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CS x / Wln 7 on P uvx avlllon LapLops - 1 reparaLlon" - by MammoLh - v2.

01 - Aptll 2, 2011 1
Welcome Lo Lhe offlclal release of verslon 2.00 of Lhe MammoLh CS x lnsLallaLlon meLhod for P avlllon uvx
serles lapLops (and oLhers where compaLlble)!
lf Lhls ls your flrsL Llme uslng a MammoLh meLhod Lo lnsLall CS x on your machlne, and lL's compaLlble, Lhen
Lhls should be a very easy and smooLh process, so long as you follow Lhese guldes closely. ?ou wlll be up and
runnlng CS x on your machlne [usL as lf lL were an acLual Mac (or vL8? close)! lor Lhls Lo be posslble, you musL
have a uSu1.aml flle properly conflgured for your model. lf you don'L have one, and one ls noL currenLly
avallable, we wlll work wlLh you ln Lhe Lhread Lo creaLe one for your machlne, and add lL Lo our uSu1 llbrary.
lor Lhose of you who used a prevlous verslon of Lhe MammoLh meLhod, Lhls ls a quanLum leap forward! lf you
LhoughL Lhe oLher guldes were easy, verslon 2.00 ls SC much easler, and Lhe resulLs are awesome!
When l flrsL goL my P uv8L-1100, Lhere were no compleLe, comprehenslve guldes for me Lo follow, so l began
creaLlng my own. lor Lhe new people, we couldn'L even geL CS x Lo run aL flrsL, because Lhe 8lCS ln our
machlnes ls non-sLandard. 8uL Lhanks Lo a loL of really smarL, nlce, helpful people, we were able Lo work
LogeLher Lo creaLe whaL has now been complled here lnLo Lhese new v2.00 guldes.
8ooL Cus are now a Lhlng of Lhe pasL! 1hey have been replaced by MammoLh (Machlne) lnsLallaLlon lmage
llles" (Mllls), whlch we wlll use Lo creaLe uS8 based MammoLh (Machlne) lnsLallaLlon lmage uevlces"
(Mllus), Lo be used as our lnsLallaLlon medla, such as a uS8 flash drlve or exLernal uS8 hard drlve. 1hls ls how
we make all of Lhls posslble! 1he Mac CS x lnsLall uvu" wlll also be converLed lnLo a devlce, an x lnsLall
lmage uevlce" (xllu, pronounced Zllu").
Crlglnally, Lhls release was golng Lo be v1.20, however Lhere have been such masslve developmenLs and
lmprovemenLs LhaL Lhe enLlre lnsLall process ls a compleLe revamp from all prevlous lnsLallaLlons. So lL really
warranLed Lhe full verslon [ump Lo v2.00.
1hls belng sald, Lhere won'L be an updaLe Culde from v1.10 Lo v2.00 as Lhere have been Loo many changes. So
lL's noL reasonably posslble Lo provlde an updaLe paLh. So Lhls wlll requlre a clean lnsLall (buL wlll be well worLh
lL). , ) 1he good news ls LhaL from Lhls polnL forward, updaLes WlLL be posslble as Lhls ls a very solld, accuraLe,
and flexlble lnsLallaLlon plaLform. Cnce you geL used Lo lL, l'm qulLe cerLaln everyone wlll love v2.00!
Cff|c|a| Mammoth Method Insta||at|on thread on Insane|yMac: (lleose cteote o bookmotk fot tbe offlclol slte oow.)
CS x / Wln 7 on P uvx avlllon LapLops - 1 reparaLlon" - by MammoLh - v2.01 - Aptll 02, 2011 2
Hall of Famers
As prevlously menLloned, none of Lhls would have been posslble wlLhouL Lhe help of a loL of really LalenLed
people. l do my parL. 8uL my role really ls mosLly LhaL of an 8&u guy, CA 1esLer, 1echnlcal WrlLer, and flnally,
1ech SupporL. none of Lhls would be posslble wlLhouL Lhe real LalenL, Lhose who really know CS x and Llnux,
Lhe people capable of codlng and scrlpLlng, Lhe ones who acLually provlde us Lhe componenLs" or soluLlons Lo
all of our problems, Lhus conLlnually exLendlng our machlnes capablllLles and provldlng us wlLh more compleLe
lnsLallaLlons. Cf course, Lhere are also Lhe LesLers, Lhose who help make sure all of Lhls work produced acLually
does work, and who Lake Lhe Llme Lo communlcaLe Lhelr resulLs and share wlLh everyone.
lor Lhls v2.00 release, we had some real Mvs who sLepped up Lo help us ouL. 1apLun, MaLd0n, and nlxln are
Lhe rock sLars Lhls Llme around. 1apLun goL Lhe ball rolllng by flrsL complllng a 10.6.3 kernel for use on our
machlnes, fully 64-blL capable and has been 8CCk SCLlu from day 1. Awesome! More recenLly, he goL us our
10.6.7 kernel. 1hen MaLd0n creaLed scrlpLs Lo be used wlLh programs creaLed by Ll Conlgllo, Lo allow easy
creaLlon of cusLom uSu1s, a ma[or lnnovaLlon! 8uL LhaL wouldn'L have be enough for us, we sLlll needed
someone who really undersLood uSu1 and could creaLe Lhe cusLom P uvx edlLs we needed. 1hls ls where
nlxln came ln and has been able Lo use Ll Conlgllo's auLo-paLcher Lo creaLe our flrsL near perfecL" uSu1s!
uslng nlxln's uSu1s has glven us 1,000 polnL lncrease ln our Ceekbench scores! nlxln has also provlded us Lhe
ablllLy Lo paLch our P/lnSyd 8lCS Lo allow us Lo use any Wl-fl card we wanL. WCW! So Lhese amazlng guys
gave us Lhe foundaLlon needed Lo creaLe solld, near perfecL Pac machlnes ouL of our uvx lapLops, so once
agaln, Lhey are Lhe real heroes here. : )
1here are oLhers we should be Lhankful Lo also, llke Csly. Pe ls currenLly worklng on Lhe new baLLery soluLlon
we are uslng, allowlng us Lo geL rld of Lhe Lroublesome voodoo8aLLery we've had Lo llve wlLh up unLll now.
8efore we geL sLarLed, l musL acknowledge lnsanelyMac user 8lackCSx. l was forLunaLe Lo have found hls
Lhread and guldes on lnsanelyMac, whlch were worLh Lhelr welghL ln gold. uslng hls excellenL guldes, l was
able Lo seLup boLh of my ClgabyLe based deskLop Pacs successfully, and wlLhouL wanLlng Lo klll myself!
1he guldes l have creaLed here are heavlly based off of hls orlglnal work. lf lL were noL for hlm, Lhese guldes
and my meLhod would noL exlsL. lurLhermore, whlle l have done my besL Lo provlde quallLy documenLaLlon, l
also acknowledge my guldes wlll noL surpass Lhe quallLy and compeLency of hls. 1hank you 8lackCSx, you have
helped and lnsplred me, and now l am seeklng Lo do Lhe same for oLhers.
ln prevlous verslons, Lhere were oLhers who helped us geL Lo where we are Loday:
Mac Man 30, klzwan, kokomal, ?ehla Amer, Mucha, 8oea[a, 1apLun, lormlgaLor, kellls, Meow888, and a small
amounL from yours Lruly, MammoLh. 1here are oLhers who have helped as well, buL l Lhlnk l goL Lhe heavy
hlLLers". l apologlze lf l lefL anyone ouL, and lf so, leL me know, and Lhank ALL Cl ?Cu for your conLrlbuLlons!
uSu1: klzwan, 1apLun, Mac Man 30
kernel: kokomal, ?ehla Amer, Mucha, 8oea[a, Mac Man 30
Audlo: 1apLun, klzwan, lormlgaLor, 8lackCSx, Mac Man 30, MammoLh
Wlll: MammoLh, kellls
CS x / Wln 7 on P uvx avlllon LapLops - 1 reparaLlon" - by MammoLh - v2.01 - Aptll 02, 2011 3
lf you have never used a MammoLh gulde before, Lhen l wlll apologlze a blL now Lo Lhose of you who are
already famlllar wlLh CSx86 lnsLallaLlons. My approach ls Lo Lake Lhe Llme needed Lo explaln Lhlngs ln very
deLalled manner because l wanL Lhose who are [usL geLLlng sLarLed wlLh CSx86 and Pacs Lo be able Lo learn
and undersLand whaL's golng on. l wanL for Lhem Lo be successful Loo. So whlle Lhese guldes may be longer
Lhan oLher guldes you may have read, lL ls my deslre Lo provlde comprehenslve lnformaLlon LhaL boLh dlrecLs
and educaLes. Speaklng of LhaL, l would llke Lo menLlon LhaL l know some people spell lL Pack", buL l prefer Lo
drop Lhe k", Macs / Pacs, MaclnLosh / PaclnLosh). 1haL [usL looks beLLer Lo me. , )
Cne of Lhe goals of Lhese guldes ls Lo provlde a comprehenslve compllaLlon of everyone's work and flxes from
Lhe old lnsanelyMac forum found aL hLLp://
(lncase you weren'L aware of Lhls,). So, lf Lhe lnfo you need ls here, Lhen you won'L have Lo go Lhrough 100's of
posLs ln Lhe old Lhread Lo flnd whaL you were looklng for or Lo flgure ouL how Lo geL someLhlng worklng. So l
have Lrled Lo lnclude everyLhlng you should need ln Lhese new guldes, buL lf perhaps l mlssed someLhlng, you
can refer Lo Lhe old Lhread, as unforLunaLely l don'L have Llme Lo go Lhrough every posL, as l had wanLed Lo do.


1) Cnce compleLed, you wlll have been able Lo lnsLall and mulLl-booL up Lo 2 lnsLallaLlons of CS x (one as a
repalr parLlLlon), 1 lnsLallaLlon of Wlndows 7, an lnsLallaLlon of Chameleon (used for booLlng and runnlng CS x
and Wlndows7), all on a slngle lnLernal hard drlve.
2) 1he second lnsLallaLlon of CS x menLloned above wlll be used as a booLable repalr parLlLlon Lo help flx
serlous problems when Lhe prlmary CS x lnsLallaLlon has falled, or lL can be used Lo experlmenL wlLh new
sofLware and procedures raLher Lhan rlsk your prlmary CS x lnsLallaLlon.
3) Pave Chameleon lnsLalled on lLs own parLlLlon lnsLead of on an Lll parLlLlon, buL sLlll on Lhe same hard drlve
as CS x and Wlndows 7.

1he beneflLs Lo havlng Chameleon lnsLalled on lL's own parLlLlon are:
o cbomeleoo ls eoslly occesslble
o vety slmple to opJote
o Nevet ooy oeeJ to mess wltb petmlssloos Jltectly fot tbe cbomeleoo pottltloo
o vety eosy to oJJ / opJote u5u1 (ooJ otbet) flles
o uollke osloq tbe ll pottltloo, oevet o oeeJ to mooot / oo-mooot to moke cbooqes
o lleoty of oJJltloool Jlsk spoce to stote bockop coples / vetsloos of flles fot testloq, etc.

CS x / Wln 7 on P uvx avlllon LapLops - 1 reparaLlon" - by MammoLh - v2.01 - Aptll 02, 2011 4
Precautions and Disclaimers

1hese guldes were orlglnally wrlLLen for me, Lo be used by me. AnyLhlng conLalned ln any of my guldes ls for
lnformaLlonal purposes only. l am noL, and wlll noL be held responslble for any damages, problems, ln[urles, or
loss of any klnd LhaL may resulL from followlng any of Lhe lnformaLlon found ln Lhese guldes. l cannoL, and wlll
noL, guaranLee anyLhlng. l cannoL guaranLee anyLhlng covered ln Lhese guldes wlll work for you, or LhaL
damages wlll noL be lncurred as a resulL of aLLempLlng anyLhlng menLloned ln Lhese guldes. lf anyone follows
any lnformaLlon or procedures found ln Lhese guldes, Lhey do so aL Lhelr own dlscreLlon and Lhey alone
assume all responslblllLles. 1hese guldes have been wrlLLen ln Lngllsh. l am noL aL all responslble ln any way for
someone who uses Lhese guldes who does noL undersLand Lhem, elLher because Lhelr undersLandlng of
Lngllsh ls lnsufflclenL, or Lhey are readlng from some posslble LranslaLed verslon.
Laws can vary from place Lo place, so l cannoL, and wlll noL, be responslble for any laws or regulaLlons LhaL
may be broken as a resulL of followlng any lnformaLlon ln Lhese guldes. lollowlng procedures conLalned ln
Lhese guldes could vold Lhe warranLles of Lhose devlces menLloned and ouLllned ln procedures found ln Lhese
guldes. Agaln, proceedlng Lo follow lnformaLlon ln Lhese guldes ls done aL your own rlsk.

What are the Changes and Improvements?

lollowlng are [usL some of Lhe hlghllghLed lmprovemenLs of v2.00, noL a comprehenslve llsL by any means.
|atform Independent Mode|
Whlle Lhese guldes focus on P uvx serles lapLops, MammoLh MeLhod v2.00 can easlly be adapLed Lo be used
for any oLher machlnes.
Great|y Lxpanded Informat|on
revlous verslons conslsLed of [usL 4 core lnsLallaLlon guldes. verslon 2.00 has 11 guldes! Lach gulde has been
updaLed and rewrlLLen. 1here ls now a new gulde compleLely devoLed Lo uSu1, plus new 1echnlcal,
MalnLenance, and oLher guldes, full of new lnformaLlon noL avallable prevlously.
Much Iaster Insta||at|on Method
noL only ls Lhe compleLely revamped lnsLallaLlon meLhod much shorLer and fasLer, Lhe parLs of Lhe guldes LhaL
concenLraLe on Lhe acLual lnsLallaLlon have been cleaned up and sLrlpped down Lo [usL Lhe essenLlally needed
lnformaLlon and sLeps Lo compleLe Lhe lnsLall. MosL commenLary and mlscellaneous lnformaLlon has been
reduced / moved Lo oLher guldes such as Lhe 1echnlcal or MalnLenance guldes. 1hls ls so you can geL Lhrough
Lhe lnsLallaLlon fasLer. 1he longesL parL of Lhe new procedure ls maklng Lhe lnsLallaLlon medla devlces, buL
once compleLed, you don'L even Louch LhaL gulde agaln, unless you wlll be creaLlng more or new devlces.

CS x / Wln 7 on P uvx avlllon LapLops - 1 reparaLlon" - by MammoLh - v2.01 - Aptll 02, 2011 3
|Stat ro ] IakeSMC
lSLaL ro, ln con[uncLlon wlLh lakeSMC wlll be able Lo provlde hard drlve, Cu core, and Cu LemperaLures.
lan monlLorlng may also be posslble. (1hls ls a work ln progress, and noL funcLlonal aL Lhls Llme, buL everyLhlng
we need Lo experlmenL and geL Lhls worklng ls ln Lhe guldes.) , )
8r|ghtness Contro|
A long soughL afLer feaLure, Lhanks Lo Lhe work of many, we now have full brlghLness conLrol!
10.6.7 64-8|t kerne|
8tooqbt to os by 1optoo!
1apLun has broughL us many wonderful Lhlngs ln Lhe pasL and he conLlnues Lo do so wlLh a new chocolaLe
10.6.7 kernel, fully 64-blL compaLlble! Also, llLerally ln Lhe lasL days before Lhe v2.00 release, l goL Lhe ldea of
uslng a 10.6.3 chocolaLe kernel Lo make Lhe lnsLallaLlon process fasLer. 1apLun came Lhrough agaln and goL me
one ASA and LhaL has been lnLegraLed lnLo Lhe new procedure for 1PlS release!
Antenna Mod|f|cat|on
1he procedure for maklng Lhe anLenna modlflcaLlon ls noL necessary anymore. 1he procedure supplled by
nlxln for modlfylng Lhe 8lCS Lo allow any Wl-ll card Lo be used, ls easy Lo lmplemenL and makes Lhe
modlflcaLlon unnecessary. lull lnformaLlon on how Lo do Lhls ls ln Lhe guldes now!
8attery Mon|tor|ng
8tooqbt to os by Csly!
LxcellenL baLLery monlLorlng wlLh no crashes on low baLLery sLaLes! Csly ls sLlll worklng on some bugs, buL lL's
greaL already!
rogramab|e keys and 1rackad Gestur|ng
8tooqbt to os by 5ommlty!
SammlLy broughL us a greaL new uLlllLy called 8eLLer1ouch1ool. We wlll use Lhls Lo reasslgn our brlghLness
keys, plus we can reasslgn [usL abouL anyLhlng else Loo.
Lasy way to get aud|o work|ng!
8tooqbt to os ooce oqolo by 1optoo!
1apLun has broughL us a greaL, easy way Lo make our audlo work every Llme, even afLer updaLes LhaL usually
klll our audlo. 1hanks Lo Lhls, l was able Lo creaLe some slmple scrlpLs Lo Lake advanLage of Lhls and make
updaLlng audlo super easy. ,) lf lL doesn'L work for you, you probably have a dlfferenL audlo chlp. We can work
wlLh you Lo geL lL worklng wlLh your P uvx machlne.
Memory L|m|tat|ons Dur|ng Insta||at|on
no more lnsLallaLlon problems when more Lhan 4 C8 of memory ls lnsLalled!

CS x / Wln 7 on P uvx avlllon LapLops - 1 reparaLlon" - by MammoLh - v2.01 - Aptll 02, 2011 6
The Guides
lease do noL be ln a hurry Lo geL Lhrough Lhe lnsLallaLlon. lnsLead, Lake your Llme, pay aLLenLlon Lo follow Lhe
guldes carefully so you wlll noL make mlsLakes or bad declslons. 1hls wlll help you noL Lo wasLe Llme, save your
sanlLy, and ln Lhe end, acLually flnlsh fasLer and wlLh a fully worklng sysLem.
ln wrlLlng my guldes, my ob[ecLlve has noL been Lo creaLe Lhe shorLesL number of sLeps so Lhe lnsLallaLlon can
be flnlshed fasL, as all LhaL would do for many ls send Lhem lnLo a slLuaLlon where Lhey have no ldea how
Lhlngs work. 1hls would lead Lo some breaklng Lhelr sysLems, posLlng endlessly ln Lhe Lhread, Lrylng
desperaLely Lo flx lssues, wasLlng Lhelrs and oLher's Llme. And Lhlngs would [usL geL worse unLll Lhey glve up.
lnsLead, my meLhodology has been Lo creaLe guldes LhaL provlde clear lnsLrucLlons, buL also provlde an
educaLlon Lo sLrengLhen each person, evenLually allowlng Lhem Lo undersLand and be able Lo help oLhers.
Powever, l have Lrled wlLh Lhls release Lo sLrlke a balance beLween provldlng comprehenslve educaLlonal
lnformaLlon, and Lhe ablllLy Lo geL up and runnlng qulckly. 1o do Lhls, l have separaLed ouL lnformaLlon across
several guldes. 1he acLual lnsLallaLlon procedure ls Lhe fasLesL ever and for compaLlble machlnes, you wlll have
a worklng, booLlng sysLem afLer followlng [usL Lwo pages from Lhe arL 3 lnsLallaLlon gulde!
l would sLrongly urge you nC1 Lo sklp all Lhe oLher guldes once you geL your sysLem up and runnlng. All of Lhe
guldes should be read. 1here ls cruclal lnformaLlon ln each, conLalnlng lnformaLlon you elLher need, or wlll
need, so, lL would be wlse Lo geL famlllar wlLh Lhe conLenL of each of Lhe guldes. ln facL, you would be besL off
readlng Lhrough all Lhe guldes before beglnnlng your v2.00 lnsLallaLlon.
1here are 11 separaLe guldes for release v2.00:

arL 1 reparaLlon
arL 2 lnsLallaLlon lmage uevlces [8eplaces CeLLlng 8eady Culde]
arL 3 lnsLallaLlon
arL 4 CompleLlng SeLup
arL 3 CusLomlzlng
arL 6 CSx8epalr
arL 7 Wlndows 7
arL 8 1echnlcal
arL 9 MalnLenance
arL 10 uSu1
arL 11 ueslgnlng & 8ulldlng Mllls & Mllus
Lach of Lhe guldes has lLs own verslon number so LhaL as Lhlngs change, Lhe guldes and Lhelr verslon numbers
wlll be updaLed Lo help us all sLay up Lo daLe wlLh Lhe laLesL developmenLs. Check offlclal Lhread (llsLed on
page one) for updaLes and lnformaLlon.

CS x / Wln 7 on P uvx avlllon LapLops - 1 reparaLlon" - by MammoLh - v2.01 - Aptll 02, 2011 7
We have come a long way! Whlle sLlll noL evetytbloq ls worklng, almosL everyLhlng LhaL we need ls. We wlll
conLlnue Lo counL on one anoLher Lo resolve oLher lssues as lL becomes posslble.
- 1here used Lo be lssues wlLh Lhe lnsLallaLlon geLLlng sLuck" when aL 19 and 17 mlnuLes Lo go. 1hls
lssue has been flxed, and you no longer have Lo hlL LnLer aL Lhese polnLs.
- ln Lhe prevlous verslons of Lhe lnsLallaLlon process, aL hase 2", you needed Lo booL wlLh cpus=1
busraLlo=xx". 1hls has been flxed and you do noL need do Lhls anymore.
- 1here used Lo be an lssue where Lhe screen could go all blue and Lhe machlne would freeze and you
would have Lo resLarL Lhe machlne. l LhoughL Lhls had been flxed, buL of course, rlghL before releaslng l
saw lL agaln. Ch, well. l'm nC1 holdlng up Lhe release for Lhls! lf lL happens, [usL resLarL. :p
- 1here ls no need Lo lnsLall Lhe Mac8ook ro updaLe 1.3" and lf facL, do nC1 do Lhls!
- lf you have Wlndows 7 already lnsLalled and you have nC1 prevlously lnsLalled CS x or Chameleon, be
sure Lo updaLe Lo Wlndows 7 Servlce ack 1 8LlC8L proceedlng. Cn my currenL seLup wlLh Chameleon,
CSx, and Wlndows 7 lnsLalled, l am unable Lo lnsLall Wlndows 7 Servlce ack 1 as l geL an error abouL
noL belng able Lo flnd Lhe S?S1LM parLlLlon (whlch l dld noL relnsLall). l Lhlnk l wlll have Lo back-up my
sysLem, resLore my Wlndows 7 Lo a drlve by lLself, lnsLall S1, backup-up agaln, Lhen resLore back Lo
my Chameleon, CS x, Wlndows 7 drlve, [usL Lo have S1 lnsLalled. lease revlew Lhe Wlndows 7 gulde
before proceedlng. 1hls ls an lssue LhaL requlres more research.
At th|s wr|t|ng, here are some of the th|ngs that have been f|xed:
All 4 Cu cores (8 Lhreads) only posslble when uslng 1apLun's 10.6.7 modlfled (chocolaLe) kernel
WLAn worklng (noL wlLh orlglnal lnLel card Lhough, buL replace wlLh compaLlble and do 8lCS paLch).
lull Audlo supporL
We now have full brlghLness conLrol!
We also now have PuMl audlo / vldeo supporL Lhanks Lo nlxln (l Lhlnk oLhers helped wlLh Lhls Loo).
Card reader (wrlLer) supporL (such as for Su cards) only on Lhose machlnes wlLh uS8 based card
readers. (1bls ls oot o blq lssoe, os ooy u58 memoty cotJ teoJet wlll wotk.)
Some P and CS x speclflc lLems such as speclallzed buLLons and ln keys are noL funcLlonal.
1lme now sLays ln sync wheLher you are ln CS x or Wlndows 7 afLer you apply flx from Csly.
1hanks Lo advancemenLs ln Lhe developmenL of Chameleon, mosL of our SM8lCS relaLed lnfo such as
Cu Lype, memory, eLc., CAn be more accuraLely deLecLed... buL check lasL bulleL polnL below. !
Peadphone [acks (1here ls a llghL pop" from Lhe uvx speakers when you connecL Lhem Lhough.)
Speed-SLep and 1urbo8oosL are now worklng Lhanks Lo more Chameleon developmenL progress and
proper enLrles.
CS x / Wln 7 on P uvx avlllon LapLops - 1 reparaLlon" - by MammoLh - v2.01 - Aptll 02, 2011 8
Sleep, wake, lld close, all worklng now (sleep mode 1 and 3)
Much progress has been made wlLh baLLery managemenL, we are Cll of voodoo8aLLery!
l menLloned an lssue ln Lhe v1.13 updaLe Culde relaLed Lo ApplelnLelCuowerManagemenL.kexL and
Applerofllelamlly.kexL. 1hls lssue has been flxed.
1he mosL correcL Mac8ook ro SMproducLname for a uv8 seems Lo me should be 6,2, however, when
seL Lo Lhls, we geL Lhe popplng sound" lssue and Lhe horrlble Culck1lme playback lssue. no one has
flgured Lhls one ouL yeL. l dld qulLe a few LesLs and you can flnd my resulLs ln Lhe 1echnlcal Culde. l
know how comforLlng lL ls Lo cllck on AbouL 1hls Mac" and see all Lhe CC88LC1 lnformaLlon ln Lhere,
buL unLll someone flgures ouL a beLLer soluLlon, lf you wanL nC popplng sound, perfecL Culck1lme
playback, and your machlne runnlng aL Lop speed, SMproducLname MuS1 be seL Lo Macro3,1 Lo
avold all of Lhese lssues, and so lL ls.

At th|s wr|t|ng, here are some of the th|ngs that are NC1 work|ng or known to be a prob|em:

unless flxed prlor Lo release, Lhere are 2 audlo asserLlon errors repeaLedly reporLed ln Lhe kernel log
SLlll a few baLLery reporLlng lssues
We sLlll have Lhe lssue of lalled" for memory LesL. ?ou can see Lhls by golng lnLo SysLem rofller,
Pardware, ulagnosLlcs. l used Lo belleve Lhls was only a cosmeLlc lssue, and lL may be, buL l wonder lf
lL could acLually be affecLlng performance, even lf by some small degree. Many are seelng Lhls, buL noL
all machlnes are affecLed. Maybe [usL l7 relaLed. We now know Lhls ls a bug ln Chameleon. l have
reporLed Lhls lssue Lo Lhe Chameleon Leam and lL has been asslgned Chameleon lssue lu # 39:
Sleep mode 1 ls noL currenLly worklng properly.
We may be close Lo havlng Cu relaLed lnformaLlon such as 1emp & lan Speed, because vldeo 8CM
lmages can now be loaded, buL sLlll noL qulLe worklng, more research ls needed. Look for lakeSMC
lnformaLlon ln Lhe 1echnlcal and MalnLenance Culdes for more lnformaLlon on Lhls.
no memory card supporL (such as for Su cards) for Cl based card readers (such as ln Lhe uv8
machlnes). 1hls ls noL a blg lssue, as any uS8 memory card reader WlLL work. nlxln was able Lo paLch
our uSu1 so LhaL CS x now properly sees Lhese devlces, buL now drlvers are requlred LhaL currenLly do
noL exlsL.
no blomeLrlc / flngerprlnL scannlng (of course!). CurrenLly, Lhere are no drlvers or sofLware for CS x
Some P and CS x speclflc lLems such as speclallzed buLLons and ln keys do noL work.

CS x / Wln 7 on P uvx avlllon LapLops - 1 reparaLlon" - by MammoLh - v2.01 - Aptll 02, 2011 9
1here wlll probably be oLher devlces / funcLlonallLles whlch are noL worklng aL Lhls Llme, or noL worklng
perfecLly, especlally on varylng machlnes, some of Lhese may be able Lo be supporLed aL a laLer Llme. 1hls ls
because Lhese are newer model machlnes and drlvers / paLches are needed ln order Lo make everyLhlng work.
lf you are new Lo Lhe osx86 scene, Lhls ls common wlLh new machlnes. urlvers (known as kLx1 flles ln CS x
parlance), wlll be modlfled / developed by Lhe communlLy over Llme, we [usL have Lo do our parL Lo help ouL
where we can.


WhaL are Lhe requlremenLs for Lhls lnsLallaLlon procedure?

?ou musL have a cusLom Lallored uSu1 for ?Cu8 machlne. 1he prevlous verslons of Lhe Culdes prlmarlly
concenLraLed on Lhe P uv8L-1100 (vl836Av), as Lhls ls Lhe lapLop l own. 1hls ls mosL llkely Lhe prlmary
reason why many people wlLh machlnes oLher Lhan a uv8L-1100 had lnsLallaLlon problems, or are sLlll unable
Lo lnsLall CS x wlLh Lhe old 8ooL Cus. WlLh Lhe prevlous releases, my uSu1 was hard-coded" lnLo Lhe
MammoLh 8ooL Cus. Slnce Lhey were noL changeable wlLhouL creaLlng a new Cu, people have been Lrylng Lo
run Lhelr machlnes wlLh an lncompaLlble uSu1.
Crlglnally, l wanLed Lo creaLe a bunch of uSu1s for varlous machlnes and be able Lo provlde Lhem wlLh Lhe
release, however Lhls ls noL reasonably posslble and walLlng for such an evenL Lo occur would have held up Lhe
release lndeflnlLely. 1here are so many dlfferenL machlnes and even Lhe same" machlnes vary from counLry
Lo counLry. new ones are belng released all Lhe Llme and Lhe componenLs and conflguraLlons are changlng
endlessly. WhaL we all have Lo geL good aL ls learnlng how Lo creaLe our own uSu1s for our own machlnes.
now wlLh Lhls experlence under our belLs and wlLh Lhe help of many oLhers, Lhe new v2.00 wlll allow each of
us Lo conLlnually expand and updaLe our uS8 based MammoLh lnsLallaLlon lmage uevlces (Mllus) as we
couldn'L do before wlLh Lhe Cus. 1hls wlll allow us Lo be able Lo supporL more and more machlnes Lhrough
modlflcaLlons, by now belng able Lo freely change and replace flles such as Lhe uSu1 and oLhers.
We have sLarLed a new uSu1 llbrary, so lf Lhere lsn'L one for your machlne now, we wlll work Lo creaLe one
and Lhen add lL Lo our growlng llbrary. So please undersLand LhaL you mlghL nC1 be able Lo geL a successful
lnsLallaLlon rlghL away due Lo Lhe lack of a sulLable uSu1 for your machlne, and lf Lhls ends up belng Lhe case
for you, hopefully you undersLand why and can be paLlenL as we work LogeLher Lo creaLe one for your
machlne and add lL Lo Lhe daLabase.

ln creaLlng a uSu1, lL ls really lmporLanL Lo know Lhe specs of your machlne and you need Lo sLarL by checklng
on Lhe boLLom of your machlne for your speclflc producL number, Lhen research Lhe deLalls for your machlne
on P's web slLe. 1hls ls absoluLely essenLlal lnformaLlon needed Lo creaLe a worklng uSu1.
CS x / Wln 7 on P uvx avlllon LapLops - 1 reparaLlon" - by MammoLh - v2.01 - Aptll 02, 2011 10
WlLh v2.00, we now have a new uSu1 Culde LhaL helps Leach you more abouL uSu1, how Lo creaLe a clean
uSu1, and more. lL's a greaL sLarLlng polnL, and you should revlew Lhls gulde (and all oLhers), before beglnnlng
Lhe lnsLallaLlon.
CaLher Lhese lLems up now so you wlll have Lhem when requesLed durlng Lhe lnsLallaLlon process.
A compaLlble P uvx lapLop (or comparable) uslng lnSyde 8lCS
An authent|c App|e keta|| Snow Leopard CS k vers|on 10.6.3 DVD, bu||d 10DS7S
(oo coo potcbose tbls ftom jost oboot ooywbete ooJ lt ls otoooJ 5J0.00 u5, well wottb lt.)

1o be clear, you musL have Lhe 8eLall 10.6.3 uvu, nC1 Lhe 10.6.0 dlsc, as lL ls nC1 compaLlble wlLh our
machlnes or Lhls lnsLallaLlon procedure. nelLher are any pre-release, 8L1A verslons LhaL are floaLlng
around. 8L1AlL 10.6.3 CnL?! Also, Apple Mac 8esLore" uvus LhaL shlp wlLh Macs wlll nC1 work for
Pac lnsLallaLlons. 8L1AlL 10.6.3 CnL? lCLkS!

1o check your uvu's bulld number ln CS x (Wlndows cannoL read CS x dlscs):

1) lnserL Lhe uvu
2) Launch ulsk uLlllLy
3) 8lghL-cllck on Lhe CS x uvu from Lhe lefL-hand pane
4) SelecL lnformaLlon
3) 1he bulld number ls Lhe SysLem 8ulld" number

Check Lhls llnk for CS x bulld verslon lnfo: hLLp://
lf Apple ever releases a newer 8eLall 10.6.x verslon (perhaps 10.6.7), lL sboolJ work.
lnsLallaLlon medla
?ou wlll need one, or boLh, of Lhe followlng:
o MammoLh lnsLallaLlon lmage llle (Mlll) for your machlne, v2.00 (or laLer).
o MammoLh uvxL 8ooL Cu v1.13a or v1.13a_l3l3
(Ooly lf yoo wlll NO1 bove occess to o mocbloe toooloq O5 \ ptlot to lostollotloo.)
?ou can geL Lhese from Lhe lnsanelyMac llnk menLloned on Lhe flrsL page.
?ou wlll need a uSu1 cusLom Lallored for ?Cu8 parLlcular machlne. 1he lnsLallaLlon lmage uevlces
Culde Lells you how Lo add lL Lo your Mllu. lf you do noL currenLly have a uSu1, here ls how Lo geL one:
o llrsL, check our offlclal Lhread ln Lhe uSu1 Llbrary Lo see lf one sulLable for your machlne has
already been creaLed and lf so, download lL for laLer use wlLh your Mllu
o Check ln Lhe Lhread and flnd ouL lf someone has one, or ls already worklng on one.
CS x / Wln 7 on P uvx avlllon LapLops - 1 reparaLlon" - by MammoLh - v2.01 - Aptll 02, 2011 11
o 8ead Lhe uSu1 Culde and begln creaLlng one on your own
o ?ou mlghL even Lry Coogllng for one

Apple's CS x 10.6.7 Combo updaLe (or laLer). 1hls ls a blg flle, almosL 1.12 C8. ?ou wlll need Lo
download lL from Apple here: hLLp:// (8urn lL Lo a uvu or puL lL on a uS8
devlce wlLh enough free space Lo hold lL.)
8e sote to cbeck lf o oewet vetsloo bos beeo teleoseJ, os lt sboolJ be bettet ooJ olso wotk.
CpLlonally, you may have or be able Lo beneflL from Lhese:
CompleLe Lhe 8lCS aLchlng - use Any Wl-ll Card" procedure found Lowards Lhe end of Lhe 1echnlcal
Culde. 1hls wlll allow you Lo use any Wl-ll card you wlsh. (1he sLock 8lCS from P only allows you Lo
use a handful of P Wl-ll cards, mosL lncompaLlble wlLh CS x). lf you have an CS x compaLlble mlnl-Cl
Wl-ll card you lnLend Lo use, do Lhls procedure 8LlC8L lnsLalllng CS x for Lhe besL experlence.
A secondary, or spare lapLop hard drlve.
novloq spote botJ Jtlves, yoo coo ose tbem to test Jlffeteot lostollotloos, wblcb coo teolly sove yoo tlme ooJ belp yoo solve
lssoes fost.
1he ablllLy Lo remove Lhe lapLop's hard drlve and Lemporarlly lnsLall lL ln anoLher machlne.
lm tolkloq oboot coooectloq to oootbet wotkloq Jesktop mocbloe wltb o spote 5A1A coooectloo.
A Wlndows based machlne wlLh dlsk clonlng sofLware (ChosL 13 or laLer recommended).
Mote oboot tbls lotet.
CLher sofLware, programs, and uLlllLles, all dlscussed laLer.

Outlining Initial Steps and Procedures

1) CaLher all requlred lLems menLloned ln Lhe 8equlremenLs
SecLlon above and have Lhem ready for use
2) 8ack up your lapLop hard drlve!
3) Conflgure / updaLe Lhe lapLop
4) Conflgure Lhe lapLop's 8lCS (for CS x)

We wlll go under Lhe assumpLlon you have now compleLed everyLhlng prevlously dlscussed and have
everyLhlng you need Lo geL sLarLed and are now ready Lo proceed.

CS x / Wln 7 on P uvx avlllon LapLops - 1 reparaLlon" - by MammoLh - v2.01 - Aptll 02, 2011 12
2) 8ACkU CUk LA1C
uetolleJ lofotmotloo oboot bockloq-op yoot mocbloe ls lo tbe 8ockop sectloo of tbe 1ecbolcol ColJe ooJ tbe
wloJows 7 ColJe. 1bese qolJes sboolJ be coosolteJ ptlot to beqlooloq tbe lostollotloo ptocess.

We wlll clone your facLory or currenL lnsLallaLlon of Wlndows 7, Lhen laLer ln Lhe Wlndows 7 Culde, we'll Lake
Lhls lmage and puL lL back on your uvx hard drlve once CS x has been lnsLalled.
1he way l always do Lhls ls Lo flrsL make all my backups as menLloned earller, meanlng l clone my drlve before
ever powerlng up Lhe machlne. Cnce Lhe backups are made, l Lhen proceeded Lo power up Lhe machlne and
go Lhrough Lhe lnlLlal conflguraLlon of Wlndows 7. l do Lhls wlLh Lhe lnLenL of Lhen backlng lL up as an lmage Lo
laLer resLore alongslde my lnsLallaLlons of CS x, whlch ls exacLly whaL l dld. l recommend you also make an
lnlLlal lmage of Lhe enLlre drlve, lf lL's noL Loo laLe Lo do so.
LLASL 1AkL 1PL 1lML 1C 8ACku AS ul8LC1Lu nCW, Anu 8LlC8L CCn1lnulnC! 8efer Lo Lhe 8ackup
secLlon of Lhe 1echnlcal Culde flrsL, Lhen Lhe Wlndows 7 Culde. uo Lhls now Lo compleLe backups.
l hlghly recommend Laklng Lhe Llme Lo make sure all 8lCS and flrmware for devlces are updaLed wlLh Lhe mosL
currenL verslons from P's web slLe. 1hls can resolve a loL of problems before Lhey ever happen.
Cnce you have Lhe laLesL 8lCS lnsLalled, we now have a procedure for modlfylng our 8lCS so LhaL An? Wl-ll
card wlll be recognlzed by Lhe machlne, so make sure you sLarL wlLh Lhe laLesL verslon 8lCS avallable for your
machlne from P. lf you already have an CS x compaLlble Wl-ll card, Lhen make Lhe modlflcaLlon as ouLllned
ln Lhe 1echnlcal Culde now before proceedlng. lf you do nC1 have one of Lhese Wl-ll cards buL would llke Lo
geL one, a recommended card ls llsLed ln Lhe 1echnlcal Culde and you can usually flnd one on e8ay or
elsewhere for around $20.00 uS.
1he prevlous guldes advocaLed havlng Lhe opLlcal drlve as Lhe flrsL booL devlce. We wlll be changlng Lhls so
LhaL only Lhe lnLernal hard dlsk ls llsLed as a booL devlce. 1hls wlll be a good Lhlng because, 1) we wlll no longer
have a need Lo booL from Cus or uvus and 2) Lhls wlll lmprove, sllghLly, our booL Llme.
lf for some reason we do need Lo booL from a Cu or uvu, or when we wlll need Lo booL from our uS8 devlces,
we wlll press l9 on sLarL-up, whlch wlll glve us our booL devlce selecLlon menu. 1echnlcally, we could leave our
booLable uS8 / lnsLall devlce plugged ln aL all Llmes, and our sysLems would always booL Lo Lhe hard drlve.
1hen lf Lhere were problems, [usL press l9. lL's llke havlng our own, cusLomlzed Lmergency 8epalr arLlLlon.

CS x / Wln 7 on P uvx avlllon LapLops - 1 reparaLlon" - by MammoLh - v2.01 - Aptll 02, 2011 13
8lCS CCnllCu8A1lCn
1hese are Lhe 8lCS seLLlngs l have verlfled Lo work for lnsLalllng / runnlng CS x (shown for uv8L-1100):
?ou geL lnLo 8lCS wlLh Lsc on power up, and Lhen l10 (you can also [usL press l10.)
8lCS verslon: l.23
SysLem 8oard lu: 7001

SysLem ConflguraLlon
> vlrLuallzaLlon 1echnology = <Lnabled>
> LAn ower Savlng = <Lnabled>
> Card 8eader / 1394 ower Savlng = <Lnabled>
> lan Always Cn = <ulsabled>
8ooL CpLlons
> Cu-8CM 8ooL = <ulsabled>
> lloppy 8ooL = <ulsabled>
> lnLernal neLwork AdapLer 8ooL = <ulsabled>
8ooL Crder
noLebook Pard ulsk urlve
uS8 ulskeLLe on key/uS8 Pard ulsk
lnLernal Cu/uvu 8CM urlve
uS8 Cu/uvu 8CM urlve
! uS8 lloppy
! neLwork AdapLer

NO1. l tecommeoJ sttooqly yoo cooflqote os obove. l foooJ oot tbe botJ woy tbot O5 \ mlqbt oot lostoll otbetwlse.

CS x / Wln 7 on P uvx avlllon LapLops - 1 reparaLlon" - by MammoLh - v2.01 - Aptll 02, 2011 14
Moving On

Cnce you are saLlsfled your lapLop ls sufflclenLly updaLed and backed up, you are ready Lo proceed. lf you have
compleLed everyLhlng Lo Lhls polnL, you are now ready Lo creaLe your Mllu and xllu:

ConLlnue on Lo arL 2: lnsLallaLlon lmage uevlces Culde

CS x / Wln 7 on P uvx avlllon LapLops - 1 reparaLlon" - by MammoLh - v2.01 - Aptll 02, 2011 13
Version History

lnlLlal release.