“C4: Only The Brave” CFC Youth For Christ Conference 2004 NEVER BE THE SAME By: Renee Geronimo

& Butch Baria Intro: Em – D/F# - D/G Verse 1: Em D/F# D/G Now I wake, now I see Lord your time is now Em D/F# D/G I can’t ignore, the way you speak The calling’s clear and loud Em G Something worth remembering Em D/F#/ D/G Something worth living and dying for Asus D/F# Make my life mean something

Chorus: D A G I fight for your life, I long for your peace D A G In a world so silent my praise to you will never cease Em Bm I raise my hand and stake this claim Em G That this world will know your name Em A intro And life, will never be the same Verse 2: Em D/F# D/G From sea to sea, from dawn to dusk The battle rages on Em D/F# D/G With every step, and every move We’re crying kingdom come Em D/F# You are all I want now D/G More than I ever have before Em D/F#



You are worth living and dying for *repeat chorus 2x – hold A for 4 counts before bridge Bridge: Bm – F#m – G (2x) Bm – F#m – G Bm Lord I am afraid F#m G Bm Of the choices I have to make F#m G Bm But when I look into your eyes G A I am reminded why Breakdown: D A G I fight for your life (5x) D A G I fight for your life, I long for your peace!

Paul & Ednalyn

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