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3-D Dog
MATERIALS: 90 Lb, water color paper, 11"x14" Mat board, Tracing paper, Paper Craft Glue, X acto !nife wit" #1$ or #1% blade&, 'elf (ealing cutting board, 1)4" t"ic! &t*rofoa+ +at board ,get pre cut &+all &i-e., Twee-er,

/+bo&&ing Tool, 'ci&&or&0 PREPARING:

1igure 2 1igure 1 1igure $ 1igure 4 1igure 3 10 Print out 1igure 1,Color print will be "elpful. and 1igure $0 $0 4&ing a 5 or 5$ pencil, trace 1igure 1 and 1igure $ on t"e tracing paper including nu+ber&0 Tracing wit" a color pencil or color ballpoint pen on 1igure 1 will "elp to a&&a+ble t"e piece&0 20 1ace t"e penciled &ide down on 90 Lb0 water color paper0 'ecure wit" tape, rub down along t"e pencil line, u&ing a lig"t table or window pane ,1ig0 2.0 Ma!e &ure all t"e line& 6 nu+ber& are copied0 7ll t"e&e penciled &ide& will be t"e bac! &ide of t"e pupp*0 40 8n #9 6 #9, cop* t"e e*e& wit" pencil, t"en color t"e+ wit" water color and t"e no&e too ,1igure 4.0 30 :n&tead of u&ing &ci&&or&, cut out piece& wit" an X acto !nife0 ;ou will "a<e a pupp* te+plate to

reu&e ,1igure 3. EMBOSSING: 5lue color area on 1ig0 $ for be<eling, tri+ wit" &ci&&or& for "air ,1ig %.0/+bo&& bod* "air and crea&e& on t"e face0 To be<el, "old a piece down on &e<eral la*er& of nap!in& or folded felt0 Pre&& down along t"e edge on t"e penciled &ide ,1ig0

=. 1igure % 1igure = ASSEMBLE:

1igure 12 1igure 1$ 1igure 10 1igure 11 1igure 9 1igure 9 10 La* down t"e 5a&e

on t"e board, &ecure wit" &+all &i-e tape0 $0 La* down t"e traced 1ig0 1 rig"t &ide up, +atc"ing t"e 5a&e, &ecure wit" tape ,1igure 9.0 20 >ab glue on #$ 6 #2 w"ere t"e* o<erlap on t"e 5a&e ,1igure 9.0 40 >o t"e &a+e wit" #4, put on t"e 5a&e0 30 Cut 1)4" wide &trip& a& *our &pacer, cut 1)4" to 1)$" lengt"&0 %0 Put t"e &+all &i-e &pacer& on t"e feet ,1igure 11. wit" a dab of

pre&& down lig"tl* on t"e tracing paper0 90 >ab glue on #$0. 'ource? "ttp?))www0fal!enart0net)2> >og0"t+l . c"in wit" lip on t"e face0 90 Put &pacer on t"e face .1igure 13. #11..1igure 1$. glue on t"e &pacer. Make (*'e &ot to make too (ha'$ a $o &t. =0 1ollow t"i& order? #9 6 #9 on t"e ba&e.O-R O. Now /o* ha1e 2 % ""e'e&t ( 3e( o" em)o(( &g too#(.N TOOL: I *(e a& a#*m *m k& tt &g &ee%#e "o' m/ em)o(( &g too#.1igure 1%. #1$. put on t"e no&e. #13. I 'o##e% a 30w %e $a$e' towe# o& *&t # t "e#t com"o'ta)#e to ho#%. put on #190 >ab glue on #19 on #1=0 Put &pacer on t"e 5a&e . #14. #10 6 #12 .1igure 14. put down on *our +at board0 : li!e to u&e a colored bac!ground0 1igure 1% MA+E . after putting a dab of glue on t"e &pacer. glue t"i& .0 Glue #=a on #=. put t"e &pacer . -(e me% *m g'a%e (a&% $a$e'! '*) the &ee%#e o& (a&% $a$e' a#o&g the a&g#e o" a &ee%#e! wh #e t*'& &g the &ee%#e )etwee& the th*m) a&% "o'e" &ge'.1igure 12. on t"e bac!&ide of *our fini&"ed pupp*.glue0 1igure14 1igure 13 * Each t me! "# $ %ow& the t'ac &g $a$e' to check "o' $'o$e' $o( t o& )e"o'e $'e(( &g %ow& a g#*e% $ ece. put ear& on it0 100 7t la&t. +a!e &ure to get it in t"e rig"t po&ition0 1lip down t"e tracing paper a& a guide0 8nce *ou get t"e po&ition rig"t..

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