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Boris Loukanov Curriculum vitae

1. Family name: Loukanov

2. First names: Boris
3. Date of birth: 12.08.1966
4. Nationality: Bulgarian
5. Place of Residence: Sofia, Bulgaria
6. Education:

Date from - Institution Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained

date to
1999 - 2002 St. Kliment Ohridski University, Master degree
Sofia Public Relations & Mass Communication

1986 - 1991 St. Cyril and St. Methodius Master degree

University, Veliko Turnovo History and Geography

1989-1991 St. Cyril and St. Methodius Post-Graduate Qualification

University, Veliko Turnovo Cinema and Mass Communication

Institution Additional training

2017 MDV Professional Education Business Essentials Training – Strategic
Marketing (2 Levels), trainer Paul Dixon, BA
(Hons), DipM, MCIM,MlnstLM

2013 Google Google AdWords Certification

2012 HubSpot Academy Inbound Marketing Certification

2011 Web & Events Bulgaria David Meerman Scott‘ Real Time Marketing

2012 Intercontact Bulgaria Drayton Bird’ Copywriting Masterclass

2011 Intercontact Bulgaria Brian Tracy’ Psychology of Successful Sales


2011 Intercontact Bulgaria Andy Owen’ Direct Marketing Masterclass

2011 Kiwi Design Bulgaria Yonathan Dominitz’ Marketing Creativity


2011 Projecta Bulgaria Robin Sharma’ Business Seminar

2010 Projecta Bulgaria Edward De Bono’ Creative Thinking Seminar

2010 WEBIT Rand Fishkin’ SEO Masterclass

2010 Aperion Academy Andy Green’ PR Creativity Masterclass

2009 Aperion Academy (official center Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR)
of CIPR for Bulgaria) Advanced Certificate in PR

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2009 Bulgarian Association of Bob Garfield’ Advertising Seminar
Communication Agencies

2008 BG Business, Bulgaria Philip Kotler' Marketing Seminar

2007-2009 Marketing Innovation Forum, Sergio Zyman, Guy Kawasaki, J.C. Levinson,
Bulgaria David Droga, Martin Lindstrom, Kevin Roberts
Marketing Seminars

2006 ISIA Florence Communication Design Course

2004 Business Dynamics Marketing Integrated Marketing Communications

Consultancy, Great Britain Training

2002 Media Development Center, Media and EU Institutions Training


2001 Journalist Qualification Center - Media and International Humanitarian Law

Zagreb, Croatia Training

2000 Institute for Democracy in Eastern Media and Democratic Society Training
Europe, Warsaw, Poland

7. Language skills: (1 - excellent; 5 - basic)

Language Reading Speaking Writing

English 1 2 2

French 3 4 5

Russian 1 2 3

Italian 3 4 5

12. Membership of professional bodies: Member of the Jury of Bulgarian Web Awards Foundation, Former
Member of Bulgarian Association of Public Relations, Former Member of IAB Bulgaria, , Former Member of
Bulgarian association of investigative journalists.

13. Other skills: Advanced computer literacy in various Microsoft software packages incl. OS Windows 10,
Microsoft Office 365 - Word, Excel, Power Point (expert level); Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design (basic
level); Social Media Management, Monitoring and Analytics tools (expert level), Marketing Automatisation tools
(expert level), WordPress, Blogger CMS (expert level); HTML, CSS (basic level), Prezi (expert level), Canva (expert
level), Mobile Applications (basic level), Presentations and Training Trainers skills (expert level), Project
management and Event management experience.

14. Present position: Owner of Marketing Creative Lab Consultancy and Co-owner and Marketing Executive of
ITraining Ltd.

15. Key qualifications:

• Social Media Marketing and Digital Communications Expert

• Social Media Campaigns and Digital Communications Strategy Development Expert

• Internet Communities Management Expert

• New Media relations and Bloggers Outreach Expert

• Inbound Marketing and Web Advertising Expert

• SEO and SEM Expert

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• Copywriting for Web Expert

• Social Media measurement and Web analytics Expert

• Online PR Expert

• Online Reputation Management Expert

• Trainer and Lecturer in the Digital Communications and Online PR field

• Experienced journalist and Media expert

• Experience in management of Government and NGO Communication Projects

• High level of knowledge in the field of Internet technologies and Mobile and Web apps

• High level of knowledge in the field of EU politics and International relations

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16. Professional experience
Date from - Location Company Position Description
Date to

2013-present Sofia, Bulgaria ITraining Ltd. Co-owner, ITraining is a leading Bulgarian company for IT training and business consultancy focused in the
Marketing Executive field of Microsoft products, and partner of Microsoft. It is founded by Boriana Petrova, Microsoft
MVP, MCT and me.
In less than three years ITraining has become one of the leaders of the Bulgarian market in the
professional business education and IT training area, won dozens of corporate customers and
successfully accomplished several major projects for Bulgarian institutions under the EU Operational
Programme Administrative Capacity.
The whole marketing strategy of ITraining is based on web communications and social media,
where the company has an active presence - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest.
ITraining website ranked among first in search results on Google for all main keywords associated
with its activities. In addition to social media marketing, we use effectively for our business
development the opportunities of Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

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2011-present Sofia, Bulgaria Marketing Owner, Consultant, Marketing Creative Lab is my own business consulting and training company mainly focused in the
Creative Lab Lecturer field of digital marketing, Internet communications and online PR. In addition it offers services in the
area of SEO and SEM, Online Reputation Management, Copywriting for web, Presentation skills and
soft skills. Among my customers are corporate clients and non-governmental organizations and
government institutions as well. Pro bono I work for some charities associations and nonprofit
foundations. I am mentor and lector for the biggest Bulgarian non-profit organisation focused to
promote Information Technologies education to young students – “I can here and now!”
Marketing Creative Lab is among the partners of some of the most prestigious Bulgarian events on
web marketing, digital technologies and PR - as WEBIT, DigitalK, Bulgarian Web Awards, Bulgaria
Web Summit, Key2Web, SocialMe Workshop, Internet Marketing with Zero Budget, BAPRA
conferences, etc.
I had dozens of lectures and presentations in the more of these events.
From 2012, I am part of social media team of – the biggest Bulgarian independent web
media for investigative journalism, part of the network of OCCRP - Organized Crime and Corruption
Reporting Project, one of the partners of Wikileaks.
Actively participate in the maintenance and development of media’ profiles in social networks -
mainly Facebook and Twitter.
For those years Facebook fans increased more than 2 times - up to about 125,000 and
Twitter followers - from several dozen to about 1,200.
Also I support, consult, and participate actively in all main charity online campaigns of Bulgarian
Charity Aid Foundation – one of the biggest Bulgarian Charity organizations.

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2012-2013 Sofia, Bulgaria Bulgarian New Media Director One of the biggest professional challenges of my career. In 2012 the Public television of Bulgaria was
National seriously behind and outdated in terms of its Internet presence and online communication. The website
Television (BNT) of the BNT was irrevocably obsolete and the use of social media was chaotic without any kind of digital
strategy and maintains order.
BNT really needed a quick and dramatic change. With heading department "New Media" I developed
based on deep analysis, a comprehensive strategy - "Concept for transformation of the national public
television into modern digital interactive media to the Viewer.“
It included:
• development of new modern website of BNT based on the most recent Internet standards and
contemporary web technologies;
• creating a strategy and guidelines for use of Social media on BNT corporate and brand level;
• training journalists and employees of BNT to use Social Media;
• bring into line and put in order of all accounts and profiles of BNT and its brands in different
Social Media channels;
• coordination between the New Media Department and various TV shows productions and
newscasts programmes;
• support and promotion the PR activities of BNT in Internet;
• first steps to Online Reputation Management for BNT;
• using BNT web sites for effective advertising;
• restructuring the New Media department to optimize for better efficiency through establishment
of a new Directorate - “BNT Multimedia”;
• and perhaps the most important – to convince all employees of the BNT, from high level
management to the ordinary journalists in the importance of these steps.
My responsibilities were numerous - management and developing profiles of BNT and its brands in the
social networks (Facebook, Twitter, , YouTube, LinkedIn, Foursquare); I managed about 20 Facebook
pages, 3 Twitter profiles, 2 YouTube Channels, 2 Google+ and 1 LinkedIn Corporate Pages;
Also I was responsible for the content published on the website of the BNT, for advertising campaigns on
the website of the BNT, and I have to consult daily or weekly everyone who had issues with social media
and digital communications maintaining. Very often I had to support Marketing and PR Directorate in the
development of creative brand presentations for BNT.
For about a year, most of the objectives in my Strategy were met: BNT had new modern website and its
users increased by about 50%, BNT profiles in social networks worked effectively and gathered more
followers (for example - the fans of corporate Facebook page of BNT for 1 year increased from 8000 to
almost 50 000), new BNT Multimedia Directorate was build bringing together all structural units
connected to the Internet presence of the BNT and BNT as a whole was converted into real Up to Date
TV media of the XXI century using actively most recent digital technologies and modern Internet
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2010-2011 Sofia, Bulgaria Visual Executive Director Visual Communication and Environment Protection Chamber was Outdoor and Visual
Communication Communication Advertising Agencies' Branch Association. Its main objective was to maintain a
and Environment constructive dialogue between business, government institutions and civil society in the name of
building a clean and aesthetic urban environment. As Executive director I pursued all administrative
activities of the Chamber and was fully responsible for implementation of its main objectives.

2008-2009 Sofia, Bulgaria IDEA International Marketing and IDEA Creative Agency is well known with its wide array of project types, from marketing, advertising
Creative Agency Communications and media production to the brand, product, interior and web design. Crafting a unique and
Manager individual concept for each project is fundamental to IDEA’s successful design approach.
My main responsibilities covered all marketing activities of the agency, maintaining beneficial
relationships with the customers and projects management.
For some of the projects we are among the first companies in Bulgaria using actively the power of
Social Media for business purposes.

2006-2008 Sofia, Bulgaria LagOS Design Marketing and Bulgarian branch of the Italian studio for Design & Creative LagOS – owned by the University ISIA
Creative studio Project Manager Florence professor Mirko Tattarini.
LagOS services included:
• design consultancy: communication design strategies, brand development, concepts,
products and services development;
• interior design and product design;
• brand design, graphics, packaging;
• web design and web development;
• advertising: strategy, copy, media planning;
• events design: concept, art direction, promotion.
My main responsibilities were related to establish LagOS brand on Bulgarian market, maintaining
customer relations and projects management.
During that time I was participant of the EU and Syria cofounded project for developing the new
communication strategy for tourism of Syria, realized by European experts’ team (lead by prof. Mirko

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2002-2005 Sofia, Bulgaria International PR & AD Consultant The largest Bulgarian NGO in the health sector. Activities include: scientific and applied research, PR
Healthcare and consultations, survey and reports on healthcare, health insurance and pharmaceutical industry
Health Insurance issues; analyses of health statistics and studies of public health needs; promotional and awareness
Institute activities; public communication activities specifically designed for health and pharmaceutical
sectors; liasing with investors; technical assistance in the area of HR recruitment and
health/pharmaceutical sector management; design, supporting management and implementation
of national and international projects in the health sector.
In addition to the above, I worked on the Institute’s web portal development and their IT databases.
Also did weekly and monthly analysis of healthcare related media monitoring.
2004 Chisinau, Stability Pact for PR Trainer PR and Communications training for the members of Government body of South-eastern Europe
Republic of South Eastern Health Network (SEEHN) during Ninth Meeting of the SEE Health Network, November, 2014,
Moldova Europe Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.
PR and Communications training for the Ministry of Health, Republic of Moldova.

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2001-2005 Sofia, Bulgaria IntelDay Solutions Chief Executive IntelDay Solutions is a Technical Assistance, Public Relations and Advertising Agency, member of
Agency Officer the Bulgarian Association of Communication Agencies (BACA), now one of the most respected and
rewarded in Bulgaria and abroad communication agencies. I was its first CEO and a part of the
founding team that build all from the scratch.
We provided professional services in the following areas:
• Opinion polls and market surveys;
• Planning activities, analyses and forecasts in the political, industrial and social sector;
• Design of communication and advertising strategies;
• Design of projects and programs seeking financial support from international organizations
such as the European Union (EU), the World Bank (WB), the US Agency for International
Development (USAID), etc.;
• Development and application of performance monitoring and evaluation indicators.
• Government, public and corporate sectors;
• Political, industrial and social sectors, including healthcare, education and culture;
• Strategic and expert advice in the area of public relations, including political marketing and
• Planning and implementation of advertising/promotional campaigns;
• International cooperation, this to include networking with EU, the World Bank, IMF and
USAID – project design, negotiation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation;
• Design and implementation of comprehensive PR campaigns;
• Image making and maintenance;
• Event management;
• Media monitoring and Information services;
• Crisis PR and risk management programs;
• Lobbying.
We applied the Integrated Public Communications (IPC) concept, which includes selection of
techniques and tools most appropriate (“tailor made”) solutions for the client’s specific requirements
and problems.
We based our working methodology on understanding that public communications are a distinctive
managerial function, which helps establish and maintain two-way communications, understanding,
mutual approval and cooperation between an organization and its audiences.

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2000-2002 Sofia, Bulgaria KPMG Consulting PR Consultant
- Barents Group USAID Bulgaria funded Health Project to support Bulgaria’s health reform. The project’s major
objectives are to improve the quality and accessibility of medical services; improve working
environment and remuneration arrangements for medical professionals, etc. I was responsible for all
PR and media activities of the project.

1992-2001 Veliko Various Bulgarian Journalist, Editor, Almost 10 years’ experience as a journalist, correspondent, editor and producer in various
Turnovo and Media outlets - Producer newspapers, magazines and TV stations in Veliko Tarnovo and Sofia; among them - DARIK Radio
Sofia Bulgaria newspapers, radio and Democracy Newspaper.
and TV

17. Reference contacts:

• Mr. Maxim Behar ( - CEO & Chairman of the Board, M3 Communications Group, Inc., Bulgaria; Chairman, Hill+Knowlton Strategies, Czech Republic, Vice
President, Member of the Executive Committee at ICCO (International Communication Consultancy Organization), Member of the Board at BBLF, Chairman,, Member of the
Board at Bulgarian Association of PR Agencies, Member of the Board at Atlantic Club in Bulgaria, Chairman of the Board at M3 College, Honorary Consul of Republic of
Seychelles in Bulgaria at Government of Republic of Seychelles

• Mrs. Denitsa Sacheva ( - President of the Board of Bulgarian Association of PR Agencies (BAPRA). Member of the Working Group for the
development of the Code of Ethics for the PR specialists in Bulgaria. Member of the European Association of Communication Directors, Chair of the Governing Board at
International Healthcare and Health Insurance Institute, Part-time Roma Program Coordinator at National Democratic Institute (NDI), CEO & Chairman of the Board, IntelDay
Solutions, University Professor at New Bulgarian University

• Mr. Plamen Rusev ( - Chairman, The Global Webit Congress, Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor & Investor, Author & Public Speaker, Founder and
Chairman at Webit Ambassadors Foundation, Chairman of the Board at e-Academy, Founder and CEO at Balkan Consultancy Centre / National Registry for New Constructions
and Reconstructions in Bulgaria

• Mrs. Maria Gergova-Bengtsson ( - Member Board of Directors at International Public Relations Association IPRA, Mentor at Branson
Centre of Entrepreneurship – Caribbean, Member Board of Directors at IPRA International Public Relations Association, Member of the Ethical Committee at National Council
for Self-regulation (NCSR), Owner and CEO at United Partners.

• Mr. Ognian Zlatev ( - Head of EC Representation at European Commission Representation in Croatia, Ex Director of Media Development Centre,

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18. Other relevant information:
Participation as a Project manager or leading participation on various Marketing, AD, PR projects for:

BULGARIA" - World Bank Loan No 4565 BUL - National Health Insurance fund and Ministry of Health of Bulgaria.
Accomplished in collaboration with Bridge Consort Ltd. – a UK based international consultancy. Its clients include a wide range of private businesses, government agencies
and local authorities, the British Council, the UK International Development Department, the World Bank, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
(OECD), the European Commission and the European Council. Successfully implemented projects cover public administration reforms, institutional development, labor
market restructuring, healthcare management, professional education and training, international donors and public funds mana gement, as well as planning & conduct of
study visits, workshops and seminars;
• Ministry of Education of Bulgaria - Project for CENTRE “COMPATITIVE SYSTEM FOR TRAINING AND HIGHER EDUCTAION MANAGEMENT", established under the World
Bank Education Modernization Loan; - PR and Communication activities;
• Ministry of Justice of Bulgaria – Legal European integration and International Programs Department – Judicial reform projects – part of EU Communication strategy of
Republic of Bulgaria - conducting sociological surveys, PR and Communication activities;
• Anteon Corporation – U.S A. - Provider of Information Technology and Systems Engineering Solutions and Services – promotion campaign and advertising in Bulgaria and
all other Balkan states of – Anteon’s information dissemination website;
• Liguria International – Italy – Private/Governmental economical structure – Promotional Communication Campaign for Bulgaria;
• Roche – Bulgarian representation of the worldwide famous pharmaceutical company – full PR-service, “Images of Hope” and “Colors of Hope” – PR projects;
• Pfizer – Bulgarian representation of the worldwide famous pharmaceutical company - brand PR-services;
• GlaxoSmithKline - Bulgarian representation of the worldwide famous pharmaceutical company - brand PR-services;
• Advisory Committee of Italian entrepreneurs in Bulgaria (CCIIB), Italian Foreign Trade Institute (ICE) – PR and Communication activities;
• Ministry of Tourism, Syria – participant of the EU and Syria cofounded project for developing the new communication strategy for tourism of Syria, realized by European
experts’ team;
• Civil Society Development Foundation - a EU supported NGO dedicated to the promotion of civil society, education, environment, minority rights and culture – PR and
Communication activities;
• Bulgarian Greens party, member of the European Greens – political PR and online communication activities management for European, National and Local Elections;
• Bulgarian Charity Aid Foundation - one of the biggest Bulgarian Charity organizations – consulting, training and participation in its all main charity campaigns last years.

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19. My social media accounts:

• Facebook:
• Twitter:
• LinkedIn:
• YouTube:
• Pinterest:
• Instagram:
• Foursquare:
• Quora:
• SlideShare:
• Scribd:

20. My websites:
• Boris Domain – The Marketing Creative Space:
• Boris Loukanov Marketing Creative Library:
• Boris Loukanov Creative Mix:
• Boris Loukanov Web Mix – Digital Reality Bites:

21. Google about me:

22. Contacts:
• Mail:
• Mobile: +359 887 602 707

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