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Chapter 4 4.

0 introduction This chapter deals with the analysis of the

Chart Title
4 20% 3 10%

1 30%

2 40%

Chart 4.1: Age of respondents In this study most of the respondents fall under the age group of 31-40 years old (40%).this is follow by those in the age group of 20-30 years old (30%). Those with age more than 56 years old from the next group (20%). The smallest group is those within the age group of 41-55 years old (10%).

Chart Title

female 30%

male 70%

Chart 4.2: gender of respondents

4.2 factors affecting satisfaction level Mean score and standard deviation of the analysis related to respondents company are provided in table 4.1 Table 4.1 factor related to respondents company

mean Standard deviation

4.10 0.13

Table 4.2 indicates the itemized mean score and standard deviation of construct under the company related faktor Table 4.2 mean score and standard deviation of item in company faktor item mean Saya bangga memberitahau orang yang saya bekerja 4.3 untuk syarikat ini Saya berpuashati bekerja untuk syarikat 4.1 Syarikat saya melaya dengan baik 4.0 Syarikat saya yang terbaik 3.9

Standard deviation 0.82 0.92 0.82 1.1

Based on table 4.2 the highest mean score is related to item on the respondents felling of being associated with the company.overall, respondents feelpround to be associated with the company.the lowers

4.3 factors affecting satisfaction level Overall mean Overall standard deviation

3.900 0.304

4.3 overall respondents satisfaction level at cahaya jauhar is high.this is because the mean score derived from the study is 3.90 with a small standard deviation of 0.304

Chapter 5 5.0 introduction This chapter deals with the discussion and conclusion based on the surveyed result conducted during the course of this study. It begins with the discussion about the overall result follow

5.1 employee`s satisfaction level Employee at the said company indicated that they are highly satisfied with the company. This is because past studies indicated that highlysatisfied.

5.2 factors affecting employee`s satisfaction level This study seeks to review six factors that affected the satisfaction level of employees.the six factors are views related to company, work matter, career development, supervisor effect, working environment and benefits provided by the company. Results from the study found that the satisfaction level of each

factors Company related benefits


Standard deviation


5.3 recommendations