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Facilities Management Report

Board of Trustees of Library Trustees

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library (MLKML)

• The contract was completed for new furniture for the fourth floor
renovation. Installation began on December 19, 2008. This work will
continue until January 31, 2009.
• The asbestos abatement work related to the fourth floor renovation project
is done. Minor construction that is needed will start as soon as the building
permit is received from Bell Architect.
• The new cooling system was installed for the A level computer room and
the renovated space for IT staff.
• Staff painters have completed about 65% of the new painting for the fourth
floor. The remaining work will be completed by mid-January.
• All preventive maintenance has been completed on the heating system
and MLKML transferred to heating operations on schedule.
• Tricon of Washington, D.C., Inc. was contracted to provide Domestic
Water Lead Testing for MLKML. Six sample areas were tested and all had
negative results for lead and bacteria.


• Preventive maintenance and inspections of all boilers system wide have

been completed.
• Minor plumbing repairs were done at Benning, Mount Pleasant and
• Major plumbing work was done at Cleveland Park to restore good function
in all the first floor restrooms. We will be installing locks on the restroom
doors to help in monitoring future problems.
• Painting projects were completed at Francis A. Gregory, Lamond-Riggs
and Mount Pleasant.
• A damaged fence around the parking lot at Petworth was repaired.
• The capital project for new fire alarm installation was completed. The
systems were turned over to facilities, and the contractor provided a brief
training session on operation of the fire alarms.

Miscellaneous Items

• Facilities welcomes two new third-class engineers. This will enable us to

provide better engineering coverage around the clock.

Document #8C
Board of Library Trustees Meeting
January 14, 2009
• Facilities also started around the clock custodial services and 7 day
coverage during the day shift at MLKML.
• This snow season will be the first in which 90% of DCPL snow removal will
be done by contract.

Facility Management Accomplishments in 2008

• Development of new cleaning standards for MLKML

• Completing and awarding all contracts associated with the fourth floor
renovation, from new construction to furniture installation
• Making both cooling and heating systems ready as the seasons changed
without closing facilities to accomplish the process
• Installation of a new chiller at Chevy Chase
• Installation a new cooling system on the A level for the computer room
and the IT staff room
• Renovation of the ceiling and lighting at Francis A. Gregory
• Complete renovation of the basement area at Southeast
• Put in new bike racks at Watha T. Daniels Shaw and Benning Interims
• Installation of a new heating and cooling system for a meeting room at
Francis A. Gregory
• Renovation of a meeting room and the basement at Capitol View
• Put in new carpeting at Shepherd Park, Capitol View, the Francis A.
Gregory children’s area, and other branches
• Award a new landscaping contract for work at all branches
• Signed on to the Zipcar program to provide transportation as needed for
library staff

• Facilities filled vacancies for Risk Manager, Fleet Manager, Custodial
Supervisor, Motor Vehicle Operators (3), and Custodians (4), and is
looking forward to welcoming a new Operation Support Supervisor in
• All custodial staff is now under the supervision of Facilities Management.

Document #8C
Board of Library Trustees Meeting
January 14, 2009

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