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The Pictorialist

January 2014 Newsletter of the Photo Pictorialists of Milwaukee Established 1904 Affiliated with the Photo ra!hic "ociety of A#erica $isconsin Area %a#era %lubs &r ani'ation And the $isconsin Print %ircuit (ichard )ehl* President+ ,athy -raun* .ice President /i0ie 1owin* Treasurer+ -ert 2artin er* "ecretary3Editor Meetin s are held the first Thursday of each #onth fro# "e!te#ber thru May at 4!# in the 1uther Manor %onference (oo#* 4545 N6 92nd "t6* $auwatosa* $isconsin Happy New Year $e ho!e that 2017 was a ood year for all* and that 2014 will be e8en better6 Our January Program &ur January 2nd #eetin will be de8oted to flower !hoto ra!hy6 "end fi8e di ital flower !ictures to "andra $eber or brin the# on a #e#ory stick to the #eetin 6 The !ictures will be criti9ued and the #akers will be asked how they took the#* where they took the#* any !ost !rocessin used after the !ictures were downloaded* etc6 "o#e of us ha8e flower !hotos fro# Pauline -eck:s arden* and so#e of us ha8e !hotos taken at the /o#es or elsewhere6 ;lowers are a fa8orite sub<ect for !hoto ra!hers* so this should be a !leasant e8enin 6 Outings The su ested outin to &ld $orld $isconsin before %hrist#as did not take !lace this year* for 8arious reasons6 1et:s ho!e we can do it in 20146 2ere is a list !ro8ided by Pauline -eck of what can be considered either !hoto o!s or future ca#era club outin s6 %ool ;ool ,ite ;esti8al Jan 16 .eterans Park* 1135!#6 "ee iant kites* includin the !o!ular =octo!us> and stacks of kites flown by !rofessionals6 ?ce scul!tin and horse3 drawn carria e rides6 2ot chocolate* coffee* @ snacks while they last6 1700 N6 1incoln Me#orial /ri8e6 ;ree* with free !arkin 6 "cul!ture on ?ce6 "tarts Jan6 146 $atch scul!tors car8e 53ft blocks of ice fro# 10a#3A!# Jan 14 in %atalano "9uare* -roadway @ Meno#onee A8enues6 &n dis!lay till they #elt6 E8ent is free6 Part of Ballery Ni ht in 2istoric Third $ard6 $aukesha Ja#boree Jan6 143196 ?ce scul!tin co#!etition 10#32!# Jan6 1C* alon sidewalks downtown6 /o Pull6 11a#37D70!# Jan6 19* MinookaPark* Picnic Area E76 Alaskan #ala#utes !ull u! to 7*000 lbs6 "now not re9uired for e8ent6 ;ree6 "ee www6<a#boree6or 6 $inter ;est 2014 F Jan6 56 Grban Ecolo y %enter at $ashin ton Park6 Noon34!#6 ;ree6 "led do de#onstration* ice skatin * sleddin * snowshoein * cross country skiin and ice fishin 6 1C59 N6 406 %&PA Midwest Juried E0hibition6 At the $alkers Point %enter for the Arts* C79 "6 th 5 "t6 40H !rints6 Tuesday thru "aturday* until Jan61C6

WACCO News To re!eat fro# the /ece#ber newsletter* on March 22* 2014* there will be a $A%%& s!onsored nature !hoto ra!hy se#inar !resented by Joe 1e;e8re* at the Midway 2otel -rookfield* 1005 "6 Moorland (oad6 "i n u! by ;eb6 22nd and the cost is I506006 ?n the latest $A%%& co#!etition our club #e#bers did 9uite well6 &ur club #e#bers won two #edals* and a total of 10 2onorable Mentions6 Na#es to o with the winners will be noted in the ;ebruary newsletter6 The ne0t $A%%& co#!etition will be held in A!!leton* May 7* and our ne0t club co#!etition will be the first Thursday in May6 The winners will be honored at the end of !ro ra# year dinner the third Thursday in May* at Mayers (estaurant6 To encoura e !artici!ation* #edals will be i8en instead of certificates6 ;ro# #id3January to around the end of ;ebruary Jerry 2arders and Bene Newlin will ha8e a <oint show6 "o#eti#e near the end of ;ebruary 1uther Manor will want the dis!lay boards for an e0hibit fro# the 2onor ;li ht of #ilitary 8eterans6 $hen that co#es down* ,arren and Michael Jeske will e0hibit* and after that -ert 2artin er will take a turn6 2arley !rints which were dis!layed in the Milwaukee %ity 2all will be returned to their #akers at the January #eetin 6 #reat Schedu e Boin al!habetically Jsort ofK* the rotation will beD January 2 F Ja#es ,ri8it' ;ebruary A F 1inda 1ee March A F /i0ie and John 1owin A!ril 7 F Joan 1an enohl

Exhibit Schedu e at !uther "anor

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