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HR Job Aid
Competency Definitions

This document is intended to provide an explanation of each performance competency as defined by Allnorth.
Reviewers will rate people on their performance relative to these competencies.

Factor Competency Descriptor (intent is to be a guide, not a check-off list)
Client Focus
Listens to our customers and strives to create and maintain these
Strives for and maintains the highest quality in all our projects to
assure our customers receive great value.
Goes above and beyond the call of duty to assure our customers
needs are met.
Provides service by anticipating & clarifying customers
expectations and focusing on activities that lead to the highest
level of satisfaction.
Recognizes the importance of customers and treats them with
respect and integrity.
Establishes collaborative relationships and works together based
on trust, integrity and respect, and wins (or lose) together.
Works with others to achieve team goals.
Contributes to the knowledge and skills of others by acting as a
resource, sharing knowledge, providing constructive feedback
and/or acting as a mentor or coach.

Commits to an environment where information is freely shared,
providing others with the information they need to make
Communicates clearly / succinctly, choosing most effective and
efficient medium for the audience.
Demonstrates respect for and encourages the open expression of
ideas and opinions.
Communicates honestly with our partners, our customers and
each other.

Performance Competency Definitions


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Demonstrates the technical/functional/professional knowledge
and skills required to be successful in the role.
Keeps knowledge and skills up to date.
Identifies what needs to be done and takes appropriate action to
achieve desired results.
Demonstrates a bias for action.
Pursues opportunities to go beyond the scope of the role.
Uses resources effectively and efficiently.
Produces high quality deliverables.
Takes responsibility for mistakes and takes action to prevent
repeated mistakes.
Implements everything with consistency and excellence for
partners, customers and ACL.
Strives for Zero safety incidents.
Promotes ACL services ethically.
Promotes positive attitude towards safety
Demonstrates commitment to reporting incidents
Uses and completes necessary paperwork (A3 Pre Job Hazard
Assessment, FLRA Field Level Risk Assessment, Inspection forms,
Incident Reports)
Knowledge of Safety Policies & Procedures
Demonstrates creativity, ingenuity and problem solving skills.
Initiates and supports continuous improvement of services and
Values individualism and creativity, generating the ideas which
allow us to be different.
Does what they say they will do.
Demonstrates commitment to integrity in our business practices
and upholds our professional ethics.
Actions support assuring ACLs financial strength to create
security for all our stakeholders into the future.
Balances the importance and urgency of different activities and
involves appropriate stakeholders when setting commitments.
Resolves conflict between commitments by working with
stakeholders to make changes and/or reset expectations.
Meets and acts accountable for commitments made to others,
regardless of their role.
Makes timely and effective decisions that are aligned with ACLs
Actively supports consensus decision making processes. Involves
employees or otherwise ensures they are represented in decisions
which affect them, ensuring leadership is accountable to the
employees for the decisions they make.
Applies and advocates sound, economic decision making on
behalf of ACL, our customers and stakeholders.
Treats the companys money as if it was ours thinks before
spending it. Assures our financial strength to create security for all
our stakeholders into the future
Openly communicates decision results.

Performance Competency Definitions


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Creating Vision
Views all business opportunities with an open mind
With the team, creates and communicates a team vision that is
aligned with ACLs strategic vision and principles.
Commits to the team vision and inspires others to do the same.
Ensures team members understand how they can directly
Evaluates need for change and builds appropriate changes into
the team vision and plan of action.
Committed to the communities in which we live.
Building Teams
Recruits people with strong skills and great team fit. Integrates
new team members successfully.
Builds a team rooted in ACL's principles, developing expertise and
complimentary skill-sets.
Optimizes team results by ensuring the right people are in the
right positions.
Delegates responsibility and authority appropriately. Works with
team members to identify clear team performance expectations
and measures.
Fosters a team environment across ACL by encouraging
participation, collaboration and effective conflict resolution.
Works with others to advocate priorities, remove roadblocks, and
achieve shared objectives.
Recognizes team contributions.
Endeavours to provide employees with an opportunity to balance
their work lives and their personal lives
Proactively addresses employee performance by:
o Working with employees to set individual performance
expectations and measures with a focus on accountability.
o Providing specific, balanced, timely feedback.
o Addressing performance issues and coaching to redirect
performance to clearly communicate the impact performance
and contribution has on growth opportunities, compensation
and employment.
o Ensuring fair and effective performance management
processes (IPD).
o Recognizing and rewarding individual contributions to ACLs
success and shares with them, the value that is created.
Challenges and motivates team members to maximize their
Strive to create a stimulating workplace where our employees can
grow professionally.
Supports this growth by working with employees to identify
opportunities and create plans for development through
continuous learning, professional development and challenging
projects using the best tools available for the job