Very Important DVD is VOLUME 4 -- Troy Reed Runs cars and lights on magnetic pulse technology

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This is the video series the power establishment would prefer you never saw!
Discover clean, non-polluting, energy-producing technologies that may power our civilization into the next millennium and preserve our environment for our children's children. Some men talk about saving the planet. These men are doing something about it.
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95* DVD VOLUME 3 -. This is a rare opportunity to learn about this fascinating work. Troy Reed. with the sense of intimacy that only the medium of video delivers -. Featuring Featuring VOLUME 1 -.The New Energy Series Tom Bearden. Discover the New Science that will revolutionize human civilization. discusses our future. See technologies that power cars. and Dennis Lee. up-close. personal look at each inventor and his acknowledged by physicists to exist in all space as a "running river" of opportunity not to be missed.John Hutchison Demonstrates high voltage anti-gravity technology and crystaline devices that run on Free Energy SV3462 55 minutes $29. Meet some courageous inventors and scientists who are finally willing to reveal their cutting-edge technologies to the world. and produce clean. levitate canon balls. View never-before-seen footage of some phenomenal experiments. Explore their laboratories. Joseph Newman. Look at their machines.95* DVD . non-polluting "zero point" energy -.95* DVD VOLUME 2 -. Take an in-depth. his laboratory and explains his unified field theory SV3463 55 minutes $29.Joseph Newman Shows us his over-unity magnetic motor. Step into the private worlds of some of today's most exciting inventors and engineers.Tom Bearden A brilliant nuclear engineer and Free Energy pioneer. John Hutchison. scalar energy and more SV3461 55 minutes $29. accessible electromagnetic energy. Examine their theories.

com/folder/AR30TZ06/ Old Archive on 4Shared.VOLUME 4 -. when you buy 4 videos.95* DVD VOLUME 5 -.NTSC) With the series Direct Link http://www.4shared.95* DVD 330 minutes on five DVDs. phase-change generators for homes and cars SV3465 110 minutes $29. you get 1 FREE.Dennis Lee Demonstrates low temperature. SPECIAL SERIES PRICE $119.archive. ******************************** Up loader eMail: FreeEnergyFacts@gmail.95 (DVD .com http://www.html .Troy Reed Runs cars and lights on magnetic pulse technology SV3464 55 minutes $29.

org/details/Free-Energy-Facts YouTube Chanel http://www.archive.Soon inshaa ALAH Almighty will upload it to Peace .org & Torrents File on Archive.

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