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COMPLAINING IN ENGLISH Aim: By the end of this course, students wi !e "!

e to use different forms "nd #hr"ses to m"$e com# "ints% Everyone would like everything to go well. However, that's not very realistic. Sometimes, things go well and we can compliment others or thank them for the help. Unfortunately, it's sometimes necessary to complain. If you are shopping, you might want to complain to a shop assistant about a product. If you are with friends, you might want to complain about an unfair teacher, or work situation. In these difficult times, you might want to complain about politicians and their inability to make things better. et's be honest, sometimes it's !ust fun to complain" Use these forms and phrases to make your complaints heard. &orms 'sed to Com# "in (h"t ")n* + Ad,ecti-e + Noun . Use this form to e#press your dismay that something is much worse than you e#pected. Example: $hat a tasteless sandwich" $hat a waste of time" $hat a crappy day" So + Ad,ecti-e / Ad-er! Use an adjective or adverb with a negative meaning with 'so' to express an extreme degree. %ake sure to not confuse this form with 'such & noun phrase' below. earn about 'so' and 'such' . Example: 'he test was so difficult. He drives so slowly. He's so incompetent. So Much / M"ny + Noun Use a noun with 'so much' or 'so many' to complain about an amount of something that you find to be e#cessive. Example: I've got so much work to do this week" 'here are so many children in this room. I can't hear myself think.

Such + Noun )Phr"se* Use 'such' plus a noun or noun phrase to e#press that you find something annoying or bothersome. 'his form is often used in comple# sentences to e#plain the result of a poor situation. She was such a bad teacher that I couldn't learn a thing. It was such bad weather that we had to cancel the trip. She was late to the party because she had such a demanding boss. 0oo + Ad,ecti-e / Ad-er! The modifier 'too' is used with an adjective or adverb to state that there is too much of a particular characteristic or way of doing something. Example: Those people are too loud. I can't concentrate. This fan is too noisy. I'd like to return it. She drives too fast for me. 0oo + Much / M"ny + Noun 'se " noun #receded !y 1too much or m"ny 1 to indic"te th"t there is "n e2cessi-e "mount of somethin3% Example: There are too many uestions left for us to move ahead with the project. There is too much pollution in this city. It stinks! "nna has too much time on her hands. 4er!s 'sed to Com# "in 'here are a number of verbs used to complain about things or people. dislike hate despise loathe (etest Example: I detest his face! I dislike having to wait so long to get help. I loathe red tape. &ind + O!,ect + "nnoyin3 / !othersome / ridicu ous / etc.

Use the verb 'find' with an object and adjective to state that you find something bothersome. Example: I find her very annoying. $e find these e#ercises bothersome. I find your complaints ridiculous" 5e# yin3 to " Com# "int If someone complains, they probably e#pect you to reply to their complaint ) or at least recogni*e their complaint. Here "re some res#onses to use with someone who com# "ins% I'm sorry # $lause I'm sorry you feel that way. I'm sorry you've been having such a hard time lately. I'm sorry the price is so high. I apologi%e for # &oun 'hrase I apologi%e for the lack of attention. I apologi%e for the inconvenience. E2"m# e Situ"tions E2"m# e 6 7 In " Store $ustomer( )ello* can you help me+ Shop "ssistant( Sure* what may I help you with+ $ustomer( I'd like to return this radio. Shop "ssistant( $ertainly* would you mind telling me why+ $ustomer( It's too difficult to use. Shop "ssistant( I'm sorry to hear that. $ustomer( There are so many options that I can't use it! Shop "ssistant( 'erhaps we can find a radio that's a little less complicated. $ustomer( I really dislike complicated gadgets. Shop "ssistant( I hear you! ,et's first return this and then we can look for a new one. $ustomer( Thanks for your help. I didn't want to complain. Shop "ssistant( &o problem. E2"m# e 8 7 At Home )usband( I'm sick and tired of work! -ife( .verybody says that. )usband( /es* but I mean it! I hate my boss! -ife( -hy what has he done now+ )usband( )e's such a jerk. )e's so stressful.

-ife( It can't be that bad. )usband( 0h he is* believe me. /esterday* he was so insulting that two colleagues uit. -ife( 1eall/+ )usband( /es* they said he didn't pay enough for them to put up with his demands. -ife( That's serious. 2aybe you should look for a new job. )usband( 2aybe I should. I can't stand him. -ife( ,et me make you a gin and tonic. )usband( That sounds good to me.