1. If the Reproductive Health Bill is for health, why promote oral contraceptive pills when it is known for causing breast and cervical cancer?

2. Why is there no provision in the Reproductive Health Bill to educate women in the adverse effects of using artificial contraception if the RH Bill promotes women's health? 3. If a woman develops breast and cervical cancer from using oral contraceptive pills distributed by the government, will the government be responsible for them and provide them with free chemotherapy drugs? 4. One of the provisions of the R.H Bill says that abortion is still illegal, if it is, then why promote Intrauterine device since its principal action is to prevent implantation thus deliberately aborting the fertilized egg? 5. If life begins at implantation, does that imply that prior to implantation the fertilized egg is not yet human? 6. If prior to implantation the fertilized egg is not yet human then what is it? 7. If it is not a human being then how can a non-human becomes a human? Can a blood have the potential to become a human person? or a piece of tissue? 8. According to the National Statistics Office our population growth rate is on steady decline, then how can you say that we are over populated? 9. According to the latest news the budget intended for R.H Bill is 731 million, instead of spending part of this amount for artificial contraception, why not spend it to feed the street children and provide them with decent home and education? 10. If the proponents of R.H Bill advocates "choice" then why prosecute health professionals in Sec.21 of the said Bill, if they refuse to educate or perform artificial contraceptive measures? 11. In Sec.10 of the said Bill it classified contraception as essential medicine, by the word itself "medicine"

Is a child a disease that there is a need to prevent him from being born? 16. If the Reproductive Health Bill is intended for married couples then why make artificial contraception available for everyone? 14. then why not create a law that will combat corruption? 18. then why is it I. Would you agree than corruption is the cause of our poverty and not population? If you do. Instead of artificial contraception. why not promote Natural Family Planning since it is very efficient and costless? . Evidently in countries that vigorously promotes condom (Thailand.D which is not a medicine but a device is included under the ambiguous term essential medicine? 12. then why promote condom even if it is not effective? 13.D. Since the Reproductive Health Bill promotes artificial contraception for married couples as well as unmarried ones then would you agree that you are promoting perversion? 15.S did not decrease rather it doubled.U. then why does countries like China and United States are richer than Philippines even if their population is five times than ours? connotes something we drink or inject. If an increase in population spawns poverty. India and Africa) the cases of A.

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