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Teacher training worksheets- Classroom language Pictionary miming definitions game Worksheet 1- General school vocab version Whiteboard

Permanent marker Fountain pen Eraser/ rubber Door mat !eograph" Calculator Automatic pencil leads (E %' (eligious Education& $eadmaster/ $eadmistress/ $ead teacher (eceptionist Break time Christmas holida" End o# "ear tests Trainers %' Work in pairs Felt tip pen Paint brush Windo !"m bag Chemistr" $ome room Climbing #rame English )iterature Blackboard Dictionar" Da"s o## Easter holida" End o# term tests Tracksuit Desk Colouring pencil Pritt Stick Door handle !"m kit Ph"sics $ome room teacher Pla"ground English )anguage %School& librar" Enc"clopaedia $olida" Summer holida" Sports da" $ome ork Board pen Automatic pencil Tippex/ Whiteout Blinds School uni#orm Science %Class& monitor PE %' Ph"sical Education& Assembl" )ibrarian Chairs ith #laps A#ternoon o## (etakes !raduation ceremon" Assignment

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sneakers/ sports shoes& Essa" *ni0ersit" entrance test Stand in teacher/ co0er teacher Stor" time Continuous assessment 1$P Sellotape Corporal punishment School report Pro2ector Cra"ons Cram school Permanent record BA/ BSc/ Bachelor3s degree Finger painting State school

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Teacher training worksheets- Classroom language Pictionary miming definitions game Worksheet 2- TE ! "argon version 4oun State 0erb Present continuous/ present progressi0e Ad2ecti0e 8uestion mark 8uotation marks 9nterlocutor Simple past Third conditional Summar" PPP %Presentation; Practice; Production& Deducti0e Tag 6uestion Sentence stress 5erb Ad0erb o# #re6uenc" Present Simple Article Comma Speech marks Past continuous :ero conditional 7ixed conditionals A)T %Assistant )anguage Teacher& STT %Student Talking Time& 9nducti0e Short ans ers 9ntonation Ad0erb 7odal 0erb Passi0e 0oice Determiner Semi colon Paragraph Past per#ect First conditional 5erb patterns TP( %Total Ph"sical (esponse& TTT %Teacher talking time& (eported speech Wh< 6uestion !enre Action 0erb Auxiliar" 0erb Acti0e 0oice Con2unction Colon Topic sentence Present per#ect continuous Second conditional Collocations The Disco0er" Approach TTT %Test Teach Test& Direct speech Word stress False #riends

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7inimal pairs Pre#ix Comprehension 6uestions Flashcards Picture di##erence Ans er ke" T1E9C Consonant Connected speech Pronouns

Phonemic s"mbol Su##ix 9nstruction checking 6uestions (ealia (olepla" Tapescript T1EF) Consonant cluster 5ocab Possessi0e pronouns Plan Extreme ad2ecti0e *ncountable noun De#ining relati0e clause Preposition o# position

Phonemic chart Pair ork 7ultiple choice !raded readers Textbook )e0el test 9E)TS Tongue t ister Abbre0iations Future continuous

Silent letter !roup ork Clo=e %similar to >gap #ill?& 9n#ormation gap Workbook SAC %Sel#<Access Centre& 5o el $andout Acron"ms Future per#ect

Prediction Comparati0e %ad2ecti0e& Countable noun (elati0e clause Preposition o# time

Arrangement Superlati0e 8uestion #orm 4on<de#ining relati0e clause Preposition o# mo0ement

9n progress Word order 4egati0e (elati0e pronoun Contractions

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9n#initi0e % ith to& 1b2ect *nstressed #orm (eported 6uestion Full stop 9rregular 0erb

Bare in#initi0e 7ain 0erb <ing #orm Direct speech (egular 0erb 7odals o# possibilit" and probabilit" )ong 0o el *n0oiced sound Error correction

S51 Content ords !erund Past participle (e6uests 7odals o# obligation Short 0o el 5oice box Complaints

%!rammatical& sub2ect !rammar ords (eported speech Exclamation mark 9mperati0es 7odals o# abilit"

Capital letter 5oiced sound !rammar auction

Diphthong Phrasal 0erb S"llable

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Teacher training worksheets- Classroom language Pictionary miming definitions game #nstructions Course participants can use mime, drawing and/ or explanations until the people in their group guess which one they are thinking of. They cant say any of the words in the box or other forms of them. For example, for modals of obligation they cant say modal , mode , obligation or oblige . !hen they ha"e done a few, discuss which ones are best explained using drawings and mimes, whether you can use this game or "ariations on it with students, and how they would explain it. This is best done after you ha"e separate sessions on using pictures and gestures in class, for example as re"ision towards the end of the teacher training course.

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