this time morning tithes gifts offering privilege to give something back tangible communicate good news praise your name amen 957 am. [applause] guess was editor of Parade New Book Meant to Be adventure ... you share the secret is me...--mother had a relationship with another man during war she kept secret from me and her father terrified violent man, alcoholic, he would beat me bully me caught me reading a book... marine sgt... from man just buried was me he my father? father started cursing started packing my sea bag you're ... not going to leave not little boy you used to beat up please stay can't describe he... before my very eyes, talked about his childhood... both parents inane POW twice as he spoke, longer afraid it came to me he's not my father... funeral ended mother hesitated ... crying... he's not in marvelous moment for her for me it freed it me didnt have to be my father CB someone else. could have made that choice anyways what happened after that? secrets discovery thing tremendous guilt looked like real father promise mother to tell brother sister 1974 2000 died like to ... children kept it from Billy another brother 16 yr

old similar picture of what real ... looked like almost parallel life mother had considered abortion got up walked out love you so much going to have the child ... keep this secret real father died before my father died tell about Spiritual journey Russia boy... 13 year made deal with God, doesnt bother me wont bother you... betrayed adults not sure... Atheist. Agnostic glasnost Soviet ... atheist country visited bath hill where 33,000 Jews were killed in 24 hours and the perpetrator was awarded for being so efficient... stand in presence ultimate evil, in this church ms museum people went in the hymn ... never stopped step in start to sing 10:10 am how become a priest society where atheist is the nor read Bible not a fable met poet Tatiana study of the soul yes I am explain soul without God, at time soul is our essence... ... do you believe in God drop from stream affect the flow? each of us created image of God is mortal our soul is immortal wow beautiful testimony... mean to be true story signing book thank you so much God loves you so do we... 10:12 a.m. 12:13 pm on Monday I'm at Birmingham high School copy of book watching on Hour of Power copy of book daily e mail devotional... fabulous stand "Take my life and let it new" [oop that's what he said... but it's make it new] o let it be consecrated for thee take my feet take my life..... take my life always ever living word faith conviction legacy we thank you lord 1033 am hello Im rob Schuller still the minister here with others usual summer leave Hong Kong Sidney Moscow Amsterdam Canada thrill tom come home 48th year [applause] summer spent private writing studio... another book fin fine print of contract with Harper Collins Book Life's Rules of Engagement Proud of it busy giving adequate thank 77th birthday how to say thank you ...divide the U.S. into 30 divisions all writing all donors t be guests invitation only thank you making the ministry first most widely viewed thank you... silently every week board official decision Rob Schuller Jr. my successor when I stop down amazing things applause everything only five children scratch "only" only one son laws changed women can be ministers season fashion shaped by God... first 50 years in Jan 50t anniversary under control to buy land build church architecture denomination 400 years old next 5 0 years... my vision houses of power urge you to come... mo not building new building not ... . pa program ... strategy share values support each other finally share message thoughts time to read jokes ... boss of big company whispered "Hello" daddy home? whispered talk with him ?.o mommy home talk with her? no somebody else there. yes a policeman...whats a cop doing ? Boss said speak with policeman doing what "...talking o daddy and mommy with the fireman... helicopterits' a Hello Copter...alarm what searching for? voice replied ME..... kick off today series of sermons beautifully kicked of Robert A. Schuller almost as if God had anointed him in the Congo... heart of Congo ... our message Toronto 25th anniversary enormous crowd announcement in French Canadian airlines with God anything is possible over top of door son able to be in wheel chair limited time central focus different churches denominational points of focus front for political activist transcend politics sure glad of that right now in California teach Bible cover to cover others deliver center unlearned

sinful focus on building faith in human souls background in psychology before theology faith is a forum on mental activity mental activity distinctive make decision before they can beaccurate suspicion prejudice talking about assumption (wasn't he a history major?) not a simple decision process at arriving at conclusion stay down in chair hold up a collapse it can assume it operates report live by assumptions make decisions faith Bib activity making assumptions positive assuming Jesus introduced it... advance cutting edge bring more important than to communicate what faith is Chinese on Hour of Power Russia Hop ... Jamerio Belgrade faith mental activity believe in nothing is impossible positive assumptions so proud of Jesus Christ as Lord * & Savior... handsome young man..... CB attorney clergy didnt seem like water, I'm searching knows my parents wonderful Christian church you share faith thats why I car here moving to Northern California teacher there looking for truth... where that road will lead to more confusion stop looking for the truth the truth isn't a book the truth is a person Jesus Christ I am the way truth an life follow Him your parents are because most Spiritual therapeutic power without suffer stress strain powers of red fear emotion that will never go away stresses ... to human family never out of style... solve stress not build up person had not growing as a human being... faith is r last week in ... belt NY but anyway with Mike Nason waitress blonde pretty polish accent... hope to become one, don't have relation why come to America? get away from boyfriend started preaching t her not admonishing her. sharing my lines go be dont surrender to other she stepped back those are wonderful things you're saying who are you life time tomorrow morning 8-9 am I'll be there Robert was there she'll like him better hes young & handsome 2 days ago dinner with donor Charles smith Mike Nason black gal well ... good day first day on job ... God will happen seemed so shocked by positive prediction papers meeting for the day , gave million dollars 2 men ... hunt meeting with two donors who gave a million dollars each. put on door "do not disturb" not missed up back at 4:00 ready for room to be picked up... out came maid on elevator which IM sitting on sofa said to her first day hows it going ?? I was in the correction institute 6 felons alone? daughter 7 years old married? No ever bee? No lay cloth down dont know who I am ?religion? no ever ... share din faith God loves you whole new life pray for you like that Book for you buried case Book Power of Worlds Greatest Possibility Thinker check me out... be been were I people with no faith --walked away from it truth is a person not a paper to generation yet unborn more excited be future 50 years couldnt do it without you called me my son all of you faith immunity gives dreams enthusiasm energy attracts people got dreams new building end of 2 floors sit down read verse... on wall "have life" abundantly ""Jesus Christ gift of faith today where at open hearts to Him wises person ever He is God accept that 20 many questions God without question accept Jesus Christ wouldn't mean much your decision close eyes power... faith freely fro script power presence Jesus Jesus Christ where come 10:43 am ... and now before benediction t need your help passion to communicate faith to those without

it, eyeball bring them to church this fall revival happening now you let it essence of faith hand book mountain mot moving faith... o me God knows we need offering talk dozen 100's , 1000s for young people dont' et it at all church doctors moral scolding focus on building faith ....... I'd like to ordain you all as associate ministers... ... without paying you... September 28, 2003 RHS.GLENN DEMASTER --... immortal amen amen amen good morning... ... amen good morning Robert H. Schuller beautiful..... day thank you for coming... to church Arnold s. always good to have you ... play Jesus in glory of Easter... Ill be back you got the line down...and Bill Simon great you have you father and I were very good friends... run the race... C. Pardini at counsel of Hazel Wright Organ... don Nuen is back...... and cathedral Choir... Johnny Carl... and I got a great message tell a lie honestly say this is the day God has made... Oh God when the siren going to bless oh God where is the siren gong to bless... think laugh be encouraged. fill us with hope joy , love cheer make lives ... ... 9.28.03 dont have to memorize the line you got it down pat be seated preparation for morning service Psalm 47 clap hands, cries of joy awesome Lord most high King sing praises to God sing praise to our King Good king of all the earth God reigns over the nations hear the words sung by the Cathedral choir statement of faith triumph --celebration of victory over what? Psalmist Spirit of faith victorious over life our God our Christ no matter what obstacles challenge victory over and of course victory over death shout sing clap your hands... applause for our anthem so filled with victory of Lord in your life applaud your God like never heard before clap hands all ye peoples shout Oh Clap hands highest hallelujah allejuah...allelujah hallelujah... 942 am applause thank you choir praise God for those in SPIRIT words fill that to out bring to food court ...MM look few weeks... Houses of power im... jumbtron... love my small group so excited concerning houses of power my name is Glenn Demaster my dear wife Marilyn 33 years of marriage involved in 2 groups wrestling with idea could I possibly host a house of power its a priority ... correct living house of power big step don't gotta be a scholar expect true teaching... up for things not necessarily in this situation that has to be a master teacher facilitate whoever... will have people in your community make that available life changing ministry... looked vaguely familiar invite you sign up as a host training in arboretum not host but participant excited great event Becky ...exciting part of international womens conference 15-18 ... if call make it cant make it come to Saturday extraordinaire encourage friend family neighbor Chris Radco... Sue Thomas... Laura Diaz... ... channel news 54 glory thank you Becky wonderful worship exp... bow in prayer thank you for you blessing us use gift to share... read news..... offering taken young man Daniel mc grew..... run the race keep the pace for those who follow you... run to you best run to him run the race keep the pace... for those who follow you no compromise get to the finish line actions words thoughts for those follow thank you Daniel... terrific thank you Sondra Clark age 7

published author 50 publications 35 television programs childcare international non profit privilege to be youngest person to carry Olympic torch 12 203 Olympics ... October 21 angels in action award... ... mountain moving faith you got what it takes jealous whats your dream reach goals big dream... power ... power of being positive... extra mile ... gong gets tough speaking of success taming the butterflies ... pretty too... normal to write... a book age 8 child career intentional non denominational... ... cow dung huts visit impact you definitely incredible... begging for $44 rely on God's help...u teach me .lot of assemblies you really inspired me you've got what it takes just came out BOOK You can Change your World most people can't fly to Africa give ... the remote control for the day are you a Christian accept Christ at 7 years old fundamentals "love neighbor as self" Sondra Clark book in stores ?Most Christian stores window good stuff I could preach it speak summer officer Sydney Australia Russian biography Mikhail Gorbachev Harper Collins another book Lifes Rule of Engagements my 77th year learned new things re faith 4 points paper.pencil... if you're a publisher or entertainer these are copyrighted by Harper Collins... Faith is a fact not a fantasy, ... a force no a .......decision not debate... commitment , not an argument 36 books subject of leadership people who influence us want us to be their followers final analysis nobody can kill your dreams if ... to be up to me quality of leadership the force that sets the goal and addressed the...+----force of faith 10:08 Hebrews 1:6 here it is prepare sermon haven't preached it ... then without faith I is impossible to please God a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him faith like mustard seed supposed to be in Madrid ambassador Board meetings Madrid friends new pane, free band comfortable... youre beautiful a paper doll new global express call came make it 8:00 am. by 2:30 pm still not fixed just a little computer chip 30.40 million dollar plane brand new one little absence of faith or presence of faith can change whole life, ... of all invitations one please me so much Mother Theresa beautiful in Rome Bronze doors loved each other respected each other be all and only for Jesus let Him use you without Him consulting you first left post with approval from Pope Calcutta dead dying people a little faith where does it lead listen to the idea become leader snot just a follower leader .degree credentials 50,000 pastors 50, 000 pastors in our institution excuse the politics... for those trapped by professionalism are followers not leaders leaders haven't been brainwashed leaders are possibility thinkers may not have the answers make it happen drive practical thanks that's what build our worldwide ministry you could be leaders s...starts with faith makes leaders faith a fact not fantasy,,, mans managing assumptions assumption drive more than we know early in life not honor student but honor debate good at debate unbelievers had me hit e me with argument her is their argument it's al based on assumption backed away I agree my faith is based on assumption your unbelief is based on assumption too. they is positive assumption n in a believer mind, not a single decision if scientists assume research is accurate source reliable assume discoveries not already invalidated human beings are assumption faith is accepting as truth

something you cannot prove... all himself ... beings assumption managers are living in a the real of faith all the time ... in a believers mind if scientists assume research is accurate, source reliable assume discoveries not... already invalidated human beings are assumption faith is accepting as truth something you cannot prove all human beings assumption managed are living in the realm of faith all the time... faith become ,..... a fact faith is a force not a value... powerful for good or evil [ -- FAITH Becomes scientific not a fantasy a fact faith is a force. not a value powerful for good or evil ... into tow bombers into towers... they have faith assumption power of evil believe understand faith alone has no value the value comes from what you place your faith in, all naturally faith creatures relate to Him only way if God remains invisible Arnold youre a celebrity grab at you only Arnold if God or Jesus Can you imagine have to remain invisible invisible God faith is a force. ... not a value become decision not a debate... dont debate me... can't prove to you that I am absolutely right wont go there made a decision that's it studied BIBLE 10 commandments ... or J Student of student of Jesus Christ... the prophets nothing to encourage...brave... no generous kind brave generous kind... no other institution [like it] Christianity will never go out of style...people who don't accept will never be in style... strong new evidence that there is no God I'd believe anyways I need Him WI want Him Never not Believe finally faith is not an argument its a commitment as writing book ran into friend Luann Mitchell husband guest in pulpit. then ... wrote book ... their lives were transformed belief in Jesus Christ age 16 became victim let with unwanted pregnancy farmer daughter from Saskatchewan with baby became Ms. Saskatchewan as pretty as girls in Hollywood Husband started eat business 500 on payroll processed meats in West Canada, ...mother sister too them to court he won, he and wife held on to business. capture market eastern Canada, they were competitors couldn't get the $$ bank wouldnt get it. .IPO all had to do was sign checkup said he would die without heart transplant, at Stanford... new life answer to prayer before signed papers private room bust through the door. not moving no no no, he was dead she came back home board meeting men no women on Canada as a no women on the board ... they wanted ... no... d ...she was the planned to take it over, we'll buy out stock you'll be comfortable... make her a paper doll... I had the vision the passion ...fist clenched I own.control the stocks I will l do it 10:29 am what happened going to sign IPO no --lose control... picked money called CEO in E. Canada got together merger exploded hugged well? yes kept promise to husband Become philanthropist age 40 gift of 7 figure bracket is a fact a force not a value make a decision not a debate make a commitment natural instinct for focus it on Jesus Christ without faith impossible t please Go d to please wife husband gifts nice things if no n if no trust nothing will work ... spray ohm Go d thank you for Bible Book filled with wisdom shows loving God faith creature assumption ...

October 5, 2003 Don Nun direction in choir today Johnny car. C. Pardini Hazel Wright this is the day Father thank you... stand in you presence glorious wonders magnificent things you do my Holy Spirit enter hearts minds, hope generation... pain relieving... what you can do with faith , inspiration and love... amen Oh Lord my Lord made it back down to safety Robert I dont have my Bible here like battle without a gun not the new king James how are you all... Im fine thank you bless the lord oh My soul and cell with in me bless the Lord oh my soul forget not the benefits heals diseases redeems life, crowns with fullness tender mercies youth renewed like eagles great mercy for as east from m west everybody to those who trust him righteousness to children bless the Lord oh my soul God add blessing to the reading of the Holy word Hospitality center youll be glad you came God what you up to today? can we be a part of it? talk re houses of power 3 months one year away from 50th anniversary [applause] thank you my contract with the oldest denomination 1628 contract find land architect raise $4 build church ... find member congregation ,,,50 years to strengthen the congregation to become caring sharing people allover southern California from Vegas once per month the congregation not connected the way we would like to be ... congratulate laugh values of our faith together... open home accept an invitation believe in next 10 years 10 2000 houses of power in Southern Cal maybe 20,000, or 30,000 in word God know how many said 50 years ago ""need your help" have land building need houses of power laugh and cry together be a part of it today on plaza ... center of volunteer ministry church expo Sunday 50 books sign up for family album family portrait taken run for now see on plaza hello so excited day extraordinaire Avella Schuler Gretchen Schuller Chris radco make reservation 714-54 glory invite everyone join special evening program October 16 Hour of Power of Ken Medema no charge... every program thank you Erica Guest Philip Yancey greatest Christian writer popular 5 sold one million I've had a couple ...get a people who do a better job than I do starting and original superb never before offer a book ...what Im trying to ... do Bk Rumors of Another World 'thank wonderful books ... for whom ...for whom borderland of belief get caught church misrepresented God to them spirit not relig rumor 'start with rumors they already sense why come back ... 1) nature 2) music 30 romantic love worth moment for worse mo worst moment for an atheist ...profound sense of gratitude with no one to thank... September 11, 2001 one week after sports cancelled all stopped more to life than just pleasure entertainment after life? yes...Jesus wet went through... came back strong sing h of resss. how interact phys world Spiritual world live in visible... sky freeway visible beauty wealth power, Jesus mourned persecuted talk about rules of invisible world hold this up BOOK Rumors of Another World who ... church would recommend to anybody because of that church misled me misconception of God snarling scowling super cop not God of grace but God of love ""if al out privileged to go back Gospel is good news one thing take away Christians head down missing the fun dont believe that for a moment best life for me in bookstores sign books

fantastic marvelous[applause] A Al Mc Neil jubilee singers Robert A. Schuller their CD Hour of Power org... find our Philip Yancey Rumors of Another world on website as well ...the daily e mail devotion are they good or what love logging into my father and I mountain moving faith what I love about mountain moving faith possible things put into action begins with positive thoughts cant even mention world positive without thinking of NV Peale. he is Mr. Positive wonderful experiences 1 week conference minister to ministers on his mailing list pamphlets if interested www.daily guidepost .com or mail to positive thinking 66 E. Mail n St. Pauline NY... 10 dollars ready wonderful things he's a positive thinker shoot for the stars law of attraction in-law of attraction think positive thought start attracting positive thoughts like a flock of Birds crows all crows birds of feather fly together negative thoughts negative happens positive thoughts positive things law of attraction Marcus Aurelius we become what our thoughts indicate day by day not a new thought process foundation of positive thinking some St. Paul-what is true noble right pure lovely admirable anything exciting excellent praiseworthy think about such things negative scrams outside much louder the thumb with hammer only small portion negative thoughts every fiber... positive thoughts require attention 1 make conscious effort beauty positive all around every day newspaper so negative positive so abundant its not news worthy to report all the good news positive thoughts law of attraction mountain moving faith but the interesting think about positive thoughts pro active process to graduate form positive to possibility nicest sweetest gray haired old man R. H Schuller takes and thinking positive thinking and creates pr pro-active approach mountain moving faith taking thought being pro-active in 1955 ''he was told "impossible to find a place to hold services ""everything occupied 10 different places might be able all but one was occupied... a drive in theatre only someone as crazy as my father could start in a drive in theatre Impossible not in dictionary Is St in Bible re impossible Hebrews ____.16 Impossible for God to lie neat means every single word from God is true can count on every single one of His promises Know knock ask, seek promises of God are revealed all God's promises are true...longer impractical unrealistic now but I stand on promises of God positive possibility then to possibility living 3rd generation to spin on positive words James 2 faith without work is dead, the just shall live by faith positive possibility core of beings live it act it impact every single part of being past week in Michigan great state both graduates of Hope Detroit Grand Rapids wonderful time Holland Michigan fell in love with outdoors not uncommon large fish its a steelhead no a rainbow trout migrates into stream comes back up just 10 miles form here still catch em I was fascinated details ... student of how to thinking positive thoughts how to do it finally time came fish come up I practiced possibility living water up to chest waders good at selling me this stuff I bought it hook line and sinker also caught the fish beautiful ten pound steelhead trout if possible ask Questions getting took play the game if knew could not fail what do? businessmen in Orange County start television program for Christianity Paul Crouch if start station will not

work Mountain in the way broadcast mountain moving faith prayed it his if to happen you gotta move mountain prayed doesnt know why flipped switch TBN watching this on network talking in January incredible testimony simple business man turn positive into simply living out those positive thoughts of action mountain moving faith wrapped one tiny word spelled FAITH you got it today use it dear heavenly father thank you are alive positive thoughts incredible gift possibilities to glorify you will and drive to move former beautiful word called Faith... love you lord amen...grant peace labor. leisure laughter tears no sunset no dawning... October 12, 2003 10.12.03 then he descended downward no am in car please be seated scripture from David ... will love you h Lord my strength my God my strength stronghold wait upon the worthy t be praised who is God ... except our Lord carried me strength feel like deer high places enlarged my path feet do not slip blessed is the name of the Lord live life God called us to live Old time religion good enough formed good enough form me down y the riverside Home in glory land outshines the stars Cathedral Choir M. Skidgell thank you visitors 24 from New Zeeland coffee visitors center next step[p collect morn tithes and gifts and offerings challenge to raise millions to keep Hour of Power on the air and keep the Crystal Cathedral doors open impossible to outgive God, God continues to touch lives with your miraculous power healing negative... m powerful and wonderful way possibility thinking living to millions of people watching 100 church members to houses of power answered it 6 weeks ago 100 peoples commitment last wire open next week fabulous opportunity house of power nation around the world ... what happens when Holy Spirit comes to the homes of people encourage you to do that 28th international womens conference witty wonderful Michelle Cavinder you fan club possibility thinker day extraordinaire Ms Arvella Schuller sue Thompson FBI Chris Radco art gallery arboretum last day make reservations 2 no tickets required Crystal Cathedral academy choir 2003 2004 school year Hour of Power Choir Ken Medema cathedral at 645 pm Michelle Terrific love your Christmas not too far away broadcast share with those ... set of six matching for $75.00 will give you some thank you interesting met with banker how much appreciate ...bought six... tremendous gift idea RS garden grove California excited American by choir Please welcome Pastor NLt re Holy SPIRIT... quincy A Rockford Mi Riverside CA, Renvile MN Randolph WI (x2) Tualtai or Canjoyharie NY Ripon CA get our e-mails weekly daily fabulous guest my true pleasure biology math university of Colorado state ordained Presbyterian minister Templeton Prize for bridging science and religion big prize worth over 1 million t father of environmental ethics the Templeton prize winner Holmes Roston III diverse yet synchronistic start art with good ancestors scotch Presbyterian Shenandoah valley father pres b pastor well educated good school NC Davidson College intellectual honesty pastor south Appalachians freedom of the hills climb the mountains... celebrate richness of creation pastor philosopher 1.3 of centaury science & religion in tell us

about that science and religion are they opposed? or symbiotic friends complimentary but out science and religion most... sex money student said science very informative concerning the nature of the world...shapes the way we think, doesnt give us value & meaning of life sense of significance from science alone but it with 2 disciples I love science and religion lovers quarrels see biologists wanted to argue with them rich value theologian not too good either worthy of dignity of creation philosophy of nature think its romantic nonsense calling peoples attention to richness of natural word article author ... piece of writing we have no argument there video to show you comment on pass flower ... writers are long get sign of life returning after winder winter encounter a symbol of what I think to be power this is Hour of Power 30 some years past flower generation and regeneration for then I get--religions it on my web site persuade half million people religious symbol Jesus abundant life to which we are invited elements of suffering struggle generate regenerate natural world religious world life generated regenerated ... gospel of and nature flowers and filed more glory than the glory of Solomon biologists regeneration light into darkness Ps 23 -green pastures valley... nature when science and religion may [perception become religious again see reason for that... relationship between science and cosmology------- religion and more difficult elements of the world ... dark cloud look weak ... look like struggle rich creativity Bible talks abut the Promised Land world view embrace richness of life ...dark cloud silver lining love that how resilient is the planet earth--- catastrophe persistent--one creature thats new us did well for long time not always doing it well, earth was a planet raised by God human treating it disgracefully how change that? Theologically start in science richness scientists like the word Spiritual important to save the earth justice love land milk honey still gotta learn as they justice and charity not done yet what Im doing with million dollar ... of endowment money give given to me by Prince Philip Last may that evening at a public gave the check to Davidsons college I was a millionaire for 6 hours IM richer than millionaires because I celebrate God's creation Russ Lee Cheer from Crowd "'Belong to Christ" sing it somehow thought I al we belong to Christ found myself hear him say "we can work it out" we belong to Christ we belong to Christ walk on ... we belong to Christ yeah thank you Russ Sign CD for us for you Robert H. Schuller authentic Christian comes through loud and clear not a celebrity self centered narcissistic performer thank you Dr Schuller took of ff my wall thought like to see it hold it up Jumbotron picture of mother Theresa ... need Jesus Feb 6 1989 and I will be with her in Spirit on Sunday October 19 when she is declared a saint dont need... fact not a fantasy every human being what I call Spiritual law of gravity and love a person trustworthy faith is in every major decision a fact a scientific force faith is a force not in no heart conscience its a force divine or demonic intelligent or superstitions therefore a decision not a debate a;;; got it to some degree commitment not an argument object to faith because all important no heart compassion ... power whats the object of your faith? consumerism celebrityism whats the

object of your faith e all need a God and have one whether w know it or not money Harper Collins from new book se a prize that satisfies so we need a God her is God what kind of God should we have amen God ...white house 7 years. I was in 0--- Sunday morning so Tb television show watched it the one with contradiction rise occasion conscience commitment need a God who is compassionate really care not ... intimidation need compassion 2nd God who can give you a ... conscience last conscience entered ministry half century ago self esteem theology formed conscience very church ... Jews shaped consciousness of followers did damage to soul religion abandoned that role not government not state ... education God compassion into conscience inspire to make commitment --too many conditions legal documents not a subconscious qualifications we need kin of God who cant hat faith force good God or bad God become divine Mother Theresa October 19 ... celebrity God produces compassion conviction conscience Christ that's why in her own I'll never forge told me about another baby still alive mother died of ... how did baby live sucked finger of mothers for blood like a breast. enough blood mother bit finger to make it bleed God who can turn into religion creatures want a God we can see touch, He's invisible , invisible God came to life in a person closet get to touching a God because the Person God wants us to be incarnate ask have faith in Jesus Christ without faith impossible to please God [coughs] God makes our if m ore powerful than you can imagine, no more power more emphatic. janitor bus driver gardener professor pray God thank you for compassion eyes twinkle encouragement next week prayer of Jabez... prayer for m father to Rome invitation...ambassador of this ministry incredible gifts life of one ...women incredible experience called to be blessings of God

Bruce Wilkens Prayer of Jabez...renounced violinist Eugene Fodor new talent in six of glory of Christmas Austin Brown 12 years old Cathedral Choir J. Carl Don Nuen C. Pardini so this is the day let us be rejoice and be glad I it Holy Spirit in place goodness grace love glory of God, glorious Spirit penetrate amen amen please be seated wonderful verses from Psalms..... ... 4.13 ---Hierapolis End Colossians My Father..... is actually in Italy had a p fabulous experience ... h n beatification Bu Bruce Wilkens Prayer Of Jabez... Eugene Fodor. Cathedral Choir J Carl. Don ... so this is the day... let us rejoice and be lad in it Holy Spirit... in place goodness grace love glory of God glorious SPIRIT penetrate amen amen please be seated. wonderful verse from Psalms shout joyfully before presence Thanksgiving... Lord great King... Heights of hills sea is His hands form sing bless name proclaim good news of Salvation hearts continue sing praises today tomorrow forever amen Pastor sacks... Union City CA, Oskaloosa IA (x2) Westminster, CA, Holland, MI Prospect Pk NJ, Sussex Nj... Sun Valley. CA... Tracy CA... Paw Paw Mi, Baldwinsville NY, Paterson NJ all God's people said Wow... now awake welcome everybody ...visiting...--- all Gods people said "wow" now awake welcome everybody visiting womens conference raise hand from out of town

next year same time 28th annual...if from outside the country ... raise your hand ... from South Africa... cup of coffee next step tot take Spanish culture language enjoy the beautiful culture Spanish ... Latin music, titles and offerings flyer in your programs... 4 dinners 300 people ... each small to meet shake hands... dreams share 50 years giving time to give no greater joy than something tangible finances never met a person with enough money even billionaire take control of money (Ahmad Khan copy shop RSM... Anayeli Baja Fresh.....,...minisacks))... I have enough to give pass the offering plate not obligation its an opportunity never harassed but you'll be educate impossible to outgive God everything we have is a gift from ... an expression...small token a gift... Damin at Gelsons ...supervisor at 7-11 Northridge... week from Friday Halloween Candy C. Pardini @ hazel Wright "Pumpkin Piping" on the organ scary music he never gets to play on Sunday sounds really for next Sunday glory set trucks moving in all set up for glory of Christmas casting tryouts new cast... member 12 year old Austin Brown very warm welcome beautiful voice of Austin Brown Gina at Jamba Juice Music a little bit of sunshine a little belief 947 am MM GLENN DEMASTER walking around the campus... a little belief its up to you [she's only 12] a little belief belltower... prayer power 9000 pounds as tall as ... is room 10'10... keyboard basket lowered by cable last 11 years Senior Carollineir hoisted up actually plays at that keyboard passed away special tribute hear this interview little hazy in heaven when up here 50 years... asleep as I ... . don't want to give up ... out of retirement... couldn't resist this challenge remarkable... beautiful lightning rain, o not sure we should go up today wonderful way to meet the Lord Im ...ready to meet the Lord wonderful man incredible violinists, instrument of angels Hour of Power org... Crystal Cathedral Bookstore violinist Eugene Fodor How great Thou Art... sign up for daily e mail sincere pleasure Bruce Wilkerson at Institution in January Sunday School teacher... usher elder deacon fabulous speaker blessings prayer of Jabez... fastest selling new Book the Dream Giver graduated from NW Bible college conservative. Baptist ... L. King NY times... ... [he was a conservative Baptist?] please welcome Bruce Wilkerson Dr. Thank you my friend New Book The Dream Giver ... What inspired the Prayer of Jabez God answered they were shocked pleas expanding territory... what that does dreams landscape... your father you share 7 stages living in South Africa why ... that your father share 7 stages living in South Africa why decide to move to white jacket rather than gray robe... Johannesburg 100,000 Nigeria Guana God came over dug my heart put in ground... follow my dream God buried my heart under the cathedral please share with us your message dreams there is... isn't it talk about patriarch patriarch...he said, "One things for sure, Im not the matriarch" talk about your dream ... heart art of all money in world I'd love to do that's called your dream the great dreamer God's plan... from Pont A to Point B craft shape and a human being dream inside a person please heaven love lives what % of people follow live dream between 5-10% ...90% everybody...seated take dream and bury it a part of life leaves bury so deep dont even know it

exists... dont even believe in dream h HW producer you may have a dream but not everybody does waitress before take order... dream... you would be doing wanted to be a nurse... since little girl...... wanted to be nurse would love to be felling love studies 2 children couldn't afford it 2 jobs still long to be a nurse back to school money for babysitter unusual question do you believe God want you to be a nurse . way to be who would baby-sit for nothing almost... burst into tears .she retired his eyes this big saw with my own eyes somebody slid in a girlfriend slides into booth drops pad a cigar club wall street speak to them tremendous time if I could see them dream to have own television program he was the MC 15 years when God ... in do you believer told anyone my dream center of who you are dream of God determined everything about you didn't determine dream... in your heart... reason the way you are ... out of this purpose precedes who a God wants you to do this by January secret o January... always to o big it overwhelms finger on dreams become emotional tear up ... purpose precedes who you are man did not want to comment... accept it my calling God will give away what stopping Money stopped mine can't afford a pilot commit to being on television in January right here? yes sir. your friends watch this who's going to take care of his pilot? I will do your cost to you dream another miracle open Bibles Jeremiah read to you Jeremiah 1.5 . 10:15 am Word of Lord came to me Jeremiah Before I God formed you in the womb I knew you ...before I was I dont live in time and space I'm God... Before I formed... you I set you ... red blouse picked you knew you purpose in dream givers heart God's right... to put purpose in your heart Long to do the... dream Kill the longing because it wont leave you alone so intense want you to break through before the end of the meting sadness not dong it dont know if today was worth anything if doing dream the dream determines what you're good at...what want to be African children village immediate answer... God put the dream they love the idea of the dream before Jeremiah... ? Born I set you apart, appointed to be prophet... Jeremiah... do it for everybody set my heart free Instead I surrender to Go do something I hate Ill be doing something I love to do, 1st stage come to grips withy your dream second you accept the dream stage 2 ... where youre comfortable say this is my comfort zone dream is never here It's always over there... scores highlight out o you Jeremiah as soon as universal then I said to God, Behold I can't do this I can't speak Im a child... wall of fear that exists ... as the Behold . at edge of comfort zone pray God let me do for you rum b run back fetal position now to cigar can't be the right one 18 lane L.A. Highway between comfort zone and edge of it nobody told me Moses afraid... Joshua Im scared to death 10:22 am dont' focus on fear focus on dream only when dream becomes more important than fear stop being afraid of being afraid being comfortable not the most important thing 2 of men in same table will of God to allow dream if dont' follow dream how many people are affected ? God's dream not selfish... ... help others... pursue dream God will help you in an unimaginable way enough talking enough preaching smoke filed room look eye to eye do surrender to dream taking fear .courage starting today you'

people going to change the world if you are that person care less what anybody else things 100's are coming forward heaven above will of God not say no tot fear can't wait... but... please let me do your dream 1 or 2 of you till frozen in fear dont say Im too old Caleb still 80 never too old never too young... coming from balcony cane in hand bow in prayer with ... encouraged me I all these years... to follow dream come before you men and women Holy moment in heaven in Jesus name amen give them a hand as they take their seat Oh God amen amen none name of the book is the Dream Giver but this yet free the Dream Planner Bruce will sign it chose the right morning to come by the Cathedral... another exciting morning Robbie a Samoa brothers the Cantinas ...Izzy from England wonderful morning next week Lord bless keep peace laughter... tear before Jesus no sunset no dawning... ...TT12 Video part Ii...TT12... Video part II ... Linda Kok (11:15 am) Kevin Anderson (11:19 am) Andrew Kok .Spee (11:16 am) Dorcy (11:19 am)... ...11:46 am... ...10.19.03...... ... Minisacks Angelica clerk (USPO),, Anthony at Hertz... Sylvia at Whole foods. Cole at Circuit City... Jenny ... Jerry the copy shop transvestite... Mark at the Shell... Top of 6th If win will win series 3rd time 3 pointer Glenn rice kind to ungrateful 1 Corinthians live is patient and kind making prayer progress ... progress Last Orange County concord and... sniper case continues. Father Happens to be in Hog Kong Preach there in offering like to do Zeeland, MI... a physical tangible expression billfolds where checks are hidden evening services cancelled fire intensified winds increasing committee decided come next week carry it over to next week fabulous group of men singers the Samoan Brothers. ... Sam Joe Jesus, John, James... quick learner y unique and wonderful voice DOVE ASCAP four #1 radio hits Quincy Jones Kenny Rogers...Monday Night Football... Knocks games the garden the garden for Jesus Christ the continuous heart was broken 1000 different ways, so many question nobody here an answer for me see the light finally braking through sun rising feel warmth be a reflection of you all I want to do is be a reflection of you 946 am grateful that you are changing me yeah I am changed feeling... your love I'm not empty anymore I am changed grateful for Jesus Im not empty anymore changed the Katinas would you introduce my ... my name is Jessie, John Sam James ... this the whole group 8 boys 4 girls mom & dad kept busy play instruments play songs and plays sings and play sax---- --your Im not empty father used to have sing and play...... cool to play had to sin for awhile musical family 20 years ago 21 guessed raised I Oceanside Samoans Goal to leave island football ... or military camp Pendleton missed the islands... when go back reunion of outreach "change" story behind that song relative without relationship in Jesus... she was dying.depressed different person @ airport raised in church father came back from Vietnam an alcoholic abusive, Oceanside Church "'Jesus if you are come into my heart "heritage of family started there God bless you very very much CD get copy then singing again...Katinas lift up tour voice let nations sing lift hands worship the king hallelujah !! ... hallelujah !! lift up your voice testify magnify lift up your voice testify magnify islands dance

worship the king bow down !! [applause] thank you gather wonderful really terrific can't stop thinking about it the message from Bruce Wilkerson How follow up on that? or that 1997 message "rebuilding Broken Dreams' Psalm back to Nehemiah his dream vision talk about impossible dream Holy mackerel ... none of us are in chains ... slaves court of king of Babylon Babylonia where current day Iraq is ...rebuild broken dream 50 years a BECAUSE can you imagine ?impossible dream Nehemiah first things. did ... pray wrote a prayer first chapter in Old Testament prayer that forms outline dreams to rebuild Generate six points experience rebuild gifted started dream recognize who God is God of heaven obey commands recognizes who God is when we pray to exemplify who He is '"You who Have Power to extinguish flame..." power to Change the world pattern of Nehemiah --we too will experience also God is understanding of relations to God see His power in the Word centuries God Israel the Out walked on water hearts sick power of God who can do the impossible being an prayer Mountain moving prayer Reminding ourselves... s ... Power to change the world pattern of Nehemiah we too will experience who God is understanding of relationship to God see His power in the world centuries God bought Israel . out walked o n water... heart sic power of God who can do the impossible begin a\ prayer ... mountain moving prayer... reminding ourselves... --- recognizing who God is called upon to listen day and night your servants ... people of Israel, dont' ... He listen ... ... all the time? he does but we need to know ... ...he does but we need t know an remind ...ourselves children teen expect then to Hear... what I'm telling them ? Have to get in the recognizing who God is called upon to listen ay and night ... your servants people of Israel dont doesn't He listen all the time? ............ ---- hear What Im telling them have to get in the Christian Anthony Bobby Angies inevitably didn't hear you the proverbial excuse...--------- #1 --- down the drain Nehemiah More the for self the God always- God calls Him to listen 2nd confess you ins "We have not obeyed why ask God to listen confess sins to Him Nothing feels better than to confess horrible... ... Nehemiah more for self than Go calls Him to Listen... "we have not obeyed' ---- ask to confess sin to Him nothing fails ... to confess Horrible ---- feeling of failure incredible glory of God --- Hospital call to Jesus employed here works night ..... ..... feeling of failure ... Incredible hospital called Jesus. employed works night shift ... Hospital called to Jesus employed works night shift gets off 230 usually takes his Step said he will pick him up... fall asleep cant hit tuck ... killed mother in critical condition he is in stable but guard bruised spleen liver Hospital gown got down on bed....... ... told story cried... I killed my stepfather if I had ...... stepfather If I had taken bus tearing him apart cried like a baby held him in my arms continued to cry God... You're the drive. we're the passengers help us to reach follow you ... negative he was smiling huge load life... suddenly h was renewed prayer to confess sins let Go know where we from proclaim the promises of God ...return to the ... let God know where the promises of God return to the even if exile people are of ... horizons you will remind God of promises He made... ask

receive seek find thats what you said ... Philippine my favorite ... drawing a blank. do everything ... these ... these Christ who strengthen... me Bible verses depend on circumstances sickness depression list of verses for fulfilling dreams category reminder of God's promises. list of verses ... dreams ...reminder of God's promises to ... quote . quote the verses God makes these promises prayer is not for God prayer is for us... dont necessarily change things for us... but it changes... doesnt necessarily change things for us but it changes us for things perceptions incredible transformation affairs relationship with God Halloween coming women asked by co-worker what like to be Christian like a pumpkin... inside out carves new face new smiling ace light pumpkin that shines in darkness 2 men crashed private plan deserted island ... one ran around the entire island ... shakes him no food no water gonna die... the other guy says Its okay I make $250,000 per year. are you dumb? ... Continued buy anything... no I make $250,000 week... I know I tithe my [pastor will find us [smatter of applause laughter] know who you are and tithe relationship with God is incredible Nehemiah reaffirms relationship with God pray ... God I am one of your people remind blessing that tithes give pour ... blessing... tithing is giving 10% of income to church act of faith impossible to out give God #6 10:16 ask God to help you to succeed Nehemiah ant end of prayer what w usually do at beginning "'give me now" then we ask... grant us faith in presence of King Nehemiah prayed prayer asked to got to Jerusalem to rebuild wall wouldnt be in Bible in wont good News takes dreams impossible dreams with God all things possible Heavenly Father... always ready profession promises relationship lead us to success firefighter ... home fire burns self out love you Lord Amen benediction next week San down in San Juan Capistrano the skies are blue ... San -Clemente enjoy beach... cut service short but anyway next week amazing story Jack 11.4.03 November 4, 2003 this is the day the God has made from Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong fear of Sars lingers like smoke and ash ... I've been gone papers d 8 days of hell... reading the papers . more for some it was be ea years God called this church human Spirit he Himself reviewed rebuilds God has made let us rejoice and be glad in it, Holy God... Holy Your presence... you are ready to give us Halloween touch ... Spirit... wow !1 wonderful m music... normally I say please be seated. this time I say God loves you so do I Scripture book of Psalms... abide in salvation from Him news be ... our God is our refuge... thing spoken 2 things heard you are strong you are loving words of love and God penetrate your hearts and mind thank you Don Nuen feel wonderful couldnt do that last week 941 am welcome to visitors raise your hand if from foreign countries from across nation visitors reception wonderful tie Join us then J Jumbotron we "'become faithful gives early in our marriage found ... when we are worked up to Full tithe back in hand of Jesus take the Leap believe in the promise of God. Bible is true "'fire above cannot measure how Go will work in your lives Preach practice survive tithing compare open purses pull out wallets

offering plate aisle. another service at 1:00 pm if dont' speak Spanish rhythm and feel of Hispanic culture. if Dont understand back at 6:00 pm dedicate to over one who the ones who have gone ahead of us to heaven today and tonight thank you privilege we have to express our faith in you gift tithe and offering plate. mail in if hour f power belie respect God news of Jesus Christ wonderful things flier in program pick up raise in air make sure you have them which special event? 300 people ... shake hands special time minister to November 15, 15, 22, 23, choice sooner better offering plate give to usher or at Kiosk raising rousing applause 1st lady of church Michelle God loves you so do we...Cavinder pulpit... not ... not even 5 feet tall Christmas 50 days away great news great even around the corner tales decorated uniquely our own women will serve way to start holiday seasons 714 54 glory thanks Robert Now I do hope you'll take this with you the morning program glory of Christmas looks different spectacular 60 feet tree wonderful Christmas ... first and foremost it is a Christian holiday dont let Christ be taken out of Christmas Crystal Cathedral academy Carol Asplin Pastor Sa Pastor sacks Lake City, Michigan, Lafayette In (x2) Kent , WA,; Lodgepole, SD; Kinehelo, MI' Lansing IL; Lockport, IL, Lake Odessa, MI ; Leota MN, ; Grand Ledge, MI, ; Lake Worth Fl..... applause miracle sons name... Jacob 3 1.2 years ago heart disease 5 years to live I was healed Jacob disease, Kawasaki disease Dr. "forever a heart patient coronaries" 3x ... large another test 99% healed back to normal still doing miracles today incredible what the Lord can do think support and prayer. beautiful miracle mist of struggle story of mother and son Lisa & Tyler Sexton 18 years February became pregnant not ready to have baby not happy born 3 months early Tyler keep on respiration if not die, will be maimed wheel chairs devastated prayer al the time guilt feelings we didn't want it you vision of God like policeman Dr.'s were wrong werent mother would pray for a child to have a disability Tyler wrote a book awesome plan, cerebral pals He scuba dives, golfs, big strong handsome guy may ..... balance is bad. I walk with a limp "we are God's workmanship He allowed me to have Cp . limp in Ch Christ rather than strut in the ... I fall 5 or 6 times per day I trip ...called cripple ... called names ... all keep things in perspective rather be made fu of other people who get mocked. Christ knows how I feel , lots of your people o put others from young people down dont do it is not right dont let it keep you down I've overcome every not that a Dr. has said. God watching over you... beautiful ======== wonderful handsome man... you must feel fell extremely proved proud blessing growing in faith relationship all in vain if not promise for Tyler praise for ... anything other to "hare Not about you not about me its .....about Jesus Christ in there harmless into beautiful picture [honk] God bless you God loves you so do we pleasure to welcome back vocalist singer Hollywood Squares Jaci Velasquez '"Only thing making me whole" thats what Jesus sis''Stars are shining... sweet lover of many one to only make me whole... Thats what Jesus sis "" stars are shining. ..... sweet lover of many my soul only one to make me whole... every breath thats what Jesus is love of my

soul... make me whole very breath I believe thats what Jesus is about. He loves me that's what Jesus is [applause] Jaki can you say to me so small only 16 years old 8 years later got married got big I grew up still come back thankful Keep Jesus focus in heart video cassette friend Big Cd Hop Org its great to back... around world last couple weeks terrific sermon 7 days ago by Son RA wonderful Robert set aside prepared sermon rebuild broken dreams... is n the business of renewing and restoring our soul renewed restored rebuild call that redeemed redeemer does not ... nor ... for ... nor dead body behind stone in grave... he doesnt quit... didnt ask to be born maybe cancer b of the choir director... dont' know when ... whom million miracles per day Is 40.31 wait on the Lord... shall renew strength eagles run not weary profound gratitude he and you privilege share message . rebuild.renew.restore who have relatives suffered loss in fire, part of television congregation around worst fire in the 3339 homes are gone and 20 people... we need the Spirit of renewal rebuild redemption ... a few weeks ago friend of mine... mother Theresa 2 hour event worship from beginning to end not Theresa p[[[not pope ]] but Jesus He was central impressed me profoundly deeply moving crowd of 350,000, Holy Hush I swear a drop of a quarter would have heard it. Holy Hush I was renewed I need that too v vision restored came back with renewed enthusiasm for the message of the church --crowd jam packed privileged seating go though crowd to escape pipe dream for pick pocket been picked for the first time I said to Mike Nason... unbeliever luck turns to good luck grateful passport had been stolen focusing on mother Theresa... new book t publisher dont know what to become because only those who serve others will ... be happy skip Moscow went to Hong Kong on television there great depression so smoke over this place not forest fire in Hospital SARS 1700 will be affected 1st death in early day called in to help its in the lungs new disease specialized new doctor not assigned to just because her hospital if in Im called to the ... an only 50 days to go I'd step inn front an only 50 days to go I'd step to front on first day 35 years old u just marries both go to church before Sars. her husband got leukemia beautiful wedding one year later after married he died, then the wife Doctor died o Sars Because us of Treatment of SARs premier of Hong Kong came to give gold medal 1000's honored ...her asked me to come and lift their SPIRITs how may people part of Hong Kong checked into checked into hotel Peninsula hotel very nice... doorman recognized me 'wow' you know "called to put a new Spirit..." renew the Spirit of human beings store knew who I was ---son you preached last Sunday ....... Good needs your world needs your California needs your faces keep ministry alive deal with cash... unashamed to ask for it... wait on lord renew strength..... how God's in Rebuild brother dreams his own Spirit not redeemed ;;al called a children In As all Spirit ca be discovered ... pain because of Cancer funeral whatever it is God wants to renew divine spark unconquerable human Spirit no re though go through hell dot quit something... go dont ... proverbs 20.27 Spirit of man is the lamp of God. Bible defining the unconquerable human Spirit God just ... sun shines on the just and injust... so

merciful ashes ... whatever it come back to unconquerable Prov. 20-22 Spirit I--- is the lamp light warm my faith isn't today what is it... w hat it was three years ago,...its' deeper broader richer last three years in theology the God of Abraham Islam transcendent up there out thee above us all but religious hung up on transcendent he's also imminent here around me arts humanities sciences sociology politics seen as so God is alive cannot eradicate the Spirit spark of divinity in you may not ignite like a "spark under ..... God a s rebuilding renewing your vision can be can do can reconstruct... dream restoring soul yea though I walk though shadows of death fear no evil n renews restores cooperate push aside negative thoughts carols' beside L.A. to Sioux City IA, I [the accident happened in Iowa?] Carol 1st they to say watch out for self pity she snapped back ""go enough problems without picking that one" renew rebuild restore... SARS death ""thats life Lifes not fair but God is good" every person Hong Kong Moscow, Rotterdam Peoria IL, Jullian CA, Arrowhead, Wait on Lord Renew strength run not weary 10:36 am great book by So greatest comebacks support the ministry the word depends on you more than you can believe if called to go to front day #1 step to front whatever happens no regret dear God you're in all of us everybody here, maybe not fire, ...but Oh God need Hope renewed ministry to arise go somewhere thank you for [improvng or approving] us... thank you for coming I felt your prayers don't always feel it Jack will be autographing Iraq...helicopter shut down pray for president not a fun job for him God bless every person her now living ... rise up laughter tears no sunset no dawning Lancaster at Jamba Juice... Preeti @ 7-11 Philippine video to Joel & Patty Hogan ...supervisor Cinnamon Works Anaheim. Tracy at Hair Expo, Clerk Pasadena, supervisor Sherman Oaks, Supervisor Vons, Omari Copy S hop , Blair Russel Circuit City She bought it used a repo/ 540 pm Philippines video to Amerkarha from Monrovia 2i with 1140 am... pickup not out door box labels 538 p ...Rear guard

November 11, 2003 favorite member Roger Williams is back. Johnny Carl does a the arrangement and my generous friend... Ken Duncan from Australia -panoramic book "Spirit of America" God we need this kind of hour-motivate redeem back in track following steps of the Lord 933 am "'Pastor sacks"' Kentwood MI, L.A. No Hoover... Kent WA... GR MI,''May be seated"" GLENN DEMASTER-- Psalm 37 trust in Lord dwell on Land delight in Lord, desire of heart, commit way to Lord Bring ... righteousness justice, rest work patiently upright , inheritance forever steps order by Lord upholds Him wait keep His way exalt you... to inherit the land God blessing sweet Spirit ...Pastor L.A. Wiltshire, L.A. Virgil, Indianapolis IN..., Northridge, CA... Diamond Bar, CA... Indian Harbor Beach FL... L.A. Rampart, Special privilege to welcome you New Hosp Center... special gift for you morning tithe offering tithe import key to our faith jumbotron

become a faithful give first paper route partitions deposit weekly earnings ( gift to God no choice father overseen 90% Fred ride as CPA... no other system that you get 90% free ride, only have to give 10 % back to God... OOPs...that was not Jack & Cathy,,, hear from Jack & Cathy another week Im sure brunches dinner desire of Pastor R.H. and R.A. Schuller to ... when youre there we're connecting with you. commitment now Dr. Schuller its true you want to meet every one. divided 50 states into 30 colony. connect with everybody got down to a system acquaintance get close Saturday morning... 10:00 am 300 people at each of the 4 events fill it out. reservation center free will offering at the event Be blessed when you come Father thank you wonderful ways you bless us responsibility expression of faith love from you this... community and Hour of Power around the world Erica Galvaz exciting event for women Holidays on Parade decorate table a date Tuesday November 19, 714-54 glory bring unchurched friend thank you Erica great opportunity 2 weeks attending Cathedral, discovery class sign up today... at plaza... 2 weeks fro tonight 80 foot Christmas tree light at end of 6 pm service sacred and ... Christmas fun music... following Thursday as Thanksgiving -traditional patriotic service flag unfurled night after glory of Christmas begins pick up tickets anticipating Eliz Stefanko and Dan Mc Grew singing but McGrew is home with the flu...Don Nuen greatest choral compassion Randal Thompson died in 90's last word of King David--He that ruleth over men must be just , ruling in the fear of God. ...3x by Randal Thompson ...Justly fairly compassion with Love of God...not necessarily in fear of God...if we do that shall be at light of morning like tender grass after rain... Randal Thompson. adds "Hallelujah ""Pastors L.A. Rampart. L.A Venice Blvd. Kentwood L.A. N. However. Kent WA, GR MI, L.A. Wiltshire, L.A. Virg. Indianapolis In, Northridge CA, Diamond Bar, Inian Harbour Beach Fl... Don Nuen look well leading panoramic authority had problem last year knew we needed another effort this year outstanding limited edition prints...His latest accomplishment Spirit of America 9 photos of this campus made available Read my books like no other added slogans to the pictures... -allergic to something -- ladys perfume,, no its your cologne sir... staying at home of his good friend Mel Gibson no hotel--this is really twice as attractive and exciting as Americawide... needed to be done a sequel heard you ever got a even got a letter from George Bush sent to him gift day before September 11 beauty of creation--awesome God out there letter on behalf of wife, tell me about Me Gibson so proud of him the passion of Christ gave his life for others...forgive them for they know now what they do, you saw it so artistic and beautiful looking forward to him being here. this book what is the Spirit of America--no county more blessed than America...blessed nations always with you... dont want this responsibility stand strong faith in God 200 pages all 50 states took them all...all 50 states where standing took these precarious ... what time of day shot these pictures one at night in Alaska midnight sun groovy... how get to these places old legs work well cars planes dont think about it...""like you--you inspired me by your journey---elephant one how do you eat an elephant...One bite at a time all 50 stats sure none other like

yours how choose the lines from my books--got me save...great combination picture with verse your verses you... gift tough year...""your verses""[wow!] war cost us $$ in offerings for 6 to 8 weeks watching live news programs donate to us very wonderful gift need to support the churches Spirit of America Hour of Power God has destiny for America be uplifted not mesmerized by war...big picture that God has for this place, camera picture this up p.124..... swift current glacier national park like that average photographer... great God so humbled wow!! thank you Ken give my love to Mel Gibson...good morning...[Roger Wiliams ] I m wondering when somebody will write a song about Mother Theresa... past century sounds like a long time ago...latter part, young nun in Belgium favorite saint Dominic Been declared by the army an honorary general after my last operation gonna change my name to General Anesthesia... and yes Ken Duncan will autograph book after the service... fantastic $60.00 most exciting everything goes to the ministries donated al time talent Psalm 61 lead in to Rock higher than I wow! never reached on this text Robert my verse like a thunder bolt... to a rock build life on Sand not to beach... volcano not to forest led to the rock author David some David... this side "you sir" David wonderful boy child shepherd boy harp sheep a mentally sick individual ... telling Saul ... David will be next king... Saul went with Psalmist harpist to be king son was hi in hiding trying to escape... You are the rightful heir ...David a wonderful person until he got power absolute power corrupts. reading like an awful soap opera wonderful child "what he became no longer depended on God... He had it... when does change of attitude led? in trouble he says lead me God to the rock...Higher than I his problem ?Overwhelmed with? not with enemies to dethrone him by temptation maybe self anyone eat too much wrong food not generous enough if church ever ... temptation to hold n to what have overwhelmed by guilt create in me a clean heart. washed I shall be white than snow even ... ever feel guilty read Psalm 61 so therapeutic unto rock and rock guarantee I can be pardoned religion solution to guilt may unstable salvation by works... Marti Luther problem wit guilt "still guilty as hell" [wow!! on ] on knees at church... by grace you are saved... he was overwhelmed by temptation guilt., grief, got beautiful Bathsheeba lost child. son Named Absalom Pitiful gift later on a lot of counseling in younger years funerals grief guilt lead me to rock..... ""never got over losing my son"" member sent me a note--stand up know Im telling the truth...-greatest member [applause] a tour guide duty see man coming not a possibility me tell you everything thats wrong disgraceful expenditure... not the only one who has found fault... the guide said, "Let me prove you wrong..." 1 hour 45 minutes later kind of impressed or... halfway organ halfway across the country, drive in movie theatre...arboretum Christmas parties once a year the 7th Day Adventist new hope here alive today walk of faith... people paid for verse carved in granite then saw Crystal Cathedral one Saturday afternoon just finished. net a young man show wife place that put food on his table he helped put glass in this place...note at feet of the Good Shepherd statute ton of weight lifted from

Soldier... he told me his 9 year old son died of cancer I became alienated from God. overwhelmed by grief since entered this morning his wife on the phone prayed be blessed goosebumps on arms represents the Holy Spirit... some of you still overwhelmed by temptation grief guilt threatened David had his enemies... real threat worship site his sense of power & curve at you exercise power of control politics finance you are boss king dont feel what people are feeling overwhelmed by temptation grief, guilt. David had his enemies real threat was his sense of power and control... Life ... at you exercise power of control politics finances you and boss.king dont feel what people are feeling overwhelmed by collision of insecurities more more more Spirit leads to greed... insecurity... led me to rock, give 10%..... I don If dont give 10 % never be satisfied with what you have a lot of insecurities are subconscious will survive grandkids grow up in this world not be morally corrupt... worry about ultimate insecurity death dying... talks about it not happy news but happy if you know Jesus Christ... overwhelmed by ..... duties by paper by frustration have with husband pouting streak wouldn't speak to each other fishing trip 5:00 am left note one wifes pillow its 5:00 time to get up... some overwhelmed by possibilities talking to Nick Coleman change of musical studies tough to decide... be an actor voice art and architecture... I got too many talents. opportunities ...possibility thinking lead me to rock ... was the prayer answer? read 2 Sam prayer answered David found a rock unshakeable stable to the happy ending ... fast forward he found a solid rock... the lord is my Shepherd shall not want... green pastures... still waters fear no evil rock staff they comfort me goodness & mercy shall follow me, dwell in house of Lord forever... s...... l that the faith I offer to you... on Solid Rock all of the ground is sinking said Amen may the Lord bless you keep you forever... stand before Jesus Philippines Video sack to Gary Bekker @1130 am on 11.9.03 pastor sacks (x5) minisacks include to Jennifer...... ...pastor sacks (x5) pus two more video sacks the Bora Bora video sack to Ray Brinks and the Africa video sack to Mel Hugen... 1156 am plus letter to Maria at Circ desk at 1156 am... and to Andrea at Petco...Banni Yousefi at Citibank in Toluca Lake, David Zheng...Computer ..... Jennifer --copy shop. Meriso Mendoza AAA at Burbank AAA... Cheryl Revkin Chiropractor.....Niger Supervisor at Kelly's Shell , Canoga Park.....TT12 Part 2 .....John Yun Laptop... to Rachel Sytsma, TT12 part 2...... From San Juan Capistrano. at 12:40 m ...and Philippines video sack to D. minisack to Jennifer at the copy shop... ...and a reprimand letter to John Yun at laptop shop from Capistrano Business Center... minisacks from Norco at 228 pm ... Africa or Christ!! to the Andersons at 230 pm ... then...... at 242 pm ...333 pm Philippines video to MARTHA VAN GENDEREN from Chino Post office..... they made a donation to the good will shop ... finally got the subway complaint... sent out to 426 N. Fair Oaks... Shirley Muldowney retiring in Willis Michigan... anthropomorphicize your pets... Deer hunting dropped 7% a year from 1996 to 2001...839 am in Cleveland Hs library... remember Jami... Battery was low because ignition switch was left in start position...

11.17.03 Chicago IL (x2) , Albuquerque, NM, Aurora, CO, Bellevue, WA, Bellflower, CA, Des Moines, IA, Charlotte, MI, Hudsonville, MI (x2) Houston, TX, Brookfield, WI, and Sheena Matthews at 337 pm ...also pastor sack to Jenison, MI... Video to D. En Philippines Philippines to D Engelhard JR. at 1221 pm from Paseo Espada, ... Philippines Video to Billie Harris at 1128 am, and to Robert H. Schuller at 12:11 pm ... corporate level--it overly abolishes individualism "go and sell" if you dont your ministry protects the status quo. of material things to Billie Harris 11:28 am ...chose us to be a part of it al Beautiful world Christ Bible we're a part of it awesome responsibilities need you amen [closing benediction]amen amen now may the lord bless you and keep you shine go God give peace, labor leisure laughter tears stand before Jesus open casket left hand hold my Bible plastic fork other hand why? glad you ask every church dinner, haven't missed one keep your fork the best is yet to come God has a plan for this church , plan for life, Jeremiah ""Read it live with it pioneer again happy new Year 10:36 am [applause] how beautifully your black... ... ""I have a dream""gonna make me w a world glory of creation laser satellite technology phenomenal pioneer Spirit adventure Spirit wont live the year out the best is yet to come Newspaper way you distribute here plan my funeral with you... you should have a glory of creation script smartest person in industry partner of Spielberg, that's terrific name of man best in business what doing about the glory of creation big mistake if leave on table were going to do it stage it in July and August 2005,, for anniversary night show at 9:00 God has a plan for this ministry new building for 2005 not steel wood or glass ... music ,theater not a structure a super sensational sermon never been preached 22 years ago glory of Christmas fantastic never done before larger than a football field 12 stories high so powerful created Glory of Easter... two later Robert A. Schuller taken care of Henri my brother not Uncle Henry who is buried here would you like to have this horse? yeeeahh you name him ... white call him sunshine Bobby got his horse character of possibility thinker venture into the unknown I was called into the unknown no idea what God would do tacky drive in theatre... H' he's in there possibility thinker can't be possibility thinker without moving into new territory... Robert A. Schuller was Bobby ...8 years old Brea Canyon "Im gonna get a horse" Avella raised her eyebrows. small backyard gonna get one kept saying that with no basis at all unrealistic get attention of intelligent people year and pioneer Spirit stop the tape hear what Im saying with what is that? go where never gone before try what never been tried before territory afraid to go into ... talents fear versus faith of public failure California is unique is different went to school I Michigan " Im an Iowan, "Californian not by birth" by choice laughing saying Arnold, now its "governor Scwaarzenaager" destiny for ever life, choose birthday, nothing to say about your chromosomes destined not a decision plan for your life, 6 billion people every life insect, fowl , animal , learning plan for your life, be excited 2004 best year ever meetings all week exciting do like no other church no idea what I would say Important speech cold war still on an enemy an American my brain Bible verse plan for your life for good not evil, future of hope they love children tell Carols story 17 provinces 2nd talk 6 was later before he met George Bush, cold war we made a

difference we calmed Gorbachev, confidence not faith nothing impossible... church tradition puts standard before you keep reaching hire than to retire the best is yet to come how say without being flamboyant Jeremiah 2.11 ...God saying To Jeremiah plan for good not evil, tell story Hummers flying condo, told Gorbachev, One channel 17 all hear the program Ok Schuller go down the hallway Bible ? Robe? 20 minute sermon... yesterday Brunch, harpist watched Hour of Power in Russian now playing harp here, wanted to meet everybody (and son) one table lovely young lady thank you . got box of cookies in prison 25 years [[[are you writing a screenplay? 8:20 a.m. half of our faculty is, I've done some of that, so have I , said Doug] to all prisoners , terminated ... because of new rules impressed by cookies everybody hates prisoners she thought .... came to this church, training... 50h year of ministry, not going to spend 50 years ago $500 no money no property rooftop of snack bar, bad luck turns to be whale of a blessing stuck under sky, would not have fallen in love with nature, see plaster not sky, beautiful place cant forget shouldn't forget great things God has done through you... Robert H. Schuller up tell you secrets and challenges 1st Sunday (January 2004) message always 1st Sunday of New Year did you have a happy new year? about 360 Days ago...reach million Christmas program 1 year ahead, Easter 1 year ahead of time worlds first and only television service Russian television-- last year, of first 50 years in ministry beautiful morning star, Lord youre beautiful Jesus beautiful to me... yes you are yes you are Lord so beautiful to sweeter than springtime sunshine ever my song will be Jesus you are beautiful to me [10:12 am applause honk] thank you CE CE where are you we love you terrific God bless you..." My Jesus my heart sweeter than spring time sunshine ever my song will be, Jesus you are beautiful Oh Yes to me, Oh yes you are Lord you are beautiful Oh yeah so beautiful so beautiful so beautiful you are beautiful to me so beautiful to me Loves you so. Jesus beautiful wonderful isn't h e? beautiful "'I dont own anything I manage for him ,life of Christians are called to a life of poverty ...we dont own it... we [Paul Kwami Dave Ramsey speaking?] manage a lot for him... or else its managed by the darkness [wow! yes.......] start there first fruits and Proverbs say tithe first fruits Holy Causes Gods glory to be turned loose He has us give because it changes us, givers tend to prosper because they are better people give to prove who is Lord, re-prioritize my checkbook ok for Christians to be rich? without a whole Bible study God is crazy about me how much more so ... Borrower slave to lenders borrower for house lighten up 15 year mortgage nice place grass feels better with no payments top advice Godliness with contentment great gain Spiritual experience "more stuff" "stuffaholic" my name is Dave I like stuff, get things, things got us "I owe I owe "' off to work I go enjoy moments... no payments easy to give is there any such thing as "good debt" $370 car payment ...4.4 million if invest that $370 car payment it will be worth 4. 4 million if invest people should drive lesser cars my wife and I lost everything PH.D in DUMB ...not fun is it cot off our electricity walked past my jaguar to do it, not junk car whole life but or while then move up couple times paid for every payment Income is tool ...shazam Im broke goals in writing dreaded "B" word "'budget" suddenly happen? not easy dont build tower half way up blue ... no vision perish how start process dont money in money out... not living intentionally smart things rising to tope master card stretched thin if struggling household first,

light bill on... monopoly game take care of yours first... Dave Ramsey Show [Paul Kwami and Dave Ramsey==---Paul Kwami was with the Fisk Jubilee Singers from Fisk university] please welcome Dave Ramsey total money makeover father husband woman of faith financially responsible God loves you so do we... why church needs financial fitness...? ought to be winning o it works practical guy ... effective today financial guy l letters license discover common sense not sophisticated smart with own life get intentional Gomer Pyle on valium [honk applause] Fisk jubilee singers copy of CD in book store Hour of Power org. ...picture on cover of CD book as well wonderful momento Negro Spirituality daily e=mail fabulous devotional listen see them get then downloaded Hour of Power I at org...honor guest best-selling author Dave Ramsey ""go to heaven in the morning" '"want to go to heaven in the morning" Ride my hors on the 954 am ""want to go to heaven in the morning "Oh ride on Jesus oh ride on Jesus I want to go to heave in the morning cause I want to got to Heaven in the morning [applause] ... for us now great heritage of Negro Spiritual My I ""have a copy of paining in 1875 "students who sacrifice to save FISK present it to you thank you please for that new ... in ""ride on Jesus" 953 am ""Ride on ..." if you see my mother ""commissioned by Queen Victoria...... university Irvine and so does the ... Paul so honored to meet you Fisk founded in 1866 set up school to train freed saves where from ""??..... hi in 19... jubilee singers famous founding of FISk about to... treasure went up with treasurer went with students to ... raise to $20,000, and then $150,000 privilege to give something back accept us tokens faithfulness new members class perceptions of cathedral accurate or not discovery class next Sunday not obligated ... does educate Spiritual ... development Next Sunday,...Andy Griffith Matlock Next Sunday Christmas tree lighting nice cute ... little things thanksgiving day ... raise the flag patriotic morning the glory of Christmas Tickets hurry continue to worship with us, Something to say had me mesmerized wow!! all God's people said wow! Fisk Jubilee singers from Fisk University post war south by north Missionary slaves risked life... for you 51 years ago when decided to make that decision God Bless you God loves you so do we yesterday one of 4... spectacular completed just ... rain came outside another one at 4:30 Is 4:30 brunch? you slept in next Saturday at 1000 am and another at 4:30... Go to reservation center today one of the nicest events of my earthly life been from beginning dont have opportunity to meet you have to be downstairs more often than not praying repeated the times hungry next one at 4:30 next week they got it dad a little prayer... a few moments morning tithes and offering write checks money out of wallet cash ok even credit cards hear from Be & Nancy Habley how tithing had impact on their lives 51 years ago trying tithing 10% income to church ... said my would give it a try open windows ... Hallelujah [applause] thats a wow! all God's people said, Its been a wonderful hour of morning of music and more to come new beautiful visitors center al Hour of Power team members coaches reception to hosts receptions to say thanks please join us... His majesty praise HI Praise Him Praise Him missed the Intro I heard This is the day, that the Lord has made, praise Him praise Him praise Him said of the Praise Him Hallelujah Hallelujah... you will live and increase choose life may live listen to voice hold fast I k w the plans prosper hope and a g future carry these words with us daily hourly and forever amen Hallelujah!! praise the Lord according .

11-23-03 Good morning beautiful day , feel presence of Christ ... hand say God loves you so do I...we are very honored very very special guest ""the Christmas guest" wonderful man Andy Griffith Devon Guthrie playing role of Mary in the in this years Glory of Christmas best seats ... quickly 714-54-glory reservation center ... this is the day God has made let us rejoice and be glad in it feel your presence allow Holy Spirit to touch our heart and mind and soul be filled with your presence amen you may be ...seated Holy Holiday seasons Isaiah comfort ye says God in Hebrew he read "prepare the way of the Lord--make straight a highway every alley shall valley shall be raise dup mountains low ... round low place in glory of lord revealed Lord God shall tend flock like shepherd Lamb with bosom any my God add blessing to the great Christmas prophesy Amen praise the Lord and all God's people said wow"! reception beautiful new hospitality center bring gifts to Go say thanks with tithes and offerings Bible teaches to tithe urge to practice you will benefit from it more than we self explanation offering usher jumbotron exciting practice called tithing --20 years ago every service whole ...son it beginning tithes giving 10% or 20% ""just start giving" budge practice make committed God helps you to manage about to give been a joy cant outgive God , trying for first time will pray and encourage wonderful being part of God's family you will never regret the decision wouldn't have building property anything next year... 2005 ...50th anniversary exciting plans more if y have it less if dont' I'll give $$ money o [laughter] always blame it on my brain surgery pa Brent slack Jennifer happy Child hermia Bosom of my Child by moon light impression of fantasy messenger with my daughter heart see more December 4, 5 sister of St. Joseph and hope to see you there... very much ,, I don't miss mountain hose hummingbirds...short offertory prayer wit without your goodness grace not sitting in this church , thank you God tithes and offerings stop at plaza help give holiday cheer no time to share it greatest Christmas even tree outside front entrance 79 feet tall Rockefeller center tats so 80 feet tall tonight the lights go on sensational serene special concert dont miss it better than television C. Pardini . Kings men from Biola University what a way to start November 27 Beautiful Thanksgiving probably largest attended service Hugh 9 story flag focus on troops peace and freedom . real peacekeepers paid the price to keep u I in peace --thanksgiving service Handels Messiah ...--isn't that a lot of excitement for the Christmas season--this Friday flying angels Karen Delgado [applause] good morning Karen scary? no a lot of fun--magical how many flying angels? 8 whats best part of the glory---ministry spreading God's word why everybody make it annual celebration Christmas seasons--reminder of the birth of Jesus Christ--last year first year Arnold was here with Mrs. Shriver... --making an annual maybe you are really flying wires-...antenna above head I ended up inside her skirt goodbye thank you ... pleasure to have singing Devon Guthrie--Dont come better than Devon...--do you see what I see. Pastor sacks Chicago (x3), Chandler, MN, Brooten, MN, Atlanta GA, Allendale, MI, Alto MI, Dearborn, MI, Elmhurst IL, Hudsonville Mi, Waupun WI... shes' 17... all my friends universities Julian art school--watch for her thank you Devan, plays Mary in the Glory of

Christmas. please get tickets soon-all seven Crystal Cathedral services plan to be there super special guest admire respected Andy Griffith a Matlock '1992 hall of fame arts & sciences lifetime achievement award television executives many television ... also as a recording artist 12 albums Grammy award you g at age of 77 3 years older than I another album ""The Christmas Guest" his newest fantastic and his little book-- Whistling the tune to Mayberry Wow !! ha ha me and Ronny walking to the Old Fashion swimming Hole 3 months older than you ... you don't give many interviews why did you accept this one? Invitation to come here? from North Carolina... Jim Nabors in Hawaii man walked by the table was that Schuller we stood up and it was you--table , met Mrs. Schuller visited for a few moments became friends thats why we're here..... greatest influence Jesus Christ worship of God, a pre-ministerial student didn't make it in... went into show business instead, and wife Cindy Northridge Hospital taught me to walk, rebuild, career anything wrong prove you didn't die...didn't if anything goes wrong in Hollywood, you have to prove you didn't die... didn't know about the paralysis...[says Schuller]...Okay Sheriff Andy Taylor why so successful? o love--all the characters loved each other, and there was great writing by 2nd episode I realized that Don Knott should be funny and I should be the straight man. Floyd the barber, Opie straight for aunt Bee and Opie... last reunion real ...records... you're an American treasure, top ratings bring you back whats that Spirit come from worship even when I play bad guys I keep Jesus in my heart, the two of us hit it off the love of Jesus Andy Griffith Christmas the Christmas guest-- ... been wanting to do Marty Stewart... not just ... but stores Chris Wilkins and Larry its on there in the middle the Christmas Guest -get a swallow of water for a start alright it happens one ay near December end 2 neighbors with a 1000 green Conrad, stitched a twine, cock crowing night away Lord appeared in a dream my shop branches of fur ...twine wait for Lord to appear Hear his step open doors look on his face friends home Conrad alone... with the Lord His Christmas guest dears and best. .sound rise Lord at door, rise before ran to window ... on ground on saw beggar Conrad touch feet frozen and sore coat to keep you warm Lord so late how long to wait knock stranger kindling on back Conrads great guest let me rest for a while brewed her a steaming cup dismayed Hours slipping away , the Lord hadn't come, misunderstood heard cry please help we tell were where ... make gal glad le her back to home... Lord not coming Chris passed away went to room Lord why delay so much your face to see silence voice lift up head "I kept my Word" Three times I came to you ... once as a beggar with cold feet, once as a woman with nothing to eat, and once as a child on the street, I came Three times each time the warmth of friend love in the best I was honored to be your Christmas guest...[applause] 10:13 am wow! long applause '--want to give you a gift --Spirit of America your favorite picture, blue ridge mountains North Carolina born right ear there say thank you again... -God loves you ... you get a copy of the Christmas Guest or Hour of Power org as cop there a fabulous time God loves you so do we and real story again ... the little book ...faithfully giving , tithing in Im convinced God told us to give a tithe in a 1.10 of income to Go, divine honor for you eternally Hour of Power .org... lots of previous messages, website definitely worth visiting Hour of Power .org... obtain info to share daily sign up for e-mails definitely worth looking into beyond... Tithing start giving Christmas shopping not for self why I like my self shopping focus on other people

not son self "Oh I forgot so and so day before Christmas care package giving is In Old Testament always 10% but then in the New Testament Jesus New Testament understanding of how to give new measurement of faith we determine how much to give an and it will be given back to you , press down shaken over measure give give back what size measuring cu?? cup ?benefits blessing... mistaken belief that give.get... to happiness where need is greatest God fills needs may not even understands acrostic to Give giving generously big measuring cup I want a big one, how about a gallon, my five gallon bucket beauty of New Testament, God doesn't limit us... I New Testament its give given back accordingly to give generously Impossible to outgive God, marriage counseling from time to time marriage all abut it sits a giving relationship be prepared its 60.40... [laugh] guess what both give 60 give 60... ...both give 60 never more than 40 in return freely... suddenly both very happy give generously blessings unfold... relationship with spouses friend give intentionally a gift is something we give intentionally and freely bestow on somebody else... ... God's gift to us... gift to us --vessel through which he continues to give old fable... through and concept turn of century Arab countries part of British empires most were at time were Nomads challenge to find water turn knob water would gush they were astonished... water machine al their faucets were missing the hotel realized, faucets are conduits...water drawn through them we are like faucets blessings relational encouragement God flows give some given back mesa measure give measure given back... Intentionally then visually vision we must understand when we give testify faith Gideon wanted to know if he worship site doing the right thing had to know God I need to know let me know... take a keep put it outside wet dry goes to bed wakes up fleece wet ground perfectly dry according to science maybe they always happen make sure tonight all ground wet fleece to be dry shades slides through the mud fleece is bone dry he knows he has been called by God--what does God expect of me? 10% 20% what does God want from Me? put God to the test --allow God to speak to you never give anything before 5% establish a test with God see if he will not answer. amazing hw God unfolds God loves a cheerful giver incredible... book Spirit of America God loves a cheerful giver incredible book by Ken Duncan 2 more pictures gone with the falls... crab tree falls blue ridge mountains and the rainbow falls spectacular...... get rid of the paper God's beauty in creation God wants to give rich man went to heaven wait til I take you to ... see the butlers house... wow so maids house wow beautiful cove want to see my house shack wait peter my maid ... big mansion big mansion. Sorry sir,--did the best we could with what you sent... when we look at the New Testament promise of God to give go grow tithe double tithe triple tithe God wants to bless you bring peace to home illustrate in concert way that we have faith, half of commandments are about giving If dont give our God is o money no idols... money what in pocket shall not steal reason we steal have to have it covet ... need more want neighbor... ... honor Sabbath day 7th day of week offer that thing a majig thing a majig...--greed insatiable--just make a decision--faith in God okay decision to be a giver fellow sketch given give intentionally even it if it seems impossible you have promise intentionally eagerly you blessings are ...going to flow... to community world a blessing sort time continue to feed your people love you Lord amen 1036 am... Go it

tell it on the mountain go tell it on the mountain... go tell it on the mountain that Jesus Christ is born blessing of God 11-27-03 thanksgiving Day Service...These liberties dont come without cost, brave ... men military give thanks for all our blessings His wisdom and blessing Bless U.S.A. ... therefore G. Bush virtue of constitution proclaim... November 27, 2003 National Day of Thanksgiving...Spirit t...ties family community ... . Independent of Thanksgiving let us pray, sober country sons and daughters in Iraq., losses, shuttle, her Oh God thank you to accept realities despite all things will be blessed by God, rich joys family fried faith country this Thanksgiving you have planned come together o rejoice and be glad in it... Freedom ring service in progress at 10;:00 a.m seated...piano music childrens choir. no Dick Martin on Thanksgiving? very faint... [applause] but the radio works "Lord God made them al " Pastor Holland, MI, Paterson NJ, before Scripture, say God loves you so do I and Happy Thanksgiving, hear these words of joy and Thanksgiving, joyful songs, Lord is God we are His people, the sheep of His pasture,...give thanks to Him , the Lord is good, love endures forever words in our hearts--thanks to God everything, Pastor:Prinsburg, Mn, Oswego, IL, Parkesberg, IA, Palo Alto, CA...10:15 am [applause] ---thank you Don, Cathedral Choir, cordial welcome moment to really recognize beyond role of service really help our country, military service please stand, so we can say thank you [applause] then also special recognition to friends family , please stand keep you in our prayers as well, this time at this time morning tithe and gifts, offerings, gifts of thanks God who continues to give so give , and give opportunity to say thanks, tangibly real way ...token good news joy, hope, love, ushers come forward, tremendous pleasure 11 year old girl Holly Stelll [trumpets drums "Oh Beautiful" spacious skies above the fruited plain, America America God shed His grace on Thee crown ...sea to shining sea beautiful from spacious skies America America God shed his grace on thee crown thy good... sea... applause. Holly that is so wonderful... so well a gift thats extra thick slice of turkey ... why are cranberries so red...because they saw the turkey dressing [true story...laughter] man went to store to buy turkey==get no bigger, no he's dead enjoying so much reading The American Spirit Hour of Power Spirit of America Ken Duncan virtually at cost, produced in Australia... first page, print words Spirit of America...fine print dedicated t to one I love Jesus Christ and to Rob Schuller. who helped lead me to him real devotional book on sale in the bookstore--charged appropriately--- nothing ever done before... read through it this country is different how old is England Russia ... Japan we are one of the ... and most powerful ...war a controversy like very war we will come home empty handed no ...deeds or title ... the geography ., proud of America where did t it come from... Europe on foot go anywhere America is different when pilgrims come front edge established a Thanksgiving Ps 27.13... would have lost heart unless I believed I would see the goodness of the Lord... ..... the Land of the living faith that built the church brought you

here Americas face of valor pilgrims not just smiling laughs wrote some notes what would ... see faces similes happy families gathered ...faces... praying . thanksgiving 30 calls yesterday afternoon all over America first without husband, father and what kind of face, positive ... piety , abase angry bitter cynical ...this needs us... faith by God getting it... think the Lord and thank you [applaud yourself] yes face of America--- faces of Valor... courage to celebrate Thanksgiving. pleasure faith look at face sounds face shows says family Ralph Anderson... members of television ... give 7 figures, ... and they can afford to... laugh even when things arent funny talk happy laughter happy... laughter ooooh aaahh turkey today whistles a lot of kids can whistle good news happy sounds faces of Fat read their heart courage to go out anyways faces of valor face of valor people looking at pictures... wedding birthday, graduate...cap n gown intense ... in uniform see Readers Digest? faces of valor tough soldiers with stray puppy dog slumbering child three years old mother killed ... soldiers picked up men up face of America courage commitment America of future pilgrims what about tomorrow ewe have children face of bravery gal sang so beautiful nigh wonderful service... lighted Christmas trees taller than the tree at Rockefeller Center ...great Christian message... who push button a girl 2 1.2 years old her daddy is in Iraq. only one not killed in his company came her for a few weeks age 7 months... grow a lot mother would talk to his picture... come home recognize him she pushed the button got to who it that way that way and the lights went raising children to have faith ...set goals... Bible Ps 23.17 ""would have lost heart unless I believed---I've lived by that 48th year... --I would have lost heart what a God we have happy T-giving amen 10:37 am... Jason suddenly expecting a little boy sing for us, you're wonderful mans' voice gather across ea let us be grateful ... of ____God bless America 10:39 am land I love beside her guide her light .night mountain prairie ocean God bless America nightly ... God BLESS AMERICA my home sweet home...[applause] thank you ...did pretty good in only 44 minutes turkey in oven Lord bless you 11.30.03... crooked places make straight back to book ... Holy Bible studied again houses of power are spreading Bible is back rough places made plain ... valleys will be exalted under Him what id Jesus believe ask that question......make paths straight rough places plain10:23 all religion new age non has what we have a symbol a cross check this turned to a plus follow him with positive faith... valley was exalted crooked straight rough plains hour honk ...born raised in Iowa grandfather territory land was rough... pick up stone pick out rock rake ground, looked pretty can take seed corn oats... --sell the grain shy not takes time to feed the animals I was right he knew it people gotta eat drink milk, eggs... Job not to make $$ to help feed the world experience tough times never last, tough people do then youll be producing creating in Catholic church then on e Protestant go to heaven I don't think one more soul in heaven will bring glory go God... But being what you were meant to be every valley exalted glory of God. out thats huge ... around the world

believes gather hold cross as symbol...minus but being what you were meant to be every valley exalted glory of lord shall be revealed positive Christian faith go through tough times still happy people night after thanksgiving go for bowl of soup restaurant go after waitress cheerful Avella said "'are you thankful " don't eat too much turkey pie no taste buds no saliva gotta make myself eat she loves Jesus Christ Really believes in the God of the Bible lived and died 200 years later Jesus Christ move respect more respected than ever before because a followers of Jesus help people live longer prayer ...we thank you for coming into the world ... permanent answer to lifes questions speak for people listening I accept you for forgive me for doubt cynical you my Savior I accept you and now , may the Lord bless you and keep you shine be gracious give you peace coming out lat labor leisure laughter tears.

12-15-03PC Mick Bartlett VA Hospital Long Beach, Donald Burger. W. Anaheim Medical Center, Ken Hammer, Kaiser Lakeview, Anaheim. ... Scott Harrison, Evergreen Health Care & Rehab, Fullerton, Jeanne Herman, --Health South Rehab , Tustin, Michael Searns, Loma Linda Hospital, Midge Simonton, Walnut Manor Anaheim, Josepha Torres, Anaheim Memorial... 925 am my son Robert Rejoins us 1st Miss America with a disability ,, ... Lisa Tucker from star search...Don Nuen, Johnny Carl, Joyful Christmas celebration God has a surprise for you... prove to me God didn't have anything to do with I... to the atheists... God thank you 60 minutes becomes truly an hour of power, ... because we are thinking your thoughts Hallelujah here and now ...Christ is born today , [Erik K. was telling me how he felt his life was a mishap, or that he was a misfit] please be seated Book of Luke ...see what came to pass came with haste... May Joseph ... Erick K. said he felt like a misfit... please be seated ...... book of Luke se what came to pass came with haste... may Joseph lying ... by Shepherds but Mary kept all these things, Shepherd returned in al the things they had seen of Jesus Christ penetrates our minds with His good news Robert A. Schuller...10:37 am h Holy Night [power is where power is...] comes from the endless supply of Energy of the Holy Spirit! .The night [applause[...thank you Crystal Cathedral Choir Don Nuen C. Pardini... I love coming here... very cordial welcome 60 people from Canada all back there a few here thank you for coming be seated suspicion come to warm the stay long enough find it 15 from Denver Bark the... them thank you for ... coming be seated . suspicion came to warm ... bark them thanks for joining Hospitality center... coffee guest variety of services... 1:00 Hispanic services Latino culture instant translation come back tonight at 6:00 p.m. just a couple minute morning tithes & offerings get out now plates come by fast get ready tomorrow night Crystal Cathedral academy Christmas program free all invited music and dance ... 7 Tomorrow prayer ,, privilege to ..... express faith in you accept this gift of God, every corner of the ..... the one week from Wednesday 7 services Christmas even fabulous music conclude start snowing in here with a little snow kind of ... inspiring night of music 3 pm entry with midnight bilingual... now it is a tremendous privilege and honor to welcome back Heather Whitestone McAllum December 17, --1994 First Miss America with a disability , despite being profoundly deaf, no obstacle too big with

hard work determination and God' help 40 million viewers also danced to the Glory of Christmas, take a look at this... [[[Jumbotron]]] [applause] todays greatest marriage and 2 sons. BOOK Let God Surprise You unexpected even the Impossible God loves you so do we... in the news lately special surgery Cochlear implant explain with benefit of hearing aid lost hearing at 18 months can't ... hear hearing aid doesnt help the right ear. helped me for first time to hear. how life changed...hearing more gossip now...[laughter] pretty well with hearing aid, pageant able to communicate what sounds coming from ?.didn't know what hearing Background Husband Comfort him he cried prayed that God Im the mom want to hear baby cry God is the best Doctor ...God's plans... to have implant graham Clark talked about his faith in Jesus Christ peaceful ... feeling to go ahead... ahead...Now I hear baby crying Sometime as sometimes ask God why Here is the point ... hearing and are cochlear implants speech therapy , can't stand it, written a book tell us about your book... ... happily because... a Christian how became Miss America when graduated from High School told mother God called me to be a ballerina Mom said, God gave me a call to put you in college ...make a living, tell me what you want me to do obey parents, trust like ... make my dream come true... to college helps me to prepare God made my dream come true challenged me to go to college with n o ballet class God surprised me always surprises the people...the Bile with success dance when cant hear hear some music memories in my hearts via de la rosa. 3 months to memorize to practice ...with God as amazing I hear more... how well I dance. couldn't hear music in your heart & Spirit last night to glory I cried I miss it... 30 year old dancer next year dancing all night watching the dancers heard the sound of water Beautiful so natural first day cochlear implant Thought of Helen Keller 1st discovered that water had a name... s ------ understood words that I didn't know... be signing today I brought Crown... to put o n little girls head Thank You GYSDW [applause]... copy of Heathers book at the Bookstore or on line always open while there get our e-mails. absolutely sensational every day...wonderful guest star search winner Lisa Tucker... "'grow up to be anything who would imagine, a king..." ... [applause] just turned at age 14 CD...please come home for Christmas!"' you want to autograph?. Sure youre' terrific now give me a chance to preach a sermon, Christmas re surprises my guest Surprises think we planned it? ... its ... spring forth ...road in the wilderness...Profound o prophecy every time I get up her a little sniffle. perfume no cant be poinsettia wont' admit it ...I love them God deal with surprises surprises that come out of the blue... lifted your mood....... the telephone cal music you hand' t heard God is with us constantly say God love you, prove it, thank of all the surprises that's the love of God, Glory of Christmas young teenage virgin Mary "'you will conceive" she was surprised and Joseph before became husband Mary to become pregnant, an act of God, talk about a surprise, as long as there are pleasant surprises cannot deny someone cares about me a baby is born every baby is a bundle first step first word always "daddy" my wife says it momma" id give ... that surprise in----...shepherd host of angels as long as there are pleasant surprises cannot . deny someone cares about me baby is born (((((..... every baby is a bundle, first step first word always "daddy" my wife says its "momma"

I'll give her that surprises come in mangers. baby words... sick wards too, bandages not swaddling clothes, blessings a rainbow look, bird what kind of bird? Favorite song. surprising world optimistic even in dark times shock is set up for special surprise... gives courage , hope, enthusiasm courage to dream great dreams possibilities around you... visit with Rachel... moved south, near Julian extensive acreage house appraised at three million someone on upper ridge said it was still standing... and breakfast... Rachel enthused, trees gone there green like Switzerland ... for decades going to have the most beautiful spring I 100 years. ...Christmas surprises when open gifts... Christmas surprises contacts connections... calls letter greetings many of you come even outside America if havent seen it dont miss it, tickets available Christians you cal and mine let God surprise people through us. ...Let us become the Channel through which God surprises people, counseling a couple from an eastern state... her husband, no religion, no church, watches Hour of Power every weekend he's afraid to die, in Vietnam, for a year, doesn't know whats next after that...took out blue card...""my ticket to heaven" the surprise of Christian grace up until Jesus all religions had eternal life but gave laws (creeds rules) break laws, atonement weird... guilty... atone break laws again history of religion until Christmas by grace saved, through faith ... God loves you, if over only become fulfilled laws its not love its a business deal... just come to Him be friends, not with clean slate come to Him receive Him as Savior, gentlemen (?) never made commitment promises of Jesus, I handed it to him sign it, you're I n, he signed it with tears in his eyes, was she ever surprised ... that's what Christmas is...can we position ourselves to get more surprises, youve been blessed... yes I didn't earn them but I did put myself into position to receive the blessing, don't like the word luck... I believe in pluck, (Booom, that's it!!!)prayer, positioning myself (you can do it) first discover positive thinking... this church specializes in it Norman Vincent Peale, Old-fashioned word for faith, then go where the possibilities ... believe in God with all my mind, yes ... it's built on assumptions too positive as assumption 49 years... ago road over... bridge, no water...a "ditch" give that guy a degree. the Santa Ana River... wide dead, no water until it rains, takes it to the ocean young boy never catch fish in it... or marlin, or Marlin you doing to the Floyd River in Iowa you go to Cabo San Lucas or here in the Los Angeles bay go where the likelihood is go where the fish are go to church every Sunday I heard this person never miss a Sunday...might miss a surprise, read the books read the Bible... bright idea... God through the pages Circle of positive people choose carefully, try to convert sinners, yes, just don't let them convert you... accept invitation increasing opportunities for surprises letter from Teacher her Crystal Cathedral academy each class take part in mission from Christ opportunity to glean for the second harvest food bank corn fields ear falls here and there missed, not picked... we can go pick up missed ears of corn given to charity crop to mouths of less fortunate people ...field damp foggy misty ...didn't dampen the Spirit of the 2nd graders...Mr. Sam warmly welcomed us. dump corn on bin , each bin will feed up to 2000 2nd graders picked enough to fill 4 bins, that 8000 people wiping sweat off brows... hands cut bandaged only 2nd year teaching joy and compassion every time they dumped the bucket love of Jesus... shone on their faces joy of doing something that surprises you with good feelings go this church boxes cookies cards Chino this year, security and change in top

management ...the offer was not accepted. Im going to go to work, politics, I understand their reasoning Im not complaining... only one or two letters in 20 years that we've done this, ...I'll go down and fid it never mind Casey ,,...huge brown envelope this is what was inside made by woman in Chino prison... paining "Covenant Garden" years with ... snot age friends this is one big thank you card Robert some notes would you read so I can keep my hands get our act together so may read them Robert the whole page? please page 1... Lord bless you for your generosity time of year. you make it all the more bearable... the only gift I receive people, not prisoners child of God, not inmate Lord bless you 8th box 9 years of ministry of giving... thank you for looking out for I believe it should be fortunately thank you for making my Christmas sing Happy Birthday to Jesus... box for writing daisy when no one else big things you do April. Michelle prison at age 21 Life sentence longer than alive first box of love many mistakes God's mercy victims family forgiveness miracles happen God's love biggest Christmas car I ever got in my life Card to you I never baked any cookies, this dozens of beautifully packaged another card of or the choir of all the music that readers high into heaven the beating of a loving heart, thank you ...the music is wonderful coir thank you to you Johnny Carl. thank you to you surprise experience like that men you've been agnostic accept Jesus Christ... never afraid of death and biggest surprises of life what see I read Im ready for it you can be took pray thank you ...right make commitment ... when care be in position... ... ... went to salt lake city contact you delighted to have people showing God's love all around the world Christmas party leads meet with Bas and his assistant after arboretum meet and share with NW med mission ... section sin the bulletins ... lower ... wonderful people refreshments gift right after service open Bulletin is best as yet to come commitment card 2004 Praise God daily for goodness for pastors for time to partner regularly participate faithfully in church mission. ministry what God leads you to do...fill it out offering plate ... go home ask God in prayer about this while doing special visitors Brent slack Natasha paperz thank you they provide wonderful entertainment thank you gift of your son Jesus shares these gifts what yet to come to know Jesus many wonderful opportunities. glory of Christmas has started and goes all through December meet ... welcome the King good morning come see us King Balthazaar ... through December 30 tickets an at reservation center every night except Monday come see the glories pick up tickets right after service more and ore poor and needy people... "smile of a child" party for disadvantaged children stuffed animals 1000's of... cookies no longer able to do partnered with 3 rescue missions so opportunity to pick up choc chip make cookies places for as many cookies as you can bake... having said that Kathy Matthew thank you very much pleasure t be here. old son old Scottish guitar ""my love my treasure my sweet and lovely you are my love my darling... hallelujah hallelujah... 959 am alleluia hallelujah king of kings most Holy G One God the Son eternal one my God and ruler of mankind hallelujah hallelujah so I've heard how turn down a place o beautiful and musician amazing experience live in Nashville lot of good ones do joy for Christmas day... won a Grammy for a record ten years still in high school yeah right that journey started me doing Christmas tours o and traditional carols hate being away from family but the music carries me, father died of cancer at time

music to heal us hardest part of life came back in a deeper way blessed I return felt lucky have path set for me father son got him in the studio in another son will you... Gloria angels we have heard on High [applause thank you ]thank you very much 10:08 am Holiday seasons always delightful more exciting mother decided what want havent seen all commercials wonderful time lit the Christmas tree its 80 feet tall Rockefeller Center only 79... Kennys little gal to light the tree shes' delightful Kennys in the danger zone. ... only one in company not killed his daughter to flip switch after Thanksgiving... he was so excited that a perform was coming hoped it would be Michael Jackson in waked GW Bush everyday screamed ... nothing like it so excited ... stage Christ critical times tour tough times here today 2003... partnerships ministry faith ... practice Jesus C... by God to give us the truth U of Michigan 200 Presbyterians declared that people who help people live longer that remarkable 200 years ago baby ... disciples deny self take up cross... secular world catching up people who care most people ...who suffered John Steensma home parachute stuck in power line lost both arms in electrocution became helper of people with prosthetics was ... to go to seminary Jesus focused on the positive ...... the glory o the Lord should be reveled ""give mountains valleys rough crooked confused conflicted overwhelmed Jesus to be savior Is 40 you know the words ... predicting Messiah every valley shall be exalted crooked straight mounts low rough places then the glory of the Lord should be revealed... every low time can be helped by Christ low times faith lifts us low times becomes blessing look back on bad experience wouldn't give it up John Wimber vineyard when dying of cancer didn't have long to o live... ''The view from the valleys not too bad" every mountain made low when we hold on to him the world sees horrific tragedy some remember showers also... lst lost arms... built plane only handicapped people can live there. my daughter glad my leg not my arm... glad my eye not my hearing glad my arm not my leg... ...wouldnt trade it for something else this but a mountain different perspective almost trivial crooked places made straight... society philosophers 50 years in ministry since 1950 focus psychology psychiatry Frankl... Menninger... ... e was you Freudianism would eradicate new need for Christianity... concern his granddaughter last week announced she was abandoning all the beliefs of her grandfather... crooked places made straight... secular made straight by Jesus Predicting 20th century will... see ...good times down times [oops, 21st Century]--Incidents 4:00 pm UPS wouldn't take it need "call tag" 7:00 pm h custodian right by me...7:30 pm I ... have my own Holy Bible...Jimmy Carter saying singing book signing book at Vromans... 12.22.03? welcome... Son Robert Rejoicing 1st Miss America with a disability wonderful news Lisa Tucker Star Search, Don Nuen Johnny Carl Joyful come celebration God has a surprise for you Prove to me God didn't have anything to do with it God thank you 60 minutes because truly is an hour of power, because we are thinking your thoughts, Hallelujah have and now... and now amen... Christ is born today, Erick Was telling me hw he felt like a misfit... ok of Luke, see what came to pass came with... please be seated Mary...Joseph ...Jesus lying in manger by shepherds but Mary Kept all those

things shepherd returned in ... things they had seen of Jesus Christ penetrates our minds with His good news ... comes from the... less supply of emery of the Holy Spirit the night [applause] hank you Crystal Cathedral Choir Don Nuen C. Pardini I love coming her e very cordial welcome 60 people from Canada all back there are a few here think you for coming be seated suspicion come to find ...warm weather stay long enough you'll find it 15 from Denver Back there thanks for joining hopefully center. coffee guest variety of services 1"00 Hispanic services Latin feel culture instant translation come back tonight 6:00 just in couple minutes morning tithe and offering get out plates come by fast get bread, Tomorrow night Crystal Cathedral academy ... Christmas program free al invited music and dance 7 tomorrow prayer ... to express faith accept this gift every corner of this quiet am the week from Wednesday 7 services Christmas even fabulous music conclude stats snowing in here with a little snow kind of fun inspiring night of music 3 pm ending with midnight bilingual now my tremendous privilege and honor to welcome back ere Heather Whitestone McAllum Dec 17,1994 first Miss America with a disability despite being profoundly deaf o obstacle too big with hard work determination and God's help 40 Mil viewer glory of Christmas a look at things jumbotron ... danced in [applause] ... accomplishment marriage and two sons Book Let God Surprise You unexpected even the impossibly God loves you so do I in the news lately special surgery cochlear implant ... without benefit of hearing and lost hearing at 18 months. can't ... in right ear helped e for first time to hard to hear... how the... having more gossip nor [laugh ] hearing more gossip now. pretty well with hearing aid, pageant able to communicate what sound? coming from ... what backyard husband comforted him he cried prayed that God Im the mom want to hear baby crying God is the best Gods plans to have implant Graham Clark talked about his faith in Jesus Christ peaceful feeling to go ahead now I hear baby crying sometimes ask God why here is the point, hearing and cochlear implant speech therapy can't stand it written a book tell us about your boo happily how beck a Christian how became Miss America when graduated from HS... told mother God called me to be a ballerina mom said God gave me a call to put you in college ...cant make a living tell me what you want to do obey parents trust like a child make my dram come true ... to college help me prepare God made my dream came true challenged me to go to college with no ballet class God surprised you always surprising to the People the Bible with success dance when can't hear ... songs ... memorize in my hearts via de la rosa three months to memories... to practice with God as ... I hear more memorize. how well I dance couldnt hear music in your heart & Spirit last night to glory I cried I miss it 30 year old dance next year dancing al my life watching the dancer hard the sound of water beautiful so natural first day cochlear implant thought of Helen Keller... she discovered that water had a name... understood words hat I didn't know BF...BH signing book and I brought my crown to put on little girls head, thank you God loves you so do we [applause] bookstore of... copy of heathers book bookstore or on line open

them get our e mails absolutely sensational every day wonderful just star search winner Lisa Tucker "grow up to be anything who would imagine a king " applause just turned at age 14 cd... please come home for Christmas! ... you want to autograph sure youre ... now give me a chance to preach a sermon ...Christmas...surprises my gues.,...surprises Think we planned it? the Bible verse Isaiah 43.19 "'behold I will do a new thing it shall spring forth a road in the wilderness..."profound prophecy every time I get up her a little sniffly no cant be poinsettia wont admit it I love them to o much God ... with surprises that come out of the Blue life our your mood. the telephone call, music ... haven't hear. God is with us constantly --so God loves you , prove it, think of all the surprises thats' the love f God Christmas young teenage virgin Mary '"you will conceive "'she was surprises and ... Joseph before became husband Mary to become pregnant an act of God talk about a surprise Stephen host of angels as long as there are pleasant surprises cannot deny someone ... about me baby is born ever baby is a bundles first step first word always "daddy wife says its "mommy" I give ... surprises come in manger baby words Med group... sick words too bandages not swaddling clothes blessings a rainbow...look bird what kind of bird? favorite song surprising world optimistic even I dark times shock is set up for special surprise gives courage hope enthusiasm courage to dram great dreams possibilities around you visit with Rachel...move south beautiful house near Julian extensive acreage house appraised at 3 million someone ridge upper still stand says house still standing had breakfast Rachel enthused... tees gone but there a green hue like Switzerland sprouts for decades gong to the be most beautiful spring in 100 years. Christmas surprises when open gifts Christmas surprise contacts connections calls letters greetings many of you come even outside America if haven't seen it dont miss it tickets available Christians you ... and mine to let God surprise people through us et us become the channel through which God surprises people counseling couple from eastern state, her husband no religion no church watches Hour of Power every week he's afraid to die in Vietnam for a year doesnt know whats next ... that took out blue card ''my ticket to heaven" no surprise of Christ grace up until Jesus all religions had eternal life but gave laws creeds rules break laws, atonement ... take guilty atone break laws again history or history of religion until Christmas, by grace served, saved... through faith God loves you if love only because fulfilled laws its no ... love its a business deal just come to h Hi m be friends not with clean slate come to Him receive Him as Savior gentleman never made commitment promises of Jesus I hand it to him sign it you're in... he signed it with tears in his eyes was she ever surprised yes thats what Christmas is ...can we position ourselves to God ... more surprises you've bee be blessed yes I didnt earn them I did put my position to receive blessing dot like the word luck. I believe in pluck prayer positioning myself you can do it 1t discover ... positive thinking... this church specialize in it NV Peal old fashioned word for faith then go where the possibility like believe in God with al my mind yes. built on assumptions... to positive assumptions 49 years

ago road over bridge no water '"ditch" Santa Ana river its a ditch give the guy a degree wide dead no water... until it rains takes it to ... young boy never watch fish in Santa Ana river never catch or marlin not to Floyd River in Iowa ... to go to Cabo San Lucas or... ... or right here in LA. go where the likelihood is g where the fish are go to church every Sunday I heard this person never miss a Sunday might miss a surprise ... read the books read the Bible. bright idea God through the pages circle of positive people choose carefully ... try to convert sinners, just dont let them convert you... ...accept invitation increasing opportunities for surprises letter from teacher her Crystal Cathedral academy each class takes part in mission from church opportunity to go ...for the 2nd harvest food bank corn fields ... her or other... we can go pick up missed ears of corn given to charity crop to months of les of fortunate people field damp foggy misty Mr. Sam warmly welcomed us didn't damper 2nd graders dump corn on in each bin will feed p to 000... 2nd graders picked enough to fill up four bins, that's 8000 people wiping sweat off brows... hands cut, bandages only 2nd year teaching joy & compassion ever time they dumped the bucket love of Jesus stone another ... joy of doing something that surprises you wit God feelings go thin this church boxes cookies cards chino this year security has changed in top mgt. offer not accepted Im gong to g to work politics... I unders tand their reasoning surprise only one or two letters in 20 years that weve don this Ill go down and find it never mind cases huge brown envelope this is what worship site . made by women in Chino ... prison painting "count garden" ... count ... years with smile not fears age friends this is one big thank you card Robert some notes would you read so I can keep my hands /// our act together so many read them or Robert the whole page? please ... Lord bless you for your generosity time of year you make it all the more bearable... the only gift I receive people not prisoners child of God ... inmate Lord bless you 8th box ministry 9 years of giving t hank you for looking out for I believe it ... fortunately thank you for making my ... Christmas better ... sing happy b day to Jesus box for writing daisy when no one else big things you do April. Michele prison age 21 life sentence loge than alive first box of love many mistakes God' mercy victims family forgiveness miracles happen Gods love biggest Christmas Card I ever got I my life card to you I never baked my cookies this dozen make DIGITAL VIDEO DISC includes B& W label I said how much for color? he said 13... how much just to get it stamped? of beautifully packaged another card for the choir of all the music ... readers high into having the beating of a loving heart thank you music is wonderful choir thank you to thin Karl than you for surprise experience ... you've been agnostic accept Jesus Christ never afraid of death ad biggest surprises of life what see ... in receding for it you can be too... pr pray thank you ...hear say right make commitment ...when ...been position...


'O come all ye faithful ' 9.32 am Lola threw up left nut sack for Dick Martin, Christ the Lord, good morning Robert A. Schuller merry Christmas turn to person behind n God loves you so do I... merry Christmas wonderful service for Christmas planned from ..... former Miss America... Kings men from Biola couple of wise guys Cindy Chaney from counseling center. Don Nuen Crystal Cathedral choir C. Pardini couple of wise guys Cindy Chaney from counseling. center. Don Nuen Crystal Cathedral Choir C. Pardini HW... Johnny Carl didnt even mention the orchestra Hi Im R. Schuller the real one the truth all my aunts and cousin call him uncle Harold his father brother Anthony Skuller, Raised Harold Skuller..... born & raised R. Schuller how got now got that straight celebrate have a party, Jesus Christ a child a baby every minute ever have thank you new birth every minute by new birth dream reality what love you praise your name amen... "go tell it on the mountain" that Jesus Christ is s is Lord..... the Scriptures from prophesy of Isaiah people who walk in darkness seen a great light upon ... a light is shiny we rejoice before you unto us a child is born a son is given a government upon His shoulder name wonderful counselor mighty God father prince of peace increase shall be no end...156 years ago 847 Don Nuen Mendelssohn 2nd Oratorio 3 male voices age 38 work was never completed "shall a star from Jacob come forth" forecasting the birth of Christ centuries before it was to take place , the word will be preached in all lands, princes and nations, those who plot against the word evidence at that ... decades fighting against peace how brightly praise such love 945 am [applause] praise such love 945 am [applause] thank you choir Donald very much thank you fro around the world hope you feel the life the peace 11:00 following at 12:30 dedicated to the news.....statute of Christ blessing the children the most beautiful I've ever seen 3 children 3 ethnics jeans and running shoes very creative tonight evening service now offer a prayer thank you God for your gifts for we take it for granted bless these gifts make wonderful ministry possible this Wednesday 7 glorious Christmas eve services satellite including armed forces network I can tell you what is the best the lowest attended services at 10 o clock hour also or cable 0-11 so this is the 1st church in History with televised Christmas even service then the glory of Christmas ix extended........Dec 30 phenomenal , absolutely phenomenal been there once , take it from me whose been there twice offer it to the world in the name of Jesus Christ...from Biola University the Kings Men merry merry merry Mary did you know your baby boy will one day walk o water, will save our sons daughter make you new child you delver will soon deliver you give blind men your baby boy did you know he has walked where angels when you kills little baby kiss the face of God, did you know blind see deaf hear dead live again lame will leap Mary did you know born of all creation one day did you know baby boy Mary did you know Mary did you know[applause][beep]thank you sing another one standing like I'm supposed o wait for another, thank you for coming thank you for going church

members Cindy Cheney remarkable story torched & moved you as a congregation a difference good to be here were successful wealthy to homeless sleeping in a car. how happen? not raised in a bad family in good family class Pres of HS avid roller skater, pianist, horse all ingredients of success one marijuana cigarette downward spiral grabbed me and shook me till all the good was gone from Huntington harbor boat tennis court drug addict met amphetamine lab...arrested 44 years in prison something. happened there Orange County jail I was indignant my life deteriorated so badly church service "pain" stand up and in my cell closed eyes "Father take my pain " I had hope before I opened my eyes had hope inmate fir fighter camp made giving me a box boot box just a box no cookies Crystal Cathedral sent it tome, wow fantastic kept the empty box...---it was a phenomenal gift ,... just the box tremendous wow! got tithing eye open every Sunday looked you needed some new hope counselors my opportunity to do the same for somebody else been there for 2 years...Intensely calls Oh my gosh every session I here revitalized know I SB wonderful new Hope training class when? just say opportunity of a lifetime to enhance your ... lives give option of life all want you to do is show up, get all the ... you need we need you God loves you so do we [applause] because that's what this ministry is all abut 10:03 am Dorothy Bentham "some children see him" ...your Dorothy baby Jesus born this night..... statute unveiled AF am boy, Asiatic gal, Caucasian child...1004 am Lord some children see him some children see him some children see him......1005 am will see the baby Jesus form face heavenly some children Holy light applause and Dorothy thank you very much welcome the kings men wonderful CD Hour of Power org. ... the morning --- they will sign it, they're terrific I just love their Christmas music... Romeo & Juliet ..... Juliet tries to convince Romeo to change his name and in that looks at Romeo a rose still smells as sweet regardless of his last name still leads to same tragedy name power of name somebody called wonderful counselor Almighty God prince of Peace power in a name... name you have been given criticize a little bit he wrote the Christmas story and His name shall be called mistake he made wonderful counselor vs. wonderful, counselor, watching Larry King last night interviewed Oprah L. King not watching conversation turned to Dr. Phil... with her ordeal with the beef industry had to introduce him anyone ever been ... to Dr. Phil. no question good counsel of tremendous value my wife and I go to counselor every now and then I got up in the morning...I expected breakfast my mom always did her father made breakfast dont stop there we had children name somebody called counselor magnificent look at teachings of Jesus Christ revolutionary world changing perception dont even recognize everything we learn and teach today philosophy Plato , Aristotle everything else a footnote promotes love give truly a wonderful counselor all else on footnote name should be called. mighty God a mighty fortes our God a bulwark never failing our helper, mortal that's the power of God He is a mighty regardless of our ills, infirmities, challenges He is our bulwark a mighty fortress 1936 revolutionary even radio broadcast would sweep across America King

Edward make announcement on radio, just seconds before tripped over wise cable broke catastrophe apprentice picked them up and held them in his hands ...current went through his body and connected Jesus Christ was born word of God Himself flowed , wonderful good news He is a mighty God, God name should be called wonderful counselor Almighty God everlasting father Hard to imagine an everlasting father... many fathers p... theyre not everlasting... wife last father of age 13, her younger bro is 10 , visited air museum in Palm , largest working WWII aircraft collection bronzed boy holding flag ... the little boy walked in there shed a tear father was a pilot in Korea war died tragically in a car accident our ... there today gone tomorrow every day a new gift from God, the everlasting father eternal without end never abandon never leave today unveiling a statute beautiful peace of art, one is the lost sheep story told by Jesus how he counts the 99 supposed to be 100 , brings him home everlasting father away in ..... "be near me ask them to say close ... children in teacher today and with us forever name should be called wonderful counselor mighty God prince of peace many people today who cannot believe in the reality of Jesus Christ 2000 years ago called prince of peace 10:22 of government shall be no end... his government joined the church of Jesus...Christ follow Him .say yes to Jesus Christ His peace is one that reaches every individual. person heard today from Cindy Cheney mother friend ...Rick Burnet Never heard of Bible Christianity all he knew was living in wash DC has friends dying daily because... of drugs violence ad ... "I found it write for more info they sent him a Bible ...revolutionary amazing things I did it... in privacy of his own room started sharing he good news other Christians around about 2000 years for him new fresh alive as the very 1st time Christ of 2000 years ago prince of peace , I heard the Bells on Christmas day there was peace good will to men despair I bowed my head no peace on earth I said peace o earth good will ..... God is not dead and does not sleep God always prevails as we go through the challenges struggles how pay bills somehow miraculously presence of God comes in ways we cannot imagine name SB called wonderful counselor might God everlasting father prince of peace ...heavenly father thank you...thank you all for what that gift means Spiritually emotionally use it thank you God to the world "he rules the world" and now my Lord ...shine great peace lying down labor leisure laughter tears......Phil video to Kosters on 36th st. ad a copy to Bill Lockyer attorney general at 11:32 am from SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO to 3) Bob DeVries 4) Robert Brower 147 pm Norco...activism without transcendence because justification by working Phillip video to Doug Timmer 320 pm from bellflower...10346 Artesia Blvd. bellflower, ca 90706..... THEN A Phil VIDEO TO Norberto WOLF AT 340 PM H ...GAVE PAIR OF OLD SOES T GOOD WILL... BROUGHT IN FOR RECYCLING PREPARE ...Verizon rebate form and who his the fellow listening in on me? why what did he do? made Holy Bible drop at the fast Track Shell. in Coalinga , CA... and we confirmed the name of the "mgr" a the Kinkos in Sherman Oaks 4556 Van Nuys Blvd. 91403 S. Oaks, CA...books & albums 934 a.m. I said "merry Christmas to Kerry at

the Kinkos tan to William...1200 J. St. 4765 J. St. Jason --San Dimas auto, junior, staples S. Ana, Ken.Kim Hair Salon S. Ana... Gary Print n Mail. ...Reggie Avis Pasadena, May Office max, Kit Hime V. Hoof, Peter Shair v hoof... v hoof --Germaine Reese , Charlene Mackey , Leslie Powell ..., Eileen -holiday Donuts Northridge, William Faith esq. Sup 7-11 Glendale... Clerk Coachella , G. de LaGuera Jiffy Pasadena... Martha Baja fresh , Mildred@ McDonald. Pasadena...Elvia MCD Pasadena... Lydia Pasadena Journal. Amber Whole Food Pasadena... Linda Hollins L.A. Mission LA. Vanderhoof Carl Valentine , Eric Faith sq. Charlie parking attendant L.A. Mall Joe Hopkins law office Pasadena... Kevin Welch esq... V hoof ...Julian Hernandez, Violet office max Dawn J Juice Pasadena... Cashier Pep boys Vaalarner whole foods ...Suzie J. Juice Tarzana 8356 Edgefield Wayna, Bani Yousefi Citi bank Toluca Lake, ...Reggie Ais...Myra office max V hoof -Kit Hime GermaineReese, Charlene Macky, Leslie Powell... (x34) Trini S... sShell MV... Farida Michel K. Lake Forest Clerk honey Baked hams...Dan Villanueva SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO good year Clerk Orange , Judy Santa Ana Hallmark... Greg Atkinson Cop Shop Cm..., Clerk GARDEN GROVE gariel copy Cm. Preeti7-11 Crystal pollo loc Garden Grove., and a special letter sack explaining how I became a teacher... to Bossccher VAN GENDEREN TT12 Z Spee Dorcy Tt5 Timmer BA TT23, TT89, and a special Christmas Card to Halford..., sack spree... 2nd ... ... next from J & 22nd at then a Phil sack to Joel Bylsma from Stockton... at 708 am ... buy sell trade laptops ... then he heard "Hallelujah "its Christmas "joy to the world! time to celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus Christ... name shall be called wonderful counselor... 301 pm ""joy to the world !" heaven and nature sing, Chicken fajita pita ... and Italian sausage and eggnog... he rules the world and words of His love joy oh Lord follow a Jesus Christ around the world different cont creed hopes celebrate ... inspire us t receive Christ ... on sounds and ... o sights of Christmas..... celebrate amen Childrens choir happy birthday Jesus [applause] unto us a child is given joy to the world flight of a bumble bee and in those days census Joseph now went up from Galilee called Bethlehem white there time came to Him so gave birth Laid him in a manger... whats up man ? t 7-11 and "buddies" at DC Christmas even Nick Coleman? now there were angel of Lord glory of Lord shone around them do not be afraid good tidings great joy born to savior who is in Christ the Lord Suddenly a multitude of heavenly hosts "do you hear what I hear I born hear what I ear know what I know ass prepare or our Christmas gifts Wiseman from east we have seen the star of ... st rejoiced exceedingly great joy ...usher come forward my pleasure live from the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove... opportunity to celebrate one of the greatest events in ..... intended to be a lighthouse of hope... for people everywhere services 930 1 or turn n Hop seen the tree special gift not the same old tings remember how the gifts you be receive be p to... 12.29.04 ?

. closet Bible Michael Jackson AP 21 minutes late...scolded by judge to be 21 minutes late jumped on top with umbrella gave V sign...... Bible dust covered hasn't been read in years before you ah the time overburdened to much tuff. ... toy sled outs anther stare wrap it for us sorry I dont wrap elevator jammed couldn't turn around whoever started Christmas they should hang him. God solved the word everlasting life ...they already did ... relations gift of salvation accept the gift today silent night Holy night round yon virgins fall on your knees lets get out of here... may the blessing of Christmas glory of good news merry Christmas everybody Merry Christmas Dan McGrew C. Pardini at 16,000 Hazel Wright organ... broadcast around the king of kings Lord of Lord Hallelujah hallelujah... its Christmas... time to celebrate the birth of Jesus wonderful counselor world God everybody prince of peace... Joy to the world earth receive king and ...he rules the world wonders of His love... joy joy joy followers of Jesus Christ cultures continents and the one day after another ten... how to Spiritualize that. hope hurts God our savior inspires us ... Christ Amen .childrens choir bumblebee how about Mustard seed movies?. and in those days a decree went out Joseph house of line & Lineage of David gave birth first-born son... O come all ye faithful adore Him Christ the lord [applause] 442 pm Dan Mc Grew applause there men shepherds glory of the Lord angel said 'Do not be afraid" Born a savior sign baby wrapped in swaddling clothes heavenly hosts... peace goodwill to ...Jesus was born wise men star rejoice exceedingly joys bow down worship opened treasure gold frank and myrrh as wisemen presented gifts ushers receive gifts cong has services every...typically dont have to wait as long watch on television... lifetime TBN 90 other ...stations lot of different opportunities doing everything we can to bring the good news of Jesus Christ all... challengers counseling center new Hope wonderful season great time of year God loves you so do we!! Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah... I can Im among friends Mr. Piano... Christmas Warm hugs love laughter open up al presents except dear old uncle of mine open present and say "who will I give these to next year? Uncle that not what its all about its abut a little babe lets go tell it on the mountain "'Im dreaming of white Christmas ''and GPSW... 508 pm gift to you every week surprise every Sunday wouldn't expect colors music lights sound gifts children what like gift right know what youre getting tell you its a gift not a gift may b also Spiritual long joy ... of my daughters small group spreading Christmas Spirit... a lot of laughter most memorable Christmas ... Julie started to share stopped lips trembled eyes ...tears was one of 3 children mother singe I was the ... 2 oldest always looked up ... she called 30 years ago 4 years old gift ... joy special ... beautiful Betsy yetsy ever hear of that? Christmas you open first gift hunt for it we've hidden it closet laughter come with us you'll ever find it, standing on counter in Kitchen beautifully wrapped gift a beautiful doll sister asked do you remember what I got too busy playing with my doll I didn't get a gift, that year we app all put it together brought to get her a Betsy doll on you g only got a gift... only you got a gift the three of us had more o joy giving you the doll than getting I cried sacrifice love devotion

always a gift ... relationship based on gifts given to you happy to see... the ...whats hidden in this how longs... 50 5, 10, 15 ya ..... gonnna get gift this year the giver no longer alive friends moved..... expect a gift pick most of /...always be prepared for a new gift hear it al the time be prepared 12 old gifts discover them anew in closet .then in years stuff?. how much rediscovered then of leather go back stuff ht loss of all gifts you ... didn't accept... gift offered you just never accepted mother child parking spot looked illegal finally got there all sold out didn't know what to but brought to counter clerk was there could you wrap it, lady said we dont have tie for that the lady was frustrated Im getting out of here elevator ... jammed full pushed din suddenly blurted out ...This is Christmas the guy who started it ... should hang hi little voice said "we already did, '... a b we offer you a beautiful gift salvation ... life short... Last night every I Believe in God ..... ..... offer a Savior a gift most beautiful human being that ever live accept Him a Christmas gift oh God ... people have joy gift "go tell it on the mountain" 602 am in those days all went to be enrolled Joseph went up . house and lineage of David first born son swaddling clothes manger childrens' choir flight of the bumble bee we as follows of Jesus Christ for cultures celebrate joyful news that God is Jesus came to be Sour Savior amen come all ye faithful sign exaltations say all citizens Bethlehem glory to God and glory in the Highest adore him o come let us adore him Christ the Lord all ye faithful joyful triumphant o come all ye faithful joyful triumphant applause Daniel McGrew because of Christmas Day! shepherds .field flock nights glory greatly afraid do not be afraid, good tidings great joy savior babe swaddling clothes heavenly hosts glory to God in the highest peace good will to all[applause]gifts and offerings prepare those while I read Scripture. wisemen seen star in east saw the star exceedingly great joy fell down and wonderful d frank and myrrh. wisemen gifts so we present our gifts. be best minister for Jesus Christ 10 commandments social psych prejudice Michael K. Lake Forest, Farida Anaheim Judy hallmark Santa Ana... 11 am Clerk Orange Dan Villanueva SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO good year wonderful celebration every Sunday by all mens lifetime 90 stations across sat night TBN website HP org. in for re life of the church e mails... difficult times 714new hope... remember God loves you so do we... Mr. ... that feels great Im thank you wonder hugs around the Christmas tree love & laughter or as we open present could almost hear him say to himself well uncle

1.5.04 ? give blessing God loves you so do I...""welcome wonderful day , could turn temperature up-- at Boston Guest Dr. Harold Duke University Science health spirituality US News really academic big shot... on our staff many years wrote it together renowned Dutch classical pianist plays his own piano most expensive grand piano--it's a big one, composer of music top ten best selling records in the Netherlands, son with me today I got to preach the sermon M. Skidgell. C. Pardini, J. Carl HP Orchestra, "Where's your tie today?" This is the day God has made

rejoice have fun be glad in it, place where serenity and solitude can regenerate feel your presence in laughter. over standing on the promises of God, standing on the promises of God 937 am --...standing on the promises of God, you may be seated Scripture reading Ro 12 ""beseech you therefore , not conform to the world but be transformed, good acceptable and will and perfect will of God not think more highly of self love with hypocrisy kindly affectionate perfect in Spirit the Lord patience rejoice with those who would rejoice weep with those who weep live peaceable with all penetrate our hearts and minds presence of God, we have a fabulous choir saw you microphone...called me back to straighten it out can tell he was on vacation he's acting cagey... 36 students from ISU welcome your sorry London Institute they beat you by one... came twice as far applause thank you for coming what else? crossroads 4 people from S. Africa ...good to have you all around the world welcome everyone... join for cup of coffee free maybe it is Starbucks meet some or people there poison find out is this the place for you firmly believe commitment to job wives find out discovery class n commitment explore the idea of becoming a member start next Sunday then a week from tomorrow the Institute for successful Church leadership power around the world receive new paradigm around world today invited to come any form of leader Sunday school , deacon how to be better starts a week from tomorrow, Charles Blake , Ken Medema Incredible music o n the sport absolutely spectacular Jan 26 receive offering open purses 2 minutes pay attention to video called houses of power connection day pay attention to jumbotron at Crystal Cathedral recognize the power of meeting I small groups 8 to 10 friends or family members have a coffee share concerns ... good things special Digital Video Disc to watch each time you meet created by Bruce Wilkerson I'll even join you for a few moments want to join but cant meet o your own home host plus 3 or 4 years that simple because ... involved in house of power today stop by on the plaza weird looking at self on television ... gallery Im gong to be there powerful ways to ... moment of prayer thank you ... have had an international conference some here today if so stand up thank you thank this church 50 years ago arrived in California this moth celebrate 50th anniversary these people Sydney Australia Vancouver Hong Kong Moscow..... hour of power people countries share n people this work al about live love and its best living the joy of salvation live life at its best Galatians 5.22 "love joy Spirit of Christ live life at its best Isaiah found in new edition printed on cover possibility edition at least one verse that verse shall renew their strength eagle Is 40.31 be a club member well send you renew their strength wow! what talk about if you... if you what m power has in how much what men talk abut not talking about Spiritual strength emotional strength... the ministry intentional focus at lives emotionally study read our work material. church always end up disagreeing begin by asking God talk about single deepest need of human is not intellectual knowledge how get faith? renew your strength its' heart passion your lifestyle does do you care about people mirror people ad window people Southern California no more narcissistic people hold mirror up w narcissism focus strength window people quite different see people who are hurting foundation help orphans of the world become a window person look at ... son called wheel chair foundation window people never had wheel chair renew strength help people who are hr ting... where get strength Jesus get it

gifts nearest Bob Gone years... missionary China uncle get off that boat walking and she looked at him ... greatest missionary window person came here to be a missionary who with church ... looked at him take it she ... beginning ... world powerful renew your strength 1033 am 'catch marlin" strength get it look through window forget about yourself start looking outward give more ad more of self wow!! renew how come back countries came ...... love God and CJESUS Chi comeback 1035 am fid somebody to talk with more important how to be become leader that happen turn your life upside down if you meet Jesus Christ I was well read in psychology before theology nothing that can so radically turn people upside down oh senses intensity of their lives 35 years o television over a third of ... letters "you saved my life" emotionally physically kindness positive emotional needs ... given by any other institution no other institute on earth like the church... letter no other institution like the church of Jesus Galileo artic circle ... oh phenomenal one mile away we heard shot in night learned a little more flipped upside down bottom of iceberg ask you today dont forget about n turned upside down Christ lives Amen \\ Pastor sacks parker SD , MadisonWi (x2), Manhattan, MOUNTAIN (x2), Marquette, MI, Lynden WA (x3), McBain, WA, Lynwood, WA, from SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO ...Phil Video to Brent Gates at 12 noon calendar plus Phil video to Timer response to N. Gower at 237 pm on 1.26.04 S. Pasadena Now Im heading towards...response to Nancy Gower at 237 ..... 1.26.04 S. Pasadena, , now I'm heading towards wood ... left the Dutch shoes at 10h floor office then he sent out response to demurrer to P. Harkema... from Monrovia and to D. Kiefer and N. Murphy from Pasadena court and to A. Zuckerman 933 am Art says he is waiting for a selector at 1026 am ... Holy Bible Dto at 1038 am appt for Chiropractor at 330-4 pm Phil Video to Jim Gordon, Minisack to Nicole Javaherian Check to Stub TT12 j..... minisacks Everett at Jamba Juice . Raul Williams at Enterprise . Steve Moody at A & E. Automotive, Gina at Jamba . Rosa Yoon at Robecks. minisack Brent, Robeks Juice Sherman Oaks. Hannah--copy shop of Orange., Roman Chevron station NB... Norma Lopez Enterprise Rentals. Tina Round the Clock cleaners Mary at Gelsons Market .shifting energy flow... prepared 3 Phil Videos for appeals court judges at 10 am bought manila envelopes returned window envelopes 4 way stop send letter to Gene gray and onward at 10:11 am. Im not that strong she said ... Off is a sacrifice its really a humbling of self-hood, not unmanly but a humbling of self, Green & Orange Grove at 10:15 am thats the first time I ever thought that ... the judicial system became self referential which is self-serving when God is left out of the "equation" Judge Perluss Phil video Judge Zelon at 1033 am from USPO...Perlus Zelon, one more to Judge woods at 10:41 a.m. to Dr. Kristi Kim at Avenue 45 and Figueroa prepared 3 Phil Video sacks for Nicole Sady and the MOUNTAIN to Nicole at 704 am on 1.29.04, a which is almost right next door t to the site in their a Phil sack to Sandy at Encino Health From Beverly Hills letter to lags explanation of relationship difficulties m Melrose Avenue Robertson and Santa Monica homosexual BB Sherwood JR. line at Pacific Hills School Sent P. Video to Sherwood Jr. should send past fountain Avenue. Detoxification under anesthesia... Bill Murray "Lost in Translation" obsession with the human body running girl more Starsky and Hutch movie... Ben Stiller Cheeebo

Restaurant Sam Ash N B Pray together Stay together BB. 9:00 a.m Dr. I left your name on High Lord I lift your name o High Christine Oman in Arcadia... Cindy Gayte 675 Arroyo Pkwy. s. California ...canceled appt.

1.12.04 ? deeper and deeper rock bottom flu here we are privilege and joy to share the message tremendous opportunity still have Christmas decorating still celebrating continue with glory of Christmas not too late seats still available check with registration this is the day rejoice be glad, glorious morning youre ... feel presence ... of the Holy Spirit reality o joy of the power of your word glory or glory in Excelsis Deo sec... come to Bethlehem [windshield covers] Gloria Gloria in excelsis Deo you may be seated whose reading ? sounds like Wilkes wisemen come to Jerusalem have seen ... come to worship Him exceeding great joy saw glory child with Mary open treasures gold frankincense myrrh, young Childs voice... whose fleece was white as snow... Mary had a little lamb thats a Christ song... that's a Christian song... I never realized that... [applause] 942 Eric you are a terrific what a blessing welcome to all of you International Hospitality center draw attention to tear off section of bulletin offering plate at visitors center thank you privileges always choir next # glory glory to the Holy One glory to newborn king all creation sing [sleeping like a baby] choir ""the king glory glory to ton High [applause[ thank you so much choir praise God portion back to our Lord pray as we receive offering thank you for abundance give back portion blessing to the gift and giver Charles Engman passed away ... his sleep this morning overcome by rejoice glory the older ... think so opportunity new Hope counselor... bill Goat Ear put on ... ... didn't realize what did people yelled "hi Santa" what a privilege and responsibility I had and said" Ho Ho Ho " merry Christmas" how fun it was to be so significant Holy Spirit ... important you are I want to live that way St. Nick did so ... do our new hope volunteers listening ear blessings of rep Jesus showing God's love four hours of your time Home computer private chat room someone putting ... hop now org. training on Saturday January 10 rain sans derv form Home computer ... blessed to be a blessing stay y new hop I'll give you a ho ho ho a few things I didn't get ... young lady is going to sing Jennifer Stanley 956 am thank you Jennifer hw many her on the 24th couple ours e you go there at 8:00 630 on 24th left at 2:00 the next day can you imagine that? I appreciate you ask her favorite Christian gift she left already my far gift Before I must tell you about my personality Gary Smalley marriage seminar personality trait we have animals he related to the personality ... lion--bull-get the positive done... Beaver is a busy body get things done first tom come last to leave balance to a penny all details planned ready to go Otter they like to play details just go go retrieve love everybody faithful to end mans best friend faithful to core car embraces everybody has a little of each but one rises to the top dominant characteristic guess Me Otter "? how did you all know so my favorite gift was homemade , meticulously crafted precision made to bring B meant to bring it but I let it was a marshmallow shooter shoots up to 100 feet try it out immediately I

shot Dan McGrew got him in the eye with a marshmallow his eyes were watery ... good news his eye was Okay favorite gift geo pets. track bet mine away more fun I have a wonderful text Spirit of sovereign Lord is one me good news to the poor proclaim freedom proclaim the year of the Lord favor doesnt' that sound good how many like to her that 2004 my son cursed with name smile I'm the real one father Harold Skuller go to NW IA ask cousins his brother skuller moved to California changed his name to Schuller Im the real Robert Schuller 3rd Rob G. Schuller pointed out to me he has God's favor declare proclaim true how things fall in place for this young man Johns Gospel in the beginning was the Word in Him was life and that light life darkness how find favor with God discover that God's word trust the power God's word is power in the Beginning was the Word Jesus Christ is the Word o not the Bible the Word is Jesus Christ Bible tells about Him power not in a book was part of the creation "God spoke" above below water separate from earth (isn't it interchangeable] power favor make this the year of favor "'I have favor" discover this in the year of favor ""speak it amazing the power say it again ""I have favor" power of the spoken word can't comprehend probably 250,00 give away as Christmas gifts not a single human being I've ever met ho who wanted a drill, ... want a hole not a drill get a tool to get what you want. find His favor things happen negative attitude 10;12 a. other some looking formal to snowboarding planning on attending 400 kids Salt Lake City sounds like misery to me 1:30 turned the phone off he is at no snowboarding park fallen and dislocated shoulder sitting in infirmary picked up at allotted time kept arm in sling guess what opening gifts do I have to? hes' as sick as a dog. missed trip you ...refund you know what he said, 'positive attitude if I had gone I probably would have broken shoulder or neck" he has favor with God God's word is power, Ruth Carter wrote a book entitled U God will do Anything for you that you can't do for yourself . Terrific power of know that never happening opens cupboard finds some ready label dry skin dad must be having a problem stuff stinks direction "lather fur very well" then she noticed small print "all loving pet" no wonder why he smells so bad... but her scalp worship site wonderful terrible but God has incredible ability healing power of God 's word mind body spirit 10:18 am give body what it needs it heals itself cut scrape watched her healing power that comes into our lives tough challenges times remember ... words remember truths words God wants to do anything that you cant do yourself God is in process of restoring emotional psychology my dad has the flu I started doubling up on... vitamins allow body nutrients to stay well God's world healing power life was light of men God's is pro-biotic not anti-biotic, ever take antibiotics... you take anti-take pro anti-biotics kill everything Colon needs good bacteria natural restoration takes long time a n live healthy double up virus like anything else parable of the sower seed that ... on road die virus in health body dies stress worn out then the virus takes hold take care of self God's word is life lets illuminate faith every day--- once you take anti pro -- anti-biotics kill everything colon needs good bacteria natural restore takes long time a live healthy double up virus like anything else parable of sower, seed that falls on the road die virus I healthy body stress worn out the virus takes hold take care of self God's word I life lets illuminate faith shepherd needs faith need faith favor to bless lives when bad things happen God is in process of restoring boat parade... years ago on top of a

Santa 20 feet long round balloon swaying back and forth somebody tripped over the cord Santa deflated fill us with Spirit power healing life reality of God faith shepherd needed faith need faith favor, to bless lies when bad things happen God is in process of restoring boat a parade years ago on top of one a Santa 20 feet long round balloon swaying aback and forth somebody tripped over cord Santa deflated fill us with Spirit power, healing life reality of God enter our soul suddenly an understanding of God's favor for us. we have favor God's power, healing dramatic gift 2004 will be time to swift... too slowly then for those who love time is eternal father think you grace us ... baby born penetrate heart minds always see you give us that faith man with dog ... friendly advice

1.19.04 ?

Descended down "joyful joyful we adore you" ..... amen amen good morning happy new year wonderful day to be alive and feel the presence of God in this place reach out and say God loves you so do I Crystal Cathedral academy HS ensemble... special guest Because former New York city police officer accomplished soloist Daniel Lewis very distinguished white haired minister... GLENN DEMASTER beautiful morning rejoice be glad in it your Holy Spirit is ... flow through us love warm us every hand and touch eye we love you Lord Amen. reading of word by GLENN DEMASTER choir... thank you choir beautiful message love to hear who you are fill it out come to our visitors reception go to lower level food court area gift variety of services, Hispanic service 100's of Hispanics and tonight @6:00 pm Bible study of Praise. now privilege morning tithes and offerings poured out your blessings upon us we anticipate your invitation to share the good news use these gifts multiply them Lord bless each gift and giver while offering taken remember of new year ... all of opportunities insert re houses of power people gather. in homes many wonderful lasting friendships another series of houses of power, make friend I in homes join house of power fill out the insert house of power table or plaza will answer questions that house of power connection ... day hosts and interested persons will meet new members class attended for a while. stop in plaza growing un understanding of scripture ministry training class info needed new hope training class Dr. Bill is here to tell you more... about this opportunity volunteers and one hope nothing as joyful as giving new life look in the mirror u you will see Jesus Christ etched in the background he is in you blessed to be a blessing about what a comfort or private chat room let Pastor Jim Kok and I train you Saturday January

10, train & serve o line cant make it.? sign up for the next class or look at the Christ mirror with me... so many more opportunities make the right decisions very special Crystal Cathedral... principal of Rehoboth Christian school the 3rd poorest county in the U.S. gates millennial scholar act-promise-do... at risk world 9 principles to help children thrive in at risk world Timothy Stewart children at promise Made in God's image for a child to realize that that promises risk with caring adult. God uses it bring ... for ... understand adversity risk is essential to character growth and development God uses t...bring adult into lives speak possibility thinking... 9 principles also have "at appropriate fu place to for kids to hang out on the internet internet exciting but also dangerous safe internet mail all wrapped in a Biblical context find out more what do at promise .com yourself at risk my father native American mother Anglo missionaries to France returned at age 13 no knowledge of English language gave me test I English put me I special ed... labeled retarded name tag around neck my parents could have chosen to take me out learned valuable lesson ... all say about you is true... H.S. teacher said "you will not go to college , you're not college material" work with children in New Mexico risk I have the opportunity to tell us about the school 70% minor, 65% native American, wonderful place to Introduce to Jesus Christ 100% graduate 90% to college wonderful place to work, education important thing to do to help. first think as caring adults hard look at selves promised character if teach must possess outlined those characteristics pray that God gives us an at-promise perspective magic eye picture when eye goes cross eye can't not see it God gives us a perspective not based on merit based on doing once God ... the perspective speak promise speak truth hope that thank you for vision to write the book God LYSDW [murmur] time will be autographing his book after the service... welcome back someone numerous occasions Daniel Rodriguez privilege sings my soul savior God to thee How great thou art I shall bow in humble adoration ! proclaim my God how great thou art sings my soul how great thou art how great thou art 10:08 a.m [applause] Daniel Rodriguez thank you thank you thank you voice Spirit tell me what are you doing? I Rose parade arms tired string tied to it, traveling around the country new Zeeland china... new Gospel CD discussing that with you guys yes to glorify the Lord God willing few people here want one read daily e-mail wonderful Hour of Power org. Inspirational verse great way to start the day Trust God Reach out to Him yield to His Guidance looking at new Year try harder than ever before Trust God read out when need help try to reach our goals in every possible way you cannot fail look over the past year success we had shore letter share letter first marine air wing Lt. Col. Scott Sykes... Monday December 1st 2002 Marines & sailors share what we have accomplished wear uniforms 100% capacity of our native since end of combat on May 1st first battalion of Iraqi Army has graduated 400 Corp s full independent Monday October 6 power megawatts exceed pre-war averages all colleges are open and almost all secondary ad primary schools rehabs 1500 schools teacher are earning x12 to 25 more than their previous salary Doctors salaries x8, pharmaceutical from nothing to 12,000 ... coalition cleared 14, 000 weed choked canals the project created jobs restored 3.4 phone service and 2.3 potable[oops] bicycle service 95% of pre-war bank service open central bank fully independent Iraq single unified currency for first time... ministers in for remember him statutes

are coming down ministry of information 170 newspapers , foreign journalists , residents selected 88 advisor councils city councils elect new chairman .electing leaders 25 ministers run day to day business of governor 2 dozen international meetings world bank IMF ministry of foreign affairs re-opening Iraqs embassies celebrate pilgrimage ... ...reconstruction of Iraq... Husseins sons are dead imprisonment millions Iraqis no longer in terror, Sadam is gone , Iraq is free Iraq 6 months further... part of this historical, president when we try we will succeed no doubt about it. start by trusting God setting goals. this is the time I dont like word resolution like wind one hard good for you... how may ACCOMPLISH GOALS '99 2 of them that were accomplished this year 2003 not in '99 trust God he will give us a positive good things He wants us to do give for homework go home write goals for 2004 maybe not accomplished in 2004 then maybe 2005 or 2006 not matter how log several categories Spiritual goals because person God intended you to be Spiritual foundation reading the Bible 15 minutes at oral speed read from cover to cover no in one year ... to make a goal to pray His presence in our lives goal to attend or watch Hop sign up for e mail daily e mail small group houses of power at the Crystal Cathedral get involved if watching write to me grow Spiritually 1) Spiritual goals 2) mental goals, more reading instead of entertainment try ... shows come to seminars...not too late for Institute for successful church leadership goals in one way will impact other areas mentally physically goals eating right mother took son to Dr. Carrot ... year cucumber other ear broccoli .Dr. Said "hes not eating the right food. eat right exercise physical goals impact Spiritual mental all one complete package ... family goals... beneficial meals with family breakfast dinner pick up daughter from school meaningful relationships friendships recreational goals handicap for golfers...friendship small group relationships... financial goals how use s finances ?.save 10% live on the rest childrens sermon take out dollar bill how spend $ got get people excited... spend $4... save it wrong put back in my pocket how spend $ first dime goes to God Bible says "bring to the storehouse" 2nd dime to ... save 10% mutual fund ,,80% left over to live on live within your means that single save ten give ten live on the rest goals all interact create health whole strong human beings write the acronym down , folder where I put my bills put in put in my file first and 15th pay off the balance look at nothing left folder I keep in that handwritten goals for the entire year remember my goals for 2004 how am I doing better person? every 2 weeks look at these goals I need a lot of help rarely think I'm doing God ...then you got to "B" 10:33 am tough times reach out I realized we're running out of time okay for here not okay for television come back next week hear the rest of it wonderful story great joke next week reaching out to Him yielding to His guidance let us pray God of new beginnings release within us energy vitality force and we go home watching television goals for 2004 faith to trust you, more forward all things are possible maybe not in 2004 that your tremendous love for us love you amen hers do mat Dick martin at 1036 am ...waving arm and now Lord bless you keep you shine upon you grant you His peace labor leisure laughter tears... 1.26.04 ? good morning welcome to the Crystal Cathedral- here for a purpose .fabulous service planned at Crystal Cathedral. High school performing a 1600 pipe Hazel

Wright organ D. McGrew. E. Stephananko... ... share the gifts of music MW center for stress & anxiety . share her ho How to Move from Panic to ... ...Rejoice and be glad in it , stand in your presence Spirit touch our hearts, minds God of new beginnings sustaining active thank you God we love you Jesus "Amen "This is the day' ... this is the day... will rejoice and be glad in it. day Lord has made... This is the day, that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it... day Lord has ...made. this is the day... that the Lord has made... I will rejoice and be glad in it. I will rejoice be glad in it that the Lord has made go up to chapel and down the inner stairs... GLENN DEMASTER rejoice always let gathers be made known to all... with ... I will rejoice and be glad in it that the Lord has made ...

whatever things are true, just, lovely if anything virtuous, meditate on these things through Christ riches in glory by Christ Jesus may God add Hs blessing ... gather at the river... minisacks --clerk Corona, Chris Avery (Circuit city orange...) ... Tina cleaners Pasadena , Vanessa Tustin, Hannah --Orange Copy, Alex J Juice Pasadena, Darnel Hale B & B, Page Arizona, Clerk Las Vegas NV... Drew J Juice Sacramento [ applause] thank you choir what an uplifting message ... special welcome to visitors love to have you fill that out drop in plate or come to visitors reception segment special gift 2 months from now arrival youth auction addition funds not in budget scholarships mission trips as a result video projector computer... , divider... the in the gymnasium... 2 age groups not interfering this year could use your help , gifts and donations time share ay kind of things that might be of value we would appreciate stop at the kiosk donate items thank you in advice, wonderful opportunity tithes & offerings to the Lord father thank you for blessing us freedom of coming to worship you openly freedom in Christ Lord you're asked us to share morning tithes & offerings heartfelt gratitude for what you've one for us. offering...important season houses of power we host meet monthly... caring supporting ... another interesting and lasting friendships new series of Houses of Power, connection day after 11:00 service invite to come to art gallery there are hosts there. we'll connect you, desire to make friends join houses of power ... over fill out sign up better yet houses of power... up to be part of house of power special occasions high school student welcome Brent Judson to organ... minisacks Drew JJ(SAC), Iris Gelsons (Pasadena), Chad Gelsons (Pasadena) Tanners Valley Vic Center. (Pasadena), Nazmas (Circle K (Anaheim) . Al Radio Shack (Pasadena), Jerry Copy Shop (Studio city), , Rumaana (NB Chevron) , Gina JJ Pasadena . Clerk (COrona CA), ...Appreciate it very much, organ difficult to play, tried as young man, bass with feet soprano with left tenor with right. ...Lucinda Basset suffered from acute anxiety disorder full blow, help individuals overcome their fears. help licensed Harvard, Pepperdine, Duke, Johns Hopkins, from panic to power welcome Lucinda Basett, such an honor I'm thrilled , pleasure to have you here...suffered from severe anxiety dont want to fly drive fear of losing mind, ... felt like a duck on a pond feet underwater flapping furiously, rest of life. looks calm I had agoraphobia so afraid start avoid afraid of phone go to obsessive couldn't turn it off, afraid to take medication I felt doomed how break through? God ,...felt divinely driven just

little ol' me dating husband the time didn't want to eat socialize can't go to work tomorrow can't function God slow . me one person I promised I would help you for the rest of my life in Pain most powerful prayer turned on television. lady talking about it... that's exactly what I have God ...there. pushing me along book bestseller power inside of you God the Reason I recovered God played such a role...think I'm getting it. together God brings me to my knees God wants us to talk about God not even may not even know last week listening to your Father help people help themselves not lifelong can recover God answered your prayers ... anxiety still long way to go really believe tat God answers Prayer... Satanic Book power had just come out show power of your love one hour she started breathing again if you believe in God, God is there for you cognizant realization of God. Pathway was God opened doors God helps those who help selves. God would constantly show me things use it or not use it symptoms : avoid worry afraid to socialize afraid to drive God wants you to live fully if depressed anxiety...... can't live fully ... help a lot of people Help program phone support frustrating cause some other side effects... help to be confident strong Spiritual overtones... God in your heart drive by God can't help talk about it youre a follower of Jesus Christ... tough world very scary world Im a other turn to God of Jesus and pray always gets an answer take my little boy find God the next day your office called we have a God voice,, talks to us every day... do this dont do that... so much more positive fulfilling... less complicated Jesus there walking beside me, couple times few minutes get on knees and pray ... in family with Pastor look for help read the book buy the book if want to buy in ...this is a good ... you can recover... completely you're o the ball this morning... there's a chat room people out there like me steps people can take breath from diaphragm "get anxious" what if so what thats' how God moves Book From Panic to Power go online Lucinda wonderful interviewing no doubt it will be extremely helpful Lucinda God loves you so do we... [applause] welcome Elizabeth. Stefananko... D. McGrew "Love in ay language" [applause] thank you Daniel Elizabeth wonderful music how's the eye, ? Much better. favorite gift a feeding tube a marshmallow shooter, hit him in the eye on Christmas eve just before he was read to sing... musical man week from Wednesday tickets at door How much? not sure. pastor discounts. maybe. sister of St. Joseph and halfway through the message ... close to finishing t... where left off...last week the T. in Try of my Father's acrostic turn Try into I Will... how to develop goals and dreams go to our website Hour of Power . listen to it or as well father in daily emails O I read every day ... a few of you do ton of you don in n e mail acrostic TRY trust God Reach out... Yield to His guidance last see week focus on the T today go ... the R reach out to God goals He has given to us Implanted dream on our heats minds souls Challenges reach out to God has a language you know Bible study pray Language I had before like a different language (tongues) not that kind of language necessary to Get God to listen God understands all languages Women don't understand language of men "guy thing" no rational thought pattern no way to connect "can I help you with dinner" why isn't it already on the table, sure honey yes dear. conditional response It' doesn't mean anything too long to explain haven't a clue as to how it works" take break working hard" can't hear ho the ... that's interesting dear... talking...? ... nothing just a cut language with use with God is heart language not

head language... instant messaging talking to ten people at one time I thought I was hi-tech with e mail talk with box chicken soda sandwich anything else said $4.95 window please Fox communicate her with clerk no heart communication whatsoever lay short in counter wouldnt' t believe what kind of day I had then theres the heart language we dont use much anymore saw friend "How goes it" People see me as pastor open up share their heart been tough my son escort pick him up to Utah sixteen years old his son ripping his heart out language of God what He wants to hear do if he could not ail the reason you appears reason he made you breaking through anxiety... heart exact... language of God be still and know that I am God fast peace world dreams & goals be still allow God to hear our heart allow God to hear our heart Heart to Heart rather than Head to Heart not polite for people to say no is "Ill try" their politest way of saying o turning a "try" into an " I will" will succeed trust God reach yield to His guidance oldest daughter master in Christian counseling my son Joining the staff here at the Crystal Cathedral exciting Holy Mackerel couple weeks yes yes yes how to distinguish through God's incredible blessings he's graduated will be working here Christine volleyball since 8th grade college tuition for volleyball suddenly she says Im done playing volleyball going to cost me extremely disappointed try at school musical...guess what Im Miriam the librarian in the Music man changes from Volleyball player to Miriam the librarian how doe God guide we're gonna ... down all goals dreams aspirations hopes youngest son Anthony Snow board trip bus trip to salt lake city can't imagine anything more miserable... so excited [we've heard this once before] haven't snowboarded all seasons before real snow out of move ten messages 1 local mountains. other from friends Somebody trying to reach us 1:30 infirmary seriously injured pulled shoulder out of socket not able to snowboard no jumps just cruise no jumping no hot dog soft powder day before supposed to go Christmas night comes down with fever sicker than a dog he's miserable trip hes' been waiting on for some reason God doesnt' want me to go enough enough reason beyond our control... not meant to be say thats the way it is more often than not can't see the obvious good old Watson Holmes says to Watson I see a billion stars Holmes means that no clouds in sky universe worship an awesome God somebody stole our tents more tires than not something obvious we can't understand try again and gain for ideas start all over again God my goals dreams ideas then reach out for strength and supposed to reach conclusion success or start all over again try try try day in which no sunset no dawning next week ...message living beautiful life fruit of Spirit Galatians 5.22 every single one of those to ... come back next week hear a very positive message thank you touching souls present reality conviction move forward in faith bet at heart move us forward direction we need today love you God amen build a new tomorrow an on things we do today new tomorrow on things we do today ...Hallelujah Hallelujah And now may the Lord bless you shine on you Lord grant you His peace no sunset no

2.1.04 ?

good morning Robert H. Schuller God loves you so do I 935 am Robert A. Schuller to Robert H. Schuller [quiet] what a wonderful morning Johnny Carl... into our beautiful place Holy House time and see Hallelujah thank you Lord amen my commandment love one another scripture reading Paul letter to Galatians Christ has set us free await the righteousness our faith love... you were called to be I love, entire law single command love neighbor as self live by the Spirit fruit of the Spirit 13.1 love peace, kindness, gentleness self control, against such things there is no law take heed of these words and love one another... AGPSW! (x2) waking up here have visitors from around the world God is blessing people internationally witness international flavor of this place Hospitality center. Coffee where go from here meet other members hospitality center. this evening at R. actually headsets ... translate into English enjoy flavor and feel of this place Hispanic culture welcome to come back any time couple moment receive offering time to ... persons $100 bill. or check no excuses credit cars time to make a commitment to tithe... more ... time ever to begin the practice of tithing get out of debt paid off thats another sermon for another day Robert H. Schuller successful institute starts tomorrow Bill Hybell pastor of largest church in nation Willow Creek house of power come to institute for successful leadership Tuesday night W. Los Angeles with gospel choir Tuesday night fellow from Bronx NY Wednesday night wonderful time celebration church advantage of tremendous opportunity you will not be disappointed God will bless you give something back use these gifts opportunity to realize by giving we receive impossible to outgive you use these gifts to reach s many people as possible with good news ...Debbie Hutchinson youth auction I ... think to share exciting in auction need your help to be successful year 2002 $50,000 last year raised $75,000 this year goal $100,00 vacation packages boat cars something able to purchase last year allow children to participate furniture for pre-school high school growing outreach donation in 2 weeks sample form thank you for kindness and support thank you Debbie you're terrific ho house of power ... to jumbotron recognize power of mall group created houses of power, small group 8 to ten get together once a week coffee tea share concerts grow in faith special DIGITAL VIDEO DISC. short 20 minute tapes created by some of the greatest Bruce Wilkinson I'll ever join you perhaps house of power cant meet in your own home we'll connect you in your own neighborhood friends to join group 3 or 4 more because involved today stop by the table or side [applause] good thing t do director of ...welcome Cavinders God loves you so do we Michelle God loves you so do I how may receive encouragement join us right service friends for life four for story new life building meet & greet love each other my wife 7 days of Spiritual growth more info at kiosk after service Thank you Cavinders God loves you so do we directed by the Bel Canto Ladies choir gather at the river from Azusa directed by my guest as the girl in the Life picture...directed by ... as the girl in the Life picture... most famous war photograph ever taken Pulitzer Prize @ Center naked & screaming village just been bombed terror an terror and pain beginning and end of war in Vietnam 17 operations rehab learned to love her enemies and forgive please welcome Kim God loves you so do we picture hearts tart to cry you were a nine year old girl take us back first of all extremely [[honored to be here?] because of His love love to with you what happens to me 3 days because Holy Places safe first day after lunch ... put inside the temple

soldier shouted to us have to run will die if stay here. Run I ran n front of the temple look at them didn't hear the explosions suddenly fire everywhere so scared my goodness Burn people look at me differently didnt see anybody around me just a fire, running and running ... that day ha time to recover physically 17 surgeries still have scars o arms skin graft 14 months, able to heal you heal you greater danger Spiritually. emotionally hard to deal with come into our house our lives lost 9 months old baby come ho fro Hospital all over body pain why me ?just a lot of pain trauma nightmare cry out all other time never have boyfriend ... baby thank God I was so Wrong...Applause wonderful Husband 2 loving boys and living in Canada. But its long time later maybe I ... tell us about your Spiritual journey you weren't a Christian as a child raised ... in Vietnam... many God everywhere that is 1982 when I was 19 years old Vietnam government called me I am that little girl I was in medical school first year they saved my life in 1982 19 years old dream came true they found me that little girl cut short my studies not allow school use me or propaganda to be interviewed by journalists all around the world sad time of life an no future ...nobody help me wanted to die, everybody watching me spent time in library why suffering all over again... the New Testament I read so many questions didn't understand what Bible says couldn't carry burden , one day pray to God he answered 1000 Gods no answer He answered asked for friend to talk with to share with opened my heart to Jesus 1982 prayed to Jesus Christ, more I prayed wonderful peace in my heart, situation hadn't changed but in my heart I knew God forgive love your enemies How God? so much pain and scars... It was hard couldn't do it, read the Bible future of Jesus Christ It was Lord help me prayed for enemies more m heart softer softer , I learned how to forgive my enemies why I'm able to share with you today wow! [applause]amazing way God touched you and the way you responded , how did you get to Canada 1986 Viet government. ...flew back for picture couldn't stay any longer married to Viet Student. September____1992 after got married Moscow on honeymoon 2 weeks back to our airplane scheduled to stop in Canada for one hour... God opened door I stayed over... my camera 11 years ago great God providence praise the Lord incredible story power of...___Willingness to forgive recognize with special gift "run not walk give new wings to the weary "our gift to you, thank you God loves you so do we [30 seconds applause] no idea... music Ken Medema...thank you wonderful having you here how like to be solo performer called a preacher, and follow that, sermon 10:23 a.m.[ just had conference or going to] many are here today, if so stand up... thin this church 50 years ago, arrived in California this month celebrate 50th anniversary ,,...these people thinking you Lord beginning to heal Jesus Christ living people Oh God come back ...

2.8.04 ? Gal 5.22 my son and I a message on the fruits of the Spirit live life at its best God's fulfilled promise rewarded your faith sun did come up God thank you for keeping your promises you are faithful, higher holier happier... greater joy... amen make sure you come Sunday to visitors reception understanding whats next Jesus Christ

fuller realization ask ')questions encourage John ...autograph New CD "for you" gonna love his music incredible man music long line very popular services all day long 1:00 Hispanic service wonderful even if can't speak Spanish raise your hand ... do evening service, gonna do something really different today actually put something in the offering plate open up hearts prepare gifts, one more announcement . Feb. 19-20... like Jesus Ken Blanchard Gil Hodges Unique interaction program leadership behavior modeled by Jesus Christ 19-20 ... bleed like Jesus seminar... moment of prayer thank you for opportunity we have we are your ...blessed with time financial opportunity we have ... say yes for blessing with what we have 10% tithe accept gifts token of our thankfulness and praise Bill Goat Ear, message not about New Hope today, peer conference stampeded to get near Jesus ripped roofs off houses help souls of people why I'm a Christian psychologist feel such joy get beyond .mindset ...heal their hurts meet their needs teach your how to care... invigorate your soul care conference for everyone ...say Lord have mercy because speechless my God have mercy on us and on those who died ...... mud slide 8 months. old...... 12 survivors a little away who ... you have a camp still there devastated camping for our children lost things as our m...mind priority... fund for mud slide victims... 12 funerals smallest the size of a breadbox...the devastation of mud brought to knees couldn't believe it would happen my immediate reaction surprised no one knocked on door knew because of media Moscow before neighbor road closed can't even go up there... just dug a few out... way to go up there. some found, majority had to wait... 6:00 evening 16 messages Lord someone really loves me, or crank caller messages from Moscow, Paris, London BBECAUSE asking about deaths at our camp, no programs there our caretakers had friends over rain huge mudslides ... boulder like freight train ...9 children 5 adults all found but one tremendous loss . San Bernardino mountains. killed 15 people Father Bacas here to share how their church is dealing with an incredible tragedy , RA December 25th having Christmas dinner Greek Orthodox priest, one of the few who can get married ... Christmas brunch unusual rainy day listening to Inspirational music... Robert H. Schuller we love you turn off the phone television...Christ's ambassador or caring pick up brochure dont delay early bird discount possibility living seminar rancho cap 67 suites a lake host possibility living seminar 15th to 19th... Including accommodations what possibility living is the next step begin possibility thinking putting positive accommodate thoughts possibility living adding years to life life to years one more announcement expecting Zo Girl sorry to announce they have to re-schedule girls in front ready to cry they well reschedule now my guest father st Sophia cathedral friends e-mailed me Schuler quote that uplifted me struggle eel alone isolated abandoned why on Christmas day if God brings you to it He will bring you through it... God quiet moment painful moment trust God... tragedy in ever moment thank you every moment thank God Moses of So. California thank this man... who called and offered support, pain call bring just touching someone say we love you none hurt by this Latin American immigrants no Greek New no slave free female male lost our children brother sister ministry international. if not literally certain Spiritually opened us up to God's grace .angels with one wing can only fly if embracing each other..... lesson to trust in God, raise hands Lord dont understand give me mercy bring me through, ..... dark

moments embrace lesson to trust God, raise hands Lord dont' understand give me mercy bring me through resurrection not death defying not death denying deeply grateful... loved this man to acknowledge commemorative album 50th anniversary...commemorate our new relationship how much we deeply love you Bb has gift for you only one at this time. service book end Bible is the middle welcome we have book ends a token of our appreciation hope & enlightenment we appreciate any ... us the pain of tragic loss , please welcome Jonathon Pierce.10:06 a.m youll find it in places never lose you find a special flying without wings st rig every morning find it in the words of ... laugh or cry flying without winds that I know you fly without wings ...flying without wings flying without wings joy of flying without wings... Jonathon pierce had some nice quiet private moments with you say it publicly really believe you are sincere ... said I am and it shows new CD "for you autograph after service get act together allergic to the stone.? series of messages living life at its best . the best nothing we could give .Galatians 5.22 guess what in History of great literature Aristotle Plato, Socrates Kant Shakespeare check em out cant find institution that teaches emotional strength principles that really make life beautiful Paul converted to Jesus Christ phenomenal tough one is faithful instamatic society special delivery 2 days instead of four...become impatient overnight delivery guaranteed then fax, then e mail [where does it end] we are as Robert A. Schuller said an instamatic society begin a sermon on patience prayers love want it... right now so many questions material how many hours spent through enormous... can't get my arm around all the applications of patience big tree by the garage door... canary island pine can't get my arms all the way around it feel thats the way 1217 can't get my arms around it...what waiting for hope to get it more patience of on scale checkbooks when patience all need it core of living ,... move ahead...patience spelled faith our culture is infectious appetite sensuality so common whats happening real fulfillment to live life at its best goal you would die for , never give up comes out to letter no time to read it all... don't have grandpa. watched television every week you're my STOPPER grandpa... in terrible pain...I was a virgin I got raped drive here in person spent time with her God will answer your prayer. I promise. didn't tell her it would take a while, met in your office, firs week of April dark memories ability t forgive those who performed evil underlined patience God never answer our questions why but with expected immediate results ... day 1 sat at Library UCLA felt something metallic on my skull heard voice "Give me your money or I'll blow your brains out" experience Spiritual moment being held up with gun... to heal, can't explain... next thing love gonna do something wonderful even with I might be dead in a few seconds... wait prayer answered patience when do you need it today ... needs patience...wonderful I might be dead in a few seconds wait prayer answered... when do you need it toady ... who needs patience...??... letter call gifts is God with you... at the core of living a thing called faith, believers unbelievers atheists have to have faith... faith spelled patience all need religion... core st. Paul later Gal 6.9 verse kept on desk 50 years ago ... this month 53 Chevrolet convinced God wanted us to change the world... ...better or for worse ..... health 50 years gearing up for it now Gal 6.9 Be not weary,. times when tired times when doing good get tired e.....response not what expect progress not what... be not weary in well doing shall if we faint not...comes down to patience...

discover possibilities 40 years to do something wow then 1) possibilities 2) patience 3) plans unveiled new thought of 4) problem solved solved.... miracle PPPP pain endured, pain doesn't win, God doe, paths open somebody comes into life never met before , do good. all things for good. Power of released good think I got my arms around the tree plan is unveiled don't see plan , fail to plan, plan to fail ...Providence revealed...Power delivered 10:28 a.m close with... how patient is God with you ... responded pastor preachings.... not doing it tithe give up business of constantly trying to find..... answers where there are none,, give up researching ...give life to God, does God's patience ever give out. ? when Die. dont know somewhere somewhat got to grab hold said I waited long enough... how know? Can't tell you... living the time zone... do it now or wait patiently get through it, how know? ...connect with God with Jesus Christ finally I know why I can do all things through Christ because He gives me patience... 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, how get through, when to walk away that sermon affected me How God answers ever ... prayer request not right he says No, not ready he says grow, time not right he says slow......everything right God says "go!""" accept Jesus Christ everyone needs some one thank you for day church born again that Sunday morning feel great thank you God tell me when to say now or hold on just hold on!

2.15.04 ? 4 joyful we adore you God she and immortal gladness night of amen amen wow ! Robert A. Schuller AGPSW good men beautiful , day in ad reach out to people God loves you so do I [chatter] we have a Contemporary Christian artist to sing Erin O Donnel G Crystal Cathedral Chorus Carol Aspling, C. Pardino, Hazel Wright Organ New haircut Hour of Power Orchestra with Johnny Carl wonderful morn father with me living life at its best this of that God mean rejoice you Spirit here in this place touching hearts & mind... ... peace goodness kindness and self control in his invention lift up prayers may be seated scripture lesson from Eph 4 I r urge you to live a life worthy of the call you ... lowliness, gentleness, longsuffering being with one another in love unity of Spirit of bond of peace one bond one lord one faith one baptism above all is in body effective working. cry course ... the amazing insight human beings on planet earth be kind to one another even as God is kind to you therefore God's children walk in love may God add His blessing to the reading of the Inspired word..... got the security guard t 939 a.m "love" pastor sacks (x7) McBain, Mi, Linden WA, Northridge, CA Omaha NE, Holland, MI Amen [applause] welcome to all the visitors stop in beautiful new store 1st ed Arnold are you here didn't see him and NB enjoyed a long career in LA and Orange County lifetime achievement onward March of Dimes you see Ed Arnold Hour of Power announcer didn't have money... thank you cong. to Ed Arnold wow what wonderful things happening several services ...for time for the offering... you make t happen you make it possible God thank you for place called church give our gifts for everybody her and over the word I see waddling up here Hi Jim preach a sermon this morning how much I love you, this well be care & kindness pastor every week real wood "be

kind" ought to be kindness people in the conference coming up March 11, 12, 13 , Help Christian people do it better mother & pastor Children with autism church wall founder of RAK and Barbara Pellarosa, Bully, Bullied, Bystander teachers all free of charge so ha to that one March 11, 12, 13, you are invited well, possibility living seminar March 15 opportunity emotional motivation. energy because beautiful human being possibility living seminar 15-19 San Juan Capistrano rancho cap add years to life and life to years find out possibilities say yes and quiet announcement Carol Aspling say for us Luann Mitchell Halter so far so good, morning find out all possibilities say yes a quiet announcement applause [ 13 seconds] great terrific well my pleasure to welcome Crystal Cathedral Hour of Power dear fried bee here before late husband year of the heart transplant marvelous CEO save planet HI HO female entrepreneur philanthropist story is riveting manuscript cons out today didn't stop... Novel. exciting move than any book victim of pregnancy and age 1 from Canada c'mon lets talk Luann Mitchell Halter story is riveting Journeys family personal corporate ... for survived husband suddenly died asked for a television e nurse said not gonna make it... why taking up our room no other person no other writing teaching of Jesus he heard you... if modern medicine cant'... save me God will lived long and beautiful life...Plus toshirt to Boo Boo. 1.18.04 "din't have to go to college to tell you that" 1st look he gave you worship site no nonsense might be ready to spar with me to box with me he put participation into the classroom got to move, yeah they were getting red, a lot of work for just 20 points... child who talks a lot is intelligent stupid person doesn't say anything learn when to talk when not to talk pressure have to be good at connecting pretending that you're me take point away why because its feel well that day you never feel well get a girlfriend Rose bowl museum--the 1987 grand master was Pele, 4:04 pm , 1918 tank float, 1966 Grand Sitting at Crown air conditioner at 10:34 a.m. on the radio is Molly Hatchet singing "Flirting with Disaster" give our gifts ... the world conference coming up... emotional motivation energy because become beautiful human being possibility living seminar March 15-19 SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO rancho cap add years to life and life to years find out all possibilities say yes an h guest announcement Carol Aspling... say for us Luann Mitchell Halter so fun far so good morning... applause [13 seconds--] great terrific well my pleasure to welcome Crystal Cathedral Hour of Power dear friend been here before late husband year after heart transplant marvelous things CEO save plant ... #1 female entrepreneur philanthropist story in riveting finish manuscript ... out today didn't stop reach marvelous novel... exciting more than any.... I've ever victim of pregnancy at age 16 from Canada con lets talk welcome Luann Mitchell Halter story is riveting journey with your family personal corporate challenge you survived husband suddenly died... asked for a television one nurse said not going to make it... mistaking your another person no other... o Jesus he heard you if modern medicine..... cannot save me God will lived long and beautiful life... because pregnant post gals a miracle angel daddy with us two beautiful sons didn't date not

through internet no sirreee dating ... beautiful trees vegetation blessed ... great marriage my 3 children wow it's a girl dreams you... HW kind eyes honored, Fred Mitchell angel give a ... to be like you when I grow 1 million dollar gifts got security ... man DIRE STRAITS music ... and 10:03 a. at the moment I reach for end song Erin O Donnell than you thank you worldwide go online HOP org y Paper Doll is Continuing series of messages Life at its Best Joy fruits of Spirit Galatians 5.22 love joy peace patience kindness self control last week God 's under love under spirit of God joy experience joy obey His commandments yield to His guidance listen to Jesus my joy amen your joy complete joy sound good Jesus told you her complete joy anyone ... ..."This what this "Ill share with you read ore dont blame you as Father loved me so I love you remain in my love as obeyed my father ... and ... in His love told you this ... Jesus complete joy discover living in Jesus' love begin wrong impression o joy the right things... right circumstances lag BH 2 kids then fox network has show called Orange County stands for Orange County HS kids who live in Orange County kids couldnt wait to watch it even talking the greatest excitement to next Orange County withdecided to do a real Orange County and they chose Laguna beach High School [ I thought he said he took his kids out of the public schools, now theyre back in? ] to do real Orange County follow six kids like real families like the Osbournes.. find papers in MTV follow me around sign paper so ,come and follow me around praying to be one of 6 children to have MTV follow her around you'll know what got my joy would be not to be on the real Orange County... dont find happy in circumstances not going to happen by discovering God's love for us... my joy in you says Jesus you man came to Cathedral only to play basketball he can use carried sidearm wasn't licensed came to the Crystal Cathedral every day played basketball carried gun with him after a few weeks discovered ... face radiated joy I t was different from them I wanted what they have began to think about God's love words touched somehow myself to God ... total freedom aware of gun hidden in clothes told God I would ever use it again told wife answer to her prayer ruins God came rebuilt it Arturo Rivera How find abundant joy begin with Jesus love obey Jesus command love each other as I have loved you that simple make it so complicated ... to this do that don't lose track of this reality to love one another discover where true joy came from love neighbor as self young boy filling how son what doing what doing? big hole for gold fish in your ct... that's a big hole for a goldfish, the goldfish is in your cat... [laughter] love our neighbor not be revenge not by slaying their cats but by reaching out touch them where they are hurting love God loves us challenge not narcissism loving ourselves b person of God child of God for purpose reason uniqueness we look at it may not be very pretty to us God has created it that way because God wants it that way can't determine the mind of Go not of for us to ask why Express His love joy continues to exude itself with... Joy not a reaction to Circumstances outside our control get thats great joy from inside to circumstances but by knowing God loves us fulfill God' slaw to love one another acrostic . not complete until we yield

to His guidance joy in this world always in spite of something ... ... defined meanwhile despite the difficulties BOOK Power of Optimism re Rose Kennedy being interviewed several children died violently retarded daughter heard husbands life told ad re told ... always believe that God ... God...- Jesus said I told you that joy in ye be complete St. Paul was I Chains imprisoned in chains wrote to the church of Philippi rejoice always toughest circumstances enjoy true joy comes from Jesus Christ cycle of love faith joy success cycle get in this ... say yes to Jesus want to experience same joy only if get mountain bike said joy same joy that will ... ho have experienced faith joy love say yes to Jesus today ... ... dont fight it embrace it allow God to touch you lives ... now yield to His guidance thank you God create within joy ful each in our hearts Holy Spirit complete joy next eek next week Father ...from the mudslide church ... GRACIO SACKS (2.1.04) J. Swierienga Marietta GA (11:15 am Nb)..... Chip Stehouwer (11:15 am NB), Joy Folkersma 11:15 a.m (NB). Robrt Prins, Ypsilanti MI, , 11:15 am NB), Marla Ehlers (11:15 am NB, ) Tim Eckhoff , Decatur, GA (11:15 a.m. ), ... Gina KosterMulder (11:15 a.m.) ., Diane Springfield Forner , W. Ove MI) (11:15 a.m, ( ... ( or 11:34. a.m. Red Stone Plaza & Dove St)...Tamara Bruinsma Mc Cully (11:33 a.m. Dove St. )...Amy Jasperse ( 11:33 am. (Zeeland MI)... from Dove St....... D. Honicutt (GR , 11:30 a.m. 0)) ... Shane Holwerda GR (11:30 a.m.), Dennis Byle (11:30 a.m.)..... Mary Holwerda (Grandville Mi 11:33 a...m.)... Kim Frasier ball ( Ada MI, 11:26 a.m. Santa Ana, )...---Beth Faber ( from Santa Ana at 11:26 a.m.) W. Erickson to Knoxville TN from Santa Ana at 1126 a.m , Eric Glass (skipped?) , Lisa Fischer Boersma (skipped?)... Ehlers, Marla, Eckhoff, Tim, Koster Mulder, 11:19 a.m ...... welcome ... talk amazing me your boo Hour of Power why were more near him ... open bed he was alive transplant heart lungs wow 2 beautiful sons Freddy & Ryan both miracles didn't date for three years didn't think I'd date again walk in their moccasins through internet dating my little girl l send her one of my books in a bestselling ...beautiful cathedral trees vegetation I was blessed speak Kindness. girls have a tendency to ramble talk about kindness you can with hang with the girls so well... he just makes me I'm a ham ...kind of I love your kindness you have kind eyes miracle beautiful heart. Fred Mitchell Spiritual room hope you got your affairs in order fella cause you'll be checking out f here. corporation in a tailspin who things happen because we don' know think we know you reminded us like to give a gift in kind on behalf of our family your great teaching 50th anniversary you're only 49 on behalf of our family like t give 1 million dollars [applause] I love you I have had in m life include miracle... things happen because we dont know think we know you reminded us like to give a gift in kind behalf of .....over television in hospital room in Honolulu Avella like a mother I wanne be like you when I grow up wow welcome Erin O' donnel sing for us [applause] world beautiful copy of books online Hour of Power. org bookstore Book Paper Doll Luann Mitchell Halter autograph was than visit 100's of kids not on real Orange County [applause] say yes to Jesus we love you amen . I love you Lord next week falling priest who works at church where mudslides on Christmas day...

bring a friend Zo girl... love of Jesus Christ blessing of Holy Spirit today tomorrow & always... ...Sharda, , R. Lantinga, Lisa Koning, D. Oomkes, Pam Oose Shammery, Amy Scott Prince, Knigthen Smit, Julia Nyhoff Cole.....1025 am from BHPO, then he retuned thinking to self Dr. Mrs. Theule bring Missy all the way to California to prove that it wasn't anything special? How did they know where I was? was it just coincidence that they came to KBF? why if not didn't TT1 say anything about it? ..... Graciohs (2.4.04) Joan Van Sledright (Wilshire McLellan 706 am... . Laukitus (706 am from Wilshire & McLellan), M . Groot Gridley (Wilshire & McLellann) ...Cory Smith at 703 am from Wilshire & Westgate, Rinee Hinkle Degroot (713 am. From Brockto & Wishire), .D. Southmeyer (from Wishire & Westgate at 703 am),...Connor Coleman at 713 am from Brockton & Wilshire), ...Erick Ozolins (713 am from Brockton & Wilshire), ...Susan Penning, ...Shari Duthler at 703 am from Wilshire & Westgate More Graciohs --Amy Kruithoff (750 am, ...Julie Meyer Dykema (820 am BHPO), Sandra Haga Limmex 820 am BHPO)... Rebecca Riggs Stone (820 am BHPO), Karen Roest Dykema ( 750 am)... Sonja Overvoorde Timmer 750 am Wilshire Spalding)... ... Monrovia Phil sack at 615 pm 600.618 Shady Oaks Dr...IBYNFSHG IBYNFSHG IBYNFSHG IBYNFSIG... IBYNFSh IBYFSH IYNFSH... Ok completed first min M.S. Ministry News Broad cast wow! Exciting And Holy Spirit message re the body .body sexuality & Spirituality wow! exciting and by 8 am back on the steps office "the steps office" plus 12 Holy Spirit message letters... first ever M.S. Ministries broadcast exciting

In preparation for sermon reading Ps 37. on of the best loved Psalms David is puzzled by wickedness if so hw could be a God of love His advice be good trust God dont' worry trust... ... ... the Lord as do good dwell in the land delight yourself... emotional .leader in your community respect ho a professional as an academic care & Kindness ... conference how to the more carking kindness youth auction coming up rounding the corer this morning 3 weeks hosted by very own Ed Arnold find out more how log... youth ministry jr. high kids bike rider hit branch lucky theologically dumb word blessed proper care and feeding of fat husbands food my grammar is better than that... why this book? our culture has robbed women unisex sibling rivalry demanding marriage break up didn't have to b Am I in the mood... Hostility of negative side of ...feminist movement....... lost sensitivity nurturing 1000's of letters from me you so dependent upon us e for approval and affection not just out there playing dragon games dont feed them they starve, most surprising thing for you learned? marital intimacy men are very sex oriented concerning ... not in mood emotional,... psychological not just physical will hat be true around the globe yeah natural inherent things about us one thing I've been saying ...did I win I didn't choose the winners attitude of people religious thinking or compassionate giving sense level 2 people one poof[?] Dr. Laura... How's your marriage sold one house we'll be

homeless soon I'm blessed I got lucky work o it you sure are blessed God loves you so do I thank you Laura... Dr. Laura will be autographing book after the service Webster and Hour of Power org. please welcome "plus One" ... There's L Wilkes... feel and feel love create love it's so easy its' so quiet everyone so loud...take time be ... cause be love breath it out see how things------ will be Holy even common things because Holy when they are used for God's service Zechariah .......-----------------------------even common things because Holy when they are used for God's service...

.breath it out give yourself be love create love how they can turn be love bleed it out breathe it out create yeah 10:03 am [piano] applause 8 seconds]Plus One. thank you love your music released in November down to three members if interested in CD or online bookstore or just great song great words ministered to me spunky mood change name to minus two he is in a spunky mood , must have been valentines day Avella worlds smallest violin give us a good sermon fruits of Spirit Gal 5.22 love joy peace patience father... anxious and did patience he couldn't wait another week I did love joy... now I'll go back and do peace life at best is life filled with peace peace with God self passage proper perspective Romans 5.1 ...therefore since justified ... through whom peace with God be God God hates sin challenge we know God hates sin fullness of grace of God he loves sinners and every human being He created live life, God has duty to bestow His grace 125 years little gal Patty Mae wanted to go to Sunday school not enough room for her pastor saw her can't get in to Se , tattered clothes maybe other reason someday build larger so you can come and go to SS, end of story while Later Patty did natural causes after funeral parents came and handed pastor 57 cents she has saved for future church back then .57 was a lot of money not long after shared story Griggs Baptist Church Temple University Good Sam hospital in Philadelphia one little child a child who finds peace God break through barrier negativity God hates sin but loves the sinner come to that realization through Jesus Christ, Spiritual peace through God purpose reason God has for us... life fruit of Spirit is love joy, peace with God with others Ephesians letters of St. Paul more instruction re peace Christ for Himself is our peace abolishing the law create one new man out of the two one body reconcile both, put to death hostility. peace for peace near consequences no longer foreigner alien but member of God's no longer foreign no longer on outskirts looking in handed ... t...there find peace through these Jesus Christ Jesus came an preached peace...still people do not understand God loves the sinner God loves you preach message get the word out some Japanese soldiers never realized the war was over peace had been declared battle is each other peace bus driver whites & aboriginal kids fighting each other. we are all green no color allowed yes sir, thought he created peace, then he heard "dark green on left, light green on right" , sinful nature schisms constantly

preach message of brotherly one another peace ... God loves the sinner. when we sinned Christ died for us, trust Jesus Christ to reach out to us expect people to be happy on board ... you former man had dumped off these how ... know this is if get how pregnant roll in if not roll in mud... all rolling in mud take ... em back breeds again in back of truck 3rd one's in drivers seat honking horn wonderful good news expect people to want to go and preach create pace with brothers sisters co-workers everybody you have, conflict with constant struggle have have not's do 's don'ts... that's life good God takes the tension creates music only when strings are taut fruit of Spirit is love joy peace God others ...Paul to Philippi shares with us peace of God transcends understanding Heart mind in Christ Jesus your hearts your mind peace realizing that what were doing God called us to do... , gal rock climber ascent line hit eye knocked out contact lens looking around maybe on ledge looked all over made it to the top couldn't find it like looking ... for... took path down anybody lose a contact lens? there it was an ant carrying your contact lens. told her father about it ant carrying lens Lord I dont know why you want us to carry it what you want I'll carry it for you life one big cartoon God gives us different things to carry , can't eat it Lord I'm gonna carry it...may never understand why somewhere someway wan them to see that God loves the able to see the peace of God friends ...hearts God is in God nothing to fear, national geographic bird ghostly silhouette base of a tree pictures after fireman had destroyed the silhouette , out came [oops?]half a dozen bird sacrificed self... to protect the babies Psalm 91.4. "cover your feathers under wings"...all the promises God gives to us, peace today peace in knowing that God loves us God cares for us for purpose reason when experience it, life at its best......too impatient to wait for patience wonderful gifts fruit of Spirit God who cares loves, heals brings peace ability your love in us break through barrier knowing God hates the sinner when confess our sins He forgives he loves us so we do what right now forgive our in comfort of your Almighty arm , the actor who plays in the passion film of Christ, the Mel Gibson film.....pastor Sacks . TinleyPark IL, Stockton, CA, Sheboygan WI, Seattle WA, 3 Rivers, MI, Big Rapids, Mi Binghamton NY, Broomfield, CO, ; Sheldon, IA... (body, bod) pastor sack 2nd batch, Rock Rapids, IA, Rock Valley IA, Rockfield MI, Racine WI, Randolph WI, Zeeland Mi Pinella Pk Fl, Salem, OR; Susanna Torres, Verizon--Orange, Stephanie Office Max, Norma Lopez Enterprise, Eric JJ woodland Hills, Don Studdert Kinkos Lag Hills, serge Kinkos Pasadena, Clerk NH, TRUC staples Orange Nicole Douglas Staples, Chino, Rami Silverman Sherman Oaks, Raffi JJ Pasadena, Ericka Martinez, Pep Pasadena, Pragneesh Convenience. St. lake Forest , Michael at Kinkos LF...hmsx hrs. Ellens , Rock Valley IA, MARTHA VAN GENDEREN.WARREN VAN GENDEREN...,,Spee, Timmer, Anderson, Lisa Dekker Holwerda Jack Jr. Jack Senior Bykerk at 335 pm from Norco, an to Gary & Shirley and to Ric Hodson (330 pm, Norco),... and to Steve & Kris from Norco at 330 pm re. hmsx dekam, Jack senior and Jack jr. 345 pm ... 2.15.04 South of main st. re. hmsx to Spee, and Dekker (Lisa) and

Anderson at 445 pm (Chino)...hare are you from a Dutch community? I'm Dutch, not from DC... I am from Mi grew up around a lot of "vans" Ref church staunch Calvinism not all are staunch... there are liberals ... yeah theres the CHRISTIAN REFORMED CHURCH, RCA, Netherland Reformed, Protestant Reformed, Do you speak Dutch? ... no my grandfather did or Frisian that's a whole different language like Norwegian oh Really,.,, teacher worked for equal for B & W teachers 1945 paid .sure regardless of race... life of a woman who realized that teachers must be activists and activists must be teachers... the first woman to serve in US government 807 am shes flipping through papers in her bag at 816 am today is not ... profess development day... their loyalties are to people not to principles if you're not in their people circle you're not part of their loyalty circle, you may be part of their law circle I.e. by law they have a certain requirement to do something be good to their children but not by loyalty so whereas you may get a. requisite inclusion in the will at the end of their lives it will be more because of law than loyalty or love it may be covenant nomism...IBYNFSHIBYNFShibynfshibynfshgibynfshgN Now I'll go back and do peace. life at its best is life filled with peace , peace with God, peace with self passage proper perspective, Romans 5.1 Therefore since justified ... through peace with God because we know God hates sin. breath it out give yourself be love create love how they can turn be love bleed it out,

2.22.04? 934 am never get used to it either power of presence of God God loves you so do I watch the glory of Easter our guest excited incredible performance... life of Jesus in the passion Mary Welch Rogers Michael Skidgel organ . wonderful morning ... message service living life at its best. may feel your Spirit your presence your touch know that you are alive blessed be the day of the Lord Hallelujah hear the words of God (GLENN DEMASTER) I am the light of the world door enter by me saved good shepherd I know my sheep and am known by them way true life true vine father is a vine dresser Jesus said I am the resurrection and the life may God add His blessing to this his Holy Word ...turn your eyes upon Jesus wed is ash Wednesday power of prayer be in prayer for o congregation for pastors staff things to pray for next 40 days al your telling us is youre joining with us in 40 days of prayer want you to know you are joining us... if you're visiting us Hospitality wonderful people gift of your touch stop in bookstore as well Dr. Schuller guest will autograph Jim after second service wonderful opportunity morning tithe and offerings appreciate generous Spirit... of this ministry ...refreshing life ... because of what you did through Jesus Christ people share good news through Hour of Power use these gifts bless the giver amen breakfast connect with others... two weeks away from annual children & youth auction airplane ride vacation park couples park ... package not park keep romantic lie life alive courtside tickets Lakers clippers one unique 3 Robert Schullers at one table get head start on E Bay other great opportunities tickets for lunch...... not on plaza lobby weather questionable 2

weeks from today if attended cathedral heres the opportunity to find out more lots happening at Crystal Cathedral Johhnnny Carl... you have something special Bible verse reign land sea praise with timpani Jesus came today 5 new tympanis for $20,000 last forever long when Im gone never tympani "variation on Duke St" .950 am applause J. Carl Hour of Power fabulous..... to talk to L.A. Times... clip on jumbo tron please welcome James Cavizel... applause [[10 seconds-0 ... tell us about how you here about Mel Gibson... movie and leading role..... and certain he said we are making a certain movie picnic table Steve and I spoken then Mel showed up started talking about passion ....the full distance you want me t play Jesus dont' you... big whiff on cigarette , there goes my comedy career terrified never wanted to be afraid of doing the right thing things when follow Him they say there's a curse that goes along... you experienced that first hand "Mel Hell" he called me the next day, tried to talk me out of it what gonna go through ... all carried by cross. by .the way my initials are J.C and Im 33 years old ... physical pain ... Aramaic Hebrew Latin hardest but physical worst 1, 10 make up loincloth 2 hours scrub skin rash 3.4 hours of sleep separated shoulder 30 knot winds ... was horrible... parkas gloves mittens my God my God why forsake me... [movie clip 959 am] circled the love have not seen the movie yet, clip I get emotional [in this one] this role unlike any other I do all the work mentally they are much different not atheist in a foxhole struck by lightning... didn't like that take God? not exactly the reaction I would have (says Robert H. Schuller) in Georgia September 11 200 extras making discordant sound o humans then absolute silence eyes of story three eyes all glossy then force pressure hit my head "you ok" then he got hit twice at that point cameras panning over. hair standing up amazing ay Spiritual challenges? Spiritually I dont care who you are God's always calling on us to convert to Him feelings of despair you obviously dont care if this film gets finished or not heart.head if in studio physical ailment film re faith , love forgiveness never been through something such as this par... emotion I feel impact every human who sees it Mel Gibson when introduced the film wish could tell to enjoy but can't no one does, not enjoy the experience thank God you had the willingness to carry the Cross Olympic athlete in gold medal this asks Christ inside always will Olympic athlete weeps from all the sacrifice he's demanding us to go through that persecute me you about truth soul Pilate what is truth dont know cant tell you can't tell just know I believe James thank you God loves you so do we [applause 20 seconds] watched the and child and play a gentle handsome child how much do you love me this much with arms outstretched child born strong and handsome the tree he loves to climb so much it 10:09 am mother stands see tears one by one... how much love as this I love... you this much I hear d him say bowed head and this much I love you this much I really are this much I love this and I'll always be right here in 10:10 am be kind , compassion gifts of Holy Spirit reads gal 5.22... incredible gifts of kindness be kind to one another passage kindness of God be kind to one another compassion giving neighborly feeling toward all as though the next door neighbor as doing you is like your

neighbor kindness. remember Fred Rogers ""please wont you be my neighbor" appreciate him as much as I do Wordswroth 'the best push of a persons life is little ...unremembered acts of kindness & love isnt that wonderful family to Zimbabwe Africa distributed wheel chairs beautiful experiences... act of ... a flatbed truck and no hands arms legs handed torso to me couldnt' put it on the ground big bridge going Zambia to Zimbabwe came across the beautiful ... saw daughter he couldnt put woman down either carrying the woman in the chairs she was a leper nose half gone stub feet they ... touched me children saw example and followed His example He doesnt ask us for a single thing that He wouldnt do 1000 times over behind campar... being neighbor love in action John wooden north n...nothing stronger than kindness two ... Kate & jack ...pull plow Kate gets tired lay down no matta what I do Kate lay there ... gather to budge father walk across field come up to Kate say something Kates a mule. in ear ... kindness words better than anything to get Kate on the move find people bitter & anger people an wrong side of bed everyday its called kindness simply the acts of kindness Romans bless those who persecute you live in harmony not proud conceited love people mourn mourn... the movie "Passion" criticizes as possibly anti-Semitic I feel for anyone who is concerned about the ... my grandparent had suffered under the nazi regime who twisted Christianity to justify genocide feel e fear understand their concern ...same time understand the movie passion love that Jesus Christ has for everyone of you called sin, not a single one of us spared ... incomparable forgiveness has shown the way forgive those who dont deserve it simply forgive cant throw mud without losing ground can' accomplish bearing down rude inconsiderate Jesus is our... model for kindness and forgiveness talked lovingly to prostitutes touched leper forgave sins today a follower of Jesus Christ ... every singe person who hears my voice show love compassion kindness allow cross to mean something movie in Arabic Hebrew Greek spent 8 years studying Greek kindness Christ separated b one letter both words spelled identical Christ and Kindness people heard people of Kindness display the kindness that God wants us to display movie "pay it forward" give it to somebody else not back to me , thats the Spirit of Christ... send you out as ambassadors reckless abandon sack in Name of Jesus Christ pen hearts gift youll find something even called to do sacrifice normally say no this time Jesus Christ ... thank Christ for all His ... 1027am thank God you are here today feeding us with Your Spirit and kindness ... response opportunity joy of feeding your sheep giving kindness ...

2.29.04 ? Doug Robinson a 945 am ,... Im sorry but we dont' allow taping during the service... "'h what .........wondrous oh my soul'' [applause 10 seconds] last

Wednesday Ash Wednesday Lent Began ... invited to join 40 das of prayer..... for the m... for this ministry[?]... we will be your prayer partners for the next 40 days, Dr. Wilkes 40 days of if you are... visiting or u in the ... Naomi Judd... autograph new book tithes & offerings ... awesome responsibility multiply the message can touch the lives & hearts next Sunday know more find out more move into the month of March... training coming up shortly... fantastic care & Kindness other conference like it and possibility living seminar one week from ... Ed Arnold the passion...believers and non=believers gather offerings 950 am P.J. Abbey only for $7.00 next week cost you 10$ glen Edward co. ..... decided to donate for u auction show how done bill thank you very ... much... buying tickets for $7... ad that response e fu support ...worthy cause...require a sermon at what volume using dramatic pause... for all the mileage I can get... donating o a piece of my valued bell collection at the stage of giving away things e bay greatest . Ive been associated wit that Jim Cariezel poster if its autographed GLENN DEMASTER have support worthy cause... [[[another comment about the passion at 12:20 p.m. at Byrd Middle Schools , have you seen Braveheart also with Mel Gibson, "it's sad" concerning the passion...they're talking about it, that's the main thing. ]..... so wrapped up in the moment feel so protected ... she served called FBI had them check you out. clean as a whistle... I had a good father.mother. sat in congregation met with ... velvet brick I'm a RN... jumped off bed. broke her foot had to have surgery she's fine ... Wynona Ashley and I are believers honestly because deepest source of our Identities Almighty God...still some same..... open door policy commit to communicate Spiritual reason for al problems... 21 to change live got back last night 2 am got skin cancer not serious... Entertainment Tonight as I approved got back yesterday morning writing book where get all those its very ... 1000 some . dont equate psychology and Spirituality how o have break through rather than breakdown... everything sp. problem... solution human beings got to have guidelines...Spiritual beings on a human journey hillbilly body not doing to well... research ground breaking concept all the ... scientist I hang out with can and should know can't think of another book that gets it al together wouldn't expect it from an RN... wise before I speak about something exquisite reality representation meet with neuroscientists use it on myself translate it so standard issue folk God why not give it to me first? remember good stuff everything that happens if not love hadn't lived through this stuff.-dont just sit there do nothing profound very powerful thing I learned [Doug Robison] had to resign as GM of the universe. God is supreme ruler. do emotional house cleaning get rid of disease control freelance... Could have made this.....k perfectionist victim once after that a volunteer. you're a victim once, after that you're a volunteer..... us as Bible study guide all based on Spiritual principles its interaction I'm out of time 10:05 a.m ...10% of royalties we don't tip God not like waiter, bell hp Best-selling #'s we give gifts sparrow club "Yes a sparrow put water on it... learning the fountains not for show, be my architect fountains people dont like clean them... not for

show but for the Spirit , peace... water, green grass, first time offered gift with water in it... its free [[[applause..... sparrows club $240 per year or 420.mont is all adds up keep ministry on air only televised service Germany ... China Vancouver, Sydney Amsterdam Moscow. Change the world feel like Im doing a commercial... dont support things I dont believe in give behind the scenes stars this man is the real deal... you should support the ministry ...10:09 am surrounded by everywhere I see of 2:30 ... loved it green stuff blocking my view thank you thats my line sons & I doing a series of messages on Gal 5.22... ""Watching over me" watching over me'" Paul says fruits of Spirit, what kind of person are you ? fruits are love , joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, self-control, the positive power emotional more imparting a life knowledge EQ more important than IQ established last few years Schuller what think about the movie?. Mel invited our family to his studio months ago... everybody should give ...see it at least twice... first time --too much shock discuss with children was ha that in there yes why so profound...?. it honors Jesus Christ articles write by so -called experts... revisionism ... ... up come up with conclusion about Jesus tat are perfectly fantasy the movie is not fantasy its reality..... "you'll see life at its bet I this person how they live while they're dying catch glimpse of how He lived while He was dying... ultimate crossroads, all have crossroads may stay on stage played it ... with Christ at Gethsemane... crossroads [I'm typing inside I'm writing inside the service, essentially dictating the enter service on to paper]... making sure you make the best decision are you prepared to pay the price... but best instead of good enough ... defining moment ... defining moment... ... good fruits love joy, peace, patience goodness. in the middle of the text for some reason Paul not ......... everybody is somebody... good in middle of it is goodness what is goodness what makes good making best thing the right decision... often a good decision is not the best decision ... ...mediocrity doesn't cost so much price to pay for excellence... could have mad this... building much...sooner . and could have cut corners my life always challenge making best decision not just good now Jesus the film think Jews killed him? dumb question... think the Romans killed him ? still dumb nobody killed him thats the truth flashback... he says "There are those who want to harm me. nobody takes life from me, I give it up... so not an execution, not suicide it was a sacrifice...whats difference between suicide & sacrifice suicide running away, ......chickening out... ...... my apologies to you with spouse or child who commit suicide selflessness....... my apologies to you with spouse or child who committed suicide selfless ultimate act of self giving love ... who killed Jesus ...? e needed the sacrifice ... same profound character... sacrifice, probably did... not have much value...if its possible let the ......f the only Jesus you and I are not Jesus not making decisions about sacrificing funeral ...maybe somebody is... we do face, all of us, decisions between good & evil ... thats what we all face Mel Gibson, evil personified in a nongendered face. tempt "one person that can't die for the sins of all" "'People wont appreciate it"... negative thinking of evil... . come across making decision one's excellent one's mediocre making decision God woman

good man decision produces that kind of character... takes faith . .gentleness, self control., patience part of ... preach at 3 weeks ago not good if not controlled , take long long, wont settle for mediocrity... dreams, can't imagine 10, 20, 50 years, its different take the long look. goodness will prevail evil will lose out that's good news ... commentary [Hastings] said ST I never thought goodness is everlasting... evil dies out... who killed Jesus, all the people around they died hared ...hatred revenge impurity dies from its own inner poison.....s people who... it are not the best e people goodness grows doubles triples best minds best hearts, best character every good deed because action repeated , grateful , receiver enjoy it, pass it on... thanks to you who support this ministry... St. Paul ... inherit the kingdom of God....... happy it ended with the resurrection in my religious tradition we dont keep the corpse of Christ on the cross... its not the last word the resurrection is what makes best decision of right time Spirit of God, commitment to excellence Spiritual motivation make choice between good and ill... trust God to give us the courage to pay the price He gave life nobody killed him I remember daughter said God will have the last word . I said Gretchen thats not in the Bible... ... I Wrote that... daughter of r Oral Roberts & husband killed last night in plane crash 2nd child of oral to die... what tell him? Think what say to him? out ... Dear Oral God will have the last word Cross roads where you at personal with in prayer thats where the movie began ... prayer of Christ at Gethsemane... [wait, did Gretchen read the personal letter of Robert H. Schuller that he wrote to Oral Roberts??] thy will be done... start there on knees guess what be good life still in seminar famous philosopher [from India? ]finally started studying until He became a Christian while class cultural changes. came to lecture door boy knocked man introduced himself who is it? Johnny? Dont his name but he looks like Jesus what you look like is the way you act, talk people may forget name but good person need you to come alive in me Jesus if you're alive come inside me... then l he left the worship site and continued onward ...Pastor sacks ...Northridge, CA NEW ERA MI, New Holland sD, Olympia, WA, Ogden UT, gilvie, MN, Hamilton, MI Oak Harbor . WA, Norfolk, A Cypress, CA from VonKarman Avenue OakdaeCA, Northampton NY...... 1137 am from Vonkarman Avenue. NB?? near diner... past campus "joy ful joyful good more in Naomi Judd ... recording artist Michael Skidgell... in person live... continue series of messages greatest Bible verses Gal say this is the day that God has made be glad in it amazing you never fail emotional memories need your presence... for a hour in this church... hallelujah amen congregation GD M Jesus open mouth beatitudes. let light shine see good works glorify father I heaven choir ... hold to commitment of 40 days... sine into this sanctuary warmth & presence of your son, Savior Use it, this message be a volunteer 24 new hope training... shortly couple weeks care & kindness conference no other conference like it... sign up at plaza possibility living seminar... 7 bucks give me ten I'll keep the change...Ed Arnold ... every person take a loot at the ] applause take your money giving back not just taking your money giving back silent auction set up trumpet sow off Bible

signed y ... Naomi Judd..... ... so protected so elevated have the effect on me seemed o served on board had FBI check you out... guest singer... emotionally health studio with kids see it second time 1st time too much shock... you'll see life at its best I person a judge of ... how lived while He died, catch glimpse pretty awesome youll see the cross roads make decision challenge make sure best decision am I the best talking about defining moment in person life the word in middle of text... goodness what makes a person good. Preeetis' not there... thats 2 Sundays in a row... 12"115 pm ...12:15 pm minisacks Phil Marmolejo Crown... Farida Circle K, Clerk Shell Anaheim Dolly copy Shop Laguna Hills, Timi J. Ralphs Pasadena, Nicole Encino Health center. Jeanne Boynton Copy shop Bristol... Joe Brizeula Advantage Rent a car, Dale at Crow, Susanne Torre Verizon Orange, Serge copy shop Pasadena, Nicole Douglas Chino Stapes.....teaching Commission Sylvia Whitlock , Hank Richardson, Steven parke, Wesley Apker, Jon Coleman, Maria Papa john, 12:52 pm (2.2904 SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO)..., r Kristi at JJ, Hemary Mao Bagel Me Anaheim Hills, Cathi , copy shop Irvine, Susan Eller, El Camino Real HS, Cathy Copy Shop Irvine, Rita Bianchi Commission, Dale at Crown.radiator 3.7.04 ? pr open the doors incredible ... no Easter without Christmas ... have Robbie paying attention happy to applaud that Oak Ridge Boys... wonderful music not one type love all Michael Skidgell...C.Pardini and the Hazel Wright Organ and of course J. Carl so this is the day that the Lord has Made Let us rejoice and be glad in it... .thank you p privilege of being in this place touched inspired realized you're alive Jesus died for us celebrate you Love your Lord Amen ... Choir lift up Rejoice rejoice seated the Bible How blessed we are to have this book ... to about Jesus Christ first Book New Testament matter taught his disciples who say that I am the son of Man ad some JBAP., Elijah, Jeremiah Prophet who do you say that I am . Christ the Lord son of Living God ...blessed are you Simon flesh and blood not revealed that but God did... you are Peter on this Rock I will build my church anyone desires to cometh after me deny yourselves take up your cross and follow ... will lose it find it His Holy Word to Us applause thank .sparrow club member there one no will water not ... pick up Oak Ridge boys autograph what a great morning Debbie Hutchinson... good morning big day finally here youth and childrens auction business owner beautiful... ... sports fans purple and gold court side Laker tickets... have ... with 3 Schullers 1, 2, 3, and Robbie raise ...funds for children and youth .thanks very much mention silent auction Jim Kok Houses of Power I just saw her BECAUSE...'s good morning America. r the Passion Houses of Power discussion of the movie what all about who ... Jesus Christ all know people without home been impacted leaving the theatre different they ill Holy you ingest digest equip excited about the Oak Ridge Boys grasp... called Georgia clod hoppers invited to go to Oak Ridge where ... building during war called then or quartet the Nashville BECAUSE grand OL Opry... why write this book 3rd person family faith hope Dr. Schuller behind firs in bringing closer greater to friends county parents also CD Oak Ridge called COLOR basically Patriots troop... Flag nom for nomination for Grammy applaud that sing song off CD re our flag Bill havent heard from you how many

years to grow 2 to 3 that beard to get that length but have had it for 24 years thanks for opportunity and to the J. Carl Orchesta... Great thank you for that arrangement Amen to that (Robert A. Schuller) though the rain sun and these. these colors never run Pledging allegiance ever since take for granted freedom cost a lot of young men [and women] those colors never run no they never will ... I people treat her like a rag ... to the human a sacrifice carefully folded tear drop in their eye red as bloodshed blue as wounded white as crosses on soldiers grave these colors never run thank you why much settle for that it Sing 4 or 5 more applause well think we're going to have to settle for on new Oak Ridge Boys all GP now country music in Moscow 1996 toured there in just one # scheduled thank you very much got to go on yes Sir God loves you so do we well if like copy of CD or book I tell you we have it in the bookstore known by name and work first met in Amsterdam reception the wonder Billy Graham arranged to come department only a couple weeks ago I ha Heard he was a guest he has s to sit there and listen to me preach no now top distance speakers over 50 countries Vietnam, ... Harvard, Princeton, Oxford parliament in Peru go geo-political strategy in Moscow National day of prayer Wash DC co-hosted by GW Bush prayer breakfast delegate Mozambique born India 1946 ... immigration to Canada with Margal in Canada interest in theology grew ...... trinity national union law degree plenary speaker 83, 86 2000 ...let my people think "Station 3 grown children great honor..... real one sentence recognize the wonder ... the emotion never surrendering reason matches love for Christ ... impeccable integrity ...mind we love you thank you very much thank you had to step hard to step up anytime but especially after that kind of intro body arrived Mid I do not know Paul in body out body crisscrossed globe church lodged year ago vision fulfillment bless you family and work honor pulpit birthday extraordinary audience English only language watch runs ...all other languages "walks' Not fast but minimum of ulcers thinking caps profound there. Francis Johnson Pot hounded by drugs ran and ran hound of Heaven arches Labyrinth mist of tears hid from him shot precipitated strong feet though I knew his long less having him I have t ...not ..... night days mist of tears love him that followed him nothing else beside I am He that they seeketh drove love away when Thompson died early 20th century near the CS Lewis and lifted for a second earnestly desires last come upon me admitted that God my God dejected reluctant convert did not then see divine humility prodigal son...... ... on his own feet kids resentful ... escapes compel him to come in divine mercy depth hard God kinder the softness of men his compulsion is our liberation 2 personalities some same metaphor love so Unfathomable poets preacher film re it still dont understand it microcosmic home in Israel pastor Hosea marriage sorry times wife seduce to streets for harlotry left 3 children Hosea looking to buy her back 4 chapters love embodied in ... 4 or 5 simple truth race along looks for Gomer..... knew of him preaching how can Holy man like you be in love with a harlot? [perfect question] How ... Holy God love an adulterous nation like us [Israel]... we too have... idols first they love of God always undeserving love He offers nothing that merits that kind of love could have chose Greece as mouthpiece Socrates , Aristotle Plato but HE didn't could have chosen Rome glory of Caesars Babylon but no Nation laughed at Bullied at ""Maiden of my eye" metaphor come closer look into my eyeballs miniature reflection love to undeserving group of people

you are the maiden apple abundance,... surrounding 2 weeks ago... city impoverished 2 million homeless in our city alone 2 million walking at my hometown 2 buffalo at the ...... Doorstep you saw and ... me ancestral priest in other religion grand surrounding 2 weeks ago city ... impoverished... 2 million homeless ... our city alone 2 million walking at my ... you ... and pursued me ancestral priest in other religion... His love undeserved unmentioned unmerited rejected alone nothing to offer plain... unlovable does not deserve the love of all plainly unlovable gospel of Jesus Christ who loves us s... through nothing to offer scandalous secret of Word of God unmerited broken heart like Isaiah use of emotional language wept one beloved city world Hosea can now understand what God was trying to see he preaches turn repent God interrupts why to remember what you promised last time you came nerve of... what I... do I detest wretched man I am volition . thing "I do" I suppose he does I will I do. older brother teach IBY go to India find me a fine young Christian gal brothers alright ... wrote software for Europe son dont' have that much money ask sister aunt looking for prospects data picture diner were' voting profoundly offered Bio .picture attention. ... I know what they can do with pictures right photo be careful just kept looking called her friendship Saturday "shes the one' Friday 1000 ..... invited..... hadn't even met what happened a...good grief what have I done? or she says I hope thats his brother love is more of will than emotion write it ... down 35 years now without Romance mockers or drudgery but without will... its drudgery too what promise? Made? may have to go back . me pick up where you left off. I'll depart from ... will be deprived of my wisdom I stand before university look at west time to take stock ask what believe and why can really have absolute thats constantly moving relational...its....... moving relational ethic ad hoc can survive God's eternal [absolute] GK Chesterton mouthful of ... id rebelling doesnt trust denounce modern revolution writing one book another book lose virginity keep it... principles man denounces marriage as a lie than those who treat it as a lie not beast are beat under min his own mind skeptic modern man rebelling against everything lose right to rebel against anything remove fence pause long enough to find out why it was put there sacred time property believe nothing believe anything God's response will take away wisdom then comes back forgiveness rage inside come closer I will forgive you picture of prodigal son changed the life of Henry Nouwen Jim Baker ... my prison man to see you in overalls cleaning latrines... it'll be alright Billy Graham wrapped his arms I wept man symbol of all that was wrong being embraced by all that was right ... parable man in love woman did not return love prove love by killing mountain her you love her more dont be silly wife insisted he was numbed but did it , running to present it to her as a trophy stumbled and fell heart fell, can't find it dusts it off from heart, son are you hurt? Pause culture which I lived nobody needed to explain where come from the heart of God come close closer ... Song of the Welsh Revival was to could sing it 100 years ago her is love coming kindness ransom precious blood sing His praises Heaven e days crucify God mercy grace & love incessant from above justify and relationship guilty world in love God's love is no other love define without point of Reference to His love [applause]... this lesson will be heard live in SC not member of church didn't like the message share it in So. Cal. . had now my Lord ... bless you God give peace lying

down rising up labor leisure laughter ears sunset dawning, Pastor sacks re masturbation to Nashville TN, Napa , CA, Holland, MI Houston TX, Hollandale, MN, Spring TX, Horicon WI, Holland MN, Hudsonville, Mi Kanawha, IA, Kalamazoo, MI,, minisacks to Julie @ VErizon at 108 pm Karen at Gelsons 108 pm Norco..... IBYNFSHG IBYNFSHG... write letter to his the pastor of Steve Brinks, write a letter the pastor of Steve Brinks... Sara Caatachea needs Jesus Christ she needs the Holy her whole body open her up Lord and give her the Spirit..... T lag Monica Ramirez, Sara Caratachea. Htiek Htiek what if the two creatures had children...?? Letter to Philip ANdreen City attorneys office at 544 pm Pasadena priority A. Kok express mail 540 pm (PASADENA...... (#ER507543637US.....) ... its and "Its Greek to Me Video" to Bekker, Hogan, Engelhard @ 805 pm on 3.9.04....... m minisacks supervisor Baluka juice, Irene copy shop supervisor shell Tarzana Maybell JJ Pasadena, Eva JJ Orange, Renee Ralphs Pasadena..... Jessica Office Max Pasadena, Lorraine, Copy Pasadena..... and response to erroneous correspondence from "the people" ...return to Alison Meyers, 2) Barb Burke, ,3) William Woods, 4) Steve Cooley,...3.9.04 at 230 STOPPER 3.14.04 ? [Applause]932 am organ Intro... ... joyful joyful joy ful we adore you sing sadness clouds away immortal gladness amen amen good morning Robert A. Schuller welcome to the Crystal Cathedral wonderful day to worship God God loves you so do I we have a fabulous service planned father interviews the former heavyweight champion entrepreneur preacher George Foreman ''"and the winner is.'" soloist counting country recording artist Josh Turner..... m we gold top ten country songs Michael Skidgell C. Pardini J Carl. wonderful morning life at its best ... this is the day the God has made let us rejoice and be glad in it warmth love goodness faithfulness trust you to be wonderful of your presence love you Lord praise you amen ' Have faith 938 am you maybe seated... once a week believers in Jesus gather in churches listen to scripture hearing words from Ephesians God whose rich in mercy because of great love made us alive together in Christ by grace through faith not of self His workmanship created in CJ born knees to my Lord Jesus Christ grant to you riches of His glory to be strengthened Christ my may dwell in your hearts through faith rooted grounded in love width length height depth God loves has for you surpasses knowledge be filled with the fullness of God... to Him who is able to exceed because glory by Jesus Christ world without end amen may God bless the reading of His Hoy Word Lord make me an instrument of they doubt faith h where there is doubt faith hope darkness light understand ... to be loved and to love glory power march 14, 2004 [applause] thank you Cathedral Choir most beautiful on St. Francis of Assisi pope invited leaders for time of prayer for peace Christians in private chapel Holy ... in Chair 80 cardinals Holy Father humble team out of them we have failed SB where peace war... prayer for St. Francis Assisi pray for those in Spain Disaster welcome visitor visit IHC stop by bookstore after 2nd service Forman will autograph his book think you for your generosity repaid for legacy of beautiful gifts need help more than ever Arabic Russian German Netherlands,

Canada England Australian Hong Kong Chinese welcome all of you to the places in faith God bless you prepare to make generous offering God we need it you know it want to ... ease all of us peace in conflicted world thank you for this message ministry youth auction over $60,000 all proceeds benefit... youth G. of E starts as soon aisle beautiful young lady ... horns 947 am allelujah allelujah hallelujah applause wow wow good here to let everybody know Mar 26 -Apr 10 coq... staged Passion play in southern California . if seen Gibsons movie must come here [applause]71454 glory entire cast volunteers in even prayer 10, 20, 30 diff performances help us help the Lord those never before who have known Christ lead them to Christ spec announcement 2 weeks from today march 28,, announcement made dont want you to hear it on the radio, television, newspaper... [[[oops at first he said November 28] ... I cannot tell you more ... Pardini organ recital arboretum 4000 pipes Fred Swann organ admission free march 19, Friday 8 pm welcome Carol Aspling . so ... best couple ... 2nd row that makes a difference when the leaders put their own kids into their own church school it makes a difference ] shows true allegiance to cause ...pray for Arie Vanderweide..... pray for Arie Vanderweide ... ... applause thank you Carol and you talented good looking kids learn perform arts announcement just ..... testing to see he if was listening march 28 date is I wish I could tell you today Crystal Cathedral ministries 50th anniversary next year hope to do start Jan 2005 Post years human gusts before Cathedral ever built Im... a believer God is I know God Jesus Christ if he's coming back Im sorry but the fight not biggest victory I ever had never turn back fight to show it or stop glorify God name George 26 years ago... who those 2 in I was out of breath you kept talking looking so well thank you George invited to address of you own meetings asked what talk about not into religion not abut Jesus Muhammad Ali human what do I know about JESUS you turned and talked to someone reading a Bible used em for good luck never heard those things I got a second chance calling from Puerto Rico dead or alive blood forehead begin Yelling Jesus Christ they made fun of me lost fight 12 round Jimmy Young man think Im crazy dead alive again George...psych rev. if you believe it I believe you... invited me to come I lost it at that point when you were here in person drive I theatre Crystal Cathedral hmm hear before you had photographs you are a champion if you can dream it do it you dreamed it you did it 26 years ago think I should keep fighting God will reveal were very patient 10 years dedicated to Jesus Christ then something happened I got broke your words came back what I should do my kids all they do is eat thats why I came back what happened over 25 26 years boxing matches Evander Holyfield lost 94 2nd chance because oldest ever to be heavyweight champion how no scars chin cheeks... . youre good-looking not as beautiful as you are... '68 gold 90's pray harder than enough pray for a grill grease would fly off knock fat off diet just promote it people started using it sold 50 to 60 million of them 10 children college like a parking meter 5 sons 5 daughters 2 of them be a preacher some day God has blessed you thats a so you got there new thing write music lost friends lots of them Vienna Choir on tapes I speak a little get off ... dont ... thing was scariest thing in the world your CD George Foreman Vienna festival symphony Aretha Franklin, a few others, Jim Nabors, Mike Crawford, Sandi Patti, Lee Greenwood. ...BJ Thomas wonderful singer 24 hours a day when Carol lay in the hospital

amputated leg, inspiration ... bookstore what message faith belief when you run out breath thats when the He kicks in thank you George 50th anniversary committee I would love anything to do with you Im on it [applause] bright singer Josh turner 5th best selling country billboard chart "long black train coming down the line watch out long back or rain that look to heaven redemption long black train victory in the Lord long black train victory ...the Lord ... the Father and His Holy ... dont go riding on that long black train... I can here the whistle from a mile away train everybody middle of nowhere victory in the Lord dot go riding o that long black train long black train 10:15 am [big applause]15 seconds...more than for Foreman] give this to your mother thank you for the music great song God bless you come again life at its best God has empowered us to live life ... fruits of theSpirit in Galatians 5.22... Gathering self-control ...society big challenge with word Faith stems in lots of different ways consumerism mentality hard to be a consumer without. discarding cloth diapers disposable diapers brown camera disposable camera plus pens replace filters now throw it away many thing consumer society once consumed then we discard it... society such as marriage dont participate in normal marriage polygamy ... serial polygamy ...after the end of one marriage we marry another monogamy with one woman than w that n new spouse lady 4 husbands ... millionaires. actor, undertaker, preacher.mortician...?? one to get ready two for the show three to get four to go . one for the money two for the show three to get ready for to go...... faithfulness was question quality to be ... look to Bible faithfulness one of ... coveted things God simplifies glad when I make mistake He doesn't discard me I'm a cracked pot not a crackpot, a cracked pot, but God has never discarded me... God will not discard me we can Discard Him He will not force Himself upon us...Harold dont if you dont make a living talking you'll stave to death his older brother ten years older than him... quiet shy. .summer on farm contributed to things different side of.... never had children purchased the farm until old age river ran through great big gorge wrapped around island ... comes grandfather comes up with idea, dump garbage in the hole fill it up gain acreage of farmable land rummaging through the stuff neighbors come with wagon we would hop on the tractor see what they threw away, toasters, lawnmowers , ma.....take it to the machine shed. Robert take out of dump... clean it put it back together it works meticulously plug it in make a sandwich God's faithfulness does for us get to point not working anymore instead of discarding he chooses us puts us back together again person created to be we are God's cracked pots to do His will look at Jesus Christ Jesus faithful to His father how many have seen the Passion we have the house of power small group ... average 9 people ... to grow spiritually emotionally take break from the normal curriculum to experience the passion of Jesus Lee Strobe was an attorney atheist went to prove that there was o such thing as Jesus Christ the Son of God. in so doing... discovered Jesus had to be mathematically and in every other way the son of God. now he wrote the Passion given our lives and hearts to Him He washes us cleanses us, takes us apart lowest point in life l dot go anymore He started o re-build birth life resurrection God's faithfulness to us Noah Abraham David culminates in life of Christ ...ask receive seek find, knock doors open Jesus taught disciples to love one another greatest commandment not Love one another dont show faithfulness by doing all the right

things thats living by the law God made us to live b the Spirit by accepting the gifts God gives. [[[oops . the Spirit in fact does empower us to do all the right things, and to do things right, but if there is a conflict between the two the Spirit will empower us to do the right thing, which is more important than doing things right...]]]... the gifts God gives to us there are the fruits (Galatians 5.330 live life at its best not perfect not better than non-Christians just better the we would be ... God puts us back together for a purpose reason minister, doctor, bricklayer... housewife to care list goes on and on society today challenges employees employers dont have relationship they ... ... corporations employees command go occasionally some corps stand out one such owner is Jack Brown, Stater bros. Horrible Strike among grocery workers whether to support it or not they voted not to participate in it they had a banner year gave them all bonuses after the strike... unheard of corp some get off their Holy hose Im better than you we're a team [applause] see it in marriage ever hear of a faithful attorney that's an oxymoron isn't it. Bill Bennet joined our congregation went to dinner talking...I said to my wife after ... did you find her to be a little odd. she had a disease early onset Alzheimers dementia following year wife had to help her find the restroom next year couldn't go bill took her on cruises till the day she died ... just avoid sex. Promiscuity goes beyond that love one another faithful thanks you thankfulness by loving one another be faithful as God has been faithful to you take a test some time Philip. M. Colege. in Jean professor faithful .... make a list... bound to... reliable check balances will probably balance make a few more commitment join church society make commitment to spouse children watch the list go building incredible support ...w support you to the day you die ... love you Lord faithfulness to us touch us lead us guide us Sons name amen morning has broken like the first morning... long back train she will sign it... come back next Sunday ... invite a friend dont want to miss it... St more happen when you are "subbing" than just making $ unless you are a static personality really much more you're building a network friends, helping, leading teaching, encouraging confidence building loyalty ... discovery person enabling them to grow and growing yourself...

3.21.04 ? SOUNDS LIKE YOUG VOICES EARLY START...? Robbie 936 am Cathedral choir two motor homes lady on steps thank you whatever is true lovely meditate on these things... ... were on #6 voice imagine that looks a lot like Robert minus the robe, minus 20 years, minus 20 pounds, if here for the first time keep it in your pocket 36 from Holland 7 from Germany Hour of Power Day incredible wonderful small group ministry other house s people own age ... for more... info...bow our heads thank you r that your brought us in our ... Father bless us my cousin Nick Coleman secret garden remember ... to plant some seeds Nick whats thats doing rehearsing for secret garden... When where St. Joseph auditorium, family tickets 6 dollars children 8 dollar adults ... lets go Michelle Cavinder, Special announcement good morning annual womens Easter brunch enjoy fabulous meal Crystal

Cathedral academy choir director Carol Aspling foot of cross experience personal miracle thanks Robby... next we have Cincinnati boys choir buy copy of cd at bookstore or www.Crystal 943 am [this is new wow!]] Cincinnati Boys Choir [I believed I believe] [this is new exciting wow] [interesting wow exciting new] security at 946 am [applause applause.] thank you Randal wolf and the Cincinnati Boys Choir (Robert H. Schuller talking) Next Sunday Palm Sunday then Easter Sunday begin with Holy week palm Sunday noon day service every day during Holy Week then eastern Morning AGPSW! Invite neighbor and friends 20, 000 to 30, 000, people to find meaning will find it is in God and glory of Easter throughout the week angel! Good morning Tanna Hanna cooper Glory of Easter 3.26 to 4.10 Ill be here last time I saw her in my kitchen gorgeous glad to have you here... and get you tickets at reservation center possibility thinking Dr. Imhoe Chong assistant professor of music faculty studies Wright University Ohio Seoul Korea NY Cincinnati Seoul baptism... s NY Brooklyn Conservatory. Orchestra frequent guest player in despite wheel chair bound with polio... share with listening audience nothing impossible to those who believe welcome [applause[ thank you in Korea inspired impressive challenges enormous happily married Christian wife 18 and 14 wow how happen to be in wheel chair polio when 2 no vaccines at the time so I could w in wheel ended up in wheelchair how discover talent to play violin learned then teacher Taiwan from teacher from Taiwan she taught me violin I was encouraged by her she changed my life also Christian a great tribute to teacher professor unsung how come to America and when ? 1982 University of Cincinnati Ohio first stayed form 82 tell me whats in your life most honorable and fulfilling Carnegie Hall very great ... you knew him very well very lucky 6 times chance to play for him in h is master class ever down times despair discouragement disappointment when I was young teenager frustrating to accept physical handicap hard to have hope lucky playing music lucky playing music happy with music need help they pulled Gods love for me good people I met God provides for me cant go place without finding SB who loves Jesus Christ Strong faith where get? Looking back miracle because Somebody from nobody learned form these theyre using my life talent... music thats how I got faith in God draw my life experience you believe in JESUS Christ what message do you have for people listening today with challenge all have weakness pain not easy learned God will help us plan for us he using us I always pray to God ask God am sure h He will help me until today ready to play for us meditation okay step into orchestra chair... His performance Because I care!! BECAUSE I care! [warming up on violin what an interesting morning already] 959 am David Security guard 1001 am people get moving it gets hot I smiled at David the security guard Dick gets kind of mad if I come in late.we have to have this clear thank you David... Im just listening to it on the radio...thank you this program will be televised arms forces network special Sunday great significance 49 years ago today first service Orange County drive in theatre choir from LA all come in individual cars there were about 50 cars St very interesting happened calling people who came were not religious offering received next same plate this was our $83.75 ...all 1943, 1952, 1942, 1951 coins, not the same coins special plate in our museum after my first year I retired s janitor after the second year no longer opening the mail after the 3rd year retired from ST else...

every year I retire from something are you awake retiring from asking for money making announcement for the first time in the history of this ministry planning a time when we will give you money idea comes from the committee doing this based on the teaching of the Holy Bible... based on the parable of the talents journey five talents 2 11 each according to his own man who found 2 gained 2 more after an who had received 5 brought 5 more... Lord said well done make you ruler of many things 1013 am gained two more well done make you a ruler of more 1 talent reaping what you have not sown gather I was afraid I hid your talent in the ground... you didnt even take it to the bank... unfaithful servant?. take the talent give it to a person who earned ten talents back hay doesnt he who doesnt have will be taken away everybody given a gift not just financial talent possibility discover them today first day of last year of first half of the century 50th anniversary mood ... giving back what he gave us we have been faithful you and I tell you something Hes tested us build Cathedral Gods idea after 6 years in Drive inn Had to have church where see birds trees sky cost out of sight give $ back cant give it back at least dig a hole 49 yearsI didnt want to remember we dug a hole didnt know what we would do with it... dug a foundation need 3 million or halt construction said the construction company ...we didnt have it, no loan. Bulletins printed Im holding that bulletin never used here the cover Crystal Cathedral construction temporarily halts ...staff why not pray for a miracle? offering $50,000 pray for that instead of ...we prayed million dollar offering got a million dollar pledge the next day the Register our county paper ma we made the headlines the next morning million dollar offering Now! thank you [applause] the money came church was built now 50th anniversary celebration 40 or 50 yearsn thinking 100 years most of my life last 100s of years of make sure this ministry stays strong the next 50 years. My one and only son called and chosen to be my successors whos going to succeed my successor today you heard a young minister in the making to be mentored by myself youve heard him read scripture and another grandson pre-ministerial at Biola not necessarily successor God has planned this church not just around one man and wife hope to be here into my 90s [[applause]]] phenomenal first you started the Institute for Successful Church leadership ... minister Bill Hybells now largest willow Creek... ... then the guy today phenomenon Saddleback blown away hes now blessing millions Seoul Korea, Bishop Lake current issue of Time Magic Johnson celebrities from the black world top of that television ministry you prayed made decision to go for it Russian German Dutch English Arabic leading ... future literally ...the world... 1024 am 49 years ago this morning Big need more commit to excellence architecture Rich dont need money keep windows clear flowers planted need to build foundation to endow TN now demanding cash campaign to raise 100 million 7 figures wills & estates some of you will save more $ double contributions shape the future gospel more than ever before special Sunday raise 5 million all receive Crystal Cathedral Today not when come in so not read it during service year from September 26 2004 thats 2005 need revenue more than ever before phenomenal 1027 am instead of holding taking 1st 2 million cash gift frank freed & wife Evenly finishing the theatre in the building... didnt have enough cash construction in next 30 days for all our your people come to visit see.hear inspiration movies well how to raise 5 million or more a year from September

26Theyre idea teaching of the talents give you money take it a year from September 26 ? committee give away half million to be returned on the 50th anniversary been a road 800 people pledged 5000 how play to pay $8000 if give $83.75 per month for 12 months. For 5 years thats exactly 5000 is that why God allowed never both to count 52 times 12 greatest thing is houses of power replace Drive[something] Repairs for Tower your church your ministry talents as well done good young people old people stand before Jesus give account return it manifold not say well done wealthy poor powerful but good and faithful servant enter into joy of the Lord pick up newspaper and Howard Kelly read in paper tomorrow Schulers giving away to people of God to faithful here large . Real youre going to raise all $$ Holy cow among them what dream would you have if SB gave you started with very little except prayer God faithful multiplying them God loves you so do I lets pray among future for this church worship thank you for people who made this ministry what it is giving us nothing go for a dream even when know its not possible whom much is given more go to work in minds brains lemonade stand get a job young old rich poor multiply opportunities amen praise for the morning praise for the evening 3.28.04? Welcome today my Son I en living life at its best Lee Strobel one of the greatest ... Symphony choir never been a choir that compares except the one in Iowa that I sang in He knew loss of loved one and Im thinking of you power peace through tears God are live religion in ... our nature God came in Jesus Christ power peace hymns blessed be the day of the Lord blessed be the day of the Lord 938 am Blessed be the day of the Lord blessed be the day of the Lord please be seated Scripture reading share beauty wonder grandeur hear these words in preparation for the message I love you, my shield my salvation stronghold will call for God... He is a shield for who is God except love Rock except God feet like deer me in high places your enlarged my path my feet do not slip the Lord lives blessed be my rock these words penetrate strength of God...minisacks Nicholson,, Dale Crown, David Ons Hawaiian BBQ , Ricky JJ Pasadena Mike Whole Foods Tustin Clerk NO3 Canoga Park . Cesar Juice it up... Fabian U. Pollo Loco GARDEN GROVE, Gabriel Mobil Pasadena, Stephanie Office Max Pasadena, AGPSW! Robert A. Schuller a lot of music for a high school choir .....few moments morning tithes small portion give a few people moving 20 dollar bills 100 dollar bills good sign of your faith Oscar madriga ... Billie Harris Dma Dr. Nicholson, Eagles Club Members seen this yet? our sparrows club see water flow through it recognize our sparrow members a few planning on becoming a stand ... up also group from Holland the freedom gospel Choir performing this evening there they are thank you for coming God bless you moment of prayer privilege to give back express faith share love of Jesus Christ now we love you Lord Amen boom boom horses ride down aisle how many churches can you see a horse ride down the aisle... Jamison Price a centurion a Roman captain what role? To tell Christs story need the other half ...the mean one 714 54 glory your betrayal not as graphic as the movie but a little less blood more of a family show. This goose a ...God bless you [good night oops?]show starts this Friday still tickets available get them today this morning for Friday night the

passion and glorious resurrection must see dont miss it Carrie God loves you so do we good morning ladies do you believe in miracles one for all of you womens ministry Easter brunch special guest Carol Aspling great meal fellowship claim your miracle claim ticket at box office Crystal Cathedral Academy ...secret garden... tell all about it Grace Edmundsen come to my garden SPIRIT letter named specific names watch and see Come to my garden Come applause Crystal Cathedral high school secret garden purchase tickets here. [the ripple effect] contact Crystal Cathedral academy thank you Gracie and p o on piano Brett Judson... organ here. Who played the organ here .[a few weeks ago] pleasure welcome soloist last night arrowhead pond with Gaither Vocal band numerous awards CD David Phelps 952 am Mike security at Crystal Cathedral... w[[was that planned you think? Maybe I should close the door anytime Im in there? Yes shut the door God will take care of you get it our ye on the sparrow. No place nothing he wont do what does that song mean to gather in room for all ... ... ready to worship some heavy burden whatever it is Gods ready to take care of it youre a firm believer. Groups we call houses of power houses of power we are very excited growing emotionally Spiritually our group saw it matinee at 4 pm the incredible film wanted to pool helpful to study guide by Strobel experience the passion of others going to see the movie how to incorporate other Qs excited to Introduce... Strobel B A Case for Christ best selling God loves you so do we seen the film last fall at Mel Gibsons studio studied evidence for Jesus head knowledge data took to experiential level help others to experience . it Gibson showed film to nonChristian who went out and read all four gospels in one setting looking for answer I wanted to help as former atheist your houses of power... who killed what crime was this realistic resurrection create environment express opinion opportunity to dedicate lives to Jesus Christ ... yes to receive Jesus as forgive how happen to you journalism and law what kind of jerk skeptic wife agnostic friend took her to church thought it would end the marriage then I went to church still atheist but if true the tremendous implications ... Book Case for Creator scientific evidence...saw more passion of Christ Brutal witnesses last 12 hours condensed to 2 hours still first century weve lost touch with Jesus flogged what that meant what beatings were like may have been less than what Jesus experienced why did Jesus allow it what motivate ? love one word substitute if we can keep that in mind. Thank you Lee God loves you so do we [applause] if interesting in getting a copy of the book buy book at website Hour of Power org experience the passion of Jesus Christ love of Jesus Christ visitors center pick up copy of book hope table or existing hop Start here always ...24 hours day sue this int. again lots of things available on website honored great virtuous professor at UCLA brass yens letterman 1006 am [playing horn?] left wheat pennies for Jim and picture of rafting and evangelizing praying for Henry Peterrier et. Al. nice to meet you said Mike] a brass quartet applause jazz... or Joshua jazz youre terrific not really my taste in music but its fabulous great piece of work come her ... lieutenant colonel remember her still doing a little work for the pentagon still so devoted latest employee in logistics. Does she look great? I love this sparrow amazing the talent we have recognize my eyes o n sparrow saw you sitting there this belongs to you Capt Alison sparrow girls Alison was one of those girls singing thank you note stand up Capt. get a good shot of you stay standing I

know you work her shes a guest God loves you so do I continue series of messages 9 words impact your mind positive personality creativity.gentleness. so proud to have great choir found out too late to have this a morning service leading show in Holland 9-10 am... speaking Dutch do you have a director stand up applause sing us a song applause 10:12 am year say us a song ... ahead sing a song acapello I never pull fast ones on people wow! Theyre not sin...singing I think theyre praying ... were on every Sunday 9-10 am wow Impromptu wow How the Holy Spirit works in peoples lives Mike the security guard, live ... verse long before St. Paul Gal 5.2 fruitful creative productive love joy peace patience, kindness ... of self-control my ... is gentles and the last one self control water life ... architects said you got to have water... feed it... tranquility or tidal wow sun ... positive or negative ocean lapping waves or tidal waves landscapes 48 years ago only tranquil landscaping no sharp thorny plants prickly eucalyptus Italian cypress juniper gentle or harsh mean both most of history of religion a lot of history comes across not very gently come to know today recover capacity for gentleness at words language politicians debating. Where is the ____________? Gentleness? Positive communication v is without being men word look touch words can be harsh touch abrasive help ... Christian faith around the world values common to intelligent civilized reminder when I awoke up surgery blood vessel broke brain close to drowning wife Amsterdam Ho Spiritual could not talk write speak outside window a sparrow God used a sparrow nurse saved my life in Amsterdam Nurse didnt say anything just stroked my forehead... healing look ... transcends language... a smile mother Theresa gentle breaking a learn from me what a positive statement I cant say that very non-humble learn from me and I gentle gentleness known to all Christians...gentle look ward touch convert reading Bible enjoyed question also history student my question when did Christians become so different from Jews. Gentleness we need it oh may dramatic power money unity educators passion of Christ he was Gentle sacrificial no they didnt kill Him Jesus more powerful than any religion that relies on power brutality gentleness greatest weapon in the world. Dr. Jaborsky then because a believer most different part of mental ho Spiritual h he was on call guy is wild loose he looked in huge naked man with parts of door frame you gotta go in there slowly opened the door man Im the doc I gotta go o in there meet w you Im scared dont want to come in are you scared too?. man dropped the wood tears flowed from eye learned opposite of hate is absence of fear, opposite of love is fear very profound people angry not gentle insecure how do we get gentleness not a natural quality its a Spiritual gift religion started in primitive cultures because of fear nature frightened them so they created God in history of Abraham because 1st ethical monotheist then morality to highest level in ...from Book to heart rules to personality religion is not a truth it is a person take my yoke learn from me I am gentle and lowly of heart He was gentle wants t you to because gentle... not intimidated ... lord blessings lab or kind no tears sunset dawning and then he left [[morning has broken] onward ho here we go praise for ..... open up a whole new door the Canadians pastor sacks... how about. The Crystal Cathedral director use that to communicate His name is Henry Peterrier... then he sent out all the pastor sacks from Canada letter to Henry Baron from SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO. Alright okay good w progress ho all of these have the ministry e-mail Susie of MS ministries Jesus now 2004

how about M.S. Ministries or mustard seed wheat pennies pound of Jesus now wow Jesus now 2004 at they made TT1 feel ... ashamed of excellence they use TT1 albeit he used them Mouw Mouw Senior care letter plus ,...raft, evangelist picture ... to Brian Kok DeKam Dorcy MARTHA VAN GENDEREN, Spee Zwaanstra G&S, J&K, A&C, S&K minus picture to J&L (TT1) plus payment to AAA, fromPAS PO at 432... Love Ms. Vandrvalk touched my shoulder lightly L

4.11.04 EASTER?? 310 am Easter Morning... leave Easter. Cookie basket at FS... Easter Mr. Kok nice to see you ...havent seen you in a while Security guard Happy Easter 603 am Left the new revised copy of On Any Given Sunday For TT1 peeked inside got a shot of granger ranger the stranger... aha! And the flowers I left a Easter Basket ...TULIPS...Dutch Syrup Cookies and did the morning news as well as the morning message good! All just in time for return from Holland . 609 am who was that guard? Lots of people here. I hear organ music whos playing what are they playing? Organ radio on... theyre putting cones up a prelude Avella Schuller Corillion Hazel Wright Organ He is Risen? Happy Easter Robert A. Schuller HE is Risen Indeed... Statement crowning glory of the church say these words corresponding quite a . Transformation often Glory of Easter... volunteers can ad get up my brothers in laws .came in to help set up and then they go to bed... sunrise service... thing as day let us rejoice heavenly father, thank you are alive today in hearts and minds coming into our life today we love you ...amen... Christ is Arisen... (F. Von Christienson L. Van Beethoven 1971 Hymn Society of . Lic No. 2376) 620 am Cathedral Chorale, Gatlin Bros. Jesus Lindemann (Trumpet)... DeVon Guthrie wow! Please be seated Robbie on this glorious Easter Morning after Sabbath Mary Magdalene other ... Mary came to see the tombrolled back the stone do not be afraid I know you seek Jesus ... He is Risen then you will see Him death where is they sting. Grace where is thy victory thanks be God blessing... Carillion choir Allelujah... allelujah and organ what exactly is a carillion Hallelujah Hallelujah a chorus of voices Hallelujah... ... welcome all of you beautiful... Beautiful Easter anthem alarm clock , church not meant to be held so early then I found out Johnny Carl had been here since 4 a.m Don Nuen (oops) Glad I dont have allergies many guests across country and around world visitors in arboretum receive a gift I have no idea departures east .west gates. Invite next week bring family be involved in Crystal Cathedral ...anyways thank you money passport photo your gift means something pay o what if you feel like giving so thank you sacrifices for us died on good Friday Rose again on Sunday bless amen continue Easter celebration fabulous trumpeter Yen Lindemann (alright) 630 security right there... reading a book of some sort younger fellow with glasses trumpet up from the grave he arose... reading allelujah...allelujah allelujah 632 am Security guard who was that? Trumpeter no les closer applause Its Easter Please be seated opportunity to hear ...$50,000 scholarship 15 years old or 18? Devon Guthrie... thank you We knew hew as ... who watched life ebbed

away took him down to the tomb wrapped... I know How you feel His death was so real . hear what I say Ive just seen Jesus I tell you His the IM just seen Jesus I knew Ive just seen Jesus never be the same again ! His voice we first heard those kind first words said in despair Ive just seen Jesus Ive just seen Jesus by ... I knew Ive just seen Jesusthe sun has Risen one of those cloudy morning you just like this anybody before the Sun they came to the up went to the Tomb amazing thing ever seen one of those stones... so early not possible to move personally tried... Holy Land Numerous times[ been there] exact same stones not a large one covered the entrance to the tomb about that wide... like a wheel very young 20s long time ago just lazy actually gave it everything didnt come close to budging... take 2 or 3 very strong men regardless of shape cant get those things to move but they went to the tomb in faith... the man you seek is not here... He is risen... we come here seeking Christ seeking Jesus have stones to move maybe stone of sins that doesnt keep us separated from God... gentleman they about sin wont be happy in heaven if enjoy sinning you wont want to be in heaven God wont put you where you dont want to be... Good . Of Easter God rolls the stone away active love gentleman on his first date... snuggled up to gal... to kiss her may I kiss you... may I kiss you ? shy doesnt say anything are you deaf? are you paralyzed. ? God a God of action? God comes and rolls the stones away today stone of sin that keeps us from God roll that stone of sin away might be stone of that keeps us from the love of God angel to woman tell disciples and peter ...isnt one of the disciples anymore stop and say thats right.only a few days ago Peter denied Jesus (x3) why Fear to He witnessed Christ being crucified Horrible sight to see anything put fear in you that will because of that Fear He denied Jesus God rolls away the stone of fear...tell the disciples especially tell Peter the stones will be rolled away sin cleansed overcome disbelief becomes belief some come today with stone of unbelief blessed is He who has not seen me... and yet Believes we have not seen Jesus not visually ... touched Him we have read the accounts the exams . the re-exams know the tomb is empty the stone of unbelief is moved by God experiences joy & goodness of Gods love tomb rolled away Gods incredible love new life joy peace goodness fear came knocking faith in God answered Faith wipes out fear... Ignites us and incredible peace of God rolls away stone that holds you back from being the Person God called you to be beauty wonder grandeur glory of God stones of my life are too big I cannot move then roll away the stones. I give you control of my life... today came into my life right now I believe in you Jesus in my heart today chase me remove fear create a new faith love you Jesus amen Easter regeneration rebirth renew love you Jesus amen Carillion He is Risen! And Now may the Blessing of Easter continue to fill your hearts minds and love of Christ today, tomorrow forever Happy Easter. ... SACKS: Norma at El Pollo Loco, Dushan at Chevron, Heather at Sport Chalet, Ricky at JJ. Pasadena Pastor Sacks Salmon Arm BECAUSE, St. Catharines Ontario (x3) Saskatoon, SK, Strathroy, ON, Richmond, BECAUSE (x2) Richmond Hill, ON, Sarnia, ON (x2) St. Thomas, ON. ... 1st Drop at 757 am from SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO... 3 more at 805 am from CBECAUSE plus Heather (Sport chalet), Rickey (JJ) DushanChevron... re. Noitabrutsam (Its Possible: You Can Live Without It!) to 1) T. Peters (Mandeville)...2) Kornhorn 3) VanOen 4) A. Kok 5) S. Brinks, 6) TT1) 7) DJ, 8) Kevin V. 6 of 8 944 am from NORCO... [Worship Site

Catch Up from Laura Slessinger Service] will be Holy... fn even common things become Holy when they are sued for Gods service. End Zechariah 921 am may we feel your presence the warmth of 938 am in preparation for sermon reading Ps 37 one of the best loved Psalms David is puzzled by wickedness if ... how could be God of love advice be God trust God dont worry trust... The Lord ...and do-good dwell in the land delight yourself emotional . Leader in respect a professional as in academia care & kindness conference how to be more caring kindness... youth auction coming up... the rounding the corner this morning 3 weeks Hosted by very own ed Arnold find out more re... how long... youth ministry Jr. High kids bike ride art branch lucky theologically dumb word blessed proper care and feeding of fat husbands feed food my grammar is better than that why the book? Our culture has robbed women unisex sibling rivalry d... marriage ... up didnt have to be am I the mood hostility negative side of feminist movementlost sensitivity nurturing 1000s of letters from me you so dependent up on us emotionally for approval affection not just dragon dont feed them they starve most surprising they you learned marital intimacy men are very sexually oriented re men about acceptance bonding sensitivity not in mood ...its emotional not psychological not just physical will that be true around the glove naturally inherent things about us are they been say did I win?. I didnt choose the winners attitude and people religious thinking or compass. Giving sense level 2 people one p... Dr. Laura. Hows your marriage sold one house well be homeless Im blessed I got lucky work on it you sure are blessed God loves you so do I thank you Laura Dr. Laura WB autograph book offers ... website re ho ... welcome Plus One [theres L. Wilkes]give yourself and feel create love... its so easy...its so quiet everyones so ... loud take time be love cause be love breath it out see how things can turn inside you see getting all love cause its a need love f give yourself given yourself away take time be love

3.28.04Missing? Lee Strobel? 4.4.04Missing----I was in the Netherlands 4.11.04Missing? No this was Easter and ALL God's People Said Wow!. Experience the reality of the Holy Spirit... Christ say God loves you so do I! This morning Father and I series of messages stories from Jesus lessons we can learn my Son with me Rob Schuller III ...pleasure to have a fabulous guest, incredible man documentary Jodi.wonderful guest... gentleman you heard sing Dan McGrew. Don Nuen . C. Pardini. JohnnyCarl not here morning off. Big day last week . God we thank you Holy Spirit to touch human hearts Hope Realize. God of new beginnings realization of what we can do through your Son Jesus Christ when you HS to work we love you praise your name Amen...power of Jesus name though you have not.seen God you love Him

[[this is Robbie speaking] inexpressible and glorious joy may God add His blessing Dan McGrew... Hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven give us this day ... for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever and ever amen (937 am, 942 am applause 13 seconds)) wow great job.thank you gorgeous day pulpit in different place those who my name is Robbie Schuller announcement guy this morning alright well what a glorious day ... gifts, tithes... offerings wallets checkbookswhen baskets come by ... thank you for choosing this church to celebrate International Center for Possibility thinking reception ... been here couple times...April 26 Pastors thats todaythis Im really excited about... talk re 50th anniversary Grandpa Schuller ... [[you probably thought he was just] framing itjoking around over 49 years...millions given to this ministry 1st 50 years... remarkable hope next 50 more remarkable endowment future hope offering in excess of 5 million going to give $ to you to invest start business expand business ...lemonade ...garage sale $400-500 if adult. ...a little less if a child... invest and bring it hope to challenge your achieve dreams change way you view your life step out of your box ...come up with creative idea. ...something nobodies done before... [Howard Kelly?] before ushers come forward pray ...thank you Father here for purpose...bless offering gift. Well Bill Gaultiere. JNEW Hope Director... here to talk to you [sort of a waning voice] thank you Robbie a week ago a young gal student from an England College in despair... went to the Internet and typed suicide ...and she was led to our 714 new hope hotline... new volunteer Deb took the call... says... crisis intervention...emergency light supervisor came over yes you can well teach you how most people who calla re just lonely hurting need caring heart... you can do this amazed how blessed youll feel new hope training Tuesday night May 4 Bulletin back page there the information a[Robbie again] ...mens conference pastor to the president Kerbie John Caldwell and exciting experience well see you at the mens conference like to share with you joy cathedral choir taking tour of Holland & Germany... 20 favorite anthems fall concert for you in preparation for tour $15.00 not much about twice what a movie costs... Dan Mulder , Dutch Pianist see you Saturday night tour concert George Bevee Carmen Mindy Kim soloist operatic style treat text in Latin Emphasizes a crucifix and resurrection to our LJC (LORD Jesus Christ)...Lam of God taketh away sins have mercy grant us peace repent have mercy on us reinforcing general through Christ gave supreme sacrifice perfect peace passeth all understanding... thank you choir ...don 953 am many of you have seen the Passion breaks records approaching half billion terrific surpassed Lord of Rings Closing in on Jurassic park.question: impact our lives. Significance ...questions asked by award-winning producer...project to find out if this movie changed lives: Miracle of the PassionJUMBOTRON one of these calls you dont want to get... dad I need you ...whats wrong _______ drowned in shower w...without oxygen no color to body no paramedic wants to get... scary stuff child looked really gray poor initial impression this was in the pack of Satan you are not going to steal my daughter CPR ... was part of the miracle...begin to have visions of______________ scene so vivid in my mind His Stripes Satan trying to steal our peacekill every dream aspirationtrying to utterly destroy us the flogging scene by His Stripes I knew that Jesus had already healed her...she came back

didnt approve... ... capable hands people praying daddy loves you kissed her on the cheek had little girl back [applause] please welcome Jodi Eldrich God loves you so do we ... a lot of documentary 20.20, Dateline, 60 Minutes...mainline [oops...I think he means mainstream] now a miracle of passion why? Something that really matters for eternity... special saw the film a month before release millions would be impacted lives changed forever...encouraged to see the film...How find? Many internet sites month ago already 70,000 stories... change in life because of the movie...lets go find these people very current ...there will be many more to come...we witnessed the one story baby boy ... to share with us which of children ... loved story... he murdered his girlfriend ... ruled suicide... God worked in his heart. Turned himself in... in Texas where they execute people for such things . wanted to be a new man. altercation broke jaw of boss... 7 months later. Man with Jaw broken sees the other guy in the theatre at the Passion... ask for forgiveness stories keep coming wonderful church church... ... Church on the Way ...Jack Hayford... pastor ... Jack appearing briefly based on history actual things happened Raised in Christian home since little kidchallenge... good church hard to be in entertainment business everything pulling you away from God...keeps you grounded inspired to create this film glad you ask time 20.20 on Trinity B.N. next few days know ... about God.truth, changed lives miracles of give to hear about stories to encourage people to see the film, be changed when you... stop to look at #1 thing to see is the incredible price that Jesus paid ...Saving Private Ryan...incredible price Americans paid, this is for al the earth for me for ... free gift freely given without being preachy believe it ... by Truth life transforming event... not something you see. You experience Gibson too says God is in it... not the great filmmaking ...Jodi thank you for what youve done miracle [applause] 10:11 am ...Oh God you' re my God and I will follow you all of my days. Step by Step Follow you all of my Days please be seated. Parables will attract a listener ... ...reasons Jesus shared I will incline my ear to a parable incline your ear to this parable Jesus go in boat large crowd farmer went out to sow seed ...birds ate ... rocky places shallow places no roots ...thorns good soil 160 or 30 times sower has ears let him hear... parable Jesus shares of sower How God wants to penetrate our hearts and minds Jesus shares parable only parable he actually explains message kingdom evil are snatches away seeds path... rockyhear Word receive with Joy no root ...trouble persecution quickly falls away...thornchokes man making unfruitful... one receive ... good soil 160, 30 times what sown parable of sower parable begins with farmer scattering seed it falls on path how create path some before place where... feet for centuries love to hike Hawaii once in a while practically get lost also luscious place in entire world ...things not growing because people walk on it soil hardened compressed continue to compress first place seed goes on hardened heart people who hear but dont understand people have walked on them felt used put down belittled become hardened not about to open heart. Good news. Cant believe it good today if you feel your life is on such a path so hardened the. Holy Spirit is alive cultivating and sowing softening hears healing ... wholeness wellness. My uncle farmed a farm my father was raised on my uncle stretcher-bearer stayed there all thirty years ... visited us... once then finds is the city p[lowed roads pathway crops growing fields of corn good news Re Holy Spirit of

God... even o the hardened place create healing creates hope easier to become productive than it is if you are soil on rock 2nd rocky places those who hear ...under ... nice and soft deep in heart, sin abuse, difficulty not death with put on happy face look good clothes ...seed sows prospers any negativity... say I knew it golf country club seen beautiful green course all greens died weve got temporary greens ... enough taken all soil out three feet deep they had cut the sides excavated dirt haul dirt all away so it wont die again need perfect mix of sand all lingo making sure absolutely perfect beautiful what do you mean? Looks great... have to measure the roots...not until 18 inches deep not until...right now about 14 inches deep couple more months when they sink productive healthy parable all about being persons God called you to be say I accept the message Lord is my my dad wont threw idea away be impossible respond in positive light seed on path hear cannot understand other or shall receive trouble flee. Seed on good ... but weeds choke healthy plants die person hears understands but no strength to persevere. Young man responds to take care of lawn ...parents waited. Exotic lawn. doesnt look like lawn at all ...Diachondra...sure was killing us... not supposed to mow it...they made me mow it anyways... meticulously...maintain it, fertilize ...first planted disaster every shoot a weed pulling weeds one by one... have painstaking ...meticulous finished weekend came up again fertilizer ... for diachondra lawns will strengthen the diachondra overtake the weeds, and we did a few here and there made sure I pulled them... the Devils grass any gardeners here ...Americas Biggest hoppy... Americas sick... devils grass the worst also known as Bermuda grass. Chocked out diachondra lawn.meticulously pull those out dark grass Jesus described in parables weeds are worries couldnt possibly do that...what if... ?P if instead of focusing on what God called us to do we focus on what is going to make us money . .God did not create us to have big accounts 2 or 34 solo business these businesses for pennies full time ministry preparing message sermons opened drawers of outline desk fall of author have over 1000 outlined sermons. Thats my bank account...not a # not B of A or Merchant... what Ive done that God called me to do wow of God sown for us did you God called to do ... seed today... hardened heart o falls on soil... fun things ...more fun things to do dont have perseverance seed planted taking root overcomes... all challenges and they produce 100 fold dont know about you but thats a lot 10:36 am 20% return happy? 100% return happy? How about 100 fold. ...thats 10,000% . return... do you realize that. this is what happens when we have belief & understanding yes Lord Im calling you... yes lord no greater greater one would offer return of 10,000% ... but God does the beauty promises of Gods word come to lift you up to help you understand realize incredible sacrifice... ...he who dies with the most toys wins... ... funniest thing thing He who dies with the most toys is dead, promises of Jesus Christ is that we will live forever more message all about life... we have an incredible opportunity ...privilege to invest to go and ask Qs about whats going on with 5, 000,000 Sunday Arboretumask questions take challenges plant seed God create harvest takes it loses it its his other . Tremendous first harvest still his ask Qs thats a story I want to do a documentary on that Sunday (said Jodi)_... put God to the test...see what happens 10:40 am matter of soil hardened shallow weedy or fruitful ... this church will prove how fruitful the bounty is... pray God incredible

things ... hearts soils present with a reality more oh it for you strengthen with ... floods will ...renew your Holy Spirit we cannot fail thank you after enough praise names 10:43 am pastor sacks ready to go... hallelujah amen... and now may the Lord bless you keep you ... gracious ...lying down rising up labor leisure laughter tears stand before Jesus LPS (When the sun is up my top comes down)) thank accidents to me...completed the morning message...minisacks Clerk Orange, Aliciawhole foods (Pasadena)... Stephanie (J. Juice, Encino), Supervisor (Baluka, RSM), BettyWebstersKayMain Office (Portola MS-)) Holy Bible Drop at 245 pm

4.25.04.welcome to all the visitors a few announcements then to parts of world he didnt broadcast to dont have the dollars. Havent touched South America our goal to bring the ministry to all corners of the globe excited about 5 million dollar Sunday o on the front cover put up glasses on if you have the faith I have the power we are going to give away $ ...just said we need money ...return 100 fold thats 10, 000 percent... 5 million dollar Sunday September 26giving the money away... then September 26. 2005 well take an offering for $5,000000 go to arboretum offertory prayer we thank you good gracious miraculous God power to create universe heal family broken hearts transform human lives and we take control finances 10th small portion use this gift. To spread the glory of your name we love you Lord amen lives count give up a few hours to change lives how many have done that Bet Im talking to ne